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First for First Legion!

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Second for First Legion is Best Legion!

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>yfw Cruddance isn't writing the Tyranid codices anymore

>> No.45739145

So can I still use the Green Tide formation in light of the Ghaz formation Detachment? It didn't cease to exist with the "new" supplement, right? The green tide wasn't too good, but it was convenient for not giving first blood and fun for overrunning gun lines.

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New tyranid codex when? ;-;

>> No.45739176

>So can I still use the Green Tide formation in light of the Ghaz formation Detachment? It didn't cease to exist with the "new" supplement, right?

Wrong, the Ghaz Update was an Update, you use the most up to date supplement.

RIP Green Tide

(you can still take 100 boyz in the formation it just doesn't combine them into the super unit.)

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First resin model, chinaman gave me two left arms, looking to give it a tattered cloak on the right side.

Counts as an iridium armor xv8 with dual cyclic ion would be acceptable?

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>mfw phil kelly does

>> No.45739210

How do I do winterize the IG without resorting to Not!Russians/Scandinavians?

>> No.45739258

They're 18" not 36".

>> No.45739308

You go with devil haired scottish wearing vibrant kilts-uniforms and blue warpaint on their cheeks.

All of them.

>> No.45739317

Make them Midwesterners.

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>buy catachans
>give them fur trimmed down vests,gold chains, sunglasses
>snow bases
winterized guido army

>> No.45739355


>Who Chicago here

>> No.45739415

>noble but lighthearted and savage heritage
>crude way of fighting perfected against hordes of cyborks and notorious tzeentchian warbands in the sector
>come in aid to a lone squadron of white scars cast in a vicious circle of warp-jumps

>> No.45739435

As a commander or lone suit? I wouldn't have a problem with it.

>> No.45739486

Yeah, these sound interesting. Wonder if the Commissars in a regiment like that would still don their classic red coats or try to camo themselves

>> No.45739494

Lone suit for Killteam/Combat Patrol, Leader for HoR killteam, Commander for vanilla 40k

>> No.45739497

Does the Goff Killmob have ANY redeeming qualities as a Core, or it it just a altogether inferior ?

>> No.45739503

Is that CCON? He sent me an xv107 and a xv109 and both are AMAZING, looks kinda bad for him.

>> No.45739506

For 80pts the Darkshroud is pretty great. I already have one that goes in the Support Squadron but at 1850 should I get a second one to follow around my mini-Deathstar? It gives Fear and Stealth within 6" and if you start in its 6" bubble you can't be overwatched on the Charge.

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I want to start Tempestus Scions Army.
500 pts for start.
Which army list is better in your opinion ?
A or B ?
What change, add, or remove ?
Please annon be nice :)

>Tempestus Scions "A"

Militarium Tempestus Command Squad
2 x Hot-Shot volley gun
Plasma gun


Militarium Tempestus Scions
2 x Grenade Launcher
Bolt pistol

Militarium Tempestus Scions
2 x Grenade Launcher
Bolt pistol

Militarium Tempestus Scions
Bolt pistol
2 x Meltagun

Militarium Tempestus Scions
Bolt pistol
2 x Meltagun

>Tempestus Scions "B"


Militarium Tempestus Command Squad
2 x Hot-Shot volley gun
Plasma gun

Taurox Prime
Battle Canon
Twin-linket Autocanons


Militarium Tempestus Scions
2 x Grenade Launcher
Bolt pistol

Militarium Tempestus Scions
2 x Grenade Launcher
Bolt pistol

Militarium Tempestus Scions
Bolt pistol
2 x Meltagun

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How is chinamans resin? Just got a job and i would really like to order some shit. Do small units come out well? Vespids, ethereals etc? Or just big shit?

>> No.45739550


I'm interested in ordering from CCON, but the models I want are in metal.
Is there a possibility he would cast them in plastic/resin?

I'm interested in biovores

>> No.45739557

B looks better to break yourself into the game.

>> No.45739587

No if he won't make any special molds and the metals have been there for a while so someone's buying them.

Depends on Chinaman. CCON is the only I use but I have good thing about Z. CCON does great work though as long as you dont mind the usual flash removal. Small units are usually fine but remember they are much heavier. My bikes and Landspeeder were solid resin (their main bodies)

>> No.45739600

its the flash lighting. here;s another without, seems really good.
This was my first time cleaning/working with resin, so I can't compare it to forgeworld besides an old broadside. in comparison to the get started taubox, it looks pretty good. I also got some dire avengers in bag I can post if you like.

You;re the biovore guy from last thread? I don;t think so, molds are generally for resin / plastic /metal casting on something made for a different material leads to failcast.

Friend got a sentinel, I can attest to them being much heavier due to solid parts. I -hope- the battlesuits are about the same weight. XV9's are just so much better looking.

>> No.45739637

Forgot pic

>> No.45739652

Could you post the Avengers? I might pick up some Fire Warriors. Is the resin easier to work with than plastic? Because if so i might order some Guardsmen to convert to Gue'vesa

>> No.45739673

Also are all parts solid? This is all new to me, so i apologize for the game of twenty questions.

Also, how are tanks? Some Devilfish might not be a bad idea either

>> No.45739674

>easier to work with than plastic
You cereal?

>> No.45739678

If you are playing pure Ravenwing it would be worth it, otherwise no. I would give it an Ass Cannon instead of the single Heavy bolter if you can though.

What is your "mini-Death Star" at 1850? Just Int Chap and Command Squad, because that already has a 3+ rerollable jink.

>> No.45739689

>Is the resin easier to work with than plastic?
Fuck no.

With flash, but posting full size.

For forgeworld stuff as far as I can tell, they use bigger parts/ solid pieces. For tanks they'd probably be in the same parts as a normal spure for something as big as a devilfish.

I'd sooner check ebay/craigslist and strip it with purple power than deal with blocks of resin if I could help it.

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He doesn't write codices anymore.

>> No.45739704

Not everything is solid but he does simplify his process for his own sake. All the Marine Chests I have gotten are solid, as I said the Bike and Landspeeder are too. Really your best bet is to look at the piece photos he has next to most products and pit them against GW spur picks to give you a good idea. Also he doesnt give you a full box of bits, just what you need for that specific one.

easier to work with than plastic?

No, even though his stuff is good it is still Resin and their for prone to snapping easily. It is far more brittle. Stringy bits, tubes and thing bits will break.

>> No.45739717

By flash I mean both part flash and camera flash. I can take another without if you like.

>> No.45739734

>Also he doesnt give you a full box of bits,
At least for the xv9 I got all three heads. and from what I can tell of the avengers, they look like the include options for the autarch. Autarch and avengers were separate items though, so idk how it would be for normal troops

>> No.45739745

>What is your "mini-Death Star" at 1850?

Sammael, Int Chap with MoR, lvl 2 Lib with Auspex and 6man command squad with Banner, Apoth, 1-2 Grenade Launchers.

I am trying to play full Ravenwing.

I think I am going to get another 3-6 more Black Knights. The TL Plasma Talons are just great.

>> No.45739770

I mean he will give you the basic options yeah but for the bigger vehicles its WYSIWYG then you have to go buy the bits in his other Album to convert it. (this is the case for Necron Doom Scythe)

That being said I am waiting for his next sale and plan to get a ton of all the special weapons I need and may even L2Magnetize.

>> No.45739806

Yes at 1850 its an absolute bargain, and is very useful against most armies.

>> No.45739815

>Sammael, Int Chap with MoR, lvl 2 Lib with Auspex and 6man command squad with Banner, Apoth, 1-2 Grenade Launchers

>9 Models
>600+ points

Yeah you need a Darkshroud to protect your investment there. Try and keep your command squad away enough to get the bonus but far enough not to get caught in an explosion.

>> No.45739835

Ah. I only have the excell sheets of his stuff. If he drops another sale, I'm def buying again.

I'm just waiting on some magnets to get here and I'll be doing that with my xv8's

>> No.45739845

Alright, maybe I will actually buy one NiB so I could get the Vengeance option this time.

my original plan was not to have the librarian and bring a White Scars Librarius Conclave instead
>dat skilled rider

>> No.45739853

I am talking about CCON I think it is Z that does the catalog.

>> No.45739854

What table are you usually rolling on?
Telepathy is the obvious choice if you bring the conclave so you can get spooky scary invisibility, but what do people like to roll on with 1 libby?
I often use divination for prescience, but its somewhat weaker on the black knight deathstar.

>> No.45739868

Are you going to magnetize?
Because otherwise don't bother with the vengeance.

>> No.45739879

>pure Ravenwing
>White Scars Librarian Conclave
Why are the Ravenwing players here so cancerous? You, tag-team anon, there's at least one namefag.

>> No.45739881

I was talkign about ccon too. I just ordered off what was on the excel catalogs on yoyhammer. I'll have to find those and look sometime

>> No.45739916

I am not crazy competitive and play fluffier game so I roll with Interomancy and it is actually really great.

>Mind Worming a Daemon Prince before the Assault.
>Trephination on a bunch of Skitari Rangers
>Mindwipe Obliterators till the cows come home

Though sometimes I still try for the Invis if it is a tougher army.

>I'm just waiting on some magnets to get here
What size magnets do you use and could you recommend a drill I could order from the states?

>> No.45739935

Bikes are fun, we are lucky enough to have an army you can play on any level of competitiveness.

>> No.45739946

Not him, but I'm not a fan of Telepathy without weight of numbers or rerolls or the like to guarantee Invisibility. The rest of the discipline is so lackluster aside from P. Shriek.

Biomancy would be pretty nice in that setup. Two powers that make the Libby significantly killier, one fantastic malediction, one excellent squad blessing, and even life leech can come in handy.

>> No.45739959

Yeah I am hoping to magnetize. I just want it to try, the Darkshroud seems so much better (and for its cost, are you kidding me?)

Well I didn't go through with it but it is a good option. The Dark Angel conclave makes you take Ezzy who can't into a bike. See >>45739916

After you complete a transaction he will have you on the mailing list he posts the albums with the sales.

>> No.45739966

>What size magnets do you use and could you recommend a drill I could order from the states?
I got Magcraft Rare Earth 1/16 in. x 1/32 in. Disc Magnet (200-Pack) and am using a 1/16th bit with it. god I wish we'd just switch to metric

>> No.45739974

Ok, thanks. I haven't gotten anything from him since.

>> No.45739990

>anything from him since.
Nothing since Chinese New Years. Early Summer he sometimes does a sale. Because he is best Chinaman and knows the kids are out of school here

>> No.45739998

I've had some fun with interromancy as well. I never get off the mindworms but I did reduce some grey knights to bumbling idiots with the permanent mind wipes.
My darkshrouds are not magnetized so I don't know what the best size to use for those are precisely. Try WIP if its up.
As for the drill, I use the little army painter spiral one. It was cheap (should be able to get it for ~10 US, maybe less) and you can find it on ebay/amazon to ship in the States. I like it but I haven't used any other brand of drill so who knows.

>> No.45740009

Have Eldar ever had a bad codex? Like, ever?

>> No.45740028

Sadly DA librarians can't roll on Biomancy, but it does sound like a nice choice for a biker.

>> No.45740039

Ok, thanks,. I'll keep a lookout for it

It depends on if you like bikes or not.

>> No.45740053

>sound like a nice choice for a biker.
Getting Endurance on my Deathstar would just be fantastic.

>> No.45740058


>> No.45740071

Inspired by the old as heck crons a few threads ago, give me pictures of the oldest possible 40k miniatures that you know of, please.

>> No.45740073

no, they were weak in 5th due to having an old book. as far as i know they've always been powerful

>> No.45740080

What advantages does using Dark Angels terminators rather than vanilla terminators give me? Is using Deathwing Termies a better option than using a First Company Taskforce along with a Terminator Libbie Conclave?

>> No.45740084

Is Google broken?

>> No.45740085

So how many people actually allow the "toe in cover" rule for Gargantuan MCs?

>> No.45740099

I guess that's why we have allies.
Imperium is love, imperium is life.

>> No.45740101

Why don't you use that rotting marshmallow between your ears and check them out yourself?

>> No.45740144

How long do you usually wait for Z to respond? (Also, is the first letter of his mail an L or I? I typed a lower case L)

I know it was New Year there, but I'd like to know an estimate.

Also, is this format correct?

Headline: NEW ORDER

ORDER (X Captain, K-1-4



>> No.45740147

That are just like regular Terminators if you aren't playing any Ravenwing on the field or having them in the formations to manipulate when they arrive from reserves.
Deathwing Knights are pure Melee Terminators with a special mace and all get Thunder Shields. 5 vanilla termis 200 5 TH/Mace Knights 235.
I don't know if regular marines get terminator command squads but I know Deathwing do.

>> No.45740152

Everyone gets twin-linked when they deep strike, the automatically come in turn 2, 3 or 4, your choice, no reserve rolls. All termies have fearless, split fire and Preferred Enemy: CSM.
Also have access to Deathwing Knights, who are extremely lethal assault terminators.
Can take plasma cannons on termies (can vanilla do this?) and a terminator command squad (don't know if vanilla can do this).

Also if you are running them with Ravenwing, you get 12' no-scatter around all bikes with the right formation, and default 6' with no formations.

>> No.45740153

Because I don't have the ability download codices when using a public computer at my college

>> No.45740177

I've been waiting for a reply since January, and I'm a regular buyer.

>> No.45740178


5th was mediocre.

>> No.45740192

>>45740152 Said it better.

I only have my small DW force for fluff games or specific match ups.

>> No.45740213

Which is sadly how they are best used, as they are shown up badly by Ravenwing and the Lion's Blade.
I was hoping for something for them from Warzone Fenris...

>> No.45740254

I just wish the Knights could assault from Deepstrike man... They would be so much better it is scary. Would gladly pay 20+ points for it.

>> No.45740262

Go to r/yoyhammer and read the guide.

>> No.45740283

I wish Knights could assault from deepstrike, it would be glorious to bring the D in melee with DYNAMIC ENTRY

>> No.45740288

Seeing as how games workshops has developed a crippling formation addiction, including more and more assault out of reserves hijinks, I don't think its that unlikely that we'll see it in the future.
I hope, I pray, I dream.

>> No.45740398


Read it, doesn't answer my questions. You mean the sticky i guess?

>> No.45740413

Thank god.

>> No.45740448

Search how to order...

>> No.45740540

Maybe it's just because I play CSM, but Dark Angels (And especially Ravenwing) seem super duper OP. I can't seem to last longer than turn 2 or 3 versus them, mostly because I have a very hard time hurting any of the fuckers and the Land Speeders blow the shit out of me if I try to charge.

>> No.45740595

So, I have to sell my Warhammer stuff. It's mostly 40k models with some Vampire Counts and Tomb Kings.

I made a listing on Ebay, thought maybe someone would like to check it out. If so, just post a reply and I'll post a link to the listing.

It's a bundle of CSM, SM, Orks, Chaos Daemons and Tyranids with bits of Eldar Guardians from 40k and Vampire Counts and an old Battalion of Tomb Kings with a few metal models like the Liche Priest and Tomb Guard.

>> No.45740624

Ravenwing is very elite. It has a notoriously low model count. The rerollable jink is durable but not on the level of Reanimation Protocol.

Ravenwing also tends to run as a Deathstar in its pure form (yeah, yeah I know they can just spam grav bikes with land speeders but the Strikeforce itself). Take out the smaller bike squads and solo Landspeeders first. Do not try to assault the Deathstar, your best bet (besides the obvious ignore cover) is to drown it in shots. Keep the threats jinking. Playing the mission is the most important part.

Also never forget how scouty those bastards get during deployment. God forbid RW steals the initiative. I have seen them win before T1 because their opponent deployed like an idiot and then "lol scout into Melta/Rapid fire"

>> No.45740625

Loyalist versus CSM is a shitshow since they basically do everything we do but better. Unless you're willing to start heavily using Demonology and allied daemons, just use a loyalist codex that represents your warband.

>> No.45740626

Its a good army, there's no doubt.
Its limited by its very low model count, the weakness of land speeders and standard bikes in assault, and the fact that most of its durability comes from its excellent jinking.
What sort of list do you usually face?

>> No.45740643

Why bundle so many different armies? For the additional effort you would probably see better and quicker returns with multiple small lots.

Good luck selling AoS/Fantasy.

>> No.45740676

Fun Fact my Interegator Chaplin once ate 5/7 hits with FnP (because I forgot Rozarius) from a full blast of a Baleflamer onto my command squad.

My face when he was relying on that ignore cover as a lifeline.

>> No.45740765

Three bike squads with an attack bike each, one grav, one melta, one flamers. Flamer squad has a heavy bolter on the attack bike, and the other two are mult-meltas. A command squad with an apothecary, interrogator chaplain with MoR, and Librarian on a bike, then a support squadron with four Land Speeders and the Shrouded-Bubble Speeder, with lots of missile launchers. 1500 points.

>> No.45740772

Red Mechanicus book doesn't seem to list those custom Mechanicus land raiders I heard about, what gives?

>> No.45740779

>I made a bunch of fuck-ups, but I got really lucky.
Cool story.

>> No.45740780

Because I need the money asap, so I'm trying to push it cheap. Also it can be good for someone who does convering, at least I think.

>> No.45740792

It is to me, who's dick is up your ass?

>> No.45740798

Do i have to include "shipping options" when mailing to Z?
I have no idea of chinese postage options.

>> No.45740843

All these shitty Ravenwing players'.

>> No.45740853

It also depends on your meta,I seem to do alright with chaos against loyalists. I run Nurgle doods in rhinos with Khorne Bikers and it's a pretty fun time.

>> No.45740856

Tinkering with a CSM: The Purge list, gimme some feedback

1850/1850 points
Necrosius the Undying

>Lv 3, Spell Familiar, MoN, Aura of Dark Glory

Ferrum Infernus Dread
>Fist, Multi Melta, Lord of the Long War

>Fist, Multi Melta

>Fist, Multi Melta

20 Plague Zombies
20 Plague Zombies
20 Plague Zombies

-Heavy Support-
Plague Hulk of Nurgle

Plague Hulk of Nurgle

Chaos Vindicator
>Siege Shield, Daemonic Possession


-Lord of War-
Chaos Knight Paladin

>> No.45740886

Post that shit

>> No.45740902

>shitty Ravenwing players'.
3 dicks at once? Oh boy.

It is a fun army though and is way better than Lion Strike Force to me. It's whole gimmick is a rerollable cover save.

Most top armies ignore cover. Are you getting your shit stomped that hard by bikers you get mad about them here?

People are discussing an army they share, just ignore the conversation.

>> No.45740909

I'm curious why you're running it as a Purge detachment rather than combined arms since you have neither a bunch of barrage weapons, a bunch of flamers, or a bunch of elites. Just run a CAD.

Lord of the Long War is pretty lackluster, from what I recall. The Vindicator needs a combi-bolter or two for weapon destroyed results. If you're going to run three Helbrutes, I'd personally run the Deepstrike one. Drop the Ferrum Infernus for that?

>> No.45740920

As Ravenwing the Nurgle Bikers in a small CSM CAD w/ Heldrake and a KDK gorepack has been a pretty huge challenge. Nothing beats bikes on bikes. Great quick games with lots of smash.

>> No.45740927


Plasma or Melta only.

>> No.45740950

Aay. You, me and Lionbro.

The only other DA player at my shop runs the Demi Company or CAD marines for his FW flier. Then he has a bunch of Deathwing.

At least here people play a similar thing. because I got all the advise for my list here :^)

>> No.45740982

I am running the purge because it has no Compulsory Troop choices, the zombie mobs are non-compulsory. also for that 4th heavy slot.

Can't run the Helbrute formation because the purge has 2 compulsory elite choices, and yeah LotLW is pretty bad, but shits funny, especially because my playgroup lets me roll the D6 every time it dies, not exclusively on the Explodes! result.

I have 2 Helbrutes and one old Chaos Dread model, hence the Ferrum Infernus, i'd like to cut the sorcerer and Ferrum infernus so it would be 2 elite slot Helbrutes and 3 in the formation, but money/time has prevented me from doing that so far.

>> No.45741001

Which Thanatar a best?

>> No.45741009

That's pretty typical, and with only 1 squad of black knights I'd say pretty manageable.
A big part of beating this is target priority- force jinks on grav and plasma always. This while negate a significant portion of his shooting. Force melee on the speeders when possible, and remember that powers like psychic shriek can ignore jink completely.
As for the command squad... without a dedicated melee HQ/unit its very difficult to beat, but all of this depends on your list.

>> No.45741030


>implying a Tau or Eldar faggot would ever concede that rule

anon please. You know how to avoid that bullshit? Dont play vs Tau/Eldar powerlisting douchebags.

>> No.45741261


>No mention of Tau/Eldar
>Better use his question as an excuse to whine about Tau and Eldar!

>> No.45741287

Don't be silly anon. Everyone knows 100% of Tau and Eldar players are WAAC spammers, unlike [insert preferred army here] which is much more fluffy and tactical, and is played only by cool bros.

>> No.45741298

Help me /tg/, I don't have the motivation to finish that box of marines I have been wanting to assemble for a week now.

How do you motivate yourself?

>> No.45741307

Completely scrapping the toe in cover rule would harm Orks and Chaos much more than tau.
Eldar wouldn't care at all as they already have much better invulnerable/jink saves.

>> No.45741327


>> No.45741345

I bought a box of grots to finish my Ork horde two weeks ago, I don't know why it's still unopened but I just feel....

You know what? I'm going to build it right now and you should build some marines too, which bits do you think look best on them?

>> No.45741357

>every special weapon or piece of wargear in the codex is AP 3, 2 or 1

>thinking there is a faction that even comes close to being better in combat than SW

It's everything Orks and CSM should have been

>> No.45741369

>posted it again
AP isn't what makes space wolves good at combat.

>> No.45741403

What are the holiest locations in IoM? First ones to come to mind

>Shrine of Guilliman

>> No.45741416

Here you go, anon.

>> No.45741435

No, but it does help. Possessed might be appropriately priced if they had AP3 all the time rather than as a mutation roll.

Or, y'know, just give them the entire table every turn.

>> No.45741447

Make them regular soldiers with winter wargear. Snow-googles, beenies, white colored uniform etc

>> No.45741550

How do i get into skitarii or ad mechanicus?

>> No.45741562

You're right, it's their low AP weapons AND high strength AND high initiative AND high number of attacks AND high weapon skill AND low invulnerable saves AND lightning fast movement speed.

>> No.45741571

The Start Collecting! box is a too place to begin.

>> No.45741579

You forgot high toughness.

But yeah the AP weapons are a very minor part of why space wolves are good. Arguably the least important factor.

>> No.45741641

Do any DE players use Scalpel Squadrons? If so, what loadout do people use? I'm seeing the ability to get 2 weapons per squad with an Acothyst, but I'm thinking he's not worth it. I also don't see any weapons in their list that are going to really do anything when they land. I have this horrible vision of ten Wracks dropping in on a pair of Venoms, blazing away and just bouncing off their target.

>> No.45741650

Wherever the keep Dorns hand
St. Celestine's panty draw

>> No.45741657

How important it is depends on who you're facing.
You're always going to want some AP2 so you don't end up just having to force millions of saves but ap3-6 is unimportant in the most parts, better to have more attacks and strength.

>> No.45741698

Seeing as how everybody and their mother has AP2 and Strength D nowadays, what's the point of armor-saves?

>> No.45741702

>super duper OP
Muh markerlights

>> No.45741714

yes anon, cast aside your 5+ and strut around in the nude. it is pleasing to slaanesh

>> No.45741720

You mean a full on ice world regiment or like a regiment in winter gear?

For regular regiments in winter gear, maybe paint their jackets in snow camo while their clothing underneath could be in more traditional camo colours. Gloves, scarfs, warm headgear, etc.

If you want ice world regiments that have an arctic theme to them, maybe look at arctic cultures. Inuits, Sami, etc. Or something like German Alpine Jägers.

>> No.45741750

a reason to charge 200 points for terminators without making them any better

>> No.45741829

>Do any DE players use Scalpel Squadrons? If so, what loadout do people use?

I run two Scalpal Squadrons in my dedicated Covens army. The Wracks themselves only get upgrades if I have points to fill; the Venoms get the obligatory additional Splinter Cannon. Trying to grab first blood with them is a waste of time - it's nice if it happens but isn't the main reason you take them. They're mostly useful for running a null deployment army. Since you only auto-lose the game if you have no models left on the board at the end of your turn, you can put everything in reserve, force the opponent to waste a turn shooting at an empty table, then bring your Scalpels automatically in on turn 1. They can spend the game harassing the opponent, grabbing objectives, wearing down infantry units, and occasionally having the Wracks act as emergency tarpits while the Grotesques and Pain Engines do the bulk of the work.

If there's enough points to give the Wracks upgrades, they get Acothysts with Sissorhands first of all, then Ossefactors.

>> No.45741845

Do you have an updated email for Z or CCONs? I can't find either

>> No.45741940

Aight boys, i need your help tracking down some miniatures.

I really want to start up a Renegades and Heretics army to supplement and eventually replace my Chaos Space Marines, and i've narrowed their look down to being Space Terrorists.

So what i want from you, is a model alternate, i need something that looks like pic related, but not at GWs exorbitant price of $5 for one dude.

>> No.45741946

Is using a Chaos Knight in a 1500 pt game cheesy?
I've been looking at those Dreamforge Leviathans, and I really wanna make one into a Chaos Knight, but I don't know if they're too nasty for a friendly game.

>> No.45742006


Depends on the army you play against.

Tyranids/orks/CSM can't do shit against it

The top armies like tau/eldar/necrons should be able to handle it

>> No.45742047

Curious Constructs, I believe, sells a torso and head combo in that style. Just get some Cadian legs and arms to go with it, and you got your Chaos troops.

>> No.45742055

Check out The Assault Group's ultra modern range. They've got a bunch of Taliban dudes, runs roughly half the cost of GW minis, though still expensive.
I usually play against Space Wolves, Ravenguard, and occasionally Khorne Daemonkin.
I figure Ravenguard have enough SHENANIGANS to handle it, given they're really good at outflanking into melta range and all that. Dunno about Space Wolves.

>> No.45742085

buy plastic historical terrorist figures + give them lasrifles

>> No.45742112

Anyone have new ghaz suplement, please?

>> No.45742114

Bolt action miniatures might be a good pick.
As a fellow csm/renegades player may I ask what sort of force you're running? I've got my first platoon and a command squad and I'm now deciding what tank or vehicle to choose. I'm torn between a bane Wolf or a leman

>> No.45742125

Just let people know you're bringing a single knight before game day. It's something that can skew a game.

>> No.45742148

How much would the model for this cost?

>> No.45742154

Ok dipshit. How many armies have gargantuan creatures in their codexes?
Tau, Eldar.... maybe you could name the others for me, I'm drawing a blank.

>> No.45742169

So, how are genestealers? Shit or good?

>> No.45742170


About two eighty five.

>> No.45742174


>> No.45742193


No, how much would a model of what I posted cost.

Not some tiny ass Titan gun rig.

>> No.45742197

Shit. Expensive, fragile, no way to get into CC without losing most of the unit, no assault grenades.

>> No.45742200

name a better chaos army
>protip you cant

>> No.45742221

I'm building a coven army too, I'm thinking about using the Scalpel Squadrons to grab objectives and using a Fleshcorps loaded down with Ossefactors or Liquefiers as an anvil of sorts. Ossefactors on the Scalpel Squadrons should allow me to wax small units.

>> No.45742223

like $2k

>> No.45742226

Dark Angels

>> No.45742227

Literally any of them. The only legion that can even compete with their shittiness is the Iron Hands.

>> No.45742231

are those buildings being crushed by treads? the scale on this is crazy. reminds me of the picture of a titan just walking through some mountains

>> No.45742237

theyre heretics anon, they use auto guns

These sculpts look okay, but end up expensive as shit because i'd have to get cadian boxes + these torso/heads

So far these seem pretty good, going to buy a small pack and see how they look next to 40k minis

Bolt action does have desert fighters, but theyre uniformed, which is a big nono for my renegades.

So far i have exactly 0 renegade models, what im thinking is getting some Rapier Laser Destroyers, use some of the ~200 zombie models i already have, get some Lemans, Wyverns with the Ordnance Tyrant.
Ally in a CSM beatstick lord with a retinue of bikes, maybe a Chaos Knight/Heldrake

>> No.45742242

Not in the codex they dont. Tau and Eldar both have GC's in the codex, and can be taken without being a LoW.

Which is why I cited Tau/Eldar faggotry in response to the original question about GC's and cover. Because 9 times out of 10, the GC you're facing is a Stormsurge or a Wraithknight.

>> No.45742246

if they had flesh hooks (the old, not-ranged weapon kind) they'd be expensive but okay assault troops

as-is they're hampered by cover and way too fragile for their cost

>> No.45742262

>i'd have to get cadian boxes + these torso/heads

Or, you know, buy cadian legs and arms online from any number of bits vendors?

>> No.45742280

Genestealers and Wyches both need the Howling Banshees Acrobatic rule.

>> No.45742306

I play SW, I'm kitbashing a tact squad with a GH pack. Mix and match legs and upper body, wolf boltgun and vanilla helmets, magnets on the WGPL, specialists and power weapon wielding guy. I'm at work right now but i'll get to it when I get home.

>> No.45742318


>> No.45742330

Please explain how Orks and Chaos would be harmed by toe in cover for GC's - more than Tau or Eldar? Because all the Squiggoths and (Chaos GC's?) are far more common than Wraithknights and Stormsurges, right?>>45741261
Do you fucking retards even familiarize yourself with this game? You obviously dont play it. Posting snarky, idiotic remarks on /tg/ isnt a hobby.

>> No.45742376

Its much easier if you say that MCs follow the same cover rules as vehicles

>> No.45742407


>Only two factions have GCs

What a surprise. Guy complaining about a game he doesn't play. Lost on your way to /v/?

>> No.45742444


Completely depends on your local meta.
Where I'm at, the amount of melta, lascannons, and other anti tank weapons raises the question "is there anytime a certain Vehicle is considered cheese, like, at all?". Not kidding, anything armor goes like popcorn around here!

I'm planning on running the AM-War convocation, and it fits easily within the 1850 we usually play. My opponent will simply have to deal with it, as they tend to cheese out as well from time to time.

>> No.45742456


Right, I'm aware of the rules. But the original post I replied to, which started this bullshit - was about GC's.
Perhaps that anon was able to justify MC's having a toe in cover, but not GC's - due to the significant difference in size? Whatever the case, the topic was GC's/toe in cover.

But hey, why not just change the entire premise of the exchange to suit your argument, right? Never change 40kgeneral.

>> No.45742466

I said codexes, not factions. Name the other codexes with GC's.

>> No.45742487

I said it would hurt them more if you removed the rule as a whole, so infantry and monsters need to be 25% concealed by ruins to benefit from it.

>> No.45742507

Is this relevant to your interests?

>> No.45742517


Monstrous creatures, gigantic or not, the same argument applies you silly fag. All you'd be doing is making shitty units like Bio Titans and Squiggoths even worse while Eldar and Tau use the other D strength unit or another two riptides. But thanks for derailing this thread so you could have a good cry and project your assmad onto a scapegoat, whilst not contributing anything worthwhile to discussion. Never ch - No wait just kill yourself.

>> No.45742521

ive never met an eldar player who wasnt a faggot.

>> No.45742534

>changing anons post so you can insult him

Why even do this? Do you convince yourself that you arent full of shit, and then gain satisfaction from lobbing an insult based on a quote you fabricated?

>> No.45742543

>I said codexes, not factions.

What difference does that make you goal post shifting mong? Nids, Orks and Chaos can't play their forgeworld units because why?

>> No.45742547


.... except they don't... sadly. And trying to convince your "friendly" neighborhood Tau/Eldar player that it should, is like convincing a fat girl she is over weight.

>> No.45742549

You're a tremendously stupid person, aren't you?

>> No.45742556

No. We already have tactical objectives. These offer nothing new.

>> No.45742557

>Your codex defines what you can and cannot take in your army
/v/ermin spotted.

>> No.45742564

Did not paid attention to the newcron lore. Are they still anti-warp faction and want to cut-out warp from galaxy?

>> No.45742566

>Buying bits of paper from GW

>> No.45742570

The goalposts were never shifted. You just can't read for shit apparently.

>> No.45742577

Which unit is more lethal currently.

Dragoons, Ruststalkers, sicarian infiltrators.

>> No.45742581

Should be, and how we're going to handle pick up games rarely match, in a regular group rules comp happens all the time.

>> No.45742602

That's why i was offering you some screenshots. So you can print your own.

>> No.45742608

If GW's a model company, what are those models for?

>> No.45742622


That's literally what has been claimed. That only Eldar and Tau have GCs so only they benefit from RAW. But why answer the guy's question when you can bleat about factions that make you rump roasted?


Then clarify fuck face. Why can't factions take their FW units? What distinction does that serve other than saving you from looking like a dipshit that doesn't know what factions have GCs?

>> No.45742632


What really struck me was the bad quality of these cards and holder.
Not only is the cards thin and floppy with its new size and thickness, they just feels cheap straight of the bat.
That they have also decided to remove the hard cardboard box that usually comes with the price tag was also a real let down. So much in fact, I didn't even bother to read through all the cards, I was instantly boner-killed by the lack of quality, and the money I paid.

>> No.45742638

You are in such a rush to insult me, you didnt even bother to grasp my point. Im not defending, or criticizing the rule. All I originally said was that (in response to the question) disregarding toe in cover for GARGANTUAN CREATURES, not MC's - would never be accepted by the players who field 99% of GC's on the table right now. Tau, and Eldar.

And every numbnuts and shitposting retard jumped in to point out how the rule works, remind me that other factions have MC's, etc. None of which was or is relevant to the question I replied to.

So stay obnoxious, myopic, and self-righteous anon. It's serving you well.

>> No.45742639

Then your goal is in a shit pile anon, it's like saying that Tau have shit Air units because the barracuda and remora are IA.

>> No.45742645

I'm sorry but you're completely stupid, please read all the posts again and try making a valid response.

>> No.45742651


I know, we usually play "my house, my rules". I was mostly referring to a game at your local shop.

>> No.45742671

Lot of leaps being taken around here. Lets be real for a second though, how often do you guys see GC's that arent a Stormsurge or Wraithknight?

>> No.45742688

Well, not that thats a bad thing, given his atrocities(CSM) but who actually does now? Or have they given up completly and let a random number generator make the army lists now.

>> No.45742695

LGS is fairly good at comping for bullshit, Wraithknight and Shitsurge can be MC if opponent asks, Orks can get comped points, etc.
None of this necessarily holds if shit wasn't planned though, because people would rather get to the game than bicker.

>> No.45742698

Holy shit man. You are so far off the point. Its almost like youre here just to argue and insult people.

>> No.45742699

>would never be accepted by the players who field 99% of GC's on the table right now. Tau, and Eldar.

So you are outright refusing to acknowledge other factions have GCs and how ignoring RAW makes those units even worse without even addressing what makes Eldar/Tau OP or suggesting a better means of calculating cover.

All you did was take a question that had nothing to with whining about Tau/Eldar and used it to whine about Tau/Eldar. Because you're a tedious cunt. Now either answer the guy's question or stop derailing. Because the only spewing irrelevant shit is you.

>> No.45742706



>> No.45742747

Are you stupid?
Tell me what CODEXES have GC other than tau and eldar?
Do you seriously think you will find anything on their level in the Ork or Chaos codex?
Are you some kind of WAAC fag trying to justify their riptide wing army?
Either way that's some weak bait you're throwing out there broseph, maybe you should try the thunderwolf strength test again?

>> No.45742760

>my pictures are internet famous

>> No.45742764

The only GC we ever saw was the barbed hierodule, but Eldar update changed that. I've never seen anyone take a Shitsurge, did a proxy game once when we were doing some stats on the new Tau, but everyone who ran Tau hated the model.
Side note: There was a campaign where we tuned a D-thirster into a FGC for a game, that was amazing.

>> No.45742777

>Its almost like youre here just to argue and insult people.


That's pretty rich considering the whole derail started because someone thought "ELDAR AND TAU ARE FAGGOTS" was an actual answer to the question of how to handle toe in cover ruling.

>> No.45742785

Thats how I play my eldar and how my group plays their tau and tyranids.

Guess people just have shitty play groups

>> No.45742793

Wow bro. You need some fresh air or something, because you are having an argument that has absolutely nothing to do with the original question and answer. Im sure youre convinced you know whats going on, and that youre right and Im an idiot - but as the other anon suggested - your reading comprehension is lacking. Because you are well off topic. Calm down, reread from the beginning, and hopefully you'll see your mistake.
Im sure youre a decent guy, but youre wrong this time bro.

>> No.45742794

>I only care about what's in a book
>there are options outside the book
>I don't care
>You should
>wow, so off the mark, just here to fucking argue I see.

>> No.45742831

why the retarded stipulation?
>Are you some kind of WAAC fag trying to justify their riptide wing army?
Ah yes the model with the native 5++, and access to 3++, who cover is so vital to.
Face it, toe in cover barely maters for the Eldar/Taufags, but it does mater to Nids.

>> No.45742833

>toe in cover ruling.

Gargantuan Creature - toe in cover. We were discussing the rule applying to GC's, not the rule itself. Please try to recognize the disconnect here. I dont want to be on a board with this many fucking idiots.

>> No.45742875

The Q was
>who uses Toe in cover.
Fags responded with complaints about how it only helps Tau?Eldar, and it was retorted that it only really helps the other factions, and wouldn't serve to nerf the Strong armies.
Does toe break immersion?
Is it a balance problem?

>> No.45742893

You are the asshole moving the goalposts. GC's was the original topic. All anyone said was the vast majority of GC's on the table are from the two codexes that have GC's in them.

You then change codexes to factions, start insulting people based on YOUR goalpost shift.... idk anon. Trolling or just incredibly stupid? Either way you are a shitposting retard, and deserving of a 3 day vacation.

>> No.45742918

No, that wasnt the question. The question specifically asked if we allow toe in cover for GC's. You are attempting to change the facts to suit your argument.

>> No.45742939

Still talking GCs, Shitsurge and Wraith barely benefit from it.
>You then change codexes to factions
Not me, and not established originally.
Still a stupid stipulation.
>deserving of a 3 day vacation.
Report threat?

>> No.45742973

>implying toe in cover for GC's helps anyone other than Tau and Eldar

All dem Squiggoth and Nid Bio-Titan players are gonna be pissed!

>> No.45742977

I'm not, Toe in cover only applies to MC/GMC anyway, and everyone here read the fucking post.
Point stands with the addendum for your autism.
>who uses toe in cover for GMC?

>> No.45742985

Does someone want to try to convince me this list is terrible before I drop a bunch of money?

1500 Point Bike Salamanders

- [Vulkan 190]
- [Captain 135]
> Bike, SShield, combi-melta

- 2 x [Command Squad 225]
> Bikes, 5 meltas, 5 SShields
- [Sternguard 165]
> Pod, 2 HFlamers

- 6 x [Bike Squad 93]
> combi-melta, 2 meltas

Total: 1498

>> No.45743005

>Report threat

You have a unique definition of threat. Ironically, "Report threat?" could actually be interpreted as a threat.

>> No.45743027

>two examples that already don't have any surviving issues + access to easy invols.
>as compared to Big Nids.
I see as many big Nids as anything else (may be aberrant), and their about the only ones who'd care.
Point extends further if you account for MC in the same argument.

>> No.45743042

As a Salamanders player, ive had more success with drop pod focused lists, there are some great Salamanders-tooled dreadnoughts out there(Siege, Ironclad, Ashmantle) that give you some real staying power.

Im really not sure your list will hold up, 16 bikes at 1500 seems like it'll just roll over and die really fast.

>> No.45743070

>amount of time a ban normal lasts.
>vacation is not a cheesy threat 101 line.
Don't be a faggot, autist. Up until now you were pleasant for an autist-anon.

>> No.45743076

No because it's dogshit.

>> No.45743080

If we were talking about MC's, its a completely different conversation. But we werent. That didnt stop the 40k general from shitting all over themselves though.

>> No.45743139

>point extends further.
The GMCs actually in use couldn't care less either way. Those that would care would be better with toe as is, and belong to weak or mono-list armies.
But yes the confusion and blame game each did not produce constructive results.

>> No.45743190

looking to dump my old 40k we allowed to sell shit in thread or should I just go use kijiji?

>> No.45743308


I'll buy your shit for a dollar

>> No.45743322

Scrapping the rule means scrapping pretty much every GC that's posed upright rather than hunched over/on 4 legs
AKA fuck Trygons

>> No.45743341

The less models you have, the more easily you are fucked over by a few bad dice rolls (because you have less likelyhood of generating a proper bell curve)
Also, good luck holding objectives in Maelstrom, though you might not play that.

>> No.45743346

Probably want a little bit more anti infantry in there.

>> No.45743349

He isn't?

>> No.45743397

With basic Dreads up to 4 attacks, Space Wolf Venerable Dreads with a 3++, Riptides, Wraithknights, etc all over the place, how do you unfuck the Defiler? Without just turning it into a S7 T7 Fleet MC.

>> No.45743418

By turning it into a S6 T6 Fleet MC.

>> No.45743434

Let it take every single weapon it wants and fire them all independently
A melta, a flamer, a lascannon, a heavy bolter, and then it charges into assault because it's a crab

>> No.45743478

Well, you have a strangely named craigslist

>> No.45743482

Remove Ordnance from its battle cannon, slap base price down to 150, give it AV 13/12/10 and its pretty much "unfucked"

>> No.45743495


Surely you mean T5.

>> No.45743503

>175 points
>battlecannon gains barrage
>can buy bs4 or ws4 for 5 points
>replace reaper autocannon with twinlinked autocannon (why is the reaper autocannon even being used on walkers?)
>move through cover, ignores water hazards because it's a crab

it's gotten a bad hand over the years which is a shame because i love the model. it's the kind of crazy walker chaos would design recklessly

>> No.45743513

I'm new to 40k in general, I was wondering if there was any downside to customizing all my units?

Aesthetically speaking.
I'd love to add all sorts of cool shit to my models, but I'm a little skeptical because I'm not sure if people prefer playing wysiwyg armies.

>> No.45743545

Make it GC so it can stuck it's toe in cover.

>> No.45743550

>Remove Ordnance from its battle cannon

You know they'll just rename it "defiler cannon" and drop the range to 24" and give it AP4.

I'd want Barrage to come back.

>> No.45743577

>why is the reaper autocannon even being used on walkers?

Because it's the Chaos thing.

>> No.45743579

If you can keep track of what everyone has and not make your opponent fall asleep from checking stuff over, sure.

>> No.45743587

If I can tell what has what gun without asking more than once I'm good.

>> No.45743590


Dragoons hit like a train but have no AP, Infiltrators debuff and spam wounds, Ruststalkers probably have the highest absolute damage output if you play your buff/debuff cards just right to support them.

>> No.45743612

it just irks me because we had autocannons on dreads/helbrutes last edition and before that. the defiler is big or strong enough to have a twinlinked autocannon on it. damn warpsmiths should pay attention instead of stuffing daemon waifus into things

>> No.45743663

Just make sure you make everything clear to your opponent beforehand and you'll be fine. Also, consistency across the army is key.
For example "All heavy bolters are big shootas" is good, but "all heavy bolters are big shootas, but this one is a rocket launcher" is not so good.

>> No.45743683

What counts as support beyond vanguard getting in before them?

>> No.45743697

As long as people can still tell what's what, you'll be fine. WYSIWYG only comes up in friendly games if there's confusion about what weapons/units are which. What army? Space Marines of all stripes have tons of options for customization, including a lot of wargear that is workable.

>> No.45743722

Just give a dual Reaper Autocannon turret.
R 36" S7 AP4 Heavy 4, Twin-linked
Let dreads take em.

>> No.45743758

i like it, i'll take 30. do you accept the heads of black templar captains or will slaves make do? i'm low on ectoplasma and daemon weapons this month

>> No.45743808

Dont be ridiculous, you're not playing Orks

>> No.45743880

So I was mentoring over a beginner game today, was 500 CSM vs 500 tau (main models on hand). I was trying to keep both lists pretty traditional, not make it too complicated or anything. Not only did the CSM get destroyed, as you would expect, but the MoN Lord actually managed to get into combat with a fire warrior squad, only to be killed by the last one left in their squad, as the Lord was on one wound from shooting earlier in the game.

This just confirms that Tau are now also OP in combat.

>> No.45743893


Infiltrator proximity, intelligent use of doctrines.

The Omniscient Mask on the Princeps doesn't hurt either.

>> No.45743896

out of the way, superior legion coming through

>> No.45743899

Can someone ID this model for me?

Found him in a bit box and I'm not a space marines guy.

>> No.45743911

>I'd love to add all sorts of cool shit to my models, but I'm a little skeptical because I'm not sure if people prefer playing wysiwyg armies.
There has to be consistancy so both players can tell who is what
EX you've got a squad with a melta and a Sarg:
The melta needs to be distinct from all the other dudes
The Sarg needs to be distinct from all the other dudes
The other dudes need to have some kind of consistency between each other so that they won't be confused for the melta or the Sarg

>> No.45743930


Old Assault on Black Reach Captain.

I think he came with a banner as well.

>> No.45743933

My only ranged AT is 12 tankbustas in trukk, 6 grotzooka kan and a SAG.
Should I get 12 more tankbustas? Mek guns are way to expensive money wise for me

>> No.45743948

At 500 you should mostly only have Fire Warriors and a few suits, neither of which has good enough shooting to truly rek CSM unless they were
A: all marked (lel)
B: unRhino'd (why)
C: the table had literally no cover

>> No.45743966


>> No.45743967

They had a rhino, it died pretty quickly. Supporting fire didnt help when they tired to assault.

>> No.45743972

Yes. And scratchbuild mek gunz, should be easy to make from almost anything.

>> No.45743975


More Tankbustas are generally a good idea.
Make your own out of some spare rocket shaped bits or go bits-hunting for them.

Same deal with Mek Gunz, making your own is both cheaper and good experience for the hobby side of the game.

>> No.45743981

You're right. It's 24", AP4 ,Gets Hot! and for each kill you roll on a random table and have a chance of just blowing up your own unit.

>> No.45744005

Rolled 1, 3, 6 = 10 (3d6)

>Can someone ID this model for me?

Sure. Casting Force.

>> No.45744022

Are there any pokemon in the 40k galaxy?

>> No.45744029

The C'tan

>> No.45744030

What was the CSM List and what was the tau list?

>> No.45744031

>Play mech vets against Tau
>Never had a chimera make it past turn 4.
Rhinos won't help a whole lot against tau. Even at 500 points they can put our enough S7 shots to munch them pretty fast.

>> No.45744038

You are sincerely retarded.

Space wulf book #2 when,

>> No.45744049

Post lists.

>> No.45744119

>girlfriend wants to play Space Cop army
>regretfully inform her Arbites aren't really supported
>asks about Space Marines
>I show her pic related
>now wants to collect them so she can bully other Space Marine chapters

Dear god what have I done..

>> No.45744126

Chaos lord, MoN, power weapon, aura

5 marines, MoN, power weapon, Rhino

Cultists, flamers

Obbie, MoN

Predator, heavy bolters

Commander, 5 fire warriors, 7 fire warriors, 2 battle suits, pathfinders, broadside

Cant give details on the tau list as I didnt make it. There were two of us who knew what we were doing there, we each made a list for the newbies to play with. Again we both tried to keep it simple and not with a WAAC mind set.

Tau managed to seize the initiative against Chaos, killed the obbie before it could do anything, rhino and predator went down next turn with some lucky rolling.

>> No.45744140

Seize the initiative is cancer.

>> No.45744141

And so it was that anon had a really cool GF who picked best chapter.


>> No.45744159

>Dear god what have I done.
Made up a story on a Chinese Shoe Trading Image Board.

My girlfriend prefers to model and paint her Space Wolves because she gets upset/confused when they die/get shot at.

>> No.45744176

Tell her about the sus-an membrane.

>> No.45744185

What was the terrain like, because an obbi in cover with MoN should be damn hard to shake

Also, I notice a lot of luck mentions: the Seize, and the Rhino/Pred. Remember at very low points games, luck plays a much bigger factor than at high points games. When you're only making maybe a dozen shots per turn, you're much more likely to over or under perform on the bell curve than perfectly hit it.

>> No.45744193

Biggest problem is the CSM list does not have enough bodies to absorb the tau shooting. The CSM dex is very punishing when it comes to any upgrades at all ever. And in my experience cultists are usually a waste of points vs. tau, they just all die in 1 turn no matter what you do with them.

>> No.45744194

So after a loong hiatus (3rd edition) i decided maybe i will dip my toes back itno 40k tourney scene..

Do I have enough D weapons?

the 2 painted wk have the other 2 arms avaliable (magnetized)

i have not in picture:
15 rangers (3 groups of 5)
25 dire avengers
30 guardians (3 platforms)
5 banshees + exarch
1 prisim
1 falcon
1 nib falcon
2 more vypers

could i put something really seriously competetive or am i going to trade out a bunch of this stuff for say 45 warpsiders and 7 more jetbikes?

>> No.45744209

and a wave serpent

>> No.45744212

I knew a guy like that.

He had this massive Tyranid force with Biotitans and everything, all in a display case like some kind of ant farm, posed while eating/chasing down a bunch of little green army men. I asked if he ever played with them and he said he didn't want them to get hurt

>> No.45744219

>Arbites aren't really supported

Inquisitorial Henchmen and Carapace Vets.

>> No.45744236

>Tell her about the sus-an membrane.
She doesn't care about the marines only the actual dog.

She runs a Great Wolf Detachment and its all wolves and wolfriders (TWC/Priest/Lord). Even got her a Logan because she liked the model. only in its sleigh.

>> No.45744244

It's literally called a hamburger sandwich. As in, a sandwich with a hamburg steak.

Some fucking people...

>> No.45744276

You can throw anything from the Eldar codex together in a battle-forged army and be competitve, I hope you just try to bait.

You need some more jetbikes and a Farseer though. You won't use your banshees or rangers much.

Wraithknights, howling banshees, fire dragons, wraithguard etc. are all great.

What missions does your local tournaments tend to play? Usually not a huge deal, but if you aim at ultra-competitiveness you would build a very different list for NOVA than the LVO and the ETC

>> No.45744277

well i feel pretty triggered, but you need another wave serpent for the guardians otherwise double CAD scat bikes with wraithknight works pretty well

not everyone removed is a kill. i don't remember where i read it but most just get injured & knocked out. not to mention the numbers are on a bigger scale. something like triple the amount of orks, guard, & nids are being represented as part of a larger scale conflict.

>> No.45744295

I think I remember an anon talking about this exact thing (girl not wanting her SW dogs getting hurt) some time ago, was it you

Either way, yeah like
Said, some people just get really attached to the models they spend to much work on. Meanwhile I'm playing with a (literally) half-painted Dread

I just say he recently transferred from the Grey Knights

>> No.45744313

Every time an unit from tau shoots at cultists, they aren't shooting something more important. And there is only 5-7 shooting phases in this game.
It still takes 2,4 unsupported pulse rifle shots to kill 1 cultist with no cover. Not an big achievement but those 24 shots could have been used on more important targets.

>> No.45744316


It's in a roll. Rolls aren't sandwiches, they're rolls.

>> No.45744320

found the retard.
Hamburgers are a type of sandwich, you faggot.

>> No.45744336

>What missions does your local tournaments tend to play? Usually not a huge deal, but if you aim at ultra-competitiveness you would build a very different list for NOVA than the LVO and the ETC

well i hear latley they were using the card system but i think they are going to swap to same way LVO did it.

i was eyeing the top eldar list with 45 warp spiders 9 jetbikes + 3 farseers on bikes + wraithknight.

as for "trolling" i was just curious if i really needed to load up on D weapons (wraithguard/knights instead.

>> No.45744339

I'm in awe of your stupidity

>> No.45744360

My mind cannot contain these forbidden truths.

>> No.45744372


When, at any point in your life, have you heard a roll referred to as a sandwich?

>> No.45744390

Well the obbie would of got a 5+ cover, but he has a 5+ invul anyway. And yea I know luck is a huge part in 500 pts games. Either way, the chaos player seemed to have fun, he will be playing again.

Yea I mainly put the cultists in to give the list some variety and the newbies could see what other units were like.

>> No.45744393

"sandwich is a food item consisting of one or more types of food, such as vegetables, sliced cheese or meat, placed on or between slices of bread, or more generally any dish wherein two or more pieces of bread serve as a container or wrapper for some other food."

>> No.45744398

>meat between two buns or on a roll
>not a sandwich
What do you call cold cuts on a kaiser roll?
Or porkroll, egg, and cheese?
They're fucking sandwiches, you dip

>> No.45744405

Yeah if it was when she wouldn't come out of cover and refused to move turn 1 that was her and I. It is her first army and she is still painting a lot of it. The wolves get done quick but then grey marines every where.

(she has thirty of those damn Fenrissian Wolves that don't even have riders)

>> No.45744417

>When, at any point in your life, have you heard a roll referred to as a sandwich?

less than 2 seconds on google 1st link:


"Philly Cheese Steak Sandwich"
"2 fresh Italian sandwich rolls "

>> No.45744433

Wow this thread is consistently good for absolutely nothing but arguing and shitposting. You guys are a reflection of the state of 40k right now. I dont know how you can even tolerate each other.

>> No.45744441

I have never played against Craftworld Eldar, and even I am thoroughly triggered.

>> No.45744450

>I dont know how you can even tolerate each other.
I've got news for you, buddy...

>> No.45744454

maybe you should leave

>> No.45744474

So when Deathwatch Overkill comes out, can I use the Genestealer Cult as an army in 40k?

>> No.45744478

Every day in a part of England?

>> No.45744483

get the fuck out, retardo

>> No.45744499

Well, it's mostly strangers on the internet dicking about. People mostly play with friends irl, and are a lot more polite with strangers.
At least, at my flgs no one has called me a faggot for not bringing scatterbikes or some shit.

>> No.45744517

There's nothing to talk about, or course it's going to revert to shit posting.

>> No.45744573

>I'm new to 40k in general

Let me save you some time. You will get bad advice here, almost exclusively. This thread is full of tards that learned everything they know about 40k from /tg/. People who genuinely enjoy and play the game dont spend a whole lot of time here. Just a heads up, there are far better venues to learn about and discuss 40k. This thread is for people who want to anonymously vent their anger at other people.

>> No.45744574

Yes! Yes you can. I think in a prior thread people were talking about combining a Genestealer w/ Brood Lord formation and the Genestealer Cult to make a 1k Cult army.
You can always ally in looted IG tanks, and just say that the One Eye Open rule represents the crew not working the machine properly, and any supporting IG units as being terrified new recruits who have only recently been coerced into the cult or something.

>> No.45744609

Dont worry. I'll leave you to your cesspool.

>> No.45744611

Not trying to start shit, but do you think part two of the wolfen campaign will have new Ork formations, or is ghazkull it?

>> No.45744613

Well if you want to win the LVO, spamming 45 warp spiders was apparently the way to go (the last game was actually a tie, Sean Nayden also brought lots of warp spiders - i think 25-30- and a corpsethief claw formation). A smaller, local tournament level usually doesn't require that intense spamming to do well.

Depending on how big your scene is, you'll also get an idea of what your meta is like, which affects your list-building. Know you'll be facing lots of invisible death stars? Consider a culexus allied in. Grav wherever you see? Consider a void shield generator.

D-spam isnt that good, there is a reason for why you see more fire dragons/swooping hawks/warp spiders than Wraithguard, and its because they're more versatile and thus in the hands of a good player, (arguably) better. Not to say that Wraithguard arent brutal, especially together with a DE Archon with a webway portal, but just loading up on D-weapons wont win you any games by themselves.

You have a solid core to build on, but could, as mentioned, add more jetbikes, a Farseer for a HQ, and could probably trade/sell some guardians, dire avengers, rangers, banshees and vehicles.

If you havent played for many years, getting some experience, even with a non-optimal list, familiarizing yourself with how missions play now with maelstrom, how formations affect the game etc., will be a lot more useful than having an optimal netlist.

As for loading up on wraithknights, bear in mind that many tournaments have a 0-1 limit on gargantuan/super-heavy lows.

>> No.45744615

Zero miniature support, and conversions don't really cut the proper look.

You can do it rules-wise, but the aesthetics of the arbites are what draws people to them. Not the rules.

>> No.45744641

It's a decent place for legit early leaks with pics too.

>> No.45744655

>csm will never get new plastic kits

>> No.45744658

>You will get bad advice here, almost exclusively.
>This thread is full of tards that learned everything they know about 40k from /tg/.
Mostly true. Now that I have a good crowd at my LGS I learn a lot more from them then I ever did here.
>People who genuinely enjoy and play the game don't spend a whole lot of time here.
Depends what you mean by a whole lot of time. I love this game and sometimes I have a slow day and just sit here lurkin.
>here are far better venues to learn about and discuss 40k.
Genuinely curious where? Dakka or LeReddit?
>This thread is for people who want to anonymously vent their anger at other people.
Mostly true. Sometimes I try to stop it if its extra dumb but far be it from me to get in between every autist that gets triggered.

>> No.45744662


>> No.45744684

They really need to revise the allies rules. As is, they're terrible for simulating most of the alliances that actually happen.

I mean, they just brought out a Genestealer Cult ruleset that's come the apocalypse with all imperial stuff when their -entire schtick- is subverting imperial resources. The fuck?

>> No.45744698

As nice as it would be I doubt they would put them both out so close together,
I would love a Dark Angel formation with a Changeling :^)

>> No.45744703

I think that Ghazghkull is exactly what it says it is, a Ghazghkull decurion. I believe that Orks will get a second one in the future for our codex that isn't a thinly veiled attempt to push sales for a book that didn't sell well.

>> No.45744711

>subverting imperial resources
What better time to do this than the apocalypse?

>> No.45744765

Just to play devil's advocate though, what about 27 bikes? (Captain and Command Squads are also on bikes)

Wouldn't the fact that everything that matters is twin-linked/master-crafted alleviate that though?

Does it not matter that the MSU bikes have ObSec?

To all 3, thank you for the feedback, I'm not trying to be stubborn or obtuse, I just haven't played a game in almost 8 years and am trying to get back in the swing of things.

>> No.45744864

>with a Changeling :^)

>> No.45744870


Jesus we're both so bad at math.It's actually 29 bikes ((6 x 3) + (2 x 5) + 1)

>> No.45744953

>6 x 3
Ah, I think he thought you meant a squad with 6 bikers, instead of 6 min sized bike squads.

>> No.45744972

How about Treble Hefts, or Canon in D-Cup Minor?

>> No.45744987

>You have a solid core to build on, but could, as mentioned, add more jetbikes, a Farseer for a HQ, and could probably trade/sell some guardians, dire avengers, rangers, banshees and vehicles.

This seems to be the plan. locally i did allright spamming guardians + waveserpents and dire avengers but meta is really getting cuttrhoat to the point where necros are spamming tombspiders + wraiths and flying circus of breakfast rolls, or 5 knights or eldar jetbike/flyer + assasin +autarch +d weapons that teleport down with him, or adeptus mech spamming grav eveywhere (and marines spamming grav eveywhere with invis)

>> No.45744993


I've no idea how i fucked that count up, basic math eh.

29 bikers, 1 pod filled with FUCK YOU + Vulkan then.

You will completely fuck over armies low on shooting by going balls to the walls MSU like this, its definitely a list that will grow in efficiency as you get back into the game and how its played these days.

Just stay the fuck out of assaults and you should be good against anything thats not better MSU(battle company, warp spiders, etc.)

>> No.45745000

Okay sweet that's pretty much what I intended. Thanks.

I actually have an ork army. I'm huge on customization and orkz are okay on that aspect but I just want to make my army a little more... Mine I guess?

Thanks anon. Any advice where to go? I'm thinking of getting a mini war gaming sub. Do you think it's worth it for a beginner?

>> No.45745004

Everyone looking forwards to Thallax units in your War Convocations?

>> No.45745185

Ok so it pretty much confirmed them little hooded alien looking things from the Dark Angels book are tzeench familiars right?

>> No.45745206


something something Trainee in robes

>> No.45745228

Nah family, they are the Old Ones. A few of them were hiding on Caliban and were like Fuck Yeah, new bodyguards.

>> No.45745237

How'd you order off CCON? Everything I'm finding is kind of old and outdated.

>> No.45745244

I bought an Assault Squad today.

2x Flamer, 3x Bolt Pistol & Chainsword, Jump packs on all. That's an alright loadout for a casual player, yeah? Or should I run something on the sergeant?

>> No.45745263

No Daemosn here Inquisitor. We do like to tie Servo Skulls in knots and drape robes on them though. Make great bookstands.

>> No.45745269

secret club, bro.
You can't just go around asking those questions

>> No.45745282

By having his email and being on his mailing list for fresh stuff. All you have to do is have one successful transaction with him and he will email you whenever albums or emails change. Also when he does sales 2-3 times a year.

>> No.45745314

arent there models of them holding giant swords?


>> No.45745316

I just finished building the grots.
Now I gotta undercoat them.

>> No.45745356

W-we put mittens on their tendrils!

>> No.45745381

In the end aren't we all Tzeench familiars?

>> No.45745384

How do you guys and gals with smaller SM chapters find people abiding by your chapter tactics? The reason I'm asking is because I want to start 40k again and am leaning towards a Raptors army, but I'm not sure how people are going to swing when talking about and playing against my chapter tactics?

>> No.45745386

It's usually too expensive to run stuff on assault sergeants.
Keep them cheap as infantry skirmishers the way you have them in your post.

>> No.45745388

Does any like the new space wolf story and codex it look like it shit and the fuck is with demon in this codex IN A SPACE MARIE CODEX

>> No.45745426

Its a campaign book, not a codex

>> No.45745429

Alright, thanks anon.

Guess all the extra bits will go into my bin and eventually be re-purposed, eh?

>> No.45745450

Some people might dislike them because they're forgeworld, but most people won't have a problem.

You can easily use whichever tactics for a lot of stuff.

>> No.45745463


I wish I was joking.

We aren't doing Arbites because the Necromunda models are too expensive to obtain a force of, and neither of us has the time or skill to pull off decent conversions from Guard models.

Plus she liked the idea of Space Marines that bring other Space Marines to 'justice'.

>> No.45745489

Obviously it only matters what your locals think but I have not seen anyone get made about FW chapter tactics. Most non SM players don't know the difference and are happy you didn't say Ultramarines

>> No.45745502

ALRIGHT, so I have a 1k game against my friends super try hard space wolves list wednesday. Its highlander, so no spamming. And I am playing orks. What is the wackiest most randumb list i can put together so he knows i am not taking him seriously. I was thinking SAG mek, weirdboy to roll on santic for delicious vortex of doom, a looted wagon for dont press dat and to shit on the wulfen, 3 bubblechuckas for random str and ap pie plates, lootas because random shots. What else can i randumb?

>> No.45745523

Keep those Sergeant bits for a fun kit-bashing session on a rainy day. My bin is exploding from all the bits I collected from my marine-collecting days.

>> No.45745532

>Space Marines that bring other Space Marines to 'justice'.

>> No.45745545

>vow of silence renewed


>> No.45745556


Well cheers. On the other hand, what do you think of the Raptors' ability to turn boltguns and boltpistols in to Heavy 1 w/ Rending? Seems decent enough but I don't know how it would do in field application

>> No.45745557

Good idea.

Also, forgive the stupid new player question - assault marines, do they automatically have grenades or do I need to add them into their point cost? I want to make sure before I start assembly.

>> No.45745562

How did it go bringing Cypher to justice?

>> No.45745587

>Cypher to justice?

I'm sorry we don't keep Nicknames on record.

Could you please provide the true name of this heretic so that I can tell you the information on his demise.

>> No.45745593

They've had free frag and krak grenades for 3 editions now.
Back in my day, marines were 15pts each with no bolt pistols, frags for 1pt and kraks for 2pts!

>> No.45745601

It is awesome. Letting your basic infantry guns threaten 2+ armor and light vehicles? Makes even your basic tacticals dangerous against anything.

Even better with Sternguard ammo

>> No.45745617

Okay, thanks anon.

I need to buy the codex soon, I can't keep trying to refer to a PDF on my tablet all the time.

>> No.45745657

1k local tourney coming up. Instead of playing my CSM I'm considering getting some Khorne daemons and running Khorne Daemonkin even though Khorne is my least favorite god because I'd like to win by something other than 'my opponent rolled nothing but 1s'

How do I Khorne at 1k points. Decurion worth taking or just take a CAD?

>> No.45745671

I see what you did there you cheeky Loyalist.

>> No.45745688

Minimalist CAD for a Juggerlord and Heldrake at 1k points then add gorepack.

>> No.45745710

I like infantry armies and am not hugely competitive in play so my tactics would be blob large amounts of marines with the Heavy 1 in cover, have Issodon just doing his thing, and 1 or 2 squads of assault marines for any potential CC

>> No.45745732


>> No.45745764

Something like this? 948 points so probably those a little something extra in there
>Chaos Lord
Axe of Khorne, Juggernaut of Khorne, Power Sword, Sigil of Corruption, The Blood-forged Armour, Warlord
8x Bloodletters, Upgrade one Bloodletter to Bloodreaper
8x Bloodletters, Upgrade one Bloodletter to Bloodreaper
>>Fast Attack

>Chaos Bikers
2x Bikers, 2x Meltagun
Biker Champion
Bolt Pistol, Chainaxe
>Chaos Bikers
2x Bikers, 2x Meltagun
Biker Champion
Bolt Pistol, Chainaxe
>Flesh Hounds
5x Flesh Hounds
>Flesh Hounds
5x Flesh Hounds

>> No.45745806

Just some ork player who wants to make a terrible list with random effects.

Best to ignore.

>> No.45745831

Close enough.

Make a pack of letters cultist and spend the rest of your points on flesh hounds.

Or double cultist and grab more bikes.

>> No.45745866

They're a psychic xenos race that's part of the cabal, DA have actually been infiltrated by the alpha legion and Lion is actually alpharius.

I'm tired of this meme but it actually has a little hint of possible truth to it.

>> No.45746068

Yet were are still better than any other place to talk about 40k.

Of course this is what happens on a slow day. Would you rather we shitpost for ad revenue like shit of lost shits?

>> No.45746081

>DA have actually been infiltrated by the alpha legion and Lion is actually alpharius.
Never heard this one. Read the entirety of the Cabal's wiki entry and they don't mention it. What has you draw this conclusion?
Genuinely interested. I already paint my Dark Angels like soul drinkers.

>> No.45746157

Too be honest, running KDK as your main CAD is pretty shit at 1000pts.
and bloodletters suck donkey balls

Heres what i would do

Chaos Lord
>MoK, Juggernaught, AoBF, Bolt Pistol, Sigil

10 Cultists
10 Cultists


3 Bikers
>2 Meltaguns, MoK

3 Bikers
>2 Meltaguns, MoK

9 Flesh Hounds

9 Flesh Hounds

5 Flesh Hounds
>Lord goes here

Exactly 1000 points.

>> No.45746170


18pts flat with the pistol would be fine, I'm cool with grenades not being separate wargear.

But then I'd hoke the points first stuff across the biards, especially eldar, meq and flyers, whole keeping Boyz and grants the same or slightly cheaper.

>> No.45746190

>The diminutive figure shook its head.
No, such things are not for humans to know. Your race already knows too much and seeks to tamper with things that should never be.
>‘I don’t understand,’ said Zahariel. ‘What are you doing here?’
>We are members of, a brotherhood, much like yourself… a cabal dedicated to thwarting the most ancient evil.
>‘What evil?’ asked Zahariel. ‘You mean the great beasts?’
>No, they are but a symptom of a greater ill. I will not name this evil, suffice to say it is the bane of your race and will one day consume you.

From the book "Descent of Angels". Make your own conclusion.

>> No.45746213

I would have to disagree. My friend started 40k with KDK and ran basically the exact list you wrote for 1000 pts and it was a pain to deal with. The cultists can play the mission and everything else goes fast. The biggest problem is shitty reserve rolls as you really rely on the Heldrake to clean up units.

Though I haven't seen normal CSM CAD so idk how that works.

>> No.45746242

I remember that and agree the Dark Watchers are definetly Xenos of the Cabal but how does that point to Alpha Legion and the Lion being Alpharius?

I know Alpha and Omega had a meeting with the Cabal where they were told to join with horus and ensure his victory.

>> No.45746298

Theres no reason at all to run a KDK CAD.

Your juggerlord is infinitely more deadly in a normal CSM detachment, due to the fucking amazing AP2 Daemon weapon.

If you are not running KDK in the Slaughterhost, just dont use it, all you get is more expensive models and larger min. sizes for units.

In 1000 points you really need to optimize heavily as CSM, and having 16 bloodletters(16% of your total army!) trudging through terrain and running, to MAYBE get a T3 charge, that you will struggle to win because your unit has been shot to shit by this point, is just not going to win you games.

>> No.45746307

Nah the Lion=Alpharius bit is bullshit, but it also would be pretty great to have the option of nearly every "down but not out" primarch being one of the AL bros in disguise.

>> No.45746452


Georgian detected.

>> No.45746527

Is there any decent way to field a terminator chaos lord or sorcerer?

>> No.45746599

you gotta problem with that cunt

>> No.45746625


Mark of Tzeentch, Sigil of Corruption, Disc, Daemonheart, Slaughterer's Horns, Blade of the Relentless.

>> No.45746652

Yeah, theres quite a lot of strong chaos lords/sorcs fucking shit up in terminator armour.

The problem is getting them where they need to be, your sweet ass pimpin' lord needs a crew and a ride.

Option 1
>Land Raider
230 points of pure shit, it does one thing, and thats getting your dudes in the fight, most armies need to focus all of their firepower to down this sucker before it can unload its dudes.

Option 2
Its a Drop pod that flies for 100 points, it might eat one of your dudes, which can suck, but it is way better(and cheaper) at getting your dudes stuck in a fight, comes in like a drop pod, but is a fast skimmer with a transport capacity of 10 dudes(so 5 termies).

Option 3:
>Chaos Storm Eagle
Almost as expensive as a Land Raider(More if you give it guns) Chance it might not show up untill T4, which leaves your terminators a single round to do shit in, not good.

Option 4
>Deep Striking
Just dont, the unit will get chewed to bits before it gets anything done, if it doesnt just mishap.

>> No.45746676

can't take a daemonic steed and terminator armor loyalist; it'd be nice if they would let chaos do that in the next book

>chaos characters can take daeamonic steeds
>normally this isn't allowed but chaos doesn't play by the rules

>> No.45746687


I could maybe run that with Warp Talons.

>> No.45746696


Daemonheart dude. It's artificer armour with IWND.

>> No.45746717

oh i see, i was mistaken since you answered the the question about terminator armor

>> No.45746752


It's a variant that's statistically identical, given the end result is 2+/3++.

Model it as a Terminator surfing on a Screamer of Tzeentch's back. Fuck the police.

>> No.45746868

Dreadclaws are A) A terrible idea to put terminators in because they don't have inertial guidance and B) Lack the transport rule so you can't put terminators in them anyways.

>> No.45746957

I hear you. though why do you put the Lord in the smallest flesh hound pack?

>> No.45746986

That actually sounds sweet af. DO IT

>> No.45746998

You can take the Nobz inside the Gorkanaut, which with its impenetrable armor and characterful Orky durability makes it the perfect unit.

>> No.45747040

You can stick terminators in a dreadclaw, and who needs intertial guidance when you have an 18" turbo boost, then a 6" move before ejecting your guys?

The lord can pretty much fuck anything up by himself, 7-13 S6 AP2 attacks is insane, and 10 ablative wounds is usually enough to make sure he reaches combat.

A unit of 5 dogs alone, doesnt do very much at all, the 9man groups can comfortably handle most things, especially with
HoW and 3 attacks on the charge.

>> No.45747115

No, you can't. It lacks the transport rule, meaning the only things that can get in it are things that can take it as a dedicated transport: CSM Squads, Chosen Squads, and the various Dreadnought variants.

Inertial guidance might be useful for, y'know, making sure you don't scatter off the board/into something that'll mishap it if you try the "Drop 24 away, boost up and charge" tactic and put it behind a building.

>> No.45747170

Woke up and looking at this again, should I redo the legs, or is this passable for a dodging backwards pose?

It looks like he;s doing the cancan

>> No.45747254

>No, you can't. It lacks the transport rule, meaning the only things that can get in it are things that can take it as a dedicated transport

Read the transport rule in the BRB, says nothing like that.

>scatter off the board
Why are you deepstriking a unit that can move 24" before it has to unload its dudes less than 12" from the edge of the board or within 12 of an enemy/friendly unit? The Dreadclaw is incredibly agile, the only thing that can actually go wrong is hitting terrain and rolling a 1.

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