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Big fatties edition


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.

>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets but has a terrible UI.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface.

>Get annoyed talking to other nerds

Old thread: >>45808283

Thread question: Who's your favorite fatty legend?

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I think he might be talking about this.Not sure though.

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>Who's your favorite fatty legend?
yo momma

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>Who's your favorite fatty legend?

there's also a creature in SOI that makes a clue token when you cast a 3 or less cmc creature spell

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Nevermind, I'm dumb

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>Who's your favorite fatty legend?
Does Big Z count? If not, probably Urabrask

>> No.45830531

Sure. He is an 8/8 after all.

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Cheeky fucker ain't ya

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He's a perfectly viable commander. He's blue, therefore he's viable.

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That seems worse than Mentor of the Meek, and certainly isn't any indication that white is getting better at drawing cards.

Huge Limited bomb for sure however.

>> No.45830709

Anyone have any lower-power decks up on Tappedout? I want to test a deck I made for a more casual group

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I say it's a better menter of the meek since the clues are artifacts
Artifacts that can be used for other things

>> No.45830730

Basically, green can have sorceries that make creature tokens. Green can have spells that make multiple creatures fight other creatures. Green can have creatures that fight on ETB. But when you give green a sorcery that makes multiple tokens that fight on ETB, then it's no longer green, because it reminds MaRo of Mizzium Mortars or something.

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How's Champion of Lambholt in an Ezuri deck? It seems like an obvious choice to me, even though I'm more in the market for things that grant removal-prevention to creatures with +1/+1 counters. Maybe it's just the flavour of having an axe-swinging hero that just happens to have some cytoplast glued to her face that appeals to me.

>> No.45830767

The card draw is more expensive and it doesn't trigger from creature tokens, only from casting spells. Sure, the artifacts can be used for other things, but what? Bygone Bishop wants to be in a deck that runs a lot of low CMC creatures.

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The EDH rules committee has their own special, retarded rules for color identity and double-sided cards. MaRo is alright for once.

>> No.45831018

I think it sort of makes sense from a flavor perspective but it leads to a lot of perceived inconsistencies. Like, why is Elbrus unplayable in a white deck, but Snake Basket is?

I'm guessing it would be very tricky to make a clear rule that encompasses all possible exceptions. They could drop the concept of color identity altogether but I'm not sure I'd like to play in a format where even Boros decks are UGx.

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is new avacyn buildable? with recast she has a lot of potential

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Holy shit. Sorry Kalemne, I think I'm making a switch. I love it.

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Anyone? I don't want to blow out my group

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Starting a Prossh dragon tribal deck, any hidden tech I should know of? Just gonna go aggro and ramp up to drop lots of dragons, cheat others in, and then pump them up big.

>> No.45831560

Atarka World Rapist just fucks everyone's shit up

>> No.45831609

>Starting a Prossh dragon tribal deck, any hidden tech I should know of?
Why would you play tribal with Prossh? He is much better off as a token spam combo deck.
Karthus is a better pick if you want tribal.

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here's one of mine. go nuts.

>> No.45831697

Well fuck me, you're right.

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I sure do love losing to a single clone

>> No.45831760

>what are lightning greaves
You only lose to clone if you take longer than a turn to win, and if you are playing karrthus you should be winning the turn you play him.

>> No.45831766

Thanks boss

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>Lightning Greaves
>Against Clone
Don't be an example of /tg/ being bad at magic.

>> No.45832278

You are right, disregard me I suck cocks.
For some reason I thought Clone said target creature.
Can you tell I'm not a blue player?

>> No.45832311

>suck cocks
>not a blue player
Excuse me but I am confused.

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Dumb question but do I just copy paste the address bar on tapped out to link my deck here?

>> No.45832871

Pretty much.
Whatcha got, Anon.

>> No.45832884

That IS a pretty dumb question.


>> No.45832948

Make sure you set your decklist to not private in the settings.

Otherwise the link will only work for you.

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You realize she's Mono-White, right? You'd have to take out all the red you have in Kalemne. Just because the border on the flip is red, doesn't make her red.

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The only fatty in my EDH decks, and in my Kruphix deck.

>> No.45833349

Yes it does you blithering idiot

>> No.45833358

You realize you're wrong and that's not how the rule works, right?

>> No.45833383

And Blue can have a spell that combines a red thing it can do, with a white thing it can't and make it monoblue
Also it can have the greenest creature ever and hard removal cause fuck you that's why

>> No.45833385

How does that make any sense? A commander's color identity isn't the border, it's the mana it takes to summon it. I don't see any red symbols.

>> No.45833402

A commander's color identity is it's mana cost's colors, the colors of any mana symbols that show up on it, and any colors that it is.
See the ruling for Elbrus, the binding blade

>> No.45833424

No it actually is. Flip cards bring the border into color identity, it's why you can't run Elbrus/Withengar in a red artifacts deck (which would fucking rule if you could)

>> No.45833433

Oh, huh. I didn't know that. Neato. Thanks guys.

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It only doesn't make sense because you don't understand the rule.
>3. A card's colour identity is its colour plus the colour of any mana symbols in the card's rules text.
Pop quizz, what is this card's colour identity?

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Thanks, I'd rather ask a dumb question then fuck up. Here's my list http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/ghave-guru-of-value-1/

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Doesn't that circle thing on the left of all flip cards indicate the color identity of the card also? They didn't have that on hypergenesis which required the text to denote the color.

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She's not fat, but she costs and hits like a truck.

>> No.45833613

People who run this fuck as their Commander are cocks, and I usually go out of my way to remove him until they can no longer pay for him.

>> No.45833674

She got fat thighs tho

>> No.45833939

That's just seeing her legs in a foreshortening view, bro.

>> No.45833983

would you say thick?

>> No.45834090

I love this guy mainly because he was my first commander. Many games were won with just greaves/boots

>> No.45834120

I too love nothing
Nothing has won me so many games

>> No.45834125

Of course he's a huge threat. He's a 10 drop that takes 2 of every color to get out. You can wipe to get rid of him and you can take out mana generators to prevent him from coming out, but naturally he's a pretty big deal.

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Derp. Meant to reply to >>45833613

>> No.45834145

what have you done

>> No.45834161

forgot image

>> No.45834175

stupid ass timer prevented me from correcting

>> No.45834297

Not thick, more like generous

I still wouldn't say no

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Wasn't the last thing we read about her a short story about how the Ghost council found a way to get outside the guildpact and how hard they fuck her?

>> No.45834497

Tajic and Teysa joined forces to overthrow the Obzedat, but Karlov himself foiled their plans and sent Tajic to their dungeon, while he sent Teysa to her room, grounded.

>> No.45834555

He also removed her title of advokist, which means she cant do law magic anymore.

>> No.45834615

>Karlov himself foiled their plans
Their plan was flawed from the start.
The Tomb where they keep all their secret shit is outside Ravnican Law.

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Quick rules question, would I be able to use Auriok Windwalker to equip a Basalisk Collar to Avacyn with her flip trigger on the stack? Would it work anyway if you have it equipped before she flips?

>> No.45834771

Can this fucker (poster) be fucking banned already

>> No.45834824

>Control aspect of Boros is there
>Potential infinite combos with stack abuse and shit
>Serra Angel with Flash and a sweet etb ability, can be a blocker herself with little to no loss.
>Wrath protection when you want it
>Works with damage doublers
>Bizzaro Avacyn

Yeah I think I like her. I'm currently running Jor Kadeen but I can definately make room for another Boros deck. I want to test her out.

>> No.45834970

You can do something like:
Avacyn + Genesis Chamber + Ashnod's Altar + Eldrazi Displacer
But we need to make a way to double the token output in RW to get 4 colorless from Altar and repeatedly flicker Avacyn with Displacer.

>> No.45835002

go naya, mana reflection works for what you're talking about. It also gives you doubling season for the other white planeswalkers you want in the deck.

>> No.45835024

I thought Mana Reflection only works when you tap permanents for mana.

>> No.45835055

I guess just doubling season for the two tokens, thats exactly 4 mana.

>> No.45835082

Gonna make a ghoulcaller gisa deck. Any suggestions/ comments on the general/ calling me a faggot?

>> No.45835084

Could be nice, but I'd like to use Avacyn herself as the commander, so no Green. Thanks for the input though.

>> No.45835097

Minion of the Wastes.

>> No.45835113

Holy fuck that's a perfect card for this deck thank you so much. Have to watch out for counters, but who doesn't? Fuck blue players.

>> No.45835178

That combo cant be a wincon without green, but good luck with the deck. Boros is great and the politics of them trading to lose their whole board while also increasing the commander damage is great. Good luck on the decklist anon.

>> No.45835183


She's fun as shit. Use Phyrexian Dreadnaught because instant horde. Thornbite Staff and Phyrexian Alter is infinite. Zombie lords are your friends.

>> No.45835356

Change to blue/black Grimgrin. Playing any kind of zombie deck without Rooftop Storm is pretty dumb

>> No.45835382


I try to avoid playing blue as often as possible, but even though I like grimgrin I really just wanna play her. Not just for zombies but for sac bait.

>> No.45835453


Gisa isn't just a zombie deck. It's only a zombie deck in that it creates zombie tokens. You use the lords to pump your zombies for damage and more zombies. That doesn't exclusively make it a deck filled with zombies for the sake of a 6cmc enchantment.

>> No.45835553

You pay as it enters, so by the time you're paying, they've missed their chance to counter it. If they're asking how much you're paying, they're implicitly allowing it to resolve.

There's no time between paying and tapping Gisa to sac that they can fuck you over, provided you sac it first chance you get.

>> No.45835560

So what's her color identity?

>> No.45835573

R/W, just like how Garruk Relentless is B/G.

>> No.45835773

Question for you, /edhg/. Is there any wrath protection in mono-black?

>> No.45835815

Not much, the two methods I could recall are artifacts anyways:

>Eldrazi Monument
>Darksteel Forge + Mycosynth Lattice

>> No.45835838

soul of new phyrexia

eldrazi monument

these are colorless answers, but, y'know.

Black is especially good at getting wiped but bringing everything right the fuck back such that it hardly mattered.

>> No.45835842

Soul of New Phyrexia.

>> No.45835844

Red because of a color indicator.


It's the same reason Bizzaro Avacyn has a RW color identity and Elberus has a black identity.

If the new colorless symbol has told me anything, it's that 90% of you and the rest of the magic community are retarded, so I will explain the difference.

Flip Avacyn has a Color Identity of RW because the whole card is taken into effect. However, New Avacyn is considered a white spell/card/permanent until she is flipped, which includes while she is on the stack and/or in a player's hand, library, or graveyard. When Avacyn is flipped, she becomes a red creature as indicated by the color identifier next to her creature type. When she dies, she flips back as per the transformation rules.

Elberus/Withengar and flip Garruk are likewise the same.

>> No.45835847

r/w color identity
white on front red on the back. So a blue elemental blast will kill her on the flip, but on the play side she is fine.

>> No.45835864

Commander cards look at the whole card. A morphed commander is still a commander.

>> No.45835897

So, first preliminary workings on an RW Avacyn deck. Thoughts and suggestions?

I really like her in an ETB oriented strategy. Any blink I can lay my hands on cuz Avacyn, any reanimator possible for the little guys that die in her wake. And of course pack an assload of ramp and whatever fucking draw I can make work in Boros.


>> No.45836165


I'm kinda thinking similarly myself. You should include Ghostway and Cloudshift (the latter is fluffy, too). Dust Elemental and other gate creatures would be nice, like Whitemane and Jeskai Barricade, which let you bounce Avacyn at instant speed so you can recast her.

>> No.45836185

Keep in mind that you also can run werewolf Garruk in decks that run both black and green

>> No.45836197

Noooo they're killing Avvy!

>> No.45836209

Both work. equipped items and auras stay attached to a creature when it flips, unless something says otherwise, for example with flipwalkers, they get exiled briefly before flipping.

>> No.45836242

If Nahiri doesn't fuck her up to get back at Sorin, Sorin or somebody else is going to have to put her down for getting somewhat excessive in her protection.

Not sure on the exact reason, but Avacyn was sort of fucked regardless.

>> No.45836259


>> No.45836293


Tamiyo confirmed alive!


>> No.45836312

I like your list. How does it play, and how have you won most of your wins?
I can post my list if you want.
And I think you should swap protean hydra for kalonian hydra

>> No.45836326


>> No.45836377

Exceptionally so.

>> No.45836480

wait lol im trying to find where this picture is from but all the sources i see say it was leaked on 4chan ???????

>> No.45836549

Looking to build my own Tromokratis, actually. Aside from the obvious like High Tide and Quest for Ula's Temple, would like advice on what does or doesn't work. I assume Voltron is the most viable way to go?

>> No.45836727


I've been planning it myself. Simple, twiddle effects go a long way. Tap one of their creatures and they can't block at all.

>> No.45836747


>> No.45836751

Yep, this is a Tragic Slip reprint.

>> No.45836793

R8 my Xira dredge-storm deck

>> No.45836798


I like tribal/thematic decks, and that kinda suggests that I do the usual autist route and go Angels, Dragons, etc.

I just want to know if the werewolf tranny planeswalker will be Legendary/used as a commander because then it would be easy to pick.

>> No.45836801

>Buy a couple of packs on my way home from work
>Pull a General Tazri

Well, I thought 5-color ally shanigans looked fun. Any recomendations?

>> No.45836817

Horde of notions sempai

>> No.45836833

Mirror Entity.

>> No.45836835

Yeah, drop allies and use cromat or reaper kind instead.
If you seriously want allies, run conspiracy and xenograft and don't bother with most of the new allies, but the worldwake (and zendikar?) ones were decent.
Don't expect to win though.

>> No.45836837

The fuck is wrong with her neck?

>> No.45836843

Try 5-color Humans under Karona.

>> No.45836864

Long neck is loooooooooooooooooong.

>> No.45836930

Unified Front.
Rite of Replication (especially combined with Hagra Diabolist or Halimar Excavator)
Whole load of Allies from the original Zendikar block.
March from the Tomb and Living Death.
Retreat to Emeria.
Twinflame/Heat Shimmer (plus Zada, Hedron Grinder)

>> No.45836934

The thing with allies is they tend to run out of gas too fast if you focus too much on the theme. I'd recommend some bounce effects like equilibrium, cloudstone curio, temur sabertooth, and deadeye navigator so you don't end up having a board full of allies and nothing to trigger their abilities.

>> No.45837145

>end up at a table with some new faces to the store
>play Iona
>they bitch and complain
>"why isn't she banned"
>"i thought edh was casual"
>I'm playing mono-white Angels.
>she's not even my commander.

>> No.45837209

>I'm playing mono-white Angels.
My nigga

>> No.45837225

Best commander for 5 color superfriends?

>> No.45837615


Not him, but I played Radiant Angels. Thinking a out doing it again.
>pic related

>> No.45837652


>> No.45837811

Was he monocolor?
If he was he kinda earned a little bitching.
Fuck him if he was blue though

>> No.45837891

He's absolute garbage, unless everyone is Gruul shitters

>> No.45837971


>> No.45838036

On a scale of Retarded (0) to Timmy (10), how good of an idea is it to make a creatureless Progenitus deck for the fun?

>> No.45838131

I want to see the thought process that went though the designers' heads for this card
>So we need to complete the cycle of shard dragons for Invasions, what's the blue one gonna do?
>well it has to care about color!
>and it should bounce! bouncing is blue
>buys...this card is 3 colors.
>Don't worry, we'll fix it in playtesting

It's not even a one sided effect like all the others jesus christ.

>> No.45838330

Avacyn Land destruction, here I come!

>> No.45838572

Do people still hate Slivers?

>> No.45838699

She is'nt fat, she's Healthy

>> No.45838745


>> No.45838754

Theysa is healthy, the picture you posted is fat.

>> No.45838824

>new avacyn counts as r/w
>would be perfect for my crusade themed low power mono-white otherwise

>> No.45838834

it's okay if you like boys, we don't judge.

>> No.45838839

I just prefer skinny girls with small boobs and nice ass

>> No.45838857

SHUT the fuck up, you stick figure fag .

>> No.45838906

Since they've changed them from all to yours yeah

>> No.45838912

C-Calm down, we can have different tastes.

>> No.45838914

that's not fat, that's healthy

now this here, this is a fatass

>> No.45838938

You realize there's boys that meet those requirements, right?

>> No.45838959

Yes, but not where I live.
I kinda like them too.

>> No.45838983

Irrelevant to discussion.
Fat acceptance is pathetic. Teysa is nowhere near skinny.
There are no boys that meet the requirements of "girl". There are fat guys with more tits and ass than most women, do you like them?

>> No.45838994

No, what Anon posted was the weeb version of a genetically perfect female. What you want are women who are either incapable of having healthy children, would die in childbirth, or boys. And I feel as though you are a fag.

>> No.45839040

It's NOT fat acceptance, that animoo woman is of a reasonably healthy weight. You just either like genetically inferior women or little boys, you sick pedo fuck!

>> No.45839057

>High blood pressure
>Shit cardio
>Shit self control

>> No.45839113

How do I fuck up an Azusa player with a gorrilion lands on turn 5 without fucking everyone else over?

>> No.45839131

But I don't want children and I'm not a caveman, so I can enjoy all the skinny girls I want.

>> No.45839157

>reasonably healthy weight
>her arms are sticks
>massive lovehandles and back-problem sized tits
No, if you think that's healthy you need to visit the gym yourself.

>> No.45839165


>> No.45839179

>Weak immune system
>Low fertility
Thin chicks are healthy and the best! Seriously guys!

>> No.45839191

What if I don't want to play blue?

>> No.45839208

cry like a bitch?

>> No.45839210

We're not talking about the Africa standard, anon. All the problems you've listed can, and do happen frequently to fat people.

>> No.45839216

Never said I liked thin chicks. Healthy fit birds are best. Not every girl who isn't squeezing into a plus size is a vogue model.

>> No.45839229

>CREATURES you control

>> No.45839231

>Not wanting to raise a clan from the very fruit of your loins
Yup, confirmed for being the gay.

>> No.45839265

I have a sister and she has annoyed every day for the past 10 years. I don't want to have children crying in my ears and draining my money. If you want to have a bunch of brats, it's fine, keep your choices to yourself t b h.

>> No.45839269

He's already confirmed for being the bi, no need to dwell honey.
Shit? No she's incredibly workable. I just wish she could go in Teysa 1.0. Would be insane to have all the BW sacrificing tech available.

>> No.45839273

>Healthy fit birds
Oh, so you're not gay, just in beastiality, am I right?

>> No.45839285

You're talking to multiple people and you're not as funny as you think.

>> No.45839288

Bruh, it's just a longer than average neck. People have those. I have a teacher who has the same deal going on for her. Until I had that class, I'd agree with you, but I know it happens in the wild

>> No.45839302

I love mono-white angels
>Take out 6 cards face down
>Have someone pick out
>"Okay, Livinia is my commander for the game"
I love people who play that shit

>> No.45839314

Yeah, I didn't think she was too giraffey. Just a longish neck and slacked shoulders.
Also hot damn that smile

>> No.45839459

>I want answers but don't want to run the colours they're in!
I'm not even defending >muh colour pie, but you're retarded

>> No.45839590

So what's new Avacyn's color identity? Is she just white, or does her flip side count to add red?
For that matter, what about TFC in the 99 where the night side is a different color than the day side?

>> No.45839618

These questions are why people should play modo. Try adding INN Garruk to your mono green deck and see that exclamation mark pop up on your decklist. Jesus, so many rules questions could be answered by playing on a rules enforced client

t. guy who plays exclusively on modo

>> No.45839634

>people should play modo
What jewery is this

>> No.45839640

Read the fucking thread

>> No.45839649

How many times will this be asked over the next week? I mean holy shit, ctrl f: color identity

>> No.45839667

I can build countless decks for the fraction of the coast of a paper one. I have paper decks, but I moved for work and I literally cannot play paper magic anymore. Modo taught me to play magic when I started and playing it constantly has made me a better player.

>> No.45839766

>but she doesn't have any red mana symbols!

>> No.45840137

Somebody got a judge promo Azusa at target!


>> No.45840655

I run Aurelia Angel Tribal. I feel you. If my playgroup wasn't retarded and running two BG decks, a monoblack deck, and an Esper deck. i might be nice and NOT name a color, but hey just make it easy if she lands.

>> No.45840791

Add this to any RW deck for absolute shenanigans. Mana Tithe, Pyroblast, Path to exile, Swords to Plowshares, deflecting palm, boros charm, angels grace,new white exile spell, etc.

>> No.45841015

the new white exile spell is a sorcery, baka Anon-kun

>> No.45841277

Apologies Senpai-Sama-Chan

>> No.45841344

I just realize a lot of the instant blink cards that work with the new Avacyn came from the previous innistrade set.

>> No.45841363

what are some 4 drop instants in those colors that are also good?

>> No.45841389

lots of removal

>> No.45841390

Hi guys, I recently got into Magic.

I picked up the Eldrazi vs whatever Duel Decks, and I was wondering if it was worth investing in upgrading the Eldrazi deck, or just wait for the Shadows over Innistrad block?

Will the decks in SOI be relatively budget friendly to make?

Thank you.

>> No.45841423

Well one, you're in the EDH general aka Commander + 99 Cards format. So you want to build a commander deck with Eldrazi's stuck in them?

>> No.45841440

Sorry I wasn't sure what EDH was. This was just the first Magic thread I came across.

Talking more for general play with 60 card decks

>> No.45841451

Just remember she can flip multiple times a turn.

>> No.45841470

Return to Dust, Wild Richochet, Faith's Reward, Comeuppance, and Master Warcraft. The fact that you can tutor them out in the first place makes each of these even more effective.

>> No.45841484

This isn't the right thread for this, but alright.
You can upgrade it, I suggest you take a look at Standard decks, budget or not. There are many videos on Youtube of "deck techs", with cheap decks that are explained. I don't know which cards come in the Eldrazi vs Zendikar decks, but I'm sure you can salvage some, sell others and build what you want.
I hope the SoI decks will be cheap, I remember Innistrad had a bunch of decks that were effective and rather cheap to build. That remains to be seen.

Alternatively, you can always sell your stuff and play Pauper, a format where you can only use commons. It's as cheap as you can get.

Here's an example of a budget deck tech, by the way: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1ObJwxX70ws
So you know what to look for.

>> No.45841498

oh my god that's an absolutely disgusting toolbox to work with

>> No.45841530

>Will the decks in SOI be relatively budget friendly to make
We don't even know the full set yet. But they will probably be less expensive than the current Standard, just because the mana base right now is fucking bonkers.

>> No.45841531

Thank you for helping me out.

Sorry this wasn't in the right thread but I learned what EDH was at least.

>> No.45841558

No problem, I can't blame you for posting in the wrong thread since you're a beginner.

>> No.45841584

It absolutely is. And those are just the 4 drops -- don't forget this thing can also go for Path, Swords, Lightning Bolt/Helix, Reverberate, Fork, Immolating Glare,

Also necessary in a Sunforger package is pic related. I once had a game going where I had this thing and Puresteel Paladin out with Metalcraft active, so I was just Pathing to Exile two creatures at least every turn. It was pretty fun.

>> No.45841683

don't forget your patrician's scorn / tempest of light!
unless you play enchantments like some kinda pussy fagit

>> No.45841997

Goddamn. I actually work at Target and all the packs with promo cards we get are just Genesis Hydra.

>> No.45842104

>playing R/W
>not running Assemble the Legion
you're lots

>> No.45842219

Strangely enough, I almost always find myself tutoring for Enlightened Tutor to tutor for something else first.

Tutoring is powerful.

>> No.45842274

An overwhelming stampede on a 5/5 for 8 would be good enough without haste.

>> No.45842356

I literally checked every store that has those blister packs in my town, there was someone about a minute behind me every time who came in. Everyone is checking stores now haha

>> No.45842360

>hating on haterhoof


>> No.45842392

I really think Reconnaissance, Land Tax and Assemble the Legion should go in pretty much every RW deck there is.

>> No.45842435

The only reason I don't like Craterhoof (not that guy) is that it has haste and I get triggered by nonred things getting haste. Especially in Craterhoof's case, though, it's usually just gravy to an already powerful Overrun effect.

>> No.45842447

It's that shitposter always trying to force a new meme, just ignore him.

>> No.45842496

I'm fine with it because it works with the overrun theme. And honestly, Overrun effects need to be that powerful in this format. Because that's what it takes to break the ridiculous board stalls you see sometimes in casual metas with not enough wraths. If Hoof is fucking up someone's meta, they should just run more wraths.

>> No.45842522

i thought people hated them because they all play the exact same way.
>play sliver
>play more sliver
>get huge sliver

>> No.45842731

Wow you're a dumbass nigger aren't you. If you're getting BTFO by Craterhoof you A) Aren't running enough counterspells/not understanding the concept of using counterspells on credible threats and/or B) Not running enough fucking wraths.

In either case, stop being bad/dumb and l2p.

>> No.45842802

yeah but land tax can die later without it being a big deal, i don't know why I'd want to run recon, and assemble the legion feels slow compared to other shit those colors could run like cathar crusado

>> No.45842855

See but Assemble the Legion is exponential though. It's slow yeah, but it's a consistent threat.

>> No.45843013

Assemble the Legion is a card that will simply win the game if unanswered. RW doesn't have a ton of those so it's nice for some inevitability. Plus, it plays nice with a lot of RW's favorite cards
>Cathar's Crusade
>Hero of Bladehold or anything with Battle Cry
>Purphoros, Ogre Battledriver

As for Reconnaissance, it means you can always attack with everything, never lose a thing to bad blocks, and you untap everything else at the end of combat step for pseudo-vigilance. First-strikers can deal their damage then untap and not receive their damage back. It's protection from Condemn, Comeuppance, Aetherspouts or any tricks your opponents could have. It turns something like Godo into a real second combat phase due to the untapping. If your game plan is to turn creatures sideways and get in for combat damage, then Reconnaissance is generally more than worth its deck slot.

>> No.45843035

like >>45842855 said, it's exponential, and can really become a threat if you don't do anything about it. First it's one soldier, then 3, then 6, then 10, and it just keeps stacking.

>> No.45843069

honestly I think you guys must just have playgroups where everyone plays battlecruiser decks, except they are shitty battlecruiser decks because they are slow enough for assemble the legion to kick into high gear and be relevant
the problem with the card is that it doesn't do anything at first and opponents who play real decks will just kill it before it is relevant, or they already won because a few soldiers in the first few turns isn't impactful. I guess I forget this is a super casual format sometimes

>> No.45843117

Sometimes games get long and grindy, regardless of the meta you're in. Assemble can be removed, sure, but if it isn't, it will win. A quick Assemble the Legion followed by Armageddon is a real plan, and it fucked over a lot of players who shared your idea of what constitutes a good card or a good meta.

>> No.45843283

yeah I mean personally I like my lands to be indestructible or in my hand when I armageddon, rather than just relying on a single permanent to come out ahead from the armageddon that can be easily be killed in response or even with small amounts of mana after the lands get wiped.

in any case my playgroup is always heavy on enchantment and artifact removal and wipes. since lands are more reliably going to stick than mana rocks, I play lots of bad cards that I am sure I normally wouldn't in other metagames, and I skip good mana rocks and other good cards that I would normally always play. but assemble the legion itself seems to me like a good example of a card requiring too many things to be good. not only does it itself have to survive for turn after turn after turn to be worth, the game itself has to have not advanced to a point where someone is going to combo off or something.

>> No.45843311

I think non-RW players fail to appreciate the fact that it usually takes a RW deck a lot of cards and threats to kill its opponents. It can't just cast Doomsday or Mind over Matter and call it a day. So when you have one card that, if unanswered, promises to eventually win the game on its own, and it's an enchantment, generally making it more durable than a creature or artifact, then that card becomes extremely appealing even if it's slow.

And the color combination that runs the most MLD cards generally doesn't mind "slow" cards. An Assemble the Legion is a much much better card to drop before a Cataclysm than something like an Urabrask.

>> No.45843321

That's it. Time for an avacyn control deck. I will make it work

>> No.45843347

I guess I cooled off of the red/whtie MLD deck in edh in general. I think I would definitely run assemble the legion if I was running a red/white deck with armageddon, catastrophe, cataclysm, and/or ravages in it. I'd also just run it if my deck has those colors in it, is midrange at all in general, and if I wasn't running muh enchantment wipes.

>> No.45843422

I run Jeskai enchantments. So I'm running stuff like Paradox Haze and Purph, and Greater Auramancy.

>> No.45843539


>> No.45843618

You seem a little mad bro. I think you should calm down.

But for real, people should be playing more enchantment/artifact boardwipes.

>> No.45843625

I should try to get this for my Anafenza list.

>> No.45843647

Alright senpaitachi on the topic of motherfucking BOROS I want to make a sick BOROS deck with huge monsters in it. What are some good fat monsters in red and white that are good by themselves without other creatures on the board?

>> No.45843706

You really shouldn't put cards up there.

>> No.45843726

Sun Titan, Stonehewer Giant, Inferno Titan depending on your meta, Angel of Serenity. Gisela and Iona if your curve allows it

>> No.45843727

oh FUCK that's spicy holy shit wizards balance plzessee????

also that fucking feel when you can sunforger a shattering pulse and pay the buyback cost to put it into your hand. if you run all 58190351209 of the equipment tutor effects white has you can basically consistently (if really slowly, I guess) be able to kill any artifacts you want in any given game

>> No.45843745

I kek'd

>> No.45843754

Are there any good dragons? I feel like there are good dragons but then I actually look at them and none of them do anything.

>> No.45843764


You're information on the way reconnaissance works is out of date

After he change to combat damage (it no longer uses the stack) there is no way to grant "pseudo vigilance" with reconnaissance, if your creatures have already dealt damage, it's too late to activate reconnaissance, if they haven't, you will prevent them from doing damage with recon

>> No.45843792

I tried Shattering Pulse for a while in Aurelia but I'm usually too MLD happy to be able to consistently on paying the buyback, and even when I am able to, it feels too slow. Good card nonetheless, ended up switching it for wear//tear,

>> No.45843803

I used to go against Assemble the Legion quite often in a fairly powerful meta and I played either mono Black or Grixis so I only had 1 or 2 cards per deck that could deal with it, and thats assuming I wanted to use my card on it instead of something more immediately dangerous.

Its very much a card that is only ok. With some of the other powerful enchantments in the format it can fly under untouched for quite a while as people are dealing with Doubling Season or Omniscience or some shit.

The main positive I saw with it was just making chump blockers or a small swarm after a wipe. Which is still good, and it does eventually become a problem if left for a long time.

>> No.45843806

Balefire dragon is fun.

>> No.45843813

no anon, he's not thinking damage uses the stack. when you get priority at the end of the combat damage step, creatures that attacked are still considered "attacking creatures". you can still recon them. it has nothing to do with whether combat damage itself uses the stack. you get priority in the combat damage step after combat damage happens regardless, and creatures are still attacking or blocking.

>> No.45843815

Hoard-Smelter Dragon is worth it alone for the reoccurring artifact destruction.

>> No.45843819

Gotta love it when people try to correct people, without actually knowing what the fuck they're talking about.

End of combat step, damage is dealt, I remove all my attacking creatures from combat. What now? Checkmate atheists.

>> No.45843878

yeah well I'm sure it seems strong to you cuz your an grixis player you chimp. I still have ptsd from losing to fucking contamination in my monored deck because hey woah look at that this color can't kill that type of permanent

yeah I mean it's really expensive. even in other decks without MLD if you don't have piles of mana it's basically your entire turn so I don't think it is particularly powerful. goes better in decks with sword of feast and famine!

>> No.45843888


Sorry guys it was actually MY information that was out of date

For a brief period the card was errata' to say it had to be activated before damage, but they got rid of that errata

>> No.45843906

Steel Hellkite is pretty much always the best.
I've had fun playing with Thundermaw Hellkite and Stormbreath Dragon but that's a meta call, I just like to be able to punch through a Derevi playing defense.
It really doesn't take much to turn Assemble into a legitimate threat, even with just a couple counters on it. Ever seen it with a Skullclamp? or any decent anthem effects? A Cathar's Crusade, even? The fact it's not immediately dangerous often ends up working in its favor for the very reasons you explained, people aren't in a hurry to remove it and once it gets going, it keeps you supplied with threats, leaving you free to never tap out and keep up things like Boros Charm or Sunforger for Boros Charm / Lapse of Certainty / Pyroblast to protect it.

>> No.45843916

Motherfuckin' Dragon Mage, Balefire Dragon, Bogardan Hellkite, Thundermaw Hellkite,

>> No.45843937

oh yeah don't forget fucking rebuff the wicked, the most cancer white counterspell ever printed

>> No.45843951

Any recommendations to unfuck the manabases in these decks?



I also have a wooden foothills to put into the riku deck, although I don't know what to take out for it.

>> No.45843972

ok thanks friendos these are way better than the stormbreath I was running
steel hellkite is already in because that card is busted, but I'm sad that most of the good fatties that can do good work solo are colorless like the eldrazis, hellkite, and cancer colossus

>> No.45844038

I'm not even going to open your links, but I will tell you how to build a manabase if you have infinite $$$$

you run every fetchland that can fetch at least 1 color. you run every shockland and ABUR dual land. this means in a 3 color deck you are running 9 fetches that can each fetch any color of mana untapped, along with a second color of mana. so they are almost as good as command tower. then you add command tower, so you have like 10 command towers and 6 dual lands. that's usually solid enough so the other half of your manabase can be just whatever good value lands you want. and that is all for today's edition of how to build an edh manabase, the end.

>> No.45844044

I never really liked Rebuff but that may be a meta call, my meta prefers sweepers over targeted removal, those fucking lazy idiots. I'm often the only one with good instant speed targeted removal (other than Krosan Grip, they all play Krosan Grip, which Rebuff won't help against).

>> No.45844076

I second this man's advice, you should totally do this.

>> No.45844095

Fucking tell me about it, dude.
I personally can't stand Wurmcoil Engine. It's a 6 drop 6/6 with two abilities that makes two bodies when it gets removed of the same total P/T. It's fucking insane. Colorless cards are easier to cast, so aren't they supposed to be worse than colored ones? It's stupid good. I just want to know what the fuck they were thinking when they designed it.

>> No.45844166

Steel Hellkite, Wurmcoil Engine and Myr Battlesphere are pretty much the holy trinity of artifact creatures that work well in most decks and generally outshine colored alternatives.

>> No.45844170

you forgot Reliquary tower

>average CMC 4.10
Why don't you start by cutting everything above 6 CMC that doesn't win you the game on resolution.

>> No.45844200

I always liked rebuff in my land explode decks because usually the only time casting those spells can go wrong is if they kill your important thing in response. whether it's killing the card you will win with after the lands are dead like assemble the legion or killing the card that will get you your lands back like twilight shepherd or avacyn angel of hope, rebuff is the card to insure you when you go for it.

>> No.45844208

Don't forget Duplicant

>> No.45844212

tl;dr buy a landbase from based chinaman and then get fucked from a ruination?

>> No.45844216


Remember when her and that other card that shat out elemental tokens were supposed to have their text switched?

>> No.45844261


>buying poor quality fakes for a casual format

I know /tg/ is full of poverty monsters but Jesus

>> No.45844275

That makes sense. I mean, I'm not going to do it because I really can't find any slot to free up in any of my decks that would want this, but I get the idea. I've lost more than a few games to someone casting Swords to Plowshares on my main threat after I resolved Cataclysm.

>> No.45844278

hey well there's really no good way to build a 3 color manabase with basic lands, so ruination and blood moon and shit is just the price you pay for playing multiple colors at once. my manabase system is actually the best way to play vs ruination since you'd probably run 6-9 basics as well that you can fetch with the fetchlands.

I mean manabases don't make a huge difference in edh so if you are poor I'd just buy cheap cards that still do the job just fine like rupture spire and transguild promenade and stuff. unless I was buying them from chinaman I definitely wouldn't shell out for so much as a single enemy fetchland or ABUR dual if I didn't already have the ones I needed.

yeah I mean there are a lot of goodstuff lands. reliquary tower, temple of the false god in big mana decks, homeward path in creature decks, that one that puts your commander in your hand, that one that casts explosive vegetation, so on so forth. then if we start getting into specific colors, blue always wants that transmute one and black always wants cabal cancer yadda yadda

>> No.45844305

>buying a 2000$ manabase for a casual format

>> No.45844318

It was wal-mart, and good luck getting that lucky.

>> No.45844346

>since you'd probably run 6-9 basics as well that you can fetch with the fetchlands.
I was mostly poking fun at the part where you say the other half can just be whatever good value lands you want. It seemed to imply little to no basics.

Running tons of fetches is a great way to play around Ruination, but most players I've seen doing that are just too eager to show off their ABUR duals and never ever fucking fetch for basics. Then they cry when a Ruination or Blood Moon hits the table.

>> No.45844360

>Not posting a link
>Not using Tappedout
>Not using custom categories
If you expect people to rate your deck you're going to need to try a little harder

>> No.45844385

At least try to know what the fuck you're talking about. In /edhg/, you're supposed to print out your list, then photograph it with your smartphone (slightly out of focus and sideways) then post the 3mb pictures here.

>> No.45844394

yeah I forgot about the basics kek. despite it being the best option, even if you have 3 of each basic (so all 9 basics I would ever run) if you dont have that many fetches in your starting hand you're gonna want to fetch some duals and then you're gonna get blown the fuck up by ruination. there's just nothing you can do about it in 3 color decks, unless you know in advance that that player has ruination in their deck.

or you know, if you play blue, the color that can deal with any problem.

>> No.45844438


>Not just using the cards you own


>> No.45844452

>unless you know in advance that that player has ruination in their deck.
They know, they still play into it. Every time. And then they complain. It's the way of things in EDH.

>> No.45844478

Live and don't learn. It's the EDH way.

>> No.45844490

collect them tears, boys.

>> No.45844578

>play a lot of nonbasic hate and combo hate
>always have fun playing with casuals
>competitive 3000$ combo deck players give me the stinkeye when I walk by their table
I feel like Robin Hood or something, stealing wins from the rich and giving them to the poors.

>> No.45844632

I usually start every red EDH deck with Ruination, REB, and Pyroblast, then add in looting effects to let me pitch them for gas when they aren't relevant.

>> No.45844834

So, take out the artisan, vorniclex, and all is dust since damn near everything else wins games on resolution or is essentially less than 4 mana when actually cast?

>> No.45844851

Goddamn, as a Azusa player I'm obliged to get her.

>> No.45844915

Magmatic Force is easily your worst 8-drop. Cut it.

You're not running Purphoros, Craterhoof, or Regal Force, so I don't know how Avenger wins you the game on resolution. Cut it.

Vorinclex is fine. You're right about Artisan and All is Dust though.

>> No.45845092


yeah i run hellkite because it is really genuinely too good not to by virtue of it being removal for almost any permanent, but I've started skipping battlesphere and wurmcoil engine in most of my creature decks because I'm so bored of my best creatures not even being in my colors. duplicant's cool though. he can stay, especially if I'm not in white or black and want ways to kill creatures.

>> No.45845093

How does /tg/ feel about pathbreaker ibex ??

It desperately wants haste like its big brother crater hoof, but I think in certain decks, Xenagod for instance, where the haste is on lock, the ibex can be even better than craterhoof

>> No.45845169

What advantages does pic related have over Karlov, and what's the best way to build her?

>> No.45845206

Creatures with big butts and death triggers, I'd guess, with a side of lifegain.

>> No.45845209

it's fine. I begrudgingly run it in my xenagod control deck but I'm not super hype about it. my opponents don't usually let me keep multiple threats in play at a time, but ibex is good enough with even just itself + xenagod that we're obviously going to run it.
craterhoof isn't even that good in xenagod. I run it anyway but if you didn't happen to draw living hive as well it doesn't do super much.

>> No.45845248

i mean what does karlov even do? if you gain life 3 fucking times you can remove all his things to exile something. ayli similarly is like, idk... I guess if you gained life up to 50 you can start exiling shit with your creatures. why do people think these are particularly good edh effects? I'd just play ayli as a sac outlet that can sit in my command zone and go from there.

>> No.45845268

Sac outlets
Exile other players' important shit

>> No.45845299

Cleric tribal.

>> No.45845337

Karlov is bonkers because each lifegain trigger is seperate. If you have a soul warden, blood artist, or similar out, he gets really big really fast. You don't even need to exile anything, you can just kill someone through commander damage.

>> No.45845391

>soul warden or blood artist
yeah idk this deck just seems super shit to me
you'd have to run stupid voltron cards that give him some kind of evasion and protection from removal but you also need a pile of lifegain effects. doesn't just sound weak, seems to me like it'd be super boring to play too.

>> No.45845484

How can i get her if i'm not in ameriland?

>> No.45845515

Karlov is a 2-drop that can grow really big and act as removal. Exile removal at that. I don't know what more you want in a 2-drop. He isn't appealing to me as a commander, and I don't run enough incidental lifegain to make him worth using in my other lists, but he can be powerful. Turning any 3 instances of lifegain into an exile is good, having a 2-drop that can grow huge with minimal investment or resources is also good.

>> No.45845562

there are a metric fuckton of 2 drops with like 1000 different potential upsides that I wouldn't necessarily run. it doesn't matter how many upsides he has if you have to run a shitty 99 in your actual deck to make his upsides work.
>I don't run enough incidental lifegain to make him worth using
yeah exactly, unless you're already running a pile of lifegain because you're playing some oloro list or something I don't see what his purpose is

>> No.45845592

My friend made a deck with her recently

It was pretty durdle and gain life until he could get Felidar Sovereign out (he never did, no tutors despite being in black) and occasionally exile people's stuff. Like my Darksteel Forge


>> No.45845613

We need a nickname for the anon who types like a tween girl on facebook, is incredibly dismissive of everything and will usually play the "your playgroup sucks" card if people reply to him. Any ideas? Seriously, I've been noticing him the last couple thread, I'm sure it's always the same guy.

>> No.45845655

you could just call him a faggot instead of coming up with some kind of fancy nickname
what are you, in fifth grade?

>> No.45845676

What would you guys say is the maximum number of reanimation spells that you can sustainably play? Assuming you also play an adequate number of Entomb cards.

>> No.45845679

When it was first spoiled I was really hype about it.

Outside of Xenagod, it's not that great though.

>> No.45845682

Everyone here's a faggot, that's not enough to single someone out and say "we know it's you, stop that shit".

>> No.45845710

except it's just you saying it

>> No.45845715

>How many reanimation spells is reasonable?

>> No.45845731


Don't be a gay Anon.

>> No.45845742

There's no need to be upset, anon-who-posts-like-a-12-years-old.

>> No.45845750


>> No.45845778

>greenest creature
What's this?
I always thought the blue sphinx that draws and gives itself a +1/+1 counter was bull ish. Blue can do anything as long as it draws a card too!

>> No.45845802

hmmmmmm idk buddy I wasn't in the last thread, have you considered the possibility that you think shit cards are good, your playgroup is shit, and I'm not here to lie to you that the boring and mediocre cards you like so much are actually good?

>> No.45845826

That's not me, man.
Look, you can either report him and hope he gets banned under the 'quality of posts' rule, or you can ignore him, or you can call him a faggot. Nobody else is going to help you come up with an epic playground insult for the guy.

>> No.45846094

It's going to come back down, right guys?

>> No.45846115



>> No.45846118

the opposite, if it's not in eternal masters it's gonna spike like mad

>> No.45846135



>> No.45846141


>> No.45846186

i mean, it is not impossible that it'll be in eternal masters
then you're fine

>> No.45846199

It cannot be in eternal masters. Reserved list

>> No.45846226

oh what LOl yeah get fucked

>> No.45846269

I find it hilarious that there is a currently a buyout of diamonds in order to artificially create rarity and increase the price.

>> No.45846303


Welcome To Finance, the Speculating.

>> No.45846351

I find it depressing that pretty much all casual / EDH staples are currently living under the threat of a buyout. Who the fuck is doing those? I still can't make sense of some of those buyouts.

>> No.45846382

Some people have the money to buy up everything they want so they can make easy money by buying everything for cheap then when it is all gone selling it for high.

>> No.45846407


At least most of them fail and the cards go back down. Buying out casual cards is just retarded, there is no incentive for casual players to overpay for cards since we don't need them for tournaments and stuff, it's just silly.

>> No.45846503

The real issue is with reserve list cards because those are known to have a limited number, I also think it is likely that a lot of reserve buyouts buy a portion then stop so that the prices go back down then they buy more so that they control more and more of the market. Then at some point the major sellers will be able to drive up the price a lot and get a better RoI.

>> No.45846540


Yeah buying out something like Daimond is not an awful idea, I was more thinking about stuff like Mindslicer or Magmatic Force that just seem pointless, Slicer is already nosediving back down and why would anyone pay money for Force?

>> No.45846618

>Mindslicer was $50 average at one point in January
Holy shit what the fuck

>> No.45846676

I mean, once the price settles, the buyout may have ended up forcing Mindslicer from 2$, the price it's been sitting at for over 10 fucking years, to 5$ or so. So I guess there is a potential for profit there. But it's risky, and 5$ Mindslicers aren't going to sell particularly quickly. Plus, Mindslicer is a card that could really easily get a reprint pretty much anywhere.

>> No.45846713

>wizards announces that they will retire the reserve list in 5 years
What happens?

>> No.45846761


A few basement dwellers get really upset, everyone else is happy.

>> No.45846765

I think part of it is that most of the big resellers have the lists already of what is going to be in the next few sets (and I don't know why people's outrage over that being flat out revealed disappeared days after it happened,) so the resellers are gambling on what will be good in the next meta (mindslicer could be good in a delirium deck possibly,) so they can get more money when people all want a specific card when the new sets come out. Sorry if that came across a little tin foil hatty but that is how I feel.

>> No.45846782

A lot of neckbeards cry, sales are unaffected in the meantime, interest in eternal formats rise and future Eternal Masters / Vintage Masters sets sell like hotcakes.

>> No.45846785

Also madness for mindslicer forgot to put that in really should proofread better.

>> No.45846848

Well we know big resellers have the lists, and we know the people doing these buyouts are able to throw a lot of money at a card to take it out circulation, so it's not particularly tin foil hatty. I just don't think the timing makes sense, the buyouts started before EMA or SOI would have been spoiled to the buyers. Some of them were probably reactive (like Mindslicer being a reaction to Meren).

>> No.45846853

>tfw I bought one before eternal master announcement

>> No.45846894


>> No.45846955

Some people lose their shit completely, most players rejoice because they will be able to play Vintage without refinancing their mortgage

>> No.45846990

>meanwhile, this just sits at $15

I can't really see mox diamond keeping its price except with speculators. If somebody is thinking about a EDH-legal mox, they won't be going for the diamond first.

>> No.45847008

mindslicer buyout spike was on Jan 19th large % increase in price from $.89 to $1.49 on Dec 28. We got spoilers on tg in early Feb in the form of actual cards, the resellers seem to geth their leaks from translators which will happen a significant amount of time before printing starts so they definitely could have the lists by then. Though admittedly I don't know the exact time that these things happen in the development process.

>> No.45847030

Collectors get butthurt but the average player cries tears of joy

>> No.45847200

But I said in my post that it was an ok card you fuckwit. Maybe try reading next time before jumping to conclusions and assuming that cause I said 'I had few answers' immediately leads to 'ZOMG SO POWERFUL.'

Im not certain if that was bait or not

>> No.45847389

About 6 to 7 in my experience, including Rise. If youre going a graveyard heavy or dredge route though Id add another reanimation spell for every 2-3 of the qualifying card. Repeatable, if possible.

>> No.45847470

Don't forget about making it into an animated gif.

>> No.45847618

Sometimes a retarded post isn't bait, it's just a post made by a retard.

>> No.45848203

I'm having trouble making my decks consistent. Got an Oloro combo deck (Demonic Consultation + Lab Maniac) and a Daretti reanimator deck. Especially with the latter, I can't quite seem to get the numbers right. I either have too many or too few fatties to reanimate. Much of the game will go by with me just digging for a threat. Oloro's alright but my tutors suck.

Any suggestions? How much draw/tutor do you put into your combo decks and how many threats in your other decks? Give or take.

>> No.45848242

>combo decks

>> No.45848299

It's EDH, every deck is a combo deck.

>> No.45848373


>> No.45848511

If you make a token copy of this, it pretty much has indestructible right? Obviously you'd have to sac the original unless you had Mirror out but hey

>> No.45848558

If you made a token copy of that, you would prevent all damage dealt to the token because it's a token.

A Wrath of God or whatever is still going to ruin its day.

>> No.45848608

>my Hanna isn't pillowfort combo
>it's combo control

Feels good, meng.

Also, where does a deck for that purposefully has no infinite combo just to prove it can win without it? Note: I am 100% ok with combo. I just wanted the challenge.

>> No.45848633

not on the chart

>> No.45848667

difference between pillowfort and control?

>> No.45848785

Control is interacting with his opponents, pillowfort is just dropping his protective enchantments and hoping opponents forget he's in the game while he works towards his combo.

>> No.45848832

Let's post underrated and underused mana rocks!

>> No.45848837


Passive defense vs Active defense.

Pillowfort generally has very little interaction, choosing to hide behind things like Ghostly Prison to deter attackers. It's a "pillow fort" because it is a soft defense in that you can get through it via tax or whatever.

Control focusses more of active denial. Counterspells, removal, sweepers, silver bullets, ect.

There is generally a lot of overlap, but usually decks lean one way or another.

>> No.45848887

fair enough thanks

>> No.45848938

>Let's post terrible and underused mana rocks!


>> No.45848963


>> No.45848971

I'm going to at least give you a chance to explain what deck you're running this in and why.

>> No.45848989

I like this one

>> No.45848997

You have a combo deck with one wincon, and another we have so little information on it could be literally anything. If I had to guess, in both cases, you need more wincons, or better tutors. Without the lists, it's impossible to say more than that.

>> No.45849028

The only downside to this is symmetry. It's rarely an issue for the types of decks that would run this though.

>> No.45849056

forgot file

>> No.45849107

I really like this one since the other scry artifacts are kind of shit. This one at least has some other utility.

>> No.45849150

I love this one. I hope this becomes the next auto-include mana rock after Sol Ring.

>> No.45849179

Mind Stone is better than that in a lot of decks

>> No.45849204


>> No.45849225

In anything with blue, I'd rather have Thought Vessel.

>> No.45849278

Even Grixis Reanimator (IE Sedris)?

>> No.45849288

I'm having trouble making my decks consistent. Got an Oloro combo deck (Demonic Consultation + Lab Maniac) and a Daretti reanimator deck. Especially with the latter, I can't quite seem to get the numbers right. I either have too many or too few fatties to reanimate. Much of the game will go by with me just digging for a threat. Oloro's alright but my tutors suck.

Any suggestions?





>> No.45849311

You're right, posted lists here >>45849288

>> No.45849326

With Grixis you probably have Necropotence, so yeah.

>> No.45849339

Great in 5 color. Not sure if underrated or underused though.

>> No.45849589

But then you can't use the cleanup step for free entombs. D: I cant tell you how useful the ability to overdraw at will and throw fatties in the yard is.

Underused. People run signets and are usually in a pod with 3+ people usually in multiple colors.

>> No.45849667

Your Daretti list has a lot of creatures that kind of do nothing or are simply underwhelming as finishers. Find those, remove them, replace with more rocks and sweepers.

>> No.45849668


I use it because it costs 2 mana. If it can also tap for a relevant color, that's just icing.

On that note, I've almost entirely stopped using 3cmc mana rocks because all the 2 cmc ones do everything I need anyway.

>> No.45849669

I don't really play Reanimator so I hadn't considered that. In Grixis you should have tons of looting/discard effects though.

>> No.45849684

EDH players aren't happy with 7 cards in hand. They always think they need more.

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