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I just joined a game for pic related and it's crazy as hell! It's too bad games like this have fallen out of style, I like how there is way more material than I'll ever be able to read.

Anyone got any experience with RIFTS? Pro tips? How not to get killed or cool classes to play?


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From what I can tell so far this game is like Doom mixed cartoons from the 80s. Portals open up all over (called Rifts, duh) and tons of demons and monsters pour out, then all the characters try to fight them with a ton of crazy vehicles and laser guns. What's not to like?

My character starts with a laser gun and a plasma gun and unlike 40k the plasma gun doesn't even blow up in my face, it just has more damage but shorter range and capacity.

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What the hell has nobody else played this?

I thought all the old guys would know about it at least

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We've played it, it is an ass sandwich of a system with a total nonsense setting that is cool to 14 year olds. Also just wait until the Savage Worlds conversion comes out.

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>it is an ass sandwich of a system with a total nonsense setting that is cool to 14 year olds.

If you're a DnD player, time to kill yourself.

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Uh, I learned the system for the first time in like 5 minutes, it's super easy, but has tons of detail. Also, the setting is awesome...

Oh wait, you're a a troll! Sweet, I got my first troll!

Everyone look! It's my first troll!

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>Savage Worlds

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This is pretty much the campaign I'm in right now.

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This is the best. A troll started a rifts thread, someone baited the thread by saying its bad leaving savage worlds to get grogs, then the 3rd poster replied to >>45731388 at least three separate times, either as megadamage asspained, or to bump/bait.

The layers of retardation here are sublime.

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I wasn't trolling, fuck you.

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I like how this also perfectly captures Pig's character.

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>Chaos Earth
no thanks
Why not play in a version of the setting where the things that make it an awesome setting actually exist?

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if you're going to try and do this professionally, you should know about the four numbers in the lower right hand side of the page

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>14 replies
>6 posters
>must be samefag

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>3 posters, 5 replies
>4th poster me
>5th poster saying wasn't troll

its okay, move on, learn from it

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All we need is checkmark-fag to show up and we'll have every /tg/ RIFTS thread in a nutshell.

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For what it's worth I also think the Palladium system is a hot mess.
But so are most RPG systems. It's all about finding the piece of shit that you get the most satisfaction out of.

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not even close, nobody has bitched about Kevvy-boy at all

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You guys don't even understand how long I've been lurking. Like, I wanna cry right now. Finally... A RIFTS thread! I'm so happy.

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Fucking love RIFTS. Wish we had more Palladium threads here

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Gotta keep the trolls away with a stick though.

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What's your favorite subsetting? I can't choose a favorite between new west + vampire kingdoms and manhunter

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Probably gotta say New West or South America.

New West is just so good it's hard to compete

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Damn straight. It's probably the best weird/wired west setting that I'm aware of. I don't usually even go in for cowboy shit.

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I wonder of Tom Paris is in this book too

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Yeah, New West is an awesome book. It has the perfect mix of a bunch of new classes, new monsters and new gear. Reminds me of an Atlantis that you can actually use.

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It's alright, played it a fair bit, the system is functional, in a basic sense. Not hugely complicated, but it could definitely stand to be streamlined. I'm personally looking forward to the Savage Worlds conversion.

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Amazing how much anal devastation you can cause by posting nothing but unvarnished truth

Stay rectumrazzled, Riftsfags

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With all that edge you must be a vampire player.

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Not that guy, but it's not exactly edgy to say Rifts has a bad system.

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Quite the opposite, deluded D&D fags who get furious anytime there are guns in their rpgs have been screeching it from their playpens for 25 eyars.

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I don't think it's just D&D fags. There are plenty of other RPG fanbases that would have opposition to Rifts. It's not exactly an elegant system, and it doesn't really do anything all that well. It's basically functional, but mechanically, there's really nothing to write home about, and plenty of things to complain about.

But Rifts fans are some of the most perpetually defensive in all of game. I suspect it's because the fanbase has slowly dwindled, leaving only those of which the sunk cost fallacy is most applicable to.

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In all seriousness, find a good GM.

Rifts is insanely fun with a good GM, fucking horrible with a bad GM. Moreso than most RPGs, I think

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>Not that guy
You sure? Because it seems like you're really mad that someone dares like Rifts.

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I like Rifts. I just acknowledge that it doesn't have that great of a system. Where did you get the idea that you have to like every aspect of something to have claim to enjoying it? You don't really see this in other fanbases. Pathfinder players regularly criticize their system, as do 40k players, Shadowrun players, etc.

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>its basically okay

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D&D kids and their bad GMs can't handle RPGs that don't force you into a dungeon crawling party. It's not really that Rifts needs a good GM, it's that Rifts needs a GM instead of a DM.

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Rifts is fuckin' awesome. It blows the fuck out of all the versions of D&D mechanically. The only downside is that it's organized like shit so idiots piss themselves because it doesn't read like the text on a magic card.

Get wrecked, dummy! Just because you can't read doesn't mean that you've gotta crusade for everyone to get dragged down to your level.

Feel free to name one thing mechanically wrong with Rifts though, not that you can.

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>Feel free to name one thing mechanically wrong with Rifts though, not that you can.

A combat action action can take up to four rolls to resolve, which drastically slows down combat. Which isn't all that bizarre for a system, but certainly bizarre for one that has about D&D's level of mechanical realism.

The main thing Rifts is lacking compared to older D&D is the mechanical simplicity that makes gameplay flow quickly. This would be fine if it were paired with increased depth of play or realism, but it really isn't.


How fucking old are you?

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>in my opinion complex combat is too slow so you should replace it with one roll retarded D&D combat
I told you that you couldn't name anything wrong with Rifts' mechanics. Nice try dummy.

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i shoot all missles, wait, i volley twice, wait wut dodge , roll,% maneuvers ..

MDC vs sdc vs std vs sti.

characters can die quickly, then your rolling 15 stats again

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Ahh, so it's the "hide behind subjectivity" game we're gonna play. Well, I didn't say it should be replaced with D&D combat (which by the way uses a two roll standard). I said it's slow and clunky relative to the level of depth and realism it offers, which is about par with D&D.

So we have two systems of comparable depth and realism, only one is considerably quicker in functional gameplay.

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Look at this furious dummy trying to claim that his opinion that active combat is worse than passive combat means that there is a problem with a system

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Using an acronym that stands for Potential Psychic Energy to power Magic, while using a separate acronym for Psychics.

Megadamage being treated as in universe metaknowedge of game mechanics. Fucking megadamage at all.

Weapon damage output:armour ratios being out of wack heavily in favour of defensive, further slowing down combat.

Lack of location specific targeting for sdc creatures in mdc armour that isn't form fitting

Actions per round stacking in a manner so they all have to resolve at once before lower initiative rolls.

Shit's badly designed. Some people love badly designed shit, and you can't make them not love it. Doesn't make it not shit tho.

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>he never played beyond the supernatural
Wellp, no hope for you then

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Ew, a standard damage hipster. I thought we killed you all off in the 90s.

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>name one thing mechanically wrong with rifts
>name things

dank epic memes frogman

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>I don't understand the origins of a name (which are explained in the book I'm complaining about)
>it's a problem with the system
You'll have to write about it on your blog Amber because nobody gives a fuck

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This thread was way better when it was just a bunch of troll waiting for someone to take bait. We could all pretend to be clever then because we didn't have to talk.

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>anime pedophile
>can't read or write
Color me surprised

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Don't be a dummy, post something funny!

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I've never played rifts but I do wish Palladium was more popular on /tg/. My DM has a pretty giant hardon for Palladium and had to actually halt our Pathfinder game and force us to just fucking try the system. It was surprisingly intuitive anf fun and I swear to god I'm an actual retard about remembering what to roll for actions for any game. I don't like Pathfinder so much anymore because of Palladium.

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My dm isn't holding a gun to my head to post this I swear please don't kick me from the table Thomas

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There are a lot of things that I wish were slightly different about Rifts, but taken for what it is Rifts is definitely the best RPG ever written. Trolls can troll me now I guess.

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you've got to try harder than that if I'm going to google a picture to reply with

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It's got the most options of any RPG ever written without being a creation kit RPG like GURPS. Get mad if you want, but until someone even comes close, Rifts is undisputed champion.

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Well I did say that you were allowed to get mad if you want, that's fine.

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Coalition War. We've played through that story arc twice, once on each side of the conflict.

I'm pretty sure we gunned down our adventurer selves the second time through as Dead Boys. We never got the chance to confirm the kills or check the bodies.

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define "best". are you taking an average of your opinion of a variety of elements to determine this?

What things do you take into account? Ease of character creation? Setting? How well the books are written/illustrated? Balance? how easy it is to DM? Variety? System Depth?

What do you specifically mean by best?

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I really have only 2 issues with Rifts.
1. Skills. There's fucking skills for every thing, and the skills are set up so that you A) have to have them to do the thing, and B) only progress at a fixed rate with that skill. What? You want to be a great wilderness survivor NOW? haha, wait 7 more levels, get more skills to finish the set by then... unless I make you take W.P. Sword for this runeblade I've been hinting at someone in the party getting. What, you don't want to be the third wheel in combat, do you?

2. Megadamage(100x regular damage, and normal weapons can't hurt megadamage armor) and its creep. You start the core book with handguns that can level houses with one clip (1d6x100 damage vs. doors that can be one-shotted, for starters.) And it only goes up. One class later on (Cosmic Knight) even takes 1/100th the damage from such attacks - and isn't considered overpowered compared to the stuff later on. (Having seen 4d6x100 handpistols in Triax, this makes perfect sense.)

Okay, one half a thing: Crotchcannons. I don't know why, but one of the mecha designers had a habit of sticking cannons on the pelvis of his robots. Yes, exactly THERE. Fortunately, I think he weaned off of it, for I haven't seen any mecha-mounted "From Dusk 'till Dawn" references recently.

I could gripe about magic's lack of power, but if you're trying to be a brute force wizard, you're doing it wrong. Even 'Mend the Broken' is OP if you use it right.

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That's awesome. The best part is leaving as a mystery.

>> No.45734705

Oh good, it's another sdc damage hipster, I was hoping they'd show up and flip their shit about how laser guns kill people who aren't wearing space armor

>> No.45734731

Why would you need to take WP sword to use a sword? That isn't how WPs work. If you take WP sword at level 3 you are still going to be behind anyone (or anything) who has had a melee combat skill the whole time, so you'd be a lot better off just trading your cool rune weapon for a weapon (or magic item) you can use

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For a guy who claims no one can read the rules correctly, you have some serious reading comprehension problems.

>> No.45734770

I felt conflicted after launching the missile into the building that the juicer carried the injured ley line walker to. I mean sure, there a lots of both in North America....but not a year before we had fought a fighting retreat through the same town, and my character (a juicer) had made a sprint through enemy lines carrying our spell caster over his shoulder when they got shot down.

I mean yeah, that was the smart thing to do as the character.....but I may have blown "myself" up and made the heroic charge for nothing.

>> No.45734788

>that isn't what I meant I had a totally different point besides the one you were laughing at!

>> No.45734806

Did you ever find out which was canon? Or was it definitely both?

>> No.45734877


Rifts always embodies a very specific problem that RPGs have but that's rarely brought up. The necessity of a generalized Genre in a game setting.

Rifts takes place in a post apoc/ Giant Mecha/ Alien/Robot/Magic/Vampire/Dystopian/talking animal future where everything that can exist, does exist. I'll admit that it's entertaining , but it deosn't make a lick of sense, and I'll never find anybody that could possibly explain ALL of it coherently ( By which I mean all regions, racial groups and occupations together in a world that makes sense) This naturally works against the game's ability to become popular, because it's scope makes it less and less accessible.

Like it or hate it, Dungeons and Dragons became the most well known RPG out there because compared to other possible settings (sci-fi,super, post apoc) Fantasy requires the least amount of "front loading" for the players to grasp whats going on. at a minimum the players wil start from the assumption of "Knights fight monsters in the middle ages" and go from there.

This is why games with setting s that have simple easy to grasp setting hooks ( you play vampires!) or are tied to a very popular license ( starwars or Lovecraft) tend to stick around longer than games with a very specific very unique setting.

I'm sure someone will say something to the effect of

>fuck plebs if they can't put in the time to understand then i'll take my neckbeard and...

let me tell them now that eliteism doesn't matter. A game can be the greatest bestest game every, but if people don't know whats going on from the very beginning they won't be able to go deeper so the just wont go, and the game won't be able to grow, so it'll end up like what happened to rifts. A dead largely niche product in a real of niche products. Sucks but true

Unknown armies and eclipse are amongst my two favorite games but i've played very little of either of them for this exact reason. I reiterate, Sucks but true.

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We never really found out. Our Adventurer game was the first time playing through, and we ended it with the three surviving party members sneaking north out of the during the night as Tolkeen burned behind them. The juicer and head hunter didn't survive the last big Coalition push into do town.

Our Coalition game ended with us camped out in a ruined building in downtown Tolkeen listening to the victory speech over the radio and complaining about the lack of air cover and quality of field rations.

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Wow, I am too drunk to be typing. tons of spelling errors.

>> No.45734917

>Portals open up and monsters come out, humans fight them with mechs. There are friendly monsters too.

Unknown Armies
>Vampire the Masquerade for hipsters who want to be lower powered special snowflakes

Eclipse Phase
>A sci-fi RPG written by furry trannies

I think they're all pretty easy to explain if you just try

>> No.45734934

Heeeey, I think I know your GM. He from Ohio?

>> No.45734937

Damn. That makes for a hell of a story though!

>> No.45734955


> the things I like are awesome, but the games I hate are for dum-dums

notice I didn't say rifts was bad rather that it's setting is over written and nonsense.

>> No.45734967

>common complaint about the system
>they must be hipsters!


>> No.45734970

Yeah, have anything embarrassing to tell me about him?

>> No.45734974

Don't get so mad about it, dummy!

>> No.45734984

Why are Rifts fans so defensive? It's like the fanbase is composed entirely of that one Wojak picture where he's crying with rage.

>> No.45734986

If something is common but only hipsters do it, I think it's fair to assume that everyone doing it is a hipster. And of course I mean a /tg/ style hipster (mom's basement, doesn't smoke or drink, mad as fuck all the time) not a modern hipster

>> No.45734994

Why are Rifts critics so defensive? It's like the fanbase is composed entirely of that one monte cook game where he's trying to make everything tied directly to six stats

>> No.45735002

If it's common, then it's not something hipsters do. Hipsters by definition pick things to be intentionally contrarian. If anything, playing Rifts and being satisfied with it as is more readily fits the definition of hipster behaviour.

>> No.45735013

Look those descriptions were dead on. All three of them. Especially the last two.

>> No.45735018

One of these days I should pull together all my notes and write the whole thing up.

>> No.45735027

Not "Rektumrazzled"
Missed a perfect opportunity for a pun, mate.

>> No.45735028

>nothing hipsters do can be common

>> No.45735052

>I'm mad because I'm wrong.

Ok, Rifts hipster. Does the increased nerd-cred of being into a dying, obscure game make you feel good?

>> No.45735085


>im gonna call him the stupid things my friends say are for pussys!

>Ooh! Ooh! wait for me guys I wanna play the Glitterboy with the pelvic mounted squirt gun!

>I'm a man! Look at him gold cock gun! I'm a man! I'm, I'm....(sniff)...My game makes sense...It does...

>> No.45735112


>mom's basement, doesn't smoke or drink, mad as fuck all the time

that's just a nerd you hipster nerd

>> No.45735127

>all these people unable to bear a simple disagreement
Maybe nobody will play your game with you because your being shitty people?

>> No.45735133

This desu.
Rifts has a lot of issues, lots of power creep and tons of general balance issues (Battle Mages and Carpet of Adhesion come to mind)
But if you're players don't try to break the game it's a lot of fun (or if your DM is good at countering cheese it turns into a super high-power mess ala Dragon Ball, which can be fun too)
Definitely not for everything though.
If OP or anybody is still around that's actually looking for something that isn't bait, if you plan on playing you should take tone to talk to your players/DM about party composition and such, most of those kinds of issues can be fixed before your game starts.
Pic unrelated

>> No.45735144


maybe nobody will play your game with you because you are a shitty person


>> No.45735367

No, the common everyday experience of playing thriving good games with friends makes us feel good. :)

A couple new Rifts books come out every year! Check them out, you'll love them.

>> No.45735397

Nerds are pretty hardcore hipsters bro.

>> No.45735419


That's a good one. Kevin can't keep up with his own release schedules, and the company is sustained by sheer pig-headedness on his part.

>> No.45735512

>Furious that palladium is selling tons of new books every year
I love how mad you are. Sour grapes?

>> No.45735524

Man, I've always wanted to see that river in Egypt.

Got some sales figures to back your claims up?

>> No.45735539

>That's not true! That's impossible!
Oh wow, you are hilarious! Why don't you ask Mr. Walton? Tell him his fans sent you.

>> No.45735564

>implying that those descriptions aren't accurate

>> No.45735688

>I have no proof.

Good for you. Enjoy paddling along the river.

>> No.45735805

>from beyond the grave he's still mad

>> No.45735934

I played RIFTS a bit as a 15 year old idiot, 15 years ago. In my first game we played an assortment of ridiculous characters who were trying to stop a demon-controlled AI (or something to that effect) which was using an army of robots and a weather control system to soften the area up for a big DB invasion. The weather was ruining the region and turning day into night because of cloud cover. This was emboldening the local vampires (yes) who were hoping to continue feeding on the weakened human remnants like cattle.

In a climactic battle, we were driving away from the nuclear self-destruct of the AI/weather control station, under constant assault by dozens of flying vampires. They killed one player, a juicer I think, and dragged off an NPC from the open top truck (like a big army truck). They were swooping down and hitting us and tough to hit and they were climbing up all over the windshield and trying to kill the driver. Then one player got a ridiculous idea and had an npc cult priest with us bless the armored truck and then he turned on the windshield wipers, burning several of them to death, freeing us just enough to escape in time for the nuke to burn the rest behind us as we raced into a mountain tunnel.

RIFTS is insane.

>> No.45736002

Fuck yeah

>> No.45736100

No one has bitched about Robotech Wave 2 yet?

Damn, /tg/, I'm disappointed.

>> No.45736132

Those rifts vampires are so good. I loved the writeup in the new vampires book about how their weakness to water doesn't mean shit when you can't find any when you need it most.

>> No.45736139

Well this is a rifts thread and all.

>> No.45736156

I don't even have an opinion about RIFTS, I just came here to laugh at the autist asshat calling 'trolls' left and right and making this thread one big shitter. What a dummy.

>> No.45736171

>dummy still mad after all these years

>> No.45736257


Don't forget how many skills are basically worthless - not just because they're niche, but because you need to roll multiple times against them, which drastically raises chance of failure.

Easily improved, but not something that has happened in 20 years.

>> No.45736297

I wish I remembered more about RIFTS because in retrospect we had great times as teenagers rolling dice in the GM's bedroom with that game. He had a stack of books basically waist high.

That's about as good as /tg/ can get. No responsibility, staying up half the night, playing three nights a week with your buddies, eating garbage food.

This thread brought back some good memories.

>> No.45736303


You realise you're the reason this is happening?

If you weren't so... childish in your defense, weren't so bizarre in your passive aggressive language every single thread, we could actually talk about the fucking game?

You ruin RIFTS threads, not the people you draw out into arguments over nothing.


>> No.45736305

sure thing buddy, you certainly rustled MY jimmies, ha ha ha ha

>> No.45736349

Look how hard he's trying! This is one dedicated autism victim, guys. He's got a whole little mythology built up with monsters and bosses and everything!

>> No.45736382

That's right man, reading stories about classic games brings me back too! I have to say, those times aren't totally gone though. Always time to make some more memories.

>> No.45736390

He does this every thread, and he's been doing it for years. He'll never cease, so you should just ignore him.

>> No.45736434

Is he trying to make Rifts fans look bad, or is he legit retarded?

>> No.45736472

Tell us anon, are you being gangstalked? Are you a targeted individual? Does the rifts boogeyman speak to you when you are alone?

>> No.45736502

Is it possible that you think everyone on tg is one person because you have been on 4chan for way too long?

>> No.45736519

>this guy who doesn't have ID turned on who's talking to himself because he's mad
Bretty amusing

>> No.45736554

Working on that with 5e and some new gamers these days :) I want to introduce them to Traveller next.

>> No.45736587

Awesome. Traveller is one of those games that people are straight up missing out on. Kind like rifts!

>> No.45736626

Robotech When?

>> No.45736634

Never, RTT is for dummies

>> No.45736642

>It blows the fuck out of all the versions of D&D mechanically.
I thought Palladium was a version of AD&D.

>> No.45736656

If only it were undisputed champion of getting a mechanical revision every now and then.

>> No.45736667

Oh you mean like D&D? No thanks.

>> No.45736669

I dunno. I think he's just a defensive fan.

Maybe, but I don't normally leap to conclusions like this. My main concern here is the realization there is either an excess of hostile, overly defensive rifts fans that screech like autistic children at any criticism, or there's someone like me who has been on 4chan for way too fucking long, who also happens to be a Rifts fan and starts shit. I'd prefer not to think of a fanbase in so negative a light.

>> No.45736677

Thread is seriously lacking in pdfs


>> No.45736681

>Especially the last two.
Except UA is actually low-powered Mage on mescaline.

>> No.45736699

>in threads for "years" criticising some game that the threads are about
>everyone but you is autistic
I've got bad news for you, anon...

>> No.45736701

No, I mean like GURPS or Call of Cthulhu.

>> No.45736704

Eh more like on The Well

>> No.45736712

But the new call of cthulhu is terrible and everyone having to buy new books over again is what killed GURPS

>> No.45736723

Nice! All hail this guy, bringer of data.

>> No.45736740

>everyone having to buy new books over again
What ones were revised? Core, Low-Tech, High-Tech, Ultra-Tech, Bio-Tech, Space, Horror, Magic, and Fantasy, isn't it?

Anyway, they're all PDFs now, so they're much cheaper.

What was wrong with CoC 7e? I only use 5.6 for Delta Green.

>> No.45736836

Them games ain't rifts, son

>> No.45736850

I feel you may suffer from some misunderstandings.

>Using an acronym that stands for Potential Psychic Energy to power Magic, while using a separate acronym for Psychics.
Potential Psychic Energy refers to the developmental energies used by all living things, magic users learn to dam up and store a personal reserve of this. It's the basis behind how magic and life works in-setting.

>Megadamage being treated as in universe metaknowedge of game mechanics. Fucking megadamage at all.
It's not a metaknowledge, MD is a property of physics in some dimensions/settings that functions wildly differently than conventional physics. Not found in all dimensions.

>Weapon damage output:armour ratios being out of wack heavily in favour of defensive, further slowing down combat.
Not so much out of whack as a specific design choice relating to how MD functions. For offense being better than defense, see normal SD dimensions/settings.
But, yes, it does slow things down. Though, to be fair, in an MD setting you shouldn't be having drawn out fights anyway, that stuff is expensive and combat doesn't reward much experience, if any.

>Lack of location specific targeting for sdc creatures in mdc armour that isn't form fitting
Called shots. Also, you could include the optional rules for AR, but that was just game design choice to leave it out by default to avoid random shot vaporizing you. Gotta target that exposed bit on purpose.

>Actions per round stacking in a manner so they all have to resolve at once before lower initiative rolls.
That not how that works at all. The default would be each person in turn until each run out of actions. Some go a step further with tracking and timing, but all at once would just be nuts.

>> No.45736900

You're doing the Lord's work, anon.

Good luck.

>> No.45736944

Honestly, it's way too late for that. They should have streamlined some or rebalanced the system way back when they put out Heroes Unlimited 2e, because it included character options from TMNT and Other Strangeness and borrowed elements of other Palladium books besides--it would have been an elegant time for it and solved a lot of problems.

By now there's so much stuff out for Rifts that any meaningful changes will just cause more problems and more headaches, or go against what is now it's greatest strength: the truly ludicrous selection and variety of content. Every Palladium game is (ostensibly) compatible, so I can have a Ninjas and Superspies agency fighting over a not!Metal Gear from Rifts. Or an M.I.B. game leveraging some of the alien racial kits, etc., etc.

>> No.45736953

Actually, it does.
It's kind of a problem and/or awesome.
Each book will tweak, add, or clarify something to the overall Megaversal System.
Not just each different book, later printings of the same book.

The downside is that divergent groups or players can have quite the editions wars within what is, nominally, one system.

The upside is to look at it as a toolbox of rule options, or just focus on the most current refinement.

Personally, I focus on most current, except that I prefer the Game Master-Guide version of dodging ranged combat more.

>> No.45737068

HU2 was a keystone book when they unified the game systems as one Megaversal System instead of different games with similar systems.

As for "streamlining", that's basically a dirty word for fans of old school game design. The intention that different things be mechanically distinct is strong, and modern systems are seen as a bit generic, over-simplified, or just bland.

Similar with balance. The South America books aside, the game is balanced exactly the way they want it. Balanced in terms of within the setting, not intended for balancing against each other 1-to-1.

Strong things are strong, weaker things are weaker. Though weaker things will level faster, mainly a group should decide what power level, and/or what power imbalance, they are comfortable at. Team of cosmic heroes, or city rats? Or a Justice-League-esque mix of power levels? Some groups thrive on that kind of mix, others can hate that.

>> No.45737079

Agreed, some of the new stuff is really good, but I like some of the old rules better and choose to use those for my games. Check out the ranged combat stuff in chaos earth, I'm not sure if it's exactly like sourcebook one or what but I really like some of it.

>> No.45737108

This sums up what I love about rifts perfectly. Every time I hear complaints about balance I just shake my head and imagine all the awesome role-playing opportunities which are being lost by someone who picked vagabond but didn't want to roleplay a vagabond

>> No.45737130

I believe Chaos Earth, Ultimate Edition, and Shadow Chronicles are all current version for Ranged Combat.

>> No.45737137

Not sure about shadow chronicles, but I know that UE and CE differ slightly. I actually like some of the ways CE differs from UE is what I'm saying

>> No.45737174

I've been playing Rifts off and on since it came out. My favorite house rule is 1:10 MDC to SDC damage ratio. This keeps traditional firearms from being totally useless but still gives high tech weapons an big edge.

Palladium made a lot of money in the 1990s. At one time they were the sole distributor of Robotech VHS tapes.

>> No.45737195

Why do you think it's okay for pistols and punches to damage tanks and mechs

>> No.45737200

Hm, I'll have to take a look and doublecheck. CE did come around later, perhaps I missed a difference. Usually I'll grab SC as the newest MD set when I need it.

>> No.45737205


I'm fine with Palladiums system even if it's a bit wonky (% based skill system tied directly to character level, burst rules). My biggest complaint is illogical non intuitive extremely dated layout and low production values.

If palladium could afford to put out a modern RPG looking product like the majority of publishers it would sell without any rules changes. Kevin is a despot stuck in the past or maybe just broke and doesn't know how to do it any other way then 1990s soft over B&W with no index.

>> No.45737210

I guess you could call him a Riftster

>> No.45737228


Before MDC tanks were SDC. There is this thing called Armor Rating. The rules for AR in Rifts are in conversion book 1. A normal human unarmed melee attack or a pistol caliber weapon can never surpass the AR of a tank.

>> No.45737247

To be fair, that breakdown went out the window early on. Tanks are not inherently MDC, modern tanks are high SDC with a high Natural AR regarding small arms. MD is specifically super-science or magic in dimensions with that quirk.

>> No.45737265

>I think rifts rules are too complicated so I complain in every thread about them but I also think that doing more math and checking an AC on top of the normal rules is good
Sdc hipsters, everyone. They'll go to any length to be different and special, like that guy who hauls a typewriter to Starbucks to be seen using it

>> No.45737278

So you're saying that you are okay with high level characters with a WP damaging tanks. I understand completely. Naruto, your fans are here!

>> No.45737286

Check it out, those rules are good stuff. I thought chaos earth was before ultimate edition though

>> No.45737294

Softcover B&W is one of the things they tout as a selling point. You can buy three of their books for the cost of the average hardcover in color.

Though I wouldn't mind an update to the Game Master Guide, which is the index/reference book. Or just an add-on splat.

As for layout, I never had an issue, but my one friend did give up on running over similar complaint.
Though it also turned out that he will not sit down and read any book cover to cover before running something. So no matter the system a bit of time goes into things he doesn't know about the game.

>> No.45737295

>he hasn't read any of the new books
Hey, it's okay man. Wouldn't want a cool guy like you to have to know what you are taking about or anything, that'd be way too mean.

>> No.45737319

Hey, chill out. There are three books with an index. Sure I like the quick-find and I'm used to the layout, but you can't expect that from everyone.

>> No.45737324

Rifts is a pretty great setting, a fantastic thing to mine for ideas, and a lackluster system largely hobbled by Paladium's apparent allergy to editors. There's just so much unnecessary shit everywhere, and the actual core book is sort of a chore to use. Its not the worst I've seen but God damn is it a pain to actually use in practice

>> No.45737349

Must be rough being fucking stupid, you millennial trash. Go watch a video about noosemaking on twtich.tv/mylittlepony

>> No.45737377

What, no, that's silly.
Any character without weapon proficiency could shoot a tank with a gun.
Guns are the great equalizer.

Now, of course, depending on the gun and the tank, you might not be doing much appreciable damage, but, hey, good job scorching it.

>> No.45737398

Yeah, you sure told him. Good job, internet tough guy. Now everybody will respect Rifts, instead of avoiding it because of you.
Winning hearts and minds.

>> No.45737411

At the very least you could distract the operators while someone else lobs a Molotov cocktail at it.

>> No.45737426

I've found reading through helps, though I is true that it was never laid out with being a reference book in mind. More of a read and set aside, just a framework to get you started on how you like to run things.
It's a strength and a weakness. It is very open on a lot of things, which can lead to a lot of variation in what the game experience can be like.

I wish I realized you were a troll sooner.

>> No.45737446

>atlantean undead-slayer

congratulations, you win the game!

>> No.45737487

Two things I want to note about skills.
1) Unless it is a high pressure of particularly difficult task, you don't roll at all. And then only once and modifiers can apply.
2) One of my favorite things about the system is that if you want to play a certain type of character you can do that right out the gate.
Any given starting character is a fully fledged and trained person of their chosen occupation.
Want to be a great wilderness survivor? First up to plate would be Wilderness Scout.. and a dozen other variations on that theme if that isn't quite what you want, starting right away with all the survival skills you can eat.
There is basically a class, race, and/or power category combination for anything you'd want out there.

>> No.45737546

This thread is a fucking open sore

>> No.45737566

It pretty much is. Palladium Fantasy is pretty much the classic example of a Fantasy Heartbreaker.

>> No.45737572

>Not so much out of whack as a specific design choice relating to how MD functions.

While that's a reasonable choice given the action it's going for, you must admit it is wildly inconsistent.

There's a lot of role protection for the Glitter Boy's Boom Gun. Weapons with bore sizes larger than the GB itself should do much more damage.

This is particularly obvious with Triax robots and Gargoyles.

>> No.45737601

Just like Palladium.

>> No.45737633


It's a shame as well, because we've had good RIFTS threads in the past where the usual griping got out of the way and people talked about the things that can be changed or the setting.

But ever since that rabid autist started fagging them up, they've all been a waste of time.

>> No.45737682

Really, the best way to play RIFTS is either to do what Kevin won't, and take to the system with a machete and an editing team, or to steal the setting and run it in something else.

>> No.45737694

The system literally started from homebrew changes to AD&D 1st Edition in the original crew's games at the Detroit Game Center.

The original Palladium Fantasy went on to beat 2nd to the punch on a number of things, like "monster" races able to have classes and being playable.

The Boom Gun is setup at the technological top-end for kinetic MD weaponry in that size and differs from any other in very notable ways, but there are more powerful weapons out there. Particularly in heavier energy weapons.
One problem with some perceptions of larger weapons in that the art is not canon. Much like the cases of 'dick guns' on robots when it is describes as having a belly gun. Or when the Glitter Girl is written up as heavier armored still basically a Glitter Boy in design, and the art shows what seems to be a slim bodysuit instead walking tank you sit in.

>> No.45737736

>But ever since that rabid autist started fagging them up, they've all been a waste of time.
At this point, I'm fairly certain it is an obsessed troll that actually hates the system, or have just fixated on it as easy bait.
Ok, maybe that could be described as a rabid autist as well.

>> No.45737746

>Unless it is a high pressure of particularly difficult task, you don't roll at all.
But how many GMs actually abide by that? Not enough, in my experience.

You're right on the money about point #2 though. I love it when a game can manage that, even with other warts or uncomfortable bits.

I mean, he kind of HAS, it just hasn't come out yet. Savage Rifts, right?
I'm happy about all the positive buzz it's getting. Never played Savage Worlds, but I always enjoy learning a new system.

>> No.45737831

>that one guy who is still talking to himself because he's mad as if everyone can't see his ID

Goodness senpai you need to download some addons and stop embarrassing yourself.

>> No.45737990

I thought Kevin wasn't actually involved in SavRIFTS, he was just licensing it.

>> No.45738000

No, he's editing it and providing the content.

>> No.45738077

>Naruto, your fans are here!
>Implying powerlevel-wise RIFTS isn't vastly more ridiculous than 99% of anime

>> No.45738109

>he's editing it
Oh good, all the character creation stuff will be out of order.

>> No.45738122

Tell us more about how much you know about anime it's really impressive

>> No.45738132

So how long before Unca Kev has to hold another fundraiser due to the mean ole Robotech RPG Tactics backers suing them due to non-delivery of Wave 2?

>> No.45738133

Tell you what, let's name some anime that are higher power level than RIFTS. I'll start: Gurren Lagann(?)

>> No.45738168

What the fuck is anime? Do you mean japanimation?

>> No.45738176

When he does, we're going to post threads about it every single day.

>> No.45738189

I swear, it's like some people have no idea what Kickstarter is.

Boggles my mind when I see people getting antsy for games of any sort that were still in development. Particularly in a case like RTT when there's updates every week.
Development means there isn't a product yet and that it still needs to be made. And holy crap have things not gone as planned.

>> No.45738210

Hi Kevin, Mike Pondsmith here. Anime is that thing RTG makes RPGs out of.

It's just occurred to me that Kevin might be able to make a fair bit of dosh licensing RIFTS out for video games.

>> No.45738239

Hey Mike, good to talk to you again. It's a little strange that you're posting on 4chan when we're having breakfast together right now, but I'll take your word for it. Must be some type of Cyberpunk implant you're using!

Thanks for the pro tip about licensing. You won't believe what we have in store for you. Well, you might, as we're talking about it over breakfast today.

Have a great rest of the morning, Mike!

Your pal,

Kevin Siembieda

>> No.45738261

>yfw Shitposting dummy-anon is actually Siembeda himself

>> No.45738306

You should sue him for gangstalking you, bro.

>> No.45738510

To elaborate further, at the time Kickstarter projects had no guarantee of return whatsoever.

As far as not going as planned, the plan, as Palladium Books understood it originally, was that Ninja Division (who at the time looked like hot stuff with successfully funded Kickstarters) was sublicensing Robotech from them, running everything Kickstarter, designing the models and having the models actually made and shipped to them. While PB handled rules, packaging, final shipping, and passing things for approval to HG and back again. It was expected to be quick and easy.

What they got was a costly lesson in making sure things are clearly spelled out in contracts (ffs guys).
Ninja Division dropped doing anything with the Kickstarter after being funded and it turned out they didn't know a damn thing about turning their models into something to be mass produced. The factory ND selected in China couldn't use the files ND used for the models, requiring the Chinese factory to recreate the models in their system, requiring things getting mailed from China to ND to PB to HG and back again on a regular basis as the designs were reworked, taking time and money as the factory retooled. Then it was figured out that the factory could not actually do the amount of detail it was believed the fans wanted (many of these fine details are lost under a coat of paint, that was PB's mistake in not knowing that & wanting the highest detail), which put them on having the factory retooled entirely and upgraded.
More problems arose when apparently everyone thought the other was in charge of shipping from China and no one had any experience with that.
Somewhere along the way ND stopped really being involved as far as I can tell, they don't mention it and folded into another studio name and nobody mentions them in updates anymore.

I'd suggest ND should be sued, but no proper contract of what is expected of each in a business relationship. Fucking amatuer hour on PB's part.

>> No.45738682

Jesus christ. Well, at least the books turned out awesome.

>> No.45738732

Amen! Northern Gun 1 and 2 were amazing. I didn't care for Lemuria at first, but it's grown on me quite a bit since.

>> No.45738788

Yeah, watching that story slowly unfold was kind of fascinating as the tale went on. Besides the reminder about contracts the other things I learned were:
If you are going to have another country do your work, you have to be prepared to put some boots on the ground there. It cuts the lag time and smooths out so much.
Maybe don't go to another country, in might seem cheaper, but issues with communication, delays, and manufacturing are multiplied by distance.
Get a third party opinion before diving into a business deal where you know nothing about the business you're dealing into. The second party might not be accurate.

>> No.45738833

Fine advice, that.

So, what's your favorite RCC?

>> No.45738841


>> No.45738844

I like the premise, but the rules are a clusterfuck at best. If there was a version of the rules that didn't make me go "Uh, what?" even just glancing over them, I'd definitely see about running campaign.

>> No.45738849

Good choice. This is one of my recent favorite Rifts pictures

>> No.45738859

roll 1d20+bonuses to attack
roll 1d100 to check skills
When someone attacks you, you can parry or dodge
Magic and special powers usually work by costing you some type of points, like MP from a video game

There you go, have fun!

>> No.45738881

The classic is nice too.
Then there's Machinations of Doom as well.

If you're familiar at all with running AD&D 1st & 2nd, then you've got all the basics.
d20 combat resolution, d100 skill resolution.

Player side is easy, all they need is pretty much on their sheet.

GM side might take a little calibrating to fine your style in the system.

>> No.45738891

>The classic is nice too.
And forgot the image.

>> No.45738901

>Machinations of Doom
Holy fuck you aren't kidding, why haven't I read this before?

>> No.45738958

Oh ho, you are in for some nice visuals.

>> No.45738985


>> No.45738994

>Juicer punching the helmet off a dead boy
fuck yeah

>> No.45739001

God I come back from work and my potentially beautiful RIFTS thread is a shit show. Have a picture

>> No.45739019

>potentially beautiful
Hah. Like RIFTS itself, it's ugly but it works.

>> No.45739036

Rifts is a pretty easy game. I like something a little more complicated, so I usually play Shadowrun.

It's also a lot easier to get my friends to play Shadowrun than Rifts because the majority of them are gay or trans.

>> No.45739037

>> No.45739056

I think we're salvaging it.

>> No.45739062


>> No.45739071

Pretty sure that Grackletooth has to pull all of those spikes to avoid killing the ball (or bashing someone off their feet)

>> No.45739082


>> No.45739097

Probably, and still land some good hits.

>> No.45739102


>> No.45739118

That burster is amazing

>> No.45739119


>> No.45739148


>> No.45739162


>> No.45739171


>> No.45739180


>> No.45739191


>> No.45739221


>> No.45739235

Forgot pic

>> No.45739239


>> No.45739262

>> No.45739265


>> No.45739273

>> No.45739278


>> No.45739291

>> No.45739294


>> No.45739310


>> No.45739319


>> No.45739338


>> No.45739341


>> No.45739388


>furry trannies


>> No.45739399

Explain to me how Eclipse Phase is not literally about furry trannies

>> No.45739527

Are all RIFTS fans autistic or is it just the vocal minority?

>> No.45739553

>even the next day he's still mad
Perhaps you should take a few years off.

>> No.45739563

I've met plenty of non-autistic RIFTS fans, so
I'd like to assume it's the vocal minority.
But tBh FaM I could just be so autistic that I don't recognize it in other people.

Stop helping people shit up the thread please, thanks bud

>> No.45739576

It's just one mad guy. Ridicule him and he will go away.

>> No.45739594

Pretty sure he isn't even a fan, just some nut to avoid.

>> No.45739602

>still replying to himself in this thread like hours later

>> No.45739908

>Ridicule him and he will go away.
Obviously that hasn't worked so far.
You'd get him to leave if you just stopped responding. You guys are feeding the troll.

>> No.45740716

Serious question: If we were to make a Palladium General (not only rifts, but all of palladium), what resources would you put in the OP? I ask because I'd like to keep a general up for it, I like to hang out in generals and talk about the games and it sucks that my favorite system doesn't get one.

>> No.45740826

I have no experience with that faggotry so I wouldn't know but I will attend your stupid general thread when you put it up.

>> No.45740868

Hm, character sheets are good, the basic ones generally lack enough space, and ones like this are good for most settings.

>> No.45740881

Got any that don't have all that magic shit strapped to them?

>> No.45740892

Another good one here, good sheets for borgs/robots/vehicles.

>> No.45740907

Yeah, just don't use/print the third page.

>> No.45740929

Similar for pages that don't apply to you character here. Skip the ones that don't apply.

>> No.45740948

Here's a text based character example.


>> No.45741031

These are helpful, thanks. Pic related is what I use but I'll probably use one of those next time.

thanks man that means a lot, love you


>> No.45741034

Also available in fillable pdf, but is larger than 8mb.

I am posting a older version that I ran through an optimizer at some point, not sure anything major changed, I think tweaks for people printing it.

>> No.45741048

I got you family.

>> No.45741056

Ah, you know its cousin, here have the link to the fillable version of that one:

>> No.45741059


That is a hideous fucking character sheet.

>> No.45741101

I agree but it was better than the book's

>> No.45741102

Here's my sheet of choice for Megaversal stuff.
It has amazing tooltips on important fields for effortless quick-reference. A great help if you're doing a digital-only game.

>> No.45741407

>> No.45741477

I can not wait for the Savage Worlds version of Rifts.

Rifts is hands down one of the best RPG world/s ever, Amazing fluff, fantastic adventure, great writing.

Sadly it has the most outdated shit sandwhich grognard ancient system.


>> No.45741653

Hey man, no need to get insulting. If your opinion is that you like other systems more, that's fine.
Meanwhile, some of us prefer a more old school approach with plenty of options to work with.

>> No.45741826

Grognard's are best left in the past.

Something being "OId School" does not make it better, or cool. In fact it often makes it outdated, clunky as fuck, and down right under-performing.

Go be old someplace else grandpa.

>> No.45741999

And so-called "modern" style often makes for generic, bland, and samey mechanics with misguided "streamlining" and optimizations that "refluff" the same mechanics for different things.
And that's not even getting into the futile foolishness that is trying to balance toward PvP. Sisyphus called, he wants his rock back.

Darn kids these days.

>> No.45742247


You're old grandpa, we get it.

No go play your cave wall games with your mammoth tooth dice.

>> No.45742249

Different things should have different mechanics.
Unique gameplay elements are important.

Also, not all things are equal, and trying to force them to be so and measure wildly different things against each other evenly, that is a poor design choice.

>> No.45742276

Your pictures are making me hungry.

>> No.45742472

Get off my cave lawn!

>> No.45742474


>unique gameplay elements
>ripoff of ADnD

>> No.45742643

Ah, but there is only so far not paying attention to the conversation you are stepping into will get you. You miss things like the actual subject of a particular string of conversation.
In this case you stepped into a line of discussion comparing old school and modern game design.
The element you have taken out of context refers to having differing and unique mechanics within a system for different sorts of this as a positive trait, as opposed by the modern advocate's assertion that "clunky" is a negative trait.
Thank you for joining us.

>> No.45744023

So, Temporal Raiders.
Basically everything the Time Bandits could wish they could be, while on bath salts.

>> No.45744399

It's GURPS; Transhuman Space: Transexual Furries edition.

>> No.45745616

>>Updates every week

Bull-fucking-shit. The last non-update was January 29th and the last real update was August 26th of last year. All the other "We're checking in and we have stuff for you in the next couple weeks" updates are so full of shit the Ganges River has nothing on them. Not mention we had a "History of Incompetence/Palladium," a "Stop being so mean to us, backers," and a "It's all your fault Robotech has failed," post.

>> No.45745905

Fuck yeah, Rifts. System is so fuckclunky but offers a level of detail which satisfies the old aspies impulses. Biggest complaint isn't so much that KS is a cunt or anything but he's so paranoid about terrible shit going out under his name (like that's never happened) his solution is to take personal control over everything he can and almost single handedly drags down production time. It's difficult to pitch them, they prefer shunting material bit by bit into a Rifter instead of releasing a small book, etc. Sucks to be a Rifts-loving writer and sitting on material you could sell if you swapped their lengthly list of copyrighted terms with other nouns.

>> No.45745944

Rifts is proof that any game is playable if you just let the GM decide when and what you roll. The setting is 99% of why you want to play, but no one else has come close to delivering conversion rules which satisfy in the same way.

>> No.45746037

One of my favourite things about Rifts is the lack of balance. It lends well to the GM style of "do whatever you want, but there will be consequences for all actions" and "some fights you'll play smart ot get real lucky and spank the enemy without taking any damage. Other fights you won't play as smart, or get caught with your pants down due to dice, but for whatever reason you may have to run away and come back for another go." The balance aspect is really just what sort of game the GM plans on running before anyone sits down at the table.

>> No.45746363


Because other than a single morph there are basically no furries in the setting? Because trannies don't even exist since people can just computer their brains into different bodies?

I've heard some criticisms about EP's writing and I agree with a lot of it, but "furry trannies" is a definite fucking first.

>> No.45746477


What. Seriously. Eclipse Phase can be accused of a lot of things, especially with it's heavy handed Sky-Net fucking the world and using a literal STARGATE but tranny furries? This has to be bait. There are uplifted animals, and rarely a body mod involving anything 'furry'.

This is like the pedophile argument because there is a single body design that makes the user the physical equivalent of a toddler. A single mod out of a few dozen. Big deal.

>> No.45746786

>And that's not even getting into the futile foolishness that is trying to balance toward PvP.

Why is this always the accusation grognards hide behind? Nobody balances for PVP and you fucking know it.

>> No.45746818

>Different things should have different mechanics.

Why? What is actually accomplished by everything have its own inane subsystem, I mean aside from appeasing autists (which was the core demographic back when these old school games are a thing).

>> No.45748885

I see that our retarded neo /tg/ shitposter is still around

>> No.45748997

The weekly newsletter goes out every week. No one in their right mind is camped out in the comments section and the less attention paid to anyone there the better off everyone is. Kickstarter comment sections are actually more toxic than YouTube's for any long running project.

>> No.45749146

And their weekly newsletter is fucking packed with the same copypasta they've been putting out for months. "Shit's coming soon and its mouthwateringly awesome but we can't show anything yet but keep on believing suckers...er I mean Fan-Friends."

You're going to have to try harder than that.

>> No.45749209

>they haven't updated in MONTHS
>yes they have

Get the fuck out you stupid piece of shit

>> No.45749309

No you. Their updates have been the exact same shit for six months. Just because they send the same shit out once a week doesn't mean they've updated a thing, it just means Kev-Kev has figured out how to press Ctrl-C and Ctrl-V. Which for a luddite like him is a major fucking accomplishment.

>> No.45749357

Look, there is no way you can say that seriously, and I am sorry for taking the bait here, but the modern design school revolves around the inane basis of balancing characters compared to each other. Not compared to the world or setting, or what makes sense.

The core demographic back then was just kids playing games man.
As for what it accomplishes, well, I just that just changing the flavor text on something and calling it a day is lazy and boring. That is my opinion, it may not be objectively true, but it is not objectively wrong either.

Look man, I don't have to try anything. You've made up your mind that they're the bad guys. Fine. You're wrong but there really isn't a way to 'win' you over.

>> No.45749367

No they haven't, get the fuck out you stupid piece of shit

>> No.45749393

Stop responding to this stupid piece of shit

>> No.45749466

Post Rifts art, not teenage reaction images, you fucking semi-literate savages.

>> No.45749470

Hey now, he is very good with Copy & Paste.
However, the updates have varied, no there hasn't been drastic updates, be we keep abreast of the progress. Big updates get shoveled out to the Kickstarter.

I'd suggest similar to you as well.
Also, there is no need to be so crass about it.

>> No.45749506

>you fucking semi-literate savages
You see, there's some higher caliber insult.

>> No.45749525

As long as you treat this obsessive shitbag like he's a legitimate poster, the longer you will have to deal with his fucking cancer. Stop tolerating his retarded bullshit. This isn't kindergarten, you don't need to be cordial to some fucking retard just because they exist.

>> No.45749575

Who the hell was cordial in Kindergarten?
Everyone was little shithead monsters back then.
Try to take the highroad when you can as an adult, it makes the other person look worse.

>> No.45749597

Fine. 100xp for sticking to your guns.

>> No.45749727

Please tell what progress has happened in the last year.

We haven't seen a picture of anything new since the abortive attempt to get conventional forces done by GHQ, which really has nothing to do with what they kickstarted. And those pictures were the old Ninja Division builds, most of which we had already seen.

They claim to have a plan for some sort of "Grand Re-Launching" but we haven't seen dick about it since it was first mentioned back in December of last year, a good three and half months ago. Every update is same old shit, "We have something we'll try have for you in the next week," and then 6-8 weeks later they'll say the same thing.

The so-called "Big Board" kept by backer Forar.

Days since Wayne said he'd give us a full breakdown on the status of all the pieces: **238**
Days since the last substantial Wave 2 info: 369
Days since the campaign ended: 1,018!
Days until the end of "Summer" 2016: 212
Days until Black Friday 2016: 268
Days until the end of 2016: 304

>> No.45749751

Fuck off, retard

>> No.45749758

I love you too.

>> No.45749874

Guns? I've got guns.
Also, thanks.

>> No.45749905

Hey, I've got this on display above my bookshelves.

>> No.45749938

I think my favorite surprise in NG1 was all the cool new guns

>> No.45749947

You know, I've always wanted to play a Larmac Gambler with a penchant for throwing knives, and hopefully win a nice transport in a game sometime.

>> No.45750004

Who's the biggest retard on the palladium forums who obsessively posts there for years but hates the game? Killer Cyborg? That's probably who is shitting up this thread.

>> No.45750108

Nah, NMI is the biggest retard on the Forums of the Megaverse.

>> No.45750132

So it's confirmed that you're killer cyborg, then? The massive retard who has been bitching about rifts on the rifts forums for like 10 years?

Let's look into some of your posts and see what we're dealing with here

>> No.45750194

Yeah, the Northern Gun books are awesome.
Kid in a candy-store awesome.
Actually had a game set with the Manistique Imperium at the time. Went smoothly, except for the town it was based in becoming a booming NG port instead of an industrial MI city.
Well, they spelt on differently from the past in-game references so I just ruled the separate towns that argue over which was the true predecessor to the Golden Age city they were based on the ruins of.

Hey now, KC's an ok guy. I've disagreed with him at times, but I wouldn't think this thing was him.

Laddie, don't you think you should rephrase that?

>> No.45750221

Yeah, I think I confused him with someone else, maybe. Who was the retard who posted the giant screed about how the rifts rules don't work as written and his proof was that he tried to make a character, purposefully misread as much shit as possible and it was "impossible". That's the guy I'm talking about.

>> No.45750326

Hey shitposter is this your retarded blog?


>> No.45750418

>> No.45750429

Was it Sureshot?

>> No.45750442

We are all Jason Richards.

Psst. See that book at the start of the thread? He helped write that and other books.

>> No.45750453

Was he the retard who decided that every villager should be able to use TW items?

>> No.45750505

I love this one. Great bustling pocket of humanity, robots, and gleaming tech buildings.
Loved it even before it turned out to be the random original sketch I got for backing the book. I really need to get that framed.

>> No.45750516

Damn, I'm jelly as fuck, that picture is awesome.

>> No.45750542

I don't think anyone decided that.
Closest I could think to to that would be precharged items specifically made to allow anyone to use them, but that's not a common modification.

>> No.45750558

You should read that retarded book Arzno then because the idiot who wrote it decided differently

>> No.45750577

It's amazing how inking and clean-up is all done digitally now.

>> No.45750612

It's actually really easy to clean up line art in photoshop. I've done it a bunch of times to make tokens for our game with transparent backgrounds just using art from the books

>> No.45750649

That would be one of the three places that make use of it commonly. South America did it first, followed by the Coalition Navy book.

>> No.45750671

Oh wow you actually took ideas from shit america

>> No.45750699

Just to be clear, in those three books it says that normal people can use techno-wizard weapons?

>> No.45750836

Wait, Ultimate Edition also has rules on it, which also predate it.
I expect the UWW and Lazlo books to make mention of that as well.

Not at all. But if the item is self-powered or contains enough PPE to operate and the builder specifically designs it with mundane functionality in mind, like with buttons and triggers.
Considering that each point of PPE storage capability is a cumulative penalty to the construction roll, You can't see high power devices setup like that. (I believe there was another penalty as well but I can't locate it off-hand.)

>> No.45750919

So, to be clear, that it is only items specifically started to have that capability.
And the main examples of that are guns for garrison units that can afford leave them, or magical power packs, in a magic pyramid to recharge.

>> No.45750984

Page 74-75 in Arzno, "A note on TW use". People with 10 or more PPE or 20 or more ISP can use TW devices and people who practice using them can use them even if they have less than 10 PPE.

>> No.45751077

That's different from "everyone can use", that's "anyone can be trained to use", and with so little personal PPE/ISP there isn't a lot they could do without a difficult TW creation roll being involved.

>> No.45751107

>expecting the Lazlo book

>> No.45751111

Main difference is that trained persons don't need specially built controls, but they still need PPE.

>> No.45751133

Writer is on it and warming up with United Worlds of Warlock first.

>> No.45751197

Most TW weapons don't even have special controls. If they are reloaded (like most TW guns) you just pull the trigger, right?

>> No.45751327

I mean, if you want to...

But then again you can be a giant cock or a dick tentacle monster, a furry or a loli just as easily as a killbot with enough antimatter firepower to level a current day metropolis.

Just because you can however does not mean that you should.

The nice things to focus on in Eclipse Phase are the debate weather the transhuman solution for immortality is a true one or just copies of a original? Jovian intepretation vs the regular one.

And of course the best place to have any game on Earth, where every last piece of super-advanced technology you could dream that would solve all of humanities problems whats to kill you. Yes, you specifically. As in all humans. And yes, uplifts and AIs count as humans for the killbots and other stuff, so no one feels excluded or discriminated. Earth is a equal opportunity technological death world.

>> No.45751390

Can you please take your justification of this bullshit to a thread about this bullshit?

>> No.45751989

Palladium General is real! Get in here!

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