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That Guy thread?
I recently decided to run a game for my friends, so I had then draft characters with the 3x3 method. So, one of the players hands in his sheet to me and it reads like a fucking Naruto OC. Here are some examples from his sheet:
>He's a member of a group of assassins called
"The Cloaked Daggers" that worship the God of Darkness and Death.
>He killed his first man at nine.
>He became an elite member at eighteen.
>That same year he split the order into a Civil War which he leads one side.
>Under his beliefs he wrote "Leave no witnesses" which completely conflicts with everyone else in the party who had things like "Protect the weak" and "Protect children"
>Says that whenever he enters a town he's doing to have someone to assassinate which will lead to him killing a fuck load of people.
>Says he's going to kill families and kidnap children into his Order.
>Mfw the whole time.
I don't know what to do. It's one of my first times running a game and it's like he's trying to fuck everyone over.

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>it's like he's trying to fuck everyone over.
tell him exactly that, and then ask him to make a new character.

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Look him in the eye, calmly take his sheet, tear it up in front of him, and then tell him to try again.

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Wait, if he's killing a fuck tonne of people, why are there no guards/police ripping his shit to pieces?

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Bruh, just be fucking straight with him, Jesus.

Like >>45840435 and >>45840481 have said, don't try to sugarcoat it and just tell him to cut that shit out and cut it down

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There are. It's just that he's fucking over EVERYONE with a move like that. Not like I'm letting him off the hook with it.

I tried that, but everyone jumped to his defense because he's our friend. I'm pretty sure he'll try to get them to quit if I MAKE him change.

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>it reads like a fucking Naruto OC.
Does it?
Sounds more like Akegame Ga Kill or some western computer game edge

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Sorry, but what is the 3x3 method?

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Yes you're right Akame is closer. Either way he's an edgelord with no personality. Akame characters have more personality.

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Back story
3 goals
3 beliefs.

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First, if he's your friend, he should understand your concerns. He shouldn't be pulling this kind of shit in the first place, and should be willing to change it to facilitate everyone's good time.

Second, if he tries to get your other friends to turn against you because he can't play his super awesome character in a game of pretend, then he isn't your friend. Full stop. That's not the kind of guy you want to associate with.

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I have a player, who, while not That Guy exactly, borders it. They must always trump the rest of the party in snowflakiness, In a Vampire game they had to be an elder with their powers sealed, in a Mage game they were a proximus, part of a lineage trained from birth to become mages (the only one of the project who succeeded, of course), in D&D they were a magical clone of a super-powerful wizard, but without the memories (so no magical powers).

It annoys me a bit, why not just make a normal character?

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Because people like them want to be the best, even if it's just pretend. They don't want to have to earn greatness through their adventures in game, no! They've already done crazy shit off screen and are already badass, this whole campaign is just another average Wednesday to them.

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Tell him his character needs to mesh with the others, and having conflicting goals like that is bad for everyone.

If the rest of the party still defends him, just let him do it, but make it very clear if his character is seen with the rest of the party, they're going to to start being considered accomplices of his and hunted by guards as well.

Also, have survivors of his massacres. Now matter how thoroughly he goes through and kills everyone, some people always survived to get a description out, so now literally every town guard in the country knows exactly who this guy is, what he looks like, and what he's done, and will most likely be trying to take him out the second he gets within distance of a city.

Also, is his "civil war" thing still going on? Is he actively participating in it? If he's not, have his side lose. Don't roll it, just have him get a message that his split faction just got ambushed and wiped out, or someone in his faction was a mole and got the rest of them killed, and the only three survivors of his faction are him, the mole, and the guy who got him the message(who immediately dies from poison after handing off the message). This'll give his character something legitimate to have as a goal instead of the dumb shit he has right now: finding the mole and taking him out, which if the party is as quick to jump to his defense as you claim, they would want to help him out with.

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I'm assuming you're starting at level 1. It's always fun to mess with someone with low level stats who describe themselves as being far more advanced. They claim to have accomplished great feats but when it comes time to roll the dice they get surprised when they can fail at a task. This is usually followed by a hissyfit as they try an explain how their character shouldn't have failed since their back story shows how amazing their character is

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>Play classless.
>People can be good at stuff right away.

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In his defense (oh god) killing people covertly can be pretty easy. Cut a throat in their sleep, poisoning food, etc. are so easy a commoner could do it.

It's why I usually have assassins in my games better at bluffing, and subterfuge, not how they are usually in games like Assassin's Creed. In fact, most assassins in my game don't work for any "order", just get paid a ton of money to take a clear risk to their well being.

But yeah, this guy needs some humble pie, and I wish I could be there when the player's confidence gets his character killed.

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Ask him, very simply, why the party would ever consider putting up with his bullshit.

And then have the party kill him.

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Yeah but they also have power limiters like point allocation. It depends on the starting power level really.
Yeah, but to pull it off numerous times without fail is the difficult part. Mistakes and random chance and all that.

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You're the GM. Tell him no, that character would not work well with the other players. You're allowed to say no. It's your most powerful tool.

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No, I totally agree, his character reeks of 1st-timer Mary Sue bullshit, but who knows, maybe his character is lucky? But that's not him, that's just how I do assassins in my game, is all. So you could ask for slight re-writes if you don't like the more dramatic ways /tg/ is telling you how to handle this guy. This IS his first time, is it not? Try to reason a bit with him.

Don't care what anyone says, you'll only make shit worse ripping up paper in his face. That shit's humiliating.

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>that guy whö's alaways playing hot-headed tomboy women
>plays sorcerer in pathfinder
>the character is named zelda from hyrule
>its kinda ok but stupid since it was originally created for a whacky 1shot that turned into a campaign
>crossdressing to pass for a boy
>engaged with female tiefling paladin for some lesbian action
>after 3 months of playing he still doesnt know how any of his spells work
>everytime he tries to cast a spell it takes 10 minutes since we have to explain to him that this spell doesnt work that way and explain how it actually works and he gets pissed since he didnt read the rules of his own spells in advance and is dissapointed that it sucks.
> 10 minutes later, same discussion over the same spell
>repeat for every single of his spells, be it range , AoE or other effects

this bogged down every fight and RP everytime he tried to use utility spells out of combat

and dont get me started on his other characters and the one time he tried to GM....

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same "that guy"
> play another one-shot
> his character is tomboy-ish girl that was raised by wolves
>only works on all-fours
>cant speak common
>every line of dialog consits of repeating the last word the other person has said 1-3 times
>tries to hog attenion
>my cahracter and that of another guy sit on the peer watching the impendingapocalypse in form of a demon army approach on the hotizon
> start talking about character motivation, and what we fight for
>have nice in character philosophy and conversation
>his character comes from behind and taps my cahracters shoulder like an impatient child.
>ignore him and keep talking
>when we come close to finishing the conversation he says out of character "are you finally finished with your boring dialoge?"
>repeadedly calls our campaigns ">insert that guys character name here<'s story" and treats us like sidekicks everytime

i really lost my shit that session at some point i claimed that im not well and stepped out for 30-45 min and wandering in the night to not go into a burning rage and punch that kid

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>i really lost my shit that session at some point i claimed that im not well and stepped out for 30-45 min and wandering in the night to not go into a burning rage and punch that kid

Everytime you do this, you waste a golden opportunity to tell him to cop on. He doesn't give a fuck about party cohesion, learning how to play properly, the story or the dialogue. Why do you even let him play if all he cares bout is fucking around and hogging spotlight?

>dont get me started on his other characters and the one time he tried to GM....

Please do.

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Just kill this character or kick him out from the group

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currently typing out the story when he gm's takes a while though

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Tell him to fuck off, he obviously has no sense of awareness. People like that only consider the world and how it affects them, they dont consider anyone else but themselves. I loathe people like this.

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same guy gm'ing

>since our gm wanted a small break from weekly gm'ing he agreed to make a few sessions for us
>took him actually 3 months to start his own sessions after he announced he would do it
> claims he spend many weeks and hours preparing
>we are in a city for tryout tests for local guidls
> guilds are templars/paladins , merchants, mages , and adventurers
> starting the tests
> arbitrary skill checks that you can repeat as often as you want without penalty for failing
> no alternative ways for solving the parkour, boring "roll untill you get a high number to advance to next obstacle"
> first fight
>mage summons 3 zombies
> paladins stand beside him and says "dont worry no one got seriously hurt in this parkour so far"
>i play a barbarian, go in rage and charge the first one
>all the zombies sorround me and pummel me
>think to myself "holy shit those are not your normal zombies that can either move or attack"
>recieve 3 attacks with flanking, drop to negative hp in the first round
>say holy shit those are some strong enemies
>he says its an easy encounter since 3 CR1/2 monsters fight against 3 lvl 1 PC's
>tell him that that is a cr2 encounter and that usually zombies cant move and attack since they are always staggered.

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>turns out he didnt actually read the special abilities of the monsters he put in front of us
>that guy is completely resistant to criticism
>gm goes babysitter on us, zombies dont finish me off when im on the ground and suddenly are constantly staggered according to the correct rules didnt even have the balls to kill of my character
>the spellcasters manage to kite them around and finish them with magic missiles
>npc paladin restores me to positive hp
>at this point i am furious, that guy didnt even bother to read the "how to design an encounter guidelines" or even take 5 minutes to read the complete entry of the monster, all of ther rest of the capmpaign feels rushed too and he even has to fiunish sketching the maps while we play,
>prepared for many hours my ass
>start publicly accusing the paladin of support of necormancy and the mages guild for practicing necromancy in public, tell them the mayor will hear about this and the paladin and mage's guild will have to face serious repercussons
>while i start speaking he starts laughing at me
>he cant sop laughing as i continue speaking only fueling my anger further.
>once he stops laughing i ask him what i just said
>he cant produce a statisfying answer
>at this point i just pack up my dice and leave without any more words


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>the other players look really suprised,
>2 days later that guy writes me on skype
>"i am sorry for what happened, but just getting up and leaving is wrong, i think what happend was also partially your fault" "rageuitting is no solution feedback would actually help"
>tell him that i gave him feeback and only got laughed at for it,
>tell him he disrespected me and lauged in my face as i was angry
>tell him he ignored anything i had said to this situation,
>tell him his story and npc's sucked and he obviouly didnt spend more than 30 min thinking about anything regarding this session
>he tries to weasle out with " i just wanted to apologise etc and still tries to put part of the blame on me
>not giving him an inch because of all the hate i accumulated against this guy
>this goes one fore a few messages, him avoiding my critcism and coming with "ragequits are no kind of solution"
>it all ends with him saying "im out, bye"
>none of our players or our regular gm even tried to hold him back from leaving
>never heard from him again

happy end

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He sounds like a bad GM for sure but you seem to have a massive chip on your shoulder

Stop being such a hardass, it's bad for your health

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he was obviously playing most of his characters similar to hi sown personality, thats why every of his haracters beahved the same. I started vocing my personal criticism against how his character behaves disguising mycriticism i had with him by adressing it to his characters ingame. telling him "your characteer behaved like a dick at that point.... , your character really did something that was versy insensible, this is a very bad character trait of your character.. and so on.
he didnt seem to catch onto it.
he didnt make the impression as if he's the sharpest knife in the drawer.
after almost 8 months of playing pathfinder he still couldnt level up or create a lvl 1 character without help (at that point we played from level 1 to level 7 and from level 5 to level 10 not counting several one-shots) and thats in addtion to the issues with his spellcasting described here>>45844024

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This was recently, the campaign is still going

>Planning a sci-fi adventure, friends on board
>Ask players to make their sheets, send them a copy of it
>Ask them to give be a background on their character, their beliefs, etc.
>One guy goes through no problem, designs his character, he's done
>Ask both players if they want me to incorporate their backgrounds into the story, both say yes
>Change some things around for the person who handed it in
>Still waiting for the other one
>Few days pass, message him on steam asking when he'll be done
>"Oh yeah I forgot, I'll get it done."
>Few days pass
>tell him I'm gonna need it within the next few days if he wants his story in the campaign
Mostly a bluff, since I could do it any point after the first session, but I needed the sheet
>"I'll get it done."
>Day of session
>Comes in with blank sheet
>Take 15 minutes helping him fill it out, other guy just sitting there waiting
>Finally done, ask him if he made a backstory
>"Uh, yeah, he's part of a rare species of shape-shifting slime humanoids" (which was a species in this, but they weren't rare at all, I explained this to him already, they were a massively popular race that were good traders) "and after a while he chose to be a con artist."
>he didn't even think about the questions I had asked him before, which were A: Why are you on the adventure and B: What are your reasons for staying
>Have to last minute, rewrite the beginning to put him in

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Oh yeah, forgot to add, he got mad (first session aswell, mind you) that his backstory wasn't fit into the story.
I'm gonna tell him why I can't do that as soon as he gets online.

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i am usually a rateher lax guy, but i kept swallowing the shit he put out for almost a year with 2 sessions a week. i put up with it because the gm was really great and i didnt want to leave/destroy the group. there was some anger pent up there his balatant laughing at my face and disregarding what i had to say in combination with him trying to put me on a guilt trip afterwards and giving me the blame just ignited it and let to him leaving the group

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I'll have a go at one

>Be DM for 3.5e campaign
>Party is still level one
>Diplomacy is stronk suit for group
>Party is tracking down these robbers who ransacked a temple
>Tracking through the woods
>Enter our ranger.
>Has a laptop out, which was used for SRD/PDF referencing during character creation
>He's fucking ignoring us and when I told him to make a roll to track he had no idea what was going on
>Let him off the hook the first time, because I'm generally a nice guy
>Party finds the robbers
>They be mercs and a wizard who hired them
>Party proceeds to fight
>They kill the wizard, terrify the shit out of the mercs, and the robbers' guide ran off
>Rogue proceeds to convince the mercs to surrender
>Ranger decided to throw a tomahawk at the surrendering mercs
>Party gets mad at him and pays the mercs to leave
>He doesn't do much else the whole session, as he goes back to fucking around on his laptop
>Hardly shows up for sessions anymore and we are only about 5-6 sessions in.

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I'm not just gonna hit my friends.

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Whenever people try to pull that shit on me in GURPS, I just take their sheet and give them Delusion ([snowflake background]).

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>Play with an old guy and his (early) teenage son
>His son creates the most edgy characters imaginable
>Every single time he tries to negotiate he always does a "turn away and speak vague" thing, so someone else has to step in
>Inevitably turns against the party over something stupid
>I have literally killed three of his characters over six months
>He finds it hilarious and tries to egg me on at this point
The DM sent us to the underworld, and we had to fight the ghosts of all the teammates who betrayed the party, since there were more of them than there were of us

>> No.45846829

>Turns on the party over something stupid
Like what? Or was that just his crappy idea of 'character development'?

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This is why GURPS is the best system

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Both "character development" and just "Please don't be edgy and kill innocents in front of the Paladin... again."

Important note, when I said that I killed three of his characters, those are literally only the ones my character has killed. There are six of us, half of us (myself included) have our original character. Two guys are on their third character.
And the Kid, he's currently on his eighth character.

Here's an example.
>We're investigating a cult
>One player's character has been bonded with a cursed item that makes him chaotic evil, prone to mind control (we don't know this)
>During a major combat event they activate the item, causing our best fighter to turn against the party
>He basically says a few lines about "Screw everything" and fights us
>The Kid, for literally no reason, decides that it is entirely in the character if his chaotic good fighter/rogue to join him and attack us
>We try and convince him otherwise out of character, but he says "He has a plan"
>We start printing a new character sheet for him
>The cleric hits the fighter with a Remove Curse spell, but the Kid is still fighting us
>We win the encounter, beat the Kid to near-death
>The decision for life and death comes down to my Paladin, as the lord's justice when away
>I, in an act of mercy and not wanting to learn a new character, say that I will help him repent
>He agrees, claims he will only do good from then on

>An hour later
>We're getting hassled by a "used horse salesman" who is doing aggressive bartering on us
>The Kid decides that that means he's a criminal
>"I take out my swords and put them to his throat and threaten him."
>"Kid, don't."
>"I'm an important person. You may not know me, but I am a member of the super secret ninja group Shoyu, and you are wasting my time, scum!"
>"Why would you tell him that? Stop. I take out my greatsword and will smite Kid if he does anything."
>Kid cuts his throat.
>"...I smite."
>We hand him the blank character sheet

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Can you tell us about the other 7?

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I can give you the short rundown of them all, if you'd like. Some of them have good stories, but for the most part they're rather plain.

>First character: Elf barbarian.
Left the party of his own free will because the Kid wanted to play a magic class instead. Comes back much later.
>Second character: Dragonborn Sorcerer.
Always talked about how he was "testing his power". Decided that burning down a building was the best course of action for killing a single person. Party disagreed. Killed by Paladin.
>Third character: Human Fighter.
Lasted two sessions. Horribly burned, wears a magic dragon mask. Accidentally threatened a guard, telling him he was an assassin. Got mad at the mostly good party when they wouldn't fight the guards with him. Killed by guards.
>Fourth character: Half-elf Bard/Warlock.
Talented musician who accidentally married a lady Fiend. By far his most fun character, I suspect his father wrote the character. Lasted four sessions, he got bored, decided the Fiend "possessed" him to attack the Paladin. Killed by Paladin.
>Fifth character: Elf rogue/druid.
Elf assassin who turned himself into a bear to kill his targets. Takes pride in the fact that he kills children. Was cursed to polymorph permanently instead of Wild Shape. Refused to let the Cleric touch him (He saw the cleric as a coward for helping the weak) polymorphed into a bear. Cleric neglected to cure him. Sold to the zoo. Came back for revenge, killed by party.
>Sixth character: Human fighter/rogue
See above
>Seventh character: Elf Monk
Thought all humans deserved to be killed because they were causing global warming. Seriously.
Killed by party.
>Seven and a half:
After dying in one day, he brought back his first character. Believes he is a wolf. Tries to eat a recently killed human. Attacks the party for "denying him a meal" even though it's cannibalism. Killed by party.
>Current character: Dragonborn Sorcerer/Fighter
Claims to be the child of the main antagonist.

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>sold to the zoo
nice quads

>> No.45849286

Who/what is the antagonist?
What does the rest of the group think of him?

>> No.45849329


God I love that show

>> No.45849593

>Who/what is the antagonist?
Sorry, I ran out of characters and didn't want to post a second one. A particularly nasty blue dragon and her cronies, even though he's a red dragon Dragonborn.

I project this character lasts him another two sessions.

>What does the rest of the group think of him?
Everyone mostly just tolerates him and tries to get him to play better. He's a good kid, but he's a kid still, and we all know that he'll grow out of it someday. But for now, if he's being dumb we just talk over him.

It helps that his dad is one of the best roleplayers ever, and has the entire rulebooks for nearly every D&D edition memorized.

He was actually quite pissed about that one, and tried to argue that my lawful good character was selling him as a slave.
I argued that he was a bear, so it didn't count. The DM agreed.

>> No.45849890

Nigga you sold a sapient being as a slave. That ain't LG however you cut it. He's a faggot, but so are you.

>> No.45849990

I'd hardly call his characters sapient.
Either way, would you want to play with that? I doubt it, I think OP was justified.

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He was an asshole, so it was justice.

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Sorry for the late reply. OP here. I just got out of work. It's technically his second time since he's currently in a Pathfinder game with another group. He told me about THAT character too. God bless or condemn that DM.
>Two-Hundred year old Dark Elf Ninja.
>Was taught the art of the katana by some great master or whatever.
>One day his family was killed for some reason.
>He goes berserk and unnecessarily kills the entire town for this.
>His father also left him an enchanted katana that whenever it cuts someone it absorbs their blood and makes him get stronger/faster/more ferocious.
>Mfw listening to that.
Then he found out about my game and wanted in, and since I'm playing with one of his best friends he was vouched for.

>> No.45850039

>He was a bear
With a human mind, and one that is now permamently stuck in a foreign body.

A bear that you then sold to a zoo, rather than escorting him to something that could help him, and then let him face justice as a man.

Outright killing evil is understandable in some circumstances for a Paladin. The thing is irredeemable, or too dangerous, or refuses to surrender. But selling a man, emphasis on selling, as you are accepting payment, into slavery is not just.

>> No.45850045

No. Just kill the fucker, paladins don't deal in fucking slaves.

>> No.45850078

>paladins don't deal in fucking slaves.
>all this Western culture

>> No.45850124

That's not how justice works, you little shit.

>> No.45850137

That depends, even the most goodly of good people had slaves.

>> No.45850139

The only time a Paladin does is to buy slaves to free them. And that's if the slaver is too well defended to bring him to justice.

>> No.45850147

He coulda lived happily in the zoo, fed for life and cared for

>> No.45850158

Buying slaves is not the same as selling a free man into bondage.

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There's two types of That Guys I will not abide.
The type OP described
Motherfuckers who come into MY game completely disinterested and make a half-assed joke character that has no thought put into it.
>That's their whole character.

>> No.45850202

Hate to use this trope but.... depends on the setting.
And the DM gave it an okay, so that's another thing.

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>>repeadedly calls our campaigns ">insert that guys character name here<'s story" and treats us like sidekicks everytime
what the fuck

>> No.45850319

>Depends on the setting
I'm assuming Western Fantasy, not Middle East/African. I'm not too sure on Asian Fantasy, but I assume that for even for them, the furthest they would go is indentured servitude, not lifelong slavery.

And for someone that turns into a bear to kill children, the most practical solution is to kill them, not let them live in a zoo where children come by every day.

>> No.45850442


It's possible to work with people doing something a bit different. mercenaries can actually get along with paladins from time to time, ex assassin's aren't out of the question especially if they have a soft spot for - plot related -, but this guy is just being a cunt.

Take him aside, and tell him that he needs to build a character that fits with the party, which means someone who doesn't indiscriminately murder, and is motivated by something that will fit with the campaign (probably either he needs a virtue, like protecting the weak, or he at least needs to be motivated by greed whilst not going on a killing spree).

Tell him if he needlessly murders innocents you will remove his character from the party and use him as a villain that the party will hunt down while he builds a character that isn't evil.

Possibly point out that he could play a very similar character inside of the campaign setting and party vibe. he could be an Assassin hunted by his former brothers for showing a target mercy for some reason who has become conflicted about his past, but may still have little moral conflict over killing people who aren't blatantly innocent and defenseless (could easily be chaotic neutral, or neutral leaning CG).

Maybe point out that some of his backstory elements are a little unrealistic, maybe he became a pickpocket at 9, a lookout at 12, and killed his first man (with a hand crossbow) at 14. He might be kicked out at 17-21.

He's not insanely far off from a good time line, just scratch the whole important leader civil war bit.

If he gets pissed off at you for these suggestions or generally doesn't handle them well, either put your foot down or that shit or kick him from the group.

from the outside though this just seems like he's kinda new/bad at RP.

>> No.45850504

Follow up note:

my party did a fairly fun redemption arc by having an evil dude join an all good party and the paladin getting stuck with keeping an eye on them. Due to the campaign setting being a kind of a overly nice lawful good place, evil people get hardcore community service. which in this case meant being a paladins murder hobo bitch until he learned the error of his ways.

That can be a good way to include a initially nasty character if you want to rp reforming them. Probably requires the player to not be a newbro though.

>> No.45850533

Then question is then why is their a zoo in a medieval European setting? The best that could happen to him is blind dog fighting.

>> No.45850635

Travelling Circus, showing off the wonders of the world. Also, not specifically Medieval Europe. Low fantasy would be that, if the setting is High Fantasy, like what it sounds, a travelling circus isn't farfetched.

>> No.45850684

>letting the bad guys go

Why do people do this? I kill everybody we have to fight.

>> No.45850714

Seriously why has there been an influx of maymays on 4chan?

>> No.45850724

>Nigga you sold a sapient being as a slave.
He was an assassin who killed children. He was taken to a zoo where he would receive food, water, healthcare, and whatever else he needed in return for his freedom. He wasn't being forced into hard labor or anything like that.

It's no different than collecting a bounty and sending someone to prison.

>> No.45850852


>> No.45850869

Why would you kill his characters so many times? Just let him play what he wants. This is why my DM banned PvP, nobody likes getting their character killed by the party members.

>> No.45850915

Was about to say, getting sold to a zoo seems like a really merciful end for a serial murderer. Also, it's hilarious.

>> No.45850962

playing stupid/edgy evil in a party with a paladin is basically tapping a sign saying "Please kill me" on your character
if you roleplay your characters at least

Guy also attacked them for stopping him from eating a human corpse at one point
so really, all of his death's were due to him playing his characters
and the party playing theirs
nothing bad or wrong
he just needs to play character's who don't do heinous things for bullshit reasons
or attacks the party because they're"Possessed"

In short, if he was upset about dying, he would probably play a character who wouldn't be murdered for being an evil cunt

>> No.45851051

He would either attack the party or do something completely out of synch with the party, in which case we would ask him to change his character's attitude or create a new character (since eventually the team wouldn't work with them). He would refuse, and instead opt to attack the party. After the third or fourth character, we stopped caring. And he never cared much at all about dying, since it just means making a new character. And, honestly, it's entirely possible he likes making new characters.

So it's just a part of the game. It's annoying, sure, but nothing that breaks the game.

>> No.45854660


It's Lawful Good, not Relative Good. Slavery is not black and white. The way you treat a slave is, but being indentured doesn't mean shit. Not to say I'm disagreeing with you, but I'm fucking tired of this cookie cutter Lawful Good philosophy pervading all things.

Can you just let these people freaking post their stories without nitpicking nonsense? I'm sure if they were having an existentialist dissemination of their games they'd be able to come to the same conclusion, but as he said they're just trying to contain the kid's aspergers while keeping a fun atmosphere.

>> No.45854844

>I tried that, but everyone jumped to his defense because he's our friend. I'm pretty sure he'll try to get them to quit if I MAKE him change.
If I were in your shoes, I'd explain to everybody that his actions will have ramifications and, assuming he's a novice/low level character, that he is not yet a badass and that there are plenty of adversaries more powerful than he, and that even commoners could bring him down if that had numbers on his side. Explain further that there is a real possibility that his actions could bring the entire party down, or at least expose them to much more hostility and danger than they would otherwise face, and possibly deprive them of a safe, secure refuge where they could rest, recuperate and restock. Suggest to them that if he keeps his character the way he is, they might want to change *their* characters to ones more suited to a campaign where they can expect to be constantly at odds with the law and the biggest challenge comes not from dungeon-delving but from the guard, assassins guilds, and other forces operating with "civilized" society.

>> No.45855003

It's also pretty clear that being sent to a zoo isn't the same as being a slave.
Being sent to a zoo is more like going to jail, at the most.

>> No.45855429

My That Guy story
>Me and my friend decided to play a star wars game but we lacked player, so we recruited on roll20
>We get five players, we help them during the creation, it goes nicely
>First session, one of them flake, it was expected
>We got one doctor, one mechanics, one shady guy and I made a social guy
>Backstory of shady guy is "gangster killed my parents so I became a gangster to kill the man who killed my parents and succeeded, I'm now a deep gangster with no morals"
>Oh boy
>First minutes of play, he's already a bit disruptive, trying to do things outside of his initiative in a combat-chase encounter
>GM warn that if he shoot at the chasers, he may hit civilians
>"I don't give a fuck about civilians hehehe I shoot"
>Luckily he doesn't hit any
>Fast forward a bit, we're in a nightclub, we have to find a guy and some drugdealer here may have informations
>I go talk to him, I try to negotiate, it's going pretty well
>He refuse my first offer, no big deal, I'll raise a bit
>Shady guy run towards him and point his blaster at his head "YOU TELL US EVERYTHING OR I BLOW YOU UP YOU PIECE OF SHIT"
>He fails his coercion roll, two armed guards come at us and fight begin
>SW is a very lethal system, we win the fight but three of us are in critical conditions
>Shady guy is not, he was under cover the whole fight
>He wants to "intimidate" the dealer again, I yell at him in character and I take the dealer with me and squeeze information out of him
>Shortly after, session ends

Three years of rpg, this guy was my first "That Guy" and my first murderhobo. I hope we'll ditch him soon, but I know the GM doesn't like ditching people

>> No.45856150

If you're too beta to tell someone no, you shouldn't be DMing.

>> No.45856477

That Guy detected.

>> No.45857807

>use Dimension Door to teleport 500ft. to dragon
>DM says dragon saw us coming and got out of way
>saw an instant movement creature coming

I just throw my hands up now

>> No.45857886

I have a That Girl who won't join any game I run because nothing I run interests her, and then she bitches constantly that she never gets to play in anything and that nobody ever invites her to games. Anyone else have this problem?

>> No.45857922

Stop being a murder hobo. The people they let go were mercs, and the only person that needed killing was the wizard who actually stole shit from the temple.

>> No.45858098


Wow that doesn't read like homework

>> No.45858174


So watered down Burning Wheel?

>> No.45858188

Ran into a couple of That Guys in my 7 years of forever Gm. But one was the worst.

>Homebrew system online
>People are sending in their sheets, including That Guy.
>Powers are manipulating metals he's created and absorbing living matter to gain their functions. Basically alchemist/blacksmith.
>Notice a possibility of cheesing, ask him to elaborate.
>I had no idea how deep the rabbit hole would go.
>"Manipulating created metals" meant, to him, that he could create faster than sound projectiles.
>Along with equally fast armor that would let him bypass AGI he dumped for magic.
>Reasoning was "since I move them with my find, they're as fast as my thoughts!"
>Absorbing living matter, to him, meant that he'd gain all the abilities of the being he absorbed from.
>Even if he just touched the target or stole a skinflake or someshit.
>Character itself was from a special exiled made-up branch of a main faction that was super pwerful and oh so tragic
>Told the player shit ain't gonna fly
>Whining begins
>Shit gets so infuriating I almost blow a fuse
>Eventually tell him to change it or he's out
>He complies, and for the moment, things are alright
>Flashforward few years, That Guy drops out because his friend doesn't have time to play anymore
>Seems civil enough
>Later hear from a friend that That Guy comes around to our OOC chatroom to badmouth me and try to get other players angry at me
>Crowning jewel is him saying I'm, and I quote: "disgusting human being"
>Everyone just ignored him and he disappears
>Flashforward to today
>He's appeared again, dropping not-so-subtle hints he wants to join again
>Asskissing and brown-nosing galore

No way I'm letting his ass back again. I can take insults against my style of DMing, but personal insults are where I draw the line. And withouth him, I only have to deal with That Whiner and world's worst powergamer.

>> No.45858313

>Humans causing global warming
>Sold to the Zoo
>Child of BBEG

Kid is ultimate troll

>> No.45859531

My first character was kind of edgy and that guy-ish but it was tons of fun

>Be me, character is Tiefling Rogue/Thief
>Be always independent and pretty much go on my own
>City was going to be assaulted by an horde of orks, all the guards were getting garrisoned
>I karate kicked one of them and stole its armor
>went to steal into a house and became discovered by a woman
>ended bluffing my way onto seducing her
>While the rest of the party is fighting the orks I'm fucking the woman lmao
>After the fight the woman's husband comes home, its the same guy whose armor I stole ayyy
>He beats the shit out of me

>The leader of the group was a massive Dragonborn barbarian that loved my shenanigans
>He decides to follow me for the lulz
>Stealing shit becomes x10000 harder due to his frame and poor stealth skills
>We try to lockpick a shop
>He does the first attempt
>NAT 1
>The GM is so pissed with us that according to her a space/time vortex appears and sucks the shop
>Nobody but us is able to remember that the shop existed, according to all the NPCs and the rest of the party that area of the city has always been empty

>Another time we became separated from the rest of the party
>The Dragonbro and I didn't knew were they where
>We decided to settle it with two sets of rolls, the first one to guess their correct direction and the second one to see which one won in a game of rock,paper,scissors
>Every time I got the higher roll and guessed which was the correct path to follow the trail of our party the Dragonborn won the game and the inverse
>That meant that at the end we were more and more lost, to the point in which we ended in a scorched desert while the rest were on a Skyrim like island
>The GM got fed with us and decided that a giant hand grabbed us and threw us towards the rest of the party

>> No.45859586
File: 16 KB, 400x300, robin_hood_12_400x300.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>I am a member of the super secret ninja group
Not exactly a fucking secret if he goes around telling everyone is it now?

>> No.45859694
File: 30 KB, 617x335, MyExThatGal.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Standard storytime

>> No.45859727

>Online game.
>Girl joins RP with extremely sue-ish character
>Rich, beautiful, pink hair blah blah.
>Whatever, I just want to start.
>Disruptive, picks fights with other players (one in particular), and extremely dim.
>Kick her out after she throws a literal fit over the outcome of a completely inconsequential fight that I was playing for laughs.
>She gets the message passed on that her bf (decent guy, also playing) was out too.
>He was clueless about her saying this and has to hear it from me (still takes her side tho because whipped)
>Girl asks to be let back in because she supposedly made up with the guy she kept picking fights with.
>She throws another fit and messages everyone else, demanding they stop being friends with me.
>Sends me a bunch of hateful messages by proxy.
>Have to tell everyone to stop passing on what she says because it's off-putting.
>This sort of thing goes on for like a month.
>Asks to be allowed back in through another player.
>"No, she's a bitch."
>She throws another fit.
>Last I heard of her.

Did later find proof that she was mentally retarded after googling her character name out of boredom and coming across a supremely autistic deviantart account of that character. Pages upon pages of unironically shitty art.
Really should have screened better I suppose.

>> No.45859739

Cop-out scrying

>> No.45859752

Scrying spells, talk with dead, rezz and so on

>> No.45859846

Yes, it's called being female. It's not about games, it's about attention. She wants to join groups, have fun and do stuff together socially. But she doesn't like preparing tons of rules, killing creatures and looting them or feel like being a hero. >>45859694 is my pic related but my ex was passive-aggression incarnate.

Try a less combat heavy game. Perhaps Mouseguard or World of Darkness.

At average, women are more socially intelligent than men. They speak more with intentions then just words. She's telling you something without telling what it is.

>> No.45859902

>>Ranger decided to throw a tomahawk at the surrendering mercs
Ah fuck, I was stuck with a circle of friends where two of them where exactly like this, as soon as dialogue went beyond "kill X, it's at Y" they decided to cast fireball at the closest orphanage or something.

>> No.45859952

It's classic weebshit behaviour. You can bet their MMO characters are the result of homolust between Arthas and Ben 10 or whatnot.

>> No.45860255

Oh god, reminds me of a dumb game.
>be looking or a group at the age of 17
>find this 40 something cool guy who is gathering a group
>got a few hooked, he had an amazing pitch and generally charismatic as fuck
>one of the players, the only chick, is a 15 year old sue master
>all of her characters are super awesome at that one specific thing
>they are also invariably evil and backstabbing in one way or the other, including being deliberately dumb and picking up an artifact that we have seen take over control of someone.
>she keeps making new characters, but doesn't seem to mind
>my character had by far the most kills on her characters because paladin, and the GM, her father, told me my character could in no way accept this (which was actually fair, her characters were completely insane )
>finally makes a neutral character who sets her mind on turning my paladin away from the "super ultra good guy" type that he was.
>sets up standard "moral dilemma's" for my character constantly
>Finally has some luck, and through attempted self sacrifice and other shenanigans, my character falls, and she goes from a usually cherry mood into full blown glee, and smiles like a retard for the rest of the session.

The saving grace was her father who allowed me to retrain as a warrior over a few sessions, leaving me at the same exp as I was previously. But damn, that girl got me know my nerves.

She got better though, and I still make sure to be part of that guys groups, though I've taken up GMing mostly recently. It actually serves as a good reminder for me, because as a GM, it is pretty easy to turn something like this into a good thing, and considering my primary issue was that I had a lot of limitations on me as a paladin, and I wasn't particularly good at keeping track of my spells, I enjoyed the game far more after my paladin fell out of favour.

>> No.45860366

First game I ever played online had not one but two That guys.both insufferable for comepletley diferent reasons. And for the first half of it, That fucking GM. a player would later take up the mantle and be much better. Setting was basically Fallout with magic and other races.

>game lacks actual classes so party consists of various types of gunslingers, mechanics, medics, and those guys.
>That guy nr 1 was Super Handsome Unarmed fucker who constantly thought with his dick
>that guy nr 2 is essentially the most fucking beta Tunnel Snake wannabe you could ever hope not to meet. Vault born, thinks everyone is a savage, thinks his gang could take on anyone and has insane amounts of luck
>Party is hired to guide a caravan to an old bunker thats in the middle of tribal territory, ostensibly to find some prewar goodies.
>shortly after entering said territory, encounter angry looking tribals that claim we must pay a toll.
>shoot one of the NPC's working for the caravan in the head as "blood toll"
>caravan leader insists we just leave, and we do
>find friendly tribals, learn that the tribe that ruled this area has been split and now one group must die etc etc etc. ask us to help find a missing tribal that went into a bunker (not the bunker we wanted)and has not come out. we agree since they would help us in return
>enter bunker, find lots of ghouls, a shotgun, a dildo and a bottle of lube
>Tunnel snake deliberately stands in front of the guy with the shotgun with a huge firing cone, somehow manages to dodge every single pellet
>That Melee grabs the dildo and the lube and acts creepy
>find the corpse of the tribal, drag him outside, other tribals thank us
>That Meele immediatly tries to coerce them into rewards, deciding he is the leader.

>> No.45860451


>eventually make it to the good tribal village, learn about whats going on, swear to help etc
>Tunnel Snake starts being creepy to the group medic, falling in love
>Suddenly magic shaman pops in, does ritual, congrats you can now see ghosts, but you cant hear them.
>shaman then fucks off
>Party goes to take out a base of bad tribals.
>manage to subdue one of them without others noticing
>attempt to get info
>That meele immediately decides the best way to break his spirit is to shove that dildo up his ass
>everyone quiestions what the fuck he is doing
>does it anyway
>GM proclaims "as you shove the dildo into his ass you feel a blockage and a faint click"
>tribal had mine in his ass, explodes, nearly kills half the party
>all bad tribals now have mines in their butts

not much hapened more of interest for the first part of the game with That Gm. aside from constantly anal exploding tribals.

things got really weird with those guys after the new GM took the reigns.

>> No.45860481

Nah fuck you

I love reading about disruptive players on an anonymous image board

>> No.45860521

What did she do to make your character fall?

>> No.45860600
File: 229 KB, 1216x912, 137129392444.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tribal had mine in his ass

>> No.45860618

I well and truly wish I was fucking kidding.

>> No.45860840
File: 22 KB, 267x400, mad-267x400.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I have several interesting That guy/Gal stories regarding my first experiences with D&D

>Be me
>be 16
>join D&D club at school
>Had a couple games in 4E casue our DM was new as well, eventually he leaves, replaced by much cooler more experienced
>Play first 3.5 campaign
>roll up my first ever cleric cause we need a healer
>Cleric of Pelor cause heals
>Another guy makes a greatshield based fighter
>DM's buddy rolls up a character, does not tell us what he is, DM says thats ok
>My guy is basically the mayor of the tiny town cause backstoory is I founded the church there on my pilgrimage
>That Guy casts obscuring mist before walking in
>Sits in pews silently as nuns are freaking out
>MFW he summons a hellcat demon
>Hellcat murders whole flock in church, nearly kills >me cause I'm a noob
>Raises my flock as zombies, orders them to kill me and surviving congregation
>'Fuck me, I can't die first session!'
>I random summon an Inevitable(we were kinda loose on rules)
>Barely convince him to drag Cat to hell and kill like 5 zombies
>Manage to smash last few, summoner is nowhere to be found
>Later, after meeting up with the fighter who walked in to town after all this, got to tavern
>Meet That Guy's character
>He bluffs to be a cleric of Heironeous, OOC I'm not buying it, but I don't meta and had no reason to think otherwise
>Later same session he casts spontaneous inflict spells onn ork bandits
>Again, character does not see this so I don't say anything cause I don't meta
>Next session we find a burned out town
>Start searching for Survivors, me and fighter go to chuch That Guy searches houses
>We find monk, last party character, That Guy finds ACTUAL survivor
>Murdered him
>Then, got several goblins watching town to attack us instead of him
>He also summoned a Displacer beast to attack us
>AGAIN I summon a counter, Air Geni, he kills displacer beast in return for one favor from me later on
>Still don't meta, I may be a noob but I don't meta
>Started to get on nerves though

>> No.45861064


>Got arrested by Gnome cavalry cause they think we burned town down
>That Guy nearly got us all killed by threatening the gnome army
>We only live cause I convince them he is not our leader and that we didn't burn village down
>Get to town, some stupid shit happens that does not matter
>We find out that there is a resistance against the tyrannical Gnome King who has been terrorizing the lands
>Me and fighter decide we will help them
>Before we leave That Guy tries to kill us AGAIN this time face to face
>This is after he snuck into the castle, met a wizard(new guy joine game rolled an evil wizard) and found some gauntlets of his deity
>The Gauntlets maxed his Inflicts and gave him touch attacks
>He and wizard try to kill us
>Me and Fighter barely excape cause I made the fort save against his paralysis touch attack ,we ride off to find resisitance
>That Guy gets pissy that he hasn't killed me after 3 fucking tries, quits campaign

This was my first ever that guy, funnily enough despite being a cunt the whole time and trying to murder me cause I was a noob as I later found out, his actions ALMOST led to an awesome campaign hook if he hadn't quit like a douche

Regardless we then moved on to a new campaign

In which the Same That Guy DM's

... dear god

>> No.45861101

story time?

>> No.45861111

Indeed anon indeed

>> No.45861413

That Guy GM's

>Next campaign it is revealed That Guy will be DMing
>Still a gullible noob dumbass so give him the chance and roll up a character
>Female human monk, fuck it right?
>GM of last campaign rolls up a paladin
>Same guy from last time rolls up a fighter again(he was kinda uncreative)
>Starts off ok, we get hired by the king of the city we are in to track down a cult
>Other than him constantly bashing my character for being a shitty monk and describing my character's appearance for me, i.e. unatractive and generally a turn off its fine
>we have some fun, find the cult base in the city, take them out, find out they are based in a cave outside the city, end of session
>we start tracking the cult
>I get to do somw cool acrobatic shit invoolving trees and stealth kill some cultists along the road
>suddenly, while scouting a camp with nat 20 move silent rolls, a half-demon cleric cultist comes out of his tent screaming oathhs at me
>Hard fought, he almost gets me but I hold my own with some luck, party arrivees to finish him
>He seems miffed I didn't die, but we move right along
>End up meeting some centaurs, who nearly kill me cause I 'startled' them
>Whatever, they tell us an ancestral spear of their's was taken by the cult for some ritual, ask us to get it back
>Get to the cave, AGAIN I scout forward, our paladin summons a bodak(AGAIN summoning was random)
>Bodak almost drags me to hell with the guards outside, manage to hide from it, That Guy is again rather miffed
>We go inside, all of party but me gets nocked out by the head cleric annd dragged away.
>My stealth is to high for him to find
>The CLERIC casts invisibilty
>IN FULL PLATE MAIL, sneaks up on me and one shots me...
>He is laughing
>Fuck it, friends still here, I roll a Sorcerer for next session
>Wake up in dungeon with teamamtes, specifically fighter
>We escape, I summon a couatal to help us
>Wrecks guards, we make it back to cult base proper

>> No.45861501

fucking murderboner GM's.

>> No.45861680

Am I a that-guy for making an ex-soldier who retired at decently high rank with a few impressive feats (but nothing ridiculous, just some decisive victories) under his belt, was forgotten over the course of 40 years, and has himself forgotten 98% of what he used to be capable of because he's like 80 fucking years old now and was living in quiet peace with his family until shit happened?

>> No.45861729

It's close to mary-sue, especially at level 1 and he might die of old age after a few sessions.

You'd be That Guy if the setting is for My Little Pony.

>> No.45861789
File: 8 KB, 224x224, download (19).jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>Not much else happens that session
>Can't make it to next session
>Suffice to say, as I wasn't there for That Guy to try and murder, they finished the dungeon and killed the boss, Huge sized Demon centaur apparently... sounded cool AF
>We make it back to city, collect reward
>We decide to travel to the holy city of Heironeous to find more work
>Start advinturing yay!
>Find a cave at the bottom of a broken bridge
>I nearly die just getting in cause the jump/climb DC was like... 3 times higher for me
>manage to make it, we walk into the really weird cavern
>Find a room with an altar, spider web symbols everywhere
>I am last throguh door, Drider picks me up
>'Wait, why did it wait to get me instead of the other two who came through first?'
>'They have heavy armor, hard to pick up, your in robes'
>I am now kinda pissed
>Party tries to save me
>Drider LITERALLY breaks me in half
>... ok, I roll ANOTHER fucking character, a half orc rogue this time, I am NOT giving up
>Before I get introduced That Guy introduces them to someone else
>An old character of his that reached near epic levels
>Half elf cleric of Bahamut who could turn into a Silver Dragon
>Who is unnaturally biased against orcs
>ALMOST kills me for sneaking around in his chuches basement
>Party saves me from his Orc hatred
>Eventually we get to the city, his DMPC basically is main character alongside the paladin(last DM, he was cool but good friends with That Guy)
>I basically become a marginalized sidekick who occasionally does something vaguely cool
>We get wind of a coming orc invasion
>we make our way to one of the forward camps
>in one of the few things I did cool with this character, manage to covertly take over the forward camp and all the orcs and goblins within
>MFW his DMPC then MURDERS all but like 7 orcs in the camp and flies away, making my accomplishments LITERALLY worthless

That was our last session for that campaign

Next, MY first DM try with him

>> No.45861819

you mean you played more games with this fucknut?

>> No.45861820

Not sure how it's remotely mary sue, anon. He even has debuffs for his old age, the only benefit it would provide would be for telling old stories, meeting up with his kids or grandkids, and chatting it up with the three other veterans he knew that are actually still alive at 80+ years old.
He has practically zero clout with his country's military these days.

>> No.45861852
File: 52 KB, 425x199, oh ren.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Backstory of shady guy is "gangster killed my parents so I became a gangster to kill the man who killed my parents and succeeded, I'm now a deep gangster with no morals"
I like that backstory.

>> No.45861865

Experienced GM of DnD, Pathfinder and Exalted here
In game control of that kind of character is easy. Often a that guy players ambition will lead them to ignore their stats.
You have to understand NPCs are not helpless extras, but also tool to control players action, and when starting out you character are no the biggest fish in the sea.
Ill wash over the fact you should not of let him have such an epic backstory to begin with... I don't know your setting but generally its a bad idea to have major life world affecting accomplishment in the backstory.
Rule 1. Actions have consequences, Murder assassination and kidnapping all can bring attention down on your players head. And he isn't the biggest fish in the sea, He murders the brother of, kidnaps the daughter of a much bigger fish who then set out to make that character his bitch.
2. Other characters have morals. They wouldnt tolerate a npc is murdering and kidnapping all the time, why should they when another player does it. Encourage them to ostracize and punish him, keep it in game though.
3. He isnt the main character of this story its a shared adventure, The more he goes off main plot the less "screen time" you give him as he isn't as important the the main story. IF he bitches explain to him exactly that.

>> No.45861877
File: 25 KB, 323x454, For_what_purpose.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>Other than him constantly bashing my character for being a shitty monk and describing my character's appearance for me, i.e. unatractive and generally a turn off its fine
What the fuck? Who does this?

>> No.45861894

Itwas my first year with ANY tabletop, and he was friends with the other guys so he ALWAYS came along, it was play with him or not play at all and since it was a school thing I had no other way to play with people.

I was also a gullible fucking idiot beta noob who couldn't say no to jack shit... he was also bigger than me so back then I just took it for fear of ACTUAL beatings if I ever really pissed him off

That being said I relazed later the other guys were really cool and as big as him, and would have been on my side

One of my few regrets is never calling him an assholle son of a bitch

The next story also has some fail on my part for being such a beta DM, though it WAS my first ever try

>> No.45861913

That Guy does this, thats who

>> No.45861939

high schoolers.

>> No.45861992

I dunno, seems like a cool concept for a character
Experienced, but has a good reason for why a level 1 would have done anything beyond chasing a rat out of a cellar through the whole OLD AS BALLS thing, and binds the character to the setting instead of just being dropped in there as a village neet who never left his house or some shit

There is absolutely nothing wrong with making and playing as an experienced character, provided there's adequate non-bullshit reason for why they are how they currently are

>> No.45862123

Lawful good. So if in your setting, has any grasp of history.. Medieval Viking where slavers, so where the Italians, and most of the former western roman empire for a good 900 years... To treat Slaver as ~bad~ in a game is to apply modern values to a non modern setting. IF you are chaotic good and against slavery that's fine, but if your lawful good and IF slavery is lawful in the setting, i don't see any problem with a Paladin selling buying or owning slaves.

>> No.45862275

Lawful good paladins follow good deities which 99% of the time abhor slavery. Your argument is wrong

>> No.45862393

The tale of my first EVER time as a DM, and why I will NEVER let someone over-rule my decisions ever again, Co-DM or not... yes I made a derp

>We had assorted one shots and other games after That Guys campaign(who afterwards stright up TOLD ME he killed my characters cause he didn't like me) but nothing really interesting happened
>I found an interesting 3.5 supplement for big battles and wars and such and wanted to try it out for my first time DMing
>I told the group that I was planning it and they all seemed pretty excited
>That Guy seemed particularly interesting, and asked if he could CO-DM with me
>Me, being a first time DM with NO experience DMing and just being a Beta in general, said yes to him
>We actually planned it pretty well, the story involved 3 countries at war over a river that turned things in it to gold: A dwarf country wanted to hold it for themselves(cause dwarves are jews) and they had some human allys who that it was a holy site for thier gods and wanted to sevure it for their faith. Against them was the elven nation that ACTUALLY held the river and wanted it kept sacred for nature, and another more mercenary human nation who were afraid the dwarves would make the nations economies collapse due to the rapid influx of gold, so they sided with the elves
>We worked hard on it, and he was nice throughout and enthusiastic, so I thought we were cool and everything
>I was SOOOO wrong

>> No.45862405

That's an assumption about the Deities and the amount of fucks they give about mortals. Rarely is a deities view on slavery ever actually mentioned or discussed even the expanded deity books for various settings. While there are some Deities that are probably all about the freedom, Most wouldn't give two shits about if you kept slaves. Again stop applying modern sentiment to fictional fantasy begins.

>> No.45862440

Fucking hell OP, he already gave you all you need to bring him down, he is the head of a scion group of killers, the other half of them obviosuly want him dead, just attack the party at rondom with higly skilled killers, put wanted poster every where with his face on it, put something like "we will pay for every information" on it, sooner or later the party will get pissed at being attacked and jailed because of him, someone will rat him out or outright kill him.

>> No.45862508

Did you forget that he was an assassin that took PRIDE in killing children?

The zoo was analog to a prision, as I see it.

>> No.45862552

god damn it i type like a monkey

>> No.45862609

Actually to be fair, zombies can move and attack. They've just gotta charge to do so.

>> No.45862665
File: 189 KB, 480x360, dyemmr?.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Piss in his mouth.

>> No.45862679


>Our characters are: The guy who always plays fighter's is a fighter(surprise), the guy who played the evil wizard form the first story played an evil cleric(he was the evil spellcaster guy but he was cool), then I saw some problems
>Well, That Guy had invited a girl he was trying to woo to play but to be fair she had played with us before and made a purely social character using the royalty class to be the elven princess
>remember the cool GM? WELL apparently his character was the girls Butler and based off the Butler from the Black Butler anime
>I had not seen this anime, and so was unaware of the mary success until now as he explained the character
>He was a veery powerful planar angel that had several 'locks' on his power that he could release ifor needs be
>That Guy had approved this character without my consent or even telling me, but I let it go cause I was a Beta and convinced myself that it was balanced since the party had a character with 0 combat ability
>campaign starts, they are in the mercenary human nation Capitol negotiating with its leader (the head general) and getting them on their side.
>After that they set off for the main Fortress on the river, with a company of soldiers in tow
>the first real encounter was a couple of chimera
>all was well for awhile, the chimeras were obliterating the soldiers and the party wisely decides to abandon them
>Princess gets lost in woods, finds the chimera nest and a baby chimera...
>That Guy lets her take Chimera which he decides particularly likes her
>AGAIN being a filthy beta, I said nothing despite the fact he went over my head for it
>The make it to the fort and guess what
>Without telling me, he made a DMPC
>Extremely high level Paaladin(party was 8, he was 17) who presided over the church of the gods at the foot of the river
>IMMEDIATELY starts wooing elven princess... god damnit

>> No.45862760

oh god why

>> No.45862782


This is the exact reason i play kobold, so i can be a jerkass and use the "i'm just being in character" excuse

>> No.45862971


>After that, I decide to try and get rid og the chimera, got an easy out to do so
>The Evil vleric guy wants it, so he prays to his deity to change the color of its dragon head from silver to green
>It works(he was known for rolling high) and the head goes green, I was gonna have it attck him and have him murder it... then That Guy got mad
>He said I had done it without talking to him about it and gone over his head, I WANTED to call him a hypocritical fuckface but I was a first time Beta GM so I backed down
>He had his DMPC change the color back
>I was getting pissed, and decided to fight back
>The first issue they were going to have was the nearby town of nottingham(yes I know) which had a MASSIVE stonecutters/miners/arichitects guild was refusing to be dragged into the war
>A big reason for this was its Sherrif, who was originally just a rogue with fuck off bluff stats and a disguise self wand, was secretly a bugbear leading a group of orcs goblins and bugbears in raiding the surrounding areas
>I cchanged him into an equally high level wizard/Rouge at the end of the session to counter the DMPC That Guy had made
>They begin trying to convince the stonebulders guild to help them out and improv their defenses despite the Sherrifs orders to remain neutral
>They make some inroads and a few stonecutters and architeects come back with them
>The sheriff allows them to, but only if he comes with them
>While at the fort he summoned a chain devil to wreck shit and generally convince the stonecutters to go back to nottingham
>OF COURSE it fails cause of the high level paladin, who then investigates the next morning with zone of truth, obviously he finds out
>They agree to have a duel outside
>HE CONVINCED THE COOL GM guy to comee with, remove his bindings and OBLITERATE my guy
>He ran off, That Guy ruined the campaign... the campaign ended after that

He ruined my first campaign as DM, so whatever... the best part? I still had to paly with him

>> No.45863022

All of you are shit.

>> No.45863137
File: 35 KB, 250x247, grumpyahater.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're grumpy.

>> No.45863273

Me and a guy did this once to an NPC our DM had, but he was a sniveling cowardly type and the campaign wasn't really serious at all, so it worked well enough.

We were kinda Those Guys that game because I think the game was supposed to be serious, but our characters weren't and we didn't take it seriously at all.

>> No.45863434

Oh, I'm always grumpy. My ex made me bitter and I'm looking for answers to get a real date. The rest is from research (although I know people are sensitive about stuff like this when they're not part of the general majority.)

Still, you're just implying that I hate women.

>> No.45864587
File: 792 KB, 1134x1080, the curse.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>First time running a game ever after another GM dropped his
>Super robot setting, with all the shit you can imagine, so there's a strange power source that can do a shitload but is also pretty fucking dangerous (Getter Rays, really)

>Get the party together
>One of the player was an ass even before the game but he was my friend so I didn't feel like telling him to fuck off
>He show me his character
>It's literally fucking Vergil, except using Nero as a name
>Motivation is "muh power"
>Oh jesus fuck no
>Predictably, he decides to join the BBEG, he ask me first
>Naive idiot that I am, I allow it, thought it would make things interesting

Even before he betrayed the group, he was already acting like an ass and was introduced attacking the labs/base of operation of the heroes (He got promptly wrecked by a NPC Mechanic's Photon Break Cannons™ that she installed on the base. The NPC is going to be important later on in this shitfest of a That Guy recap.)

>Join the BBEG
>BBEG get wrecked at some point, he GAIN MORE POWER from being near the BBEG's death (He got wrecked in the fight right before too)
>Still acting like an unreedemable prick
>And completely act in the total opposite of what he wanted to do with the mechanic

Now, I showed him, before the game started, a picture I drawn (I literally traced the outlines of some concept art because I can't draw for shit) and showed it to him so he could know about the NPCs.

His reaction to the picture was "Can I romance her?"


>> No.45864806
File: 28 KB, 194x199, not telling a joke.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>"Huh, I mean, if you want, you can try, I'm not going to stop you."

I shouldn't have accepted.
Apparently, his definition of romancing an NPC was to act like a total ass most of the time, and act nice the rest of the time. Somehow he didn't realize trying to kill her friends repeatedly (The PC cast) wouldn't end well.

Though, It was a point that she was lonely as fuck, and because teenagers are stupid, she fell in love with him.

Now, you're probably thinking, "Oh then he fucked her."

Do you believe me if I tell you he screwed up so badly a TEENAGE GIRL that WANTED HIM ended up hating him hard enough to land a nat 10 while kicking him in the dick?

Either way, among the list of ways he fucked up:
>Again, keep trying to kill her and the rest of her friends because MUH POWER
>Caused (Though the NPC was also at fault because she wasn't thinking through) the NPC to lose her left arm to the new BBEG because he didn't stop the BBEG before it was too late for some reason
>Generally acting like an all around asshole

But even after that, she still loved him, she didn't know any better. But anyone got a breaking point.

At some point, he decided to tell me of a way he could get back in the good graces of the laboratories to then betray them yet again.

Now, that's already fucking retarded because you're wasting your ONE chance at redemption because no one would trust you ever again after that.

But then, he tell me this.
>"I'm going to fuck <NPC> and use her to get back in the good graces of the labs."


>> No.45864945


>> No.45865022
File: 75 KB, 640x480, 5465143218.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I'm usually extremely lenient, but I was trying to help him out by refusing at this point. Doing this would completely have broken her trust in him (and would have broke her while we're at it) due to the already mentionned issues.

That was the point where I finally decided for her to start being so lovestruck and start thinking, too.

That doesn't mean she hated him: She still defended him as best as she could despite the PC cast wanting to hang him by his dick.

However, there was ONE thing that caused her to completely fucking give up on him.

>The group ended up meeting him at some point during a fight club (They were simply hanging out)
>They didn't fight, but he made it clear he would kill them all
>NPC say he's just pretending and he'll come back once the true BBEG is dead once and for all. Right?
>"No, I'm serious, if we meet again, I'll have to kill you."
>You can guess what was her face at the moment.

The ride home after the encounter is nothing but silence.

Once they're home, then Mr. Nero decide to one-up himself.

>During the night, he climb up the window leading to Mechanic's room
>Pull a Griffith and kiss her, but then say once again that next time they'll meet, he'll have to kill her
>Then he fuck off, just like that, leaving her completely devastated and furious at him

After this point, it never got better, she completely hated his edgy ass up until the very end.

I want to say he got what he deserved, but other than a curbstomp from the team, he survived the end of the season. And because the player OOC stopped pretending to be nice, blocked us all off from Steam for no reason other than him sperging out because "we don't give him enough attention", he never came back for Season 2. So, he was written off as having tripped and cracked his skull on a very sharp rock.

At least the NPC still got to kick him in the dick, even if it was a year later after a timeskip.


>> No.45865038

Shit, I meant "stop being so lovestruck".

>> No.45865154
File: 257 KB, 1280x720, 1457280551518.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>During the night, he climb up the window leading to Mechanic's room
>Pull a Griffith and kiss her, but then say once again that next time they'll meet, he'll have to kill her
>Then he fuck off, just like that, leaving her completely devastated and furious at him

>> No.45865229
File: 995 KB, 500x281, not rustled.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

That guy sounds like a cuntwaffle.

>> No.45865330

Would a beta player, that never questions or talks back at anyone and is to much of a coward to RP well, count as a That Guy?

>> No.45865848

That's too confusing to me.

>> No.45866101

>nobody likes getting their character killed by the party members.
Nobody likes putting up with an edgy little shit playing stupid evil in a heroic game either. If he doesn't like his character receiving a can o' justice he can fuck off.

>> No.45866475
File: 48 KB, 512x450, 1456965484660.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Playing a prison type campaign
>Some guy who hangs around our FLGS asks to join
>we let him
>DM asks everyone to think about their crime that would have landed them in jail but not executed and include it in their backstory
>everybody comes up with great characters except for that guy
>he's playing an elf assassin who is the son of a fallen angel of darkness
>his crime is that he killed a family because they looked at him funny
>DM lets it slide but is very sceptical
>party escapes prison and is looking for work
>we meet a knight who is looking for adventurers
>our noble paladin negotiates us to be pardoned if we complete his task
>he looks us over and asks us questions
>gets to that guy
>''I'm the son of a fallen angel, the less you know about me the better...''
>the knight laughs
>that guy get's pissed
>''I attack him and show him my power...''
>paladin gets angry
>kills the assassin and apologises to the knight
>that guy leaves saying how we are the worst group ever
>our faces when

>> No.45866562

I do not understand how these things are not discussed BEFORE you have your players create their characters.

Honestly, it's a bit shitty if you make them do the thinking/planning/writing, and then you discard it.

Yeah, it's a game-breaking creation if it's an edgelord like in OP's post. But they spent time writing about it, and clearly wanted to be a That Guy, and now the GM is basically rubbishing their efforts. A GM who lets it get this far is also partly to blame.

You have a preliminary session, you sit down and talk about the next adventure. Discuss if you all want to be a bunch of green, inexperienced rookies, kids on their first coming-of-age adventure, seasoned veterans, or a happy mixture of them all.

If people then pointedly refuse to fall in line, they are going against the entire group decision, not just a disorganised GM.

>> No.45866656

Well handled.

>> No.45866822
File: 66 KB, 500x578, laughing3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>''I'm the son of a fallen angel, the less you know about me the better...''

>> No.45866923

A couple of years ago me and a friend joined a 5ed D&D that another friend was DMing.

>DM brought 2 that guys, my friend and I didn't really like but what can do.
>We roll characters. I roll Half-Orc Barbarian that was dumb as bricks but could probably pile drive a tarrasque, friend rolls Ranger that focuses on melee.
>That guy n1 rolls a Rogue, while that guy n2 rolls a Dragonborn Paladin that's CHAOTIC NEUTRAL
>DM sees nothing wrong with Paladins being CN so we just give up after a bit and roll with it.
>DM had a really good story going where we had to investigate a strange dark tower that suddenly appeared one day.
>We do some shit, I roll like a beast and we pretty much onehit anything that decides to attack us.
>We eventually stumble upon a monastery.
>Head monk which we quickly named Dalai Lama greets us.
>My character grabs the Dalai Lama and starts telling him about his adventures and basically distracting him while our rogue decided to snoop around.
>Rogue finds Dalai Lama's hut and his hidden magical chest which he can't unlock.
>Rogue has brilliant idea to come and threaten the Dalai Lama with a dagger so he opens the chest.
>MFW monastery is devoted to goddess of rogues
>MFW Dalai Lama agrees without fighting us.
>Opens chests with warnings about great evil inside but rogue doesn't want to hear.
>Finds inside Deck of many things.
>Rogue makes Dalai Lama take a card.
>Dalai Lama picks the one that is imprisonment.
>Dalai Lama now chained to the wall forever.
>Rogue draw some cards (he gets really lucky)
>Rogue then asks other characters if they want to draw cards.
>Me and the ranger flat out refuse.
>Rogue say "I roll charm to make ranger draw cards"
>DM allows this. Ranger loses contested roll and draws some cards.
>Ranger draws shitty cards and must fight a dread wraith alone.
>Ranger barely pulls it off.
>Rogue now proceeds to stab the Dalai Lama, stuff him in his wardrobe and then burn his house down.


>> No.45867140

Isn't there a rule against allowing people to roll against the party? Also your DM also sounds like shit.

>> No.45867310


We GTFO out of there cuz the other monks will probably want our heads now that we killed their leader.

There were absolutely no consequences for what we did. Except that the rogue now had a castle with servants and everything.

>We make our base the castle.
>Characters are now level 7.
>DM hasn't given us a single piece of equipment nor have we found any money.
>Anything that we find either has broken weapons, torn armor and the bandits have nothing but their clothes on them.
>Doesn't matter, we continue to rekt every single encounter because we roll like bosses.
>I roll a nat20 at least 3 times a session so stuff lives for 3-4 turns max.
>DM starts throwing Earth elementals at us because they halve physical damage.
>Walking through forest, earth elemental, going through a castle, earth elemental.
>All we've been fighting for 2 session was earth elementals.
>Shortly after me and the ranger decided we've had enough and we quit.

>> No.45867372

Honestly he was pretty inexperienced as this was his second time as a DM. We tried telling him what was wrong a couple of times and we got shot down. So not much we could have done.

>> No.45867864

>having a problem with CN Paladin's

I hate this meme. I've played a CE Paladin before.

>> No.45867900

I believe those are blackguards.
This was a CN Paladin devoted to Bahamut

>> No.45868162

It's an image macro, you dumb new fuck.

>> No.45868537


Worse: a gutless enabler of That Guys

>b-b-but everyone deserves to h-h-have fun, r-r-right?

>> No.45868600

>Campaign in centered around working together as a team of professional monster hunters
>That Guy makes a character that focuses exclusively on working alone

He does this every goddamn time

>> No.45868670

Are you DM? If so, punish his ass, make working alone dangerous, if he doesn't do teamwork, he gets hurt.

>> No.45868710

>>Rogue say "I roll charm to make ranger draw cards"

This is the worst shit I've seen all day. Rollplay and interparty social skill check - fucking nope.

>> No.45868929

>Mandating indepth backstories before first session
I hate seeing GMs who do this. It is not how you get good roleplay results. You're better off with bring less micromanagey about it and just asking for a concept. The character will grow naturally from there in a way that ties in with your game.

>> No.45868962

>lazy millenials in charge of TTRPG

I'm so glad there's no-one under 30 in my group.

>> No.45869035

10/10 bruh nice meme bruh keep improving 10/10 bruh

>> No.45869107

GMs will rarely ask for anything indepth they just want one or two paragraphs to go along with the statblock. Something instead of nothing. Usually you'll have a few days to come up with something anyway and the more open ended and less detailed the better for most GMs because they can fill in those blanks for plot hooks.

>> No.45869617

Had one guy try to do this when I DMed.

Basically, the convo went something like...

>somethign something character is a lone wolf, doesnt like to work together
>something something goes off by himself away from the party
>"Ok, roll a new character."
>"You said your character isn't going with the party. So if he's leaving, you need to roll someone else."

By the 4th time I made him roll a new character, he took the hint. I'm not running a solo campaign alongside a regular game, especially if the first thing you're doing is trying to take a ship to another continent.

>> No.45871091
File: 51 KB, 348x379, wot.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>read filename
>downloaded it FOUR TIMES
1.21 nigga-whats

>> No.45871350

It can also mean that he has downloaded other images

>> No.45871395

Fourth file downloaded from the meme generator site, indexing the default file name "download" several times.

>> No.45871720

If he's not renaming files at all, just going with the default "download.jpg"... my initial reaction also applies to this.

>> No.45873656

>And that's if the slaver is too well defended to bring him to justice.
Excep when slavery is perfectly fine in the society.

>> No.45873837

>I don't know what to do.
Uh, tell him no.

>> No.45873868

You should listen to your friend, Pa'u Zotoh Zhaan.
She's a cool chick.

>> No.45873889

Closest I came was a really good friend of mine who transformed into an insufferable ass whenever he played a certain character. Chaotic "I can do whatever the fuck I want" Neutral played like a complete dickhead.

Character messed the party up on multiple occasions but we could never touch him because the DM built the entire plot around that one character, and the player became a totally self centered ass when he played him, going on about how his one sorcerer could defeat the entire party without breaking a sweat and how he was just so much better than us all.

The DM was kinda That DM too for mostly out of game reasons, though the quality of his DM'ing went VASTLY downhill towards the end.

>> No.45873975

Am I the only one that notices that chaotic Neutral is pretty much the go to 'That guy' alignment?
One of my friends just started killing anyone that he didn't need anymore and justified it as 'I'm chaotic neutral, my character doesn't care!'

>> No.45874025

I've seen Chaotic Neutral done right, and it works well.

Assholes and jerks use it as a shield, acting evil and violent whenever they want but making the bare minimum to not be thrown out of a good aligned party.

Also because the DM wants a good aligned party and shoves their characters in that alignment because he can't let them be evil.

My friend's approach to being CN was "I will be a vindictive, petty dick with a huge ego at all times, but I'm present and helping when the party does good things so that excuses it."

>> No.45874153

You should have just replied to everything he said to you over chat with "lol" and nothing else.

>> No.45874250


I play CN as mental impairment: PTSD, paranoia, etc.

I'm also currently playing a CN rogue who just has a fucked up sense of morality. E.G. He killed a guy who had recently been treated for a disease that had broken out because the guy couldn't prove he had been cured, only treated. He might spread the disease, and was trying to leave. The rogue believes he did the right thing, and believes he saved a lot of people that day.

>> No.45874272
File: 208 KB, 250x219, Applause.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>>We're getting hassled by a "

>> No.45874369

>SW is a very lethal system
Be careful man. I said that once in a Star Wars thread. Had ten people calling me a noob and a faggot.

>> No.45874388

This. I have 2 CN characters and none of my party has ever found it to be an issue. If you play it as self-serving irrespective of legality and morality you are half way there. The other half is applying this selfishness with intelligence. One of my characters works with the party because it provides him with protection and fame while the other does it to get a better understanding of different races and societies. In any case, they are willing to work with Kings or Necromancers, for the people or for criminals, as long as it benefits his status and interests. It is more about being pragmatic and morally flexible than creating a rukus.

>> No.45875656
File: 164 KB, 1032x774, deadlands_illustrations_by_keleus-d867de0.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

So, an old buddy's wife* started hosting a Deadlands game, oldschool before it became a Savage Worlds expansion. I get sucked into the lore for no real good reason and I decide to be a Huckster. FYI Huckster is basically a mage class wherein you cast spells by drawing a number of poker cards based on number of your skill. If you can build a good enough poker hand the spell fires. If not, the spell fizzles. The better the hand, the stronger the spell effect. A spell can literally blows up in your face and you face demonic wrath/possession/incursion, for reasons. Understandably, you have to keep magic hidden or get executed by locals. The campaign promises to place high value on RP, mostly because she's not exactly great at math and likes to write.

When the comes time to cast my first hand at spellcasting, and she explains a houserule that she has. To make things more "interesting and thematic," she also draws, and my hand must beat her hand in order to cast. If my hand loses, the spell backlashes instead of just fizzling. I kinda missed hanging out with the old friend, and I know math isn't her strong suit, so I explain, as if to a child, how that more or less halves the chance of hard-to-cast spells succeeding by making this an opposed check, and multiplies fiftyfold the chances of party wipe. She's like, "Nah, it'll be fun." The party is split up (we're real smart) so when my hand loses and backlashes, it only kills me and one other guy, both of our corpses are immediately puppeted by evil spirits. Our corpses then proceed to hunt down and gun down our comrades and then go to take our place and bend our normal daily lives to evil.

It wasn't exactly a barrel of fun. I doublecheck while writing up new character sheets: This wasn't in intentional party kill; she's a little disappointed that we didn't get to "the good bits" that she wrote; and the houserule will continue. Am I That Guy for pretending to be suddenly busy and unavailable every time she's a GM?

>> No.45875657

any chance i can get a link?

>> No.45875874

I wouldn't say you're That Guy, but personally I'd at least give it another go as something other than a Huckster. I assume the rule applies to all the arcane backgrounds, so she will quickly find that everyone is playing completely average Joes. Really the biggest black mark to me is houseruling something and not making sure everyone knows before they make characters.

>> No.45876010

If you're not at the table, you can't be that guy.

>> No.45876140
File: 19 KB, 234x210, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I was at a convention a while back, playing in some dnd adventure league games because I had fuck all else to do.
>I made a dwarf barbarian, and spent an hour sitting around waiting for my game to start.
>While I'm waiting, I'm talking with this 15 year old.
>He's waiting too, Hes really excited to play.
>He tells me he's been waiting all day for an open game.
>we tell each other about our characters.
>he made a paladin, spends 10 minutes telling me her backstory.
>not actually a bad character.
>he says this is going to be his second game, says first one ended with him dying due to bullshit.
>game eventually starts
>fat bald dude as dm
>he takes a moment before the game to talk about how he has special tombstone stickers he makes players full out when they die in how campaigns, and says he's hoping to earn some more for his dm screen
>he lays out the adventure setup, we have some brief introductory roleplay stuff.
>when it comes to the kid, he switches straight from eagerness to stone faced paladin mode
>good character interaction between paladin and dorf
>game starts properly, were escorting a caravan
>party fights bandits
>bandits have a mage and a rouge in their number
>turn 2, kid has paladin charge mage, mage is out in open
>kid misses due to low roll
What follows occurs within seconds on turn 3 of the entire game.
>mage pulls freeze spell out of nowhere
>Maria the paladin is frozen in place
>rouge pops out of shadows
>coup de grace
Turn 3.
The look on the kids face.
He looked like he was going to cry when the dm laughed and handed him a gravestone sticker to fill out.
He fills it out and walks away.
No one else even came close to dying that entire game.
I hope that dm didn't turn that kid off of tabletop forever.

>> No.45876158

nah, that kind of writing only really serves to be a detriment to the party

>> No.45876185

>Am I That Guy for pretending to be suddenly busy and unavailable every time she's a GM?
No, but you are a pussy for not just telling her the truth.

>> No.45876376

Oh man, I have an awkward story about this one.

>Friend invites me to play with her boyfriend, another friend of mine (I got them together)
>Sweet, make a really fucked up necromancer undead halfling
>Turns out she also invited a middle aged man she knew and his son along, father is a bit crazy and she wants the son, who has no friends and is like, 8, to have some fun, she associates with the guy solely to help the kid as a mention, knew the guy before his wife left him, he's a bit of a fuckup, whole bunch of stuff
>build a gnome beguiler with an awakened giant pug cleric companion, kid friendly, still fun for me
>Show up, guy has made a super strong monk half orc
>Spends the entire game boasting about how badass and broken his character is
>when he's not making fun of his son for being terrible at the game (the kid was actually doing fine)
>Clearly super pumped about this
>Son is having fun but also clearly kinda depressed
>game ends, never happens again because the father refuses to let the kid play without him, and is just using it to shit on the kid

Apparently, he was always insulting him in everything. Serious ego problems, spent most of his time living in a trailer, leaching off other folks, and blowing all his money and booze. Great guy.

My female friend stopped associating with him after he started stalking her a bit. I can only hope the kid is okay.

>> No.45876405

>but everyone jumped to his defense
Then tell your friends you are no longer willing to run the game.

>> No.45876480

The the spirit of Anti-thatguyness what is the best build for PVP?

>> No.45876543

A grappler can usually give any caster a hard time if you act first. Usually that kind of player just doesn't expect the party to jump them before they themselves do so, so you can get a grapple going when you're all fed up with him. Actually, most Combat Maneuvers work great versus humanoids, so you can have a nice Tripper/Lockdown be just as effective on a player. Those are optimal because most builds can forsake damage for complete lockdown potential, which is essential in a "1 vs X" situation.

Other than that, any caster has spells to hold/lock a character, and you usually have an enormous advantage by being in a group anyways. Do your usual build, but have at least one trick like those that can be used on humanoids. If you don't use it on a player, you'll probably use it on an enemy, so you don't sacrifice anything.

>> No.45876592

I didn't consider grappling, sounds good.

What about dealing with the "I have a +10 stealth so you can't see me steal your shit" types

>> No.45876610

>Assassins that worship the God of Darkness and Death.
Kinda unrelated to the thread, but how do you do this right? Is Dark Brotherhood a good example for instance?

>> No.45876648
File: 359 KB, 1018x728, image.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>player is a typical "muh grorious nippon steel"
>made a highly dex-based character , both dumping endurance and magic into oblivion
>as he chooses his starting equipment , he wants a katana of course , and a black leather coat
>i had no katana stats prepared , so i give him one with saber stats but with more impact and weight
>he spergs out after he discovered he is just wielding a heavy saber , telling me i attacked his pride as a mall ninja
>he wants armor breaking bonus because he cant cut through full plate with it (damage of most swords isnt high enough to simply cut into plate , damage type "cut" gets a deflection penalty , too)
>i tell him to not be pissed off unless he can provide solid prove of his superior nippon steel
> this system is supposed to be realism oriented
>shows me video related to underline his argument
>mfw i wasted time with his stupid antics once again


>> No.45876699

If they pull that off at all, you'll have to notice sooner or later. Confrontation comes when the party IC realizes their party member is an ass, and once he's dealt with, you can pick up whatever he stole from you. Having spare weapons, even completely mundane ones, grants you the ability to do damage and do your usual tricks. Say, he stole your Golden Chained Whip +2? You can still trip him with a flail just as good, although you lose range; a whip has the range for trip but no damage, so you can carry both or choose one. The guy probably can't even use whatever he stole.

Remember, roguish characters are suboptimal at best in direct combat. For him to do a character that steals stuff, he has to lose bulk in direct fights and depend on flanking or other ways to get precision damage, most of which depend on another party member. When push comes to shove, you can be sure that your fighting character can take on that rogue alone. If he escapes, he's pretty much leaving the group, so I doubt the DM would make a fuss over not giving your gear back.

>> No.45876809

That's more than a That Guy.
He's a scumbag.

>> No.45876832

>>gm goes babysitter on us, zombies dont finish me off when im on the ground and suddenly are constantly staggered according to the correct rules didnt even have the balls to kill of my character

So you correct him on the rules and then don't like when he started using the correct rules, or am I misreading this?

>> No.45876871

Venerate Death in some form. Forget darkness. Too nebulous and evil.
Either make assassination a clandestine means to support the religion or a specialized form of worship, with them either taking targets sanctioned by Death/death god or offering rivals and enemies a job that they were going to do eventually, but as worship instead of paid.
Basically, make it a very ritualistic, lawful evil. Murder hobos don't respect death, but waste it.

>> No.45876875

I think he's more upset that he got dicked over and wasn't granted his noble death.

Imo if the dm fucks up a rule then they either a) stick with it and too bad for you but continuity win or b) go back a few minutes and unfuck the encounter.

>> No.45876909


>> No.45877028

that's fucking excellent

>> No.45877110

You should have given him a tachi or tsurugi instead.

>> No.45877134

Show him the metatron vid.

>> No.45877163

Well how the fuck did you expect him to play if you named him "the kid"?

>> No.45877931

My current DM does this. Hasn't had it happen to me yet, but I just pointedly stare at the ceiling while it happens

>> No.45878166

Him applying the correct rules is right as he should have done from the beginning for balancing ( i would have received 1 attack not 3 attacks woth flanking) the fact i was already down to negative and sorrounded by uncontrolled zombies they could have still easily killed me and should have done so due to their nature. The fact he pussyed out only to noy kill me and not to fix what he did wrong pissed me off. I wanted at least the satisfaction of seeing my character die due to his shitty gm'ing.
I even told him OOC that my character would use these public displays of necromancy to break the involved guilds down in front of the regent of the town trying to get him to kill my character off but he didn't...

>> No.45878218

What a disgusting human being.

>> No.45878455

>i had no katana stats prepared

he probably had no idea what a tachi or tsurugi was , or how to stat them

>> No.45878670

I would have just given him the stats of a shortsword.

>> No.45878745

i just dodged my first potential that guy on R20, put up an add for a DW campaign, and i got this for an application (not gonna copy paste it because if the guy browses here i wouldnt want to offend him, yes i know im a pussy ass bitch)
>Exorcist that works with xenos
>like he works with all xenos accept the tyranids
>abandoned his chapter to go hunt xenotech artifact
>got rumor from a dying necron who he apparently was buddy buddy with about the location of the dying artifact
>joins deathwatch
why is it that people cant do the smallest amount of reasearch on things like this before they do it? ten minutes of searching and he could have seen that this was a bad idea for a character concept, granted it seems like an interesting story for maybe a Rouge Trader or a radical inquisitor.

>> No.45878785

>gm who has trouble with katanafag here

i used slightly modified saber stats because both are curved weapons . this is the important point , because curved weapons have more cutting and less stabbing power

we are using a homebrew system , things work a bit differently than most system used commonly

>> No.45878854

With no in system way to mechanize any of the traits too, i bet.

>> No.45879444


>> No.45879493

Wut?, more like average shonen or teenager fantasy book like prince of thorns

>> No.45879566
File: 58 KB, 368x293, 1456879831676.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.45879628

what show is it?

>> No.45879698
File: 55 KB, 517x610, 1411332229556.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not the worst that guy, but i've been playing games for only a short time and this the weirdest thing i've seen.

>playing homebrew setting and system
>we have a spectacle gladiator, british blue blood big game hunter and the engineer

>the engineer also has a rubiks cube, a deck of mtg cards, his smartphone and a toy duck on the table all of winch he constantly plays with while the DM is talking or a plan is being made

>constantly solving his rubiks cube over and over

>gets a tazer in-game and literally declares he wants to tazer every NPC we fight in the balls. As if the joke would never die.

>as gunmen storm our ship, we fight through it outnumbered and outgunned so we can reach his locker.

>only thing inside is the fucking toy duck and rubiks cube.

It was not that bad, but damn everyone were amazing roleplayers, funny quips and great DM'ing and then we had this guy.

>> No.45879724

The fuck? SWfag here, it's entirely true. And I like it that way.

Although to be fair EotE characters are often not combat-ready, most AoR careers are set up to fuck people up, and F&D careers are the only ones that let you learn lightsaber combat for cheap.
I say "often", I'm playing an EotE Heavy and he's nearly unkillable

>> No.45879750

So an average day on 4chan?

>> No.45879787
File: 174 KB, 295x301, 100% enraged.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>he takes a moment before the game to talk about how he has special tombstone stickers he makes players full out when they die in how campaigns, and says he's hoping to earn some more for his dm screen

>> No.45880035

>Has an inferiority complex
>Makes the most overpowered, blatantly munchkiny, ruleslawyery and powergamey PCs ever
>Excuses himself by "I don't go all in with them, I'm holding back"
>The moment someone plays something remotely viable he starts yelling "minmaxer!" and pointing fingers
>He must be sucking GM's cock because GM ignores all of this and keeps inviting him and treating him better than the rest
And that's how 3 players left a group

>> No.45880129

So, you had them do all of that; but you didn't bother to have a conversation with everyone discussing the tone of the campaign, what kinds of characters would be a huge issue, etc.

Session 0, anon. Every time.

>> No.45881221

>dialog consists of X-pattern

Yeah, you can do this without being 'that guy' but it only works if you do it sparingly.

>play chaos horse paladin
>massive STR and CON because fucking horse
>don't let anyone ride me or put equipment on me
>only speak in notes written with my mouth (literally did this IRL but only made two or three dialogue contributions outside of body language in a session)
>ultimately give up on character because NPCs took issue with bringing a giant, angry horse into their abodes.
Actually had a pretty good time with this one.

>are you done with your boring dialogue
I gotta ask, how long did this 'philosophy' discussion go on?

>> No.45881321
File: 67 KB, 500x714, a knight.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>new female sits down to table
>she is wearing a hat and t-shirt referencing old videogames or early 2000's cartoons
>she bounces in her seat
>she has wide eyes and an enormous smile
>she immediately asks intimate questions clearly intended so that she can graze over the response and talk at length on the subject herself

Beware this girl, /tg/. She is the ultimate 'that guy'. I've seen 3 so far and they all have the same tells. They will suck attention from the game toward themselves, and when it fails, they will become bored and inquire as to whether or not the game can be cut short so everyone can partake in an activity of her choice. She won't learn your system. She'll try to bang the most relatively attractive person in the group at least once. She will fill a great deal of your campaign with white knight missions and randumb sidequests of her own devising.

90% of your interactions will end up like this

>> No.45882015 [SPOILER] 
File: 799 KB, 2000x2000, 1457461161708.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.45882153


Care to share your stories?

>> No.45882329

>mage pulls freeze spell out of nowhere
>Maria the paladin is frozen in place
>rouge pops out of shadows
>coup de grace
And that's why I'm glad 5e cut that shit out of the game.

>> No.45882468

Please anon entertain us with story time

>> No.45885479

>Backstory of shady guy is "gangster killed my parents so I became a gangster to kill the man who killed my parents and succeeded, I'm now a deep gangster"
this can be interesting which sadly doesn't mean it will be interesting.

>> No.45885524

Dialog with that character was impossible, even if you offered them a place to sleep or food the reaction would be a nonunderstanding "bed?.... bed.... bed?" interaction failed on every level, even when using sign/body language and it wasnt even a fun RP challenge to communicate because the character had practically 0 int and didnt undersatand anything you tried to communicate by any means.

the philosophy discusion came up shorty after that guy just spend quite some time dicking around in the town, harassing guards and trying to break into shops to scavange for food and the house of the mayor which gave him planty of time in the spotlight, we actually split up from his character to not have to put up with his shit and he used his meta knowledge to actually seek us out. The discussion itself lasted not that long, maybe 5-10 minutes. we got kinda annoyed by his constant probing , he actually tipped my character on the shoulder several times IC and kept beeing ignored, i thik that grinded his gears and let him to that comment.

another thing about this is that we were actually just 3 players (me included) so 2of the 3 of the players had a character building moment together and actual RP and he blatantly tries to interrupt/ destroy it.

>> No.45885638

It would have been more interesting if the character didn't embrace it as much as he did.
At least that's what I think, could've led to some good character development.

>> No.45885868

Reminds me of a player I had in Highschool

>be junior HS
>have my PHB in band because one of my players wanted to see the different classes he could roll up
>7.5/10 asian girl seems excited and asks if she could join the group
>being a dumb beta I say sure
>her first session
>elf rogue that dresses flamboyantly
>try to get the game rolling
>she makes a comment about some of my Suicide Squad comics
>"Yeah they're kind of a guilty pleasure for me. I'm not a fan of this version Harley but I dig King Shark and El D-"
>derails it into a Harley Quinn conversation
>half the group is interested in it
>one player tries to get it going
>finally get it to start
>she's not paying attention
>play the game for about a hour before it derails into tumblr talk
>this is basically how the session goes

>after first session comments how she had fun
>rarely attends
>one of the last sessions I can recall her going to was terrible
>party exploring a dungeon
>warlock sees a statue and makes a check knowing its trapped
>warlock can be a that guy depending on the day and how high he is
>decides he wants to fuck with the druid and asian girl
>uses reverse psychology to get them to take something from the statue
>trap activates
>ceiling begins to collapse
>tell them to make a dex save
>druid makes
>she doesn't
>I roll for the damage
>even fudging the rolls was enough to bring her character down to 0 hp
>there was a moment of silence
>warlock has a shit eating grin
>she grabs everyone's pencils with one hand tries to stab the warlock
>druid holds her back as she keeps attempting stab warlock and claws at the druid
>warlock still has a shit eating grin and doing a come at me gesture
>rest of the part and I have no idea what to do
>warlock had some magic shit to patch girl back up

She was an interesting character. Later on I found out she did in fact want to bone one of the players.

>> No.45885938

>Have a girl like that in a game
>Her male Paladin and my female bard have a fling due to high CHA
>She approaches me after the game
>Tells me she really felt a connection with me
>Asked if I wanted to go get coffee with her
My dad always told me never to put my dick in crazy but I did

>> No.45885981

As long as she didn't break any of your shit. It's worth it anon

>> No.45886233

She broke his heart.

>> No.45886297

Doesn't matter had sex

>> No.45886420

Even worse.
She broke up my weekly group.

>> No.45886478

That's unforgivable.

>> No.45886626

>GM announces WHFR 2nd ed
>asks everyone to provide a backstory
>I write a few paragraphs, have to use lexicanum since I don't know much about WH fantasy
>send it to him
>one or two weeks later we finally get to play
>"Anon, I didn't read your backstory"
>"Also, we are playing in my homebrew setting"

>> No.45886708

>I didn't read your backstory
Fuck him

>> No.45887281
File: 170 KB, 712x813, rogues.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

let the other pc's kill him if they really have a problem with it

doesn't seem like he wants to fuck anyone over from what you tell us,he just has a concept that conflicts with the rest of the party.why arent they doing something about it?are they afraid you will intervene?

maybe one of the pc's dropped an anonymous tip to what ever authorities and he gets executed.
maybe he escapes said authorities and finds out the party ratted him out,now you got a new villain.i would leave it alone desu.sooner or later that shit will catch up to him

>> No.45888252

>Playing a campaign with a friend
>Friend of his is DMing, is a big fat guy with a beard
>During character creation, I decide to make my character have some mental issues (namely schizophrenia) to make him fun to roleplay
>Tell my DM
>He responds "Oh, is there something in the rulebook that deals with schizophrenia?"
>Tell him no
>"Well, then surely it's in the new materials, right?"
>Again, no. Tell him it's purely for flavor so I'm not just another boring dwarf.
>"Oh, but it's not in the rules? Then you can't be fucking schizophrenic, asshole."
>He then threatened to kick me out of his game because I said my dwarf hates being a dwarf and trims his beard

>> No.45888313

>personality traits
nigga he WHAT
he's a total dick

>> No.45888745
File: 184 KB, 500x733, image.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Literal autism, guy can't stand to deviate from raw and it's getting him out of his comfort zone, leads too retarded outbursts like that.

>> No.45888878

>that last line

>> No.45889002

He was also pissy that we weren't playing Pathfinder, where he would min max all his characters to do shit like have 6 attacks of opportunity and do +5 to hit on an attack of opportunity while also having 25 ac at level 2, and since he couldn't do that anymore he agreed to be a whinybaby dm.

He eventually quit because he didn't know any of the rules (ie he kept insisting that firing into combat was a -5 penalty unless you had a perk that didn't exist in this edition) which was fucking ironic and hilarious, so I got my schizophrenic self hating dwarf, but still.

>> No.45889773

>>He responds "Oh, is there something in the rulebook that deals with schizophrenia?"
>>Tell him no
>>"Well, then surely it's in the new materials, right?"
>>Again, no. Tell him it's purely for flavor so I'm not just another boring dwarf.
>>"Oh, but it's not in the rules? Then you can't be fucking schizophrenic, asshole."
If it was 5e and want to get technical about it there's madness in the DMG and Out of the Abyss.

>> No.45889990

It was 5e, but early 5e before I had access to any of that.

>> No.45890430


Jesus its always the retards who pick this as a character flaw.

>> No.45890712

Not That Guy, but That DM
"I prefer Derleth's interpretation of Lovecraft's mythos"

>> No.45890809

Never read Derleth, but personally, Lovecraft himself never really struck the whole 'cosmic horror' strong for me, what's wrong with Derleth?

>> No.45892412

There must be some kind of threshold where you go from a That Guy over into the realm of just being a despicable human being. That guy clearly crossed that line.

>> No.45892673

Derleth warped the pantheon into a dualist hierarchy of good Elder Things and evil Outer Gods at war, with protagonists facing evil using the elder sign like a fucking crucifix. It ruined the core themes of isolation and moral indifference in Lovecraft's cosmic horror. Also there's that fucking space library that Derleth always somehow worked into his stories. Derleth did a lot to make Lovecraft well known and all, but he fucked up the formula big time.

>> No.45893307

Is it cannabalism for an elf to eat a human?

>> No.45893386

Considering interbreeding is possible, they must be closely related in terms of species. So it would be.

>> No.45893721

Does it make me That Girl if already have a character development arch planned when I make my character? Like since I like the idea of evil characters becoming good, is it wrong to make an evil character and plan on her becoming more good through the campaign as long as the party is good and treats her right? Or is it better not to have a character planned out ahead like that?

>> No.45893895

What I mean for example is since I like the trope of the sexy villainess switching to the good side and becoming heroic. so I'd love to play a sorceress who gets introduced during the party's first encounter with the BBEG's minions. I'd be with the baddies but would get captured, but would be allowed to join them since I can be useful to them. My character would be looking out for herself to begin with, but could come to the good side as the party helps people and does heroic stuff while the bad guys show their true colors. Is this trying to plan things out to much?

>> No.45893912


It's okay to have a general idea planned out, and it's best if you talk to you DM about it. What you shouldn't do is have character development planned out without the context of other characters or the setting, whose personality and beliefs changes not as a result of the world around her and her reacting to it in turn, but simply as milestones; learning the value of teamwork by session three, friendship by session 5, love by session 10, et cetera.

Take the setting and other PCs into account when planning the character arc. How would each of them reinforce or challenge a pre-existing belief your character has?

>> No.45894222

>one guy who always does the powerplay minmaxing retardation "lol muh power" character
>A dick in real life
>A dick in character
>Perpetual Character creation of casters that are ALWAYS going to backstab the group and seek nothing but power

I'm not sure how I can convince the GM to drop the dude, but even then the GM's management is shit. 3.5e, non-consistent world, pretty much full on homebrew.

The worst part is they're pretty decent friends.

>> No.45894583

Eugh, sounds even worse. I guess he just threw the 'horror' out the fucking window.

>> No.45894833

Nothing about that is inherently bad. You should plan it out with the GM, and you should also plan out at least the introduction with the players, especially if you don't know them well. A lot of players are so sociopathic and retarded they might just try to kill your character. Because, you know, it's "what their character would do".

>> No.45894849
File: 62 KB, 655x615, Me Gusta.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>He then threatened to kick me out of his game because I said my dwarf hates being a dwarf and trims his beard
He sounds like a really fun guy

>> No.45894936
File: 105 KB, 700x500, Sadness.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.45895128

hope he killed himself

>> No.45895234

>you should also plan out at least the introduction with the players, especially if you don't know them well. A lot of players are so sociopathic and retarded they might just try to kill your character.
Yeah, I could see that ending rather tragically. Definitely something I'd like to try sometime. My last GM always liked my RPing, so hopefully my next GM will think it's a good idea.

>> No.45895296
File: 79 KB, 500x500, 1375908211252.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

This is a short story about a Magic player.
A Magic player who happens to be one of those people who talks out his ass a lot despite all the information he needs being within arm's reach.
>doing some multiplayer
>he has a bunch of tokens
>plays a Jinxed Idol and sends it to me
>it's an older printing of Jinxed Idol, Tempest if I remember right
>ends turn, I'm up next
>well, at the end of your turn I'm going to sac one of my creatures to give it to the other guy
>launches into a tirade about how I can't do that and how the text on the card says "permanently" so I can't ever get rid of it
>ends his tirade by saying he looked it up
>is that a fact?
>grab phone
>open Gatherer
>go to Jined Idol
>scroll down the additional rulings
>highlight it
>he's wrong and it's plain as day
>takes him a second to process it
>whines about how they changed it and how it used to be permanent
>this coming from a guy who, by his own admission, got into magic around M12, by which point Jinxed Idol most certainly didn't work that way
>decide not to rip him open on that point so we can continue the game

>> No.45895938

dude, nobody puts this much effort into this shit, you'd never be able to start playing

also all of these stories are made up

>> No.45896003
File: 163 KB, 780x770, ColdSteel.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


Was no one going to post it? I hate these edgy self-inserts people make.

>> No.45896311

sounds like an improvement to the whole "i'm 14 and this is scary" thing lovecraft had a boner for

>> No.45896474

>all of these stories are made up
Well my first time RPing, I really did play a neutral evil ninja who secretly communed with devils to make herself more powerful while in a good party of demon hunters. But I think DM being creative, group being friendly, and me definitely not wanting to ruin the game made it all work out alright.

>> No.45896502 [DELETED] 

You are idiot.
EVERY character is suppose to be self insert.
That's the point of playing an RPG.

>> No.45896518

>please either educate yourself or commit suicide.

>> No.45896519

You are an idiot.
EVERY character is suppose to be self insert.
That's the point of playing an RPG.

>> No.45896528


>> No.45896533

No, it's about playing the role of someone else. Which can mean a borderline self insert or someone who is very different from you.

>> No.45896649


When I say self-insert, I mean like a Mary Sue, the way some authors do in their works. Though usually this is usually a bigger a problem in fan-fiction.

Roleplayers create these unbelievable, over-idealized versions of themselves. They make themselves OP as fuck, top of this class, leader of this clan, sole survivor of whatever incident. It's backstory bullshit.

People need to learn how to ground themselves. Build a character that's realistic to your fantasy setting. Because in most cases the actual self-insert would be some overweight neckbeard too scared to face the fact that he's not actually good at anything.

>> No.45896706

>admitted furry in group
>plays a ratfolk
>does really tryhard LE IM SO CREEPY AND DEVIOUS outside of combat
>had someone from deviantArt draw a portrait of his character
>it's super cartoony and has huge tits
>he sounds like he's 30

I keep telling myself it's worth it. I just hope his character dies.

>> No.45896739

Let recap if I get what you are saying.
A self insert is making a character who is exactly like you. So since you think >>45896003
is correct that means that guy from op actually is an edgy faggot who goes arround killing people in his city.

Selft insert means to insert yourself into a character, which is the point of RPGs. It is more or less a wish fullfillment, while some people as our guy for example overdid it.
Self insert is in general nothing bad. It just often occured that it is used in bad ways and the term got a bad reputation.
>When I say self-insert, I mean like a Mary Sue
I thought you meant that.
It just triggers me when people use those buzzwords without much thought.
I agree with the rest of your post.

>> No.45896756

When it comes to literature, self insert and mary sue are often interchangeable but no so much in RPG. The guy probably picked the first word for 'badly-written character' that came to his mind.

>> No.45896779

Is it worse than Demonbane?

>> No.45896797


Sorry if I misled. Luckily I haven't personally played a game with any of these types who overdo it. Seen a hell of a lot of it on here though. It's a thing you do when you're 13 when there's no one to call you out on your bullshit. World needs checks and balances, even for fun. My friends are usually pretty reasonable about it.

I've been playing the most recent NHL game and the Be-A-Pro feature no longer lets you edit your stats (used to have unlimited and limited point settings). Every facet of your gameplay is now graded and can go up and down week to week, so you can't make yourself OP anymore, I love it. You can even fail to be drafted by the NHL from the minors.

>> No.45896811

no, wrong. wish fulfillment is always bad. it is the absolute worst sin you can commit when writing, and especially when creating a character.

when writing, the most important thing is to step outside of yourself. all that you are, everything you believe, or want, or think, becomes irrelevant. only the character matters.

>> No.45896818

looks life face off to me

reality show about makeup artists making sci fi/fantasy masks.
just skip 1st season. they tried to make season 1 about drama and shit

>> No.45896912

We played Marrakech last weekend.
That guy rolled the die and moved randomly due to result.
I never was so close to kill a man.

>> No.45896976

I've got a few. Let's see. One of the more infamous one had with a guy playing a knight who was a douchebag.

So, greentext incoming.

>>Party is level four or five, tasked with uniting the villages with the main town on this island due to an impending invasion that the PC's found out about
>>One of the villages has been more or less taken over by a chaotic evil wizard who took over the mayor's manor. He did not kill anyone, just thought he would teach the mayor and his family a few lessons since they did not pay the wizard the respect he needed. Plus, the family had a telescope that was expensive as all shit and was in a good position but did not want to give the wizard the right of using it for his own studies.
>>Anyway, party comes to the manor to see it has all gone to shit. Animated dead roam the hallways, members of the family wear masks that are enchanted and make them into little more than automatons
>>Party finds the wizard who actually tells them that he's going to let the family go once they learn their lesson. He cordially tells them to take a load off, eat something and such while he finishes his research
>>Knight goes into troll mode while the others kind of listen. He's about level 12 by the way, thus much more powerful than they are. Knight starts clanking on the telescope, annoying the unstable wizard constantly with getting in his way and such. However, bard's high diplomacy checks keep the wizard swayed enough
>>He agrees to let the family go soon. He escorts the party downstairs where the daughter and the wife of the family are held in one of the rooms
>>Knight has had enough and charges the wizard.
>>Wtf moment from the party
>>Roll initiative. Knight has surprise, but manages to do nothing in it
>>Wizard rolls highest. First round, moves out of the room, casts black tentacles in it. Every single party member is trapped, as well as the members of the goddamn family, the daughter and the wife that pretty much die in a new round.(c)

>> No.45897025

>>Life is slowly choked out of them each round.
>>The only one that got out was the cleric who had a travel domain so he had freedom of movement few times a day
>>In desperation, bard tries diplomacy again in the middle of combat. I tell him to roll diplomacy
>>He rolls a natural 20. I know it's not an automatic success on skill checks but it's impressive enough that I give them a benefit of the doubt
>>Next round, wizard tells them whether they will throw all their weapons and surrender. They all say yes.
>>Another diplomacy check, another 20. This was impressive, so the wizard dismisses the tentacles
>>The moment that happens, the noble knight that practically allowed two innocent people to die charges the wizard, breaking all rules of diplomacy again
>>He actually rolls good on a charge and a bull rush and topples the wizard down the stairs in prone
>>Rest of the party throws hands in air, says what the fuck and goes on a hail mary and actually kills the guy before he gets his next round
>>For the next two irl hours, everyone is bitching at the knight who tells that he was right and everyone was wrong, ignoring the innocent people in the room.
>>They somehow manage to get around it and find the lord of the manor. They don't tell them that they killed his wife and daughter, just that they died. Knight actually bluffs him with that.
>>The lord is devastaed and wants to mourn, but the knight starts pressing him that he needs to gather his people and join the main city in defense
>>Mayor is not up to it, at least not at the moment, he just wants to bury his wife and kid
>>Knight goes into retard mode and rolls intimidate that he wants the man to go and to go now
>>Rolls, and now has a terrified old man.
>>Rest of the party is getting uncomfortable and says they don't want anything to do with this and what the hell
>>Knight calls them all cowards and forces the mayor to go into town with him and gather his people

>> No.45897043

You should talk to him privately about it, not with the group around.

>> No.45897054

>>Basically makes him walk in front of him. They come to the town and intimidation now ran it's course.
>>Feeling empowered by his own people, the mayor now starts to scream that this ragtag band of adventurers came to his home, threatened him and now force him to do their bidding while his wife and daughter lay dead and his home devastated
>>Forms an angry mob
>>Knight, the brave soul that he is, runs away and gets on his horse, even if he very much ehard they were going to lynch his party
>>The player just shrugs as the rest of the people look at him.
>>Lynch mob comes after them. They try diplomacy, but they don't listen and start pelting them with rocks. Party barely manages to get out of alive with party members, a few of them near death.
>>They get away and ride back to town to find the knight there who starts getting pissy that they were taking their time
>>OOC everyone is going berserk on the guy for what the hell he was doing, while he holds his ground that he was in the right, that the wizard was a madman and that he deserved to die, completely ignoring th casualties of battle, and not really giving a shit that he put his party members in mortal peril because of his own ego.
>>The quest failed miserably, and the knight pretended nothing was wrong, really. Next day he wrote a post on Facebook group that we had for our weekly planning that I was, I shit you not, some three pages long where he explained his reasoning and it was all a bunch of bullshit.
>>Party fell apart soon after that.

>> No.45897142

Not really "that guy" but it's whining and it doesn't deserve a thread
>have been visiting /tg/ for 2-3 years but never played D&D
>meet guy at uni, tells me he's an experienced master and willing to teach me
>fuck yes, I always wanted to try
>find 4 other people to play
>we meet twice and the group falls apart before the campaign even starts
>one of the players even has a fight with the master over menial shit unrelated to the game
>very limited social life prevents me from finding more players
>my character will never see the light
I just wanted to learn something new ;-;

>> No.45897164


What a fucking dickhead. Glad my GM friend stops this kind of bullshit in its tracks. The truly terrible thing about this is that to this day that kid probably still goes to bed thinking he was right. He will soon become someone else's "that guy."

>> No.45897176

You just want to play D&D or PF? Try online with Roll20. Now GURPS, Runequest, and other systems you'll have to take what you can get online or find it IRL. D&D is much easier to play, even older editions.

>> No.45897187

*Easier as in finding a group online

>> No.45897205

We were supposed to play D&D 3,5. I think if this doesn't get back on track I'll try Roll20, even if it won't be the same thing as meeting real people, also I live in the EU so timing would be an issue.

>> No.45897261

Shouldn't be too big of an issue. Not everyone on Roll20 lives in North America or something. Even they have timezone differences so everyone has to deal with this to an extent. DMs will list their timezones and when the group meets. Or they should, you'll have to sort it out anyway. Shouldn't be too hard to find a group in your timezone. 3.P is still stupidly popular.

>> No.45897264

That "kid" was 33 when that happened. That makes it all the more funny.

>> No.45897291


Oh man, that's even worse. He's too far gone. He definitely cannot accept being wrong. Don't ever think for a second that he has forgotten. He tells other people that he was right. He tells them about how he bested you with his facebook novel and how you apologized but he forgot to take a screenshot. He must travel the land, ever the "that guy" of so many greentexts over the years. A legend. On his deathbed the mantle will be passed to the next "that guy." The chosen one.

>> No.45897325

That's him in a nutshell, yep. Worst thing is, he's a real cool guy as far as friends go. Outside of tabletop he's great, but he's got a glaring flaw, and that is that he is the most stubborn person to walk the earth. One that will never, ever admit to being in the wrong, even if he was caught with a murder weapon in hand.

>> No.45897335

>some three pages long where he explained his reasoning and it was all a bunch of bullshit
Post it

>> No.45897356


If this guy was 10 years younger he sounds like one of my friends who is the same way. Every few months he quits playing MtG with us because he thinks we're cheating or fucking with him. Cool dude, but thinks he's infallible.

>> No.45897424

I would, but it's in another language and I don't really feel up to translating all of it. Basically, the gist of it was that we were all wrong to judge him and that he did what his character would do in character, that the wizard was an evil guy who deserved to die and that the needs of the few are less important than the needs of the many. The murder of his family, leaving his party stranded and the like were very much ignored.

He's still my mate, though. Unlike the other guy that's playing with us for the last two years and who constantly has autist moments of sperging whose tales I might retell. In a much shorter way since they are outright retarded.

>> No.45897457

If you want neutral instead of evil, you can use basically The House of Black and White from Game of Thrones. They kill for both "good" reasons (ending the suffering, uniting family members), and "neutral" reasons (getting money, they rent out their assasings, The Faceless Men).

>> No.45897536


>> No.45897609

Anyway, here's the other guy. This guy has too many "That guy" moments, so I'll mention those I remember

>>Be a GM
>>That guy plays a caster. Every time. And always tries to play some retarded race. Reasoning, to quote : I want to be strong
>>Played a wizard and fucked around constantly here
>>Trolled everything
>>Party was composed basically of brigands who wanted to overthrow an empire. And every tim ehe killed someone, he basically made it clear that they remember who it was that killed him, even writing his name near the corpses
>>They had a stronghold of sorts. One night assassins came in disguise. Him, being the jackass that he was, never really took the usual wizard precautions
>>With abysmall spot checks, he never saw the killers as anything else but parts of the crew
>>They shanked him to death. Guy's eyes literally filled up with tears, and min you, he wa 34 at that time about "I thought this was not a serious campaign, and now you're killing me, why!"
>>We all laughed, he lost a level and got ressed. Never forgot that, but at least from there on he took his naps in a Rope trick
>>Few levels later, they pissed off a level 20 wizard who time stopped and exploded all of them except for one party member who wasn't there at that session.
>>Anyway, he came to me mid session saying that if he loses his spellbook he won't play anymore and why would they take his stuff and why take his loot and the like
>>Spoiler alert: He lost his loot and spell book. Still plays with us to this day.

Further adventures of autist mcsperg continue:

>> No.45897636

> Hedgehog
More like "edgehog" amirite?

>> No.45897658


>Another campaign. Pathfinder this time, he plays a psion
>He wants to pretty much mind control everything.
>That goes as well as you think it does
>They come to a town famed for bandits and thievery. Naturally, the party is very paranoid
>One of the schtiks that happened to him, since he went on his own to spend money out of the party pool to get stuff for himself, which everyone was pissed about, but he said that he helped the party that way....even though he always throws a bitch fit whenever someone else tries to do the same, anyway, the schtick is that they provoke a fight with someone that looks loaded and either beat him up or use the commotion to sleight of hand, loot him. So, these unarmed peasants in the middle of the town try to provoke him, and what does he do? Mind controllingly fucking explodes them.
>Gets really anal flustered when the law, which is corrupt of course, gets on his tail for what he was doing and asks for a bribe or he will hang
>The other party member, the face gets him out and ends up paying his fine out of his own loot. Not a single thank you. The guy actually goes on and buys that item that he wanted, without compensating
>Party starts to argue for like an hour over this. The guy pretends to listen, but it's obvious he doesn't give a shit.

>> No.45897689

Later on, and I have to mention this. We have a house rule that if you loot a dead party member of all of his belongings when he makes a new character, that new character will appear naked. It's something everyone pretty uch agreed on. And this guy is always the first one to loot everything, not giving a shit about what the guy who died wanted.


>Same psion. They go to some military fort that they want to enter, but they do not accept civilians. With diplomacy rolls, they manage to make the leader of the fort, a grizzled veteran come out and have a talk with them
>He is not too sold on the idea of letting him or lending aid, though, but would at least give them the right of staying on the grounds.
>Sperglord does not take that well, so he tries to dominate the leader. Who is about 7 levels higher than them, and a class from Path of War. And if that was not good enough, about 20 soldiers also look at them while he does that
>People warn him not to do that, even I warn him as a GM. His reasoning : "He's their commander, he's gonna tell them what to do."
>Of course, the commander makes the save against his domination effect
>Roll initiative, it is tpk time.
>One of the party members kneels and surrenders immediately. The other doesn't go that far, but he's passive enough that he doesn't use lethal force and the guards bludgeon him into negative hit points
>The psion and one more dimension door away
>The two that are captured go berserk on this guy that always pulls this kind of shit and indeed, the psion for some reason starts to come back
>Only to be pelted by arrows from the barricades in one round to die like a bitch
>Rest of the party is spared because diplomacy, plus surrender, plus the captain actually wanted adventurers to help him with finding a lost member of the royal family
>To spite him, the party loots his corpse of everything

>> No.45897719

>The guy makes a new character and then goes into a tirade that he can't be naked, that's not how the game is played, it's not fair, he can't play like this, yadda yadda. Reminder, he always loots everybody when they die and always has first dibs on every piece of equipment because he "needs it". He stll plays. I gave him a very basic weapon to have though

One of my favorite moments though was when another mate was DM-ing. Both of us usually roll in front of the party(unless it's a roll that's supposed to be secret, like a disable device thing). He rolled really well against the sperg on all saves, crited him afew times, rolled high on damage and so on. It became fairly consistent. In one of his moments, the sperg started to go in another ant that the DM must cheat, that this is impossible. He started to yell, convinced that the man is lying. that he can't prove it, but that it's statistically impossible. When he mentioned he plays poker and knows math, was the moment we all fell to the floor laughing like fucking idiots. He on the other hand was not amused.

Then there was leaving the party alone against an incorporeal enemy that really threatened to kil lthem off. He dimension door'd himself alone from everyone to cast mage armor on him, leaving them to fend for themselves against an enemy that he could do most damage against. Shit was funny for me as a GM. Not so funny for the party.

>> No.45897952

Oh you

>> No.45898427

>invite friend to play 3.5e
>makes half-orc cleric of Pelor, writes a 3 page essay as a backstory
>"I can't play simple characters, if he's not complicated I won't be able to identify with him"
>DM not only accepts this but recalls how he made a 5 page backstory for a pc in a previous campaign with other people
>actually shares said backstory which is painful to read, much different from the good worldbuilding I'm used to from him
I may have unleashed a monster

>> No.45898854


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