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>> No.44244991

Fire Emblem Awakening build:

Large body, black hair
25 years old
Tactics 100
Single Pauldron 300
Support 600
Roster 800

Solidarity 100
Tip the Scales 300


Elixir 850
Parallel Falchion 1000

Been retconning the shit out of the current run recently due to my decision to have 8 female companions. Initially I was doing the standard 'me and a male bodyguard' thing I've done in previous runs as it makes things less complicated and easy to remember. Then I did Light of Terra pretty early, ended up with Shauphezh and 4 Sisters of Battle and I figured in for a penny.

My bodyguard is now a tall slim dark haired ninja/secret agent type from Venture Bros called Ramona. Chose the name as it means protecting hands.

Recently reretconned it as I decided to ditch the Sisters of Battle as I couldn't remember their names, descriptions or who was who so I settled on canon companions instead. Instead replaced them with 3 characters from Fire Emblem Awakening using the canon companion option and Kaylee who I podded out of Firefly.

Went with Lord as I like the Single Pauldron option, was spending most of the CP on undiscounted stuff and figured having a Falchion would be neat. Imported Ramona to give her some tactical insight and an improved dodging ability when near allies which is pretty useful for a bodyguard, mostly did this as I had a spot left open on the Roster option as you pay for 1, 4 or 8 (not entirely sure whether it says you can mix and match canon companions and imports but I made the jump so who's going to stop me? Nobody that's who.)

Chose the companions for specific qualities. For one thing I didn't want anyone who had a lot of ties in Fire Emblem Awakening, taking characters with a lot of family and ties always seems like it'd make the transition a bit harder.

>> No.44244995

>hating fairies

>> No.44245006

>trusting fairies ever.

>> No.44245048

>not trusting fairies

>> No.44245050

So, I've been tinkering a little with my Jumper-created projects, because new projects are always fun, and two things occurred to me;

1) What's the upper limit of construction/materilization Song Towers can pull off if you take 'Will of the Planet' out of the equation when it comes to matter manifestation?

2) What the holy hell can the Lambda Driver from Full Metal Panic do? Google gives me nothing, and the only other option I've got right now is grabbing the series to watch it.

>> No.44245066

Forgot to namefag.

Anyway, I chose Anna as she's obsessed with money and will make a good CEO type for any businesses I can't be bothered to run myself.

Aversa is on the evil side of things but she's an insanely loyal lieutenant to Validar and she has a really easy redemption arc. Also she has nowhere else to go really and nobody else who will trust her so I figure it's basically doing her a favour.

Miriel is pretty singleminded about finding out how things work and discovering stuff so she'll make a really good researcher/inventor with both magical and scientific things. Goes well with Kaylee too who has more of a practical skillset for making/repairing stuff.

Don't know why I decided that you don't get a mark of the Exalt with a Parallel Falchion. Wouldn't really make that much difference if you did. Doesn't really matter though.

>> No.44245068

Never trust fairies for anything except for backstabbing you.
Around fairies watch yourselves.

>> No.44245240

Better hope you're a poison or steel type then.

>> No.44245248

>abandoning the Choir of Righteous Fury
You aren't so cool anymore, Cats.

>> No.44245288

If you see this AncillaAnon, could you clarify for me the price of having a companion be a Unison Device in MGLN? Is it 100cp or 700cp?

Thank you

>> No.44245301

Any perk that makes your abilities uncopyable? One of my biggest fears is a copycat copying something they really shouldn't have.

>> No.44245326

I think one of the capstones in the Hercules/Xena jump is what you're looking for.

>> No.44245369


The upper limit depends on your power supply and projection infrastructure.

The Third Tower, for example, was completely conjured into existence - well, almost, due to one of the biggest dick moves ever trapping Tilia in a looping emotional breakdown. The incomplete Second Tower still has all its construction scaffolds floating around - and they would have been powered by a fraction of Ar Tonelico's output. The actual tower that leads up to the Sol Marta satellite is phased into invisibility. Metafalica, the small but entirely real continent created at the end of Ar Tonelico II, is wholly real and needed their entire power supply to create.

So, I'd hazard a guess that Ar Tonelico could create its own floating landmasses if it needed to. Physics in Ar Tonelico make matter creation quite different to how it is IRL.

Ultimately we're never shown the full capability of any of the towers, but as a hypothetical ultimate example, there is Ra Ciel Fusor - a song that transforms a dying planet into a quasar and harvests its energy to scan the entire universe to find and teleport to a lifebearing planet. Or to create a new planet, I'm not totally sure as I haven't played them.

That's from the NoSurge series though, and it's not quite using Song Science as Ar Tonelico knows it.

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Fire Emblem characters are basically the same. They all develop crushes on the protagonist and have unlikely hair colours/quirky personalities with one major trait. The difference is that I can actually remember who they are so I don't have to keep cross referencing to figure out which one Fia is.

>> No.44245445


>How did Frelia transform the materials she used to create the Second Tower? Basically, it was done through the same principle under which the bodies of the Reyvateils are made. So, what served as the cultivation fluid for it? The air, of course. Under Wave Science, both the air and the iron are the same thing, because they only differ in the spectrum of their waves.

>For example, creating iron out from the air would just require to apply Dynamic D-Waves with enough force to make the waves of the air oscillate enough to change its spectrum into the one of the iron. Naturally, since this is imaginary iron, once the emission of Dynamic D-Waves stops, it will disappear.

>At this time, the spectrum has energy being applied to it, and the lesser the difference in energy needed to perform the transformation, the less Dynamic D-Waves will have to be sent to keep the transformation active. This is why the difference in the energies of the Static D-Waves was planned to be optimized the most in the cultivation of the Pureblooded β-types by making them out from the same fluids as the humans (physiologic saline solution) with a few additions.

>However, this can only be used for making human-like bodies. Given that the proteins are the very basis of the organisms and because it was necessary to make the cultivation fluid have an almost equivalent energy to them, it was necessary to make the tanks in a scale similar to a human-sized water tank.

>As for the creation of the Tower, this requires far more energy than for organic matter due to the hardness inherent to materials like the metals and Yuteria. The cultivation fluid for this would be things like mercury and melted iron, and unwillingly for us, sodium. As for the medium needed to transform these things, they would need to be put into a water tank of about 10 km of diameter to be transformed.

>> No.44245463


>Of course, all of these requirements are pretty much impossible to fulfill. Due to this, when the Second Tower began to be built, the level of energy consumption for the project was greatly raised because it moved to an advanced matter transformation in which the air (Gas = Static D-Waves of low frequencies) would be transformed into the Tower (Solid = Static D-Waves of high frequencies), which had far higher energy differences between both states.

>However, there was a small consolation in this because there were very small concentrations of vaporized metal dispersed in the atmosphere during the materialization of the Tower.

>> No.44245532

Nice, thanks anon.

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The Lambda Driver gives the pilot mecha-scale telekinesis, basically. It gives the Arm Slave a lot of extra functionality. Flight, forcefields, energy blasts, ranged manipulation...the Lambda Driver is mostly limited only by the user's creativity and willpower. For example, the protagonist likes to infuse his Arm Slave's bullets with a telekinetic charge that makes them explode once they've penetrated the target's armor.

>> No.44246436

For my Shark-Jumper, what better weapon to have than this one? Well until I get to Naruto, then I'll combine the two.

>> No.44246605

If I take knight of honour can I hijack mechs

>> No.44246651

Depends on the sort of mecha and the size/power. If it's some bio mechanical thing or self aware, I doubt it. Likewise if it's just too huge or powerful for the power to really work.

>> No.44246674

Jurassic Park:

Geneticist 50
34 years old
Tycoon 650
PhD (Genetics)
Missing Link 700
Cloning 800
Genetic Improvements 950
Hybrid 1250
Companion Imports 1600

Fossil Hunt 100
Scale Specifics
Six Foot Turkeys 250

Chaos Theory Mastery 300

Spared No Expense
Tycoon 300

PhD (Physics)

Jurassic World 1300
Dino Soldiers 1000

This one's interesting, always go for Geneticist in Jurassic Park as monster making is one of the more important tenets in every run I do. Not sure why but it's always right up there on my list of priorities. As a result I was left with 350 CP to spend on companion imports which meant either 7 imports (the number of companions I have) or 4 imports, 3 of which get 300 CP, I opted for the latter as it's better value for CP and I get some extra perks. Rundown of companions at this point in time is Ramona who was mentioned earlier, Heather from VtMB, Ophelia (Skeleton princess) from Divinity Dragon Commander, Kaylee who got podded from Firefly and the three Fire Emblem characters from the last build.

Decided to import Ramona as there's a 'notices danger' thing which is good for bodyguarding. Shame there's 50 CP left over there but that just happens if you import and then take one of the 300 CP discounts as you can't buy items.

Heather is basically a wild card companion that I more or less give whatever takes my fancy. Also feel more comfortable giving her really powerful stuff which Chaos Theory Mastery is as she's fanatical to the extent that I can't see it being used against me.

Imported Anna for obvious reasons, took her in the first place as a money spinner and now she's also ridiculously good at that.

Miriel was the leftover 50 CP. Still good though as she gets a scientific background she'd benefit from a whole lot.

>> No.44246919

If I got it at EX ranked I don't think the size is gonna be a problem but the self aware thing is

>> No.44247053

EX isn't infinite.

>> No.44247263

I know but I goes a long way

>> No.44247357

What exactly can the knight construct from King Arthur do?

It's the only thing that interests me

>> No.44247456

the grimmoire in the Rwby jump says it gets stronger with kills is it every grimm and human or just grimm ?

>> No.44247465

Turns out I never made an RWBY build. Like. Ever. Let's fix that.

> Age: 17 [Rolled7]
> Location: Menagerie [Rolled8]
> Background: Student [-100CP]
> Race: Faunus [+100CP]
> Intellectual [Get a Freebie!]
> Tinkerer [-150CP]
> Remnant Arcana [-300CP]
> Iconic Outfit [Get a Freebie!]
> Iconic Theme [Get a Freebie!]
> Scroll [Get a Freebie!]
> Dust Kit [-50CP]
> Bigger On The Inside [-100CP]
> Dust for Dummies Pro [Get a Freebie!]
> Aura For Everybody [-100CP]
> A Guide To Grimm [-100CP]
> Catalytic Converter [-300CP]
> White Fang Woes [Get a Freebie?]
> Marked [+100CP]
> A Maiden's Heart [+300CP]

So. Uh.
I joined White Fang.
I'm like their lead scientist! Who knew?

Pretty standard "Student" build here. I spent most of my time studying, studying, researching, studying, and building things for the cause. Also performing wildly unsafe and quite possibly inhuman experiments.
Like, you know how evil empires often have a mad scientist who probably got kicked out of the other empires for being too crazy?
Hey, remember Hojo from Final Fantasy 7...?

Though, it wasn't all mad science and Faunus supremacy. I did genuinely look into ways to try and fight back against the Grimm. Because, y'know. That's a thing that everyone has to deal with, not just humans.

Oh, and apparently someone is running around with half my powers. No big deal. I have SCIENCE!
No you fools, I need her alive! CAPTURE HER. Bring her to me!

>> No.44247636

So, random annon here, curious about what other people have to say about this-- in the Kantai Collection jump, what does actually happen if you [Spoiler] take the Savage Salvage perk and eat a ship girl? [/Spoiler] Does one simply fanwank it?

>> No.44247823

Ya botched your spoilers, and desu that perk was MoeAnon's attempt at getting a technological variant of Blacklight so the answer is yes - fanwank it.

>> No.44247825

Then your a cannibal

>> No.44247992

So how the hell do these things work? How long do they take? I'm guessing it depends on the gem right?

>> No.44248022

I don't think we've been told at this point. And we're probably not going to know for a long while, I think September?

>> No.44248049

Well shoot, that's not the answer I was hoping for.

It's probably not worth the price then. As the time required will probably be much much longer than ten year intervals.

>> No.44248061

Amethyst was described as 500 years overcooked, so presumably awhile.

>> No.44248107

Still can't decide whether I want to be Half Gem or Full Gem for that setting, they both sound fun to mess with.

>> No.44248391

All I know is putting in a Philosopher's Stone is a bad idea.

>> No.44248395

So is it grimm or human ?

>> No.44248482

Jumpers, what keeps you going?

>> No.44248491


>> No.44248509

Fear. And denial, probably.

>> No.44248510

Here's all the imports after sorting out the Imperium post retcon. Really hope this is the last retcon as changing all the companion import stuff is a pain to sort out.

Space Marine
Astartes Implants
Primarch's Blood - Sanguinius 250
They Shall Know No Fear 400

Technical Training 100
Imperial Creed
Voice of Divinity 400

Space Marine
Astartes Implants
Primarch's Blood - Sanguinius 250
Pilot 350
Dosh 400

Technical Training 100
Imperial Creed
Voice of Divinity 400

Sister of Battle
Shield of Piety
Psyker - Telekinesis 400

Tech Priest
Technical Training
Arch-Magos 250
Cyber-technician 400

Tech Priest
Technical Training
Shield of Piety 100
Cyberdidact 400

Unfortunately don't have the 3 female Sanguinius clones so I can't do the stupid Charlie's Angels joke as well anymore. Rest of the build has been posted before and makes me a Ratling Tech Priest. On the plus side Ophelia and Anna both get a lot of leadership/manipulation stuff which is useful for the politician/CEO roles I intend to use them in, Aversa is a Sister of Battle Psyker giving her more mystical oomph and willpower from dedication to something (and I can make that something me which is pretty great), Miriel who gets a bunch of mechanical knowledge and Kaylee who can now speak back when machines speak to her.

Set up Heather as a Pilot as well which is great as combined with the bird perk from Redwall it makes her a really great one and this is shortly before the Light of Terra.

Guess an extra benefit of getting some tech priests pre-LoT is that the bits where enginseers pop up and say something now make a bit more sense given there were none amongst my crew.

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>> No.44248576


>> No.44248624


>> No.44248636

Well this was... interesting.

(Street Sharks)
-Background: Former Assistant (900CP) -Well, best learn what I can, right?
-Dangerously Charismatic (Free) -Um... I guess people just like me? Huh.
-Doctorates (800CP) (Discount) -I'm a really good genius, it seems. Emphasis on 'genius'.
-It's All In The Genes (600CP) (Discount) -I could read it pretty well before, but I can read it well now!
-Gene-Slamming (300CP) (Discount) -I don't know how this is a thing but SCIENCE!!!
-Kahn! (-100CP) -Oh well this is kind of fucked up. Tamerlane and Alexander the Great were used to make me. AWKWARD.
-Lab Equipment (Free) -Eh, a teensy bit of something.
-Eye Patch of Evil (0CP)
Dice Rolls: 25 years old
-End Choice: Next Adventure

>Dr. Paradigm is just cackling like an idiot at designing this girl in a test tube
>he finally beckons his creation to RISE
>she only wants to learn a bunch and try to help people
>Dr. Bolton just squeals in joy while Dr. Paradigm is all "Mother FUCKER!!!"

I admit I don't troll people much, but I could not resist this time. I'm just so incredibly amused at the idea that Paradigm wanted to make this brutal-as-hell goddess being who would give him the world, and instead she's just a lab assistant who wants to cure cancer and help humanity out. He's probably why she's got an eyepatch, tore out an eye in some kind of rage. And thanks to how shit went down, I kind of need to keep a low profile while fending off people from misinterpretations? Honestly it's going to be a really crazy ride.

And every time I will troll the hell out of Paradigm. By opening charities.

>> No.44248675


>> No.44248760

Being completely oblivious to the overarching situation's rules. Also fun.

>> No.44248789

Wait I though dogs can't stand human alcohol

>> No.44248791

how do you randomly roll for jumps?

>> No.44248806

with dice or Online dice.

>> No.44248918

1. For SoaSE you choose a faction then decide if you are a rebel or loyalist in that faction. You get a free titan here as your flagship. The perks affect either the tech, units or the planet you control.

The orbital structures section in each faction is where you can buy a license to mass produce different support structures, as well as receive a free customisable starbase.

The next section, the ships section is again the license and blueprints to mass produce different types of support craft. Buy plans for a carrier, churn out as many of them as you want/are able to build, for instance.

The next section is capital ships. You get two choices for free, and any purchases you make are individual ships rather than the licenses to mass produce them like with the support craft.

2. As has been pointed out, hellishly difficult.

3. You are terraforming a planet. If you have any complications that have natives there then yes, it is inhabited beforehand.

4. He isn't immune to non c'tan attacks, but if you are fighting him then he's almost ascended and is incredibly dangerous. He can already basically manipulate time, at the end of the jump he's pretty close to mastering it completely.

>> No.44248980

Oh, and I forgot to mention this but you can take any ships you purchase with you, along with the crew they need. This would make you INCREDIBLY popular with the Vasari. Like mega-jesus levels of popular.

>> No.44248986

I don't think a bipedal, omnivorous, steel-skeleton'd, condensed emotion throwing, chocolate eating jackal creature has much in common with real world dogs when it comes to digestion.

>> No.44249201

How many grail wars can you participate in

>> No.44249275

The thought that the jumper may one day get the spark and complete it's chain fills you with DETERMINATION.

>> No.44249386

Two so far. The one you roll in Fate/Jumpchain and Fate/Extra.

And here's hoping we never get Grand Order because the 'grail wars' in that fucking thing are convoluted, the entire world is an AU that runs on it's own logic, and sweet jehosaphat is Delightworks retarded.

>> No.44249416

2 jumps directly involve it, and you can potentially start them in another 2 jumps in the same verse. Although only in the 2 grail war jumps will your servant get a real body, and become a companion if they survive to the end so be mindful of that.

>> No.44249428

I for one am looking forward to this glorious clusterfuck

>> No.44249531

Two-whichever one you roll in Fate, and the weirdass AU moon AI matrix in Extra.

>Tamerlane and Alexander the Great

So...you have an evil little moustache now?

Also we are impressed you have resisted the allure of spreading '90s radicalness across the multiverse

The ever-distant wonders of the M:TG omniverse that lie beyond Spark and Chain fills you with-

-well. Certainly not determination.

Let's call it a mix of curiosity, anticipation and responsibility.

>> No.44249571

how can I do this ?

>> No.44249588

>implying determination is a trait unique to Spiral life
>implying the canon Anti-Spiral didn't go on and on about its resolve

>> No.44249639

You will roll only Saber Gilles and Black Keys and you will LIKE IT.
Look I just fucking want to roll Nursery Rhyme game is it THAT HARD TO ASK

Also I guess if you start now you can get Santa Saber Alter Rider (that will never NOT be a mouthful) from the christmas stuff but whatevs.

>> No.44249675

<Implying just because a thing doesn't, by itself alone, fill you with determination that there aren't other things that do so like y'know, having the ability to actually carry out your goals
<implying that filename was chosen at random
<implying you aren't trying to trick us into greentexting with little conical shapes

>> No.44249681

>playing shitty mobile games about mollusks
Hahahahahahahaha, that's even lower than single-player imagination games.

>> No.44249714

>filename isn't antismileral
You're missing an opportunity here.

>> No.44249722


She wanted Saber so much she got an Archer who uses Swords. Makes Sense.

>> No.44249741


By studying and dismantling the Fuyuki system. Going to take quite a bit of brain power, magic, and experience to do so. True magic may or may not have been involved in the creation of it, further complicating things. You'd then need to find suitable lands with sufficient mana to perform the ritual, and manifest the grail. Afterwards you'd have to set it up, and hope to win it. Alternatively if you have some way of hopping dimensions or such you could participate in one of the nasuverse's numerous alternate worlds each hosting a grail war.

Admittedly, this is going to a great deal of effort to do any way you slice it. The two grail wars should be enough, but if you still want to go for it the possibility isn't zero.

>> No.44249750

>Spiral Energy is green
>greentext is green


>> No.44249779

>So...you have an evil little moustache now?
I dunno, are you still married to an eldritch manifestation of fire who also happens to be a loli?

Be warned, those two questions have the same answer.

>> No.44249827

oooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooh snap

>> No.44249849


>> No.44249879

I wonder what a Regular Show jump would be like.

>> No.44249911

like a regular jump.

>> No.44249951

Regular Jump.
It's anything but.

>> No.44249999

>1600-CP item
>it's The Power

>drawbacks include "literally every mundane thing you try to do ends up tripping over a conspiracy or something supernatural," "you're so constantly angry that unless you yell at the slightest things you start going supernova," and "what did you even DO to get literally everyone in the setting to hate your guts?"

>> No.44250178

Alright, we need to settle an argument:

Are arrows just long range swords?

>> No.44250199

Yes A2.

>> No.44250209


>> No.44250216

They're long range spears.

>> No.44250234

No, that's stupid. You're stupid.

EMIYA is a Saber, not an Archer, Tohsaka summoned him incorrectly. You can't convince me that Fate's Caladbolg is a sword when it's a giant bloomin' cone on a handle. Swords are not swallows, GOOD DAY SIR.

>> No.44250295


Don't make me take my final form, you wouldn't like me in my final form.

>> No.44250297

Before I even knew about the spark it was the idea that I could maybe find a way back to all the old worlds I had been in, or that maybe I could run them over again without restarting from scratch.
Also an insatiable need for shiny things.

>> No.44250310

>You can't convince me that Fate's Caladbolg is a sword when it's a giant bloomin' cone on a handle.

>> No.44250355

I will fukken question Brock all I damn want, that is a god damn jousting lance made to be one-handed.

Just as Atilla's 'sword' is a giant rainbow lollipop with a fucking sword hilt.

>> No.44250373

Are bee-stings butcher knives?

>> No.44250503

Attila's sword is a bunch of lightsabers strapped together, and people treat those as swords.

>> No.44250508

Are we human, or are we dancer?

>> No.44250526

Are we we or are we they?

>> No.44250548

Dancer. The lot of us.

>> No.44250550

>a bunch of lightsabers strapped together

Except this one isn't shown to be energy beams at all, and in fact it's quite literally shiny... tempted to say plastic?

We all know what it is but we don't want to call it what it is lest Puritan-Anon start screaming about lewd.

>> No.44250564

we...we have puritan anon since when

>> No.44250587

My apologies for asking the same questions over and over, but about Macross:

1. When to we arrive relative to the series rolled?
2. Are the 50CP tickets one-time, or for every music event ever?

>> No.44250644

if I take the time manipulation perk from tohou will I be able to move when other people stop time is there any perks to fight against time manipulaters

>> No.44250652

and >>44249531

>> No.44250656

1. Beginning of the series
2. Every music event in that setting. It's why it's so cheap.

>> No.44250707

Well, you sure will be resistant.

As for fighting against, consider other time stop perks (for "For how long can YOU move in a stopped time?!" shenanigans) and stuff like Timeless from Golden Sky Stories.

1. So no time at all to prepare for Frontier... Shucks.
2. Still very useful, all things considered.

Many thanks.

>> No.44250755

Are you really so scared of me (at least I assume you have me in mind) that you're afraid to make a joke about a shitty lightsaber/gaudy pastel metal sword being a buncha dildos? You don't even get what those arguments were about, do you?

>> No.44250788

DMC has a good one. Quicksilver Style.

>> No.44250811

thank you

>> No.44250834

>being a buncha dildos
Oohhh! Dildos, that's what he meant. I honestly didn't get what he was talking about when he was saying it was something lewd. That's kind of a reach though, isn't it? Doesn't really look like that to me.

>> No.44250902

Yeah, it's pretty reaching. I guess he's got a dirty mind and associated bright colors and plastic not with cheap toys or anything but with fake dicks.

Attila's sword looks way more like those crappy plastic swords you can buy in drug store, to me. I'm guessing the designers took the bit about the sword flashing in a rainbow of colors a bit far and made them BRIGHT colors, which we don't mentally associate with metal, so instead our brain skips to something we do associate with bright colors. Namely plastic.

>> No.44250977

To me it looks more like stone. A light marble or jade, maybe.

>> No.44250988

Meh, guess it's possible. Jade does come in more than just green after all. Can't say I have a lot of experience with rocks to compare it to, though.

>> No.44251046

He's the guy that complains whenever he finds that a jump has people having sex at any point in the original work.

>> No.44251090


>> No.44251314

Not really.

>> No.44251333

It only appears that way if you pretty much ignored all the arguments. Which is understandable, sure. But if you didn't pay attention you really shouldn't try to speak authoritatively on other people's motivations or actions.

>> No.44251371

>Goat Simulator
>Wheel Goat (+700 CP)

What is this thing, why does it exist, and why is it stronger than DIO?

>> No.44251400

The fact still remains that if there is any mention of sex in the jump, that anon shows up with a list full of reasons it shouldn't exist. The arguments always boil down to: there is sex here, and that is bad. Its nuanced and shaded to match the particularities of the verse, but it's always the same shtick.

It's only slightly more intellectually honest than DA:I Salt Anons mantra-like screaming of: it shits on the previous jump / canon.

>> No.44251433

>any mention
Still wrong.
>The arguments always boil down to: there is sex here, and that is bad
Considering the last argument was about forced auto-rape and auto-pregnancy you've pretty much presented a strawman of the argument.

But honestly the really confusing thing is why you're sitting here weeks later just randomly picking a fight with people. You think other posters are the problem? I don't see anyone else intentionally starting fights right now.

>> No.44251438

It's a wheel that controls time. No goat should wield its power.

>> No.44251465

Gantz G. It's going to become a jump.

>> No.44251575

>a strawman of the argument.

No! That half a dozen people who were clearly one person was oppressing me by preventing me telling everyone about how great my fetish is!

>> No.44251591

As someone who doesn't really give a shit about this argument, let me just say, you are being weirdly defensive of that guy.

I do not think anyone gives a fuck about puritananon as much as you.

>> No.44251628

Other than that name being really stupid it should be pretty obvious that it is me talking right now. Like, do I have to declare it a second time? I'm defending myself because someone's taking factually wrong potshots at me, same as anyone would if someone just starting lying.

>> No.44251750

If you are indeed the guy that decided anyone that supported Gantz being made into a jump was a dog fucker, then yes, yes you are crazy puritanon.

>> No.44251765

I'm the one that thought newbie jumpers unknowingly walking into pregnancy and rape auras was an unacceptable situation.

>> No.44251800

Considering you are an anon? I don't see why you should care enough to feel like you need to rise to defend yourself.

>> No.44251826

Misconceptions are used to discredit legitimate positions and discussion. Besides, you guys have apparently decided that I am not an anon and gave me a name.

>> No.44251854

good man. Cthulutech is garbage.

>> No.44251932

Anything its spells are used to kill.

>> No.44251935

>took Driz'zt Doh!urden drawback in Forgotten realms
>stay in forgotten realms for 80 years total, keeping the one good black elf alive for 70 of said years
Should I change race to Elf for this? I'd prefer to be a human, but if I'm going to be dealing with this shit for 80 years as a human this may be a problem.

>> No.44251963

Why not go all the way? Be a Balor Paladin. Be his Special Snowflake Bro.

>> No.44251966

Human heroes can live a long time in FR, and given that you are protecting drow jesus you prolly get anti-age plot armour.

>> No.44252006

My bodyguard from Career Model is a Paladin, I'm a humble wizard. My companion Umbreon is a Shadowcaster.
Oh good, I'm just fine then. I have no fucking clue about this setting.

>> No.44252023

You haven't picked up immortality somewhere yet?

>> No.44252028

Nice evasion.

>> No.44252030

Looks to me like designs for building potent magical artifacts, like a sword that can slice apart large fortifications and a shield that projects a powerful spherical barrier.

>> No.44252042

100cp flat, anon. fuuuck I need to get moving on that update

>> No.44252068

It's only my 11th jump, and as a wizard I'll probably pick up Immortality here.
Alternatively I could somehow get a philosopher's stone and become immortal that way (I've got Truth from FMA)

>> No.44252202

>read up on what I have to protect Drizzt from
>Have to keep him from being sacrificed at BIRTH
>have to keep his own drow family from killing his ass for years afterwards
>he's gained the hatred of an assassin noble
>can't ever reveal that I've been his plot armor, can't even reveal that I'm fucking THERE, neither can my allies
god damnit, this fucking guy really is Drow Jesus, he's somehow pissed off everyone despite being a fantastic person.

>> No.44252217

Just be glad you don't have to protect him against the incestual tendencies of his family; that's a thing for him, too.

>> No.44252218

>despite being a fantastic person
BECAUSE not despite. Drow, remember?

>> No.44252233

for a drow, it's because, but he managed to piss off a bunch of humans too.

>> No.44252235

Is there a hyper dimension Neptunia jump yet ?

>> No.44252243

Reminder: in protecting Drizzt you're helping him to c_uck his best friend.

>> No.44252255

is cuck still filtered? I thought I remembered that being lifted

>> No.44252256

I think someone's working on it.

>> No.44252292

Someone mentioned it once many months ago. If you want to make it, it's fair game. Dude disappeared.

>> No.44252324

>in his first fight with possibly the most lethal assassin in the land, he's interrupted by a fucking SHADOW DRAGON
>this is about two decades before he gets his plot armor back

>> No.44252379

That's because he's a drow. Fantasy racism!

>> No.44252398

Upside, your bodyguard resume will look fantastic after this. If there is an after this.

>> No.44252441

Oh yeah, my bodyguard is going to be so sick of this shit, but he'll be ageless and have some divine powers on his side for the rest of time (because this is only my 11th jump, I fully expect another 89 at least)
If we're not all at LEAST level 20 by the end of this I'll be pissed though.
The question is where to go next.

>> No.44252505

Would it do anything if you stocked up on plot armor perks and then used something like the golden chains from Smite or the power transfer from Bleach to move them all over to Drizzt?

>> No.44252507

Somewhere relaxing with lots of sunlight.

>> No.44252540

Probably not given this is a drawback. Instead be wizard batman with contengencies for everything. Train him to not be so killable.

>> No.44252559

Initially, adventure.

Now? Waifus and power.

>> No.44252564

I have to protect him from the shadows, he's not allowed to know I'm there, and I think the guy would at LEAST be aware something changed if I gave him plot armor.
Sounds like the place to be, land of the sexy french cartoon asses it is!

>> No.44252570


Whelp, time to start laughing maniacally. THanks for the info Anon, you're awesome.

>See Above

It's always good to know what your toys can do before you start handing them out like candy.

>> No.44252594

Are you sure I don't wanna step on anyone's toes and I'm not really the creative type

>> No.44252605

Yeah, pretty sure. This was a long time ago.

>> No.44252615

Then are you asking because you want to make the jump, or are you asking because you want someone to make the jump?

>> No.44252622

It was a pretty long time ago. Do it.

>> No.44252630

Y'know, this is D&D. And in true D&D munchkining style, I point out it only says you have to "work from the shadows" and says nothing about sticking to the plot. Indeed, it literally says he has "lost his plot armor".

This story is officially off all the rails, folks.

>> No.44252663

My 50+ companions, my desire for power, my want for knowledge, my hunger for adventure, and my promise to those left behind that if I get a Spark, I will return.

>> No.44252671

> The Shadow Dragon never shows up for the duel. Coincidentally, the surrounding twelve provinces' Shadow Dragon population took a sudden and sharp decline two weeks previous.

>> No.44252696

A little of both kinda

>> No.44252700

but he gets is plot armor back after 70 years, and I have to keep him on the path of good, which means I'll probably have to stick to the rails to survive. Having foreknowledge of threats and saving his ass with that knowledge is probably better than facing unknown threats later down the line.

>> No.44252708

>Whelp, time to start laughing maniacally. THanks for the info Anon, you're awesome.

You're welcome, though I should stress again that something on the scale of Ra Ciel Fusor would probably require at least as much infrastructure and sapient involvement as for producing a Mantra level of 5+, and is certainly well beyond the Song Science as-is in the jump - it'd take a lot of R&D.

But yes, if you have a way to bypass the fact that the created matter isn't real - which would be done canonically by making the Wills of the Planet accept it, or by creating your own 4D-NTL to sustain it - then there's a lot you can do with it.

>> No.44252866


Oh, and if you're interested in reading more about how it all works - this is a good place to start:


There's a lot of depth to the background lore.

>> No.44253014

>Blue serving as the crazy lead scientist of a speciest terrorist organization.
So how long did humanity last once the White Fang got your tech?

>> No.44253136

What jumps do I want to take if I want to be a mastermind that weaves conspiracies with such subtleties that investigators would have to go on a Call of Cthulhu/Yellow King esque investigation to find out even the smallest of details to it?

>> No.44253190

Well, first off, you'll want to start in Gargoyles. There's a perk there to bring you up to Xanatos' level.

After that, search for any perk involving the words "Tactical Genius," "Keikaku Doori," or "Just As Planned."

>> No.44253248

It was a bit over a month ago, nowhere near long enough for it to be open again. Actually check the dates instead of trying to get someone else to push something through.

>> No.44253305

>Having foreknowledge of threats and saving his ass with that knowledge is probably better than facing unknown threats
Oh, but there'll likely be plenty of those, too. After all, things that posed no threat worth noting to plot-armoured Drizzt might well cripple or kill non-plot-armoured Drizzt.
>Humour incident where he slips on bar of soap and falls on panther ends in him falling badly and snapping his neck.

>> No.44253323

I think Sherlock Holmes will be a big help. Assassin's Creed also has some good things in the Templar tree.

>> No.44253348

Well, if I somehow manage to keep his ass alive and on the path of Good, I get to deal with a crazy ass clockwork creature that can control time.
Thank jumpchan I picked up immortality and wizard powers right before this or he'd be able to actually pose a threat.

>> No.44253451


Really, I was expecting something... well, fairly impressive, and I wasn't disappointed. I just wanted to make sure I wasn't going completely off the rails, and it certainly puts things in perspective when you realize just all Song Magic can pull off.

Though, like you say, Infrastructure and R&D are fairly critical.

>> No.44253467

>It was a bit over a month ago
Yeah, no. No it wasn't. The dude making it last posted way back in fucking July. Provide evidence of your bullshit.

>> No.44253489

>pic related
So is there any settings that has magic capable of keeping stuff floating forever? Magitech is also acceptable.

I can make a flying city with technology but not with magic unfortunately.

>> No.44253494

Initially I had nothing to lose by Quitting every part of my life And starting over as a twelve-year-old Pokémon trainer, currently it's fun and I kind of lost touch with any kind of existence other than jumping Also sanity And the notion that actions have consequences. Word of advice, do not fuse this with Any of the following,creatures with cellular level regeneration, life fibers,Fragments of the Shikon Jewel.
The thing to remember about fate is that The laws of physics and such Are literally whatever reality marble You happen to be in, The "mundane World" is just Gaia's Reality marble, it is no more or less valid than any other.

>> No.44253516

Bioshock Infinite

>> No.44253520

That's not magic hoss.

>> No.44253554

Clarification, Sapient creatures with cellular level regeneration, I've spent Millennia Shouting down the little lobo voice in my head. And yes I did learn all of these the hard way

>> No.44253564

Probably Fate. You could enchant a bunch of things with the spells Harry Potter witches and wizards put on flying brooms carpets and cars and use them to hang your city upon, like flying hooks.

D&D I'm pretty sure has flying castles, and so presumably has a way to make them.

>> No.44253586

Yeah that was one of settings I'll use to make my floating city if I can't find any magical alternatives.

>> No.44253593

Oh, well... surprisingly long, actually! Although that may have something to do with the fact that I was more interested in pursuing scientific research than helping the cause.
I mean it would be more accurate to say that I joined the White Fang due to resources and safety concerns, as opposed to truly believing in them, and in exchange I gave them with a smattering of what I could do.
I mean, it's not like anyone else would have me. What with being a Faunus and all.
Their loss, really.

It really was an "amoral scientist working for the empire" situation. I didn't care about them, I just cared that they were the ones letting me work.
Of course, with my help, they did graduate from "terrorist cell" to "The White Fang Empire". We built fortresses and everything. Got some freaking robots and the like. They liked them big. Not full on mecha size, but... more like Trotmobiles, if you're familiar with those at all.
Also cluster bombs, we had lots of those. And then whatever magitek I could make out of dust and aura. And helicopters! Very Empiresque. Very "Vector from Final Fantasy VI."

But a lot of my personal research went into the Grimm. Trying to figure out how they worked. That kind of thing.
That and trying to capture my "other half". A slave crown would fix that problem.

Anyway, humanity was still around, but mostly confined to a la resistance.
Kindof like the White Fangs used to be!

... is it weird that I look at things in terms of videogame plots..?

>> No.44253594

Looks like we're thinking of different attempts at it. Here's Anon Heart's latest draft from November 6th. He seems to have gone to ground after a fairly large amount of arguments coming from the jump.

>> No.44253612

And of course I forgot the link.

>> No.44253639

Doesn't Familiar of Zero have those Windstone things?

>> No.44253694

Yeah, and Albion suggests they can keep things up for a fair while, but upcoming Windstone Apocalypse suggests there are limits to how long, and that the length of time can be quite short, without providing much info on why they last so much less time. Except perhaps that Albion has been home to the kingdom focused on air magic.

>> No.44253724

... Right there was a flying Noble Phantasm fortress. Forgot abou-

also this too.
>MFW there is an item that lets you grow windstones.

>> No.44253736

In the Rwby jump under the simple soul companion option is there any way to roll for the character list a list or something

>> No.44253785

Maybe I'm misunderstanding what you're saying, but I don't see how the Windstone Apocalypse implies any limitations to their duration.

>> No.44253813

Neverwinter Nights. Cityjack Undrentide, reverse engineer the spells that make it work. And if you can keep the city flying the whole jump, you can bring it with you too!

>> No.44253844

Infuriatingly, every flying fortress or mountain or whatever in D&D (3 and derivatives, that I could find, at least) is a minor or major artifact, and therefore not constructable generally.

The very closest I could find is that with a generous DM, a custom Colossal animated object with flight might work, but might be kind of weak with the standard rules.

Is there an Escaflowne jump? That has naturally occurring levitating rocks.

>> No.44253931

You could probably make a flying castle using a custom ritual with different steps, and I think there are 'make this little rock fly' spells, as well as something that chucks a giant chunk of earth into the sky and holds it there, though that might not have been D&D...

>> No.44253947

Because part of it is them lifting off, and part of it is them falling down. If it was just lift offs, they'd just have to transition to aerial kingdoms.

>> No.44253965

Cool, though you may have overestimated how much people would hate you for being a Faunus.

>... is it weird that I look at things in terms of videogame plots..?
No worse than looking at things in terms of movie plots.

>> No.44254012

No, the reason it's a danger is because the lifting-off won't be even. The forces on the continent aren't evenly distributed, it's going to cause massive tectonic upheaval in the process of lifting off.

>> No.44254059

Roosterteeth is still bad at depicting racism.

All that was shown was some school bullies picking a Faunus while everyone else looked at it in disgust and apathy. Also what happened to Sun but he caused it by stowing away and provoking those officers by throwing a banana peel at them.

>> No.44254100


You can make flying fortresses in DnD via the Stronghold Builder's Guide.

Negima is *very* capable of making them, and plays well with technology.

If you view Ar Tonelico as magic (it's tech, but straddles the line in a lot of ways) then that can easily do it.


There's an Epic spell in FR that cuts the top off a mountain, flips it over and turns it into a flying citadel base.

>> No.44254188

What noble phatasm rank would mjolnir be

>> No.44254191

>flip a mountain top
That's probably what I'm thinking then.

>> No.44254207

Which Mjolnir?

>> No.44254303

The one used in fate/kaleid

>> No.44254350


As I understand it, Albion persists in floating due to ancient Air enchantments that (1) charge the Windstones in its bedrock at a constant rate to maintain its altitude and (2) keep it from wandering off across the world. Otherwise it would indeed (eventually) fall out of the sky.

>> No.44254405

> though you may have overestimated how much people would hate you for being a Faunus.
Well. Admittedly, one of the other reasons is I flew pretty hard into amoral science. Or as amoral as I could get without delving too far outside what the setting was capable of, since my research was predominantly focused on how far I could take what the setting was capable of.
I tried to make human/Grimm hybrids, artificial grimms, basically jacked dust and aura into E-VER-Y-THING, and my solution to the Maiden's Heart problem was literally, "I should try to steal their body and/or mindjack them up."
I'm pretty sure that girl didn't even know I existed before I started looking for her. She was basically the requisite mysterious plot girl.
> "Why is the empire after you?" "I don't know!"
> "Why do you have these weird powers?" "I DON'T KNOW."

And, I mean, other than that, I've also never seen the series and only have the jump and wiki to go on, so there may be some weirdness in my interpretation here.
But White Fang seemed just sufficiently crazy enough that as long as most of the horrible shit is focused against humans, they'd turn a blind eye to it.

>> No.44254507 [DELETED] 

Question, the ArT Song Towers need to be planted in dirt of something organic correct? And they also need to have enough space to spread their roots right?

I need to know if it'd be possible to plant one in an extension I have on my Warehouse.

The amoral super-science would probably do it then. And everyone falls victim to lack of setting knowledge, don't worry about it.

>> No.44254523

Mushoku Tensei. Legit has a flying castle through unexplained means, but the answer is likely via magic arrays. Given the setting is basically everything is magic. You can either buy one in jump, or buddy up with it's owner and learn. The summoning and magic arrays perk will help here with learning the necessary magic to do this.

>> No.44254539

>Question, the ArT Song Towers need to be planted in dirt of something organic correct?
No they do not. They don't have roots. They don't do anything relevant with dirt. The reason Ar Towers are on the ground, is 1. Because hanging a tower is hard work/a waste of energy, and 2. One of the original purposes of the towers was to find out how to communicate directly with the Wills, so getting as close as possible to them involves reaching into the earth.

They don't have roots and I have no idea why you thought that.

>> No.44254555

Doesn't it have a perk that has 'you might be able to make a flying castle' as a perk? Or is that a different jump?

>> No.44254581

Has that as an example, rather.

>> No.44254599

Sometimes I think you're just uncaring, and not amoral.

Sometimes I think you're in the right, and those plucky heroes really don't have the perspective to see that you're doing good.

But then, this shit happens. And I receive a grim reminder of what evil you've become.

Get it. Grim reminder. Because of the grimm. HahahahaaahHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAAHAHA

>> No.44254634

The amoral super-science would probably do it then. And everyone falls victim to lack of setting knowledge, don't worry about it.

Never mind, I checked the jump and found I already get a copy of the tower in my warehouse if I chose origin.

>> No.44254639

If I go to one piece and spend time mastering hakim can I give/teach it to other people in a different universe

>> No.44254661

...Close enough. Fucking worthless failure of a spoiler tag, ruining my joke.

>> No.44254727

No, not without perks from other jumps that would let you do that.

>> No.44254877

Whenever I read dust I think of the Dust from the Endless games. I think it'd be some real shit if you replaced your gunpowder 'dust' with 'nanomachines that are pretty much magic' though.

>> No.44254917

Even better, blend them together. RWBY Dust is crystallized elemental energy, mix it in with the clarketech picotechnology and you should get some weird effects.

>> No.44254942

>The summoning and magic arrays perk will help here with learning the necessary magic to do this.

Summoning and Magic Arrays: The name is a bit of a misnomer. While the most conspicuous use of this magic is the summoning and binding of spirits, what you are truly skilled at is the most subtle of magic this world possesses. You can, with magic circles and diagrams, gather magic from the environment and craft it into incredibly complex spells and constructs. This can include but is not limited to, teleportation circles, monster creation, magical traps, flying castles, and the creation of magic items. With time you could even create something to rival the Fighting God’s Golden Armor. You’ll begin the jump with a solid grounding in the basics and will find the rest easy to learn.

>> No.44254969

Which perk would gift that ability

>> No.44254973

Well there you go. Flying castles, and with the flying mountaintop spell from D&D that's a good bit of help for the guy who want's to make flying cities.

>> No.44255064

Endless Dust is some grade A bullshit. Does literally everything. What kind of shit did the Endless require that the galaxy is so laden with nanomachines that you can literally mine them from the earth in quantity and civilizations will casually develop titanium forges using them and the like before they figure out fucking iron plows.

>> No.44255327

What should I name my Astrub Knight I picked up in Wakfu?

>> No.44255587

If you want to die horribly name him Lancer.

Honestly Honda Tadakatsu is an okay name if you're looking for meaning behind it. He fought a ton of battles without being majorly injured.

>> No.44255740

Oh, no, I am totally a villain.

Sometimes I go whole jumps without doing villainous things, and sometimes I'm even quite helpful, but if you asked me where I am on a moral scale, I'd go with villain every time.
It's just... sometimes there's not a lot for a villain to DO. Or at least, not a villain like I want to be.

Because Dr Eggman is my idol, and everything that I want to be. And, lest we forget, he regularly enslaves small animals to power robots and turn huge swaths of nature into dystopic sludge spewing factories in his image. Just look at any of the bad futures in Sonic CD. Or Sonic Colors, for that matter.
The very next jump, after my internship with him, I was an Irken Elite of the Irken Empire. And there wasn't any slide into villainy. I cannonballed off that slope. I perfected my maniacal laugh then and there, and I didn't even have a perk for it. Those came later. They just act as boosters.

I can get up to some pretty bad stuff (worse, if I'm riding high on drawbacks), but I do try to be the "fun" villain. Pic related, it was basically my response to any moral arguments during RBWY, and I was pretty irreverent the whole time. Lots of grand gestures and glee-ridden technobabble.

... just. Sometimes I don't get up to much villainy, because it would be wasted. Like, the villains of Harry Potter have a critical lack of style. They wouldn't get it if I ran around in a black starlight cloak laughing like an opera villain.

Shit, I should'a done that.

>> No.44255834

>google that guys name
>second result is "badass of the week"
well that settles it then, time to give him powers from the Elder Scrolls!

>> No.44255924

>Honda Tadakatsu
I know who my Fate servant is now. Thanks.

>> No.44255960

Lancers are foot soldiers that usually die horribly. It was surprisingly hard to find one that didn't meet that fate.

>> No.44256015

Also, I think the spoiler tags like to crap out if you try to put several of them right next to each other. I've had the same thing happen to me in the past.

>> No.44256151

So, he's the one Lancer who doesn't have E-Rank Luck?

>> No.44256462

Yeah pretty much. This guy decided to ride out against Toyotomi's massive army with only 200 men.

And Toyotomi pretty much went, "Damn this guy got balls, you know what. You get to live."

>> No.44256686 [SPOILER] 

So, I've been going through my Jumpchain and I've come to a very amusing conclusion.
>Dedicate my entire chain to amusing myself as much as possible more than any other goal
>Gained a satyr form from Goat Simulator
>Intend to become a god at some point just so I can have even more fun
>mfw when I realise exactly who I've become

>> No.44257008

Tell me, fellow Jumpers, do you always go Drop-In so there's nothing altering your head? I do, and I feel better for it. I don't know what I'd do if I had to choose a history in a world that wasn't Drop-In.

>> No.44257045

>just one 6 away from Super Satan

I rarely ever go Drop-In, actually. Sometimes it's because there's a race I want to be, other times I just want to know what's going on. And other times?

Well, let's just say my small-town upbringing in Pokemon was the best 10 years of my life at the time.

>> No.44257059

No. I have a deep sense of self-loathing, so I relish the thought of subsuming my identity beneath a role.

>> No.44257409

Yes, eternal Drop-In here. I've toyed with the idea of a house-rule of being able to go Drop-In even in Jumps that don't have it, but as those are thankfully few and far between I simply don't do those Jumps.

Minecraft is the potential not!exception, as the backgrounds that aren't named Drop-In are still actually Drop-Ins. Apparently?

>> No.44257442

I went Drop-In for Pokemon, but rarely go with it otherwise.

Yeah that seems to be the case.

>> No.44257499

No, of course not- taking backgrounds has given me so much insight that I would have never had if I had stuck to a single path every single jump. And in the end, I will always be myself.

>> No.44257508

If you have the slowmo/time stop power from Dishonoured, and anyone else with that power uses it around you, you can move and act normally when it's triggered, so I suppose you can fankwank it allowing you to move when other time stop powers affect you.

There's those Soar Rings or whatever from one of the late Final Fantasy jumps.

>> No.44257636

If RL ever turned out to be a Jump with an Amnesia drawback, my past self ain't coming back - because I've decided I'd keep that drawback. Old "me" isn't me, and if they didn't value their continuity that's on them, I don't want their life overwriting mine.

>> No.44257852

>Just realized I never named my Starter, and have simply called her Umbreon

>> No.44257883

Speaking of Minecraft jump, how would folks picture the consequences of taking both the Far Lands and Skyblock drawbacks?

>> No.44257908

I'm pretty sure the two are exclusive, you can't take both at the same time.

>> No.44257932

And now you know what Pikachu's gone through for... several, several years now? I forget how many.

>> No.44258027

To be fair, that's what ALL of Ash's pokemon go through, it's just Pikachu has put up with that shit the longest.
In any case, I think I'll name her Lune, and retcon that I named her during our 10 years in my first Jump because holy shit I couldn't let that stand.

>> No.44258198

That's what all the Pokemon in the entire series have to go through.

Except for Ritchie. He actually gave those little fuckers names. Granted "Sparky" and "Zippo" weren't the most original monikers, but at least he was trying.

>> No.44258439

Personally, I don't have any names for my pokemon because I am horrible at coming up with names.
So I just imagine that Jumper me, who has pokeglot, just asked them what they would like to be called and uses that whenever referring to them.

>> No.44258457

Ah, right, missed that. Thanks.

>> No.44258502

> "I wanna be called Spaghetti."

>> No.44258885

I only rarely go Drop In. Generally I prefer the basic things such as knowledge of what's going on from an in universe perspective, connections to people other than companions, and not having to be the amazing mystic hobo. I still go Drop In when the perks are especially appealing but generally go with another origin,

>> No.44258977

Yes, my main issue with anything else is that it changes your personality, which rubs me the wrong way in all the wrong places. Maybe it's just my general aversion to changing who I am with magic, even temporarily. I've picked up a bunch of shit to protect from mental attacks too. I want to always be me, ME damnit, not someone else who just happens to have my memories and body. I can change and grow as a person, but just snapping my fingers and having a new outlook on life isn't right.

>> No.44258994

I just pick whatever gives the discounts I want.

>> No.44259111

You are not. For one thing, trying to predict and write how your Jumper would act is hard enough as it is just from time and events, add in perks that actively give them skills, knowledge or the like and it gets far harder, throwing in entire new retconned lives with as much weight as their entire existence to that point on top...? Yeah, no, fuck that noise.

>> No.44259148

so many parents/families, which ones do you go back to when everything is over?

>> No.44259184

Quick make up a name for your new Magical Girl Companion (Madoka)

>> No.44259235

You're planning on going back?

>> No.44259253

Chastity Evangeline McDonald.

>> No.44259256

Kaede Tachibana.

>> No.44259281

>leaving your families to wonder where in the blind eternities you've gone off to forever, without even the slightest notice
>when some of them were better to you than your parents in the real world were

You monster.

>> No.44259325

Yeah, I guess I have that coming. But I just have trouble looking backwards. Pretty much all of my relationships have been transitory ones where once they were over I never saw them again. I can't really imagine reconnecting with someone, that's never happened to me. Nor can I imagine anyone choosing to remain with me over a period of longer than ten years, that's why I don't do companions. I'm kind of a lonely person.

>> No.44259508

Why do you think I have so many self duplication perks?

>> No.44259655

I've resolved to toss homunculi at them with an appropriate mind set at the very least.

>> No.44259694

do the ships from Sins of a Solar Empire come with you? I want one of those space stations, but I can't think of a way to bring it beyond "shrink it and put it in the warehouse"

>> No.44259723 [DELETED] 

Shamira Lichenstein.

>> No.44259743

If I'm 100% honest, I don't personify my various families as characters very often, because, even when I'm pretending to be "normal", the family is just... kindof there. I'm either devoted to my job or devoted to a cause or devoted to myself, and then my family is always just there, y'know, being normal.
It's entirely possible that jumper!me has fond memories of some of them, but the me sitting behind a keybord tends not to think about them a whole lot, if only because they have so little to do with what I'm doing.
And when they do, I... tend not to have fond memories. Like the family from Harry Potter that crammed me underneath the staircase. Or the sister from Kids Next Door who kept trying to force me to pick a side, usually by picking fights.
... so. Totally, totally possible that there are some good ones in there. In which case, I like to think I might pop in to visit for, like, a day. Or leave a note about some job opportunity I got and a huge wad of cash. Or something. But if there is, I, keyboard!me, don't know about it.
Weird, huh?

There are surrogate families, though.
Promised Steven Quartz I'd come back to visit him and the gems. He literally made us promise. I figure he put up with our blubbering enough, might as well mollify his.
Should probably go around and visit the Fullbringers post!spark, make sure they're not dead. They're a pretty finicky bunch.
Maybe do the same with Greed, make sure he doesn't turn to graphite or something dumb like that.

>> No.44259748

Shamefully, I agree with this. I look at what I want to be, and I change myself to fit what the narrative demands.

But then, shapeshifting, taking different roles, all very much a core part of who I am as a jumper.

>> No.44259755

Shamira Licht.

>> No.44259774


>> No.44259898

I go drop-in most often. I'm actually more likely to take an amnesia drawback then not go drop-in. But, if there's something I well and truly want, I'll bite the bullet.

>> No.44260411

With things like a Sneaky perk that lets you pick pockets and locks, a Skeleton Key, and a Mask of Shadows to hide your identity I have to ask, is being a thief enough to draw attention for being Evil in Ravenloft?

>> No.44260438

No, however similar to chaos. It starts to have an influence on you.

Maybe it's just an item or two.
Then it's a hoard of gold.
Then a bank.
Then then people

Chaos always finds a way

>> No.44260482

Just petty thievery? No. But if you try to go all master thief who clears out banks, and especially if you're shattering livelihoods, then that might start attracting attention. Maybe. Depends on how much of a dent you're making.

>> No.44260868

Would the magic you get from the perk Magic be normal D&D magic, or does Ravenloft have something unique? (aside from the notes about certain spells at the end)

>> No.44260880

Ravenloft is a D&D setting, so it's D&D magic.

>> No.44260901

Right. Thanks.

>> No.44261073

Talking about D&D magic, what do you do with material components? Do you make sure you have them? Do you trade off gold or other currency to the value of the components?

>> No.44261150

Do you mean "how do you use them?" when you cast the spell?

>> No.44261162

Until I figured out how to bypass material components altogether, I cheated and just created whatever I needed with alchemy. It still fit the bill for those items, after all.

>> No.44261271

I mean do you carry around a ridiculous amount of obscure things of the off chance you'll need to cast the spell that needs it, or just skip the micromanaging and use money, or bypass it altogether somehow? Having to have certain gems worth X GP or a particular insect or some obscure piece of a mythical beast would make casting ridiculously difficult.

Alchemy is a good idea, but how did you get around the material components?

>> No.44261294

I predominantly stick to divine magic from that cosmology. Their spells use very few reagents, outside of the occasional ridiculously expensive resurrection spell, and the spell components they do require are usually easy things to collect like some holy water or just having your holy symbol.
Mine's a chain.

>> No.44261307

Is there an eschew material components feat that works on spells that need greater than 1gp in components? My DnD isn't that strong.

>> No.44261311

I think there's an epic level feat for it.

>> No.44261317

There is, but it's epic level. Up to some gp limit, I forget the number. It's not really worth it.

>> No.44261322

I actually just utilized perks that let me screw about with various magic systems and merge them with others. Though, yes, I invested in such a feat (because, frankly, running to level 30 as a healer was too hilarious NOT to do).

>> No.44261406

No, there's no GP limit on it. Removes all need for material components, though not for focuses (divine or otherwise). It's decent enough for cutting out some of the really expensive or specialised components.

>> No.44261433

In Pokemon can you take Pokemon fossils with you and then later revive them as pokemon once your science is good enough?

>> No.44261698


You might end up suddenly finding yourself a bit more dexterous, and able to see weaknesses in things - the best place to evade notice, the right place to hit someone.

The more you rely on that sense for weakness, the stronger it gets - you start seeing their personal weakness, how everyone you meet is really a pathetic liar. Everything you hold is full of imperfections, nothing you steal is good enough. You can't look in a mirror without it cracking.

Things start to break around you, as you can't help but poke at where they should crumble away, and you grow leaner and sharper in body - to better cut right through the weakness around you, and better cut your weak heart away.

The attention of the Dark Powers is rarely overt.

>> No.44261743

If you can hit the technology level of the pokemon world, I suppose you could, or steal the machine they use. But you're going to need something a lot better than Jurassic Park tech; even in JP, they couldn't get enough DNA to clone a dino from a fossil.
Yet somehow in pokemon they can use a single fossil to resurrect the extinct pokemon.

>> No.44261892


People talk about Wheel Goat but I checked the jump on drive and Goat Simulator lacks any mention of that

>> No.44262599

Do you get to chose your class if you pick Magic in Ravenloft, or is it just a sort of generic caster? The description makes me think it might just be Sorcerer since there's no mention of spellboks and the method of learning new spells is 'hard work and experience' rather than studying for a lifetime and a half.

>> No.44262628

Ravenloft is mainly 2e, it's probably representing mage.

>> No.44262710


I'm assuming it's what >>44262628 said. Also for reference while Ravenloft is mainly a second edition setting the Sorcerer class wasn't introduced till third edition.

>> No.44262755

Ah, OK then. I never played 2e. What's the Mage class like? How do they learn new spells?

>> No.44262852

Anyone? I assume they're the precursor to the wizard of later editions, but do they have a spell book and have to memorize spells each day? Are there any major differences I should know about?

>> No.44262878


I'm not completely sure, but I think they basically work like wizards for the most part.

I think I remember their being some differences in the various schools of arcane magic (like evocation not being a joke), but I'm not sure what.

>> No.44262880

Anyone have as comprehensive as possible list of life-engineering jumps?

>> No.44263005

The archivist didn't update the Drive yet, it seems.

>> No.44263170

Could JAM from rwby dampen the effects of other people's reality marbles and Is there any perks that can stop a reality warper that constantly warps reality

>> No.44263223

>Pick legend in the Musician Jump
>any "legendary" musician from any genre
>Suddenly realize I don't know who to pick

>> No.44263233

Bob Marley
Frank Sinatra
Freddie Mercury

Pick one (One is a joke)

>> No.44263262

>Freddie Mercury
Tell me he wouldn't be the ultimate Reyvateil

>> No.44263269

>No Kurt Cobain
Do you even Legend?

>> No.44263285

Now I'm kinda sad I didn't do this.

>> No.44263404

Yo-Yo Ma

>> No.44263418

Neil Peart

>> No.44263427

Since I'm going to go Spartan III in Halo and be a sidekick to Master Chief, what are some sensory perks that would help Moves like Monty from Monty Python?

Because the idea of being better than a Spartan II is hilarious.

>> No.44263434

Monty Python jump... I'll be honest a killer rabbit as a companion would be adorable.

>> No.44263470

Okay, I'm going with Neil because holy shit yes.
Now where can I jump to give him a Drumset/microphone that he can weaponize?

>> No.44263495

Ronnie James Dio

>> No.44263501

He's still alive doesn't count, same reason Tarja isn't a real option.

>> No.44263514

...You're kidding me right?
Kurt Cobain has been dead since 1994

>> No.44263529

He's dead TO ME!

>> No.44263531

Oh, derp.

Lets do the timewarp again...

>> No.44263686

>20 Jumps in my chain
>Effectively overpowered in pretty much every setting
>Level 20 Wizard
>5 companions of varying prowess
>Philosopher's Stone from Harry Potter AND FMA (Oh look at all the people that die over and over again in Madoka, YOINK!)
Should I take the final leap, Jumpers? Would I survive the plotline of the true final jump? Could I defeat those planet destroying assholes in Dragon Ball Z?

>> No.44263698

Do you jump to be powerful and 'win' or do you jump to explore new and interesting places or just to make builds for CYOAs? If it's either of the later two, then no, never take a final jump. If it's the former then I suppose you might want to.

>> No.44263707

Reminder that by the half way point in Dragonball they're already moving at lightspeed and they only get faster. Oh and as it gets further into DBZ, they go from planet busting with casual attacks to star and solar system busting.

>> No.44263725

I enjoy the exploration far more, but I also enjoy actually being challenged by enemies. So should I just start doing more jumps and taking more drawbacks or what?

>> No.44263734


>> No.44263776


Do not that technically it's only the last part that has to stop. You do lost the structured format, and from what I remember the thread consensus is 'we don't care about post spark don't mention it', but the prize is becoming a planeswalker (a.k.a. dimensionally traveling god like mage).

So you could still continue to think up situations your character ended up in on your own time if you really wanted to.

>> No.44263797

20 jumps was at LEAST 200 years, plus the extra 70 from Forgotten Realms, I've got all this stuff to work with and make my own Story, I think my Jumpchain is finally... over

>> No.44263827

Be free

>> No.44263847

There's no point. The jumping is over, so you're done here. No builds, no anything. It's boring.

>> No.44263853

>200 years
We've got people with tens of thousands. 200 year is baby time.

>> No.44263899

Right now, I have counted 29,306 years of experience. Though this does of course also include the extra years that are crammed into my head thanks to backgrounds. Kind of a mind screw sometimes.

>> No.44263911

I'm just gonna say yeah

>> No.44263962

>StarCraft: Zerg Route
>Sim Ant
>Resident Evil
Just off the top of my head.

>> No.44264193

Anyword on the Eldar or Destiny (revamp) jumps or the protoss route?

>> No.44264269

is there not a metroid jump?

>> No.44264277

They do, yeah. Someone asked, Babylon clarified earlier in this thread. You get all the ships too.

That dude loves him some space wars.

>> No.44264329

In coma, MIA and in progress respectively.

>> No.44264336

oh... I had been wondering that for so long, and didn't even think that it may have been answered in thread already

>> No.44264350

Speaking of - what are the space based Jumps?

Star Wars
Star Trek
Sins of a Solar Empire
Mass Effect
Posleen War

Endless Legend on a technicality,

>> No.44264387

Many is in a coma?

>> No.44264400

No, the jump is. Fist abandoned the thing. Unfortunate.

>> No.44264411

When did fist abandon Destiny?

>> No.44264420

There is not.

>> No.44264429

He didn't. It's MIA, aka "I have no frigging idea". Eldar is abandoned.

>> No.44264439

Oh you're right Hat is doing destiny got them mixed up.

>> No.44264457

What do you mean its abandoned Many updated the WiP was updated last week.

>> No.44264477

The latest Eldar WiP for reference note the lost to path additions: http://pastebin.com/nc0UCZi0

>> No.44264479

and I am 99% sure a different namefag claimed it in the thread that Many abandoned it

>> No.44264481

Five Star Stories
Tenchi Muyo
Battlestar Galactica
Dead Space
Cowboy Bebop

Some of these are more space than the others.

>> No.44264520

And then, well... >>44193442 happened. And yes, Wakfu mentioned putting it on his backlog. There were no objections.

>> No.44264523

He said like three days ago, in-thread, that it's abandoned and dead.

>> No.44264529

Thank you.

>> No.44264537

Babylon 5 and Light of Terra

>> No.44264551

Oh thanks then.

>> No.44264556

Well he said he wasn't into it and 2 people said they'd do it if nobody else is so it's not necessarily dead.

>> No.44264570

>Implying anything will happen.

>> No.44264574

Outlaw Star.

>> No.44264611

40k Imperium

>> No.44264765

What's to stop us finishing it in thread? As Wakfu noted, there isn't much left to do.

>> No.44264795

well, mostly >>44264570 being a bitch if anything

>> No.44264866

Genocideacles chan.


Chuck Berry
Hank Williams
Jimmy Buffet
Harry Belafonte
Miles Davis
Lead Belly
Jimmy Hendrix

>> No.44264963

are there any jumps outside of Sup. Com. and 5 star stories for making you mech bigger?

>> No.44264985

super robot wars
I'd be up for that if the thread is till up later today

>> No.44265113

How practical would it be to go Specialist in NGE to study Angels for their S2 Engines? It seems like a cool power source that I can use to power my various machinery. I mean it is infinite energy right?

>> No.44265134

They do eventually learn to mass produce S2 organs for the mass produced EVAs, but in the process of studying them they suck a 200km square chunk of Nevada into a dirac sea by accident.

>> No.44265147

It's infinite energy with a maximum specific output roughly equivalent to a nuclear power plant. Which is actually kinda crap by jumpchain standards, go to SupCom and get a Paragon generator instead.

>> No.44265273

Speaking of NGE, is there anything worth studying in there besides the Lance of Longinus?

I kind of want to steal Adam and Lilith to see if I can make Evangelions out of them.

>> No.44265461

Adam, Lilith, and the seeds are also all products of FAR technology. So yes, they're worth studying. It may be possible to figure out how that stuff works and replicate it. The Lance is only one part of the equation.

>> No.44265578

>I'd be up for that if the thread is till up later today
I'd be willing to pitch in, too. I don't know a ton about 40k, but I can help reword parts of the various wikis so that they fit the perks and trees.

>> No.44265602

>go to SupCom and get a Paragon generator instead.
You'd go that route over a Tonelico Orgel of Origins?

>> No.44265743

Bit of a cupid here.

Anyone know any love/matchmaking stuff outside the Cherubim Sigil from Supernatural?

>> No.44265758

Sekirei is full of those perks.

>> No.44265766

Match made in Gravity Falls

>> No.44265986

Code Geass.

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