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Stat me /tg/

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>It was a doombot all along.

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>You lose.


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The collective spirit of Africa itself wanted to be enslaved by this majestic bastard.

Can swap bodies. Probably was a loli. Most likely touched himself. Surpassed every fantasy of /a/.

Cucked Reed so hard he names his daughter after his dead wife. You know Susan wanted that toaster dicktator to plow her till she phases out of existence.

His people love him. Currently in control of a multiverse spanning harem cult of murderous ayylmao waifus.

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>doing a stat me thread for a character that's been statted in at least three different games

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>tfw most people only know him from the movies.

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Shh, we don't talk about those anymore. I swear, the last F4 movie made me question if the previous ones were actually passable.

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He's the second best of everything in his universe, so run with that as you will.

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It was interesting, though, to see a superhero movie, after so many have been done competently by people who love their work, that legitimately hated it's source material. It was Michael Bay levels of incompetence and disinterest.

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He'll never be done justice in live action.

I don't think his haminess and dramatic flair would cross over well.

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Who's this chump and why should I care?

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The really "shitty" Roger Coreman movie actually was really great with respect to Doom.

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Susan wanted Namr according to civil war

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What are some good Dr. Doom comics to read? Like to start with?

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Personally, I enjoy Emperor Doom (1987) and Books of Doom (2006), but I'm far from a /co/nnoisseur.

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This is a bit outdated, but I don't think it needs anything added except for Hickman's FF and the stuff that comes about as a result of it like the recent Secret Wars. Maybe AXIS too.

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It's sad that the best FF live action adaption to date is the one that was "So bad it couldn't be released".

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Cool, thank you very much.
Is there a re/co/mmended download site for comics? Currently using comicsall but I don't know how encompassing it is.

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Read "Triumph and Torment".

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Typically just general torrent sites like kickass. There's comicbt, but it's difficult to get an invite. For recent stuff there's the Win-o-Threads where new releases are posted every Wednesday.

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Lawful Doom
Yeah, Reed's a way bigger asshole than Doom

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You forgot Squirrel Girl.

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I guess the world just isn't ready for megalomaniacal tyrants with magic powers.

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Funnily enough doom is great leader. Latveria loves him.

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a great INT score but not as good as Reed's INT score

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At least he has higher CHA, probably WIS as well

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Of course, Dr. Doom loves his people and his people love him. He's good to those that serve him faithfully.

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Int: 1 under Dr.Richard
Cha: 1 over Dr.Richard
Damage resistance: less than the Things fists deal.
Cockiness: 1 more than Johnny blaze

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Depends on the writer.
Sometimes he's genuinely great and Latviera is a highly automated utopia where the people are free do whatever they want and its technology is leagues ahead of everyone, sometimes the people are miserable and abandoned by Doom, live in abject poverty and only escape it when a Doombot comes to take them away so their brains can be harvested and turned into a biocomputer.

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That's about 8 too low

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His wisdom is what fucks him in the ass whenever he faces reed.

>spreading that propaganda

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If he had a higher WIS than Richards he would have listened to him in college and not gotten his face exploded. Higher WIS would have led him to think, "yeah I'm smart, but maybe Richards is right and that screw needs to be tightened another quarter turn."

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He actually didn't fuck up. The thing intentionally fucked up his machine for some reason.

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Whatever you say doomcuck

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Wis 8 is somewhat justifiable considering his vanity and arrogance are usually his biggest flaws (though I'd still argue that 8 is too low), but he has a fucking gigantic Will bonus to make up for it.

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I like the idea that it was just a small scar and his narcissism caused him to freak out.

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He was trying to build a portal to hell too duel the devil for his moms soul iirc

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Yeah. Reed couldn't understand the pentagrams and shit in Doom's schematics. Of course Doom wouldn't listen to his moronic advice.

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Always my favorite too, shame they killed that idea in the modern age.

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It doesn't matter anymore nigga is mega handsome now.

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Is it still canon that he fucked up his face when he put on his mask before it could cool down?

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Except Reed never looked at the schematics, he looked at the finished device. Reed may not know shit about magic, but he knows tech.

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Sounds great. I hope they appear more often.

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The device would qualify as Magitek

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I believe so, the intent being something like if he wasn't already disfigured he would be now and give purpose to the mask that there was no turning back. Unfortunately its just as canon since he rebuilt himself from dust from one of the times he got utterly annihilated/sent to another dimension/whatever he's perfect again. Which I guess is really in character but kinda lessens the cool factor.

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No, he fucked up his face during the experiment.

>> No.45942675

Yeah, but he made it a hundred times worse later on with the mask.

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Or he just made a bluff check and the tech he's referring too is completely unconnected to the mask.

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Not canon anymore.

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I'm pretty sure he also mindjacked some random bloke at one point to escape death.

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I always liked the Books of Doom version where he constantly feels demons clawing at his face without the mask.

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He is kinda like Trump, if Trump was a gypsy engineer and not a New York real-estate mogul. The narcissism, the bombast, the IQ and Italian stile will to rule nationalism.

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The difference is that Doom is succesful, intelligent, self-made, and a good leader.
Actually, Trump isn't anything like Doom at all.

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And his hands are normal sized

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All his elaborate bullshit, he could just steal Sue and the kids then mail Reed family vacation photos.

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I don't think Doom is stupid enough to kidnap two of the most powerful people in the universe.

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Or he can just wait until Val crushes her dad's heart by saying she would rather live with Uncle Doom.

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In wich comic did he save richards family when he could not do it himself?

>> No.45943244

By being a better husband and dad, not kidnapper.

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Whichever issue Valeria was born in.

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How is a supervillian anyway? Most his schemes are to make Richards look like an idiot or some global politic powerplay. As far as bad guys go, sure he is a nemesis but not super villainous. Even when he wins the bad end is just kind of meh for the world.

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There was that one story where he got pretty much every high tier galactic threat to fight each other, just to wish away his sense of guilt. The potential Bad End of that plan was total galactic annihilation.

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>Can swap bodies. Probably was a loli. Most likely touched himself. Surpassed every fantasy of /a/.
He created an alternate reality where he cucked his greatest rival, had a daughter with his wife, brought that child to our dimension, then when she was unbirthed and put back into her mother helped deliver the child. He then named the kid Valaria after his own mother. Then he mind swapped with the loli.

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Second best at everything in the Marvel universe.

>> No.45943435

I realize there's probably a million fluff inconsistencies, but does anyone else think Doom might just be a contemporary guise of the future God Emperor of Mankind?

>> No.45943450

He named her after his childhood sweetheart. Wasn't his mother named Cynthia?

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Doom canonically has the greatest willpower on the planet, probably the universe. He is immune to telepathy due to sheer mental fortitude, that wis should be through the roof.

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I feel like Doom could make really cool showing on stage. The forced use of practical effects and set design, as opposed to cgi spectacle, would make his hammy personality really pop.

>> No.45943575

Or at some point in the future Doom uses his time machine to go back into the past and become Big E.

>> No.45943580

Oh righ, you are correct. The sweet heart he killed, sacrificed to deamons and made a suit of magic leather armor out of.

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Latvia is a great doomocracy the elects its leader doomocraticaly every year.

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Would that not make him the best at being second best?

>> No.45943639

>The collective spirit of Africa itself wanted to be enslaved by this majestic bastard.
You mean the tiger? It didn't like him. In fact it thinks he's asshole. It just admits that Doom wouldn't fuck the earth if he took over

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There is always one man and one vote, Doom is that one man, and he has the vote.

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>says hi to her mom
>ignores Reed

>> No.45943755

>Doombots outside every window
>"You were supposed to be in bed by 10 Jimmy"
>"No dessert for a week"

>> No.45943835

"Timothy, explain to Doom why you got a B- on your algebra test. Doom DEMANDS excellence in every field! A b- is almost Average! Do you want Latvia to end up as idiotic as America?"

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There was a quest on /tg/ a couple of years ago about playing as Doom, and it was fantastic. The QM took the role of Lucia von Bardas and did most of the qming in character, which was a really neat touch. It went on hiatus when her dad passed away, and then she just never came back-- which is super understandable, but a little sad. It was a pretty great quest.

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Fuck I have found the issue where doom saves richards family, but no download location.

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It would be if Reed cared what Doom thinks of him. Reed thinks of Doom the same way Superman thinks of Lex. He thinks that Doom wastes his intellect on petty revenge when he could be using it to help the world.

>> No.45943902

Can't have Latveria end up like that.

>> No.45943923

>when he could be using it to help the world
>this sentiment coming from the man who refuses to give out the cure to cancer

>> No.45943959

>this sentiment coming from the man who refuses to give out the cure to cancer

I believe this was addressed in comic, Reed's answer to the person asking the question, "what makes you think I haven't tried?"

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I'm talking about Valerie. She only said hi to he mother, ignoring her father.

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He's bussy creating cells in aother dimensions to imprision his friends.

>> No.45944026

Remember to play outside at least thirty minutes a day. Dr Doom will not excuse wasted youth.

>> No.45944036

Considering all he does, I don't doubt he could send the cure for cancer to every one individually with something asking "Do you want to get cured of cancer ? Y/N"

>> No.45944077

Do people in Latveria have books?

>> No.45944106

It's mandatory in Latveria to have books and a good chair situated in front of a fireplace.
Doom demands that his citizens are cozy.

>> No.45944108

You think Doom wants to run a country of illiterates?

>> No.45944115

Yes. And Doom wrote them all.

>> No.45944121

Odd, I thought Doom hated to reed.

>> No.45944131

Get the fuck out of here Spiderman.

>> No.45944151

Sounds like you want him to be Superior.

>> No.45944152

Actually, that's pretty much what Doom did in the last mega crossover even...
and why he got his shit smacked by Richards so hard he finally admitted Richards was better than Doom.

>> No.45944158

Spiderman is actually, officially banned from Latveria.

>> No.45944188

Man, you're a tougher crowd than the x-men.

>> No.45944201

Is this true? I want this to be true

>> No.45944224

Yes. Its almost specifically because Spiderman kills the mood with wisecracking every time he's involved. Not even the fact that he works with the guys fighting Doom, just the jokes.

Squirrel Girl and squirrels are also banned but that hasn't done him much good.

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F RM 30
A EX 20
S RM 30
E IN 40
R AM 50
I IN 40
P AM 50

>> No.45944264

I desperately need to take a Latverian English class so i can speak in caps lock.

>> No.45944357

>banned because Doom can't handle the banter
I love it

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Not an overall fan of the Squirrel Girl comics but sometimes its alright for a page or two to be taken without context.

>> No.45944623

Wow, Jubilee got real Tumblr, didn't she. Who's the other one?

>> No.45944657

Wasn't Jubilee a vampire now?

>> No.45944714

Supporting character from Unreadable Squirrel Girl. People were always asking the artist if she's meant to be MtF, but apparently she's not.
Yes, but they gave her a way to be fine in the sun somewhere along the way. I'm not clear on how because everything she's been in since X-23 is shit.

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What is this abomination?

Even Doom is not pleased with being drawn in this art.

>> No.45944838

One of the shittiest comics to be published currently by marvel. By tumblr for tumblr.

>> No.45944891

Is it canon? Is it 616?

Has it influenced or leaked into the actual comic series art?

>> No.45944917

I think it is but theres some really retarded shit going on like time travel and her talking with galactus in space so take that as you will.

>> No.45944938

Anyone got that comic where Richards flat out lied to his fucking kids about there being no hell? Despite having been there, several times, and Doom storming it to steal back his mother's soul?

>> No.45944947

>asking if anything is canon
>what is secret wars
You're pretty clearly out of touch with comics mate. Doom is god king of the universe and everything is spiraling towards killing off all the sub-universes with the intent of a less impenetrable canon.

>> No.45944990

Technically canon, but any stupid stuff (ie. all of it in this case) will be ignored since its a joke book. She has the same design in other books, but it's drawn competently.
Secret Wars is over. Everything is back to normal mostly, except Miles Morales and his supporting cast have always existed in 616.

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Not to start with, and it's a what if, but. Damn, son.

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If he doesn't understand magic, how would looking at a magi-tech device let him understand it?

>> No.45945051

Holy fuck, what are those?

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>> No.45945106

Why are they there?

>> No.45945135

Because they will attempt to stop Doom from using the Infinity Stones and Beyonder's power. They will fail and there will be no gods in the end. Only a man.

>> No.45945160

Dr Doom needs magic secrets from Morgana Le Fey.

The Price she demands?

Time in his bed.

>> No.45945163

With Beyonder shenenigans, this is far more likely than not, AND explains his assholishness to Magnus.

One-eyed fucker reminds him of Reed.

>> No.45945168

Because they wanted to stop Doom.

They got their shit fucking slapped.

>> No.45945172

Shit that sounds pretty great actually I should get back into it

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>> No.45945222

>Overrated piece of shit

that's his stat block.

>> No.45945225

>Two mooks are patrolling the corridors of Dooms Castle.
>Suddenly a voice bellows out "DOOM DELIVERS!"
>Both mooks look at each other with bemused expressions.

>> No.45945229


>> No.45945268

>mooks envious some harlot got to spend time with God Emperor Doom and not them

>> No.45945276

The opinion polls, Iron Man.

>> No.45945297

I know that Val is a super genius already smarter than her father at the age of three, but did that take some time to kick in or was she always smarter than normal? Like can she remember this moment?

>> No.45945622

Everyone knows the Emperor is Vandal Savage

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>> No.45945781

Oh wow.

>> No.45945954

>Wow, Jubilee got real Tumblr, didn't she

Wouldn't that be the point? Jubes is supposed to be a typical teenage girl, so in a floating timeline it makes sense she would be updated to be "real Tumblr". And in ten years, she'll look even stupider to you, because that's how teenagers and the aging populace have always interacted

>> No.45946016

I didn't realize that typical teenage girls are homeless orphans living in malls doing magic tricks for spare change from shoppers.

>> No.45946191

Then go outside

>> No.45946295

I do, but where I live the malls just have old people powerwalking around.

>> No.45946580

>living in malls doing magic tricks for spare change from shoppers
>doing magic tricks for spare change

I thought tumblr was against prostitution.

>> No.45947260

Full comic dump?

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