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Previously, on Nerv Bridge Simulator : http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Nerv%20Bridge%20Simulator
Twitter: https://twitter.com/cegremo_hq
Neat pense-bĂȘte by Tohsaka: pastebin.com/66ZcGcKK

As of today, 11:00, a special state of emergency as been declared for all of Montréal-3 districts. Rural districts citizens are being evacuated to residential emergency shelters.

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Here's the situation, Major:

The 5th Angel is currently crossing the St-Lawrence river and will arrive in 3 hours. As you know, the bombing run failed and instead seemed to have separated the angel into two independent entities. This angel also demonstrated the capacity to extend its tail for long range attacks.

The MAGI-Supercomputer is currently analysing the incomplete scan CHARIOT sent to us before crashing into the ocean. You'll be relieved to know that our Bombardment Wing Captain was safely retrieved by the Second U.N. Atlantic Fleet with minimal injuries. The CAG will take on her duties until she arrives.

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It makes me glad to hear that she's alive. We cannot afford another loss of command at this point.

Are the preparations for the positron rifle completed?

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I trust that it has remained in the water since last I checked?


>> No.45883428

She's referring to Rachel's replacement. As far as we know, she's still in the hospital

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Any word on our deployable troops? How ready are the Evas for deployment?
Will Third Child be able to take on this mission given his, er, condition?

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Is it my imagination or do you look different today

>> No.45883498

I fucking love Nerv Bridge Simulator.
Are we gonna have some mindfuckery happen?
Please tell me there'll be soundtrack dissonance.

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And anon is probably referring to CHARIOT's BWC.

>> No.45883537

Major, I need to speak to you about the Positron Rifle.

We successfully powered it with the 4th Angel's core, but it is REALLY unstable. We ran several simulations and we have 2 shots at most. The MAGI is still conflicted about how the Core will react after that, but concluded that it can be safely deployed and fired right now.

Also, all of the kids are ready to use the Positron Rifle, since you ordered them to partake in a special simulation designed around its handling.

Dav- The Third Child will be ready and is more than willing to be deployed. We also made some modifications to his Plugsuit to insure that his Synch Ration will not be affected by the pain he endures from his burns, as the hood is negatively affecting his performance.

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Oh. Never mind then. Let's continue with the briefing.

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So what does the rest of the board say? Prepare the Posi-Rifle for the upcoming mission, or save it for the fight with #6?

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Alright guys, we've got roughly two option here :

>Option A: Divide and Conquer.

We can't be sure but since what happen during the bombing run, we could except that the Angel divide each time he's damaged. If we force it to split a lot of time, we could face a large amount of weak "Angels". We must keep in mind that newly created Angels are faster. An unforeseen consequences of this strategy could be multiple and insanely fast angels attacking from everywhere.

>Option B: Blitzkrieg on St-Lawrence river

This two angels are already weak enough individually so we can fight them. Let's lure one away from the other and attack with full force on the one left alone. If we are fast and precise enough, we could just destroy on on the Angel part before it can even split.

On the Positron rifle topic, we should keep it for the sixth Angel. We don't even know if we will be able to shoot it multiple time.

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Is the firing platform for it finished? We're gonna need the vantage from increased height for that thing to be effective.

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Alright guys, we've got roughly two option here :

>Option A: Divide and Conquer.

We can't be sure but since what happen during the bombing run, we could except that the Angel divide each time he's damaged. If we force it to split a lot of time, we could face a large amount of weak "Angels". We must keep in mind that newly created Angels are faster. An unforeseen consequences of this strategy could be multiple and insanely fast angels attacking from everywhere.

>Option B: Blitzkrieg on St-Lawrence river

This two angels are already weak enough individually so we can fight them. Let's lure one away from the other and attack it with full force. If we are fast and precise enough, we could just destroy one Angel's part before it can even split.

On the Positron rifle topic, we should keep it for the sixth Angel. We don't even know if we will be able to shoot it multiple time.

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[Computer Scientist] Here is the state of our troops. Every upgrades we invested in are installed and repairs are finished!

[Head, Science Division] As you can see, the First Child successfully synchronized with Eva Unit 03 and can deploy an A.T. field significantly stronger than what your pilots managed to do. She is ready to be deployed.

They finally finished installing the bridge ceiling lights. This would not have been this long in Vancouver, believe me.

>> No.45883649

Hmm, I think option B would be the sensible choice here. But considering how unpredictable this thing has been I am keeping myself up for anything at the moment.

>> No.45883677

Any attack patterns that the Fist Child favors?
(Assault, Meele, Long Range?)

>> No.45883704

Okay, so other than Chariot, we are basically at full capacity.
I see that the Ace is ready to fly once again. Sad that she has to fly under a new pilot, but aw well, what can you do?

>> No.45883736

[Computer Scientist] Here is the deployment map! The newly installed Static Weapon Mounts are operational! They can fire up to one district away. Each salvo will deal significant damage, but require 1 Funding Unit to operate. It will be deducted from our allocation at the end of this fight, if we survive.

>> No.45883773

Problem with Option B is that we don't know how far its range is or if we can lure them at all without putting pilots and crew in danger from both angels' ranged attacks.

>> No.45883786

Has MAGI coordinated the arrival pattern of the angels? We need to know where we'll need our units to deploy.

>> No.45883790

Real easy to say that about Vancouver when our own bridge ceiling lights budget was cut for its own.

>> No.45883799


//Major, this is the estimated path the angel will take to reach us.

//It will follow the St-Lawrence River between Rural District 06 and Industrial District 01 until it reaches HQ.

//The incomplete data we got from CHARIOT is still heavily corrupted, I'm afraid it will take some time to restore and analyse.

>> No.45883828

Thank you Ophelia.

Commence deployment immediately. Have the EVAs set up for a prolonged engagement in the ST. Lawrence river, and have any emergency blast shields ready to deploy for engagement.

>> No.45883852

I will leave you some time to decide on your deployment order.

Also, we're trying out an updated rolling mechanic today: Only the first roll counts (like before), but each additional 10 or 1 rolled will add or subtract 1 to the final score.

>> No.45883889

So it is bypassing the districts and gunning straight for the GF? A bit of a new risk for us, but that also means that it will be in the range of at least 6 SW systems during its journey, and the final destination will leave it extremely vulnerable. assuming the board is willing to dump 6-7 whole FUs into this, we can keep bombarding it all day

>> No.45883894


> Option B

Alphastrike one half. After all if it fails it turns into Option A.

This reminds me of when i ran into the first Codex in xcom2. I was still running ballistics, and it kept grazing.

>> No.45883986

If we commit two units to handle one of the angels, survival instinct will kick in and the remaining angel will make a beeline straight for the Geofront.

I suggest we engage with both Unit 01 and 03 in Rural 06. Have them engage one of the angels, and the other will head straight for Industrial 01.

I suggest we leave Unit 02 in reserve in Industrial 01 to keep that remaining angel occupied while 01 and 03 finish off the first of the twins.

We should also deploy the VTOLs to serve as fire support for the Unit assigned to Industrial 1.
Tanks should be able to cover the two units during their engagement in Rural 06.

If the other twin doesnt decide to move towards HQ, have Unit 02 remain sniping positions in Industrial 1 during the engagement.

>> No.45884001

I forgot to put an Static Weapon System in Residential 02. Sorry!

>> No.45884002

So it's settled then? Will we go for Blitzkrieg?

And before we forget, if we can, I suggest we put the Magi mainframe under constant watch and security at all times throughout this mission. We CANNOT risk another blackout.

>> No.45884049

So 02 has weapons? That's great. Now we have at least 7 guns pointing at the Angel throughout its percieved course. But as said, we can't fully rely on the corrupted bomber data until we can find a way to undo the damage.

>> No.45884093

Actually I am tempted to agree more with this one. >>45883986

>> No.45884098

I'm definitely good with Option B. It sounds like the option that has the most chance to either make or break our little adventure.

>> No.45884130

By the way what does the weapons battery consist of firepower wise?? Range?
... Its not that silly Machine guns on a cable car system?


>> No.45884163

I kind of agree with it except that I think VTOL should go on the engaged Angel and throw everything they got (especially AT flare) on it.

We should also deploy Temperence bomber wing with a N2 mine on Rural district 06. We first drop the mine, then throw everything we got (Temperence will switch on Howitzer for fire support).

If you really think Unit 02 need support, let's just deploy Hermit with its Bakelite payload. If Unit 02 is in danger, we restrain the Angel with the Bakelite and let the third child run away.

If we equip Unit 02 with it's usual sniper rifle, it could even engage the Angel in Rural district 06 from long distance.

>> No.45884205

>Best chance to make or break our little adventure.

Kidding. I'm staring to agree with >>45883986
This seems like a good plan

>> No.45884241

Yeah, add the bombers to the engagement plan as well. This is a good idea.

Though, I think we should only deploy the N2 mine if both of those fuckers are in the same district.

Besides that, I agree with most of the changes to the plan.

>> No.45884342

Will the 1st Child's AT field be able to wear down the angels field? If we combine that with bombardments from the strategic weapons emplacements we might be able to do this.

We should also expect some limb loss to the Eva's, that attack looked nasty

>> No.45884382

Are we saving the positron rifle for the sixth angel then?

We may be able to use it for both, I think. The angel core gives us, safely, two shots maximum, one for each half of the 5th Angel. We then rebuild the power supply for the rifle to connect it to Montreal-3's power grid, as it is possible that the 6th Angel will be destroyed before damaging the city directly.

>> No.45884405

We will need to save the positron rifle for the 6th considering the angel is most likely going to strike from an orbital range.

Also, I don't think any of us want to waste rounds on essentially two targets in a single mission.

>> No.45884458

Head scientist, what is our probability of success? If it is somehow non-zero, I suggest we take it.

>> No.45884461

Since we don't want this plan B lean toward plan A, we should just vaporize the fucking thing before it can act.

Better safe than sorry.

MAGI, is it safe to send our troop just after a N2 mine detonated?

I think so. We are not even sure the rifle will be usable after that. It would be a disaster if we miss a single shot at this point of the battle.

>> No.45884465

Does the positron rifle have that kind of range?

>> No.45884481

My tablet isn't working correctly for some reason, I'm working on fixing it.

>> No.45884509

it will when angel 6 starts tumbling down.
But thats assuming it works similar to Shaquiel.

>> No.45884523

Reposting from last night's prep thread. Experience indicates that EVAs and conventional forces are best deployed together - without EVAs to back them up and draw fire, conventional units can apply respectable damage but quickly fall apart. Meanwhile, without conventionals to screen them, run interferance and apply supplementary damage, our EVA's performance has been...lackluster. Furthermore, deploying units piecemeal tends to end with them eaten alive, sometimes literally.

Angels are generally single, large, high-power high-threat targets. The best way to counter these is force concentration - rather than creating fronts and waiting for the Angels to crash into them, we should be deploying concentrated battlegroups and moving them, as cohesive wholes, as need be. Our overall force composition lends itself well to this - we tend to deploy two EVAs per angel, and we've got four each of VTOLs and armored units. Furthermore, each VTOL unit can carry one tank unit, which lends itself well to air-mobile armor deployments.

I propose a standing tactical doctrine, deploying concentrated battlegroups of 2 Air, 2 Ground and 1 EVA and keeping these battlegroups together as the situation develops. The ground units can utilize the VTOLs for mobility and the conventional forces and EVAs can support each other, drawing fire or applying pressure as needed.

>> No.45884542

No! We must enact plan B! Please Major, listen to reason!

>> No.45884545

This wouldn't have happened in Vancouver.

>> No.45884548

From what we've seen, every Angel so far is a variation on on Angel from the show. I imagine it'll work like Shaquiel but with a major difference- like the 5th Angel is basically that one from the dancing episode, but in the water and with a stupidly strong AT field

>> No.45884561

I think we should back this plan.

As was going disagree with you but thinking back on it, its good.

We could but I think saving the positron rifle for the 6th angel. If the positron doesn't kill it in 1 hit then it will waste the shot imo, and then it will split. Therefore I think the best use of the positron rifle is against single targets that don't split on a failed hit.

I agree

>> No.45884564

We are enacting plan B, what're you talking about

>> No.45884617

Who said? I say this anon's plan is well enough thought out, and I think we should go with this instead. >>45883986

>> No.45884655

God I hate Vancouver

>> No.45884663

That's Plan B, with a few tweaks.

>> No.45884859

Taken the words out of my mouth. I agree we need a reserve force to be used as the situation develops in this case. Especially since this angle can split and we can only guess at what it does.

Does any anon have a copy of draft proposal funding allocation.pdf? I tried to access it on suptg but its unavailable on there.

>> No.45884941

Here you go.

>> No.45885055

Thanks Major I appreciate it.

>> No.45885087

It's fixed, sorry it took so long. I should have tested this before starting the thread.

So we're going with this for the deployment? >>45883986

H-Hi y'all.

I know this isn't a good time to talk about this, but t-there it is.

Due to funding cuts, there'll be no Team Building Weekend this y-year.

I know, I know, a lot of you were waiting for this. But since we at the Human Resources Division value b-bonding with your colleagues here's what we came up with : We'll be doing a lottery! The grand prize is a 32-inch plasma TV. C-cool huh? Basically do any activity outside of your work environment, fill in this form and include a photo of you having fun with your colleagues! By the way this is obligatory, sanctions will be g-given to those who do not participate.

T-this is all. Best of luck to all of you!

>> No.45885153

> no Team Building Weekend this y-year.
This is the 3rd worst thing that has happened...
Two to three Angels attacking at once is a close 4th.

>> No.45885155

Yes, but taking into account major CAGtsuragi's suggestions on the VTOL's.

>> No.45885170

Poor HR. It must be a nightmare dealing with Nerv-military command structure, important civilian members working alongside UN officials and its bureaucracy, child soldiers, etc.

Ooc: Either he cleared the personnel transfers that led to the attack or he got pressured into doing so. Both cases warrant having fun with our colleagues outside of work. Who knows? We might even win a plasma TV.

Ooc ooc: I actually own a 32" plasma tv...

>> No.45885255

This >>45883986 with this >>45884163

Human ressources: Don't worry, I'm sure we will be able to spare some U.N. F.U. for the human resources department.

OOC: who know, we might even find a great ally in this guy. Who would trust him for a plot? Who would even loose time to get his loyalty except us.

I really like the battlegroup idea.

>> No.45885317

>this is obligatory
I'm bet Magi did this!

>> No.45885429

[Third Child] Major! I see them! What should we do?

>> No.45885475


Major, this is the First Child.

Both Eva Units need a roll for their attack. The VTOLs squadrons will need another for their support.

>> No.45885478

VTOLs: Spread out, let the children get first engagement on the angels.

David & Florence: Focus your attacks on whichever one of them engages first. Assault doctrine, rifles and knives for this one kids.

>> No.45885502

Rolled 9 (1d10)

Here's for the VTOLs then

>> No.45885515

Whatever you do, DON'T get trigger-happy like you always do

>> No.45885521

Where are the tank companies deployed?
Should we begin the bombardment?

>> No.45885529

Rolled 4 (1d10)

EVAs: Don't let me down kids!

>> No.45885532

Catch Beta Angel attention, don't hit it directly, you would take the risk to make it split.

VTOL, give some space to our EVAs, Temperence, get ready.

>> No.45885542

nice one m8

>> No.45885567

Not this shit again

>> No.45885568


>> No.45885600

Dont fuck up

>> No.45885601

Rolled 10 (1d10)

For EVAs: Fire at will!

>> No.45885627

I sincerely hope this counts.

>> No.45885644

Rolled 6 (1d10)

This time, actually TRY do hit something, Third?

>> No.45885653


We need one roll for each EVA, neither of you specified who you were rolling for.

>> No.45885670

for narrative purposes - the worse result goes to David

>> No.45885673

Stop being mean to the kid dude

>> No.45885684

It's one for both actually!

>> No.45885704

Oh ok. So that's a 4, plus that 10 makes 5, right?

>> No.45885710

Under the new system, what would these rolls count as QM? >>45885529

>> No.45885727

Oh. So that's a modified 10 then? SWEET, NOW DAVE WILL ACTUALLY HIT SOMETHING!

>> No.45885749

No, it's>>45885502 with a 9, and >>45885601 makes ten

>> No.45885779

Shit, I thought this was tomorrow.

>> No.45885783

No, the 9 was for the VTOLs, the 4 and 10 were for the EVAs

>> No.45885811

Hey, I'm not the one who magdumped two whole pallet rifle mags and not hit a damn thing.Maybe this time he might actually hit something


>> No.45885820

timezones, man

>> No.45885844

see >>45885684

>> No.45885852

>tfw it comes on during your commute and you have to wait to post at stop lights

>> No.45885855

He meant it's one for BOTH EVAs you cuck.

>> No.45885882

>browsing 4chan while driving

>> No.45885885

Shit, sorry
Hey, at least he gets a 5, right? that's better than 4

>> No.45885903

>4 +1 = 5

[First Child] Major, The Third Child has begun firing upon the wrong Angel. Commencing support fire.

[Third Child] I don't get what those symbols mean!

[First Child] Our fire seems somewhat ineffective.


[CAG] All Squadrons are currently in a perfect position for support fire. Just give us the order and we'll commence our attack.

>> No.45885947

Hey, he actually hit an Angel!
The wrong Angel, but an Angel nonetheless

>> No.45885993

>The Third Child has begun firing upon the wrong Angel
ooc: it's always something with that David

Good to hear CAG, fire at will.

>> No.45886009

Major! 5th Angel Beta is speeding towards Angel Alpha!

I need a roll if I am to intervene!

>> No.45886012

Wait ... do we fire everything or retreat to lure alpha ?

If we engage, maybe it's too close for N2 mine. Temperence should fire with its howitzer if they can't find a correct fire solution with the N2 mines. Tanks platoons and Eva 02 should fire too.

>> No.45886015

David boot camp when?

>> No.45886026

>[CAG] All Squadrons are currently in a perfect position for support fire. Just give us the order and we'll commence our attack.
Maybe wait until it lashes at one of the EVAs? EVA can take it, VTOLs would go down.

>> No.45886034

Dag nabbit

Well at least they may hit somthing now. Maybe.

That wouldn't have happened if we had given him something other than storm trooper training.

Please tell me the ones training our pilot is not a stormtrooper.

>> No.45886035

VTOLs: Hold that nat 10, engage the first angel that attacks the EVAs.

EVAs:Keep attacking it. Focus fire!

>> No.45886042

Rolled 4 (1d10)

Stop it

>> No.45886043

>The Third Child has begun firing upon the wrong Angel.
Oh David. Never change.

CAG, you may fire at will.

>> No.45886060

No, Hermit will take care of that. Hermit, drop your bakelite.

>> No.45886066


>> No.45886072

Better let the VTOLS support the interventions

>> No.45886073

Rolled 7 (1d10)

Fire at will Anna!

>> No.45886085


>> No.45886088 [DELETED] 

wait, hold it. I'll go with >>45886060

>> No.45886117

Seconding if possible.

Uh cancel this order please? I wasn't thinking properly...

>> No.45886133

>>45886042 (Me)
Wait! Stop! let the VTOLs handle it as >>45886060

>> No.45886239


I think we need a consensus on these 2 guys. Which one are we going for. Or are we going to combine both?

>> No.45886249

[Second Child] Too late Major! I missed anyway...

[CAG] Commencing strike!

[HERMIT] Dropping Bakelite Ordinance.

>> No.45886267

Have the bomber drop the solution first and let the VTOLs engage as soon as it gets frozen.

>> No.45886292

//Major. Our scanner are registering some unusual A.T. activity. Caution is advised.

>> No.45886295

Are our troops far enough for a N2 mines drop?

I think it's just the right moment to hit them both.

>> No.45886300

oh shit, they're going to merge again and restore their AT field

>> No.45886302

Great, Anna's becoming another David
You're supposed to be our sharpshooter

>> No.45886323


>> No.45886330

Is she or isn't she using the positron cannon?

>> No.45886338

Oh, here we go
On that note, did nobody listen to my requests to beef up server room security?

>> No.45886365

Apparently not, seems like she is currently equiped with a Pallet Rifle. Whatever the hell that means

>> No.45886377

Guess it's about to retaliate.

VTOLs, fall back. EVAs can hopefully tank it.

>> No.45886433

Damn my outer monologuing confusing everyone.

Please specify Ophelia, quickly!

Not sure honestly. I think we forgot about it Although I am not sure if it happens off-screen.
If it has not happened yet I would like to beef up server room security after this.

>> No.45886480

[HERMIT]Bakelite Ordinance away. It has already begun crystallizing, this should impede its movement.

[MAGI] //The Angel seems to be attempting to merge.

I thought you guys wanted to keep the Positron Rifle for the next Angel?

>> No.45886507


Where are our tanks already!

>> No.45886513

Can we just fucking grab one and physically drag it away from the other or will AT field be a problem?

>> No.45886521

All units engage the closest angel and fire all ordinance. If one of them is dead then the other can't merge!

>> No.45886565

can we use n2 mines?

>> No.45886568

I can't speak for the group but, quite a lot of us wanted to save it for the 6th angel. I prefer to keep it for 6th. And i think he was clarifying we aren't using positron rifle.

No not the closest fire on one only. Go for B its closer to more of our units.

>> No.45886576

I don't think we can kill it quickly enough.

>> No.45886577


All troops retreat for Industrial 01! Bomber wings are clear to drop N2 as soon as the troops get out of effective range.

>> No.45886585

[CGT] We're ready to fire but we need your Roll Major!

[Hermit] The troops are near enough to be damaged by the blast! Are you ordering me to fire anyway?

>> No.45886603

Belay that, we drop an N2 mine then move in for the kill

>> No.45886634

Ignore my order to close and engage CGT, pull your units back to the safe distance so we can drop the N2 mine

>> No.45886645

Rolled 8 (1d10)

Man now i really dread rolling...

>> No.45886674

Look like we lost the momentum, maybe we should just retreat, regroup and attack later?

>> No.45886677

Rolled 3 (1d10)


>> No.45886685

OOC: should we pull CGT back and drop the mine?

OOC: Well not bad. CGT will attack and then gtfo and we drop the mine I guess?

>> No.45886694

The N2 mines never do anything anyway.

>> No.45886695

Guys we need to drop the mine before the angel breaks out, pull the fucking troops back!

>> No.45886728

We can still salvage this if certain anons stop jumping the gun and ignoring the plan.

If we drop a mine now, we can hopefully disable the Angel. Then we have our units move up again and blow the Angel to pieces.

>> No.45886744

Rolled 8 (1d10)

ooc: let's see if I can boost that a bit

>> No.45886746

It's worth a shot.

>> No.45886752


>> No.45886788

We should at least give our troops some time to pull out before dropping the mine. We may miss the opening but I don't want to see what would happen if the Angel still merge after the hit.

>> No.45886803

CGT and EVA units, move back and clear the area. Hermit, give us an N2 drop once the ground troops are at minimum safe distance.

>> No.45886805

If this is anything like AdEva, they're pretty useful.

Hell, even in the show they put a noticeable dent in Sachiel.

>> No.45886816

Yeah reall. Have our troops pull out asap.
We dont want a repeat of the last battle.

>> No.45886852

>> No.45886853

Yes, exactly.

CGT and EVA, pull back to the safe distance. Hermit, once they're out of the blast radius, drop the N2 mine.

>> No.45886859

Rolled 5 (1d10)

>Did someone say Danger Close?

>> No.45886861

1. Honestly I think we should move to pursue it if it beelines to hq.

2.Since its merging, its likely to attack, its now but stronger but slower. with bakelite its really slow.

3. I suggest pulling our forces back and dropping the mine. and then reengageing. We may need to keep a token force in the field to
distract and buy time for our retreat and bombing. Of course they will be honoured as martyrs.

>> No.45886869

I swear to god QM if our troops were in there...

>> No.45886887

Well we DID have two of our Evas in ground zero. Did anyone warn them about the detonation?

>> No.45886906

You mean like last time we did tactical bombing? You mean how Davids burns are our fault?

>> No.45886915

We said all troops. This includes the EVAs.

>> No.45886916

some of them are no doubt. The question is if this is from the N2 or from the angel itself. Our CGT was going to engage so ... RIP.

>> No.45886923

I presume they're on the same line, they can hear what's going on in the Bridge

>> No.45886941

Holy- someone need to tell those pilot to calm down!

>> No.45886958

When you assume you make an 'ass' out of 'u' and 'me'

>> No.45886986

Sixty niggers.

>> No.45887006

The next post after CGT posted was an order for him to retreat so hopefully he did just that

>> No.45887036

[CGT] Every....-- --fe in Indu--- -3. Ev--nits sta-- unkn---.

>> No.45887041


>> No.45887051

Well, at least we now know what an N2 can do.

>> No.45887074


>> No.45887087

Well, at least one guy survived.

>> No.45887093

Repeat last transmission CAG, heavy interference.

>> No.45887096

"Everybody safe in Industry 03. Evaunits status unknown"
I think.

>> No.45887098

Is this static normal following a N2 detonation?

>> No.45887103

I dont think it was the n2 mines that did that

>> No.45887131

Rolled 10 (1d10)

damn it
Let me throw out some bad rolls
hope it will boos next rolls

>> No.45887138


Hermit, give us a status report about the battleground. Perseverence, engage with Howitzer, everyone that can hear me, engage the Angel, know.

>> No.45887147

Oh god...I never been more disgusted with a max roll...

>> No.45887150

... Welp looks like we are promoted to 'Major Collateral Damage'

N2 mines are not the be all and end all. There is a reason that NERV uses Evas and not heavy bombers after all. I think we need a Dual Key system for their usage in the future.

>> No.45887159

damn it anon

>> No.45887182

//Yes Major, the static is a known aftereffect of N2 Detonation. The state of Rural District 06 will have to be assessed after the battle.

//Major, should I divert my processing power toward restoring communications or leave it to the decrypting of CHARIOT's data?

>> No.45887183

An angel detonation is way more powerful than an N2 mine I'm pretty sure. Fingers crossed the EVAs are ok

>> No.45887194



You know what I think the reason we keep fucking up is because of sabotage. Someone is fucking with our comms.

He survived since he is in industrial 3 I think. Trying to tell us something going on.

I have to wonder if someone else gave the pilot orders to drop the mine b4 we did a retreat.

>> No.45887206

oh, my eyes are fucked up, i though he was bleeding

>> No.45887211

I see the dice gods haven't lost their sense of humor, the sick bastards.

>> No.45887223

No. Continue decrypting the data.

We can do with direct visual feed from the ground forces for a while.

>> No.45887232

They know what they have to do, we need those data.

>> No.45887242

Get communications back up, we can't be flying blind here.

>> No.45887255

Keep decrypting. All we'd be ordering is for people to shoot at the angel, and they can probably figure that out.

>> No.45887261

Are we sure they know what they have to do?

>> No.45887285


I agree if our forces can't hear us they can't do anything or will fuck it up even more. Also i am not sure if they know what to do. Also if the situation changes we need to give them orders

We can continue to decrypt it later.

>> No.45887286

Well, our briefing was pretty clear. Even if we are unable to apply our plan when we have the initiative (we are the worst major ever I swear).

>> No.45887311

I don't think we can rely on anything going right for us desu.
What do we need the data for again?

>> No.45887321


REstore comms

Better late than blind. At least we cant tell them to retreat

>> No.45887332

Sometimes I think they'd do better without our orders.

>> No.45887352

>What do we need the data for again?
For understanding how the Angel work.
What I'm affraid of is each time it split/merge, it get back all its AT field and all. We must find a weakness or we are doomed.

>> No.45887354

Maj. F. Fyres

>> No.45887388

Yeah we definitely need that data.

Continue decrypting MAGI, the units should know the plan by now.

>> No.45887390

You do have a point.

MAGI how much longer until the decryption is finish? How long will it take to restore comms?

>> No.45887435

But we don't know what it is doing without coms.

What if we have multiple berzerking Eva units from sending up the bomb?
and we don't know about it?
What if it has absorbed the blast and is approaching?
What it it is regenerating right now with its AT field down?

We are in the dark.

Coms are the priority

>> No.45887487

We can still get a visual feedback from Hermit and even a status report.

>> No.45887502

The way I see it anon, it's a case of short term gain to shorter term gain. I suggest we get the data decrypted asap, so when Comms do come back online we won't be flying even more blind.

>> No.45887519

You know guys. If y'all want to take this logically then better know the advantages and disadvantages of both. Analyze and then collect decision.
Anyone can reinforce why plan a or b is better with explainations.
Make time limit 10min or less

>> No.45887524

Don't we have computer techs for this comms shit?

>> No.45887601

//All right Major, I'll keep my directing my processing power towards the data. I'm currently restoring the last partition, it should not be long.

[Head, Science Division] Major, the Angel has successfully merged back. Preliminary analysis suggest that the Bakelite is firmly lodged in its main body. I won't separate again without suffering damage.

If the Angel really had the ability to regenerate its A.T. Field, it seems that our N2 Bombing mitigated it.

>> No.45887638

What's the status of the Evas?

>> No.45887642

Alright. Let's have at 'em! Tally ho!

>> No.45887666

Get me a ground feed from Industrial 01. We need to find those EVAs.

>> No.45887668

Majo---e safe--scape--he bl-st. How-r it se---ke the Thir--ild is--feri-g so-e ki-- of p---rau-atic sho--. He's cryi-- -ght now.

>> No.45887669

Alright Groovy! lets strike while the metal is Hot.

though that said... maybe now that it has a central mass... it might be able to do its Zueriel stabby tendril thing.

>> No.45887685

Ahhh David is triggered by N2 mines. :(

>> No.45887686

David's hurt. shit. Can we get a feed up?

>> No.45887693

One of the evas looks like its been stabbed or grappled.

>> No.45887709

And risk ending up with another Chapter 4? Hell no!


Magi, get comms up to optimal levels stat

>> No.45887740

>Third child have a PTSD

Tank platoons and second child, open fire, it will give our troops some time to our troops in RURAL 06.

>> No.45887766

Remember the last time we used N2s for tactical bombing. We boiled him alive like a fucking seafood dinner.>>45887740

>> No.45887769

Okay, their safe, but Third Child is freaking out.
MAGI, hurry up and get that data decrypted so we can get comms back to normal

>> No.45887852

> it will give our troops some time to our troops in RURAL 06.
It will buy some time for our troops in RURAL 06*. Really need some sleep.

>> No.45887857

>vitals: normal
Stone Cold.

>> No.45888007

Wasn't that from the Angel an heroing right below him?

>> No.45888022

Gotta wonder if it happened again.

>> No.45888056

Man, poor kid.

>> No.45888087

Hindsight is 20/20
We totally should have let him man the sniping post and put the other two at the front line.
Next time.
That is, if there is next time.

>> No.45888135

[Second Child] Maj--! Th- --gel h-- mer--d! An- H-'s runnin-- i-cr--ibly fa-- --owra-s HQ!

W--t sh-- w- do?

>> No.45888184

...The fuck?

>> No.45888186


>> No.45888193

HE'S MAKING A BREAK FOR IT! Do we have a second round of Bakelite?! Start shooting! Hit the hips if you can - they're a lot less dodgy than legs.

>> No.45888199

Keep shooting, get conventional forces on it as well. Do we have any heavy ordinance left?

Also, get ready to use the positron rifle.

>> No.45888209

Positron Rifle, anyone?

>> No.45888215

I'm assuming the giant red mass is crystalized Bakelite?

Okay, fall back for a moment, and get to a position in which you can bully it from a distance

>> No.45888216

Maybe we should just wait. He's ignoring our troop, we can buy time with static defenses and wait for our troops to reorganize?

Temperence can shoot with it's Howitzer if it answer. Same for Tank platoons.

I'm not sure they can hear us.

>> No.45888239

Another bakelite bomb would be perfect right now.

>> No.45888242

Then restoring comms just became our top fucking priority didn't it?

>> No.45888263

Not really, things are still under our control. Our troops aren't murdered right now and we have still have some time before hitting the panic button.

>> No.45888279

FINALLY, someone with a brain

Hey MAGI! Are you done deciphering yet?

>> No.45888327

Our troops were't murdered when we got comms back on in 4, and look what happened then. We need these systems back in working condition

>> No.45888346


Then can hear us somewhat I suspect. Since its going to be garbled we just need to repeat the msg like 9x. So the chance that they can hear all of it increases.

EX. Static Defense fire on angel. x9
Static Defense fire on angel.

I suspect its too late to change that now.

>> No.45888368

Except 4 was a brawl and this goy has barely even fought back. Oh. Shit. He hasn't even fought back yet.

>> No.45888421

You're just NOW realizing that?
Damn it, we need to come up with a plan before it does something we're going to regret

>> No.45888423

We need to slow it down to allow our coms to recover.

If our fixed defences are in range, and we can tell them we need rounds on target while its still in the river.

>> No.45888431

I didnt know gondola was an angel

>> No.45888436

Ok guys we need a battle plan. Static defence can fire on it for a bit.

Reorganize troops for redeployment? or have it pursue the angel?

Any other ideas around here?

>> No.45888451

Also, where the FUCK is Third Child?!?
He better not be going fucking AWOL again!

>> No.45888476

Pretty much this. And we still have 45 layer of armor between the Angel and us. I still think decyphering the data was for the best. Let's hope it will be usefull.

I would be more for a reorganization.

>> No.45888505

The geofront can take a beating, so the angel making a beeline for HQ isn't too bad. Just keep plinking at it from a distance.

>> No.45888519

He's PTSD man.

Confirming this. Reorganize, form up and move in. Static defenses can lay suppressive fire.

>> No.45888523

Open up with the static defenses. 02, Shoot one of it's legs off. Do we have another round of Bakelite?

He's heading straight for HQ, we don't have time

1st child, you got any AT trickery you can use?

>> No.45888537

He's crying after we detonated a bomb next to him.


>> No.45888551

Wait if it'll take awhile to get through the armor then maybe we do.
I hope it doesn't have an energy blast attack, that'd make this situation 1000x worse

>> No.45888567

Those legs are too strong for blasters! Use your harpoons and tow cables!

>> No.45888575

Hes basically had a episode because we tried to bomb him with a N2 mine.


He's either way hes combat ineffective right now. We need to find something that makes him want to fight. After all hes in pain just entering the entry plug.

>> No.45888576

Major! We need your authorization and D10 roll to activate the Static Defense System!

Remember, each salvo costs 1 funding unit!

>> No.45888599

Rolled 7 (1d10)


>> No.45888624

Rolled 6 (1d10)


>> No.45888631

I think we should re org close to hq. The units that are left in rural 6 should redeploy to Residential 02. and fire on the enemy from range.
I don't think we can distract it, I think its determined to beeline to hq.

>> No.45888633

Rolled 6 (1d10)


>> No.45888636


>> No.45888677

Current rundown of what We Know about the Angel.

- It can Split into 2
# note MAGI has determined it will self harm if it does so again
- It has long range cutting arms that it deployed against Chariot.
- It is Amphibious.
- It is FAST while in water. Land speed unknown

>> No.45888726

When we get our communication back, we should order our VTOLs squadrons to redeploy tanks platoons. In the meantime, operational EVAs will move to the rally point.

We should also find some sweet things to tell to David. Is there anyone from the psychology division that can help us?

>> No.45888770

Gotta get that kid a waifu.

>> No.45888867

Can you repeat that message a 5 times captain? The static makes it hard to hear the full message. What happened in industrial 3?

OOC: Ok anons how about sending out a message to all units to repeat their messages a few times? We can probably alleviate the static problem that way. If we repeat it enough they might be able to piece together our message. And we can piece together theirs?

>> No.45888869

And preferably one who he WON'T wank on in the hospital bed?

>> No.45888913

For all we know, the girl might be into it.

>> No.45888918

CAG is our waifu, silly

>> No.45888967

[Computer Technician] Beginning salvo!

>> No.45888993


>> No.45889067

"Know your enemy and know yourself and you need not fear the outcome of 1000 battles."

Current status:
>Gambling on getting *some* information on an enemy we currently cannot observe
>To pay for this gamble we cannot have an accurate picture of our own troops positions or battle readiness

Even if that data provided information on a weakpoint right this second we've already paid far too dearly. This is choosing to fight blind and half deaf. Continued prioritising of decryption is utter folly!

>> No.45889082

Don't even think about it, with our luck she would wake up halfway through the act.
>Eww, commander, what are you doing?
>Wait, I didn't tell you to stop.

>> No.45889095

//The 5th Angel is about to enter Residential District 03. However, the salvo did slow it down.

>> No.45889130

> -4
Is this the single most devastating attack we managed to land on an Angel so far?

>> No.45889168

What? We're talking about David here. Settle down, CAGfags.

>> No.45889179

Residential 03?
Are you sure that's not a false reading?

That thing is REALLY fast.

>> No.45889193

M---r! Th- VT-Ls an- m- a-- havi-- tro-le keepi-- up with -he --ngel! H-'s to- fas-!

Wh-- shoul- w- do?

>> No.45889210

Not too shabby.
Eva 3, pursue. Eva 2, snipe. Eva 1... just take a moment to calm down.

>> No.45889215

opps. I had the map backwards. Disregard

>> No.45889243

Find a way to slow it down, and if not try not to hit it but pepper the area with as much shot as you can.

>> No.45889271

RES.03 ?

It mean it's at range from static weapon in RES.02 RES.03 RES07, IND02.

If we want to rain fire, it's now.

If you have a fire solution, open fire. (repeat 9 times)

If something go wrong, we have half our arsenal ready to atomize this shit.

>> No.45889287

Sweet, it looks like we might be able to make some progress here

It also looks like systems are starting to clear up.

Do we have any reading on how Magi is doing with deciphering?

Don't worry. That thing should be slowing down soon due to our latest attacks
I REPEAT, The Angel should be slowing down soon.

>> No.45889317

To CBG - do we have a second round of Bakelite available?

>> No.45889353

>Evas are fucking useless due to bad rolls
>Conventional troops are Wrecking this thing
I have half a mind to say the Fire Support Doctrine was a mistake

>> No.45889398

Bombardment killed the last Angel as well. Our ground troops are really racking up the kills

>> No.45889404

Told you man. Conventionals to DPS and EVAs to tank. Battlegroup strong.

>> No.45889478

I think we need to sacrifice an Eva to slow it down. Someone needs to suicide rush it and grab hold of a "leg" to immobilize it. This will either force it into a melee with said Eva while other forces move in to cut it off and finish the fight.

Alternatively, the angel will split again when we do this. Then we'll be dealing with two weakened halves, one in melee with our bait, the other getting swarmed by our regrouping forces. Either way we win.

What do you guys think?

Requesting an intel update! Which Eva unit is closest for the suicide rush if we go with this plan? I recommend Unit 03 if possible, she can tank some damage with the AT field.

>> No.45889494

It's almost like it's no longer Evangelion anymore

>> No.45889519

Remember the LAST time someone rushed an Angel?

>> No.45889537


Supporting This.

Have evas fire on it. Have all our static defence fire on it 1 salvo. Any unit that are in range fire on it.

You can say its the END OF EVANGELION! I had to do it.

>> No.45889541

Someone become a fucking soup AND that was her FIRST FUCKING BATTLE

>> No.45889546

No way. Evas are NOT expendable assets. And we know it won't split because it has the giant bakelite shaed lodged in the middle of it.

>> No.45889564

Sounds like she had a lot of promise.
I hope we can get her back.

>> No.45889608

The worst part about it was that she essentially was our foster-daughteru for the quest.

>> No.45889615

The last time, David got completely wrecked by AT shenanigans. This time we've got the upper hand and momentum and the angel is literally on the run.

I'm not saying the Evas are expendable, I'm saying we should take a risk to slow the thing down so the rest of our guys can finish it off.

Looks like we're going with the other plan anyway.

>> No.45889665

Stop it anon. Just stop and focus.
Be professional

>> No.45889677

What are you saying...? That was essentially have two EVAs at its legs and we start pulling it apart, Noob Saibot style?

>> No.45889708


Giant 'Robots' piloted by Children with mental problems - Check
Unknowable alien invaders - Check
Cold war within the only organization capable of defending from said invaders - Check

Seem Like Eva to me.

Um. Maybe?

On the run forwards out of the Kill zone into our Final defensive line. So more of an Advance?


Coms? Who do we have reliable contact with?

>> No.45889770

>have two EVAs at its legs and we start pulling it apart
Not what I meant, but that's actually a good idea. We can force the bakelite to damage it AND we'll have two "weaker" enemies to finish off one by one rather than dealing with a single strong one.

We should consider trying it if we get an opportunity.

>> No.45889801


I like this plan, if anything just to pay homage to the best fatality in Mortal Kombat.

That being said, I think we should get rid of the AT field before we go full meele on this guy.

>> No.45889815

Seems like a reasonable enough idea if our Evas can get close enough to it.

>> No.45889889

Do we know, in-character, why the Angels are attacking HQ in the first place?

>> No.45889949


>> No.45889996

That was for CAG when she crashed. And she's alive and totally fine, even because the waifufags in these threads would shit the bed if she actually died.

>> No.45890035



//CHARIOT's data is now decrypted. Here's the incomplete analysis:

-The 5th Angel has the ability to extend its tails to extreme range when swimming-

-The 5th Angel has two half Cores. Those merge together when the Angel fuses back. They are situated at the top of its body-

-When merging back, the Angel has the ability to regain some of his A.T. Field-

//The Angel is currently sprinting towards HQ. It is in firing range of 5 of our Static Weapon System.

//Our troop are currently split. The VTOLs and Eva Unit 02 are in Industrial District 01, our tank companies are in Rural District 03 but are advancing toward Residential District 02. Finally, Eva Units 01 and 03 are at the edge of Rural District 06. Eva Unit 03 is carrying Unit 01.

//Yes, but HERMIT needs to resupply at the airport. TEMPERANCE is circling towards the Angel but is having trouble targeting it because of the N2 detonation residual EMP effect.

//What are your orders, Major?

>> No.45890079

Major CAGtsuraki kept reminding me that two scene where we dream of CAG. Fucking suffering. Fucking name

>> No.45890125

Get comms back online as soon as you can.

Patch me through to Unit 01, I think it's time for another heart to heart with David.

>> No.45890199

The static weapon systems are pretty expensive, but so is everything else. I think it'll probably be worth it if using them results in less damage to the city and equipment.

Fire broadside!

>> No.45890410


pasting this one from before.

>> No.45890576

We'll need 4 rolls! One for the Evas, one for the VTOLs, one for the tanks and one for the Static Defenses!

>> No.45890586

Rolled 4 (1d10)

What nigger put our tanks in Rural 03? That's out of position for the entire fucking engagement. Seems to me like only our static defenses are currently in range. They made a pretty good showing last volley, so let's give them another.


>> No.45890602

Rolled 3 (1d10)

Let's go David!

>> No.45890612


>> No.45890616

Can we divert the VTOLs to pick up the tanks in time? If we can get that armor air-mobile that might save us a bunch of time.

>> No.45890620

Rolled 8 (1d10)

CGT, fuck'em up!

>> No.45890625

Rolled 2 (1d10)

Get it together, David!

>> No.45890634

Rolled 1 (1d10)

Here goes nothing.

>> No.45890643

Rolled 5 (1d10)

Okay VTOL Squadron is go!

>> No.45890645

Specify what you're rolling for you cucks.

>> No.45890651


>> No.45890654


>> No.45890655


stop invoking third 'always rolls bad' child's name when we make rolls you shitlords

>> No.45890661


So we are going to go and fire at it with salvos. Moving our troops into firing position.

Anything else?

Oh come on guys seriously?

Well at least we got some decent ones ...

>> No.45890667

Rolled 4 (1d10)


>> No.45890670

Rolled 10 (1d10)

Go David Go!

>> No.45890680


>> No.45890681

Major! The 6th Angel has changed its trajectory! It's now undergoing reentry!

I'll try to get a video feed from one of our surveillance satellite!

>> No.45890682

Too bad
It minus all rolls

aaand i hope this cancel it

>> No.45890721

Are you fucking kidding me?
Damn it, time till impact?

>> No.45890730


>> No.45890731

welp gg everyone

>> No.45890753

Update on the ETA? We were supposed to have a few days!

>> No.45890785

Well shit

>> No.45890852

Science Division; Prep the Positron Rifle for rail delivery

So. Who is going to be our Gunner? 02?

>> No.45890915


Stay Calm we still got this. We need to deploy the positron rifle.

02 is the closest to EVA weapon dispenser. She will have to shoot it.

>> No.45890920

>> No.45890938

//The 6th Angel entering Earth's atmosphere. //Estimated landing point: Greenland.
//ETA: 45 minutes.

//This Angel abilities are unknown.

>> No.45890999

5th & 6th are going to merge, right?

>> No.45891017

ok.. Thats not as time critical as expected.

Can we range on it with the positron rifle at all or is it not going to be below the horizon the whole way in?

Do we take the shot if we have one at all? or focus on suppressing the 5th angel?

>> No.45891053

Could the sixth angel be just the long lost third of the fifth? Could they merge?

We'll have to get Anna to the positron rifle, regardless of the fifth, unless we can somehow stop it in the next thirty minutes.

... What are the odds that David goes bezerk? He IS under some heavy stress.

>> No.45891090

Good to know. Lets kill angel 5 before 6 reinforces it.

We need to prep David. He needs to snap out of it. Get a cam feed on him, if we need to get him out of his Eva for a breather. He will join the assault on angel6 if possible.

Regarding the positron rifle save it for #6. #5 is closer to death. If we concentrate all fire on A5 again we can kill it. Within an hour or so. WE also cannot allow A5 to get out of here alive.

>> No.45891099

I don't think so. It does make sense, mind you, but you gotta remember that the number designation is likely from the Dead Sea Scrolls rather than just "first to show up"

>> No.45891133

Greenland in 45? That's not too bad actually. Considering the transit times, that should give us at least a week and probably closer to three unless this Eva is hypersanic. If luck is on our side (>implying), we'll get our funds before then and get out of the 5th angel with minor damage. I'm thinking we should look into the A2A missiles for our VTOLs, as well as upgrading our Tank firepower, and getting another Bakelite bomber.

When we're able to bring them into play, our CAG and CGT have been our heavy hitters. We should be focusing on maximizing our ability to apply that firepower, with range and firepower (SPGs?) for the Tank units and engine upgrades for our Air units. The strategic bombers seem like their best fit is in a support role - you can see that in this engagement our tactical use of an N2 mine resulted in Comms fuckery for posts on end, as well as knocking an Eva out of action due to psych trauma.

I still say that, as a matter of doctrine, we should pair up VTOL and Tank units at the very least to make Air-Mobile Armor units. The tanks greatest weakness is their mobility - pairing them with VTOL's transport ability is an excellent counter to this.

>> No.45891152

Maybe they can merge. It doesn't matter 2 angels will be more problematic than 1.

David can go berzerk in theory I suppose but it would waste our resources if we have to stop him. I prefer if he gets out of his eva and leave the eva for a bit to calm down.

>> No.45891172

>david get out of the robot and cool down
>b-but then CAG will hit me again ;~;

>> No.45891201

I wonder... if David became liquid LCL and then was reformed, would he be healed of that scar tissue?

>> No.45891213

>EVAs - 3+1, Tanks - 8, VTOLs - 5, SDS - 4

[CGT] It's making a run for HQ! We're not slowing it down!

>> No.45891244

Ten damage, bull SHIT we're not slowing it down. Nine points remaining, let's finish it off.

>> No.45891249

>get in the robot David
>no, scratch that, you need to get out of the robot
>okay, now get back in the robot again
It's Evangelion all right.

>> No.45891265

Wow thats a lot better than I expected.

>> No.45891269

>abusing invincibility frames for exiting and entering your mech

>> No.45891280

The AT field is down. Now or never, we need one of our Evas to intercept and stop it! Time for melee combat.

>> No.45891286

This is probably the most Evangelion fanfiction in existence.

>> No.45891304

AT Field down, nine health on the core. Depending on who else is in range we can probably stop burning money on the static defenses. Press the attack.

>angels explode when killed
Next you'll say "I was only pretending to be retarded!"

>> No.45891317


>> No.45891407

>Next you'll say "I was only pretending to be retarded!"
Pretty sure this is the Major's damage control response to just about everything after he's done mumbling conflicting bullshit for ten minutes.

But really, most angels in the series were killed by melee. You're over exaggerating how dangerous the angel explosions are.

>> No.45891432

M-Major! Extremely high energy spikes are coming from the 6th Angel!

It's off the charts! I-I've never see anything like this!

>> No.45891475

Yes, and most angels in this quest were killed by conventional forces shooting it till it died.

>> No.45891482

Okay, what the hell is going on? Are the two connected somehow? Harming one powers the other? Or is is preparing a shot, using 5th as a navigation point?

>> No.45891497

...It has its own positron rifle, right?

Let's do rock paper scissors, the pilot who loses gets the morphine

>> No.45891515

how many salvoes? we used 6 fu already.

Fuck it fire all everything we got at #5. Not the N2mines though.We will use those for #6 if possible. And brace for a blast. And what are you foowlz doing fire already!

>> No.45891517

Well, so much for not worrying about it for another couple of weeks.
Probably the latter. Speaking of...
To all forces "Sixth angel is charging a massive attack. Grab cover from above and brace for impact. REPEAT: GRAB COVER, BRACE FOR IMPACT"

>> No.45891520

I swear to God, these angels are worse than XCOM aliens.

>> No.45891531

We need some bigger charts, then. Remind me to look into that once this is over.

Anyway, it's probably a safe bet that isn't a good thing. Take cover?

>> No.45891725

So what are our battle plans? Kill #5 before 6 arrives correct? Anything else?

>> No.45891726


Poor choice of words.

>> No.45891758

Until we get an idea of #5's capabilities and tactics, that's all we can do.

>> No.45891764


We are literally in a controlled disaster at this point.

>> No.45891768

//Communications are back online.

>> No.45891793

>> No.45891826

Major! The 6th Angel has fired three energy blast towards HQ! ETA: 3 minutes!

>> No.45891831

Evangelion is synonymous with 'controlled disaster'.


>> No.45891832


>> No.45891868

Sixty seperatists shitting on the sacred scriptures.

>> No.45891873

Lets take a few of the hits head on to gauge its accuracy and power level. Depending on how things look, we can deploy Unit 03 to block any further rounds using the AT field. Meanwhile, Anna needs to get in position with the positron rifle and deal with number 6 ASAP.

What's the status on David? If we can get him back into the fight, him and the other conventional forces should be able to finish number 5 together.

>> No.45891886

oh god... its a sniper.

We're like.. how far under ground? Are we still laying pressure on Angel 5?

>> No.45891889


>> No.45891901

Now's not the time for fear, that comes later.
About 50 armored layers underground, and probably.

>> No.45891907

The static defences are expensive AND probably also have limited ammo.

But that said we should prepare to use them after we maybe tank a hit? or at least figure out how accurate these blasts are.

>> No.45891908

Okay, this whole "disrupt NERV communications" has gone far enough.

Is there any research or equipment that'd let us avoid this bullshit?

>> No.45891918


Is there anything we can do to prevent those blasts from connecting?

>> No.45891923

Major. The Third Child is currently crying and unable to move. However I'm position right behind the 5th Angel.

What are your orders?

>> No.45891927

Yes seconding.
We should kill it before it tries to get into the holes #6 creates.

Stay calm, we still have 50 armored layers.

>> No.45891936

Finish him off then get to cover. We've got enemy artillery landing in about two minutes.

>> No.45891942

Major! I see three red lights coming in straight for HQ!

I need orders now!

>> No.45891945

Fuck it, get ready to engage the 5th Angel. If We're lucky, we can end it before the 6th lands

>> No.45891960

Attempt interception with AT fields. Stay calm.

>> No.45891969


>> No.45891970

Leave the third child and engage. There's no reason for the angel to target him.

>> No.45891987

Someone get me comms with David already!

>> No.45891988

Where the hell is First Child anyway?

>> No.45892012

All units will engage 5th angel. Fire everything you've got.

2nd child Intercept 1 of the red lights with your AT field. Do not attempt to intercept all of them, it may lead to your death, and that would be very disappointing.

>> No.45892018

Piloting Unit 3?

>> No.45892020


>> No.45892045

Right behind 5th angel

3rd child is having ptsd.

>> No.45892062

>2nd child Intercept 1 of the red lights with your AT field
Gotta say no to this one. I like the interception idea but it has to be the 1st child, her AT field is much more powerful. We need Anna manning the positron rifle and preparing to retaliate against angel 6.

Lets just tank the first volley and gauge the thing's strength.

>> No.45892072

No shit, sherlock

Thank you

>> No.45892132


>> No.45892136


>> No.45892162

I'd rather not tank anything if we don't have to. We've taken minimal losses so far, let's try and keep it that way.

>> No.45892217


>> No.45892233

Good point I totally forgot about the positron idea.

I am hesitant to tank all the hits the damage can be catastrophic to civilian sector. Having the 1st child tank 1 of it should off set some damage, and it still allows us to gauge how much damage it does. If we tank 1 shot, and the other 2 land drilling through 20 armoured layers. We can guess that shot would have went through another 10 layers. Besides I would rather not pay for more repairs. It would impact our budget allocation.

>> No.45892250

I'm thinking budget too. Every pip of damage we don't take is more money available for upgrades and research.

>> No.45892277

>Besides I would rather not pay for more repairs
I'm betting unit 02 is going to need a ton of repairs if we go through with the AT shield idea.

>> No.45892280


I'll need your D10 roll to engage the angel!

>> No.45892298

Rolled 6 (1d10)


>> No.45892305

Rolled 10 (1d10)


>> No.45892312

Rolled 9 (1d10)

h-here goes!

>> No.45892316

Hot damn

>> No.45892317

Rolled 2 (1d10)


Shoot I forgot to mention we could have the 1st child tank it all but she may die. So Maybe 2 at best, but that would lead to more dmg on the eva.

>> No.45892324

Rolled 8 (1d10)

Go Florence! I choose you!

>> No.45892431

Losing AT field on EVAs is non-issue because they can be replenished easily.
And Unit 3 has plenty of AT field, thanks for 1st Child's sync.

>> No.45892503

New Thread?

Good to know.

>> No.45892555

Unit 3 is currently fighting the angel itself, though. As she should be. If we can't take one volley, we sure as hell can't take two.

Unit 2 might be in position to do something, but her AT field is a lot weaker. I definitely wouldn't count on it to withstand an attack that would damage the Geofront.

>> No.45892603


[First Child] Major, I've successfully climbed the angel. I'm near the core now.

This is also worth noting, I'm hearing some kind of laughing voice resonating in the entry plug.

>> No.45892627

Ummm... does it sound like the laughing voice from the movie Predator?

>> No.45892665

>some kind of laughing voice resonating in the entry plug.

>> No.45892724

Is the voice getting louder or just staying background noise?

To bridge/scientists-Can we get a sync ratio update on Unit 03? And how many sets of vitals are coming from within the plug?

>> No.45892725

Who's voice does it sound like Eileen, Dave, your mom? Could it be the angel communicating with her? Well rip and tear at the 5th angel's core at any rate.

>> No.45892735

That... that could be good or bad.

Is it eileen? Did she become the Eva? Or is she reconstituting. its gonna be awkward to have her unmelt in the plug with someone else already in it.

>> No.45892751

Rolled 6 (1d10)

Take it out. Here is your attack roll.

>> No.45892760

Ignore the voices. Strike the core, and make sure to clear out.

>> No.45892769

I swear if that's Eileen... Listen, First Child, you may be in serious danger. I may not know what exactly is going on, but I have my suspicions. Be VERY careful

>> No.45892778

>she possesses the current pilot

>> No.45892780

[MAGI] //Impact in 3... 2... 1..-----

>> No.45892791

It's not Eileen guys. The entry plug for the EVA is different.

>> No.45892849

which kind of means something worse...
Eileen wasn't in the entryplug... She's in the Eva itself.

>> No.45892852

Rolled 8 (1d10)

First, Listen to me. You need to kill that thing NOW.
Take your current weapon and magdump its core IMMEDIATELY
This may be your one chance. Make it count

>> No.45892861


>> No.45892870

We don't even know if the whole "Eva's have your mother's soul" thing is going on.

>> No.45892897

Ophelia, status!

>> No.45892911

I always thought that was well... coincidental. They were blank until someone interfaced and melted into them. Unit 1 has shinji's moms soul because she was the one that went in and melted. Same goes for asuka and unit 2. Unit 0 had another rei soulfrom my knowledge.... Thank goodness this is all OOC

>> No.45892920

That looks like it hurt.

>> No.45892943

OOC Guys how many layers do you think it penetrated? guessing 40. 10 for each + combined will make it stronger.

>> No.45892970

I thought Asuka's mom killed herself and the original Rei was strangled to death by Ritsuko's mom.

>> No.45893041

//Damage report :

//The attack melted away 12 of our 50 armored layers.

//HQ District suffered catastrophic damage.

//Communications are being reestablished.

>> No.45893044

Asuka's mom interfaced with unit 2 to my knowledge, but lost a bit of herself to the machine. Cross contamination and whatnot. So her killing herself was aftermath of that. But the "important" part of her was in unit 2.

It has been like 5-6 years since i've seen original series Evangelion anyways.

>> No.45893055

OOC: Seriously, should we start a new thread or not

>> No.45893106

>HQ District suffered catastrophic damage.

Shit. Lets hope most of the Civvies were in other shelters.

>> No.45893108

I'm pretty sure every candidate at Shinji's school had lost their mother so they could be soul harvested for future Evas. How Asuka's mom came to be in Unit 02 is [redacted], at least to me, but Asuka's mom being in Unit 02 is one of the many revelations of EoE

>> No.45893229


Predicted by the fucking dead sea scrolls.

NGE (and Rebuild by extension) are huge on fatalism. The First Ancestral Race literally had the entire script of what would happen if a Black Seed interacted with a White Seed.

>> No.45893234

This is it for tonight! I don't know when the next thread will be, I'll announce it on Twitter.

Thank you for playing /tg/!

>> No.45893251

Thanks for running, bossman

>> No.45893279

See you next time, comrade

>> No.45893310

It's all a metaphor, anyway.

>> No.45893444

Thanks for running!

>> No.45893491

Thanks for running bossman

>> No.45893496

Looking forward to the next wild ride.

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