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>Party gets genderbent

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I think it can be pretty fun.

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>Party gets genderbent
>Ends up as a harem to the lone female character turned lone male

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>Party finds out what it would take to change back
>Decides it wouldn't be worth the trouble and stays genderbent

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Ahahaha! Now I can rob all those places that have my face on wanted posters a second time!

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>BBEG gets genderbent

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I look at the DM and tell him I don't want to live out his weird fantasy.

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>party needs to dress up in drag to infiltrate the BBEG's lair

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See I wouldn't hace a problem with that

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>The party gets genderbent, but remain roughly as masculine/feminine-looking as they were before changing genders.

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Fighter: Doesn't care as long as it doesn't impact his, now her, drinking.
Assassin: Can naturally shapeshift into several male and female forms anyway, too lazy to care.
Drow wizard: Good disguise, and going home no longer results in heaps of abuse!
Kineticist: Already a waterbender, this new form could take some getting used to, but she, er, he, can handle it.
Cleric: Ack! Goddess save me! I've been cursed into a male form! Oh hell, get it off get it off get it off!

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But isn't gender one of the defining aspects of your character? Much like his class?

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>gender defines you


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>Real-world answer

>RPG answer
No probably not

>le answer

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My barbarian wouldn't care or notice. They also don't believe in wear shoes or shirts

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>Party has to infiltrate a Druid compound by turning into animals
>The DM casts awakening on us to make us think we've always been animals

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Not for some of the PCs.

And I somehow forgot to mention our Calistrian antipaladin: Oh my~ Mm, they're not as full as I had hoped, but with a nice bustier... they'll do~

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The party can get bent, but I aint doin it

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When you want to be uploaded into a new body, you have to make do with whatever is in stock at the time.

At least the bodies are all of a species we are used to inhabiting.

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>Party gets cucked

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>too poor for combat based morph after string of bad missions
>terrible mission wipes everyone
>new benefactor secured hangers worth of fury morphs

Sometimes the gm is a merciful god that wants spines cracked.

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Artificer: It's not like this'll effect my ability to lead the party.
Fighter: A... Am I a pretty grill?
Mage: *Eyeing up the Artificer*
Mage2: It won't take me long to fix this.
Barbarian: I cannot into harem D:

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Serious question. Why would it be? Is it really that much more important than hair or eye color?

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Lucky you

Usually if you're sleeved in a bombshell after you can't pay for a new morph, it's because you're an indenture sucking dicks for a living

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Wait, how does this work if we're playing Eclipse Phase?

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Shrug and find another morph.

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But...I'm a robot.

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Some systems have different starting stats for males and females.
Haven't you ever seen the -4 strength meme?

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Maybe you can acquire a new morph. Maybe you decide it's not worth the cost, especially if you know that this morph is going to be very temporary.

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Didn't that come from people comparing real life averages of lifting capabilities to an old D&D chart?
I am confident that systems like that are few and unpopular.
Could you name an example?

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You become Rosie from Jetsons.

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Oh no! I've become a woman!

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you know i have never auctualy seen a whole party get there genders swaped its normaly only one person an interesting idea

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>Saurian Shaman Druid

Doesn't mind at all.

What? Did you really think the guy/gal who shapeshifts into dinosaurs would care what's between his/her legs?

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Here's how it goes down.
>Hawkeye: "Well, shit. This'll make it more difficult to hit on the women now."
>Ironman: "Well, shit. Now I have to re-size my suit. Goddamn, I'll be working forever now."
>Capt. America: "..."
>Hulk: "SMASH!"

Would only be a speedbump for a second before we wreck whatever villain did this to us.

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>no black widow

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We've got four players m80.

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In AD&D, female characters had a lower strength cap than male ones. No penalty, though.

>Thorlene Odinson
There's something she's not telling us.

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So would banner only turn into Hulk when it's that time of the month?

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So Loki turned into a woman in the comics. Big deal.

In the Norse mythology, Loki turned into a female horse, to seduce a male horse and then gave birth to Sleipnir


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I thought Lokes meant to lure away said horse, but got caught and raped?

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>Tasha's magnet-energy source

Those boobs oughta be all cut up. gross.

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>Warforged Paladin
Has some initial concerns about the change in weight distribution for his-now-her chasis before getting over it and going back to cleaving and smiting.
>Human Fighter
Complains about her-now-his armor having to be resized and how much that'll cost. Forgets to invest in a codpiece and quickly goes back to being a girl.
>Elf Cleric
Is more offended that nobody can tell the difference than about being turned into a chick.
>Teifling Rogue
Spends even more time stealthing around the part, but fails to be quiet about it and disgusts the whole party except the pali.
>Human Wizard

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Loki shapeshifted a lot tho. See Fenrir.

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I once threw this on my players, and they did this.

Kind of annoying, because it was a rather huge deal. It was a magical spell gone wrong (because of the players) because a princess wanted more power, but the country in question wouldn't allow a woman to get any more than she already had (IE she had less power than the king) so she tried to change her gender. Players interfere, and fuck up the ritual, changing their gender as well.

They went for the kingslayer and "fuck this country, we're out" option, rather than just revert the genders of everyone involved, including themselves.

I don't quite understand why the whole party went along with this. 4 guys, playing 2 girls and 2 guys, and a chick playing a guy. At least one of them should have had a pretty good reason for not wanting their character to stay this way.

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I also would've done the same.

I don't care wether I am a woman or a man as long as I can kick ass!

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>Party gets genderbent
>everyone proceeds to search for a cure
>they discover it
>"Okay everyone should be able to be cured as long as you didn't cum in someone or get cummed in while transformed"
>awkward silence

Every fucking time.

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>They all look the same, but with a lace on their hair

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>Party loses control of bowels and bladder permanently.

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>hit on women

Anon, I'm sure it's been a long time since you have read comics, because Hawkeye has long since past the point of "dorky older guy who gets laughed at when he tries to connect with the younger crowd."

Age has not been kind to our friendly neighborhood Arrow Man.

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>This entire thread


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Now you and your cousin have more things in common than just skin color.

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I thought the joke was Shulkie's a horrible lawyer.

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>Finally gets with the prince
>Receives the curse-undoing kiss
>Immediately turns back into an old man

Really, there's no good way this can end.

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Trope goes all the way back to Thor & Loki.

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Tuesday: Well.... this game has been fun so far, I'll give it a try but it kinda messes with the joke when you turn her into a dude

Thursday am: DAMN YOU CTHULHU!

Thursday pm: am I a pretty girl?

Saturday: Purple lotus powder is a hell of a drug. Lets take another hit.

Sunday: LOL but what will his wife say?

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Really? The word 'feminism' doesn't have gender essentialism baked right in?

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>Party actually has always been animals; it's their memories of growing up human that are fake.

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>has a daughter

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What a twist!

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>turn into elf maid, gain hundreds of years lifetime
this is fine

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I immediately devote every resource I have to getting my gender turned back to normal. It's completely world changingly horrible to swap gender to the opposite side. Here's why:
>Hormones will be all out of whack meaning you're having a forced personality change that's phsycologically scarring.
>Your position in many societies (even modern) are completely fucked if you turn into a woman.
>It's magic realm in so many ways it should be obvious to everyone on this board.
>Any relatives or friends you have in the setting will not recognize you, giving the character a feeling of being utterly lost/betrayed in the world.
>Every anon on this board would flip the fuck out of this happened to them in real life and don't deny it. It would be hell to re-register as a male and establish contact with friends/family again as a new gender.
>Some of your friend's/Family will not accept that you are you.
>Also, imagine being a pregnant woman and being gender bent into becoming a man. What happens to the baby?

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>daughter is a human non-princess non-knight

Presumably he had a family before wearing the cursed armor

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Don't forget that you will have to completely re-learn how to function, because your center of gravity will be different (making walking a pain in the ass) and the proportions of your limbs will change, meaning all of your expectations and muscle memory will be off.

Not only is your arm not the same strength as it used to be, its not the same length. So you can look forward to weeks of acting like you have no depths perception and clumsy limbs as you re-train yourself to your new body.

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>>Hormones will be all out of whack meaning you're having a forced personality change that's phsycologically scarring.
>having to get new ID and convince friends and family that you're you
Thank you

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He's married!
I don't know if it different in the comics

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Good to see someone else playing Time Wizards

>> No.44482315


You better pray to god that your finger prints are the same or that you have some kind of video evidence that you transformed. Otherwise, there is no way in hell any government is going to legally recognize you as being the same person. All of your property and accomplishments won't be recognized, and you will be an unperson.

You can maybe convince people who know you very well that everything you know proves that you are the same person inside, but the DMV isn't going to buy that shit.

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time wizards? no, that's how i'd react in each of my games if the GM pulled that.

>> No.44482374

>five games

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tell me the cleric is one of Calistria, might more wonder what slight she had done to deserve it.

>> No.44482422

I apply to groups until I have a comfortable thing going on.

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I have to assume that any guy who gets changed into a woman will spend a lot of the following days just holding their boobs all the time. Partly because HOLY SHIT FUNBAGS I CAN TOUCH ANY TIME I WANT, but also just because the weight of them shifting any time they move is going to be incredibly distracting. A bra will reduce that, but only by so much.

Given how much time most guys spend thinking about sweater puppies, thats going to take a long time to adjust to.

>> No.44482443

unless it's a hot day, then they're sweaty puppies.

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>PC hits on BBEG to try and lure him into giving up world domination and instead settling down to start a family
Actually had a player try this recently. Her charisma wasn't quite as good as she thought.

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I'd like to know if this obsession some OP's have with muh magical realm is just a /tg/ fad, or if perhaps the people have become hypersensitive about their feefees in recent years, which is widely widespread phenomenon across developed world: People's overinflated egos cause them to treat themselves inviolable, sacrosanct and are unable to deal with discomfort or difficulty, instead reacting with vitriolic anger on everything they see as assault on their person, however minor it might be.

I would also like to know if people who are so sensitive about their characters are also polite and tactful, cautious of causing similar reactions in others, or if perhaps such people instead feel justified in their righteous anger to also balk at concepts like tact or correctness.

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Fuck you
I laughed

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Yeeesss. I would be tough as shit to continue life in our universe if that happened.

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>creepy neckbeard playing a busty drow matron
>suddenly is a worthless drow male
All the ass devastation that guy puts out would be worth it.

>> No.44482677

>not Tina Stark
>not Thorelene Odinsdottir
>not Loki Laufreysdottir

>> No.44482685

Is anyone's charisma high enough?

> family or world domination?

Why not both?

>> No.44482692

>I immediately replace the GM

>> No.44482721

>Warlock: Well this is a problem...
>Acrobatic Warrior: *Player flips shit over being unable to crossplay anymore, demands reversal or leaving game*
>Mentalist: at least people will stop MISTAKING me for a girl now...
>Dragonborn Paladin: "tits or no tits, gm. Need answer now." Also possible CoC reference about bimbo liquer or something.
>Half-Elf Ranger: Hijo de puta...

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Never thought I'd get to post this old ass image I found again.

Yes genderbending is my fetish. No I'd never force that upon my players unless I knew we were going into a magical realm.

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>Every anon on this board would flip the fuck out of this happened to them in real life and don't deny it

Absolutely, though given /tg/'s population of transgender and non-binary folks, they might be flipping their shit for the opposite reason.

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Donde esta Black Widow?

>> No.44482827

>knowing shit

>> No.44482858 [DELETED] 

¿Dondé está la Viuda Negra?

>> No.44482873

¿En qué parte de la imagen se encuentra representada la Viuda Negra?

>> No.44482874

¿Dónde está la Viuda Negra?

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Actually Fenrir was born monstrous from Loki and his monstrous wife. His daughter Hel and his other son the world serpent were all born from the same mother as Fenrir.

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BBEG was an aspiring lich and really not a settle down and raise a family kind of guy. I have no idea why the player thought it was a good idea.

>> No.44482933

So does genderbending.

>> No.44483184

>not the same strength

Nigga wut

The lack of testosterone would make muscle growth harder but it would be incredibly unlikely to make what you already have suddenly lose muscle mass. You'd be just as strong as before. It'd be more realistic to slowly lose that mass unless you did a LOT of work to keep it up.

>> No.44483333

>Gunner and bounty hunters complain about the fit of their armor
>infochant and hacker are indifferent
>pilot and archeologist both wonder aloud how guys walk with something between their legs
Yeah...we are not amused at this development.

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>Paladin gets genderbent
>needs to do some quest to unbent herself
>realized that it would cut into her holy mission time
>decides to treat the bending as a minor setback and continue the mission as another gender without any difference in action or personality
>holy powers is still there, strength isn't altered due to holy powers, and she's already vowed an oath of chastity back when she was a he so doesn't give a damn

>> No.44483963


So you are expecting their skeletal structure to change and fat to redistribute, but muscles to be totally unaffected? That sounds like a recipe for disaster.

>> No.44484164

>Those boobs oughta be all cut up. beautiful

>> No.44484188

>NPC is a trap
>actually turns out to be a pretty cool character with a surprising backstory

>> No.44484199

>>Party gets genderbent
Change group.

>> No.44484281

This one happened a few years back in a game I was in.

> Edgy neutral evil warlock steals a bunch of ritual scrolls from the cultists we are fighting
> uses them to summon powerful devil
> Devil offers power in return for the warlocks soul
> Warlock keeps trying to offer alternative, much less valuable, prices instead. Devil starting to get pretty miffed. He clearly wants the warlocks soul.
> Devil finally acquiesces, says he will take the soul of the Warlock's firstborn instead, but only if it ready to be claimed within one year. If the warlock doesn't produce a child to fulfill the price by then, the devil gets the warlocks soul instead.
> The warlock agrees, and we all know this is going to turn into his edgy character using this as an excuse to rape everything he can get away with until he is sure a kid is on the way
> The devil gives the warlock the promised power boost, but turns him into a woman in the process
> "See you in one year"

Warlock player was pretty pissed. He wanted to find a way to get out of the deal, but no one else in the party would help because he summoned a goddamn devil.

>> No.44484319


Your setting's devil seems like a pretty cool guy.

>> No.44484405

>Game has "underdog" race
>Kicks all kinds of ass
>Still waves the boohoo we so hurt and missunderstood.
Somethimes I hate autists, at least they aren't the "LICH TAKING CARE OF LITTLE GIRL, LOOK, SHE PROTECT GRANDPA BONES FROM DA BAD MEN." cause that's a game ruiner.

>> No.44484427

I had this happen once with a new GM. I ended up colluding with the other players to have our characters fondle themselves as a resting state until the GM had us change back by fiat out of annoyance. It only worked because he was trying to troll us not take us to his magical realm.

>"The last orc is dead"
>"I begin to fondle my breasts"

>"The diplomat goes to shake your hand"
>"I leave him hanging because I don't have a free hand"

The final straw was the party standing in a circle trying to kick a chest to pieces so we wouldn't have to stop. Also helped by the fact that we were 4 fa/tg/uys with man boobs that would actually sit there and play with our chests, and he was /fit/.

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Well since you have no gender you probably get turned into something with both.

You're a sexbot now.

>> No.44484528

Oh, I read an oglaf comic like that.
The greatest illusion of all.

>> No.44484589

>/tg/'s population of transgender and non-binary folks
Who'd guess, roleplayers believing that the grass is greener on the other pasture.

>> No.44484635


Hey I just want to be anime. Is that so bad?

>> No.44484655

As a rule of thumb, I make characters that remain the same regardless of gender. Since gender doesn't influence stats in any way in my system, hardly anything changes.

>> No.44484672

We have a Rance expy in our party. I'm honestly not sure whether he'd just go and become a slut or kill himself on the spot. The rest probably don't care.

>> No.44484683

Being anime is horrible, do not let yourself be deluded by rose tinted googles from being a non-anime. The anime life is not in any way better and you will not have more friends/love than being a non-anime.

>> No.44484731

>party member gets genderbent
>only wizard we know is a DMPC
>"Nah, it's funnier for you to stay like that."

Though that ended up actually being tame for magical realm and nothing too weird came from it, unlike the inflation temple later in the game.

>> No.44484732


It doesn't go great for Rance.

>> No.44484800

>not odinsdottir or some variant thereof

>> No.44484818

Cleric is of Ardad Lili, who is far more opposed to men than Calistria would ever be.

>> No.44484851

>and marries the paladin

>> No.44484908

It was a delightful twist

>> No.44484949

What's better, male sorcerer BBEG and female paladin getting genderbent and paladin redeeming now female BBEG with his new lawful hot dick or female sorceress BBEG and male paladin getting genderbent and paladin redeeming now trapish BBEG with lawful hot snu snu?

>> No.44484982

It's shit.

>> No.44485015

>trannyfags post on /tg/ as if they're people

>> No.44485037

Just cause she/he got genderbent doesn't mean those beauty charms's duration has run out

>> No.44485160

When has this EVER happened?

>> No.44485200


>> No.44485215

Played a game where this happened to my party of war hardened mercs. Nothing really changed we were still a band of mercs but we just happened to have vaginas all of a sudden. Not really sure why our DM did it he never has never shown any signs of magical realm before or since.

>> No.44485221

>beautiful or charming
It's shit

>> No.44485326

If she's anything like Shehulk, she wouldn't want to ever NOT be hulked out. So I'm gonna wanna say no.

Though I see the Shehulk sitch as a more unique one and very much a trans narrative

>> No.44485444

>forcing your weird gender politics into everything
This is why everyone hates trannies

>> No.44485866

You're a homosexual, just pointing that out if you didn't realize.

>> No.44485906


>> No.44486160

Idk why but this sentence is so hot

>> No.44486458

What? You think every sorceress is a 10/10 bombshell with dat ass and dem tits?
No, they got spells for that

>> No.44486578

Weaponized man boobs

I like it

>> No.44486791

>BBEG gets lolified
>and marries the paladin

>> No.44487662

Dogs don't sweat dumbass.

>> No.44487685

This doujin man.

>> No.44488023

>inflation temple
You can't bring something up like that and not tell us about it.

>> No.44488103

The ancient Mayans took their bounce houses very seriously.

>> No.44488702

There isn't much to talk about.

>only half the group can show up one day due to reasons
>GM decides to split the party and do a make-up mini-session for the other half, alerts the absent players and they're cool
>all the PCs in this group are male, session is fairly standard stealth session (actually none of our characters in that half are geared for stealth so how we got through without being caught is a mystery)
>all the PCs in the other group are female except one, they explore a temple filled with riddles and puzzles

First couple are fairly standard riddles you can find online and that's probably where the GM got it, but then we hit a room with nothing but two scales, and a few very large tables with mountains of fresh food on it. One of the scales has a large immobile weight on it, and the only clue in the room is "tip the scales in my favor." We tried putting the food on the scales but it didn't budge no matter how much we placed on it, and the DM made that clear.


>> No.44488726


Now keep in mind it's three in the morning at this time, some shit made the group start late and other shit made it last longer than it should have, and we're all a bit tired but want to finish the session so the group can be back together next time, so when we remembered that the GM has a giant fat/inflation fetish we just complied so we could end the session. He described it in detail and the characters who fattened themselves up went back to normal afterward because that's always how this cheap fetish shit goes, and there were a couple more puzzles and riddles and then the session ended.

When we all met last time we realized how disgusted we were at the magical realm shit and we got the GM to agree to never pull that shit again, though the campaign was already almost over and he hasn't done another to this date so I'm not sure if it would hold. The worst part is for a while he would occasionally post that fetish shit on a Skype chat the group had, though we got him to stop that too eventually (the guy has no social awareness and has to be told things several times).

Nothing screencap-worthy, just a bad magical realm moment from my first tabletop game.

>> No.44488848

*when we all met the next time

>> No.44489388

Oh, okay.
I don't think the dumbass was really needed. QQ

>> No.44490555

All of this assuming that it's a "simulationist" modern-time game.

Playing in a high-fantasy game, I wouldn't care too much because I always play caster classes anyhow, mostly transmuters in the first place. Polymorph for the win!

And playing in a silver age superhero style campaign, I still would not care because it wouldn't be as hard as you think it is to tell my IC parents that my character is still himself, even though he's now a woman. And he'll still kick enough ass anywho.

So your points are null and void.

>> No.44490621

Yeah, a biological change would be awful.
Now, cybernetics...

>> No.44490769

>BBEG is actually the little girl the party saved from slave traders at the beginning of the campaign

>> No.44491010


>> No.44491124


>> No.44491422

>not Odinsdottir

>> No.44491443

/tg/ has always been /d/-lite. It used to be contained to the Weekend Smut thread mostly until some assholes ruined that for everyone and now the cancer has spread uncontrollably.

>> No.44491805


>> No.44491818

>containing anything

>> No.44491881

Apparently we weren't supposed to win against the slavers and the girl would reappear later as a damsel in distress that would drive the story and the DM did it to spite us.

>> No.44491920

>BBEG just wanted to be noticed by senpai

>> No.44492027





>> No.44492029

I once made a character who began the game with a magic item that changed their gender every time they flipped it. For real, not just seemingly. Even if antimagicked, the current gender would stick.

A few other players seemed to think it was gonna be for lewd bullshit, but I actually played the character rather asexually (or at least without going into the implications of gender and such at all) as someone who really didn't give much of a fuck about these things and actually just found it intresting and amusing to be able to change as they wanted to.

In the end, it was pretty much a complete nothing thing, and I'm not sure why I even wanted to do it in the first place. I suppose it added some color and some mildly amusing situations when people were confused. I guess I've never been exactly sure what gender I want to play, so not having to bother with the choice was actually pretty nice for me.

Sorry, this story isn't very exciting. I just liked it.

>> No.44494370

Everything you've written makes for an interesting story if you want to traumatize and break your character.

Am I the only one that likes doing that?

>> No.44494704

>Most heroic, upstanding member of the party falls for the BBEG

Is there any good reason for this?

>> No.44494716

Noble, if misguided intentions

>> No.44494845

This can be arranged.

>> No.44495682

No, but I'm a sadist towards fictional people in general so don't take it from me.

>> No.44495798


>> No.44496000

I can think of a couple webcomic artists that fit that description.

>> No.44496077

which ones?

>> No.44496091

Hussie is the easy one.

>> No.44496122

Hussie wants to traumatize and break his audience, not his characters. Not Just his characters, at least.

>> No.44496155

Kazerad probably fits into the "fuck with the audience category" as he really only seems keen on making one character really suffer

>> No.44496176

True, but what suffering.

>> No.44496327

>All of this assuming that it's a "simulationist" modern-time game.
"Simulationist" being codeword for "let me jerk off about how GRIM AND DARK this actually is *fapfapfapfap* I love 40k uhnf"

>> No.44496369

>the DMV isn't going to buy that shit.
"I had a sex change."

They buy that shit all the time. Have you never visited San Fran?

Think you're forgetting this is a "magical" gender change, making much of this null, or polymorphing yourself for battle would be very, very problematic. Pic, literally related.

>> No.44496838

>Not knowing that women also have chest that doesn't spurt out breaths tissue
>being this much of a virgin

>> No.44496868

>the party gets hexed into forgetting all languages
>they now know how to peak Al-Bhed

>> No.44496977

>Party's genitals disappear.

>> No.44497347

>Stolen by a sorceress and kept as sex toys
>They have to work for her to get them back before she simply decides to sell them to several bored noblewomen

>> No.44497411

That sounds like an episode of goose bumps.

>> No.44497437

>Party fails and have no choice but to continue their quest sans genitals
>Occasionally the DM will force a player to roll a d20
>A low roll results in your player missing their turn as they can feel their detached genitals being played with

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