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Pathfinder General /pfg/

What's your favorite monster?

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/sYFe4hcd

Old thread >>44671785

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How do you be proficient with all martial weapons as a pure wizard, or alternatively a pure arcanist?

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Take lots of martial proficiency feats or deal with not being proficient in weapons as a sissy caster.

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Exactly what do you need that for?

You don't have enough feat slots for _all_ martial weapons.

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Isn't Martial Weapon Proficiency one feat?

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For one weapon, it's an awful feat.

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It's one feat that gives you proficiency with /one/ martial weapon

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Yeah, I just checked.
That blows.

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Take a level in a class that grants proficiency with all martial weapons.

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How has this weekend's session been /pfg/?
I personally was not able to get everything I wanted to done, and the group had to stop in the middle of an encounter.

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Purity is overrated. Be lewd like a Bardadin.

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>this meme
Fuck off.

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There aren't enough feats and even then, every new sourcebook containing weapons would disqualify me, which is weird.
Eldritch Knight
Pure. No casting levels lost. EK is already kinda bad.

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Is there any way to get a permanent duration Triggered Suggestion, or similar effects?

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Some of the group found out their wildest wishes may come true... But if you ask me, the only thing we found out is that we (or at this rate, more likely just I) have to kill a god and its highest agents before (at this rate the party) before everything dies.

It's amazing how promise of a little power can make people forget they wrote NG up on their sheets.

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>what is a magus

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>I personally was not able to get everything I wanted to done, and the group had to stop in the middle of an encounter.

That's what happens when you play Pathfinder. Slow combat. If you want fast paced combat, switch to Dungeon World.

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My favorite monster I designed was probably pic related.

My favorite EVER is Illurien of the Myriad Glimpses.

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Dip fighter, take Magical Knack trait to compensate CL loss for the dip and EK 1st level. You're good.

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Be an Outsider, it comes with all martial weapon proficienciess. Tiefling wizards are nice.
Don't even joke about that comparison, come on.

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>My favorite EVER is Illurien of the Myriad Glimpses.

Shit monster, shit stats, shit concept (just another one of those "Let's get all the knowledge!" guys).

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The combat wasn't really slower than usual, it was more that the party spent a lot of time housekeeping and doing other things. I would like to see combat speed up a little bit, but not to the point where I have to play a "game" like Dungeon World to see it happen.

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VMC with Oracle, take the Battle mystery, and take the Skill at Arms revelation at level three.


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No, it doesn't. Tieflings don't get any proficiencies for free.

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>Be an Outsider, it comes with all martial weapon proficienciess. Tiefling wizards are nice.

I think that got FAQ'd out of existence.

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In all fairness, that's an extremely reasonable attitude in such a setting.

Consider people who do research until they die.

Now imagine they could, with the right methods, either avoid dying, or continue researching even after they die.

You still got shit to do!

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So, basically Professor Binns?

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Did you really go out of your way to shit on someone else's tastes? What are you, /a/ or /v/ or something?

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That armor is disproportionately large for her body.

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>statement of "we regret keeping that statblock normal"
>having any meaning for the actual game

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You only get proficiencies from your type if you have racial HD.

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>part of only one game
>mfw there hasn't been a session for a more than a month

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Don't know him

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Pretty sure the FAQ has a note saying that they're have the ability to override the game, unlike in 3.5.

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The ghost teacher in Harry Potter. He was so stuck in his ways he dropped dead one day but still got up and went to class anyway.

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False. The sections on inherent features and features of racial HD are kept separate. Tieflings have Darkvision 60ft and proficiency with all simple and martial weapons from their creature type. That's what creature types do. They only do not get Outsider HD for their class levels and the things that come with that, and they do not get the things the Native subtype removes, like the resurrection/breathing entries.

They're not in the rules. Errata gets them in the rules, otherwise it's EXTREMELY unreasonable to expect the standard game to memorize every scattered and/or factually incorrect FAQ answer.

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Yeah, everyone knows that Bardbarians are the lewdest. Walking around semi naked and having wild animal urges.

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The second difference is that all of these race types are 0-Hit Dice creatures, which means that their Hit Dice, base attack bonus, saving throw progression, skill points, class skills, and weapon and armor proficiencies are based on the class levels each member of a race takes.

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Last game was last month are you me?

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>finally advance into the dungeon, find some sprung traps, kill a wererat
>almost kill two gang members before realizing they hate their job and would rather give us information and book it
>mfw distracting our barbarian long enough to extract the information and let the disarmed gang members book it
>mfw being good aligned in a party of neutrals

Not a lot happened, but it was pretty fun anyway.

>meanwhile, statting up two characters to play at once for a run through Jade Regent
>GM realized having only two PCs in a campaign meant for 4 was a terrible idea, so he's having us both double up and see how it goes

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Why aren't we calling them Skalds?

>Parent Classes: Barbarian and bard.

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Mine was disappointing. The DM that ran is normally somewhat distracted (a total bro and is generally a good DM, but it can take a bit to get an answer sometimes). He was especially distracted last session. To top it off, when I would ask things people would start talking over me distracting the GM further. Then one of the other players got buttmad because I literally said nothing he would have to say about what to do next matters until we I know what was down the hallway I looked down almost 20 real life minutes ago, had asked 5 times at that point and was still waiting for an answer.

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You know what is really unreasonable? Thinking that any DM will allow you to use Tiefling and stupid RAW to go pure wizard into EK.

Your best bet is what >>44689951 said.

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Why arent YOU calling skalds bardbarians? It's the superior name.

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I hate it when that happens. It is sometimes handy to stop talking through skype, and simply PM the GM (Through the /w command on Roll20) during the session to clarify things.

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