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>As is somehow always the case, the vile succubus falls in love with the virtuous paladin
>She tries to atone for her evil ways and start anew
>It's difficult and she has tendencies to fall back into her old habbits, but the paladin is always there to support her
>Their love genuinely blossoms into something beautiful
>It is the kind of love no human woman can even understand, let alone compete with
>It was all a ruse
>The succubus' "atonement" was a way to get close to the paladin and slowly corrupt him
>Her love is genuine, but she'd rather claim the paladin as hers than abandon everything she is for him

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What a shitty Paladin.

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Scourge and purge mang, we dont teach you this just cause were assholes

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>It's difficult and she has tendencies to fall back into her old habbits, but the paladin is always there to support her

This is where your premise goes from ordinary retarded to ultra-retarded.

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>hurr paladin falls
Fuck off.

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> Succubus falls in love with a peasant

There, much better prospect.
Now fuck off you anal vore fag.

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You sound upset. I'm just sayin' that redeeming succubi is retarded because they're high-CHA masters of deception literally made of evil incarnate.

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>I'm just sayin' that redeeming succubi is retarded because they're high-CHA masters of deception literally made of evil incarnate.
I agree wholeheartedly, Paladins redeeming Succubuses with love is a completely stupid cliche and the cheapest possible pasty nerd fantasy ever.

I still think you should fuck off because your topic is shit.

I had a vrock paladin NPC in a dead 3.5e game that I ran, the vrock turned because he got terribly unsatisfied with countless years of bloodshed. He didn't have much to do with most civilization because despite being super holy, he was an ugly motherfucker and more sour and acerbic than a cart of lemons. Plus, being super demon looking did him no favors among most people.

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>settings where any sapient monster is 'made of pure evil/good'
>alignment systems as basic as lawful/moral as binding contracts

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>Vile succubus pretends to fall for virtuous paladin
>Virtuous paladin has already sworn that he would only wed a woman from the paladin order he is a part of
>Succubus decides to become a paladin to seduce him
>Discovers demons can't be paladins, it is impossible
>REALLY tries to become a paladin because "impossible" is a challenge
>Years later, finally finds acceptance in the eyes of the order's god and becomes a paladin
>No longer wishes to sleep with the first paladin, because her reasons for wanting to do so were unjust
>They become platonic paladin-buddies-for-life instead

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What's the point ?
She's a master of disguise and seduction. Why doesn't she appears as an innocent maiden instead, so he won't be suspisious about her.
Also, as long as she's with the paladin she can't do has much evil as she used to because he's watching her. Sounds like a waste of time.

>Paladins redeeming Succubuses with love is a completely stupid cliche
I once had a character that rolled a guardian spirit of opposed alignment (LG and LE, socialist idealist and 1984-style autoritarian, in Gleaming Steel)
It was a back-and-forth between combined wrath against anachists, vitriolic best buds, and backstabbing/sabotaging each other plan.
Even in the end, no one succeeded in turning the other to accept his views. Still had to find a way to work together since their souls were bound.

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>>alignment systems as basic as lawful/moral as binding contracts
See, this is okay in the case of paladins and clerics because they're rewarded for keeping that code with powers.

But for other characters, I agree.

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I always assumed that Succubi are ALWAYS lying, all the time. Why? Because, and you have to think about this, she's sucked a lot of dicks. She looks like a woman, so she can seduce men - The way she acts is all part of it, too.

What, you don't think some guys want a girl to be all doe-eyed and innocent, and cry when she's being raped? A succubus can do that. Other guys want an outright slut who wants your dick, it's so big, it's like a tree. And STILL others want more specific fantasies like the cleric girl who has to be talked out of her robes, or the sexy nymph who wants a big, big...'hero'.

Seriously, succubi are likely so jaded, having played countless 'roles' over the millenia, they're likely going "Oh look, another knight with a 'redeem the sexy demon-woman fetish'. Like I haven't seen that before."

She's probably had centuries to refine the "I'm so conflicted...But with you, I just might turn back to the Light Side!"

Think of every sociopathic, gold-digging harpy you've ever known. Then make her actually get off from actively trying to ruin you, the way only a woman can. That's a succubus, man. Like, if you raped one, she'll be all "No, no-! Oniichan, please stop raping your imouto~" while thinking "Huh, I'll give him 6 for effort, but I just don't feel it, you know?"

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> succubus thread
> paladin falls thread

shit thread

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>The succubus so experienced, so vile and so jaded she has seen it all and played every role
>She looks for excitement for once in her long-lived existence
>Ends up fulfilling the most bizarre and putrid fetishes of basement dwelling magical realm inhabitants
>Commits suicide after a fedora tipper demands that she turns into a snail with seven gigantic tits, but one that is also an eunuch so he can fuck the hole where her dick used to be

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I assume at that point, she just goes "For fuck's sake, I have some self-respect." and butchers him. It's like the Wreckage of Paradise trilogy, where the one succubus - Actually an angel of water, it's Demon the Fallen - derives her real enjoyment for ruining lives and basically emotionally hurting people to the point of suicide and so on.

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>nigga forgot the pancakes

No wonder it didn't work. That's like demon handling 101, feed them pancakes.

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>Succubus is madly in love with the group and follows them everywhere because it's a group of murder hobos.

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How do you even rape a succubi?

In what scenario would a monstrous, sociopathic, evil succubi refuse the notion of sex?

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>In what scenario would a monstrous, sociopathic, evil succubi refuse the notion of sex?
Imagine a pervert. And I don't mean the kind who goes to the gym to stare at asses in tight yoga pants, I mean a man so depraved, so lewd, so degenerate that he is widely considered to be a demon trapped in the body of a man with the sexual stamina of a thousand men and the sexual appetite of a million perverts.

THAT is the kind of man even a succubus would refuse to have sex with.

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The important part is not she being raped, but the man thinking he's raping her. Succubi gotta keep up with some shit to live.

Or Rance. Rance is always an exception.

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So a pre-feminazicaust /d/-goer then? By gods, anon, don't put that image in my head.

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When the guy is so worthless, his soul has no value. Why bother seducing Level 0s, or peasants? It's a waste of time.

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>A man that's exactly what succubus are suposed to turn men into.
>Somehow this disgusts her.

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>Humans turn food into shit
>How could they possibly be disgusted by it then?

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>the king of hell has special plans for this pure soul
>plans stretching back for centuries of breeding and guiding mortals
>if you fuck him as a succubus he'll be corrupted and he won't get into the paladin's holy order to fall like a fucking meteor and wreck everything, and he will be extremely displeased with you
>so displeased he will wipe you out, all your plans, stop you from getting your revenge on the world above, stop you from knowing anything but pain as your constituent atoms are torn apart only for them to be reborn as dretches to be tortured to death again and again so your agonised essense will permeate all of hell itself

but no, there's no reason for you to not want him to stick it in you, is there.

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10/10 comparison

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It makes sense if you think about it. Take another demon: Pazuzu. Pazuzu will grant your wish, but in so doing you become closer to Chaotic Evil. Yet when you actually reach Chaotic Evil, Pazuzu will no longer answer your call, and may even kill you.

Devils work similarly. They try to get people to become Lawful Evil yet once they do they arrange for the damned soul's immediate departure to Hell, where it is drained of energy and turned into a pathetic lemure.

Fiends are only interested in you when you aren't damned yet. Once you are damned, you are worthless trash.

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>instead of souls, succubi feed on morals/restraint


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There was a feminazicaust on /d/? how would that even work?

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>paladin keeps on atoning back to paladinhood just so the succubus will come back to pity fuck the holiness out of the guy

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>Clash of Heroes Jezebeth
When I compare it with the original design by Ledroit, I can't help but think that they could have made her a tiny bit more threatening.

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Yes, you are worthless and they won't look at you, but that doesn't mean they avoid you like you had the plague or something. Is more of a "meh, whatever" kind of thing.

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what happened to /d/?

I haven't been there since my teen years

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They don't need to "avoid you like the plague" in order to refuse sex. Just as she wouldn't have sex with a mane demon, she would not have sex with you: before you were an enemy to be subverted, now you are an inferior to be expended.

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everything is futa now

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But that's what it was like then too

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Wait, that's surposed to be a Might and Magic Inferno hero?


Do they have animu version of Deleb too?

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Now they're getting competition from /aco/.

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Yes, which means they won't have sex with you. Like, what's the point? It's like spending a full day of work to pick up 1 cent from the ground.

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/aco/ has split the board into two. It opened up an excuse for all the turbo-weeaboos and trolls to throw a shitfit whenever someone posted something non-japanese. /d/ was supposed to be about fetishes or super hardcore, not Japan-only circlejerk, but now that there's a dedicated western-porn board, that's what it became.

[Spoiler]At least that's what happened in the diaper threads...

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>Her love is genuine, but she'd rather claim the paladin as hers than abandon everything she is for him

Nigger that is borderline Logic bomb territory. If her love really was genuine, she'd give up on being evil.

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Stupid, retarded, cringeworthy, weebshit, pathetic, sad, vomit in a glass without coaster... take your pick. Makes me sad this type of garbage is posted on /tg/.

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Doesn't follow. Love doesn't require that you change yourself to please your partner.

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>On a Chinese cartoon image board
>owned by a nip
>Mad when someone posts about Chinese cartoon memes
You must be new here.

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Get a load of the virgin. Everyone has to change for everyone else. It's called growing up.

The only people who never change are the lifelong hermits.

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What doesn't follow is forcing your partner to change to please yourself.

Really, this entire thread is built on a flawed premise, that just compounds together with each step to be more stupid and flawed.

If you are really this stupid, I'd recommend you lurk more.

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'07 represent, faggot. Overlord is LN garbage and calling someone out on bullshit isn't the same as being mad. Keep trying though, I'm rooting for you.

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Keep it up!

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>i'm a perfect human being nobody can tell me what to do DAD!

Oh cheeki breeki get a load of this kid. It's amazing how much we let down your generation, you literally have no concept of real life.

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Nigga if all you can do is copy what I've already posted you're never gonna amount to anything.

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>i'm the greetest! i'm on 4chan!

Keep it up!

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Keep it up!

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So what's the end goal of succubi? To turn you evil through sex? To make you depraved? I don't really get how they accomplish this through sex/love/lust. And more to the point it seems like the succubi would be the ones hurting themselves, given that they're constantly connecting with people and then throwing them away.

Like for a creature who's entire existence is predicated upon social interactions, being unable to maintain a relationship of any kind seems torturous.

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I imagine someone who had already lost their soul but still wanted to fuck her would her no value and given how most people worth attacking should be strong enough to overpower a succubus, they must actually be raped often.

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Whew, looks like you got hit where it hurts.
Face it, your premise requires you to rewrite what genuine love means, to the point where the closest thing we can compare your scenario is a compounded mixture of dependency and control issues.

You need to see a psyche. You got some of that whacked-out poo brain.

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By looking at it.

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Love is oxytocin addiction. Our brains secrete the chemical to get us to stay near a mate for long enough to bring offspring to term.

Nothing more. You're just adding poetic nonsense and unreasonable expectations. Nobody is going to love someone who is already so in love with themselves that they see themselves as immutable to change.

You will be forever alone with that arrogant and narcissistic attitude.

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That succubus fell for someone alright but he aint no paladin.

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>Get a load of the virgin.

Married to a woman I've known half my life, thank you very much.

>Everyone has to change for everyone else.

What a nicely vague and empty statement. We weren't talking about philosophical musings over how everyone changes, though.

>If you are really this stupid

Sorry that I abide by the dictionary definition of love, not randumb anon's pure and nice definition of love. The process of corruption and the process of getting someone to reciprocate their love are pretty damn similar, right down to carefully prying someone away from their family, religious values, etcetera.

In general, "warm passionate attachment" is not something I'd expect to be remotely safe or sane from a demon.

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Who is this semen demon?

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Albedo from Overlord.

She is dangerously Yandere.

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Alignment should probably be reserved for classes and races where their connection to the divine or infernal is more presently relevant, and if you do some how get a demon to turn not evil, she would stop being a demon

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No she would never harm ainz, she does want to jump his bones though. Shes also a virgin succubus.

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Really, if you're going to recycle those ideas, it's clear you're just here to waste everyone's time.

It's fine to stay dumb, but stay quiet.

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She's a danger to everyone who looks at momonga and it does cause trouble for him.

>> No.44323092

Still best girl.

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Try again its spelled Shizu.

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>says nothing
>I win

Ah, philosophy. Go back to searching for the soul, idiot. What's next, you'll say thay when you're happy it's because God shines light in your soul and not because of dopamine? You get excited because of your subjective quality and not adrenaline?

Seriously, take it to /x/ where that hippy shit belongs.

>> No.44323181

Go back to class, you're clearly a post college wannabe nihilist

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>I don't really get how they accomplish this through sex/love/lust.
Don't you understand how the femme fatale works? Seducing you isn't their end goal, nor is it directly an individual means. It's an intermediary step to lower your guard. It's just like how AIDS technically doesn't kill you, it only weakens your immune system to the point where things you would normally survive can kill you. Succubi work the same way: they weaken your guard through lust, infusing you with depravity you'd otherwise easily resist.

>She is dangerously Yandere.
She is also a one woman reaction image factory.

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Dude, you're trying to engage people in a baby-class debate when you don't have a leg to stand on. You want to be recognized, when all you deserve to be is dismissed.

Come back when you finish high school, and quit trying to waste people's time.

>> No.44323201

>says nothing again

Wow anon, you're a master of philosophy. Where's my coffee? Too busy debating the redness of the cups?

>> No.44323204

Sounds like premise for a neverending manga series with lots of sex and perpetually unresolved issues.

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You're arguments do not warrent effort

>> No.44323237

>don't have a leg to stand on
>lol subjective brain i can just ignore the last century in neuroscience lol what's serotonin must be jesus tickling you in your soul

Fucking christ, just start defending the EM drive while you're at it. God damn /tg/ has more retards than all of 4chan put together.

Oh, wait, let me guess, science is just an artificial construct and we can never understand the world because we can only interact with it using our frail senses or some other phenomenology bullshit?


>> No.44323244

I suppose that makes some sense, but if you are already sexually experienced would you still be vulnerable to this sort of manipulation? Like especially if you have a fetish, where oftentimes its more about the idea rather than what happens IRL.

>> No.44323246

Hypocrite that you are, for you trust the chemicals in your brain to tell you they are chemicals. All knowledge is ultimately based on that which we cannot prove.

Will you fight?
Or will you perish like a dog?

>> No.44323250

>iahm dur smeertesst!
>scienece r dumb my teecher said!

Bomb, you don't know what you're talking about.

>> No.44323259

You're making a lot of assumption, first and foremost being that succubi have actual emotions and make actual connections. They don't. It's a lie. Literally everything they do is an act, including the stereotypical sexpot succubus behavior, and they are fantastic fucking actors.

A succubus goal is to lead someone to damnation. They can't damn you. This is the most important thing, you have to damn yourself. People focus on the sex thing, but that's just one tool in a gigantic emotionally manipulative toolbox.

>> No.44323260

Why are you responding to me when you don't have any way to know that i exist?

Oh right, because you're a straw solipsist.

>> No.44323293

So it depends on having a prudish god or deity?

>> No.44323320

Wow, you're so clever, and your posts are so cool! Can you please start using a tripcode?

I'd like to subscribe to your filtering.

>> No.44323335

>(LG and LE, socialist idealist and 1984-style autoritarian, in Gleaming Steel)
>socialist idealist
try "exactly as LE as the other spirit only more hypocrital", you special kid.

>> No.44323340

Oh its you, mister don't ever dream, I bet you would have supported the earth being flat in its day too

>> No.44323345

Can't you two faggots take this to bed or elsewhere? No one cares about your bullshit.

>> No.44323348

Why do you have to filter a post that doesn't exist? You have been replying to nothing this whole time.

Is it just that you're so afraid of reality that you have to hide from it like a child? Let me guess, you'd sign a petition to strike the first amendment so you wouldn't have to be subject to microaggressions ever again?

Again, where's my coffee, philosopher? Do your job.

>> No.44323349


Technically you can do both

>> No.44323361

Now there's a non sequitur if i've ever seen one.

You're the one who is forced to accept a flat earth because that is all your senses tell you.

>> No.44323372


Depends on the style of socialist idealism. If it's the Bolsheviks or George Bernard Shaw than yeah, but if it's, Idunno, Orwell or MacDonald, then it probably counts as Lawful Good. Maybe stupid and impractical, but still Lawful Good.

>> No.44323375

Why do you bitch at anything that's outside your little box?

>> No.44323393

I wonder if you're going to walk away thinking you posted something smart and cool.

>> No.44323406

Guys, I appreciate how you told the idiot "we won't engage, you aren't worth our time". But that does not work if you keep replying to him. Let him have the last word, his own words are testimony enough to anybody who is watching.

>> No.44323415

>Love is oxytocin addiction
Neurologist here.
No it isn't and you "new atheists" are the scum of the earth.
Go talk about something you've got the first notion about.

>> No.44323425

>but if you are already sexually experienced would you still be vulnerable to this sort of manipulation?
Pillowtalk is one hell of a motivating force. Experienced or not, love drives people crazy.

>> No.44323429

What is this guy's deal, he comes here every couple of days trying to go on about how everything is boring and you should accept it, like he's trying to wage a one man war against creativity and wonder, in his world man is alone in the universe, AI will never exist and humankind will die having done nothing meaningful on this stupid rock

>> No.44323431

What did I just say about sex being just a tool?

You know who a succubus would look up to, and want to emulate? Helen of Troy. Marry the right man, run off with the right man, and suddenly a war erupts that ends with the atrocious sacking of a city. How many died in the Trojan war? How many damned themselves in the fighting and what came after? How many great heroes fell? Gods were fighting among themselves at Troy.

A person would look at the clusterfuck that was the Trojan War and the sack of Troy and go "That's terrible."

A succubus looks at it and goes "That's a masterpiece."

>> No.44323445

Not him but what is a "new atheist" and what distinguishes it from a standard atheist or fedorian

>> No.44323448

Facts don't matter when it comes to psychology, it's how people perceive those effects that matters.

>> No.44323456

What ever happened to "Succubus Paladin" story time?

>> No.44323464

You are right about him being an idiot, but as a scientist you should be less willing to use appeal to authority as an argument.

>> No.44323472

>07 represent
>thinking that spouting your mental age on 4chan will get you anywhere.
This is a site for 18+ anon.

>> No.44323486

A new atheist is a fedorian.
Generally anyone who actually listens to Dawkins and doesn't send him to go fuck himself after 3 words qualifies.

>> No.44323487

>succubus looks at it and goes "That's a masterpiece.

It really was, all it took was one slut to kill hundreds

>> No.44323504

As a scientist and a physician i also have a job.

>> No.44323506

Is this some kind of shitposting version of covering your ears and chanting "LA LA LA", or what?
Gonna have to try a little harder than "lol u a babby mentally" to rustle feathers on 4chan, newfriend.

>> No.44323507

what I'm trying to figure out is how this ridiculous topic about succubi managed to devolve into an even more ridiculous topic about philosophy-ontology bullshit. and I swear I've read this argument before, possibly on /tg/ no less.

>> No.44323511

>Not him but what is a "new atheist"
Not him either, but it's more or less the brand of atheism that Richard Dawkins and his cronies came up with, or at the very least popularized.

"Old Atheism" is the Atheism of men like Camus, Sartre, Nietzsche and the like. It is a more intellectual, philosophical atheism that mostly struggles with how to uphold an atheistic world view.

New Atheism is, generally speaking, both more hostile towards religion and less academic/philosophical (I remember Richard Dawkins in his debate with... I think the archbishop of Canterbury, admitting that he doesn't know what "epistemal" means). Its end goal is mostly eradicating religion altogether because it considers it the primary force of evil in the world, whereas Old Atheism at best tried to eliminate it from the public sphere.

And then there's Atheism 2.0, which is New Atheism with a heavy dose of SJW bullshit sprinkled over it.


Even quite a few Atheists (from the top of my head I can name Daniel Came, Steven Jay Gould and Michael Ruse) have expressed a distaste for New Atheism.

tl;dr: Basically what the fedora tipper meme was originally about.

>> No.44323528

Why is Dawkins so publicly respected, he just comes off as another idiot who blames everything bad on faith

>> No.44323531

British Accent.

>> No.44323539

Ganbatte shitposter-kun!!!

>> No.44323544

>Why is Dawkins so publicly respected
I'd say he's about as respected among philosophers as Neil DeGrasse Tyson is among physicists. They're popularizers. The greatest Atheist thinkers, just like the greatest physcists., are generally obscure figures.

>> No.44323549

>Its end goal is mostly eradicating religion altogether
But then they wouldn't have an horde of actually smarter and less ignorant people to feel smugly superior to.

>> No.44323552

Yeah, that takes "or what" out of the picture rather nicely.

>> No.44323558

So once again south park nailed it on the head with the waring atheist factions in the future, blaming religion for all the wars while waging war with religious fervor over atheism

>> No.44323562

I wonder if you're going to walk away thinking you posted something smart and cool.

>> No.44323579

It's like a dog chasin a car, who hasn't thought about what he's going to do when he catches it because part of him knows he wont, and the other just feels compelled to chase anyway

>> No.44323584

Fucking mistery.

>> No.44323591

Nah. I'm neither of those things, I'm just bored

>> No.44323596

Excellently said. Never tought it like that before. 10/10

>> No.44323608

Is there a reverse-corruption rule I don't know about?

>> No.44323609

I'm fairly certain the irony of atheists hounding others about the evils of religious zealotry with the fervor of religious zealots was recognized long before south park, but yes.

>> No.44323618


>> No.44323634

You two realize you sitting here being smug about how dumb they are is the exact same thing as what the people you're looking down on is doing, right?

>> No.44323651


Maaaaan I forgot how funny Hellboy was.

>> No.44323672


There is, it is called "redemption" and it is found in the Book of Exalted Deeds and in one of the Dragon Magazines.

>> No.44323699

You don't exactly play this game to win

>> No.44323737
File: 109 KB, 394x288, screen-shot-2015-01-06-at-4.42.15-pm.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.44323748

>He'll be together with her forever as her assfat

>> No.44323755

Just trying to help.

>> No.44323794

It was a great thread till that fag ruined it.

>> No.44323805

So, a literal white devil?

>> No.44323807

I find it hilarious that the edgier-than-thou still calls upon the name of the Messiah to demonstrate his disgust in all things religious.

>> No.44323879
File: 1.89 MB, 288x216, 1426026390787.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Paladin has Insight score out of the fucking wazoo and has clocked on
>Makes a deal with his god to complete purge himself of a sex drive
>Lead her one the merriest fucking chase for his dick that lasts for decades
>It doesn't even work when she finally gets it

Get meme'd on kid.

>> No.44323887

>>tu quoque!
No. Unless you'd like to live in a world in wich nobody can criticize anybody else don't "tu quoque" people; please.
The difference is qualified people can tell the error someone is making and can point it. Unqualified buffoons attack strawmen and pretend they've actually got points.
In the new atheists's case the error is that they're making the metaphisical statement that no metaphisical statements are possible and "demonstrating" it by measuring the unmeasurable ("love is an oxytocine addiction": i guess you can measure love by the concentration of oxytocine in the blood then? i tought so).
They in the other hand constinously fail in addressing the problems with religion, putting everyone under "he worships a wizard in the Sky and doesn't believe in evolution" ass retarded umbrella that MIGHT actually trouble 50/60 assholes in the bible belt's remotest recess and that's it.

>> No.44323903

He fell.
She redeemed.
Last I heard, they settled down and became farmers somewhere. I think a True Neutral druid did their handfasting.

>> No.44324011

At least Tyson is treated like an educator, Dawkins has a weird ass cult

>> No.44324078

You're not qualified, they weren't qualified, and nobody was making any actual points. Shit, the guys who made the posts even admitted it.

>> No.44324140

Watch Basic Instinct
That is the correct way to succubus

>> No.44324207

I get that the Paladin/Succubus thing is over done... but whats wrong with love conquering everything?

The whole point of the cliche is that the paladin is the first man/woman/robot from the future to look at the Succubus and feel... nothing. They aren't aroused, they aren't revolted, they just sort of feel... pity, for them, because they lead such a pathetic and debased existence. When the Paladins shows affection to the Succubus, it is genuine and free of lust and the maddened dreams of sex. They're just being a genuinely good, nice person. The one thing a Succubus cannot and never has experienced. Someone who doesn't want to bang her, but get to know her, to learn about her, to talk about things and such. Someone whose intentions are virtuous and without ulterior motive, utterly upfront.

>> No.44324243
File: 80 KB, 964x403, Why Your Perfect Utopian Ideal Of Socialism Has Never Been Tried.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>socialist idealist
>1984 authoritarian
>any difference between the two
clearly hasn't even read 1984, so I'll ignore this childish oversight.
>In b4 George Orwell fought for socialism
Yeah and he found out what it really meant, which is why he wrote 1984.

>> No.44324268

It's amazing how /tg/ is just /b/ with more stupid faggots.

>> No.44324276

>a response is necessary for your death philosophy
Go and die then, and leave us to living.

>> No.44324287

>hurrrrr socialism is just foo foo fairy dust farts in the wind

The right gets more and more venal every day

>> No.44324299

>argument from authority
Facts don't need to be stated by a guy in a labcoat. A fact is a fact no matter who says it.

All you're doing is insulating yourself from unpleasant facts with nonsense axioms that allow to discard literally anything you personally disagree with.

Aka philosophy.

>> No.44324339

christ this is like every white knight beta orbiter's dream written in fantasy storytelling format

I mean I appreciate the sentiment behind the words but holy shit

>> No.44324345

>each day

>> No.44324436
File: 141 KB, 720x699, Socialism is Suicide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

kek. You're right socialism totally works.

>> No.44324466

To be fair, socialism can get pretty hardcore at times. Combined with nationalism, it's killed a lot of people.

>> No.44324470

I can't wait until the christmas break is over.

>> No.44324485

Sounds like corrupt people ruin things, not socialism.

What has democracy done for the world? Oh right, terrorism.

>> No.44324500

He's the one who brought up qualification.

>> No.44324514

>any difference between the two
Which part of the word idealist is difficult for you to understand ?
Also the goal of socialism is equality between all people via the organisation of the state.
1984 is CLEARLY not socialist since it has a class system, with inner/outer party and the proles.
>inb4socialism doesn't work
Even if it was the case, that's completely irrelevant here since we're talking about a fantasy setting here. Plus it's about the ideology of the characters, not the application.

>clearly hasn't even read 1984
what's up with you people and that kind of retort ? It just makes you appear stupid in my eyes since I'm obviously more qualified than you to know if I've read a particular book or not. If you used "understood" instead, it could pass, but no, you guys never do... Anyways, if you need proof you just have to ask me questions about the book, you know.

>> No.44324555

You could say the same about literally every ideology, economic or political system though.

Also Socialism without Nationalism is just complete suicide for whatever country brings it about. Just Socialism and you'll eventually have a bust economy, which you can recover from. Socialism with open borders and anti-Nationalist sentiment, and you'll end up like Sweden. Complete demographic swing replacing all the virtuous people, who created the wealth surplus and thought they could make socialism work, with third world moochers raping the locals and eating all the wealth.

>> No.44324582

Kindly fuck off.

>> No.44324691
File: 29 KB, 245x295, STOP HIM.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>1984 is CLEARLY not socialist since it has a class system, with inner/outer party and the proles.
Yeah that's the point. Socialism just replaces the normal class system of those who earned their wealth at the top with government bureaucrats at the top. How do you not understand that. I entirely accept your point about it not mattering in a fantasy setting though, whether it actually works, but we were arguing alignments and this shit happens.

>takes my obvious rhetoric at literal face value
Don't know how to fix this problem for you, autist.

>> No.44324709 [DELETED] 
File: 87 KB, 1732x668, Swede.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Sweden Yes

>> No.44324787

Do people actually think that if there was no taxes and government regulation, that we'd live in a utopia where everyone's a happy millionaire?

>> No.44324842

>Marilith demon falls in love with the Paladin because of the carnage he can dish out
>Takes faux-mortal form and starts leading a group of sell swords to observe him from afar, occasionally appearing before the party as other, lesser demons to train him up and bait him into wanton slaughter of his foes
>Organizes evil cults and things for him to fight, each one more challenging than the last, to hone his fine art as a general and warlord.
>Fakes being an angel to inspire him onwards to greater heights
>Eventually manipulates things so he gains his own army and has a chance to gain his own lands
>Sets up various evil kings and the like to rule the lands around him, leading him to eternal war against his neighbors, often pretending to work for the Kings and Sorcerer-Lords just so she can lead armies against him and flirt-by-battle
>Final Confrontation is atop a mountain of bones she's turned into a shrine to his slaughter, she starts singing this https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=74J8Dl2ib-s

>> No.44324853

All sorts of wankery are boring after a while, but Rance wankery is the worst. For a board that's constantly judging characters with exagerated traits and rate of success in unlikely circunstances and going meta to say the character is just a stand in for the author to fulfill his fantasies, I'm surprise in how much people actually keep this "oh rance so cool awesome always sucess much rape such wow le epic memay" alive.

>> No.44325177

As long as the paladin doesn't act corrupted he won't be corrupted, divine protection and all.
So no.
And alignments don't exist because that is dumb, so basically what I'm saying is: don't play D&D

>> No.44325201

I've never seen the opposed angle, a guardian angel trying to redeem the black guard, ever-used. Is it because redemption is less popular than corruption or because most pcs are good ? For that matter, what about a non-sexual demon trying to corrupt the paladin, like an incubus bro ? Or is romantic love the only thing that can prevent him from smithing evil ?

What's the point in this exchange; we're certainly not gonna convince each other. Anyways, I still have some elements to correct:
>Socialism just replaces the normal class system of those who earned their wealth at the top with government bureaucrats at the top
Except that's a trait of oligarchy, not socialism.
Also, considering Orwells had socialist viewpoints (read The Road to Wingan Pier, or about his contribution to the spanish civil war), I find pretty hard to believe that he's rejecting socialism as an idea. Fascism, warmongering, the Soviet Union, yes, but socialism ? 1984 is a book promoting equality right after being a book promoting free thought.

>taking my rethoric at face value
I'm sorry to have missed that, since you had neither ethos, logos or pathos, I thought you were a genuine cretin.

>> No.44325226

A great many people have an abysmal ignorance of history.

>> No.44325235

Same reason why nobody cares Saitama is super powerful, because it's funny.
So fuck off.

>> No.44325287

>succubus comes to you and can make your wildest fetish dreams a reality
What do

>> No.44325338

Sounds like the start to your overdone and ancient "here's the hero guy oh lol here's his EVIL ex-girlfriend they still wanna bone but haha good and evil"

>> No.44325349

My fetish is to be a billionaire paladin.

Get paid, detect evil, SMITE.

>> No.44325369
File: 97 KB, 324x331, 1438998734810.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>they still wanna bone

>> No.44325619

Yes. Literally.

>> No.44326307

Isn't that a double negative?

>> No.44326325

No, they think they'd be part of the lucky few.

>> No.44326393

No one is ever going to find my corpse.

>> No.44326420

Abysmal can also be used to mean nearly infinite, so I think he's correct on that one. The negation is redunsant, however.

>> No.44326676

Could be the fact he aggressively uses reasoned arguments targeted at hitting religions below the belt.

All the fct he'd an excellent scientist who did books such as The Selfish Gene helps. It's not what he says which is bad, it's how he presents it.

>> No.44326748

Cheers, didn't know that.

>> No.44326774

>she'd rather claim the paladin as hers than abandon everything she is for him
This isn't love how?

If your love demands you abandon everything you are, you need to get the fuck out of that relationship.

>> No.44326905

>your premise requires you to rewrite what genuine love means
There is no actual definition for true love, though. Saying that twisted love is somehow fake is wrong.

>> No.44327036

>the vile succubus falls in love with the virtuous paladin
Honestly, the only time this didn't make me roll my eyes was in Mabinogi and even then that was because the succubus was in love with someone who would never return her affection anyway and after becoming human through the blessings of the Gods she just lived out her life as a lonely priestess.

>> No.44327215

Succubi don't only use sex as a tool. They're manipulators and are as capable of being a virtuous, chaste maid as they are a sultry seducer.

>> No.44327273

As the serpent said to the frog "It's in my nature"

>> No.44327348

I would be okay with my Paladin falling if it went like this.

>> No.44327721

>demon, creature of pure chaos and evil, capable of love

>> No.44328225

>in his world man is alone in the universe
Very well could be right now, universe is old as shit, there could have been life at some point but there are so many specific factors that need to be accounted for in order for it to come about that even if there is life out there, we will never come into contact with it, nor we may ever find its remnants

>AI will never exist and humankind will die having done nothing meaningful on this stupid rock
Not with that attitude we won't

Still this whole bitch fight is hilarious. In one corner is a Philosophy major trying to keep his degree relevant like how feminists try to keep their WYMYNs studies degree relevant; and in the other, some idiot who is technically correct in that saying all emotions are just chemical responses all sentient life developed as an evolutionary advantage, but fails to realize that when humans developed sapience they wanted to attach all sorts of arbitrary bullshit to those chemical reactions to help stem the effects of that broken button that their brain has been slamming since they were 12 that tells them to bone like their race is dying, all thanks to a population bottleneck thousands of years ago.

>> No.44330651

See >>44324339

>> No.44330839


>> No.44331616

Why does /tg/'s definition of paladin seem to be "weak-willed cuck"?

If your paladin doesn't SMITE EVERY FUCKING THING HE SEES, he's not a real paladin.

He wouldn't turn into a hentai protagonist at the sight of a succubus presenting her slutty meat hallway to him, he'd stand there with a frown and crossed arms before SHOVING HIS GREATSWORD IN HER

>> No.44331940

I wonder if paladins have access to monster manual equivalents, since their orders probably have existed for centuries so they probably have scribes writing down the information from successful paladin adventures or missions.

I get that a random peasant would think that a succubus is being legit but a paladin should be thinking "magical golem made out of solidified evil; disposable ordinance manufactured underworld military, outsider, appearance does not match true form, physical contact actively dangerous to all life, once killed fluids will contaminate soil"

>> No.44332172

>They're manipulators capable of being a virtuous, chaste maid
Wouldn't a succubus being virtuous, even for the sake of evil in the long term, "fall" or be destroyed by her master ?
It's kinda like a good-aligned person doing an evil act to prevent more evil. I don't see why LG people could only do good acts if CE people aren't restricted to evil acts (alright, I admit it would be retarded irl, but I'm talking only for the game, where the alignment system is supposed to be purely symmetrical, and demons are composed of elemental Evil). Plus Evil people doing good deeds means that it can be mixed up with Neutral, and then the whole system begins to collapse.

>> No.44332755

>Succubus successfully becomes a paladin

>seduces men to become better people

>> No.44333083

If its a being of chaos it can be whatever it wants cant it? If you say it cant be aomething that implies set laws.

>> No.44333172

>>seduces men to become better people

So basically she becomes a female cleric.

>> No.44333179

Fiends don't necessarily have orderly chains of command with sets of rules.

>I don't see why LG people could only do good acts if CE people aren't restricted to evil acts

Simple, one evil deed can wipe out any number of good deeds, but the reverse is untrue. Before you object, lets not pretend, say, a guy who has led a life of charitable altruism and saved thousands of people, but feels entitled to keep just one child sex slave in his dungeon, would be good.

>the alignment system is supposed to be purely symmetrical

This has never been stated or implied outside of super variant products like 1e Dragonlance Adventures -- and even then, in 1e Neutral types included most bandits and human sacrificing druids, which would be classified as Evil nowadays.

>> No.44333206

I've been playing with a scenario in my head that I hope to apply to a game.

Basically, it's the generic succubus-paladin romance. Except both sides of it happening at the same time.

The succubus is slowly becoming better in company of the paladin, and seeing more good in the world and good in herself. She falls in love with him and what he stands for, and hopes to be worthy of his love.

On the paladin's side, the trials that come with being with the succubus bears down on him. The world around them won't accept them despite all the good the paladin does, and even perhaps without the succubus' direct influence the paladin becomes jaded and disbelieving. If his god is always kind, then why does he forsake the repenting? If his god is always right, then how could the succubus be good? Eventually he comes to accept evil not because of the succubus herself but simply because his thoughts brought him there.

And then not for good but for gain, he kills her.

>> No.44333302

>>As is somehow always the case, the vile succubus falls in love with the virtuous paladin
This never happens.

>> No.44333607

>one evil deed can wipe out any number of good deeds, but the reverse is untrue.
>no redemption ever
That's your opinion. Beccaria, amongst others, would disagree. Also Luke 7:36-50 directly contradicts that.
Not to mention that if the man in your example would be neutral at most, not evil. Since being a charitable altruist completely contradicts the official d&d definition of evil.
And even then, I could criticize your example in the light of a dozen religions and philosophies that would consider such a man good.
But then we go back to d&d alignment is shit, blah, blah, and no good (heh) ever comes out of that.

>This has never been stated or implied
From a gameplay standpoint, alignment asymmetry in d&d is anathema.

>> No.44333655

>Luke 7:36-50

In the Bible, your bad deeds are wiped out even without you doing any good deeds so I wouldn't use that as an example.

>> No.44333806

Redemption isn't about alignment carbon credits with saving people vs raping and murdering them, dude. Otherwise, an intentionally evil PC party would in all likelihood fluctuate in alignment 24/7, every time they destroy a world smashing evil that was in their way.

>And even then, I could criticize your example in the light of a dozen religions and philosophies that would consider such a man good.

Ok, well I'm sure there are a dozen religions that view child rape slaves as morally acceptable but I'm in no hurry to learn about what sort of deranged ideologies support such things.

>Not to mention that if the man in your example would be neutral at most, not evil.

He'd definitely be evil. Evil people destroy and degrade innocent life for pleasure, profit, or ideology, and while some evil types are selfish, some aren't.

>From a gameplay standpoint, alignment asymmetry in d&d is anathema.

Other way around, the whole alignment system basically implodes if you have alignment carbon credits. When you have a system in which the most of the depraved villains in history are likely to be neutral rather than evil, that really causes everything to go to shit.

>> No.44333871

Why not? D&d drew heavily from judeo-christian mythos and ideology, and that particular extract is about a lifelong of sins erased by one single good deed.
Anyways, counter-examples, my fellow anon, are the bread of discussion: fell free to provide

>> No.44333956


I'm just saying if you want an example of "one good deed wiping out multiple bad deeds", Jesus isn't the example, since the bad deeds weren't committed by Jesus nor was the good deed committed by any of the wrongdoers. The text itself even says that only Jesus/God could commit this one redeeming good deed. Humans were literally incapable of redeeming themselves no matter what, according to the Bible. No amount of mortal good deeds wipes away sin.

>> No.44333988

Christianity is a terrible example and almost certainly what they had in mind when they put forth the idea that you can't just counteract evil deeds by doing good deeds, since the whole point is you are saved by (unearned) grace, not works.

Not to mention that severe relapsing and hypocrisy are certainly not smiled upon there.

>> No.44334063

I'm like, contractually obligated with a god to kill demons, man. How is that gonna work? I remember the flowchart my order gave me when I went off into the world and I consult it in times like these

Suspect a demon
1. Cast detect evil
2. Zone of truth interrogation to find out if they're a demon, ask if they're a demon
A. Did they answer yes? Skip to step 3
B. No? They might be lying, ask them again until they say yes then go to step 3
3. Kill the demon

>> No.44334083
File: 1.89 MB, 236x224, 1446601318925.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>implying the forbidden love between good and evil isn't the most wonderful chaotic and pure distillation of love there is

>> No.44334152

>Not to mention that severe relapsing and hypocrisy are certainly not smiled upon there.


>> No.44334161

>Redemption isn't about alignment carbon credits with saving people vs raping and murdering them, dude. Otherwise, an intentionally evil PC party would in all likelihood fluctuate in alignment 24/7, every time they destroy a world smashing evil that was in their way.
Ok, you're commiting one basic mistake: Alignment is about the intent, not the action.
Otherwise a paladin killing bandits would be evil because he takes lives. A party of evil PCs don't kill evil guys to make the world a better place, they do it so because they lack compassion or because it furthers their evil agenda.

Again : Official definition
>Good implies altruism, respect for life, and a concern for the dignity of sentient beings. Good characters make personal sacrifices to help others.
So, "he's altruist but he's evil" ? No. It's the definition. If he's altruist, he's good.
Non selfish evil ? I don't think so. It isn't about your headcanon, we got rules to use.

For the sake of completeness :
>Evil implies harming, oppressing, and killing others. Some evil creatures simply have no compassion for others and kill without qualms if doing so is convenient or if it can be set up. Others actively pursue evil, killing for sport or out of duty to some malevolent deity or master.
So your character has lived a life of good and done one very evil act. Tell me why evil should prime over good.
And I would like sources. Philosophical ones, or from the game.

>People who are neutral with respect to good and evil have compunctions against killing the innocent but lack the commitment to make sacrifices to protect or help others. Neutral people are committed to others by personal relationships.

>When you have a system in which the most of the depraved villains in history are likely to be neutral rather than evil, that really causes everything to go to shit.
>Objective morality
I don't want to go on that terrain ebcause that will derail, but, man, absolute moral objectivism is a very bad ideology.

>> No.44334172

That flowchart doesn't seem very well-equipped to deal with encountering potentially redeemable mundane evil that's probably more common than demons in the mortal world.

>> No.44334204

We have other flowcharts for that kind of stuff.

>> No.44334293

All the material goods of the smitten go to the temple, so it's a win-win situation!

>> No.44334314

>Alignment is about the intent, not the action.

Not sure how this is relevant, but its also incorrect. You'll note that paladins fall in the case of WILLINGLY performing evil acts -- if only intent matters that'd be a redundant statement.

>but, man, absolute moral objectivism is a very bad ideology.

As far as moral ideologies go its not particularly bad, and there are certainly ideologies that are thousands of times worse, like moral relativism.

>So your character has lived a life of good and done one very evil act. Tell me why evil should prime over good.

Said character is missing on the "respect for life" and "concern for the dignity of sentient beings."

>It isn't about your headcanon

Never said it was. Note that while altruism (ye olde aforementioned rape slavery isn't very altruistic but whatever) is mentioned as an implied good trait, selfishness isn't mentioned as an implied evil trait.


Fiendish Codex 2 flat out states good acts don't counteract evil ones.

>> No.44334321

I just mean it seems like there'd be problems if it turns out that, for example, the person you thought was a succubus sowing evil was genuinely actually a mortal, relatively innocent noble seductress or common lady of the night or something.

>> No.44334428
File: 111 KB, 1920x1080, maxresdefault[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.44334445
File: 35 KB, 955x537, pupyk3bdw5ykcwt54oyw[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.44334456

Shes really good at sewing

>> No.44334462
File: 1.02 MB, 1280x720, YIO7Yqe[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.44334469


helms of reverse alignment

>> No.44334477
File: 610 KB, 898x509, latest[2].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.44334497
File: 6.37 MB, 480x270, WZCK3zo[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.44334524
File: 1.85 MB, 1366x768, latest[4].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.44334540
File: 17 KB, 298x322, 1445499086460.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

he's a skeleton, he metaphorically cannot bone her

but, to be fair he can still literally bone her

>> No.44334543
File: 896 KB, 500x281, tumblr_nrhmk4eLmM1u1e5jeo1_500[1].gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.44334561
File: 284 KB, 1920x1080, wallhaven-238947[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.44334618
File: 229 KB, 500x237, tumblr_nrejv0ZDaI1s1hvbho1_500[1].png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.44334728
File: 207 KB, 869x1306, amisunderstoodlesson.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


I very much like this description of succubi and their motivations.

>> No.44334776

ew ew ew ew ew ew ew

>> No.44334797

>tfw the top martial in your MMO is some furry monsterfaggot who paid to win his way to world champion and best armor in the game


>> No.44334834
File: 89 KB, 770x254, 318.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

reaction image get

>> No.44334897

Female cleric seductress

>> No.44334966

He was a dragon and everyone used p2w items.

>> No.44334982

>Fiendish Codex 2 flat out states good acts don't counteract evil ones.
Tyrants of the nine hells state that sin must outweight a certain amount to justify going to Hell.
In your example, keeping someone as a sex slave would be "Inflicting indescribable torture", for a final corruption rating of 7 (out of 9), so insufficient to justify him going to Baator since it's his sole evil act. Still good in the end.
Not to mention that thee are rules in the codex for reducing corruption points via repentance.
Also Hellbreds from the same book can gain salvation via a single good act, provided an exceptional one is required. And their background hints that repentance is enough for certain souls to ascend directly to heavens.

>and there are certainly ideologies that are thousands of times worse, like moral relativism.
Well, there aren't a lot of options on that spectre, anyways.
As usual, the problem is in the excess rather than in the ideology itself, but at least moral relativism has the excuse of fraternity. Objectivism on the other hand is often pure hubris and leads to fanaticism.

>character is missing on the "respect for life" and "concern for the dignity of sentient beings."
Then how can he be altruist ? You established that he doesn't care for other's life or dignity. That's a major flaw. Either he invented tha life of good, or those evil traits aren't always present in him.

On asidenote
>no compassion for others (in the evil definition)
seems pretty selfish to me.

>> No.44334993


Only in their guild. Their guild was specifically founded on using money to compensate for inferior gaming.

>> No.44335022

They used the hell out of them true, but you honestly think everyone who could use them didnt?

>> No.44335025

I'm not exactly sure the ongoing process of keeping a child sex slave is just one evil act.

>> No.44335086


You don't seem to understand. The story literally states their guilds' players paid to win the hardest out of all the players. They literally bought their way to the top spot. Even if you call everyone else p2w also, they aren't nearly as huge p2w players as AOG.

>> No.44335224

Well, I searched but there isn't any modifier for duration ; the only modifiers are for sacrifices. That's why I considered it the highest form of torture even if there was apparently no mutilationdiscussing about the extra-planar legal implications of child rape in rpgs...what have law studies done to me ?

>> No.44335638

>GHS coding for monsters
Well, I know what my wizard is inventing.

>> No.44335686


Earned their wealth can be a bit of a stretch. There are a number of self-made men in the capitalist system but there's also a number of fuckups who inherited wealth that prevented their poor business sense from sending them to the gutter. You get a mix of people who get to the top because they have good ideas and make the right investments and the guys who start there and stay there, even if they're 0 for 50 as their company's CEO on making good decisions and still earning more than half their employees combined.

Capitalism is the Democracy of economic systems. It kinda sucks, but it's better than anything else we've tried so far.

>> No.44335805

>It kinda sucks, but it's better than anything else we've tried so far

Which is why Murica is a third world country by Northern European standards.
Or "socialist" countries as people like to say.

>> No.44335897

Democracy leads to mob rule, which leads to the consolidation of power, which leads to someone or a group seizing said power, which leads you right back to some variant of feudalism.

Democratic republic with strong written (and commonly-accepted) laws against the consolidation or abuse of power, supported by a religion and culture that promote kindness towards opponents and a strong individualistic streak, is where it's at. Too bad we starting junking that legacy a century ago for the then-new-hotness of progressivism.

>> No.44335917

>supported by religion

People actually believe this?

>> No.44336249

Faith is a powerful tool when utilized for the sake of not being an asshole

>> No.44336312

all men need faith, but it doesn't have to be faith in the divine. something to believe in, weather it is god or a creed or motto, but men need something to believe in

>> No.44336324

Brainwashing is a powerful tool when utilized for the sake of not being an asshole.

Then it is per definition not religion.

>> No.44336931

>Then it is per definition not religion.
That's not true. By definition religion is a group of beliefs and tenets defining the relation between man and the sacred.
Since sacred isn't only about god but about anyything that deserves the utmost respect, you could say that FREEDOM is your religion if you're a true 'Murican. Or science, or family, or whatever you belive is truly important and above yourself.

>> No.44337010

>it's better than anything else we've tried so far.
Bring back feudalism.

>> No.44337461

I dunno, why don't we just have an evil succubus and a good paladin fall in love but then both get converted by a neutral relationship councilor and then have a LN-TN-CN threesome? At least then it's obviously unnecessarily convoluted.

>> No.44338122


All I need to do to check what religion I am as a true 'Murican is look at my money.
>in God we trust

>> No.44338179

I convert it using my Lawful Evil dickings, and bring it to worship the devils.

>> No.44338447

>It was all a ruse
>The Paladin used his "love" for the succubus to gleam information about the activity of infernal beings nearby so he could slay their asses
>Her love is genuine, but he only cared to stab her with his "sword" so he could find evil to stab with his sword
>She can't corrupt him because his divine dick only gets hard at the prospect of defeating evil, so there's some loophole bullshit protecting him from sexually transmitted demonism
>The Paladin stays true to his ideals, killing a shitload of evil demons while fucking a tagalong Succubus who can never reach his heart or soul

>> No.44338504

He can change his form at will, she also thinks he can impregnate her so they can have a supreme leader after Ain "ascends" like the others did.

>> No.44339293

You're right, she can shove one on the paladin.

>> No.44339878

>fulfill his fantasies
Rance's primary writer is a woman.

>> No.44339908

Do you actually think the only alternative to denmark's excessive taxation is no taxation?

>> No.44339916

Yeah, the author's self insert is Sill.

>> No.44339918


Some women fantasise about getting raped. You heard it here first.

>> No.44339941

It's obviously Kanami

But Rance isn't self inserting. It originates as an eroge parody of JRPGs like Ys and Rance's character was developed as it was because 1. It was funny and 2. It actually justified how he got so much sex.

The games don't even pretend that he's a hero though he's become a better person in the post Kichikuou games (where for instance Shizuka's good end was never meeting him ever again and Kanami's good end was getting to kill him)

>> No.44339977

>Married to a woman I've known half my life
There's your problem then, you think your experience is normal.

>> No.44340827

No, but there are people who would probably argue for it. I mean, hey, there's people who think taxes are legalized theft and police are government sanctioned mafia.

>> No.44340950

Surely if anything Paladins would be one of the classes most resistant to a succubus' advances? Are they not told how to deal with lust demons in Paladin school?

>> No.44340981




Frankly, it's very easy if you assume someone isn't a thirsty motherfucker. Paladins are nigh-universally attractive; the men, in particular, radiate alpha males. They're built like muscular angels about to do some serious smiting.

You know that painting of Michael curbstomping Satan? It's something like that. Dealing with a lust demon isn't really that difficult, when you're regularly having sex with celestial beauties or an equally powerful and attractive woman on the side.

Most people on /tg/ fetishize succubi, because, holy shit, a woman whose whole JOB is SEX!

> I-I'm sure s-she'll f-fuck me~

...and so on.

>> No.44341002

Well, the official definition of State here is "possesses the monopoly on legitimate violence".
Only anarchists wish for a government that doesn't issue sanctions, though.

Well, that's makes it a potentially interesting story, I guess. Nobody wants to heard about the succubus seducing the pervert of the village, because that's very easy and common. Maybe seducing a paladin is the demon's equivalent of slaying a dragon for mortal warriors, a feat worthy of legends.

>> No.44341007

/pol/ pls go

>> No.44341010

Sure, but what do those people have to do with the picture you responded to?

That seems like a bit of a nonsequitur. Consider the following!

>"well anon, you can see by putting the ownership of the firm into the hands of the workers, rather than a "management class" you can get more efficiently operated firms, and fairer wages. You can see this with the sixth biggest company in the world, which is people owned.
>yes, yes let's assume that works for the sake of argument (without actually yielding the point), but how are you supposed to prevent a capitalist class from arising naturally simply by the virtue of some individuals being better with money than others? Should a firm that wants funding be barred from seeking it from rich people?


You're the nazi guy anon. That's how much of a non sequitur it was.

Bringing in unrealistic and extreme examples to counter points based on real world facts is just silly. The fact that some retard out there thinks no taxation is better doesn't change the fundamental problems with Denmark that the picture you were responding to brought up.

>> No.44341023

Seriously, neckbeard should groom and take care of their body
Then the rest follows.
You can be tg without all that trash food

>> No.44341033

>Well, the official definition of State here is "possesses the monopoly on legitimate violence".

Do you live in fucking Somalia? 2deep4uStan?

What kind of fucking country shoots itself in the foot this way?

>> No.44341055

I'm amazed you got such eloquent meaning out of "kek. You're right socialism totally works." Or how one dudes interpretations of statistics is now objective facts and only mean what he says they mean.

>> No.44341069


Why the fuck are you people even talking about that shit, anyway?

>> No.44341074

See, questioning the validity of the statistics would have been an intelligent path to discussion.

But nope, you chose: "are you one o them sovereign citizen type cucks"

>> No.44341081

Find a better definition, then. Though this one comes from penal law, all the others are vague or rely on complicated concepts.
But why can the state put you in jail if you commit an offense ? Monopoly on legitimate violence. Same for going to war, too.
That's how you recognize a de facto state in a glance.

>> No.44341147

>Implying she won't come full circle just like all men do when fapping and after all ordeals realize that monogamy is the ultimate ecstacy since it involves pure love
Gosh i'm lonely

>> No.44341173

Stay that way, senpai.

>> No.44341204


That's insanely unlikely. Remember, succubui are wired to enjoy their job. They'll never get bored of it. Even in Pathfinder, of all things - the one adventure path with a succubus waifu - it took the DIRECT INTERVENTION of a deity to start her on the path to not being hilariously, gleefully evil.

>> No.44341205

She's a demon of sex, anon, not love. I think polygamy is hardwired in her brain.
On the other hand, a demon of excess like those from 40k must have some time where he has exhausted all the possible sorts of depraved acts existing and must come back to looking at paintings and taking a walk in the forest, being thrilled by how far from their usual life this is. hipster demons looking for retro pleasures

At least it's more enriching than most "stat me" threads, and besides learning about political ideology is always a good thing for setting creation. Put some soul in the countries, instead of "independant anarchist village n°11".

But I blame winterbreak for the uprising of trolls leading to those discussions.

>> No.44341297

Then again, both Sweden and Denmark are bad examples of socialism. It could work if it was efficiently crafted and people always were able to get job and get off benefits, but hey, then again we could solve every proble on Earth within 10 years if we wanted to.
But we don't, because why would anyone give a fuck about anyone else when you have a smartphone?


>> No.44341311

Because he'd end up being fat for her

>> No.44341413

Best fetish

>> No.44341439

Taken the quality and intellectual effort on anon's part, I found it to be a legitimate query on assessing the opposition before presenting a rebuttal.

>> No.44341534
File: 307 KB, 697x400, 1399575898476.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>Rance's primary writer is a woman.
That never stopped feminists from flipping out. Luckily the western brightly dyed fat positive harpies haven't gotten their grubby little fingers on it... yet.

Japan must be doing something right, because women can write the weirdest and most perverted fetish bait and nobody bats an eye.

>> No.44341591


And yet she still contains enough of her former life to deeply desire the companionship of another.

However unlike normal succubi she wants to do hand-holding, cute little kisses and everything couples do.

>> No.44341603
File: 194 KB, 480x270, 1449476261000.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You. I like you.

>> No.44341615

You can't criticize japan for being weird dude. That's cultural imperialism.

>> No.44341635


Ethnocentrism, you mean.

One must be culturally relativistic, which means you are not allowed to judge or criticize cultures unless they're doing something you think is wrong.

Example: you are not allowed to criticize African culture, but I think their gender roles and female circumcision is terrible so I criticize them for that.

>> No.44341640

But you can deny everyone else from enjoying it, because that would be cultural appropriation.

>> No.44341687


There isn't any 'former life'. Now, it takes multiple larva to form a demon. Basically, an evil soul becomes even less than he normally was, like pieces of lego. It's like saying that a lego truck has memories of formerly being a lego tower.

>> No.44341713


Arueshalae's entry explicitly brings up Desna reawakening her memories from being a mortal.

>> No.44341784

I think there's usually a most dominant personality of whoever was the most powerful soul.

Or sometimes a mortal is just plain strong enough to go straight to demonhood without having to be broken down into composite soul bits.

>> No.44341814

Right. High quality fansubs are cultural appropriation. Support Crunchyroll today!

>> No.44341848

>unless they're doing something you think is wrong
based on your cultural perspective

>> No.44341929

Except then, if they guy is so pure, he wouldn't be committing rape, now would he? Your own argument undoes your argument.

>> No.44341958


>Cultural dead-zones that are known as "globalist" cities.
>Having cultural perspectives


>> No.44341968

pls don't joke; I'm still super mad that no one's actually subbing Digimon tri

>> No.44342006

Please, please don't get into that. You'll start the people off going on about how you'll become pat of the fat glands on her tits or something again.

>> No.44342163

>SJWs recognizing that they are in fact culturally dead, thus preventing them from foisting their self-righteousness on others
if only

>> No.44343370

I'm trying not to
That dashed my hopes quite a bit
>hand-holding, cute little kisses and everything couples do
Haha yeah ;_;

>> No.44343819

It's from a spin-off. Clash of heroes.

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