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Pathfinger General /pfg/

Outlaw edition: Tell me about the baddest dude you've played.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/FUmT0hEk

Old Thread: >>45762592

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Don't hide it from me, /pfg/. Tell me about the tragic loss of your beloved animal companion.

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>MFW my DM finally says he'll a ponyfinder game

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>MFW my DM tells me what I need to do if I want to play a POW class

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Dude just stop trying to make this the thread.

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Yeah, but that thread is already past the bump limit and on page 7.

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I have never had my animal companion die. I have had a character die and pass their animal companion on to someone else, but never had one die.

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You disgust me and your DM had better be writing "have them all raped for 4 hours" as his only notes.

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"The fiendbound marauder may manifest his Fiend’s Grip as a move action and dismiss it as a free action. He may treat the Fiend's Grip as a spiked gauntlet that possesses the grab monster special ability and the reach and grapple weapon properties. This weapon also threatens creatures adjacent to him, unlike with most reach weapons. This weapon inflicts 1d8 points of damage (for Medium-sized characters) plus Strength modifier and threatens a critical hit on 20 with a x2 multiplier on successful critical confirmation. The Fiend’s Grip is treated as both a manufactured light weapon or a natural weapon for the purposes of feats, spells and other effects and may not be wielded two-handed. The damage dealt is either bludgeoning or piercing and slashing, at the character’s option. This hand always counts as a magical weapon, regardless of its enhancement bonus (if any)."

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Baddest dude I've ever played was a hobgoblin bounty hunter named "chubbs".
He wasn't the strongest, but he once smothered a child to death with a pillow for a night with a young elf.
He also strangled a man to death to sell his teeth to a particularly strange client.

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So, apart from Fleet, is there another feat or trait that improves your total speed? no charge only or overland only, no, full speed.

Also any feat that looks like Luck of Heroes from 3.5? +1 luck bonus to Saving Throws and +1 luck bonus to AC in one feat.

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I mean, I guess you could keep the eidolon, but if I was building a class around the wildshape feature that's one way I'd do it. That or bring back wildshape ranger with master of many forms.

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Alright, gonna try asking this again.

I want to throw 40 or 50 minotaurs at my players, but playing them all individually would be a hassle and the Troop subtype is a piece of garbage that only cares about what HD the component creatures have and how many HD the group is in total.

Any suggestions on better rules for that? Template, less generic mass combat, etc?

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Throw them at the party in waves or, as XCOM teaches us, in roaming "Cells."

Do not under any circumstances turn this into another "open door, fight three Minotaurs, go down hall and repeat" like so many dungeons.

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So, assuming your players can deal with it, just run them as using differant tactics and then make some rolls for multiple ones at once.

For example, with 40 minotaurs, you could have 20 try and engage the party in melee and 20 use ranged attacks. You move the 20 'taurs that want to hit stuff in 5 groups of 4 (or four groups of five or whatever you think they would default to), simulating their use of group tacitcs. You then have them either make all their attacks as a group or make one roll for each PC that group is attacking. For the ranged group have them act similarly, except the groups dont have to separate.

You can run the smaller groups as a kind of communal HP pool. As they loose HP, they should loose attacks or damage as their members get wounded or die. If they ever drop below a certain HP level, their morale breaks and they run or try to join another wounded group to bolster their hp back up.

Conversely you could just get a dice rolling program.

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What are some ways for a Goblin character to be able to walk into a human town and not be attacked by guards?
Is Cap of Human Guise my only option?

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Is ward worth picking as a hexcrafter?

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If you have a goblin friend, get a big coat, a hat, and have him sit on your shoulders under the coat and Hat. Both of you roll for disguise, badda boom you in

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Travel with non-goblin friends is usually the best way, baring disguises. People are less likely to assume you are a tiny murderous psychopath like most of your race if you have a paladin in good standing to vouch for you.

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It's something of a siege situation, the party is defending a village in the path of a migrating herd.

Sort of workable, but the minotaurs don't have the stats to threaten the party unless I give them all huge bonuses, hence my looking for some sort of swarm effect but with larger creatures. It's not so much the "group tactics" as it is the sheer number of enemies stacking up.

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But I AM a tiny murderous psychopath.

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Wear lots of bandages and pretend to be a midg- I mean halfling leper.

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Have big, badass warleader minotaurs. Like 3-4. Skalds, Warlords, maybe a Shaman or even a Sorceror.
Have them CONSTANTLY shit out buffs.
Suddenly, your horde of angry cows is hasted, their weapons are glowing with unholy energy, the sound of drums is making everyone shaken/frightened, there's a fucking cloud shitting hail but also thunder onto the heroes, etc. etc.

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In that case, aid another is your friend. Just get an idea of what AC's they need to hit and start subtracting attacks from the group's main attacks until they can hit. Each 'taur can choose to give up their own attack to give a +2 to another one's attack.

So one Minotaur might only have a +8 to attack, but when his 4 buddies are harassing the target, he can go up to a +16.

Conversely they can all just bum rush a guy and try to group grapple. Your PCS only have so many attacks of opportunity.

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Oh, well find some crates then. Solid snake your way into a wagon going into the town, bam, you are done.

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Just have a palisade around the village and the Minotaurs work their way through openings they make.

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Pretty sure there's a doujin about minotaur group grapples.

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I would be shocked if there was not.

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>Group grapple from the big rough bull-men

Anon this is getting lewd, what kind of people are in the party?

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Follow in his footsteps, anon.

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How does the Alter Mindblade blade skill actually work? Does it just remove the need to spend a full-round action to change the shape? The wording is kind of unclear on that point, since even WITHOUT it you can reshape the mindblade.

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This, cover yourself with clothes and bandages, and pretending to be other small race

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That doesn't actually give me much of a bonus to Disguise, though.
A more keen-eyed guardsman will see through it.

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The thing I most want to avoid is statting out a pile of special minotaurs and keep track of them during inits, plus floating modifiers are the nemesis of smooth combat.

So... have four minotaurs that can hit, die in one attack, and then the rest scatter? Grapples might... nevermind, the paladin and the giant catgirl are both grapplers.

Party used a Lyre of Building and many castings of Stone Shape to create solid walls all around, but once they break through it's gonna be a rush.

A lot of people that are probably up for lewd minotaur grapples, but they're also trying to save the village.

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How intelligent are these Minotaurs?
Or, rather, how intelligent is the one leading them?

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If they didn't offer themselves for lewd grapples in exchange for leaving the village alone, they might not be as up for it as you think.

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These guys are simply too powerful and well-prepared for a gaggle of generic, non-special minotaurs to be a challenge.
So here's what you do:
The minotaurs arrive... running from something.
They pass by the village in their mad dash to escape, and the thing chasing them decides that a stationary target is easier to eat.
Throw some region-appropriate Colossal monster at them. Slap a template or two on it, too.

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Int 9 on the leader

Minotaurs haven't arrived yet, and at least half the players have stated outright that being ravaged by big, powerful beastmen is one of their things. There might well be ERP, but the PCs are still trying to be heroes and protect the town.

>> No.45781317

Party has already been scouting them and they know why they're coming. Consequences of earlier PC actions.

>> No.45781377

Sounds like you are in for an interesting session.

To answer your question though, no. Aid another is dynamic. If the minotaur making the big attack dies, the next round the rest of them just focus their efforts on a different minotaur and that one receives the bonus. It does mean as their numbers dwindle their attacks will become less effective, but that is to be expected in this kind of mass combat.

This is all assuming they don't flee at the sight of a muscly paladin slowly stripping out of his plate mail and calling out for the leader to meet him in the ultimate contest of strength: Turkish Oil Wrestling!

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The paladin challenging their leader is both amusing and lewder than you realize, as this particular holy warrior is the son of a demon who basically went paladin to piss of his father. Due to his inhuman nature, he's around 80 but looks like a kid... with tentacles.

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Tell us about the characters in this party, which characters would savage Minotaur breeding work best on?

>> No.45781568

Can someone explain variant channeling to me? It looks like the options are all tied to portfolio lists instead of domain lists, but given how exclusive those are, does that mean every variant channel is exclusive to one specific deity?

I want to get hold of Forge channeling for my attempt at a construct-cleric, but the only god with 'forge' anything is has-no-non-dwarf-clerics Torag.

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so be a dwarf, faggot.

>> No.45781684

Dwarves a shit

>> No.45781697

You could be:
-Dwarf or Duergar
-Adopted by dwarves
-Dwarf blood in your bloodline from a distant ancestor
-Honorary dwarf
Take your pick.

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Oh boy..

Well, it's actually a lewd game with custom races. So there is/was a displacer merchant girl, a gnoll slavegirl, and a gazer/beholder girl who may or may not like minotaurs but definitely is into tentacles. The other party memebers are not interested in bull snuggles though.

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Sounds like fun.

>> No.45781848

yeah that bonus con and wis makes them terrible clerics.

>> No.45781854

Nigga are you full retard? Torag specifically has a very sizable population of human worshippers and priests. Nowhere near as many as the dwarves, but they absolutely exist.

>not just worshipping whoever the fuck you want in Golarion, because you can literally go visit any of the deities and be like "hey guy, I like the cut of your jib."

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Why not have a sort of war scene where the players fight the leaders of the minotaur horde (a group of 4-5 minotaurs with class levels, but instead of buffers like >>45780774 said, something easier to handle like a lot of fighters and one barbarian), as the rest of the minotaurs are being held off by the town's militia/soldiers brought in from the capital?

Alternatively, the minotaurs send a messenger calling the town out for HONORABU COMBAT and state the terms that they'll send their best warriors to the town tomorrow and if said warriors return alive, the whole horde will descend on the town. If they don't return alive, then the town has proven itself to have worthy warriors and the horde will go around the town.

Now you can menace the town with a horde, have the PCs fight a reasonable number of foes, and potentially even get some of your PCs a minotaur husbando since it sounds like they're into that- after all, the minotaur champions don't have to be killed out right if they can be convinced to stay for hand holding.

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Is warder only way to make sword and board tactics viable?

>> No.45781985

>A new form of autism.

>> No.45782049

There's also Vanguard Commander Warlord, Protection mission Zealot (to a degree), and Knight Disciple Paladin. Though really Sword and Board is just generally a lot better with PoW. Warder might be the best, but you can build a functional S&B guy out of any of the PoW classes.

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I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find an answer to this question that's been burning a hole in my head for a week now.

I'm trying to play a samurai that makes weapons and I wanted to make magic ones as well, I found out that if I have a spell caster to provide the spells I can make it without levels sinking into wizard and what not. But I can't figure out if you need ajy specific spell or casting ability to give weapons enhancement bonuses like +1 and so on without special abilities. Anyone know the answer?

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Elric, does Extend Spell/Power stack with Distorted Clock stance?

>> No.45782138

Can you take Improved Critical on your unarmed strikes?

I'm in the brainstorming and mapping stage of working on a new monk homebrew, and working out a critical tree of powers

>Inspiration for said tree is pic related

>> No.45782149

Okay, so full details of the situation.

Several sessions ago the PCs dealt with some barbarians and gargoyles up in the mountains, shifting the balance of power in the region.
Now a group of minotaurs with a migration pattern along the mountains have been forced to choose a new course.
This little village is along that course, minotaurs have no idea it's there but will be glad to rape and pillage if not stopped.
Party has magicked up stone walls to both keep them out and appear as if the town isn't there.
Party is hoping the minotaurs won't spot it from overhead when they come down from higher elevation.

Also, I'd really like something I could also use to simplify a Dungeon Keeper inspired game that I also run. The troop type just sort of renders anything interesting about different minions pointless though.

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Thanks for answer.
Still have to stick to PoW classes, but now I have choise at lwast.

>> No.45782185

>tfw no judgement cut in mithral current
why elric why

>> No.45782191

No. Distorted Clock applies that feat to the spell or power in question so it can't stack.

>> No.45782212

Judgement cut?

>> No.45782214


How organised are these minotaurs?

The trick is stacking bonuses. First, isolate and secure. If there's perhaps a minotaur shaman around or something he can see if he can't split the party up with various spells.

So, the trick is for group fighting, you stack bonuses. First, since they're teamworking minotaurs and want to doubleteam the fuck out of these folks, have them gang up.

Next; target the weaker ones first. See those ones with low CMD?

Use that against them. Grapple, get them low.

Meanwhile, have the others grab tower shields, turtle up with full defense, and have ones with spears poke them to death from range. Use that range against them.

Make sure casters get mobbed.

Grab some teamwork feats if you want them to be REALLY nasty.

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>> No.45782248

That penalty to CHA actually does make them pretty shit clerics. Coupled with the fact that Dwarves are captains of the NoFun squad, it's perfectly understandable to not want to play a dwarf.

>> No.45782251

First one.

Basically cutting through dimensions to hit a distant target.

>> No.45782258

the cha penalty is a minor hit that you'll barely even notice.

>> No.45782288

>When you die in Golarion you get to go to Heaven or something similar and hang out with your dead relatives and shit
Remind me again why killing could ever be viewed as wrong in this setting?
The bad people go to hell and get punished forever, and the good people get eternal happiness.

>> No.45782293

Because delayed damage strikes are bad. The mechanics of Pathfinder don't support delaying your damage until later. It's the same reason Quivering Palm is a terrible class feature. Because delaying the "KILL HIM NOW" is actively harmful to your ability to meaningfully contribute in combat.

>Basically cutting through dimensions to hit a distant target.

If it's warping /to/ the target to hit them, that's Veiled Moon. If it's just hitting a distant target there's THREE different maneuvers that do that in Mithral Current, and one or two outside of the discipline.

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Quick question, why do people enjoy Torag? He's possibly the dumbest LG god there is. He's a Good deity that sends his worshippers to Hell if they commit suicide. With all the work Dwarves are supposed to do, why would that be a requirement. Furthermore, why would any sane Good deity willingly hand over souls to the ENEMY TEAM? That, coupled with the fact that he hates being forgiving just makes me think the deity is terrible.

>> No.45782363

Because it isn't you that goes to Heaven. Souls that die are stripped of all their memories and personality before being shuffled off to the planes, unless they've been exposed to a specific kind of Mahathallan artifact that preserves their consciousness, pic related.

Said artifacts are declared EVIL of course, because ceasing to exist as a person is part of the natural cycle or some shit. Really just because it interferes in the flow of disposable resources to keep the planes from eroding into the Maelstrom.

>> No.45782376

>He's possibly the dumbest LG god there is.
No, that's Trumpetmedae

>> No.45782378

Oi, DSP guy.
You guys plan on releasing more discipline combination feats?
Like Mirror of the Moon or Flowing Mithral Fist.
I love those.

>> No.45782383

Is there any reason you can't...?

>> No.45782403

/pfg/ likes to meme about her appearance in WotR, but give me a tunnel-visioned former crusader over Generic Dwarf 2: Generic Harder any day.

>> No.45782404

Depends on how well PoW and PoW:E sell and how much noise we get requesting more material. I like those feats a lot as well, so I'd be happy to write more if the option became available, but it all depends on the money unfortunately.

>> No.45782406

A sissy like you clearly can't comprehend that he wants only tough, hardy people as his followers. As in, pretty much all Dwarves.

>> No.45782411

Improved Critical? Absoutely. You CAN'T make your fists Keen (through an Keen Amulet of Mighty Fists, for example) unless you have a way to make your fists slashing or piercing weapons, and even then I'm not sure if you can.

>implying Cha is even remotely important for 95+% of Clerics
>implying all dwarves are exactly the same
>implying you're not a good enough roleplayer to make a fun dwarf
Sounds like you're really shit at the pathfinders.

>> No.45782413

In reference to the first reply, it isn't a delayed damage thematically, the judgment cut occurs when he quickly draws his sword, but that's immaterial.

In terms of the second reply, I agree, there is plenty of that. I was just explaining the intent.

I had gotten a 5e rule mixed up in my head, where unarmed strikes don't count as weapons.

>> No.45782541

I'd love to see elemental flux and riven hourglass feats. Or riven hourglass and shattered mirror. Both of these seem really thematically alike.

>> No.45782573

I've never played an evil character, but I want to play Hell's Vengeance. How can I play a satisfying evil character that won't end up being good aligned? Every time I try playing neutral I end up shifting to Good, so I don't want it to happen in this campaign.

>> No.45782578

I would shell out a fiver for a 2 page PDF of discipline combination feats, easy.

>> No.45782630

I played in a ponyfinder game years ago

it was pretty good fun

But seriously, it's the current year already, shouldn't you have moved on from pony to five weekends at bernie's, or underthing by now? Those bandwagons ain't gonna jump on themselves.

>> No.45782656

I'm not sure what to tell you. You've kinda backed yourself into a corner, where the fight it going to be pretty obnoxious one way or another. Using the troop type makes it bland, making them a bunch of weak individual units is boring for everyone, making a handful of strong units doesn't fit what you want, mixing strong units with a few weak ones is too much work. The fifth option here is allowing the players to circumvent the fight altogether, but you can't be certain they'll take that option even if presented with it.

If they're minotaurs of the rape and pillage variety, HONORABU COMBAT like I was suggesting before doesn't fit, so that's out. How much time is there before the minotaurs come a-knocking? I think your best option is to find some way for the majority of the minotaur horde to be excluded from the battle the PCs participate in. That could be sending for whatever kingdom's militia to help provide backup, or scaring most of the horde off via some means, or forcing the group to split up,

>> No.45782726

But theres no ability that hits multiple times from range in mithral current. You go full weeb with it but don't include a super cool weeb move.

>> No.45782765

I think you'd totally be able to make a Keen Amulet of Mighty Fists, and the Keen would just only apply if you're dealing slashing or piercing damage with your strikes (which can be done with Boar, Tiger, or Snake Style, so he should look into those).

>> No.45782771

>implying people can just "leave" that fandom

M8, this thing is like a bed of weeds, it just doesn't die. I've looked into this shit, dabbled in it even. That subculture has subcultures within subcultures of its own that have been around for years like FoE. YEARS, mind you. There are people just as obsessed with it now as they were initially, it's almost scary.

>> No.45782816

How well would an Oread with Treacherous Earth work as an Ordained Defender Zweihander Sentinel?

>> No.45782817

I'll pass that along.

>> No.45782878

Treacherous Earth isn't that great, since it doesn't protect you from the effects of the difficult terrain you create /and/ you have to be in the center to use it. It's also only 1/day.

Oread make pretty good warders, better with Ordained Defender.

>> No.45782899

>backed into a corner
Don't I know it. I was expecting the troop type to be less bland, but...

They've got until sundown. And given that part of the wall defenses are to make the village blend in with the area, I'll probably just have the minotaurs bypass it.

>> No.45782962

On the bright side, if you bring the minotaurs back later on in some big way, now it'll look like you did some really clever foreshadowing.

>> No.45782992

So is taking Stony Step not worth it for that?

>> No.45783082

It's a cheap, flavorful solution to a problem that only exists if the DM is out to get you. It should logically work, so I'd allow it if I were DMing. Talk to your DM.

>> No.45783103

Maybe, but I doubt I'll bother trying to set up anything for PCs to go all Dynasty Warriors again. They'll just keep globetrotting to next bit of the world and face 3-5 monsters at a time as seems fitting for their CR.

>> No.45783149

Make him truly evil. None of that antihero bullshit. Just pure, irredeemable evil. Also bear in mind that you won't have to worry about the party pushing you towards good this time round.

>> No.45783200

I started playing DnD when I was like 10, my first character was an elven ranger with a hound named lela, an ogre crit'd her
I cried like a baby

>> No.45783231

In my opinion, no it's not. Oreads have bigger problems, like slow movement speed but still being subject to encumbrance by RAW.

>> No.45783274

They're subject to encumbrance? I thought if a medium race had a 20 foot base speed they couldn't be slowed down. A Dwarf would give the exact same stats at the same point buy, so would it be better to just take that?

>> No.45783379

Except there's tons to dispute this.

Many outsiders list that several of them remember their previous life, though it is rare. Similarly, in Heaven you commonly meet with family members.

>> No.45783387

I've looked everywhere and can't seem to find an answer to this question that's been burning a hole in my head for a week now.

I'm trying to play a samurai that makes weapons and I wanted to make magic ones as well, I found out that if I have a spell caster to provide the spells I can make it without levels sinking into wizard and what not. But I can't figure out if you need ajy specific spell or casting ability to give weapons enhancement bonuses like +1 and so on without special abilities. Anyone know the answer?

>> No.45783428

You need the Craft Magic Arms and Armor feat, which has a Caster Level Prereq.

>> No.45783448

You need a caster level to take the crafting feats, and a caster level of three times the enhancement bonus to apply said bonus to a weapon.

>> No.45783470

No, you just need the feat to craft magic stuff.

That said, hope you enjoy spending all your time crafting shit. Literally all your time. Just don't do it. Don't be a samurai either.

>> No.45783503

Feat requires a caster level senpai

>> No.45783522

You'll need the Master Craftsman feat to qualify for Craft Magic Arms and Armor. After that, you can make items without spells by increasing the DC by for each spell requirement you lack. You'll also have to increase the DC by 5 because of the caster level prerequisite, which you'll never be able to met. If you get a caster (or even some scrolls you can UMD) that supplies the spells for you, you'll be able to satisfy the spell requirement without raising the DC.

Anyway, there's no spell required to add raw enhancement bonus, unlike something like the flaming property, but you do need a caster level of at least three times the enhancement bonus of the finished product... That's a prerequisite you can (and will have to) ignore for a a +5 to the DC each time, like I said before, but that's something you can work around.

>> No.45783562

There's a feat that allows magic item creation without magic, but I can't for the life of me remember what it's called, or what its limits are.

>> No.45783605


>Not knowing the feat that lets mundane martials rise up half a tier

>> No.45783670

>implying something anyone can take and use has an effect on a class' tier

Like UMD, unless it does MORE than what everybody else can do with it, it's irrelevant to tiers.

>> No.45783677

See >>45783522

You're probably thinking of Master Craftsman, which is hardly new- it's actually from the Core Rulebook. I actually forgot it lets you use your ranks in a chosen craft skill in place of a caster level, so he won't have to bite the increased DC for that one. The main drawback of Master Craftsman is that you have to use the chosen craft skill, which means you can't make items that don't fit the skill (IE, if you took it with Craft: Weapons to take Craft Magical Arms and Armor, you can only make magic weapons, not armor).

>> No.45783705

>Profession: Blacksmith

>> No.45783771

>The main drawback of Master Craftsman is that you have to use the chosen craft skill, which means you can't make items that don't fit the skill (IE, if you took it with Craft: Weapons to take Craft Magical Arms and Armor, you can only make magic weapons, not armor).

I'm not sure if that's actually true.
>You must use the chosen skill for the check to create the item.
Always read to me as if, for example, with wondrous items, you used that skill in place of a spellcraft check, but were still allowed to make any wondrous item on the list.
You could totally use Craft (Calligraphy) to make a vorpal sword because you're just /that/ good.

(Supporting this is the fact that Craft Magic Arms and Armor is about enchanting existing masterwork stuff, not creating the weapon/armor from scratch)

>> No.45783783

Wait you can craft items if you don't have the spell by just increasing the dc? So I could make a shocking weapon without knowing spells by just making it a bigger craft check?

>> No.45783792


>> No.45783805


>> No.45783810


Caveat: Doesn't work with wands/scrolls.

But works with magic weapons or hat of disguise or things like that.

>> No.45783836

Baddest dude I played was basically muscle for a crime ring, left the ring on the agreement of "After I get done spending time away from this shithole I'll be back. If I'm not back in 5 years, come get me, I might have lost track of the time." Was a strength based rogue, generally had 2/3rds of the kills with, generally one kill every other round in larger combat situations or a kill per round in smaller scenes.

Didn't really make it to the point in the campaign where I needed to go back home because of life changes.

>> No.45783874

Oh wait, that doesn't actually answer the question anywhere in there. Oh well. Point is, for magic items that aren't scrolls, wands, or potions, you can ignore any number of requirements the item has listed (except for the required crafting feat) by increasing the DC by 5 for each prerequisite you ignore. That includes spells, skill rank requirements, specific race or level requirements, and even feat requirements OTHER than the crafting feat (so you can make metamagic gems without actually knowing the metamagic feat, for example).

>> No.45783885

Today I learned having one less usage of your main class ability isn't really a thing to consider. Channel energy is CHA based, and it doesn't increase due to level. Why wouldn't you want a good CHA bonus?

>> No.45783914

>MFW I made the first ponyfinder sheets

I don't really regret it because I learned how to work photoshop properly, but fuck me if I don't feel a dark spot on my soul looking back on it

>> No.45783922

Because channel isn't good for anything unless you build specifically for its use.

>> No.45783956

For the same reason killing is considered bad in the real world even by people who have a firm belief in an afterlife where the good are rewarded and the evil are punished. The real world is still important. Also, the effect it has on the people left behind.

>> No.45783957

>Channel Energy
>PF Cleric main class ability

Channel energy is shit and clerics' main ability is their spells.

It's not that you don't want a good CHA bonus, but it's absolutely not true that you -need- a good CHA bonus.

>> No.45783968

So I was invited to a short 8th level campaign and I was thinking...how Invunerable Rager, Dragon Totem Resilience and Stalwart stack?

>> No.45783970

Is Theurgy a trap feat? It seems pretty good for getting around Spell/Energy Resistance to be, but spending two spell slots seems like a bit much.

>> No.45783985

Does anyone have some good Grippli/other frogman art? I'm specifically looking for something that could fit a witch.

>> No.45783997

Not bad, but /pfg/ will want to roast you over a fire for not taking Beast Totem

>> No.45784032

Thanks for the advice on crafting guys. It's been really hard to find that information and then I noticed this board had a pathfinder general. Thanks a million!

>> No.45784037

I kind of hate that beast totem is a thing in the sense that if you're building a barbarian and take any totem other than beast token, you're shooting yourself in the foot.

They really should have made it a non-totem line so it didn't wipe every other totem line off the radar.

>> No.45784052

Is there a reason to NOT go TWF with a Dex melee build?
Like, why would you ever use a single dagger when you could use two for almost no penalty but have way more potential damage output?
Shields, I guess?

>> No.45784056

I'm not going to reach 10th level, that's why I didn't even think about Beast Totem, also I'm going to go with Skinwalker, so I already have 2 Claw attacks.

>> No.45784072

Agreed. I made a Spirit Totem Barbarian a while back and practically burned at the stake for it.
Then by all means, go for it.

>> No.45784083

>Almost not penalty
-2 to Hit and 1/2 damage on the off hand seems like a penalty to me.

Also Magus.

>> No.45784092

Eats up feats, and...
That's about it.

Though the two main non 3pp classes that use dex builds are probably Magus and Rogue, and maguses need their other hand free.

>> No.45784097

Every form of afterlife is happy forever for the people that go there. Even Evil people get to do more fun evil things if they were evil enough in life.

To outsiders, mortals are just potential recruits for their side of the war.

>> No.45784103

But the offhand wouldn't even be there at all, how is that a penalty?

>> No.45784105

>implying the gave it any thought

If they only made the totems today, they wouldn't have made beast totem give pounce. Anyway, you can sorta live with it if you get some quick runner's shirts. It's only once per day, but you can have several shirts because they're cheap and change them between fights. Pounce 1/encounter can be good enough. Plus, you get around that weird issue of PCs never changing clothes that everyone always forgets about. You can have one that's just a midriff-baring tunic, and one that looks like a suit for special occasions, and one that's covered in sequins, and one that's really homosexual.

>> No.45784113

Dude what. The vast majority of people who go to Hell aren't going to enjoy it. They use souls as building material and shit there.

>> No.45784136

The people that get turned into building material weren't Evil enough, but that's not any incentive for Evil people to stop being Evil, it's an incentive for them to try harder. There's still no reason Evil shouldn't just kill as many people as possible to ensure their place in the various fiendish hierarchies.

>> No.45784143

But, again, do Dragon Totem Resilience, Invulnerable Rager and Stalwart stack?

Also, how does Dragon Totem Resilience works, the wording in kind weird.

>> No.45784152

How do I build an effective Sorcerer? I already know where to allocate attributes and what spells are good to get, but what feats should I get as a sorcerer? I'm rolling Tiefling with the Infernal bloodline, so what kind of feats would be flavorful and effective?

>> No.45784154

>Dying in Golarion
How horrifying.

>> No.45784166

Ah, well. Bad enough to rescue the president? Maybe, maybe not.

He was a Lawful Neutral Dread Necromancer with good leanings.

Yeah one of those. My DM has a big hard on for "corrupting the good in characters" because he feels that only evil characters have the depth and range to be interesting.

He's kind of an idiot, more on that later.

Started off with accidentally on purpose killing the leader of the local crusade after he tried to hire me as an assassin.

My characters spiral into madness coincided with my own depression spiral. Untreated depression sucks yo.

Let see. He slapped a Balor to death after it burst out of its noble skinsuit.

He singlehandedly slew hundreds at the battle of Tortuga as his gravemist/fell drain/fell animate/rime combo proved detrimental to first level fighters (who rose as 3hd zombies with +4 str/cha/dex) cloudkill and so on. The undead swarms left unchecked demolished legions as they had no magicians to slay the scarab skeletons as I had assassinated all of them. (Fatigue, Entanglement, and immobilized doesnt do favours for spell casters)

He lost his best friend in that battle, up til that point he was trying to minimalize casualties.

His version of creating skeletons was the "decompose body" spell, fluffed as pulling the skeletons out of the meat. (2edgey)

He was described as a mixture of Barney the Dinosaur, Keyser Söze, and Skeletor.

He ended up being the bbeg from the past, who turned into a lich, time traveled using the current macguffin, got stuck in a tomb until we released him, but was driven mad by the thousand years of isolation.

Couple of his exploits. Altogether it was a little herpy derpy but I had a good time, mostly.

>> No.45784196

Outsiders that remember their past lives are very explicitly the exceptions, not the rule.
>Whether by the will of powerful planar beings, natural processes of a plane itself, or other exceptional causes, a petitioner might be reforged. The methods of such rebirth vary between planes and beings, in terms of whether the process takes instants or ages, what sorts and how many souls are required to make such a transition, and so on. For example, on Nirvana, animalistic petitioners that achieve enlightenment might become agathions, while in the Abyss, larvae guilty of specific sins might be remade into specific breeds of demon.
>Regardless of how they’re created, these outsiders are true children of the planes, and any memory of a mortal existence is typically wiped away. These beings are sentient embodiments of their realms’ alignment, ethics, ideals, and objectives. Well suited to life upon the planes, such outsiders rarely lose interest in existence, and might live for vast spans, potentially growing in power or taking on new forms over the passage of ages.
(Source Mummy's Mask Book 6, fyi)

>> No.45784208

>Lawful Neutral Dread Necromancer with good leanings.
Why wasn't this immediately shut down?

>> No.45784228


>Channel Energy
>Main class ability

As if. Channel energy is ok for healing I guess, but clerics also happen to be full divine spellcasters who also get 3/4 BAB and a pair of domains each with unique abilities.

It's like calling the wizard's Familiar their primary class ability. It's a thing they have, yes, and it's sometimes useful, but you are a full caster, and that's obviously going to matter more past the very early levels.

>> No.45784234

I don't think that's how it works, there's nothing that says that going above a certain level of evil guarantees you'll get to have fun. How is that even measured? And even if you do get to be a devil, plenty of them will just get pushed around for a few centuries by the bigger ones, eventually shoved to the front lines in some planar war, then die and get absorbed into the plane. Most people are not going to be cool enough to get to be an Apostate Devil or something, no matter how hard they try.

>> No.45784286

-2 to hit on both attacks, so your primary attack is less likely to hit too.

>> No.45784290

Dragon Totem Resilience wouldn't stack with Stalwart, since it specifies that it only gives you energy resistance based on DR from the Barbarian's Damage Resistance class feature, which Stalwart does not affect.

Strictly as written, it wouldn't stack with the Invulnerable Rager's Invulnerability, since it replaces DR, but if your GM pins you on that he's an asshole, since by RAI it would absolutely stack.

Either way, Stalwart is probably not worth it for what you have in mind, but the Increased DR Rage Power would do nicely.

>> No.45784302

Many devils are categorized wholly by the evil acts they committed in life, as are demons; genocide lands you as a CR 17 something or other on the Daemon side too, I believe.

>> No.45784350

>Plus, you get around that weird issue of PCs never changing clothes that everyone always forgets about.

>Changing clothes
>not prestidigitating them fresh and clean every couple hours

The wizard of disappointment casts his gaze in your direction.

>> No.45784352


Couldn't tell you about devils, but apparently mortals can take shortcuts on the path to demonhood (skipping the whole "being stripped of your memory and turned into a slug" step).

All you need is a few years' downtime, ranks in Knowledge (Religion), a lot of good people/outsiders, a family member/lover/friend you once cared for, CE alignment, and friends on the other side (more specifically, one very important friend to act as patron). What you turn into depends on said friend, but the GM is discouraged from letting you double your hitdice with the transformation, so the later in your career you pull it off, the better.

>> No.45784369

>Although diabolical race means much within the castes of Hell, physical form alone does not correspond to a specific rank or authority. The lords of the Pit are ever watchful for exceptional skill and capable servants. Whether a warrior that slaughters hundreds more enemies than his brethren or a strategist whose machinations cause the fall of an entire empire, Hell seeks such prodigies. As devils are born from that which was once mortal, many believe certain former souls prove predisposed to certain exceptional talents and might carry those skills through millennia of torments to create prodigious fiends. The soul of a peerless mortal warrior might eventually make a skilled erinyes, while a murderous inquisitor might reprise his merciless passion as an osyluth.
>Yet, while the lords of Hell seek out such souls, the process of creating lemures from the damned rests largely in the unknowable workings of the infernal plane itself, making direct transformations impossible—not that this stops many diabolical lords from seeking methods to more effectively utilize such souls.
So yeah, being a badass in life does not in any way exempt you from the 'millenia of torments' once you get to hell. You might carry over some trace of your former skills, but you're starting as a lemure like everyone else and grinding your way up (unless based Mahathallah's got your back, in which case even a scrub like Bazzy Thrune can go straight into being a demigod-tier mythic badass).

>> No.45784381


I once played a dude who was bad enough to save the President.

>> No.45784399

I call bullshit. Clearly too intense for any DM to allow.

>> No.45784405

>Becoming a demon
>Shackling yourself to some cocksucker in Hell for meager shit like fire damage immunity, natural attacks and more health

>> No.45784424


>> No.45784429

So basically DR 4 from Invulnerable Rager and +4 from two Dragon Totem feats for a total of DR 8/-?

Not bad for a game that isn't even going to reach, more than probably, 9th level I guess.

>> No.45784433

>A daemon’s existence begins in shock, pain, fear, and desperation. Virtually every daemon begins by crawling Abaddon’s unforgiving soil as one of the hunted. The rare exceptions to this wretched beginning are often those mortals who, prior to death, worshiped one of the Horsemen and sealed a pact that condemned them to one of these unfathomably evil beings’ clutches—and even then, at least half of these depraved spirits are betrayed by their patrons and consumed outright. Only seldomly does a mortal of exceptional evil and foul potential gain a daemon’s interest. Such perverse spirits can hardly view such attention as a boon, though.
>Existence as one of the hunted is terrifying and generally swift, ending in a moment of horrific violence as the soul is consumed by the denizens of Abaddon. Those elevated to serve as newly shaped daemons face prolonged trials of pain, maddening stints of gaslighting, and unimaginable cruelties. Over a span of ages, just as surely as the souls of the hunted are destroyed and digested, so are the souls of promising mortals warped and fractured into beings unrecognizable from the villains they once were.
Not much better on the daemon side; you're only getting a straight promotion if one of the Horsemen picks you out specifically, and then you're getting hazed like a frat freshman for a few eternities.

>> No.45784434


>> No.45784438


>> No.45784466

Church of Mahathallah here, reminding you that Pharasma is a terrible deity who will happily obliterate your consciousness after death before shuffling you off to the Outer Planes as a mindless drone to be processed into new fighting forces for the cosmic armies. All 'good' deities are complicit in this extraplanar entrapment scheme.

Only the Church of Mahathallah can guarantee continuation of consciousness, via our soul anchor plan. Subscribe today and receive a free 20-minute safety course on how to avoid accidentally shunting your mind into a landmass like a crazy fucktard.

Church of Mahathallah: we don't really understand how Hell wound up the last bastion of free will either.

>> No.45784471

As far as I know there's no equivalent ritual for devils, they tend to give powers through contracts with the eventual expectation of getting your soul in the bargain. Hence why whats-her-face in Crimson Throne got the Devilbound template and then tried to become immortal in order to avoid paying the price.

>> No.45784472

Sounds rough.
Meanwhile, the LG Cleric spends like 300 years sipping dew on top of a cloud, then gets to be an angel.

>> No.45784492


Hey, if you want immortality by stripping yourself of all nonmagical sensation, go ahead. You do you, man. I ain't gonna judge.

>> No.45784510

>Implying you can't just magic your sensations back
Arcane magic, son.
It's bullshit.

>> No.45784540

You want to read a guide about it, but unless you have a direction you are going for it's the standard magic build. Essentials like improved initiative, your pet metamagics, spell focus on a school of magic you are mostly taking like conjuration or something. You don't get many feats anyways.

>> No.45784544

It's interesting to speculate on what it means that the demons can accomplish direct transformations of mortals into outsiders, while the Horsemen (who created the demons, and later slipped them the secret of making new demons) can also do so at will.

It's safe to assume Asmodeus could make anyone into a full-on devil if he wanted, but he's probably perfectly happy with making everyone struggle and suffer through a strict hierarchy.

>> No.45784633

Tell me how far-fetched this idea is.

>Make a short Path of War AP
>The rough premise is that there are 22 masters, one of each discipline, and the PCs have to go around and defeat all of them for REASONS
>Free true resurrection, so combat can be very threatening, and PCs are expected to sometimes have to try a fight multiple times with different approaches until they succeed
>Obviously a focus on combat, and a number of them can have unique terrain or situational mechanics
>However each discipline master will have also have a personality, backstory, and opportunities to gain advantages/favor/respect via noncombat interaction (Some more friendly than others, etc)

>Get /pfg/ to help stat up/create these 22 discipline masters with the initiator classes or initiating archetypes (Homeruling all archetypes to have 9th level progression), and maybe also help make maps and setting and things
>Finally compile it all into a pdf and celebrate because /pfg/ actually did a thing

How much interest would there be in something like that?
Each discipline master isn't restricted to maneuvers only from their school, but at least half their stuff should be, plus a thematic focus

>> No.45784698

>22 masters

>> No.45784699

DR is shit

>> No.45784703

That's why vampires are better

>> No.45784717

Now your offer's all fine and well for those humanoids over there, but we all know none of the Powers That Be will let a True Dragon fall out of their grasp. Certainly, Goblins all belong to Lamashtu - and what about those poor geniekin souls so convinced that their blood will pull them to the Elemental Planes rather than a true afterlife? You can't save everyone.

>> No.45784725

>Can't go outside during the day
>Get your shit absolutely slapped by some BDSM slave with a whip and some sanctified jars of piss
Sure thing.

>> No.45784744

Protective Penumbra is a 2nd-level spell, I don't understand why all vampires don't have a ring with that shit at all times

>> No.45784763

would these be heads of the respective martial traditions, or more just a 'wandering masters' kind of thing?

Also, instead of free resurrections, just have a pair of magical items that make the wearer of one unable to strike a killing blow on the wearer of the other and vice versa. They can get fucked up, but won't die.

>> No.45784776

Depends on what level the Masters are but I tried statting something similar out a long time ago and it was a real pain in the ass.

>> No.45784804

Well, there are 22 disciplines. (Counting Unquiet Grave and Chimera Soul)

And I imagine this all taking place in the same city, which means that early on if the PCs cause too big a ruckus they get five masters attacking at once and TPK, but later on once they're competent they can take on two or three at a time.

So, all contained in a single city, with one basic premise (campaign is over when you beat everyone and are free), but a lot of potential avenues for things to explore. I guess more like a setting with 22 important NPCs and a straightforward driving goal?
Not so much 'short' as 'simple', I suppose.

>> No.45784852

>they get five masters attacking at once

For some reason, I'm more imagining it like pic related.

>> No.45784864

>Chimera Soul
What's this?
I don't recognize this one.
Where is it written down?

>> No.45784887


Well, yeah, I said "nonmagical sensation". But at the end of the day, the only "feeling" you'll have is the fake stuff you made for yourself. You'll have to painstakingly develop the magic necessary to replicate every sensation, physical, mental, chemical, whatever, and it will only ever be as good as you try to convince yourself it is. Seems like it'd be fairly empty.


At what, precisely? Not magic. Certainly not suntanning.

>> No.45784914

Or you could be like Runelord Zutha and become a gross fat fleshy lich

>> No.45784949



>> No.45784991

Or become a Mindborn and transcend the body to become a full Outsider of your own volition, without needing the crutch that is faith and favor, incorporeal and existing in a state of pure thought, embodying a concept for the rest of eternity.

>> No.45785006

No, they wouldn't be. Just a bunch of wandering masters.

As for the replies to the other things, the premise I was thinking was the PCs are 'cursed' to always be pulled back to the same location in this city at the crack of dawn every day, even if it means resurrecting them, and they need to beat the Masters to collect 22 keys or something to break the curse. The masters have all been hired to stop the PCs escaping. Which side is good or evil hasn't been decided. Possibly a grey vs grey thing.

Well, that's partially why /pfg/ would work together, both to alleviate the workload on any single person and also so builds could be peer-reviewed.
For levels, I was thinking PCs are level 6-7 and the masters maybe 1~3 levels higher.

I see the PCs main advantage being that they have infinite tries, but once a Master dies, they're dead. PCs might spend some days on recon learning their target's habits, weaknesses, etc, and have a very flexible budget (something like 'you can swap out your gear once a week as long as it all fits under WBL') so they can try lots of different strategies.

>> No.45785009

If you're into that sort of thing

>> No.45785041

All mortal souls run through the River of Souls, anon, and that's what the Soul Anchor affects.

Mahathallah's not picky about who gets to benefit from it. The final boss of Hell's Rebels Book 5 is a serial killer worshipper of Shax (a demon lord), who managed to find the soul anchor, was polite to the cultists guarding it, and was freely allowed to use it. Came back as an advanced babau with all his 10 class levels intact, a fucking CR 17 titan compared to the standard CR 6 babaus everyone else gets to be.

There was also a red dragon guarding the soul anchor when Bazzy came storming in with his devil army. Got killed, came back as a CR 17 wyrmwraith that could stomp the shit out of the CR 14 devilbound adult blue that killed him (didn't move on due to being too mad about failing at his guard duty, so no idea what kind of outsider he might've been).

>> No.45785160

It's the only ability they get that is listed at a level higher than first. If it's not intended to be a main class ability, then they are advertising clerics very badly.

>> No.45785280

Distorted Clock + Temporal Acceleration for easy 2 rounds for 11p?

>> No.45785383

Yes. Though not that surprising.

>The time power + the time based discipline have pretty good synergy!

>> No.45785412

Try explaining what you're asking instead of stringing two or three things together and expecting me to infer what you want.

>> No.45785475

Playing greatsword paladin, should I get magic weapons or a mount for my sacred bond?

>> No.45785490

I play Iron Gods, and it's saved numerous characters' lives on numerous occasions

>> No.45785507



Is this true? Is extra maneuver damage never multiplied under any circumstances, even flat extra damage?

What about stances?

>> No.45785532

Take the weapon. Mounted combat takes a huge feat investment and isn't worth it unless you're a lancer.

>> No.45785545

It follows the same rules for damage multiplication as critical hits.

>> No.45785784

Does flat damage get multiplied?

>> No.45785835

Can you crit with the Harm spell?

>> No.45785913

No, because it doesn't take an attack roll.
You can however crit with a bunch of damage dice spells, to the extent it's a core tenet of magus builds, so I really don't see what point you're making.

>> No.45786014

What in the fug is a living world, anyone mind explaining how that shit works?

>> No.45786039

>Lord of the Night and Lords of the Wild have disciplines
>No fairy discipline in lords of the mist

This makes me kind of sad; that's the one I would have found most interesting out of the three. (No offense Elric)

>> No.45786044

My point is I am an idiot and I thought Harm was a touch attack, rather than just requiring a save.

>> No.45786065

What would it even be? Mental afflictions like fairy enchantments, or would it specialize in hunting the fair folk?

>> No.45786077

When Stalker takes a full-round action to recover maneuvers, it says that the next attack he makes will deal deadly strike damage.
Does that mean you can just recover maneuvers first thing in the morning and carry around that "loaded gun" until you make your first attack hours later?

>> No.45786110

Veiled Moon esque, I think, in that it mimics them but is also good at hunting them.
Cold Iron strikes and boosts, see invisibility boosts, etc. but also temporary invisibility, charm strikes, flight, etc.

>> No.45786137

I assume you are talking about Online game on roll20 or something?

It's persistence world. ie, one party is an idiot and destroy the bar. That bar is gone from everyone game.

>> No.45786154

There's Steel Serpent and Veiled Moon, but no discipline based off general mischief and trickery.

So, supernatural-powered strikes, enchantment, illusion, and a bunch of fancy sparkle thrown onto all of it.

>> No.45786160

Ah thank you anon.

>> No.45786212

How do I recreate a Jedi with 1pp content? Currently looking at Psychic Detective Investigator with Snake Style. But maybe Psychic with Flame Blade also work?

>> No.45786231


I'm betting no, because walking around all day mentally and physically prepared to go fucking Iaijutsu on someone's ass seems like it would strain something.

>> No.45786233

>Fairy Stance: You are immune to all dragons' breath attacks, natural weapon attacks, and thrashing dragon maneuvers.

>> No.45786258

And most of them tend to have "Big Event" like Zombie Apocalypse and stuff. It can be fun, but pretty hard to organize.

>> No.45786276


>> No.45786287

What's included in a book is up to the authors of that individual book. It is what it is.

>> No.45786293

>Don't be a samurai either.

What's bad about samurai?

>> No.45786316

Just showing that there's interest.

Fairy pokemon have flat out immunity to dragon type attacks
No I don't fully get why

>> No.45786351

Because in fairy tales, the hero slays the dragon.

No that's actually it.

>> No.45786358

In Pokemon game, A fairy type Pokemon are immune to dragon type attack

Being martial is crippling bad in Pathfinder game system. Why don't you try playing Soul Forger Magus and fluff him as a Samurai? Character Class is a meta-concept.

*fly away*

>> No.45786399

How many times have you guys gotten to use the Clockwatcher counter from Riven Hourglass?
I always have it ready and I don't want to unready it ever, but so far it's been like 15 sessions across 3 characters and I haven't had a use for it.

>> No.45786428

Don't you people have an entire board or two specifically for this? Go there to whine.

It's a martial with nothing exceptional to offer even as Paizo martials go.

>> No.45786437


I always thought it was because the devs laughed themselves silly at the thought of some supersrs player's hydreigon getting shut the fuck down by something pink and frilly.

>> No.45786442

Okay, I'm really new to the pathfinder system, what's mad about martial?

>> No.45786502

Listen, little buddy.
In this game, magic rules everything.
The guys with swords are all bitchboys compared to the old dude in a bathrobe yelling shit in Draconic and swinging his arms around like a loony.
It's a fact you'll have to embrace.

>> No.45786570

Clockwatcher is really good on dex builds because being flatfooted on them is killer.
Keep in mind that it's not just a counter for surprise rounds, it's for whenever you're flatfooted.

When I had it, it only ever came up once, but I put it to good use.
>Warlord with the Lookout feat
>Party ambused
>Use Clockwatcher to unflatfoot, act in the surprise round, and then use my standard action to grant the rest of the party Lookout so they can also all act

But yes, if you're a dex build and the DM gets wise to using surprise rounds and feints a bunch, it can be invaluable.

>> No.45786574

I still think CMD is grossly exaggerated

>> No.45786603

>plebian wizard calls his attacks in draconic instead of the common tongue of his foes, so they can know the terror befalling them

Actually, I want to make an extremely smug wizard who supplies all his verbal components in the form of smug insults.

>> No.45786608

That is some serious propaganda.

>> No.45786647

But my gm made a level 20 fighter that can deal 3000 damage in one swing, is that not op?

>> No.45786666

A level 20 Wizard can literally kill a whole battlefield worth of people with one spell, bruh.

>> No.45786715

That's sounds fucking cool! Is that level 20? Because the campaign im in is level 1 going to 20 and if I can I want a piece of that action!

>> No.45786732

Wizard casts Dominate Person etc.

3000 damage fighter is now the Wizard personal sex slave.

>> No.45786748

Many, many things. The long and short is this: martial characters (which /pfg/ uses in the 4e sense, i.e. mundane) do not have easy access to magic. They don't have any inherent magical abilities, or if they do, it's not much. D&D is a game about magic. After a point, it starts to assume you have magic in some form that martials have to pay out the ass for (if they get it at all).

Compare this to the Cleric or the Druid, who are quite capable martial (as in war ready) and have magic. They are able to do the things the game expects you to do at certain points.

Up to a certain point (level 7-10, depending), the mundane characters slowly fall behind in usefulness as more and more problems require magical solutions.

>> No.45786753

You already can, Anon. Charm Person. Hold Person. Make a focused Enchanter wizard.

>> No.45786755

It's like... level 16 I think?
Wizard gets a spell where you summon some horrible monster that is exactly what the target creature is most afraid of. If it touches the target, the target must make a couple saves or literally just die. Like, drop dead right there.
And at a high level, I think it's 16, you get a version of that spell except it targets fucking EVERYONE.
And that's just one spell out of fucking hundreds.

>> No.45786780

*passes will save*
Well wizards fucked

>> No.45786799

*casts Time Stop and teleports to extradimensional Wizard tower to sip tea in front of fireplace*
*tips wizard hat*

>> No.45786822

Where's the Fighter going to get a Will save good enough to succeed?

>> No.45786828

Pathfinder is all about options. Martial classes are good at combat but nothing else.

combat is one way to solve problem, but it's usually the worst option and it can't be use to solve everything.

Now looks at casters, they are also pretty good at combat but they have other way to solve the same problem.

For example, if you needs to infiltrate a caster... what can a martial do? They can try skill check that they likely won't pass because of low skill rank.

On the other hand caster can : Charm the guard, Fly over the wall, Be Invisible and walk pass the guard, Create distracting illusion, turn the wall into goo and eat it, burrow underground, turn into a mouse and sneak in and many more.

>> No.45786832

*it was an illusion*

>> No.45786862

*unsheathes vorpal katana*
*teleports behind you with cyclops helm on*
Nothing personnel, kid.

>> No.45786873

This sounds so cool! Thanks guys I think I know what I'm making now!

Also, what's the difference between a wizard and the sorcerer? I know one uses charisma (which makes no sense to me) and the other uses int. But otherwise they seem the same to me.

>> No.45786874

Are we seriously doing this martial/wizard song and dance again? Shits boring yo.

>> No.45786875

First time GM looking for some help with designing encounters/the CR system. I'm going to throw a CR 6 ambush against my level 1 party a few encounters into the campaign. Obviously that would slaughter them so I also have allies, of a CR 6, with them that will be fighting in the ambush.
Is this okay to do? Will it work? Will ally actions make up for the PCs being outnumbered?
I'm using the D20SRD encounter calculator to try and get my numbers straight, but I feel like I'm still missing something.

>> No.45786887


In folklore, fairies were the historical enemies of the dragon.

>> No.45786894

Fucking THIS. Pathfinder is why I pathologically hate all caster classes in all systems universally. Because way back when I started out, I wanted to be a fighter and Pathfinder burned me. It's become a problem.

>> No.45786905

The Wizard familiar use wand of ill omen.

>> No.45786919

Throwing your party into a fight they can't possibly win and then having your DMPCs carry them is a good way to make a boring-ass railroad encounter that nobody will enjoy. Have you considered just making the ambush winnable?

>> No.45786934

I'm actually curious whether there's any listed wizard build that does a reasonably conclusive job of outfightering the fighter at what they're best at.

I mean I believe one could easily exist, but you'd think one day someone would have made an actual example to prove a point.

>> No.45786962

No one will have fun looking at you jerking off to yourselves.

>> No.45786965

Wizard learns his spells and writes them down into a spellbook.
A Wizard KNOWS magic, and gets tons of spells to use, but has to spend some time each day preparing which ones he'll use.
Like a trained Chef, he KNOWS why food tastes good, and how to make the tastiest food.

Sorcerer pulls spells out of nowhere using inherited power tied to his bloodline.
A sorcerer FEELS magic, and has a small selection of spells he can use at any time without needing to prepare them.
Like your roommate in college who never went to cooking school but made the most delicious food you've ever eaten, Sorcerer has a feeling for how to make tasty food, but he has no real understanding about what taste is, why some things taste better than others, etc. and his food will never be as tasty as the Wizard's.

>> No.45786994

So wizard is better then?

>> No.45787017

Well the ambush was initially designed as their boat being trapped and attacked by a group of orcs, while the ships captain and sailors join in the fight the PCs would only fight a portion of the enemy while reaping all the reward.
I think the main problem I'm running into is that encounters for lvl 1 PCs don't reward much xp and I think I might be just trying to rush them to the level I want before the boss fight.

>> No.45787020

When it comes to using magic, yes.
Sorcerer has some upsides, but Wizard blows it out of the water in sheer arcane casting potential.

>> No.45787058

Is there any way, in either 3.5, PF, or 3pp content, to treat a Nat 1 on an attack roll as though you had rolled a 2 instead?

>> No.45787064

Question here: I'm a total POW virgin, haven't even looked at the table of contents. What kind of neat tricks can these guys do? Is their utility mostly limited to things in combat or do some of the classes/archetypes have strengths outside of fighting good?

>> No.45787074

Is the campaign new? You could just say that they're level 2 or 3 or what-have-you, so that you can get them at the level you want and they can have a fighting chance and have fun.

>> No.45787092

This is how I fairy.

>> No.45787176

Pro tip, anon: actually counting XP is a fool's errand. You're the GM, you're writing the plot and designing the encounters. Just decide when you want the party to level up, and declare it at that point. There's no loss for anyone.

>> No.45787192

Sorcerer can use simple weapons and their "bloodline arcana" can change how you play them.

Wizard is better overall (again, more option is always better in Pathfinder). But Sorcerer can be build into some flavorful stuff.

>> No.45787222

Brand new, I'm still writing out the basic outline for the plot/notable events. I wouldn't mind the idea of starting them a bit higher since they're skilled mercs/adventurers/whoeverthefucktheywanttobe being hired by Lastwall to defend border cities at the campaigns outset. Only reason I've really considered giving them an ally/NPC friend is because there are only 3 players.
I might scrap their boat trip in favor of a longer land voyage to their first destination that could include more CR 1 encounters so that they level naturally.

>> No.45787243

Why the fuck didn't anyone tell you to play a Barbarian or a Paladin or something? And why are you taking that out on every other game?

Your autism is reaching dangerous levels.

>> No.45787285

Yeah but where's your friend Fairlion-G?

>> No.45787294

Cheesy way is to Magic Jar into another body.

Normal way is probably using Transmutation spell to turn yourself into things with natural attacks or multiple arms.

Transformation spell is a thing too if you wants to pretend to be Momonka

>> No.45787300

>Two loli Synthesist Summoners with Perform (Dance)
>Farlions are their Eidolons.

>> No.45787304

I'm playing a character tomorrow that can walk on water and walls, read people's thoughts, teleport creatures back to where they were last round, negate the surprise round for itself and act normally in it, and negate fear effects, among other things, all with PoW.

I also once played a character that could cut people in half with his sword from 30 feet away while cherry blossom petals rained gently behind him, but that story's over now.

Trust me, it's a fantastic system, you'll love every second of playing it.

>> No.45787330

Is that Saki? I HATE Saki!

>> No.45787376

I'd just say to them that they start at level 2 or 3. Level 1 is Rusty Dagger Shanktown anyway, it's not really all that fun when a single hit can kill anyone.

>> No.45787378

My DM killed it because I became too much of an action economy hog with my Roc.

>> No.45787391

How about a big boob elf vanilla summoner with archery build and a better Eidolon with Perform (Dancer)?

>> No.45787484

Soz m80 dont recognise em.

>> No.45787506

Why is Brutal Disruptor the best Cryptic archetype for miles?
>Give up useless trap skills
>Get the ability to stick Disrupt Pattern, an ability that any other cryptic can only make once per round, onto every weapon attack you make
>It's already a 3/4 BAB class so that's not even that hard to do

>> No.45787508

Hi /pfg/ I have a Barbarian I'd like to build just for random fun:

Can a human at 1st level, take Racial Heritage: Tiefling, then take Fiendish Heritage?

I'm also gonna be taking Eldritch Heritage: Abyssal

You know, for fun.
Also, because I was trying to tack as many STR boosts as possible.

>> No.45787540

Thanks dude, going to play a wizard!!!

>> No.45787552

Fiendish Heritage is a 3.5 feat, anon. It's not compatible with modern PF. And anyways, it replaces ability mods, it doesn't add to them, so you wouldn't be able to stack it with your human bonus.

>> No.45787565

EF a shit but I like the way you think

So I had an idea while I was on the shitter: branching pregens. So you have a build that you can just follow the feat and potentially spell chains for, with some wiggle room if it's possible in the build. Or you pick a class and a style, and that gives you a character build you can follow .

>> No.45787575

Also, Racial Heritage is for humanoids, tieflings are outsiders.

>> No.45787588


>> No.45787612

You can't pretend EF : EXCEED doesn't exist.

>> No.45787639

Dude, you don't need it anymore.

>> No.45787642

It was printed in Council of Thieves, a 3.5 AP before Pathfinder got its own ruleset.

>> No.45787650

>Copyright Notice - Pathfinder 25: The Bastards of Erebus
From Council of Thieves, which was written a whole three years before tieflings existed as a player race in PF rules.

>> No.45787657

No, I just don't recognise them. I've only played OG 1 and 2.

>> No.45787665

sound like a JRPG I likes it

>> No.45787668

A psychopomp shows up in the "continuing the campaign" to encourage that it be destroyed, mind you. On the other hand, the article can't even offer a good reason for why it should be besides "muh Pharasma" and "muh cycle".

>> No.45787696


>tfw for all the love of boobs, most character I've ever played, played with, or the DM used had modest or non-existent busts.

>> No.45787705

Anyone got the Underdark Adventure Guide from Goodman Games?

>> No.45787747

I'm in the exact same position, myself, though being a girl, I've mostly avoided it out of fear of the other girl in my group claiming I'm jealous of her.

My latest character is a nerdy wizard girl that writes smutty fanfiction about her party. It was originally just a joke the barbarian made, and I decided to roll with it.

>> No.45787772

hey PFG i have a question about Golarion. What are each of the different human cultures based on? Pls no bully, I'm a history student and I'm trying to describe the different cultures of a new setting to my group quickly I get that not all of them have exact analogues but there also should be approximations for most of the stuff. This is what I got from reading the brief descriptions in the Inner sea world guide.

Azlanti - Greeks

Chelaxians - British

Garundi - Ottoman Turks? Mongols?

Keleshites - Arabic

Kellids - Ice-Age humans

Mwangi - African

Shoanti - no clue

Taldans - American, Maybe a little French

Tians - China

Ulfen - Nordic

Varisians - Roma/Gypsy

Vudrani - Indian

>> No.45787776

The best part is that, either because they remembered for once that Pharasma's supposed to be TN, or because they realized they didn't have a leg to stand on, we got this little tidbit:
>As such, and the church of Pharasma views such imperfections in the River of Souls as blasphemous (even though Pharasma herself remains enigmatically neutral on the matter), the church or psychopomps often seek to destroy known ones.
Pharasma herself won't even bother you, it's just her minions who are convinced that they need to destroy the things in Die Fuhrerin's name.

>> No.45787777


...Have you actually written anything?

>> No.45787787

Shit i forgot pic related

>> No.45787795

Is that's your actual worry it sounds like you're already a bit insecure about it

But seriously I don't see how it's any different from a guy playing a barbarian with huge muscles or a bard with stunning good looks and social skills.

>> No.45787797

>Tians - China
Tian is collectively East Asia, with different regions serving as Japan, China and Korea.

>> No.45787800

Alternate universe Princess Shine with a hint of Snow White.

>> No.45787827

This is good to know. The names looked mostly like Pinyin for Mandarin and Cantonese to me so I will make a note of that

>> No.45787855

Azlanti - It's Atlantis, it could not be more transparent. Call it Greek-inspired if you like.
Chelaxians - A mix of fascist-ruled Spain and colonial-era Spain/Portugal
Garundi - North Africans
Keleshites - Arabs, specifically Persians
Kellids - Ice-Age humans
Mwangi - Sub-Saharan Africans
Shoanti - Awkward Celt/Amerindian mashup
Taldans - Ottoman Empire, during its decline
Tians - Asia as a whole
Ulfen - Nordic
Varisians - Roma/Gypsy
Vudrani - Indian

>> No.45787887

Thanks a bunch anon this really helps
Really with the Atlantis thing? I figured I was just being thick about it and that was too obvious. I'm not arguing though, I agree

>> No.45787888

No, there is no spell to make a sword a +1 sword.
You can make an enchanted weapon by yourself is you have master craftsman + craft magic arms and armor feats.

Hell if you have some decent UMD and access to scrolls you don't need the caster either.

>> No.45787890

Aside from dipping in fighter, Is there a way to get the weapon training class feature?

>> No.45787895

Empowerment fantasies and escapism are pretty common among people that enjoy these kinds of dice rolling games, male or female. I don't think people realize how common it is, actually.

>> No.45787901

I can't write for shit; I'm much better at acting than writing.

Just because I am doesn't mean I want to get teased about it. You're not wrong, on either point. I'm just waiting for the girl in our group with the bitchy streak to move on before I try something.

>> No.45787908

>Taldans - Ottoman Empire, during its decline

A developer has up and said Taldor is "Europeland," it's a generic catch-all region for any European culture not covered by another country.

>> No.45787911

I could use some advice, /pfg/.

So let's say the campaign's set entirely within a single house. Erected by an ancient wizard, with a curse to literally bring anyone but himself who entered down to size - and a unique status as a "demiplane" anchored to Golarion like a balloon tethered to the ground. In that way, he could step in and out without teleporting in a way that could be interfered with, and still gain the benefits of existing within his personal domain.

The players are gonna be sent to investigate it only to fall under its curse. The first thing they'll encounter when they wake is a fight between a Pseduodragon and an animated puppet.

See, the house has five "monuments" within that serve as "thrusters" to push it away from the Material - and five living "anchors" to keep it just close enough to Golarion not to float away.

Puppet guy is leading a group sponsored by a powerful Fey to kill the Anchors and free the house from the Material Plane entirely. This would also entail turning everyone within into immortal toys - and binding their souls permanently to the demiplane, preventing them from ever truly leaving.

Pseudodragon is working for the first and strongest of the Anchors - a Great Wyrm Gold Dragon shrunken down to Medium (where the players are now Fine) who wants to destroy the Monuments and dispel the Demiplane aspect of the house, setting everyone within (millions!) free from its shrinking curse so they can rejoin outside societies.

How do I make it look ambiguous enough that it's a coin toss who the players will help in the opening fight?

>> No.45787921

Magic Weapon begs to differ.

>> No.45787952


This does posit a good question; what was the chestiest character you've ever played, /pfg/?

Hard Mode: they were large for her race, not large by sheer mass

Nightmare Mode: It wasn't an ERP campaign

>> No.45787970

They've gotten genericized over time, but the original intent was pretty clear based on the politics and their placement on the not-Europe map.

Taldor's current state is mostly a result of absorbing Absalom's status as de-facto good guy state, after the latter completely failed to live up to its intended position as the Greyhawk of Golarion.

>> No.45788008

>after the latter completely failed to live up to its intended position as the Greyhawk of Golarion.

Why did Absalom absolutely fail to become a major power player in the setting, anywho? I mean it's Paizo's setting, they're the ones who determine what to focus on.

And I was under the impression Taldor was closer to the Byzantine Empire rather than the Ottomans, considering the Ulfen Guard being a clear Varangian analogue.

>> No.45788022

I can actually answer this!

Halfling Mysterious Stranger Gunslinger, in the first real campaign I was ever in. Her name was Charlotte, and she paid for that CON score of hers with STR so low she needed to have a Heavy Warhorse around just to hold her ammo.

Yes, ammo weight was taken into account.

>> No.45788036


>> No.45788043

Not outside of the Molthuni Arsenal Chaplain Warpriest.

>> No.45788044

Because the other locations, strange as could be, are still better than the generic good-guy-ness of Absalom. Varisia as a whole, hell even JUST Sandpoint, is a cozier and more friendly place to set a group than Absalom.

>> No.45788056

Because Paizo's first AP in Golarion was Rise of the Runelords, so players got more attached to Varisia than Absalom. In most Pathfinder Society scenarios, despite starting in Absalom you just spend the first part getting away from the city.

>> No.45788061

>Yes ammo weight
You're supposed to take it into account. Lead musket balls, and bullets are fucking heavy. This is why you just use gunsmithing to craft cheap alchemical cartridges and only carry around 10-30 shots on you

>> No.45788083

Big Bara with solid muscle chest Barbarian.

>> No.45788093


>Chesty Halfling gunslinger.

>> No.45788109

I was not a clever player at the time, and had over 100 regular bullets on hand because I was giddy that the GM had allowed me to wield a Revolver.

Also, one favorite moment from the campaign:

>STR 5
>makes the only successful Climb check in the entirety of the campaign

>DMPC Cleric with 16 STR fails her only attempt

>> No.45788119

The slightest things can make players choose one or the other.
I once presented a similar 'choose a side' scenario to start a campaign, before the party had met each other yet. The rogue used sleeves of many garments to impersonate the uniform of one of the sides and try to sneak around the back.
One of the PCs beat their stealth check so I whispered to them 'You see someone in the uniform of X side sneaking around'

The rogue ran from that fight and only joined the party proper later.
But from then on because of that, that PC and player were convinced that X side was up to something suspicious and no-good and stuck wholly to the opposing side.
I didn't realise that misunderstanding was the cause of his conviction until many sessions in.

>> No.45788148

Aasimar aegis girl. Nothing too large, but sizable.

She kept the suit in astral skin form and wore nothing else over it

>> No.45788159

>And I was under the impression Taldor was closer to the Byzantine Empire rather than the Ottomans, considering the Ulfen Guard being a clear Varangian analogue.
It's both, kinda. There's a duality all over the place, as you've essentially got post-WW1 Europe in the form of Cheliax's holdings, while the Persian/Mongol empire (Kelesh) is still going strong out east, and the Byzantine/Ottomans are awkwardly sandwiched between their past and future enemies.

>> No.45788170

>Mounted combat takes a huge feat investment and isn't worth it unless you're a lancer.

A human fighter can have it all at level 1.
Take another level and you can take up mounted archery or something.
Lance is nice, but not a mandatory requirement at all.

>> No.45788197

My Golarion fluff is pretty bad and I'm trying to figure out my character bio. Whats a good Avistan country of origin for a neutral alchemist? I considered Cheliax since any alchemist regardless of alignment probably knows a good amount of "mad science" but I'd like to see other options on human centric scientifically advanced countries as well.

>> No.45788205

Because Cryptic is booty.

>> No.45788213


I didn't play her, but the DM used a certain Kumiho from a certain MOBA as the character art for my character's wife.

>> No.45788240

River Kingdoms probably has something, but if you want science, look at Numeria.

>> No.45788241

>Whats a good Avistan country of origin for a neutral alchemist?

Literally any of them, to the degree that Sandpoint in Varisia has a dedicated alchemist that brews up all sorts of shit for the locals.

Now, are you looking for "local herbalist" or "academic" or "weird aristocrat with too much money and too much time."

>> No.45788256

Ustalav for the gothic mad science feel, Molthune or Isger for militaristic science, Daggermark for super spy poisons and alchemy...

>> No.45788262

Is there a specific NOT!Britain in Golarion?

>> No.45788275


Which skin?

>> No.45788277

But mounted archer doesn't need a feat. You can already move and full-attack without penalty while you're on the mount.

>> No.45788287


>> No.45788296

Nothing for the most part. Alot of people don't know how to play the game and get mad when they spent all their money on weapons and combat shit and can't do anything else effectively.


These are people who don't realize that a martial can literally buy the things casters can do in the form of many wondrous items, cheap potions, etc. Granted a caster is more likely able to do this on the fly but if more often than not the wizard will need an hour to prep "infiltrating" spells. The game assumes you as a fighter for example can go to your guild or something and buy "infiltrating" spells. Unfortunately not every GM runs a game where magic is openly available to any and everyone and this is why casters tend to outshine martials because they aren't as reliant on gear.

>> No.45788312

You take a -4 to all rolls to hit when using a ranged weapon and mounted... That's literally the reason that the "horse archery" feat exists

>> No.45788320


Classic for the loving housewife, switched to Midnight when she started taking an active role in aiding my character's noble ambitions.

>> No.45788323

The campaign I'm writing him for starts at high level (14~15) so it has to make sense that he's pretty damn good at doing his shit. Grenadier archetype so I guess dimished poisoning skills.

>> No.45788362

Kobold Barbarian. Rolled max on that female asset generator, and we just rolled with it. More of an ass girl really, but busty for a kobold.

>> No.45788365


Make him a grand alchemist in Oppara, supplying his wares and selling his services to the wealthy upper crust of Taldor.

>> No.45788368 [SPOILER] 


How about hard-working father?

>> No.45788383

Cheliax isn't Britain at all. It's Napoleonic France after a fascist revolution.

>> No.45788398

Maybe he wants to attack while moving? I did say or something...

>> No.45788422

Why must you hurt me in this way.

>> No.45788430

Read the freaking rule brah. You only take penalty when you double move.

> You can use ranged weapons while your mount is taking a double move, but at a –4 penalty on the attack roll.
> double move

And it's even in the feat you're talking about

> The penalty you take when using a ranged weapon while mounted is halved: –2 instead of –4 if your mount is taking a double move, and –4 instead of –8 if your mount is running.
> –2 instead of –4 if your mount is taking a double move
> if your mount is taking a double move

>> No.45788432

FMA sucked dick

>> No.45788436

Though I do approve of her having ass for days

>> No.45788486

And you clearly don't know how to play a caster. Empty spell slot = 15 min prep time (5 if you have a feat. 6 second if you're an arcanist).

>> No.45788490

Y'know in hindsight, if Scar hadn't have killed him, he would've been taken in by the Top Brass to be one of their creepy Chimera makers almost immediately.

>> No.45788492

>The penalty you take when using a ranged
weapon while mounted is halved: -2 instead of -4 if your mount is taking a double move, and -4 instead of -8 if your mount is running.

Well fuck me. Sorry anon. Apparently I gotta read some of these feat descriptions a little more closely

>> No.45788517

The Manga was better, and Brotherhood started off far too flat and emotionless

>> No.45788533

>combat is one way to solve problem, but it's usually the worst option and it can't be use to solve everything.

Pretty much the whole system is built around combat, though. If you want something besides fighting level-appropriate enemies for level-appropriate loot, you should probably play something else.

>> No.45788540

>tfw when the only time you've played a female character was an ERP game

She wasn't even exceptionally chesty (she was curvy, but not abnormally so), she was just a pretty brazen LE seductress.

>> No.45788544

Hips and ass are a kobold's domain. In general.

>> No.45788545

It's too bad Scar couldn't kill him more than once.

>> No.45788576

>that image

>> No.45788583

I haven't actually played a female character. I do, however, have one character's homunculus companion, who is currently DFC on account of looking and acting like my character's daughter. My DM and another player think that when she grows to medium size at level 4, there should be some "enhancements". This is made doubly weird when my GM informed me that, should I fall prey to "that one trap" in Shattered Star, it would start to affect my homunculus.

Sorshen and mini-Sorshen, anyone?

>> No.45788584

Dat real thick tail, son.

>> No.45788594

Nah they sucked dick too, shit series.

No you just didn't read my post clearly, especially the part when I said a wizard is more likely to do this on the fly. It could take 5-15 mins to for a fighter to buy what they're looking for arguably.

>> No.45788604

>Sorshen and mini-Sorshen, anyone?

Please no, keep your homunculus pure!

>> No.45788631

Still less options than spell caster. Potion are limited to level 3 spell or lower and it can't be use on personal range spell.

Wondrous item can't emulate all the spells and by Core rule, they are limited by City Base Value (and even then it's only 75% chance to find the item you want on the market).

>> No.45788644

Really though, I can't be too angry if she's got quality ass and hips.

So is that a subdomain of the Scalykind domain then?

>> No.45788658


I shamelessly played my Steelfist Commando as a top-heavy MILF that was on the hunt for her missing husband in the backwoods of Varisia.

>> No.45788671


Because hitting the internet right in its imouto elicits a pain response quite unlike anything I've seen before.

And my GM's angry reaction when I pitched my vivisectionist with his portrait will forever remain a treasured and hilarious memory.

>> No.45788731

It would actually only come up if she died, since you need a certain number of pints of blood per HD to revive a killed homunculus. That was partly what brought the topic up, since I wanted to ask if I would still be able to revive her if I got transformed.

I like to be able to plan contingencies OOC, even if IC I try not to use them too much.

>> No.45788739


Best subdomain.

Replaces first level power with a 'tail' slap treated one size larger than you.

>> No.45788776

New thread


>> No.45788788

>tfw you will never play a female Kobold, because you're too afraid of accidentally going into your.magical realm

On a lighter not, are there any Kobolds in any of the APs? What are they doing? Can they be diplomacy'd

>> No.45788794

Still more options than people give them credit for.
Even if you can't find what you want, with a remotely competent GM you should always be able to find what you need.

>> No.45788798

I enjoy playing Shadowrun and Savage World.

>> No.45788831

Oh just do it. It's only realmy if you make it realmy.

>> No.45788839

New thread


>> No.45788854

Well, that's actually pretty sweet, especially considering your get Magic Fang and Greater Magic Fang as domain spells.

I played a kobold druid once who got kicked out of her warren for thinking dinosaurs were cooler than dragons. She was an archaeologist who loved all things ancient, including ruins, which is why I was playing her in Mummy's Mask. Too bad that campaign fizzled up.

That said, there's a tribe of kobolds in Kingmaker that you meet in the first book, and you can potentially befriend them. We absorbed them into our nation and made their leader our Spymaster.

>> No.45788859


Too late, see >>45788776

If you think the new thread is too autismal, steer the conversation into a better direction. Most OP talks only last for the first 50 posts anyhow.

>> No.45788861


Already got one, thanks.

>> No.45788868 [SPOILER] 

Sizable breasts and a muscular body are to be expected of a Skinwalker Viking from the Linnorm Kingdoms!

>> No.45788921


How sizable are we talking here?

>> No.45788925

>I played a kobold druid once who got kicked out of her warren for thinking dinosaurs were cooler than dragons
Are you me? I designed the same thing, but never got to play her, and instead had to go with a human middle-aged male Barbarian

>> No.45788931

Don't ask me how I got into this discussion, but I once got to talking about the cup size that my friends kobold had with him. Eventually though I realized that female Kobolds wouldn't even have tits to begin with. They're lizards, they're going to be hatched via eggs hence no need for mammary glands to begin with, hence no tits. Applying the same kind sexual dichotomy from humans is just nonsensical. In fact, the only difference between a male and a female kobold would be virtually the same aside from maybe the crest on their head and obviously their genitals. But I'm probably reading too much into this cause you just wanna fuck lizards.

>> No.45789015

Calm your tits. I'm>>45788788 and >>45788436

>> No.45789042

Well, not technically me/a full character, but:

A tall, leggy, very large-breasted Ulfen girl. Former prostitute at a brothel in LotLK that the party all called "Victoria's Secret", she took bard levels and began chasing after the party. At first it was planned that she'd be "fangirl of the party turned to hatred because senpai didn't notice her" by the GM, but eventually we just took her along with us as a cohort to stifle that before it became a plot thread. Since I took the feat, it fell to me, but the GM did the RP for her.

>> No.45789076


There's a kobold tribe in kingmaker, my group diplomacy'd with them and made them second-class citizens, after it was made quite clear to the kobolds who would be coming out alive in an altercation between them and the party.

>> No.45789089

Fuck off, we're not at page 10.

>> No.45789120

I think people create threads early because they don't want someone else to beat them to it.

>> No.45790311


>> No.45790978

It's not like it really hurts anybody if one gets posted when the old thread is on page 7 or 8. Shitposters like >>45788839 are much more of a problem.

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