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Why are there no Skaven in 40K?

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They're called Hruud or something.

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This. Hrud.
Minor xenos race.
Hooded, come out at night, sneaky, etc.

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Maybe there are, its a big galaxy.
Aparently id been playing in all the battles without centurion suits until about a year ago. Just not seen it all I guess.
But seriously, why not just do it and field them as could as. I could see kick ass guard.
>slaves as conscripts
>stormvirmin as scions
>all the big tanks and artiliary skaven-contraptioned-up to 11

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*count as
But actually like could as

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40k has haemunculi instead for all your wierd sciene, fleshcraft and backstabbin needs

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Because 40K hasn't been Fantasy in space in over a quarter of a century.

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With AoS and star-powered starlizards (with stone clubs) fantasy proved, it could into space without 40k anyway.

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Want Skryre's crazy tech? Play Mek Orks
Want Moulder's crazy breeding/slavery/mods? Play Haemonculus Dark Eldar
Want Pestilens' crazy plague/disease stuff? Play Nurgle Daemons/CSM
Want Eshin's sneaky assassining? Play Harlequins/Assassins

Want rat people? Use Skaven models and play Ratling abhuman Imperial Guard or Hrud counts-as... Tau?

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isn't there skaven on AoS?

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The Hrud were Skaven in space back in the earliest editions.

Now the Hrud look like eldritch aliens that will age you to dust by creating an entropy field.

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Technically the most recent depiction of the hrud is the 6th edition rulebook, and it is obviously a hooded ratman, which may mean that the spindly time warping hrud is retconned or that both are actually hrud, maybe it's an allied race or a specialized unit.

After all according to xenology it's not possible to exactly get how one of those spindly hrud look like because great part of the body boils and melts at death.

I'm of the opinion both versions could work together in an hypothetical developed faction, after all the idea of a race of scavengers with stuff that accelerates the rate of decaying to gnaw and erode everything faster fits, just need some tweaks here and there to make the spindly ones look a result of something rather than their natural state and you're set (maybe a deeps-diver like power suit with various unnatural growths or some mix of biomechanical surgical and warp powered abomination, or both)

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The hrud were always supposed to be, but they don't get much focus. Tyranids fill the same niche on the tabletop despite not being rat people. Both abuse horde tactics and possess weird technology/biotechnology unique to them. And both relate to something psychic (the Horned Rat and the Hive Mind respectively) that is independent of the other major players of Chaos/the Warp.

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Play them as Chaos cultists.

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not enuff bionics/10

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What would the stats for their troopers be?

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Skaven technology really covers whole spectrum of bizzare things. It is possible that if they are related to Hrud,ratman are their normal version and the time-warping aliens are Skyre

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Don't Rak'Gols have tanks that are piloted by cybernetic paraplegics?

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They became the tau

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Isn't that a common practice in 40k?

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This neither true or a an answer to the question asked.

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And are referenced as Skavengers in a WD story

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sweet jesus yes it is

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Hrud Warriors - 50 pts

WS3 BS3 S3 T3 W1 I4 A1 LD5 SV6+

Unit size: 10+

Equipment: Autogun or Autopistol, light armour

Options: 1 Heavy Stubber/Flamer/Hrud special weapon per 10 warriors.

Special Rules: Fleet, Horde (get +1 LD for every additional 10 warriors up to 8LD max)

So basically Chaos cultists with some tweaks.

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>obviously a hooded ratman

Well it is a hooded humanoid alien with a generic tail. It could look like anything under the hood.

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Skaven were originally planned as 40k race. Hence all the whacky technology.
GW changed their mind though and now Mantic to totally original ratmen in space.

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Use the Heretics & Renegades list or the Militias & Cults list and fluff them as fucked up abhumans. Fluffwise it fits, and ruleswise with the options it gives you for abhumans it would also fit.

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Are you blind or something? Look at the picture.

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I feel like these guys would make really good Obliterators, particularly Nurgle Oblits.

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They are, i've seen the conversions, but are far to big respect the normal models. A little too much.
They barely fit the base.

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You're joking right? Did you look at the image? Damn, anon get some glasses it's totally a rat man.

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Nurgle demons makes more sense between shrouded and the touch of rust rule. Could always ally with cultists though and bring some guns.

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Because Skaven are dumb

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What make it clearly a rat man? All you can see of his face is a single glowing eye.

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