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What are some good DMing tips, /tg/? I've been reading up on a bit of D&D Basic and AD&D(a lot actually in the past few days) And I think I'm about ready to start a campaign with some players on here. I'm already polishing the world off a bit more, but I still feel timid about the other thing. Any advice?

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>>been DMing for so long that it's just something I can put on and take off
It's hard to describe. You have to become a conduit to your world while balancing the fun of your players. All your players. Rules mastery is really useful. Being able to read people is more useful. Know the rule books, as in their layout. Don't be afraid to say "I'm not sure, but for now what we're going to do is..." And play that way for the rest of the session. Reward players for creative thinking. Make the world real, so the "randumb" shit they pull has a bite. Don't be afraid to be silly.

Also, for your first adventure, describe them approaching the entrance to the dungeon instead of having them meet in a tavern. You can always ask the players how they met after they get a good look at the entrance to the dungeon.

Watch the Second community episode about dungeons and dragons. It actually has a pretty good portrayal of dungeon mastering.

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Don't squirrel away your best ideas, use them while you're still excited about them. Get inspired, do prep, don't be a "fly on your seat" dm, improvisation is key, but it isn't enough to run a really great game.

Be willing to make mistakes. If you are drawing blanks, take a 5 minute bathroom break and brainstorm.

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This is great advice, but you can also go too far with this.

If your players make it too convoluted to use some of your ideas, you gotta kill your babies. It sucks, but you gotta do it.

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This is very true as well.

I really suck at pushing the game forward. As a player, I take initiative, but it is hard to get my players to do this

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Take your "twist ending". Put it in the first session. Spend the rest of the campaign working out the consequences.

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I've got this thing.

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And this thing.

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Some people are going to tell you to plan shit, others are going to say improv shit. Doing exclusively either is a bad thing.

The right balance between prep and improv is different for everyone, experiment and find out what works best for you.

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Not that anon, but: here's a can of instant skill.

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I always found that the absolute best thing to do is not write a plot until you have all the character backfgrounds. Make all of them include an ally or an enemy, however connected or removed, and see what plot you can weave.

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>What are some good DMing tips, /tg/?
Here is the best tip you can ask for.
Don't play D&D

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