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What's the ideal combination of fashion, skirt and armor for a battledress?

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You cover the body so you don't die. AFTER you do that, you add all the colorful martially-useless shit you want.

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The girl in your pic seems to be doing it pretty well, provided she's got armor on under her skirt and has only temporarly removed her pauldrons because they chafe or some shit.

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Job one: protection
Job two: anything else

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Actually everyone in that picture is doing pretty well.

>Orc and human in background are wearing polished and effective armor with pauldrons that don't seem to impair movement or vision
>Angel is obviously empowered by the divine and not concerned with the blades of mere mortals
Dark Elf is a wizard or some kind of spellcaster and can rely on her magic to turn away blades so long as she can cast and her natural grace and agility to dodge them when she cannot cast
>Beast-kin girl is in full armor save for her shoulders, which may be a temporary situation

The only problems I can find is that the main girl might be wearing high heeled greeves (and lacks pauldrons) and that the elf on the horse isn't wearing pauldrons.

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>that elf
>doing pretty well

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It's difficult to say. However, provided you're not planning on flying anywhere, the skirt does provide the optimal combination of protection when you're fighting and easy access when you're fucking, so OP is probably in a good place to start. Get some pauldrons and a helmet and go from there.

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> only temporarly removed her pauldrons because they chafe or some shit.
>wearing steel on skin
Wear a gambeson, you slut

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Well yes, she's pulling the "I'm noncombatant eyecandy" off pretty well.

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I've never understood why people get so pedantic about armor. If you're wearing some, even if it's not a complete suit, you're better off than if you aren't wearing any. And shields are better armor than armor in most cases for adventurers anyway since it's all small-group battles and your chances of getting stabbed in the back go way down in those cases unless your group is retarded.

But this being /tg/, this thread is not surprising.

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Armor autism is meme tier here so no reason to ever take it seriously.

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Post battledresses please.

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I believe that's a kamael.
Since it looks like a Lineage II image.

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i need more oversized shields in my life

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Remember that battle dress armor Geralt wears in the Witcher 3?


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How about some battle underwear instead.

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how about you fuck right off

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Wow, someone's salty.

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How would you stat an armored dress for D&D 5e?

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don't worry

even in her home dimension her wardrobe is impractical

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Things will be alright.

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How much dress is too much, how much is too little?

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Whatever fits your setting.

If you're in a lighthearted fantasy world, a floofy princess dress with a few metal bits is 100% fine.

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The eternal question.

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Tonlets, accept no substitutes.

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This is a cool design. Is it from something?

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Would fight with/10

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Why is Jeanne so perfect

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Faulds, cuisses and greaves. Steel dress best dress.

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50% steel
30% skirt
100% fashion

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can't find anything immediately
I'll keep looking though

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found it

it's just another sweet pixiv fantasia thing

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Oh, okay. I fukken loved the harpy scissor blade thing from that, must try to find it again. Thank you for spoonfeeding anon.

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no prob, anon

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Right? Completely unrealistic.

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I remember the G. Rathian armor being more dress-y but oh well.

I also expected higher resolution images.

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>caster goes naked
>except for piercings enchanted with Endure Elements and Mage Armor
How deep in the magical realm would this be?
On a scale of "holy shit that's creepy" to "I'm cleansing your hometown with fire you perverted freak".

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I always liked the way Fire Emblem Path of Radiance/Radiant Dawn handled armor.
Most characters and classes are kinda light on armor, but what they do have is almost all practical given their roles.
Take Titania here. She's got heels, but it's not particularly extreme for cavalry (Which she is). The least practical part of her is the weapon she's wielding, and even then it's only because she's supposed to be on a horse while fighting.

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the epitome of the battle dress to me right next to pic related
always and forever

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That image made me throw up in my mouth a little. That's freakishly stupid.

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Do you mean super hot?

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I'm with you, Fire Emblem did good things with armor, and character design.

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No. No I'm gonna stick with 'freakishly stupid.'

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for all the fire emblem praising you're doing, you're kinda missing the "dress" part

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Awakening ruined the practical armor designs.

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there we go

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Awakening's designs were the dumbest since FE2.

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True, Fire Emblem doesn't actually do that much 'dress' armor. Showy designs are more reserved for characters that aren't melee, like magic users.

Eh, the Awakening designs didn't bother me none.

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Actually, I kinda lied. Nowi's design makes me cringe every time I see it.

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what's wrong, anon?
you don't like slutty loli dragons?

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But not the toilet bowl cavaliers or the mono-pauldron of the armor knights?

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As it turns out, no I don't.

Nah, those didn't bother me one bit.

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That bitch has literally 100% crit by endgame.

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Amelia is a beast, yeah. Then again, you could turn pretty much any character into a monster with enough time and effort, since you had the tower.

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I didn't really like Awakening's sort of half-assed tech armor. I'd like to see a full set of cyber-armor designs for FE but I didn't like these interim ones, and felt in general the armor types were too similar and dull for specific units (really wanted to see more distinctive character designs for all characters, in line with Vaike, the archer guy and Tharja for example who don't really have a similar model to anyone else). The new generation are better about this than the starting one, but at the same time are almost universally worse characters so YMMV.

The game is too easy and has a rubbish plot even for FE, but you can't expect every one of the FE games to hit it out the park with what is a pretty formulaic structure. I long for the day when they do a FE game where each side is has a moral argument behind their actions you can actually sympathise with. I did REALLY like some of the character designs for the higher level Risen enemies though.

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>As it turns out, no I don't.
well I did
had a whole family of half-dragon, half-the goddamn devil unstoppable monstrosities

didn't need other units

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You don't need any units other than the MU and their support bitch.

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>Implying you don't want Morgan and Morgan's statistically identical sibling to team up and crush their enemies
Morgan is like MU, but with 10-15% better stats (Even if you choose poorly) and with a better selection of skills (If you aren't a retard).

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yeah, boinking nowi gives you a MC who's also a fucking dragon

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Yeah, but getting kids requires a minimum amount of effort and why bother when you can just murder everything solo from the word go.

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No Galeforce though, so

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You are more likely to get flanked in a detached company of heroes situation. In a full scale battle, you've got the shields of your compatriots to watch your back...

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FeMorgan can get it on her own and can inherit any male-only skills from MU.

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Only if you're playing on the lower difficulties. On Lunatic or higher, you're playing Freddy Emblem until chapter 4 or 5 and then Pair Up Kite Emblem after that point.

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>No Galeforce though
how much faster do you want the game to end, anon?

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It's armor of whatever type with a dress styled tabard.

Plate, mail, whatever is appropriate.

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Ideal length is between one and six inches above the knee.
Knee-length or longer begins to restrict movement, shorter is pointless ornamentation.

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Can Nowie Morgan actually get Galeforce?

I didn't really like Awakening's higher difficulties. Just felt like a grab bag of enemies occasionally having fuck you counters.

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I take that back. Lunatic is Freddy Emblem that becomes Pair Up Emblem. Lunatic+ is a slot machine where you lose each map 90something times out of 100 until the enemy skills randomly line up perfectly and the RNG goes in your favor.

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Female Morgan has all of the class selections that Female MU has, plus dragon or rabbit if her mom is one of those.
Male Morgan has all of the class selections that Male MU has.
So yes, she can learn any skill that isn't in a male-only class, and she can learn at least one of those from MU (And one from her mom if you make her third gen and have her mom learn one from *her* dad)
...I played a lot of eugenics simulator 2012

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>And shields are better armor than armor in most cases for adventurers anyway since it's all small-group battles and your chances of getting stabbed in the back go way down in those cases unless your group is retarded.
>implying all armor must cover the back
And you ask why other people are stupid.

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I hope you played some of the better FE games as well.

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Literally all of them except for IF/Fates (Yet). I've beaten them all, most on the higher difficulties when available.

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Cool - which is your favourite? What would your "ideal" FE game be?

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My favorite is probably 8, even though it's easy as fuck. Probably because it was the first one I ever played, but also because it's got super tight design and good characters.
My ideal game would be a lot like Radiant Dawn with better supports and without being so rushed. I actually do like having a MU, but I don't think that it's ideal from a game design perspective, especially when they're not supposed to be the main character. Robin overshadowed Chrom a lot, and even Kris tended to get in Marth's spotlight (That's more forgivable though, since that game was closer to being from Kris's perspective than the neutral third party observer that most other FE games are viewed from). A MU like Marc/Mark is close to ideal, I think. Not gameplay relevant at all and only part of the story as a support for the actual main characters

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Oh, and a better endgame. Radiant Dawn's endgame is complete garbage compared to the rest of it. Either cut down on the forced deployments a lot or rework those character's stat growths and usage opportunities so they can actually be usable by the point where you are forced to use them.

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Like the only dead weight you're forced to deploy in RD's endgame are Sothe, non-royals and Sanaki's noodle arms.

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That all sounds pretty good! I'd like for there to be a way for the player to be a character with more agency than just being "the tactician" while at the same time not being as present on the battlefield as Robin. I'm not sure how you'd do that 100% - maybe give tactician abilities that can be used 1/game, and an actual character that interacts in out of battle sequences of course.

I'd also like a morally grey FE storyline but like that's even gonna happen.

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This is sick. Even without armor it's so great.

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IF's MU is a main character and that's probably where they're taking MUs going forward, hope you like your super special snowflakes and their super potent seed/womb.

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And that fatass Micaiah. Her speed is atrocious and her other stats aren't good enough to carry her. Maybe Soothe should put her on a diet after taking himself off of the forced deployment roster.
1/4th of your endgame team should not be nearly useless even if you dumped all of your resources for the entire game into making them good.
Actually, that's another problem with Radiant Dawn that I'm going to blame on the insane rush they had to do to put it out at all. Too many characters that are just bad, either because they have shit growth rates and shit bases (Fiona, Meg, ect) or because you can never actually use them enough to count (Tormod and his merry band).

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I agree 100%

>> No.44289961

Mike is a staffbot, if she's getting hit that's your own problem. If you're calling her bad that just means you yourself are terrible at the game.

>> No.44289974

On all of my playthroughs, Micaiah had good speed, so that was never a problem for me. Sounds to me like you got screwed by RNG.

But yes, I think they give you WAY too many characters in RD, and not nearly enough time to level them up and make them useful. Endgame is hard not just because the enemies are strong, but because most of your characters, outside of a select few, are awful.

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Oh and she has fucking Thani for can opening early game and psychic spam lategame.

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found another of her by the same artist

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Oof, I dunno if you're trolling or not, but I would hope so. This level of retarded is typically reserved for shitty trolls and droolers. And since you can actually use a computer, you sadly must be the latter.

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I beat the game just fine on Lunatic (Or Lunatic Plus in Japan), thanks. She can't hit that magic 34 speed and there are better staffbots. Micaiah is only good for nuking heavy armor and cavalry, and that isn't relevant for endgame.
Oh, and the useless red dragon you get at the very end. He's the worst character by far, even in the face of Fiona (Who can, at the very least, not die instantly if you have leveled her up all the way to Silver Knight)

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>> No.44290087

Different guy here, I could never get Fiona to be useful. Her stats are just so awful when you first get her and there's precious little time to level her up, even with Paragon giving her more EXP.

>> No.44290100

More like you got good RNG or were playing on normal difficulty. Micaiah's speed growth is shitty and her HP and Defense rates are also bad. Her max speed is actually really high for a mage, but the rates just don't support it.

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>armor thread on /tg/
>it's a super comfy thread with casual chat and no shitstorms
Time to jinx it.

>> No.44290136

I didn't say she'd be useful, just that she wouldn't die instantly. Gareth can be killed in one shot on every single map you have him on, and there are no chokepoints or safe places he can stand to avoid it.

>> No.44290138

She's a forced deployment staffbot that hits 40 mag regularly, she doesn't need speed because she's not supposed to fight and psychic spam lets her stay relevant for the entire endgame. The red dragon has a bloody aura, he' more useful than like a third of the cast.
Stone a staffdude with Lailah, stock up on million bronze spears and have her poke a statue for 5 hours. Did it, brought her to endgame, she pulled her weight, never even considering doing it again.

>> No.44290143

I played it on the hardest difficulties, after playing on Normal for the first run through. I didn't like the 'lol, you have to count the tiles yourself' method of making it harder.

I guess I did just get really lucky with the RNG either way. Other characters didn't turn out so good.

>> No.44290164

There's already FE talk, get ready for "fuck you, you're playing this game wrong" nonsense.

>> No.44290175

But it's not an armor thread, it's a dresses-with-plate-bits thread.

>> No.44290213


battle dresses are regal and comfy looking
they make people act right

>> No.44290230

>If you're wearing some, even if it's not a complete suit, you're better off than if you aren't wearing any.
It still restricts your movement just as much though, and if you're wearing armor in the first place that usually means you expect to be in a situation where you want everything to be protected.

>> No.44290243

None of that fucking matters because you're not supposed to use her to kill things past the first part, none of her stats outside of mag matter.
>but there are better staffbots
No, fuck you, the only other staffbot that's worth using is Elincia.

>> No.44290268

More useful than a third of the cast is damning by faint praise.
That shitty third of the cast could actually be used in the endgame if you wasted a ton of time and XP on them. Gareth's aura requires him to be within range of things that can kill him in one turn.

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>> No.44290322

Or literally any sage you bothered to level up aside from Tormod and maybe Soren if he had bad level ups. Micky is not a good unit. She's not the worst unit, but there are many that are better than her. Her only saving grace is that she's easy to level up and has a really good unique spell.

>> No.44290356

>leveling mages in RD
I wouldn't be using Mike if she wasn't forced.

>> No.44290386

what about the other -80%

>> No.44290429

Yes of course having a full suit of plate is best and a shield even better but "it's better than nothing" is not invalidated by that fact either, which is something people in these threads have issues with for some ungodly reason.

>> No.44290435

Exactly my point. Too many forced units in general, but especially too many that are bad and can easily be dead weight. Nobody wants to bring redundant characters, and the number of forced deploys exponentially increases the amount of redundancy. I'd rather take Oliver than Micky, if only because he's amusing.

>> No.44290442

gonna take this opportunity to say gunlance a best

>> No.44290447

Like water and ethanol.

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>Being so shit at being mages they need armor

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Nah, sword and shield is best

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>> No.44290781

Short skirt with no armor

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A battledress thread, and no-one's posted Agrias? Heresy, I say!

>> No.44290905

nice cumdumpster anon

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>> No.44290936

Agrias is not for lewds.

>> No.44290967

if anyone hasn't noticed, it is in my humble opinion that no battledress is complete without a crown

>> No.44290986

very lewd

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>> No.44291183

Her armor would be pretty decent if she wore chainmail under it, giving her exposed shoulders some cover.

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>> No.44291293

You let your female warriors wear clothes???

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>> No.44291356


You don't want to wear a pretty dress???

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>> No.44291482

I'm finally starting to run dry

most of what's left is either just women in armor or women in dresses

>> No.44291508

oop, forgot pic

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>> No.44291552

My birthday suit is plenty pretty.

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>> No.44291638

her sword is a lance. She like it long.

>> No.44291680


sure sure, that's great and all
but a nice dress can make you feel pretty in an entirely different way and make you look classy to boot

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>> No.44291758


>> No.44291781


>> No.44291786

This reminds me of a cliche world becomes MMO-like Webnovel where one of the characters class choice results in such a low strength stat she would be hindered by clothes, so instead she enchanted some earrings to create an illusions of a shirt and a dress. The jewelry could maintain the illusion for a set amount of time, and the closer they are to the illusion the less mana would be used So she pierced her nipple and labia so the shirt and skirt rings would be as close as possible

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>> No.44291884



>> No.44291891


>> No.44291945

You're succumbing to the patriarchy telling you what you need to do and wear feel pretty and classy.

>> No.44292072


what does the patriarchy have to do with dresses?

anyone can wear a pretty dress!

>> No.44292110

>have a multitude of enchanted piercings
>Illusion clothing piercings last 20 times as long as the defensive piercings
>Forget to recharge them while in a dungeon
>Halfway through a huge fight they run out of mana
>forced to fight in the nude for the remainder of the brawl
now I'm contemplating making this

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>> No.44292214


>> No.44292234


>> No.44292278

jeez, I had a lot more leftovers than I thought

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>> No.44292340


>> No.44292344

Not everyone has been deluded into believing they have to.

>> No.44292940

>mobile autonomous military nation state mercenary cities that answer to no one but the highest bidder
>capable of (and implied to) escalating/prolonging conflicts for profit
>vast majority of troops/trainees are (war) orphans with no future
>literally child/teenage death squads who are barely trained (deployment is the final exam)
>despite advanced future tech that allows for things like force fields, advanced robotics, drone technology, ranged magic and etc said soldiers rely primarily on archaic melee weaponry
>experimental summon gf nukes readily used, even at the cost of memory loss and premature/early onset alzheimers
>BBEG heavily implied to have become BBEG due to discrimination and being ostracized, with no other route BUT to fight the world for her own survival
>any being that becomes a sorceress is instantly regarded as the enemy of humanity no matter who they were before; with no attempt at understanding or reconciliation aside from a containment procedure that is effectively the same as death
>nation that is so technologically advanced compared to other nations that they could likely bring about world peace and cure any/all ills (including those that necessitate mercenary organizations like SeeD) instead chooses isolation for no explicable reason

FF8 is ludicrously dark for an FF game, even if most of the moral ambiguity is completely accidental

>> No.44292971

Is it impractical? Then it's too little or too much.

>> No.44293002


not saying anyone has to

but it definitely CAN make you feel pretty, so why not try it?

>> No.44293088


>> No.44293165


>> No.44293287

My birthday suit is already pretty.

>> No.44293391

FF is not FE though.

>> No.44293412


>> No.44293435


>> No.44293438

FE, anon. Fire Emblem. No one is talking about FF.

>> No.44293450


>> No.44293589


>> No.44293822

My favorite set from any souls game.

>> No.44293910

But FF comes right after FE, so, its only a matter of time

>> No.44294023

Image limit

good thread everyone

I'm pretty much tapped so don't bother with another unless one of you has a huge reserve waiting

>> No.44295381

Thanks anon

>> No.44295750

How is her skirt so fluffy?

>> No.44295822

Why is that adorable.

>> No.44297280

>The mouse kid's genderswap looks exactly the same.

>> No.44297475

Based on FiveStar Stories Fatima battle dresses.

>> No.44297493

SO Thronewatcher was a chick?
Did they mess up the translation or something?

>> No.44297720

I -think- ENB mentioned it was a translation error in his ds2 vids, but I may be wrong. Its a very feminine looking set that could fit both genders though.

>> No.44297777

Yeah, I assumed she was a chick and got somewhat confused when I got the armour.
Pretty cool set too; ended up using it until I got the full Loyce set.

>> No.44297812

I'm going to take a shot in the dark and suggest spring loaded steel underwear.

>> No.44297836

This is perfection.

>> No.44299775

That is quite the heavy armor for the time and place.

Is the idea to prove some point about medieval warfare, which had some more 1500 years of development?

>> No.44299805


As tempting as it is to declare that there is a One True Design that would work best, what a lot of people don't understand is that in the real world there was an armour race happening alongside the arms race.

Weapons evolve to exploit the problems with common armour (and shields) of the time.

Armour responds to shore up those weaknesses, and incorporate new improvements in metallurgy.

Weapons shift again, and the styles employed adapt with them.

And so on. It's all about context. In Europe, as plate mail improved, shields gradually became less and less necessary, so they shrank over time from towers and kites, dwindling to the 'heater' style. Then guns came along and the heavy plate armour couldn't keep up while remaining practical so they stopped bothering. Now we have armour again, though it's radically different, and the heavy stuff that's great for stopping bullets is still cumbersome and vulnerable to knives and such...

tl;dr - fashion isn't the only thing that changes and goes through cycles.

But then, we're talking about battledresses here, practicality is already out the fucking window and it's strictly feels based.

Here's my feels on the matter: boobplate is excessively stupid, everything in this thread has problems that would make a professional armourer's blood pressure rise. Just go with something that looks vaguely practical while not being cheesecake.

You'll still be doing better than Hollywood's idea of 'hacking' or anything to do with IT.

>> No.44299827

>+8 pasties of invincibility

>> No.44299838

His point is that the people who complain about "muh realism" are often complete tardo's who fail to take into account important factors while assuming that every human being they theorize about is a perfectly logical being with no culture or emotions, and will therefor always do whatever is the most efficient.

In short, the point kinda went over your head.

>> No.44299993

>as plate mail improved, shields gradually became less and less necessary, so they shrank over time from towers and kites, dwindling to the 'heater' style.

The kite shield shrank to the heater shield around the early 13thc century, while the first plate reinforcing plates (probably mostly boiled leather) started showing up past the middle of the century or so.

The pavise, which I guess is the "tower shield" here, is IIRC something for the 15th and 16th centuries. We're not going to find them in the 11th and 12th centuries.

>though it's radically different
Steel plates and gambessons, only it's somewhat better steel and kevlar instead of linen. And when we turn to ceramics, well, it's generally a drop in replacement for the steel plates. I guess the gambesson has generally shrunk a good deal though.

>> No.44300200


This is what I get for pretending I know anything about armour. 'Course, Wikipedia claims the pavise was more for archer cover than hand to hand combat, but I'm already on shaky ground, I can tell.

>radically different
Structurally, anon. Kevlar and ceramic plates aren't fucking leather or cloth. C'mon, work with me here.

>> No.44300205

I honestly wouldn't mind it if the player didn't mind social consequences from strutting around like that depending on how serious the game is. Though that may be because I'm actually playing with a player who's character is like that except it's a barbarian who uses enchanted tattoo and she's actually played her PC pretty awesomely

Problem is I don't think most settings have rechargeable illusion items
You'd probably have to waste a spell slot for that

>Giantess knight
Yes please

>> No.44300496

All armor, if you wanted a Battle dress it's 100% fashion, 100% skirt and 100% armor.

>> No.44300666

Pavises are still recorded in the Triumpfzug des Maximilian, in the hands of hungarian infantry.

Their presence at sieges and in the hands of missile troops isn't controversial either. We even got a painting from the 13th century that shows italians with tower shields storming ships at sea.

>> No.44300823

is the face-plate thing nailed to her skull?

>> No.44300824

What really annoys me is the idea of an hourglass in a sword blade.

>> No.44301419

It looks to me like it's attached to the sword, not going through it

>> No.44301459

Hey, look, it's not Casca!

>> No.44302078

It looks like they hollowed out the blade to fit it in there.

>> No.44304312

Maybe, looks like it's on the blade but not through it to me though

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