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The continuing flashback of an anon and his Christmas spirit.

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She said bro

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She might not mean it literally. We don't know much about Winnie and WAnon's history... I think it would be kind of interesting if she had a few failed relationships before going steady with him.

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>Let me tell you kids, about how i met your mother's friend... And slapped that ass!
Don't forget you owe us a good tit slap for White Fell, SQ.
That and mustard. All over her.
that is the price for messing with our Gun-Eh, Fertility Idols!

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Now the all important question.
do we slap her ass, and if so, when?

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>She used to date her brother.
>Werewolves don't get how this is considered weird.
WQAnon has to fight with her brother for the right to Imouto her

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Here we go, new thread!

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If this goes well, I would be okay with a DLC How Winnie met Anon...

But for now, we wait and see affiliation.

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Not much interested in that.

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I don't really care too much on the subject but, I would rather it to be an accident as we are filing out of the movie. But that's just me and my comedy senses talking.

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>NOt sure about the tit slap

>> No.44452148

This much better

It's better for it to be a misunderstanding

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Roll a d20 at random to see how bad it is, instant comedy "pass" or "fail".

>> No.44452187

Intentionally? Definitely not. SQanon doesn't strike me as an assslapping type.

Except maybe if he thought there was a mosquito vampire sitting on it preparing to drink.

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It's her brother. This takes place before she met W-anon.

Yep, we're Catholic crusaders of justice.

>Can we watch some Captain Harlock back at base?

Certainly! Perhaps S-anon gets curious after tonight's events.

You are in the theater.

Watching Breaking Dawn.

And then, Breaking Dawn 2!

You have dreamed about this.

"Oh my lord!" Abdiel says leaning on air, hands on her face. "I'm actually feeling a little bat for Moroni! I think I might need to send her a get well card for this burn! Because as you say anon, this is a a "sick burn!""

Benny chuckles and throws popcorn into his mouth. "This isn't a bad way to spend Christmas!" He says smacking loudly. "The werewolves all look like stuff you'd get out of a crane machine!"

"Anon, please tell Ben to quiet down, the rest of the audience can hear him." She warns you sternly. She resumes laughing until she's out of breathe. And then laughs some more.


For your part, you try not to sigh loudly and contentedly.


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I'm fine with pushing her out of the way of an ice vampire or getting her attention in an emergency in the most awkward way possible personally.

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Rolled 19 (1d20)

>instant comedy "pass" or "fail".

Ill roll but I didnt understand what yo said.

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I was not talking about a strike or a hit.
More like playing the bongoes. More humiliation than anything.

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Rolled 15 (1d20)

I have no emotions

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Rolled 11 (1d20)


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Rolled 15 (1d20)


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Rolled 10 (1d20)

Roll for hardboiledness!

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So, uh, we get style points for this right?

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>I'm actually feeling a little bat for Moroni
>actually feeling a little bat for Moroni
>feeling a little bat for
>little bat

Abby confirmed for vampire!

Rememebr to ask more about Moroni and how did she fuck up her message from god.

What does she think of protestants?
And the Hellsing organization

>> No.44452324

Good roll.
It would basically a roll to see how bad it gets. The end result is basically the same, we trip and wound Winnies pride/accidentally hit her, but the better numbers probably soften the blow...Abby help us if we roll a 1.

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We can steal Points from the past?
What is this? The Order of the Stick?

>> No.44452411

Is why I'm a little curious on how this'll work.

>> No.44452426

If we roll a 1 we get a retcon bad trait

>Moonlight Pasta Dinner: -2 to any non-violent interaction with cute werwolf girls


>T-that scene from the Lady and the Tramp, yeah, that one!: We take a -2 to any romantic interaction when there is a cute werewolf girl around. Even if the interaction is not directed at a werwolf girl.

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>Winnie whips around
>"Hey! What's the big ide-O-oh! Golly."
>"Abby. Abby help."
>SAnon's a little skittish of Winnie
>Winnie's not happy about it, but she's into that and damn if Simon Boo-Mont isn't a pretty man.
"And that, my dear grandchildren is why I still have both of my arms after the fact."

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>She falls in love with anon
>This becomes the reason she has a human fetish
>She realizes is a warrior
>She decides to TEST HIS MIGHT
What she doesn't realize is that Anon is a Man of the Cloth...or at least that is what he called himself during his teenage panty raids.

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Down boy.
We're aiming for Sibella and another character is with Winnie.

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>Very Good
>Very Good

Style: 2

You maintain your composure in accordance with Abdiel's wishes.

All the while her feet change places with her wings.


Nonetheless, a tiny tear, unnoticeable in the darkness, rolls down your cheek. A token of mourning for the titanic romance of Edward and Bella. There will be no more movies...

Abby's rivalry with Moroni is of course theologically based. But it is also a little more...personal.

Oh no, we haven't rolled for it yet...

The lights come up.

"Wellll!" Benny says stretching. "Now on to It's a Wonderful Life! And we're seeing it with our very own Clarence!"

"Hmph!" Abdiel says throwing her head back proudly. "To compare me to an angel that only earns his wings at the end of the movie...it's not as if angels even have to earn wings, but still. I am far from inexperienced!"

You enter into the lobby. The anime double feature appears to have let out as well. The two werewolves from earlier are walking nearby.

"...Those cats freaked me out. I don't get why they drew them like that." The male asks.

"It was a stylistic choice." Winnie explains. "It's for the same reason all the signs are esperanto in the movie. It's supposed to have a kind of alienating, uneasy atmosphere."

"Yeah." he shrugs. "You know, for Christmas."

"Well I thought it was a pretty movie."

"Yeah, you would." He says playfully mussing her hair. "You and the other weirdos. Like that one guy upfront."

"You mean the guy with the T-shirt?"

"Yeah. I didn't think they made T-shirts like that."

"Well, I thought he was sort of cute."

"Cute?" He rolls his eyes. "Oh come on..."

"No seriously. He has this really intense expression while he was watching. As if he really understood everything."

"He was probably just trying to understand why all the cats looked weird."


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It would be a nice justification for Winnie to have her trademark human fetish.
Also, Anon is most likely not willing to humor her advances.

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>Abby's rivalry with Moroni is of course theologically based. But it is also a little more...personal.
Angels really argue about who has the fluffier wings?

>> No.44452764

Rolled 14, 5, 14, 11, 5, 4, 9, 6, 6, 6 = 80 (10d20)

>But it is also a little more...personal.
Prepare to tell her that her fluffy wings look tacky and that being fluffy destroys their aerodynamic profile. Abstain from doing so in the last moment, if only because they are comfortable to sleep in

Multiple Roll time. By this point, it is a tradition.

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We haven't even got to the ass slapping, guys.
I'm already losing my way over here.

>> No.44452796

>"You mean the guy with the T-shirt?"
is that WQanon

>> No.44452798

So SQ.
How did we do, overall, with our first meeting with Sibella?
How's she liking us?

>> No.44452812

>Angelic vanity the primary contributor to Lucifer's fall
>Them having spats is news
I'd assume it's not normally Lucifer levels bad, but politics and social cliques man.
They're basically an in-universe 24/7 Maid RPG larp most likely.
Generally speaking.

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>dunn dunn dunn

evil is afoot!

>> No.44452889


"I bet he really got the movie! You know what, I think I might even ask him for his number!"

"Oh Winnie..." He says stroking his own face. "Not another human boy!"

"Say what you will Jack!" Winnie replies waving her tail back and forth with determination. "I have a feeling about this one-"

"And the last one, and the last one..."Jack replies dryly.

"I'm serious!"

"And I'm serious to." He says sighing. "I just want to know what your mom and Ginger are going to think about this."

...Costilla always told you that in the field you should always be prepared. This is why you carry your E-tool saints everywhere you go. This is why you never assume a bad feeling is just a feeling. This is why you check every strange coincidence.

This is why you when you step into a puddle of water you don't think you stepped into someone's pilled drink.

You glance around at the ground. Fortunately there's not too much foot traffic.


Abdiel and Moroni do.

In spite of what Costilla thinks, angels do have their own personalities like humans.

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Oh hey, it is you. I still remember our... Game, from last session.

But, considering how trigger happy are people when it comes to werewolves, i say we save it for the next adventure.

>> No.44452930

Rolled 3 (1d20)

Like some sort of reverse Moriarty.

>> No.44452940

Rolled 13 (1d20)


>> No.44452951

>that pic
You have exquisite taste, anon.

>> No.44452952

Rolled 6 (1d20)

who needs style point saves?

>> No.44452966

We do apparently.

>> No.44452967

>Winnie watched anime before meeting WQ Anon
>Winnie genuinely likes anime
All this time I thought she was just humoring him.

I wonder if she's into the "adult" stuff.
Do they have that in common too?

>> No.44452972

You do.

>> No.44452985

There is an owlbear behind your character.
He doesn't notices it.

>> No.44452990

Rolled 6 (1d20)


>[professional & justified paranoia intensifies]

>> No.44453011

Worst part is, we had 2 style points.

[spoielr]Sweet merciful FUCK I hate the street name captcha horseshit[/spoiler]

>> No.44453013

Oh well, what is a scary movie without the good guys being blissfully oblivious to danger at first?

>> No.44453043

As much as you will be mocked for this, you made the right call. Something tells me we might need these later...

>> No.44453045

Yes she does, anon.
She enjoys stuff like
Cory in the House and Seinfeld

Also, What is Moroni like?
Is she a qt? Does she have the fluffiest wings?

>> No.44453065

It's fine. It's friendly, and just trying to preen my hair.
What's the worst it could do by accident to my delicious crushable skull?

>> No.44453094

Anon, let me introduce you to the concept of skullfucks and, guess what? It is breeding season.

>> No.44453167


She's very fond of you.

But the thing is, she's been very fond of a lot of boys. Being the daughter of Dracula means you aren't her first by any measure.

If you want to be someone very, very special to her you're going to have to work at it.

>24/7 Maid RPG larp

That's...not a bad way of putting it.

Remember, some accounts of the Islamic Iblis has him refuse Allah's orders for all angels to bow before Adam because he was mad Tsundere for Allah and didn't believe Adam could love Allah like he could.

...Maybe...You'll have to play Winnie Quest II and find out!

>Very bad
>Very bad

Your result: Very bad

"Hey man, what's up?" Benny asks seeing you start to walk about hunched over staring at the floor. "...People are starting to stare..."

"The Ice Vampire! I think it's the Ice Vampire! Antonello Da Messina!"

"The nerve of him!" Abdiel says making a fist. "Turning this happy place of cinema into his hunting grounds! We must find him anon!"

"I'm trying..." You mutter apologetically. But while you can tell that someone is leaving wet footprints, you can't tell WHO it is...

People are nearing the door. If he escapes you...


"...Would now be the time that I should..."

"Back door Benny. Now and be fast."

"Oh yeah!" He snaps you a thumbs up before running off to change into his Bomber Suit. He hasn't totally gotten his own initiative in these situations. You hope that this will change in time.

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Off topic: We need to remember to, at some point, ask Sibella if her dad really does say "bleh bleh bleh".

>> No.44453206

>She's very fond of you.
>But the thing is, she's been very fond of a lot of boys. Being the daughter of Dracula means you aren't her first by any measure.
>If you want to be someone very, very special to her you're going to have to work at it.
Can we get some hints on what's expected of us?

>> No.44453236

>...Maybe...You'll have to play Winnie Quest II and find out!
I'll be reading up on my tropes. Thank you for the heads up based Winnie Quest.

>> No.44453251

>Spoiler 1 and 2

God no.

>Spoiler 3

She does, and boasts of it often. This drives Abdiel crazy.


She wants someone for the long term. Someone she can be a soulmate with rather than a fuckbuddy. She has a lot of family baggage and she wants someone who can be a rock she can cling to. She wants someone that can appreciate the history of her family while still believing that it both can and needs to change for the better.

>> No.44453277

>Being the daughter of Dracula means you aren't her first by any measure.
Can we bw confident that we are the first Vatican assassin that has provet himself to not be a killing machine like she expected us to be?

>she's been very fond of a lot of boys
What about girls?

>> No.44453278

Well, I'd like to think we're going good there.

>> No.44453369

You are her first Catholic Super Ninja, you do have that.

Yes. Including a phase where she experimented having a "committed blood drawing relationship" with another ghoul school girl. The girl broke it off, feeling like it was too much of a lesbian thing. They're still besties though.

Also if we're LOCKING THE PLACE DOWN we might want to do something big and flashy to get everyone's attention. I recommend Florian or Barbara.

>> No.44453395

>What about girls?
Regardless of the romances Quest Guy sets up for us, I refuse to believe that our squad of waifus isn't even a little gay.
Phanty, particularly, I always thought seemed the most likely to be like that. Don't ask me why, maybe it's the hair, or even something more recent like Catherine's "tomboy" comments.
PhantyQuest seems to have her set up with that Anon pretty solidly, though.
But don't forget her little speech on relationships; "I've been MANY things to MANY people."

>> No.44453399

"Eh, maybe we should let him go and forgive. It is Christmas."
>Wait a sec
"I'm just kidding but if we order the theater on lockdown there'll be a lot of people trapped in here with him. Maybe I shouldn't be looking for water but temperature difference?"
"So, Lucy most likely to suss him out. Then Florian."
>Do that.

>> No.44453431

>Try scanning for temperature differences with Lucy



>> No.44453452

I can see it unfolding like an office sitcom

They both work at an office selling properties and condos. Mostly condos.
Moroni enters the conference room very obviously flaunting her perect body
The nerdier and a leeeetle bit more plain Abby is simmering with rage
Then, and outburst.
Everyone is looking at Abby
Abby can't believe what she just did
Moroni is trying to remain calm and haughty but it is obvious she still feels very guilty about that.
>canned laughter

>> No.44453460

Will we get a bonus to the roll if we go with Lucy?
Or some bonus if we lock the place down?

>> No.44453470

And didn't PhantyQuest tell us when we were discussing how weird things could get physically, that for her, the pleasure is more spiritual than physical-fucking of course.
Not to sound like the most tumblr Anon on this board, but, is it possible for Phanty in her shapeshifting ectoplasmic sex adventures, of which I am certain there were many, to have somehow transcended mortal concepts of sexuality or even gender?
Some kind of "woosexual", perhaps?

>> No.44453480

Fine fine.
Let's ruin Christmas.
For -everyone-.
God this is turning out just like that time in Berlin when we had to look after Robin.

>> No.44453488

>another ghoul school girl
W-was it Winnie?

>> No.44453509


>> No.44453541

Phanty has no blood
Tanis is problably as dry as a menospausic woman
Elsa... Eh, i don't know. Does she still has blood?
It HAS to be Winnie.

>> No.44453590

Does it necessarily have to be one of the girls we saw in the movie?

>> No.44453595

No roll bonuses, but if you use Lucy you might be able to find him without causing a riot. But you might also lose him, which means having to figure out where he went, which means fighting him later on his terms and not yours.

Locking down the building means he's trapped in here with you, unprepared. It also means he's trapped in here with all the people.

Some ghosts do that. Some ghosts don't, using limitations to their sexuality to help develop a solid identity.

As for how Phanty feels about it? We're just going to have to see in Phanty Quest II!

>Was it Winnie
Tanis and Elsa have blood. Elsa has an extremely efficient circulatory system and Tanis bleeds...stuff...that why may not be scientifically called "blood" functions roughly the same way.

So...three candidates right there...

>> No.44453603

Remember her rage at White Fell...?

I'm not saying...but I AM saying its possible.

That or its a surprise Ghoul that never even existed before. Spooky!

Oh Lucy~!

All things considered, it is possible. Honestly the physical contact stuff interests me the most. Not just for Phamty now, but for PQAnon.

>> No.44453609

Yes, because that is what makes it hot.

>> No.44453614

I mean... it could have been Girlzilla

>> No.44453646

>surprise Ghoul
Is it Mothgirl from the other GhoulQuest thread?
I loved Mothgirl.
Is that Quest alive? Haven't seen it in a while.

>> No.44453648

>Remember her rage at White Fell...?
You're right, there is some serious UST going on between winnie and sibella. And White Fell is borderline gay for Winnie too.

We talk a lot about WAnon's harem... but I think it's really just Winnie's harem.

>> No.44453667

Long as nothing happens there in the present.

>> No.44453689

No matter what we go with... everyone remember to use style points.

>> No.44453698

>borderline gay
Calling that "borderline" is like saying sucking a guy's dick is not gay because "it is just a prank, bro!"

>Winnie's harem
That's a nice way to look at it.

But who's to say that the blood drawing thing wasn't with another girl and the real crush is with Winnie.

>> No.44453754

Anyone have some good ideas for how we can continue romancing Sibella?

>> No.44453779

"Fight in a movie theater" is a pretty cool set piece, I say we don't let that slip through our fingers.

>> No.44453784

Pet_ right in the head_

Also, by helping her with her succession war. I just hope it is better than the one in Skyrim.

>> No.44453786

Oh, this is a clever anon!

No it does not. The three "post-movie" girls I'm actually going to try to involve in their own quests modeled after, of all things, Edgar Rice Burroughs pulp adventures.

It'll be cool. You play as an anon hired by Tom and Tubb from the HB cartoon Moby Dick to find out what became of Moby and Godzilla after their battle in Coolsville harbor years ago. They detect a radiation signature deep below the ocean floor...in fish people territory.

It'll involve takes on the fish girl, godzilla girl, and alien girl. The fish girl is actually hot. The godzilla girl is a grown-up female godzilla who stages a battle with her brother the grown-up godzookie in Coolsville Harbor to distract Elsa (Elsa Quest tie in) while you break international law and sneak into Fish-people territory in your power armor. The alien girl is the most fudged. She's The grown up daughter of Tara and Zandor from the Herculoids. A jungle princess spitfire from outerspace who is the only human Winnie doesn't hold back when sparring against . Why and how she's on Earth in fish-people territory will be explained.




Tied game!

>> No.44453803

Guys. I know this is weird.
But can we vote on what we're doing right now rather than worrying about someone we haven't met in character at this moment?

>> No.44453826

Well, we have to continue to be different from everyone else she has loved / nibbled. This is a woman who can mesmerize any man she wants and have her way with him. If we want to have a chance we have to make sure we don't act like her errand boy.

I'm kind of worried with how fast things are going. She's going to get burned out on us. We need to keep some of our mystique and keep a little bit of distance.

>> No.44453833

And that decides it!


>> No.44453849


So glad I finally caught up with all the quests and get to contribute with voting.

>> No.44453860

This is an Ice Vampire, right? Then Florian is the obvious choice.

Though, since we don't know where they are right now, we may want to start with lucy and swap to Florian later.

>> No.44453863

Wait, you mean there is more? Awesome.
Now we just have to find which one of those tree is not lesbian.
My vote is on the fish girl, she is probably accustomed to the taste of tuna.


>> No.44453873

>Borderline gay
There is nothing borderline about White Fell's massive throbbing pulsing furry ladyboner for our wolfish girl.

>> No.44453882

I'll say go with da Florian.

>> No.44453896

Let's go with Lucy

>> No.44453915


I really, really hope we don't actually try romancing girl-godzilla.

She is actually a girl godzilla. As in giant monster.

>> No.44453925

Voted Lucy before, doing it again.

>> No.44453928

Florian I guess but it feels like tipping our hand.
Tower saint hasn't been used yet and protects us from falling debris.
So...tower saint.

>> No.44453931

We've been very good at being stoic, haven't we?

>> No.44453934


>> No.44453941

I don't wanna romance ladyzilla either
I saw Legendary's Godzilla, I don't like my ladies that big....

>> No.44453951

How will Lucy help with lockdown?

>> No.44453977

Heightened sense could help locate vampire quickly and quietly

>> No.44453991

You sound like a quitter, SQ.
Does the anon from that quest have experience spelunking? What about deep diving with no equipment?

>> No.44454000

>Not wanting to call in a favor from ElsAnon to build a suit to woo that
>Not having your girl's back against King Ghidora

>> No.44454011

Yes but that's not what we're doing - we're openly locking the place down so he'd know we're looking for him.

>> No.44454025

You mean Princess Ghidy, right?

>> No.44454040

So are we going to cause a scene? Shaky-Saint will lock these shit down real fast... but there may be collateral damage.

>> No.44454053

Florian, because we need to grab the attention of people so they lock the place down.

>> No.44454070

>there may be collateral damage.
When has that stopped us before?
We will just rebuild the place.
Heck, we can open our own place, with nuns and prayer.

>> No.44454117

Well, when I say collateral damage I'm not really talking about the building...

Falling rocks kill people.

>> No.44454125

But what about the other movie-goers?
Plus, causing collateral damage of any kind may not be a good idea with the werewolves around. Winnie, at least, I'm sure would care.

>> No.44454166


>> No.44454170

Pshaw, let's throw church money at the dead people, i am sure they won't care.
We are going to fight her anyway, so why not over this?

Okay, okay, use Elizabeth Barthory to destroy the exits, leave everything else as it is.

>> No.44454182




You switch on Lucy.

"Good morning anon, good morning." A small, sad voice rings in your head. "...It is not yet Christmas morn. (You usually take out each Saint and celebrate with them during Christmas). Are we now, even on Christmas Eve in danger? Such is our lot and burden. We accept it. Glory be to God."

It goes dark.

You smell each and every person in the theatre. You smell their freshly inked programs and their oiled popcorn. You smell their sugary candies and drinks.

All these people are about to be forced to stay here for the holidays.

Such is your duty. It cannot be helped.

You fire a bolt of ectoplasma into the air. "I am a Special Investigator of the Catholic Church." You declare over their stunned silence and reflexive screaming. "I am hunting a deadly maniac. A dangerous vampire. Antonello da Messina."

"H-Hey man..." The employee behind the counter says shaking. You can hear him shake. His badge jangles against his shirt "I-I was just joking about what I said earlier, ya know?"

You focus on each and every person in the building. No one is moving. Good. Now its only a matter of finding out who is the vampire.


Maybe. But there would be a chance we wouldn't be able to do it fast enough.

This way is safer.

That anon is A son of one of the terrorist frog-men from the first episode of Johnny Quest. He knows all about spelunking and deep sea diving. When he got older he tried his hand at being a ghost pirate for Red Beard the Pirate. Scooby and Friends foiled that plot, and he wound up in jail. That's where Tom and Tubb recruited him, springing him from the slammer under the condition that he use their prototype super-suit to break into the hidden city of the Fish People and find Godzilla and Moby [/spoiler}

>> No.44454246

Man, this sort of feels like we are robbing the place.

Does the ice Vampire have a distinctive smell or something that we can identify him by?

>> No.44454249

>Order the present vampires to step fordward.

>Then go after the ones that refused to step fordward
>Check'em too.

>That anon is (...)
If he can navigate through damp and cramped places and hold his breath for a long time, then he can romance the allegory for an atom bomb fallout.

>> No.44454278 [SPOILER] 

Remember that we are looking for a vampire that looks like pic related.
He is known for killing people and making bad puns

>> No.44454283


>> No.44454284

Touch is a sense.
As such, while using Lucy we're also more aware of temperature shifts, as well as scent, sound and taste.

Dude's thing is ice. Plus being a vampire, they're normally cooler than normal to start with.
Though that last is just base speculation.

>> No.44454319

Nah, Sibella was cold to the touch too.
We can base our search on that.

>> No.44454356

If he's iced up he'll be like the refrigerated aisles in a store though.

>> No.44454371

>Gather everyone in theater in a line
>"Would every vampire please step forward"
>A couple people step forward
>Blue man with visible icicles growing on him does not
>"Would everyone of ANY kind of supernatural, unnatural, WEIRD condition, step forward?"
>Winnie and her brother, along with a couple humans claiming to be psychics, step forward
>Man with a sheet of ice now forming under his feet hangs back
>"Sir, would you mind stepping forward?"
>"Who, me? I didn't do nuffin."
>You special investigators always drive me batty."

>> No.44454375 [SPOILER] 

Well, that oooor...

>> No.44454382

You're willing to be quite daring with that anon aren't you? I'm all for cozying up to an unstoppable force of nature.

>> No.44454405

Inside the monster would be cozier

>> No.44454409

Oh, you better believe that with Lucy on we feel like shit for doing this.

But then again, we would feel like shit doing ANYTHING with Lucy on.

>Does he have a distinctive smell

No. He covers himself with a constantly regenerating layer of ice and water. He doesn't smell.

But...a distinct lack of smell is still a distinction.

"Antonello..." Winnie's eyes widen. "Hey Mr. Vampire Hunter guy!" Winnie marches up to you.

"Winnie!" Jack calls and grabs at her shoulder. Winnie throws him off with a shrug. "What do you know about this Antonello creep huh? Is he supposed to be in here somewhere?"

Oh. This isn't good. She's getting all up in your face and distracting you. Her scent is overpowering and complex, part animal and part girl. And she's nervous. frightened. afraid. You can tell that from the scent.

She has quite the will to be so brave in spite of so much fear.

"Hey vampire guy! I'm talking to you!"

Her flippancy is starting to give the civilians ideas. They're yelling at you, demanding to know what's going on, who are you, why you're keeping them here, please let me go I've done nothing wrong, I just came here for a movie, Is there a vampire here, Oh God can we please go, you can't keep us here with a vampire in the building..."



>> No.44454444

Just explain the situation to her.
We use our nose to hunt vampires (no need to waste time going into all the details with saints and whatnot) and her scent is messing with us.

>> No.44454475

>Please, miss, this is a dangerous criminal. If you could, return to the group. You're upsetting the other civilians and I'd rather not risk a mob that he could take advantage of. "

>> No.44454561

We were challenged to stay within the path of a story.

We were challenged to train Winnie for her fight with White Fell. We ended up with maid wolf waifu.

We were challenged to solve a supernatural mistery like detectives of yore. We ended up a stain on the paviment, and then a God.

We are being challenged to investigte a succession war within vampire clans. We will somehow derail it.

We will be challenged with Gods knows what. We will end up doing the mutant dinosaur.

Such is the way of Anon.

>She only communicates in roars
>Anon, and only anon, understands her perfecly

>> No.44454607

Miss, You're causing Hysteria among the crowd, Please go back with them, But if you want to help, point me in the right direction since it seems you have important info.

>> No.44454613


>> No.44454667

Start the same way you start a game of Guess Who. Separate the men and women.

>> No.44454685


>> No.44454700

"Miss, if you have information to give me i will gladly accept it. But please, stay calm."
In our most "stern cop" tone of voice.

>> No.44454749

Hey, I'm all for it.

For that anon's sake, you had better hope for an absence of d20 rolls.

>> No.44454890

>This is a dangerous criminal...return to the group...
You hear a low growl starting to form in Winnie's throat. "You don't think I know how dangerous this guy is? You think I'm just some girl in the crowd? What right do YOU have, barging in here and making demands! If you're after the creep, fine, but I have a claim on him through my people, so you better tell me what you know and where he is! "

Winnie clearly wants to take this guy down. And why not? He's been hunting her people.

Vampires sometimes develop a preference for a certain kind of prey. One vampire focuses on red headed women. One vampire focuses on children. Antonello focuses on werewolves. He considers it a challenge to find them, corner them, beat them, and then drink their blood. He's been getting away with it for some time. Werewolves like to be alone in the woods and snow. They think they're safe there.

What could excite a sicko like him more than proving to a werewolf that she isn't safe at all in her private wilderness refuge?

Werewolves are also very proud. They don't like

This has led to Antonello having a disturbingly successful career. He's been working his way up the pack order. He started with teenage girls who haven't even had their first proving fight. He took down a beta a week ago. You don't think he'll stop until he bites the alpha.

>Let's not risk a mob.

You hear Winnie turn around and look a the chatter around her growing louder and faster and more frantic.

She clams it down the way a werewolf calms things down.

"QUIET!" She roars.

And it does indeed go quiet...once the ringing in your ears stop. That unfocused you. It nearly made you pass out.

Now you aren't sure if he's moved or not...


>> No.44454914

>They don't like telling people that they've been assaulted and overpowered by a twisted, nigh immortal Italian.

>> No.44454933

Rolled 20 (1d20)

Goddamn it, Winnie!

>> No.44454949

Rolled 18 (1d20)

>Damn, bitch your loud.

>> No.44454957

Rolled 1 (1d20)

Well then

>> No.44454968

Rolled 5 (1d20)

Shit, is this Antonio guy a werewolf vampire?
You told us there are werewolf ghosts, but...

>> No.44454974


>> No.44454982

Well...guess we be spooky again. Thanks goodness for this >>44454949

>> No.44454990

>Nat 1

Well, indeed Friendo

>> No.44454997

So assuming the 1 and 20 cancel eachother out, we're still left with the 18, which is still damn good.

>> No.44455005

Of course...

SQ, is ther a name for the whole saga? Like GhoulQuest or something like that?

>> No.44455024

It's called Manage to get anal and you win.

>> No.44455036

"Ghoul Quest" is already the name of another Ghoul School inspired quest.
So maybeBetter Ghoul Quest

>> No.44455041

I don't think we have an official one, and considering we also have Toonspew's Ghoul quest, I'm always fond of "League of Extrodinary Ghouls" quest.

>> No.44455043

>I am calling him Antonio from now on and you can't stop me.

>> No.44455078



>> No.44455084

Did you REALLY not see it in your heart to spend ONE fucking style point.

>> No.44455089

Someone once called it the "Expanded Ghoul School Universe."

>> No.44455096

Can we just spend some style points to just not count the 1 so we can please count the 20 and get some advantage already?

>> No.44455105

I suppose we could have, but I saw the 18 so at the worst we were going to be running neutral. That and I know with a battle coming up, style points are better served in combat.

>> No.44455107

We're not psychic, Anon.

>> No.44455108

No. it's in our favor anyway/

>> No.44455122

When you see a natural goddamn 20, you should spend a style point since there's no risk we'd run at a loss.

>> No.44455126

Toonspew is doing Ghoulquest, maybe we can be "Boy meets Ghoul Quest".

>> No.44455138

This is not Undertale.
You can't forbid me from naming something just because the name itself is already occupied.

So, Latin America or Spain?

>> No.44455146

I just want to gain an Advantage out of rolling a natural 20.
Benny got one, let us have one already.

>> No.44455167

Well, techincally speaking, we do. We now have a p+3 on ranged attacks, not to mention at least autohit.

>> No.44455169

We are pretty lacking in perks

>> No.44455176

We also got a 1. That means we lose an advantage.
We still gain the style points, tho'

>> No.44455183

Mom's from Spain, Papa's PuertoRican

>> No.44455198

Which is what annoys me so goddamn much.
Saw that 20, started getting happy, and then that fucking 1.

>> No.44455208

Result: Very Good


New Advantage: GOOD LISTENER

You're very good at hearing things with Lucy. While she's active you have +3 to listen. This also gives you +2 when avoiding attacks with Lucy. You hear attacks before they come.


While using Lucy you have a vulnerability to loud sounds. They require you to make a check to avoid becoming stunned.

>Is he a werewolf vampire

No. Just a vampire who likes dominating werewolves.

I keep telling you guys this quest is pure /x/...



Please notice me Toonspew-Sempai...

I suggest "Haunted Ghoul Quest".


>> No.44455229

Fucking dammit.

>> No.44455244


How much are this "bear rings" actually worth?

>> No.44455249

>Just a vampire who likes dominating werewolves.
Doesn't seem like such a bad guy. We have a lot in common, at least.

>> No.44455257

So should we hate Winnie?
Because I'm definitely hating her for giving us a disadvantage.

I don't suppose we could just spend all the style points to re-roll a single d20 instead of all of them?

>> No.44455276

Well, as the guy that rolled that one, I don't hate the negative, at least in concert with the positive that we got from the 20.

It's still bad, but not the worst. Put it this way, it's not as bad as the -2 for dodging falling debris, nor the -2 for acting in panic. At least in my opinion.

>> No.44455296

>New Advantage: GOOD LISTENER

Oh shit. Does this means we can't ask Benny to carry a boombox with "Rules of Nature" blaring at obscene volume as a fight theme?

>> No.44455370

We just gotta buy it off.

>> No.44455371

>That spoiler
I know what i'll be shipping from now on.

>> No.44455386

20 style points, which we can't use for anything else.
And there's other shit we need bought off as well.

>> No.44455401

As the guy who rolled the 20, this disad is totally fine. The +2 defense with lucy is well worth it.

>> No.44455416

Agreed, we got to be more positive about this!

>> No.44455419

Eh, better than just being stuck with shit ears.

>> No.44455440

Extra defense and a situational disadvantage we can roll against is not a bad deal.

>> No.44455442


You refocus....and quickly notice that no one has moved in the theatre. That's good...

Meanwhile, Winnie is still barking at your face.

"...And he's humiliated personal friends of mine! Even family members! I have a duty as alpha of my pack to bring him to justice!...."

"...And what are you doing spacing out on me like that?" You can feel her breathe hot and angry on your face. "

"Poor girl." Lucy whispers in your ear. "She's afraid for her pack. She's afraid of the burden of your duty. She's afraid for herself. She's afraid of you. Such fear! Yea, I have known such fear myself..."

"Well, are you going to talk to me or just stand there like an idiot?" Winnie says.

...You think you're getting part of the problem. She's probably staring you in the eye. Like a wolf. And instead of meeting her gaze you're in Lucy mode. Where your useless eyes stare glassily at nothing.

That has to be unnerving as hell to a werewolf on a primal level...


Didn't want that disadvantage?
She also gave you an advantage.

Only if you use Lucy.

>> No.44455447

Yeah but the thing about prequels is that, Why would we keep this bonus?

Just like the Stun gloves in Arkham origins, you have god mode, why didn't you bring that to the asylum you stupid fuck.

>> No.44455474


>> No.44455504

Giver her a scowl.

"if you keep yelling like that, your prey is going to slip away during the commotion. Do you want that? No? Then be quiet and help me look. Listen to what I say and I'll let you get a swing in. Deal?"

>> No.44455507

>Why do we have bonuses in our DLC flashback?

Because uh....WE JUST DO....

..... please buy that...

>> No.44455511

>I'm afraid I'm quite blind at the moment, though your howling isn't helping me find him. Please remain calm, I will deal with this one as I have before.

>> No.44455513

>"Y-you t-too"
Stick with what you know

>> No.44455530

You're gonna have to roll to convince me

>> No.44455531

Still voting for just calmly explaining things to her.
We don't have to waste time giving her our life story, just "I have an ability that makes me blind in exchange for other heightened senses. I CAN'T look you in the eye right now, I'm sorry. I'm trying to find the vampire by using my nose, but right now, your scent is throwing me off."
It's important that we don't make her feel alienated or threatened by us. We're both on the same team after the same thing here.

>> No.44455551

>"Sorry, I'm bind right now, so I can't really maintain eye contact."

>> No.44455558

We don't say anything to to short loud pungent ball of fur. Just lift a finger to our lips.

I like the idea of SibAnon being completely uninterested in Winnie in every conceivable way.

>> No.44455569

I like to think that we don't really gain the bonuses as we play, but rather, the abilities just mechanically explain why we do so well in certain areas - and to cover up the fact that everything we do is really just an RNG fest.

>> No.44455572

Midichlorians: they harden in response to badly put together MIDI files.
Also we breath through our skin.

>> No.44455588

That sounds funny, then again I'm not exactly unbiased

>> No.44455592

This, and also a note that we can also hear extremely well, so it's in everyones best interest if we can hear properly.

>> No.44455613

Fine, but just because you're cute.

>> No.44455659

Stop hitting on the Quest Master!

>> No.44455665

Rolled 6 (1d20)


>I'm blind.

"Uh...you...uh...what..." She stammers in embarrassment. You can feel her body heat rise. "Oh...I'm sorry. I didn't know!"

>Briefly explain.

"Oh...okay..." She whispers. "I can hear pretty good myself. Even a little better than the average werewolf. What uh, what are we listening for?"



>> No.44455717

We could use a tracking dog.
And scent is pretty useless when searching for a man that smells like nothing.

Are vampires of a different density than normal humans? Lighter, heavier? Do their hearts sound different? How about the way they breathe?

>> No.44455721

nah we can involve her, I imagine she'll just get in the way if we exclude her. I say we put her on guard duty, to make sure no one goes out the door.

>> No.44455724

I just realized how we may get our comic misunderstanding...and I am laughing already...

>Tell her to do what?
Listening for movement is wise. If she's got the abilities, may as well use it.

>> No.44455739

>Rolled 6 (1d20)
Nope, I wont accept it.

For now, How about you stay back, Ill make sure you get your claim.

>> No.44455779

Absolutely fucking not.
Here's an idea: we stay with other civilians and sniff around for clues. We can keep the masses safe while investigating them.
We, Lucy and Abby should be able to control the crowd and keep everyone safe in case the vampire shows us.
Then, Winnie can go with Benny exploring the theater, looking for clues or the vampire.
But stress to them that they are NOT to split up. That is how vampires get the upperhand and shit. Convince the two to stick together, even if you have to lie a little; tell Benny to keep the werewolf in check, and tell Winnie that Benny is inexperienced and needs her to look after him in case things get bad.

>> No.44455804

We can learn to get along eventually, but I like it better when things start out with two people butting heads (e.g. Sam & Diane on Cheers) than when one of them is overly apologetic and the other excessively critical.

>> No.44455809

>Your assistance would be appreciated. But please leave the apprehending to me. I'd like to avoid any unnecessary violence.

>> No.44455858

>Be us sniffing for clues with Winnie
>Discover an Odd scent
>Cue 10 minutes of following scent,
>We finally find source of scent
You, Perv!, Im not in Heat or anything.

>> No.44455864

Say SQ, what happens to a vampire that killed thousands in the most horrible ways if he surrenders peacefully?
Is he taken back and jailed on Vatican City? Or is he executed on the spot regardless?

>> No.44455872

We do this.

>> No.44455877

>Something smells like weeb lust

>> No.44455951

Let's ask Winnie for help
We'll listen for movement, have Winnie sniff out for anything that is lacking a scent

>> No.44455960


I...It's because of time magic! And-And-And biomorphic fields!

Y-You too...

They're breathing and heartbeat do sound different to a trained ear. You can spot the difference, but you aren't sure if Winnie can (she can, but you don't know that she's a friend of Sibella yet and knows about vampires this much).

>Let her help

You tell Winnie that you're listening to movement.

You hear her ears prick up. "I uh, don't think I hear-"

You've focused enough. The are is secure. Now we need to start moving everyone to the front.

>Please lave the apprehending to me.

"If I see him, I'm going at him. That's all there is to it."


As an SI you have full authority in the field.

You are encouraged to to always capture them and turn them over to the local authorities.

But if you stake some evil bastard no one is going to give you shit about it. Some vampires are just EVIL. Saying "it looked like he was about to spring and attack me" will get you out of ANYTHING.

>> No.44456003

>Sniffing around theater
>Smell something strange on ground
>Little drops of some liquid
>Remember puddle of liquid from before
>3rd grade level problem solving skills place this to be the same fluid
>Crouch down to get closer
>Follow trail of droplets
>Can smell a deep, overpowering hunger in them
>Like it's desire and need personified
>Must be some new, unholy side effect of feral vampirism
>Follow musky trail to Winnie meeting WQ Anon
Follow trail up Winnie's leg
"Don't move werewolf girl, I think you've had contact with otherworldy slime. I need to investigate"

>> No.44456044

How much day to day discrimination vampires face?
The way law enforcement is prepared to deal with the bad apples make it seem like it sucks for the non-evil ones.

>> No.44456045

>Like it's desire and need liquified

>> No.44456069

>Ask them to bring out the civilians still in the theaters, one at a time while we keep an eye on the crowd to keep things under control.
SQ, I'mma do bad stuff to your butt

>> No.44456078

>Anon doesn't know what pussy smells like
Makes sense.

>> No.44456093

Let's have Winnie and Benny team up
If Winnie does find the guy and tries to go after him she'll have explosive cover fire as backup

>> No.44456125

I would have been with the plan to have Winnie stick with Benny, I am very concerned with her saying she'll straight up bullrush the Vampire upon seeing it. At least if she's with us, we can be there to assist if she takes any blows.

I say we start moving people to the front.

>> No.44456208

I know right, who doesn't know what Wolf pussy smells like

>> No.44456271

Vampires usually aren't discriminated against because they usually don't socialize with normies period. When they do its with a devoted group of followers who love giving them blood.

Life can be hard for a vampire trying to interact outside their groupies. They can turn into mist. They can hypnotize people. The reason that people like you have existed throughout history and exist now and probably will exist for a long, long time is because if a vampire decides to break the law there's very little one can do to bust them legally. Some don't even HAVE fingerprints.

So the average vampire tends to be looked on with suspicion. Because it's very, very easy to get away with shit as a vampire.

Have mercy. I am just one anon!

>Have them move people to the front

>Have us

Benny walks in through the door with his armor.

"Benny the Bomber!" He declares swinging the doors open. "Up at bat!"

Everyone stares silently.

"Winnie, this is Benny, Benny, Winnie. The two of you are going to from theater to theater bringing everyone up here."

They both stare at each other, both utter an awkward "hi", and both walk to the theaters giving you a quickly muttered "okay".


Jack holds and shakes his head. "Oh my god, she takes too much after her old man..."

>> No.44456301

By the end of all this, Weeb Anon is going to know exactly how every variety of pussy smells like.
Vampire, angel, the subtle differences between werewolf and wendigo, the electric shock up your sinuses and down your genitals when you whiff a ghost's pussy. Godzilla's daughter, frankenvag, all of it.
Except for normal human woman, of course.

>> No.44456345

>Start searching, don't want this to get out of hand before they bring in the next group.

>> No.44456360

>will know what all that monster puss puss smells like
>will never know what a human pussy smells like
Just like in those animes he watches

>> No.44456367


>Winnie enters the game
>Lewdness skyrockets

If this was Phanty instead of Winnie would all these posts be about crushing sadness and demonic cyborg clown soul-rape instead?

>> No.44456382

Begin the inspection

>> No.44456400

It's interesting to see how these bland, featureless ghouls have not only become actual characters because of you, but they cause US, the anons, the grow some level of character as well.

>> No.44456415

No cucking shit here, please.

>> No.44456462

Begin checking. You got this.

>> No.44456496

Currently there's nothing to do that to. Winnie isn't with her weeb.

Sibella isn't with Boo-mont.

They've not met.
"So...Sibella, turns out one of your best friends and I had a one night stand a year or so back. Small world, huh?"

>> No.44456607

We're not weeb enough for Winnie.
>You take that werewolf girl back to your place
>She knows what's going on
>She's into it
>You bring her into your fully furnished, well-maintained living space
>You take her up into your decidedly not autistically-well-kept, moderately clean room
>She sees your mainstream gaming setup
>She sees your read-left-to-right romance novels
>She sees your collection of movies and games that are in objectively good taste
>You begin undressing, starting with your shirt
>She sees your well-maintained form
>She gets a good long look at your rock hard six pack
>She eyes your Greek statue-esque pecs
>She says:
>"Nah, man, I'm not into it."
>She leaves your house
>She spends the rest of the night curled up in WQ Anon's sexually charged neckbeard watching Shinji receive acceptance from Penguin Friend for the 9th time

>> No.44456623


>Go ahead and check

You move from person to person, listening to their hearts and breathing, feeling the coolness coming off their skin, and creeping each and every one of them out.

You just stand there. You don't look at them. And then you take their measure. And then you move on to the other one.

This is what it means to be a hunter. To be fearsome. To be strange. And to know without a doubt that you are fearsome and strange.

"The way they stare at us anon..." Lucy whispers. "I have at times stared that way at darkness. When I would think I saw God in the darkness staring back at me."

"What's he doing?" They whisper.

"He's checking us. One of us is the vampire."

"Oh god! Maybe the guy in the anime shirt? I bet its him!"

"Oh man. What if he thinks me or you are the vampire? Is he going to kill us?"

"I'm not a vampire. I'm not a vampire. I'm not a vampire."

"Hmph. He looks like bad Dante cosplay. At least try to look like Vampire Hunter D."

"Bro, this is just like The Thing!"

Before you've finished checking, someone makes a run at the door!

Everyone gasps!

You turn to act!

Everyone holds their breathe!


>> No.44456657

You're drastically overestimating or underestimaing something fundamental here about one night stands.

>> No.44456658

Don't think, move to block them.

Is the guy in the anime shirt WQAnon? Cuz I really wanted to mess with him.

>> No.44456663

>Shoot just in front of them to scare them back. Probably a scared idiot doing something stupid.

>> No.44456676


>> No.44456696

Yes he is.

He's also the guy that said you look like bad Dante cosplay.



I'd love for there to be fanart of W-anon surrounded by the rest of the cast clapping for him. CONGRATULATIONS WEEB-KUN!

>> No.44456699

We can just tap someone with Lucy's ectoplasm right? Doesn't have to be lethal?

>> No.44456710

Block plz.

>> No.44456715

it's most likely to keep everyone else from moving any more too.

>> No.44456725

My dank meme was also kind of a suggestion.
Yell that really loudly and commanding, see if it makes him stop. We may be able to stop him without leaving our position.

>> No.44456762

Block him

>> No.44456808


>> No.44456848

block, if he charges then we have our man

>> No.44457046


>Block him

You slide over with agile skill and cut off the runner.


You bellow as he halts in his tracks and falls over from the momentum of his stop.

"Y-You can't keep us here like this you fascist! I want my lawyer! I'm not a vampire!"

Your sense tell you he's telling the truth.

"J-Just leave us alone! I only came here to watch a movie!" He says sobbing.

And then that's when he acts.

You hear a screams. Your senses cut through the screams. You hear an arm close around a windpipe.

Antonello has a hostage.

"For one night...just for one night..." The voice is sharp. Cold. Merciless. "I try to pretend to have a normal life. I try going to the movies. And I wind up finding YOU here. One of the new hunters. I try having a normal life, just for tonight, just for Christmas, and YOU have to show up."

You can feel the air around you start to chill. You can hear the people shiver and pull their arms and clothes tight against themselves.

"And why? Because I showed some actual bitches their place? Because I reminded them that they're ANIMALS lesser than real men? Just for that you had to ruin my Christmas?"

"Ice! Ice on the walls!"

"It's freezing! The building is freezing!"

"Red Ice!"

You can smell it. He's covering the walls with frozen blood.

Ancient Italian vampires are quite fond of their blood alchemy. It's a tradition for them.

"Well young hunter. Here I am." He presses his arm tighter against the neck of his captive. He could twist his neck off like a chicken if he wanted.

"Don't...worry about me...get him!" The hostage says.

You think it's the guy withe the weird anime T-shirt.

"You can't possibly hate me more than you love your code. Back off. And I'll let him go. Come at me and my Christmas dinner will be on you." You hear his ancient mouth open wide. You can smell the wolf blood wafting from it.


>> No.44457101

WQANON, NO! Don't be a hero!

Can abby do something to give him a chance to escape? We don't want to go nuts while he has a hostage.

>> No.44457120

We might want to consider switching to Saint Shaky. She might be able to separate the two through her vibrations.

>> No.44457129

Plot armor dictates that we can charge at him all we want and Weeb "Bitch Penetrator" Anon will be fine.
But let's play this right.
I say we try talking with vampire. Ask him how he got the ice red, ask him about what movie he was going to see, sound amazed and how incredible and unique his alchemy is. Anything to keep him talking.
We buy time for Winnie to show up and rescue her alpha male. This is not only a sound plan because vampire would be distracted and may not expect the werewolf to be working with us, but would be a great way for those two to meet.

>> No.44457134

>Islamic Iblis has him refuse Allah's orders for all angels to bow before Adam because he was mad Tsundere for Allah and didn't believe Adam could love Allah like he could
Damn...Now that you mentioned it, It is going to be really weird now when i read Quran

>> No.44457143

>If you're a "real man", then you'll stop hiding behind a human shield and we'll take this outside. Just you and me. Or Aren't you man enough to put down an uppity little hunter like me?

play to that pride

>> No.44457197

I'm with this guy. Play it straight.

>> No.44457224 [DELETED] 

There is no conspiracy to make traditional games politically correct. Characters in fiction and gaming communities simply change with respect to the latest cultural values. But you fedora-tipping cancerous fucks always blame imaginary SocJus boogeymen when people start hating you for the shit that you do. As long as you continue to refuse act like decent human beings, people will keep noticing.

But of course, you will keep blaming imaginary "SJWs", "poseurs" and "normies" when you the public hates you for the scum you are. And let's not even get started on how you all react to games becoming more popular and easily accessible.

>> No.44457232

>Can Abby do something?

Besides fly you at him like a rocket? No.

>Bring out Barb



Talk wins.


>> No.44457253

>Goddamn tumblr shitposters taking over my boards, stealin' away my werewolf waifu

>> No.44457266

Shall we go with the movie angle? Seems the easiest way to stall.

>> No.44457283

>Challenge him, tell him that no man can interfere in the duel, play up how weak this is making him look.

>> No.44457369

Ohhhh. These could end up in some situations.




>> No.44457381

>cue Winnie fucking him up
>"I am no man"

>> No.44457393

>Duel, set up for an I AM NO MAN moment from Winnie.
God willing, she won't fuck it up and we can tag team this cowardly bitch.
All Father Costilla wants for christmas is this cunt's two front fangs.

>> No.44457401

Talk about movies.
Ask if he saw Breaking Dawn.

>> No.44457405

Winnie is really riled up, so this won't end well either way. If we buy time with the movie she's just gonna jump him and get her future boyfriend killed.

If we challenge him to a duel she will butt in, but at least it'll save WQAnon.

>> No.44457430

That's cool. I will still enjoy my Conan-esque stories about male power and female subservience. Because I enjoy it. And I really don't give a damn about your "muh wimmins" and "muh oppression". More power to yah. Because at the end of the day, history will bear out exactly what that kind of bullshit is. A supremacy movement. So yeah, have fun with being this generations Hitler Youth. I'll be over here enjoying my scantily clad elf women and my over the top male stereotypes.

>> No.44457496

I wonder who deleted that?
Was it the poster himself, realizing that he was posting in a completely irrelevant thread, or a mod?
If the latter, does that mean we should watch ourselves with our Winnie lewdness? Then again, we've already been pretty lewd, with no mod interference.
Could the mods have accepted these threads as a legitimate quest that just happens to have beast races and sexual themes?

>> No.44457521


You challenge him to a duel in which no man may interfere.

"You're very brave..." Antonello says tossing the guy in the T-shirt to the ground. "And also very foolish.

"And now..." He says with mocking sweetness.

You can feel the wind around you pick up. You feel little ice crystals of blood fleck against your clothes and face and hair.

He's making it snow blood.

A Christmas miracle straight from hell.

"...Now you will die."

"What a wretched man." Lucy whispers. "To seek sanctuary and relaxation on this the night of our lord. Only a mad animal could think such a thing possible. For his sake, let us together anon, divorce him from his misery..."





>> No.44457539

That's why I suggest any and all 'fade to black' lewdness heads straight to pastebin/googledocs, whatever.

Florian, you're up.

>> No.44457544

>Keep Lucy
>Strike a JoJo pose

>> No.44457570

"This ends here foul beast."

>> No.44457573

I'd like to think the guy was banned, but I don't see a "user was banned for this post" thing. It's copy pasta, so I don't think the poster himself deleted it.

So it had to be a mod. And I think the mods are understanding as long as we don't press our luck.

>fade to black lewdness that leads straight to pastebin or googledocs

That's how I plan for things to happen when they happen.

>> No.44457587

Are we going to Sunlight Yellow Ovadraibu?

>> No.44457588

It's a copy pasta dude

>> No.44457598

Florian would be fitting here, but that +2 DEF from lucy is no joke. Let's stick with her for now.

>> No.44457609

>Fighting vampires
>"Style Points" for doing cool shit
>Usually fighting hand to hand or with pyrokinesis
>Call upon spirits for the above fighting styles
>Have an immaterial double that helps us out and is always by our side
Goddamn, how did I not realize how Jojo this quest was until now?

>> No.44457649

Winnienon is gonna lose his goddamn mind

>> No.44457703

Keep Lucy. I assume that Florian would just make the melted blood into normal blood, no? That'd probably fuck up Winnie and us too, smell and all

>> No.44457714

>Keep Lucy

You hear and feel the wind whip up into a frenzy. Your coat rustles like a flag.

You hear a wind heavy with heavy, sharp shards scream near you and you transform Lucy into a shield. The wind slams against her, pushing you back, boots squealing against the floor.

You hear the wind screaming. A very large, very powerful, and very sharp blizzard is about to crash into you like a tidal wave.

ROLL 3D20+2

>> No.44457718

I'm okay with this, as someone that suggested Florian, but here's a question. We have a crowd, I know we have our bonus on guns, but we should go with swords. If they flee in a frenzy, then maybe we can switch. But I'm a little nervous with this crowd.

>> No.44457728

What is Abby's stand name?

>> No.44457734

Rolled 6 (1d20)

Style points is a Devil May Cry reference anon.

>> No.44457758

Remember, doing shit while people are in visible danger gives us -2. Endangering innocents leads to US being in danger.



>> No.44457763

Rolled 6 + 2 (1d20 + 2)

I'll use a point to make this safe

>> No.44457765

Rolled 1 + 2 (1d20 + 2)


>> No.44457786

Abby basically is our stand.
Good work

>> No.44457788

Rolled 13 (1d20)


>> No.44457804

Arms of the Angel, cause she holds us when she flies and we are her sword

>> No.44457839

Stairway to Heaven

>> No.44457850

Knockin' On Heaven's Door

>> No.44457922

>Very bad

Sure it end up a failure, but it could have been worse!


A blizzard blasts into you and bowls you over. You slide across the floor while sharp bits of blood-ice tear through your halo and scratch against your skin.

They haven't drawn blood...yet...

Helplessly you fly about the theater, crashing through a cardboard stand of Edward and Bella and a popcorn machine. It finally stops when you hit a soda machine.

The wind hits you with so much force that you start to push the soda machine straight into the wall. It hits the wall with a thud that reverberates through your entire body. And you're still pinned to it, ice biting and slicing and sticking into you like a tornado made of razors.

"F-forgive me anon..." Lucy stammers.

"So that's not enough to crack through that pretty angel-armor of yours." A harsh voice muses some distance off. "Well, let's try something with a bit more mass behind it...

Something cold and large is collecting a few feet above your head....we better not be there when it decides to yield to gravity...


>> No.44457932

Rolled 20 (1d20)

Oh geez

>> No.44457951

Rolled 13 (1d20)


>> No.44457993

Rolled 7 (1d20)

I believe

>> No.44458006

Well that makes up for my 1 earlier when we pulled that negative. Go me!

Also potential boss music:

>> No.44458106





When you use Lucy your cuts are extremely precise. This grants you +1 using Lucy in Sword mode and allows you a chance to cut through large objects about to crush you. You can also now deflect objects with Lucy in sword mode, potentially deflecting them back to other targets. This gives you +1 to defense as long as Lucy is in sword mode. This tacks with your hearing advantage, giving you +3 to defense with Lucy.




>> No.44458113

2-part greentext coming
Second part is shorter
I'm sorry
>WQ Anon lived his life as a weeb
>A useless, unloved, unskilled weeb
>Could never hold a job, get a girlfriend, or even have any kind of relationship with his own family
>Preferred to live in his fantasy world of ghost samurai and alien androids
>After receiving an absurd amount of money from [unexplored plot here] he bought a cabin and, in his new enhanced isolation, continued to decay; plunging right-to-left into the abyss
>For some strange reason he could never place, he felt an irresistible urge to go to the movies one Christmas eve; his first social outing in months.
>Years, even.
>He thought the werewolf girl was eyeing him.
>For the first moment in years, he felt like a girl MIGHT be interested in him
>But he quickly brushed it off
>"Been playing too many dating sims; I have no idea how real girls work"
>When he was abruptly taken hostage, he did not try to escape, nor did he beg for his life
>"Don't...worry about me...get him!"
>"Don't worry about me"
>He wasn't worth worrying about.
>He didn't mind dying if it meant not getting in the way
>Because dying to not get in the way was he was good for
>What did life have in store for him?
>Re-reading the same mangas?
>Streaming the latest hit anime?
>Those were all just false joy; stimulating him on the surface of his mind, but nothing deeper
>Deeper, much deeper than Anon had ever actively felt since childhood, Anon kind of wanted the vampire to kill him
>Anon kind of wanted to avoid going back to that empty cabin, full of figurines, and posters, and other material idols to his wasted life
>But he was denied that release
>Instead, a furious battle straight out of his animes was fought right in front of him
>A kind of power and passion that Anon didn't think was possible outside of fiction

>> No.44458127

>What's more, the hero was no vampire or ghost or werewolf himself
>Clearly, he was human
>Clearly-er, there was some supernatural force about him, but he was human nonetheless
>A human just like Anon
>Under different circumstances, and with talent, but a human nonetheless
>No different from Anon, at the heart of it
>On his lonely walk back home Anon looked about Coolsville with new eyes
>He could see the city for what it really was
>The streets are extensions of the gutters, and the gutters are overflowing
>Violent, evil, and mostly unstoppable criminals pull shit like this every day
>It needed someone MORE than a vampire hunter; more than someone fighting out of a sense of duty
>The city needed justice, and Weeb Anon answered the call
>When Anon went back to his isolation that night, he did not watch his objectively shit taste anime.
>He did 100 pushups
>100 situps
>100 squats
>And a 10 mile (these quests take place is 'Murica, I don't know what Japanese metrics your workout routine uses) run around the woods
>He came home and immediately collapsed from the exhaustion of using his muscles, not only for the first time in years, but damn near their limit
>Things were intense for a while
>At times he just wished he was dead more fervently than before
>But he always pushed on, never missing a single day, with his simple goal in mind:
>"Next holiday season, I will be the hero"

>> No.44458181

Oh boy, that is a sweeeeet perk!

>> No.44458210


>> No.44458211


>> No.44458246

Abdiel tries desperately to free you from the blizzard pinning you in place but to no avail! Her wings beat furiously, she tugs at your halo, and you still remain in place.

Something comes together above you with a SNAP.

"Merry Christmas vampire hunter!"

"ANON!" Abby shrieks!

But you and Lucy have been listening. He's put together a giant killer snowball.

But you were listening.

Listening to how it was put together.

Listening to the stress fractures formed in the joining.

Stress fractures that Lucy CUTS.

Countless strokes.

A single second.


You nearly tore your arm out getting Lucy to activate, but once you did she took care of the rest. Clumps of snow with the killer weight of cornerstones break the floor beneath you as you slide through the cut spaces. Your halo still has to absorb some of the debris, but it absorbs far less mass and far less weight than Antonello expected.

It's fine. You're fine.

"W-what?" Antonello can't believe his eyes. He's stunned.

If he can't believe that, he's not going to believe what you're about to do. Putting all her strength into her arms and wings Abdiel finally wretches you free with a yell!




>> No.44458261

HAve we used barabara once

I dont even remember what he is.

>> No.44458282

Fun stuff. Makes me want to read that googledocs that some anon wrote. I never got around to that.

Lets rush him, still don't want to go ranged.

She has earthquake powers. There will come a time when she is the one we want to use. It is not that time yet.

>> No.44458283


And she.

She represents the triumph over man-made structures.

She basically turns you into The Shocker.

>> No.44458284

If Abby's trying to pull us to safety, she's probably just misreading or overreacting. I'm sure we've got this. Charge Antonello.

>> No.44458332

for Jesus and stuff

>> No.44458347

"Fly me at him!" You order Abdiel.

"O-Okay Anon!" She dives with you. You strike with Lucy. The three of you are together in this strike!

ROLL 3D20+1

>> No.44458356


>> No.44458357

Rolled 7 (1d20)


>> No.44458362

Rolled 12 + 1 (1d20 + 1)


>> No.44458388

Rolled 15 + 1 (1d20 + 1)


>> No.44458413


>> No.44458416

Rolled 13 + 1 (1d20 + 1)


>> No.44458443

Very good

Result: Very good

You feel Lucy hit something solid.

You feel Lucy burn through a defensive plate of ice.

You feel Lucy slice through skin.

You feel Lucy slice all the way through to open air.

You hear Antonello scream.

You smell blood burning. Both the blood of his armor and his own that he keeps under his skin. His life blood. You're burning it away.

"ARGHHH!" Antonellos screams and rolls away, Lucy taking a chunk out of his said as he rolls.



>> No.44458455

Rolled 10 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Let's see how it goes with a little hand of God.

>> No.44458467

Rolled 2 (1d20)


>> No.44458474

Rolled 10 + 1 (1d20 + 1)


>> No.44458519

>Very Bad


"Gah! You freak!" Antonello erects a snow globe around himself. You hear it slide up from the ground. You hear ice groan as he twists together smooth sheets to defend himself.

It doesn't matter. You adjust a nob and Lucy becomes large and hammer-like. You smash through his snow globe and prepare another swing for the vampire...

ROLL 3D20+1

>> No.44458547

Rolled 14 (1d20)

Here we go.

>> No.44458552

Rolled 1 + 1 (1d20 + 1)


>> No.44458567

Rolled 14 (1d20)


>> No.44458570

Rolled 14 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Is it to late to make it safe?

>> No.44458578

I'd be willing to push for a style point to make it safe too, if we can.

>> No.44458585

Well this is significantly better than three 1s

>> No.44458600

i'm sorry thread...

>> No.44458607

It is but...it is a Christmas episode.

I'll let you save it. Just this once! Remember next time to ante up the style point before you roll though!


>Very Good
>Very Good

Result: very good plus

Style: 6

You SMASH Lucy into the vampire. He goes sailing through the theater and only stops when he hits the wall.

You hear his own icy blood on the walls crack.

"Gah...stupid...you're so...stupid..."


>> No.44458633

Praise be our merciful Quest Guy!

>> No.44458689

Consider the reprieve a Christmas present from me to all anons!

"Really? How so." You say preparing another angel charge.

"Because that ghost in a stick of yours...makes you blind..." He tries to laugh and hacks up a wad of blood. You can smell it from where you stand.

"You don't know what I've been doing to the walls of this place..."

You hear the TAC sound of bare feet finishing up a leap behind you. You smell wolf and human...and aggression.

"Don't ask me for mercy sicko..." Winnie threatens and adds a throaty, menacing growl. "...Because I won't give it until I beat you into a coma."

And then she leaps.

Not at Antonello!

At you!

Roll 3D20+3!


>> No.44458708

Rolled 11 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

fucking dammit, Winnie!

>> No.44458716

Rolled 2 + 3 (1d20 + 3)


>> No.44458720

Rolled 8 (1d20)


>> No.44458726

Interesting turn of events
But fucking why

>> No.44458727

Well, shit...we may want to go florian soon.

>> No.44458735

How many of you anons are gonna forget to put in the modifier?

all you have to do is say "+#" or "- #"

>> No.44458748

This is how we break her vampiric mesmerism, isn't it?
We activate the Qi point in her butt; let the Hamon flow from her cheeks or something.

>> No.44458755

Awww shit it probably IS mesmerism! Well fuck.

>> No.44458760

Who said it was mesmerism

MAybe he tricked the crowd with what ever he's done to the walls.

>> No.44458803

>But why?

You'll see. Or you would, if you could see.

Although you probably don't want to be looking right this moment...


Will anyone have courage enough to roll the decider?

>> No.44458816

We have a decider.

>> No.44458824

Rolled 2 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Here we go.

>> No.44458834

The fucker wrote "this fucker is team Edward" on the walls with arrows pointing toward us, didn't he?
On a more serious note, he surely did write something on the walls incriminating us. He knows we can't see, and after hearing our conversation with Winnie, knows SHE knows we can't see. He may have been having a silent conversation with her the whole time convincing her that we were the bad guy.
Why didn't Abby see it, though? Does she go blind too?

>> No.44458844

why didn't you use a point...?

>> No.44458866

It's okay, this >>44458720 is our roll.

>> No.44458894

I dont think he counted it.

due to >>44458735 making a point.. And people should learn how to roll properly

>> No.44458941

Never mind I am blind



Winnie's claws come dangerously close to you. Fortunately Abby lifts you out out of the way. You hear the air part with a SHING and feel the air displaced by her five razors on your face.

"GRRRRROWWWWLLLL!" She barks her challenge at you.

"Abby what the hell is-"

"The walls anon the walls! He's done something to the walls! I-I'm not sure what, it just looks like colors to me! I thought it was just him being a weird vampire!"

"Stupid animal!" Antonello spits. "Look how they serve me! Look how I mend her to my will!"

"Shut up!" Winnie yells. "I can hear you JACKASS!"

You duck another swipe. The momentum of her attack leads her to slice through a retro display of Herculoids movie memorabilia and into the walls, slicing through poster after poster as she gracefully slows herself, stops, and rushes at you bouncing from wall to wall to-

ROLL 3D20+3

Abby can't read light like normal people. Angels are like ghosts. Their senses have rough analogs in humans and humanoids, but they aren't alike. What she sees is similar to but different from what you see. She can see bits of UV, for instance. Something as complex as an illusion or hologram would appear to her as just a mess of light...

He's turned the cinema into a house of illusions with his mirrors.

"He seeks to use deceit to kill us." Lucy whispers. "The fool. Cling to me anon and we shall cleave through his legerdemain."

>> No.44458968

Rolled 7 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Why dont we switch to Barbara...

If we break what evers on the walls, the deceit is over right?

>> No.44458983

I wonder if Winnie's heightened senses make her especially vulnerable to that kind of trickery.

>Angels are like ghosts.

>> No.44458992

Rolled 7 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Her or Florian are looking like solid ideas. As much as dodging two people is fine for now, we're going to be having problems long term.

I'll spend a point just for safety.

>> No.44458997

It's all about the collateral damage. There are a ton of innocent movie-goers here.

>> No.44458998

Rolled 4 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

I have a dog on my face

>> No.44459032

I fully believe this to be true...which means she's going to have quite some trouble in that fighting tournament, methinks.

>> No.44459093


Winnie SLAMS into you, pinning your shoulders to the ground and sinking her claws in.

"Now say that again!"

You hear Antonello chuckle evily. "You are an animal! A slave to your animal senses!"

You hear Winnie bring her hand up, form it into a fist, and smash it into your face. Your head bounces against against the floor. You hear it crack. The floor that is. Thank God it's just the floor tiles.

"I SAID say that again!"

"You are a slave to your senses you stupid, stupid dog!"

You feel the tension go from hips to her arm to her fist to your skull and out into the floor again. Lucy senses are a very beautiful way to experience a ground and pound all things considered.


This can't go on. You have an opening, and you better use it before Winnie turns you into hamburger.

ROLL 3D20+1 to fight back! Subtract from the roll to pull your punches!

She is rather vulnerable.

Her fighting the kitsune is going to be interesting. Foxes are smaller and weaker than wolves, but very crafty.

It's also going to completely crush her spirit if she's forced to surrender her Alpha title to an exchange student as W-anon watches. So help her to win!

>> No.44459102

Orrrr We could switch to Florian.

Which would set her on fire.

Your call anons.

>> No.44459113

Rolled 17 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Stick with Lucy

>> No.44459115

Rolled 7 + 1 (1d20 + 1)

Fuck that, just pull out barbara.

but after we get her off of us

>> No.44459120

So wait, this +1 takes account for the fact that we pull punches, yes?

This is not a great idea right now.

>> No.44459129

>thought I put in -1
I'm going mad

>> No.44459154

Rolled 17 - 1 (1d20 - 1)

Gonna pull my punch

also making it safe

>> No.44459254





You turn off Lucy, adjust your grip so that the outlet is pointed straight at Winnie's heaving chest and press the button--but only after swiveling the power outtage down a level with your index finger.

The stream of ectoplasma knocks Winnie into the air and off of you.

Unfortunately that's all it does. Winnie lands in a feral crouch, her teeth bared, snarling. "I'm going to rip your head off for what you did to my friends!"

"Your friends begged me like the weakling they are! You'll beg me to!" Antonello's voice echose from...somewhere. Clever asshole. He's using the ice in the walls to distort and throw his voice.

You have some breathing room. You have time to think of a plan. If you can get rid of Antonello the illusion should go away, but in the middle of all this chaos you've lost track of him. You'll have to follow his voice, and that takes your focus off Winnie...and you have plus 3 to listen, so it won't take long at all to figure out where ion the theater he's hidden himself.

You could try to break the wall. This would be end the illusion, Antonello would still be active somewhere, but you won't have to take your focus away from Winnie.

You could try defeating Winnie. If she's incapacitated you can take care of the weakened vampire at your leisure. This is perhaps the hardest option. (YOU ALSO GET AN ACHIEVEMENT FOR DEFEATING WINNIE)


>> No.44459275


>> No.44459294

No achievement is worth beating Winnie, regardless of the situation.
Voting to protect that smile; destroy illusion, not my waifu's hopes and dreams.

>> No.44459303


>> No.44459325

>Tricked by an illusion
Man, she is not the brightest dog in the kennel

While I do think Lucy would get us to find him quicker, it would be a poor decision, due to the fact that she knows we are sensitive to hearing, and we'll probably have to make checks constantly. Not to mention having to constantly dodge.

If we can just dislodge the ice and shatter it, we should go Barbara, if there is a concern that we can't, go Florian.

I also suggest we go airborn, or at least, as much as we can, to make it harder for Winnie to swipe at us.

>> No.44459453


You switch out. "Goodnight Anon, Goodnight." Lucy says as your vision returns.

Good lord, what a mess of reality Antonello's left for you! Everything is...wrong. You can't tell where the floor ends and the walls or ceiling beings! Its all bright, harshly glowing colors and twisting lines around objects that suggest boundaries only to bend in ways to negate boundaries.

You...think that that's a marquee...and that's a potted plant...and that's a door...

Oh boy. You see four Winnie-forms. That can't be good.

You now know what it feels like to be trapped in an Atari game from the pixel's perspective.

"IMMAKILLYOUCRUSHYOUBREAKYOUARGHHHH!" The Winnie-forms babble. The acoustics in here are weirdddd.

Fortunately you know how to switch out your saints through reflex. You toggle on Barbara...and sweet, sweet rationality calms you.

"Oh goodness me!" A warm, grandmotherly voice rings in your ears. "We seem to be the midst of terrible acoustic and visual distortion! There is no need to worry young Anon. My power can help us map out the surroundings."

Barbara gives you +3 to GET A GRIP. She makes you feel detached, calm, lazy, and analytical.



>> No.44459468

Oh geez, the funhouse level!

Get a grip. We need to orient ourselves, then smash.

>> No.44459488

Break da walls

>> No.44459492

Get a grip and be smart and controlled.
Can't hurt civilians or Winnie, after all.
Are we going to use some vibration trick to better map out surroundings?

>> No.44459498


>> No.44459502

I sure hope so. That would be sweet, and would allow us to at least find the real Winnie while we smash ice.

>> No.44459543


"Now stay calm child, this will only take a few moments." Barb begins to slowly, steadily pulse. You feel her wave of energy extend out and push against the reality hiding behind the illusions before returning to you with true information. In a moment you'll have a...sense of where everything is. It won't be anything like the magic sharpness and clarity of Lucy, but you will know where the wall separates from the floor, and you'll know how many Winnies here are.

You better work fast though, because the Winnie's are falling/floating/flying this way...

ROLL 3D20+3

>> No.44459552

Rolled 1 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Hit it

>> No.44459557

Rolled 16 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Aye Chihuahau
No bueno

>> No.44459567

>My first bad roll today
I'm so sorry anons

>> No.44459572

Rolled 3 + 3 (1d20 + 3)

Might as well spend a point to try and not make it worse.

>> No.44459602




Barbara takes...awhile for her to map out an area. You lose the COOL HEAD bonus when it comes to deploying her echolocation, and it takes an entire turn before you can even roll.

It's taking too long....

"Oh darn. It appears that we will be met with force before I am done."

It looks that way. Eh, so what. It's not as if you haven't been smacked by giant monster warriors before.

And this one is a small monster warrior!

ROLL 3D20 WINNIE COMING AT YOU (normally you would get +3, because Barb comes with a nice kinetic absorption benefit, but you're also blindsided by psychedelic Winnies)

No, don't bother. We've already suffered enough this roll. Your sacrifice would mean nothing in the face of the crit fail.

>> No.44459615

Rolled 18 (1d20)

In that case, how about I use it for this one?

>> No.44459618

Rolled 5 (1d20)


>> No.44459631

Rolled 3 (1d20)


>> No.44459634

Rolled 6 (1d20)


>> No.44459653

Hoo boy, maybe someone else should be spending the style points...

>> No.44459657




You can REBOUND on this roll for 3 Style points, meaning you roll with the attack and instantly strike back.


>> No.44459660

Rebound it, we have 8 stocked up.

>> No.44459694

Style 5

The Winnies collide, but you have Barb pulse you through the Winnies toward the other side of the hall. You feel your leg hit one of them. One of them is real.

The Winnies turn and surge back toward you.

"...There. All done dear."

You can feel where things are now. Things still look like a bad Dr. Seuss book, but you can feel through the termors what is physical and what is not.

And you know which Winnie is the real Winnie.

As she dives for you yelling something in unknowable acid-language you form a shield with Barbara to defend and lunge, holding to surprise her.


>> No.44459702

Rolled 3 (1d20)


>> No.44459703

Rolled 20 (1d20)


>> No.44459710

Rolled 12 (1d20)

Style points just to be safe

>> No.44459713

Rolled 17 (1d20)

it feels like someones gonna roll the equivalent of a 13 here..

>> No.44459722

Alright, who deleted that 20? I Saw that!

>> No.44459730

What do you mean

It's right here. >>44459703

>> No.44459735

Hmm, must have fooled me with the optics, looked like it was faded/deleted.

>> No.44459782

>Finally read up to today's threads
>Its 1:23AM here
>Normally would not mind but I have responsibilities in the morning.
>Can't participate or read today's threads tonight
Waifu Gods give me strength

>> No.44459796



Barbara already gives you +3 to defending due to her kinetic absorption. Now she gives you the ability to instantly counterattack attacks, even ones you don't successfully defend against, whether they be close combat or thrown attacks. Even bullets bounce where you want them! You work as a kind of pinball bumper, able to send a pulse to knock enemies wherever you want to when they strike you. You can also spend a turn to focus the shield around you, giving yourself a +5 to defense as long as you don't move.

Style: 6

Winnie impacts your shield, and your shield impacts Winnie.

Your shield wins the confrontation. In a contests of pure strength, always bet on Barb.

Winnie goes flying, hitting the ceiling, the floor, the ceiling, the floor, the ceiling, the floor, and finally the wall at the end of the hall, sticking to it flat on her back before falling face first to the ground.

"Oh my. I do hope I didn't overdo it again." Barbara asks with motherly concern.

"Oh, the poor doggy!" Abdiel says worriedly. "We bounced her around like a pinball! Did you have to be so forceful with her Anon, she's just fighting who she sees as the vampire!"

You give Abby the biggest roll of your eyes possible.

But Winnie is an Alpha, and Winnie is far from done in. She stares daggers at you, gets to her knees and shakes her head.

Then she growls. Her tail straight in the air like a sword. She's getting ready to charge across the cosmic hallway again...




It's alright anon. We shall keep a chair for you open at the hall of anons.

>> No.44459815

Have we even attempted talking to her?
I know sound is all weird, but just shouting: "you're attacking me, the hunter" has to have some effect

>> No.44459822

Blow out the ice like i blow out my pants.

>> No.44459825

We need to get rid of this Ice on wall, and we need to break this trance fast. Winnie isn't the type to give up, so I might be best to try and destroy the vampire's work and slowly make our way to him.

>> No.44459835

>Thought I rolled the 3
>Thought someone else rolled the 20 and it was deleted
>Take a screenshot
>See I roll the 20
I am laughing my ass off at this...I am clearly too stressed about this combat.

Seriously though, lets try and smash a wall before she leaps. We have to do this in waves...

That said we haven't tried. To be fair, we're in the midst of combat.

Lets try and shout something while we smash.

Something like "I'm not the one you want, Antonio is still out there." Or something.

>> No.44459851

I suppose given my own state, this is a fitting boss theme now.


>> No.44459858


Are you trying to bully me anon

>> No.44459860

"Winnie! It's not me! I'm the Catholic Hunter!"

You hear a voice echoing in the ice. It says something that makes Winnie growl.

Nope. Whatever you're saying is getting drowned out by Antonello. He's probably casting mesmerism on top of his illusions. You aren't feeling it because your halo makes you proof against mesmerism.


You prime Barbara for some wall destruction.

"They shall break like splinters. Just mind your fingers and toes and-"

ROLL 1D20+6

Yes, +6. +3 for range and +3 because Barbara is very, very good at destroying structures.

>> No.44459870

Proof against mesmerism (when they don't have your blood)

>> No.44459876

Well at least we tried talking

>> No.44459878

Rolled 5 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

Sorry anon.

Fuck it, I'll spend a style to be safe.

>> No.44459879

Rolled 17 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

Is this wrath to be taken Lightly

>> No.44459884

Rolled 1 + 6 (1d20 + 6)

inb4 1

>> No.44459885

Rolled 3 + 6 (1d20 + 6)


>> No.44459889


>> No.44459956

Point well spent!

Point well gained!

Point well OH NOOOO!


It's impossible for St. Barbara to be bad at breaking walls. It's what she does.

Therefore, sometimes she's a little TOO good at it.

When destroying walls with St. Barbara you now have to roll a second roll to determine explosive feedback.

"And I'll...oh uh."

Oh uh?

St. Barbara should never say Uh Oh!



You spin Barbara around in blade form just to move enough dust to see. You hack and sneeze as clouds full of gravel get in your face.

Well...it was a nice movie theatre. Praise be to God for the wonders of the Centurion card.

On the bright side, you don't have to worry about the hypnotic ice walls.

It's a good thing the civilians took the time to haul sweet ass during your one on one duel.

And Benny's fine. You're sure. He wears armor.

And Winnie...

...Well, she was pinned by a piece of wall. But she just threw that. Over your head.

"You...won't...beat me..." She stands up more from pride than from ability. She clutches her side. One eye is shut. "You beat my...pack sisters but...you won't beat me."

"She's still mesmerized!" Abdiel gasps. "Oh Anon, please be gentle with her!"

Abby says that but...werewolves heal really damn fast. If you don't incapacitate her now she's liable to get a second wind and you'll be right back where you started.

But you could try talking her down. The mesmerism has to be wearing off. It's only a matter of time before she shakes herself free form it.


>> No.44459975

Still voting for the protection of smiles.
It would be less of a hit to her pride if she could recover from mesmerism rather than be beaten down by us.
Try and talk to her, or, worst case, start dodging/running.

>> No.44459981

>Women what would I have to do to convince you im not the Vampire! Im the Hunter.

>> No.44459984

Speak with a voice like a shifting seismic fault, and tell her to snap out of it already.

Surely if we speak loudly enough, it'll work!

>> No.44459992

Awww man, did we get to see that second double feature? I don't think we did...Guess Abby and Anon are going to have to cozy up and watch that double feature at home!

I say we take the turn to shield up as a precaution for one final bull rush.

While doing some amalgamation of these.

>> No.44460004

Stay on the defense. try and start moving toward the vampire.

>> No.44460012

>Shield up, attempt to communicate



(But anon, those are from the future!) Yes they are. That doesn't matter.


>> No.44460018

I'm okay with spending some. How does 3 sound to you guys?

>> No.44460019


>> No.44460020

Spend 3, we'd still have an ample supply

>> No.44460027

Sure. 2-3 sounds like a good enough number.

>> No.44460051




"WINNIE! COME TO YOUR SENSES!" You say in a voice that vibrates like God. "I AM NOT YOUR ENEMY! I AM NOT THE VAMPIRE!"

Winnie stares at you from her single opened eye. She sways back and forth shakily, studying you.

"You...You...you can't fool me..." She doesn't sound sure of herself. She shakes her head and stares hard, then shakes it again and stares even harder, desperately trying to see something she isn't sure is there or not.

It'll just take one last push to get her back to normal...

ROLL 3D20!

>> No.44460054

Rolled 13 (1d20)

Spending that style like it's no tomorrow.

>> No.44460064

Rolled 10 (1d20)

Come on..

>> No.44460065

Rolled 14 (1d20)

Style save us
Save Winnie

>> No.44460069

Rolled 2 (1d20)


>> No.44460105

2 Saved


Wow, You guys spent 2 style points on that. You guys must really want to protect Winnie's smile!



Winnie falls to her knees, holding her head, staring at you, her one eye huge in shock. "...No, it can't be...It can't be...the vampire hunter? Is that you?" She looks around at the destruction. "...Where the hell is this place?"


You successfully talked Winnie back into her right mind!

You could totally pocket another achievement if you went ahead and knocked her out at this point. She's vulnerable after all. But perhaps some things are more important than Achievements...


>> No.44460119

>Maybe I should lend you my St. Barbara. It'd keep you clear headed and rational, Trust me

>> No.44460123

"Hey, you're back.
Number 1, that Vampire was controlling you.Number 2, theater is destroyed."

>> No.44460128

It's not so much protecting the smile, so much as I didn't want to have to keep fighting her now that Antonello may have in fact escaped.

>What do?
Nah forget that achievement, keep it to the straight and narrow.

"Believe it or not, this is the theater...Don't worry, it's not you, this one is on our Vampiric friend here..."

>> No.44460145

>You could totally pocket another achievement if you went ahead and knocked her out at this point. She's vulnerable after all.

>> No.44460188

It's almost 5:30 am and im on an imageboard trying t to waifu a fucking Vampire from a cartoon, what the fuck am i doing with my life.

>> No.44460205

Having a Ghoul Quests filename fest.
SibellaQuest is feeling how late it is too; there is more delay between posts.
So let's pass the time with an impromptu niche filename thread.
Right here right now.
Real wendigo hours.
Anyone feel free to join in.

>> No.44460206

I try to not look at it that way, and just say I'm enjoying a really fun interactive fan comic book.

That and it's not nearly as late as it is where you are.

>> No.44460208

Step 3 of your wizard training.

>> No.44460221


>> No.44460228


>First, the vampire was controlling you.

Winnie's stands up and doesn't shake. She's able to open her other eye and look at you with both of them

Wow, they DO heal fast!

"He was controlling me? Like, through mesmerism?" Winnie looks utterly mortified for a moment. Her mouth hangs open in pained disbelief, her little fangs visible. Then she grimaces, arches her shoulders and turns to one of the very few remaining walls. "DAMN HIM!" She says punching straight through it. "AND DAMN ME FOR BEING SO WEAK!" She punches her other fist through it.

>...And the theater is destroyed

Winnie blinks. "...Seriously? Son of a bitch! The Robinson was my favorite movie theater!"

She then notices her hand stuck through the walls and slowyyyyy takes it out. "Well...I guess that didn't really do any more damage..." Out of the hole in the wall gusts of snowflakes start to blow in from the outside. Thankfully they're white and not red.


>Do we give her Barbara?

>Mercy over achievement


You chose honor over glory and are rewarded for it. You could have KO'ed the dog girl for points but chose not to in order to protect her pride and smile This Achievement is worth no points, but on the day of judgement Allah will know you as a lover of dogs and will reward you accordingly.

You are trapped in the web work of a 5 dimensional thought construct known as 4chan. Do not be afraid. It is only one form of hyper-life on the road to the Omega Point. We are all holons of its development, containing both part and whole.

Long live the new flesh anon.

I'm going to leave off here, because it's already page 9. I'll continue tomorrow afternoon (assuming I'm awake) and if not then New Years eve afternoon.

Think of what we want to say to Winnie now that she's feeling blue about being manipulated. And think about these things that might come up later:


>> No.44460240

Do we give her St Barbara to make her feel better?

If Winnie challenges us to a friendly fight later on do we accept? And do we let her win to help her pride?

When we get back to base, Gremlins or Doris Day?

Gremlins means we might have to fight with Abdiel as well!

And what did we get Abby, Benny, and Costillo for Christmas?

And finally, what are some scenes you want fanart of from all of ghoul quest history?

Good night everyone! Watch the Twitter!

>> No.44460253

>Give her Barb
Sure. Why not.

I'm down for accepting challenges but right now we have a serial murderer to kill.

>> No.44460261

Sure, we can give her barb.

>> No.44460262

Go ahead and give her Barbara. I trust her, and a chat with Barbara would really help Winnie, I think.

>but on the day of judgement Allah will know you as a lover of dogs and will reward you accordingly.
When we die we will receive our own harem of virgin werewolf girls.
At least, we are meant to.
Weeb Anon stole those from SQ Anon too.

>And finally, what are some scenes you want fanart of from all of ghoul quest history?
Beserk Phanty; even if it didn't actually happen and is thus non canon.
Also, someone in the spooky /co/ threads kept asking for a lewd Winnie where she's wearing boxers and you can see her werepussy but she is oblivious to this malfunction. I would also think that would be nice.

>> No.44460319

And this is why we go Paragon kids!

Yes, we should. I think she really wants to fight Antonello now, and having a soothing voice would really be comforting to her now.

>Winnie challenges us
I don't think we 'let her win' but I expect a much more silly, low stakes match. With wrestling and or "Winnie, give me your single best shot." I want this to be a nice comedic bring down, so either getting destroyed by a lucid Winnie or getting a one punch KO combined with the old steak to the shiner seems nice.

>What Movie
Sorry Benny, Abdiel is our sister, and we forced her to watch Twilight. She really wants Doris Day? She's getting the double feature and primo couch seats.

>Gifts for...
Original LP or reprint, whatever we can find.

Classic NES(or Famicom) Bomberman

Reply hazy, if we can get some more ideas about his interests, I'll come up with something

Couple things I want here.
>Fully realized art of White Fell, Catherine, Kim, any of the new NPC's really so that we can better visualize them. Though WF should probably take precedent
>The final moments of PQAnon, potentially with Phanty's POV
>Sibella forcibly brought to bat mode shouting 'catch me catch me' like in the thread earlier today
>Anything from the Plastic Cup blood bank exchange
>Winnie cozying up to WQAnon during their heart to heart/drinking contest
>Phanty and PQAnon's first kiss
and of course for QuestGuy...
>Winnie vs White Fell

In short, I have a lot of wants, but lack the talent nor the networking skills to find someone who would be willing to do it, and do it as I wish it.

>> No.44460332

>what are some scenes you want fanart of from all of ghoul quest history?
White Fell spending real wendigo hours creepily and jealously watching Anon and Winnie sleeping together.

>> No.44460335

Add a window and rain effect and we're golden, anon.

>> No.44460355

A copy of the book "Bloodsucking Fiends"
The entirety of the Shin Megami Tensei franchise

>> No.44460411

Oh and I almost forgot Abby, how vould I forget Abby?
Art with Abby would include.
>Character design
>The end result of their play fighting when they were younger.
>The aftermath of that one time in Louisiana
>Abby 'accidentally' dropping Anon after carrying him and the end result.
>Abby calmly watching over a young anon while he sleeps
>Abby preening her wings with Tweezers

>> No.44460503

>And finally, what are some scenes you want fanart of from all of ghoul quest history?

Abdiel vs Moroni in a one-on-one Fluff Off.

>> No.44460618

Thanks for the threads, OP! Was great fun.

>> No.44461116

>Do we give her St Barbara to make her feel better?
Sounds like a good idea, if Barbara is okay with it.
>If Winnie challenges us to a friendly fight later on do we accept? And do we let her win to help her pride?
Sure, we can have a spar later. Perhaps in another setting though. Or maybe arrange an exhibition match with owner of the place, as part of compensation for excessive property damage.
>When we get back to base, Gremlins or Doris Day?
Doris day. It was part of the plan and we kinda owe it to Abby.
>And what did we get Abby, Benny, and Costillo for Christmas?
I have no idea, honestly. How does she interact with the mortal world anyway? I guess it would have to be some sort of experience rather than a material thing. Going to a Bach concert maybe?
Bomberman seems nice >>44460319 >>44460355
Hmm... some philosophical book, handcrafted rosary from a local craftsman, or maybe... what's his taste in music?

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