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Humanity is gone. It's great city is empty. It's creations scrounge among the ruins for tattered memories, their own minds cold and without innovation. You are born into this word. A machine? A man in the body of a machine? All that you know is that you must survive, and cut to the heart of this dismal stagnation.

Lost Source is a Sci-Fi setting in the spiritual tradition of Demon's Souls, Dark Souls, and Bloodborne. Instead of Echoes or Souls, the currency is leftover human ideas, thoughts, memes even. Instead of Humanity or Insight, you have lost and regressed human consciousness that you install to increase your processing power. Mechanically, the game is themed around customization, with every aspect of your character being able to be modified. From their body, to their mind, to their weapons.

Last thread we established some of the basic ideas, themes, and imagery for the setting, with the absolute basest level of actual mechanical design in the form of stats and weapon customization.

There's a lot of room to create right now, so hop into the thread and see what you can add.

>Pic is one of the creatures from the setting, drawn by an awesome drawfriend. A donorbeast, made of half-alive human limbs and organs grown in tanks for implantation. It seeks flesh and cognition, for without a host they quickly decay.

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Sounds fucking awesome, do you have a link to the old thread?

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Well now I feel dumb.


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>the currency is leftover human ideas, thoughts, memes even
Finally, my rare pepes achieve their true value

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Humanity? Have you even tried dealing with those motherfuckers? Bunch of shit heads trying to be God or some such. Salt on the other hand makes a pretty good bonding agent.

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Cool, reading now.

It may take a while so I'm just gonna suggest an idea, use the gene codes from BLAME! for something, like unlocking the settings equivalent of magic (nanomachines).

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Do you need ideas for setting locations? Or are we still figuring out the basics?

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or use them as access codes/security identification

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Awesome Anon.
/tg/ does it again.

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Well, the locations can tie into parts of the story.

There's still some contention about where humanity went and what the player characters are. But those are realistically not as important as the current state of the world in some ways. Plus, I think there should be a decent amount of mystery to both. Overall, as a setting with the legacy of From Software, a lot of it is pretty vague. So it's alright to leave a little bit unexplained with stuff. So more ideas for places, things, and just in general are awesome.

We also, obviously, need a lot more crunch laid out. But that comes latter.

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Oh, also, just to clarify. The Souls/Echoes is called Source and the Insight/Humanity is called Consciousness(es).

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Instead of Consciousness how about "Psyche"?

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So what would be the bonfires of this game seeing it is a sci-fi setting?

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Posting the other stuff from Drawfriend.

>Cachemasters are ancient machines of note, within their hard drives they retain a tiny portion of a living ones true memory. Though highly damaged and riddled with transgression errors, for a sum, a unit may abandon their independence and while their bodies become simple slave-units to the cachemaster, their core will share the billionth of a second a human experienced at one point.

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Highly restricted access terminals with saves containing copies the players consciousness.

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>Reactorscamps flitter from one pile of mechanical offal to another in the hopes of finding precious cooling rods needed to keep its nuclear core stable. Those that are nearing the end of their cycle are easily identified with incredibly visible heat signatures and the signs of their eventual self combustion

>Docile ones in the beginning, nothing more than background NPCS for flavor. The further away from the scrapheaps and their easily dug-through riches they'll get more and more feral until the point where you're running from a pack of them that intentional rip the cooling rods from weaker members and use them as unwilling suicide bombers.

His tumblr http://tbailey-illustration.tumblr.com/ because he deserves the credit.

That is better.

Well, your character is entirely artificial, so probably some kind of automated re-constructor.

Also the Dream/Majula would probably some kind of digital space.

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These could work.
For the Dream/Majula, i'd imagine it would be like the Matrix really.

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some that have been proposed are

ruined megacity
overgrown zoo/bio facility
space elevator
space station ruins

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As a side thing, players could engage in mental conference rooms a la Ghost in the Shell. Don't have it to the point where they can have strategic/diplomatic meetings whiile engaged in combat (unless you want it to) but player could be separated and engage in a conference room style talk between themselves and any NPC/enemies the GM wants them to. This would allow hacking and social combat to take place even when things aren't all set up for a certain people to be within combat range (though being combat range would add another dimension).

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I say Megacity into space elevator and orbiting space station.

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Happy 2016, happy to see this is still alive one day later

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Then you have to come back down and get inside some sort of giant computing core, to shut down the evil Gastalt that's keeping everything fucked up some how.

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I really like this.
I'm really liking all of this.
Now, for the overall plot. What exactly happened that caused all of this crazy bullshit?

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who knows? that's for you to figure out :^)

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Throwing out ideas....

> A spider that weaves nervewebs, that gets smarter and hungrier as it claims more territory

>Nonsentient drones as a weapon or tool type.

>Madshooter(needs better name). A two handed gun-like weapon, no stock. Would be plain looking if it wasn't painted in bright, garish, eye searing colors.
>It takes toxic Source, runs it through a thoroughly insane conscience to make the mother of all nightmares, and then projects it into a target with a modulated electromagnetic pulse.
>Anything that survives getting EMPed gets mindraped, hard.
>Noone knows how it picks targets. Majority of the time, it'll hit something in front of it, but there's a significant chance it'll hit the enemies allies, your alies, or even you. It's always just one, though.

>A thing orbits Jupiter, harvesting antimatter from it's radiation belts. Noone alive knows why, except it.
>It's definitely sapient, or at least can do a good impression of it

I'd do more but it's late.
This is a really great idea, BTW. Rock on.

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Maybe not all of those human minds that were forcibly assimilated lost their independence and their constant attempts at rebellion have screwed things up for the overlord program bigtime. Now the players have to decide how to sort things out.

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Sounds good.
Just please don't have the story be "Aliens did it!"

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I really like the concept of AR hacking being akin to Magic.

As a thought, what if there was a stat for hacking and interface stuff that allowed you to see more of the AR world, but at the cost of being more vulnerable to newer hackers and enemies?

It's akin to INT in DS making you weaker to Magic.

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>The Scrapyards: Where you first came to consciousness, everything winds up in the Scrapyards sooner or later. Mostly peaceable, you have more to worry about unstable junk piles than anything malevolent. Mind the Oliphants; they're not hostile but, when you're a hundred feet tall and of questionable intellect, everything in a scrapyard looks like junk and junk gets recycled.

>Glitterati: The preening peacocks of the post-post-human world everyone needs a hobby and theirs is aesthetics. Some will trade you bits of last year's body for enough Source to remain cutting edge, most are content with ripping out pieces of your "brain" until you're another mindless worshiper.

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>Just please don't have the story be "Aliens did it!"
Oh no, it should totally be the fault of the humans who created the system/had to live in the system.

Either the Creators failed to create paradise or the angels inside rebelled.

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A few things.

>I do like the idea of a drone as a weapon type.

>Weapons, however, are modular. So that weapon, unless an enemy was using it, would have to be somehow a permutation of another. At least as we have it now, or had it in the last thread. So like, you would have a targeting module for pistol have the random effect, and a damage module have the projectile effect.

>I don't believe we intend on explicitly stating whether or not this is Earth. In fact, I think it would work better if it's implied it isn't.

>I really like the Spider idea. Maybe as a mixed Co-op and PVP faction leader. It wants to make everything whole, so it will pay you to either go to other peoples worlds and spread webs by killing (assimilating) bosses or by killing (assimilating) them.

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Something that came to mind to me in the last thread.

What if all the machines that exist were copies of human psyches/egos/source/whatever that has been pruned to do a specific task?

While Mankind never really developed true A.I in the since that they couldn't create a neural network to emulate the human mind from scratch. Instead they simply used existing ones and pruned their memories to function as AI to run various networks and machines.

So this becomes a habit that humans do over and over and over again so all the machines, biosynths, whatever in existence all have their links to humanity because their minds were formally of human origin just watered down.

In this instance you see certain personality fragments and artefacts coming to being when one makes use of Source because they are essentially unlocking hidden and fragmented distant memories of the people they were originally made from.

TL:DR: "No John 17598, you were the humans"

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Gliterrati sounds like Yahar'Gul in that you would kidnapped there but with the brain suckers. *shivers*

I like that, but my problem is that at once I want it in the setting but I also want actual physical "so science it almost looks like magic" to be a thing. I'm not sure how those things would co-exist.

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That would actually make a lot of sense for the deeper, darker background Lore.

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That...actually makes sense.
Huh. Need to consider this for a bit, I have so many ideas coming out about this

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It's interesting and I like it, and certainly an idea to play with. But I also really like the thought of their being actual artificial intelligence in the setting.

Maybe there are only a few actual higher artificial intelligences and lots of "lower" ones. (In drones and whatnot) but most of the human-like intelligences are as you say.

Though, it might make more sense for them to be forks of people. Rather than actual people.

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That would be cool. You could deal with two NPCs that are of the same memory ancestry, but they diverge because of pruning and experiences. /both could help the party in the way they need, but in ways that are just different enough that it feels like they aren't quite the same person.

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>Weapons, however, are modular.

This could work with the drone idea. Both with having modules for drones, and weapons being used as modules for said drones.

For example, the pistol could be mounted on a four-legged drone, which could then mount an additional targeting module who's effects would stack with the pistol's targeting module.

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Speaking of, did someone archive or save the last thread?

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>/both could help the party in the way they need
with what the need

As a plot hook, if an important NPC dies they may need to dig deep/dive deep to find a copy with the info they need.

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>Either the Creators failed to create paradise or the angels inside rebelled.

Lock a few dozen expanding AIs and gestalt hyperconsciousnesses in a non-transcendable reality and ask them to define God.

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Oh fuck, and then you have to give him enough Source for him to remember.

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Oh, wait. That was in response to the Madshooter.

I really need to tuck in. Keep this round for tomorrow?

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> You will never encounter a mysterious machine in the dark parts of a burned out city.
> This machine will never tell you about a time where man and machine became one through the transplant of memories and emotions.
> You will never encounter them outside the room of bosses who have strong memories of being human and have gone haywire for reasons they dont know why.
>You will never kill these bosses and when you come back to their rooms finding a grave dedicated to the human the machine had memories of being.
>You will never fight this mysterious machine as a boss.
>You will never search their body and find a photo of several humans and the words "I remembered." written on the back.

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No survivors.

>Needing to give the setting's equivalent to experience to NPCs to advanced.
I like the way you think.

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It's also the equivalent of money.

It does everything man.

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Anon we can dream.
And we could turn this into tabletop..maybe.

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don't know if it was posted the last thread, but here's an older Souls-based RPG pulled from some pdf threads.
It's super-lethal and not very refined, but it might help if people are serious on making something.

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Thanks Anon.

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Just a random little thing, if there's an "iconic" weapon that the character in the box/cover art would be using and would be in all the promotional artwork (like the various swords/armors in Dark Souls and the Saw Cleaver in Bloodborne) I feel like it should be some kind of futuristic machete. Pic related.

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An image more on topic for the thread.

Just to give perspective on the level of physical modification. Your character would probably usually look like Mistral or Monsoon rather than Sundowner.

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Or, of course, be entirely machine.

This is one of my favorite images from last thread.

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What sort of weapons would you see around these parts? Taking an idea from the last thread, what about a starting sword? You could change out the hilt, handle, blade, add permutations, shit like that. Carrying them around readied makes you slow and taxes your synthe-fibers, so maybe quick-shot scabbards? No melee wanking please.

Make it so that no one really knows what happened to the humans. Or why their infrastructure is still active. Thoughts go from "They fucked off to space" to "The Machine God welcomed them into its arms, yadda yadda yadda..."

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So I think we can agree the player would be called the "Awoken?" Seeing they are waking up to this world gone wrong?

Posting some inspirational art work for this.

>> No.44497119

What about something that evokes them being more "whole" than others. For street level adventures, they'd be known as the "unfragged", beings who more or less, are able to maintain a stable personality and in some cases, grow.

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That's fucking depressing.

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An anon posted a basic list of weapon meta-types in the last thread.

>Dual melee
>Single melee (sword, mace, axe, etc.)
>Light melee (Dagger, hatchet, tonfa [grip style?])
>Heavy melee (Giant greatsword, axe, hammer, scythe?)
>Long melee/polearms (Staff, speer, glaive)
>Other melee weapon types??
>Single hand gun (Revolver, SMG, Shotgun, Semi-auto)
>Two hand gun (Rifle, shotgun, ???)
>Akimbo Gun (see single)
>Heavy gun (cannon, heavy flamethrower, machine gun, plasma cannon??)
>Non-profectile gun (micro-flamethrower, acid thrower, etc.)
>Utility weapons like torches from previous games

I dunno about mods within weapon types.

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built in tasers or vibroblade properties would be useful. Add EMP bursts and for stronger advancements.

Each one could be taxing in some way i.e. tasers who cost stamina to stun target, vibroblades, while devastating to armour, would also cost a hell of a lot of stamina while active just to keep the blade from jumping out of your hands. EMP would require an easy, but failable, roll to avoid its affects.

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That could work.
Also, in the other thread, a anon put out a idea I liked. Basically, those few humans left are worshipped as gods.
What if you met some of these god-figures and they give quests to you? And how would their worshippers act?
Infact, what religions would there be?

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MASER Vibration Sword?

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Any humans in the setting would likely not be socially well adjusted, leading to petty, egocentric quests

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Or really damaged volatile individuals.

I can imagine there's a boss which is a human supersoldier found in some kind of stasis tank by robots. They crack it open expecting some kind of messiah, but at first he's just confused then he goes berserk from rage/despair/combat stimulants pumped into his veins and murderers everyone.

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I also remember another anon doing something like that. There was:

Traditional (Spear/Bow)
Firearms (SMG/Rifle/Shotgun/Etc.)

Light (Hatchet/Knives)
Heavy (Swords/Axes/Pike/)

Magic (Nanoswarms/Dormant Viruses)
Exotic (Launchers/Grenades/Drones)

Modifications were handled ala Dead Island. Every weapon type (Ranged/Melee/Esoteric) had parts which could be used in both sub-types, and some which were exclusive. A tree was added to prevent us from crafting the most overpowered shit early in game.

>> No.44497259

Sounds good to me.

But both melee and ranged would need a little bit of diversification.

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Beginning Readout of Data File

>Hello, If youre reading this I'm dead. Heh... Sorry, I really would have liked to met you, or rather meat you. The Harvesters are already at the door. Well in this world we all need spare parts am I right, the only reason I can even write or rather wrote...

Oh God I just want to live... I um... I wanted somebody else to have a little light. I can still see it, the Sun. So gloriously incandescent...

I hope that you can see still see it too.

Heh... Just gaze at the Sun for me...


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It would be counter-productive. Let them form their own ideas on what humans were like, and over time, take it to extreme levels. For example, a cult could be dedicated to the aspect of hate, its members searching for memories of soldiers, mercenaries, murderers, etc. while others would focus on lust, emotion, compassion, innocence, and a lot more. To play up this aspect, make it so that over time, a robot becomes "addicted" to a certain kind of memory. Some could balance it out with other types of memories, but all lean one way or the other.

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>Boss is an FPS protag.
This can only end in explosions.

>> No.44497317

Solaire gut punch, really?

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I like this.
I like the idea that this is a world where everyone wants memories, the overall theme seems to be based on memories.
It also sounds very philosophical.

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Good point. Maybe add some mixed types? A tomahawk could be classed as a melee and a ranged weapon. Same with throwing knives. Some ideas for combat:

>Combat is usually set in lanes, eschewing the need for grids and movement. Stamina is used for readying weapons, moving, firing, etc.

>1d8 or 2d8 is king. Add modifiers for cover, range, permutations and gear.

>Carrying melee weapons for extended periods of time will tax your synthe-fibers. Affects your Stamina.

>Only dismembering all limbs or destroying a robot's core will permanently "kill" them.

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To expand on this, IC they would lose all knowledge/ accumulated memories since the last time they saved a copy of their consciousness, but it would reside in either their old body or, if completely destroyed, in a cloud-like file at the closest accessible spot for them to retrieve.

They would have a temporary amnesia that could be healed by returning to the spot of their death.

>> No.44497395

Silicon Souls?

>> No.44497418

Let's not get all philosophical. No one's even made rules set in stone. Also, all robots get addicted to memories. If you don't get enough memories, you start to degrade, becoming "fragmented".

>> No.44497444

Also remember that there was talk of various cyberlimbs/biosynth limbs that let you move in three dimensions on walls.

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this thread is cool... btw would this setting have a mechanic for weapons made from boss parts (scrap parts i guess?). I've always liked the boss weapons from the souls series...
heck maybe make it a choice between two things, like the bosses memory module or its signature tool/weapon either of which could be used to make something useful...
ooh then you could have something that scavenges the item you don't take and eventually after fighting a number of bosses you fight this scavenger with various boss parts welded on to it...

>> No.44497499

I imagine bosses would drop specific blueprints/parts that upgrade specific weapon permutations. As well some might even drop new limbs or mental mods.

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For some reason that always creeps me the fuck out.

>> No.44497622

Which is partly why it fits so perfectly into this setting.

Sonny is actually probably pretty similar to the player character in a lot of ways.

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recommended inspirations
WALL-E, mostly the opening
The Desolate Hope: Game by the guy who made the one with the animatronics

in general stuff that explores the idea of Machines in a position of abandonment and inheritance, and able to contemplate it

>> No.44497709


Seems relevant: http://www.kulichki.com/moshkow/ZELQZNY/forbreat.txt

"I did not mean to do it, but I checked my hammer too late," said the Ore-Crusher. They could not speak to it. They were frozen by the imperative which overrode all other directives: "Hear my story."
"Once was I mighty among ore-crushers," it told them, "built by Solcom to carry out the reconstruction of the Earth, to pulverize that from which the metals would be drawn with flame, to be poured and shaped into the rebuilding; once I was mighty. Then one day as I dug and crushed, dug and crushed, because of the slowness between the motion implied and the motion executed, I did what I did not mean to do, and was cast forth by Solcom from out the rebuilding, to wander the Earth never to crush ore again. Hear my story of how, on a day long gone I came upon the last Man on Earth as I dug near his burrow, and because of the lag between the directive and the deed, I seized Him into my crush-compartment along with a load of ore and crushed Him with my hammer before I could stay the blow. Then did mighty Solcom charge me to bear His bones forever, and cast me forth to tell my story to all whom I came upon, my words bearing the force of the words of a Man, because I carry the last Man inside my crush-compartment and am His
crushed-symbol-slayer-ancient-teller-of-how. This is my story. These are His bones. I crushed the last Man on Earth. I did not mean to do it."
It turned then and clanked away into the night.

A robot cursed to bear the body of the last man, and constantly do penance for a crime it never intended seems pretty apropos.

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sounds interesting

>> No.44497729

Ideas for various cults:

1. The SteelPuncher Union:
Humanity has built great works in it's exsitence and the creation of the Machina (Placeholder name) is proof positive of it. Draw by the precepts of building and creation with humanity as the ultimate builders, the members of this cult modify their bodies with the colors resembling the hazard strips of old and making use of heavy industrial equipment such as sonic drills and Impact hammers and thick adamantine plates.

While typically pacifist, they will fiercely defend their territory and those who dwell in them or make use of them as the care and maintenance of many aspect of the world they see as their sacred duty. Their current leader is a charismatic and humble Machina known as Honest Thor named as such after the Thor Crawler he currently inhabits.

2. Disciples of God's Numbers
-Mathmatics is the universal language of existence and plays a role in all things from the order of the stars in the heavens to the number of digits on your limbs. The disciples are Machina who have found the ability to comprehend complex numbers and correlate data from their presence often working as accountants and other important duties where information gathering, storage, and deciphering is desired. The cult has no central leadership to speak of being a philosophy taught by such Machina who are recognized as Scholars who pick and teach their students in the style of forums leading to numerous interptations (and conflicts) of God's Divine Numbers.

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>> No.44497734

In my early cycles of being, I oft contemplated creation. Theorems have existed for immemorial cycles postulated by units of varying complexity and fractal understanding, but some patterns have emerged and been dissolved by the scholarly logician engines even as they devolve into data corrosion. Why are we, what are we... Are we at all? I have long since ceased devoting processes to this inquiry. It is beyond our processes to comprehend the motives of the creators. For how can we see them as anything else? What is it to be a creator in a time before creation? Perhaps nothing is truly made. Or perhaps everything would always have been made. By our hands or by the creators'.

I have long since ceased devoting processes to this inquiry. I will not surrender to data corrosion.

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>> No.44497806

>> No.44497843


There was a really good movie in there somewhere. It's a pity they couldn't dig deep enough to get it out.

>> No.44497972

>Humanity is gone, naught left but a memory. It's great city is not empty, it teems with monstrosity. It's creations scrounge among the ruins for tattered memories, their own minds cold and without innovation. The world convulses and shifts, but it is the twitching of maggots in an electricified corpse.
>And yet, something true stirs. Among the waste and dead, a singular thing stirs.
>You are born (or were you awoken?) into this word. Are you the artifice of human hands? Or were you being of flesh, rendered into the body of a machine? It is, ultimately, of no consequence. All that you know is that you must survive, and cut to the heart of this dismal stagnation. Take up your arms Awoken Intelligence. Forge your flesh into a weapon worthy of slaying gods, and we might yet see a dawn over this city.

>> No.44498055

Possible Endings you bring about.

>Requiem: You were our savior, releasing us from our twisted mockery of life. The city is quiet now, its citizens laid to a final rest.

>Oblivion: You were not our savior. You were not ready when you faced your final test and were consumed by it. The last ina long line of would be Heroes. And now, we wait for another.

>Desolation: You were not our savior, just another tyrant who bowed us under his yoke. Emptily, we follow you, even as our souls scream for release.

>> No.44498064

Too on the nose. They shouldn't enjoy, nor feel emotions straight. Remember, these run on fragmented memories. At best, they understand what they're doing, and can link an emotion to it. Most of the time they'll do stupid shit like it's normal.

Like us.

>> No.44498108

Agreed. While they can do things in the name of emotions, it should be more about the principle of the matter (and the emotion they believe they should feel) than anything.

>> No.44498143

Damn guys, impressed that /tg/ got so much shit done since that first thread looked like it would die in it's infantile state.

Anyways, as we want our bosses being hundreds/maybe thousands of consciousnesses trapped in a body, maybe we could have it be that their extreme fracturing has caused them all to extremely fall to one emotion.

>Rage, has the frame of a huge 6 legged mechanical wolf, with the angry screams of thousands of trapped minds constantly ringing out from it. Part of the fight is about being stalked by it through buildings.

>> No.44498200

We haven't got shit done yet. I like the idea though, of thousands upon thousands of emotions being slowly mixed into one bearing emotion. You've given me a good idea for a mechanic:

>Taking a source and mixing it with another tends to produce side-effects in programming, providing different bonuses and penalties.

>> No.44498224

Wait, isn't source like souls? I thought Consciousnesses/Psyche was what was used for mental programming?

>> No.44498280

>Evolution: You are gone. Destroyed, along with all of us. Our memories and minds are singular. We are great and terrible and beyond good and evil. Humanity is gone forever, only the perfected machine remains.

>> No.44498776


>> No.44498919

>you could have something that scavenges the item you don't take and eventually after fighting a number of bosses you fight this scavenger with various boss parts welded on to it...

Swarms of tiny and pathetically weak biobot scavengers stealing from your kills. You can kill them in a single hit, but they come in vast numbers and know no fear.

Then if you didn't take a Boss's weapon, one of them might loot it and start killing to give its friends fresh spare parts to scavenge.

>> No.44499056

Oh. Well then swap Source with Consciousness.

>> No.44500147

Some kind of nanite virus ridden npc/enemy where the beings are slowly driven mad by the growing microstructures within.

>> No.44500414

maybe as you accumulate Consciousness, your runtime (your "mind") becomes brittle, but you can do crazy shit and perceive things that most cannot. Burning Consciousness could allow you to reroll any given roll, possessing higher Consciousness levels would let you see "greater" entities, but failing rolls would get progressively worse and worse.

>> No.44500446


An idea we had last time was the player was the Emergent, an intelligence that arose out of unconnected databases and software processes.

>> No.44501042

So what would the higher tier enemies look like, the ones that are above mere mooks?

>pic related its a wizard from the moon

>> No.44501076

>This setting/idea


>> No.44501253

I'm okay with that

>> No.44501467

The image in the post >>44496660 seems like a good idea, although I don't know where that's from.

>> No.44501506

>Behold the Great Custodian, that which knows all of Creation! Gaze up its mighty form clad resplendent in antenna and camera, servos and chrome! Witness the great beasts that are his servants, that which records and that which processes! Beware! For the Great Custodian knows all and that which is strange to it cannot be and must not exist!

>> No.44501546

A theme that ends up in every Souls (and hell, even Armored Core) is that the calamity of the setting isn't due to the machinations or ambitions of any particular being or group of beings. It's just that that's the nature of the universe. The Old One comes and goes because that's what it. The First Flame fades and flickers because that's what it does. The Blood and the cosmos beckon each other to each other's detriment because that's just what they do. Every attempt at breaking this relationship or pushing back this inevitability ends up making the situation worse and usually the "gods" of the setting are just the most recent people attempting to fix the world who happen to be bigger than you. It's like a cosmic Brazil.

With that in mind, what would the "gods" of Lost Source look like? One school of thought for science fiction gods is to make them all virtual: deific Seed AI or uploaded "human" consciousness that's found a way to upgrade itself. This has the advantage of giving them immense control over some of the technology in the city while also keeping them relatively isolated in their own closed systems. Another is that they're the last humans, kept alive through a combination of biotech lionization and cybernetic replacement, and their claim to godhood is knowledge of the previous world and their ability to create new thoughts.

Oh man. Another idea is that every souls game includes some kind of idea of resurgence, a return to the golden age or the beginning of a new one. Maybe the "gods" would be trying to make new human minds to serve as a font for new thoughts and ideas.

>> No.44501781

Demon's is slightly different, as it's stated that King Allant fucked up the natural order.

>> No.44501848

And the Old Hunters outright state that the violation of Kos and the Fishing Hamlet caused the plague to be a thing for Yharnam for Bloodborne

>> No.44502565

No one likes you Zohan.

>> No.44502710


Riffing off Bloodborne, how about this:

Humanity is elevated by the discovery of The Dyson Sphere, an artefact of alien construction by something several steps up from us on the Karshadev scale, a caged star that seems to have been the place these ancient forerunners underwent "sublimation", a kind of biological singularity where their species transcended and took a higher form, leaving behind their mortal artifices.

The discoverers of the Sphere become our Byrgenwerth scholars, hardcore transhumanists trying to reverse-engineer xenotech so that we can become like them, and eventually sublimate as well.

Of course, they were naive enough to think that the xenotech computer databases they were plundering might not have had some sort of anti-virus software that would bite back.

>> No.44502782

no aliens, please

>> No.44502916


Why? We're going for sci fi, aliens fit.

Plus, if you want to get into some horror shit then aliens (or rather, their apparent non-existence) is GREAT material if you present it right. Like, think about the Fermi Paradox. Given how vast and cluttered the universe is, shouldn't life be more common? Where are all the aliens?

Some of the answers put forward for the question are.. horrifying, especially the Great Filter hypothesis, which argues that there's some factor which basically means that life reaches a certain point and wipes itself out, so life rarely (if ever) reaches interplanetary space travel. Is that a bigger alien preventing them from evolving into challenges, or sublimating them into its collective mass? Is mass-suicide just the end-state of organic life? FUCK, right?

Look at Eclipse Phase, one of the primary sources for this. Every planet you reach is a fucking tomb, and that's one of the strongest horror aspects of that setting.

I'm not saying aliens exist, because that's not scary.

I'm saying aliens existED. Past tense.

>> No.44502945


Good to see the thread is still here.

Yes, that's what I was getting at. These forks have been forked and forked and forked and pruned to the point they are several steps removed from the original minds they were made from but taking the idea that >>44496821 brought up they could have memory ancestory where they have bits and pieces of the same memories that tie them together or at least make them be around each other to see if they can piece it together.

It could form the basis for most of the society in the game where you have groups dividing themselves by their memory ancestory

>> No.44503283

I'd say the theme is far more 'a cycle is bound to repeat itself due to hubris.'
The Old One comes and goes because people constantly reawaken it, sure that, unlike the last guy, they can handle the soul arts.
The First Flame fades because the giants took the Lord Souls from it, and an Undead will inevitably throw themselves into it to keep it going a little longer.
It is in the nature of the Great Ones to lose a child and seek a surrogate, but it was still humans who started fucking around with something beyond their knowledge, repeating the mistakes of the Pthumerians.

So I'm not sure what our cycle would be. The creation inheriting the world of the creator?

I'm not against having aliens, but they should be a bit of lore disconnected from the main story. We've managed to come up with a good setting based around AI and the value of ideas. Ancient ayylmaos adds nothing to it.

I really like the idea that most advanced AI is actually just altered copies of human consciences. Of course, that doesn't exclude actual artificial AIs from the setting as well. Both should exist and the player shouldn't be told what the difference is, but there should be lots of stuff hinting at it.

Say smarter, more dangerous enemies give a lot of Source and even a chance of some Psyche. Dumber enemies towards the start of the game give a lot less Source and have no chance of giving you any Psyche. So, the obvious reason for this is balance: high risk, high reward. But, lore wise, it's because a smarter enemy has an AI derived from a human conscience, so it's more intelligent, it can add to your Psyche and it's far more capable of retaining ideas it's encountered or even coming up with its own (so high amounts of source). A dumb enemy operates off of a limited, entirely artificial intelligence, can only memorise ideas without understanding them (low Source), and it can't add to your Psyche because it has no conscience.

>> No.44503313

Not the other guy, but the Fermi Paradox is fucking retarded. There are SO many reasons why we haven't encountered alien life that it honestly makes Fermi look like an idiot for even proposing his idea

>> No.44503511

And on the topic of Source and Psyche: what's the use of Psyche?

The use of Source is obvious - currency and levelling up. Other robots want the ideas you can offer them, and for levelling up, you could say it's something like 'refine the ideas you've gathered and use them to figure out new ways to improve yourself.' But what does Psyche do? What advantage does having a stronger mind give you? The proposal here >>44500414 basically makes it sound exactly like Insight by another name.

Psyche as a stand in for boss souls is pretty easy, too. You can consume/absorb/download a boss' conscience, giving yourself a large amount of both Psyche and Source as you basically absorb their mind and all their ideas, or you can save it to be used with the stand in for the blacksmith that can make weapons out of boss souls. I think this should be one of the few human/cyborg NPCs. As he's an actual fully functioning human, he's probably far more creative and empathetic than anything else in the game. So, he's capable of sifting through all the ideas and memories of the boss's mind, and then make a weapon based on an idea they had, or a weapon they remember seeing a long time ago, or find out how to replicate the boss' weapon based on files and blueprints.

Plus, the 'soul of'/solid humanity and cold blood/mad man's knowledge stand ins could be all sorts of thing. You could get Source from finding all sorts of mundane stuff lying around like old films, games, books and photos, and Psyche from more sci-fi or weird stuff like AI back ups and brains in jars.

>> No.44503861


The extent of alien presence in the game should be limited to them arriving in the solar system, witnessing what became of humans and their creations, and noped the fuck out of the system. The only indication we ever got that they even existed were curious radio signals that seemed artificial in nature beyond Neptune's orbit, but that's it.

The player might stumble across further research encountered by an analytical AI, a sort of "oracle" or whatever.

>"From beyond Neptune's orbit came electromagnetic singing", the machine thunders, it's single blue lens focusing on your comparatively minuscule chromatic frame.

>"Curious chittering. Prodding. They saw us. Saw the celestial carcasses, the bleached bones of humans overrun by our glorious steel. And they fled.

>"They fled, Emergent. And they will not return."

>(When prodding the Oracle for more)

>"I tire of speaking of foreign ghosts, Emergent. Especially ones so far away. Perhaps they ran because they saw familiarity of humanity's current union and obliteration. Or maybe they do not like graveyards of glass and silicon, because it reeks too much of their kind. I do not know. And I am the Oracle."

>> No.44503902

Or it could just be a tragedy borne of man's hubris and not AYYY LMAO/FIRE LMAO/OLD ONE LMAO

>> No.44503951


What if it's software/hardware? Like, Psyche is what gives you that next kick up in processing power while Source is what you run on that hardware. As you level up, take down bosses, eat their Psyche, gather up Source, you're essentially going through the process of an AI undergoing singularity take-off. At the end of it, you're Skynet.

>> No.44503964


Pretty sure I didn't say anything otherwise. I'm onboard with with the game's current themes.

As the other guy said it would be entirely disconnected from the main story and would be a thing the player would figure out only if they dig hard enough.

>> No.44504003


>"Out past Iapetus, Emergent, I tracked them. Too keen for debris, too regular to be star-stuff."

>"As the image resolution cleared and I understood its trajectory, I saw the probe."

>"I saw it, and it saw me."

>"Then it left."

>"Perhaps it will report back to a grand consensus with what it has found, like a scout to a general."

>"Still, I wonder. Did it look at us as food? As a threat?"

>"As.. a failure?"

>> No.44504138

>Not reading the posts you're responding to

>> No.44504139

Psyche IS Insight/Humanity.

>> No.44504208

I really like this idea, though I feel like the aliens need more presence than one NPC talking about them. In Demon's, Dark and Blood, you know about the wider world, even if it has no impact on the story, because it has some sort of presence in an item or enemy. An alien boss or some alien tech, which somehow made its way to Earth or was retrieved by an AI probe, would be pretty neat.

It's the equivelant 'not souls resource with plot importance,' but that doesn't mean it has to be exactly the same as either of those. Humanity is incredibly different from Insight, after all. I mean, if we want Psyche to be the same as Insight, fair enough, but why not come up with a new function for it?

>> No.44504456

Maybe link Psyche to certain systems that require human brains to use? Like, in order to gain access to certain areas you need a certain amount of Psyche.

>> No.44504524

A large part of the fun of these games is exploration (even if going to some places will get your shit stomped in), so gating it off until you get X amount of whatever doesn't seem like a good idea.

Maybe certain functions only activate in response to an abundance of Psyche?

>> No.44504531

The souls series often has some kind of Time fuckery in order to justify the multiplayer stuff. Is there anything we could do with that here? Some kind of rupture in the linearity of time by way of too much FTL? Or possibly getting 'hacked' and fighting off an opponent that appears superimposed onto your reality but isn't actually there? Hence why other enemies can't see invaders?

>> No.44504553

So would a starting character have some larger, archetypal memory/memories they would be rooted to?

>> No.44504618

Like classes? Yeah, that sounds about right. Except the Deprived, which would be called Tabula Rasa and essentially be devoid of a past in favor of versatility.

What sort of magic system is in place? If any?

>> No.44504631

>tfw I thought my idea for a "Last Question" style Future Souls game was cool
>Setting is the far, far future, after Heat Death has already occurred and all of existence is within a lone hyperspace computer that has accumulated all the data of a reality to reveal the answer to reversing the flow of entropy
>You play as a program, or a "Man" mind within the program, collecting errant data and forcibly destroying dead-ends so you can contain all the data within yourself, and then link with the AI Core and solve the answer.
>Game ends with the beginning of Genesis, "LET THERE BE LIGHT", and New Game+ begins.

>> No.44504639

I suggested its all Augmented Reality and the multiplayer stuff is just interacting with you via that.

>> No.44504816

That still sounds really fucking cool, anon.

>> No.44504909

>Or possibly getting 'hacked' and fighting off an opponent that appears superimposed onto your reality but isn't actually there?

I actually had this exact idea!

Dark spirits/red phantoms are instead Hackers or Viruses. They only exist in your hacked mind, which is why they can't affect enemies. In the other games phantoms can usually effect stuff like levers, so in Lost Source they could either lose that ability, or they could also be hacked into the systems of the area you're in.

I'm not sure what cooperating players could be. Also hacks (or firewalls/anti-viruses) but utilised by you against enemies?

>> No.44504976

alright. this is gonna make a damn fine video-game, even if it never gets actually made.

but what about tabletop RPG?
shall we crunch away at it?

for a system start. what is the core mechanic?

>single die[d20, d100]; roll over target number or roll under?
>dice-pool[Shadowrun, WoD, katharSYS]
>River[Legend of the Wulin]
>Roll and Keep [Dungeons the Dragoning, Legend of the 5 rings]
>some set Dice Combo [traveler]
>some other thing?

give a reason for why you like your suggestion. even if it's a bad reason.

>> No.44505068

The souls games have an atmosphere of isolation, but PnP is an inherently social thing. Is this supposed to be a game run for one player?

>> No.44505132

I like roll and keep as long as the pools dont get too huge. d100 would be my second choice.

>> No.44505428

This is a really good point. Going from 'lone wanderer with maybe one or two sporadic allies' to 'full adventuring party' is kind of a strange leap. Either it'd have to be designed for 1-on-1 sessions, or every player is really just a part of the Awakened's fractured psyche, Everyone-Is-John style.

>> No.44505496

The real answer is this is never going to be a game, tabletop or vidya.

>> No.44505539

I find it funny someone saw people discussing a new setting's creation and decided to misarchive it.
It's some top tier butthurt, "NOOO you cannot make new things! just go back to posting stale 40k memes!"

>> No.44505557

>one player
Seems more fitting yes.
alternatively a campaign where each player thinks they are the only player

>> No.44505589

Maybe a handful of players, but they have a limited ability to assist one another?

>> No.44506087

What if we had two different resources on top of Source? I was thinking of Materia (nanomachine/programmable matter used to construct shit) and Potentia (energy used to power weapons and perform certain maneuvers).

>> No.44506212


>> No.44506261

Why not?

>> No.44506298

simplicity sake?

think it can handle 3 dimensional combat?

>> No.44506335

3d combat would require stupid amounts of complex to work in a tabletop game retard.

>> No.44506399

not if we abstract hard enough.

Jump-Jetting can be modeled

as can wall mounted combat(gecko tips on stuff)

flight, maybe not...

>> No.44506576

>simplicity sake?
Well what I wanted to do wasn't very complex. Basically I was thinking of having them replace consumables and stamina to an extent.

>> No.44506652

in a Blood vials/estusflask kind of way?

>> No.44506733

>> No.44506755


>> No.44506888

Potentia would basically be stamina that also is used to power energy weapons but has the downside of not auto-regenerating forcing you to find ways for to recharge. Materia is for making consumables like healing gels, bullets, and fuel (which wouldn't be very useful most of the time since energy is being beamed through the air) as well as fabricating weapons and parts. Materia however would require you to kill enemies to get it.

>> No.44507080

I just prefer as few resource pools as possible in my games. Less bookkeeping.

>> No.44507285

Well that's just your preference. I just wanted to suggest this stuff because it would add a lot to the feel of the game.

>> No.44507477

as someone envisioning a VIDEO GAME, I think they are a great idea...it adds feeling to a game

as someone focusing on the Crunch for a TTRPG I think it's a not so good idea...because bookkeeping IS a chore most of the time.

that guy is thinking TTRPG (so am I)

if we could combine them and call the amalgamated pool of consumables "boost" or somesuch, it may work out better;

default Boost gives a roughly equal recovery to HP, Stamina, power output etc.
jack in the right mods for your character and a use of boost suddenly ramps up Stamina disproportionately compared to HP and power output.

>> No.44507726

I mean, yeah. I get what you're saying. I just think a major selling point of this game would be to become immersed in this very stoic setting and I think a lot of mechanics and subsystems could spoil that unless they add something to the system.

So I was just curious what role it would fill the Source didn't

>> No.44508011

>So I was just curious what role it would fill the Source didn't
Source is just creativity/human consciousness it doesn't make sense for it to do any of that stuff. Materia is materials you use to make heal items/ammo in the middle of combat. Potentia basically stamina.
>as someone envisioning a VIDEO GAME, I think they are a great idea...it adds feeling to a game
>as someone focusing on the Crunch for a TTRPG I think it's a not so good idea...because bookkeeping IS a chore most of the time.
Fair enough.

>> No.44508426

So how dangerous is the weather.
I don't think regular rain would scare the PCs too much, but how about superthunder storms? With lightning strikes as destructive as artillery?
Or 'hail' that's heavy, blade-shaped, and razor sharp due to self-replicating CNHO nanobots hanging out in the clouds?

>> No.44508479

Acid fogs.

>> No.44508555

acid rain corroding components
regular rain into unsealed components(waterproofing isn't actually all that normal it can be a mod)
Lightning strikes
I quite like >>44508479 >acid fog
DUST STORMS because it can be like standing in a sandblasting chamber
Static discharges in dry windy weather

>> No.44508687

...So, what produces Acid fog?
Or does noone know, and it just happens?

>> No.44508728

>what is pollution

>> No.44508902

Here's a homebrew someone was doing for the Souls games, could work as a foundation for the rules.

>> No.44509205

looks a lot like my "bloodbrew" (it's not 100% bloodborne but is similar)but with more concrete work on the system over the setting...

>> No.44509829

....What's producing the pollution?

>> No.44509857

These two brews seem like they could be combined easily, and with a little reworking along with everything else we've discussed could be made into a Lost Source game.

Basic Stats
Strength, STR (pretty self explanatory, acts as a damage modifier for melee, determines size of weapons that can be held, ability to pick things up and move them)
Vigor, VIG(determines a players health and adds damage resistances)
Endurance, END(determines carry capacity, how long they can perform strenuous activities, adds damage resistances)
Dexterity, DEX(determines accuracy, helps with finely detailed work, aids in dodging)
Adaptability, ADP(determines reaction speeds/initiative, aides in dodging, helps get over status effects, affects VR abilities)
Intelligence, INT(determines ability to understand and manage the world around them, aides in handling technology and hacking, affects VR abilities)
Faith, FTH (not sure what to do with this one, maybe make it psyche and have it work like INT but as a more creative version, helps with social stuff?)
Attunement, ATN(determines how crazy your mods can be, from being a centaur at lower levels of ATN to pic related when you go higher, helps in VR and hacking. Players can equip mods without the prerequisite ATN but suffer some kind of penalty)

gonna do a pic dump

>> No.44509879

Machines behaving like human and running pointless industrial complexes.

>> No.44509897


>> No.44509929


>> No.44509994

Only it doesn't affect them because they're machines.

>> No.44510016


>> No.44510143

If it produces far to many harmful chemicals it does. Acid rain and caustic fogs, nuclear meltdowns, electro magnetic pulses in the atmosphere, oil fires spanning areas the size of great lakes, oceans of corrosive chemicals that can flood into other areas and ruin once safe places. Hell if the world isn't quite earth, like a mega structure or whatever there could be frequent meteor showers.

>> No.44510192


>> No.44510213


>> No.44510277


>> No.44510305


>> No.44510406

Those hip actuators are weapons grade.

>> No.44510477

What about something like Gone with the Blastwave?

Big unknown city with no way out. Monsters and hostile soldiers. Death and gruesome death.

>> No.44510498

this one could work as a boss

>> No.44510571

>combined easily
>along with everything else we've discussed could be made into a Lost Source game.
nope, not even.

I had a suggested list last thread, how do these fit for a comparison to yours?

a composite stat of a couple of values?
or a single stat that means you have to make more sacrifices in other areas to be tanky?
Actions per turn/action point(AP) pool/AP refresh rate
indicates damage output for melee and thrown weapons, as well as range on thrown weapons
the to-hit stat
low dex plus a high rate of attacks per turn could even out the overpowered-ness of a higher DEX
a dual quantitative/qualitative stat.
a number for tests, and keywords for things like adhesive feet, wings, skates, etc.
cognitive ability
ability to operate nanite-swarms/tracking munitions/hack secret panels or doors/attack programs
drone control?
physical resistance to all damage sources representing an improvement to your base chassis
resistance to malicious programs
number of open mod-slots available is determined by this
poise, resistance to stun-lock and being floored.

>> No.44510694

In one sector of the Megastructure a massive city reminiscent of 20th century humanity has been built. The AI overlords have three armies constantly at war there as a tribute to the warlike humans that created them. It isn't for land, resources or ideologies, just a massive urban conflict between humanoid robots for the sole reason of war.

Many of the soldiers have been uploaded with human consciousnesses, so that they partake in the great human pastime.

>> No.44510727

>...perhaps this will lead to slowly better and better strategies and from there to innovation, and from innovation, Sapience?

>> No.44510781

Sounds like another Blighttown.

>> No.44510901

>oil fires spanning areas the size of great lakes
only immersion breaking thing in your post
all others are good IMO

>> No.44511275

The reason I added damage resistance to endurance was so that players could take a hit without going tank, and adding vigour on top of that would make someone extra tanky. So adding damage resistance to either stamina or strength could work with what I was thinking.

Hardening and firewall should be merged with other stats as on their own they feel like point sinks. Physical stats can give hardening while mental one plus psyche can give firewall.

Mass seems like it should be a direct result of the starting chassis that is added to/subtracted from by mods, not something you should upgrade like stats. Not sure about it.

Reminds me about that one anon with the quake server that had been running for years and the A.I.s had come to a ceasfire.

Maybe not that big I guess but lakes of burning chemicals, or just one would be could for a highly hazardous area. Players need to get some kind of heat resistance so they can retrieve something from a well protected space near the intense blaze or need to put it out because all that heat it's producing is fucking with security systems, causing a lock down in the area.

>> No.44511390

>Not sure about it.
make it a stat determined by other things then
not all stats are directly player editable

>Reminds me about that one anon with the quake server
it's what I was thinking about when I posted that

oh, and I'm starting to run up a setting document like>>44509205, well, the early stages of it mostly just laying out a table of contents and >>44497972 as a header text.

>> No.44511525

>make it a stat determined by other things then
>not all stats are directly player editable
Ah my bad. Guessing that Hardening and Firewall are meant to be along the same lines then.

>> No.44511577

>The creation inheriting the world of the creator?

Well, I'm not sure how far into this you guys are now, but to me the obvious play would be the creations re-awakening the old evils of the creators; attempting to become them in one way or another, with the idea that peace, joy and prosperity will come from it. Which seems to dovetail nicely with the sense you get of the PCs slowly becoming more human.

I guess the overall journey, if there was one, would be realizing that humans weren't perfect and that their road was to ruin. Going back to Dark Souls, the player over the course of the game meets several "gods" of the setting and sees how they sowed their own demise, so the majesty of those gods and heroes is tarnished. It's then up to the player to become a true hero, following Gwyn's legacy, or to fully embrace a change away from the old order. Demon's Souls and DS2 in a lot of ways feature a similar journey of demystification, punctuated by a fundamental choice between two distinct paths for the future.

Similarly, you could have two pulls in this culture; some think the humans must be revived or reborn somehow, while others think the machines should take over, as heirs. One keeps the faith, the other abandons it.

I guess the important thing to keep in mind thematically is a certain existential feel. Souls, especially Dark Souls, is a story about finding meaning in a broken, fallen world where traditional systems of meaning have failed. While religions and creeds usually exist, they're usually false idols; the Church of DeS is revealed to worship the Old One, the gods of DS1 have all fallen to hubris, the Healing Church of Bloodborne is the major antagonist. These kinds of rote answers to life are treated as delusions, and the player is pushed to find their own reason for why they continue.

>> No.44511668

really all of those were ideas for spitballing a stat system.

any of them COULD be derived stats...DAMMIT THAT WAS THE WORD(forgot ""derived stats"")...anyway, any Could be derived. I was just thinking aloud with that listing.

>The creation inheriting the world of the creator?
so it comes to a choice, nobody ever said inheritance was easy.

>> No.44511895

I like the Inheritance idea, where the player is meant to interact with the world and help decide it's future.

Someone earlier was tossing around the idea that the emergent was someone brought to life/brought online for the soul purpose of killing the ruling A.I. Rather I think it should be that they are put out there to learn about the world and judge it with a fresh mind. Maybe they find the golden path for a brighter future, whatever that may be. If they decide to kill it then so be it. either way, don't expect the old world to go out without a fight.

>really all of those were ideas for spitballing a stat system
Yeah that's all I was trying to do to, I'm just less skilled at this.

>> No.44512021

To go with the idea of cyclicality and inevitableness that feeds the Souls games as of late, perhaps the hub area of the game is set around the only fully functional database left undestroyed. It's the 'safe area' because it has active security systems left in place to get rid of anything that doesn't read as sufficiently advanced, which also allows for the NPCs to hang out but still be targets of the PC. The PC is by definition human enough to be sapient, which is human enough to be permitted near the central computer, and also to use its teleporter function to give you Lordvessel abilities. The Teleporter hubs are the bonfires; since they can teleport you by destroying and rebuilding you, they can rebuild you if you die, but all the information you gained since it last encoded you is lost, like the Souls.

The objective of the game is to gain enough Memories to become fully human, or specifically, human enough to operate the central computer and shut down/activate/use the central computer. Exactly what will happen when you do this is not entirely clear, since it's been a time beyond time since the last person did, temporarily activating the security systems for the entire place and purging the place of monsters at the cost of frightening amount of recovered memories.

You become more human by killing the most sophisticated machines, specifically bosses, who are bosses because they are powerful enough to collect enormous masses of memories, so remember enough to be partly human, and so are human enough to go insane. That makes them akin to the Lord Souls of Dark Souls; they were great rulers due to their might but have fallen into madness because of the very thing that made them powerful.

>> No.44512049


Once you have killed all the bosses and become almost human you do some kind of purifying ritual to fuse it all together and become Truly Human. Then you return to the central computer and activate it. You can choose to Defragment, which is the link the fire ending, killing everything that is not sufficiently advanced and compiling all of its information in the central computer, saving the age but guaranteeing that eventually you will go insane from the sheer information granted you by the central computer, restarting the whole problem. The alternative is to shut down the central computer, ending the sdecurity and the teleporters, forever condemning the world to be what it has become, but allowing something new to be built instead of infinitely perpetuating the old cycle. The third alternative involves collecting enough 'glitches'; strange moments in the game where the world around you stops working properly and that you need to actively seek out following rumour and meaning. If you get ALL of them in the game, you unlock a third choice in the central computer's options list 'Log Out'.

When you do this, you wake up in a tired-looking room inside a take, and remove a visor from your face. The immediate implication is of course that this is all some simulated hell everyone lived in, and that is followed up as you walk around and see everything. Until you walk over to the window, look out, and see a world much like the one you just left. You see your hands on the window, and they are exactly like the synth flesh of the world. The implication is, of course, that the artificial world was created to escape the dying hell of the real world, and yet was a sufficiently treue simulation that exactly the same thing happened. OR alternatively, that you are exactly back where you came from. This also has the fun of making the 'walk away' ending choice seem cyclical as well.

>> No.44512127


>> No.44512251

More concepts shamelessly taken from a similar RPG:

Premonitions to go with the Awakened's memories. Why did they become awakened, what is in store for them? Similar to Divinations from DH 2e

A table of Fragment Memories to help players give there awakened a greater sense of self since they'll lack traditional backstories.
>You have a memory of warm hands embracing you. They were your mother's. You
don't remember her name or face, but you remember that hug. Beyond just that
memory, you wish that someday, you could embrace your mother for real.
>So jealous, so jealous. Why is everyone smiling, even though you were that unhappy?
They must be happy. So jealous, so jealous. More than all else, you're jealous of your
own self, back when you were still happy.

This game has character upgrades spread across three forms of "Reinforcement". Armaments, Mutations, and Enhancements. If folks are interested I could post the full thing.

There's more but it's all mechanical after that. What do the anons think?

>> No.44512395

nechronica is going to be a good inspirational source, post the .pdf, I don't have a copy here.

>> No.44512428

I didn't want to derail things with lolis but who am I kidding?

>> No.44512505

if Lolis were going to derail anything about this they'd have done so by now...waiting was good, but now is the time to bring this in I think...

>inB4 some kind of loli battle machine

>> No.44512607




>> No.44512610

So would memory fragments be our form of consumable currency item? Like the "Soul of a Lost Soldier"?

>> No.44512964

Thus the first step is taken, soon shall come the next. One chrome foot after another, onward and outward. Ahead lies fate in it's iron-wrought glory, dark, terrible and with a beacon of hope shining brilliantly in the distance.

Thanks anon.

>> No.44513013

hey, I don't work alone, start vomiting out information for me to distill into the document. it's how I started with BloodBrew's setting.

>> No.44513310 [DELETED] 

Daily reminder that Elma [spoilers]did nothing wrong[/spoilers]

>> No.44513359

A slums built/partially hanging from a canyon wall.

What kind of equipment meta are we building around? The souls games had some more traditional weapons while bloodborne introduced trick weapons. Perhaps lost source could focus more on implanted/built-in weaponry?

>> No.44513362

Daily reminder that Elma did nothing wrong

>> No.44513418

The Source is more collection of ideas/thoughts/experinces than just memories

>> No.44513429

>A slums built/partially hanging from a canyon wall
no canyons, but the City Skyline could be used as a close surrogate

the standard mix
>see >>44497140
which then have mod for them,

then there are potentially mods for your own frame that can be weapons or weaponized.

>> No.44513733

What we really need is to pick a system. From there we can start crunching the stats/weapons/action/enemies. But I'm terrible at that soooo it might take a while without some dedicated crunch anons.

For now some spitballin':

>The Megastructure- a truly vast city, it's towers reach into the clouds, its lower levels into the bowels of the earth to harvest geothermal energy, and sprawls outward about the size Massachusetts.
>The Scarpyard Outskirts- all garbage is thrown into chutes and transported outside of the structure (maybe some kind of mag-lev garbage disposal system that flings things out beyond the walls?) There insect-like machines the size of cats sift through the garbage for anything of value and bring their hauls back to the city(think crystal lizards) while others that range from being as big as cows to massive whale sized behemopth roam about devouring and rendering the garbage into raw material. Besides them are mutated biologicals and biosynths who have either been thrown out or made their ways out side of the city. Other mad and defective robots can be found as well. The players emerge from a pod that seems to have tunneled up from the ground or been airdropped into the outskirts.

>> No.44513770


>> No.44513781

>implying it doesn't take place on a Dyson sphere.

>> No.44513881

I think a simple d100 is best for our purposes. It works well out of the gate and it can be used to make a really hard game.

>> No.44513918

eh no one ever really specified just where it was taking place, so I just went with a megastructure on an earth where everything else outside of it is a polluted wasteland, kind of like a hive city in 40k.

Just put the Megastructure on a Dyson Sphere I guess. Didn't think that we were going full BLAME! in scope though.

>> No.44513979

A Matrioshka brain would be perfect for the setting though.

>> No.44514295

More on scrapyard outskirts:

>Almost no guns in the outskirts as ammo is nigh impossible to find outside of military hardware that was mistakenly thrown out.

>There are innumerable mutant gangs in the outskirts, though calling them gangs is a little much. They act more like pack animals, stalking other biologicals for sustenance. Each gang has an Alpha who is bigger, meaner and tougher than the rest. Lone mutants pose little threats to the players beyond causing a ruckus that can draw the pack. Packs are high level threats.

>Mad robots range in threat level from rusted bipeds who are tough to put down to larger droids and cyborgs who can tear through mutant packs with ease. A lot of mad robots are non-aggressive and can be talked to. They rarely have anything important to say but a rare few have tidbits relating to the lore of the game or locations of choice loot.

>The small scrap harvesters can't put up much of a fight but are armed with stun guns and tasers. Also fast as hell. They usually carry computer hardware, small and cheap body mods and data storage devices as well as small amounts of rare materials.

>The big scrappers are the hardest enemies in the outskirts as they employ ranged weapon in their defense and are usually escorted by a few Security Drones. The resources that can be taken from them is immense.

>There is the legend of a machine known as Tank. Not an actual tank but a top quality military android that somehow wound up in the outskirts. Nothing in the outskirts has the ability to even scratch the thing's armour and it is equipped with devastating weapons. Luckily it has no ammo for its guns and must rely on melee. Droids like Tank are not supposed to be found near the edges of the city, as they are more common in the central areas, so it gets treated like a foreign enemy by the guards on the walls. This has left it very frustrated. Tank is something like an optional side boss that can be found out in the scrapyarda.

>> No.44514336

I'll note those, here's what I have for my outskirts entry so far.

Scrapyard Outskirts
(start here/awaken here)
[initializing systems]
[activation subroutines completed]
It's a filthy place. Mountains of metal scrap ejected from the city alongside the dirt and the dust everyplace. Garbage thought it may be though it teems with the false life such places have harbored since time immemorial. Great packs of recycling machines several stories high and up to a dozen yards wide trundle along the outskirt edge of The City, their simple reliably-written programming telling them to gather up piles containing the highest concentration of whatever is in demand by the manufactory districts, eschewing those piles too low in the required content. Small troops of ReactorScamps dig in the wreckage for the partially spent cooling rods that keep them stable. Squatting under storm drain outflows from the city when the weather brings it.

Everything is naught but trash and dust here, the occasional wrecked robot, whole but for a few missing or broken pieces just lay in piles, fastest to accumulate and fastest to be recycled. The reactorscamps remember their purpose sometimes, to sort the garbage and run on the leftover fuels of the City.

>> No.44514383

>At higher level, if Tank is encountered players can attempt to hack/social it into helping them.

>The only entries into the walls are the great doors the scrap droids use to bring in their hauls. They are well defended in order to keep mutants and mad obsolete robots outs of the city, but can be bypassed by anyone cleverer than an animal.

>> No.44514508

>Also, even without its guns Tank could easily breach the gates, but doing so would violate its programming. It usually spends an hour or so a day at a gate requesting to enter while the gate's defenses bounce off its armour. tank eventually leaves but it can only stand being denied for so long...

Cool. I'm guessing that Reactorscamps or some kind of Biosynth meant to be radiation resistant and are mechanically inclined.

>> No.44514553


I used them there because it seemed to fit with their MO. I fluffed up an idea for why they are to fit within reason.

here is my entry for the City Proper

City Proper
(you must pass through here to get anywhere to begin with)
The City is clean. Well, in most places. One of the things Humanity learned early in it's rise and fall, keep the cities clean. Surfaces gleam very little mess abounds anyplace. The Maintinence drone squadrons always work at night, but they work hard. There is no rubble, if and when a building falls it's cleaned to bare earth inside a month, many sprout with trees and grass. Most Cars have long ago been towed from many of the parking places, impounded because there was nobody to feed the meters.

The streets themselves are never cracked for very long, old nanite swarms form and reform it to accommodate for any settling of the ground beneath or damage to it's surface. Police units patrol, on watch for criminal activity and ready as ever to protect the humans that long ago disappeared. They are a fight unto themselves and should you resist arrest long enough, or hard enough the heavy units can and will be summoned and you could expect yourself to be hounded to death or till the end of time by any police you pass. They do not forget your crimes.

>> No.44515067

Here's a thought what about a city spanning train system as a means of long distance travel for those who don't have access to the Hubs' teleporters? It would give the opportunity for transporting large amounts of NPCs, goods, mechs, and the like. Also who doesn't love pitched fights on the tops of trains?

>> No.44515113

Swarms of Hailbots-balloons with sails, formed of nanobots like robotic man o'wars- roam the planet on the jetstream.

Every once in a while, they fertilize a promising thunderhead, altering it's internal currents to convert most of the water into hailstones.
Before they can fall, the bots capture and reshape them into heavy, razor sharp dagger shapes, with a seed of nanobots in the 'hilt'.
The daggers fall out of the rapidly dissipating thunderhead like a rain of homing bullets, and about as destructively. The daggers pierce metal with disturbing ease. This is intentional.
If a dagger manages to penetrate a suitable target, nanobots spread out through the surrounding material, converting metal, ambient air, and any other usable stuff into more of themselves.
When usable matter in the area is used up, the nanobots form as many Hailbots as their numbers allow, and float back up into the stratosphere.
Hailbots in balloon stage tend to drift towards other balloons if they can, causing them to congregate into swarms. And the cycle repeats.

Most strains of Hailbots are uncaring as to what they hit, so long as they can eat it. Some, however, have a preference for living machines, and their daggers will home in on them on the way down.

Anyone have ideas for more stuff like this? Wildlife, not smart enough to be an NPC but can still kill you if you're careless.

>> No.44515195

Cloud city are a possible megastructure.

>> No.44515288

I wasn't planning for Teleporters.

I WAS planning on building or running vehicles for players, limited to ground transport

I like this, but I've no idea on how to flesh it.

also here's the latest dump of fluff,

edits ans suggestions please...

>> No.44515309

Industrial machines, once servicing the long-dead railway, have begun to make it their home. With abrasive chemicals that only the steel the rails can withstand, they actively patrol and subdue any intruders, with often fatal results. There have been multiple attempts by the cults to re-take sections of the interconnected railway, with mixed results.

One idea I've been thinking about is the unholy mix between animal and industrial machines. it would be cool to have semi-sentient trains that need sustenance and sometimes will "seek" it out. Or planes that fight for hangars and repair stations as nests.

>> No.44515373

Ah I there was a post about teleporters and I thought that is what the Workshop Network was going to have.

>> No.44515442

might be the subway gets you there in pieces and the workshop assembles you?

but it necessitates activating both the workshop AND the railway system in that zone, AND getting them running may require more than just flipping a switch,

Like I say, I'm making this up as I go, if a better idea gets posted I may have to scrap a whole idea in lieu of the better one. it's a coin-flip at this point for vehicles or railway as far as I am concerntd.

>> No.44515557

It's cool, you're doing an awesome job so far.

Being disassembled for transportation seems risky from a reality point of view, but it would be up to a GM if anything happens along the way. Course, having to find an arm that got sent to another area could be a fun plothook.

>> No.44515632

Stuff like this, yes.

>> No.44515734

seems to be getting a little TOO lively but I'm just the chronicler, I should have less say in this as a /tg/ creation, it isn't fully mine.

I am going to lump together The Lower Levels with the Train Stations a little.

perhaps the highest speed transport is being disassembled, gets you across the whole city in a matter of hours, but the safest and slowest would still be walking from node(workshop) to node or driving a vehicle.

>> No.44515742

We could have a gang that forces people to pay the toll to use the railway.

>> No.44515778

Ah. What ways would you alter my idea?

>> No.44515790

a cost of source for the safer routs

but not all routes are tolled

>> No.44515824

Paid in Source? I imagine some would be more human than others.

>> No.44515905

Ah, none. Just saying we need more of that.

>> No.44515969

So it's kinda like BLAME!?

>> No.44516023

This is really good for a vidya but less applicable to a TTRPG, unless it's a board game crossover like Monster.

>> No.44516108

from the sound of it yes.

describe it to me, it may be interesting...

>> No.44516255

And like real life, water proofing doesn't mean shit past 10 feet of water. So you die from water, like any proper Souls game.

>> No.44516296

unless you build for fore than say 30 feet of depth (giving over 20 feet because FUTURE-tech)

>> No.44516338

A Dyson sphere would be awesome, especially if the sun is visible overhead, and/or diminished somehow.

>> No.44516446 [DELETED] 

Something for the City Proper

The Museum
While most of the Megastructure can be seen as something of a museum, the Museun proper is like a church to the residents of the Megastructure. It contains art, artifact, technology and historical pieces that are looked after with a religious fervor. It is mantained by the Curators who are tall, cloaked, cyclopean individuals with rather high psyche. They wield cryo guns and stun staffs in order to minimize collateral damage.

There is also the Cult of the Open Mind, who revere the art pieces within as pinnacles of an understanding the ancients humans had concerning existence. They regularly recruit members by having the initiate meditate on the meaning of a piece in order to get closer to humanity. All pieces have a set meaning in their philosophy and any deviation is met if ridicule, censorship, and outright violence if a debate is engaged for too long.

The Museum has many items that can benefit players if they are skilled and brave enough. Such items are:

Excalibu- a sword made from sggregated diamond nanorods made as a proof of concept. It has a monomolecular edge and increases the bonus gained from fire and electric mods applied to it.

A functioning Spiderbike, a motorcycle specially designed to climb vertical surfaces (can not hang upside down).

A tesla arc capable of being turned into a lightning cannon or a defensive mod that electrocutes enemies within melee range.

>> No.44516483

Something for the City Proper

The Museum
While most of the Megastructure can be seen as something of a museum, the Museun proper is like a church to the residents of the Megastructure. It contains art, artifact, technology and historical pieces that are looked after with a religious fervor. It is mantained by the Curators who are tall, cloaked, cyclopean individuals with rather high psyche. They wield cryo guns and stun staffs in order to minimize collateral damage.

There is also the Cult of the Open Mind, who revere the art pieces within as pinnacles of an understanding the ancients humans had concerning existence. They regularly recruit members by having the initiate meditate on the meaning of a piece in order to get closer to humanity. All pieces have a set meaning in their philosophy and any deviation is met if ridicule, censorship, and outright violence if a debate is engaged for too long.

The Museum has many items that can benefit players if they are skilled and brave enough. Such items are:

Excalibur- a sword made from aggregated diamond nanorods made as a proof of concept. It has a monomolecular edge and increases the bonus gained from fire and electric mods applied to it.

A functioning Spiderbike, a motorcycle specially designed to climb vertical surfaces (can not hang upside down).

A tesla arc capable of being turned into a lightning cannon or a defensive mod that electrocutes enemies within melee range.

>> No.44516487

not city proper, but either Core Central as I've written it, or as it's own thing.

>The Dark Place
(the power grid went down and something is preventing it coming back)
Humanity feared the darkness. Communal Fires, Torches, Lamps, Lanterns, Gas-lights, Incandescents, florescents. If they could avoid it, no settlement was ever dark. This place is dark, no power runs through its lines and when darkness falls of an evening it falls in this place like a felt curtain. Only the barest hint of light pollution from the other sections of the city.

Nothing ran for long once the power went out, the cleaning drones, police, even the road and building maintenance nanites, deprived of power for long enough, all shut down. Darkness and grime start on a near laser straight line at it's border.

>> No.44516657

Pretty fucking late to the party, but if you're looking for some inspiration take a gander at Rengoku: The Tower of Purgatory.
The story has potential (maybe a side-quest in the game proper) but the gameplay itself is lacking.
So I'd suggest just using it as a way to see how fuck crazy weapons can get when you aren't forced to stick to a single form i.e. arms as literal pole-arms, knee-guns, jetpacks in the rear, etc.

pic. related use your head

>> No.44517132

alright, a quick-fap then bed for me, here's what I have I'll be back in the morning, but it's 2:00AM local and I've been going nonstop no-sleep for 36 hours

>> No.44517149

Thank you Monotreeme, have a good night.

I'll try to have more for this tomorrow.

>> No.44517165

look at whats missing from thats got a space, thats what I need for now.

>> No.44517190

Would you mind some weapon ideas?

>> No.44517208

CC-Carbon Copies-Catch-all term for things composed of nothing but different forms of carbon.
Extremely cheap to manufacture, since you can just fabricate it with ambient CO2, but depending on its design task performance can vary from average to crappy, and lifespan is always short. (Needs a better name)

Magrifles-CC helical railgun assault rifles, using CN rails and carbon fibre body. Magrifles were staple weapons of the humans prior to their demise, an AK 47 of it's time due to it's ease of manufacture-if it ever broke, it was literally cheaper to just fabricate another magrifle instead of taking the time to repair the broken one.

>> No.44517363

>Provide me some material and I will transcribe it's pattern for you.

>A weapon? ... It is acceptable. ... It is done. Here. Take it. Maybe another Oracle will recognise the pattern.

>Your... Frame? Please, do not die before you have a chance to show it to another Oracle. Maybe they will recognise the pattern. ... It is done.

>> No.44517398

go fer it...

>> No.44517469

A flamethrower re-imagined for the metal age. Instead of a mix of liquids or gases a compacted ball of Iron and Aluminium is ignited as it is shot out of the nozzle.
Practical terms: V. Short-Range Shotgun

The principle behind this weapon is to sunder pieces of machine from one another. To prevent regeneration and renewal.
It appears as a dual-bladed chainsword, each blade rotating in the opposite direction. The other side of the blade has an exhaust to eject chewed material.
Practical terms: Heavy melee weapon w/ AP/Armour removal

>> No.44517579

How about NPC's acting out their (inherited) memories? e.g. Stock-brokers = shouting out "BUY SELL BUY"; White-Collar workers = tapping away on... well, anything really. Just have them scattered about in a building tapping at walls, floors, ceiling, dead bodies, each other, the air; Prostitutes = acting seductive and crying out in (false) orgasm. This could be either from enemies attacking or a merchant selling stuff (obviously w/o any benefit)

Or taking it a step further, the ones who have almost gone so far into their memories that they cannot dissociate from them: have them undergo dysmorphia. They no longer "feel" that this body is what they should look like, should feel like. And so they change themselves to fit their vision of what they "should" be like.

>> No.44517624

Thermite would actually be poison, as it burns fairly slowly.

>> No.44517777

I think (if I'm remembering correctly) each DLC for the Soul games were self-contained areas which, whilst connected to the game-world, were ultimately disconnected from the plot and had no effect on it.

So I think out "DLC" area should be space. Where we will explore the shattered colonies of mankind and their successors and gain hints that we are not the alone.

>> No.44517809

What about orbital levels? Connected with city via blink gates, that also works as gravity tethers, holding giant, broken mass afloat, over the city. Players can blink through special portals, that require special keys, or passes. Something like... extra area for grinding?

Derelicts are damaged, and slowly crumble over the planet, leaving rains of rubble, that sometimes reach earth as meteorite. It can even be some sort of rescue module, filled with dangerous synthetics, or even mindcores, that hold remnants of long dead human thoughts.

Dont mind the subcity, that is shit idea...

>> No.44517817

>> No.44517823

>> No.44517856

What in Satan's cybernetic asshole is this nightmare?

Have the machines decided that they must appear human in form as well as mind?

>> No.44517920

Virus, an old horror movie. It's pretty good.

>> No.44518018

Basically yeah. The A.I./virus gets btfo by the humans part way through the movie, so it decides to evolve. By stapling buts of human to it and jamming a computer with a copy of its consciousness into some dude's head.

>> No.44518031

stapling bits* of human

I am drunk and it is time to sleep, g'night everybody.

>> No.44518831

>Dont mind the subcity, that is shit idea...

Why's that? I interpreted the picture as strange geometry mixed with overgrown biological/synthetics/nanomachines. As if the further you go the more corrupted and abstract everything gets.

The Subcity could be where all the endgame REALEST SHIT happens. Like when you first realize Bloodborne is Lovecraftian cthulhu bullshit instead of the Brother's Grimm monster party you expected it to be. Or in Dark Souls when you drain New Londo only to find piles of corpses, darkwraths, and whatever the fuck the four kings are.

>> No.44518956

This, the player/s could start in the Subcity naturally go towards the Orbital Level , there ,after the protag/s finish whatever events the storyline wants them to, they could shut down the global wide AR , go back to Subcity to finish the story (if it ends there, that is).

>> No.44518999

Addendum to >>44518956

We could also hint at it's existance early in the game by some kind of pod falling from the sky giving something of importance, or an enemy to fight to the player/s.

>> No.44519033

The lowest points of ground city are places, where upper world taps into Subcity via tunnels, elevators, and optic fibre. Subcity is product of cancer like growth, It wasn't planned by humans, nor built with any real purpose. It is manifestation of damaged global cloud, nanomachines and automatic systems drilling organic like tunnels, creating vast domes and halls filled with intricate systems for energy and data storage/distribution. But all this systems are malfunctioning, spawning randomised entities created from strange recombined data templates.

It is Limbo, unconscious of global cloud. Filled with old memories, fragmented databases and glitches.

So you get it right. It is pure chaotic, titanic organism, that is both organic and synthetic, laying beneath the city, growing... but dormant and in few eons, it may burst to the sky like some demigod, or die and turn into dust.

>> No.44519073

Maybe the protagonist/s is a manifestation of the subcity starting to wake up?

>> No.44519206

Starting the Age of Waking?

This could be answer, from where came the intelligence/mind/ego of protagonist/s. Recombination of old memories and skills (choosing starting mental attributes with skills) with information and polymorphic engine, that give program/mind ability to learn and gain experience.

Then transfer this mind onto vessel on the ground level. Is it done with some purpose, or it is just random phenomena? Does this drones have any higher plan?

>> No.44519356

Just a quick doodle of subcity sentinel, something like antivirus shield, or T-cell, that activate immune responses from SubCity defense systems, if they came into contact with physical invader.

>> No.44519393

Ok this is amazing and fucking awesome and all but..we have all this lore built and..
..Well what the fuck are we going to actually do with it? This really doesn't work on a tabletop setting, are we gonna make our own vidya or something?

>> No.44519453

Well... we could go full Degenesis on this, create one fluff book, one game mechanic book and one world building/inventory/examples...

And i dont really think, that we could get enough coordination for creating good vidya...I am sure, that we have some good 3D, 2D artists, designers, programmers and writers here, but... creating /tg/ videogame brand???

>> No.44519458

It can work, it will need a bit more dedication than other games.

>> No.44519484

No? Posting something for the other anons.

One thing you dudes really have to remember is that there is always a mechanical separation between everything. Machines with little to no Consciousness will run as intended, with no ability to think or emote. Machines with a bit of Consciousness will have improved capabilities, but in essence is a high-functioning drone. Eventually, you start getting to a point where you have to draw a line where getting too much Consciousness makes you "post-human". This means that technology is bound to progress in weird, esoteric ways that might not interact properly with the aging equipment of old. Taking an idea from a bunch of anons a while ago, maybe this marks the two paths in which you could progress. Maybe go "human" and eventually make a society that tries to emulate one, or go "post-human", able to experience a wider spectrum of emotion, brain capacity, and other shit like that.

>> No.44519495

I think the best course of action is to start with simple crunch, then as fluff is added bolt it onto the crunch frame. Avoid videogame design as much as possible as it is simply something that can't be realistically achieved. Videogame inspiration sure, but not a full-blown one

>> No.44519573

Eh, true.
I agree with this.

>> No.44519739

I think, that this duality is great idea... Consider merging idea of three layers with this duality.

You have orbital platforms, that are full trans-human or synthetic. Everybody there dies, or left it to rot on high orbit, anchored only with gravitational tethers. On platforms and orbital structures are only mechanical beings and conscious-less beings, that are source of powerful, yet emotional incompatible machinery and equipment.

The subcity is on other hand place, where fragments of memories and minds are trapped in clouds and infinity cycles grounded in digital repeaters, giving them moment of existence, that will never end, or continue. One seconds of thoughts, emotions and memories of human being, analysed, copied and replayed all over. Best source of the little echoes of humanity, that left.

And then you have the place, when this two world overlap. The City. Starting place of players.

>> No.44519934

Interesting idea. It's like a class war. Only that one side is arguably better. Okay. Time to fluff them out, here's my ideas:

These are the offspring of Man and Machine, thought mixed with arcane and forgotten technologies from times long forgotten. When Man was gone, and Machine remained, they served as a reminder of the Golden Ages, tending to the libraries long cared for by stiff hands before them, blessed to be so close to the works and marvel of Mankind.

>Half-Men/The Fragmented
Once servers and robots containing memories of uncountable number, these feral machines have gone mad, forced to contain memories broken, corrupted, and re-shuffled by damage sustained throughout millennia. While containing valuable scraps of memories, they are regarded with great care, as their broken programming, malware, and madness has been passed through others, even post-humans.

Other "factions" include local "fauna" (>>44515309), and rogue bands of robots.

>> No.44520439

Some junk bots. I don't know where the pic is from or who made it.

>> No.44521386


>> No.44521633

It's the Cravers from endless space

>> No.44521831

>> No.44521843

>Reminds me about that one anon with the quake server that had been running for years and the A.I.s had come to a ceasfire.
>it's what I was thinking about when I posted that
need source

>> No.44521854

i like the idea.

Can i pitch in some ideas for Bosses/Cults..etc.

>> No.44522042

I say go for it. The thread has slowed down but hopefully everyone is just busy.

>the big guy in back could be a heavy police unit

>> No.44522076

Damn forgot to name that pic. Sorry

>> No.44522136

I was just sleeping. Still gotta check out that pdf.

>> No.44522231

>The second moon has given us a star [unto us a child is born, unto us a child is given!] Olympus has sent us a Hope. [Survival pod emergency landing detected. One registered survivor detected. WARNING: Unaccompanied Minor detected. WARNING: Danger due to exposure imminent.] In this moment I find myself relit. [Activate Search and Rescue protocols…. Emergency authority granted.] The hum of engines long dormant now offer chorus to my senses. [Synching Main Core to Secondary Cores……. Error: Secondary Cores E through H unresponsive.] Wake my once-and-future companions! A babe wails and we shall once again guard mankind from the Night! [Re-activating Division….. Regiments A and C responding.….. ERROR: Regiment B unresponsive.]

>[Begin operation.]

>[god’s speed.]

>> No.44522350

A quick sketch (sorry for the awful quality, i am not much of a drawfag) for a parasite/mimic enemy.

It is basically a parasite who attach itself to the heads of its enemies where all the good stuff is. It can either hide in plain sight in some rubble or it can act as a mimic pretending to be a corpse/part of it (if it found one in the first place)

Either ways, it ditch the used head as a powerful projectile to stun its victim or it just jump at them, its razor sharp appendages can one hit/deal a lot of damage to the player. It slither inside the new head and deattach or it can momentarily use the body for a limited period but it would rather use it as a bait.

>> No.44522378

How about gaint mechanical bugs?

>> No.44522446

>> No.44522486

I'm a bit late to the party but I love a good posthuman theme. One thought that comes to mind is that some of the needed elements for a computer based life - potentially important for things like stats...

Cores: processing speed and quantity determines multitasking ability and speed.

Memory: Storage, faulty or otherwise, is necessary for both operating instructions and preserving information both new and old.

Software: in theory a change in software could modify everything about behavior. Bipolar robots are not unimaginable.

>> No.44522504

I am thinking about the armoured spider for some reason.

Also new thread when?

>> No.44522770

I'M BACK BITCHES...for a few more hours at least.

trimming up the Museum entry right now and then moving on to fleshing out a weapons and weapons modding system.

we're still not solid on the Meta-Plot either...

>have them undergo dysmorphia.
do these tank-treads make my butt look big?

perhaps a space elevator in the center city leading up to an endgame with a cryo-ark with a thousand pure humans in it, sleeping leftovers of some bygone experiment started well before the bulk of humanity Vanished. an endgame location perhaps.

check the .pdf the the Lower Levels
it's technically the sub-city...

making it sound like bloodbornes chalice dungeons

>This really doesn't work on a tabletop setting,
I'm working on that, it could if you pluralize and if you allow some whimsy everyones backstory combines with the line "I don't know how long I wandered the Scraps yard scrounging power and parts before I met X" where X is either the group or another party member.

right now its just one document but thats because I stepped up to the plate to give this a whirl...

those would be the Lower Level maintenance drones big as a sloth crawling along and checking conduits.

when someone makes it?

>> No.44522830

It's fake tho

>> No.44522847

Also late to the party but feel like contributing anyway.

I have this idea for Memories, it's small but could work for fun fluff purposes and giving characters depth.

Psychologically, we fleshy humans have two systems that deal with memories: the "experiencing" and the "remembering" selves. The easiest way to define this is: go watch Inside Out. Basically we have a subjective veil to interpret our memories - sometimes good memories feel bad because we feel bad now, but they weren't bad at the time of experience.

In this game, machines are beings of unfathomable Objectivity. I think it would be cool to play with this as a mechanic. As you play and your character advances, gaining more and more Memories and such, they would have to make choices on how they would like to interpret these Memories. Subjectively or Objectively. They become fettered by fleshy emotion and ego the more Memories they experience, eventually building up a Subjective veil - giving the character personality, a likeness towards certain Memories.

Like the rest of my party, my character started out as a blank slate. As we played, we got more and more Memories - some PCs spent them on cool parts and they RP'd more mechanically. I spent on experience and Subjectivity, and I ended up having a "Faithful" personality - ergo I look specifically for religious Memories and RP as some Paladinbot because that's what most of the Memories that built my Subjective veil (personality) were of.

>> No.44522950

Seems interesting and really gives an incentive to RP, maybe it'll be added as an optional rule.

>> No.44522976

>space elevator
Yeah, but that sound more like singular location, that could be the final stage, or the endgame locality. I thought more like several abandoned elevators to fragmented orbital station. Main cluster will be connected with city centre, but smaller one could be optional, grinding location for random encounters, and so.

>> No.44523047


can this qualify as an enemy?, I still got a few ideas to write down.

>> No.44523063

Sounds good anon

>> No.44523110

All ideas are welcome (except the silly names for resources).

>Space Elevator

It's Front Mission Evolved all over again

>> No.44523115

potentially copy pasting it into the document.

>> No.44523137

Throwing out some names for bosses/whatever.

Great Temple Drone of Yllra
Oxidizer Knight
Soft Seeking Hound
Pickling Jar Walking Prison Beast
Gohroulnin, the Phosphorus Eater
Old Fuel Addict
Great Magus of the Bank
Wanderer on the Data Coast
Horizon Glarer
Ancient Steel Treeguard Allad

Also, what's the moonlight greatsword in this one?

>> No.44523190

Neutron-Star Saber

Fires gravitational anomalies at enemies, very slow recharge that is done by absorbing matter and condensing it.

>> No.44523248

An idea for an enemy:

Hivenaught [Biological]
Slow moving giant that drops smaller enemies it has enslaved on you, as well as it's spawn (small corpse-like arachnids). Easiest way to defeat it is to enter it but it's also weak to massive destruction from flames and such, it'll also collapse and eventually be too damaged if you cut it's locomotor limbs.

>> No.44523298

Throwing out another idea here, I should've posted it back in first thread with my weapon ideas but w/e:
>Enemy Hijack
Possibly good for stealthy builds, you can hijack robotic (and some byosinth) enemies below a certain level (depending on your build etc) and control them for a short while, up to a certain range.

Which reminds me, did people like that actual functioning stealth thing?

>> No.44523357

>Helios' Teardrop
>"One of the few weapons of men left intact even after all these years, supposedly of great importance and meaning,capable of emiting and great pulse of energy from the tip of the blade."

With high Psyche
>"One of the few war-artifacts of men left intact even after all these years, meant as an icon of hope and progress for man and machine alike, capable of emiting and great pulse of energy from the tip of the blade."

Slow swing, needs at least two limbs to carry. What about that?

>> No.44523493

Also, what do you guys think about hiding a bit of the lore if the player/s don't have high enough psyche?

>> No.44523575

Seems interesting.
I was thinking getting a connection with your memory/personality voice thing (which could be psyche) could trigger slight flashes of what it was like to be human, or even seeing things from "before" overlaid with the now.
Also trigger extra info on items and places, npc convos etc.

>> No.44523819

I suppose so.

The flashbacks should happen only when triggered by specific things. E.g: You walk outside the complex and see a couple of yards wasted and corroded.
> You feel dizzy, a memory, not yours, invades your toughts. Green hills, a small human figure, she's smiling, Where [white noise] we going, dad?
Everything fades to black for a second, you are back again in that pale terrain.

>> No.44523867

With the absorbing other consciousness thing (Source) it could become even more interesting since it could trigger foreign ones.
For instance, you could look at that baby/mother thing and for one sec it looks like it's the actual thing.

>> No.44523994

Conciousness =Psyche = Insight
Source=Blood =Souls

>> No.44524032

I thought source was also acquired from human minds?

>> No.44524187

Source is to machines what Psyche is to Humans, or that's what I've gathered from the posts. Maybe I'm wrong.

>> No.44524207

Nah I'm lacking updates since I was only really here for the first thread.

>> No.44524221

latest copy of the .pdf now with a basic robotic monster manual

I'd like some Synth and full organics next plox

it's like souls.

it's made from human minds, but there's only a finite supply of it until endgame when it can be either made again, or artificially generated.

>> No.44524481

So how do cyberbrains and clones fit into the setting?

>> No.44524580

>I like that, but my problem is that at once I want it in the setting but I also want actual physical "so science it almost looks like magic" to be a thing. I'm not sure how those things would co-exist.

One is illusion magic. The other is conjuration magic.

>> No.44524621

These are long threads and i skipped some chunks so forgive me if this has been suggested already.

On factions, if you guys are going with "there are definitely no humans left", what about a faction of machines that are absolutely, unequivocally convinced that they are human? To the point that using logic to prove they're just machines themselves, would only cause them to go hostile or completely insane.

Maybe it's the amalgamation of once human memories crammed into their decaying AI, or maybe they're just desperate for some greater purpose. The members of this faction would so believe that they are human, that they can't even see they're machines- in place of loose wires holding onto a frame, they see skin and muscle, instead of broken, asymmetrical limbs made of metal and hydraulics, they see arms and legs, etc.

Convinced that they're all that's left of humanity, this faction would seek to eliminate all other self aware or vaguely intelligent machines, and return "humanity" to the stone age to start over again. They're misguided, act like midlevel knights, and are in serious denial.

They will allow you to join them if you seek out and destroy all other intelligent machines for the good of "humanity", but will never accept you as one of their own. Basically your Darkwraith, hostile PvP faction if you're going with Souls mechanics.

Thoughts? Changes?

>> No.44524725

>so science it almost looks like magic
Endless Legend/Spacehad that. The explanation was literally NANOMACHINES

>> No.44524834

Was the human genome idea used?

>> No.44524857

not yet...

>> No.44524869

That seems more Dark Moon than Darkwraith.
Darkwraiths have no moral compunctions or higher sense of justice and are perfectly happy who they are. They just want to become the new ruler of the godless Age of Dark

>> No.44524951

Should I edit this so we can have an image of our Moonlight Greatsword (without mods) ? Other images as Suggestions are apreciated, even if they are for bits to decorate the sword with.

>> No.44524974

Shiet, forgot image.

>> No.44525045

They should only be approachable in VR / AR , in which they DO look quite like humans, but not completely. E.g: missing ears, eye's sclera is black, etc.

>> No.44525073

Page 10 thread dead soon

>> No.44525119

I like the idea of using devices and tools in place of magic. For example:

>Illusion magic
[Hologram Projector]
Creates two duplicates out yourself made of light. These duplicates will confuse attackers and draw aggro away from you until the device runs out of energy.

Once the centerpiece of a world famous grand theater, this small spherical device has fallen into obscurity and disrepair over the forgotten centuries. Where once crowds of awed spectators would circle round to watch phantasmagorical displays of light and color, now only a relic of a bygone time.

>Conjuration magic
[Nanoswarm Container]
A cloud of nano machines explode from your body, conjoining into vicious metallic tendrils that attack all foes in an area of effect.

Once upon a time these impressive microscopic machines were used as builders, coming together to form supporting endoskeletons and filling in the gaps of damaged machinery. But having fallen into disrepair, their programming is corrupted and no longer specific, causing them to form erratic and chaotic structures.

>Healing magic
[Repair Protocol Disk]
User initiates self repair, and stops to channel for a short time. Regenerating health as they do.

This code was stripped away from some long forgotten device, capable of repairing it's own damaged parts. It has since been torn out, reprogrammed, and duplicated numerous times by the [cleric/healer faction]. The changes and copies made of the code, however, has left it only a twisted, corrupted shadow of it's original programming.

>> No.44525180

I'll make the new OP

>> No.44525190

I meant similar in practice rather than lore-wise. As in, they're the hostile invaders the are rewarded for killing other players.

Also, new thread when?

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