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Is it bad I want to play a goatperson wizard?
too much dresden files

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DSP Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/dreamscarred?ty=h

If anyone is interested, pls no bully

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Something like this?

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So I'm gonna be playing a demomaniac. What are the best demon lord patrons?

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How do i play the capra demon from dark souls /pfg/?

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How about you explain what you want, and if 3pp is available.

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Im not asking because im in a game or anything just hypothetically what race/class would best resemble the capra demon.

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Abraxas' boons are good. Nocticula's too. Me personaly I like Haagenti and Jubilex.

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I've always been partial to Cyth v'Sug, but you can't go wrong with the classics: Abraxus, Baphomet, Jubilex, Nocticula,...Soccobenoth.

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Goatman with a polearm. It's not that hard of a concept.

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I am a fan of Nocticula. Shax if you want to be edgy. Zura too if you want a blood drinker.

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What's the difference between patrons?

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Were Paizo the ones who wrote the stuff in Dragon Compendium? Could they potentially bring us some of the cool stuff in it, like Diopsids, Dvati and Tibbits, not to mention the cool as fuck Death Master and Savant classes?

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The Boons they grant. Also the flavor.

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Which deity do you want to marry, /pfg/? I want to marry a glorious sun goddess waifu!

Hard Modo: No Shelyn

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None of them to be honest.

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bit more summery
but close enough

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Erastil obviously

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Boons, favor, their obedience, etc.

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I honestly don't know who owns that content even though Paizo wrote it.

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>implying such a creature as these "gods" are described as could ever consider me worthy of marriage
>implying the very idea of their existence, were it true, would not render mine redundant
>implying I have anywhere else to go

At least I may know peace.

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Asmodeus will be my perfectly lawful waifu. He knows what needs to be done and isn't afraid to make it happen, even when flawless order for all requires the suffering of a few... Or many. Either way. He also has some sweet domains and likes very pretty in a nice Hell-inspired dress.

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What if antihero Asmodeus

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>What if
That's pretty much confirmed. I mean have you looked at Cheliax?

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What if there was some event that shifted alignment domains of gods, causing the Trumpeting among other things, that Asmodeus, Sivanah and Norgorber are preparing for?

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Relative to other gods, how powerful is Asmodeus?

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Their dedication is to order, not to the greater good. There is a difference, as order does not necessarily or inherently bring happiness, save to those individuals predisposed to find happiness in it.

Also they treat Halflings and Tieflings like garbage, when it's well-documented that fewer Tieflings would turn to Evil and Chaos if people treated them like people growing up.

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If you believe his book, he's above all of them.

If you don't, he's still one of the Core 20, putting him at least on part with Sarenrae and company.

>Noiralog is the future

Gif related.

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The only thing that prevents people from being happy is that pesky free will. It's the cause of everything bad. Conflict, wars, hate, without free will this would not exist.
Can you call Asmodeus evil for opposing it?

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Obedience means nothing when one cannot even think to disobey. Such creatures would be less than human, even less than beasts! Soulless automatons with no capacity to choose goodness!

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Depends on your traits.

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But humans seek the guidance of Gods all the time, ask the Harrow for their future, and weren't many a hero choosen by goodness instead of the other way around?
Asmodeus shepards mortals towards their true desire. Nothing wrong with that.

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As far as I know Linxia's non-prestiged class is not known yet.

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Ezren's sexuality is wizard.

Also organizing gender by tiers paints a weird picture since Paizo doesn't prescribe to tiers.

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>Seoni worships Pharasma
I didn't actually know this.

>Is fat
Well, duh. Why did that need a note?

>Lem and Meligaster
>Lem and Mel
Not this again.

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Proof now.

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Why is this even organized by tier? Listing iconics also refers to their specific - horribly suboptimal - builds, so the normal tiers do not even hold for the ones that can't rewrite most of their poor decisions every day at dawn.

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Thanks, didn't notice I made that mistake.

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Originally it was organized by tier just because that was a simple way to group them. Later I decided to keep it that way because I was curious how races/gender/class placement would shake out.

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>Paizo doesn't prescribe to tiers.
>being a stupid cucк
Enjoy believing that while you play Caster Edition 2.0.

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Are you stupid? The game is unbalanced BECAUSE they don't understand it. It's not their fucking objective to deliberately make the game as bad as possible.

>> No.44673861

No what he means is that Paizo does not believe that tiers exist. They think their shit is balanced.

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>It's not their fucking objective to deliberately make the game as bad as possible.
How's SJW cock taste?

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Oh you are shitposting. Alright then.

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>get called out for being PIDF
>y-you're shitposting!!!

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>let's sabotage our product!
>yes, because we're evil!

Paizo board meetings in anon's head

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I'm curious, are you the same anon that posts long strings of, "KEKEKEKEK," instead of actually contributing?

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How do you measure power?

If gods are defined by their laws, and he knows the law better than any mortal or divine being, then he is the most powerful god.

However, he is limited by his laws. This stops him from being all-powerful.

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>If gods are defined by their laws, and he knows the law better than any mortal or divine being, then he is the most powerful god.

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That's not how you spell Asmodeus.

>> No.44674288

No, but it is how you spell the most powerful god's name.

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That would still be Asmodeus.
He is one of the two creator gods.

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Have any published evil deities (or other evil sources of divine spells) had the glory domain? (3.5 content counts, setting-specific stuff allowed)

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I thought Apsu was the creator god?

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Says him. Everyone who's not stupid knows it was actually Torag.

>> No.44674377

No Ihys and Asmodeus.

>> No.44674449

Apsu has "maker of all" as one of his titles though. I kind of prefer the idea of a creator god who isn't super well known or active personally.

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Osolmyr, General Susumu, Quindiovatos, Uruskreil, Rubicante

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>believing dwarven lies

>> No.44674529

devilfags are desperate

>> No.44674559

>not lying to serve their agenda
Really now?

>> No.44674577

Paladins of Torag are allowed to lie, as long it benefits dwarvenkin

>> No.44674582

>not understanding how paladins work
>being this jealous of sick dwarf gains
Keep reaching, degenerate.

>> No.44674607

>not having read Torag's paladin code
Keep reading, illiterate

>> No.44674632

>taking any of Paizo's OC donut steel codes seriously
kekimus maximus

>> No.44674646

Something a dwarf could never do

>> No.44674680

You ask about game's shitty canon, get an answer, then complain about that answer because you think the game's canon is shitty?

>> No.44674712

Excuuuuuuse me Princess, but Torag is also Paizo OC donut steel. Therefor for the sake of this discussion we have to take the code into consideration.

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>not rejecting the whims of the indolent gods, who dictate down from on high and yet rely on mortal agents to do their dirty work

>> No.44674719

>dwarven longaxe
>dwarven longhammer
>dwarven dorn-dergar
Ar contraire

>being this humorless
Don't you have a thread on the rpgnet to shitpost in?

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You forgot Iomedae. ;)

>> No.44675079

Pharasma is canonically the most powerful

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>By reversing the flow of your personal hourglass, you can turn back time, undoing a harmful event. You may initiate this counter when you would be affected by a negative condition (such as being cursed, dazed, paralyzed, or sickened), or are affected by a negative condition. Negate the condition that would affect you, or end any one such condition currently affecting you.

Maybe this is just me, but is "remove any negative condition and curse automatically for free an unlimited number of times per day" kind of crazy for a level 4 manuever? Spells usually need level checks for that.

>> No.44675258

This sounds like Iron Heart Surge.

>> No.44675265

action costs and availability are important, as well as the fact that if you can't move you can't initiate a maneuver. it's personal-only, too, unless you find some way to share a boost.

>> No.44675434

You get a one-shot dodge of the effect, as opposed to slightly higher level spells that would heal it in you and friends after it's taken root, or make you and your friends actually immune in the first place.

>> No.44675457

It's not just a one-shot dodge, you can use it to remove any effect at any time afterwards. The main limitation is that it can only affect yourself, unless you have an ability like that initiator paladin thing.

>> No.44675485

It does still strike me as a bit strong, though.

Unless it specifically lists all the conditions it can remove, it can also do stuff like negate poison and sickness, which are longer term and harder to get rid of, but still a temporary negative condition.

It's basically 'don't worry if you fail a save against this condition, you can just automatically act as if you rerolled and passed'

>> No.44675547

It's a fixed Iron Heart Surge. IHS was never a problem outside of wording exploits.

>> No.44675567

ONLY if you're still able to use maneuvers once affected.

>> No.44675576

Well yes. That rules out, like, a couple conditions.

>> No.44675608

My DM let me use Antagonize. Should I also taking intimidating prowess as a Paladin. So I can have a plus +9 on intimidation checks? Or is antagonize not worth it?

>> No.44675627

No, it's an immediate action.
It takes place the moment you're about to be affected.
>You may initiate this counter when you would be affected by a negative condition
>Negate the condition that would affect you

Keyword 'would'.

>> No.44675646

most of the disabling ones.
good against poison and the like, but then, so are 2nd/3rd level spells gained earlier than this.

>> No.44675694

sure, but then you're also complaining about spammability, which is just not true in the context of prevention since you can only do it once per round and once per maneuver recovery, and someone who's no-save-just-losing you will probably have more lose spells lined up

>> No.44675761

It also can remove grapples, falling prone, entanglement, aging, any negative spell effect that can be considered harmful (like geas or dominate), suffocation, unconsciousness, and death in some cases.

>> No.44675877

iirc, they called out "death" as something not allowed. I think I read something to that effect in the playtest threads ages ago.

>> No.44675956

Is there a incorporeal not undead?

>> No.44675977

Shadow demons and prana ghosts off the top of my head.

>> No.44676090

incorporeal -undead

Hey fucking presto

>> No.44676096



This has more but here are three if you dont wanna look through the list.




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>GMing Iron Gods
>two players die to wraiths
>they become wraiths themselves
>the advanced wraith dies and the player wraiths become free willed
>they want to rejoin the party playing as wraiths
Do I allow it?

>> No.44676136

Good look killing robots with negative energy

>> No.44676146

No. Do I/we really need to explain why this is stupid, mechanically or RPwise?

>> No.44676192

Well they're free willed wraiths, the hell else are they going to do?

>> No.44676226

Get resurrected or roll new characters

>> No.44676278

>be turned into life-hating undead made out of the antithesis of living
>lol I'm still the same guy I'll keep adventuring with my best buddies forever
>let PCs get incorporeality and undead immunities
Shit GM detected

>> No.44676346

How unoptimized can I be as a fullcaster?
I don't wants to be a waste of party space but a punching Wizard or skill monkey Cleric seems like fun...

>> No.44676364

It still says free will, and who says undead have to be evil?

>> No.44676369

Maybe have their characters reappear as NPC's?

>> No.44676375

Read the description for wraiths man

>> No.44676380

Is there any way for me as a PC to qualify for the ghoul only feats?

I thought maybe racial heritage (ghoul), but that's only for humanoids.

I'm trying to play a Ghoul Blooded sorcerer who worships the Demon Lord of Ghouls and has ghoul feats.

I just really want to be more ghoul like.

>> No.44676385

When did I mention evil?

>> No.44676412

>not evil


>> No.44676445

Depends on the setting. Undead don't /have/ to be evil, but they tend to be. Wraiths in particular universally hate life. It's a literal, physical part of their being (inasmuch as something incorporeal can have a physical part).

If they came back as wraiths and then just went back to adventuring, they're not wraiths. They're ghosts.

Someone who came back as a ghost though sheer force of will when a wraith would normally have created them into a spawn is a neat idea though.

>> No.44676460

Take Leadership. Get a cohort with UMD or Create Undead on their spell list. Buy a scroll of Create Undead. Kill yourself. Make the cohort use the scroll on you to become a ghoul.

>> No.44676473

something can be physical but not tangible, buddy

>> No.44676489

Skillmonkey Cleric is not just doable, but pretty good in some cases. Waste of potential, but that's the goal anyway. Awesome scout too.

>> No.44676561

That seems very trusting, but I may actually be willing to try it. Hey, what's the worse that could happen? Besides him not resurrecting me

>> No.44676602

It's that or ask for GM fiat, either handwaving or via a quest/arcane ritual to let you qualify. Especially since a bunch of ghoul feats require you to be centuries old.

>> No.44676610

Said the god who hate undead but grant animate dead as domain spell.

>> No.44676620

I think there's actually a note that Pharasma replaces it with death ward or some shit.

>> No.44676687

>Pharasma-Friendly Death Domain 3rd-level domain spell: Replace animate dead with speak with dead. 6th-level domain spell: Replace create undead with antilife shell. 8th-level domain spell: Replace create greater undead with symbol of death.
>Pharasma-Friendly Souls Subdomain 3rd-level domain spell: Replace animate dead with speak with dead.

>> No.44676691

Awesome. 2 + INT is pretty sad though... But I thinks I can live with 16 INT and 14 WIS as Cleric.

>> No.44677580

So where can I find a community or group that actually runs PF games with DSP material allowed? I feel like I'm on a quest for a grail over here.

>> No.44677643

Where've you been looking?

>> No.44677692

I allow it but my group members hate it because of a former member who abused the shit out of it.

>> No.44677776

What the hells did he abuse?

>> No.44677800


Roll20, Mythweavers, RPG.net, Game Finder threads. A lot of people play it locally but they're deep into the Paizo coolaid and hate third party material.

>> No.44677866

Used Psion to completely invalidate every single encounter we threw through charming the shit out of everything and everyone with high as hell DCs they can never beat. Was going to eventually go Thrallherd, which I looked at and saw was bullshit.

>> No.44677869

Subhuman detected.

>> No.44677912

So, standard spellcaster affair?

>> No.44677930

But I thought DSP was always tier 3 balanced?

>> No.44677966

Psion is tier 2, and their classes all really fall between 2 and 4, I think Psion is their only tier 2, but their may be archetypes for like wilder or some other full casters that change that.

>> No.44677967

Well, standard spellcaster affair, but it's harder to do with a psion. I suspect shenanigans that have little to do with the class

Or at the very least, ignoring of PP manifester level expenditure limits.

>> No.44677995

A full-caster is a full-caster, even in a dream.

>> No.44678011

No one has every said that. The Psion's a spontaneous ninthcaster, so about the same as Sorcerers. The Mystic and Vizier are also probably T2 because of their sheer power and their ability to wreck WBL with crafting.

>> No.44678023

Where can I find the best GM's screen for Pathfinder?

>> No.44678026

Sounds like it me as well.

>> No.44678160

Would you say 2 CON is a fair trade for immunity to fatigue and exhaustion as a barbarian? I'm going to guess no.

Context: my barbarian has a Belt of Physical Perfect +2 (all three physical stats). Upgrading it to +4 would require 48,000 GP, a total I have about half of now. Upgrading it by combining it with a Cord of Stubborn Resolve would cost 22,500, so almost all of the money I have now, and waste the CON boost from the item since it doesn't stack with the CON boost the item already gives. If I sell the Belt of Physical Perfection though, I would have enough money to buy a Belt of Physical Might +2 (STR/DEX) and combine it with a Cord of Stubborn Resolve. It would cost around 30,000 GP, and when upgraded to +4 STR/DEX & +2 CON, it would be worth about 62,000 GP, almost as much as a Belt of Physical Perfection +4.

>> No.44678224

DSP started with a straight-up port of the Expanded Psionics Handbook from 3.5. This was their first big mistake.

>> No.44678272

What are thier other mistakes?

>> No.44678323

Blonde elves.

>> No.44678343

Ask them, they're usually keenly aware of such things.

>> No.44678519

You want suboptimal Cleric and want more skills? Take the Cloistered Cleric archetype, it was made for you. 4 + Int skills, reduced spell slots, +1/2 level to Knowledges (and nothing to use that for), and the ability to Aid Another to everyone in the party (eventually) within 30ft... for skill and ability checks only.

If you take the halfling Helpful trait in combination with the Fools for Friends trait, you can Aid Another for +5... so effectively you can make the whole party reasonably good at any particular task they're set to. Great when the campaign unexpectedly turns aquatic, or similar unpreparedness scenarios.

>> No.44678600

So what's the Diplomacy check DC to convince a demon to stop possessing you without a fight?

>> No.44678648

No really. I need a DM screen. The only one I can find is fucked, format wise.

>> No.44678678

Psion and arguably Wilder are T2, T1 with augmented Reformation.

Mystic and Vizier can crack T2 with crafting cheese, but it's easy to see those coming. Both are solid-to-high 3s without the cheese.

Most of the rest are T3 on at least some builds, with a couple of solid-to-high 4s (base non-sidebar Soulknife and Wrath Daevics come to mind, maybe 1-2 others). Note that Wrath (Vengeance) Daevic is /freaking high/ on T4, having the highest standing damage out of any DSP class (clocked ~1200 DPR on my Olympic sim with full cheese).

No DSP class lands on the bottom half of T4 or below

>> No.44678680

Hmm, you might have to make your own then.
What tables do we need?

>> No.44678691

You'd have to convince it that it would have any reason to do so to even have the ability to make that check. If the demon's got all the cards he doesn't even have to hear your words.

>> No.44678837


Ah, so you have no answer and you are just shit posting because they make you a mad salty cunt.

Good to know.

>> No.44678856


Highly overrated.

>> No.44678887

So all I have to do is convince it that my body is of no use to it and it'd be better off possessing someone else?

>> No.44678897

Nah, in all seriousness we've made our share of mistakes. UltPsi was early in the run and featured Soulknife (too conservative), certain legacy powers (fucking Ego Whip, Reformation, Fusion + Astral Seed), we kinda fucked up some of the PrCs, we published Psychic Wizard.

And I'm not trying to say only the old guard made mistakes. We didn't get proper editing on Path of War. I fucked up certain feats in Psionics Augmented: Wilder. Bloodforge needed errata like an hour after publishing, which is written and being worked on but goddamn (Bloodforge is the reason we always do public playtesting now, incidentally). We forgot oversight on Focused Disciplines.

We fuck up sometimes. We rely on you folks, our fans, to let us know when it happens so we can do what we can about it.

>> No.44678907

Describe the Paladin class without making it sound like it should be a Cleric archetype.

>> No.44678969

Don't forget that feeling, not-anon.

>> No.44678989

So guys I have never played Pathfinder before but have wanted to try it out. I was invited to play with some folks from work but don't want to be the dead weight being the new guy.
Now, I love games like Dark Souls, Witcher, Diablo, and the like so I am all for being a dude laying waste with a sword. So I want to build a knight type character. But what are some suggestions for not being a straight up noob? And where may I find a cool tin/steel knight figure for a decent price that would be to scale? I keep finding ones that are 2 inches tall and I believe that is bigger than most pathfinder figures right?

>> No.44678990

Man, that's a brave stance to take in the industry. I salute you, seriously.
Is pfsrd gonna get some of that errata? It seems to be the main source of rules for a lot of people.

>> No.44679019

Check your fire, I like DSP. And posting after Gareth, apparently. Also, I'm not >>44678224 , just some random asshole who barged in.

>> No.44679023

Holy knight who smashes evil's face in, with passive bonuses.

>> No.44679070

A man and his horse, dealing huge amounts of melee damage for justice and honor.

>> No.44679108


I know, we have too darn many of them.

>> No.44679184


We'd rather be honest then sell you a line of hostile crap like other publishers do, and then blame you for our troubles. We're human, we own our shit and try harder down the line. If it's something we can fix, we do.

As far as the errata goes... that's a great question. Maybe? We'd basically have to provide the errata file to John over at PFSRD and hope that he or his team finds time to input it.

>> No.44679251

Yeah I mean I have ultimate psionics but most of the time I end up going through pfsrd instead.

Well, you can't really help the inability of books to have multiple tabs.

>> No.44679264

>Somehow fail two secret will saves in a row
>PC, usually the voice of reason, is now compelled to argue an absurd position about how they'll stay behind and guard an elf npc while everyone else goes and fights the dungeon boss without them
>The party bard who is usually the less responsible one gets serious and tells me I'm being a moron
>I stay in character and argue hard about how staying behind is the right thing to do and they're just too callous
>They seem to not suspect I'm under enchantment/compulsion at all
>OOC (And In Character too, normally) I agree with everything the bard is saying but can't admit it
>Session is called for the week

>Bard player may now think I'm a moron for the next seven days until it's revealed

A special kind of suffering.

>> No.44679340

PFSRD is not in our control. That's John, and he does the best he can with an essentially all-volunteer staff. If you know someone who'd like to help, we'd love to have more of our material up there. The PoW section needs cleaning up, lots of UltPsi isn't there, a lot of our supplements straight up aren't there just yet.

But none of /us/ can really influence that either.

>> No.44679362

Getting Dominated is always painful.

>> No.44679374

You don't have control loss protocols?
Your party should be suspecting this right from the start.

Ah who am I kidding anyways, I gotta turn on most if not all the party in about 3 sessions so they can't give Molthune to their *two* demon lords in exchange for 'getting to become vampires' with a horrible damned ritual.

>> No.44679387

>Keeping secrets OOC

What are you guys, some metagaming faggots that have to substitute lack of knowledge in place of an agreement not to metagame when you do know something OOC?

>> No.44679446

Funny that the only leg Paizo had to stand on when nerfing the shit out of melee was uberchargers, but Spirited Charge was untouched. If I was forced to play a game of core-only melee I'd consider that the ONLY option now. Bravo Paizo.

>> No.44679492

Asked in the drawthread a few hours ago but I didn't get a bite. Any of you know of any good drawfriends currently taking commissions? Specifically ones able to work with male characters (I know some don't) but not one overtly masculine. Fantasy themed, of course.

I've messaged one of the older D&D drawfriends (Hoyt) but no reply yet.

On a more relevant note, can anybody PoW playtest experience fill me in on how TWF is looking? I've heard some strong words tossed around about "too good" and "overpowered" but I don't know how much of that is from full casters or what.

>> No.44679592

Can a pharasma dhampir cleric cast inflict light wounds on himself to self heal? Does pharasma allow it or is it still considered necromancy

>> No.44679609

Pretty sure Pharasma doesn't have anything against necromancy as a whole, just undead stuff.

>> No.44679661

She will probably want you to kill your vampire mom/dad, though.

>> No.44679689


If you rely on full-attacks and Dragon Assault, you will tear CR-appropriate enemies to shreds.

If your group uses PoW in any way, your GM will need to add a whole lot more to fights if they're going to be more than 3-round-tops affairs.

>> No.44679700

Well, I really put the effort into making it sound like something I'd actually say. It's a style of logic, reasoning and conviction completely typical of my character- except in this case it just happens to be something I don't actually believe is sensible. Which just dug my grave deeper, really.

That's hard sometimes because if you're too worried about not metagaming a solution, you might go out of your way to avoid the solution even if it would be an in-character thing to do.

Also there's a weird masochistic amusement to this situation.

>PC is now charmed by elfgirl and gets kissed/cuddled/etc
>Bard is now angry at me for being swept up by women when it counts and leaving the team behind
>PC is usually the one who heavily criticizes the bard for barding around with women and not being cooperative

The irony is just so thick.

>> No.44679884

My GM always uses me at the target for such effects because people can't tell. I remember when he set he against the party.

>> No.44679921

But.... surely once that happens enough, the party will have learnt to catch on, creating the opposite effect?

>> No.44679941

Why do we have a cute bat gril for a general and how do I make her smile?

>> No.44680012

So after the last thread, I was able to somewhat plan my gun slinging magus.
# =rest of the levels

Gunslinger 1 (Pistolero/Siege Engineer), Magus # (Eldritch Archer)


Gunslinger 3 (Musket Master/Siege Engineer), Magus # (Eldritch Archer)

but not sure if I should use Wizard(Spellslinger) in anyway. Any another build advice? No third part sources sadly, but if there is an option that is very good, might try and convince my GM.

>> No.44680275


I may have a commission slot open here pretty soon! However, my male character example pool is somewhat lacking, I'm sorry to say. Something I plan to rectify! If you'd be interested to hash something out at least, you can get ahold of me through [email protected]

>> No.44680337

But elsbethanon, how often have you drawn lolis?

>> No.44680371

What's her five-rep max on the squat and the bench press? Is it greater than her fellow party members?

>> No.44680381

Which gestalt would /pfg/ do?

>mystic//augmented blade soulknife using bows
>mystic//augmented blade soulknife using a one handed pistol
>mystic//soul bolt soulknife

>> No.44680401

>//augmented blade soulknife using bows
I'm using a stalker doing this, and I have to say, I'm pretty happy with it.

>> No.44680406

>>mystic//augmented blade soulknife/shattered mind multiclass, welding each of their psicrystals to a different weapon just for fun.

>> No.44680424

Why are you taking Gunslinger exactly over Spellslinger?

>> No.44680518

Not quite as often. I have gotten a few commission requests, though no follow-ups. Though it bugs me when folks come up and ask for "Oppai Loli" when "Shortstack" would be more appropriate.

Considering she's one of the only STR-based characters in the party (with the exception of the Druid's Bear), I would surmise 'yes'.

>> No.44680523

Do Lily and Elsbeth know each other? How do they/would they get along?

>> No.44680552

It should bug you when they ask for oppai loli in the first place.

>> No.44680715

Lilly (or at least this rendition of her) and Elsbeth exist is the same Eberron world; Elsbeth's story takes place ten years later after Lilly's, and since her's hasn't been finished yet, there's no telling whether Lilly would live long enough to make any kind of impact or make any sort of cameo later on.

It does quite frankly. But there's something that much more unsettling when using "loli" to describe a character even when they're adult and visibly mature. I think it just might be the proclamation of the creep factor with that

>> No.44680739

Hey, I've got 200,000g worth of loot to give out in a dragon's horde. Any suggestions for stuff?

>> No.44680813

>there's no telling whether Lilly would live long enough to make any kind of impact or make any sort of cameo later on.

Well she's going to be empress of the world, so I think that's probably enough to at least take a guess at what kind of impact she'll have.

Depends. What kind of dragon?

>> No.44680840

Black Great Wyrm

>> No.44680863

It's happened four times now. Apparently they still can't tell.

>> No.44680887

corrosion resistant things.

not "lol this gives you immunity to acid" but everything should be made of stuff he doesn't have to worry about drooling on when sleeping

>> No.44680922

So I'm playing in a level 20 game and decided to play a demoniac because why not.

I managed to get to 50int as well the following way:

18 (base) + 4 (tiefling) + 3 (age) + 5 (levels) + 5 (wish) + 6 (belt) + 3 (that one occult book) + 6 (energumen) = 50 int for up to 10 rounds a day.

How do I push this farther? Also, how do I roleplay a being that has 50int? I myself have 10int max.

>> No.44680949

Expensive black stuff. Black dragons tend to have smaller hordes than other dragons (in terms of size, but equal in terms of value) and favor dark items like sculptures of black marble, onyx gemstones, and black magic items. They would probably not have much in the way of paintings or such, because black dragons love defacing art.

>> No.44680995

I'm GMing a game and one of my players wants to play a Forgepriest. He gets a lot of crafting stuff as part of his class.

This brings up crafting in general. When starting above level 1 how should I represent the ability to craft? Should a character be able to spend their money on things they crafted, and this be able to double their funds? Or should it be a smaller amount, like 1.5x base wealth?

I want to represent the fact he spent feats and class features on these things.


>> No.44681009

>>mystic//augmented blade soulknife using a one handed pistol

Gunsmoke Mystic plus Augmented Blade Soulknife for sure; that'd be my vote! Sounds like crazy fun - especially if your GM allows for the free Gifted Blade manifesting progression on top of it.

>> No.44681029


I mostly need to do this because the PCs hit the horde immediately after the Wyrm died. If they hadn't, the module has it stolen by a rival out from under them.

But the Sorc immediately teleported there, leaving the rest of them in battle with a shitload of pissed off knights and paladins.

>> No.44681048

Dragons Unleashed has some pretty good pregenerated hoards.

>> No.44681084

Odd behavior on the sorcerer's part. Better make it 19,999,900 copper pieces and a small golden plague that says "Fuck you" in draconic, valued at approximately 1 GP.

>> No.44681095


>Well she's going to be empress of the world, so I think that's probably enough to at least take a guess at what kind of impact she'll have.
We can only hope, anon.

>> No.44681129

In the downtime system, can you buy capital with other capital the way that you can spend capital on appropriate things (like Magic on item crafting)?

>> No.44681177

>no more fear

But fear is one of the most natural things in existence! It's a sign of a self-preservation instinct!

>> No.44681183

>playing first session of wrath of the righteous
>playing paladin of iomedae because why not
>fall down a hole because fucking demons
>stuff unimportant to the greentext happens
>come across a dwarf wizard shouting at us to get away, calling us guards
>as the party walks without me ignoring crazy hobo dude I detect evil and ask if he's a criminal
>he tries to color spray me
>pass the save
>combat begins
>one player criticizes me both in and out of character for attacking someone for being evil
>kill the dorf and move on
>later, come across a few corpses in iomedae armor but with symbols of baphomet
>take one of their glaives for myself
>same player says I should get less favor with iomedae for not using a longsword
>"In my hands, these weapons are all those of justice"
Anyone else play a paladin and deal with stuff like that?

>> No.44681185

Not entirely. The Sorc was playing a half-dragon and he grabbed onto the body of the Wyrm (his grandfather) and teleported it back to the lair. He screamed for someone to get a cleric so they can resurrect him.

But on the other side, they're all evil and grandpa is a competitor in the long run, so he's thinking he'd be better off using the wrym's body and wealth for revenge.

Thank you, Seryzilian’s Hoard works for this, but I still need to add aproximately 50k gold, so I think I'll just add a nice weapon.

>> No.44681195


It's usually not worth it

>> No.44681252

A Pelt of the Beast gives its wearer several powers, including the ability to turn into whatever kind of animal the pelt is fashion from as if using Beast Shape I. But one option is a bat, which is a diminutive sized animal that you can't turn into using Beast Shape I because of its size. How is this suppose to work? Do you treat it as Beast Shape III, which is the lowest level version of Beast Shape that can turn into a diminutive bat? Do you just because a small-sized bat as per Beast Shape I? Or is there something else?

>> No.44681282

>have to play jade regent tomorrow
>don't know what to make because the party is indecisive as fuck
All we got set in stone is a Vivisectionist Alchemist and a strength based martial because that's all this one guy goes. What tier 3 do you guys recommend? Paizo only, 20 point buy.

>> No.44681286

>"In my hands, these weapons are all those of justice"
Fucking bad ass.

>> No.44681292

Converting capital isn't (except labor and goods into magic, because that's 1:1), but could you spend capital instead of money when spending resources to generate capital?

Ex: Generate a point of Labor on day 1 for 10 gp. Generate 2 points of goods on day 2 for a point of Labor (instead of 20 gp)?

>> No.44681323

The young lady has much to learn on her journey. Maybe someone to help keep her feet grounded and her aspirations high could help.

>> No.44681358

>the party is indecisive as fuck
Clearly you need to play a bard (or other charisma caster) and steer this mess.

>> No.44681415

You are know acutely aware that your party didn't read the goddamn backstory you wrote and don't care for the cultural context of the setting you're playing in. To the point where the latter got half clarified, half retconned after the first session was over because only two of the players were RPing within said cultural context.

>> No.44681463

>tfw I know this feel

Why, anon? Why do you remind me of my pain?

>> No.44681516

Usually how crafting on higher level campaigns has gone is that a crafter gets full discount on non-magical goods and equipment.

Other thing is that no more than half there wealth can be spent on a single item. This is based off the selling price of the item. So a lvl 6 character can't have a +4 attribute item even though they can afford it normally, even if they are paying half-price due to crafting.

It works well at forcing more balanced characters into campaigns and prevents a crafter from exceeding WBL in serious ways. Having twice the items only matters when you can't fill every slot. After each slot is filled it matters less.

Each crafting feat is one less feat that person has for other things. Those extra/better items fill the role of them usually. Crafting scales better than most feats so its fine as long as the initial items are okay'd by you as the GM.

TLDR; Basically let them have double funds for self crafted items, limit individual item value to a reasonable fraction of total wealth, look over their inventory for any weird stuff before allowing it.

>> No.44681575


I'm really lucky my group seems to like reading that shit. Except for one player's friend, but they're still all right, just more of a rip-and-tear sort while the others are lorefags.

It's a lot of fun when players come to you to ask about plotlines they want to try and work into the narrative.

>> No.44681620

Nah, my players are doing fine. Find better players.

Also I learned to not write too much on a setting. Bullet points work best for ease of use.

>> No.44681751

You could also just get a Horn of Plenty and convert your low-value capital into Magic capital.

>> No.44681980


>> No.44682037


If any of your DSP guys are still around I have a realtalk hard question for you; what do you think you will do if Paizo ever decides to eventually make a Pathfinder 2e and manages to invalidate, remove any compatibility with, or otherwise alienate existing third party material for the Pathfinder line?

I'm not trying to be cynical here but I cannot forsee a future where they don't eventually launch a new edition, for whatever that may entail. Not with the fight they're getting from WotC anyway.

Its pretty disheartening to see people switch from 4e or even PF to 5e without even considering it beyond 'its new and simple, so it has to be better right?.' Not expressing any judgments on 5e nor trying to start a fight, but seeing whole groups justify their abandonment - especially while ignoring a wealth of material that make the games more palatable - doesn't sit well with me.

>> No.44682059



>> No.44682065

Didn't DSP say they're making their own game?

And I mean, it's not like people will stop playing Pathfinder. Many didn't stop playing 3.5 when 4e came out.

>> No.44682072


>> No.44682093


nananananananananananananananana batwomman!

>> No.44682100


Lets be honest with ourselves, they only continue to play 3.5e because Paizo stepped in during the Perfect Storm and swept up most of the fractured elements. If they hadn't, I'm pretty sure 3.5e would be in about the same place as AD&D or 2e by this point.

>> No.44682116

Well fuck, that was meant to be a partial spoiler on "wo/man". Also, was supposed to be correctly spelled.

I think I might be tired.

>> No.44682123



>> No.44682153

I'm gonna be perfectly honest. I have played and enjoy playing 5e, 4e, and 3.5. I play 3.p with DSP stuff a lot.

I jump at the chance to play any of them. I do not think that 3.5 is a good game, but it's got the most fun character-building minigame of any system I've played, and I still enjoy playing and DMing it. Paizo can go fuck themselves.

Not only that but there's still a fairly large community both online and offline of 3.5 players, to the point that new shit in the game and odd interactions are /still/ being discovered.

>> No.44682230


I play PF because there are tons of content to feed my imagination and provide an outlet for character building because I never actually play real games. Why do they always fall apart? Am I the common denominator?

>> No.44682248


I enjoy 5e in so far as its pretty straight forward and easy for me to drop into, lots of people are interested and playing for the first time on it so that is fun. It doesn't captivate me the same way 4e combat and encounter design from the DM perspective did, nor how 3.5e and PF let me, as you say, play the charop minigame. DSP has fortunately improved on the ToB formulate so now its starting to meld into a hybrid of 3.PF customization and 4e style encounters.

The only reason I don't still play 4e is its a hassle getting my favorite framework up and running on MapTools, and I've found that I've exhausted most of its more common builds. There are quite a few but they never click the same way 3e charop can.

>> No.44682255

Are bat people actually a playable race?

I'm just in here because of the artwork.

>> No.44682268

You can be a bat skinwalker, yes.

>> No.44682284


Try online, and do lots of networking. A good game starts with a good group which requires socializing and finding people with similar interests. Most of my current group actually comes from an Exalted group who stuck together, if only out of mutual disdain for that game and years and years of games.

>> No.44682409


I have art for them but as a specific race no. There are some monster classes you can convert and werebats and skinwalkers but they are not really batfolk types.

>> No.44682508

>not really batfolk
>literally transform into hybrid/full bats
u wot

>> No.44682518

That's an option, but we're very low level at the moment. We're spending a lot of time away too, so trying to figure out if we need to bring back a fuckton of money just to be able to use the capital we've generated or if we can let it grow. Considering that buildings generate money at the same rate as capital (1gp/point per 10 of the check result), it seems idiotic to generate anything but capital, seeing as how that flat out doubles your money.

>> No.44682580



>> No.44682621

Has anyone seen the new Cheliax and Agents of Evil books? Are they any good? Any interesting stuff?

>> No.44682650

Cheliax is pretty bad and has fucking nothing, all of Agents of Evil has been leaked. Anything in particular you'd want?

>> No.44682681


Umm. All of them?

>> No.44682712

Not that guy, but it hasn't been Troved yet.

>> No.44682732

The trove hasn't been updated since November, it doesn't have WMH either.

Here, have an Insinuator

>> No.44682850

I think its mostly for the quick clear and deeds that can help benefit you. It's also the reason for Siege Engineer so you don't go MAD. But idk about the Spellslinger, How much of a dip would you need?

>> No.44682876


Hey Dorian, odd question. What would Elsbeth look like as a half drow instead of half regular elf? Anything change other than coloration?

>> No.44682937

I'm particularly interested in new traits and stuff.

>> No.44682976

Traits you say?

>> No.44682991

I got some traits

>> No.44683003

That's actually a very good question. I suppose almost everything about Elsbeth could be different depending on who raised her and how she grew up. She may not have as heavy an eating habit, much less she may not even have found Arcane magic as a means of escapism. In fact, if she grew up in Xen'drik and lived alongside the Half Giants, she may have become a Psion.

>> No.44683010

Sweet stuff, thanks senpai
also that tiefling is pretty qt

>> No.44683030

Does anyone know a guide to prestige classes? The list is just so damn long to sort through to find decent ones.

>> No.44683043

Hermes is pretty slow. Also VH is being a diva as always.

>> No.44683044

>tieflings get Smite Good as a racial

>> No.44683099

How does Eternal Guardian do? I'm making a character who uses it a little and want to know which maneuvers are good, and what to look out for

>> No.44683218

How do you guys make your low level fighters stick out?

>> No.44683265

I have begun using Profession (soldier) and Profession (mercenary) more heavily in my game, namely in recognizing military tactics.

Normally when participating in larger battles, or at least against larger forces, I give DCs for recognizing things such as:
>this place would be an ideal ambush
>this is probably a false retreat
>they may be drawing you in to flank

And things of this nature. It's become a general purpose combat recognition thing for stuff that is harder to convey in the minds eye (exact troop movements on a large scale).

What similar ways could I make use of other professions?

>> No.44683292


>> No.44683349

These are certainly good, but are there more?

I can tell you how to make a fighter at level 3 stick out by being stupid. It involves pumping to 30 strength then hitting things and crying that you don't have color spray.

>> No.44683635

Depends on your group. If people give half a fuck about roleplaying then just figure out a good backstory for him. Humble beginnings and obvious inexperience can help build bonds with other characters if he seeks out their help in learning to better himself.

Otherwise if you're just looking for mechanics I'd go with a shield build. Enchant one as a shield and the other as a weapon and bash the piss out of everything. Not exactly optimal but entertaining enough.

>> No.44683734

1 level at most. Spellslinger isn't worth more, you want your caster levels to be in magus.

>> No.44683751

That I could, would commission that so hard, Anti-Elsbeth Y/y?

>> No.44683871

>play wizard
>be Areshkagal worshipper
>decide to become Greed sin mage since I do worship the lord of greed
>take familiar, planning on taking it to an improved familiar eventually for a quasit
>plan on becoming a demoniac
>even spend trait on demonic persuasion

I was accused of power gaming. I really don't even know any more. I just wanted to play a demon worshipper.

>> No.44684005

Other than Skill Focus and Magical Aptitude, are there any other feats that boost UMD?

>> No.44684056

Did you play with retards? Because that happens if you play with retards.

>> No.44684230

I don't think the rest of the build was that offensive either.

>> No.44684238

Just post the build.

>> No.44684319


Just... be nice about it, I think.
When I was a new GM, GMing for new players, there was one guy with more experience and lurked pfg who made a much better build than everything else, then kept trying to steer every scene with it and generally got angry if the spotlight didn't follow him.

I called him a powergamer back then but in retrospect (now that I'm pfg jaded too) his build was pretty standard without being too silly.
The powergame aspect of him wasn't his build, it was his attitude.

My advice is that if they're wary of you, just generally be a nice guy, show that you're working with the party and you also have their interests in mind, and be cool with letting everyone have their fun as well.
You don't disprove powergaming accusations by running the numbers of your build and showing how they're not that high; you disprove them by just being an enjoyable person to play with.

>> No.44684333

Is there any way to get a permanent duration Triggered Suggestion, or similar effects?

>> No.44684358

This is the planned overall build I outlined:

Race: Human
Age: 52 (two age categories)
Archetype: Pact Wizard

Takes first 7 levels in wizard, then transitions to demoniac.

Stats (25 point buy):
Str: 5
Dex: 10
Con: 12
Int: 22
Wis: 14
Cha: 10

Demonic Persuasion
Clever Wordplay (bluff)

Arcane Bond: Viper (Areshkagal's sacred animal)
Arcane School: Greed Sin Mage (with evocation as extra opposition school)

bonus - scribe scroll
lvl 1 - Spell Focus (Transmutation)
human - Mage's Tattoo (Transmutation) (Of Areshkagal's holy symbol)
lvl 3 - demonic obedience
lvl 5 - iron will
bonus - sacred summons
lvl 7 - improved spell focus (transmutation)
lvl 9 - extend spell

I didn't plan much past this.

>> No.44684370

Yeah looks pretty standard. Wouldn't offend me personally.

>> No.44684384

Does 1 level dip in Spellslinger help with the broken condition you can get with your gun? With spellslinger you lose the cantrips so you even lose Mending and with only a level 1 dip you can't even get Make Whole. Unless there is a level 1 spell that can help repair your gun mid-combat.

>> No.44684400

>no option for "pay a given amount per book and get each one as it comes out"

>> No.44684411

No no, you dip 1 level in Spellslinger and then level in another arcane class. Eldritch Archer seems to be a crowd favorite for that.

>> No.44684455

Isn't that... exactly what the page does with the $5 option?

Unless you mean physical books.

>> No.44684472


The $5 one is 'The next book', not 'Every book'.

Does anyone know how often they've released books on average?

>> No.44684475

It says "next". That looks like it only means one book.

>> No.44684494


Maybe send them a message to ask if they'll add it for...I dunno. Economics is not my strong point.

>> No.44684501

With spellslinger you get gunsmith feat to repair your gun out of combat and after looking at the wizard and magus spell list you don't get spells to repair your gun in combat. Unless I am missing something with the level dip of spellslinger.

>> No.44684510

>Party enters a magic tomb that only opens for 10 hours once every five years
>Surprise surprise, they'll probably only find out the above fact once the 10 hours are almost up
>The party (who has no teleportation methods at all) now needs to run out as fast as they can back the way they came before the giant magically reinforced stone door closes and seals them in for five years

How do I make this mechanically interesting beyond 'roll str/con/dex numerous times to run fast enough and not fall over'?

>> No.44684680

except it's a recurring payment made per RPG supplement released, due to the nature of patreon

>> No.44684904

Goddamn, just had an amazing idea that has no chance in hell of going the way I want.

>Current campaign is about searching for a time travel artifact
>However, it can't send you back further than before you first gained possession of it and activated it

>At the end of the very first dungeon, a burning frail charred humanoid will appear in front of the party, yell at how it's found them but everything's gone wrong, try and run towards them, but crumble away into ash
>Party won't understand what just happened and will likely forget it as the campaign continues

>At endgame, BBEG will get the artifact and wreak havoc with it, but eventually get rekt by the main party
>They pull out one last trump card: they declare they're going to push the artifact past its limits to go back to when the party was just starting out, before the BBEG met them, and kill the party's past selves when they're unprepared and weak
>They do it, and successfully disappear into a timewarp

>Then I remind the party of what happened when they finished their first dungeon

It'll never work out, though.

>> No.44684936

That sounds like an episode of My little pony, only with slightly more death.

>> No.44684945 [DELETED] 

That implies a lot of railroading.

>> No.44684964

Is that a good thing

I've never seen the show so I wouldn't know

>> No.44685057

The only reason I've seen it is my niece is six, and it's so much fucking better than Caillou, not that that's saying much.

>> No.44685123


>Sun Goddess waifu

But senpai, Shizuru is already married to the moon God.

Daikitsu would make a good paramour but I imagine the best goddess to waifu is one with marriage already in their portfolio.

>> No.44685188


I dunno, I liked his battle with Sea King.

>> No.44685226

>sun goddess

>> No.44685318


See >>44685123

Shizuru is perfect but she's married.

>> No.44685358

Hey guys! I've been off the grid for the past 7 days and, now that I'm on, I wanted to ask just what has happened on /pfg/ or in Pathfinder in general.

Anything new? Anything particularly cool? Has the one anon's image of Imrijka banging the bar girl been finished yet?

>> No.44685383

Why would I try to woo someone that far out of my league? That's just begging for disappointment.

Gotta be more realistic with your ambitions, you know? Best I could hope for were I seeking romance is maybe some Gnome who'd probably leave by sunrise.

>> No.44685404

>tfw Shelyn is my character's mother in current campaign

So many conflicting feelings. It feels so wrong, but it feels so right, but it feels so wrong.

>> No.44685439

Count yourself lucky your mom isn't Lamashtu.

>> No.44685449

So, our DM is pitting us against what is probably best summed up as 'Berserker'. As in the weeaboo character.

Now problem is, if he's even remotely like our barbarian -and we're not mythics yet- we basically can't do anything to shut down his regeneration (we did manage to find cold/sonic would shut it down but he's also immune to energy damage just for extra cheese).

So I've got one thing I want to try.
I've got the setup for a teleport trap that doesn't offer a save. It's the big fat floortile kind though.

So. If I were to shift this sonofabitch to the positive energy plane, would that annihilate him despite his regeneration and immunities? I know positive/negative are not explicitly "energy damage", as those are purely fire/elec/sonic/cold/acid.

How do I chuck this fucker into "the sun", more or less, and make it stick?

>> No.44685459

What level is your party and what does it consist of?

>> No.44685462

er, sorry; the problem if he's like our barbarian is a 2-round TPK unless he rolls a lot of ones. A 2-round TPK we basically can't run from or wall him up against.

Because that angry bastard deals a whole good lot of damage, sunders force effects. and I'm expecting even more from this "boss".

>> No.44685479

First you transport him to the sun/positive energy plane, then you trigger a dimensional lock/anchor on him to keep him from teleporting/planeshifting back.

>> No.44685507

We're all 12, nonmythic, and we're an investigator (bog-standard, does focus on alchemical extracts quite a bit), my cryptic (thus the traps focus, but the 'no saves' one was a plot thing used against us I stole out of the dungeon and copied), a fighter with a light flail and... a rogue/monk who has cranewing (our DM reverted that horrid nerf though)

As I said, we're low on options. I'm hoping I can telefrag him somewhere completely lethal, and the positive's description did say even gods can't handle this shit.

>> No.44685546

would some kind of mine or the like carrying the anchor effect work?

>> No.44686037

The same way you would do most dungeon crawls, but now they can't go to sleep? I mean, do you want to lock them in a box for 5 years so they can subsist off Create Water and plump helmets? That might honestly be more interesting.

>> No.44686056

> tfw I realize Cleric makes a better Ninja than a Ninja
> You can even go full Narutard with Summoning "Jutsu" and Blasting spells.

>> No.44686068

>rogues in 3.X

>> No.44686324

Worship Sun Wukong. Trickery Domain and Travel Domain. Now you can use Sexy-Jutsu, Shadow Clone Technique and Flying Thunder God Thingy.

>> No.44686341

That was pretty much the case in 3.5 too. Cloistered Cleric with a sneaky domain blew Rogues right out of the fucking water.

>> No.44686447

The specialest of snowflakes, lad

>> No.44686456

Best Girl

>> No.44686482

We're almost all playing children (or grandchildren) of deities, so I'm not actually unique in the campaign.

>> No.44686520

The highest tier beneath Plot Device Universe Destruction Engines, like Rovagug, who required a number of goons, including Asmodeus, merely to match and contain him.

>> No.44686559

>literally dedicated to the destruction of all
>Chaotic as fuck
>Bitchboi Asmodeus couldn't even face him, and instead did some faggy shit with vaults

Laws don't mean shit

>> No.44686585

>defied and opposed by a bog standard human woman
>said woman not only told Pharasma to fuck off, but spontaneously manifested divinity as a result

Pharasma just doesn't measure up, Anon.

>> No.44686602

>couldn't face him
>his "faggy shit with vaults" now means that he holds the key to the prison of one of the deadliest entities ever to befoul the multiverse

Not sure how he didn't win the fuck out of that one.

>> No.44686732

>tfw I get the chance to join a WotR campaign
>25 PB, everything in print and on the Paizo website is allowed, unclear if this means 3pp is allowed or not.

Well, what should I go with?

I'm thinking repenting bandit lord turned Paladin for maximum Arueshalae wooing.

>> No.44686768

Good taste, anon. You might want Chance Encounter, but being the son of a god or goddess is fine too.

>> No.44686792

>The irony is just so thick.

Something else must have been thick to warrant getting charmed, if you get my clumsy sexual innuendo

>> No.44686802

What's the best way to build a first party ubercharger, though?

>> No.44686867


Women don't get thick, anon.

They get moist, difference.

>> No.44686872

Just imagine, everyone rags on you for being an ugly little devilboy, and when you get frustrated and lash out, you confirm their suspicions by inadvertently chastising the Goodly.

>> No.44686879

Small size cavalier. Spirited charge with a lance for maximum damage.

Synthesist Summoner. Quadruped form can get pounce at level 1.

Barbarian. Greater Beast Totem at level 12 grants pounce.

Magus has a pseudopounce with Spell Combat + Bladed Dash but is limited times per day. Available as early as 4th level.

>> No.44686885

Concubine backstory

>> No.44686889


But how do I build him for maximum JUSTICE?

>> No.44686899


Where is this? I know nothing of this project.

>> No.44686904

Is there any skill Profession : Prostitute can't substitute?

>> No.44686928

It's obvious.

>> No.44686935


Farmer, sailor, carpenter, miner, soldier, most anything that doesn't involve maintaining yourself or pleasuring someone else, really.

Also you're looking for a courtesan for the jack-of-all-trades approach, a prostitute is just your common street harlot that gets it from behind in an alley for three silver a hole.

>> No.44686957


Should I make him Angel-Blooded for the wings?

That does make me question why he used to be a bandit, though.

>> No.44686970

>Prettiest, Most Beloved, Most Wonderful deity
>Even Rovagug wants Her

You're still the specialest.

>> No.44686980

He's still a bitchboi if he can't wrestle it, m8.

>> No.44687001

But surely she was captivated by his substantial assets, yes?

>> No.44687020

If we were playing together, I wouldn't bring it up, but I would wonder why a level 1 paladin has a history as a bandit lord. That'd bother me more than an aasimar bandit lord.

>> No.44687034


Don't forget the rainbow hair.

Part of me is actually convinced Paizo made Shelyn knowing fully well just how Mary Sue she was.

>> No.44687049

He was the previous bandit lord's protege, but in an attack the bandit lord died. The level 1, displaying his dazzling intelligence, decided to try and get revenge against those that had killed the bandit lord. In the attack much of the bandit troop was wiped out, causing the protege to realize how retarded he actually is. Knowing that he dumped INT he decided to repent for his crimes and joined a paladin order.

>> No.44687062


I was thinking going with the "he languished in decadence and eventually grew remorseful, losing his skill" approach, but being a bog standard bandit would be easier.

I think I'll go with a human, anyway; Aasimar can be bad, but it takes a very snowflake story to turn an Angel-Blooded rotten.

>> No.44687081


Better yet, make him a former employee of the Stag Lord, for added name-drop.

>> No.44687122

I don't buy it. It's not that easy to repent for your crimes, much less go beyond that point to develop the moral compass and fortitude necessary to be a champion of good on the level of a Paladin.

Angel-Blooded Aasimar aren't inherently better than any other mortal, nor are any other Aasimar types. A lot of them end up in a bad way because people heap their hopes and dreams onto someone "special" like the Aasimar and they crack under the pressure of those expectations.

Hell the first Aasimar you meet in any AP is evil. She's in the very first book of Rise of the Runelords.

>> No.44687128

Retraining obvs

>> No.44687134


Women want arms, good hair and solid abs, anon.

Bards don't have those, Bardbarians do.

>> No.44687137

Well obviously it's not going to be the next day, but it's possible, especially seeing the ones you care about die.

>> No.44687157

But she's cute, Anon.

>> No.44687161


What would you recommend for a good redemption story? What could someone do that would fit into Chance Encounter and make sense for someone eager to join the Crusade knowing it's probably a hopeless fight?

>> No.44687167

She's a beauty and love goddess, what else is she supposed to be like

>> No.44687180


Never said she wasn't cute, in fact her occupying that nebulous region between sexy, beautiful and cute was probably the point.

>> No.44687187

There's got to be more to it than that. This is about the story not the mechanics that enable the story.

"Oh, I used to be bad but now I'm good" is something that takes at least a decent half assing to justify as part of your backstory. Otherwise it just sounds hollow.

I think it'd be better if the focus of your backstory was on the repentance and transition to this new way of life rather than on his history as a criminal.

Maybe instead of "he was a bandit" your character was raised by bandits, who were put down by a paladin and your character was adopted by the paladin instead of killed because he was so young. He was raised by the order, but other paladins always judged him for where he originally came from and now he has this chip on his shoulder for his "history."

Personally, I don't think redemption story arcs should be background stories. They should be played out in the game, otherwise they lose impact.

>> No.44687190


Bigger tits, wider hips and a slimmer waist?

>> No.44687199

They're pretty big in that picture, but is she also a fertility goddess?

>> No.44687207

Eldritch Researcher.

>> No.44687208

I think she looks fine as she is, she's plenty shapely

>> No.44687209

So many talk about Paizo's Waifu.. Are there any Paizo's Husbando?

>> No.44687211

Beauty and Love, not crass promiscuity, friend.

Though the goddess of crass promiscuity has been hitting the smack too hard to fit your ideal, truth be told.

>> No.44687219

No, she's a Beauty-Art-Music-Love goddess.

>> No.44687226


>> No.44687240


Kind of fits with Calistria, honestly.

She's a burned out crack whore that would probably still be your best lay if she felt the urge to do you.

Wasn't Ragathiel's mother a fertility goddess? Might be her for the awesome hips.

>> No.44687262

>> No.44687270


As an NPC? Vencarlo and the former bandit in Kingmaker are pretty hunkish.

God-wise, Abadar and Erastil are full husbando.

As a class? That's easy; Middle-Aged Oracle of Life with the Lame Leg curse. Become the silver fox with a walking stick.

>> No.44687277

She's a fertility-sacred fire-wildfire demigoddess, yeah. Managed to seduce notorious shut-in Dispater, so she clearly has something going on.

>> No.44687281

No because men are undeserving of love and companionship because they're all barely controlled rape beasts according to Paizo.

>> No.44687283

fat bitch

>> No.44687296

That's a flaying

>> No.44687299


>> No.44687303

It's over at http://imgur.com/vj0jQpJ. From what I can tell, people where disappointed with it, or that might have just been people that were buttmad they didn't get a picture of Greta or Succubutt instead. I have no idea what the anon that actually commissioned it thinks of it.

>> No.44687314

I wants to redeem Zon-Zon!

>> No.44687315


Unless it might be because the writers are just awkward with writing strong good men (most of them are big dorks, remember?) And they also recognize most of their audience will be men playing men?

>> No.44687323


She could take the heat.

>> No.44687333

Relax, I was just being a stupid troll.

>> No.44687337


Shelyn will give you a very special reward if you pulled that off, she already gives fairly mighty boons for rescuing souls from her glaive.

>> No.44687356 [SPOILER] 

Better than I expected. Cool.

Though obviously Greta or Succubutt or Space Amiri would also be pretty dope.

>> No.44687362

Where is the info on deific boons located? I want to get a reward from Shelyn.

Do you think if I redeem Zon-Kuthon she'll even hold my hand?

>> No.44687376

But Anon, I thought she was saving her purity for Zon-Zon

What would the special reward consist of if not that?

>> No.44687385

>letting himself get disarmed by a girl
Zonnie is a wimp

>> No.44687387

Her sacred animal is the rabbit. I'm pretty sure she was bringing the heat.

That's probably why they split up. Dispater just couldn't handle all the demigod sex, so they had to go their separate ways.

>> No.44687394

>implying you wouldn't beg Shelyn to grab your glaive with both hands if you had the opportunity

My sense of motives tells me that you're either a liar or very confused.

>> No.44687416


A kiss on the cheek from the goddess of beauty and love will probably be all you ever need.

That, or Shelyn pointing you to the most ideal partner for maximum love.

>> No.44687438

>Shelyn creates the ideal waifu for you from scratch.

What would she be like?

>> No.44687442


Can't you bang an avatar of the goddess without actually ruining the actual purity of the goddess? How else can you be the child of Shelyn in WotR?

I'm fairly sure something as significant as "rescue my brother and father from damnation" would give you a blank check on asking ANYTHING from her, since it's worth reminding people that saving those two from their current condition is basically her entire holy mission at the moment, and single "problem" on her mind.

>> No.44687450

>A kiss on the cheek from the goddess of beauty and love will probably be all you ever need.

Too cute

>> No.44687453


>You will never be a Paladin of Ragathiel and give your God a baby brother

Salt and shattered pelvises everywhere.

>> No.44687457

Anon, the goddess of pure love won't sully her love by giving her purity to someone other than Zon-Zon. Don't be silly.

>> No.44687476


>Lawful Evil

Typo or is it possible to play LE anti-paladins?

>> No.44687478


That isn't Shelyn's thing, she's all about the beauty that already exists in people, or grows there from experiences and life.

She doesn't need to make the ideal waifu for you, anyway, one will always exist on Golarion and helping Shelyn will obligate her to help you find that ideal waifu.

>> No.44687488


The Insinuator lets you play a LE Antipaladin now.

It's also objectively better than the stock Antipaladin.

>> No.44687497


There's an xkcd for this. Just have a little fun anon. What would you tell Shelyn to keep an eye out for while she's waifu shopping for you?

>> No.44687498

>building a setting where only Tier 3 (re: PoW classes) and Tier 2 classes exist

This is kind of fun...

>> No.44687503


Anon, if you're a pure enough soul to rescue her family, you'd probably become the love of the goddess of love.

That, or she'll help you hook up with a top shelf demigod, or maybe a good Trumpet Archon.

>> No.44687554


>Implying I need to tell Shelyn what to look for

She knows what I like, and what I like is platinum blondes with tight figures, proportions are case-by-case but it doesn't matter if her personality and charm are perfect.

>> No.44687666

>implying your non-divine parent didn't do something like freeing a soul from her glaive

>> No.44687698

Well if I can choose...
>Female. No I'm not bisexual, don't be corrupted by evil Shelyn.
>Red head with green eyes or asian, human preferable, but any medium race possible.
>About my size, maybe a few inches shorter or taller, but not too much difference in height.
>Martially inclined, I don't like casters. Str or dex I don't care, but must have decent con.
>No mental attribute lower than ten at least one higher than twelve, same rule I use when building my characters.
>Must like puns. This is really important. Deal breaker even. I can ignore everything else and marry a small skeleton boy as long as it thinks my jokes are puntastic.

>> No.44687718

She can put her glaive in my sheathe any day.

>> No.44687747

Anon, you don't understand. The gift of the purity of Shelyn ceases to be the most valuable thing in creation if it becomes a gift she can give to someone other than her truest, purest love (Zon-Zon.)

>> No.44687751

A real worldwide punomenon you are.

>> No.44687756


Brown, thick, huge tits, saucy teasing personality, good fashion sense, artist of some kind, preferably a Bard, Sorceress or Cleric.

Oh and she must know how to cook. Really, really well.

A really girly brown trap would also be acceptable. Or above mentioned waifu who is willing to polymorph into a trap for best of both worlds.

>> No.44687764

>implying imouto love is the purest
Back to /a/ with you.

>> No.44687768


>> No.44687773

I'm a universe wide one, especially when I'm the Pungeon Master

>> No.44687825


Osirion, easy.


Aren't Kellid the red heads of the setting? If so there you go.


Land of the Linnorm Kings.

>> No.44687863

>Land of the Linnorm Kings.

>Not Irrisen

Anon-kun, Paizo already has a platinum blonde athletic waifu, her name is Greta.

>> No.44687870

Could also try Irrisen.

>> No.44687879

Suddenly I want to build a snowman.

>> No.44687900

>Osirion, easy.

Isn't there a canonical boyslut in the mummy AP?

>> No.44688028


Yup, he's a slender brown-boy with smooth skin as well.

>> No.44688038

That's a tough question, definitely. Honestly? It's mostly above our pay grade. That's what Bossmen Texas and Viking Editions need to make the call on. Speaking logically - Paizo will eventually cave and make a PF2E; let's be real here. It will either continue with a with a cleaner edition of their products (think the jump from 3.0 to 3.5 just hella slower timeline wise) or it will be more significant (I would see it being more similar from going from PF to some hybrid of PF and 5E myself, simplifying things but that might be too much of a stretch). Keeping in mind, of course, that the whole reason PF exists to begin with is because Paizo saw a market for people who were pissed off at the close of 3.5 for 4E, they likely won't want to make the same mistake either. Frankly, they're getting close to due for a new edition if they're going to do it.

As far as DSP goes - we'll do as we always do. We will keep writing and creating. We may make our own game (with requisite blackjack and hookers) but that's a HUGE effort and as a small company quite risky, we may re-write our products for PF2E, we may develop new products all together. Suffice to say, we'll keep doing what we do as long as you folks support us. It's not much of an answer, I know, but it's really the best one I think any of us can give.

>> No.44688050


>you will never build a snowman with a haughty tsundere Jadwigan qt

I can't let it go.

>> No.44688066

Tell us of your dream, anon. Don't hold it back any more.

>> No.44688119


Fun Fact: Nazhena has such a disgust towards the party in RoW because Radosek, the man you kill at the end of Book 1, was her lover and apprentice, and implied to be very much a man she was in love with, since I remember the book saying she treated him with haughty disdain (before throwing him in bed) because she didn't know how else to respond to the emotion of love.

You killed her husbando, you monsters.

>> No.44688149


I don't need to hold it back because the dream is already alive, see >>44687863

>> No.44688251

Would it really be a huge effort? Because of the srd, could't you just lift everything Paizo did and just adjust here and there?
Hell almost all of Paizos rules are srd, if Paizo ever does a second edition too different instead of PF 1.5, anybody can just swooce right in and steal all they did and make a new game. Alchemist, Inquisitor, Brawler, they would be all up for grabs.
The main problem would be if DSP did it's game, and Rite did it's game, and RGG did it's game.

>> No.44688270


A realistic response. Although, what is holding back the development of your own game? Is it a production related issue? Because there are role playing games that have been successfully published and Kickstarted with only one or two man teams, and then only Kickstarted to get printed versions out. Drive thru rpg and other distributors make it possible, but I'm not going to pretend to know what you have to go through to achieve that there or at Paizo, and if contracts are involved..

>> No.44688426

Okay guys.
I'm going into a game with an Instructor wizard.
The current plan is to have Wizard #1 be some Dumbledore, and the cohort be some young up-and-comer Harry.

What I want to know is, are there any tips on how I can best optimize my wizardry? One crafter, one conjurer, that sort of thing?

>> No.44688451


One enchanter, one conjurer.

>> No.44688495

>no diviner for initiative shenanigans and GM questions
Oh my god what a loser

>> No.44688763

Folks, we honestly can't really say much more. It's a circumstance we've considered but can only really react to if it happens; I'm sorry.

As for our own RPG, we're working on that still. Patience.

>> No.44688859

I know you said you can't say much on the DSP RPG that's coming, but is it a high-fantasy setting?

>> No.44688864

I know a guy at work who'd totally be into that.

But that's because he likes'em tubby

>> No.44688872

Alright, I've googled around and haven't found an answer for this. I'm gonna play a summoner in my group's next campaign, who works under one of my buddies, who's building a ringmaster out of a ranger or something.
I'm making my Eidolon a storykin, since it fits the whole "stage magician" theme I'm going for. My question is, what category of Perform would card tricks fall under? Or should I take another skill, like Sleight of Hand?

>> No.44688886

Wait, I got it, never min.

>> No.44688890

I'd ask your DM, but I'd say it falls under Sleight of Hand more than anything.

>> No.44688944

Magic items you can't seem to do without or that most/all of your characters always seem to end up having, that aren't one of the Big Six.

Go. Mine is the Jingasa of the Fortunate Soldier, especially for martial characters.

>> No.44689008

Sleeves of many garments.

>> No.44689124

Wand chambers, because my group is cool like that and ported them over. A wand chamber with emergency force sphere is the best panic button ever.

>> No.44689163

A custom magic rope that always ties itself into a noose even if you lack limbs.
My characters have a real knack for ending up in ill-fated campaigns.

>> No.44689198

A quick runner's shirt is so cheap and so useful that literally no adventurer has an excuse not to have one. Even if you already have a different chest item (most of which are shitty) you can easily combine it with a quick runner's shirt for just 1,500 GP if your DM allows the rules for combining items.

What's a wand chamber?

>> No.44689213

It's basically the weaponwand spell as an item.

>> No.44689361

Speaking about the big 6, what's a good way to encourage players to go for different stuff? I remember paizo doing some alternate system but it seemed rather shitty and just forced players to add one of the big six to another item with the usual 1.5x cost.

>> No.44689407

You can use Automatic Bonus progression, but the setup that Paizo drafted isn't very good so you might want to scale your own. Otherwise, just add the Big 6's effects to other items in those slots for free and trust your players not to abuse your generosity?

>> No.44689420

Very few straight relationships (or even same species relationships for that matter) survive the PCs. Radosek and Nazhena, Emil and Katrina Goltiaeva, the mated Behirs on Triaxus, Ten-Penny Tacey and all of Rohkar's Raiders.

Actually, the only relationships I can think of that the PCs actually help are the interspecies dragonfuckers of Triaxus and the lesbian lovers, one of whom is also a priestess of Milani.

>> No.44689446

The system assumes you have certain bonuses to certain statistics to keep up. That's what the Big Six represent. If you don't have them, it's going to make things really tough for you. So for PCs to favor other items, you need to give them a way to get those bonuses without having to take those items.

Paizo's alternate system is to bake those bonuses into the characters, and then decrease character wealth accordingly. Another way to handle it would be just giving them the bonuses for free (or attached to other items like >>44689407) and then increase the party's effective level by one (meaning they fight stronger opponents) to compensate.

>> No.44689461


Handy harversacks and bags of holding. Boots of Striding and springing.

>> No.44689463

New thread:

>> No.44689514

>Sleeves of many garments
Everyone should have these, they're dirt cheap.

>Muleback Cords
I will fucking cheese this shit with inscribe magical tattoo if that's what it takes to be able to wear these. It feels impossible to play a dex-based character without them.

>Tengu Drinking Jug
Turning water into alcohol or tea once a day is excellent, even if mechanically it has no actual benefit. Unless you specifically spec yourself out for it, like a barbarian with those alcohol-based rage powers. In that case it turns into a gallon of FREE status ailment removal and will-boosting

>Hypnotic Tattoo and Scarf of Suggestive Dance
Please send help, I can't stop making my characters be trained in dancing as an excuse to take these, even if they're not bards and gain nothing from it.

>> No.44689537

Three words: fat cow tits. Almost everything else is negotiable.

>> No.44689541

Sounds like somebody needs Mithral Current.

>> No.44689649

>want to try PoW
>can't convince GM to look into it

sooner or later he'll cave

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