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The roof of the building you're perched on creaks as you shift your weight to keep a better eye on Nytora. Her new power is scary. You can't believe you got fire breath and the ability to chase bird sin their own element, and she still somehow got something cooler out of her evolution. Sighing, you suppress the bad feelings. You don't want to turn into a green lizard.

The ground groans a bit as you land on it. The woman Nytora saved, who was slowly crawling away, flinches and backs up faster when you land in front of her in the dark alley. Nytora inspects her blade as she walks over to you, stepping carefully over the puddles of blood. She blinks at you expectantly.

Pick one
>Hold up I think I missed something

>Adventurer's Guild
>Off to see the wizards
>Lizards about town
>Kidnap and return to swamp
>Wait, no. You had other plans <write in>

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Places I say things (like imminent threads): https://twitter.com/Predhack

The story to now: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com/archive.html?tags=Lizard%20EX%20Quest

Character sheets: http://pastebin.com/u/LambQM

You can ask me questions in my off time here (Don't worry about actually doing it, I just use it to bother other QMs from stealth): ask.fm/LambQM

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>Off to see the wizards

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>>Hold up I think I missed something
>Adventurer's Guild

We need to talk to that Fairy about leading her expedition

Wassup Lamb?

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>Hold up I think I missed something
what she do?

>Off to see the wizards
see if they can't figure out what's wrong with this damn hunger we have now.

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>Hold up I think I missed something

Huh, we jumped from us perching to look for a good spot in the fight to horrific death I think.

>Off to see the wizards

Good to see you lamb. Theres been a lack in lizard based quests, except for that time there wasn't, then it ended and there was again.

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Hold up wizards. They have fat wallets

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You land softly and rise slowly, giving the humans around you time to notice you. The one in front of you, the human attacking the woman, notices quickly and recoils, tripping over his prey in his hurry.

It's incredibly unfair that you got the powers you did while Sunny gets to fly. She can probably do other cool stuff too. This sucks. These stupid salt smelling humans better make your murdering them fun.

You crane your neck around, letting one eye sweep over the humans around you. Their attention is thoroughly yours, and judging by their reactions the reptilian movement of your head is freaking them out. The wizards told you how some races have in built fears that are triggered by certain behaviors. Then they politely asked you to never smile at them in the human way again. Too many teeth. That reminds you, you open your mouth enough for them to catch a glimpse of your teeth and turn your head back so they all get a good view.

You should get started.

Pick a couple (feel free to use just the letter combos)
>IA- because everything needs more lizard
>IC- because one is never enough
>ME- because they won't like you when you're like this
>MR- because magic is funny
>PC- because none of these humans are coated in mud
>TC- because this is your turf

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>>IA- because everything needs more lizard
>>IC- because one is never enough

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>>IA- because everything needs more lizard
>>IC- because one is never enough
>>TC- because this is your turf

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R isn't an option anon. Nytora only just started fulfilling the reqs to get it.

A is pretty much slimes only. Nytora hasn't eaten enough slimes and slime varieties to get it.

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So much for the most patriotic build possible


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Someone want to remind me what any of these options do?

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Things, lizard things in particular.

>> No.44549102

Abilities Nytora gets the descriptions describe her new powers

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It's unavoidable, sadly. Lizards have never heard of that country.

They're from the swamp anyway. By default that means they're against the gubmint takin' their money and their land

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This explains nothing.

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Abilities. I deliberately am obfuscating what they do. Leaving it to Fate.

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buuuut laaaamb, the government takes all our money and taxes our land

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The I's have it

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Great to see you Lamb!

In more general RE news, REQM's alive again and planning to run yesterday but then got moved to tomorrow! Praise the sun!

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Sunny's sheet /still/ says no tail at the bottom. -_-

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no way, he's back? Awesome

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Lizard, spiderbutt, and Harpy's planned return...is it the apocalypse?

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The memory of that trauma is forever

Pics or you're a damned liar! That's how the saying goes right?

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Not pics but LINKS!


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One of the humans behind you, apparently quicker on the uptake than the others, pulls steel. At the sound of metal clearing leather you start to turn around to face him before cutting off the movement. The crystal scales patterning your hide shine for a moment, and you see the light break off and move away in the direction you were going. Behind you metal rings out at as a weapon is stopped.

You decide to focus on the man retreating away from you. His gibbering sounds a lot like the stuff you hear from the wizards when they're working. You'd rather not get magic'd at.

A sailor to your left strikes out and you force the scales on your left arm to shine and form the light into the familiar shape of the sowrd in your right hand. With it you block and break away, your scales shining and releasing light as you do, and you leave the blade in your left hand behind.

Behind you the sound of fighting is beginning in earnest, but the runner is definitely chanting now. You hear his voice rise to a crescendo and leap up nto the wall as he finishes, an invisible wave of force passing through where you were standing.

The only complaint you have about your abilities, besides Sunny's being cooler, is the lack of ranged options before the stars or moon come out. Though, thinking about it does remind you of Sunny's gift. You slide a couple knives out of your bandolier and flick them at the wizard. He's too occupied evading to start another spell, but your range is bad and accuracy worse. As the blades reappear in their sconces you pull and throw them again, using your free hand to help you run along the wall long enough to pounce on him. Teeth find flesh and the man gurgles as you rip out his neck.

Rapid footsteps approach from behind you and your tail, not as nice as it was before evolving but still useful, sweeps the ground of the alley. Someone's feet catch on it and you hear them land heavily.

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Oops, that was the female, trying to run away. You're going to pretend that didn't happen.

Beyond her you see that two of the sailors are either dead or bleeding out on the ground as the other three try to fight off a pair of wraith-like lizards in their midsts. A cloud of soft light filled with stars connected by a skeleton of faint lines fight the sailors almost as competently as you could. Their movements are not as good as yours, and two of the humans force the lizard shaped being away. It stumbles a couple steps then collapses when the last step places it firmly in the fading sunlight. The cloud of stars breaks up and flows down the alley to fuse with the other of its kin. Immediately the ghostly lizard form sharpens as the stars of its compatriot fall into place, and similarly it's movements sharpen too. The already struggling human is cut down quickly and the starry lizard turns to the two survivors.

They look ready to run. They're too far for knives.

>Charge, don't let them get away
>Make another star lizard
>Let the one finish its work alone
>Do something else with your new tricks <write in>
>Something else? <write in>

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>Charge, don't let them get away
>Make another star lizard

>> No.44550051

>>Charge, don't let them get away
>>Make another star lizard

Okay, star clones are awesome

>> No.44550069

>Something else?
climb up to the roofs while star lizard keeps the other two busy then when you're above them jump down with you duel swords again see if you can't take them both out (if star lizard hasn't already) when you ponce on top of them

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Plans within plans.
Roll 2d100 (no failing)

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Rolled 91, 55 = 146 (2d100)


>> No.44550258

Rolled 43, 38 = 81 (2d100)


>> No.44550305

Rolled 9, 58 = 67 (2d100)


>> No.44550317

91 58

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I'm not sure if these are lizard dice or not.

>> No.44550431

Don't worry they're Lizard dice alright....they involve stabbing things, and hey at least it isn't Awoo! Dice see?

>> No.44550437

Star lizard dice, somewhat better

>> No.44550514

You charge down the alley, if they get away it'll ruin your whole day. Halfway to them you juke and start running up the wall, a cloud of stars continuing on your original course. From here you can see the light of the lizard fighting the humans dim slightly, but it continues to hold its own. Then its partner joins it and the two of them begin to overwhelm the humans.

Detaching from the wall above the head you form a mirror to your normal sword in your off hand. The star lizards knock the weapons of the humans out of position to defend and your blades skewer them through the spot between their shoulder and neck. Your landing softened by the attack you spin on the spot, tearing the blades free and striking the humans on either side of you with the sword that had just been in their friend. The two look confused for a moment before their heads roll off the rest of their collapsing bodies.

To either side of you the star lizards begin to wink out, star by star, as you let them fade.

Well, that was easy.


The door to the wizard tower isn't big enough for you. You could probably squeeze through it, but you'd be stuck squeezing through an entire building...

>Send Nytora in to flush the wizards out
>Squeeze, you'll live.
>Ask Nytora to take them a note, you can do something else <write in something else>
>The roof had a big trapdoor on it...
>Something else

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>>Squeeze, you'll live.

>> No.44550552

>>Send Nytora in to flush the wizards out
Good to have Lizards back Pred!

>> No.44550555

>>Send Nytora in to flush the wizards out

We're Sunni right?

>> No.44550594

I"m drunk, leave me alone...

I'm not drunk, I'm just a dum dum distracted by a cat

Yeah we're Sunny

>> No.44550620

>>Send Nytora in to flush the wizards out
>>The roof had a big trapdoor on it...
let time sister tell the wizards to meet us up top, we'll try to meet them half way.

>> No.44550625

It's all a part of the Cat's twisted plan for world domination.

>> No.44550660

I also really wanted to finish making edits to Nytora's sheet so I forgot to proofread

My rage is unending. That certainly sound like a cat plot

>> No.44550701

This is why I have a dog, they're at least honest about their domination plots.

>> No.44550765

Send in the troops

>> No.44550891

It's time for Solid Lizard action

>> No.44550955

Nytora heads inside to get the wizards, and a short time later the butler steps out pushing a cart. He places a... a curvy bucket with ad curvy handle attached to the side, in front of you, and starts filling it with an oversized teapot. Wait, is this a teabucket? Why does anyone own a teabucket?

"Apologies for the inconvenience, miss. The masters will be a while longer while they finish a couple experiments, and do a quick check on Miss Nytora," he tells you, looking supremely unflustered by the fact he's serving tea to a giant lizard. Maybe this happens more often than you think.

Oh lizard, if there are a lot more giant lizards out there you want to fight them. Wait, no. Mom thoughts. Bad thoughts. No picking fights.

You nod and the butler goes back inside. It's not like you've got anywhere to be. A couple minutes later the butler returns with an oversized plate bearing hilariously large teacakes.

While you're contemplating whether or not to try using the handle on the teabucket or just to stick your face in it a voice calls out down the street.

"Hold fiend! I will cleanse this city of your-"

You look in the direction of the yelling, hoping the fiend will be worth fighting and just see the guards dragging away a human in fancy clothes brandishing a rapier. They're covering his mouth and he appears quite upset. Doesn't really have the look of a fiend. You wonder who was doing all the yelling.

From the sounds in the tower the wizards will be out soon. The sounds are explosion sounds.

>Drink tea daintily
>Just drink however is easiest
>Questions for the wizards <write in>
>Go look into that fiend <leaves wizard tower>

>> No.44550999

>>Drink tea daintily
fail at it, then
>>Just drink however is easiest

>>Questions for the wizards <write in>
so have you fixed my sister yet? and I'm hungry even when I'm full, can you figure out why?

>> No.44551025

supporting....also we should probably look into this fiend later not only to do they sound bad but might actually be bad!

>> No.44551031

>>Drink tea daintily
>Questions for the wizards <write in>
Do they have anything that could ease, or eliminate and un-ending hunger?

>> No.44551049

>>Just drink however is easiest
Sup Lamb, good to have you back

>> No.44551068

>Drink tea daintilyke
When a magical solution is not yet available, you make due with self-control. Hopefully one will be before we end up having to join a monestary though.
>We are cursed with un-ending hunger, even when full. Do they have something for it?

>> No.44551076

>Drink tea daintily

>> No.44551140

Proper etiquette is important
roll 1d100

>> No.44551155

Rolled 24 (1d100)

Go go lizard dice

>> No.44551160

Rolled 32 (1d100)


>> No.44551188

Rolled 97 (1d100)


>> No.44551204

I'm so happy we passed this roll, good job

>> No.44551209

We almost had some proper lizarding going on

>> No.44551325

As the third Duchess of Kent would say, you are one fine tea drinking mother****a.

>> No.44551377

Sunny is the Lizard Queen of tea drinking.

>> No.44551432

be funny if we were more dainty at drinking tea then our sister

>> No.44551565

This is some spiderdice, Anon. You started rolling a day too early.

>> No.44551587

You spend a minute flexing one of your wing claws. The dexterity is nowhere near as good as your old one, but you think you are getting a better handle on them. Carefully you thread the fingers of one mitt through the bucket handle and lift it to sip it. Nearby onlookers, watching your struggle, applaud politely when you manage a sip. Oh, this tea is actually pretty good. It has a fruity flavor to it.

The tea cakes are of course consumed in their entirety before the wizards manage to get out of the tower. Your hunger remains a constant winnowing complaint in the back of your mind, and pit of your stomach. One that the tea cakes also fail to assuage. You suppose it was too much to hope for magic tea cakes.

Eventually the wizards manage to get their collective scat together and come out to meet you, Nytora in tow. Lumen and Rascal both stop and stare for a moment when they see you parked outside their tower, clearly incredulous.

You blithely wave a wingclaw and take another sip of tea. It is really quite good. You'll have to ask the butler what's in it. Speaking of the devil, he completes the train of people and pushes out another cart with a teaset. This time one sized for non-wyvernian lizards and humans. Once everyone is served the wizards immediately begin briefing you without asking what you actually came for.

They use a lot of magical terms you don't really follow, interspersed with fun buzzwords which you vaguely understand. Words like "temporal annihilation," "physical destabilization," and "utter destruction" keep getting thrown around without any meaningful explanation. Finally after a few minutes they notice your vacant stare and Lumen dumbs things down.

"We believe we've figured out how to make the anchor your sister needs," Lumen explains.

Rascal nods but then interjects.

>> No.44551606

It would be fun if we drank the tea dantly for lizards but humans just find it wierd

>> No.44551608

"The problem, is that we don't have time. Give us a week, and we'll have something that should last her for years. But with the recent destabilzations," he stops when he sees your eyes unfocus, "Shit is getting bad in the vicinity of your sister while the universe tries to destroy her. We aren't sure she has a week."

Nytora appears to be hearing this for the first time and wears a similar look of shock to you.

>Further questions on this subject <write in any ideas you've got>
>Move on to hunger problems
>Something else <write in>

(Nytora's sheet updated, mostly. And are the captchas still obnoxious street signs things or are we back to kittens and food? I'm tired of typing captchas)

>> No.44551647

>>Move on to hunger problems

>> No.44551693

>Further questions on this subject <write in any ideas you've got>

Is there anything we can do to help her?

Captcha isn't that bad anymore, street signs are still there but you just need to solve two of them instead of 50

>> No.44551715

>Further questions on this subject ask Nytora about it
I thought the evolution wizard were gonna take care of that?

>> No.44551726

>Further questions on this subject <write in any ideas you've got>
by trying to kill her, do you mean that she could just wake up dead one day or do you mean the universe is just going to throw things at her in hopes they kill her, like spiders or something? If it's the latter we can probably keep her hold up back home and then come out once you're done.

>>Move on to hunger problems
Also I'm hungry and the hungry never goes away, can yous help?

>> No.44551747

>Further questions on this subject <write in any ideas you've got>

We've both gotten a bit more powerful, can't you anchor her to me in the interim?

I did too.

>> No.44551770

>>Further questions on this subject <write in any ideas you've got>
Any ideas on how to buy more time. Would constant travel help by frequently changing her current vicinity?

(Captcha lately has been a mix of the old stuff like cacti and street signs and such, with picking out the segments of a drawing that have gift boxes in them. The latter is much much easier.)

>> No.44551794


She got your evolution to work and put in the paperwork to make the focus unnecessary but that's gonna take a while to work. Interim is on you.

>> No.44551851

>Interim is on you.
Fucking Bureaucracy

>> No.44551983

We're the wizards me memes when you need them

>> No.44552003

Alright, so what can you come up with that will last her a week? Or, like, three or four days?

>> No.44552070

"Is she goings to just stop being alive or is the universe throwings monsters at her? We can eats monsters," you tell them.

"No it's... Hm," Rascal digs around in a pocket and pulls out a metal lump on a stick that looks like a chain that's also on a chain, "This was a watch earlier today. It got caught in one of the destabilizations and is now a block of unuseful distorted matter."

You have no idea what a watch is, but that thing does look fairly useless.

"Runs away?" Nytora asks in broken humanspeech. Apparently her listening comprehension is better than her speaking.

Lumen taps a lip and nods.

"Keeping from settling down in one place COULD help, but you'd have to move large distances quite quickly for the effect to work."

You open a wing.

He stares at it for a moment.

"Even alterations to basic locomotion? But-" He cuts himself off. "I'm sorry. Yes, that would work."

"For a while, maybe," Rascal grunts through his moustache, "But eventually the disruptions will start happening faster and closer together. You might not be able to got far enough fast enough."

"Other options?" you ask. "Make me the focus for a bit? Hide her someplace?"

Lumen shakes his head. "We'd been considering using you as a sort of anchor, but that was before we'd seen the extent of your changes. Considering how much the two of you have diverged, I can't say whether your quintessence is similar enough in the right ways not to risk any of a half dozen catastrophic occurences."

"Hiding her would work though," Rascal interrupts, though Lumen groans at his statement, "It would work! You just need a place where there are existing disruptions or where they've taken place, that would occlude her from the corrective impulses of the universe."

>> No.44552093


"And where are we supposed to find such a place? The world isn't rife with these disruptions! We only know they exist because of her in the first place! Our entire theoretical basis could be wrong?"

"Then why bother speculating?!" Rascal growls back at his colleague, "We clearly can't be sure we're right so just let her rot while time takes care of her."

The two begin arguing and the weird technical aspects of things start coming up again. They're quickly getting off subject.

Pick one or more
>Long distance fly her around a lot for a week
>Maybe there's a place like they described? <write in if you think of something>
>Try the contessa thing
>Other idea/questions <write in>

>I'm Hungry
>something else <write in>

>> No.44552116

the hells the contessa thing?

Seems flying around for a week is the best bet we got.

>> No.44552117

>>Maybe there's a place like they described? <write in if you think of something>
Hmm where do we know where time disruptions have occurred....oh wait! that hole in the ground!
>I'm Hungry

>> No.44552148

>>Long distance fly her around a lot for a week
>When I evolved I got a never-ending hunger. I keep being hungry even while full. Can you fix that?

also the hole reminder

>> No.44552156

>Maybe there's a place like they described?
Crabthulhu's corpse comes to mind. That thing was all kinds of weird.

>> No.44552158

>Maybe there's a place like they described?
the witches hut (or at least tunnels) or the chamber we first met since the time wizards in there seemed to mess with the time stream a little bit before botching it so bad they called in our time clone?

failing that
>Long distance fly her around a lot for a week
nothing wrong with a family road trip. Plus it would let us work our our dragon rider skills

>> No.44552163

Yeah, hole in the ground might be distorted like that. Bring it up?

>> No.44552173

oh and uh before we go
>I'm Hungry

>> No.44552180

I think It's a good idea

>> No.44552222

>Couldn't we just make a time space distortion? We did it once successfully, theres no reason we can't solve magical time fuckery with more magical time fuckery


>I'm hungry

>> No.44552259

Further discussion

>> No.44552306

I am also confused about what the 'contessa' thing might refer to. I haven't noticed the word used in the threads, and my search of the past 15 didn't turn up anything.. So unless it's a card used to block assassinations, I'm at a loss.

>> No.44552347

It means that Pred reads Worm....Who's your favorite character Pred?

>> No.44552369

Long words confuse lizards

>> No.44552412

So she meant the quintessence thing.

Worm frustrates me and I refused to finish it.

Didn't keep me from reading all the fan fiction for it that was less annoying as hell. Or stop me from starting to write my own... IGNORE ME I"M WRITING LIZARDS

>> No.44552464

Oho! Well then got a favorite fic and where/when are you going to post it if you haven't already?

>> No.44552659

"Would the hole counts?" you interrupt the arguing beard and moustache wizards, "The time guy was messings up everything there. Then I messeds with it. Ah! I could does the magic again to make this place like the hole!"

The wizards both take a step forward and shake their heads quickly before realizing something and taking several steps away.

"No need for that!"

"We forgot about the... hole. If you take her in there then the disruptions will likely slow down significantly!"

"Between your flight and the hole you can probably get her through a week if you're careful. We'll get started on the anchor," Lumen finishes.

"Ah," you nod, "Good. Though I haves one other problem."

The wizards stop in midstep to go back inside and look back at you.

"I am always hungry. If I'm fulls I'm hungry still. Always hungry," you explain.

They blink and think for a second.

"Well you are bigger, you might just need more f-" Lumen starts then stops when you glare at him like he just insulted your honorable ancestors. Mom is honorable at least, you're not sure about Dad.

"Or... I could do a quick diagonstic?" Rascal suggests.

You nod and the wizard walks over and looks you over. He casts a spell and mumbles.

"There's definitely a curse here. Just let me..."

He casts something else and you feel a slight pressure in your stomach. Then the pressure bounces back and slams into the wizard as a wave of energy. He rolls a bit and comes to a stop at Gerald the butler's feet. He's quickly helped up and appears largely uninjured.

"Uh, yes that's quite a curse. Did you do something that would make anyone rather powerful angry at you lately?"

"I killeds a god."

Even the butler appears shocked at that. For a minute the two wizards just sit there processing before Rascal speaks up again.

"Well, if that's true then it's probably something outside the level most people can intervene in. I'd suggest finding another god and getting them to take it off as a favor."

>> No.44552679

You start to ask how but are interrupted.

"A dungeon would work," Lumen says suddenly, "If you could skip the blessing and get a boon in the form of curse removal."

"Otherwise you'd be stuck finding a holy man with some clout," Rascal finishes.

You nod. You'll keep those things in mind. You're trying to think of anything else that you could ask when suddenly there's a weird twisting of light around a basket next to the tower and in its wake the basket is warped and fused with its contents. Fish by the smell.

"We'll get to work on the item for Nytora immediately, but we can't have her here while we do, she might break it."

"Please take her away," Rascal pleads. If the basket and watch are indicative Nytora is probably wrecking their stuff. "Is anyone else hungry?"

You didn't have anything else anyway.

>Wait! You did have one more thing <write in for wizards>
>Dungeons mean adventurers, go ask around the guild
>Just get Nytora out of town before something happens to your tail <straight to hole or no?>
>Find dinner in town

Message me via twitter or IRC to ask about Worm stuff if you want. Let's not distract from lizards too much

>> No.44552746

>Just get Nytora out of town before something happens to your tail
Straight and then go either to town or village for supplies

>> No.44552748

>>Just get Nytora out of town before something happens to your tail <straight to hole or no?>

Let's go say hi to Milly

>> No.44552771

>>Dungeons mean adventurers, go ask around the guild
Let's learn about places full of plunder and prey!

>Message me via twitter or IRC to ask about Worm stuff if you want. Let's not distract from lizards too much
Don't have twitter but how should I contact you on IRC...I'm not all that great with it.

>> No.44552793

>>Just get Nytora out of town before something happens to your tail <Millie first>

>> No.44552901

Best tell the pirates where you can be found for the next week

>> No.44553145

In short order you've got Nytora and gotten out of town. You'd like to have hit up the adventurer's guild but you're not going to play games with your clone sister's health. Except maybe pirate games. Nytora rides on your back easily once you get to cruising along the beach and you nudge your course out far enough that if Milly is out on another training cruise with her new lizard crew you'll be able to spot her.

While you fly you discuss the stuff Nytora did at the wizard's place. Apparently she saw the weird "distortion" things but just assumed it was a wizard thing. You're pretty sure you'd have made the same assumption. Other than that apparently Rascal has what amounts to almost an army of damned walking metal things under the tower. In between tests that hurt way more than they had any right to, Rascal and Lumen apparently worked on opposite ends of the building. Bottom and top respectively. Lumen made a metal walker thing too, but Nytora doesn't know anything about it since she never had to help the wizards kill it, which happened a couple times with Rascal's stuff.

You're almost home before you spot Milly's ship a short way from shore. From this distance it looks like she's having a party or something.

On closer inspection Milly and her crew are being attacked by fishpeople. And not the kind you're friends with. The crew is embroiled in fierce fighting trying to repel boarders, with mixed success. It looks like whenever things start to turn around a trio of larger fishmen start interrupting whatever group is fighting to make sure the fishmen keep winning their offensive. The big ones are almost two thirds your size and the group of humans, mermaid, and mostly unevolved lizards are having trouble.

>> No.44553163

There's movement in the water as well, as fishmen that isolate crewmen favor throwing them overboard for the fishmen's comrades to deal with over fighting on deck.

>They've got this
>Let Nytora stay aboard and hit the deck like an angry fireball
>Do a flyby and let Nytora deploy herself
>Assist on deck
>Mix it up in the water
>CLOSE AIR SUPPORT <write in weapons/magic used>
>Try and isolate some of those big fishmen
>Magics used <write in>
>Strategy very dissimilar to mentioned <write in>

Usually I"m Lambeard on Rizon

>> No.44553171

>Do a flyby and let Nytora deploy herself
>Mix it up in the water

>> No.44553199

>>Do a flyby and let Nytora deploy herself


>Mix it up in the water

>> No.44553207

>>Do a flyby and let Nytora deploy herself
>>Mix it up in the water

>> No.44553216

>>Do a flyby and let Nytora deploy herself
>Mix it up in the water

>> No.44553232

We're like the Batwing deploying Batman, except with Lizards.


>> No.44553237

Grab whichever one of the big guys in closest to the rail and toss him back over while Nytora skeet shoots with her knives, then hops off.
Second pass, rake with claws while using heatwave.

>> No.44553253

>Do a flyby and let Nytora deploy herself
>Mix it up in the water

>> No.44553266

>Try and isolate some of those big fishmen
Time to niazgal this ship

>> No.44553269

grab one of the big fish guys and fly off with him, then drop him over land and go back to help. You can drop off you sister on the second pass. Just don't use fire as Milly kinda got pissed the last time we burned her ship. Who thought it was a good idea to build ships out of wood?

>> No.44553289

Humans and their silly concepts of burnable ships

>> No.44553292

probably some dumb human who thinks burning ships could generate their own hot air for filling their balloons with

>> No.44553332

>>Do a flyby and let Nytora deploy herself
>>Try and isolate some of those big fishmen

>Usually I"m Lambeard on Rizon
Look for Chojomeka

>> No.44553346

Helldiver lizards

>> No.44553372

Oh wait no I"m not. I need like.. 5d100

>> No.44553397

Rolled 80, 75, 24, 98, 43 = 320 (5d100)


>> No.44553417


>> No.44553419

Rolled 90, 12, 57, 70, 33 = 262 (5d100)


>> No.44553441

Rolled 48, 98, 38, 7, 87 = 278 (5d100)


>> No.44553457

so 90, 98, 57, 98, 87?

>> No.44553476

Alright, which of you guys are secretly spiders?
90 98 57 98 87

>> No.44553482

These are not lizard dice

>> No.44553530

Neither I nor my legs legs were involved in this dice rolling.

>> No.44553542

We're warming up for tomorrow, of course. I've had these spiderdice just laying around for months now.

>> No.44553590

I may or may not be an arachnid, but I'm not from the order Aranea.

I'm from Solifugae

>> No.44553592

Guilty as charged, I am actually a tarantula.

>> No.44553661

Nytora shifts on your back and you think she's divined your intentions as you angle down toward the ship. Her posture and weight are closer to what you felt when she got off earlier to deal with those sailors.

"Do a roll when you get close," she shouts over the wind from your dive.

You're not sure what that'll accomplish but you aim to please, so as you line up with the ship you do a long climbing roll over the ship before pulling out in a dive. It takes you a long few seconds to circle back but you can see Nytora and what looks like a half dozen of her star thingies landing on the ship. Just before you finish your curve and crash into the sea you see Nytora despine one of the large fishmen as she lands, allowing Milly to lead her human sailors against another.

In the water you immediately target a clump of fishmen trying to pull a lizard apart. His tail already floating free in the water, they're too distracted to see you coming. You remain slower in water than in the air, but you are still fast enough to keep up with a common fishman. The group you hit all take terrible damage as you lash out with tooth claw and tail on contact. Two of the fishy creeps die instantly as you disembowel them when they fail to get clear quickly.

>Try to gather crew
>Chase down the fishmen
>Magic? <write in which>
>Marching orders for the crewmen you save <write in>

>> No.44553700

>>Try to gather crew
>>Marching orders for the crewmen you save <write in>
get back to the ship

>> No.44553702

>>Chase down the fishmen
Feeding time!~

>> No.44553705

>>Chase down the fishmen
Sunny has no concern for those incompetents who can't get out of the water.

>> No.44553740

>Chase down the fishmen

>> No.44553855

Fish chase is go
roll 6d100

>> No.44553865

Rolled 52, 60, 87, 51, 91, 96 = 437 (6d100)


>> No.44553869

Rolled 49, 77, 40, 91, 70, 11 = 338 (6d100)


>> No.44553872

Rolled 61, 97, 7, 38, 62, 72 = 337 (6d100)

a fishing we will go

>> No.44553875


>> No.44553887

61,97, 87, 91, 91, 96
huh, wonder if mom will be mad she missed this

>> No.44553892

Rolled 4, 37, 30, 40, 53, 80 = 244 (6d100)

For mother!

>> No.44553912

61 97 87 91 91 96
Everyone but Sunny did well

>> No.44553943

61 isn't terrible

>> No.44553949

It is not terrible no

>> No.44553986

Sorry anon, HQQ still isn't going again

>> No.44554028

Keep the old ways alive

>> No.44554038

We still miss mother

>> No.44554112

Lizards that can't even swim well enough to get back on a ship really need to learn. You were murdering things in water in like the first week of your life. Granted the fishpeople are much quicker than the lizards in water, but lizards are superior in so many other areas, you have a hard time seeing how they could have this much difficulty.

You have started seeing how they have so much difficulty. Rather, not seeing is the problem. The sun started setting as you and Nytora arrived at the ship, and underwater night is almost well under way. Your internal light only seems to shine along your back and tail now so it's of limited use in an environment with the possibility of rapid vertical movement. The fishmen pick up on this quickly and you start having great difficulty catching up to or finding them. Ultimately you have to resort to tracking the distress calls of lizard crewmen to find the fishmen attacking them.

As you circle around again beneath the boat looking for something to fight the corpse of a large fishman crashes in next to you. It looks like the surface battle is going well at least. A light below the ship draws your attention and swimming closer to investigate you find a fishman with a long stick pointed at the ship. It's wearing more elaborate clothing than the other enemies down here, and the faint drain of mana around you tells you that it's gathering mana.

It flinches when you draw closer seemingly surprised at your presence, and it unleashes its gathered spell at you. A blast of compressed water streaks out of the staff in a line as wide as you are and sends you tumbling through the water. If that had been finished it might have punched a hole in the bottom of the ship.

As soon as the spell is released the magic fishjerk darts away into the gloom of the ocean.

>After him!
>Check up top
>Focus on the fishmen attacking lizards
>Other strategy?

>> No.44554130

>>Focus on the fishmen attacking lizards

>Other strategy? (Become the sun!)

>> No.44554138

>>Focus on the fishmen attacking lizards

>> No.44554145

>Focus on the fishmen attacking lizards

>> No.44554149

>Focus on the fishmen attacking lizards

>> No.44554175

>>Focus on the fishmen attacking lizards
Well this is clearly due to the fact that we did not praise the sun enough today.

>> No.44554203

>Focus on the fishmen attacking lizards

>> No.44554311

That works
roll 5d100

>> No.44554344

Rolled 96, 98, 91, 75, 18 = 378 (5d100)

For Mother!

>> No.44554357

Rolled 35, 12, 3, 53, 50 = 153 (5d100)

More numbers

>> No.44554362

Rolled 74, 52, 13, 53, 98 = 290 (5d100)


>> No.44554382

So 96, 98, 91, 75, 98. Wow

>> No.44554387

For mother indeed

>> No.44554391

96, 98, 91, 75, 98
jesus, lizards beat fish it seems

>> No.44554399


>> No.44554418

Don't you know anything, in animal rock paper scissors lizard beats bird.

>> No.44554516

Tell that to the chicken.

>> No.44554533

Shhh, we don't talk about that

>> No.44554543

fuck hitler

>> No.44554580

Fish are the birds of the ocean that's why seagulls are super dicks Thierry double birds

>> No.44554645


>> No.44554675

What about Ducks? Are they triple the dick since theirs are corkscrewed?

>> No.44554679

The light in you flares as you try and push it further out. YOu add in the flame you make when you breathe it out. You add everything that you have to making it bright enough for you to see. Like a switch a fire starts in your chest and your glow begins to cover your whole form again, perhaps brighter than before you evolved. You can feel the sun, far away and already set. It doesn't do anything but you feel a bond to it as your glow pushes back the night around you.

WIth your senses returned you notice that more than a dozen fishmen are milling around within the range of your light. For a moment you wonder what they're looking for before they all suddenly turn in the water and rush you.

You only have to maim a dozen of them before they figure out that was stupid. Only four of those even died! The learning speed of these fish is scary, But you're incredibly strong claws are still quicker underwater than any other lizard and you move almost as well as the fishmen. You capitalize on their proximity though, and the ones who aren't fast enough in their retreat are brutalized. One or two give up and try to turn their weapons on you, but the flimsy spears and tridents can't even scratch your scales, much less penetrate.

It takes time but eventually you appear to have driven off the fishmen. The lizards nearby are either dead or no longer making distress calls. The occasional fishman that skirting your light's boundary... hasn't happened for a long while.

You rise to the surface of the water and start pushing lizards toward the ropes being dangled off the deck. One or two lizards try to climb just using their claws and they're immeidately thrown overboard by a loud mermaid's voice and told to swim to shore. They're not allowed on her boat anymore.

>> No.44554695

You are capable of taking a hint so you dive down again and get a head of speed up as you breach the surface this time. Momentum carries you onto the deck and you land on a pile of corpses. Weapons are brandished at your sudden appearance, the light you shed ensuring that proper attention is given to you, and you tiredly wave.

"Hey. I'm back," you pant. You're pretty sure no one was holding their breath about whether you would come on board or not, but it's probably good to say anyway.

>That's it for tonight, I need food and have work tomorrow.
>I'll be around all night for whatever yelling you want to do but I don't know my schedule yet
>Thanks for coming everybody. It's good to be running again. Hopefully I won't have any breaks as long as that again anytime soon.

>> No.44554715

Do the fish, like the birds, fear our solar might? Anyone of note hurt?

>> No.44554716

It's good to have you back Lamb, I missed Lizards. Hope everything goes well at work.

>> No.44554725

Thanks for the run and I'm still over on Rizon waiting for ya....or if you ever sign up for Spacebattles or Sufficient Velocity they've both threads for Worm.

>> No.44554727

Rolled 2 (1d100)

Good to have you back lamb, evidently the dice gods are pleased with you too!

Isn't that right dice gods?

>> No.44554750

the dice gods are not amused it seems

>> No.44554813

Fish think light in a dark ocean is weird as hell, but also cool.

Glad to be back. I enjoyed running. Except skipping two meals. That sucked.


>> No.44554842

So they think we're cool? Or scary? Can we even FIT in a dungeon?

>> No.44554845

Thou shalt not presume to know the Dice, anon.

>> No.44554855

so what was that you were talking about earlier, something about worms or something?

>> No.44554875

It's an web novel called Worm, go to Parahumans and give it a try...if you dare!~

>> No.44554991

The dickishness of ducks can not be quantified if you know why they have corkscrew peinses you will know why

>> No.44555087

So is Nytora the first Dragonknight?

>> No.44555215

Her allegiance to the Sky Lizard Corps is the strongest

I know why.

>> No.44555240

Just gotta say Lamb, star clones are fucking awesome

>> No.44555260

so does time sister know about our shadow cloak thing?

>> No.44555306

That'd be hard, because I don't remember our shadow cloak thing.

On the list of potential powers I came up with for Nytora, that one I came up with about half an hour before thread.

>> No.44555342

I can't remember what it's call but that thing we got when we evolved for kill the crab god, the thing that covers us in those dark flames or something.

>> No.44555345

What were some of the others?

>> No.44555360

I think he's talking about the ink cloud we coped from the squid and I'm pretty sure the answer is no unless we find a why to make it are selves

>> No.44555477

Guy there is correct. Except his spelling.

>IA- Star Clones
>IC- Star Swords
>ME- Berserk mode
>MR- Magic Res
>PC- Cloaking, limited
>TC- You don't wanna know

>> No.44555507

>You don't wanna know
yes, yes I do, I voted for it

>> No.44555760

Because it's not terribly interesting

>> No.44555773


but for real thanks for running, it's been far to long

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