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> Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

SITUATION: http://pastebin.com/ziMsX6th
MECHANICS: http://pastebin.com/49M2eE8Z

Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=GuP:LGA2%20Quest

You are Elodie Rosetta Zumwalt and currently you are walking out of the showers with your newly formed crew of girls, all of them Naval Studies students just like you! You are finding common ground already with your fellow students. You’re sure that at least one or two of them you’ll meet in the course of your jobs. This couldn’t make you any happier.

Of course, they weren’t happy about having to shower at 6 in the morning on a vacation week. “Ugh…” Winona groans, rubbing at her eyes as she tries to hold her towel up. “Can’t we wake up at normal people times, Ellie?”

“I don’t see what the problem is,” says Ingrid as she buttons up her blouse. Her skirt, pantyhose, and the rest of her uniform were on the bench next to her. Ingrid’s blonde hair, normally done in a neat ponytail was all wet and drooping down the back of her neck. “You know the saying, right, Elodie?”

You smile. “Early to bed, early to rise.”

“Makes one healthy and wise,” Ingrid finishes. “Isn’t that right, Stack?” You all look over to see Stack completely fallen asleep on one of the benches, covered up in her towel. Ingrid picks up a towel, then softly tosses at it her.

Well, tries to anyway, it completely whiffs and lands next to her. Ingrid looks at you all, with a slight blush to her cheeks as she professionally walks up to Stack, then smacks her on the bum. “Yow!” Stack jolts awake, rubbing her butt. “Hey, no one gets to touch my butt without my permission!”


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In the excitement of all this, you realize that Josephina has already dressed herself up and is already walking out the door. “Josephina.” She pauses, looking back nervously. “Aren’t you going to stay with us?”

Josephina coughs, twiddling at her fingers. “W-… well, I mean, er. Uh. M- my roommate is probably worried about me, I-… I don’t want to get into trouble with the deck officer.”

“Ellie’s an Officer,” says Winona. “She can get you out of it.”

“No, no, I wouldn’t want to be a bother, sorry.” She slowly slinks out the door, biting her lip. “Mer- I mean, th-“ She catches herself. “Thank you.” She immediately hurries away. She comes back. “You have my number, call me.” She then goes away again.

Ingrid nods, placing her hands on her hips. “Yeah, that’s right. I should get going too. My roommate is gonna be pissed if I don’t return those boardgames.”

Stack nods, rubbing at her hair. “Well, I ain’t doing nothing. Y’all can do as you wish.”

> “I can walk you back to your room, Ingrid.”
> “Stack, you said you had to practice. Maybe we can join you since you missed out yesterday.”
> “I’m just gonna head back to my room. Hopefully Winona’s pet snake didn’t get out.”
> Other

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> “Stack, you said you had to practice. Maybe we can join you since you missed out yesterday.”

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> “Stack, you said you had to practice. Maybe we can join you since you missed out yesterday.”

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> “I can walk you back to your room, Ingrid.”

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> “Stack, you said you had to practice. Maybe we can join you since you missed out yesterday.”

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>> “Stack, you said you had to practice. Maybe we can join you since you missed out yesterday.”

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What does Stack look like? I love the accent but I need images for.. my eyes.

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I'll give you something directly from my refs.

> Appearance: 5’2 in height. Short fluffy black hair with red streak done up in two tiny pigtails. Tan skin skin, blue eyes. Always seen wearing her black leather gloves for loading duties. Wears black thigh highs with white stripes near the top. Winning smile. Flat as a board.

> Uniform appearance: Dark blue button jacket with elements of WWII US Navy uniform. Light blue long sleeve blouse undershirt. Ribbon around sailor collar is red. Miniskirt is also dark blue. Comes with white sailor cap or captain’s cap with the LGA Fleur de Lis emblazoned on front for Officers (of which the MC is one).

> - Stack wraps the jacket around her waist, and rolls up the sleeves of her undershirt as well. She also doesn’t wear the hat (like a goddamn heathen)

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>“Stack, you said you had to practice. Maybe we can join you since you missed out yesterday.”


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>> “Stack, you said you had to practice. Maybe we can join you since you missed out yesterday.”

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I like her...

So southern girl or polish girl.. time will tell...

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> “I can walk you back to your room, Ingrid.”

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It's "healthy, wealthy and wise."

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I just assumed Ingrid was stupid.

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Early to rise, early to bed

Makes one wise but socially dead

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German will we ever see early war Soviet and French designs in this series? Since quite a few of them had two man crews.

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I plan on including as many tanks as I can as thematically appropriate.

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You give Glorious tank from rodina schteel.

Victory will be assured.

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>“Stack, you said you had to practice. Maybe we can join you since you missed out yesterday.”

Discipline! Training!

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> “Stack, you said you had to practice. Maybe we can join you since you missed out yesterday.”

“Oh?” She grins happily, crossing her arms. “Y’all want to tangle with moi?” She places her hand on her chest, prudly. Ingrid rolls her eyes as she pulls on her pantyhose. “Why, I would be honored to have such fine friends as you and yours to accompany me on my training regimen!”

You nod, folding your arms. “So what exactly do you do on your regimen?”

“Simple, I warm up with some exercises, then I have a one mile run.” She counts it all off on her hand. “Then we go into pull-ups, push ups, leg and arm exercises and weight-lifting, then we finish it off with loading practices. Key is to load 50 75mm shells within the span of 3 minutes.”

… Ah.

She stands up happily, patting you on the arm. “It’ll be a rip snortin’ good time! Come on!” She looks over at Ingrid. “What about you, Berry? Wanna come along and I can tone those lovely little legs of yours?”

“Unfortunately, I’ll have to refuse,” she says. “I have to tutor some General Studies kids. You guys have fun.” Aw, that’s a shame. But considering how… extreme Stack’s exercise is, you wouldn’t blame her if she were making up excuses.

“And what about you, Winona?” asks Stack. Winona gives a thumbs up, smiling. “Great! Me and you are gonna get along like mashed taters and gravy!”




>> No.45800326



You and Winona collapse onto the gym floor. The gym currently is occupied by a few Naval Studies kids taking some laps around, some stretching, others taking the opportunity to play some pickup basketball as well. You and Winona however couldn’t even make it to the bleachers before collapsing of exhaustion. It was like every muscle in your body was screaming at you to stop.

And yet Stack wasn’t even phased. She was sweating of course, but she didn’t even seem tired. “Alright, I saved the best for last!” She rolls up a cart of simulation shells next to a loading rack. “Loading!”

Winona whines. “Can we not? I’m tired.”

“Ah, don’t be a pussy, Nona,” says Stack. “I do this all the time!”

“You ever consider that maybe people aren’t as strong as you,” you say quietly. She scratches her chin, pensive.

She shrugs. “Eh. Want to at least try?”

> “Winona. I order you to start loading. I’ll bring up the rear.”
> “I’ll make an example. Let’s do this.”
> Other

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> Other
> Winona, lets do this together. It'll hurt half as bad that way.

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> “I’ll make an example. Let’s do this.”

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I like it, let's go!

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>“I’ll make an example. Let’s do this.”

Lead by example. Even if our arms fall off and we explode.

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We might seriously strain our muscles if we continue.
>Stack, it's important to exercise, but I think I've done enough for today!

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>“I’ll make an example. Let’s do this.”

>> No.45800521

Supporting >>45800383

>> No.45800585

>“I’ll make an example. Let’s do this.”



>> No.45800650

>> “I’ll make an example. Let’s do this.”
We are not in a IS tank., that doesn't work.

>> No.45800792

> “I’ll make an example. Let’s do this.”

“I’ll make an example for us.” You roll up the sleeves on your already short sleeved PT shirt, right up past the shoulders. You walk up to the loading rack, spinning up your shoulders and arms, keeping them loose. “How do I do this?”

“Simple,” says Stack. “You pick up a shell.” She bends over, then hefts up a shell, then rams it down the simulation breech, flicking her pushing hand up as well. “Then do that. Try and do it as many times in three minutes.”

“Alright.” You get yourself ready. Winona still lies on her chest, watching you. Stack hits the timer on her phone. Now! You hurry to pick up a shell.

You groan, slowly lifting it up. You can feel the edges of the bottom of the shaft dig right into the palm of your hands. “Don’t lift it from the bottom, lift it from the sides!” says Stack calmly. Alright, alright. Next time. You tip the round in, then shove it in. “That one doesn’t count. You didn’t bring your ramming hand out of the way.”

Ah fuck. Alright. You hurry to grab another shell. You can feel your body absolutely screaming at you to stop. But it’s too late now. It was always too late. You shove it in, this time lazily bringing your hand up. “Alright. One.” You grab another. Looks like you’re catching your second wind. You shove it in, this time faster and with more pop to your hand. “Two.”

And another! “Three!”

Ha! You can do this all day! “Time!” What. She holds up her phone. That was three minutes!? “I gotta say, three in three minutes isn’t too bad.”

“How come you didn’t count the first one?” asks Winona.

“If you don’t bring your ramming hand out of the breech, it’ll eat your hand,” says Stack. “That’s what my mama taught me.” Ouch. “But good work!” She gently pats you on the arm, and you twitch a little in sore pain. “You just need a bit more practice is all, I declare. How’s the body feel?”

If she were to gently tap you, you’d die.

> Truth
> “I’m just going to sit down.”
> Lie

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Rolled 4 (1d20)

> “I’m just going to sit down.”
We are already dead.

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>> “I’m just going to sit down.”

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>> Truth

>> No.45800880

>> Truth

>> No.45800883

Hiding our pansyness will only result in more pain.

>> No.45800915

>Just fuck my shit up senpai

>> No.45800934

>“I’m just going to sit down.”

Groan loudly as we sit. Perhaps die.

>> No.45800960

> Truth

>> No.45801008

> Truth

>> No.45801011

lads can we stop letting Nona cuck us
we're meant to be her leader but we keep bending over backwards for her and let her lead us by the nose

>> No.45801030


There is no pain, only service to motherland.

>> No.45801162

> Truth

“I’m tired. So tired,” you say. “I think if you were to touch me, I’d probably die.”

“Hm.” Stack rubs her chin, nodding. “Alrighty. Go ahead and take five. I’ll bring y’all some water.” And with that, Stack leaves the gym to grab a few bottles of water for you and Winona.

You sigh, walking over to Winona, then sitting down on top of her. “Get offa me,” she says.

“No,” you say back.

She groans as she flops her head onto the floor. You flop backwards as well, letting your body just collapse and stop working for a minute or two. It’s not even lunch time and you’re already about to die of exhaustion. A regular morning jog every other day is fine. But doing this? How does Stack do this? Is she planning on joining the military or something?

But as you stare up at the ceiling, Griselda comes into view. “Oh, hey, Ellie.”

“Griselda,” you say. “Can I help you?”

“Well, I’m glad I caught you and Winona here.” She smiles happily. “I recruited another crew today! Janek is letting the Junior Polish Student’s Association join in on the fun! That’s four whole crewmembers too!”

“We have a Junior Polish Student’s Association?” asks Winona.

“Apparently so!” Griselda happily grins, slapping her cheeks proudly. “That brings us up to four tanks! One more crew and we can field ourselves a full team of five in time for our duo with Kursk this weekend, hehee!” She blinks, looking at you two. “So, you two aren’t looking aren’t so hot.”

> Boast
> Neutral
> Polite

>> No.45801181

To be fair, she is more experienced in tanks i think and decent officers listen to their men.

>> No.45801183

> Neutral

>> No.45801199

> Polite

>> No.45801200

> Neutral

>> No.45801239

> Polite

>> No.45801241

>> Polite

>> No.45801248

> Boast
We have worked hard!

>> No.45801277


s t o i c

the key is to listen to your men without them noticing - follow their suggestions with infrequent acknowledgement and they'll think you're just shit hot

>> No.45801281


When poets speak of the Little Death, I'm sure they didn't mean Stack.

>> No.45801317

>> Polite

>> No.45801508

> Polite

“Unfortunately, we’re not,” you say. “Stack is a very good girl, but she has worked us to the bone.”

“Aw, that’s terrible.” Griselda kneels down next to you two. “Man though, last year, you should’ve been there when Wendy was still instructing us. It was like Full Metal Jacket but with girls and tanks instead of Vietnam and Marines.” She looks up with her eyes, in thought. “Hm. I kind of miss her, actually.” Stockholm Syndrome in its infancy. “I’m sure you’ll get used to the work ethic of Tankery athletes though. We have to keep loose and strong if we want to match other teams. Kursk especially.”

“Why Kursk though?” asks Winona. “Isn’t this our first year in the tournament? Why are they matching us against them?”

“Our ITL standings,” says Griselda. “It should be fine though, Oryola’s pretty honorable. She won’t dump us with ISU-152s and SU-100s… at first.” That doesn’t make you feel better. She helps you up, then gently walks you to the bleachers so you can sit down. Winona as well gets the same treatment, and she immediately leans up against you. “Hey, Stack!”

“Howdy!” Stack comes over, bringing up a pair of waters for you and Winona. Thankfully, she’s already uncapped and opened them both, which means the first thing you two do is chug to your heart’s delight. “So, Griselda. How are the tanks doing?”

“Heinlein’s letting me buy off one of their old Pershing’s. The IS Chassis is in too as well. And get this, I’m going to use the last reserves of our cash to get ourselves a Sherman!” Stack grins happily at that, nodding. “Ain’t that great?”

“The best,” says Stack.

“Did you two want to come and see the tanks over lunch?” asks Griselda.

> “Sure, why not.”
> “Too tired, maybe another time.”
> Other

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all quiet on the western front
time to get some discussion going

the hetzer is a bad tank

>> No.45801533

> “Sure, why not.”
Live tank, breath tank.

It's not a tank.

>> No.45801547

>Sure, why not.

time to see our centaur again yay

>> No.45801549

> “Sure, why not.”

>> No.45801575

its a tank
and it sucks
it's slow, it can't turn, it can't climb, it's a lemon

the gun is thoroughly mediocre

>> No.45801583

> “Sure, why not.”

>> No.45801586

>> “Sure, why not.”

>> No.45801633

It's an assault gun. Not a tank.

>> No.45801643

>> “Sure, why not.”

Wasn't the IS tank a bad one due to the two piece ammunition?

>> No.45801646

yeah its an assault gun on a tank

>> No.45801650

> “Too tired, maybe another time.”

>> No.45801662

Wasn't it a Self propelled gun? And how was the Hetzer bad?

>> No.45801672

Stack is going to kick some serious ass on the 6 pounder.

The 57mm must weigh a fraction of the 75mm and Stack can load 75 like nobody's business.

>> No.45801677


Ignore him he's an ass.

>> No.45801696

Yeah she should do well with it. It may take a bit to get used to it though.

>> No.45801706

more like how was the hetzer good


the war's over Hans
the Jagdpanzer IV was a superior tank in every quality to the Hetzer

>> No.45801734

>German tank was better than German tank
>Putting words in my mouth

Try harder.

>> No.45801738

Schteel, in tankery (or at least NATO) is any penetrating hit considered a knockout or is the damage caused by the hit calculated, shutting off the engine etc if it is deemed destroyed?

>> No.45801756

Wasn't basically a Stug III using a Panzer IV Chassis with a Panther's gun?

Also the only thing I recall about the Hetzer was that it had a decent gun, very slopped armor and a low silhouette.
However I heard the ergonomics inside the the SPG was bad.

>> No.45801772

hetzer is the equivalent of a slambang shotgun

the jagdpanzer is an AA-12

>> No.45801805

I said try harder.

>> No.45801807

it's a pz 38(t) using a medium length 75
it was cramped as hell, and slow as sin owing to the increased yet still negligible armour and weak engine of the 38(t)

>> No.45801834

Here's the popular reason.


>> No.45801843

The latter. Unlike JSF or ITL Tankery, Judges deem KOs based on whether or not a shell would actually damage anything important if it penetrates.

However, if a penetrating hit is deemed to have done enough damage to the interior and to have "killed the crew" in one blow, then you're basically out of it.

>> No.45801855

I heard they didn't use a PZ 38(T) chassis since it was too small but i did head it was based on the design but they had to extend several parts in it to work.

>> No.45801916

No computing, just judges?

>> No.45802089

There are computers as well.

> “Sure, why not.”

You sigh. “Sure, why not?” Griselda smiles, helping you to your feet. “It’s not like I have much else to do today anyway.”

“Awesome!” Griselda happily grins, helping Winona up as well. “You two are going to love the Pershing, it came in today with the Poles as well! They should be at the Hangar right now. I’ll bring the Dodge out front.”



The cool winds and the surprisingly gentle ride in the back of Griselda’s Dodge WC51 truck. Must have been modified with a better suspension you think. Stack and Griselda ride in front, talking tanks and tournament politics with each other as the two of you ride on into the hangar. “What the…” Griselda blinks as she slows the tank up to the tanks outside. You all stand up in awe at the Pershing.

Which has now been painted very conspicuously. The edges along the tracks were trimmed red, with the hull being painted bright white. The turret as well was red, and along its sides were white stylized wings. You’ve heard of this, the Polish Hussars. Four girls were busy standing in awe of it, happily. “What did you girls do!?” yells Griselda. She shuts off the engine to the Dodge, and hurries over.

This was the Junior Polish Students Association. Tinier and apparently much more enthusiastic versions of their seniors. “Griselda! Cześć! Jak się masz?”


>> No.45802105


“No, no. Listen.” The Polish girls all look at her, attentively. “When I said you could have any tank you wanted, I didn’t say just any tank! I was hoping that you’d…” They all stare at her, apparently not understanding. “… why did you even paint it that way anyway?”

“Powodzenia,” she says. They continue communicating with Griselda in Polish to her, and they all happily giggle and laugh in enthusiasm. So the Pershing now belongs to a quadruple of tiny happy Polish girls who… only speak polish.

At least the other tanks look good. Griselda must have given them a good scrubbing or two. The Centaur, the Panzer III, the Sherman, and the Churchill.

> Check out the other tanks.
> Introduce yourself to the Poles, might as well.
> Comfort Griselda. She seems like she wants to be mad, but even she can’t be mad to her underclassmen.
> Other

>> No.45802108


>> No.45802140

See how our Centaur scrubbed up and pitch the idea of naming or painting it to the crew

also, apologise to gris-gris for not helping clean our tank

>> No.45802162



>> No.45802171

> Comfort Griselda. She seems like she wants to be mad, but even she can’t be mad to her underclassmen.

>> No.45802174

>> Introduce yourself to the Poles, might as well.

>> No.45802205

>> Comfort Griselda. She seems like she wants to be mad, but even she can’t be mad to her underclassmen.

>> No.45802228

I support this Anon >>45802140 here

>> No.45802254

> Comfort Griselda. She seems like she wants to be mad, but even she can’t be mad to her underclassmen.

There there. maybe we'll be fighting in a weird backdrop of Red and White.

>> No.45802404

Maybe there'll be some chalk cliffs that they could hide against?

Detonate a pigeon or something against the cliff to add a splash of red

>> No.45802464

>> Introduce yourself to the Poles, might as well.

>> No.45802515

>Comfort Griselda. She seems like she wants to be mad, but even she can’t be mad to her underclassmen.

>> No.45802537

Polan is good country ball.

>> No.45802571

I still kind of wished we got a Polish Tank for the Poles.

>> No.45802636

Give them that modified KV-1 the Germans made. Half Germany, half Russia, just like Poland should be :^)

>> No.45802649

> Comfort Griselda. She seems like she wants to be mad, but even she can’t be mad to her underclassmen.

You gently place a hand on Griselda’s head, patting it. She looks at you, frowning deeply. The Poles all play around, chasing each other with hoses and paint all around the M26 Pershing. “I was trying to see if I could find them a nice 7TP to work with. I really shouldn’t have said they could have any tank they wanted.”

“Well, it’s happening,” you say. “What do you think?”

“Well, it’s not a bad paintjob. I’m surprised they did it so quickly.” Griselda sighs, crossing her arms.

Stack and Winona walk up. “I kind of like it,” says Winona. Stack frowns a bit, obviously quite peeved at the loss of any dignity for the tank. “Come on, you guys can’t be all buzzkills! Tankery’s supposed to be fun, they’re having fun! This isn’t University where all the tanks are Centurions or Pershings or Cold War stuff.”

“Yeah, I guess.” Griselda still frowns, saddened. “By the way though, I’m glad you’re here. The other crew has decided to reserve the Churchill as their tank of choice. I wanted to know if you were going to choose the Panzer III or the Centaur.”

> The Panzer III
> The Centaur I
> “I’ll wait for another crew to choose theirs.”
> Other

>> No.45802665

>> “I’ll wait for another crew to choose theirs.”

>> No.45802683

>> “I’ll wait for another crew to choose theirs.”

>> No.45802685

> “I’ll wait for another crew to choose theirs.”

>> No.45802688

>The IS

>> No.45802705

>The Centaur I

>> No.45802709

>> “I’ll wait for another crew to choose theirs.”

>> No.45802715

>> The Centaur I

>> No.45802716

> “I’ll wait for another crew to choose theirs.”

>> No.45802729

The Centaur I

>> No.45802739

> The Centaur I

We had this discussion last weekend. The Centaur seemed to be the better of the two.

>> No.45802745

>> The Centaur I

>> No.45802756

> The Centaur I

>> No.45802773

Why are we going with the Centaur when we can get a fast heavy tank with a giant boomstick?

>> No.45802785

The Pershing?

>> No.45802834

Polish have that unfortunately. I'd prefer the IS over the Centaur honestly. We played with a medium tank last time, I'd like something different.

>> No.45802840

Part of the Pershings problem was that it had an under powered engine I thought.

>> No.45802851

> The Centaur I

>> No.45802861

The IS is nice, but I just feel like we'd be too slow to get into the thick of things. I don't want to limp after the shifting lines of battle and just get outflanked and destroyed.

>> No.45802866

It's funny you say that because in Company of Heroes 2, they portray the Pershing as the "fast" heavy tank for the Allies. Complete horseshit how fast that thing travels to snipe your wounded tanks.

>> No.45802875

Anon, its currently just a chassis.

>> No.45802877

Right but in contrast to a heavy tank it's sorta fast.

>> No.45802893

The IS has it's own problems but it honestly depends on the variant we will get.

>> No.45802921

It hits 37kph pretty easily and from my understanding it's pretty nimble. Plus, can't we just get a better engine from a late war model that the Chinese used?

>> No.45802934

We've got no money, just dumped the last onto a Sherman

>> No.45802951

I didn't mean immediately, but eventually.

>> No.45802965

My votes for the IS

More able to carry the team

>> No.45803053

How so and what model?

> “I was trying to see if I could find them a nice 7TP to work with. I really shouldn’t have said they could have any tank they wanted.”

See griselda understand my feeling about giving the poles a 'Polish' tank.

>> No.45803078

Seconding. Don't even have to go with the 122mm gun even. There were some with an improved 100mm gun designed with anti-armor capabilites in mind.

>> No.45803083

We need to lead though, not carry, and I think here manoeuvrability trumps armour.


>> No.45803085

Shit yeah girls und panzer quest!

Hey Schteel, do you have a twitter or whatever so I can know these things go live?

>> No.45803092

I'm guessing an IS-2 since that was the main production model.

>> No.45803114

Here ya go, anon.


Have some new hotness.

>> No.45803115


>> No.45803131

Wasn't it designed as a breakthrough tank? Also, considering that are tanks are pretty polarized in terms of speed, we might need someone to lead the faster tanks that can also pack a big punch. Yhe IS seems to fit that well.

>> No.45803141

>winking one-fang girl

Who is this troublemaking teaboo?

>> No.45803155

> The Centaur I
Just take the damn thing. We can always steal another tank later on.

>> No.45803175

I don't think we'll be able to without causing a ton of teen girl drama. Do you WANT teen girl drama?

>> No.45803178

spacex launch lads

>> No.45803200

> The Centaur I

“The Centaur?” Griselda smiles a little. “M’kay. It’s yours then. You, Winona, and Stack can take a test drive in it for a bit if you want.”

“Oh, I’m not sure if-“ Winona and Stack immediately come up on either side of you.

“We’d love to!” they both say.

“Great!” Griselda happily nods. Okay, thanks for treading on your toes, girls. You sigh, looking at them a bit frustratedly. You’re still tired from the morning exercises, do you really have to go and learn how to use a tank -now-? They both nod happily, then immediately sprint over to the tank and hurry inside.

You sigh. You guess you are. You gently pat the clean exterior of the tank, and immediately suck in your gut. It feels so cold. You climb up gently, then look inside to see Winona’s face in the turret. “Hey, there, Ellie! Come on in! It’s nice in here!” You slowly step on inside, then find the tank completely dark and cramped. Wow, they make it look a lot better in the promotional ads. “Stack, where are the lights?”

Stack looks back as she turns on the engine. “Oh, we’re going to have to turn on the engine if we want internal lights. You want to drive, Winona?”

“Me?” Winona looks at herself, nervously. “I’ve only ever driven tankettes and lights. Never something this big!”

“You’re better than me then!” Stack crawls up through the machinery and ammo racks into the turret with you two. “Me and Ellie here will guide you. Ellie, why don’t you unbutton and stand out.”

You nod. Alright. You open up the hatch and stand out as well. Wow. Everything feels bigger from- The tank suddenly rumbles underneath you. “What was that!?” you yelp. You hear a muffled yell. “What!?”

Stack pokes her head up. “That was Winona turning on the engine. She wants to know how far we want to go.”

> Just around the training grounds.
> To the nearest restaurant. You’re hungry.
> Near, far, far and near, until this tank runs out of gas.
> Other

>> No.45803203

That is a pretty bad idea. IIRC the IS-2 was a Bunker but it needed to carry Two-piece ammunition and different charges for each round, making the logistics in the tank and ammunition very small.

and while the frontal armor was good, the sides and rear were very thin to compensate as well.

I'm very reluctant with the IS-series.

>> No.45803223

> To the nearest restaurant. You’re hungry.

>> No.45803224

>> Just around the training grounds

This is the first time we're driving this thing and i rather not cause accidents since this is all new.

Not to mention we're logistics so imagining us wasting gas, might make us go crazy.

>> No.45803233

Iqdb says Rosehip. Apparently one of the Saint Glorianna girls from the movie.

>> No.45803245

>> Just around the training grounds.

>> No.45803259

>Just around the training grounds.

We can get crazy later. Let's step into the shallow end of the pool.

>> No.45803268

> Just around the training grounds.
Let's not take unnecessary risks like running someone over or emptying our wallet because we had to pay for gas.

>> No.45803269

I guess Russian tanks never...

>> No.45803271

Not THAT late but there's still some time before that problem kicks in.
> Just around the training grounds.

>> No.45803277

>Just around the training grounds.

>> No.45803291

>> Near, far, far and near, until this tank runs out of gas.

Live tank, breathe tank, be one with tank.

>> No.45803312

Thanks. The image search function doesn't work on my browser, and rarely gets results when I switch browers.

>> No.45803317

Fucking yay

>> No.45803337

I think some were equipped with a 100mm anti-tank gun instead of the 122mm howitzer, which should make the tank a lot zippier and fire faster thanks to reduced weight and might make it a better anti-tank playform.

But it seems like a moot point now since the Britaboos won.

>> No.45803348

> Near, far, far and near, until this tank runs out of gas.

Push it to the limit!

>> No.45803356

If there are Cold War prototypes allowed then we'll definitely be on the look out to pick some up. Unless Schteel has changed the whole purchase system etc.

>> No.45803398

>not going full on ISU-152

>> No.45803413

> Near, far, far and near, until this tank runs out of gas.

>> No.45803421

But anon, Stacks is just a tiny Southern Belle. 152mm would ruin her for marriage.

>> No.45803491

She's Texan anon, we ain't regular southerners. We expect our women to be able to handle weapons of destruction, chop wood and be able to fireman carry a 200 pound adult. I tell you what.

>> No.45803550

> Just around the training grounds.



Stack gave you and Winona throatmics and headsets so that the two of you could communicate more clearly. Stack was poking her head out of the loader’s hatch helping direct and guide Winona down there. It took her some getting used to, but she’s apparently figured out the driving of a Centaur quite well. Stack leans over to you. “Good thing about the Centaur is that she’s not going to speed into anything too quickly!”

You nod. “Yeah, this is alright!” The wind in your hair, the rumble of a gigantic engine behind you, and sitting on a six pounder gun? This too is Tankery.

Stack brings her fingers to her throat mic. “Alright, Winona, right turn!”

“Got it!” she respond. She slowly turns right on the driving track for the Tankery team. “Wooowheee! This baby handles pretty well!”

Stack leans towards you. “What do you think, should we pick up Ingrid and Josephina or what?”

> “Yeah, sure!”
> “Forget it, I’ll just call them!”
> “No, we’re good!”
> Other

>> No.45803564

>> “Yeah, sure!”

>> No.45803590

> “Yeah, sure!”

>> No.45803591

> “Yeah, sure!”
> “Forget it, I’ll just call them!”

let them know we're on our way

>> No.45803598

>“Yeah, sure!”

>> No.45803600

> “Yeah, sure!”
Just picking up a couple gals for our outing

>> No.45803654


> “Yeah, sure!”

After all we have to learn to maneuver tanks in tight spaces.

>> No.45803676

>“Yeah, sure!”

Assemble the squad for a tour of LGA

>> No.45803683

> “Yeah, sure!”

swooning the ladies with our pimped-out ride

>> No.45803688

Most of the time Texans are just full of shit.

>> No.45803705

> “Yeah, sure!”

>> No.45803706

It's part of our blustering bullshit charm.

>> No.45803775

You somehow managed to have an even more inflated ego than regular Americans.

>> No.45803794

It's kinda the point, I was making a joke about us.

>> No.45803806

Was it ever confirmed that the Canadian Schoolship was this thing?

>> No.45803811

You ARE a joke

>> No.45803822

And you should like more of a bitch than normal gyro-peons.

>> No.45803833

There are two Canadian schoolships. But now I'm tempted to make that a thing. It seems almost too good to work.

>> No.45803862

1st generation schoolship?

>> No.45803867

They might as well use a 1:1 scale of it due to the damn thing already being the size of a small schoolship.

If they even somehow managed to make a scaled up version....

>> No.45803874

Wanna fight it out, tough guy?
All talk, just like all Americans.

>> No.45803896

Sure anon, the largest state in the continental US with the second largest economy next to New York and the Second largest state-wide population next to California's which is decreasing steadily.

>> No.45803912

And how many of your proud Texans are border hoping Mexicans?

>> No.45803923

You're kind of the one who started the whole thing. Not sure when this thread decided to become /pol/

>> No.45803934

Then stop your retarded chest-thumping, why do you Yankees always feel the need to boast?

>> No.45803967

>americans arguing

>> No.45803976

A lot of them, not sure how many at this point. I honestly don't give a fuck, you don't have to be white to be Texan.

I was making a joke about Texans anon, it wasn't really "chest-thumping". Right now you're just being an ass without any real reason to be.

>> No.45803986

>you don't have to be white to be Texan

Sorry, I keep forgetting you Americans are rootless mongrels.

>> No.45803994

> “Yeah, sure!”

“Yeah!” you say. “Let’s call them up for lunch!” You pull out your new smartphone. Finally, now it’s time to use it!

Stack looks at you. “You know how to use a smartphone, right?”

Of course you do! You just have to figure out why it only has one button.



After backing traffic up for a kilometer or two on the road you finally meet with Ingrid and Josephina on the side of the road outside of the main town area. They carry a few paper bags filled with some food. When Winona stops up next to them, you grin at them. Stack as well nods to them. “Hey, girls!” you call.

Ingrid seems less than impressed, while Josephina is apparently awed by its size. “We gonna have lunch or what?” she asks.

“Sure, let’s head up to one of the fields,” you say. “Climb aboard.” Stack helps take the food up into the tank, then helps Ingrid and Josephina up. Once they’re aboard, they sit down next to the turret. “… you two not going to ride inside?”

Josephina shrugs. “It looks cramped.”

“I don’t do well in tight spaces,” says Ingrid.

Ugh. This is going to be a thing with them.

When Winona arrives on the field, she stops up the tank, then pokes her head out of the driver’s hatch. She wipes sweat off of her brow, then throws off the headset. “It’s really hot in there!” says Winona. “How do you deal with that?”

Stack grins. “You try to wear less! It’s why Jap schools go for miniskirts and short shorts over thick overalls.” You honestly wouldn’t mind wearing that. “Come on! Let’s have ourselves a good old picnic!” Winona and Stack hop out of the tank, hurrying to settle down a blanket while Josephina digs out the food and the drinks. Ingrid meanwhile sits on the back of the tank, looking a little bored.


> Talk with Josephina a bit. Get to know her some.
> See what Ingrid likes. She seems way colder than you are.
> Stack seems really enthusiastic, seem what makes her, her.
> Winona’s the safe option, talk with Winona.
> Other

>> No.45804000

Texans aren't Yankees. We thump our chests because we're the current hegemon. Comes with the territory.

>> No.45804023

>Texans aren't Yankees

Who's flag do you fly?
Who do you pledge alliance too?
Oh, who won the civil war?

>> No.45804034

> See what Ingrid likes. She seems way colder than you are.

>> No.45804035

Hey Schteel, question. In both quests, why have we never had Czech, Russian, or other Eastern theater nations' tanks as starter options? It kinda feels like you're heavily biased towards the Western front and it seems some of your players would have liked to see a little more variety.

>> No.45804038



> See what Ingrid likes. She seems way colder than you are.

I want the americans to stop arguing

>> No.45804049

>> See what Ingrid likes. She seems way colder than you are.

>> No.45804055


Get that stick out of your ass

>> No.45804060

Small ball gyro-peons, what can you do but heap upon them the scorn that they do richly deserve. It's like the nationalist equivalent to small man syndrome. Unable to measure up to their betters, so must compensate by ruthlessly attacking others.

>> No.45804065

Alaska is part of the continental US, too.


>> No.45804075

W-we're an officer! It's unbecoming of us to talk about our allies like that!

>> No.45804080

Honestly? You see the Texas flag more than the US flag. We really buy into our own hype.

>> No.45804085

>In other news, the newest Canadian Schoolship has finally been completed in the Antarctic after years of harvesting and converting into Pykrete. Environmentalist Groups say that this is an affront to our current efforts to lower Greenhouse Gases. The ship will make it's Maiden Voyage next month.

>> Talk with Josephina a bit. Get to know her some.

>> No.45804094

60% white and still has the gall to shittalk others.

>> No.45804113

Continental US refers to the states that are actually touching, it's a commonly used phrase to differentiate the two states that aren't touching.

>> No.45804116

/pol/ stop it please

>> No.45804117

>our allies

Vassals more like, Ami go home

>> No.45804120

>See what Ingrid likes. She seems way colder than you are.

Commence loyalty quest!

>> No.45804162

> Stack seems really enthusiastic, seem what makes her, her.

>> No.45804163

>See what Ingrid likes. She seems way colder than you are.

>> No.45804171

There aren't a lot of Czech, Romanian, Austrian, Hungarian etc. tanks that have enough service life or versatility to justify turning them into starters. At least that I know of. Most Eastern theatre factions that weren't Russian used German-loaned tanks.

As for why Russian tanks aren't a starter option, that's more of an unfortunate case of creator provincialism I guess. I'm more familiar with western tanks than I am with Russian ones, thus I tend to gravitate towards those. As an American, I like the M4 Sherman.

However, I like the idea of the players also choosing the Centaur tank in this one. Has that idea of bringing the tank back to its spiritual homeland, that of British navy officers conceptualizing landships.

However, that doesn't mean Russian tanks arem't going to be sidelined entirely. Your tournament rival in earnest is going to be Kursk Girls Boarding school, who have expanded from their "patient, casemate assault gun" options and into more versatile T-34/85s, IS tanks, and KV tanks. Some of the US schools on your side of the pond as well will be using Russian tanks purely because T-34s are pretty cheap.

In short, I will admit I'm biased, but I will try to make up for it.

>> No.45804214

Russian tanks are usually great in terms of armor and armament. But have shit crew conditions/visibility/lacked radios

>> No.45804235

>inb4 Creating a school ship sized Habakkuk starts a territory war between the powers that control the Antarctic.

>> No.45804279

> See what Ingrid likes. She seems way colder than you are.

Us loners gotta stick together. Maybe we'll even learn a thing or two about BEISUBALLU

>> No.45804297

No T-26, T-40-70, or BT variants? In these Russian schools ? I mean those models were made in large numbers too.

>> No.45804320

They'll make an appearance too. You just gotta believe.

>> No.45804337


>> No.45804403

I'll admit I was wrong, now I have to tell everyone it's contiguous. Shit that sounds weird saying out loud, weird word.

>> No.45804422

> See what Ingrid likes. She seems way colder than you are.

You step around on the tank, then sit down next to Ingrid. “Hey, Ingrid. Listen, thanks for saving last night with those board games, I never really had stuff like that when I was a kid so, it was fun, really.”

Ingrid nods, arms folded, sitting back against the turret of the Centaur. “Yeah, it was cool. Don’t worry about it.” You hug your legs, smiling at her. She looks over at you, then looks down at her phone, apparently going through box scores.

“So er… I noticed you going through baseball cards,” you say. She looks over, curious. “Is that like a hobby?”

“Yeah, me and my Dad collected baseball cards since I was a kid. My prize is a Curt Schilling when he played for the Diamondbacks,” she says. Oh. Okay. You know some of those words but not the context of them. “Why do you ask?’

“I was just curious, you like baseball?”

She blinks, then smiles a little. “Yeah. Yeah, I do. Do you?”

Oh. Well.

You blink. Her smile grows a little wider, more hopeful. You can even see some stars in her eyes.

> + 60%

Uh. Uh.

> “No. Never been to a baseball game in my life. Don’t even know how it works.”
> “Sure, yeah, I love baseball! Go Jets!”
> “Um. Winona! Is the food ready!?”
> Other

>> No.45804435

Sounds like a Parrapa the Rapper theme, and i hold little hope.

>> No.45804446

>“No. Never been to a baseball game in my life. Don’t even know how it works.”

Teach me, and I will call you Sempai!

>> No.45804458

>> “No. Never been to a baseball game in my life. Don’t even know how it works.”

>> No.45804469

> “No. Never been to a baseball game in my life. Don’t even know how it works.”

>> No.45804487

> Other
> "I've watched a couple of games, but I never understood it. Why don't we watch the next game together?"

baseball date now

Can we have a character description for Ingrid?

>> No.45804491

Sempai in the streets, kouhai in the sheets.

>> No.45804510

>I only know some of the surface level stuff but I'm interested in learning more if you can teach me.

>> No.45804513

> Appearance: 5’6 in height. Black half-frame glasses. Blonde hair tied into ponytail with red scrunchy. Right eye is blue, other eye is brown. Wears pantyhose with her uniform.

> - Ingrid has no adjustments to her uniform.

>> No.45804530

>Right eye is blue, other eye is brown


>> No.45804540

>> “No. Never been to a baseball game in my life. Don’t even know how it works.”

I went to a baseball game once. It was cool they had cheap enough tickets for us to go. I couldn't really see what was going on, but the people behind us started fucking so I got to learn about sex reaaaally early.

>> No.45804552

Pic Related

>> No.45804573


>> No.45804653


>> No.45804684

oh wew i thought she was tall

What are the heights of our crew?

>> No.45804685

> “Um. Winona! Is the food ready!?”

> Appearance: 5’6 in height. Black half-frame glasses. Blonde hair tied into ponytail with red scrunchy. Right eye is blue, other eye is brown. Wears pantyhose with her uniform.

>Right eye is blue, other eye is brown.


>> No.45804739

Josephina is the tallest at 6'2. You're next tallest at 5'8. Then Winona at 5'7, then Ingrid at 5'6, then finally Stack at 5'2.

>> No.45804765

>states that are actually touching

>> No.45804780

Josephina is now best girl.

>> No.45804803

Everybody knows Texas and Louisiana are a thing, they even hold hands in public!

>> No.45804852

> “No. Never been to a baseball game in my life. Don’t even know how it works.”

“Nope.” The look of disappointment on her face absolutely crushes you.

> - 60%

“Sorry, I’ve never been to a baseball game. I barely know how it works,” you say. “I spend most of my time studying anyway so er… never had time to watch them on TV.”

She shrugs. “Baseball sounds just as good on radio anyway,” she says dejectedly.

“I mean, I’d love to learn if it means that much to you,” you say. She looks at you, surprised. “Come on, we’re crewmembers now. We should at least try and get to know each other. You’re not going to be the best you can be if you keep giving us the cold shoulder like this. If you understand us, we’ll try and understand you, okay?”

She looks positively surprised that you said something like that. Then she smiles again. “Okay.” She nods, smiling even more wider. “Okay!”

> + 40%

“Hey, guys!” Stack waves you all over. “Lunch is ready! We got sandwiches, we got apples, we got sodas we got… ANTS!” she yells. Josephina yells in fright, running away from the picnic site. Stack hurries to gather up her food and run away as well. Winona meanwhile happily sits on the blanket, even tossing some crumbs down to the ants as well to feed them.

> Move the picnic onto the tank
> Forget the fields, find somewhere sanitary to eat.
> You’ve eaten in worse places, join Winona.
> Other

>> No.45804868

> Move the picnic onto the tank

>> No.45804881

>decide to draw the characters for schteel
>realise i can't draw for shit


>> No.45804897

> Move the picnic onto the tank

>So how does one base the balls?

>> No.45804899

>move the picnic onto the tank

Remember to feed Centy, she'll be hungry

>> No.45804907

>decide to post a constructive reply
>can only shitpost

fug x-DDD

>> No.45804918

>Move the picnic onto the tank

We will bond with our team and our death machine

>> No.45804925

Don't give up, anon. I believe in you.

>> No.45804938

it's some deviantart tier shit senpai
literally got to the nose and realised that it was autistic as FUCK

thanks for the rosehip tho

>> No.45804946

>I believe in you

>> No.45804966

>> Move the picnic onto the tank

>> No.45804980

Draw it anyway. What's the worst that could happen? You post it here and people shit on you? This is 4chan, that would happen anyway.

>> No.45804990

Why is her underwear so lewd?

>> No.45804993

I feel like i'd lose a little bit of my dignity to the aether

>> No.45805012

> Move the picnic onto the tank

>> No.45805020

>> No.45805036

As long as you finish it, you'll be better then loads of people. Practice is how you gitgud anyway.

>> No.45805044

Again, you're here, that's already happening.

>> No.45805045

sh shh

shut up and do it already. if nothing else you can make it look intentionally bad and we can all laugh at it later

>> No.45805049

>You’ve eaten in worse places, join Winona.
Eating inside the tank is a sure fire way of making Gs appear.

>> No.45805068

And its not like we can stalk you by name and laugh at you in unrelated forums.

>> No.45805335

> Move the picnic onto the tank



After some laborious effort in getting Stack and Josephina to come back, you managed to resettle the picnic on the engine block of the tank, with the blanket there to make sure no food crumbs or anything spills into the engine. The ham and cheese sandwich is absolutely delectable, and it’s backed up by one of the rare tastes of soda you have, like a sparkling dance on your tongue it feels like. “And for dessert…” Ingrid reaches in and pulls out a small cake. “Same cake!”

“Ooooh.” Stack leans in, licking her lips. “Give me the biggest slice.”

“Oh, right, because everything is bigger in Texas, Stack?” says Ingrid smugly. Stack frowns a little, peeved. “I think some cake would do you a bit of good.”

“Yeah, I can’t believe you’re actually Texan,” says Winona. “You look more like you came south of the border.” Ingrid and Winona giggle a little at Stack’s expense.

“I don’t like being bullied,” says Stack as she crosses her arms and pouts.

“We’re just joshing you.” Ingrid ruffles Stack’s hair a bit. “Here, I’ll give you the big slice.” Stack’s eyes light up immediately as she takes her slice. She immediately digs in. Winona and Josephina as well take a bit of cake to eat as well, and happily smile at its taste.

And as for you, a bit of chocolate filling with a vanilla frost and a cherry on top? This thing is an absolute slice of heaven. Hm, hm, hm. You grin happily. Oh you could stay out here all day!




>> No.45805353




“There you are!” The sun is setting by the time you return the tank to the Tank Hangar. You had originally intended to bring it back earlier, but your stomach called, and dinner answered as well. The five of you dismount. Griselda seems less than amused. “I was worried about you! I thought you had just absconded with one of our tanks!”

“It’s fine,” you say. “We returned it safe and sound.”

Griselda sighs in relief. “You better have. I don’t think my sister will forgive if I trashed any of my tanks.” She places her hands on her hips, looking at the Centaur up and down. “Still, looks like you took good care of it. Next time, try and keep better track of time.”

“Will do,” you say.

“Anyway,” says Griselda. She checks her watch. “Gertrude wants me at the Skycraft field.” Oh? “I should go. Unless all of you want to come with me. It’s going to be a pretty boring meeting and I could use people other than my sister and her friends to make it a bit more entertaining.”

> “Sure, we’d love to.”
> “No thanks.”
> Other

>> No.45805378

> “No thanks.”

>> No.45805381

>> “Sure, we’d love to.”

>> No.45805394

>No thanks


>> No.45805397

>> “Sure, we’d love to.”

>> No.45805415

Your avoiding it because of guys?

If that's the case, I hope German can pull a better introduction then his last one.


> “Sure, we’d love to.”

>> No.45805429

> “Sure, we’d love to.”

>> No.45805458

>“Sure, we’d love to.”

We can learn how things are being done here.

>Same cake

What is this? Google gives me recipes with different sugar and gay marriage.

>> No.45805480

>>If that's the case, I hope German can pull a better introduction then his last one.

Oh yeah, that Audie Murphy Marty Stu.
Good old days.
Well, they they weren't really good.
Or particularly old.
But they were days for sure!

>> No.45805486

>recipes with different sugar and gay marriage.
Ingrid, so bold~!

>> No.45805514

>“Sure, we’d love to.”

>> No.45805520

Powdered, granulated or brown gay marriage?

>> No.45805530


>> No.45805570

What are you trying to say?

>> No.45805645

David Bowie reference.

>> No.45805732

i started the centaur but then i got bored

someone anime it

>> No.45805778

> “Sure, we’d love to.”

“Sure, we’d all love to.” Everyone looks at you, surprised. You look back, trying to convince them quietly to come with you. They sigh, nodding in agreement. “What’s the meeting about?”

“Well, in half an hour, all the boys are supposed to arrive.” Oh, those guys, those literal guys. Okay, you had completely forgotten about that. “We’ll take the Dodge, come on.” The six of you mount up into her Dodge truck, with you taking the front seat with Griselda and all of your crew sitting in the back.

As the sun sets on the day, you tug on your collar, nervously. “Something the matter?” asks Griselda.

“Well, I mean- won’t boys kind of upset the point of this being a Girls Academy?” you ask.

Griselda smiles a bit, giggling. “We are. It’s only for the summer. We’re just trying to build good relations with schools on the land.”

“Ah, fuck those landlubbers!” says Stack. “We’re fine as we are! We don’t need no stinkin’ boys!” She folds her arms, pouting furiously. You roll your eyes. You’ve dealt with boys before, they’re perfectly normal people if you treat them that way.

“Uh, guys.” Ingrid stands up in her seat a bit, holding onto the side rails. “Look.” You all turn your heads towards the setting sun.

And out of it come the silhouette of dozens of planes. Single-engine fighters of all types, twin-engine bombers like the Lockheed Hudson, and even a pair of mighty B-17 Flying Fortresses, all accompanying a gigantic C-5 Galaxy. The roar of their engines is deafening as they fly low over the buildings and trees of LGA, shocking many bystanders standing in the streets and forcing them all into cover. The ground underneath shook from the arrival of their planes, and in effect made your tank feel tiny in comparison.

It was like being invaded. All of you were shocked. “Jesus Christ,” says Winona.

Stack snorts. “Show offs.”


>> No.45805782

Not the other guy, but here you are GS.

muh masterpiece

>> No.45805797




“Griselda!” Gertrude and her staff, along with the command staff of the Skycraft team led by Marina Polikarpov and Captain Spruance as well greet you. “Wow, I’m glad you brought Ellie here too. She’ll be a good example of what a low level Naval Studies Officer looks like.”

“What?” you ask.

“Ah, don’t worry, you won’t need to speak,” says Gertrude.

Captain Spruance nods. “Indeed. We are simply introducing the boys to their new environments. They will be bunking here on the Skycraft fields in portable facilities.”

Gertrude checks her watch. “Oooh jeez, we should get to the lecture. C’mon, Cap.” Gertrude pats Captain Spruance on the head, to which the Captain immediately and angrily slaps Gertrude’s hand away. To her credit, Gertrude plays it off well, giggling as you all walk into the hangar.

Over a hundred boys were seated in the center of the hangar, accompanied by their coaches and training staff. You actually saw that there were some girls intermixed with the crowd as well. At least it isn’t all boys. Maybe those girls can keep them in line. Maybe their Captain is a girl! You all stepped up the stage, then sat down as Gertrude took the podium. “Hello, boys of the Kill Devil Hills High School Skycraft team. My name is Gertrude Pool, Senior Class President. Here with me is Captain Spruance, Marina Polikarpov of LGA’s Skycraft team, and Ensign Elodie Zumwalt. Let us formally introduce you to Lafayette Girls Academy.”

They all applaud politely. They wear leather jackets and green flight suits, having just dismounted from their planes it seems. They come in all shapes and sizes, colors and ages, but they were boys alright.

You honestly don’t see what the fuss is about, they coming aboard. You’re not even interested in romance these days anyway.


>> No.45805801

your lines are so squiggly, anon
You should use a pen tool, unless you're drawing with a mouse?

>> No.45805818


Next to you, Griselda has already fallen asleep. On the other side, Ingrid is busy fussing about on her phone, checking box scores it seems. You look all over the row next to you and find that your entire crew is distracted. Stack and Winona have fallen asleep on each other, while Josephina is apparently desperately trying to stay awake as Gertrude speaks.

> Wake them all up. They’re embarrassing you.
> Let them be. They’re embarrassing themselves, not you.
> Other

>> No.45805833

it's a mouse


>> No.45805837

This is going to go on my fridge.

>> No.45805838

>> Wake them all up. They’re embarrassing you.

We are a proper outfit;

>> No.45805843

going on the fridge

>> No.45805847

>> Let them be. They’re embarrassing themselves, not you.

I can barely imagine how cold it is to live on a Habakuk.

>> No.45805873

Nudge Griselda awake. She's a team captain, she should behave with decorum.

In Canada, we consider it toasty if boiling water doesn't freeze instantly when you spill it.

>> No.45805876

> Wake them all up. They’re embarrassing you.

Useless shits
Remind them that in no circumstances is the panzer to be stored on dick

>> No.45805880

>Kill Devil Hills High School Skycraft team
>think it's the name of the most METAL school ever
>it's just their team name

>> No.45805892

It's the name of their school, anon.


They built a High School on top of it.

>> No.45805926

> Let them be. They’re embarrassing themselves, not you.

>> No.45805930

I trust they have the most epic Death Metal band a high school could ever hope for.

>> No.45805940

> Let them be. They’re embarrassing themselves, not you.

>> No.45805949

They tried but the best they got is Kabbage Boy,

>> No.45805967

>Let them be. They’re embarrassing themselves, not you.

>> No.45805974

At least the roadie's cool.

>> No.45805976 [SPOILER] 


>> No.45805985


>> No.45806011

Born a bit late, though. Some things simply can't be fixed.

Centaur, very strong. Goes fast. Shocking truth!

>> No.45806021

>call those boys faggots!

>> No.45806212

> Let them be. They’re embarrassing themselves, not you.

You sigh, staring forward and looking at some of the boys. You can see a few of them whispering to their friends or goofing off. At least Griselda and your crew aren’t alone in this. You’re going to give them a stern talking to when this is all over. “… and lastly! We are all in this together, for a safe and secure community. If you need help, our Law Enforcement Studies students will be happy to assist you. Just dial 333 on your cellphones and we’ll have a couple of units dispatched to you. Any questions?”

Everyone raises their hands.

“… I’m already dating someone,” she says.

Their hands go down. Even the girls too. Hot diggity.

“Right, let me introduce Captain Spruance and Ensign Zumwalt. Girls?” The crowd applauds again as you and Captain Spruance come a walking to the podium. Please don’t put the spotlight on you, please don’t put the spotlight on you.

“My name is Captain Amy Spruance!” declares the Captain. “Welcome aboard my ship! I am the leader of all Naval Studies kids aboard this ship, and my authority is absolute! You can tell who we are by the hats we are wearing!” She holds up her hat, and you in turn hold up your hat as well. “Remember these hats, they are our symbol of authority!”

Captain Spruance, please.

“I will make things brief, don’t cause trouble, and get along with our students.”

“That’s it,” she says. “Ensign, you want to say anything?” You shake your head. “Alrighty. Finally, your team Captain, Jack Cochran.” The crowd applauds more loudly as the boys stomp and whoop for the arrival of their team Captain, a boy named Jack Cochran. He steps up to the podium, his leather jacket bearing a white armband with a blue chevron on it. You and Captain Spruance sit down.


>> No.45806225


> Other
Let Gris-Gris rest her head on our lap and give her lots of head pats.

>> No.45806226


“Alrighty, everybody!” he says. “First things first. Listen to the Coaches. We do as we say. And we have the best summer of our lives.” The boys applaud once more again, happily. “Thank you, thank you.” He must be popular. “I’d like to thank Gertrude Pool for making this possible for us. We are going to use this opportunity to practice our asses off, and we are going to take the Fall Classic by storm! Who’s with me!?” The crowd stands up, loudly cheering and applauding Jack. “Yeah! Alright! Sit down, sit down!” The crowd starts settling down, going back to listening to him.

You roll your eyes, folding your arms. How much is this going to take?


You finally exit the lecture with your crew. Everyone’s half asleep, groaning, having missed almost everything. But Gertrude was kind enough to meet with Jack after the fact. “Don’t worry, the boys and girls are well-behaved. We won’t tread on your toes,” he says.

“Good, good,” says Gertrude. “And hopefully we won’t have any teenage pregnancy cases on our hands.”

“Yeah, yeah, nobody wants that,” he says quickly. “But hey, you guys are free to come watch us.”

“Same,” says Gertrude. “Take care, Jack.” They shake hands happily.

Jack calls for his ride. “Hey, Jeep Jockey! Bring the Jeep around!”

Gertrude leads you all back to the cars. “Sorry for making you all sit through that.”

“It’s fine,” says Griselda as she rubs her eyes. “I made Elodie sit through it anyway, I should be apologizing.”

> Boast
> Neutral
> Polite

>> No.45806285


can't believe we failed to mention that the tankers are not to be stored on dick

>> No.45806302

>> Polite

>> No.45806314

> Boast

>> No.45806333

“… I’m already dating someone,” she says.
Their hands go down. Even the girls too. Hot diggity.
Trudy's animal magnetism hasn't gone down an iota. I wonder if Fairless felt a pang of jealousy, even though she already graduated and is no longer on board the ship?


> Polite

>> No.45806352

> Neutral
Quite righfully, Miss Sleepy.
As straight faced and droll as possible.

>> No.45806423

> Neutral


>> No.45806538


>Jeep Jockey
He LIVES. And actually de-aged a bit, apparently.

>> No.45806617

Jeep Jockey, son of Jeep Jockey.

>> No.45806682

A proud tradition, carried from generation to generation, of driving important people and/or Witches around.

>> No.45806710

Fixed the squiggles for you, anon. You should definitely invest into a tablet if you're into drawing.

>> No.45806755

> Polite

“It is quite alright. I’m just happy to be spending time with you all,” you say. “Though, an apology would be nice.”

Griselda nods. “Sorry, Ellie. Sorry, guys.”

Winona yawns loudly. “It’s been a tiring day. Let’s just go home.” You agree with that by and large.

“I’ll drive you guys back,” says Griselda. “Night, Sis. I’ll see you in the morning.”

Gertrude waves goodbye to you all as you mount up into Griselda’s Dodge truck. “See ya later, alligators! Can’t wait to see you perform in the matches!”

You sigh, neither can you honestly.



“Tomorrow, I want you to come by after lunch,” she says. “I’m gonna work together some practice tomorrow and Friday right before the match. We’ll have a small free for all to try and gauge how your crew works. Then Friday, it’ll be practice at the range.” Fair enough. Griselda walks you and Winona back to your room. Ingrid, Stack, and Josephina went back to their own rooms, each one saying good night to you all. Might as well give them some space, you don’t want to seem clingy. “Got all of that?”

“Yeah,” you say.

Winona yawns, already pulling her jacket and her blouse off. “I’m beat!” She flops onto your bed. “Good night.”

“Winona, that’s my bed,” you say.

“I’m too tired to get up onto the top bunk, lemme have this just for one night,” she begs. You look at Griselda. She shrugs, keeping her lips pressed tight.

> “Get back on your bed.”
> “Fine, one night. But I’m taking your bunk.”
> “Ah, whatever.”
> Other

>> No.45806807

>"Ah, whatever.”
It's not like we can climb to the top bunk either.

>> No.45806812

Rolled 16 (1d20)


>> No.45806838

> “Ah, whatever.”

>> No.45806841

>“Get back on your bed.”

Discipline. There is an order to things and we shall have order

At this point it would be Jeep Jockey, named as my father, as his father named him, and as his father named him.

(assuming they each had a son at 25)

>> No.45806855


>> No.45806863

> “Fine, one night. But I’m taking your bunk.”

>> No.45806873

>> “Get back on your bed.”

>> No.45806875

> “Get back on your bed.”
She'll get her germs all over your sheets.

>> No.45806904

>> “Get back on your bed.”

>> No.45806938

> “Ah, whatever.”

>> No.45806950


> Other
"Fine! But I'm making you my body pillow for the night!"

>> No.45806968

This is me switching to >>45806950

>> No.45806972

> “Ah, whatever.”

>> No.45806982

Also there's a snake in her bed!

Yukari is cute!

>> No.45806991

> “Ah, whatever.”

>> No.45807046

> “Ah, whatever.”

You throw off your jacket, then toss off your skirt and your pantyhose as well. “Ah whatever.”

“Your bunk is so comfy.” She turns her head. “Besides, Cuddles is already on your bed.” What. How did that snake get out!? Cuddles pokes out of your pillow, hissing and slithering. Winona needs to make a better cage for that cute little monster.

“Whatever.” You look over to Griselda. “Sorry, I-“

She smiles, waving her hand. “It’s fine. Good night, I expect you after lunch, alright?” You nod. After lunch, got it. The two of you shake hands, and off she goes. You shut the door behind you, then turn to Winona groaning as she clutches your pillow.

“Come on, scoot over.” She sighs, rolling over to the very edge of your bed.

“Thanks,” she says.

You nod, then gently reach out for Cuddles. He hisses a bit in fright, curling up into a ball before you pick him up. You place him back down in his terrarium, then shut the lid tight. You don’t want him slithering about on your body while you sleep. Good lord, he’s cute, but damn it, that’ll keep you up for ages. You pull the blanket out of her bunk, then toss it over her, then grab your own and lie down. You shut off the lights. “Night.”

“Night,” she whines.

“Could you scoot over just a teensy bit?” you ask.

“No,” she says as you both snuggle beneath your separate blankets.

You sigh. This is the last time.

>> No.45807066


That's it for tonight's GuP LGA. Hope you all enjoyed, and it is coming back tomorrow. Hope to see you all there.

Follow at: https://twitter.com/GermanSchteel
Ask at: http://germanschteel.tumblr.com/

See you next time.

>> No.45807079

Thanks for running.

>> No.45807102

Thanks for running, Schteel!

>> No.45807111

Thanks schteel.

No! Star wars is love, star wars is life!

>> No.45807132

Thanks for the fun, Boss.

Don't forget to archive!

>> No.45807150


I have, thank you anon.

>> No.45807159

Tanks are love, tanks are life.

>> No.45807208

Tanks for running, Schteel-senpai!

Oh! I scouted out Oorai's new tank. It looks really strong.

>> No.45807230

Spacecat go home

>> No.45807238

Leman Russes are not legal. The closest you'll get is the B1bis.

>> No.45807286

How about Char G1B?

>> No.45807293


I can't. A certain Homucifer nuked it out of existence.

>> No.45807298


What is this and why am I only just now learning of it?

>> No.45807323

Also legal, but models of such a tank are scant.

>> No.45807329


>> No.45807400

So will we be teaching the Polish team why proper tank colors and camo are necessary for the honorable art of tankery?

>> No.45807408

If you can decipher their strange language, perhaps.

>> No.45807435

Too bad it will be mediocre at best, unless we allow 90mm gun like in WoT (which unhistorical)

>> No.45807607

Tankathalon to raise funds to improve our tanks, when?

>> No.45807699

Depends on how official we try to make it.

Perhaps we can run it like a gambling ring, a sideshow, or something.

>> No.45807851

What about a piss poor team that has WW1 and Inter-War tanks? Will we see such a team?

Also what is the day today in thread?

>> No.45807897

> Tuesday, June 9th, 2015

As for that, it might be a possibility. I'm still formulating the ideas for some of the teams.

>> No.45807943

Well i hope we can see some of those designs, I have a weak spot for some of those designs.

By the way why doesn't our friend bring her tankette to the school, it seems to be a good training machine and in a pinch can be used as a scout tank if we don't have enough machines.

>> No.45807997

She'd have to pay a pretty decent fee to have it brought aboard by special freight.

>> No.45808011

What does Wilnoa have as a Tankette also she said she trained in both Tankette and light tanks.

So what was she used to in terms of models.

>> No.45808013

I'd imagine that they'd have a lot of tankettes.

>> No.45808039

How much?

Depending on the price it might be worth considering or at least as a way to move around campus.

>> No.45808040

Speaking of which, where is LGA right now? Near home port?

>> No.45808074


>poorfag team of Mark I's and Stuarts and Panzer II's and III's

Anon please, let's be reasonable--a Tankery team with a roster that outdated and outgunned would get swept even in the amateur leagues. Having such a team compete in either NATO or ITL is laughable--and not in the lovable sports movie underdog kind of way.

>> No.45808083

Nah, I imagine Ft-17s and Pnz-35(t)s LT vis 34 and some T-26s and British light tank series.

>> No.45808122

Hey don't knock the stuart, it carried the same gun that was used to knock out a tiger, also it really depends on how you use the tank too.

>> No.45808124

Can't forget about the Leichttraktor even if it was experimental.

>> No.45808133


Hey Schteel, whatever happened to Fredendall?

>> No.45808143

A TKS Tankette modified for extra speed, which means removing the gun and some bits of armor. Winona had planned on having it be part of the Unlimited Scene if she ever gets it started on LGA.

About a thousand dollars.

Travelling the Atlantic towards Europe where the first match against Kursk will be upon you.

Opened up an orphanage, became a total best girl.

>> No.45808149

wasn't that just a one-off design? Unless if its a reproduction that will be hard to get.

>> No.45808255

So not only do we have pay for the fee to bring it over but also restore it to historical configuaration?

Also was it the machine gun variant or the 20mm gun variant?

>> No.45808289

Machine gun variant. And yeah, you might have to work on restoring it back to how it was historically because some of the mods to it aren't exactly legal even in NATO.

>> No.45808311

Can't forget the Christie series of Tanks.

>> No.45808340

Would Wilnoa even be willing to use it for Tankery? She seems decently well off and at the very worst we can chip in some cash.

Even hen why didn't she take it with her considering she managed to get into LGA?

>> No.45808392

Is Perrine still terrorizing the Unlimited scene?

>> No.45808422

She had intended to bring it with her at first, but after seeing the cost of it, she decided to just wait and save up money to bring it later.

She won the Nationals this year in the Unlimited scene with a widened Churchill tank mounting two KV-2 turrets mashed together and fixed forward with a KV-1 turret on top. She's actually going to be entering the NATO scene as well.

>> No.45808446

>a widened Churchill tank mounting two KV-2 turrets mashed together and fixed forward with a KV-1 turret on top

>> No.45808494

how much does she need right now? and will she be willing to use it for tankery?

> a widened Churchill tank mounting two KV-2 turrets mashed together and fixed forward with a KV-1 turret on top

How does that even work?

I suddenly feel that the old Ace Tiger team and Yukari are shivering in fear.

>> No.45808510


How many cups of tea did Darjeeling drop, when she learned of the thing's existence?

>> No.45808531

>I suddenly feel that the old Ace Tiger team and Yukari are shivering in fear.
They are hospitalized for a week and need to attend therapy for a month after seeing that.

>> No.45808568

1. 1000 bucks.

2. It's basically a Churchill that has been widened significantly, with the KV-2 turrets smashed together and then pushed onto the hull, with an armored super structure in back connecting it all. On top is the KV-1 turret.

None. She will never drop her tea.

>> No.45808576

Besides the TKS what other tanks is she experienced in? She said she knows both Tankettes and light models?

>> No.45808593

SOrry, I made a typo, how much does she have to reach the 1000 dollar goal?

>> No.45808620

She's versed in the works of German light tanks like the Panzer II Ausf. J that she drove around in Middle school.

1000 bucks.

>> No.45808652

So couldn't she order it right away then?

>> No.45808657


Because classy ladies never drop their tea?

>> No.45808672

I don't think they deliver for free.

>> No.45808696

She's saving up money to try and bring it over herself. They don't deliver for free as this anon says. >>45808672

Elodie is classy. All girls who wear pantyhose are classy.

>> No.45808711

german says it cost 1000 buck to bring it over and she has 1000 bucks on her.

Though we might need some more cash to turn it into a tankery model to use in.

>> No.45808729

You asked how much she has to reach the goal of a thousand bucks.

The answer is a thousand bucks. Which is to say she has nothing. She has a thousand bucks to go to reach the goal of a thousand bucks.

>> No.45808736

Sorry, I misinterpreted that. She doesn't have any money at all right now.

>> No.45808785

Oooh, I'm an idiot sorry that i misread the answer for that.

Though I hope we may be able to use it in some capacity, taking a note from Anzio, they make decent scout tanks and equipping a 20mm anti-tank gun will make it deadly for fight tanks.

>> No.45808854

How many tanks are allowed in the first round of righting against Kursk?

>> No.45808874


Indeed. Pantyhose are super classy.

>> No.45808897

There is actually no upper limit to how many tanks a team can bring out onto the field at once. But for the sake of honor, many teams match up pound for pound unless they're desperately racing for a playoff spot.

So for the first match, Kursk will match how many tanks Gris-Gris can bring out.

>> No.45808949

I thought she will also be using some earlier model SPGS other then the Su-122 and Su-152s as well what will she use?

Will she use Zis-30 or Su-5s and Su-76s?

>> No.45808997

The Zis-30 is mostly relegated to training. But for versatility's sake, Kursk is dabbling with introducing the BT-7 and T-80 light tanks as scouts. T-34s and IS tanks along with KVs are also coming.

>> No.45809048

So their more or less bringing in heavy guns but ones their not used to using?

also what model is Gris-Gris M4?

>> No.45809111

1. Maybe. You don't exactly know what they're going to bring out just yet.

2. It's a regular stock M4 Sherman.

>> No.45809158

Gris-Gris is really trying hard to bring her team together. I want to cheer her on and hope for the best for her.

>> No.45809184

Do encourage the Gris-Gris.

>> No.45809295

It's funny that i almost forgot the M4 was a designation within itself besides the A1, A2, etc.

>> No.45809361

How close are the team's balances to hitting the red? Gris-Gris must be pushing the budget to its limits at this point.

>> No.45809363

how much money do we have left? I know we have 200 but didn't we spend some of it for lunch and other things outside of campus or is that covered in our scholarship?

>> No.45809387

Very close. Hundreds of dollars close.

200. Free food is provided to all Naval Studies students below deck along with free shower services, laundry, and gym service.

>> No.45809457

damn so i guess the IS tank won't be restored soon, hell even getting that tankette will drain the budget

>> No.45809499


Time to go hunting for sponsors and getting jobs to fill the war chest.

If only Elodie can be convinced to get in a two piece swimsuit and agreed to have a few pictures taken.

>> No.45809515

She's too classy for that, have some dignity.

>> No.45809520

She is not a money whore yet like Trude was, there is no real rush to find sponsors.

>> No.45809537

Eh, I found Trude hotter

>> No.45809562


I bet Trude can think of a few people that she would love to see wearing those keyhole kitten lingerie.

>> No.45809592

wow rude

Lots of people. Kitten, Clara, Fairless.

Funny story, I almost called Clara Clarissa when I was introducing her.

>> No.45809654

What can i say, there is something about her that made her attractive then again she had her own lewds.

>> No.45809751

So out of the three who finally taught Trude how to orgasm?

>> No.45809778

Gertrude is all around attractive. She's sporty, she's got a great body that doesn't exaggerate proportions, she's really nice to talk to, and she's caring and supportive of almost everything you do.

She's the perfect waifu.

Fairless and Kitten.

>> No.45809779

Clearly it was a team effort.

>> No.45809823

GuP: LGA the game Kickstarter when?

>> No.45809836

When I learn to code games.

>> No.45809864

I bet that was a magical night.wasn't it? Did she wake up the whole dorm?

Not to mention she likes to boast.

>> No.45809868

Just get the base idea in and use the kickstarter money to hire a coder to do that for you.

>> No.45809893

Gertrude was trying her damndest to be quiet. The challenge was getting her to scream. She failed.

>> No.45809894


Even did a thing to get others to help get some ideas rolling in. But kas code knocked it out of the topics section.

>> No.45809914

A game would be nice to do but I don't know the first thing about how to make nor how to make one fun.

>> No.45809946

What did she fail at? Being quiet or screaming?

And when did the Cheerleader join in the fun?

>> No.45810004


Could do it Visual Novel style. limited choices with a pretty linear format and direction with only a few areas where variations can happen. The tanks battles can be more like a mini game.
And social links. All the social links with the different cast.

>> No.45810005

She failed at being quiet.

Clara joined in when she heard the scream.

>> No.45810032

I had planned on working on a self-made visual novel at some point but I put it on the backburner considering how college is going.

Though yeah, something like Recettear maybe or something, I dunno.

>> No.45810059

All the dirty fanction and recording devices were now distributed across the academy.

>> No.45810102

What are the chances the Film Club and Anime Club will join Gris-Gris this time around?

>> No.45810128

Depends on how desperate Gris-Gris gets if she can't find a 5th crew before Friday.

>> No.45810146

Someday...When we gather a crew, like how he makers of Katawa Shoujo started out in /tg/ as a simple idea.

>> No.45810159

Isn't she desperate already? and doesn't she need to patch up some empty slots for crew members like the polish?

>> No.45810169


>> No.45810192

The idea is there.

She's not THAT desperate. And as for patching up holes in the crew, I honestly generally don't count holes in a crew roster unless it's actually important. Usually the missing crewmember is the radio operator, whose role can be easily filled by the Commander.

>> No.45810234

A dating sim, involving girls that have various disabilities, that was created by a few guys in /tg/. It turned out to be a surprisingly very good game with deep characters and beautiful artwork.

>> No.45810238

wouldn't that cause problems with crew efficiency? Since the commander and radio operator need to work separately or else it will overwhelm the commander job?

At the very least wouldn't it mess with coordination?

How about Frendell joining?

>> No.45810246

>created by a few guys in /tg/


>> No.45810249

Now a crew just need to be gathered. An artist, a coder, maybe a few people willing to voice act for a dollar, and a budget to work with.

>> No.45810262

>that was created by a few guys in /tg/

>> No.45810275

Like I said, I don't count holes unless in a crew roster unless it's -actually- important. There's no real need at the moment to simulate loss in crew efficiency at the moment.

As for Fredendall, she's already graduated, she's gone.

>> No.45810295


Didn't she get held back a year, because of the Great Frendall post election fire incident, so she'd end up graduating along with Trude's year?

>> No.45810296

Because the number of tanks is small and a radio operator isn't that necessary and if we increase it to a larger amount then would it matter?

>> No.45810343

She was a Senior in Gertrude's Sophomore year. She got held back, and still graduated on time the following year.

-Actually- Important is the key word. I don't consider holes in a crew roster important enough to simulate unless it fulfills a role narratively.

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