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I don't get it.

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VtM background, wherein you have a stable of groupies to drink from.

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"Herd" is a Merit in Vampire: the Requiem. It means you have one or more mortal floozies who actually get off on you sucking their blood.

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Jesus christ, someone stop that terrorist butterfly.


They're characters from Bloodborne, each of whom can give you their blood as healing items. (The blackhaired one gets jealous if you take the blond's blood too many times and will kill her)

Herd 1 is a Vampire Merit meaning you have someone who acts as a willing blood donor so you don't have to hunt.

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So it's literally describing the picture?

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See >>44511072

It's a reference or a comparison more than a joke, but it works.

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It describes the picture in V:tM terms, yes.

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Sort of. The blood saint will go full yandere and kill the whore if you take too much of her blood though.

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I was sort of interpreting the picture as "we're melding out blood so there's no problem"

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Needs a name.

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I'm scared.

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Hey buddy, what game is this? I love me some visual novels.

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I have always wanted to duct tape a young mosling to the pavement behind my wheel so that I could slowly back the car over its body with a video camera rolling so watch it slowly burst open.

Another of my fantasies involved adding new mice to a cage by dropping them into a cup of water so that they will eventually drown. Once enough mice drown, the floating bodies form a surface for the new mice to crawl out of the cup, so after a certain number of deaths, mice begin to survive.

I never really got into the cutting up / dissection torture of mice, just the death or humiliation of them. I feel like if I ever ran Mouse Guard RPG I would center the campaign around something like that.

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What the fuck am I watching?

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>Tempting the GM

Head Pat and Sandwich Giving simulator a.k.a. Touching Feeling

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Huh. I saw that image and thought it was going to be some sort of 'red string of fate' romance thing. Did not expect what I actually got. Neat image, thanks!

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Vampire Hunting

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>getting crit fails out of the way early

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As you should be.

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Generating a major charge?

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Expressionist dance, or atleast some degenerated form of that.

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The FBI is gonna be knocking on your door pretty soon.

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>Magnus the Red

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You... you do know most serial killers get their start torturing animals, right?

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>Players plan in action

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expressionism was degenerate to begin with.

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I don't know how well mouse guard would work but I would love to do a "death maze" type thing as a campaign.

When I was 6 I wrote several stories about mice in a maze, all but one of whom was dead by the end. I also planned to catch several mice using baited non lethal traps but I rarely actually set the traps and they never worked.

Some ideas I had was a mouse with a binder clip on its tail so that it would make a lot of noise and be slowed down by the large binder clip.

I also had the idea of taping a mouse down and putting a peanut just out of reach, and when its paws started grabbing at the peanut I would cut them off with scissors.

I also considered soaking a mouse in gasoline and letting it run, but I relaized the mouse would likely die before running very far.


Killing mice isn't illegal.

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>Killing mice isn't illegal
No, but torturing them is what a lot of serial killers do before they move onto people.

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Virt gets off to torturing elf girls, not mice

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It's only mice. I would not treat other animals that way. Nor have I ever actually done any of these things, only thought of them.

I am not a serial killer either. I've occasionally thought about trapping a young woman and stabbing her because I like cries and begging for mercy, but that's not real sadism and also women barely even count as human beings anyway so I don't see what the big deal is.

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It's Virt all right

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Aw man, I was hoping I'd found another serial killer to discuss our murders with...

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Average day at the office on a Slaaneshi daemon world.

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We need some mods in here, Virt escaped from his cage.

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If you're not just fishing for reactions and have actually done/seriously plan on doing this I strongly advise you seek psychiatric help.

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He shouldn't seek it, he should be taken to it.

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>If you're not just fishing for reactions and have actually done/seriously plan on doing this I strongly advise you seek psychiatric help.

First off, I have not done any of this stuff.

Second off I am not planning to.

Third off there is nothing wrong with enjoying these fantasies, as long as they remain just that: fantasies.

Speaking of which I also considered tying things to a mouse hanging off of two ends of a table, then perhaps taking some of those small beam balance weights from the middle school I work at, and slowly adding them to the mouse to strain its body gradually, until it overwhelms it's skeletal integrity.


Not him, it's possible for there to be more than one person in the world with these kinds of desires, anon.

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>Google Olivier de Sagazan
>Make webm of whatever video you find
>Something something Gellar Field

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It's Teaching Feeling, actually.

Good thing that girl did not end up as fucked up as the dev roginaly intended https://imgur.com/IOLWfYh

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wait, meant to post this one

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Eliot, stop creeping on me at FNM

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Is this that butterfly that chaos theory told us about?

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Assuming you're not full of shit:
>This guy works at a middle school

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>virt got a job at a middle school

The american education system everyone. No wonder kids are shooting it up constantly. I would too if the hiring standards at my school were this lax.

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Well in any case
Fuck off edgelord
Go back to reddit and quit fishing for attention from a shitty /tg/ filename thread

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My ninth-grade science teacher was arrested and fired for being a literal pedo. This stuff happens.

Is this a tile patterns guy joke?

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Check failed. Explain please.

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Mice, anon. Mice. Not tween-aged kids, mice. You are making a mountain out of a molehill.


I'm not. Someone posted a MouseGuard RPG gif and I figured I'd share.

Speaking of which does anyone know how I could model these tortures / traps in the Mouse Guard rules? A friend invited me to GM a game for his college's RPG club and I was thinking of doing a mouseguard thing where the characters play captured moslings subjected to my tortures.

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Just catch them in glue traps and smash them with cinder blocks like your father should have taught you.

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There's some guy on /v/ that gets off on tiles. Bathroom tiles, kitchen tiles, etc. He's got a whole folder of tile pics.

Probably a brilliant troll, but it's hilarious none the less. Someone should have the picture.

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Not him, but I feel the need to shove my opinion forcefully into this conversation.

You're right that as long as it stays on the inside of your head that it's not illegal or even a moral problem.

However the fact that these things are IN your head in the first place means that there may be issues, possibly serious issues with your mental health that could benefit from treatment or counseling.

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I think so.

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Needs a better name

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A bit of this: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=H9_ZSVIS1W4

Sadler's Wells is apparently "The world's No.1 venue dedicated to international dance - presenting dance in all forms from contemporary to flamenco, ballet to hip hop and more." Personally I think their stretching the idea of "dance" just a wee bit too far. It's in London, just in case you ever wanted to go and see some of this madness in person.

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>They're not humans
>So I'm going to torture them in games, even though in the games they're people
Put your fucking trip on, faggot.

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No, I would buy some small bricks and slowly add them. Smashing with cinder blocks would be too much splatter pattern and would result in a huge mess. Also it would be over too fast.


My mental health is fine. I have been tested.

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>My mental health is fine. I have been tested

In that case post humorous /tg/-related file names or fuck off.

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Just because you don't get it, doesn't mean it's stupid. And just because you don't appreciate it, doesn't mean it's worthless.

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the Magical Realm I imagine looking at the pool would be closer to this one

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Did you tell the testers about your fantasies that are very common with those who are serial killers? Just because you lied to them and then they said your fine, doesn't mean you're not a massive basket case who should be behind bars in a nice padded room.

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Anon, this is filename thread.
But fukken saved!

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Fuck yeah, Skullkickers.

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>filled the fox carcass with wasps
Okay, 1, why the fuck do you need to check to see if a fox is dead or not if you're not a groundskeeper which i'm assuming she's not. 2, why the fuck do you think its not just wasps eating the shit outta that fox.

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Do the nips have to put sex scenes in everything? Why couldn't it just be a head pat simulator?

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Its a room which gets used in japanese porn alot.

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It's a pool well known for being in tons of porn.


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I'm pretty sure this is from the guy who made/is making Voynich Hotel. What is it?

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Stop that. Harmless thoughts are not a reason to violate someone's human rights when they are not a danger to others.

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Actually to be fair to him assuming he is being honest and has psychiatric help and knows to make sure it all stays purely fantasy he shouldn't need locking up.

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ITT failed checks.

That pool is the scene of about 40% of all JAV videos ever made.

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>Not using superior version

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Personaly I played it exactly like that, no sex scenes, just cake and headpatting. Still ended up with some satisfaction.

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>characters play captured moslings subjected to my tortures
Oh yes they're gonna have so much fun!
Your friend is either really dumb or masochistic.
Or, more likely, you're a liar.

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PC's Father

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Figured enough time has passed.

source is Keyman

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Indeed it is. The name's Paraiso.

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I love the artstyle for that, shame it's shit, and the author clearly has a huge foot fetish.

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>Your friend is either really dumb or masochistic.

No, he just doesn't know what I have planned.

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You haven't been tested if you lied to them.

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>you gain brouzouf

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You goddamned evil mastermind. I love you.

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requesting sauce

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Thanks anon.


Yes, I was tested. I passed the test. If I was not mentally healthy I would have failed the test. It is the test's fault, not mine. They did not ask me if I had fantasies about torturing mice and / or college-aged women. So I didn't tell them about it.

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>shame it's shit
Why so? I foundit very interesting even before mr.Satan's wild ride starts.

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Thanks. Never read these.

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Plot and writing are all over the place. Honestly not /awful/, just kinda mediocre.

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double typhoon

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You didn't take the test, moron. That's not the same thing.

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You're welcome.

>and / or college-aged women

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Fuck. Dude.
Thats metal.
And horrifying.

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Well, I send you back to >>44512069

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Please sauce, reverse traps are hard to find

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The wizard clusterfuck (sometimes iterally) was intended to be confusing in "who the fuck is a good guy probably no-one" way.

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There's also tons of his other stuff. Voynich Hotel is great but it's just a little peek into the mind of mad genius.

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>I hid my sociopathic/psychopathic tendencies, therefore I am not a sociopath/psychopath

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>>and / or college-aged women

Yes. But again, these are nothing but thoughts and fantasies. Not planned actions.

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I never knew about this guy but I kind of dislike him now.

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Looks like Virt moved on from Elves to mice.

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I'm gonna need the source on that

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Who is Evan Lahti and why are his opinions so shit?

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>these are nothing but thoughts and fantasies

They are unhealthy thoughts and fantasies. Your inability/unwillingness to see that they are unhealthy is also unhealthy.

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I'll pay off my college debt with this degree in modern dance!

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Hes just the jobber devils advocate

Its hard to understand but there are people who have no opinions on a topic, but will actively be contrarian

In his case Hes payed to do it

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His player wants to roll a new character.

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At that point, just straight up whoring yourself would be both more profitable and more honorable.

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He probably has to pay the devil's advocate because no one else on staff is brave enough, and their business model is fucking stupid.

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Nozomu Nozomi

It is actually gender bender.

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...Honestly id start at 10 and go up. Anything below and I'd be better off not seeing with my eyes.

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Nickelodeon is the best.

>> No.44512926

I don't really get that picture.

I really liked Nickelodeon too.
Not from him, but there also was that manga with a cyclop nurse in a school where everyone is a monster, I can't remember the title.

Also I wish the samefagging edgelord woul leave.

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Anon, pls.

>> No.44512943

Not even that anon, but I'm kinda fucking let down.

>> No.44512948

Octopus with greatsword looking swag as fuck. Also digging the chainmail coat.

8/10 would quest with

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Don't have skype but you can email me at [email protected]

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Wait a second.

Before you two fuck off into green pastures of disturbing ERP, i need to know one thing

Are you a guy who fantasizes killing women and/or mice or a woman and/or mouse with a snuff fetish?

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How are they unhealthy? They aren't hurting anyone.Nor are they ever going to.

>> No.44512997

Ia Shub-Niggurath

>> No.44513007


Ahh so it's like That Couch.

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my god has set me free

>> No.44513052


>When I figure out why I can't feel the rest of me I'm gonna FUCK YOU UP, human!

Tragically, there's not even enough left of it to look behind it and understand. It must have been so confused.

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>Nozomu Nozomi
So what's the difference? Is it just not porn?

>> No.44513077

Not porn.

>> No.44513079

Is this gay/trap shit?

If not, then sauce.

>> No.44513080

Any other keywords I should put in a google search? I'm only getting weather patterns.

>> No.44513108


World Is Mine

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>Are you a guy who fantasizes killing women and/or mice or a woman and/or mouse with a snuff fetish?

>> No.44513135

Great, it's also a retard.

>> No.44513143

search on gelbooru on paheal

>> No.44513146


Ahh but you see, I'm not smart enough for a career in politics.

>> No.44513169

To refine since there are apparently multiple ones with that name, it is the one by oohashi takayuki.

>> No.44513172

>definitely not black

>> No.44513173

Furry pls go

>> No.44513178

Neither are most politicians.

>> No.44513180

Lameeee, oh well, I guess the comic itself is cute enough, great now I gotta go find some reverse trap stuff

>> No.44513199


If you don't mean 8/8 you came to the wrong neighborhood squid.

>> No.44513206

It's not an anamorphic raptor, thus it's not furry.

>> No.44513209


This. Clickbait requires having stupid debates over controversial/stupid stuff. Which means someone has to have his turn in the barrel.

If it's any consolation, as editor he's probably making most of the money in the company. There's also something to be said for having opinions so outrageously bad and wrong that you get known for it and appreciated among media types. The "cenk uygur" effect.

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You can tell it was made by a furry artist. It has that particular kind of facial expression -- disgustingly human, you might say.

>> No.44513299

Yep, gotta know. Where from?

>> No.44513316


>> No.44513321

Click bait doesn't require conversation, just a controversial or shocking. There is an elusive third type that I have no idea why it works in today's world and that's the "you won't believe what happens next!" style that has to only work on grandparents.

>> No.44513339

The thing about female underwear is that the older the girl, the less fabric is being used on her panties.

>> No.44513354

>Liartown USA

>> No.44513384


>> No.44513425

>Reaching level 1

>> No.44513438


That went in a different direction than I was expecting and became so much better for it.

>> No.44513440

it kinda looks like nature's prophet from dota 2

>> No.44513473

>fate points.png

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>> No.44513540

>no idea why it works in today's world

Persuasion knowledge model. Once you are familiar with a tactic, you become immunized against it.

So your Aunt Petunia, who warned you about how that shady real estate deal was really a con, keeps forwarding you stupid meme images she found on facebook. It's not that she's gullible, it's that her spidey senses are attuned to different types of trouble.

>> No.44513563

Makes you wonder what kind of con are you going to fall for when you reach that age

>> No.44513590

>> No.44513598

Discount Warhammer models?

>> No.44513642


>Horny Xylocks in YOUR solar system are waiting to meet YOU

It's more convincing when it's beamed directly into your brain.

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