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How does /tg/ feel about psionics?

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I don't even get why it's a thing separate from magic.

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Often just another form of magic and inexplicably get separate rules when Divine/Primal/Arcane casters largely share theirs.
Interesting, but often lack a unique flavor. Suffer from not being focussed.

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Read Thoughts can break shit and fuck with DMs.

Expect an owlbear in your bedroom soon.

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Thrallherd best class.

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I'd join their party if the Plague Doc was replaced with a Grave Robber.

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Makes me laugh how in ToMU it's called "subtle arts" and only ever called "psionics" by nutjob science cultists and children's TV shows.

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Plague Doctor could be a qt, though.

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I actually think that psionics should be the standard in charisma based casters for D&D. Yes, it's all about thinking, but it isn't usually depicted as needing a whole lot of learning or theory, but force of will and internal power, which sounds like charisma to me.

Sorcerer's are just janky wizards anyway, let them be a subclass/non-phb class.

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I just really like the Grave Robber. Nothing against the Plague Doc.

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There are other people who know what ToMU is? Figured i had to be uniquely mentally ill to suffer through it.

God that thing is so depressing. Every now and then the worldbuilding and dialog will seem very inspired and give you some hope for the rediculous timesink to have payoff, but then you get a hundred chapters of meaningless fantasy college sjw circlejerking instead while everything interesting is totally ignored.

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I finally buckled under the pressure and stopped reading it partway through the book about dating Glory. That entire thing was boring as shit. At least the other boring parts had tension, like constantly worrying over whether or not the mermaids would finally eat her.

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PD is the qtest

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better than magic. more flexible.
just look at the mystic class in 5e, it can actually work as a caster or as a gish, and doesn't have to deal with the granularity of slot levels in the vancian system.
it feel like the monk should feel, with enough points to actually use them, even if the effects aren't as big, the rest is game balance.

I think that since psionics always come up later in the editions, they're (usually, let's not go back to the huge glaring exception) built better, the devs have more experience with the edition when working on those. It's a bit like how Core ended up being one of the most broken parts of 3.5, while the final few splats weren't bad at all.

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I thought I was the only one.

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Better question, what class is the viewer?

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they're okay.

Many pathfinder psion classes are crap, though.

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Guessing by the doujin that that image is copying, his class is Shota.

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May as well ask how you feel about *insert massive overarching idea used in various ways in various products*.
Shitposting at it's core.

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I like 'em.

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>tfw the ladies want to SS but you're a full grown halfling

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All the psionic characters i have gm'd for seemed disappointed with the class

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shhh, they don't know that

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What they don't know won't hurt them.

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I prefer their mechanics and fluff to the default magic classes.

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Well done in AD&D and D&D 5, when it is several skills with their own system totally unrelated to the rest. Give it a nice brand of flavour. Allow you to say 'well this creature is invulnerable to magic? I pull out my MAD PSI SKILLZ'.

Fucking boring in D&D 3/4 and Pathfinder, where it is simply magic reskinned.

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>where it is simply magic reskinned
And better balanced.
And easier to use an keep track of.
And more fun to play.

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And Psionics has it's own system with Power Points, Psy Focus, and Active Energy Types. Psionics magic transparency, was more of a balancing thing.

This is ignoring the fact that thematically, they are also really different.

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Really, what confuses me most is systems like D&D where not only do you have magic AND psionics, you also have psionics AND monk willpower ki bullshit.

I can live with the former, but to me it feels like the psionic classes and Monk tread a lot of similar ground, with their seperation as distinct entities being more a matter of flavour than actual logic.
The one exception to this would be Wilders, since they're the polar opposite of the rigorous discipline monks are known for. Wilders are more like mind barbarians who just happen to be able to use more than just rage for power.

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I tend to merge them and they DID merge them in 4e. And in 3.5 there was a lot of support for Monks to do Psionic things and for Psionic classes to do monk things.

I mean do you dislike the fact that the game makes a distinction between Arcane and Divine magic?

I also think D&D fucked up for doing the whole "everything that is super natural is magical" as opposed to "everything that is magical is super natural"

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Love it. Considerations about why psionics, clerical magic and wizardry are different things sparked my current campaign.

If you see the general conceptual pool from each idea, you'll see that they are quite different things.

Psionics tend to be born from inner power. The application of the will we use to move our limbs, to calculate the distance between things from a proxemic point of view, it's mostly stuff derived from the interactions between body and mind.

Magic is more of an external thing. It's something that is either infused/given into you (sorcery, clerical miracles) or deciphered from the world as a whole (wizardry, as both a mystical introspection or as a scholarly matter). In that sense, it's more related with how we interact with external stuff that enables us to do stuff. Magic is structurally more like a tool.

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>better balanced.

Just like D&D 4 is more balanced at the cost of being a boring abomination of a system, right?

Reskinning the magic system makes, maybe, a better balance, but the cost is simple: a fucking boring system, a boring execution, that makes an abortion of a concept.

They are bored to death by D&D 3/4/Pathfinder concept of Psionic powers, which is spells, spell levels, caster levels, and all, but renamed. This was a bad idea when they first thought of it back twelve years ago, and it is still a bad idea.

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Except Psionics is way more fun to use than Vancian casting. The only way Psionics would be boring to you is if you got off on doing busted shit with Simulacrum and blood money.

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>I mean do you dislike the fact that the game makes a distinction between Arcane and Divine magic
Not at all! I can live with that and for all its downfalls, I did like the categorisation of powers in 4e into Arcane/Divine/Primal/Psionic etc. It's perhaps a little too gamey and simplistic, but I prefer that over every other caster or near-caster trying to have its own explanation, as has happened, especially during 3.x's bloat. With monks though, it's more the fact that chi/ki manipulation as a whole is just kind of this weird thing of its own in the system and the settings that use it, owing to the western fantasy vibe. I do feel like there should be some kind of unified heading for powers and effects generated solely from willpower/through the mind/body duality.

Don't even get me started on Pathfinder introducing the new psychic/occult mage classes. I actually like most of them, but it's like, "do we really need ANOTHER category of casters?"

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I came here to post this.

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Why do you dislike variety?

>It's perhaps a little too gamey and simplistic
How is distinguishing forces of the various forces of the universe gamey? It's like naming off fighting styles, elemental forces, and types of things. People do it all the time irl. In my opinion shutting everything away as "magic" is simplifying and making things "gamey".

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In D&D? Psionics comes from you. Magic comes from external sources (the world around you, in the case of arcane magic, or the gods, in the case of divine magic).

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I prefer it to be 'old' magic from when the world was young, accessible to only certain monsters, starspawn, and elder races. IE, NPC-only.

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Variety is fine until you have two or three different, similarly-named forces doing almost identical things. At which point it ceases to be variety and just becomes bloat, because you're not actually contributing anything new or interesting, just adding more options for the sake of more options. Some half-assed examples would include the crossover between the monk and psionic warrior for "similar in performance/explanation", or the psychic classes vs the psionic classes in Pathfinder for "confusingly similarly named despite disparate focuses".

As for the gameyness, I suppose I just mean the means of categorisation - you can still go much deeper into the individual differences or schools of thought in-setting, like how druidic groups might have wildly differing focuses and philosophies, and barbarian tribes even moreso, but they're all grouped under the Primal heading, if that makes sense.

It's not the easiest balance to strike, as you don't really want to lean too much towards either extreme. Too few options/differences and players feel stifled. Too many and you get D&D 3.5 where things are routinely made obsolete or subject to conflicting explanations from different writers.

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my grave robber easily makes the most crits
I cant believe not alot people like her

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I don't mind psionics. The last one I dealt with couldn't be locked down and would just respawn in the nearest firepit when killed but was played by a great player. He gave the character the personality of Mentok the Mind Taker.

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Barring the occasional Soulknife, I haven't encountered them enough to form a real opinion of them.

Solid enough until super late game, though with the right gear and Ki stuff they can stand and bang with the others with minimal difficulty.

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>The king is enraged because his daughter, who was promised in marriage, has left to join a thrallherd

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Were you playing a Souls game?

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>Reskinning the magic system makes, maybe, a better balance, but the cost is simple: a fucking boring system, a boring execution, that makes an abortion of a concept.

Well we cant have anything that will spoil the nordic purity of our yuropenis fantasy settings afterall

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what about sorcerers anon?

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>'my tiny manbabby brain can't handle them giving non-casters something decent and writing the prose for my shitty spells in a more clean and legible, organized format that is easier to digest, where is my flowery prose ;____________;'

^ you

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I hate them, but not so much as I hate fucking magic-using classes.

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>Psionics tend to be born from inner power.

>Magic is more of an external thing.

This is only really the case in the 2nd and 3rd editions of Dungeons and Dragons, and even then both of those are very broad generalities that have several exceptions. The Sorcerer class, a base class from the core player handbook, is a major example of magic as an internal power, and I remember there's a psionic class (the name of which escapes me) that can memorize magic scroll as cast arcane spells as psion powers.

Basically, that division doesn't really exist. The more legitimate difference between those two, at least in Dungeons and Dragons, is that psionics are more limited in scope and weaker.

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Psionics are okay in sci-fi settings if you want to include magical bullshit.

But in fantasy where there's already magical bullshit, it's just redundant and unnecessary.

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exactly this

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Psionics is for faggots and the mentally challenged. You can try arguing with me, but you're just showing how much of a mong you really are.

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>In fantasy
magic user
>in sci-fi
magic user, but with a sci-fi vibe

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Source please. Reverse image search does nothing.

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This is the correct answer.
Psionics is another flavor of sorcery, or magic in a sci-fi setting.
Pretty much the Force.

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how ever they want us to feel

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Good answer.


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I like them, they make a fun addition

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reverse image search gets you a /vg/ thread that has the exhentai link.

you need more kung-fu.

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This gallery has been removed, and is unavailable.
You will be redirected to the front page momentarily.
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>45:51 N
I think i found it

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Much appreciate, good sire.

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>fuck off whores
he doesn't say it, theres no room for women, not in /tg/, no place for harlots, only the hard and strong may call themselves adventurers, only the hard, only the strong.

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>falseflagging this hard

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