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Pathfinder General /pfg/

If you are asking for build advice, please mention which third-party books are allowed.

Unified /pfg/ link repository: http://pastebin.com/sYFe4hcd

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Forgot, it's "Introducing Amanandar to Oriental Adventures" edition.


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That scar is pretty baller. Always have scrolls AND Craft Wondrous for free?

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Alright, well, I'll give it a shot.

First, if you're giving shit Fragile, and your own stuff that works off of it, then change it so that you don't get screwed by it. That's a pretty awful property the majority of the time, and it'll screw you a lot more than it's good. Allow them to count as fragile when it's beneficial to you, but otherwise not suffer penalties from it, for your own weapons.

The Splinters of Neglect ability is just... why? Why? That's a waste of an action the vast majority of the time, on a class that's heavy on Swifts which your immediate uses up, AND it requires you to give your allies a negative property to use it. And the CL-dependant thing off the magic items is sorta... meh. It should be something like CL+initiator level or something, at minimum. Sundering is an awful, awful thing to do 9/10 times because it destroys loot and fucks you over.

Decay Body is fucking trash. I'm sorry, but that is literally trash. 1 point of ability damage per FOUR bonus damage dice, at level fucking 17? First off, how many things are immune to ability damage at that point? A LOT. Second, how many things have high enough scores to laugh at that? A LOT. Third, even if they WERE low attributes, that's STILL an awful trade. Jesus christ.

So, suggestions in the next post.

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Splinters of Neglect needs something like the ability to just break the weapon at any point to make it a confirmed crit, or at LEAST a crit threat if it wasn't. It's literally worthless otherwise and will guranteed always be a useless option. In addition, it's a class based around rust. Why in gods name is there no Shatter on it? No Rusting Grasp? No Corrode Metal/Heat Metal/Chill Metal? Cmon, man. This is basic.

Decay Body should be, at that level, either a straight 1d6 of damage traded for 1 point of damage to Str/Dex/Con, or something like every 5 points of damage your attack would deal, it does 1 point of stat damage, and it needs to bypass immunities unless the harbringer immunity passing thing still works.

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Reminder that being lewd is not bound by alignment

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>You will never perform a fertility ritual with her

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Can I take the bite evolution twice to get the 1.5 str mod for any eidolon or is it strictly for eidolons that have a bite attack with their base form?

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>Forgot, it's "Introducing Amanandar to Oriental Adventures" edition.


Best part is each fight in the video is totally possible in Pathfinder.

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I'm an Inquisitor, taking Call Out to force people to duel me, then the Grudge Fighter feat to get +1/+1 against people who attack me , then having Sanctified Slayer to get +1/+1 or +2/+2 for the target of my focus, then using Bane against the target of my focus. I'm also maxing all my knowledges and using Half-Orc substitution so I'll be analyzing the fuck out of them.

How much harder can I stare into one dude I'm fighting extra hard? Is there a domain or Inquisitor spell that would fit this? I've never played a cleric in all my years so I don't know those options very well.

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All I need to do is take Faerie Mysteries Initiate

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Kirin style possibly, but it requires INT.

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If 3.5 stuff is allowed, knowledge devotion.

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Not very impactful. I will only have a +2 Int modifier and it would take a huge number of feats just to get to the point where I can spend like 3 turns of swift actions preparing to get double that on attacks.

Group is new so I don't want to bring in stuff that isn't in d20pfsrd.

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Fuck, I never looked into Inquisitor before now - fanatical cleric pawn was all I saw before. Looks pretty awesome for what you're doing.

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>those attributes
Haven't you said that Elsbeth is a weak nerd? She's got great CON and a decent STR, how is she like that? I want to marry Elsbeth!

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Reminder that bardadins are not lewd

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She devotes all of both to dealing with the tiddy, so she just seems like a weak nerd.

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anyone got any really good stuff to take for an animal companion specifically a warcat.

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>how is she like that?

Her strength is nothing special and her CON probably signifies how fertile she is.

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Is there such a thing as a barbaradin? There has to be, right?

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That's like triple-not-allowed at a Pathfinder table.

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Are there any homebrew spell creation rules? Like a recommended "an X level spell should deal Y dice of damage, if you make it deal damage of an X-1 level spell you can increase the number of targets or area affected"

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But I'm never going to be with a faerie otherwise...

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You could technically create spells with the words of power system and use that as a guideline but I'm not sure how balanced it is.

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Barbadins could totes be skanks but bardadins are pure and not lewd

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What if the adin part is actually an anti-paladin.

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No those are bardbarians

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Better balanced than the standard spell system.

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Aren't Antipaladins stewing with basically every disease out there, but due to their aura they don't suffer any of the visible or internal effects?

An Anti-Paladin/Bard would be a walking biological weapon.

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Depends , but antibardadins could be sluts

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>Barbadins could totes be skanks

Wouldn't a Barbarian/Paladin be something akin to Red Sonja?

As in, either a total skank or a hardcore puregirl by circumstance more than choice?

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Let's say for various in setting reasons, it's 100% unreasonable to say a PC, even a smart one, would be incapable of identifying Arcane Spells/items without lots of experience and encounters with specific instances of these phenomena. Is there a tasteful way to reflect this mechanically? It isn't like Languages where the PC's can go and chat up a Wizard for some Knowledge:Arcana/Spellcraft and suddenly know about a bunch of spells they've never dealt with.

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Thank you for the useful and direct feedback and suggestions. They are noted, and at least some of it will be in the next revision.

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I never said she was a weak nerd, actually. A bit on the pudge side, but that's a given. I presume the 'weak nerd' thing comes from /pfg/'s presumption that she's a Wizard? Anyhoo, her not-terrible STR is just a residual bonus from carrying around the kind of assets she has. As far as her CON goes, she did grow up during the final decade of the Last War in the Lhazarr Principalities; sheer winds in winter, imported sickness, occasionally resorting to spoiled food when the ports were shut down.. Elsbeth is a though muffin.

The decent CON score was likely something inherited from her father. Something worth noting is that because her mother was an emissary/refuge in pirate country during turbulent times (but never stuck around due to various circumstances), Elsbeth's father could have been anyone.

Pic related

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>(but never stuck around due to various circumstances)
Her father never stuck around. Damn my mid-post editing is terrible.

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I'm sorry for it being kinda mean/brutal, but I saw the thing and went "Hey this seems cool", and reading it... it's just... none of it merits use. All of it is a double-edged swords, except it hits you worse than them.

Maybe work in some sort of a thing about a way to /directly/ inflict a broken condition on enemies stuff?

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>anti-paladin bard
>dedicated to spreading every std that exists

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>That spoiler
>Elsbeth demanding the father take responsibility

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Is elsbeth planning on shagging one of the PCs in your game? Gotta pass on those genetics you know.

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Some guys suggested that heavy armor proficiency would suit the Iron Baron.
I kinda like the image of a dude in rusted full-plate too.

>> No.44449412

Maybe it should get rusting grasp as spell-like too? Kinda fits the theme.

>> No.44449440

Not very concrete ones - magic in Pathfinder is too variable for that - but I do remember seeing a table on appropriate maximum damage somewhere for 3.5 or PF, not sure which.

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Oath of Chastity is LITERALLY incompatible with Chosen One you sluts

>> No.44449444

Unfortunately not. I don't know roll20. If this in person group falls apart in n just giving up on gaming in person and would be willing to give it a try.

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So, if I wanted to be a tanky person that protects their allies and throws out attacks, that would be a Warder with the...Iron Tortoise as their primary, right?

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So which area in Golarion do you think has gotten too much attention, and what do you think doesn't get enough?

>> No.44449492

And Eternal Guardian.

>> No.44449504

Cheliax gets a lot of attention, but varisia might be competing with it.

Either Alkenstar or anywhere in south garund gets little attention.

>> No.44449505

Do Psionics/Psychic magic work in the Manawastes?

>> No.44449506


Yeah, this would be cool.

>> No.44449520

Iron Tortoise some; Eternal Guardian and Sleeping Goddess both have some things that work well for tanking (especially Guardian).

Psionics would probably work the same as magic does, per transparency.

>> No.44449521

Cheliax is the focus of like 5 or 6 APs, not including Hell's Vengeance. There should be more stuff set in the LotLK for sure, maybe some in Arcadia since there's nothing in that area, and more in Tien considering how fuckhueg of an area it is.

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Depends where in it since pockets of general anti magic travel around it. In smokeside alkenstar no divine or arcane of any kind works

>> No.44449530


Geb and Nex need some love. As much as I like Cheliax it has had a lot of the spotlight lately.

>> No.44449546

It might be better as a general 'deal damage to metallic object or creature via rust/metal fatigue' than directly just rusting grasp, so it has more even usage vs magic, nonmagic, and creatures.

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Pretty much the point of triggering Splintering on an enemy attack. 1d4 bleed is next to nothing. And don't worry about brutal, as long as the points are good, it's what I'm looking for. You got nothing on my Lit 220 professor, anyway

>> No.44449618

I can live with that, as well. Iron Baron is much less mobile than base Harbi, so the theme fits.

>> No.44449652

How would you make something that constantly leaks positive energy and its mere presence renders normal those with disabilities?

>> No.44449658


>Too much attention
The North (as in, south of LotLK but north of the Inner Sea.)

>Not Enough
Tian Xia
Land of the Linnorm Kings

>> No.44449712


>Game that starts in Land of the Linnorm Kings, leads to the party joining the Ulfen Guard in Taldor, and then after making their fortune journeys back to the Thanelands to fund an expedition into Tian Xia

There, just hit every location /pfg/ loves.

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>> No.44450000

How are you going to get to Osiran from there?

>> No.44450049


> What if Nocticula’s aid to the PCs during this campaign was merely the first of her overtures toward a rise from evil?
Redeemed nocticula when?

>> No.44450058

Yeah, but the thing is, it's still screwing yourself a bit to do a minorly annoying thing to an enemy, AND it eats an immediate action. That's not really a good tradeoff.

>> No.44450086

Hopefully never desu, tired of redeemed succubus bullshit. Let's get some quality fiends instead. Or some law-chaos conversion.

>> No.44450101

>How are you going to get to Osiran from there?


The party is given council by White Estrid, who is impressed by their rising ability. She offers advice on the navies of the Inner Sea, and after some preparations the party takes their longship beyond Nidal, beyond Cheliax, and through the Hespereth Strait, into the Inner Sea.

From there? The party raids the coast of Osirion, acquiring fantastic riches and buxom brown girl thralls. Heavy with booty (pun intended) the party takes their longship to Absalom, where they are greeted by an emissary of the Taldane government.

They have heard of the party, and wish to see them in Cassomir for a business proposition working for the Emperor.

>> No.44450103

As of this point it's just a potential post-game WotR plot hook, so it's very doubtful anything more will come of it in the future. It's up to the PCs.

>> No.44450129

Redeemed Erinyes.

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Sup, PFG. I know you guys are hyped about 3rd part pathfinder stuff, and after a few years of strict 1st party play (both as PC and GM) I want to take the plunge. What are some of the best 3pp books to check out, and why?

>> No.44450188

Fuck redemeed succubus, I'd rather have a redeemed Shadow demon bro/waifu.

>> No.44450196

>currently stuck on the north pole
>play a Paladin. A bit tame on the smite&cleave side because my build only works when I'm in mortal danger (It's a PF thing). I overcompensate for this by sporting a beard and crafting all the time.
>A snowstorm comes in the night, the party hears battle sounds and finds feathers in the morning.
>as we investigate we find a wounded harpy, a wing is fucked up.
>detects as evil SMITE AND CLEAVE ENGAGE
>Fail because of 1 on attack roll. Fail again on the next attack
>Party Oracle slaps a heal spell on the thing for some bullshit reason while his camel animal companion wrestles me to the ground, preventing me from smiting.
>it flies away while our alchemist tries to shoot it out of the sky with poison arrows. He hits but can't quite kill it and it gets away.
>argue 10 minutes with the Oracle about good and evil.
>cry myself to sleep for disappointing Torag.

>next day
>encounter Harpy queen and her court.
>with a dozen of the things wailing it's hard not to be charmed.
>Wizard somehow makes all his saves and tries to reason with the monstrous monarch.
>They seem to fancy the Oracle, friend to all living things, good or evil
>Me and the alchemist though, we're destined to become the main course I think.
>White Dragon runts all up in our business.
>harpies engage while I sit on the ground, still charmed and drooling.
>The poisoned harpy from before engages a dragon all by itself, rolling straight 20s on every attack and utterly slaying it over the course of two rounds.
>session ends, I only got to attack once thanks to the fucking camel grappling a dragon with his teeth.

>> No.44450207

>choosing L succubus

>> No.44450208

Fappfinder. Fixes rogues.

>> No.44450223

Dream Scarred Press stuff is pretty good. Ive also heard good things about Spheres of Power and Pact Magic Unbound.

>> No.44450232

>detects as evil SMITE AND CLEAVE ENGAGE
You deserved to die for that desu faggot

>> No.44450237

DSP is pretty good.

>> No.44450261

most of the 3.5 books, actually, because they knew what the hell they were doing most of the time. and Dreamscarred Press as a publisher is respected for a reason, and their Lords of the Night book is one of the better releases from them, detailing not just vampires but secret-keeping in cities and villages as well.

>> No.44450268

Oh don't worry
I'm posting my players' greentexts for them
That session ended with 2 of 3 dragons dead and 1 run away, while all the harpies are still alive and conscious
They're in some deep fucking shit.

>> No.44450270


What if a Shadow Demon has been possessing your bro or waifu ALL ALONG?

>> No.44450289

It's sms, if it sings evil you smite that's how it works

>> No.44450299

>because they knew what the hell they were doing most of the time.

No they didn't.

>> No.44450304

Blanket Mimic waifu best waifu

>> No.44450323

Shadow demons are cool.

>> No.44450336

Looks like the only ways to be a Barbaradin (Barbarian+Paladin) are as follows:

Sacred Servant Paladin with the Rage subdomain:
>Rage for level-3 rounds a day at 11th level, gain rage powers that don't have level requirement at 15th and 19th, otherwise treat your Barbarian level as your level minus 3 then divided by 2.
The level 4 granted power is also Smite-like, which is a bonus. Guess a Cleric or Inquisitor could choose to be both part-Barbarian and part-Paladin without being EITHER.

Sacred Servant Paladin with the Anger inquisition:
>Get Rage at 9th level, Wis + (level-4 minimum 0) rounds per day. Don't get rage powers.
The power you get at 4th level is a 1/day immediate action attack against someone who hits you. Would be nice if it weren't 1/day.

Barbarian with Paladin VMC
>At 1st level, you gain a Code of Conduct you can't follow (part of the code of conduct is literally just having your alignment be Lawful Good)
>7th level on you get Lay on Hands
>11th level you get Smite of a Paladin 4 levels lower
>lose half your feats for this
real fuckin funny

Paladin with Barbarian VMC
>3rd level, Rage Con + Level times.
>11th level: Get a Rage power you'd qualify for with half your level in Barbarian, but still count as full level for the effects.
>19th level: Greater Rage
>give up half your feats
That sounds decent-ish.

Am I missing any? Which one's the best?

>> No.44450354

Or gestalt

>> No.44450372

You can't.

>> No.44450374

If 3.5 content is allowed then you could also choose paladin of freedom / slaughter

Oh, or anti-paladin, I guess.

Barbarians can't be lawful though, can they?

>> No.44450401

The most economical is to just take a level of Barbarian before your Paladin career (unlike Paladin, you don't lose your Barbarian features if you start being lawful).

Remember multiclassing?

>> No.44450405

I was gonna suggest arguing for pally of freedom yeah

>> No.44450435

b-but I don't like planned alignment shifts

>> No.44450471

Best way to be a barbaradin is not having a shit GM.

Talk to your GM, put out your suggestion, and see if he'll allow it. It's how I got my monkarian to play.

>> No.44450501


>delaying Paladin class features further


>> No.44450523


>> No.44450533

Actually why do you even want rage? It prohibits you from using your spell casting, doesn't it? I mean it's what... +4 strength? That's 3 more damage while using a 2h weapon, right?

>> No.44450544


>> No.44450550

To be angry.

>> No.44450554

If you really loved them, you'd accept their true nature.

>> No.44450568

+3 damage and +2 accuracy.

>> No.44450588

How to fit in with /pfg/:
Learn Dreamscarred Press' path of war system
Learn DSP's psionics system
(Optional) Look at DSP's other stuff (Akasha, etc)

(Sort of optional) Spheres of Power
(Optional) Pact Magic

I barely see pfg talk about anything else 3pp.

>> No.44450592


If it comes down to it, drop out of Rage to cast, then Lay On Hands yourself with the Mercy that removes Fatigue before it's time to resume righteous fury.

>> No.44450600

Right, but at the cost of no spellcasting, sure paladin spell casting isn't the best, but I'm not sure it's worth the trade. I mean, unless you're taking an archetype to trade it out.

>> No.44450614

Do paladins use their spells in combat that often? It seems like mostly utility or pre-combat buffs.

>> No.44450620

I love her enough to support her desire to change herself because I believe she can do it.

>> No.44450632

Paladins suck so bad at spellcasting it should make you angry.

>> No.44450668

Maybe I'm still thinking too much of 3.5 paladin spell casting with battle blessing. I just imagined they would still have buffs and spells to increase their movement and combat potential to use.

>> No.44450689

What's that one's shtick?
What's Sleeping Goddess do?

>> No.44450690

backstory/defining moments

>> No.44450691

But that doesn't mean it's not deliciously mocking of divine casters and Paladins as a whole to be a non-LG Arcane Savant stealing Bestow Grace of the Champion from their spell list and getting Greater Angelic Aspect at a massive level discount.

>> No.44450722


Also reasons why:
Path of War: Actually makes martials both good at their job and fun to play with. Make sure you keep in mind that while the first book is a big step in the right direction, it does still have a number of balance issues (Broken Blade and Primal Fury are too strong, Steel Serpent too weak, etc), and also take a look at the playtest material for Path of War Expanded which is also used by all anons here and is much better balanced overall.

Psionics is an alternate magic system that's good for two reasons:
1) It's closer to conventional videogame casting (You have Power Points, like a mana pool, that you spend on your powers, rather than a set number of slots, and putting more pp into a power makes it stronger)
2) It's harder to screw up psionics with bad choices, but also harder to make a psionic as overpowered as a wizard.

DSP's other stuff:
/pfg/ likes the devs because they post here and are cool, so there's the general sense most of their stuff is well-made. Some of their earlier things are a bit questionable though and in particular I see many DMs specifically say 'All
DSP is allowed except Bloodforge'.

Spheres of Power is another alternate magic system with the similar 'safer' optimization range benefits as psionics. Recently I've heard a number of people (maybe mostly touhoufag) complaining about the direction the company is taking though.

>> No.44450806

>Almost find a little hope in protean/serpentine synthesist
>Plan to focus on reach bite grabs AoO's
>May as well take improved grapple and greater grapple the form/subtype encourages specialization
>Realize I need to sink 1 feat into improved unarmed strike

And people get mad when they run into the same old centaur with a giant sword.

>> No.44450837

If we were to make some rule about giving out Improved Unarmed Strike for free, who should get it?

>> No.44450881

Any martial character who wants to punch people. I mean, they're simple weapons, I don't understand why they're locked behind a feat just to be not shit.

>> No.44450891

Literally everyone.

>> No.44450940

>wanting spoopy scary skelly-land
>wanting Wizards: No Sense Of Right And Wrong: The Kingdom

>> No.44450943

> There is a trait that let you be non-lawful monk
> No trait for non-lawful Paladin

>> No.44450957

Anyone above 1/2 BAB? Why not just everyone in a PC class. Same with Weapon Finesse. Plus everyone should be allowed to just ignore Weapon Focus in prerequisites (but not get it for free). Feats need to do something, not be a cost themselves for things.

>> No.44450998

Strange Aeons might touch on Nex.

>> No.44451013

I kinda wanna make a righteous fury paladin archetype now

>> No.44451014

Dirty Fighting feat Dirty Fighting feat Dirty Fighting Feat

>> No.44451046

Eternal Guardian's shtick is practically being an oath-bound defender. Does lot of battlefield control and debuffing.

>> No.44451086

The other major offender is Precise Shot but I'm not sure that whole firing-into-melee rule should just get invalidated by giving it for free; it's part of the trickiness of combat positioning. Most of its users are feat-starved medium BAB.

>> No.44451094

Thats actually exactly what i needed. Thanks anon.
>The lovecraftian horror composed of nothing but tentacles, teeth and eyeballs also has a fondness for hitting below the belt and throwing sand at peoples eyeballs.

>> No.44451124

Dirty Fighting (Combat)
You can take advantage of a distracted foe.
Benefit: When you attempt a combat maneuver check against a foe you are flanking, you can forgo the +2 bonus on your attack roll for flanking to instead have the combat maneuver not provoke an attack of opportunity. If you have a feat or ability that allows you to attempt the combat maneuver without provoking an attack of opportunity, you can instead increase the bonus on your attack roll for flanking to +4 for the combat maneuver check.
Special: This feat counts as having Dex 13, Int 13, Combat Expertise, and Improved Unarmed Strike for the purposes of meeting the prerequisites of the various improved combat maneuver feats, as well as feats that require those improved combat maneuver feats as prerequisites.

>> No.44451177

So on one-shot night, my group's Goblin party was given a Deck of Many Things, ending up with a chaotic swamp demiplane of their own with subjective gravity, and a demand from a Baghest to rally goblinkind behind them have their race rejoin with the abyss

Thus, soon enough I'm going to have my main party be going to a subjective-gravity plane. Does anyone know of any material that has examples of how gameplay works out with subjective gravity?

I'm probably going to make it be a dungeon with Escher-esque descriptions, with an a unique breed of goblins that are immune to fall damage and have gravity-themed abilities. All else fails, I can just base the dungeon layout on VVVVVV levels.

>> No.44451197

What do people here think about the Hybrid classes? In particular I'm looking at the Brawler class for a friend. Are they any good?

>> No.44451219

Share ideas, /pfg/. Im going to have my level 4 PCs face a Remorhaz with the help of an army. Of course they cant kill it yet, but they have to stall it until the catapults do their work. How to make this encounter more interesting?

>> No.44451229


>I cast Shackleford's Pocket-Sand

>> No.44451256

Better than Monk and Fighter.

>> No.44451310

Most of them are great classes. Brawler is full of cool ideas that work out well, but you have to impose your own limits on yourself for bookkeeping - you can't write down every feat. There's also a Fighter archetype that gets the Martial Flexibility feature like a Brawler if that's the main appeal.

Swashbuckler is the only disaster among them, the rest are interesting and well-liked. Arcanist may be a little too flexible with Quick Study but otherwise presents only the same problems as a Wizard does, so if Wizard's not banned or bordering on banning at your table you won't have a problem with it

>> No.44451320


What about having the aura affect non-weapon/shield/armor items as well?

>> No.44451371

I suggested you look at Brawler guide (Wombo Combo Happy Feet one).

They are good as far as pure martial go. Able to switch fighting style depending on the encounter is a luxery for martials.

>> No.44451412

Lot's of terrain to hide/bait/chase him around in.
Have players able to call in archer volley's that take a turn to fly in (Helps control the Remorhaz)

>> No.44451422

He wants to be able to steal people's weapons, kick them in the balls and then hulk smash. I'll look into Brawler, but if there's a better option I'm all ears.

>> No.44451459

I've got an relations question.
Looking through the Bestiary and other bits, it says Lizardfolk are willing to ally and/or coexist with other reptilian/amphibian races. A dragon, naga coven, or herd of plant eating dinos (Grippli and Boggards can fuck off though).
My question is: Does that include Kobolds? If not, why? Is it because they reproduce too quickly? Would their attitude change for a small group or individual? And would it be able to last any significant amount of time without one side turning on the other or their actions making the alliance untenable?

>> No.44451478

Sounds like a happy marriage. Brawler is his class.

>> No.44451513

Huh, people are using the Webm I made. I wonder if the filename-

>Path of War
>Not Warblades
>Not Weeaboo Fightan' Magic
>Not Things Martial can't do in Pathfinder

I'm disappointed.

>> No.44451523

Kitsune style feats can really pile on the Dirty Tricks fast.
Like doing one at the end of a charge, applying two at once, and using them in place of an AOO.

>> No.44451544

Kobolds are just tremendous faggots but yes, lizardfolk offer them the benefit of the doubt and act like civilized people until kobolds attack, then will be forced to drive them away.

>> No.44451572

If it ends up being more than just the Fragile property, it likely will be including those. Just no rules basis for it right now

>> No.44451617


It's that webm that shows the things that martials ARE doing already, but is abstracted by the goddamn game system!


>> No.44451661

B-but Path of War is Weeaboo Fightan' Magic, literally, a lot of it is (Su.)

>> No.44451675

I think it's someone who doesn't know about Path of War and thought we'd be without ToB forever.

>> No.44451703

Don't hide it from me, /pfg/. Tell me about the new spells your mages have invented. Don't forget to include the inventor's name!

>> No.44451729

I've never played an arcane caster.

>> No.44451737

Scry Object.

>> No.44451747

It's called Sure Billy, Mage Hand Can Totally Do That Stupid Shit That You'd Know Wasn't Possible If You Were Capable Of Reading Because You Clearly Have Nothing To Do And Won't End Your Turn.

It's a very useful spell, I see it everywhere.

>> No.44451749

Zonga's Big Black Tentacle

It was a joke that carried over into an ERP. You can guess the details.

>> No.44451760

Tell me more about Archmage Sure Billy.

>> No.44451765

>Lvl 10 Unchained Synthesist Protean Serpentine eidolon
10 evo points to spend if half elf fcb
Form bonuses: Bite, Tail, Tail slap
Subtype bonuses: Grab (pincers), Constrict
Advances: Reach (pincers) 1pt, Limbs (arms) 2pt, Pincers 1pt, Large 4pt, Bite 1pt, Reach (bite) 1pt
28str (12 base +4 bonus +2 advance +4 large evo+6 str belt)
So his total grab bonuses would be:
+9 str
+7 BAB
+1 Large
+4 Grab
+2 Pincers
+2 improved grapple
+2 greater grapple
+4 dirty fighting
31 total grapple CMB for pincer grab attempts.

Still not quite enough, is there anything I can do to make this better at this point?

>> No.44451773

Parva's Oil of Gender Swap.

Allowed the group's FxF couple to conceive.

>> No.44451817

Risten's Gauge Value. Swiftly and accurately counts the value of a pile of loot and determines exactly how many of each kinds of coins there are, along with the worth of items.

Now that we're finding loot piles with several thousands of coins in them, it's so much faster. Plus, no longer does any of the PCs have to worry about the chance another PC is lying about how much there was in order to get a bigger cut, because my PC is the only good-aligned one in the party, and also a horrible liar anyway.

Divine casters can invent spells too.

>> No.44451820

He sure as fuck never runs out of spells.

>> No.44451883

I don't have anything from PF games; I mostly play DSP classes in those.

>Kerze's Candle
aka an Empowered Invisible Sanctum Twin Easy Metamagic Twin) Forceful Arcane Thesis Orb of Fire. 3.5 game with cheese allowed; it was effectively a rename of his primary attack mode so it wasn't so long-winded. Fluffed as a gob of invisible, alien fire tainted by the Far Realms that burned without causing pain, just a dull numb sensation.

>Eye of the Storm technique
d20 future/naruto d20. The character created a "stance" (worked in that system the same as ToB/PoW stances) that partially converted her body into electric energy. She had a natural ability to create a "sensor field" out of static electricity in the air, and this tapped into that, allowing the character to transform and dodge with hilariously fast reflexes; the short-ranged aura of electricity would carry the signal back faster than their brain would normally respond, and get them out of the way of bullets. When an attack happened in this way, the field reflexively shot back a small bolt of lightning down the path of whatever the attack was.

It also let them blink across the battlefield with a semi-teleportation effect (large speed boost, convert movement to jumps of teleportation looked like arcs of lightning as they did so).

It was developed because the character's main recurring nemesis was a sniper with a tendency to shoot through walls, and she needed the edge.

>> No.44451968

Asatur's derrière delivery.

Actually just apport object/animal except I send objects up peoples assholes.

>> No.44452068

Do they have to be fullcasters? Do they have to be high-level? What's the minimum requirement for making a new spell?

>> No.44452091


Is it true that Mage Hand can let you grope people?

As long as the item being fondled weighs up to 5 lbs, of course.

Sorry Elsbeth.

>> No.44452272

So if Lizardfolk would make the offer, setting aside the likely outcome of kobolds being little shits and just attacking, would there be any circumstances where the kobolds wouldn't be faggots and accept it? Or would that just mean they'd wait for an opportunity then be backstabbing little bastards.
They are said to be spiteful things, but for monstrous/draconic creatures they're even happy to work with/serve under.
In exchange for trapping for food and whatnot they get protection and their share, would they be amenable to it, given how Lizardfolk just want to not be fucked with and kobolds don't want to die?

Or is this all just pissing in the wind.

>> No.44452294

>Not getting the Joke

>> No.44452320

I know about it. I'm just complaining about the Filename.

>> No.44452443

In order: no, no, and the guidelines for inventing spells are vague but suggest 1,000 GP per spell level and some Kn: Arcana and Spellcraft checks.

>> No.44452492

Creatures are not objects, so no, you can't effect creatures with it.

>> No.44452521

What about groping constructs? Are constructs objects or creatures or both?

>> No.44452545

>soon, my Inquis can create a Zone of No Fun Allowed (need a better name for this)

Oh. Oh yes.

>> No.44452595

is (Melee Weapons, Ammunition) on everything gone yet?

>> No.44452611

If you backtrack to 3.x, there was the Champion of Gwenharwyf that got barb rage, a small semi-paly spell list, smite and divine grace.

>> No.44452617

>tfw magic lineage disintegrate
>tfw SF/ISF transmutation
>tfw spell perfection disintegrate
>tfw orc bloodline
>tfw maximize disintegrate then quicken disintegrate
It's still only 40d6+320 damage in a round, and they get a save. God I'm so shit at this.

>> No.44452660

>tfw having tension with the party wizard because failed wizard background

Who /TENSION/ here?

>> No.44452674

God I fucking hope so .

>> No.44452707

Make a homebrew archetype that gives wizards the ability to make iterative attacks with spells and full BAB for that purpose, then full attack with Disintegrate.

>> No.44452725


There's a lot of tension between my Molthunian Sorcerer (fluffed as a warmage) and the party's cleric, who is a village girl from Nirmathas.

It's the kind of tension where I might be two sessions away from "conquering" her hidden valley.

>> No.44452733

Monastic mandate? Make a save or your class levels are replaced with plain chained monk levels for turns/cl

>> No.44452754

>In a dungeon crawl that has lasted a month before and a month after joining due to frequent missed online sessions.

>we finally make it out of there and get to cash in our loot. Get on with the established story, and more importantly, have my character come up with a reason to be there aside from the contrived reasons causing me to just be kind of stuck there.

>The apparent Down time is skipped over and we get sequestered during the start of what's appearing to be a murder-mystery.

Should I just give up and accept it?

>> No.44452862

Anon, the best way to do murder mystery is to drop it on your players when they expect the game is going to be something other than a murder mystery.

>> No.44452877

dear lord that would be over powered

>> No.44452935

How do you guys handle donkey/mule/beast of burden?

My GM always aiming to kill them in combat for some reason..

>> No.44452981


They're always just out-of-combat until I decide to threaten them for dramatic effect.

>> No.44452988

I use the Pack Mule archetype for Fighters, to make the beast of burden more durable and difficult to kill. Plus, he can finish off the enemies after I incapacitate them.

>> No.44452994


Bags of holding and guys that don't dump strength.

>> No.44452996

Usually we try to tie them off somewhere out of the way or hidden if we have the opportunity before closing on foot.

Otherwise we try to lead enemies away from them to avoid getting caught in possible AoE spells or making them targets of desperation.

>> No.44452998

That's stupid, why would they aim for the things that aren't a threat unless they're using hit and run tactics to try and slow you down.

From a game play standpoint I would let the, generally, be fine because who wants to play tetris with everyone's gear wasting actual game time.

However, if they are facing hit and run tactics, and are on a time limit it can be a neat little obstacle to overcome, but only for like the first few levels of the game.

>> No.44453012



>> No.44453072

Depends on what you're fighting.

They are valuable targets either way. Kill/hobble them and you've slown down whatever group you want to harass.

Animals will likely want to hit the tasty, unarmored one, especially landsharks.

Though, it's also an annoyance to run them in combat, unless the scenario specifically calls for collateral damage being a possibility. Kinda why people stick to dungeon crawls... fewer things to worry about.

>> No.44453133

Hey, so I have kind of an unusual build question: Say I didn't care about optimization or even good sense, and all I care about was filling in the word "dragon" or permutations thereof into my character sheet as possible. How would I start?

>> No.44453148

Is 3.5 content allowed?

>> No.44453176


>> No.44453180

Dragon blood word into Dragon disciple

>> No.44453201

fuck, I meant to reply to>>44453148

and yeah

>> No.44453202

Dragon blood sorcerer, dragon disciple, dragon shaman druid, Dragon Yapper Kobold bard, dragon herald kobold bard

>> No.44453247

Sorcerer/bloodrager with a dragon bloodline. For race you'll want a dragonwrought kobold with the dragonborn of bahamut template. For prestige classes you'll want to go for the dragon rider prestige class as well.

>> No.44453252

Dragonblooded Mortal Hedgewitch from Spheres of Power, too.

>> No.44453328


Dragonborn Dragonwrought Kobold Dragonfire Adept/Dragon Shaman/Dragon Drinker Sorcerer (3.5 Draconic Heritage ACF, Draconic Bloodline)/Bloodrager (Draconic Bloodline)/Cleric (Dragon Subdomain, 3.5 Dragon Below domain)/Cavalier (Order of the Dragon)

As a base. Then, you can take dips into the following 3.5 PrCs. Ironically, you do not qualify for Dragon Disciple, because Dragonwrought makes you a dragon.


After that, take lots of feats from Dragon Magazine, and note the sources that they came from.

>> No.44453349

Dont' forget if you become a bard you can pick up Dragonfire inspiration!

>> No.44453364

Is it viable to makes a pure caster paladin? smiting evil with spells and shit.

>> No.44453374

Thanks, ya'll

>> No.44453400

As a a paladin your spells are going to be way behind, you don't even get them until level 4 and you'd have to focus charisma to help make up for your lack of spell level DC.

If 3.5 content is allowed you can go for a mystic fire knight paladin with sword of the arcane order and battle blessing to get wizard spells and have auto-quickened paladin spells, but they still won't be great when casting them against enemies and should be used to buff yourself or your allies.

>> No.44453405

Yes. It's called playing an Cleric or Oracle.

>> No.44453413

That's called a Warpriest, normally. If 3pp is in play, use the initiating one and get manuevers AND spells.

>> No.44453416

My group's been talking about Spheres of Power lately, /pfg/.

I find the system interesting, although I haven't fully grokked it, but my co-GM opined that it might make for more quadratic wizardry.

I know people here have implemented the spheres at their table, how does it tend to play out? What are some of its perks over Vancian Magic in gameplay and character-building, and what are some things I'd have to watch out for running for or playing as a spherecaster?

>> No.44453432

Battle Oracle, you can burn two spell slots to swift action heal even.

>> No.44453443

It tends to be far weaker than vancian spellcasting, with a few exceptions where it's about on the same level.

I'm not a fan of it because I don't like how shoddy its internal balance is (and how many strategies, like buffing allies, got shafted when they weren't actually /harming/ the game), but it's still far better-balanced than 1pp full casters.

I prefer 1-6 casters to it, though, and psionics to both.

>> No.44453463

The main complaints I've heard with Spheres of Power is that Conjuration can be overpowered and that destruction sucks. But I haven't checked it out too much myself.

>> No.44453508

So let's say I'm playing a Mesmerist and someone I'm using Hypnotic Gaze on pulls out a mirror.

Do I start taking the -2 to Will saves instead? Because that seems like a terrible way to die.

>> No.44453547

A community portable hole.

>> No.44453563

>A community portable hole.

Isn't that just the Bard?

>> No.44453583

Hey! Sometimes the bard is a community immovable rod!

>> No.44453596

Bardadin, you mean. I hear they're lewd.

>> No.44453628

How about you read the ability?
> The hypnotic stare is a psychic effect, and relies more on the mesmerist's focus than the target's perception of his stare. It can't be avoided in the same ways a gaze attack can. The mesmerist can use this ability even while blinded, but must succeed at a DC 20 concentration check to do so.

>> No.44453642

None of those can Smite Evil with Magic Missile and Sonic Thrust.

>> No.44453659

Then be a wizard and try to find a way to become a celestial creature.

>> No.44453665

>That campaign you'd apply right away and give it your all, conflicting obligations be damned

What would it take to make a campaign do this?

>> No.44453673

See, that's the thing I don't get about bards.

Are they supposed to be Orpheus, or are they supposed to be street performers with no class? Because the popular image of them is a lot like the latter.

Why can't we have one who pursues the purity of music? Or, heck, not even that - why can't we have one who uses song and dance to entertain the children and has a family-friendly image to uphold?

>> No.44453683

Wrath of the Righteous with mythic and gestalt

>> No.44453691

Oh. Well, that helps. Uh, thanks anon!

>> No.44453699

Commonly held view isn't the only view. A lot of people saw monks as competent, especially with vow of poverty monks being broken to all hell by breaking the game over their poor knees. That doesn't make them right.

>> No.44453724

Celestial's smite evil doesn't bypass DR. But I guess being a Wizard, you would already have 15 +5 Adamant Spear at all time.

>> No.44453728

A lot of the time, I see bards used as neither; they're a type of mage who uses powerful magic fueled by their music, and are knowledgeable and dangerous combatants. But then, I play 3.5, 4e, and 5e in addition to PF, and bards wreck face in those editions.

>> No.44453729

I'm just not seeing the "fun" aspect here, all these maneuvers pretty much amount to "I do damage."

If anything is in the right step of making martial "good at their job and fun to play with" it's not this. I say more imaginative abilities like Rage Powers, Panache, and Deeds are.

Personally I would like to see some of these maneuvers give a martial any reason to ever consider something like bullrush, reposition, or drag.

At the very least cut down on the ridiculous feat taxes Pathfinder has to make disarming, tripping, sundering, dirty tricks, etc a worthwhile endeavor.

>> No.44453741

You mean easy mode: the AP?

>> No.44453760

>25 point buy under 1:1 rules
>goal is to found a new colony for one of the nations of Golarion... IN SPAAAACE
>options of planets to colonize include Triaxus, Akiton, Bretheda's moons, Kasath, and Earth
>UltPsi allowed

>> No.44453761

Every ap?

>> No.44453763

>Because the popular image of them is a lot like the latter.

I'll tell you where this started.

This all started back when that one series of images became popular on /tg/, the one with the bard conquering all sorts of monster-ladies while looking all bashfully innocent about it. That opened the door to the prospect that bards could probably fuck all sorts of things given their charms, and the sophomoric thrill of being a "sexual conqueror" certainly found it's place amongst the people of /tg/. It is worth mentioning in this case that you'll find most people assume the bard is male for this, since in some aspects the bard is an insert.

Before those images came around /tg/, bards were seen as almost-useless party members that sang good and knew shit with Bardic Knowledge. The lewd was there but it just wasn't as big a deal as how comically outclassed a bard is in an adventuring party.

>> No.44453766

Working on it. The big thing is that much of it doesn't make any sense at all if on the ranged weapon itself (serrated crossbow affecting the target you shoot with it?). That is why it was mostly on the striking surfaces. That said... anything that can possibly be expanded or shifted will be.

It will be a bit before the next revision is released, working on other things to get a bit of a clearer head (and to gather more information).

Still looking for opinions on the "full magic parallel versus neat tricks to add to stuff" debate.

Captcha, that waterfall was CLEARLY coming off a mountain...

>> No.44453772

So /tg/ I have a question. But first a set up. Im playing in a viking style setting, my uncle/group home brewed a lot for it. Also using the mythic stuff witch is a lot of fun. The party was adventuring in an old abandoned dwarf keep. We ran into some statues (ITS A TARP) that shot prismatic eye lazors. I got hit with one that sent me to ( insert name of fire giant homeland here) Where I would have been burned/ripped to shreds by mythic fire giants, had a fate card not been played where "your deity takes favor on you". Thor then came down on his goat chariot pwnd some fire giants and saved her (DM only allowed it because I rp'ed the character being very religious) Before she passed out, thor said "prove yourself worthy of me" and I woke up a mute. So basically Im playing a mute bard who's main performance skill was singing. She also cant cast any spells because we decided to use the words of power for spell casting because it seemed more primitive and felt like it fit the setting better. So I need to "proove myself worthy of thor" to get my voice back. But I cant think of anything super badass to do because support style characters do fuckall when the cant support, the mythic fighter is better at combat, the wizard is better at magic,ect,ect. Hell, now that i'm mute, the rouge has better social skills than I do. #bardproblems How do I get out of this /tg/?

>> No.44453785

A lot of the maneuvers are variations on "I do damage AND have a rider." You mention things like bull rush, reposition, and drag... But why would I want that when I could instead use a maneuver that knocks someone back arbitrarily instead of needing a CMB check, hits them with a more supernatural debuff, knocks them around or prone, or does some special form of damage instead of "just" hitting them.

Or using stances as self-buffs and utility, boosts and counters for mobility and negating enemy attacks and abilities.

>> No.44453805

So what about the ones that DO make sense to add to a ranged weapon, like double-hit and accurate?

Looking forward to the next rehash of it, but so far I've liked none of it.

>> No.44453854


Wrath of the Righteous in the hands of a competent DM aware of it's shortcomings is quality on-par with Reign of Winter.

I know that might be a bold statement, but it's absolutely true. The campaign has hiccups and the mechanics weren't fully understood, but these aren't hard to fix and certainly not damning for a competent DM.

Holy warriors slaughtering demons with righteous fury and becoming living legends out of it is one of the coolest ideas for an AP since Jade Regent, and the quest pieces for the AP *work* for that. It's just the shit like loud lesbians and horribly written divine encounters that meddle with that. It's not like a DM needs to change an entire quest, they just have to write a new personality or pronoun for a character and poof, instant success.

>> No.44453886

mythic is horribly retardedly broken and any competent group of players will roflstomp the entire thing.

>> No.44453901

Those are being expanded to be on All Weapons, much like Hardened is now. Which is which is being debated (with great heat) internally

>> No.44453902

I'm assuming a good GM and non-asshole players

>> No.44453907

I mentioned them giving a reason to ever do those things. You can kinda already do the stuff you mentioned but with maneuvers, I suppose that would alleviate the ridiculous amount of feats needed to do so.

>> No.44453946

The stuff I mentioned is literally part of a decent amount of maneuvers. There's several disciplines primarily focused on laying down supernatural debuffs, for example.

>> No.44453949

the gm would have to rewrite the entire thing and the players would have to intentionally gimp themselves.

>> No.44453971


But it's fun, anon.

Shouldn't you be having fun in a campaign?

>> No.44453990

it was fun for a while but then the gm got pissy when he skipped from book 3 to book 5 and we were still wiping the floor with all the encounters.

>> No.44454006

A GM should be rewriting an AP they run /anyway/, to account for the actions, backstories, and inclinations of the players.

>> No.44454022

This, senpai

>> No.44454034

what the fuck is the point of having an AP if you have to literally rewrite the entire thing?

>> No.44454038

Which disciplines are you looking at?
And also, are you looking at anything besides the low-level strikes?

It doesn't sound like you are.

>> No.44454085

>the gm would have to rewrite the entire thing

Not at all! The missions and overarching campaign is actually really good, it's the minutia that's the problem, and a DM should *always* be altering the minutia to suit their needs.

>what the fuck is the point of having an AP if you have to literally rewrite the entire thing?

You're not rewriting the entire thing, you're rewriting the things that don't fit with the current party make-up.

Example; in my Kingmaker campaign, my character is a bastard of a Brevoy noble house. Every so often we get updates on the civil war brewing in Brevoy, and my character often has to visit Restov and, from time to time, duel for his family's honor.

Is this written into the AP? No. Is the Brevoy civil war even a thing in the AP? No.

But it was included because it's fun and fits the character.

>> No.44454114

An adventure path is a framework for a plot, with characters, locations, and encounters written up.

However, they're written with the lowest common denominator of system mastery in mind, and if you run it with no changes, you end up with a shitty railroad filled with enemies that die to a light breeze.

In addition, the GM's job is to engage with the players and their characters, and adventure paths do not do that by default.

>> No.44454115

>The missions and overarching campaign is actually really good, it's the minutia that's the problem, and a DM should *always* be altering the minutia to suit their needs.
sure the plot isnt half bad but the encounters fucking suck. they're pathetically easy to roll over and every single encounter in the books needs to be completely redone to stand any chance of holding up against the pcs.

>> No.44454124

Same anon.

Would there be any way to make peace or at least non-aggression with a kobold tribe or at least diplomance a kobold into changing sides?

>> No.44454144


Think of it this way.

Would you rather have an AP with a shitty plot, or shitty encounters?

One is exceptionally easy to fix if you give yourself an afternoon and a bestiary, while the other is something that you'll spend weeks slaving over because those plot threads tie into other plots which tie into the main campaign.

Throwing a dozen more bandits into an encounter is easy, redesigning Nyrissa's plot for the Stolen Lands is not.

>> No.44454260

id rather have an ap with good plot and encounters that can actually hold up to real pcs.

>> No.44454378

It takes more than an afternoon to rewrite several books of content to adapt to players taking on the entirely new mission of bringing down whoever they think is masquerading as Iomedae.

>> No.44454412

Good thing you can plan this shit out in your head over a week or more, since that thing will probably take more than one session.

>> No.44454472

>mfw my character has just gotten the chance to earn the favor of a nymph with a mighty quest

Help, what kind of quest would a nymph like? I'm just a Warder.

>> No.44454474

I'll have you know me and my players run all the APs in one session, no breaks, no nothing. Though I do have to wonder why they keep leaving.

>> No.44454507

A wanderer from the nearby town comes over to her land and keeps bothering her by muttering "Fat faerie tits" and sweating profusely. Please get him away from me, I don't ever want to be near him again.

>> No.44454511

Man, how do you do it? The game I'm DMing is biweekly 3-4 hour sessions. It really sucks for pacing.

>> No.44454550

Probably something frivolous or sexually charged.

>> No.44454599

>Help, what kind of quest would a nymph like?

Kill the local Satyr and bring his penis back to her.

She magically replaces your penis with the Satyr's and refuses to bed you with when packing anything else.

>> No.44454711

Her pond is polluted and dying, she needs a new home. Help her relocate to a pure spring. Alternatively, anoint your weapon with pure spring water so she can live inside it.

>> No.44454747

Reunite her with her long-lost love.

>> No.44454765

Stat us

>> No.44454810


>> No.44454827

I don't know who these are supposed to be. If it had to guess, I'd say the one to the left is Skallagrim, and I only know him vaguely from bored YouTube searches. I don't know much all about him, but I'd go with Lore Warden/Myrmidon fighter.

>> No.44454841

So I need a little help, I'm playing a shaman in my next campaign and don't have much knowledge around it, What's a good spirit/spirit animal for a character who wants to use enchantments/mind affecting spells and has a changeling motif.

3rd party: Ponyfinder.

>> No.44454856

It's Skallagrim, Lindybeige and Scholagladitoria. Armor/Weapons/Warfare guys.

>> No.44454871


You had me going there for a second

>> No.44454891


Is that a thing? Is that a thing that exists?

>> No.44454902


>> No.44454928

There are ads for it all over the d20pfsrd.

>mfw those ads are actually kind of expensive

>> No.44454930

Yes.....yes it is.....

>> No.44454970


>> No.44455057

Because their fun is their fun, even if it's not your fun or my fun. I want to ask the same question whenever /pfg/ talks about waifuing setting NPCs or raping JJ's characters.

>> No.44455095

>the latter thing

Pretty sure that's just out of spite towards JJ.

>> No.44455171

My household and I are pretty big fans of the show, it also has some fun rules for classes (friendship bloodline makes an alicorn.)

>> No.44455178

Or the fact that there's reason to suspect his characters are intentionally or subconsciously made to be rape-bait. But, either way. I still agree with >>44455057 even though Ponyfinder isn't my thing either.

>> No.44455267

All Shamans can learn the shapeshift hex.

Slums spirit grants some charm spells and mind effects

>> No.44455388

I question some of the design decisions in Ponyfinder.

Like, why the heck are they a Medium race for one.

>> No.44455409

Because the pony is a medium mount?

>> No.44455424

pony 'fun' is closely associated with being a loathsome sperg, and so is waifuing and magical realming. they are all equally deserving of ridicule. 4chan ain't a Sanctioned Safe Space for Whizzards.

>> No.44455448


desu, I know just as many fans of My Little Pony who are fine, upstanding citizens as I now weirdos.

>> No.44455461

Yeah, but the general consensus At least as far as I'm aware

Is that normal ponies are what would be described as Small.

They're 'little' ponies, implying smaller than normal ones. Celestia'd be more in line with the size of a normal pony.

>> No.44455494

I think Celestia would probably just be a horse. Why the hell am I discussing this I don't even enjoy the show.

>> No.44455517

Twilight Sparkle refers to the Cutie Mark Crusaders as My Little Ponies multiple in the series...

Also kill me, it's better than caillou but kill me please.

>> No.44455562

There's a supplement for tiny ponys (actually small) which are Shetlands, the average pony is about 4' or so celestial is a small horse at least in size, which barely meet the minimum if you ask me.

>> No.44455563

And now I'm thinking of the shows I've watched with my toddler cousin and wondering how I'd stat up the Bubble Guppies or that one show about a talking monster truck.

>> No.44455567 [SPOILER] 

Because you're curious. You ask that fundamental question - "why?"

You are awaited in Abbadon, anon.

>> No.44455609

Late answer, but you want that one psionic race that can be a lawful barbarian. That's how you get barbaradins.

>> No.44455622

>mfw this discussion

>> No.44455650

What even is that thing and why is it eating a book?

>> No.44455662

It's some sort of book-eating demon

>> No.44455691

Why is it a book-eating demon?

>> No.44455705

Maybe it took levels in that Occultist archetype

>> No.44455773

Are we sure that's not just someone pissed over the kineticist?

>> No.44455791

Celestia also refers to adults like Twilight as 'My Little Ponies' at LEAST once, Twilight probably picked up the mannerism from Celestia.

>> No.44455811

they literally hate nice things

no, really
>Known as wrecker demons, abrikandilus delight in
destroying beauty, be it by rending a fine painting to
shreds, reducing a magnificent statue to rubble, or
scarring a lovely face. Abrikandilus are formed from the
souls of mortals who vandalized art or defaced objects of
exquisiteness, particularly those whose acts
of destruction were born from jealousy.
All abrikandilus loathe only one thing
more than beauty—their own
ref lections. Curiously, the faces
of other abrikandilus do not
vex a wrecker demon, but the
sight of its own deformed
shape drives an abrikandilu
into a furious, brutish anger,
impelling it to focus all of
its energy on breaking the
object, usually a mirror, in
which it can see itself.

>mfw this is probably also relevant to the previous discussion

>> No.44455829

The monster truck one is the dumbest.
Monster trucks DON'T FUCKING RACE
my nieces are staying over for the first time, one of them can't even talk yet

>> No.44455891

The idea up thread that goes from Land of the Linnorm Kings to Osirion to Taldor to Tian Xia.

>> No.44455894

I mean, people race. You'd think if there were anthropomorphic vehicles, they'd probably race, too.

I'm just glad that Bubble Guppies, my cousin's favorite, is tolerable and occasionally clever.

>> No.44455911

Why did you post Crying Wolf? Are you trying to push me into throwing a quirky miniboss squad against my players? Because I'll do it!

I was going to do it anyway.

>> No.44455925

Bubble Guppies is a top tier young kids show man.

When I was a a kid, we had shot like ducking teletubbies or the boobahs.

The fuck was with boobahs?

>> No.44455927

What's the differance between the Warrior and the fighter class?

>> No.44455948

Is a Pitfiend with Sorcerer 20 & Fighter 20 + quickened timestop SLA plus storm of vengeance with storm of vengeance immunity a good boss for a party of level 20s?

>> No.44455952

Thanks for the help, I'm playing a doppelganger, they benefit from people failing their enchantment saves, will definitely take the Slums Spirit.

>> No.44455955

Number of feats and several class skills.
Fighter has more feats, but fewer class skills.

>> No.44455958

One's a 12 year old the other's a 13 year old, and they both think they're awesome.

>> No.44455967

Uh, this is a creature with 60 HD?

>> No.44455995

Yes, it is. Oh and it is decked out with magic items appropriate for something as strong as it.

>> No.44456015

So, in the long run; warrior is the best?

>> No.44456017

That's a tad unfair. Fighters are still head and shoulders above Warriors. Particularly because archetypes exist.

>> No.44456025

Depends on the op level of the characters in question. I'd inflate its HP instead of giving it extra hit dice, personally. Check the math and the expected results against the party's AC and defenses and tweak its stats until you get something that you think is final boss worthy.

>> No.44456030


Admittedly, Celestia is centuries old and normal ponies are probably insignificantly young to her OH GOD NOW YOU'VE GOT ME DOING IT


The fighter works harder and people care if he's good or not.

>> No.44456032

Okay, 12 and 16 then.

>> No.44456057

>have 12 charisma
>in dungeon fighting shit
>get exposed to blightburn powder
>fail save and contract blightburn sickness
>take 6 points of cha damage
>later on fight succubus
>offered profane gift
>take it
>profane gift immediately removed
>take 5 points of cha drain
So how are your games going?

>> No.44456059

Fighters are a solid tier 4, that's basically calling paladins and rangers 16 as well. They're perfectly legitimate characters.

>> No.44456067

Yeah, I think it's less about size and more about the immortal demigod just having a special way of calling everybody 'my children'

>> No.44456089

Now, sure, but that certainly wasn't the case when they were first remade in pathfinder.

>> No.44456136

I gave it a quickened maximized disintegrate as well to pump out every round.

>> No.44456145

Two of those three things are already popular in this General.

>> No.44456192

>The idea up thread that goes from Land of the Linnorm Kings to Osirion to Taldor to Tian Xia.

>> No.44456198


What specific things from the Weapon Master's Guide should I know about to build a Tier 4 fighter?

>> No.44456199

serrated is one of the few that doesn't make sense on the launcher vs the ammunition.

MOST of them should be there.
Mostly useless yes, but no reason you can't 'tacticool' some funky colors like the camos in black ops 3
There are not enough fucking DUHS for this being there, and melee weapons getting it but not fucking ranged was beyond senseless to begin with. A massive what the fuck
From wooden staves to composite horn to iron-shod wood to actual iron cannons to steel to crystalized multi-alloy shit we have today... The entire history of weapons says if this is to be on melee weapons, it goes on ranged as well
The NAMES suggest it shouldn't be a barrel or crossbow thing, but the effect? if anything this shit goes hand in hand with improved accuracy, doesn't it? More headshots equals more brainsplosions. Maybe they're mutually exclusive on MELEE weapons....
Dispensers, coatings, hell those little bottles like bows have in Monster Hunter
Bludgeoning ranged attacks. Beanbag/rubber/plastic rounds used well above the crowd-dispersal level of muzzle velocity
>Double Impact
pistons for melee... underslung barrels/rails for ranged, charge systems for tech...
Eh, fuck it, gunner shields.
if there's no reason ranged weapons don't get this there's also no reason melee weapons don't get this. Both hit things for damage.
I'm stating it again because once a post before didn't fix the problem. You should have been explaining why you didn't let melee weapons get this ranged weapon upgrade to people as they're telling you (rightly so) to let all weapons do this. Somehow that was not what happened, and you're going to need to actually change the past. Seriously. Time travel. It's the only way to be sure.

>Expanded Damage Type
add energy/tech weapons to this. modified discharges/systems/etc.

>> No.44456223


See >>44453901

>> No.44456272

44456199 is showing that nearly all of them make sense.

>> No.44456302

I'm making an archetype and I have some questions I would like to get help on:

If a creature has a climb speed, can it charge while climbing? Can it use Spring Attack?
I want to make a talent that gives a Climb speed and a little extra, if this is already something that they can do what would you guys suggest?

Would a talent that allows you to use your climb speed to swing from tree to tree like Tarzan and be able to fight while hanging from branches be something cool and or useful? Maybe with an Acrobatics bonus for jumping from tree to tree and for standing/balancing on branches.

>> No.44456308

Agreed. Mostly the "which is being debated (with great heat) internally" thing. Looks like other DSP guys agree with us.

>> No.44456327

This one:

>> No.44456402

>CHA 1

What does that even do?

>> No.44456406

>this again

>> No.44456417

Turns you into the average /pfg/ poster

>> No.44456435

It keeps me from falling into a coma and very little else.

>> No.44456488


>> No.44456582

>look at the guide
>CHA 1: Barely conscious, appears blank and expressionless
>no emotion

/pfg/ has a CHA of at least 3, since that's right about when things start feeling emotions.

Emotions like rage.

>> No.44456621

Point is, I don't feel like Celestia would be large.

Would probably be more fitting for her to be Medium, and normal ponies to be small.

Possibly with Earth ponies able to take an alt trait for Powerful Build or something to represent the big-ass bastards like Macintosh, who're still smaller than Celestia.

>> No.44456683 [DELETED] 

There is no conspiracy to make traditional games politically correct. Characters in fiction and gaming communities simply change with respect to the latest cultural values. But you fedora-tipping cancerous fucks always blame imaginary SocJus boogeymen when people start hating you for the shit that you do. As long as you continue to refuse act like decent human beings, people will keep noticing.

But of course, you will keep blaming imaginary "SJWs", "poseurs" and "normies" when you the public hates you for the scum you are. And let's not even get started on how you all react to games becoming more popular and easily accessible.

>> No.44456692

Bardadin player here

I have discovered the combination of my partner

Card Caster Magus/Far Strike Monk(modified to make it work as an unchained Archetype)

he is gambit.

>> No.44456697

Look man. I'm not gonna judge you for doing what you enjoy, but do you have any other hobbies?

>> No.44456713

nigga you lost or somethin

>> No.44456718

The fuck are you responding to

go back to /pol/ or some shit.

>> No.44456749

Well there are some young ponies that are even smaller than the normal ones, right? If the normal ponies are small, that'd make those young ones tiny. That's the size of a house cat, you know.

>> No.44456771

Good point. There are cats on the show, right? Can anyone who cares go and compare?

>> No.44456833

here ya go boss

>> No.44456857

So comparing with this: http://vignette2.wikia.nocookie.net/mlp/images/0/0c/Cutie_Mark_Crusaders_yay_S1E17.png/revision/latest?cb=20110914015432

Looks like the younger ponies would be about Tiny-sized. Oh my god what am I doing someone send help

>> No.44456875

Kill yourself desu senpai.

>> No.44456882

From a game design standpoint, medium size is used so a normal character has minimal numbers to crunch, it makes things simple to at least make ponies in the game be medium.

>> No.44456897


Thought about it a lot in the past but I'm happy with my life right now, so I don't think I will. It's the thought that counts though, right?

>> No.44456900

>mfw /pfg/ talking about motherfucking ponies
>mfw recently a new player was trying to convince the GM to let him play one
>mfw the piece of shit actually considered it before telling the guy to either pick a normal race or fuck off

>> No.44456915

Okay let's stop talking about ponies

>> No.44456916

At least your DM was sane.

>> No.44456920

Here answer this >>44456302
I don't want to ask it in a third thrad in a row.

>> No.44456921

Oh dear. That's kinda dumb. Ponies have a place if people want to run a game with them in the setting, but shoehorning them into something? Fucking idiocy.

>> No.44456995

There he is! There he goes again!

Look, everyone, he posted it once again! Isn't he just the funniest guy around? Oh my God.

>> No.44457012

How do I destroy my enemies with the power of magnetism, /pfg/?

>> No.44457013


Good idea.

Yes. It specifically disallows the run action ("It cannot, however, use the run action while climbing."), but not charging. You can charge any time you can move if you meet the right conditions (nothing in the way, nothing hindering, etc).

>Spring Attack
Yes, because climb is still movement

Like a Spheres talent? A trait? Climb speeds are mostly underwhelming and become irrelevant the moment fly speeds come into play, although they can be useful in dungeons. I'd allow it in my games if a player wanted a climb speed.

>Tree traits
I'd let them just move through the trees if the spent some sort of resource on it, citing the Branch to Branch spell from 3.5 as precedent for it. A trait to let someone brachiate at their land speed through trees, maybe with an Acrobatics check (but probably not because meh), seems fine in my book.

I would actually price it at roughly a trait, too, because compared to the better traits (magical knack, the metamagic reducers, defensive strategist, etc), it's situational and only worthwhile sometimes. Definitely shouldn't be a feat if it's not giving something else. It'd be a decent ribbon class feature, though.

>> No.44457047

Get a giant magnet and hit people with it.

>> No.44457057

That'd be fine normally, just scaling everything one step so there's less to fuck around with, but the setting they give you with the book actually has humans in it.

>> No.44457071

>but the setting they give you with the book actually has humans in it.

>> No.44457200

G-guys. What should I take for my 3rd level feat on the Bardadin

Due to houserules i don't need power attack, i took fey foundling at 1, and i get free arcane strike and combat casting from arcane duelist.

Any suggestions?

>> No.44457206

How do I balance templates for PC use? Just give everyone equal CR templates?

>> No.44457211

Dwarves are considered medium and i believe theyre around the same height at ponies, so I'd suspend my disbelief to believe the ponies to be medium as well.

>> No.44457231

Furious Focus is pretty good.

Probably how I'd do it, but note that not all templates are created equal. Ghost, for example, is obscenely broken at low and mid levels for CR +2.

>> No.44457269


Skill Focus: Perform (Sexual Technique)

For real though, Furious Focus is good, as is Extra Lay On Hands if you have it.

>> No.44457273

Dwarves being medium isn't a matter of height, it's the fact they're built like brick shithouses.

>> No.44457301

I'd go with giving everyone templates, but that's because I've had a lot of PvP in my groups and players should have "equal" footing.

>> No.44457362

Let's say I want to buy all of Dreamscarred Press' content, but only the most updated versions of everything, in the fewest number of volumes possible (Ultimate Psionics instead of Psionics Unleashed, for example).

What do I need to buy?

>> No.44457364

Has Paizo actually done an autistic character before? I know they've done a mentally retarded character (a villain, no less) and a drug addict, but nothing on autism.

>> No.44457378

They covered mental illness with Shardra.

>> No.44457409

Extra Lay on hands is probably really useful for me in particular. I'm not feeling like i need a bunch of combat feats, the only one the Bardadin is really attracted to is Improved Critical, so i guess i can spread out things a bit, i could even take Eldrich Heritage if i want.

>> No.44457421

The big stuff:
>Ultimate Psionics
>Path of War (one big book, but awaiting errata)
>Path of War Expanded (when it comes out soon, since they said it's in layout)

Other stuff:
>Lords of the Night
>Psionics Augmented: Seventh Path (new discipline)
>Psionics Augmented: Wilder (stuff not in Ultimate Psionics; came out after)
>Wait on a compilation book of Akasha, since I think it's just split up PDFs right now?

>> No.44457439

>Wait on a compilation book of Akasha, since I think it's just split up PDFs right now?

If someone buys the Akashic Mysteries Subscription they get all the PDFs and then also the print release when it's ready

>> No.44457443

Gotcha, thanks.
I'll probably wait for errata and bundle-books, then.
I have naught but time.

>> No.44457453

sorry, not the print release, the final version.

>> No.44457477

Oh, good point. I thought the subscriptions were just for the PDFs though?

The PoW Expanded subscription should give you all the PDFs for it as they come out, and is slightly cheaper. I'd get that.

Probably from http://dreamscarred.com/ , since that gives them the most money instead of cutting it to other stores.

>> No.44457542

Oh, good point. I thought the subscriptions were just for the PDFs though?
see >>44457453

>> No.44457576

>Playing Human Warder (Zweihander Sentinel)
>30 PB, level 1, current stats 18 13 16 14 10 12
>E6 campaign where feats are acquired every level, and once cap reached more feats every 5k experience gained
>Power Attack is a free feat

I'm currently aiming to take Furious Focus, Shield Focus, Shield Expertise (the one for touch AC) and... Well, that's the thing, I can't think of another feat.

Since feats are so cheap and my skills are going to be flooded with bonus points, should I just take Dual-Talented and put that +2 into Con for 16? Any feats you guys think I should take, or maybe a feat I should replace with something else?

>> No.44457586

Yeah. It hadn't loaded when it I hit post. iirc, all their errata'd PDFs will be given to people who bought the original one, so if you get PoW 1, it's not a big deal other than needing to wait for functional rules in some cases?

>> No.44457605

Discipline Focus is really good if you've got anything with save DCs. Advanced Training becomes a great option at level 4. Style feats from Expanded, too, along with Fuse Styles.

>> No.44457678


I was planning to grab Advanced Study around level 4-6 since I won't get many chances to change my maneuvers (E6 and all).

I was initially tempted to convince the DM to allow Scarlet Throne Style (he didn't want Expanded stuff) but he told me he's adding that as the level 6 "capstone" for the class, since he loved the concept but not as a "right away" thing.

I'm thinking of getting Iron Will to shore up the 10 Wis, but Discipline Weapon is looking really nice (does it require you to be specific, as in "Longsword" or something vague like "blades?" Because I intend to start with a Greatsword and use a longsword later.)

>> No.44457729

Discipline Focus:
>You gain a +2 bonus to saving throw DCs when using maneuvers of the selected discipline. You also inflict an additional +2 points of damage when wielding associated weapons of the chosen discipline.

You don't pick a weapon, just a discipline, and you get the buff for anything in that discipline's weapon groups.

If you later use weapon group adaptation, you choose an entire weapon group and it gets to count as discipline weapons for every discipline you use.

The weapon groups are listed here:

>> No.44457749

Has anyone made an initiator archetype for the cavalier?
It's my favorite martial, but ever since we started using dsp stuff, regular martials don't feel like they belong in the same party as initiators.

>> No.44457813

What reason does a nihilist have to be an adventurer on Golarion?

Or even at all?

>> No.44457860

To prove that they are right.
To adventure and ultimately gain nothing from it as an example to others.

>> No.44457878

Use the hussar template on a Warlord.

>> No.44457917

>The player decided instead that a Dhampir was totally a better choice anyway, though.
>wanted to bring in their DONUT STEEL vampire OC
>who has an intelligent weapon and a bunch of other ridiculously expensive shit
>at level 2
>DM threw up his hands and told him it would be a sidequest, and that fuck you he's overriding the rest of it because Dhampir don't work that way

>> No.44457957

Suggest they get a cursed intelligent item. Maybe that cool sword DSP wrote that yells at you if you break its rules and grows with treasure instead of just starting as a good weapon.

>> No.44458049

New thread:

>> No.44458059

Have you taken the player aside and shown them the Bladebound Magus archetype? It might be what they're looking for, and if not then fuck I guess he's out of luck, since that shit's not going to fly.

>> No.44458121

>Bladebound magus

He wanted to play a witch and refused to pick anything else. Honestly, the player seems to have chilled out so far, but we've also had a whole two sessions and no combat since they joined so they haven't had a chance to try anything yet.

As the party's designated craft monkey, I refuse to make them anything special.

>> No.44458235

Make them all swords.

Regardless of if they can use them or not.


>> No.44458299

No, the witch. The witch is getting nothing special. I already don't like the witch class and hate Dhampir as a concept. Them combined with this player's attitude just make me have an irrational hate for them.

Rest of the party can get all the cool shit they want, but fuck the witch.

>> No.44459155

are animal companions worth it? how good can they get in combat? any good builds i should know about?

>> No.44459352

The edit makes the sentence confusing.

>> No.44459394

I'm more worried about how pony familiars are granted fucking wizard levels.

I'm definitely going to take a pastel horse familiar for the next campaign that allows third party.

>> No.44459512

I try, anon, to get people to stop waifufagging and flisting in here. it doesn't fucking work.

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