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I'm reminded of a tip for grounds design; build no paths until the 2nd year, then pave where people have made trails.

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Needs a better name

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>that filename
>seen that file, never that name.

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is that John Cena?

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Unholy shit. What is this from and where can I get it?

>animating the skellington within us all

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Smart guy

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Yes, his theme song plays exactly in the way that you would expect.

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Pretty sure the one he replied to is not John Cena.

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How dare you try to make me have feels. ;_;

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Shadow of the Demon Lord. It's not all as edgy as that but there's some seriously fucked up shit in it.

Like Elves that steal peoples eyes.

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I think it's Exalted Infernals / Abyssals stuff

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Oh fuck these propaganda comics commissioned by the Chinese Government. Fucking put a gun to my head and demand you have feels.

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No, Exalted runs on the Storyteller system and exclusively uses d10s.


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Is this accurate to the movie?
Is for Angry Birds movie for some reason actually red pilled?
How is that actually possible?

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Witch trainer. I really shouldn't know that.

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Not sure if this makes me want to see that movie even less then before... or more?

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Well, everything in the movie predates the events described, but I can see the parallels.

Clearly, the Strength guy also had enough Dex to catch her.

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Witch Trainer

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>not man fireable
sounds like a challenge to me.

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>not man fireable
>more ork progaganda

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Fucking misandrists.

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thats like dex > speed though

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>that art
Holy hell that was one stressful four-minute period.

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>Witch trainer

You're better off just playing Princess Trainer, and pretending that Akabur died before he finished Witch Trainer.

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Crusader Kings is a ride man, especially when NPC's start naming their kids after their parents... leading to an entire generation of "Roger"s.

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>Power armor
>Bare hands

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You're not supposed to tell us how it actually works

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put those spoilers in a spoiler tag. Let us have our magic.

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This one always gets me

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I didn't get it until you pointed out that there was something to get.

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My apologies.
Though if I recall this instance was actually THREE generations of Roger. Son, Grandfather, and Father in order.

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Ignorant question, but ... what is this SURGE that this thread keeps referencing? A system or?

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I don't get it...

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Sudden Unexplained Recessive Genetic Expression
It's a Shadowrun thingy

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It's a Shadowrun thing. Random explosive mutation.

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So *that's* why makeup costs so much. Damn wizards driving up the prices.

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in shadowrun there was a third (citation needed) wave of transformations. the thrid wave was... weird. one of the features was some developed animal features.

Needless to say you can make a furry using surge rules, but you can also make someone who looks like a wasteland mutant. Furries are just more common.

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Actually, it's the second wave

Goblinization counted as part of the first wave apparently

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I can here the theme in my head.

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Shadowrun released a system for creating your own custom creature-feature of a PC. Most people who used it were either minmaxers or furries.

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What is Strangereal?

I'm wondering how one of my screencaps relates to it.

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I can't find any proofs that James Earl Ray had children

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Ace Combat.

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Setting for the Ace Combat games, where it's similar to Earth, but has different countries, etc. to just act as surrogates for the real-life countries.
The planes in Ace Combat have a lot more missiles than they would in real life, so the joke in the filename is in regards to the potential missile spam one could perform.

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What's that from?

Also, there's a lot of SURGE in this thread.

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No Idea.

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Random shitty fucking quest threads.

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God am I real glad that those skin tight military dresses never caught on.

I'm a grower not a shower.

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The Cat Returns

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Thanks asshole, I have to work tomorrow and now I got a cyboner..

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Here, this should kill it.

Unless this also turns you on you sick fuck.

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If only Shadowrun was actually fun, and not just grade school math homework

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RIP Lemmy

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Rolled 3, 5 + 1 = 9 (2d6 + 1)


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I did not know that, thank you.

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You could always deduce where people will walk, it wouldn't be that hard if you really analyze the heck outta it.

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I'm trying to comprehend what I'm looking at, and I'm not succeeding.

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That's not even vaguely str vs dex. That's dex vs dex.

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I was expecting John Cena

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>dick skull
>John Cena
Come on Anon.

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What is this from?

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You have to be 18 to post here

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It's a manga about a guy who really loves his sister. She's not in the first frame at all though, just pictures of her

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are these actually propaganda?

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>What are Firearms: $100

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God I wish horizon spent more time doing kickass fight scenes and less time faffing about.

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You're my nigga, but I don't think these will get caught here.

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Horizon wouldn't be Horizon if it didn't faff about.

The main character's entire thing is about faffing about. We wouldn't have anyone else if it weren't for all the faffing.


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well i mean its sure as shit not real

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I mean, it's not like no one here plays fighting games or anything, and wouldn't spot the mechanics.

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weapons that use the combustion of explosive materials to launch projectiles.
Now pay me.

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Deathwatch starting character

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>Age of Emperor

Emperor's damnation. If they do an End Times for 40K, this will be the final straw.

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>Guy is in love with sister.
>She walks in and brushes his teeth for him.
>He basically jizzes himself, from his 'throat dick' (the uvula, or "that dangly thing in your mouth)

Alternatively, she hits his uvula while brushing his teeth, and he vomits. But I think the puddle is meant to be drool, given that she puts the brush back in her mouth.

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>the thing muslims hate the most

Why do people actually think this? Just because they don't eat it it's somehow their kryptonite? Come on.

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>Speed is the essence of war
Yeah, the essence of WAR not the essence of personal combat, dummy.

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That's like dex+str vs. dex, and the dex/str guy has more dex than the girl anyways.

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While clever, not even remotely /tg/.

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This thread sucks

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>that KO kick at the end
No way that's not a DMPC.

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So disappointing that the robot's sword isn't a cross either unless it is and the webm is too small to tell

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... They believe if you even touch a pig, or pork product, you can't get into heaven.
So yeah, Kryptonite.

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>guy on the internet forces parallels on a piece of media for children
>is this redpilled?

Come on man.

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You mean Gay Men Eat Food: the Anime?

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The comic implies that the building collapsed due to shitty Chinese building standards.

Why would this be propaganda?

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that's reaching quite a bit

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It kinda is, actually.

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What is this from?

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That's fucking GENIUS

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Why are bards portrayed as perverts?

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Fate Stay/Night

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They have so much charisma that they can pretty much seduce anybody they want. Therefore they do. Even the men and children.

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T-that sounds pretty hot...

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cause musicians are always plowing chicks

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Or... Or maybe those are the colors of the birds in the game it's based on? Seriously, there are red, black and yellow birds in the intro levels of the game, the pigs were already green, the eagle is a power up in the game, and I would call that an Amish beard before I would call it a muslim beard.

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Hozuki-san chi no aneki I believe. Not to be confused with the highly similar "Hozuki-san chi no aneki plus imouto"

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Nope, that page is from the latter series, the follow on to the former.

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Does someone have the Dex girl versus Str girl webm where the Str girl catches the Dex girl at one point and then lets her go again because she is fucking retarded?
I need that rage in my life.

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Let me rephrase that, I wish Horizon was good.

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Ok, whatever Mohammed!
Go back to Kerplachistan!

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It allows uncreative person to still participate to those threads. "I see some reference to sexuality, HA HA ! I will filename it 'bard' and that will be relevant and I will be appreciated by my peers ! "

See also "it's an animal, I will name it 'druid' and be loved by all", "someone uses a fist, if I rename it 'monk' all my life will have been worthwhile", "someone accomplishes something, a 'NAT20' filename will make my father respect me", "someone failed at something, dubbing 'NAT1' may fill the void of my existence" and/or "something weird happens, titling it 'geller field failure' will surely replace all the human interactions I don't have".

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As far as I know the comics tell real stories of this earthquake, but I'm not going to spend my time and dig up evidence for you, look yourself.

There are several comics were people die heroic, but also several, were the people just die at the end, despair because they couldn't save more people, a father loses his own son, because he ordered to get easier-to-get-to kids out first....

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I laughed way harder then I had any right to at the fact that this even makes sense. The building has to be ire proof to contain all the rage inside it.

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How exactly would you do this efficiently? Path optimization is really fucking difficult to do properly, mathematically. You often end up just simulating it and save yourself the headache.

If there already existed a model, it could be applied, but there isn't one to my knowledge.

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Are you retarded, underaged or just baiting?

Do you really not know how Jeopardy works?

>> No.45757424

>Path optimization is really fucking difficult to do properly, mathematically.
What are you talking here? Travelling salesman problem? Easy enough to solve. Critical path analysis? Also fairly simple. Eulerian or Hamiltonian paths? Not too difficult. Seriously, I'm not sure you know what you're talking about.

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You can only have vanilla ice cream so many times before you wanna try something else. Sure it starts with strawberry but before you know it you're eating tiger-tiger and rocky road and trying to find rare new flavors.

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Wait, I thought we were supposed to be terrified of them due to taqiyya allowing them to do anything for the purposes of deceiving the west!

>> No.45757733

are there more of these?

>> No.45757861

I barely noticed the chicks, that's normal, right?

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My nigguh.

>> No.45757889

Fate/Zero, it's really good. Better than Stay NIght in my opinion

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And if all else fails you can always resort to 'typical shadowrun x'.

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That's why you put sassy wheels in a net and throw them into soup.

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>shocking news!

why am i still laughing at this picture

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>> No.45758454

>spoilering in a filename thread
You make me sad.

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>> No.45758547

kek, alright ya got me that time

>> No.45758564

Is this actually a show or just some youtube series?

>> No.45758571

That is some pretty intense projecting you're doing there, Anon.

>> No.45758600

he is also right

>> No.45758605

This one is legitimately heartwarming for reasons I have trouble putting into words

>> No.45758630

Tv show on Fox, Golan the something stating with I, Insatiable?

>> No.45758642

furfags are as much of an abomination as trannies

>> No.45758667

Where is this from?

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>> No.45758722

They broke his tactical Skittles pouch.

That was their final mistake.

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>> No.45758737

google "Medal of Honor Cat"

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>Sex Hair after 5 Minutes

That's not how it works sempai

>> No.45758835

For You, Anon.

>> No.45758925

What the source on this?

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>> No.45758934

>not Roger Avast Muierbe

You had one job.

>> No.45758985

Explain this?

>> No.45759051

>That's not how it works sempai
Not with the kind of sex you're having.

>> No.45759181

This one needs a better name.

For those that don't know it is the two Ork gods from 40k entering a chat room. (the last part there is pretty obvious)

>> No.45759274

I'm glad my Sex doesn't end 5 Minutes in

>> No.45759286

That video was fucking ace! Love caravan palace

>> No.45759336

She's saying they just met five minutes ago, though. Also, she might be a phone, I'm not very clear.

>> No.45759347

Because surviving non religious literature from medieval europe was usually written by traveling bards and their songs and stories were usually about sex.

>> No.45759350

Not Anon, but in Changeling : the Lost, changelings belonging to the Autumn Court gain power from and have power over fear, dread, unwellness and that whole spectrum of emotions. (Note that the emotional spectrum of violence
Supposedly, ambitious autumn courtiers would make interesting gain from making the world unwholesomely weirder, like by a wave of communication of the kind of the poster. "live in fear, and you won't even know why".
Note that the emotional spectrum of Violence and Rage belongs to an other court, so, no, terrorism is not a reasonable method for them.

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good ad for flat screen tvs

>> No.45759391

Holy shit it took me way longer than it should have to understand what was happening.

>> No.45759396

>> No.45759422

I hate you, but otherwise, yeah, you pretty much assimilated the essence of my philosophy.

>> No.45759427

So after 5 Minutes she already is naked and looks banged?
Did he fuck her in 1 Minute?

>> No.45759483

>> No.45759500

Robot face is a damn good album.

>> No.45759511

The best part is that he's also surprised it worked.

>> No.45759564

>ire proof

Best post in the damn thread

>> No.45759568

Are you actually dense or just pretending to be?

>> No.45759592

>> No.45759615

That skirt is cute.

>> No.45759622

>> No.45759649

That does look an awful lot like a vagina...

>> No.45759715

There's tons of them. All true. The Chinese construction industry is such that this sort of thing happens frequently.

>> No.45759759

no sense of ownership

literally kender

>> No.45759775

>using that saw for cloth
This is the WRONG tool for that job.

>> No.45759813

It was an ad to show off how thin their TV was

>> No.45759814

Made a Tao, can confirm, complete over powered bullshit.

>> No.45759922

Heh, I never knew that.

I have had errors where say, characters invited me to join an assassination plot... against myself.

>> No.45760029

You sure it wasn't a cousin with the same name? If you stick with random names that kind of thing happens.

>> No.45760068

What game is this?

>> No.45760073

>Projecting: The Post.

>> No.45760123

So, not at all? How very accepting of you!

>> No.45760191

Exploding dice, man. Sometime, your score in Sincerity is really bad, but you roll it anyway, and then, well...

>> No.45760227

It's a fan video involving characters from the video-games Touhou (that looks nothing like that).

>> No.45760230


>> No.45760246

>> No.45760288

Wow, that was pretty awesome.

Still like HoTS more tho

>> No.45760296

Nemesis OP

>> No.45760302


>> No.45760312

Hmm, could have been. I had a fairly narrow dynasty at the time, iirc.
Perhaps I jailed that poor man for no reason, having confused my cousin for myself.
Perhaps it was I who was mad all along.

>> No.45760455

>> No.45760518

Having never played any of the games, that image makes me almost consider watching the movie.

>> No.45760822

Sasha is best girl. She better win the title at WM.

>> No.45761154

if you hover over the Spoiler Image text where the filename should be, you can see the name

>> No.45761255


>> No.45761694

>> No.45761738

What was it about those times and pictures of people fighting large snails?

>> No.45761782

Maybe they're a stand in for the French?

>> No.45761970

monk memes

>> No.45762173

Who are they?

>> No.45762316

Is this an old trailer for Warhammer Online?

>> No.45762499

It is.

>> No.45762652

>> No.45762750

I... I kinda want to read this now... any idea where I can get this particular book or what it's called?

>> No.45762778

actually it should be other way around

>> No.45762818

It's The Monster at the End of the book. Every page is about Grover trying to get the reader to stop turning the pages because there's a monster at the end of the book.

>> No.45762841

>> No.45762871

watchout, a guy who still has his soul


>> No.45762914

Fucking elf gyppos

>> No.45763479

>> No.45763570

Thanks doc.

>> No.45763595

What women have you been with?

>> No.45763724


>> No.45763820

You mean "that does look a lot like an awful vagina"

>> No.45764038


>> No.45764115


>> No.45764664

i literally just saw that pic for the first time yesterday on wikipedia.
the internet is a small place

>> No.45764838

And i just watched this episode
10 minutes ago. Its like we're in a trash compactor and shit gets closer every day.

>> No.45765050

My favorite part was when he started jacking off because he saw a woman

>> No.45765054


>> No.45765232

Prisons lonely i'd imagine.

>> No.45765661

To be honest, it was one cute woman.

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