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Get in here gents it's worldbuilding time.

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Commencing Dump

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Please be advised that travel by paintings may cause dizziness and nausea

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Possibly confirming that the Dragon/Elf is the one to create the dungeon but still no why.

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So this is how the group looks to other people.

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Brown girl a cute.

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It's nice to see the twins actually talk.

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Wonder how long she's been doing this?

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And we have more rules governing how resurrection works.

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I'm liking Namari more and more each chapter.

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And that's it. Hope this stays on the front page long enough to get some discussion.

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I wonder if in the Dungeon Meshi-world, humans and gnomes are related.

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Same here. She's a cool kind of butch-cute. Makes a lot of sense for a dwarf girl, makes me wonder why I haven't seen more characters like her before.

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Good old Wizardry resurrection fail chances.

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I doubt it. They're likely adopted.

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That makes sense.

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I love the age confusion between different races.

This world gets brilliantly darker each time.

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If the orcs are to be believed, they also used to hold surface territory on the island, before the elves pushed them underground, right?
And if the elves are to be believed, then the orcs were belligerent raiders already during those surface times.
Guess that means the island was originally divided between elves, orcs and dwarves, with the elves pushing the orcs underground and then handing some of their territory to the humans.
Meanwhile, gnomes seem to have co-existed/shared territory with the dwarves.

How do kobolds fit into this?

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Probably immigrated same as the humans.

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I feel like we should make a SRS-based Dungeon Meshi TTRPG and send it to Ryouko Kui as a gift from /tg/.

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It always amazes me that a fairly obscure old school CRPG game programmed in California by what I can only assume were two brutally sadistic DMs became such a huge hit in Japan that you can pick up echoes of it to this day.

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Oh my god! The secret of immortality is a dish base on food made from creatures in the dungeon!

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Japan has a certain kink for masochism after all

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So... how 60 year old is old for a dwarf, in human age equivalence?

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Probably 30 or something like that.

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>those soulless eyes

I'd say probably 25-30, considering her looks and the way they treated the halfling.

Many thanks OP.

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Why does the brown girl look like she's always sleepy?

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I think the bigger take away from this and I might be reading it wrong is that the "dungeon" is expanding and what is considered the dungeon really extends to whatever is below the surface. And all enchantments apply to those new areas including the resurrection Soul binding Enchantment.

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>Dwarves do use magic in this setting; Senshi's just a h8er

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How did you get to that conclusion?

All I got was that the dungeon is hiding more secrets than just treasure.

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The governor outright says at the dungeon continues to expand even today and speculates that it was the dwarves doing it. I'm also assuming that the temple that Namari entered wasn't originally connected to what was considered the original dungeon. But if resurrections are still capable of being performed there that means it still has the enchantment in that area.

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Anyway, I like that idea. There's gotta be someone here who can into proper Nihongo.

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Senshi seemed to know enough to mess around with the little effigies buried inside his vegetable farm golems, though. He's just in denial. Poor guy.

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SRS is the standard role-playing system you can find a copy of it on /JRP/ just check the archives. It's been used for other licensed properties out in Japan some of them good some of them bad.

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You're right, I missed that.

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Bunch of hungry psychos? Seems exact enough, no?

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>beady-eyed Chilchack in the rear
You better watch your purse around that halfling.

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More like he'll steal your family jewels.

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So going off base SRS rules what are our classes going to be? Going off the top of my head we have

Main Classes: Fighter, Mage, Thief, Farmer, Scholar, Barbarian,
Racial Classes: Dwarf, Cobolt, Halfling, Gnome

Anything I missed from the initial series? And is there anything that might seem like it's a subclass or special class?

The way SRS works, at character creation you pick up to three classes (you can stack) and your base attributes are the sum of the classes combined.

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Racial Classes should be Human, Dwarf, Elf, Kobold, Halfling and Gnome. Those are the races we have seen that are generally adventurers.

Main Classes is difficult, since we haven't really seen anything by name. There's some debate about whether Marcille is a Mage and Farlyn is a Cleric, for instance - or both have levels in both classes.

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Alright, brainstorm tiem.

There are a set of skills called "Monster Lore" skills.

Each one corresponds to knowledge of every particular monster class (class, not species -- "myconids" would be a class, "purple fungus" would be a species). Whenever you kill, dissect the remains of, examine the dissected remains of, cook, or eat a monster, your knowledge of that monster class is exercised. You keep a tally of how many times you have made one of these actions for each monster class, and when you accumulate number of tallies, your knowledge of that monster class levels up. Reading books can also improve your Monster Lore skills, but books can only take you so far.

These monster lore skills improve your likelihood of getting a critical hit against all members of that monster class as you learn their biology, psychology, and other traits. It also affects your likelihood of successfully cooking a meal with their meat. The skill may also be used like a knowledge check to recall any particulars about any member of that monster family. For example, if you want know if a particular species of myconid is poisonous, you roll Monster Lore: Myconidae.

It would require some bookkeeping, but it's not like making a tally mark is very much work.

Elves and clerics/priests. Maybe samurai.

Also, why farmers? Where do we see farmer as an adventuring class?

>captcha: NEEDHAM

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>Also, why farmers? Where do we see farmer as an adventuring class?

Senshi beat the golems into submission with his farming skills, though you really could just make that a Monster Lore skill check.
I also like your ideas but we should probably stick as close as possible to the source material. Which might be difficult if it goes on forever like I want it to.

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I play etrian Odyssey and farmer is a class, and given Senshi's green thumb and Laius' sister's penchant for plants, some kind of agricultural focused class seemed appropriate.

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Yeah, farmers are important.

To be honest, I'm kind of wondering if you could run a Ryuutama dungeon crawl based on Dungeon Meshi.

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A lot of japanese games seem to give healing to the normal mages as well, and not make it an exclusively religious art.

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>Where do we see farmer as an adventuring class?
That really makes me want to play ADoM again.

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Don't forget beastmen. The other adventuring party had one.

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So new class list is

Classes: Warrior, Cleric/Priest, Thief, Farmer, Samurai, Scholar, Mage.

Racial Classes: Human, Gnome, Dwarf, Elf, Kobold.

Are we giving humans any stat bonuses? Because usually they don't get those which is why I didn't mention it the first time. Also throw any other occupations that could be considered a class. I was thinking Merchant (for appraisal skills), Blacksmith (for item maintanance), Pilgrim (for more world knowledge and lore checks)

Also attached the SRS system.

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Yeah, but that's what kobold is there for.

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>>46015581 Part deux: cooking
In addition to the relevant Monster Lore skill, there are also skills for various cooking techniques, like roasting, boiling, and sautéing. These skills are, in general, easier to acquire than the Monster Lore skills. Cooking any dish involves gathering the ingredients, making a Monster Lore check for each, and a cooking technique check for each step of the process. If multiple ingredients are from the same species of monster, only one Monster Lore check must be made. If multiple ingredients come from different species of monster from the same monster class, a new check must be made for each species of monster. Each of these checks exercises the skill, even if they fail.

I'm basing all of this off of the manga. Senshi is very well-versed in Monster Lore and cooking techniques. Laius also has decent Monster Lore, because of his fascination with monsters. Marcille, on the other hand, dumped all her points into magic instead because monsters are icky. Chilchack is in-between.

The part about critical hits was inspired by Laius's comment that cooking with monster meat taught him how to fight the monsters better because it taught him their anatomy. He mentioned that downward slashes are much more effective on myconids than lateral ones, because you're slashing parallel to their stalk fibres, and that cooking with myconids taught him that.

Etrian Odyssey has loads of goofy classes, many of which would be nice as archetypes or paths (e.g. dancer as bard, arcanist as wizard, hexer as a warlock or different kind of wizard) but few of which would work well as classes.

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List of monsters so far encountered/mentioned:
- Red Dragon (ch.1)
- Walking Mushroom (ch.1)
- Huge Scorpion (ch.1)
- Green Slime (ch.1)
- Giant Bat (ch.2)
- Giant Rat (ch.2)
- Forest Goblin (ch.2)
- Living Armour (ch.2)
- Baraselia (man-eating plant) (ch.2)
- Shadowtail (man-eating plant) (ch.2)
- Mearauk (man-eating plant) (ch.2)
- Behtan (man-eating plant) (ch.2)
- Basilisk (ch.3)
- Mandrake (ch.4)
- Skeleton (ch.8)
- Ghoul (ch.8)
- Wraith (ch.8)
- Golem (ch.8)
- Orcs (ch.9)
- Treasure Bugs (ch.10)
- Spirits (ch.11)
- Living Paintings? (ch.12)
- Mimics (ch.13)
- Kelpie (ch.14)
- Krakens (ch.15)
- Mermaids (ch.15)
- Undines (ch.15)
- Bladefish (ch.16)
- Giant Parasite (ch.16)
- Sprites (ch.17)
- Tentaclus (ch.19)
- Giant Frog (ch.21)

Some others have been shown - but not named - in thought bubbles and the like. Some might appear in future chapters, as some already seen monsters have been foreshadowed that way.

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>Etrian Odyssey has loads of goofy classes
True but I think there should be a class or two that offers skills upfront for food lore and preparation. If not a main class it could be a sub-class.

Is that a good idea? I'm not wanting to go the EO way of classes completely but I find merit in a non-combat class option.

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get rid of cleric/priest. healers are just mages in dungeon meshi.

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What about Farlyn? It's true that Marcille does get some healing and restorative magic, but it seemed like it was more Farlyn's area of expertise.

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farlyn is a mage same as marcille and the gnome

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I think she's a priest of some kind, probably more of an explicitly light magic thing than a religious magic thing. Although Farlyn and Marcille were in school together, weren't they?

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Maybe she's a white mage -- a practicioner of highly spiritual and religious, but still arcane magic?

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I can dig it.

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0 evidence to support that.

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One thing that wasn't brought up is attributes. The system recommends 6 attributes and lists the example of

There are also combat values which are given the examples of; Accuracy, Evasion, Magic, Anti-Magic, Speed, Vitality, Spirit, Attack.
Obviously these will be changed.

I think it's useful to keep a distinction between destructive schools of magic and clerical magic if only on paper. A mage would be anyone who takes a magic-based class. What abilities they can learn is determined by which type of class, and how many levels they have in it.

However, just having a generic mage class with all spells (in SRS techniques) contained within it frees up a class slot during character creation. So assuming that humans don't have a distinct class and are the "default" species in the system you can look at Marcille and Farlyn as [Elf, Scholar, Mage] and [Scholar, Mage, Mage] with Marcille putting more points into offensive spells and Farlyn putting more points into cleric spells.

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she was in mage school, for one.

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She was said to have a "knack" for dealing with spirits, and in one flashback is shown exorcising a spirit out of a possessed adventurer with a simple, forceful hug.
That said, I don't really know what to make of the Mage/Cleric dichotomy in Dungeon Meshi myself.
How's it look in Wizardry? It's been established Dungeon Meshi borrows a lot from the Wizardry series (such as canine kobolds).

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the manga has never mentioned that she was "highly spiritual and religious".

>she was in mage school, for one.
so was marcille. is she "highly spiritual and religious"?

i'm more bothered about the religion thing. not to sound like a fedora but religion granting power has major implications in a setting.

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>How's it look in Wizardry?
Wizardry has mage and priest as separate classes. Same goes for Dungeon Master (Has a Wizard and Priest class) which looks like it's also a source of inspiration.

>> No.46020284

I know, but it seems to be there in some form.
ch.11 pg.3 - Marcille refers to "praying" as a component for a spell to protect fallen adventurers from spirits
ch.11 pg.8 - Farlyn is reluctant to destroy spirits, but attributes this to needless suffering as they just reform. This one's difficult.
ch.11 pg.12 - Senshi refers to many traditions "across this world" for warding off spirits and starts making "holy water".The word "cleric" is given explicitly.
ch.11 pg.14 - "sun god" and his worship is referenced, alcohol as "offering the gods" is referenced

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>religion granting power has major implications in a setting.
Unless religion is going to be a major feature of the story, then no, it's not. It's not a major feature of the setting in a hack-and-slash dungeon crawl and it therefore doesn't have any major implications.

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Damn, this mango makes me wanna play some old Wizardry. Time to dig out the maps!

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It's literally just Dungeon Fantasy with a tiny bit of detail on dungeon cuisine and the potential use of monster corpses.

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Yeah but that's the easy solution. Plus GURPS being point based instead of rigid class based means that there isn't a need to distinguish between mages or priests from a design standpoint, it's just a matter of having the right prerequisites and such.

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SRS is Japanese GURPS.

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Around halflings, check your belongings.

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Possible monster classes:
>Dragons: red dragon
>Serpents: red dragon, basilisk, cockatrice
>Chimaerae: basilisk, cockatrice
>Myconids: walking mushroom
>Giant beasts: huge scorpion, giant bat, giant rat, giant frog
>Arthropods: huge scorpion, treasure bugs, mimic
>Mammals: giant bat, giant rat
>Amorphous: green slime, undine
>Demihumans: forest goblins, orcs, merfolk (mammalian)
>Plants: mandrake, all the man-eating plants, tentaclus, myconids too if you want to get trolly
>Undead: skeleton, ghoul, wraith, spirit
>Spirits: spirit, undine, sprite, maybe also wraith?
>Magical constructs: golem, living painting, living armor, actually not living armor
>Piscines: kelpies, merfolk (piscine), bladefish
>Molluscs: kraken, living armor

I'm also imagining a monster class that includes mimics, treasure bugs, living armor and other monsters with similarly deceptive appearances, but I can't think of a good name for one. I'd like to avoid just calling them "mimics", since that name is already taken by a monster. Of course, we'll run into the same problem if they try to cook a true chimaera later on.

As you can see, there's some overlap between the classes. It would be ideal if we could arrange the monsters so that all the classes are all roughly the same size and so that all monsters are in roughly the same number of different classes. If we can't do that easily, we can pare down the list of classes.

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>There's some debate about whether Marcille is a Mage and Farlyn is a Cleric, for instance - or both have levels in both classes.
They seem to be white mage/"black" mage -- Marcille can still learn basic healing spells, but she can't bring the resurrections and powerheals. It seems pretty clear that it's not a distinction between magic and Jesusforce, though, like in western RPGs - Farlyn and Marcille just studied different subjects in college, essentially.

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Marcille knows resurrection magic.

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Huh, didn't remember that.
Still, that just seems to further prove the point that there aren't really any priest/wizard divisions, just learning magic at magic school.
(At least we can agree that Farlyn's more specialized in healing/restoration magic, right?)

>> No.46034878

So instead of trying to make a white and dark Mage class how about we just have schools of magic be the classes that people take? Because it's going to get really cumbersome to have just one made class and everything contained inside of it at least in my opinion.

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>/tg/ creates a setting

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Well at least next chapter the adventurers can have real food again. Marcille will be happy to just eat someone not directly prepared from the monster they murdered

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>to eat someone

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>Marcille will be happy to just eat someone

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So, how powerful are the protagonists compared to other adventurers in the setting?

>> No.46037598

How hungry are they?

>> No.46037824

Underrated post.

>> No.46039666

Marcille does know resurrection magic, but she does not know the undead-turning magic that Farlyn does.

It seems like they're pretty high level. Far from L20, but they're definitely among the most skilled adventurers we've seen so far. Some people mentioned them in passing as a pretty famous party.

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Speculation time

What will happen when the party confronts the dragon?

>> No.46040234

The sister who is thought to be dead has actually befriended the Red Dragon who takes the shape of the Dark Elf.

>> No.46040511



>> No.46042381

Sack Chilchack is best Chilchack

>> No.46042820


I meant to say something. And for marcille anything that reminds her of food from the surface will be divine even if the ingredients are barely fresh

>I dont care if the broth is too salty. It sure beats eating mimics and whatever we killed in there

>> No.46043784

They'll beat the dragon, resurrect Farlyn and either the comic will end, or it'll be renewed and the party will go in search of the truth about the dungeon.

It seems pretty obvious that this is how she's setting it up, what with all this world building along with the impending dragon battle. And she can't draw out Farlyn's rescue any longer or she'll just be dead, they have to get her now.

>> No.46043900

No, no, anon.

She'll get to the surface, buy a fairly standard meal with what little coin she has left after the dungeon run... and it won't be as good as the dungeon food.

Not as juicy, not as exotic, not as full of love, not as /earned/.

Weeping, she crawls back to Laius.

"Oh god, I need it!" she sobs. "I need to swallow it all!"

The party leader simply smirks.

"To think - this elf slut actually thought she could win against the meshi!"

As Chilchack wearily starts to slice carrots, Marcille screams in ecstasy at the sight of a minotaur steak being unwrapped by Senshi.


>> No.46044572

Bump for the car ride home

>> No.46044642

How old is Marcille? She was calling Chilchack a kid when he revealed he was 29. Is she like a Pathfinder elf, mentally a kid until about 90?

>> No.46044828

I think she's in her triple digits?

>> No.46044888

>Your cockatrice is melting in my mouth!
>The stir-fry is stirring up my insides!
>This thick and savory sauce is coating my mouth!
>His cooking is carving its taste into my body!

>> No.46044929

It's just really hard to imagine someone 90 years old going to magic school and be all "uguu am i cute"

>> No.46044948

I didn't need this boner.

>> No.46045006

I like to think of it as the first eighty years of their lives are basically Toddlers and Tiaras competitions where they must learn to be the most artistic and graceful and melodic beings possible before they're allowed to go out and mingle with other races.

The reason we never see teenaged elves in cities is probably because they're constantly breaking down under the pressure of society, one psychotic break after another, being remolded each time by behavioral specialists until they're finally formed into what elven culture considers 'acceptable'.

Which is why half-elves and elves raised in human areas tend to go out and about when they're so much younger. It's not that they mature slower than humans, it's that they're not allowed to proceed until they're 'perfect'.

>> No.46045063

Elves are fucking retarded, mate. It's takes them forever to learn anything. Like those retarded kids who have to learn everything like twenty times before they get it, but worse.
I was all about the qt loli elf slave before I realized one would drive me fucking nuts.

Stop reading Japanese porn comics.

>> No.46045155

Please don't sexualise Marcille.

>> No.46045174

You must hate those doujins, then.

>> No.46047261

They seem to be in the higher range. I mean they were in the lower levels when they met the dragon and they are relatively well known. If they were D&D characters is say they're around level 10 or so.

>> No.46047278

Lower levels of the Dungeon that is

>> No.46047318
File: 434 KB, 500x728, tumblr_nw96vtA4IS1s2rmjxo1_500.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Marcille is not for sexual

>> No.46047356

Here and in manga your statement is correct, elsewhere on the net I beg to differ.

>> No.46047396

There are porn of Marcille?

>> No.46047431

4 doujins of it if I remember correctly. 3 of them are run of them mill 1 of them is a goddamn fatal pulse one. But again thats not for /TG/ thats for another board.

>> No.46047560
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The only Marcille porn I'd accept would be Marcille/Farlyn.

>> No.46047732

I thought it was ShindoL? If not, I may have some...research...to do.

>> No.46047735

Why not Marcille/Laius.

But who am i kidding, the most likely is Marcille/that tentaclly plant that wraps its vines around you tenderly and plant its seeds under your skin.

>> No.46048206

If it's the one I'm thinking of, >>46047732 is correct and it's a ShindoL doujin, not Fatal Pulse.

>> No.46048479
File: 891 KB, 1452x2139, 1456235591703.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>But who am i kidding, the most likely is Marcille/that tentaclly plant that wraps its vines around you tenderly and plant its seeds under your skin.
I don't think she's into that.

Can somebody clean up the chibi protagonists in >>46008141? I need that Marcille, man, she is 2cute

>> No.46050239
File: 61 KB, 361x359, chibi.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

only have time for one

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