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The continuing story of desperation and violence.

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Yes, It's back!

Continue and post the next post, please!

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You try cracking your hands as you're instructed to walk through the hole in the wall. It doesn't go well given how the pile bunker kind and fixer sort of get in the way. But you try.

"Let's rock..." You say entering the arena.

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Rip, tear, and take! Let's go, let's go, let's goooo!

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Reposting the song for the fuck of it

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Maybe next time a new thread is made, say something and link to it in the old thread, yeah?

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Disarm the opponent. Literally, if possible.
Then taunt them. Make them know fear. Have them experience the inevitability of their defeat. Prolong their suffering.

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Silly Anon, the QM did link!

Now, get back to writing, I need more lewds!

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He/she(?) did anon, you just didn't see the post

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Poor Diana is in for it now

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Disarm AND disleg.

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While the old thread is still up, it just felt more natural to continue individual discussions like the pros and cons of cow tits in the same thread.

Link to new thread was posted just fine.

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This is our first contact with our own kind. We're gonna be fighting, but we wouldn't want to be assholes about it. She's sure to know a lot more than us. Maybe we can talk a while?

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Naw she's gonna get rekt.

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True enough, we can discuss that in the old thread while it's still there, and keep the new stuff in here.

No, we will beat her down, and then depending on her model, we will either be Bully Lewd, or Gentle Lewd!

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No cow tits dammit. Our girl is sleek and sexy like an import.

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If it's not still too late, I vote for prolonged and educational but not overly or intentionally vicious fight. As detailed here >>45977247

I mean, we'll still beat her, and we'll still lewd her, but we'll be gentle and educational through the whole process.

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No. We're going to forcefully shove our data jack into her data port and either gently or roughly take her combat data, bump up our targetting program a bit.

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>She's tanky, hardy, but completely at our mercy
>Pinned to the floor by darts and a harpoon
>Crawl on top of her, tail swaying like a pleased cat
>Ever so tenderly drag a claw across her cheek, shooshing her as she whimpers
>Tail curls back, between their waists, pointing directly at her port


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Agreed. Cow tits work on some girls, but not all. Super HUEG cow tits are a turn-off, imo.

No. We shall beat her down, and if she is cute and small, Bully Lewd, if she is Amazonian and Tanky, Gentle Lewd.

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Agreed. Cow tits are meh.

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I say we be Gentle about it. One way or another, this is the old girls last fight, so we might as well be nice about jacking her data. One last hurrah and all that.

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That sounds like a nice plan to me. It leaves time to taunt and tease her too

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That greentext is EXACTLY what I had in mind for the tanky girls. Sweet, Sexy, and Gentle. Perfect job, Anon!

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What, you think we're gonna have a choice?

You think we OWN ourselves? That we have RIGHTS?

That's funny.

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You enter into a military-grade force dome. Its existence down here more than anything shows that the mob is no joke in Nexus. The half circle looms above you enclosing you and a concrete floor...and your enemy.

She's...interesting to say the least. Diana the hunter. She's made of something that looks like Grecian marble. Her features look carved, and are far more humanoid than your own. The heavy, white arena lights glimmer in rainbows off her body. A simple toga fastened with a clasp at her shoulder is all she wears. Her right arm has a circular device with two long rods extending back from it--the bowcaster. Her hair is long and silky. Very human like, but it has the unmistakable sheen of coppery metal.

Pretty covering. You wonder what if she's still just as pretty underneath.

Her expression is tense, wary. But she stares you down with a calm, almost royal pride. Her white, pupil less eyes stare at you. It's a silent challenge.

Behind the dome vid bots hover and record for secret distribution. It's the cheapest way of seeing a match, and its where the mob earns most its money from pitfights. Behind it well dressed men and more than a few women in dresses sit in comfortable, luxurious chairs on velvet carpet while paintings hand from polished walls. There are even a few men in military uniform watching.

They hid a casino down here. And you are the entertainment. The well dressed comfortable people behind the dome bet amounts large enough to run third world countries on your fight.

And you aren't even close to being the top card of the night.

Diana stares at you in stony silence.


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Trash Talk, and Roll Initiative.

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>I'm new here pls no bully

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>Blow her a kiss and snap our claws, then charge to close the distance fast and roll initiative

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She's cute! That means Bully Lewd!
Trash Talk.
>Oh, you're cute! I hope you'll be even cuter, once I have you pinned under me!

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Trash talk while taking potshots with tailgun

>> No.45978051

"You ready to rumble ya old hag?" Then pound our fists together.

>> No.45978052

Friendly, yet strong and challenging greeting.

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Lewd Anon has posted, must agree with her, once again!

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Let's roll
>Pretty cute and well kept for an old model

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Rolled 81 (1d100)

Vicious assault right off the bat, weave on the approach to throw off her aim and attempt to enter harpoon range as quickly as possible. Don't give her space to back off. Get into CQC, lock on with the fixer to initiate grapple, and then start pile bunkering her elbows and knees.

Grin in as an intense a fashion as our facsimile face can manage and trash talk in a vaguely psychotic fashion.

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"It's a pity that pretty marble facade is going to get all broken up. It's cute though."

Roll initiative.

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I feel like you're LewdAnon or a thirsty faggot.

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>trash talk in a vaguely psychotic fashion.
No. Just in an enthusiastic fashion.

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There probably a troll pretending to support lewd anon.

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That's not me. That Anon was in the last thread too.

Nice roll!

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Yeah I doubt it, sounds exactly like Lewd Anon.

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It's time to show her the RULES OF NATURE

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There's little difference between 'very enthusiastic' and 'slightly psychotic'

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Oh fuck I didn't realize until now how Revengeance this could be

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We're a robot, fuck nature.

What's nature ever done for us? NOTHIN'

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There's a noticeable difference between someone who enjoys fighting and someone who fights to hurt people.

I say we just enjoy fighting. The challenge is what we want .

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That made me laugh, never seen that pic before.

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This is the most amazing thing ever.

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I am fine with this.
I don't want to be the crazybitch.

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I'm cringing and hyping in equal measures.
Thanks for sharing this.
That fucking Skull Face

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Your fists send sparks flying. As well bred as the people behind the dome seem they're as enthusiastic and excited as any fans of underground blood(oil) sports. They go wild at this display of confidence from a newcomer.

"Old hag?" Diana responds in a high, lilting tone. "I've tamed more creative beasts than you. That's for sure." she haughtily throws her coppery hair back and swings her bow arm in front of her.

You blow her a kiss and charge.

Behind her, a black wall displays the odds under pictures of Diana's face and your own.

They got you at at 25% chance of winning.

Time to kill a bunch of wallets.

It's probably you. It's rather obvious someone with an anti-namefag boner is trying to stir up shit.

>ROLL 1d10+5

I'll be rolling for Diana behind my DM screen right here.

I'll be using my lucky d10. For all the good it will do her...

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Rolled 10 + 5 (1d10 + 5)


>> No.45978378

Rolled 7 + 5 (1d10 + 5)


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Rolled 1 + 5 (1d10 + 5)


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dam son

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>For all the good it will do her...
No good at all.>>45978368

We should learn to sing, so we can go full symphogear as we attack.

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>"I've tamed more creative beasts than you. That's for sure."
I take back asking if we'd be gentle with her

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I read that
>I've tamed more creative breasts than you.
I'm already getting the magical realm fever, guys, it's too late for me.

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I think that might be the same anon from this post: >>45976904
A bit creepy, to be honest.

Don't even need to roll anymore. Was going to roll, but then I saw this.

Just get to the lewds now, we've won this with a roll like that. We're gonna bully and dom Diane good!

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The spooky jumped quests! Fantastic.

No cheating, fag.

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Then QG is doing his job right!
I'm excited for this
I can't wait to break control from the humans and become Mecha Girl Big Boss

>> No.45978483

He only said one roll though.

>> No.45978524

Oh. Booooo.

Guess they got tired of the !!fun!! we were having.

>> No.45978526

please don't remind me of all those 1's I rolled last night...
I even begged the dice for not a 1 in my last roll that night...

>> No.45978536

>Be me
>Take dice out of box
>See roll
>Put dice back in box

Motherfuck me, no mercy....

Armor - 2
Horsepower - 5
Dexterity - 2
Willpower - 1
Targetting System - 1

You dash toward Diana and see her eyes widen in surprise as your horsepower sends you forward like a rocket.

You bank right, and get on her flank before she can even turn her head.

>Use harpoon tail
>Use fixer
>Use pile bunker

You've blitzed the fuck out of her, so you can use your hand weapons. The gap is -closed-

Normally I take first 3 rolls in my quest, but I'm taking only one here. Some rolls, such as rolls for damage, will take more than one dice.

The spooky is always with us anon.

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>> No.45978553

>>Use fixer

>> No.45978570

Fixer into Bunker now? Or blast her way right now?

>> No.45978576

>>Use fixer

>> No.45978587

Fixer to one arm, and bunker to her bow arm.

Oh god I'm starting to get the street sign captchas.

>> No.45978589

>>Use pile bunker
You can't fight this!

>> No.45978590

pile bunker

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>Use fixer

It's already too late bitch

I hope you didn't like those limbs

>> No.45978617

Fix her with the fixer!

>> No.45978626

Fixer, then pile bunker to her bow arm elbow.

>> No.45978631

Fixer first
Then, once she can't run away, pile bunker all day

Come on anons, this is why we got this loadout.

>> No.45978633

The Fixer is the one that would let us pin her, yes? Then:
>Fixer to Pin, Pile Bunker to Beat down, and when finished, Tail to act as Strap-on for lewds!

>> No.45978635

Fixer and Pile Bunker to the chest.

>> No.45978650

Is this quest based on the Stripped Gears homebrew?

>> No.45978659

That'll prolly oneshot kill her anon. We don't want that.

>> No.45978662

>>Use fixer then use pile bunker

>> No.45978680

I don't know, but if it's lewd and has Robo girls that lewd eachother in fights, I want to see it.

>> No.45978696

I agree with him.

>> No.45978698

Fixer, force her to the ground and into a straddling position, and then pile bunker all day long.

>> No.45978700



You feel your gauntlet hum as you activate the Fixer. You leap forward with a smashing left right at her bow arm.

>Roll 1d10+2
>Roll 1d10+5

Got no idea what that is. I'd love a link to it though.

>> No.45978720

Rolled 8 + 5 (1d10 + 5)


>> No.45978724

Rolled 7 + 5 (1d10 + 5)


>> No.45978728

Rolled 6 + 2 (1d10 + 2)

Rolling for Lewd!

>> No.45978731

If you kill her outright, there can be no lewds.

I was arguing against pilebunker to the chest.

>> No.45978736

Rolled 10 + 2 (1d10 + 2)


>> No.45978745


>> No.45978751

Rolled 10 + 2 (1d10 + 2)


>> No.45978759

Whoever said we would ever kill her? There's (hopefully) some sort of switch or control that tells us it's time for lewds.

>> No.45978773 [DELETED] 

Rolled 1 + 5 (1d10 + 5)


>> No.45978775

Rolled 1 + 5 (1d10 + 5)


>> No.45978777

Rolled 9 + 5 (1d10 + 5)


Also, best of 3? How do dice work?

>> No.45978779

Two tens in a row!

QM, plz RNGesus is telling you not to use my post!

>> No.45978790

dees rawlls do

>> No.45978792


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>> No.45978814

I gotta pass out, but I'm dying to see how this goes.

best of luck, anons! just not my luck...

>> No.45978815


Stripped Gears is a /tg/ homebrew about illegal underground fighting gynoids and the neckbeards who love them.

>> No.45978838

Anon, please reread the reply chain. I was opposed to pilebunker to the chest because it risks destroying her core, which just kills her instead of letting us hack her for lewds.
Ultraviolence & lewds don't go hand in hand.

>> No.45978857

>Poor Diana has a negative mod on her rolls
>She rolled a 1


The fixer locks in, and much to your surprise and disappointment, grips so hard it tears the arm clean off. Pristine marble chips away to reveal slag grey metal and wires.

Huh. She really is a jobber after all.

Diana reflexively moves her shoulder, unaware that her arm is now stuck to your fixer. She aims a hole at you and then stares,m shocked to find what you have done.

The odds on the board behind you have flipped.

But she is a veteran. In a flash she steels herself and produces a short vibra blade from out of the wrist of her left arm and swings it at you!

>Roll 1d10+2

>> No.45978869

Rolled 6 + 5 (1d10 + 5)


>> No.45978879 [DELETED] 

Rolled 7 + 2 (1d10 + 2)


>> No.45978894

Rolled 7 + 2 (1d10 + 2)

>>Poor Diana has a negative mod on her rolls
>>She rolled a 1
Oh that ignorant little slut.

>> No.45978902

Rolled 10 + 2 (1d10 + 2)


>> No.45978904

Swing her own arm at her, then pile bunker her other shoulder while she parries the blow.

>> No.45978906

Maybe after you've got your rolls, you make a post noting so before going on to the actual response, so we don't have a million billion people rolling?

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Rolled 10 + 2 (1d10 + 2)

Now is the time for the pilebunker counter-cross

>> No.45978925

Ha, this while saying "Stop hitting yourself."

>> No.45978929

Rolled 5 + 2 (1d10 + 2)


>> No.45978939

Not lewd enough!

Huh, you're right. Bad Anons! We need the lewd!

Time for much Bullying, and Domination Lewdity!

>> No.45978940

>Diana rolled a 4+0

...The blade doesn't even connect. You tilt your head a little to the side and it swings past.

Why is she so SLOW?


...Yeah, that's a good idea. I'm used to asked for more than one roll. I'll keep things clearer from now on.

>> No.45978945

the hell is with the demands for deletion

>> No.45978950

Rolled 8 + 5 (1d10 + 5)

Pile Bunker to the face.

>> No.45978958

Get rid of her other arm.

>> No.45978963

>Ultraviolence & lewds don't go hand in hand.

They go very in hand, actually. Ultraviolence at no point implies going for a quick kill. Ripping off limbs is very ultraviolent and doesn't detract from lewd potential.

Going for the instakill is boring and isn't going to please the crowd at all.

>> No.45978977

>crush her other hand in our claw and taunt her for her helplessness.

>> No.45978979

pile bunker to her chest

>> No.45978988

>crosscounter gets a 10
do a cross counter!

>> No.45979001

>Forcibly kiss her, and start groping her as well!

She's already defeated by now!

No, Anon! Don't mar her face! Maybe a nice scar would help with the lewds, though.

>> No.45979005

Hit her with her own arm, get right up in her face and pile bunker her remaining arm at the shoulder while she parries, then drop her onto the ground and straddle her.

>> No.45979006

Have you ever listened to the song Singing in the Rain?

>> No.45979012

>Why is she so SLOW?
Great question. Ask her. And ask her when the ast time sh fought was
Then last time she got hacked

>> No.45979019


>> No.45979035

Let's leap back, raise up her arm & crush it tauntingly, then catch her with our harpoon and pull her into a PB to the hips.

>> No.45979037

Yes please

>> No.45979058

These two.

>> No.45979062

voting this for current action

>> No.45979075

Rolled 5 + 5 (1d10 + 5)

I support.

>> No.45979213

Who wants to talk about Lewds while we wait?

I want to know everyone's fetish. I want to try to explore and see if there's anything new I'd like.

>> No.45979219

She aims another slash at you but it's wide and clumsy and gets nowhere close.

"Geeze Granma, Why are you so SLOW?"

She snarls and leaps back. But you keep the gap close with a single stride.

"When's the last time you fought huh?"

She doesn't reply but fixes the dagger in her hand, holding it in front of herself.

"...When's the last time you were hacked?"

Your advance sensors detect a faint trembling throughout her frame. The ferocity of her facial features soften under a dawning fear...

>Crush the arm

You have files on sayings. "Like crushing a leaf". "Like crushing a soda can".

You think its a little like that. You flex your wrist and the whole thing becomes powder.

"No!" Diana cries, staring mournfully at the pile of dust her arm used to be. "...No...."

"D-Damn you! You beast! How dare you do that to Diana the huntress! I-I'll punish you for that!"


>> No.45979243

Oh yay!

I just realized something. Diane's technically a MILF-bot by now, right?

Oh yes.

>> No.45979245

I guess now is the time for tender loving hacking.
Whatever that is.

>> No.45979252


>robot girl
>typing on hologram keyboard
>search and peck typing

absolutely disgusting.

>> No.45979264

>A beast, huh? I guess you want it doggy style then...

>> No.45979293


>> No.45979305

Oh yes! yes! yes! Brutally too, as we said that the cute ones will be bullied!

Only the Tanky Amazons are allowed to know the power of Sweet and Gentle lewds!

>> No.45979317

>PB to the face

The piston cocks back and your arm shudders for a second.

You swing right on toward her face, her mouth agape.

>Roll 1d10+2
>Damage is rolled for the PB after we hit (we're going to hit)

>Hit for Decapitation?
>Naw, just bust it up some

>Whatever that is


>> No.45979321

That sounds interesting and like something I would love to get into, but let's maybe wait until Wendibot 2000 hours

>> No.45979333 [SPOILER] 
File: 154 KB, 1000x707, 1457852920238.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

mutual mental domination(like blood oaths in VtM), tentacles, petite women who are werewolves, japanese ropeplay, sexual mindbreak(but not too much physical torture), petplay

>> No.45979339

Rolled 2 + 2 (1d10 + 2)

Hit for decapitation.

>> No.45979342

>Naw just bust it up some.

We need her alive for the lewds. The Lewds!

>> No.45979349

Rolled 6 + 2 (1d10 + 2)

Naw, just bust it up some. We want her to be able to talk still.

>> No.45979352

What a shit-tacular punch.

>> No.45979354

Rolled 8 + 2 (1d10 + 2)


>> No.45979357

She's not looking at the keyboard, anon.

Gawd you're a thirsty motherfucker aren't you? Calm down.

>> No.45979361

>Naw, just bust it up some
We're not going for kills, right?

>> No.45979363

Rolled 8 + 2 (1d10 + 2)

What is wrong with you Anon! The Lewds are there for the taking!

Rolling for scarring her pretty face to make it "prettier".

>> No.45979364

Rolled 6 + 2 (1d10 + 2)

>Naw, just bust it up some

>> No.45979374

>Naw, just bust it up some
Wreck the pretty face a bit

>> No.45979385

Are you ND/Whiteagle?

>> No.45979386

>bust her face up
>pin her down, and begin some hacking
>beat her with half powered pile bunker attacks when she resists

>> No.45979395

Voting for not being overly violent

>> No.45979397

Nah, I won't calm down. I'm the Lewd Anon, and I say we take all the Lewds we can!

I'm going to go find another girl after this and have her dom me. I'm feeling pretty horny right now, desu. Probably why.


>> No.45979405


Maledom, Pregnancy, Consentacle, Oviposition, Unbirthing, Soft Vore, Transformation, Corruption, Hypnosis, Mind Control, Mind Fuck/Break, Brain Fuck. Those're the major ones, at least.

>> No.45979406


>> No.45979408

Decapitation and fuck her head stump with our tial.

>> No.45979417

>bust her up

>> No.45979425

Well what do you know, she actually managed to snake out of the way of it. Your punch carries on to the dome and with a hiss your piston drops. The entire structure shakes, dissipating the force of your blow as the audience close to it drop back in awe.

Diana stares at you utterly horrified.

She drops to her knees.

3% odds in her favor.

The knife clatters to the concrete.

"N-N-No more...please...mercy..." She croaks between barely suppressed sobs.

The emotion of fear. Emulated breathing. The potential to cry.

Bonus features. Always a crowd pleaser. You even have them.


>> No.45979442

Decapitate and fuck her head stump with our tail.

>> No.45979449

well, uh, okay.
What are the win conditions here?
Let's hack her or whatever?

>> No.45979452

>Implying that's Lewd Anon and not a troll deliberately being obnoxious

>> No.45979460

I repeat.
>bust her face up
>pin her down, and begin some hacking
>beat her with half powered pile bunker attacks when she resists

>> No.45979461

I get most of those except:
>Brain, Unbirthing, Soft Vore.
I have no idea what those are.
I like Oviposition tho.

I like this list. The werewolf one has me confused, never heard of that before.

>> No.45979464

Oh gods, you're new! Isn't that just the cutest thing!

Anyone have the screenshot of the dream visit anon got from ND?

>> No.45979466

Metal as fuck, I like it.

>> No.45979475

We've already won.

Give her a smile and pull her back onto her feet.

>> No.45979489 [SPOILER] 
File: 178 KB, 800x687, 1457853437397.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.45979490

Be gentle.
Tell her we will be gentle.

>> No.45979492

Hack her! Let's steal that delicious combat data!

>> No.45979496

She's still wearing her little toga, right? Pull on it to try to get her to her feet, until it rips off or she gets up

>> No.45979502

if we win then declare victory.

>> No.45979504

This, but hack her before fucking.

>> No.45979507

Like we've said in the last thread!
For our action, we shall Lewd her!
>Use our tail as a strap-on and roughly dominate her.
She is cute, and therefore must be bullied!

>> No.45979509

Yes. The win condition for this fight is to hack her.

How nice we are about it depends on us.

>> No.45979513

Hack her for the data.

>> No.45979514

>Mercy? Silly old hag, don't you know? Beasts like me just don't know mercy!
>Forcibly "hack" her with our tail.

She shouldn't have called us a beast...

>> No.45979531

I just did a quick google search for robot girl images. I didn't expect so much interest in the game, so I didn't plan on making a second thread.

>> No.45979532


>> No.45979536

No. Leave her head connected.

We AREN'T a psychopath

>> No.45979542
File: 1.96 MB, 352x264, tumblr_n5eeiiJ9x81rjxyrgo6_400.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

"You don't deserve mercy."

>> No.45979544

No decapitation! She must watch and learn to love being Bullied and ruthlessly Dominated by us!

>> No.45979551

Kinda like this line of thinking here.

>> No.45979553

You guys wanted a psychopath instead of a tomboy, so here's a psychopath.

>> No.45979570

These two

No decapitation, we want her to have a voice still.

>> No.45979573

wait I thought tomboy won?

>> No.45979578

I never wanted a psychopath.

I wanted a Pervy Little Girl.

But everyone else wanted a Tomboy, with a couple arguing for a Psychopath.

>> No.45979581

We'll be calling her Princess Diana.

>> No.45979590

Tomboy DID win. We aren't a psychopath.

>> No.45979591

No, literally one anon wanted a psychopath. Stop trying to push your shityy taste.

>> No.45979595

It did, some anons are just stubborn

>> No.45979599

I think that's what some of the most vocal players want.

>> No.45979605

Yes! Someone else supports my action!

Tomboy did win.

Exactly. Which is why we need to stop with the Decapitation and just go straight to the lewds!

>> No.45979608

She probably has a backup, she can take it.

>> No.45979621

Holy shit you are absolute cancer

I'm leaving the thread because I can't deal with how fucking cringy you are.

>> No.45979622
File: 59 KB, 640x480, clap worthy.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I'm surprised how many posters we still have.
I figured more than the half we lost would be shitposters or casual browsers that would get bored and leave.
On that note, there's a lot less shitposting and a lot more actual quest this thread.
I'm enjoying this.

>> No.45979627

Hack her, roughly with the tail. No decapitation.

>> No.45979629

>decapitation and fucking the head stump
>not lewd
please put on a trip

>> No.45979636


Soft vore is vore without chewing. Swallowing whole ala a snake.

Unbirthing is basically vaginal soft vore.

Brain is cutting someone's skullcap off and sticking dick in (or rubbing vagina on) their grey matter.

>> No.45979652

>And nothing of value was lost

>> No.45979655

Keep in mind that some of this may be trolling.
Remember kids, if you're going to be a namefag, trips are important.

>> No.45979688

Sorry, I've been forgetting to do that!

The brain one really disturbs me. That's just really disturbing.

>> No.45979689

>"Hack her" votes
Well yeah, but how do we go about it?


>1 net vote for MK finish

>pull on dress


>Tail fuck

>Bust her up, then hack

This is not the Lewd Anon I know. We're getting trolled

>> No.45979690

just grab her head and hack her. The worst we got from her was some shit talk. No need to go psycho on her.

>> No.45979693
File: 18 KB, 480x451, hol' up.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That last one is new to me.
No judgement just shitty reaction pics

>> No.45979699

We Mortal Kombat now.

>> No.45979714 [DELETED] 

Tail fuck

>> No.45979723

Shouldnt have insulted us

>> No.45979725

Gonna vote tail fuck after we jersey her.

>> No.45979736

just... normal hacking?
Look buddy I don't know what you want from me.
Whatever normal style hacking is, do that.

>> No.45979737

Can we combine the three leading votes? Tell her we will be gentle but still need to give audience a show, do the dress thing, and when we actually do the deed we use our tail, but be gentle about it?

Anon here, by the way, so don't count me as a second gentle vote.

>> No.45979745

>Pull on Dress
Humiliate her, and then get her with our tail. That sound good?

Also, remembered to trip!

>> No.45979755

Bust here up!

>> No.45979761

We're crashing this ring.
With no survivors.

>> No.45979764


>> No.45979771

No thanks, to any of those.

>> No.45979777

I like this, we can be gentle with her, as it's our "First Time" too!

So nice and lewd! Anyone else agree with that?

>> No.45979781

Supporting either of these, let the dress bit lead in. I like my stripping

>> No.45979782

These. It hasn't been much of a fight, we haven't even gotten properly excited yet.

>> No.45979789

if I gotta choose between gentle and rough, gentle I suppose.
Assuming normal is off the table like I now think it is.

>> No.45979800

Really? None of this appeals to you? What more fetishy stuff do you want?

>> No.45979806

I'm going to try combining

I probably should ask how gentle we want to be. Would help set a tone for fitting the pieces together.

Sorry if this is taking so long...


>Nice. As friendly as possible to our beaten opponent
>Respectful, but forceful
>Neutral. We're here to hack and that's it
>Scornful. Take that "Diana the Huntress"
>Mean. She shouldn't have called us a beast...
>Hateful. She should not. Have called Us. A beast.

>> No.45979807


>> No.45979833


>> No.45979834

>>Respectful, but forceful
>>Neutral. We're here to hack and that's it

>> No.45979835

>>Neutral. We're here to hack and that's it
It was boring, but we expected it.

>> No.45979836

Neutral. She's not even a challenge.

>> No.45979838

Voting for nice. That or respectful.
She could very well be a bit of an ally or even friend later on, if we handle this all right.

>> No.45979840

>>Mean. She shouldn't have called us a beast...

>> No.45979841

>Respectful, but forceful

>> No.45979842

>Respectful, but forceful

>> No.45979845


>> No.45979846

>>Nice. As friendly as possible to our beaten opponent
>>Respectful, but forceful
like, have some push in there.

>> No.45979859

>Respectful, but forceful
She did surrender. You gotta be sort of kind to people who surrender, but she is the loser.

>> No.45979861

Fucking Hateful, and decapitate after we're done.

>> No.45979878

We ripped off an arm and have her cowering, too late to go nice I feel

>> No.45979879

>Mean or Scornful.
She deserves it, you know! She called us a beast! >:)

Plus, that one anon in the original thread convinced me that we should bully the weak cuties, and be gentle and loving with the strong amazon types.

>> No.45979887

>Hateful. She should not. Have called Us. A beast.

>> No.45979888


>> No.45979905











>> No.45979913


>> No.45979914

>>Nice. As friendly as possible to our beaten opponent
>>Respectful, but forceful

we called her a hag before she called us a beast, so getting pissy about it seems silly.

>> No.45979926


>> No.45979930

Just noticed all the neutral votes.

I'm okay with this. She was kinda weak.

But more on my post that I forgot to add, it could be like a show of dominance with the weaker ones, and a show of respect for the stronger ones.

>> No.45979934


>> No.45979936


>> No.45979937

Insert AMs speech

>> No.45979947

I already voted respect/nice, so I can't really do any input here.

>> No.45979956

Fucking with hatred.

>> No.45979958

Hate, dont call us a beast.

>> No.45979966

Looks like respectful won!

Now onto the Lewds!

>> No.45979971


>> No.45979987
File: 22 KB, 480x360, HATE.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This one?

>> No.45979988

At least one of those nice votes was also a vote for respectful. Reread your votes.

>> No.45980001

Er, nevermind? Y'know what, let's go with hateful, I want to see what you'll come up with.

Please no decapitation.

>> No.45980015

>If the word "hate" was engraved on each nanoangstrom of the 387.44 million wafer-think silicone layers that fill my tactical cow tits, it would not equal one one-billionth of how badly I need to hate fuck you this very micro instant.

Already voted for nice, by the way, don't count this as a vote

>> No.45980021

I don't really care, just as long as we decapitate her afterwards, she's old trash.

>> No.45980025

If BK actually looks at the votes, respectful won. Two of those nice votes were also for respectful.

>> No.45980037

No decapitation. It doesn't fit our character profile IC

>> No.45980039

Ah, I see. I keep getting confused.

Really, I just want lewds. But I love this thread too much to be impatient.

>> No.45980043


Next time I'm going to have NICE or MEAN and then voting on DEGREES of the winner For the sake of my sanity.


>> No.45980050

Hurting for a hate.

>> No.45980064

We're a rowdy tomboy anon, not a psychopath. All out while we're fighting, but nice and sweet once the fight's done.

>> No.45980068

Agreed, we voted Tomboy, not Psychopath.

>> No.45980077

>implying they're mutually exclusive

>> No.45980115

You're reminding me of that anon in /pfg/ who kept asking about how an inquisitor would 'swiftly and mercifully' tear the head off a kid who they hadn't even Detect Evil'd yet.


>> No.45980128

>wah wah people have differing tastes


>> No.45980141

I dunno anon, this guy seems to have gone into legitimate trolling

>> No.45980145
File: 380 KB, 700x740, 55520978_p0.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey Bookman.

If you want some robogirls for like, OP pics and such, check this person out. Pic related is one of theirs.


They do both lewd and nonlewd stuff.

>> No.45980150

Sweet yet roguish.

>> No.45980166

Anon, I feel like those two are probably the same anon, and probably trolling the whole time.

Lewd robogirls, you say? Lewd Anon must see!

>> No.45980195

Is the first thread archived?

>> No.45980196

>Anyone who has differing tastes must be a troll

>> No.45980205

It's on page 11 right now

>> No.45980215

Yo Lewdy, you seem kinda different since you got that trip.

>> No.45980221

I meant on sup/tg/

>> No.45980229

Do I? Sorry, I've been trying to be a bit more serious. I swear I'm the original Lewd Anon!

>> No.45980246

Prove it

Go screencap a response to your first post in the last thread, let the (You) speak for you.

>> No.45980250
File: 1.21 MB, 1400x1350, 44242432_p1.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

K does some fine-ass robogirls, I tell you that much.

And some fine robogirl ass.

>> No.45980257

I'm on mobile. :(

>> No.45980265

Not different tastes anon. You're suggesting gratuitous violence on a defeated foe is not psychopathic. We're telling you it is, and that it's at odds with the personality we agreed upon. Just back off, you're being annoying. You'll get another chance to push excess violence during the next fight. As long as it's during the fight, it's perfectly in character. But dismembering a defeated foe isn't.

>> No.45980275

You sure the Wendigo's haven't got you?

Tell me, it is 4 am, what time is nearly upon us!

>> No.45980279
File: 32 KB, 842x200, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So am I.

>> No.45980288

just ignore him.
He's adopting a stance he does not legitimately hold.

>> No.45980290

Wait, then how do I do it? Never screencapped before.

>> No.45980304

Real nigga hours?

>> No.45980307


>> No.45980329

It's 12:01 here in California. Daylight savings, right? If that's what you mean.

Seriously, how do I screencap?

>> No.45980349

>You're suggesting gratuitous violence on a defeated foe is not psychopathic
>Implying I've said this when I've stated they're not mutually exclusive
>anything that slightly differs from what I consider our character's personality is bad and wrong
>anyone who disagrees with me is wrong

>> No.45980362

If you are Lewd Anon then you know of the hours we keep late at night!

>> No.45980363

You've done nothing to refute the statements brought to you.

>> No.45980385

I really am Lewd Anon, and I'm legitimately confused by this. Unless it was in the last thread and I forgot about this.

>> No.45980395
File: 177 KB, 500x500, Enter; White Fell.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Real wendigo hours.

>> No.45980410

Because anything that disagrees with you is wrong, and you're incapable of proving yourself correct.
>literally tear off her arm and try to punch off her head
>decapitation is completely out of character

>> No.45980411

I speak of threads before this and that.

You have failed the test.

>> No.45980413

You step before your kneeling opponent and stare down at her.

She trembles and looks up at you helplessly. Her white eyes begin to mist.

"...I'm not gonna say it was a good fight. Because it sure as hell wasn't granma. But I'm not gonna make you suffer if I can help it."

You know what defeat is. It's programmed into the underpinnings of your neural net. AVOID DEFEAT.

And yet you recognize it here, in front of you. Helpless and kneeling on the concrete and missing an arm.

It is not your defeat. But it is defeat. And you don't...like it. Even in the warm afterglow of victory, even knowing that you are about to let it be known without a doubt that you are THE WINNER as per custom...you don't like defeat...

Its very strange...very, very strange....maybe you could talk to one of your masters about this later?

...What you really wish is for her to put up a damn struggle. That would be really fun! But what the hell. If you got to do it why not try to enjoy it?

You reach down and take a grip on Diana's toga. She turns her head away and closes her eyes as she's forced shakily to her feet.

You tear the dress away with a flick of your wrist. Diana cringes as she's revealed in front of the audience and vid bots in all her well-chiseled shame. Armless like an ancient statue of a goddess, and yer her features reveal the shame only a mortal could bear

"...So do it...finish me off..."She begs

You nod and flick your tail into her access port, located in the traditional location. The armor opens submissively before you. She gasps as the hack tool stored in your tail connects you to her heart-brain.

She stands shivering on you tail, trying to stand on her own two feet as a way to keep some kind of pride.

You feel her shame. And you cannot deny it. It's a delicacy.


It's weird to see a troll so earnestly invested in a thread.

>> No.45980417

>Anyone who disagrees with me is wrong

>> No.45980421

Press the main button and the power button at the same time.

Thats how I does it.

>> No.45980437

Get hacking

>> No.45980448

just hack

>> No.45980451

As we've stated, all out IN BATTLE because of enthusiasm, sarcastic and nice the rest of the time. But the fight's over, we've already won. Tearing her head off on purpose, after she's already lost, is just excessive.

>> No.45980466

I'm really not a troll! I'm the real Lewd Anon! :(

Not even putting an action. I feel sad right now.

Got it.

>> No.45980468

>Diana the huntress
>Armless like an ancient statue of a goddess, and yer her features reveal the shame only a mortal could bear
Fucking pottery.

Let's hug her. She could use it, and it would go a long way to making this more gentle and nice.
Also, the audience would probably find it enjoyable if we make a bit of a big deal of pressing our frontal cushioning units together. It would, I would assume, be a rare and neat little break from the violent fucking they are probably all used to by now.

>> No.45980470

Ask her how she feels, does it tingle? Has she grown a taste for it after so many times?

We can make it feel good.

>> No.45980476

Just hack

>> No.45980480

Hack and then decapitate.
Thank you for showing us that you're incapable of refutation and also a hypocrite.
We were going to tear out her head before, and while it's excessive, it's not OOC.

>> No.45980485

I'm going to support this

>> No.45980489


get hacking. I don't think she's really in the mood to answer any questions we might want to ask a veteran fighter.

>> No.45980491

Maybe ask her something. Something about the world.

Also, I'm now thinking that like, each bot has 'victory' data that they have, which needs to be taken for the match to end.

>> No.45980499
File: 122 KB, 600x600, Ye Olde Troll.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Quick! Throw fire on him before he regens!

>> No.45980508

lewd totally called it that you were that troll anon.

>> No.45980522

I like this. Nice, yet cute and Lewd!

Also, for some reason none of my posts have (you) next to them. Is it because I'm on Incognito mode on my phone? Or is it because I turned it on and the off?

I really am the original Lewd Anon, please believe me!

>> No.45980525

>he can't refute his own tactic

>> No.45980526

Why not, voting for this

>> No.45980528

>Anyone who disagrees with me is a troll
Please stop.

>> No.45980529
File: 44 KB, 500x500, 1417736733321.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.45980531

Compare her body to yours. Reach out and touch her. Maybe pay her a compliment?

>> No.45980543

I missed my vote, I meant to vote for this

>> No.45980548

>We were going to tear out her head before,
No, we went for an upper cut during the fight. There's a difference of situation.


>> No.45980551

Then answer, whos smile could we not protect a lifetime ago?!

Do this.

>> No.45980559

I'm going to stick to the thread, even if no one believes me.

I'm not crying right now over nothing, and you can't prove it.

I'm not even feeling in the mood to be Lewd anymore.

>> No.45980561

Fuck off asshole.

>> No.45980562

>boo hoo, they caught me trolling

>> No.45980563

Please put on a trip.

>> No.45980574

>I'm incapable of refuting so I'll just call you a troll
It feels like Tumblr in here.

>> No.45980579

Turnabout's fair play.

>> No.45980581


>> No.45980583

Call us Scorpion from MK.

>> No.45980592

you'd be better served trying again when your opinion isn't associated with guys trolling with smileys.

>> No.45980593

Then stop getting involved in the shitposting and brainstorm ways to make this fight end on a cute and/or lewd note.

>> No.45980595

Supporting, maybe throw in a little stuttered "I'll try to be gentle, it's my first time."

>> No.45980610


>> No.45980611

>you must follow what I want to do
>anyone who disagrees with me is a troll

>> No.45980615

you guys are too cute, you are hurting my chest

>> No.45980625

We're a tomboy.

>> No.45980626


>> No.45980628


>> No.45980630

Yes! This is perfectly Lewd and Cute!

>> No.45980632

The questions Lewd!

Whos ass did we gran in the movie theater!?

>> No.45980635

choosing this

>> No.45980641

>see this perfectly fine post that I disagree with but am not going to bother refuting

>> No.45980642

Tomboys can be bashful. Hell, it's part of the appeal. Super enthusiastic & masculine during daily life, to bashful and sweet when getting intimate.

>> No.45980643

There wan't a movie theater in the last thread!

It was the engineers, he was the one that came out as a robo-sexual.

>> No.45980647

choosing this

>> No.45980655

I disagree, I feel like we should be a bit more dominant.

>> No.45980660


>> No.45980662

No decapitation. It's not lewd, it's just tasteless.

>> No.45980664

That's correct, I've dated a couple Tomboys. Both of them were super cute and intimate when no one else was around.

>> No.45980667

I feel bad for you
>Vote for this

>> No.45980670

seconding this. decapitation is just distasteful.

>> No.45980680

Same here, I feel like Lesath should be a tomboy throughout.

>> No.45980682

Thirding this. no decapitations.
Sets a bad precident for our next match we're going to lose.

>> No.45980685
File: 573 KB, 1083x1276, tractors.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I think
is talking about the Super Special Wholesome Christian Values Christmas DLC Extravaganza.

I mean, you know what I mean by that, right fellow Wendigo?

>> No.45980686

Do you finally believe me now? Please?

I've been trying to say this the whole time. The whole decapitation thing is what made me try to be a bit more serious, because I found it super distateful.

>> No.45980691

decapitation is pretty awful, yeah.
AND it wasn't really an option. We didn't choose hatefuck.

>> No.45980693

He also mentioned fucking her head stump via tail

>> No.45980695

Thirding this.

>> No.45980700

I propose decapitation votes be ignored, as we already decided on non-hatefuck.

>> No.45980702

The werewolf thing is sorta the same appeal. A petite, delicate, composed woman who has the potentiality of turning into a savage monster if she lets go too much. The ropeplay overlays this one a lot.

>> No.45980704

Respectively decapitate our foe, ending her life as quick and painless as we can.

>> No.45980717


>> No.45980719

The fight is to the hack, not to the death.
That's not very respectful, anon.

>> No.45980723

Oh, I see. Now I get it. I kind of like it now, actually.

Stop with the decapitation votes. I'm thinking they're just samefagging by now, and it's pissing me off.

>> No.45980729


>> No.45980732

It was her last battle, she's most likely going to get scrapped.

>> No.45980748

>voting for this

>> No.45980749

That doesn't change that killing in a hack mach wouldn't be too respectful.
Especially when she asked you not to.

>> No.45980750

And it's better for her to go peacefully.

>> No.45980752

Greetings, i am the Lewd Anon from the Ghoul Quests, i wanted to say that i did not post in this particular quest until now because i was not at my computer.

Also that i stopped using a name mostly because i feel dirty when i namefag because now i can identify myself, if i need to, by posting a link to my pastebin.

Now, before you try to level any accusation to this particular Lewd Anon, i ask you to refrain from doing so, for i have no real claim over the name.

Now, to see what this new quest is about... HOLY SHIT!

That's a trick question
We gave the traditional catholic salute to "ourselves" and to Winnie. Also we got saluted by Abdiel too

Now, back to anonimity

>> No.45980763

It's suspicious how the decap vote gets a new vote every minute or so long after all the other votes are done.
Especially since we haven't gotten any more posters in that time.

You would think someone was trying something fishy.

>> No.45980770

If we do it as quickly as possible, she wouldn't feel the pain.
Would you rather have her get grinded/melted into metal?

>> No.45980778

>It was her last battle,
Literally nowhere. It just says she's an outdated jobber.

Probably still get occasional matches as long as she has fans, though. Just no upgrades.

>> No.45980781

These things have been stated to have after arena careers. Not glamorous, but they do.

She asked not to be killed, man. stop being salty that you lost the vote.

>> No.45980785

Wasn't that last battle bit just anons running with QM telling us she's an oldie?

>> No.45980787

Let's just go for a tailfuck.

>> No.45980795

Thanks, I'm not you and didn't know that there was a diferent Lewd Anon.

And seriously, to that one Anon who keeps asking for Decapitation, stop. Just Stop.

>> No.45980797

Huh, I guess I'll go for just hacking and then leaving her.

>> No.45980798

anon of my dreams!
anon of my nightmares!
eh yo

>> No.45980809

we're already doing that.

>> No.45980820

But the most popular vote is decap/breastpush.

>> No.45980836

Either just tailfuck, or breastpush.

I don't trust decap and its votes long after all other votes come in regularly over and over.

>> No.45980840

No, the most popular vote is respectful hacking.

There is literally one Anon who keeps samefagging for Decapitation.

I'm fine with the breastpushing however, I've stated that before.

>> No.45980841

Give her a loving, if rough, tail fuck.

>> No.45980848

I think all the decap votes were samefags.

>> No.45980854

"...How does it feel?" You ask, feeling curious about defeat now that you're witnessing it first hand.

Her proud lips tremble.

"Have you grown a taste for it after so many times?" You ask. Maybe it gets better?

"...Just leave me alone..." She says in a small voice. She turns her head to the side with the arm. She doesn't want to accidentally see the hole.

She tries to block out her tears with her eyelid. But they leak through and roll down her cheeks.

You didn't really...want her to cry.

Maybe she's taken your legitimate questions the wrong way?

"...I can make it feel good. I"m pretty sure I can...Would that help any?"

She timidly tilts her head to look at you out of one eye, duller than the bright, shining light it was at the start of your duel. "...You aren't going to break me anymore, are you?"

You shake your head. You're done doing that. You do that to fighters. And right now she isn't a fighter.

Your hack tool vibrates as you send strong currents of digital pleasures through it. She begins to moan in a very un-goddess like manner.

You hug her. You bring her in close and gently wrap arms around her that could snap her into pieces.

Our frontal cushions press against her own. The audience seem to like that. A lot of them are smiling, especially the oriental ones.

"...You broke my arm...like it was a toy..." She says with resigned sadness.

"Yeah! And your bow as well!"

She sighs. Mostly not from exasperation, but from relief. She trusts you enough to quit trying to stand and just lets your tail prop her up as her moans grow in intensity.

>compare bodies

"Gee..." You ask, now over the neural net as you mesh yours over her, dominating her yielding mind as you dominate her body. "How come you're like a statue Granma?"

"I....ah....ah....am a companion....to men...years ago I was a fighter but I...ah...ah...bought my way out of this..."


>> No.45980860


Though I think our Bookmaker fell asleep.

>> No.45980861 [SPOILER] 
File: 907 KB, 1032x1154, 1457858406839.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

But if you're Lewd Anon
and you're Lewd Anon, then who keeps voting for decapitation?

We're all lewd here, it's just varying shades of anonymity.

>> No.45980867

>one second off of each other
what a coincidence!

>> No.45980885

While i enjoy a bit of decapitation as much as the next guy.
I think shaming her before the crowd by permorming what our programmer dearest has taught us about "hacking" will do.

Hell, we can even make her beg!

I might just crush that silly head of yours
>N-No, please, i beg you
Also, i MIGHT be convinced to take a different approach IF you behave like a good girl and be my Venus de Milo tonight

We must call her Venus de Milo because of what we did to her limbs. WE MUST.

>> No.45980895

uh... move the tail?
I'm not quite sure how this all works, considering the abstraction level of it.

>> No.45980898

Torture her and threaten to decapitate.

>> No.45980901

>Kiss her as our tail keeps pounding her gently.

Bookmaker, do you finally believe that I'm not a troll? Please, I never knew that there was another Lewd Anon, and I am the same Lewd Anon from the first Mechgirl thread from earlier today.

>> No.45980917

Ask her what that is like, then grin and say it doesn't sound as fun as fighting.

>> No.45980920

does the tail DO pounding?
If it does I'm for that.
I don't know how robot work

>> No.45980923

Start feeling her body more.
She's a veteran fighter who has been though plenty of upgrades to increase her combat capabilities. We could learn a lot from groping-from, uh, tactile analyzation her hardware.

>> No.45980924

Take off the trip and fuck off because you're an annoying piece of shit

>> No.45980950


>> No.45980956

We're treating it like a strap-on, in this case, I think. Maybe. Hopefully.

We're dominating her at least. Dominating her LEWDLY!

Agreed. Grooe her Lewdly. Very Lewdly.

>> No.45980961

Run your hands over that goddess body

>> No.45980965


Maybe try some kissing too, the crowd seems to like it.

>> No.45980970

fuck off random anon

>> No.45980979

Fuck off whiteknight cuckboy.

>> No.45980985

Keep hacking and explore her body closer

>> No.45980988

I apologize for asking you those questions and accusing you of trolling.

But seriously, only trip if you are contributing something more than votes and discussion. Like lewd text or images.

>> No.45980989


>> No.45980990


>> No.45981000
File: 927 KB, 1119x1600, NTR-solution.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

cuck stopped being an insult once the solution to it was discovered.

>> No.45981004

I support this, we gotta be more dominant

>> No.45981009

Should be working on some greens now, plenty of new material.

Y'know, i think i might have let you go a little too easy.
After all, you made 2 cardinal sins of being a Lewd Anon
>You got creeped out when an anon suggested to waifu you
>You failed to find the lewdness in decapitation

Just taking the piss, don't take it seriously

Also, i vote for doing something with our tail.
And by something i mean her.

>> No.45981015

actually this is a good question, I am curious

>> No.45981020

Tell me, how does it feel whiteknighting shitters?

>> No.45981023

Absolutely add this>>45980990

We can buy our freedom?

>> No.45981034

my brother of another color

>> No.45981042

That's an improvement, you moved away from the disused insult.

>> No.45981056

Understood, Anon!
Just how lewd would you want it to be?

You're right! I should have been grateful that someone wanted to waifu me!
Still not liking decapitation though. I can't find any appeal to it.

Let's do more things with our tail to her.
>Maybe even have her suck on it, or do the equivalent of Anal?

>> No.45981058

A combination of these, but without the kissing.

>> No.45981064

Dafuq?! Lewd anon is bending quest-reality now. Just carry on.[\spoiler]

>> No.45981077

stop trying to combine the two lewd anons
something bad will happen

Also, fuck off with that once-every-minute-or-so-long-after-the-vote shit.

>> No.45981094

>stop trying to combine the two lewd anons
Shut up you're not my dad
>Also, fuck off with that once-every-minute-or-so-long-after-the-vote shit.
You what.

>> No.45981106

I'm suspicious of any and all late votes now that samefag allegations are flying.

Also stop trying to combine lewd anons in there young man you'll cause a black hole

>> No.45981107

>>tender loving femdom.

goddam it I think I have a new fetish now.

>> No.45981130

no fuck you dad

>> No.45981139
File: 1.99 MB, 336x241, transformersporn.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Mr engineer oiling Lesaths joints while she acts all bashfull.
Wrestling Mr sergeant into compromising positions without realizing it
Hand holding with Mr Programmer.

>> No.45981144

Are you saying that you can't handle that much lewd, Anon?

Do you not want two super sexy lesbian robots to be extra lewd, just for Anon?

I know I want two sexy lesbian robots.
I can imagine what I'd do with them.
I'd have Lesath dominate me with her tail, and I'd be on Diana, loving her as she loves me, in a sweet Lesbian threesome.

Don't you want that, Anon?

>> No.45981154

We've already voted to be respectful to her.

Alright. Just reign in the thirst man, please.

You increase the vigor of your magnetic jolts. The hack tool vibrates and thrusts deep within her core. Diana spasms, mouth hanging loose and open, fingers clutching at her face.

On the digital level you feel her body open to you like an electric snowflake. Her limbs. Her motors. Her memories. Even her personality, the very seat of her being lies vulnerable and exposed before you. They're like a little glass spider web catching the rays of the sun. You could with but a thought pull any of them. You could make her do anything. You could make her feel anything.

The black board on the back shows her exposed heart-brain core as a hologram. For the clients that are into that sort of thing.

"It isn't..." She says near breathlessly. "What I thought it would be like...which is why I came back to this..." She leans her head on our shoulder. Our temperature sensitive layer detects her as cool.

"Doesn't sound like much fun, especially not as fun as fighting."

"You...AH...had fun? I did to...for that one second that I thought my age didn't matter..."

>Start feeling her body

You run your thick metal fingers over the smooth chiseled features of her body. She is soft. And smooth. You can detect slightly darker, slightly rougher spots on her bare skin. Old wounds sealed up. Unnoticeable except from this closeness. We cup her breast, and feel the soft mass squeeze around our fingers. Diana throws her head back and gasps. We continue our scan. We move down her curving flanks, past the port, and down her thighs. Her legs twitch helplessly off the ground.

"AH...AH....AHHHH" Dianna breathes heavily as she nears the end of her hack.


I to, want more shaming. There will be fighters that will piss us off and give us good reason to shame them. Do not worry. .

>> No.45981156

I want you to leave.

>> No.45981162

Not that anon but self insert kind of kills it

>> No.45981174

I am busy doing archival shit. I go with the cutest option put forth by whoever else.

>> No.45981189

Oh, Anon. That's been my fetish for a long time.

>Kiss her lovingly.
Let's show her we care.

Terribly sorry, Anon! Wrote the first thing that came to mind!

>> No.45981195

Scan her battle history for KNOWLEDGE.

Tell her that we kinda like her. She has history and experience, but we've only been online for a day. So much to learn, so much to try.

>> No.45981200

Finish the hack, and then, using our tail, place her gently on the ground while she 'recovers'

>> No.45981201

This is our first hack, let's make it special.
Let's make it lewd.
Let's kiss her as we "end the hack" together.

>> No.45981204

Give the poor girl some goodfeels.

>> No.45981211

I like this!

So cute, yet Lewd!

>> No.45981231

Become a father (?)

>> No.45981246

I laughed hard at this one. Anon, my sides.

>> No.45981256
File: 16 KB, 165x115, lewd rifle.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>The morning after the hack
>Diane does a full system scan
>New folder full of data both native to her own software and imported from ours
>Folder slowly converting into an .exe
>"Y-you'd better take responsibility!"

>> No.45981257

>You know what I like more? Than lesbian robotsex?


>> No.45981263

Plant in her mind the suggestion she join our team, since she owns herself, and, quite frankly, isn't up to a solo fight.
>we could use her knowledge, she needs a support team, and this would let is enter tag team or two on two matches

Also, crank up the pleasure even more.

Then this>>45981201

>> No.45981268

>Still not liking decapitation though. I can't find any appeal to it.


>Be me
>What, why?
>Why would you ever want to be me?
>I am worthless
>In every sense of the word
>I can't function in the real world
>I am just a burden to the few that care about me
>Can't even find companionship
>As i said
>At least until i met her
>She was the most beautiful blonde this side of the Atlantic
>She also had the temperament of a panther
>A panther in heat
>When she aske-DEMANDED me that i follow her to the broom closet in that little gas station in the middle of nowhere
>I just couldn't say no
>It didn't matter i just met her
>It didn't matter that i never got her name
>Neither that she started strangling me after the door closed
>I was in love
>When she was done to me i was bruised in places i didn't knew i could even get bruises
>Even there
>She seemed to be pleased with me
>Now that is a whole new feeling
>So she asked me to come to her house
>I couldn't say no
>I just couldn't
>There, i saw her "collection"
>A row of adorned skulls, each with its own name on a silver plaque
>She told me that one day i would join her collection
>I couldn't say anything
>I couldn't constain my desire to pleasure my new master right there
>She showed me my place with a well placed slap
>A few months later she told me that it was time
>I would be joining her collection forever
>I would serve as a trophy to her greatness
>I could only think of the uses she would have for my body as i hear the balde of the guillotine falling
>Finally, i was given a purpose

That's how you do it. This is what it means to take the mantle of the Lewd Anon. Do you accept the responsibility?

>> No.45981280

>teen robo-babies
oh no our engineer is going to yell at us

>> No.45981283

Y-yes! I will try my best! Please, accept me, as your apprentice! I am not worthy!

>> No.45981289
File: 28 KB, 335x506, 1456723590147.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.45981296

My sides, Anon, my sides!

We must make this canon, too funny not too!

>> No.45981301

Don't find that appealing, sorry.

>> No.45981309


>> No.45981329

I don't find that lewd so much as creepy.

No thanks.

>> No.45981330

horsepower was the correct choice.

>> No.45981337

I support all of this.

>> No.45981350

Well if we're going to become a proper race we need to self-propagate somehow!

>> No.45981351

....I feel something stirring in my nether regions right now.

And it may or may not be soaking through my panties. It most definitely has nothing to do with this.

Still creepy, would not trust irl, still turned me on.

>> No.45981359

one of you forgot to turn off your tripcode

>> No.45981365


"Bought? What do you mean?"

"AHHHHHH....I was...real good a long time ago....They let me go after I made them all rich...They knew I'd come back...That I couldn't AHHHHHHHHHHH stay away from this life....they knew....and now I can't go back, even if i wanted to..." Diana stares wistfully at the hole in her shoulder that was an arm.


"You're kind of cool Grandma. There's a lot of battle data inside you...I don't know much myself. I've just been on for a day."

She stares at you wide eyed for a moment then smiles ruefully. "Just a day? Then you see...it's nothing. All that in my head is nothing compared to...new hardware...AHHHHHHHHHHHAAAHHHHH.....just junk...I'm just so much junk...."


...She's right. She IS junk. You took her apart like junk and left her broken like junk...

....But something inside you....something that hurts...something that hurts to think about but you can't stop thinking about....

....She likes fighting herself. She's like you.

Maybe one day you'll have to be like her....

Her neural snowflake on the black board glows with a light. Your light. You're all inside her core programming. Not a single file escapes your penetration. A bar at the top shows your progress at 90 percent. A gentleman in a red suit faints and two goons in sunglasses carry him away.

"...Come with me..." You wisper gently in her mind.

You feel her thoughts try to shrink away form you. It's a reflexive action. She no longer fears you, but if you think too loud at this point you could break her mind.

But you are gentle.

"Come with me...I need your knowledge...And we can make you strong. Hardware and knowledge!"

You crank up the hack. Diana can longer speak physically. She just moans. And moans. And twitches from her fingers to her toes.

"....Thank you..." A small voice replies in your mind. "Thank you...Lesath..."



>> No.45981373

>hell yeah, get inside muh think pan you saucy data packets

>> No.45981391

Are we a real boy now?

>> No.45981397

Fuck yea. Mind meld hijinks. Dual processing power, greater depth of program. What's not to like?

>> No.45981404

we don't actually get that first part.
Our processing power stays about the same until we splurge on some spicy red quadcore liquid nitrogen cooled beasts.

>> No.45981409
File: 73 KB, 397x509, 1452729814249.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.45981412

Same anon, just forgot to add that to my post/felt I had to say it.

That was a good greentext.

Oh yes!

>> No.45981447

If you are serious about that then
>Scan this quest for the others this QM has run before
>Find the latest
>Find my pastebin, the URL was posted in both of the threads of the last session
>Create an account there, you will need it
>Send a private message
Just don't expect me to actively answer, it is like 6AM

The point was that a Lewd Anon should always be able to spun anything into a Lewd. Pleasing everyone is impossible. But i accept your criticism

I want to say thank you, but i am feeling a little scared right now

Lewd is lewd regardless of other feelings.
A Green about having sex with a corpse would be quite disgusting but it would still be lewd.
You just found it too creepy to feel any enjoyment from it, and that's okay.

Also, i am not a gril. Just saying in case you somehow got that from somewhere

>> No.45981449

Eh, maybe not dual processing power, but linked up like this we can run processes in parallel with her. With a data connection it'll shorten the time it takes to devise strategies by a lot (and since she's technically selfowned, she can bet on us, to win us some money of our own. Get rid of the damn killswitches and stuff)

>> No.45981458

The board goes 100 percent Lesath.

And so does Diana.

The crowd erupts in cheers and screams and curses and laughter. Ridiculous sums of cash have changed hands. Fortunes have been made and lost. There might be a suicide tomorrow, and more than a few audits.

You are now the one to beat on the circuit.

You gently, tenderly lower Diana to the ground. Her naked body breathes softly on the cement. Her alabaster skin twitches impulsively from over stimulated nerves

Her neural net has spasmed from being filled all the way with You. She's barely conscious. Humans call it "sleeping". She'll be fine in a hour or so. Without the arm of course.

Poor thing probably paid for it out of pocket...

This is your victory though.

That feels good.

That feels really, really good.

You pump your piston in victory. The crowd cheers your name. Your face takes up the entire black board....

Victory! Your first victory! And then, you fight the undefeated....you can't wait!

>> No.45981471

oh boy, time to be on the recieving end

>> No.45981483 [SPOILER] 
File: 37 KB, 423x398, 1457861371925.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Not a gril.
Now I can't waifu you. :(

This was amazing!
I think I'll get off for now. I feel like I need to "get off", thanks for the quest! It was wonderful!

>Pic related

>> No.45981484

Scared? Of your own lewd writings?

That's amazing.

Aww yeah. Good show old top.

>> No.45981514

Give her a smooch before tomboyishly hopping out of the arena

>Now I can't waifu you. :(
You can't waifu your sensei! Haven't you seen the Karate Kid remake?
That is, like, rule number 6!

>> No.45981526

>Now I can't waifu you. :(
You've already been told, TRY HARDER TO LEWD DAMMIT.

>> No.45981528

>Haven't you seen the Karate Kid remake?
Not her but i would totally waifu jackie chan. Full homo.

>> No.45981540

but Teacher/Student is one of the best!
Especially Big-breasted taller teacher, and a smaller chested short student.


Also, my name is actually Diana, and the later parts if the quest turned me on. As well as the greentext.

>> No.45981597

Just because your sensei tells you something, it doesn't mean it has to be the truth!

Also, please refrain from posting personal information. It won't go well, believe me.

>> No.45981615

Forbidden a best!
Don't worry, Diana is a pseudonym that I refer to myself as.

>> No.45981619

So is that all for the night QM? Cuz I got to sleep now and I'd like to know if I'll miss anything.

>> No.45981626

No one cares what your sex is. Unless you're going to post personal pics, in which case go to /b/. And never give out personal information.

I swear to RNJesus, the new kids get dumber every year.

>> No.45981636

please leave

>> No.45981689

so, uh
is there more, or are you done, or... what.

>> No.45981758

...How come I can't get any normal trolls?

>4 in the morning.

I think I'll go pass out now if that's alright with everyone...

You bend over and press your faceplate against her alabaster lips. She seems to appreciate the contact. Her bodily stirs sleepily and gives a long, content sigh.

In a few hops you're out of the arena and back into the part of the Nexus subway that actually looks like a subway.

"Lesath! You're alright!" Mr. Programmer smiles and inches toward you.

You think he'd hug you if it was in his nature to hug you.

"Mother fucking A..." Mr. Engineer muses to himself as he balances winnings on his hand computer. "Mother fucking A..."

Mr. Sargent places a gloved hand on your shoulder. Affectionately. And leads you into the train car for the ride back home.

You look over your shoulder back at the arena. Diana's support team are busy giving her the standard post-loss check up. The crowd boos and jeers.

Well fuck them. So she did fight terribly. So what? It's not like any of the fleshly weaklings could do any better against you.


Until next time.

Check the twitter for next time. My posting schedule is notoriously erratic.


So to use up the rest of this dying thread, I ask you what kind of matches are you looking forward to seeing? What do you think about our masters? And what kind of robots do you want to fight?

We have our choice of 3 opponents Mega Man style to fight for next time. Mr. Engineer has set us up to take down the Yakuza presence in Nexus city.

A kitsune robot. Uses illusions and fire.

A geisha ninja themed robot. Uses a mono wire.

An oni themed robot. Big and powerful. Can use electricity.

>> No.45981776

thanks for the twitter guy, it makes things way easier.
I look foreward to the next one!

>> No.45981797

anyway, as for matches I'm looking foreward to seeing, do you mean after we beat the undefeated?

In which case, hm. Onit or kitsune. I don't like the sound of mono-wire.

>> No.45981800

>...How come I can't get any normal trolls?
Hopefully next thread will be better

>A kitsune robot. Uses illusions and fire.
I'd have to vote to fight this one.
Will make for great practice for dog wife

>> No.45981810

Oni-Themed Robot is my vote.
I'm personally thinking of us buying upgrades to our horsepower, a retractable vibroblade for our tail and an attachable penis for double penetration.
>dog wife
If anything we'd have a frog or moth wife.

>> No.45981835
File: 358 KB, 582x427, when you miss the secret bitch.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Wew lad

>> No.45981851

Been lurking, I saw dog wife and thought yes.

Great quest, by the way, will have to stick around for more!

>> No.45981874

I don't think you really have trolls. Not like normal quests. It's cause you're intentionally being lewd

>> No.45981888

who are we going to be losing to?
what's their gimmick?

>> No.45981891

The kitsune is the undefeated one. But we have the option of taking her down or one of her Yakuza "sisters". Because taking down Diana has earned us some serious cred. For instance, our support team is going to be allowed into the audience next time.

The mob wants us to crush the Yakuza's top fighters as part of an effort to drive them out of the city. And they're offering bounties.

>dog wife

It's from another of my quests.

>Be me
>Put real effort into my other quests
>Read up on kabbalah
>Read up on theosophy
>Seriously hard core reading
>Last two threads had 23 and 27 posters
>Make Mechagirl Quest on pure improv
>42 and 31 posters

I'm legitimately hoping most were just shitposters. For my pride's sake.

>> No.45981892 [SPOILER] 
File: 439 KB, 1298x1380, 1457863363184.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

By "dog wife" I meant the waifu in the QM's first quest. A part 2 for it is coming up, in which she will have to fight a kitsune who may or may not use illusions among other kinds of "trickster" magic.

>> No.45981906

I think we should focus on limb disabling.
Just hink of all the torsos we'll get to fuck,

Also, does the Kitsune has nine tail limbs?

>> No.45981907

And QuestGuy, you should know that magical realms are how you get posters.

>> No.45981915

well, I look foreward to losing to kitsune then.
I don't think we can beat undefeatable on our second go.

>> No.45981939

we are basically built for destroying one part at once.

>> No.45981946

You are right.
Can we choose to fight some lower level foes before we go for the main bosses?

>> No.45981965

I think the deal is once we lose to a higher level one, our win/loss record will stabilize and we'll go against lower level enemies.

Assuming automated matchmaking ala saltybet.

>> No.45981982

archives are finally done.

>> No.45981993

Or we could be undefeated and fight the two other opponents first.

>> No.45982018

man I've been betting on fighting game robots all day, I have dim view of being undefeated.
Optimistically I'm looking at like a 70% winrate. that's solid.

>> No.45982035


That's what the other two are. Or we could press our luck and go for Fox Fire.

We can also see about fighting lower level mechgirls. But that will be tricky, as we have a reputation now as a serious asskicker. Masters won't throw their girls at us if they think we'll just slaughter them like tin cans.

We could always try throwing fights for cash though. Or taking odd jobs. Not all of them whoring ourselves out. Infiltration and espionage and the like. Cyberpunk stuff. We can talk to our Mr.'s about it.

She does When the hologram generator is on

You know, at first I was worried about what would happen in the theoretical case of Lesath losing a fight. Would anons burn me at the stake for literally raping the protag? But now I think some anons would actually enjoy it...

>> No.45982044

Sounds like you need to get good, we fucking slaughtered Diana, and with some upgrades we can take down the whole world.

>> No.45982053

So what will we do about the kitsune's illusions?
Those will probably be especially tricky to one who has very little experience with reality; someone several hours or days old.
What should we upgrade to combat that? Willpower?
Or is there some upgrade for our eyes we can buy?

>Infiltration and espionage and the like. Cyberpunk stuff. We can talk to our Mr.'s about it.
That sounds interesting.

>> No.45982064

I'd be fine with it.

I'd also be fine with being whored out.

Bro, these are my magical realms, and it's all cool with me.

>> No.45982068

man diana was a jobber.
We've got good rushdown and some zone cancel with our grapple, but a good countergame or appropriate zoning like I think foxgirl is packing might be our hardcounter.

>> No.45982073

We'll talk about it when we're going to fight her, I'm voting for Ninja or Oni.

>> No.45982080

I am not against it, as losing is a part of this shit.

Even the world's best fighters have only a 90% ish winrate most time.

>> No.45982098

Just get more horsepower to close the gap, and a vibroblade tail addition to double our shit wrecking capabilities.

>> No.45982102

>Be me
>>Put real effort into my other quests
>>Read up on kabbalah
>>Read up on theosophy
>>Seriously hard core reading
The problem is, most anons don't want to commit the effort it would take to get in the same level

>> No.45982116

that actually was my advice.
Against zoning capabilities and teleporting, you can either get some full screen bullshit, copious assists, or just turn up your framerate until you bypass it.

Or, in our case, horsepower.

Note though, that folks like us DO lose to fullscreens and assist bullshit pretty handily.

>> No.45982129

Let's go for the Oni, sounds like we can take her if we get some upgrades.

Also, I'm hoping for the Bullgirl we mentioned in the Magical Realm thread.
We could also get an EMP and some EMP Resistance to fuck her illusions and teleportation.

>> No.45982139

Yeah, you know, "80's Scooby-Doo movie + metaphysics + occultism" isn't a very popular topic. Not a bad topic, it's very creative, very interesting, just very, very, very niche.
I suppose it was only to be expected quests like this, or really any other quest, would be more broadly appealing.

>> No.45982146

EMP is good.
We could also consider some bits or drones.

>> No.45982194

So what is everyone looking forward to in this quest?

What combat upgrades do you want to buy?

What aesthetic upgrades do you want to buy?

>> No.45982198

Oni, two strong tomboys fight.

>> No.45982206

I feel like we'd want to upgrade our targeting before going for her.

See, you'd THINK it'd only be for guns, but considering illusions?

I don't think our piddly sensors are gonna help us much.

>> No.45982215

>combat options
I am looking foreward to more horsepower, vibroblade for heavy armor, and some kind of beam platform.
A robot NEEDS a beam. Or a missile volley. You gotta put something in the chest fire.

>> No.45982234

we might want to invest in some gimmick specialist sensors.
Something unusual enough to not be covered by normal holography packages. You know, a sonar buoy or an xray turret.

Depends on whether we can get an unusual one on the cheap though, as it wouldn't be useful for most types of matches.

>> No.45982241


>Pseudo tentacle girl-style of combat
Multiple tails, yo

>Hime cut/straight bangs

>> No.45982256

All the horsepower, dexterity and armor money can get, with a vibroblade and laser.

>> No.45982279

do we have a bellybutton?
That might look nice.

>> No.45982350

So do I.
Not like a fetish or anything, just agree that it would be nice to have.

>> No.45982405

I support this.

>> No.45983143

Belly button that shoots lasers?

And I think we should go full Big O, compound harpoon/ pile buster arms, and give the tail that compound pile buster they use towards the end of the series, with like 12 smaller chambers for a jackhammer effect. I like that more than a vibroblade, personally.

>> No.45983235

Ehhh, I prefer VibroBlade tail

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