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ungeons & Dragons 5th edition general thread.

>Previous thread:

>Core rulebooks, adventure modules, Unearthed Arcana

>Pastebin with homebrew list, resources and so on:

Bad guy appreciation thread. Who's your favorite?

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Displacer beasts are neat

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Non standard constructs. Threw a calzone golem at my players once.

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Hobgoblins, easily

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>Who's your favorite?

They're in the name, Anon.

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The blade swung: the thrum of divine power crackling along its length was interrupted only by the splitting of bone and a horrific, hissing screech as the black dragon's head was severed.

The beast's heavy body thudded to the temple floor, caustic spume and bile spilling out to eat at the ancient stones. The head rolled a short distance across the floor, coming to rest at the paladin's feet.

As the party gathered around, and the last of the light left it's eyes, the ancient black dragon A'non breathed his final testament:
> "Whatever, fag. You're all niggers."

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From last thread,

Give me eccentric shop names for my big city. Some examples of what I already have:
>When Hammers Fly Blacksmithing and Enchanting
>Manachadnezzar the Magnificent's Museum of Mechanical Marvels
>The Mind's Eye Divination Emporium
Only good one from last thread was
>Bloodbath & Beyond

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Caustic to the end, I see

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I killed my players with a manticore the other day. They're pretty neat.

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The BBEG that my guys are fighting right now is a Gnoll shaman. They're all level 5, I made him basically a level 12 Warlock. He's not the biggest baddie in the world, but a glaive wielding, bone-shaking gnoll with a skullhat is pretty cool.

Killed a party member with that hellish rebuke. Shit's nasty.

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I sincerely hope that you mean you killed your players' characters with a manticore the other day.

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Would this work as a 5e generalist wizard?

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College of Satire Bards' Tumbling Fool feature does not specify any requirement for a flat surface to tumble on. How do we fluff tumbling with your swim or fly speed?

I now want to make a forever-tumbling Winged Tiefling Bard, but that'll just get me punched in the face by my DM.

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And we thought it didn't get worse. God dammit, anon, you glorious asshole.

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It would work, though it seems rather boring. Apart from the level 14 feature, there doesn't seem to be anything that directly benefits the wizard in combat either.

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> prepare 2 additional spells
> learn more spells
Yeah, no combat applications there.

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Hmm, I was thinking that increasing their versatility (spells known/spells prepared) and letting them cast lower level spells more often per day (improved arcane recovery) would help them in combat. Might make the level 6 feature something that works directly in combat though...

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Anon will always be my favorite antagonist.

I love you guys.

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No direct applications. They become more versatile, but they don't get much of anything they can directly use in combat. Even Illusionists get shit like interposing an illusion in their place to take an attack.

This archetype literally gets nothing to actively use in combat. It's like the Champion archetype, for Wizards.

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> half a page, no formatting
> .3M
Fuck, people, learn to compress your files.

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>nothing to actively use in combat
>It's like the Champion archetype

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So no more games for me, lfgs sucks, so I make characters now for whenever I do get a chance to play. I need something else to do, are there any good 5th ed or D&D novels?

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Any ideas for "random encounters" that aren't necessarily combats?

One that I'm thinking is a man that's preparing to play the fiddle against a devil. The players then can help one of them or just watch the show.

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A medium dragon falls out of the sky and crashes near the party, dead.

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Is this a reference to something or is this Baneposting?

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Tournaments of any sort are a classic, but your twists to them will usually not be interesting.

Acidents happen, specially magical ones, maybe a wizard set somewhere on fire.

Characters in the wilderness might face some challanges to survive, I think DMG has some suggestions. You could maybe have a eclipse or something and have them lost.

A travelling merchant attempts to trick the more gullible PCs into buying junk or just beat them in banters.

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If it was baneposting the dragon would be big.

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For you maybe.

Maybe it was crashed by a bigger dragon.

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Fore Ewe

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The patron of the party warlock calls in a favor in an unsubtle manner. The rest of the party may react rather strongly to this.

The party happens upon a wandering dog. there is a bit of twine around it's neck, into which a note has been tucked.

The party finds the smoldering remains of an attacked caravan.

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So thats what homer simpson looks like without the beard!

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>Playing OotA
>prisioners that escaped and that we found along the way also get xp for the combats they get involved and for milestones
>they start leveling up and becoming useful and likeble
>Feels great man!

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A sci-fi expansion to D&D 5e. I didn't want to write six pages of setting lore that would never be used, so I provided some scant background so that DMs and players can at least follow the train of thought behind character classes, archetypes, and skills.

So far, I have one class without archetypes, but I just want to verify that I'm not thinking outside of the D&D box or fucking balance up from the get-go.

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Anyone have the rulebook I could snag? The link in this thread isn't working for me.

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How do you guys handle a party of loose canons?
I mean, they want to be super agressive with every npc they meet, torturing and killing prisioners, even if they are friendly.
If I threw back at them a drow archmage that was initially friendly towards the party for the rescue, then they burned one of his eyes while he was restrained by chains, before teleporting away, would they complain?

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>rescuing a drow archmage
what? well, I guess it could happen
>he acts friendly towards the party
so he didnt have anything preventing his speach or if the party pulled it off, not only he didnt kill them straight away, he also acted friendly?
>burned one of his eyes
why the fuck did they do that for?!
I know drows are evil and shit, but goddamn!

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> sci-fi expansion
> no background
> limited other content

The DMG provides most of the tools necessary to get started with a sci-fi game.

Fortunately for you, this means you don't have to waste time writing additional rules either. Congraturation!

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You should do it and find out.

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Most of them, but not all of them. Many of the classes have to be actively modified and refluffed.

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Posted hambro warlock archetype feature for feedback yesterday. I've revised it to make it less potent:
> Ranged and Melee spell attacks targeting you are made at disadvantage
> On a miss, you may spend your reaction to force the attacker to make a Cha save; failure applies the Recharge quality to the opponent's spellcasting feature
> Recharge threshold is your cha mod

Spends your reaction, doesn't apply to AoE spells anymore, made Recharge variance less weird. Is this better?

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its from the ocupation of szith morcane adventure, from the adventurers league.
They rescued the drow from a fire giant and some demons, they also needed a brooch that a mind flayier requested in exchange for a teleportation there.
>the drow tricked the illithid into thinking that the brooch was magic and was because of it that the flayer couldnt control his mind
>when players ask him about the brooch, he laughs, because the illithid bought it
>paladin punches him
>he explains why he laughted and that the brooch is not magical
>they keep mistreating him, until the halfing ranger decides to burn both the drows eyes
>drow sees that and start casting teleport
>halfling jumps and stabs his eye with burning rapier
>he teleports away
>party tries talking with the brooch anyways and detecting magic
>its a plain brooch
>they feel no remorse

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Wow, what a bunch of dicks.
Bet they picked chaotic neutral, so they can act all edgy and "the ends justify the means"
Or maybe their ideal play is to fuck npcs with no real consequences.

>> No.44605441

Szith Morcane, huh?
The drow take it back from the giants not long after that.
Their main concern is holding the giants and demons off, so if Solom, the drow archmage, survived and managed to rescue his crew (did the party rescued the drow prisioners?) and take the fight back to them.
But fucking Solom like that was not a smart move, the guy can scry the shit out of the party on his free time and bid his time.
If they went back to szith morcane, and he sees them, they should get fucked. Solom too should change as to expect the worse from everyone and maybe become even more evil.

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>having players face bad consequences of their actions
The players will hate it and call it bullshit, probably say that the DM had it for the party or some shit, maybe some of them will even be like "but I wasnt the one that burned his eye, so he shouldnt hate me too!".
Players who act edgy are the worst and they bitch a lot. A lot.

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Can War or Tempest cleric pair well with a barbarian?

>> No.44605508

The ongoing issue with Barb and any caster archetype is that you end up with 2 core features in conflict.

That said, play what you want to play, but you may get more functional mileage out of a Cleric of either type with the outlander background.

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No, they didnt rescue any prisioners, they didnt even met them. They went straight to the mansion, chaos sorcerer chaos'ed a firball centered on himself and killed 2 party members, before fighting the giant and "rescuing" the Solom. After collecting the treasure, they picked a friends body and took it back to be ressurected at his faction expense.

>> No.44605529

Hum... how did they leave? Didnt Solom had to open the passage, otherwise they would have to walk 21 days in underdark, which is pretty much suicide?
I'll assume that you changed the boss fight into the "very weak party" setup.

>> No.44605541

I made solom open the thing, without them knowing.

>> No.44605580

>chaos sorcerer fucked the party

Hum, that was nice of you. Even though they didnt deserve it. You are making things way too easy on them.
Maybe you should get the OotA adventure and make some real hardcore underdark darksouls shit happen the next time they go there.

>> No.44605595

No caster pairs well with barbarians rage.
I mean, you could make a "rage last resource" build, I guess, for when you run out of spells.

>> No.44605626

What a bunch of retards.
Did you do it right? I mean, did they know that Solom was a kind of a big deal?

>> No.44605643

>blinding the archmage
>not raping him
get on my magic realm level, bitches!

>> No.44605684

Yes, he introduced himself.
I should've said that the guys who gave the party the mission, wanted him alive. I have indeed failed and now I feel bad.
I skiped that part of the intro by accident.

Yeah, maybe I should.
Underdark expeditions on the adventurers league are way too easy and streamlined.

>> No.44605705

>forgot to mention how important the guy they would find captured later on is and that he is wanted alive
shithead, its all on you.

>> No.44605722

>its all on you
Did you miss the part that anon said that he introduced himself and acted friendly towards the party, even after being suckerpunched?

>> No.44605731

probably this.

>> No.44605882

> party tries to kill NPC the DM didn't specifically say was wanted alive
> what a shitty DM
No anon, you are the shitheads

>> No.44605883

Did you even read?
He introduced himself and acted friendly, answerd all the parties questions, even being mistreated.

>> No.44605948

>NPC is saved by party
>is thankful and answer all the parties questions
>paladin punches him for laughing at the stupid mind flayer for beliving his shit
>keeps it cool
>they decide its ok to blind him
Its an edgelords shitfest, there was nothing the DM could've done.

>chaotic neutral
pretty much sums it up.

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Hate to say it but it looks like the Mega files got nuked again.

>> No.44606000

I guess we can all agree that that party needs some good old drow revange, right?
Do it, DM. Fuck them hard.
Specially the paladin and the halfling.

>> No.44606015

Champion is purely passive isn't it?

>> No.44606038


Must go for the classic Beholder.

>> No.44606071

If by passive you mean "passive features," then yes.

If by passive you mean "ineffective in combat," then no, and check your head for holes.

>> No.44606084

That's exactly what I thought. I'm not the same poster just curious how the other Anon could've work out his statement.

>> No.44606123

Trips fucking confirm it.
I need some ways the Archmage can get back on them, while distracted by the fire giant/demon attacks.

>> No.44606188

If anon wants more stuff to do, anon can go battlemaster. Champion is geared around taking what you can already do up to eleven.

I mean, what would you even replace, and with what? There's not a wasted feature on that archetype.

>> No.44606195

How would /tg/ build Beowulf?

>> No.44606215

And I, for one, really hope that he caved his players' skulls in with a Genius Manticore keyboard.

>> No.44606238

human, Wolf or bear barbarian?

>> No.44606390

On a similar note, Achilles?

>> No.44606502

Incorporate NPC names into the shops. It further reinforces the name for your players and it probably makes more sense for the D&D setting.

Arren's Angelic Armaments

The Zigbault Brother's Smithing Services

Gilmore's Glorious Goods (from Critical Roll)

Too often my players will say "alright, lets go back and talk to uhh.. that guy from the place." I find the more you can tie the name into the setting, the more the players will care about it and remember it.

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Hey /5eg/, I'm mulling around the idea of running an 80's action movie inspired series of one shots for my group some time in the future and I'd like to use the firearms available in the DMG. I'd also like to give martial classes modern magic style archetypes, but I'd like them to be inspired by the source material. I'm just spit-balling at this point, but tell me if the thematics make sense with the classes:

Paladin - A commando type who specializes in automatic weapons with the Burst Fire property (ala "spray and pray")

Rogue - the detective who uses the innate skills potency of the rogue class and applies it to items or tools, beside the thieve's tools.

Barbarian - I'm kind of at a loss for barb. I can either base him off of the invincible russian wrestler type guy or maybe some coke snorting rager, but I'd much perfer to not even try the later.

Monk - literally already perfect, Daniel-san

>> No.44606566

Somehow OP copied the *old* link, of the one that got nuked ages ago, because he's a dumb fuckshit.

This one from the actual previous thread still works. https://mega.nz#F!UVkTnT5b!FJ34UZ98BMY2mEtexenS7g

>> No.44606596

Anyone have a pdf of the 5e spellcards using one of those online spell card designer things?

>> No.44606624

oh nvm, I found the site I was thinking of and I guess they just have them already set up for printing. DIdn't think WotC was okay with that sort of thing.

>> No.44607227

Are there any good, short adventures for a single player and GM?

I need to catch a player up to the group who all just hit level 2 without her (she was at a friends birthday).

If not prewritten adventures, what are some good ideas for one on one play?

>> No.44607251

What's the theme here?

Mechanically sounds on-par with the PHB Lock's 10th level features. Bit more rolling involved, but that's OK.

I feel like you'll almost never run into a situation where a level 10 warlock has less than 20 charisma, though. Either make the Recharge 5-6 or find another way to determine it (1/5 warlock level, round up, maybe: 3 at 10, 4 at 13, 5 at 17).

>> No.44607261


>prequel dungeon
>downtime simulator alpha
>just giving it to her

>> No.44607284


>> No.44607351

So I'm gonna make a Wizard/Rogue, with Bladesinger and Arcane Trickster respectively.

How should I proceed in leveling? Which one should I pick first etc

>> No.44607386


Level 2 is nothing. It's 300 XP. You can just give that to her. Level 1-3 are explicitly the Starter Zone in 5e.

>> No.44607393

Can you rewrite "Sears" as "Spears?"

>> No.44607395

You don't really need the rogue levels; you'll need to go too deep to get anything worthwhile anyway. Cut off at rogue 2 if you must have rogue bits.

>> No.44607404

I wrote a fun noncombat scenario that was based on my plotline but I'm sure it can be modified. The premise is that a terrorist group has planted magical bombs around a city and they need to be defused. The bomb defusal is a really fun minigame and can be easily brought into other adventures as a noncombat encounter. How long should the adventure take?

>> No.44607416

> Wizard
> Arcane Trickster
You should run your character sheet through a shredder and use the result to start a fire in a discarded 50-gallon drum. Add fuel wood until the fire is nice and hot. Add your PHB. Walk away.

>> No.44607432

Oops meant to reply to

>> No.44607499

No good?

I was thinking of going like 2 levels with Wizard just to get Bladesinger

Calm down, anon.

So you're saying it's just not worth it to combine the two? Better off just going full Wizard?

>> No.44607601

Why do you want Bladesinger?

The hyperbole is because if you're going wizard, you do yourself no service by multiclassing with any other class. Multiclassing into multiple classes with spellcasting eats your slot count.

Going into Bladesinger to improve a Rogue is a wash, at best; with arcane Trickster, it becomes a liability.

>> No.44607686

Yes. Rogue does not have extra toughness to offer and AT just offers what a full wizard can do anyway. The only thing you could want are skills, mobility and sneak attack. The first tow can be got with just two level (wizards have spells that grant mobility anyway) and the last requires too many levels investment to be worth it. Bladesinger is pretty much already AT 2.0. You'll lose more than is gained.

>> No.44607711

Thank guys.

I'll just go full Wizard then.

>> No.44607822

Not him, but why? I can see it being a wash, but assuming the rogue has good INT, he gets a pretty nice boost in AC for what, 1 die of SA? AT doesn't really get much on leveling up.

>> No.44607899

Hm, didn't think about it coming from the angle of AT. Mgiht be a good dip in that case

>> No.44607985

Thanks; will try that out.

The patron is supposed to be setting-specific: the warlock is indentured to the Wizards' Guild, which acts as a regulatory body as much as an academic one. The archetype gives mostly roleplaying and utility abilities (make 1-shot wands; has tool and skill proficiencies), so I wanted the level 10 defensive ability to be at least as powerful as the fiendlock, as they don't get as much love in the fighty department.

>> No.44608075

Compare the wizard-only spell slots to those of multiclassing.

If you want to cast and fight, Arcane Trickster is not your friend. Almost anything would be better.

Bladelock -- BLADELOCK -- would be better.

>> No.44608082

It's just going to be an hour or two tonight. I think one or two quick fights, two or three noncombat encounters, and some NPC dialogue should so it.

>> No.44608257

Hey Tg, I'm thinking about a character concept, story and all, in the vague hopes that I'll finally be able to be a player and not a foreverGm.

A variant human, with the magic initiate, class eldritch knight. Picking the Hex spell, unsure about the cantrips from warlock.

How does that sound? Fluff/backstory. His mother was a warlock and taught him those spells, and he felt it natural that he temper and improve his art by working more magic training in with his bladeworks.

>> No.44608315

Asian-inspired campaign, one of the players wanted to play a Kitsune. Is this a decent statting, or should it go back to the drawing board?

>> No.44608362

Arcane cunning seems really strong, way to strong.

>> No.44608428

This just in: Gnomes are broken.

>> No.44608449

> small size
> 30 foot movement rate
Pick one.

> True form
How do you assume your True Form? Does it do anything worthwhile for you? I think you can lose this feature.

> Shapeshifting
Christ, just use the version in the monster manual. Also, if this is how you're meant to assume your True Form, it should be mentioned here.

> Arcane Cunning
Oh, fuck you.

> Proficiencies, bite, senses

> 400k for one page of monotype with a shitty background

>> No.44608483

Oh yeah, Rogue sucks ass for anything but a 2 level dip, maybe 3 for assassin, but if you WANT to go AT for some reason then giving up 1-2 levels for Bladesinger looks okay.

>> No.44608596

>> small size
>> 30 foot movement rate
>Pick one
Mastiffs are 40 foot movement at Medium size. Generally, quadrupeds are faster than bipeds of the same size. Seems a bit odd that a human would be able to outpace a fox that easily.

>True form
You're in your true form unless you take a different shape. I needed somewhere to put the "you can talk even though you're a fox" rule, as well as the stuff about equipment.

The one in the Monster Manual lets you impersonate individuals willy-nilly, and is basically enough to make a monster in and of itself. This version just gives you access to one appearance per species. It's a pretty significant difference. Also, it does note at least once that it's how you return to your true form.

>Arcane Cunning
As >>44608428 pointed out, it's a gnome feature. Same as Stout halflings get the same poison resistance as dwarves.

>file size issues
My work computer is kind of shit, it's true.

>> No.44608643

Hey /5eg/,

I'm trying to Homebrew some flintlock weapons for a setting I want to run, and the best solution I've come up with is basically the different crossbow types with a tacked on special rule.
I've come up with several rules to represent the fact that they're guns, but I've boiled it down to two specific rules, and I'd like your opinions on which would be better both mechanically and in terms of fluff, and perhaps some tweaks to make them better.

1. All guns have +1 to hit on all creatures size-class medium or larger, but suffer -2 to hit on all small/tiny creatures.
2.All guns suffer a -1 (perhaps -2?) to hit rolls, but ignore piercing resistance.

Also in order to get the guns to have a loading time reasonably close to a crossbow's, I've decided to fluff them as percussion cap weapons w/ an 1819 Hallrifle type loading design

>> No.44608662

Just use the DMG versions.

>> No.44608791

>Mastiffs are 40 foot movement at Medium size.
Mastiffs aren't player characters.

>> No.44608865

> Asks for feedback
> equivocates in response to feedback
You're the reason /tg/ thinks homebrew is shit.

>> No.44608876

Yeah, and the foxes only move 30 feet. Which, given the inability to use weapons, doesn't seem that out of line.

Besides, dwarves and wild elves show that you can have more than one base speed at Medium. No reason that couldn't apply to Small as well.

>> No.44608995

...man, I'm not a huge fan of homebrew either, but that's a retarded stance. Have you never done any collaborative work? Change is not the only possible response to feedback. Sometimes, it's important for an author to get the chance to make their intent clear, if people were responding on the basis of inaccurate assumptions. The audience can then respond to those explanations, either to insist on the changes in spite of them or to revise their arguments in light of them.

In this case, until reading >>44608596, I hadn't realized that they were actually supposed to be literal foxes unless they used the Shapeshifting ability. That means there's some failure in the writing, but it doesn't mean that the fact that they're literal foxes needs to be thrown out. And Arcane Cunning looked stupidly good to me until someone pointed out that gnomes get the exact same thing.

As shitty as any piece of homebrew might be, it's hard for me to credit the idea that blindly following advice from 4chan would necessarily be better.

>> No.44609051

>calling that equivocation
It's like you just use words you've heard before without any idea of what they mean. Explaining things and answering questions is literally the opposite of equivocation.

>> No.44609065

How does a complete beginner nerd even get into the game? Where do I even go?

>> No.44609106

So i'm converting my dwarves into crabmen. Hill Dwarf stats are fine, but the Mountain Dwarf armor proficiency is a little odd for crabmen. Maybe a kind of natural armor?

>> No.44609108

Read the book, get a group, play.

>> No.44609251

I'd say to rethink how True Form is presented, then. Hell, even a name change would probably do it. "Bestial Limitations" doesn't quite sound appropriate, but it gives a better sense of what the ability is representing.

Shapeshifting is pretty ugly, but the fact that it just grants you a few different looks, rather than being a 17th-level Druid class feature, is probably a good thing. It also means that there are less societal implications--you don't have to worry about how anyone you know could be replaced by a kitsune at any time, you just have to worry about strangers. I assume that the reason behind specifying all the things about equipment has to do with the fact that you're actually changing body plan, like wild shape, rather than just getting bigger or smaller?

I might still cut Arcane Cunning, though I'm unsure as to whether that would leave them with too few features. The fact that the shapeshifting doesn't really grant you anything might mean that it looks more powerful than it is, but it currently feels like they have a lot going for them.

Changing the speed might still be on the table, though the fact that they're actually quadrupeds does change matters. I'm not actually sure it introduces any balance issues, but it certainly looks funny.

No, /tg/ thinks homebrew is shit because of all the homebrew writers who have no clue what they're doing and just slap shit together and just ignore criticism. This guy answered criticism, even if only to try to justify the criticized choices.

>> No.44609336

Instructions not clear, have to file for bankruptcy now

>> No.44609354

I love how you chose that despite him being a black dragon.

>handle loose canons
Normally, I would retcon anything particularly problematic, or try to preferably explain it away with a future plotline.

>> No.44609366

See >>44606566, OP was an idiot and used an OP link that's like six months dead at this point

>> No.44609468

>Seems a bit odd that a human would be able to outpace a fox that easily.
Fair, I suppose; had not realized that your True Form was a default and not a choice.

That said, it seems unbecoming that you can shapeshift indefinitely without any other prerequisites. Racial abilities are usually pretty minor; I'd limit this to a number of hours equal to your int mod, or similar. You could also potentially have this scale with level, a LA tiefling.

I don't care what gnomes get; they don't get shapeshift, too. Recommend you pick one.

File optimization options for PDFs can be found when saving or printing.

This guy >>44608865 is an asshole. Thanks for the thoughtful response.

>> No.44609611

I think fluff-wise Anon as a collective is most like the black dragon.

Hates everybody, is ultimately kind of a coward.

>> No.44609645

Yeah, I'll cut Arcane Cunning. I just felt they should have some kind of defensive/resistant ability, since it seems like every race gets one, but I'm not terribly attached to it.

Were the UA changelings considered too powerful? Because I figured this shape changing is strictly worse than theirs, what with it not changing your statistics other than increasing your size to Medium.

>> No.44610084

How would you feel about a jack of all trades style fighting style that would give a small bonus to all weapons, like +1 to hit or damage? Or do you think it defeats the purpose of fighting styles?

>> No.44610118

The jack of all trades fighting style is called Defense and it gives +1 AC.

>> No.44610199


Eh, I can't see myself ever taking it. The other ones are better. Except maybe archery, but that one's still strong. It'd also just create problems with Champions - they could just get a bonus to their existing style this way (with their second style) rather than using it for versatility.

>> No.44610342

So to any 5th Edition RPGA player, are Lawful Evil characters allowed to be played? I want to play a Warlock who serves the Nine Hells, but that'd be hard with any other alignment.

>> No.44610408

I'm playing a character that is very similar to that in an AL OotA campaign. He is LE and it's perfectly fine. Generally speaking.

>> No.44610411

Lawful Neutral springs to mind.

>> No.44610463

>> small size
>> 30 foot movement rate
>Pick one.
I pick kobolds.

>> No.44610507

Well he could be Lawful Neutral, I guess...it just would be a bit weird, since he looks like a Devil, throws infernal hellfire at people, and has an imp servant.

I guess if it gets past the rules though, it'd be fine.

>> No.44610570

Changelings were considered uncommonly good fit their UA, especially given the relative meh-ness about the rest of it.

>> No.44610592

>do you think it defeats the purpose of fighting styles?
Yes. Also, that's what +1 weapons are for.

>> No.44610610

Also not a PC race. Take your meme and go.

>> No.44610620

Why does everyone who designs guns for D&D want them to have some weird fiddly mechanic that makes them harder to use? Just use the DMG guns.

>> No.44610650

>Not a PC race
>The DMG gives you rules on letting you make any fucking race you want

I played a Bullywug Wild Sorcerer, and kept all its shitty stats. You could do the same with a Kobold.

>> No.44610670


Because if the game is specifically geared towards a focus on gunplay, it's extremely boring to not only cut down the amount of setting-feasible weapons and still delegate everything to the basic rolls.

I see nothing wrong with a misfire mechanic or something of the sort.

>> No.44610699

My DM's misfire mechanic is that on a crit fail for an attack, if the weapon is poorly maintained, shit just explodes

This is also due to the PC's having no knowledge of guns and finding a cache of old blackpowder weapons, then fucking around until they figured out how they work

>> No.44610797

Because haven't you heard? Guns are fur special players who are special people, and need special weapons with special rules that require special classes with special features in order to use them.

In my setting: A gun is a wand that deals d8 piercing damage and does not require attunement. The type of gun determines how many charges it has.

That's it.

>> No.44610904

Hm. Does the "only one shape per race" restriction and the lack of changes to statistics nerf the shapeshifting enough, or should I find another way to restrict it?

>> No.44611075

>Start LGS game at 5th level
>Going to use average HP as a barb
>GM says no, I must roll
>Roll in front of him with his dice: 11, 11, 10, 12
>Gets mad and acts all passive-aggressive towards me
Will I ever find a decent group and/or GM?

>> No.44611078

> with RULES

>> No.44611119


Your DM always has the option of saying no, as well. Most DM's wouldn't restrict players from making a Kobold.

>> No.44611386

Yeah, not in LGS games.

You may have to DM yourself

>> No.44611507

> 184K
My man.

> one shape per race
Honestly, I don't really think this adds or removes anything efficacy-wise. What it does do is put a lot of pressure on the DM to keep track of what forms a character had assumed, and how they looked each time.

Not exclusive to kitsune, but a common folklore theme among shapeshifters is that the transformation is always a bit wrong: sometimes the eyes stay the same, for example. Following this theme, maybe you could make it a variation on a disguise check and give opponents disadvantage on insight checks to recognize you.

>> No.44611560

I'm a big fan of forces of nature gone berserk. Thinking of including a corrupted Oath of Ancients Paladin as a villain after my party finished LMoP, who corrupts druid groves and is spawning armies of blights, vine golems and other plant based monstrosities in an attempt to let The Green take over.

>> No.44611582

> If we were all trees, there would be no wars.

>> No.44611660

>pressure on the DM
I can't imagine it's any more than just assuming that they look the same each time. Since that's written in, it doesn't matter whether the DM can remember the hair color--he can just say "yeah, they recognize you."

Maybe it's just my animoo talking, but a part of me wants you to be able to have fox traits in other forms. If I'm feeling like enough of a weeb to play a kitsune, there's a nonzero chance that I'll want to use Horo as a character portrait yes, I know she's a wolf, but she has the right look

>> No.44611750

Shanoa is great, your mess of character isnt.

>> No.44611826

Wheres your party at and what LVL?

>> No.44611844

Bear barbarian / fighter?

>> No.44611851

Been playing some 5ed with friends, and a thing i have noticed is that ac seems really freaking good in this edition.
Is it also like this when you get to higher lvl, or does ac become less significant?

>> No.44611869

Scry them and plot.
BID its time.
If they show up at his home, get them killed.

>> No.44611897

>mfw im playing a LVL 4 rogue and having tons of fun

>> No.44611916


>> No.44611918

Even full barbarian would be ok.

>> No.44611943

I'm an AT with familiar and GFB and BB and I'm dealing quite a lot of damage

>> No.44611967

>I can't imagine it's any more than just assuming that they look the same each time.
Well, since you mentioned being weeb enough to play o-kitsune-sama:
The kind of players I've had who'd play a kitsune are absolutely the kind of players who would argue with me for hours about appearance.

>> No.44612009

Geez, are you playing with a party of Virts?

>> No.44612062

Read the whole thread, latefriends.

They were talking about a wizard taking a 2-level dip in Rogue. It is a bad idea. Don't get all foamed up.

>> No.44612153



>> No.44612158

...far be it from me to judge how another person chooses their friends, but why would you play with people like that?

>> No.44612209

I GM lots of public and convention events. These people are not my friends; my friends are a different, better story.

> inb4 why would you DM public games?
Because I'm an addict and I can't say no. Next question.

>> No.44612249

I probably would just because they wouldn't be able to walk around town without creating a scene. I don't like it when PCs are races that are unique enough that it always draws a bunch of attention.

>> No.44612254

Why would you let someone play a homebrew race at a public or convention game

>> No.44612257

It's ok. You get dash, which is great for getting out of trouble as a squishy wizard.

If the bard with tumble is going to be a thing it'll quite pointless tho.

You are dealing less than a dedicated damage dealer could, but that's basically my plan as well in the campaign I'm playing in.

Do you enjoy what you are doing? "disengage, move, attack" got boring for me 5 levels ago.

>> No.44612262

I don't. Hence the arguments.

>> No.44612279

I really can't imagine the kind of person to firstly bring a homebrew kitsune race to a public game and then secondly argue about it

Poor man

>> No.44612353

It's not a self-pity thing, and I try not to be an ass about it, but when one prick fixated on being different holds up the session for everybody else to the point that security has to get involved, you just kind of learn to roll with it.

> security? What?
It's less dramatic than it sounds. Con volunteers remove people from the event if they're disruptive. They prefer the GM not get involved for liability/safe space reasons.

I do enjoy it. I can count my bad stories on one hand, but I've lost count of the good ones.

>> No.44612403

My favorite would have to be the Orcs, and I think that 5th edition does them even better than before.

>> No.44612426

Side quests are the first things that come to mind for me.

>> No.44612476

How would you all create an incredibly strong solo fighter in 5e?

We're starting a moderately high level campaign (level 9), with 3 players total including me. The other players have decided to take up pretty heavy support and mostly non-combat focused characters, on top of being relatively new players and without any semblance of optimization. Normally I don't optimize too hard, but I want to make sure these guys don't get steamrolled in combat and I know the DM is pretty fair, but won't hold back.

I'm thinking of doing an Assassin 3 / Death Monk 6 build with Sentinel. Low HP but the Death Monk feature would let me survive decently, and I'd have solid damage output both single target and in groups. I really want to stay away from Fighter or Barbarians, since I've already played those plenty and find them pretty boring.

>> No.44612500

>incredibly strong solo fighter
>no fighters or barbarians, though

>> No.44612516

You don't put levels in rogue past 7, it's largely inferior to switching to fighter at that point.

>> No.44612527

Yeah I know, I might end up going one just because but I'm seriously bored with playing one.

The question was for anyone though, I just specifically am looking for something not heavy into Fighter or Barb.

>> No.44612528

Moon druid with summons.

>> No.44612622

>ToEE game
>party already has a Monk
>another might make a Cleric

Should I play a Bard, Wizard or Sorcerer?

>> No.44612677

Added fox traits in other shapes, as well as an Intelligence (Investigation) check to notice that there's something amiss.

I figured, based on the stories of argumentative weebs, that specifying exactly what was amiss would lead to them all wearing sunglasses at all times or whatever, so I left it undefined.

Part of why I'm keeping it at one form per race is for preventing worldbuilding headaches. A race that could look like the empress's daughter one minute and the captain of the guard the next is just asking for trouble.

>> No.44612685

I'm exactly 7. Not sure if I'll switch to fighter or something else.

>> No.44612686

Unrelated to your homebrew, just a general lore question:
Aren't traditional kitsune, like, man-eating sociopaths? Don't they assume human guise for the sole purpose of killing horny men? Aren't they all about perverting the natural order and generally sticking their foxy dicks in everything?

I feel like that's a poor thematic choice for a PC race. Couldn't you be a tanuki instead? Racial features include a sweet hat and giant balls?

>> No.44612732

Looking good.

I'd maybe allow members of a race you're actively imitating identify you passively.

>> No.44612790


Level 9 Paladin trumps your shit multiclass.

>> No.44612905

You're thinking of kumiho. They're descended from the same root myth, but Korea decided that sexy fox ladies should be sociopathic flesh-eaters instead of tricksters and guardians.

>> No.44612933

eldritch knight because they're cool

>> No.44612941

>Giant Balls.
You are proficient with your unarmed strikes, which deal 2d4 points of bludgeoning damage.

>> No.44612956


Nah, someone else is already making a Fighter.

>> No.44612959

Now you're getting it!

>> No.44612986

Bladesinger Wizard, then.

>> No.44613123

but you wont be a fighter
you'll be an eldritch knight
if you want to be difficult, fine
make a dwarf arcane trickster

>> No.44613207

>You are dealing less than a dedicated damage dealer could
Yes, but not less than other rogues, in fact I'm having advantage to my attacks and dealing GFB+Sneak Attack, I think that's more than other rogues. Only Assassin seems to deal more and only on the first turn/surprise.

>> No.44613675

Kitsune were previously benevolent. When the Jesuits arrived in Japan, they got a more malevolent bent.

Yokai are more like Fey than demons in their cultural context: not necessarily evil, but weird.

>> No.44613961

No shit.

GFB costs a feat. In fact, now that I think about it, one feat gets you both GFB and familiar, doesn't it?

But anyway, it doesn't really matter. Didn't say you were doing bad damage for a rogue, said you dealt less damage than damage dealers.

>> No.44614007

I'm DMing a campaign set in an archipelago.

r8 and h8 my fluff

Late one evening on a galleon named The Deceit of the Sea, an elderly sailor motioned to a few of the passengers to gather around. “Let me tell you a little about this accursed region known as The Mirage Isles. 'Tis a strange place to sail through, and few have the savvy to make it out alive. Many spin tails of how this place came to be cursed so, but I'll tell ye the one truth: Eons ago, Talos, god of storms, came to Leira, goddess of illusion, with a request. He wished to keep a great treasure of his safe, and asked that she aid him in turning an entire region of the sea into a maze. Leira, while reluctant, complied on the condition that he owed her a great debt. I know not the details, but when she came to collect, he turned her away. And so she cursed that entire region, causing the islands to move about, appearing in one place one day and appearing in a diff'rnt one the next, hiding the treasure amidst the churning waters.

“Nowadays, it's rumoured that Leira drops adventurers into the region on occasion, so they may seek Talos' treasure for themselves, as a further act of vengeance.”

The ancient mariner eyes the crowd that has assembled, then beckons to a few individuals to come closer.

“You have great potential.”

A ferocious crack of thunder echoes through the previously clear skies. He draws a pair of ten sided bone dice from a pocket in his shirt, palming them.

“I have a single question.

“High? Or low?”

[A player calls out high or low. DM rolls d100. Low results are 1-50, high are 51-100. If the player calls correctly, a water spout appears. If a player calls poorly, a kraken appears.]

“An interesting choice. Good luck with all your future rolls, adventurers.” The grizzled seaman disappears in a puff of smoke as the water spout draws the ship into its powerful grasp [as the kraken breaks the first mast].

>> No.44614123

It might just be the fact that I love maritime adventures, but it sounds great to me

>> No.44614134

Don't Thread on Me - A tailoring shop ran by a retired soldier

A Fisher's Price - Fish Market

Really pissed off my players with these. Hope they do the same for you!

>> No.44614298

Rather not, because dwarves as they are don't have a place in the world,

I'm reskinning a great deal of the races, but dwarves and tieflings are the ones that may need statistical changes.

>> No.44614333

My DM won't let me play a tiefling Paladin because ''Your ancestry makes you bound to fall'' Is he justified in this? He knew I wanted to play something different for a Paladin so he is letting me play an aasimar instead.

>> No.44614373

Retarded, especially with all the different vows around.

You sure this happened and you aren't just trolling?

>> No.44614414

11/10 would play the shit out of it

>> No.44614425

Thanks. It's my first time DMing, so I was worried about not being able to grab attention with the main plot hook.

>> No.44614440

Pretty dumb but he's the GM and at least he's offering a compromise.

>> No.44614511

What do you guys think? Variant Human or Lightfoot Halfling for rogue?

>> No.44614532

Do you want a feat at level 1 or to hide behind allies?

>> No.44614580

Go Drow. Cry to everyone whenever they force you to fight outside on a sunny day.

>> No.44614686

I made an ability that makes a creature frightened, but I'm not sure what the duration should be. It's single-target, has a Wisdom save to negate, success renders the target immune to it for 24 hours, it's at-will, and the target must be able to see and hear you. I'm thinking 1 minute or until the target damages you, the source of its frightened condition.

Is this okay, or is there a better way I can make a single-target fear ability as a class feature?

>> No.44614697

Yo niggers the rulebook link doesn't work.

Anyone have a working one?

>> No.44614773

But see a drow in a cave
Not sure which I find better desu, which is why I was soliciting opinions

>> No.44614792


>> No.44614807

Thanks nigger

>> No.44614998

How'd your last session go, /5eg/? Gimme some comfy stories.

>> No.44615071

>Didn't happen again because a player had to babysit his little brothers since his grandma felt too weak from chemotherapy to do so

>> No.44615085

>GFB costs a feat
Nope, Like I said, I'm AT rogue one of my cantrips can be GFB and one of my first level spells can be familiar ;^)

>> No.44615088

>running session for a group
>keep overestimating their intelligence
>they split the party
>half find the dungeon boss
>they almost die, only live because I know if I slaughter them they'll cry
>they still complain
>"did you even read the CR rules?" they ask
>other half of the party is doing literally nothing, running around in circles

It wasn't comfy. This is the second time too, they've decided to be epic random and have half of them run off for no good reason.

>> No.44615102

And what I said is that a non AT rogue could pick those up for a feat.

>> No.44615159

It was kinda cuet.

I have never played with a group of all girls, and they took a concept I would normally reject, and ran with it without me having to do much of anything to encourage the roleplay.

It wasn't the best session I've ever played, but it wasn't the worst either. Mostly me just fudging the rules since I know fuck all about 5E.

>> No.44615290

>party is in a desert city
>previous session, found a massive cache of iron guarded by a drake (which we slew), we wanted the reward for it
>have to wait for the prince of the region to arrive
>my character was stuck wearing a cursed item which lowered his intelligence
>roll int checks once in awhile to determine if i wander off and do something dumb out of boredom
>pick a barfight with a three-kreen, accidentally start a riot
>after this incident, party decided i need to be kept occupied
>am playing monk, so they send me to a monastery
Spent the remainder of the two week downtime training in this monastery, got a homebrewed monk action called Flaming Fist for my training, the rest of the party did similar things.

>Flaming Fist
>Ability uses 3 ki points
>On hit, you use a damage die one above your normal die (a d6 instead of a d4, etc.) and roll it twice
>first roll is punch damage, second roll is fire damage
>they make a save to avoid being lit on fire for an additional 1d4 damage

It's not a fantastic ability, but it's still cool as hell

Then the prince arrived and we set off for the iron cache

>> No.44615520

An OotA session after missing a month of play (Work and family vacation is why I missed so much):

>Party is 2 levels above me because I missed a month of sessions.
>It's AL so I decide to bring in a level appropriate goliath fighter so we all have lvl 4 characters
>7 man party, 4 fighters. 2 arcane casters & 1 monk. Feels god man.
>but then shit starts going down.
>2 Umber Hulks burst from the walls.
>Bloody fight. My Goliath stands up to the blows fine, rest of the group not doing so well.
>Wizard casts fog cloud so everyone squishy and low on health can escape.
>Me and 2 other fighters stay in to finish the job.
>After fight a bunch of mushroom people meet us because thats where the group was heading apparently.
>They want us to kill shambling mound.
>Short rest and head over.
>Bunch of giant centipede like creatures with it, that have tentacle mouths and beaks and can paralyze you.
>Monk and NPC bard fall unconscious.
>I go ham on a centipede and get it to low HP.
>Casters crit the mound twice and Derindel Crits it once.
>Clean up combat after a bit.

>was a good session all and all.

Now because of our lack of clerics I am considering going for a dip into war cleric after my fighter hits 5th lvl. I'm thinking either a 2 lvl dip or a 4 lvl dip. Anyone have any advice for a optimal dip into war cleric as a primary tank fighter?

>> No.44615749

So I read in the PHB some time ago that you could make healing potions with a herbalist kit. What are the costs for the healing potion? And how long does it take? Where do I find where this is written if it is? I swore I read it in one of the books that it said it took 10 days and cost 25gp

>> No.44615821

Healing potions at 50gp but with an herbalist kit you can craft them for 25gp over 10 days.

>> No.44615952

Where does it say that though?

>> No.44616012


>playing oota
>paladin player leaves
>playing paladin/bladelock
>I get dawnbringer
>after fleeing from neverlight grove because everyone failed their sanity saves and turned into retards we arrive in blingdenstone
>everyone gets drunk while I refit some slutty drow armor for eldeth and buy items
>getting ready to figure out the wererat issue
>we get there and it's really dark
>try to activate dawnbringer
>rush back to the inn to figure out what the fuck happened to her
>she's just mad I talked the party into giving me some money for a suit of plate armor
>give her to the EK and work with my patron to get a better sword

wew lad

>> No.44617929

Derendil mops shit up, dude. ripped a drow elite's arms off in the very first session. even better because the DM voices him like Vegeta. Derendil and Stool are our favorite NPC party members.

>> No.44618082

I love derendil and stool too personally.

I am in 2 OotA groups and in the other group I befriended derindil in the first 5 minutes of the first session completely on accident. In that group I am a warlock and when we were attacked by a kua toa monk and his band of guards I got knocked out. Derindil went apeshit and killed the last enemy before going into a full frenzy and ripping the orcs throat out. We had to put him down. Shit was really sad, but I picked up a flomph as an ally awhile later so that sorta cheered me up.

>> No.44618399

So I've never played dnd before and I don't know anyone who plays.

I have gathered 4 friends and they have all read the rulebook.

I know have the task of being DM. I think I'm going to do the Lost Mines of Phandelver to start out. It seems simple enough.

Any advice?

>> No.44618428


>> No.44618439

For a 5e Psychic Warrior, would it be best to make a Fighter archetype or just make a new class entirely? Are there any decent Psychic Warriors for 5e out there?

>> No.44618462

Gonna be playing D&D with some colleagues in a couple of weeks, my first time experiencing anything D&D. Any tips for beginners and/or more specifically, what's the process of making my character?

>> No.44618478

A fighter archetype with some specific psionic abilities would probably work best. There's going to be dedicated warrior stuff when the mystic is more fleshed out, though.

>> No.44618519

I want to play dnd but everyone I know of that plays it is a sperg virgin beta frogposting loser.

Any normies here play? Where to find?

>> No.44618606

Chapter 1 of the PHB is pretty clear about character creation. Follow it to a T and you should be fine.

>> No.44618667

Lost Mines is a pretty good fit for a group of new players, but note that some of the encounters can do a very scary amount of damage.

For general advice, just keep the game flowing, and just roll with what your characters are doing (assuming it's something they could plausibly do)

Remember to ask the DM about any particular character creation rules (such as what rolling method/point buy, and if anything isn't allowed). Chapter 1 of the book should answer the rest.

You could play the roll20 roulette to see if you can find a good group.

>> No.44618719

>players all playing a game and having fun

sounds good to me. I want that someday

some.. day..

>> No.44618857

I played in AL organized play, which has many locations across the America and probably other countries too. My location is pretty tame and has a good handful of good players.

>> No.44618902

I've joined 3 groups on roll20 so far and 2 out of the 3 are pretty good. I guess maybe I'm lucky?

One probably wouldn't be so bad if people didn't hear "sandbox campaign" and think "my character wanders away from the party and does dumb shit in the woods ignoring plot hooks"

>> No.44618910

>make fight with gimmick
>supposed big bad is trying to pull a powerful devil from a portal to hell
>it'll take 10 rounds (1 minute) to succeed
>there's a bunch of bearded and spined devils trying to actively kill the party while he's doing this
>but each time the big bad takes damage, he has to make a Strength save or get sucked in to the portal
>warlock hits him in the third turn of the first round with repelling blast and pushes him right into the portal, before anyone else has even thought about going after him

>> No.44618918

I'm always a big fan of Hydras as a monster, but as a DM nothing makes me more giddy than throwing beholders or anything with a ton of save or X abilities, really at the party and watching them panic.

>> No.44619173

clearly your players want to play a truly evil, fuck shit up sort of game. So go with it, run that campaign for them. If they get tired of it run something else, if they don't keep going. D&D should be fun for the whole table, if that's what your players want give it to them...

Have them hunted down by villagers, paladins, angels, etc. Have them become a reckless force of chaotic evil across the lands.

This may not be the campaign you had in mind but that doesn't mean it can't be fun.

>> No.44619264

I'm designing a drunken relay race for my PCs as part of a festival.
So far I'm thinking:
>5 (=party size) legs to the drunkathlon.
>100 yard dash, hurdles, swimming, swordfighting, and archery
>Before each leg, that team member must chug 3 pints of ale, making a DC 10 CON save for each or getting the poisoned condition (disadvantage to attacks and ability checks).
>make appropriate skill rolls / attack rolls, beating DC by 5 or finishing off the dummy quickly buy the team a few seconds off their race times relative to other teams.

This seems a little cumbersome for what's supposed to be a fun little team activity for the party. Does anyone have suggestions for this or contests of skill in general?

>> No.44619298

Depends on whether or not it's an organized game. If it's not then you can roll with a totally evil party, but if it's organized play then there is only so far off the rails you can go before shit hits the fan hard.

Either way the players actions should have consequence, not in a dnd Fucks up the party way but in a mage seeks revenge sort of way

>> No.44619328

Personally I've found the more fun mini-games to be the simpler ones.

You could watch the most recent episode of critical role where the party is at the Winter's Crest Festival. There's arm wrestling, pie eating, etc.

Mercer keeps things pretty simple, usually just contested rolls (best of 3) or skill checks with a rising DC

As long as the descriptions are fun and engaging players should care more about what they're seeing/hearing than if the rules are complex

>> No.44619443

Is it worth watching Critical Role? I gave it a look a while back and some of the people on it seem to be pretty insufferable.

>> No.44619569

Gonna try and run spelljammer using 5e. Any tips?

>> No.44619595

I started with the very first episode and I really enjoyed it.

I think the best part about it is that the entire group is really into it and having fun. That and Matt Mercer is a pretty solid DM. He makes mistakes occasionally (as we all do) but I'd said the vast majority of the time he handles things pretty well.

I'd definitely recommend it, just know that Keyleth (the druid chick) can be pretty insufferable, Tiberius (the dragonborn sorcerer) is a munchkin, and Pike (gnome cleric) is that player that's been playing for like a year but still refuses to learn the rules or how to play their character.

The good news is that the cleric constantly misses games due to work, and the sorcerer got the boot from the game due to some sort of internal issue with Geek and Sundry.

>> No.44619626

love this image. I always read through it every once in awhile just to remind myself of the sort of mindset I should be in when DMing

>> No.44619684

Guess I might give it another chance. Was the Pike guy the one who made some boner joke? I remember people getting up in arms about it.

>> No.44619744

nah, Pike is played by the blonde chick

The guy that made the joke about having a half-chub was Orion, who plays Tiberius. As I said, he eventually got the boot.

Its for the best that he's gone. He was a That Guy for multiple reasons. I think the dick joke was starting to push it

>> No.44619835

My Players have scoffed off and even laughed at a semi-horror encounter with a stereotypical demon child killing parentals, setting daycares on fire, etc. Because they literally just stuck a damn sword bathed in holy water down his throat 2 hours into the whole thing after they pieced it together that it was the kid not people doing bad shit.

So help me, boys.

Give me bullet points, stories, tips and tricks on how to freak them the fuck out. I need something to make them shit their pants.

>> No.44619868

What are some good uses for polymorph at 15th level? Mostly for buffing/changing into.

>> No.44619922

true spookiness requires immersion

I've been in groups where we'd get together, toss some dice, kill monsters and maybe solve a puzzle or two. Roleplaying? Nah.

There was no way a spooky encounter was going to have any effect on us. We'd just be making jokes out of character the whole time - and for that group that was fine.

If you're going to scare your players, they need to be invested in the safety/sanity of their characters, more from a roleplaying standpoint than a mechanical one

At least that's my 2 cents worth

>> No.44620218

Normal polymorph doesn't get better behind the T-Rex unless your DM homebrews some stronger beast stats.

>> No.44620256

I really hate dragons.

>> No.44620420

Why is WotC so terrified of giving interesting Tome of Battle/Path of War/4e maneuvers to non-magical characters?

Battlemaster maneuvers don't improve past level 3 except in reliability and frequency, and eagle barbarians are barred from true flight for no apparent reason.

>> No.44620425

If there's nothing causing them to hesitate, then they're sure as hell not going to be succumbing to any horror tropes as most "horror" comes from the victims being idiots who don't just get the fuck out of there or don't act upon the solution to the problem. Just because it's a kid isn't going to be much of a barrier to any adventurer with the slightest bit of pragmatism.
Similar to what the prior Anon said, the horror has to be directed at the players rather than being some mystery in a town they have no connection to, and the solution can't be as simple as a creature they can easily find and kill.

If it has stats, the party can (and will try to) kill it. The thing screwing with them should be more abstract in existence. Afflict a player character with something they can't identify. More so, afflict one of them with a disease/curse/parasite and have it so they don't even notice it, reducing their likelihood of pointing out where it came from.

Perhaps follow up with that demon child. The person who sworded devil kid - he's marked. Whatever evil spirit that occupied the child's body decided to attach itself to him. It's lingering in there, waiting for opportunities to twist the player's actions, suggest something not truly in their best interest, mess with his perceptions.

Alternatively, afflict an important NPC related to one of the characters with something. Did one of the players' backstories mention their character's family? Well then, it's time to give him a quest, take a take a trip on home and find that his sibling has been acting strangely. Other people in the hometown are mentioning nightmares, headaches, a few with strange marks on their bodies. As time goes on, the events going on become more serious. The PC isn't going to be so willing to take out his dear family member or the people he grew up with and won't allow his allies to do so either.

-Make it personal
-Make it not so concrete / conventional
Something like that.

>> No.44620553

>If you're going to scare your players, they need to be invested in the safety/sanity of their characters, more from a roleplaying standpoint than a mechanical one
Thank you. That makes a lot of sense.

I've been toying with an idea similar to what you said. People having nightmares and experiencing sleep paralysis, with events transpiring and symptoms getting worse and worse. Kind of like a detective game contra-time to find out who or what has caused this shit.

>> No.44620615

I see. What is your opinion on dungeons?

>> No.44620825

Why are there 8 giants in a ship which can only hold 4

>> No.44620886

where can I find some good overworld hex maps?

>> No.44621219

Dood, hermit-crabs need their profiency to carry their heavy shell as protection. Counts as plate armor bro!

>> No.44621563

Cartographer's Guild for a bunch of hand-made maps.
Donjon Fantasy World Generator for one nice looking random map after a dozen abominations.
Take any map and put a hex grid over it.

>> No.44622574

Why would they do that?
It makes no sense!

>> No.44622622

>Random map
>Just delete the middle east, bottom half of Australia, Europe, most of China, most of Africa, and everything Mexico and south

What is this a map as generated by /pol/?

>> No.44622979

Because the players are dicks and retarded.
Thats been settled already.

>> No.44623029

I wonder what happens to npcs from the Adventurers league, such as Mags, Arriz, Deriel and co.

>> No.44623051

one giant and the rest are humans

>> No.44623073

opinion on bladesinger vs core book traditions?

>> No.44623082

Bladesinger can get really high AC, but it still has a d6 HD, so melee combat with one can be rough. It's still a full caster with wizard spells, though.

>> No.44623124

Worth it if you want to cast with some frontline combat focus. Otherwise, the other traditions make for stronger casters.

>> No.44623240

anyone know a spell a powerful caster could cast on an scout to see and hear what they do?

only thing i can think of is a modified version of clairvoyance

>> No.44623251

Why not just let the scout do his job and report to the party?

>> No.44623322

In case the scout gets captured, stuck in a trap or any number of things to stop him reporting in.

>> No.44623350

Mislead lets a caster turn invisible while leaving an illusory copy of himself behind, with which he can see, hear, speak through and control as an action. So just do the scouting yourself.
Because caster supremacy.

>> No.44623358

>3rd lvl dragon born fighter, combat master
I'm getting murdered in combat, I can't hit shit, and get my shit slapped by fucking everything. Anyone got a how to not die guide for 5th ed?

>> No.44623365

>3rd level
There's your issue.

>> No.44623372

> can't hit shit
What's your strength?

> getting murdered
What's your AC?

>> No.44623423

If you don't trust the scout, just send a fucking familiar

>> No.44623453

You can also just scry them

>> No.44623522

Wasn't even the original guy asking, was just pointing out there were several reasons having the whole party up to date on what the scout could see was useful.

>> No.44623537

Hey guys, doing something FF related for my group and I was wondering what spells in DnD would be the Final Fantasy equivalents.
Like Fire Bolt would be "Fire" and "Fira" would likely be Burning Hands. Maybe Firaga would be Fireball, or would that be Flare?

That sort of thing. Could you guys help me out?

>> No.44623587

Fire, fira, and firaga would all be fireball cast at different slot levels.

There really isn't a one-to-one relationship between DnD spell mechanics and FF spell mechanics. If you wanted to get close, use spell points instead of spell slots and potentially consider making cantrips more limited.

>> No.44623636

If Chromatic Orb was an area spell instead of single target it would cover most FF spells.

>> No.44623707

You could switch around damage types for existing spells, or else follow the rules for creating your own spells from the DMG.

>> No.44623714

Just invent a metamagic that makes a single target spell affect an area but halve its damage.

>> No.44623761

That idea seems pretty cool. Going to steal that.

>> No.44623814

That'd get messy for spells that have extra effects

>> No.44623838

Tell me about your multiclass experiences.

I'm interested in making a STR based Oathbreaker Paladin/Bladelock but I'm not sure if they work well together.

The reason for this multiclass is that the character who was a paladin, made a pact with a devil because he felt that his god didn't help him in his times of need. He later realized that he made a huge mistake, but the devil won't let him go.

It's a cliché, but that's the only way my DM lets me play an Oathbreaker.

>> No.44623881

I didn't multiclass, I played the full progression of my character, and I had a wonderful time.

>> No.44623908

Warlocks and Paladins work well together in general. Warlock slots can be used for smites, giving you short rest rechargeable ones.
Bladelock doesn't really provide anything more useful than other boons though, and I have no experience with oathbreaker abilities.

>> No.44624141

What would you suggest instead of Bladelock then? The patron will still have to be a fiend.

Here's Oathbreaker's stuff if you haven't read them.

>> No.44624231

Not him, but Bladelock would work if you don't mind being a little MAD, or have ways around it (like a Belt of Giant Strength, for instance), and don't really care for the things the other boons give you.

Tomelock using Shillelagh would deal only slightly less damage at higher levels, but basically only require Cha, whereas Bladelock would require Str (or possibly Dex) and Cha. You'd also be sacrificing the utility that having a familiar or a book full of rituals would provide you in exchange for slightly more damage.

>> No.44624367

Not any more so than Paladins are anyway. He needs over 13 Strength and Charisma even be allowed to multiclass.

>> No.44624379

Tomelock is the most useful boon with access to all cantrips and rituals, chain is good for fluff stuff and those DM optional buffs. You could do chain and go for some kind of minion master thing. You can also use it to deliver those touch spells oathbreaker gets.

He's already MCing paladin and warlock he's gonna be pretty mad already, worse if he for some reason goes DEX. Blade pact only really offers the extra attack, which pally already gives, and usually magic weapons aren't so rare you need a class feature for them. There's thirsting blade, but he'd need 14 lvls in warlock for that.

>> No.44624390

Meant 13 or over.

>> No.44624472

My point being that by going Tomelock/Paladin, he would have maxed Cha and 15 Str, as opposed to Bladelock/Paladin, where he would have maxed Str and Cha, or possibly though somewhat unlikely maxed Dex and Cha and 13 Str.

Admittedly two primary stats is somewhat MAD, but not the worst combination imaginable - at least there is the Cha overlap, and the fact that Warlocks don't really require anything besides.

Indeed the main reason to go Blade Pact would be Thirsting Blade, which is why I mentioned that the main detriment the Tomelock option has is slightly less damage at higher levels.

However, that doesn't mean that a Bladelock wouldn't work, if he wanted to play one - it'd just be less optimal.

Also somewhat notable for Tomelocks is the bonus action you spend on your first turn to cast Shillelagh, if your character isn't in the compulsive habit of casting it whenever possible - this may be a problem if you're trying to nova enemies with every type of Smite possible in the first turn.

Chainlocks are, of course, just as MAD as Bladelocks, but gain familiars instead. But voluntarily summoning a familiar may be somewhat out of character for his repentant Oathbreaker.

>> No.44624537

He could fluff it as the familiar summoning itself to protect their patron's "investment". Play it like the little devil on your shoulder, but one that can actually physically manifest and make sure you're not up to any of that goody-goody two-shoes shit.

>> No.44624556

I rolled 17, 15, 14, 14, 13 and 9 so being MAD isn't the problem. The only reason my DM wants me to multiclass, is (probably) so I won't get Dread Lord.

Oh, also we're starting at level 7 so should I just put 2 or 3 levels in warlock and the rest in paladin?

>> No.44624585

Does he really expect to reach epic levels? Dread Lord wouldn't even be overpowered by then anyway

>> No.44624589

>so I won't get Dread Lord.
Why not? It's not criminally good.

I think your DM is just an asshole. This is the first time I've heard of someone being compelled to multiclass.

>> No.44624614

I think your DM needs to reevaluate things if he is worried about a level 20 ability. I mean I hate to be the guy bringing up crappy 'everyone should just be wizards' comment but wizards were casting wish 3 levels ago. Dreadlord isn't going to be game breaking.

>> No.44624654

I'd go the other way around. What are you getting from more than 2-3 levels of paladin? Warlock gives more spell levels, and if you go bladelock anyway, you want to get CHA to sword damage as soon as possible.

If you went tomelock instead, I could see the point in picking up paladin 5 for the second attack, possibly.

>> No.44624663

> Whole party is wizards
> DMG monster creation rules: Kobolds, 1/long rest Silence.
> Where is your god now

>> No.44624683

I believe he thematically wants to be more oathbreaker/paladin than warlock. Warlock is just the trap he fell into to make him an oathbreaker

>> No.44624715

They could just snipe the kobolds from outside the field

>> No.44624718

Any tips on roleplaying human? I know it shouldn't be any different than any other race, but I can't help but get stuck on the idea of being a boring human.

>> No.44624725

Yeah, pretty much this
The guy thinks that everything that's not in Player's Handbook is OP, but since I want to play once in a while, I just have to go with it.

>> No.44624760

Well don't let your race be the focus of your life. If your other characters were just focused on how they were race rather than anything else they were probably pretty shit characters.

>> No.44624775

Well a 3 level dip in tomelock or chainlock would serve you best. Lets you keep 17 lvls of oathbreaker, neting you all the spells and features save dread lord. Bladelock isn't good for dips.

>> No.44624777

Still interested in what he's getting out of oathbreaker tho. I get that he wants to be more of a paladin and less of a warlock, but he'll be smiting not throwing spells anyway, so it feels like a moot point.

>> No.44624787

Damn son, with those stats, you could build just about whatever you want.

You really shouldn't treat Warlock as more than a dip to begin with. Feel free to start with only 1 or 2 levels in it, for Dark One's Blessing or Invocations as you please. This will leave you an ASI from Paladin to push your 15 stat up to a +4 modifier (assuming you've an additional +1 from your race). You may not even want to grab any additional levels if none of the pact boons catch your favor.

Of course, Paladin doesn't do much for you either. Oathbreaker abilities aren't really great past Aura of Hate at level 7. Feel free to eventually drop off there, or else at level 11 if you really want Improved Divine Smite. Fill the additional 6 to 12(!) levels with your choice of anything else, because you can practically multiclass anything you choose.

You could perhaps consider Barbarian, because Divine Smite is still usable during Rage, or Sorcerer for more spells and Quickened Greenflame Blade for more damage. Particularly hilarious would be a College of Satire Bard that just can't stop falling.

You could also go Necromancer 6 and build your own posse of 24 subservient zombies which benefit off your Aura and fire crossbows on command, but your DM may not appreciate that.

>> No.44624790

So, interestingly, my group has decided to start a campaign using Malifaux's setting flat out, starting at people just coming off the train through the Breach.

Thoughts on my super loose concept and novice mechanics? I haven't played 5e in ages.

Basic thing I'm going for is a novice Guild guard and investigator- basically, 1870s-era detective or cop, with all the corruption and bureaucracy that implies. My immediate thought is a rogue but I frankly have no idea what specialization to go with or whether there'd be something for 'relentless casual strolling after criminals' better with all the book links down.

>> No.44624791

This, 3 level dip in tome nets you shillelagh, which means you are now effectively SAD.

>> No.44624796

> 120 foot range
> there's always more Kobolds

>> No.44624815

I'd make Paladin more Dirty Harry and Barbarian more John Rambo. Warrior is more of a middle ground between the two. Rogue should be more of an assassin then a detective IMO, re-fluffed Bard is better for that.

>> No.44624843

There's probably some non-sucky ranger variant out there for city tracking and cities as their favored terrain, take that. Rogue is worth about 2-3 levels if you really want it on your sheet, but if College of Satire Bard is going to be a thing, that'll be a very hard sell.

>> No.44624890

Investigator variant of the City Watch Background, from the SCAG.

Mastermind or Swashbuckler archetype of Rogue from the same book, depending on whether you're more subtle or brazen. Arcane Trickster is also an option.

>> No.44624904

Oh hey, that'd be perfect thematically! I'll need the book links back up and I'll check that out.

I know Ranger's been panned as pretty bad before. What's wrong with Rogue?

>> No.44624941

It's not a full caster, nor does it hit as hard as a Fighter.

>> No.44624957

>What's wrong with Rogue?
Some chucklefuck can't theorycraft worth a damn and thinks expertise is their only ability. Rogues deal damage. Bards support.

>> No.44624962

Ranger isn't that bad, gets too many "ribbons" and not enough of its own stuff, and bards can steal its combat niche pretty easy. Also, the capstone and the entire beastmaster subclass is terrible.

Rogues just don't have anything worth taking after level 3, or possibly 7 for evasion. All you get from leveling is more damage, and they don't get as much of that as classes who actually deal damage. My personal problem is that they are fucking boring in combat, even more boring than fighters.

>> No.44625002

Not that anon, but the archetypes aren't that terrific, though they're far better than they could have been - after Undying Warlock, everyone's standards aren't terribly high. And, of course, it doesn't deal as much damage as the Fighter, but that's because it's also a skill monkey.

This doesn't mean it's necessarily a bad class - no class can be expected to dish out consistent damage as well as a class whose name literally means 'Person Who Fights'.

I would far rather play a Rogue and be able to consistently do a variety of things decently or better than a Ranger and consistently do almost nothing well.

>> No.44625006

Noted. Thanks, all.

>> No.44625143

Ranger is literally the only good tracker in the game. It has a niche. Rogue has no niche. It gets expertise, then dash, and then that's it. Expertise itself is great if you need to consistently grapple, but otherwise the skill bonuses aren't really useful in practice. And bard also gets it, and can get more, and also gets full spellcasting on top of that.

Rogue is absolutely not useless, noone is saying that, but other classes are simply more useful in general.

>> No.44625181

Sounds like Bard would serve my Guild Guard here best, given the prevalence of magic in Malifaux. Plus they already know how to use pistols and whatnot. Maybe dip 3 rogue as suggested earlier and go straight bard for the rest.

Once the book links are back up anyway. No huge rush, game won't start until May.

>> No.44625220

>Ranger isn't that bad
>gets too many "ribbons" and not enough of its own stuff, and bards can steal its combat niche pretty easy. Also, the capstone and the entire beastmaster subclass is terrible.
I'm not exactly sure how you're trying to prove your initial point with this. Getting a whole lot of nothing that can easily be done by a single other class seems to be pretty bad to me.

>Rogues just don't have anything worth taking after level 3, or possibly 7 for evasion.
Reliable Talent at 11 is good - especially if your DM rules that it works with Jack of All Trades.
Thief's Reflexes and Death Strike at 17 are both great capstones if you've multiclassed and won't get the actual hilariously useful capstone of Stroke of Luck.
Magical Ambush and Versatile Trickster are both useful for the archetype, and Spell Thief can be hilarious if your DM forgets you have it or is willing to play along and fit it in.
Practically all of the Swashbuckler's abilities are useful as well.
Admittedly, Mastermind is rather disappointing in general because of how niche its abilities are.

>My personal problem is that they are fucking boring in combat, even more boring than fighters.
This is a valid objection, however. If you're not playing an Arcane Trickster, every round tends to end up as just trying to get your Sneak Attack in. You hardly have any options in combat outside of dealing as much damage as you possibly can. This is why I wouldn't really play a single-classed Rogue, if at all possible.

>> No.44625241

What would you even do with the AT? I've been abusing my familiar, but aside from that, it's all the same. It's not like my spells are any good for combat use, especially compared to the damage I can do.

>> No.44625273

You don't use your spells often in combat, in a similar way to how an Eldritch Knight will end up just Attacking with his sword 9 times out of 10.

Your spells are Illusions and Enchantments, primarily used to fuck with people when you're not actively trying to kill them.

>> No.44625299

Fuck me, I did not mean to hit post at that point.

However, Color Spray, Blur, Mirror Image and Invisibility are all Illusions that you will end up finding useful in combat.

You will probably also end up taking Haste and Fly just like an Eldritch Knight.

>> No.44625308

I know that.

>If you're not playing an Arcane Trickster, every round tends to end up as just trying to get your Sneak Attack in.

This is why I'm asking.

>> No.44625323


Yeah about what I figured.

I guess it's something.

>> No.44625358

Because as an Arcane Trickster, you have more options, by the virtue of having spells available to you.

While you probably won't use them most of the time, the fact that options, such as those in >>44625299, are there, gives you a more involved decision-making process than the other archetypes, in the same way that a Battle Master or Eldritch Knight is generally more interesting to play than a Champion.

>> No.44625403

There are too many of you to reply to on this, so I've tagged no posts. Fuck me.

> x class is bad
Most of the time I see this said, it's a byline for "this class is substandard in combat" either by virtue of not doing enough damage per turn or not having enough extra abilities.

I am increasingly convinced that this is because many DMs are lazy and handle DnD (and roleplaying games in general) as purely combative exercises. As a result, non-combat abilities are written off as ribbons (even if they do provide mechanical modifiers) because they never see the light of day. A lot of the published adventures enable this, but I hesitate to judge whether this is because the writers are lazy or they're catering to what they see as the prevailing play style. It's probably a combination of the two.

Any class can shine given the opportunity to. The entire MM every for green dragons reads like a ranger's wet dream, and infiltration/intrigue sessions give a thief or assassin Rogue a place to shine. Rather than a dip class, I recommend Warlock heavily to my players who are interested in Roleplaying due to the potential fit interplay between the warlock and the patron.

Something something platitude about goldfish climbing trees.

>> No.44625427

>MM every

Proofreading: I should do more of it.

>> No.44625497

What's a good 1 handed melee weapon for a tempest cleric? Not like mechanically I mean more thematically. My gut instinct told me a warhammer but that almost feels too cliche.

The weapon doesn't really have to be one with stats, I could very easily do a "counts as..." weapon.

>> No.44625544

What's the character like?

>> No.44625573

Spears and Javelins are associated with storm gods pretty frequently.

>> No.44625589


I haven't seen anyone say any particular class is bad? Sometimes they say an archetype is bad, but that's in comparison to other ones - like Champion V's. Battlemaster.

I agree that a lot of DMs don't know how to call for things like skill checks effectively - for example, I don't think I've ever actually seen a DM let a rogue roll Disable Device / Thieves' Tools.

But I think it's also because DMs are afraid to "go off the ranch" in D&D. Lots of DMs say things like "x class is hated in my world" but they never enforce that. They never put their players at any sort of roleplaying disadvantage or advantage because of their choices. You should never just let a player be "a paladin" - what order do you belong to? Do people know who they are? You should never let someone just be "a wizard" - where did you study? Do people think wizards from that school are a shit? Don't just treat half-orcs as "mistrusted" - *why* are they mistrusted? *who* are the orcs who menace the nearby towns that cause this distrust?

Characters may have race and class on their sheet, but because they're so worried about "balance", DMs treat each player as a blank slate except in combat. Once you actually engage them as characters, being a different or interesting class will offer new RP, new situations and new opportunities, rather than just being a frank comparison of combat prowess.

>> No.44625600

>interplay between the warlock and the patron.
That was what everyone said, and then they released the Undying Light Warlock.

You're right about more emphasis often being needed on the roleplaying aspect of the game, but D&D has, in general, always invested more into detailing the combat side of things. As a result, no one wants to suck in combat.

Having ribbons isn't a bad thing, but having too many ribbons to the point of being a detriment to combat unless the DM goes out of his way to fit them all in is.

Compare, for instance, the Undying Warlock from the SCAG to the other patrons. It's a pretty poor archetype, and it isn't even that flavorful - surely an Undying Warlock would have more features that help it defy death instead of others? - because its features are a hodgepodge of rather niche utilities and combat abilities that you'd really only use when you're already screwed and don't really help you kill enemies faster.

In a somewhat similar vein, the Ranger's Natural Explorer and Favored Enemy won't come into play unless the DM makes it. What happens when players make a blind guess during character creation about what sort of campaign it'll be, and make a swing and a miss? What happens in an urban campaign?

Of course, this isn't as bad, but it stands out from the rest of the classes, whose abilities are far more flexible. And while some other classes have been having more and more material published for them, the Ranger has had almost nothing to improve its status apart from the Deep Stalker Ranger (which I did rather like, in fact).

>> No.44625616

He's actually from a noble family, and not a very nice one. (All characters in this party are from the same one too). He's more quiet than you might think a cleric of a god of thunder and lightning might be but he has a temper and a booming voice when he wants it.

Culture wise we're sort of still in the concept phase but we're dead in the middle of the dark ages and we're from a rocky, rainy, and cold-ish place (so Danes?)

>> No.44625622

They aren't options you'll use when you have to choose between sneak attacking or not. Look at >>44625299's list. They are all self buffs you use ASAP and then ignore/try to keep on.

Rogue's problem is that it doesn't get unique stuff at all. Expertise is just a bonus to skills everyone can have, and not even a huge one at that. Anyone can be good at infiltrating, all it takes is the right background. And then the bard gets both that AND spells, and you know what's amazingly versatile both in and out of combat? Spells.

Ranger at least has a niche, it's a shitty niche, but he has it.

>> No.44625643

Whip. Literally a sonic boom every time you crack it.

Javelin. Throw it like a lightning bolt.

Dual shields. Fucking crash them together like thunder every time you enter combat.

>> No.44625685

>They are all self buffs you use ASAP and then ignore/try to keep on.
My bad for citing bad examples. Color Spray, Crown of Madness and Hold Person are somewhat more relevant active combat choices which would also actually be useful in battle.

>> No.44625784

>Expertise is just a bonus to skills everyone can have, and not even a huge one at that. Anyone can be good at infiltrating, all it takes is the right background.
By that argument, the Ranger's niche can also be filled by anyone with a proper background and/or access to Divination spells.

>And then the bard gets both that AND spells, and you know what's amazingly versatile both in and out of combat? Spells.
The Bard does not get infiltration by default, though I see your point.

The jack of all trades, skill monkey-type character does constitute a niche, since most other classes are only good at a handful of things outside of combat, discounting expenditure of spells (which aren't actually as much of a swiss army knife as they were in 3.5).

The difference between the two is that Bard is a support class - its primary attack cantrip is Vicious Mockery, and its spells all revolve around control - whereas the Rogue focuses on dealing damage. They can hardly be said to make each other redundant, though the overlap is there.

>> No.44625820


Rogues do a ton of raw damage, though. In a game where most attacks are going to do 2d6+4/5 damage before special abilities, most martial classes get two attacks. Rogues get one, but at level 5, they're doing 1d8+4/5+3d6 and that keeps growing. They're not The Ultimate Skillmonkey, but they're a solid martial class - decent skills, good damage (in one attack instead of two, granted), good defenses - d8 isn't the end of the world, and primary Dex gives solid AC, plus you could spend an ASI on med armor/shields - only sacrificing 1 dex for +2 AC, and you weren't using your offhand anyway (since your bonus action is usually used for Cunning Action). Plus they can take half damage once per turn as a reaction, have Evasion, etc.

Bards may still outshine them, but bards are pretty damn good this edition anyway. That's not the rogue's fault.

>> No.44625897

>then they released the Undying Light Warlock.
The fluff for lightlock is garbage. If one of my players insists on taking it, their patron is either:
- an angel, typically a Solar, who may or may not be loyal to their god, or
- a powerful Cuotl, Unicorn, or other celestial guardian beast.

You can't negotiate with light, assholes.

>> No.44625943

Anyone have any idea why they didn't put Archons in the MM?

>> No.44625979

>By that argument, the Ranger's niche can also be filled by anyone with a proper background and/or access to Divination spells.
Yes? That's the current problem with this edition's ranger

>> No.44626027

Space and time constraints.

>> No.44626056

Because it could have been accomplished with a sidebar.

>> No.44626174

>flaming fist
>I'm a fire gensai monk

>> No.44626279

>actually get really invested in my character
>do a whole bunch of roleplay shit involved being a child that survived a massacre by hiding
>DM starts doing innsmouth spooky shit with tentacles and fish
>we are level 1 characters
>my hand mutates after putting on a ring
>cut my hand off
>run off the ship where all this crazy shit is happening
>the DM and the other player call me a coward OOC and IC
>this same DM wants to run a Cthulu/other horror style game
>doesn't understand how I now think this is a bad idea

>> No.44626342

Your GM is a colossal faggot.

>> No.44626407

>Undying Light
>Positive Energy
>Not Celestial
>Not having a Xag Ya for a patron.

Are you even trying?

>> No.44626528

I had a wonderful session on Tuesday.
>new campaign after last one petered out from people moving
>2 long time RPG vets, 2 complete newbies, 2 intermediate players
>tell them it's going to be a campy, classic D&D campaign
>despite the two vets creating a LE warlock and Chaotic Stupid snowflake druid, things seem off to a good start
>tell them to roleplay a bit while they escort a wagon
>everyone, even the newbies get into it
>dead horses blocking the road, they're careful not to rush in but don't make a day of being gamey and ridiculous
>fun goblin ambush that everyone saw coming, but they still acted surprised when they failed their perception, take on prisoner, seems like they want to keep him along
>they enter the mini dungeon and think of a creative way around the guard wolves that didn't involve throwing a raw steak
>they find the slippery secret chimney that lets them sneak up on the big boss
>total newbie druid says he casts entangle along the side of it to create handholds
>the party successfully climbs up and has a fun fight, Snowflake druid and the archer almost get put on ice, but come through
>they clear out the rest of the dungeon, roleplay conversation the whole time
>newbie druid focuses 100% on support with Guidance and other buff spells, never actually attacks
>Newbie dex fighter puts herself into extreme danger a few times to save her friends/hostages, in line with her character
>semi-new paladin constantly manages to engage with 3+ enemies at a time
>semi-new drow monk does well despite insisting that she not use a weapon at all
>veteran players just stand and shoot spells, are kinda boring

I feel like I'm in fucking upside down land, but I can't wait for next week, definitely the best session I've run in a long, long time.

>> No.44626579

What's everyone's opinion on the warforged and bardic monk homebrew on the 5e wiki?

>> No.44626587

Phandelver is a lot of fun, but the other guy was right, some of the monster abilities can get VERY scary, even in the first little dungeon; don't feel like you have to use them every round.

I suggest only running up until the end of Cragmaw hideout for the first session, and reading the shit out of everything about it. Maybe put together a random encounter of a few goblins and a wolf just in case the party goes off book.

>> No.44626608


>> No.44626711

Was going for parity with fiendlock, but sure.

I hope your masturbatory shitpost was satisfying.

>> No.44626745

>5e wiki?
Every homebrew on there is fucked to hell. Even the most broken, unsalvageable garbage brew scraped from /tg/'s bowels can't equal the amount of bullshit, cheese, and overdesign you'll find there.

>> No.44626804

Yep, a bit modified to accommodate a 6-man party. Some anon here recommended it and I couldn't be more pleased.

>> No.44626909


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