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Tell me about DnD5e/Next. Can I make a magical close combat character that relies on dodging?

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Dunno about 5e because it's shit, but the Magus Class in Pathfinder is pretty much exactly that.

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There's a spell sword route for fighters but its mostly about fucking mages shit

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>calls 5e shit
>plays bootleg 3.5

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Arcane Trickster rogue (they even get Uncanny Dodge that lets you take half damage from a single attack once per round), or dex-build Eldritch Knight fighter.

Or a Bladesinger wizard from the Sword Coast Adventurer's Guide, or a Valor bard.

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>plays pathfinder
>thinks his opinion on other systems means anything


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That's some pretty impressive baiting.

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Sounds like you want either a bard, a bladesinger or an arcane trickster.

In regards to 5e in general, it's fun. If you like 3.5 or pathfinder, you might be a bit put off by the lack of deep customization you have, but, by the same token, nothing in it is overtly bad. Casters are still gonna be powerful, but they've made everything feel pretty rewarding to play and fun.

It's also a great first RPG for people interested in playing. Everything is pretty damn simple.

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Case in point: Fighters are fun to play now.

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And monks as long as you aren't a 4 elements monk.

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Aw, is that not fun? It was on my "want to try" list.

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Bladesinger+Arcane Trickster works out best probably.

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It burns though ki points fast. At least you can regain them easily after combat.

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4 Elements Monk is very underpowered compared to the other classes.

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Very fun, even! I've thoroughly enjoyed it. You really feel like a melee badass.

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Compared to 3.5 I guess, anything is fun.

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>Fighters are fun to play now
"Hit it till it dies" still isn't a fun strategy, it's just not a worthless one now.

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Gee anon. Thanks for telling me what's fun. Maybe one day I'll be cool like you.

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Well that's a bit of a bummer. Oh well, there's always Goku mode.

On a semi related note, anyone just not feeling ranger in this edition? I loved them back in 3.5 and in PF, but they feel kinda off now. Can't put my finger on it.

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Well it's a good thing that Fighters can do more than just hit stuff now.

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Yes, rangers suck. Their class features are 90% flavor abilities rather than any worthwhile mechanical advantage and they're way overspecialized.

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