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Old thread at limit

Filename thread

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Jesus fuck, how did evolution smooth out our chins so much?

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Wonder how long it took them to do that

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I have no idea the context of this thread. But this is top notch. I want a redraw into IG uniforms for full effect

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Innistrad hype

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23 down doesn't work and trumpets don't boast. Damn people.

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Trumpet used as a verb can be a synonym for boast.

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Ah true, forgot about that.

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Isn't that more of an /a/ thing?

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Additionally, cloth is often sold by the yard.

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Better file name: Centurion Squad

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Clap Clap for saving that kids face.

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ATL shawty

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>pommel bash
>grabs the blade for a Mordhau

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You don't know what a filename thread is, do you ?

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He, reminds me of my childhood, when I just to build trenches at the beach with my brother and repel the invading allies.

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It makes me sad to think that so many artists must get depressed looking on the internet and seeing how many people want to fuck things they meant to be cute.

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Ok, that facepalm makes it hilarious. What is it from?

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onimusha 2

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I almost want to ask for source on that just to watch what comes next, because it looks like he's going to javelin that fucking sword into that guy to nail him to the ground.

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You almost want it but not quite?
Anyway it's For Honour.
A silly setting in which late medieval european knights, samurai and vikings duke it out, but the twist is that it tries to eschew traditional video-gamey melee combat for something more, if not completely realistic and accurate, at least heavy and methodical.

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not fuck
I would make sweet tender love to that unicorn and cuddle with it til the morning dawn playfully shone through morning dew. It would be a beautiful act that could not be described in such vulgar terms as fucking. It would be the culmination of two sentient beings deep connection with each other.

The fucking would not commence til day 3, when I introduce her to my dragon dildo collection.

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/quest/ board when?

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That's some nice evil.

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What is that from?

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From some Bomber Grape doujin

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What is this, and is the rest as hilarious?

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Sabagebu and no. It misses more often than it hits.

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What is this and why do I need to buy this

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Sabagebu and yes, it great from start to finish.

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Welp, time to give it the ol' 3-episode try, then.

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I found it hilarious the whole way through so you might have to watch it for your self

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Holy shit, that sucks.

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When Ike doesn't lift.

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It's spelled 'Scribblenauts'.

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Trust me, you don't. The only special thing about it is some occasional halfswording moves. Otherwise it's still retarded fantasy shit.

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The hell is this?

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Yeah, it probably would take /a/ to get the joke of the repetition of the 8s.

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>leveling up charisma

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Bitch leveling up what does it look like?

Put it all in charisma clearly maybe a bit of con for those child bearing hips

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That's not a joke, anon. It's not even /tg/

Muffy was right not to take you if that's the weak shit you bring

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I hate you all

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I'm pretty sure you're shitposting AND samefagging but you look like you could use the help. Whats wrong, Champ?

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we hate you too /pol/-kun
go and stay go

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I was only shitposting, not samefagging.

The post was actually supposed to be a joke, taking advantage of the fortuitous circumstances of nobody having replied yet, but I guess it wasn't funny, friend

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>nazi dice roller
Clever, but could have done better with the bikini armor image, or a skub image.

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So... hows your day?

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Bees lay eggs. How extensive can research really be?

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Well, it did fit into a two week period, and that mustard thing probably occupied most of his time.

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Is this porn?
If so
. . . sauce?

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enough to develop pregnancy for bees

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Jesus that's just depressing

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fucking cinnamon. in the chili. and you put it on fucking spaghetti.

fucking Cleveland.
coney sauce is better, but we only put it on hot dogs, fries and omelettes.

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makes me want to actually try to learn though. I've always felt I had the manual dexterity to draw, just not the practice and ... dimensional vision? Like, I have this bad problem of enlarging the drawing as I try to create it, blowing up pieces that I can clearly visualize the details on.

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Practice and doing studies can help that a lot. The main issue is people tend towards one style and ignore all the rest where most successful artists learn a shit ton, take what works from what, make their own style around that, get critique about what they did wrong, practice on that to even their shit out, then make art. It can take a lifetime of mild dedication that most nowadays can't seem to upkeep.

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where the hell is that from?
Are those mtg characters?

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where's that bottom art from?

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oh i see. i mistook the big guy for ajani

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All of Jubei's responses were on fleek

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SoI spoilers. Running theory is it's full art for the new Vindicate.

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As a Michigander by birth who grew up eating Coneys, I can say that both styles of chili are great and that Cincinnati chili on spaghetti is delicious.

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Sauce on this?

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I kinda like that Mechanicus-looking dude with the hammer, shame he didn't get to do more.

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Not gonna lie, aside from Bellona (Crazy chick)'s close-ups the entire trailer is really lackluster.

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I really can't believe this isn't porn. I mean, somebody was jacking off constantly while making it, obviously, but nary a nipple to be seen in the source.

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Nautilus? He's pretty awesome. And that's an anchor.

Nautilus's lore is that he was a diver who was about to sink into the water. when something went wrong and he got grabbed by some monster. He grabbed the ship, but the rest of the crew threw him in to avoid whatever it was, and in one last act of desperation he grabbed a hold of the ship's anchor and dragged it down with him.

He wakes up later, no longer human, and stuck at the bottom of the ocean, and so he starts walking. Eventually, he makes it to land, but by that point, the only thing he can remember is that he was left for dead by his crew. So now the only thing he's got left is his diving suit, the anchor he carried with him, and the urge to get revenge for his abandonment/murder

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LoL has some amazing character backstories. Shame they're wasted on an unplayable game.

Viktor gives me the feels.

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So um... yet another DotA?

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smite is prolly lowest on the difficulty chain and can be played on consoles iirc. Also, every hero is a god, so at least they have decent lore to look through.

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The big problem is that the models just don't feel alive. So much of the action just feels very stilted.

>> No.45874525

Pretty much.

MOBAs are obscenely popular for some absurd reason.

Did you notice how pretty much all the character designs were crap?


>Decent Lore

They butchered the lore for so many of them.

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They've gotten a lot better about making their characters feel like you think they should feel in the game, but I generally agree.

New Sion is likely my favorite overall.

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Fuck you

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All of Bellona's facial expressions give me a boner.

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Shadow of the Demon Lord

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It's actually kind of weird. The character focused parts of the trailer seem really interesting, which is why the close ups feel so good. It's just when they show the fighting that shit gets dumb.

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I really just choose to enjoy occasional Jinx doujin and ignore the rest, so I wouldn't know.

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I actually meant the techpriest-looking guy at 2:13, but that's a pretty cool backstory, I may steal it for an npc

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never have a wanted something so stupid so badly.

>> No.45874648

Smite is at least different and lets you buy the game

LoL is still complete ass, same with HoTS

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Yeah, the porn is great.

The music is good too.


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image tax because my last one wasn't a filename

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Oh, that's Jax. Jax is an older champion, so he's got older lore.

Basically, he's the resident badass weaponmaster, who's essentially unstoppable. He was beating everyone all the time, and so they said he wasn't allowed to use a real weapon. So he ripped up a lightpole(that's what he's using in the trailer) and just kept beating the shit out of people anyways.

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>So he ripped up a lightpole(that's what he's using in the trailer) and just kept beating the shit out of people anyways.
That's hilarious.

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>he ripped up a lightpole(that's what he's using in the trailer) and just kept beating the shit out of people anyways


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think the bigger problem is that the fight's not nearly as back-and-forth as the one in >>45873388 Main chick and her team are never even so much on the back foot, no reason to get invested in the outcome.

>> No.45874952

That, and you really have no idea what's going on. The cut betweens make the video hard to understand and the action camera is really unfocused with too much going on at once.

>> No.45874966

That guy is a champ, was worried he broke his arm.

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This is why you tome of battle/path of war.

I can't understand how people can want to play martials without those. It makes me cringe.

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Best Way to Play 3.5/PF is to replace Monk and Fighter with Swordsage and Warblade and ban Wizards and Druids. Clerics are provisional and replacing Paladins with Crusaders is optional.

>> No.45875222

This is actually pretty much how I run my games.

>> No.45875242

How's Tome of War anyways?

>> No.45875280

Not even fucking close to him. This player on 9000 ping or what?

>> No.45875303

In the trailer, the bear acts as a separate entity instead of an ability.

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>> No.45875390

New Poppy is fun as hell, by far my favorite character.

Unfortunately every time I play League, I break something close to me. So I don't play it much anymore.

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>killing people

>> No.45875507

It also gets immediately devoured by Baron. Not exactly Tibbers' (or Annie's) finest moment. :|

>> No.45875508

I killed pretty much all the time. Always ended up getting the good ending.

>> No.45875522

Is that fucking John Cena

>> No.45875597

Eh, she wasn't completely useless.

>> No.45875888

>tfw someone reposts the screenshot you took
Feels good.

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And for the three or so of you who're going to ask literally every single time this webm appears, source is the Animatrix.

>> No.45877000

What is the context of this being in the Animatrix?

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Testing what? The Matrix? Machines?

>> No.45877090

Remember that scene in the Matrix where Morpheus is teaching Neo how to fight in a virtual dojo? Same thing.

>> No.45877092

How do you get worse at drawing over six years?

>> No.45877103


So the mentor in this case is the hot chick and is Morpheus the newbie in this case?

>> No.45877129

Deviantart is anathema to constructive criticism and artistic development.

Nope. Different characters entirely. The woman is being tested It's not a combat test.

>> No.45877135


What kind of test is it then?

Is it lewd?

>> No.45877152

Samurai Lady has the hots for Black Sanurai. Turns out BS wants to go back into the matrix ala cyrus. SL refuses and they try to kill each other. She kills him and the program ends. Turns out it was all a test to see if she'd crack under pressure. John DiMaggio gets punched in the face.

>> No.45877210

So, no lewds?

>> No.45877284

I remember one anon who sperged the fuck out about this pic. Shit was hilarious.

>> No.45877355

Sadly no. The closest we get from that short is the banter.

>> No.45877404

pants were shat

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>> No.45877640

>I hate you all

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>> No.45877866

Wat. also, sauce

>> No.45877878

Bayonetta 2.

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>> No.45877901

what the fuck. Is that a fucking slinky

>> No.45877987

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I'm in stiches at page fucking 2

>> No.45878008

That little bastard handed her a second ball he brought!
Now that's a true rogue

>> No.45878073

The Bible, Genesis something something.

>> No.45878251

You took the words out of my mouth Anon-kun.

>> No.45878358

>Chaotic Neutral.jpg

>I don't want to set the world on fire
>But i want those high savings

>> No.45878406

It looks to me like a stack of paper has been bound together accordion-style and then carved.

>> No.45878466

I don't get it.

>> No.45878476

Fucking why.

>> No.45878491

And just look at the face on the guy in red. He knows.

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>> No.45878585

We invented razors.

>> No.45878602

It was a biography of the guy it's sculpted after iirc

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>> No.45879292

Basically, in smite, you can go and kill the big-ol' fire-giant in the trailer to get a huge team-wide buff, and that's why it wasn't so back and forth in the fight where everyones' eyes were red.

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>> No.45879372

>> No.45879395

Shamefully admit I know who that is on the right.
Anna Song. There are lewds of her online

>> No.45879406

>> No.45879411

>> No.45879831

But the trailer doesn't explain any of that, and I'm pretty sure the trailer wasn't made for people who actually play the game.

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