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new thread because everyone forgot before it died.

discuss the Warcraft setting and its viability vis-a-vis tabletop gaming

best Alliance leader edition

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>>where is warsong island
probably destroyed by Ner'zhul's portals
>>whats with the arakkoa summoning an old god
some sort of ill-defined void creature represented by C'thun's model because Blizzard is lazy
>>whats with the fucking maghar, why are they are so bellingerent for no reason, I thought orcs are dindus
I don't remember them being belligerent at all except towards fel orcs and the Alliance after they joined the Horde
>>the black citadel from TFT got split into hellfire citadel and black temple and absolutely NO ONE brings it up
it makes more sense for it to just be Hellfire since the Black Temple is really far away
>>illidan died in TFT yet lives here
the in-engine cutscene wasn't able to differentiate from him dying and being knocked unconcious
>>his forces also got wiped out in northrend but they are back in outland
he left a garrison behind
>>the entire backstory of the nether dragon creeps from TFT are retconned in
not really a problem
>>the "red world" mushroom hell draenor completley retconned in looks
stupid, but an entire expansion of Hellfire Peninsula would have been awful, the same reason they didn't use the Northrend tileset for all of Wrath

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>night elves adapted to nature magic
>high elves adapted to arcane magic
>blood elves adapted to fel magic
>new race of elves with their own shadow magic source
>identical to night elves but with darker skin and white hair
I expected more desu

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Elves are, and always have been, inherently tied to magic.

They were dark trolls mutated by the waters of the Well of Eternity, which is blood of a nascent Titan, which is pure arcane power. They are incredibly sensitive to magic and can absorb it with ease, to the point where blood elves who have given up on fel energies will remain green-eyed for decades even if they go cold turkey and get their fix from the now-holy Sunwell.

>expecting more from Blizz
You truly are an optimist, friend.

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the difference between Blood and High elves was just green eyes, but that was also a shorter period of time than the difference between Night Elves and Nightbourne or w/e they're called so it's probably just Blizzard being lazy

>tfw you realize that elves are so sensitive to magic because trolls adapt to their enviroment extremely well and elves are just magically mutated trolls

>and get their fix from the now-holy Sunwell.
glowing gold light elves when

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Thought we were talking about the island being claimed by the wars on on a zero th instead?

Brown orc I think should be green t but I don't think they should be brow as they all had exposure to the gel leaving behind their taint as far as I know

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Actually, it turns out the reason high elves are smaller/paler than night elves is because they went without magic for a time- Withdrawal made them punier as a people, and even after getting some more of that sweet mana-juice from their new Sunwell, it didn't revitalize them completely. It did give them blue eyes, though.

As such, it wasn't the exposure to a new source of energy that turned them into High Elves, it was just that the Sunwell stopped their regression into Wretched.

As a result, the Highborne that formed Suramar had a much shorter timespan between when the Well of Eternity blew up to when they made the Nightwell. They didn't regress physically, and instead just gained the darker skin tones and purple eyes from the void energies of the Nightwell. Had it taken as long for them to make the Nightwell as it did for the other highborne to reach the Eastern Kingdoms and form the new Sunwell, they would probably resemble black or grey-skinned high elves instead.

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I don't remember there being an island called Warsong Island anywhere on Azeorth, I'm pretty sure he means the island that was between Shadowmoon and Hellfire but I forget what that was called

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I looked it up. The Warsong Clan inhabited an island in the ocean east of the Dark Portal on Draenor, this was indeed destroyed by Ner'zhul's portals along with the island Deathwing lived on and probably the ogre continent

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They're referring to the island where a bunch of undead orcs are endlessly fighting with one another. Gul'dan's loyalists (Stormreaver and Twilight's Hammer Clans) and the orcs that hunted Gul'dan down by Orgrim's command (Blackrock and Black Tooth Grin Clans).

Maybe they mistook Blackrock with Warsong.

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It was just a random island with "Warsong Clan" written over it as in pic related.

Here's what I wrote up when the thread died:

>Draenei writefag from a couple threads back here. I pretty much agree, though I would incorporate elements from >>45982698, and I still hate the Naaru. Velen should just be a one-of-a-kind Eredar who jumpstarted a whole fortress full of refugees and as a consequence age about gorillion years, leaving him physically incapable of doing anything else but sit around and wheeze in between sentences. They then crashland on Draenor and because they're a unified faction instead of the warring orc-clans they become the dominant civilisation until Archimonde comes and wrecks their shit with orcish hateboners.

>As it stands, I actually hate most of how the "supernatural" is being illustrated in Warcraft, which is mostly related to powercreep which I think we all agree has put enormeous amounts of bullshit.

>The last vial could be the reason he still lived after being defeated at Icecrown? The vast arcane energy contained within may have been capable of supercharging a healing spell, thus mending Illidan before his life gave out completely. I mean we only see him fall unconscious or near-unconscious in the TFT ending cinematic.

>Mag'har shouldn't be a thing. Draenor was a globally radiated world and nothing should have been untouched.

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Oops. My mistake. I was thinking of the island surrounding the Tomb of Sargeras.

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that's the Tomb of Sargeras

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>draenor the red world
>both green and yellow
getting real' tired of these precons

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Frankly, I dig it.

Most of Draenor is still sandy, barrens-like steppeland. That one green area is probably all marshland and swamps.

Funnily enough, if you swapped bonechewers and bleedinghollow, the Bleeding Hollow would be seated in an area that is more befitting their depiction from WoD as jungle-orcs and Bonechewers would be neighbouring a whole area where they could chew tot heir heart's content.

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>Bonechewers live in Zangarmarsh
>in BC they're all east of HFC and Zangarmarsh has no fel orcs in it at all

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Where did the fortress come from their own magic tech?

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This seems like we are going full tilt with head cannon things to be honest we are already given the bits and pieces from the previous lore chunks so shouldn't we try to mend it so there is minimal head cannon? Granted a lot this seems pretty cool, but it doesn't sound right to me, why would the orcs who used to be warring tribes be able to pummel so many of the blue skins so easily and them just make it a slaughter fest when they drink the Kool aid ?

I rather liked the idea that the orca were tricked by gulden into the pact as he was posing as a shame and would have said these new sPiritz I met have something to turn the tables in our favor, drunk and be powerful my chieftains

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Back on Argus, yes.

That tech then got lost when they crashlanded and had to start over from scratch.

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And then the most knowledgeable guy in regards to eredar technology got offed by Othaar/Socrethar. THANKS, DICK.

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RP Server Shill:

Seriously, we need more lorefags interested in this, you can pay for a sub with in game gold now.

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Ehhhherrr. How much do I really need to get invested into RPing on these servers if I can't handle being near weeaboos and I can't be assed to get autistic about the lore right off the bat?

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Look, at the basis we still got Draenei being a foreign species. What we're trying here is to find a way to combine modern lore with that quote from the Warcraft 3 manual describing them as "inquisitive" and "building crude cities". That will inevitable require quite some headcanon because we're trying to form a coherent lore from two opposing points of reference.

We can still have orcs and draenei be largely peaceful or indifferent to eachother, but as I see it Draenei should have had at least some major cultural influence because why the fuck would Orcs call their homeland "Draenor" when it's basically just the Draenei's term for a refuge?

And the "warring orc clans" is more a refinement of the inter-clan relationships than a description of attacks vs. draenei. Tribal societies and large extended families with a nomadic lifestyle usually end up warring with eachother over territory and food (or whatever other reason comes up, really).

Looking at it now, I admit I may have exagerated. Not all clans were described as warlike, afterall, and so there's definitely the option for a wide variety of behaviour from clan to clan.

It may very well be, however, that the most competetive clans ended up being the most dominant and influental and those clans would likely have had some past conflicts with Draenei, which would definitely have put some resentments into their consciousness. This resentment would then again have been an exploitable weakpoint for Gul'Dan / Ner'Zhul to convince them to drink the Kool Aid and attack the Draenei homes.

All in all I am just trying to make sense of the mostly empty timeline since the Draenei's arrival on Draenor in a way that has both races interact but also explain that the Orcs used to be a socially diverse race before the first Horde was formed and streamlined all the clans.

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Not adding anything. I just think these pictures of draenei families are really cute.

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And 1 last one.

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>WoW RP-server
>All the power emoting
>The barely concealed ERP
>The near unbearable range of quality from abyssmal to godlike, with the former being a majority
>The inconsistency of powerlevel from the characters, ranging from dirtfarm peasants to deviantArt tiers of OC

God it was so much fun, but I'm never going back to that game. I think it would actually be a bad idea if a bunch of lore-critics tried to play on an RP-Server in an environment that's exactly debated by those lore-critics.

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youre a fucking psycho in real life. i hope authorities track you down

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>All the power emoting
Not sure I know what this means. Just emoting powers, like shaman casually summoning lightning, or what?

>The barely concealed ERP
I never found that to be an issue anywhere but Moan Guard. Not to say that people didn't have some overt descriptions of their characters, but very few had anything that was like, "scroll down for my kinks".
It threw me off my groove when I encountered them in the wild, though. Keep them quarantined in Goldshire.

>The inconsistency of powerlevel from the characters, ranging from dirtfarm peasants to deviantArt tiers of OC
I once found a group of players that got together and made a bunch of orcish peons that came to Orgrimmar to demand better rights for peons, even though they had little to no idea what that entailed- someone just told them that peons are treated bad and should get more for what they do.

They ended up getting a pittance from the nearby adventurers who felt sorry for them and they were pleased with this.

One ended up getting taken in by a warrior who told them that if they wanted more, they'd have to learn to fight, so now there's peon-turned-grunt RPer floating around, being dumb and affable. That was one of my good experiences.

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Pretty sure the last vial was used by Illidan in the Black Temple, creating a font of arcane energy. In the green fire quest I believe they showed he was using it to give demons the option to leave the Legion and join him instead, because access to del magic to feed their addiction is one of the main holds the Legion has. Dunno how much WoW lore you want to use but I thought that it was neat.

Of course I could be wrong and there's still another vial up in the air somewhere.

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You'll never catch me.
Dioniss aca.

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I always liked the draenei because they brought something relatively unique to Warcraft, which is dominated by pop culture fantasy tropes. It's criminal how underused they are.

What do you think warcraft would be like if the draenei actually had influence and agency? What would it be like if more than just orcs mattered?

>> No.45990386

I'm sure you're aware of the /em command?

In some instances, people would describe whole barfights with
>/em lashes out at [other characer]

I actually came across one such instance in Silvermoon after the release of BC where a bunch of Orcs and blood elves were having some sort of extensive martial art fight at the inn.

>> No.45990430

>What we're trying here is to find a way to combine modern lore with that quote from the Warcraft 3 manual describing them as "inquisitive" and "building crude cities".
consider the following:
Argus was a high tech planet beyond our own level of technology and anything else in Warcraft canon. The Draenei were forced to pack up and flee on a moment's notice, presumably very few of them had significant wilderness survival skills and were dependent on Oshu'gun for survival, when it crashed they were forced to confront their reliance on the comforts of home, *inquisitively* learning from the orcs and ogres, and *building crude cities* out of wreckage and native materials they have little experience with

>> No.45990631

TBQF with you, the visual concept of Draenei/Eredar seems largely inspired by Dungeons and Dragons' Tieflings. Socially, they definitely had a unique twist, but it is arguably whether this twist was good for the setting. I feel like it was the introduction of an entire species of space-faring supersorcerors that began a trend of "it needs to be more outrageous than whatever we've seen before no matter the consequences!" that would lead to the abominable power creep of later expansions.

Apart from that, I think Draenei would actually be very "behind-the-scenes"-ish. They are, after all, heavily outmatched in numbers and their strongest weapon is still magic. They'd probably use the other races as puppet factions and unwitting auxiliaries while enacting the role of wise councellor.

That's basically what I believed was the point of the poster I quoted and other contributors who came up with the concept of crashlanding draenei, first.

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So basically Civ:BE Draenei Edition?

I can dig it.

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I love(d) tieflings, I love magic crystals, and I love the "wise elder race" tropes.
Draenei hit a lot of checkboxes for me.

My only complaint is lack of control in appearance (but that goes for WoW in general), i.e. option for longer tails for females, not looking like big blue refrigerators for males, etc.

If you look at it on a one-on-one perspective, draenei are just better than humans. They're stronger, smarter, larger, arguably more durable (thanks to hardened dermal ridges), and as proven by their rangari, not inherently slow or non-dexterous either. They also tend to be more faithful on average, calling upon gifts of the Light that were reserved for only the most pious of humans until recent years. And they don't give up- they've been hounded endlessly by the Legion and beaten to the point of near-extinction, but they still fight on.

They come across as Mary Sues when you take the "almost genocided" part out of the equation, but I still love the blue spacegoats.

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idk mayne, warcraft humans seem to be insanely strong superheroes, i always get this vibe from them

>> No.45991179

Probably has something to do with being descendants of Super-Vikings who are in turn descendants of beings forged by the Titans.

They're probably tougher than "actual" Humans.

>> No.45991209

Based in unreasonable powercreep, please disregard.

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File: 252 KB, 707x1000, Anduin_Lothar_Lion_of_Azeroth_by_pulyx.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


It was mentioned somewhere (I want to say the original human intro) that humans having short lives gives many of them a drive to leave their mark on the world, which is probably why they tend to be the center of a lot of historical events. They are, consciously or subconsciously, aware of their mortality and limitations, especially compared to other races on Azeroth these days, which in a weird way makes them very exceptional.

>> No.45991292

they're more light-attuned than humans, sturdier than dwarves, more technologically advanced than gnomes, wiser and more ancient than night elves.

they single-handedly outshine every other alliance race combined while stealing away each other races unique talents. there's a reason they're never used for anything in the lore alliance-wise.

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That's just their heroes- those above and beyond the normal ken of humanity.

Khadgar himself said that he and others like him (Jaina, Medivh, Antonidas) are an exception to the rule, and that races like high/blood elves and draenei have superior magi most of the time.

Likewise, your average ogre or tauren could snap your average human in half by accident, but a heroic individual like Lothar or Varian could take a giant club to the chest and get back up to keep fighting.

It's the fact that they're able to stand toe-to-toe with these things that should be obliterating them that makes them special, why they're heroes greater than most of mankind. But set your average knight against your average draenei vindicator, and that knight is going to get flattened by a hundred pounds of crystalline hammer and righteous fury.

Apparently I have no pictures of Khadgar. Have Medivh instead.

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how the fuck have humans estabilished entire kingdoms in this world if every other race has an advantage over them?

>> No.45991439

youre forgetting that all the humans in warcraft are white people so they can actually accomplish things

>> No.45991459

>insanely strong superheroes
The heroes, sure, but a random footman will get his ass kicked by an orc grunt in 1v1.

>> No.45991489


This >>45991233

And also, due to their shorter lifespans, humans reproduce considerably more than most of the other races, which gives them an advantage in spreading out their domains.

Also, it was mentioned that when the elves first taught humans how to use magic, the elves were astounded by how easily and quickly humans managed to master it. It could be partly elvish condescension, but could also easily be the above.

Probably the most central trait of Warcraft humans is ambition.

>> No.45991591

because until the arrival of the Horde, the only race that was actively hostile to them were the trolls, who mostly got their shit pushed in by human and elven mages until WC2 started and the brutally cunning Orgrim allied with the cunningly brutal Zul'jin

>> No.45991765

Does anyone had pdfs of some of the novels? I've been looking for a pdf of the Paragons novel.

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File: 278 KB, 1532x2048, 5X4Ex0f.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Ultimately, a race being ubiquitous depends on how well it can survive in new environments and how well they can propagate.

It took the Quel'dorei nearly 10,000 years to fill Quel'thalas. That is a relatively small parcel of land compared to what humans occupied. This seems to imply that elven reproduction is markedly lower than humans, especially considering their magic helps counter many natural diseases that would be the death of entire communities in mankind.

We branch out and explore, whereas the elves had no desire to claim dominion over what they saw as their sacred home. Anything that didn't have elves or dwarves in it, humans laid claim to (much to the trolls' chagrin).

When you don't have the best mages or the strongest fighters, your strength is in numbers, and to supply and expand those numbers, you need more food, more land, and more holdings.

The only race really contesting human rule in any given location were trolls, and they never recovered from the Troll Wars when the first human magi found out that trolls are very flammable.
>pic related

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list all acceptable race/class combos:

>Male Human Mage
>Male Human Paladin
>Male Human Warrior
>Male Human Rogue
>Male Human Priest
>Male Human Hunter
>Male Human Death Knight
>Male Human Warlock
>Male Dwarf Warrior

all i can think of

>> No.45992056

Acceptable in mechanics or lore/roleplaying?

>> No.45992111


>> No.45992194

Just videogame classes or also tabletop ones?

>> No.45992598

Well, at first they literally had a Titanic construct on their side. You know, Tyr.

Then they had the numbers under Thoradin (plus High Elf allies) to take down the Trolls.

After that, who could really oppose them in the Eastern Kingdoms? Murlocs? Kobolds?

>> No.45992883

>Dividing people into classes


And though it is true that, once you choose a profession, you earn a specific set of skills, which hypothetically makes you eligible to be labelled as a "class", but the truth is that, based on your society, your homeland's geographical situation and your personal circumstances, a profession can involve quite a range of differing skills from any other person next to the basics that roughly define your profession.

This is even more true of classes, where a "warrior" could mean the rank-and-file soldier of a professional military, a man of age and proven skill from a tribal society who most people would call "barbarian", a duelist from a noble background or a militia levy.

Same applies to "priests", where they're either military chaplains, cult-leaders, pastors of a religious community or member of a clerical circle that acts inbetween tribal societies.

Shamans could be priests, Druids could be priests, and just as well could those two be considered mages.

>> No.45992954

Cool so we're agreed on the fact that Dreanai and Eredar used to be the same, when they arrived they went from being at the top of the food chain with their tech, moved and didn't have ANY survival skills and had to make due with the materials at hand making the stuff they made look pretty crude and simplistic.

Well then I think I found our reason why the two would be keeping their distance, their entire life stlyes are contridactory to each other. Orc were nomads and tribes that followed food, maybe did some harvesting of the local food stuffs. The Dreanai however would be agriculturalists who stay in one place and claim that place as their own. So whenever a herd of food comes along the two would wind up arguing over it potentially, not to mention you have to remember how Drek'Thar of all orcs reacted when Velen had suggested that the Orc's sacred site at Oshu'gun was Draenai to begin with. Drek'Thar literally went full inquistor at Velen and would have incited the warriors there to kill the heretic.

>> No.45993248

Basically, yes.

>> No.45993522

Apparently Reign of Chaos is getting a patch on Tuesday, for some reason.


It doesn't really say what the patch will do, though.

>> No.45993608

Meh. I'm still waiting on that mod of SC2 that recreates all of WC3.

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File: 1.51 MB, 250x250, wat.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

.... but why?

>> No.45993638

Probably like the recent D2 patch, it's just optimizing it for newer systems.

>> No.45994622

Got any more pictures like this?

>> No.45994842

That's neat, but question for you fine gentlemen, what system would be best for hosting a warcraft game? I'm tempted to do GURPS, but I've never really used it nor any system before that is sorta official or anything.

>> No.45994893

A few suggestions have been tossed around, from DnD 4th, Pathfinder, and Iron Kingdoms.

>> No.45994926

Log Horizon.

If it was fucking translated

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here's something I haven't seen pop up in any of these seemingly abundant Warcraft Lore threads.

Nerubians. What do you think of WC's brand of spider people, their Scourging, and the underground civilization that we barely scratched the surface of in Wrath of the Lich King?

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File: 683 KB, 1350x1837, Zuldazar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Only saved a couple from the previews.

>> No.45995005

>orc warrior
>orc shaman
>orc warlock
>troll hunter
>troll rogue
>troll shaman
>troll warlock
>tauren warrior
>tauren druid
>tauren shaman
>tauren hunter
>forsaken rogue
>forsaken warlock
>forsaken mage
>blood elf paladin
>blood elf mage
>blood elf warlock
>blood elf priest

>dwarf hunter
>night elf hunter
>night elf druid
>night elf rogue
>night elf priest
>gnome rogue
>gnome mage
>draenei paladin
>draenei priest
>draenei warrior

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File: 629 KB, 1350x1837, Karazhan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

double dubs. I dig it.

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File: 1.23 MB, 2700x1800, Zin-Azshari.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Despite the filename, I'm unsure if this is Zin-Azshari or if it's the somewhere in Quel'thalas. I dunno. Maybe it's Suramar before the Sundering.

>> No.45995062

its quel

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File: 160 KB, 745x991, Sargeras.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Last one I got from the Chronicles book.

Pre-Burning-Legion Sargeras destroying an Old-God-infested world with a nascent Titan in it, for fear of it being corrupted.

>> No.45995209

So is it worth getting into wow for the role play aspect? Or is it simply too late and i'll end up feeling out of the loop and not as immersed in the experience as I might have had i started playing years ago?

>> No.45995294

depends on the server desu
WrA seems good.

>> No.45995395
File: 73 KB, 960x792, 2Dxfu2A.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

WrA is probably the best one going right now, because it's got a decent enough population that you can find RP just by walking up to people.

RP addons are a must though, so you can easily identify people (and more importantly, avoid them if they've got 12 pages of backstory and 10 pages of description in their profile, because they're as self-absorbed as humanly possible).

>> No.45995493

It is true that it would never be so clear take a troll priest of a Hakkar. One at first glance may say it is a priest however they touch on many archetypes in WoW.
>Priest: Reverence to a god
>Shaman: Speaking with the loa is communing with spirits.
>Druid: They take shape of the loa they are pact bound too.
>Rogue: Stealth is business of survival and getting rank in the temple
>Warlock: They world dark magic and have been known to summon demons.

When translating WoW to warcraft tabletop greater creativity should be used to fill in the mechanics. Other class concepts are strictly absent like a artificer that would exist b for gnomes, goblins draenei and blood elves.

>> No.45995541

I'm pretty upset that their zone/raid got cut.

>> No.45996144

I am curious.
before I resub, does WrA look down upon characters that are from another game universe if it is done tastefully?

>> No.45996403

Why would you do that?

>> No.45996437

because every time I RP everyone around me is a half elf half dragon snowflek.

>> No.45996496

I'm not really seeing the correlation, aside from both being ridiculous concepts.

>> No.45996521

I just want to see how much I can bring a ridiculous concept down to earth.

>> No.45996565
File: 247 KB, 1440x900, deathlywedding_yaorenwo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The problem is that it can't really be "done tastefully". The moment you bring a legit drow assassin or Battle-Priest of Sigmar or whatever-the-hell-else into Azeroth, you're taking a dump on the established lore because there is no connection to those universes. You can make characters -like- those things (i.e. blood elf assassin, militant Paladin of the Light), but drawing a character from an outside universe into any other can't be done well unless there's already an established paradigm.

In short, don't do it.

>> No.45996567

Troll Priest? Shit they were among the most useful mercenqries in WC3 and Witch doctors were half priest half shaman anyhow.

>> No.45996595



I had it all planned out too.

>> No.45996952
File: 102 KB, 277x299, 1365337603923.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Lol HotS is wierdly kinda cannon.

Star Craft
Other timeline on Azeroth

Super crack cannon there are skins in HotS that refer to IRL earth.

>> No.45997332
File: 132 KB, 532x820, Cordana and Kadgar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Apparently I have no pictures of Khadgar. Have Medivh instead.


I wonder if there is any good smut with those two.

>> No.45997403

>IRL earth
Earth has always existed in the Starcraft setting, so it wouldn't be out of place on SC stuff.

>> No.45997476

Is WrA short for something and are we talking private servers here?

>> No.45997490
File: 390 KB, 704x566, Night Elf Kavai_the_Wanderer_TCG.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>no night elf warriors.

Pretty sure the average night elf female can easily overpower the average human male. They have Calvary units as well.

>> No.45997504

Wyrmrest Accord

>> No.45997515

Wyrmrest Accord, and no.

>> No.45997523

Yeah but Gnomes are garbage and Night Elves are dumb hippies.

>> No.45997555

>gnomes are garbage
holla at dat

>> No.45997651
File: 1.04 MB, 800x960, spicy_bommie_by_anzka-d88xiy7.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]




>> No.45997762

gnome females are kinda qt but the race as a whole is like pandaren. a joke taken too far. i feel like a large portion of the gnome fanbase are people who saw them and picked them ironically (NO WAY , HE'S ALL TINY AND SHIT. IMA SHREK PEOPLE AS A TINY MIDGET!!!) or people who can't bring themselves to hate anything blizz conceives.

>> No.45998075

Honestly, all they need is to be written as more serious scientists. Take away the stupid steampunk look, the unnecessary gears, the stupid names, and all the "goofy" quirks. Maybe inject a little bit of Vulcan into their culture, too

>> No.45998168

One thing that saddens me about WoW is how samey all the race/class combos are nowadays.

I mean, I understand from a gaming/balance viewpoint why it's necessary, but WCIII had fairly varied units between each race: a dwarven rifleman is not the same as a night elf archer or a troll spear thrower, but in WoW, they're all just hunters. In WoW, I love the shaman/druid cosmetic racial differences, but I loved the early race-specific Priest skills even more, and I was sad that they were removed.

So here's a challenge for you guys: ignoring any worries about game balance, what race-specific class skills would you add to the game? For instance, how would you set apart a troll priest from a blood elf priest, or a goblin warrior from a draenei warrior, or a night elf druid from a tauren druid?

>> No.45998173

Not much at all, think of it like a simple lvl 1 character creation process in D&D, you'd think of an origin, character concept, and some traits.

>> No.45998180
File: 333 KB, 1069x654, fanart-1008-full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Admittedly, I'm mostly the former.

That said, I RP my gnome as a very sensible sort of coward that knows if they face against something 20x their size, they will be pancaked, so they mostly sneak around and play the role of 'treasure hunter'.

Besides, a knife or bullet in the neck will kill you just as much whether it's from a human or a gnome. It's just a matter of how the gnome would get up that high, in the case of the knife.

I'm also amused by the idea of a dying orc getting taken down by a gnome only to collapse in the dirt, groaning out their last words of: "This is... buuull shiiiit..."

>> No.45998198

What do you have against small heroes?

I always felt it made them more heroic, when everything is giant compared to you, being able and willing to stand toe-to-toe against them is more difficult and therefore more impressive

>> No.45998332

This is precisely what I ment here >>45992883

From a lore perspective, the Night Elven military could be warriors, barbarians, hunters or a form of militarised rogue of sorts.

Personally I would say they're "Scouts" from the WoW rpg (downloaded the pdfs today for giggles and skimmed the classes) if we focused on their military make up in Warcraft 3. But really, everything comes down to circumstance. Night Elf forces in Ashenvale probably have different equipment than Darkshore, and those deployed as foraging forces into the barrens and stonetalon mountains will have a completely different equipment from either these two forces.

What we have seen ingame is just a representation because it's more cost efficient to place model a or b with a colourswap in thr game than completely redesign them for a one-off character.

>> No.45998348

Jesus Christ you must be the most gloomy fucking person on the planet.

I would not fuck with it in the Video game, but I'd gladly fuck with it in a PnP, opening up a lot more of the racial NPC classes to be playable either as classes of their own, or multiclass overlaps in a multiclass-friendly game.

>> No.45998354

Anyone else thinking 'wtf' with the chronicles lore?

Sargeras being no longer corrupted, the Void Lords are the new BBEG, as theyre the literal opposite of the Light?

Sargeras wants to rekt Azeroth to prevent its eventual corruption, using the Burning Legion to do so. He's honestly just arthas at this point, wanting to wield an ancient evil for good.

You guys think we'll ever see the 'real' creator of the setting, being that Light and Shadow are just opposing sides?

Gives me an Alpha Legion vibe, side the Arch traitor Sargeras to defeat 'chaos' for all, or let it slowly win if you kill 'Horus'

>> No.45998392

make certain cosmetic changes so that they get unique looking perks for using their racial weapons.

>> No.45998395
File: 149 KB, 900x1013, WoW_Troll__Shwashwa_by_Beastysakura.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>So here's a challenge for you guys: ignoring any worries about game balance, what race-specific class skills would you add to the game? For instance, how would you set apart a troll priest from a blood elf priest, or a goblin warrior from a draenei warrior, or a night elf druid from a tauren druid?
Troll priest would be adorned in fetishes and appear more akin to a shaman/witch doctor than someone in pristine white robes, wielding a golden staff, as the blood elf would. The troll's eyes would be alight with some magic hallucinogens that enhance their connection to the Loa, letting them tap into the spirit realm more freely. Their powers would appear shadowy and dark, though mend the flesh as it may, the Loa never give something for nothing. The blood elf, meanwhile, would either be connected to the gloriously incandescent Sunwell or the Light itself, depending on their point of view.

The goblin would be clad in mechanized armor to enhance their strength, so that blow with their sledgehammer really rattles the bones of the guy they're trying to smash the legs of. They'd need a mechanical edge to stand toe-to-toe with the big brutes like orcs, tauren, and draenei. The draenei, meanwhile, is just a bulwark of metal and draenic crystalwork, using his skill and brute force to take down enemies (and faith in the Light).

Nelf druids would still be organized into their respective castes (Talon for stormcrow form, Claw for bear form, Fang for saber form, ____ for tree-form/heal-focus). Tauren would have no shapeshifting, but could gain more subtle boons of the animal spirits more freely and would be the ones with focus on the sun.

>> No.45998421
File: 51 KB, 320x448, vicious_grell_lg.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The better question is: Who ISN'T thinking that?

Other than people who have to protect their insider status like Nobbel who now gets advance copies of books.

>> No.45998542
File: 1.16 MB, 2550x1598, pantheon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I prefer Sargeras having a semi-legitimate reason and falling prey to fear and doubt over the possibility of such a dark occurrence rather than, "lol nathrezim or eredar got him super dark and twisty 'cause dey so evil".
What I really dislike about it is that he completely annihilated the Pantheon off-screen. These godlike figures we've heard about in lore and suddenly they're all gone, save for a fragment of Aman'thul's soul.

In the end, though, if Sargeras were to succeed, the Void Lords would be laughing- because he will have killed the last chance of the universe defeating them by cleaving Azeroth in two, and will have brought the universe to chaos and eventual entropy and nothingness, and without any other world-shaping Titans around to bring light back into the universe, it'd just be madness and pain until the end of time.

>> No.45998553

Hots skins have neat little stories to them

>> No.45998558

Remember they literally never left for the above ground until the loss of Gnomeragon. That to me speaks volumes of a timid culture that had great fear. Worth fear in most people comes the specture of racism and racial supremacy. Gnomes are known for their racial pride. Perhaps even the querks expressed are mearly a manifestation of their social incompetence .

The dangerour rate to which they produce inventions may also speak of the same insecurity brought to light. Their Dwarven cousins experience great bloodshed in wars. They are known to boast. The gnomes as a people being cowardly seek protection from this that in the armies of the Bronzebeards as tribute they offer their machines. To keep this precieved utility they produce them at dangerous rates.

That would make gnomes a race of troubled geniuses filled with pride but, unable to properly deal with the outside world.

Or you know just wacky lawn gnomes.

>> No.45998569

>some magic hallucinogens
Shamans are almost perpetually baked out of their minds, both in reality and (conceivably) in Warcraft. When I was into WoW RP and looked this up, my troll shamanka kept a healthy cannabis supply on her person so as to assist with visions. She even used the smoke to assist with storytime once or twice.

>> No.45998617

But that's missing the point of gnomes. Gnomes are culturally defined by two personality traits: curiosity and optimism. They always try to stay on the bright side of things, and like goblins, they will often try shit just to see if it works (in more controlled circumstances compared to goblins). They are, for all intents and purposes, the most technologically advanced mortal race in the world. They simply don't match the dwarves when it comes to raw industry, however.

>> No.45998763
File: 704 KB, 702x918, tumblr_ny52ygKz3a1t01ojso3_r1_1280.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

They ought to read the short story for Mekkatorque.

Gnomes have been through some shit- just as much as anyone else. Them becoming serious wouldn't alleviate their status as a "joke race"- it's just because of their size and appearance. If they suddenly started acting grittier and losing what makes them gnomes, they'd be unappealing both to the people who liked them before and the ones that dislike them now just because they -look- silly.

Mind you, these are mostly the people who swear by only playing worgen, blood elves, and undead.

>> No.45998829

A gnome DK who thinks of their now free unlife as both a chance to make up for whatever they did while in the Scourge AND a grand new adventure could be fun.

>> No.45998835

Oh, this is PARTICULARLY egregious when it comes to Paladins.

You've got the Silver Hand "yo what if we gave Priests hammers/what if we got soldiers to go all LUX VULT" lumped in with "MUH JUSTICE " Vindicators, (former) Naaru addict Blood Knights, and Sun Druid Sunwalkers.

So basically you've got four separate Paladin traditions all mashed into one homogenized class.

How to fix this? Maybe pull a lot of discarded mechanics out of the trash. Old buffs divvied out among them maybe? Blood Knights could do something with "WE ARE STEALING OUR POWERS" if they hadn't moved on from that lore. Sunwalkers DEFINITELY shouldn't share the same abilities.

>> No.45998840
File: 231 KB, 828x747, 23ecb30b3983a99cf98f9f4ec2f3fd6c59e8018a.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The shortstack races in general don't get as much of a fair shake as they should. The gnomes because they appear childlike, and the goblins because they're volatile and lack restraint.

>This? This isn't damnation.
>This is...a new set of variables.

>> No.45998898

>curiosity and optimism
Sure, but when I hear "curiosity," "optimism," and "scientist," I think Star Trek or the space race, not "cogfop joke faction on silly ostrich robots." You have to admit, WoW has gone a bit overboard with making goblins and gnomes the comic relief. The Mekkatorque story and Gnomeregan story arc were great, though. I just want them to feel less like joke receptacles.

>> No.45998901

The secret is refluffing everything so that it all sounds different. Humans and draenei use the Light in the conventional sense, blood elves use the Sunwell, and tauren use the sun itself.

Blood elves and tauren would regularly get into competitions about who is the most gloriously incandescent.

>> No.45998916


>You guys think we'll ever see the 'real' creator of the setting

Its probably the Cow King.

>> No.45998934

The difference between humans and draenei would be minor variations in their traditions. Mostly, it'd be the fact that draenei have a 10,000-year head start on Light worship than the humans.

>> No.45998941

Starting with Warrior class:
>Human Warrior
Humans have probably the longest standing tradition of a nationally maintaindd army right after dwarves. Military ranks and strong sense of hierarchy ensure that all the wheels in the clockwork run smoothly and a strong sensr of comraderie unites a squad of infantry. Human warriors get a battlecry that stacks up to xx times and increases defenses.

>Dwarf warrior
Though equally militarised, the true strength of a dwarf lies in his natural stubborness and resilience. They get an active ability that reduces the duration of currently applied debuffs to them.

>Gnome Warriors
Due to their rather fragile physics, Gnomes have developed battletactics where they soften up a target from afar and only engage to deliver the killing blow. Gnome warriors get proficiency with firearms and a firesalvo skill.

>Night Elf warrior
The Sentinels are naturally skirmishers and do not often fight in closed ranks. The stay mobile and outmanoeuvre potential targets and whittle it down before going for the kill. NE warriors get a retreat skill that they can use in tandem with their charge ability. It costs a tiny amount of fury, but because you'rr still in combat, your fury doesn't degenerate.

>Draenei warrior
Weapon attacks can be magically charged to deal high burst damage on the next hit.

>Worgen warrior
Embracing their bestial nature, Worgen have understood the importance for fast and brutal assault. Their charge is replaced with a pounce attack that deals additional damage and has a chance to cause bleed in addition to the obligatory stun.

That's my take on the alliance so far.

>> No.45998948

Joke's on you, my Gnomelock is a pessimistic luddite edgelord

>> No.45998980
File: 504 KB, 480x480, 1410212222065.webm [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Gnome luddite

>> No.45998986


Draenei are also well versed in guerrilla warfare and insurgency tactics. Humans favor shock assaults and scorched earth tactics.

>> No.45999065

>Night Elf warrior
Every single piece of literature points to night elves being the queens of guerilla warfare, including ambushes and skirmishes. Few things in life are more devastating than being the victim of a night elf ambush/trap.

>> No.45999127
File: 1.63 MB, 328x304, 1363644962732.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

When I was into WoW RP, I played a draenei mage from Argus once. I once had a human paladin try to lecture my draenei on the nature of the Light.

>> No.45999190
File: 171 KB, 1000x700, draenei_paladin.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I imagine that's how someone feels what a flat-earther tries to convince them that the planet isn't round. Just like, "You're... you're being serious. Oh wow. This is really a thing you think. Okay, uh... I need to find a way to approach this carefully because you are obviously a crazy person."

>> No.45999196

>go onto RP server
>roll Goblin priest
>join Dungeons
>refuse to heal unless party hands over extra loot
>"im just rping guys :^)"

How would you react?

>> No.45999266


They came from a crashed spaceship and there were literal star gods in Shattrath and in a Horde prison. The revelation should have shaken human society to its core, with the Scarlet Crusade openly declaring these facts as heresy and a civil war in Stormwind society between the church conservatives and the educated scholars. Varian should have invited the Draenei to move to Stormwind with the Naaru interned in Stormwind Keep, and change the nation's emblem to a Star Lion.

>> No.45999287

Pull the biggest amount of mobs before dying and leave group/instance.

>I'm Just RPing what would happen guise

>> No.45999293

It's more like a second-grader trying to teach an adult how multiplication works.
"You're adorable, but I already know this. I've been at it WAY longer than you have."

>> No.45999320

I was wigged out by that whole tid bit, is the Naaru being the Light not register with humans or is it something else?

That being said MAN do i want to play a game of adventure in rpg wow now...That 2nd edition thing looks interesting enough, just concerned about how to build an adventure...or a character...or a party to play with...

>> No.45999331

He also almost got mugged in Stormwind once in a dark alley by a human and night elf rogue pair. Blink is a hell of a thing.

>> No.45999392


I mean if you really don't like WoW RP that much, or you just havent heard, dungeons and instances are virtually always OOC.

>> No.45999405


Blizzard is basically letting humans live in lala land where the Light is still a Christian God. Its glaringly stupid.

>> No.45999430

i get that its a gnome/goblin trope but i cant stand the steampunk/techy sci fi goofiness that's part of the flavor with those races. yea i admit it, im a bit of a purist when it comes to fantasy that is at large, a medieval fantasy.

>> No.45999441

Naaru aren't the Light, they're just really close to it. Kinda like how D&D Celestials aren't THE Good but they're made out of it.

Keep OOC stuff OOC guise :^)

>> No.45999512

Even if you do the whole they are made of the light and are really close to it, doesn't that make them more or less demigods and should be something to respect? Though the fact that they cock up most things they touch drives home the point that the light isn't the greatest thing ever, Nature and the Elements however are superior, at least that stuff is there and will persist instead of just up and leaving you.

>> No.45999540


The existence of the Naaru should render the Stormwind church extinct. All humans should be making pilgrimage to the Exodar to obey the will of the Naaru.

>> No.45999542
File: 181 KB, 673x1000, gobportrait.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Unrelated, but I found this portrait of a goblin gal while browsing for, uh... oatmeal recipes.


Anyway, is it censored enough for a blue board?

>> No.45999590

That was before Warcraft Chronicles.

It used to be Humans and Dwarves viewed the light through the lens of mortal experience and the occasional manifestation of dead heroes.

Shrinking the head from cartoony wow-sized to a more human proportion with her shoulders without shrinking the hands or neck makes her fingers look even more gigantic than they do in WoW. (And they may actually BE drawn a little bigger too)

>> No.45999602

>Orc warrior
Naturally THE ANGRIEST, they get an ability that gives them additional fury per hit over a short amount of time.

>Troll warrior
Trolls already have berserkerrage as a racial. Anything else seems superfluous when looking at their culture and how they do war.

>Tauren warrior
In their daily life, they are the most peaceful race in the horde. When called to battle, they can rage furiously, but will probably try to quickly incapacitate an enemy instead of outright killing them. Class specific bonus to hammers and a skill with prerequisite hammer equipped that displaces and stuns target and reduces whatever mana/stamina/fury/chi they have by half.

>Forsaken warrior
Thanks to their undead state, Forsaken warriors feel less to no pain and can take absurd amounts of punishment. They still have to focus on the fight or else their body simply collapses from structural damage alone. They get a stance where fury is consumed instead of fury. Naturally, no fury is gained when they are hit, only when they hit other targets during this stance.

>Blood Elf warrior
Is that a class option now? For a while it wasn't, I remember that. Anyway: The High Elven military has always prided itself in the exquisite skill of its swordsmen. The Blood Elveys, though less organised, still maintain a rigorous training and sparring exercise. Requires sword equipped, increases chance for a critical strike and parrying an attack by xx%.

>Goblin warrior
The green jews face similar problems like the gnomes. However instead of a tactical firing line, they utilise their rocket boots to blindly vault themselves into the enemy rank. Replaces charge with Rocket Assault, which causes AoE damage to friend and foe in a medium radius around their primary target.

That's my horde warriors. Going to sleep now, I may continue with Hunters if the thread is still up when I wake up.

>> No.45999655

I feel like the Blood Elf Warrior should have some anti-mage ability, to mirror the Spell-Breakers.

>> No.45999708

blood elves in general already have Arcane Torrent, an AoE silence

>> No.45999767

Spell breaker is a specialized force that is not equal to a warrior.
suffice to say Bloodelf warrior are those swordsman in campaign, while spell breakers are a whole other deal.

>> No.45999778

Is that some Bisley?
Good taste.

>> No.45999805

Naaru are the messenger of light, manifest of light, example of the light, but they are not the light.

If light is God then Naaru are angels.

>> No.45999843

I was going to propose something like that, but then I remembered that Spellbreakers aren't line-soldiers but specialist mages of sorts.

>> No.45999881

Reduced cooldown on spell reflect and mass spell reflect.

Sadly Chronicles has been wiping out every non-naaru source of the Light.

>> No.45999971
File: 811 KB, 857x1200, bosses-maiden-of-virtue-full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The Light is the source of the Light, but it's just that the naaru are usually the ones spreading the word. Human faith began with accidental and misinterpreted communing with a naaru (which kinda pisses me off, since I figured it stemmed from, y'know, the lessons of justice and truth from Watcher Tyr).

>> No.46000011
File: 187 KB, 476x172, titans.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, the legendary quest in Pandaria basically outright stated that they were all dead and that they needed to awaken the Final Titan.

Wrathion even says 'none of them remember'. Except for Ra-den, who revealed this to the Thunder King who in turn was able to reveal it to Wrathion through eating his heart as the Thunder King did to Ra-den. Which is obviously referencing that none of the keepers remember the Titans tried to hijack them in order to preserve their memories but it only worked with Aman'thul and Ra-den, and it completely disenfranchised Ra-den from doing anything.

>> No.46000112

Fallen and Dead are not always the same.

>> No.46000147

Well, they're not entirely dead, but mostly, and Aggramar is permanently forever dead. Still, I remember the shit storm when people finished this part of the quest for the first time and we were all worried the Titans were dead.

>> No.46000150

She's gonna be back, and fel powered.

>> No.46000191

I'm still waiting on word of half-elf babies, 'cause those two are practically married already. And I ship it. Not even ashamed.

>> No.46000196

She is back in Legion, but not fel powered. She's been imprisoned in Black Rook Hold by the spirits there, who think everyone who aren't them are demons. So, big names like Stareye and even Ravencrest himself are haunting people and taking them prisoner.

>> No.46000225

Oh wait, never mind, I'm retried. I saw Medivh and read it as Maiev. Yeah, Cordana's back and fel-powered, releasing all of the prisoners in the vault of the wardens.

Can I just say how much I love prisons full of super powerful creatures?

>> No.46000226

That's not Maiev, that's Cordana Felsong, Khadgar's nightelf Ally.

She tries to destroy one of Gul'dan's shadow orbs in WoD and gets corrupted in the attempt.

>> No.46000321

I was pretty buttmad about that.

I shipped her and Khadgar.

>> No.46000345
File: 754 KB, 5969x4937, RupiqJv.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Oh, the quest that Blizzard arbitrarily removed from the game that contains one of the biggest lore plot-points since we found out that-- uh... Nope, that's pretty much the biggest one that's been in the game, actually.

Fuck, man.


Joking aside, the whole "lol corrupted" schtick is getting really fucking old, let alone the fact that there's apparently no way to undo this other than beating them to death in a dungeon or raid, whereas orcs who LITERALLY DRANK DEMON BLOOD eventually got over it (for the most part).

But nah. Cordana touches a spooky purple ball for a couple minutes and goes apeshit and betrays everything she's ever fought for. I guess it was a given, seeing as how her last name was "Felsong". Maybe we redeem her, but judging by the soundfiles, we just kill her and continue on with our merry adventures.

>> No.46000348
File: 25 KB, 125x300, Althea_Ebonlocke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm even more buttmad about another cop getting pointlessly corrupted.

Pic fucking related.

>> No.46000405
File: 125 KB, 836x1088, Orc with the cool skinny mace.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh AND it's another case of being doomed by a name.

Just because she has the same name as the Green Fire badguy.

I thought it was the trying to break it part that actually unleashed its power.

>> No.46000491
File: 552 KB, 1440x900, SilvermoonCouncil_yaorenwo.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yeah, that rustles my jimmies pretty hard, too.

Just going, "Nah, the whole Night's Watch is evil now" is pretty fucking lame altogether. As if no one amongst them was uncorrupted- they were just guarding a town from terrible horrors for years only to go, "lol just foolin', get sacrificed". I mean, one guy came off as supremely fishy, but it'd be nice if it was a like an "Oh shit" moment, with a bunch of them betraying the rest, like a less-obvious betrayal of the Auchenai, and with Ebonlocke surviving to lead the few remnants in defending the townsfolk they can.

>> No.46000532

That's dumb.

So hey question for everyone here, say during the events of Warcraft Three, someone wanted to try opting in with a character during the events of Lorderon and the aftermath what would be some good scenairos? I wanna try an idea where you are that one peasent merchant who joined with the prince to help defend Lorderon from the vile orc incursion.

>> No.46000608

Wait, what?

Whats this about losing the Watch?

>> No.46000692

Ebonlockes are all evil, because Kanrethad was. They corrupted the whole Night Watch, including fan favorites like Morgan Ladimore's daughter Sarah. They kill a majority of the less relevant Darkshire characters, though there are some like the telescope guy and Tobias Mistmantle who are all absent.

>> No.46000702

Someone at blizzard watched the last season of GoT and decided that the night watch was Corrupted (TM) and decided to make them cannibalistic legion worshippers.

>> No.46000719

Blizz's corruption fetish is getting out of hand. For fuck's sake, pander to the redemption fetishists for once.

>> No.46000721

Since when?

And.. is there source?

>> No.46000759
File: 311 KB, 1600x1067, davinciflyingmachine.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You could still easily fit if you just recast gnomish inventions with more of a Rennaissance look, rather than the steamwork appearance they took on in WoW.

>> No.46000805
File: 4.62 MB, 594x336, united space of america.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Of course, with Exodar's arrival, gnometech would probably fast-forward by decades, if not centuries. Alliance space program fucking when?

>> No.46000848

Legion, Assassination Rogue Artifact daggers.

>> No.46000863
File: 927 KB, 900x705, Guardian of the Ages.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The Light is the source of the Light
Thank you for saying this. I always see someone talking about how the Light comes from the Naaru or that Void-users get their power from the Old Gods or whatever. The Light and Void are not personified forces, even if their are creatures like Lightspawn and Voidwalkers that are primarily formed from them.

Still, I agree with you on the thing about Watcher Tyr. Seeing as how Legion has a Titan Watcher who uses the Light and has Light Val'kyr at his side, it would make perfect sense that they would have learned it from Tyr. Hell, they even added in an ancient order of Paladins known as the "Tyr's Guard" who watched over his tomb.

It'd make perfect sense if the Guardians of Ancient Kings had turned out to be similar to the Light Val'kyr, being some sort of product of Light-based Titan technology empowering the personal guard of the first human royal lineage.

>> No.46000917

>"lol just foolin', get sacrificed"
I think it's more that they just snapped. They realized they're never getting help from Stormwind and said "FUCK IT, we gotta get power from somewhere else."

>> No.46000945

Nah, it's because their leaer has the same name as a badguy warlock and the Watch in GoT killed a character with lots of fans.

Or maybe they wanted a chance to kill all those idiot heroes who keep helping rebuild Stiches.

>> No.46000967

>they're never getting help from Stormwind
It's not like they actually need much help. Adventurers come through Darkshire all the time.

>> No.46000987

Draenei space crystals probably don't gel as easily as people might think with other technology. Hard to say.

>> No.46001127

Yeah, between the Vanilla quests, the Cata Quests, those twin girls from a Warcraft Legends comic, the Dark Riders comic, and the Kara raid basically all of Duskwood's problems SHOULD have been solved. We Killed Morbent Fel twice, we purified or slaughtered most of the Worgen, Karazhan's ability to spread taint has been curtailed greatly.

What the fuck is even LEFT to trouble them... Okay other than the Reanimator conning adventurers into rebuilding Stitches all the time which I like to pretend is canon.

>> No.46001176



>> No.46001277

Well, if Hataaru's meddling with Draenor was anything to go by, the only place crystals for sure worked the best was Argus, they don't even meld well with Draenor outside of shield technology attached to buildings. Anything that digs into the ground upsets local wildlife to a horrific degree.

How they might meld with other technology or on Azeroth, we really haven't seen, but if Bloodmyst is anything to go by, it's probably nothing good.

>> No.46001450

Blood Myst was more of a nuclear fallout scenairo more than anything else, they had ejected spent fuel rods or something along the lines of a engine that got busted up that spread all across the island resulting in the mutation, aside from that we don't ever really get to see anything else.

>> No.46001526

why hasnt blizz fused mage+warr yet?
>warlock+warr=deaht knight
spell breaker wouldnt it??

>> No.46001568

Alright, that's fine I suppose. That being said what's the next lore fuck up that needs to be resolved exactly? Are we going from warcraft one to world of warcraft or are we just going along with something else then?

>> No.46001572

>Spell breaker
That's kind of the opposite of mage.

>> No.46001601

warmage, which i reckon might have a spellbreaker spec or something. might be glyph, if blizz is uninspired

>> No.46001663
File: 616 KB, 2199x1000, 1455155108750.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.46001887

Considering WoD + Chronicle lore, you have 10 seconds to justify the non-existence of
>Undead Paladins
>Draenei Rogues
>Draenei Warlocks
>Pandaren Death Knights
>Goblin Paladins (if BE and Tauren can get their powers from the Sun, Goblins should be able to get power from Gold)

>> No.46001993
File: 422 KB, 500x500, 1395988615845.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Paladins are the most devout of faith wielders, moreso than priests. It's why there's gnome priests but not gnome paladins. There is nothing the undead can devote themselves to that is worth establishing a code of paladinhood. Also, the Light burns.
No draenei rogues because large profile and their hooves go clop-clop-clop on hard surfaces.
Draenei warlocks would go against everything they stand for: rejecting the Legion, unceasing devotion to the Light for eons while in exile, things like that. Draenei, in that respect, simply are not allowed to fall, lest they become evil eredar again.
Who's to say the pandaren ever campaigned in Northrend?
For goblin paladins, see undead paladins. You can't cheese faith like that.

Fuck you bitch, gimme my money.

>> No.46002012

Other than the fact that spellsteal was given to mages.

>> No.46002060

>You can't cheese faith like that.
BElfs literally got pally powers by stealing Light out of a Naaru and Tauren got it from staring at the sun too much.

Deriving power from the-Light-in-shekels isn't more outlandish.

>> No.46002063

>You can't cheese faith like that.
Indulgences, baby.

>> No.46002126
File: 1.23 MB, 250x170, 1378005061156.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Blood elves yanked their Light from a (willfully) captured Naaru, but it's still the Light. Now that they have the Sunwell, they use that. Tauren sun god beliefs are the crux of what empowers them as what are conventionally known to be paladins. They don't call themselves paladins, but for gameplay purposes, they're paladins.

>Humans' fw

>> No.46002166
File: 155 KB, 1200x1200, martin luther.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Humans' fw

>> No.46002187

There was also that time when the church would pray for your sins and you could buy your way into heaven in the real world if i remember right.

>> No.46002210

That was when the Catholic church was laughably corrupt. I'm not sure goblins can pull off anything equivalent.

>> No.46002236

It was more "buying your mates out of purgatory," I believe, but same thing.

>> No.46002253
File: 60 KB, 700x525, capitalism ho.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Would paladin goblins use cash instead of mana? What happens if one of them takes a vow of poverty and redirects all his future revenue to the giant gold coin in the sky?

>> No.46002313
File: 68 KB, 400x322, 1252900961621.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Instead of a tome chained to their side, it's a collection box.

>> No.46002425

So who's hoping there'll be pdfs of the Chronicles

>> No.46002454


I want to fill Lili to the brim with cum.

>> No.46002473
File: 5 KB, 360x417, li li.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

pedos out

>> No.46002576


I have always loved how Jack Kirby these designs are.

>> No.46002577

No Draenei rogues, but an entire group of sneaky rangers called the Rangari.

>> No.46002656
File: 72 KB, 700x549, Anduin_Lothar.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Well, keep in mind that between the First and Second Wars, the Scourge Invasion followed immediately by the Legion Invasion, humanity has had the shit kicked out of it. From seven kingdoms down to one, made up of the remnants of the other six. With that last kingdom built on the ruins and graves of its forbearers, it's people barely having survived the first round of war against the orcs.

Add in all the lasses from Outland and Northrend, followed almost instantly by the Cataclysm and the fucking greenskins acting up again, and humanities numbers can't be doing well. They've suffered almost 40 years of near nonstop attrition warfare, all at the hands of fuckers from other worlds. Humanity really should be a race on the brink in Warcraft.

I remember one of the books, forget which, saying that in the wars for Azeroth, the humans have fought the longest and lost the most. I'm actually kind of glad that Warcraft isn't portrayed as outright grim as it's lore puts forth, because the remains of human society would be horrifying.

>> No.46002671
File: 225 KB, 586x720, fukken xenooooos.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Vigilo Confido, baby. Vigilo Confido.

>> No.46002704

so.. I am currently GM'ing a warcraft-ish game. One of my players want to play as a death knight. In theory that would be okay, but from a lore perspective.. In my game Ner'zhul never became evil/lich king and Arthas became the king of humans.
So.. How do I justify the existence of death knights? Do I just do a WoD thing and allow alternate Lich King to enter the world/Northeren? Or can one of you guys and girls come up with a cool/fun replacement?

>> No.46002715

There's that rocket in Netherstorm.

>> No.46002719

Blame Metzrall and Kosannas. No allied race is allowed to have interesting characters, interesting stories, interesting locations or other interesting anything unless it's centered around the fucking horde in some manner.

>> No.46002742

have Kel'thuzad independently become a necromancer and turn him into a WC2 death knight

>> No.46002776

Blame Metzrall and Kosannas. Between them they've pretty much set in stone that not Allied race or faction is allowed to have interesting characters, interesting stories, interesting locations, or anything that can be said to be interesting at all unless it's centered around the motherfucking horde in some manner or form. Allied players lke the Night Watch? Well, no way to make that orc-centric; to the loot table with them!

>> No.46002807

Personally I would have gone the Vulcan/Romulan route with the Draenei/Eredar. Have Sargeras's offer of power, the Naaru rescue of the Draenei faithful who refused, happen during their bronze age. By the present day both factions believe the other to be a dimly remembered myth, until the Legion discovers the Orcs and completely by accident finds Draenei living alongside them.

>> No.46002876

so have KT become a necromancer, transfer his soul into a stronger body and then call himself the lich king?

>> No.46002880

I'm not sure that would work, the Eredar/Draenei split mostly works because the Eredar were the most powerful race in the universe other than the titans and void lords and them joining the Legion was a massive crushing blow to the forces of order in the universe

>> No.46002952

Why you gotta be that guy?
Why can't people like a thing without needing to dick it?

>son, I am disappoint

>> No.46002967

.. how old is Li Li?

>> No.46002993

The Eredar weren't quite that powerful. I'm sure that the Constellar like Algalon were stronger.

>> No.46003022

no, for your player to be a death knight, have him be killed by something, and then his spirit summoned and forced into another body by Kel'thuzad, who became a necromancer on his own without Ner'zhul's gift.

until Chronicles came out it was implied the Constellars were titan constructs

>> No.46003031
File: 872 KB, 935x461, goblin spirituality.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46003056

aaah okay

>> No.46003060


>> No.46003066

By now she actually should be late teens but only Anduin ages in game and his dad ages but only in full cinematic.

>> No.46003074

12, last I checked. Probably 14 now, following WoD.

>> No.46003115

Imma gonna have to ask for some source here lads

But then again I would like to know more of the pandaren physiology

>> No.46003169

I forget how old she was during Pearl of Pandaria, but that was set pre-cata since she met Magni and he wasn't a dwarf-sized piece of bling.but I thought it was 12. And every expansion is I believe 2 years time in-game.

>> No.46003178

>until Chronicles came out it was implied the Constellars were titan constructs
Oh yes. The current lore direction clearly came sometime after WotLK and presumably after one of the writers read Earth X and decided to borrow a few ideas.

Still, I do sort of like the idea that there's other cosmic races out there even if they don't compare to the Titans.

>> No.46003181

Author of the graphic novel she first appeared in said he saw her as a tween (i.e. 11 or 12), which took place a year or so before MoP, if memory serves,

>> No.46003240

Alright, what did the legion then use as their new toy of the week to doom Azeroth? Did they wind up doing something else or what? Need more details to help explain this as I recall that KT was seduced to the Necromancy amongst other things by way of power from Ner'zhul.

>> No.46003296

I haven't gotten to them yet. Currently there is no alliance or horde, the frostwolves rule draenor and the remaining orc clans and leaders have escaped to Azeroth. This is also where they do a 180 and most of them swear to never go into war again since now they only want to live in peace.
Ner'zhul for instance is now a priest-ish character that summons the dead spirits for the family to communicate with them.

>> No.46003376

So what prompted them into going into the Dark Portal then? The kool aid? If so wouldn't that mean that the first and second wars ahve occured already since it took what like thirty years for the orcs to come off the juice.

>> No.46003397

Took place before Cata.

Magni was still walking around.

This is too weird of an alt universe for me to even comment on.

>> No.46003432

Technically there weren't a first or second war.

The humans aren't even aware of orcs yet. The demons have.. so far.. only discovered Draenor. It will probably be a future adventure for my group to battle the burning legion.
But no world war as of yet

>> No.46003490

I admit, I am also confused, how would the other clans escape to Azeroth if they dont have the big ass portal to send them through? Or the fact that they need to even know of Mediv to have act as their anchor to find Azeroth on the dimensional plane to begin with. Not trying to smash your story but confused.

>> No.46003493


Depends on the game, to an extent. Though WC 3 Footman were kinda junk, yeah.

Knights, however, were great and kicked the ass of the Orc equivalent and were not heroes as such.

>> No.46003533

Can WoW hunters work without a pet?

I've never liked the animal-master side of them but I like archery/rifles.

>> No.46003548

Wolfriders in WC3 weren't an outright combat unit like knights were, they were basically lighter, cheaper steamtanks in the "Short-Range anti-structure" category.

They can as of WoD, but the game as a whole is kinda meh,

>> No.46003566

I know it is weird and there is a lot of plotholes and whatnot. But my players like the world and so do I.
In this world Killogg sacrificed his last eye so that he could get a vision on how he and the orcs could survive the frostwolf slaughter.
He saw some sort of magical interference with crossing leylines and whatnot. Basically a portal opened up for a fraction of a second and transported all of the "good" orcs to azeroth.

>> No.46003601


They existed in Warcraft 2,so run with that rather than the Lich King.

i.e. still blame Gul'dan and the Legion.

>> No.46003609


>They can as of WoD, but the game as a whole is kinda meh,


>> No.46003614

There is a way to go petless in WoD, and in Legion their marksmanship specialization will be based around having no pets.

>> No.46003618

Sadly "With or Without you" is a high level talent. though since Legion comes with a free level 100 character it's fine.

Wait, it's COMPLETELY based around going petless?

>> No.46003625 [SPOILER] 
File: 453 KB, 2560x1440, 1457938874699.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


They will also turn Survival into a melee with pet spec, so you can Rexxar it up. I'm pretty hype about that but I'm actually going to play so I can indulge my inner 14 year old by rolling a Demon Hunter.

>> No.46003637


Sweet. As I said, I've never really liked the Beastmaster side. Troll Berserkers and Dwarf Riflemen feel a bit weird with a pet.

There is throwing weapons as a Hunter option, right?

>> No.46003650

Sorta? That was actually more of a rogue thing.

I think the new Survival Hunter is traps, Melee, and throwing.

>> No.46003655

>Wait, it's COMPLETELY based around going petless?
Yes. IIRC, they can't even summon a pet while in that spec. 100% solo.

>> No.46003659


Right. Where would Troll Beserkers fit classwise then? As they were always a favorite of mine.

>> No.46003667

Fury Warrior or Enhancement Shaman

>> No.46003676


Warrior has a ranged build now? Cool.

I might go that then, as they always seemed more warrior than shaman.


>> No.46003678

God that sucks. They really are over specializing specs by taking universals and melding them together.

>> No.46003694

No, that anon forgot Bersekers were ranged units.

Warriors have a few throws, but not anything mainline. You can spam handaxes as a rogue witb the right glyph but sadly the talent that makes throwing a viable build actually overides the axe visual.

>> No.46003701

Not that guy, but no warriors do not have a ranged build(wish they did). And to be honest, nothing comes to mind that fits what you're looking for.

>> No.46003702


>You can spam handaxes as a rogue witb the right glyph but sadly the talent that makes throwing a viable build actually overides the axe visual.

...that's a bit unfortunate. Why is that? Does it change the projectile?

>> No.46003725

It's called "shuriken toss"

>> No.46003734


That will do it.

>> No.46003736

A warcraft general on /tg/
what a time to be alive.

>> No.46003778

Yeah, i think it may have to do with the animation speed required for shuriken tosss and shuriken toss ranged autoattacks looking unnatural on an axe-throwing animation. Or blizzard is lazy.

Also the new hunter jas a few throws, and their main weapon is a spear that is mostly used in melee but has at least one "chain charge" like a reverse deathgrip.

>> No.46004268

>but I'm actually going to play so I can indulge my inner 14 year old by rolling a Demon Hunter.
Me too. I've been wanting Demon Hunter for ages, honestly.

>> No.46004315

>>Undead Paladins
UD could be paladins, but it'd be in a constant state of pain and eternal agony, so they don't.
>>Draenei Rogues
>>Draenei Warlocks
[Laughing eredar]
>>Pandaren Death Knights
Never part of the crusade, PC DKs are ex-crusaders. Bolvar won't rise more DKs unless they're absurd broken and absurd loyal (he probably doesn't trust the furry fucks).
>>Goblin Paladins (if BE and Tauren can get their powers from the Sun, Goblins should be able to get power from Gold)
That's greed, not devotion you maggot.

>> No.46004338

Why would eternal agony prevent undead from being paladins?

It's holy pain, and I think undead paladins as self-flagellators makes sense

>> No.46004409
File: 736 KB, 1400x850, duel_of_the_jade_forest_by_fenrysk_art-d5kfpai.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Fuck off, outsider

>> No.46004443

IIRC the old lore states that pandaren are considered fully mature at 80 years old and live about 200 or so years but new lore states that they live slightly longer than humans.

So still super illegal either way.

>> No.46004458

yes they were.
Then blizzard rode the chinese market so fucking hard that they redid the aesthetics of the race.

>> No.46004514
File: 71 KB, 907x791, latest[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>What we're trying here is to find a way to combine modern lore with that quote from the Warcraft 3 manual describing them as "inquisitive" and "building crude cities".
Why not just say that the manual was describing the Broken and Lost Ones? For all they regressed, the quests in Zangarmarsh showed that even the latter are still plenty smart. Even the feral ones have as much guerilla cunning as any playable race. Playable Lost Ones when?

On an unrelated note, is it just me or do they share a lot of similiar themes with furbolgs?

>> No.46004622

I dunno man. The most important bits of Pandaren culture were already fleshed out in one of the sourcebooks from the wow rpg back in 2005. IIRC Pandaria was planned to be the first expansion, but they scrapped it pretty fast.

>> No.46004624

pandaren DK actually exists in game.

>> No.46004668
File: 235 KB, 683x600, 20080813pan.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Citation needed.

>> No.46004702


Presumably the only one in existence. Most likely a wanderer from the Isles who fell during the early Crusade.

>> No.46004731

>Actually came through a citation.
You're a good man, anon.

Now I really want to know the story behind her.

>> No.46004744
File: 25 KB, 439x328, Zeliek_comic.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Undead Paladins can and have existed. Sir Zeliek in Naxxramas was a paladin.

The reason they aren't more common is that using the Light actively harms the undead, which is why the vast majority of Forsaken priests are canonically shadow priests. Paladins also tend to be closer to the light than priests. They're paragons of justice and nobility, everything the Light is purported to represent. Holy priests on mega-roids with massive fuck-off hammers and plate armor.

Your average forsaken likely won't be able to handle the stress placed on their body by channeling the Light the way a paladin does, which means any Forsaken paladins would be exceptional enough that there wouldn't be enough of them to justify a playable class (there's literally been one confirmed).

>> No.46004796


>cata times, game is circling the drain already
>RPing some drunkard washup of an old mage telling tall tales in the darkshire tavern
>deviantart OC, literal half dragon death knight tries to bully me and being a passive-agressive cunt
>no sell
>maybe you want to face me in a duel old man >:))))))
>ayup, lemme show whachu got youngun
>switch my assorted trash RP gear into my actual gear, gladiator shit and tarecgosas waveable e-peen stick, still mogged into saldeans robe, walking stick and patched up peasant pants
>guy starts poweremoting
>gets obliterated when fight finally happens
>i reckon yall still need some practice, son
>guy logs without saying anything

I think that was among the last ten moments when I had fun in WoW.

>> No.46004845

First, paladins in Warcraft are not defined by self flagellation in any respect. Second, a paladin channels the light at all times. They radiate its power like a beacon.

Second, and most importantly: when an undead channels the light it feels like their entire body has been set on fire. An undead paladin would be suffering always. Their's only been one example of an undead paladin in lore ever, and he was an unwilling raid boss in Naxxramas who suffered eternally until you killed him. Most player characters wouldn't be able to hold up to it.

>> No.46004867


>undead paladin

Others pointed out that we had Zeliek already. It wouldnt be a bigger rape of lore than tauren paladins and it would have been a HELL lot better aesthetically. I really dig the whole "fallen knight" thing. Maybe they could have been a bunch of actual free willed Lordaeronians trying to upstage Sylvanas from the inside.

>draenei rogues

BC already had draenei rogue ghots in auchenai crypts. Plus its not like it takes some extra special skill to be a nimble and sneaky fighter when they already have hunters.

>Draenei Warlocks

Just no.

>Pandaren Death Knights

There is one, but pandas are pure cancer and never should have been added.

>Goblin Paladins


>> No.46004883
File: 43 KB, 425x212, smug pope.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>yfw shes legal now in non-third world countries

>> No.46004892

I'm saying that I can imagine an order of light worshiping forsaken could have paladins that have come to view the burning pain of the light as penance for the curse of undeath, and thus are not actually self-flagellating, but are similar to self flagellators.

Also, aren't PCs exceptional by default? Why couldn't they handle it?

>> No.46004914

An undead paladin would be so far out of the norm that having a thousand of them running around really wouldn't make sense. So it's not playable.

>> No.46004925

I'm just saying that if I were running a TRPG of Warcraft, I would totally allow a player to play a forsaken paladin

>> No.46004927


its not like orc mages arent any less special snowflakes

>> No.46004943

PCs are exceptional, but they aren't raid bosses. The only undead strong enough to bear the weight of the light was so strong that five of him were able to go toe-to-toe with forty PCs and still have a pretty decent chance at mopping the floor with them.

And as exceptional as PCs are, they aren't legendary by any means. Raid bosses have effectively hit 'legendary' power status. Characters like Onyxia, Arthas, Ragnaros, etc. They're going to go down in history as complete terrors to everything they touched because of their sheer power. The players are powerful, but they aren't that powerful.

>> No.46004950

Oh, I'm totally with you there.

>> No.46004966

Being a mage is not terribly exceptional, really. It just takes someone smart enough to work with the arcane, and the orcs have certainly been on Azeroth long enough to figure out at least some of it themselves, never mind being aligned with the Blood Elves and Forsaken, who are going to have a lot of arcane stuff down to a T. There's a lot of places for an orc to learn if they want.

>> No.46004973

Players are now unique classnorder leaders storty wise. So the existence of fellow class members is barely considered canon.

Either way modern wow is fucking stupid.

>> No.46004991

At level 100, yes.

But at level 1, you're still just a pretty ordinary mook.

>> No.46005063

Eh. When Cata came around they kind of did away with the 'ordinary mook' bit. The PC gets praise up and down for all sorts of menial stuff. The one bit I remember really well is the troll village in Durotar, where you have to mess with the new human marines that have kicked out the old centaur tribes and set up camp. It's a few quests of the PC knocking around enemies that couldn't kill you if you sat still for five minutes and then getting hailed as a hero for saving the day from an unbeatable human enemy.

It made me pine for the days when I was just some schmuck picking up help wanted adds in Elwyn and taking odd jobs for the under-staffed guard.

>> No.46005113


This. i loved the development from a nobody working oddjobs into a hero.

>> No.46005220

Oh, that's definitely fair. I'd probably impose notable minuses somehow (since he's channeling a power that's the antithesis of the thing that keeps him moving), but I'd definitely let them do it.

>> No.46005256

It might vary by race.

Humans are just one of a lot of people fighting off orcs, and their only notable accomplishment is killing the guy in charge of the attack while his guards aren't looking. Oh, and putting out some fires.

Gnomes pick up spare parts, clear out a cave of troggs (while avoiding that fucking troll, god damn) and paint a target for Mechatorque's missiles.

Night elves spend most of their time playing gopher and waking up some druids, and that was with NPC assistance.

Blood elves mana drain some mana wyrms, kill a druggy and deliver a package or two.

Those first ten levels are all pretty odd-job or at least not your character working alone.

Then it varies by zone for the next 40ish levels, where you and four other guys start taking on an entire Dark Iron city. Still an unholy pain to go through that dungeon, but it's the moment that always makes me stop and look back on how much my characters have already accomplished. And then I proceed to tank it as a twiggy female belf warrior while a hulking male tauren heals. That's happened multiple times and I still love it.

>> No.46005324

So what are some of your fondest memories that you've had when roleplaying in warcraft?

>Executing a degenerate claimant warband and launching them all off a bridge
>Having a stand-off with a rival clan in Hearthglen during a lockdown and telling the Argent Crusade to fuck-off
>Exploiting the capture of a faggot elf's fairyboy, dress-wearing tranny boyfriend for profit
>Hosting a tournament and watching someone exploit it near brilliantly
>Crashing the Hallow's End Ball of the Horde, and beating the Forsaken at their own game of basketball
>Visiting an encampment of elves with Winter's Veil gnomes, sponsored by Smokeywood Pastures

>> No.46005352
File: 384 KB, 800x756, tumblr_ngheraSSQU1sc4ofso2_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Exploiting the capture of a faggot elf's fairyboy, dress-wearing tranny boyfriend for profit
I'm curious, but at the same time I really don't want to know.

>> No.46005360

blizz themselves stated that they removed anything japanese from the pandaren because wow is so popular in china.

>> No.46005372

It ended with us beating a faggot to death, setting them on fire with Shadowflame, all while chanting, "X GUN GIVE IT TO YA"

>> No.46005441 [SPOILER] 
File: 351 KB, 629x980, 1457953907990.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Very important question: Is it necrophilia?

>> No.46005605
File: 480 KB, 1100x804, tumblr_n55p7c8pGy1sc4ofso7_1280.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.46005639

Maybe, but why care about it?

>> No.46005680

I'd say yes. They were slain and resurrected.
But is their body still dead? Is a death knights body still rotting away even as they march for the LK?

>> No.46005681
File: 160 KB, 1024x510, comic-2008-12-cherabim-winner-full.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wife mains a blood DK.

>> No.46005735

Demon Hunters are basically Enemy Within, aren't they?

>> No.46005839

This has been a point of speculation among Rpers who ponder why they're not all rotten like the Forsaken.

My headcanon is that each type of DK has methods of preservation and/or reconstitution. Blood DKs can absorb life most proficiently, Frost is basically frozen all the time, and Unholy is teeming with an abundance of shadow energy, which has been shown to mend the undead.

>> No.46005871

I always thought that they went straight from living to death knight without going through the "rotting" phase in between

Undead are preserved by necromantic energy, so decomposition mostly happens in between dying and being raised as undead

>> No.46005931

I've never seen the Pandaren as japanese desu. Okay, the flame spirit in wc3 had two katanas, but those could have also been some sort of chinese cleaver and pandas don't really fit into japan. The rpg also painted them as chinese dudes, though that could have already been influenced by a chinese target group.

Didn't change much for for me. I can understand if someone doesn't like fantasy china aesthetics or kung fu pandas, but the feel and the stories of pandaria are something that has a place in my heart, together with WotLK and the Arrakoa

>> No.46005964
File: 5 KB, 283x147, Pandaren_Brewmaster_Japanese_Chinese.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

The model on the left was the original Pandaren model made for TFT

The model on the right is the one TFT used after complaints from China

>> No.46005976

They fought together with the alliance in wc2.

>> No.46006036

Because that quote describes Draenei much further back in the timeline before the events happened that created the Broken/Lost Ones.

>> No.46006059

Oh my. Now I see what you mean. The wc3 scene in china was huge, right? And they all went nuts over one(four) model(s)?

>> No.46006193

I like the idea that Shattrath, Auchindoun and Karabor were made with the bulk of the tech the draenei had on hand when they landed, then had to make due with scraps beyond that.

So the 'crude' villages are the towns on the frontier of draenei territory. The Horde attacks those first as a warm up, and that's where the description comes from. Then they go on to overwhelm the major strongholds through sheer numbers and tenacity, zerging into the cities until they win by attrition.

>> No.46006439

yeah, I loved the entire story and feeling of exploration in pandaria, but it was clear they were pandering to a certain market.

>> No.46006449
File: 19 KB, 500x367, a783a0d5b13d7ab5064dfa047828f4c2aef6bf8b[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Don't you mean pandaing to a certain market?

>> No.46006467

I find it weird that would be pandering. It feels so stereotypical that it seems like it would come off as insulting.

>> No.46006476
File: 40 KB, 359x352, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.46006502

Man, I'm really butthurt about Blizzard destroying my old memories step by step each time they add new lore and quests

>> No.46006552

Stereotypes are only insulting if they're negative, and/or entirely off the mark. China fucking loved Kung Fu Panda.

>> No.46006553

Fuck you they already have your money. They need fresh content for fresh faces to buy more money pits.

>> No.46006567

So wait that is an actual representation of China? Or at least how they wish they were?

>> No.46006614

They can do whatever they want with their books and comics and shit but they can't destroy Warcraft 2 and Warcraft 3. I own those games and I can still freely replay them

With WoW I'm fucked because I can't even relive old content. I'm forced to see it disappear under my very eyes and ten years from now I won't be able to just boot my old game and enjoy those plot points and characted from my youth

>> No.46006644

It might depend. The second generation of death knights (ie the Scourge ones from War 3 onward) seem to vary person to person

the War 3 manual describes them as:
>once heroic, virtuous defenders of humanity. However, they were corrupted by the subtle machinations of the Lich King and lured to his dark standard. These former heroes were given untold power and the promise of immortality in exchange for their loyalties. Although they RETAINED THEIR HUMANITY, their twisted souls were bound to the Lich King's will for all time. Bestowed with black, vampiric runeblades and shadowy steeds, death knights now serve as the Scourge's mightiest generals.
>(emphasis mine)

So in War 3 there's nothing to indicate they were killed before becoming death knights. However, some or all of the Acherus player DKs are mentioned as being raised. Other DKs like Mograine senior have had their death and subsequent raising shown too. So it's very much a case by case situation. Lorewise, player DK have died and been risen, but there's precedent that would allow for a RP background in which the player's character never died.

>> No.46006646

Private vanilla servers are a thing luckily. I have one i go on just to do what you said. Relive some classic lore and plot.

>> No.46006839

And that's how Death Knight erp starts.

>> No.46006855

someday I'll have to learn how to use my own server I guess

>> No.46006892

Give it a few years and private cata servers might become a thing.

I've heard of one existing, though I don't know the name of it. Though any Drama Time story is taken with a few spoons of salt, so that may have been bullshit.

>> No.46006975

No need. Nostalrius is a thing and its free.

>> No.46006978

Why would you play a private cata server, that's where they started removing old content

A WOTLK server is where you can still experience vanilla content at its fullest and shit like the assault on Undercity

>> No.46007017

Speaking of assaulting cities. Is it me or had city assaults all but died on most cities? Most i ever see is foolish 1 man attacks that just end up being camped on death.

>> No.46007019

Because in ten years you may want to revisit Cata and the expansions that followed it, if only to remind yourself why you hate them?

>> No.46007038

It's really funny because the pandas are Samwise Didier's fault, mostly, because he drew them a lot around the office apparantly and he's a huge fan of Samurai films, which obviously reflected in his original artwork for them. When his "legacy" finally gets implented in the game's lore it has to be butchered because of corporate appeasement deals.

>> No.46007093

I've seen a few 5~10 man city raids, but yeah, full raid groups seem rare. Though I'm on a mid-pop server.

Horde side, I did see someone recruiting for a full on assault once. But it was on Darnassus, so five people could probably do it on a slow day.

Typical attack is a couple of rogues, druids or a mix stealthing around Ironforge because they forgot it's still pretty heavily populated.

It's a thing to behold, seeing a dozen hunters ride in to Flare an entire district.

Once, I helped flush a trio of rogues out of hiding so we (mostly the other guys, as I was poorly geared) bash their heads.

On my priest, I jumped into the tail end of one poorly planned attack. A couple of rogues tried vanishing and running for the tram. They didn't get very far.

As an aside: Throwing a divine star down a packed hallway and crit-bubbling half a raid's worth of people is a beautiful feeling.

>> No.46007139


Not quuuuite? But they almost certainly enjoyed it. I mean, it's worth noting that none of the VAs have Chinese 'accents', they just... speak Chinese.

>> No.46007141

they only became a thing again with WotLK's achievements. People wanted that bear. When achievements and mounts became account linked, there was no longer any real reason to do it

>> No.46007150

People love positive stereotypes.
Pandaria would have given the CCP a chubby with it's picture perfect land where everyone lives in constant harmony.

>> No.46007300


this here >>46007150. China (well the government) is quite weird like that. Ever seen some of the marvel films and wondered why they had weird out of place scenes to do with China? It's because China demands that there by a pro-China scene in the film if you want their money. The government is still incredibly hardcore on all media depictions having a positive image of the country

>> No.46007316

someone post that picture of Lili having a car accident while going to a math championship and speaking like a stereotypical chinese wiseass

>> No.46007318

>what are trolls

>> No.46007326

>tfw everyone laughs at india for being a meme country
>people shitpost all day everyday and have the government listen to them

Would take that any day over bullshit propaganda desu.

>> No.46007350

One belf death knight I knew went out of her way to make herself as presentable as possible to others. Her skin, while pale, was still relatively flush with color (blood magic is a hell of a thing), she preserved fairly well, and she always kept a healthy bag of incense and potpourri on her to mask the smell. The only giveaway she was a death knight was the eyes.

>> No.46007420

kek, I modelled my DK's description after a Slaaneshi chosen. So fucking good.

>> No.46007468

new thread when?

>> No.46007541

someone can make one when we hit page 10

>> No.46008158

Eh, we're pretty far down.

>> No.46008207

I'll make one now, hold on a minute

>> No.46008257

migrate boys

>> No.46008261

I think it's because it was something new and we were an unknown adventurer again for a change.

Sometimes I just wander around in Pandaria (with the axe of Y'Shaarj equipped for mean comments) just to enjoy the scenery and music.

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