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Last time on SAQ




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After breakfast with Bulma and Vegeta the next morning, it's time to get ready for your match with Goku, you did promise the man that the two of you would have a bout after all. He can't beat you, not if you go full strength, but he's a skilled fighter, you know that for damn sure. His Kaioken technique is also a wild card, depending on how far the man had managed to take it, he could certainly catch you off guard if you aren't prepard to deal with what he can dish out. If nothing else though, you're looking forward to this, he's gonna be a good training partner, and Vegeta wants to have a shot at the other saiyan as well... maybe you can have a three on one with them and Gohan like you did last time, that could be prett fun.

"Are you going to use your new form against Kakarot?" Vegeta asks from your side as the two of you fly towards Goku's home... something that's still stuck in your head after the last dream you had... delving into alternate universes can get really weird after all, especially when you find out how things could have gone if some slight alterations were made. Shaking your head free of those thoughts, you glance back to Vegeta. "That's sort of overkill isn't it? Goku is strong, but he's not that strong, even you can't handle that level of power 'Geets, and you're the strongest non-Arcosian alive."

She looks slightly annoyed at being reminded of her own 'weakness' compared to you, but that look quickly fades as she merely smirks at you. "You're underestimating Kakarot, it's an insult to a saiyan to hold back as much as you intend to against him. He may not know what it means to be a saiyan, but I plan on beating as much information as I can on that topic into his thick skull."


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"And what about Gohan?" You ask her, since she'd spent some time talking to the boy yesterday while you were chatting with his father. "He's still young, given enough time I'll mold him into a proper warrior, he and our child will need to continue on the legacy of the saiyans after all. Even if they'll be the last two left, their genetics can still keep the legacy alive."

"Let's focus on getting the kid potty trained first, eh 'Geets?" Cracking a smile towards the woman as the two of you set foot down in front of Goku's home.

>Go knock on the door.
>Wait, they'll come to you.
>Talk with Vegeta about something
>Write in

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>Write in
Just shout.

"Muffin button!"

Also sense for energies. They should've sensed us coming...

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>Go knock on the door.

It's the classy thing to do.

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>>Go knock on the door.

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>Forgot to title the thread


Fuck it, sticking with this one

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Shit happens. Which number is this one?

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How you doin' Eail? Life still got you down? Bruce When?

>> No.44200586

Take a shot everytime some dumbfuck anon comes in and yells at Eail to put



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Doing all right, maybe some day

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So those of you that are here so far, along with any people that come in later, what do you think of the prototype kid design that I have featured here >>44200458

>> No.44200691

Adorable as fuck.

It's got the right balance of Saiyan and Arcosian. I do hope his transformation line consists of both Arcosian and SSJ forms used both independently or together.

Also why haven't we asked Goku to teach 'Geta and us Kaioken?

With Arctus' durability he should be able to withstand the pressures of the form and add it to his own transformations.

I'd love to see 'Geta use it and just completely wreck Frieza without going SSJ. While Arctus watches and drinks happily at the side cheering her on.

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One more question.

....Is that a bio-suit or regular battle armor?

>> No.44200754

You have, in fact, back in thread 30 I believe, or maybe it was 29.

Either way, you did ask him to teach you, but Goku said he wasn't sure if he could actually teach the technique properly.

On the kid is regular saiyan style battle armor

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Could we ask King Kai to come to Earth for a little bit and teach us?

We could show him the sights. I don't think King Kai has actually set foot on Earth in the entire series.

Also we should load up on puns when asking him.

>> No.44200826


I think it's pretty nice. I wonder how any other Saiyans he meets might react upon seeing his monstrously huge tail.

>> No.44200832

Maybe, you haven't spoken to King Kai yet, really easy way to fix that though!

Also I'll start writing our next post now

>> No.44200891

...Imagine what the Oozaru state looks like.

>> No.44200930

didn't know this was running, goddamnit.... The universe conspires against my organic chem final.

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Figuring that the polite thing to do would be just go up and knock on the door to Goku's home, that's what you end up doing, 'Geta still at your side. "Pretty little place they've got, it sure seems peaceful." You comment, looking around all the surrounding nature life. "A bit base for my tastes, they likely don't have much in the way of delacies out here in the sticks after all." Vegeta replies. She'd taken quite a liking to all the sweets that Bulma had at Capule Corp, might be due to the whole pregnancy thing, or just her sweet tooth really kicking in, but hey, whatever makes her happy.

With the small home now right in front of you, three quick knocks on the door soon reveals not Goku, nor Gohan, but a female in a purple dress, looking curious as to who was knocking at this hour, before her face turns into a mix of... annoyance?

"Goku! Your alien friend is here!" She turns and calls back to the man that you can see is currently shoveling food into his mouth at a rate that makes what you and Vegeta can do rather... slow. "Goku and Gohan are finishing up breakfast right now."

Looking you and Vegeta up and down several times, she finally sighs, a small smile showing up as she stands in the doorway. "I swear, my husband meets the most interesting people on the planet. A man with three eyes, the guardian of the planet, and now a full alien."

"I take it you're Kakarot's mate then?" Vegeta asks from your side, also looking over Chi-Chi just as the woman did to her. "She means Goku." You pipe in, figuring it'd be best to just get that out of the way here and now rather than deal with that little name issue poping up again in the future.

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"Yes... I am, who are you?" The human woman replies. "Vegeta, Princess of all Saiyans, including your husband and your child, you as well, I suppose." She adds with a smirk. "You're the woman to talk to about carrying a saiyan hybrid child, so I imagine we'll be speaking again quite soon" Your partner finshes just as Goku and Gohan are coming to the door. "Heya Arctus, you too Vegeta!" Goku cheerfully greets you, his hand on Gohan's head. "Good Morning Mr. Arctus, Miss Vegeta." He politely says.

"And just where do you think you're going young man? You need to be studying, not going off and training with your father and his friends more than you already do! Your education is more important!" Chi-Chi huffs, obviously not approving.

>Sorry Gohan, maybe next time
>Gohan is strong, he should train to protect Earth
>I can tutor Gohan later to make up for this, if you like
>Stay silent
>Write in

>> No.44201227

>>I can tutor Gohan later to make up for this, if you like
I will teach him the finer points of Space Science, Space Biology and Space Australia.

>> No.44201233

"Actually I was hoping to tutor Gohan. I'm an engineering genius of sorts....X SHOW TIME!"

>> No.44201263

>>I can tutor Gohan later to make up for this, if you like

>> No.44201290


I like it, but I'm not sure about the hair.

Looks like he's/she's wearing a wig to look more like Mommy Vegeta.

I say either change the hair to a different style or different amount, but that's my only problem.

>> No.44201305

Goddammit, we all have 'space alcoholic' filters so that we can catch these. How many have I missed?

>> No.44201310

>I can tutor Gohan later to make up for this, if you like

"I hold several space doctorates!"

>> No.44201333

>Did I mention I have a Space Phd?

>> No.44201339

I forgot the title on this one, didn't think it was worth it to remake.

May have killed activity by doing that...

>> No.44201388

It'll pick up.

If not, you got us!

>> No.44201410

Still, can't deny the lack of activity compared to his new JAQ thing, that always blows up big

>> No.44201457

I hope those are going well. Not a big enough Star Wars buff to contribute to that.

Unlike here. I'm like...an uncomfortably autistic level of knowledge of DBZ series.

These quests have only taught me more. Halp.

>> No.44201502

It's going pretty well I'd say. Got art of it

Anyways, WRITING

>> No.44201584

>I can tutor Gohan later to make up for this, if you like

I know I'm late but I want to contribute!

>> No.44201613

You just wanted to fulfill your desires for laser swords huh.

I'm okay with that.

,,,Speaking of which we should make several different colored versions and hand'em out to the Z-Fighters.

Red one for Goku for Kaioken
'Geta gets a gold saber because she's royalty and SSJ colors.
Piccolo gets purple because he's a badass motherfucker.
Gohan gets green because..Piccolo-san dai dai dai!

>> No.44201889

"I can tutor Gohan later to make it up for it, I hold the equivalent of several Space PHD's in both engineering and robotics. Can't exactly give the kid a comprehensive history lesson on Earth, since he knows more about the planet than I do, but he can probably make you a robotic butler by the time I'm done!" You offer with a grin... Gohan is smart but robotics on his first day is probably a bit too much to ask for, X might enjoy the chance to help around a house though.

"He might look like a fool, but my partner is likely one of the most intelligent people alive in all of the universe, at least when it comes to technology." Vegeta backs you up, while throwing in one of her affectionate insults, just like normal. "Gohan couldn't ask for a better... tutor, if you're intent on expanding his education." You're almost able to pick up how forced that sounds coming from her.

Chi-Chi seems to think about it for a moment and finally gives a nod "All right... but I'll be wanting proof that you're good for my boy, and not just another muscle head like the rest of Goku's friends!" She exclaims, then bends down to give Gohan a kiss on the cheek, and one to Goku as well before retreating back into the home.

The father and son pair look at you in awe.

"You... actually got Cheech to back down about studying? Woah..." Goku says, sounding absolutely amazed.

"She has the best intentions for her child, even if they're misguided with where his skills truly lay." Vegeta comments. "Now then, since we're free, Kakarot, take us to your training grounds, you have a match with Arctus that needs to happen after all."

"Oh right, follow me!" He says, taking off into the sky, with you, Gohan, and Vegeta all following along.

>Talk to Gohan (About what)
>Talk to Goku (About what)
>Talk to Vegeta (About what)
>Write in

>> No.44201979

>Talk to Gohan (About what)
"What are you interested in studying Gohan?"

I love the fact that metaphysics can actually be applied in the DBZ universe.

Course that's philosophy but in this universe it can be a science too!

>> No.44201986


>Talk to Gohan
"Yo kid, wanna build a robot?"

>> No.44201994

Also just got up, Sorry if I'm late.

>> No.44202003

>>Talk to Gohan (About what)

Give him a basic rundown of what we could teach him to see what catches his interest.

I hope everything's fine bro.

>> No.44202007

ded thread

>> No.44202016

>>Talk to Gohan (About what)
Want a laser sword?

>> No.44202023

Oh and what do we know about Quantum Mechanics?

>> No.44202041

>Talk to Goku (About what)
Make some small talk about what he's been doing on Earth since we were here last. Any new additions to the family coming? Any Earth invasions? I think he might have said something about some other bad guys coming to Earth, but didn't elaborate on it a whole bunch.

>Talk to Gohan (About what)

Like other anons have said, ask him about what he wants to study and also just some small talk to see if we can probe his interests and see if we can mesh that with any sciencey stuff.

>> No.44202088

Our dick's a laser sword

>> No.44202159

better version

>> No.44202229

Could we actually go down a few forms to fulfill our size difference / /ss/ fantasies with Vegeta?

>> No.44202235

I second the vote for horns!

>> No.44202257


I third it.

>> No.44202259

Calling vote and writing now

>> No.44202313

That can be the second form.

>> No.44202353

>second form

You mean puberty?

>> No.44202424

That kid's also missing something. A sweet Moustache~!

>> No.44202439


>> No.44202454

Mustache and a goatee combo! Like his grandfather before him!

>> No.44202551

"So, Gohan, what are you interested in studying?" You ask the boy hanging back a bit to speak with him while Vegeta is talking with Goku up ahead of you. "You're a bit young, but you probably know what sort of interests you've got, right?"

"Oh um... well, I really like robots. I've never really gotten to study one, but I think they're really cool!" The young half-saiyan replies. "They can really help people too, if we could have an army of surgeon robots, there could be a ton of people that can be helped when they're injured, or something like that!" It seems he's actually interested in robotics, that's pretty nice, you can actually help him with that. "Tell ya what, tomorrow the two of us can hang out and I'll teach you as much as I can about robotics and machinery. In return... you give me your all today, yeah? I wanna see how much you've grown since we last trained."

The boy looks incredibly happy at your offer, and gives you an enthusiastic nod.

It's not too much longer before the four of you are landing in an open field in the middle of nowhere, blast marks easily able to be seens around the area from previous training sessions Goku and Gohan have likely had together.

Already Goku is stretching out, getting himself ready for your match. "Goku, do me a favor and power up, would you?" You ask the man, wanting to get a full reading of just how strong he might be.

"Hnn? Sure, I can do that for you, Kaioken or just my normal power?" He asks.

"Just regular, if you don't mind."

Nodding, the man readies himself, a clear white aura surrounding him as his power starts to skyrocket, looking as though he's straining, Goku finally stops powering up, looking much more confident in himself.

Power Level: 1,100,000


>"Amazing Goku!"
>"How far can you take your Kaioken?"
>Start the match
>Write in

>> No.44202587

>"Amazing Goku!"

>> No.44202626

>"Amazing Goku!"
>"How far can you take your Kaioken?"
>Start the match

Don't transform just yet. We gotta warm up first and all that.

Besides, if we do transform, we should see if the match can be held in an area that can be shielded from scouters and most other forms of conventional detection. I know it's unlikely that the wrong type of people are watching Arctus at this point, but it never hurts to be properly paranoid.

>> No.44202639

>Ask Gohan to showcase his power as well.

"Any luck figuring out how to pass on the Fist of the World King?"

>> No.44202662

>"Amazing Goku!"
>Start the match

>> No.44202687

>Start the fight off with the move we learned from Maple!


>> No.44202713

>>"Amazing Goku!"

>> No.44202784

>his reply is immediate and strange
>"But I already had pancakes for breakfast!"

>> No.44202854

Now I want all the various Gokus (What's the plural for Goku?) from each quest to hang out, train each other and maybe fight some evil...Legendary SSJ Kakarot. Yeah...

>> No.44202880

>What's the plural for Goku

Gokai? Gokid?

Gokai actually sounds like Stupid Evil Goku to me for some reason.

>> No.44202894

Gokai does mean 'Strong Ogre'

>> No.44202895

Oh yeah, calling and writing by the way

>> No.44202911


>> No.44202915

Redheadhenry, is that you?

>> No.44202934

I thought that was Gouki?

>> No.44202935


No, I'm Swordanon.

I'm just not spergin' out about..swords.

>> No.44202969

I thought it meant Space Pirate?

>> No.44202972

Is it? Hm. I must be thinking of something else then.

>> No.44202975

"Amazing Goku, amazing! You've gotten this strong in such a short amount of time without having someone stronger to train against?" The man's power level compared to the ten thousand or so it was when you left Earth is absolutely astounding. Vegeta is still stronger than he is in raw power right now, but still, what he's managing to accomplish is amazing.

Rubbing his nose, Goku looks rather happy with your praise "Hehehe, it's mostly thanks to Bulma and her gravity chamber, that thing's a blast to use. Nothing helps with training quite like three hundred times Earth's gravity!" Thumping his chest several times while you and Vegeta nearly fall over at his statement. Sure, trainin at higher gravity would result in more physical gains, but three hundred times Earth's gravity? His entrails should be all over the floor!

"Goku... you sure are one interesting fellow... don't hold back, give me all you've got !" You challenge the man with a grin as you slide down into a stance, while he takes on his own.

"If you're sure... all right then, here I come!" He immediately replies

"Kaioken times five!" Goku yells, before rushing at you with incredible speed, his power eclipsing your base form already!

>Attack head on, don't let him get an advantage!
>Defend, wait for an opening!
>Energy attack (Which one?)
>write in

>> No.44202990

>>Attack head on, don't let him get an advantage!

>> No.44202995

>>Attack head on, don't let him get an advantage!
We have the advantage of an extra striking "limb", that shit is pretty fucking brutal honestly.

>> No.44203001

>Defend, wait for an opening!

We've been training in speed and stamina, plus our speed is already naturally high to begin with. Blast off, see if he can keep up with us, then shoot some weak energy blasts to gauge how fast he can react.

>> No.44203011

>CLOTHES BEAM a shirt that says "COOL DUDE" on his face

>> No.44203016

Play keep away. Dodge and move until his Kaioken runs out. The lack of stamina in the technique is a fatal flaw we should exploit.



>> No.44203031

...Could we shoot energy beams out of our tail?

>> No.44203047

We can stretch it like Piccolo or Chilled.

>> No.44203072


>> No.44203076

That's pretty fucking dirty. I love it. Deathbeams at point blank to vitals.

>> No.44203139

Call it our Death Sting!

>> No.44203155

What do we call it, cause I'm drawing a blank.

>> No.44203165

So we've kinda got a tie so far in what we want to do, but I'll roll with it as best I can.

Roll me a 1d20 would you friends?

>> No.44203180

Rolled 12 (1d20)


>> No.44203196

Rolled 18 (1d20)



>> No.44203217

Rolled 12 (1d20)

Arctic assault!

>> No.44203231

Rolled 5, 15, 3 = 23 (3d20)

Pretty good, let's see if Goku can beat it. Still trying for a 'good' system for this game, unsure if I should just go raw DC on it

>> No.44203448

With Goku's incredible speed and raw strength advantage over you, there's no way you're going to be able to take him head on right now, not until that technique runs out of steam! Blasting off from the ground, you head high up into the air away from Goku, hoping to use your still superior speed to keep yourself away from him until you're able to come up with an idea to work around this!

Well, you do have one new technique that just might work, thanks Maple!

Throwing yourself arond so you're facing Goku, you point your finger at him, concentrating on the technique and the differences in it and the sort of manuevers that you normally attempt to do. Visualize...

With a pop, there's suddenly a copy of Goku's orange Gi covering his face. "Gah, what the heck!?" He cries, just before several smaller energy blasts collide with his chest. Not giving the other man a moment to recover, you're charing Goku down!

He's still reacting to the blasts that hit him and is left totally open as you launch a flurry of blows upon him. Your style incredibly refined compared to the last time you two fought where you relied on your raw power.

Slamming your tail into the man's side, there's a rather nasty sounding groan that escapes from Goku's mouth, before he suddenly clentches up, the shirt tht was on his head suddenly being vaporized.

"Kaioken... times ten!"

Oh crap baskets

>Attack head on, don't let him get an advantage!
>Defend, wait for an opening!
>Energy attack (Which one?)
>Write in

>> No.44203479


>> No.44203489

NOW, we transform.

>> No.44203520

"I've ascended beyond the average Arcosian Warrior. TIME TO SHOW YOU THE POWER OF THE LEGENDARY SUPER ARCOSIAN!"

>Get back handed by 'Geta for doing it but still worth it.

>> No.44203538

Fuck no, That is so lame, Veto saying that.

>> No.44203554


>> No.44203560

Bitch you just jealous of my super arcosian swagger.

>> No.44203575


But only if we say it with a big cheesy grin on our faces.

>> No.44203598

>Super serious theme into something extremely lighthearted

Appropriate music


>> No.44203895

After a small delay, writing, though I do have a quick little poll for you guys

How strong do you want to go post transformation?

>Full Power, let Goku know how strong you are
>Half Strength, still far more than you need
>Around his level.

>> No.44203914

>Around his level.

>> No.44203919

>>Around his level.

>> No.44203920

>Around his level.
Have Vegeta or Gohan join in the fight if we wanna up the difficulty.

>> No.44203921

>Half Strength, still far more than you need

>> No.44203922

>>Half Strength, still far more than you need

>> No.44204017

>Half Strength, still far more than you need
Goku tends to be at his best when fighting an opponent stronger than him.

>> No.44204092

>>Half Strength, still far more than you need
Gives Goku a new goal to strive for

>> No.44204166

You can't run away from speed as intense as what Goku no doubt has now, and none of your tricks are going to get you out of this one either, there's only one thing you can pull out now that can save you.

Halting your retreat away from the red blur that is Goku, you instead tense your body up, forcing all of the power you can muster within yourself outwards, intent on taking your next form and showing Goku your true power! Feeling it all build up inside of you, it's not until you let out a roar of extertion that everything seems to crack around you, like a shell falling away as you now float before Goku in your new form, your arms crossed as you smirk at him.

He drops the Kaioken and stares at you in awe, basking in your new power, looking as excited as you've ever seen him. "Woah... Arctus is that still you? That new look... that power... it's incredible! I thought I might have had you there, but if you were holding back this much... oh man, this is great!"

"I'm using half of my power right now Goku, I can go even higher." You simply tell him.

The saiyan practically squeeks in delight at this information. "You're already stronger than I can even go now, if this is only half your power, that's all the better!" He smiles, rubbing at the back of his neck. "Would you mind going full strength though? I really wanna see what you're capable of, then we can take it back down to something I might actually stand a chance at. Your most powerful state is gonna be my new goal after all!" Goku requests of you.

>Show me your highest level of Kaioken
>I don't think that's a good idea.
>Write in

>> No.44204202


Take it slow, powering up too much too quickly tends to destroy planets. Fucking SSJ3 Goku, mang. Hell of a drug.

>> No.44204208


>> No.44204227

>I'll show you mine if you show me yours.

>> No.44204267


>> No.44204268


>> No.44204286

>tfw DBZ was the only media where transformations consistently made you hype every time they were revealed

Hell, even SSJ4 was fucking hype, even if everything leading up to it was mediocre. And the pants and guyliner eyes, yeesh

>> No.44204302

>Show me your highest level of Kaioken

>> No.44204318


As well as >>44204202
>Take it slow, powering up too much too quickly tends to destroy planets. Fucking SSJ3 Goku, mang. Hell of a drug.

>> No.44204360

Hey, it works in some cases.

>> No.44204403

Why, hello there, Quasi. Mighty misaligned eyes you have there.

No, it really doesn't.

If it had a fade to it, and wasn't a solid line around the eyes it might. But it doesn't and it doesn't.

>> No.44204484 [SPOILER] 

Calling and writing

>> No.44204728

"Well, if you insist, how could I refuse a request like that?" You reply with a grin as you steady yourself, high above the Earth. "I'll take it slow, otherwise I might end up destroying part of the planet, wouldn't want that would we?" Chuckling a bit as you take a breath and begin to increase your power. The energy flowing freely through your body as you take yourself to heights that you really haven't gotten to fully explore since you first transformed on Arcosia.

Out of the corner of your eye, you can see that Gohan and Vegeta have both flown up as well, watching you, with amazement, and coy interest respectfully. "So... Goku... think you can manage to reach this level if you work hard enough?" You ask him with a grin as your power eventually levels off, your full strength having been realized.

It takes a few moments, before the man laughs and rubs at the back of his neck again "Gee, I sure hope so! You're probably a hundred times stronger than I am, more than that! I'm really gonna have to put my all into it if I'm gonna match you one day Arctus, but it's gonna be a blast for sure!"

He notices that Gohan and Vegeta have shown up as well, and the man's smile only grows. "Wanna have a rematch of what we did last time, the three of us against you? We might not win with you at full power like this, but I wanna give it a shot anyways!"

Well, you were curious about the new levels of Gohan's power, this would be as good a chance as any to actually test it, you'll need to lower yourself quite a bit though, even with Goku's kaioken, as it stands now, these three don't stand a chance against your current power.

>Sure, let's go for it
>Let's stick with you and me
>Call it for today.
>Write in

>> No.44204744

>>Sure, let's go for it

>> No.44204749

>Sure, let's go for it

>> No.44204818

>Sure, let's go for it

>> No.44204838

>>Sure, let's go for it
Should we do half power or full power? obviously we'll go easy on Gohan either way.

>> No.44204920

>Sure, let's go for it

Just hold out a hand and motion for them to come at us.

>> No.44204980

Calling and writing

Next time we run this I'll make sure to give more notification before we play

>> No.44205001

We'll use the Triple form.

>> No.44205140

Oh Jesus I need to catch up on this I haven't had time to read it since I put out the last version of the RPG.

Like, last I left off we weren't with Vegeta. Fuck.

>> No.44205153

Oh shit hey Regalia, nice to see you m8

I still have that pic you did of Arctus

>> No.44205177

Crossing your arms once more, you start to lower your power level, less than a quarter of your full strength, but still beyond what Goku's kaioken can do by far, you don't want to make this easy after all. A fight against Frieza wouldn't be, and quite frankly, you're the only one in the universe than can stand up to him right now, let alone Cooler and Cold... if it comes down to it, you probably can't beat all three of the remaining Arcosians at once, even with your new strength, you need your allies to be strong, just as Maple worked with her friends.

That... or do as Kaguya did, as grim a thought it might be. The bonds you've made so far... Vegeta would likely become a super saiyan as a result of your death, but what of Gohan? Have you had enough of an impact on the boy as to where losing your life would push him over the edge?

These are grim thoughts, and not the type that you really need to be focusing on, not when you haven't even gotten to the point where you can safetly say you'd even lose that fight.

"Right then, let's go." Extending your arm and giving a smirk, you motion for the saiyans to come at you.

The explosive blast of power you feel coming off of Gohan is incredible, far beyond what you expected from the boy, and as he, Vegeta, and Goku all charge at you together, you're not entirely sure which of the Saiyans you should focus on first.... until you see the red flash of his technique once again "Kaioken times ten!" He shouts, leading the charge against you once again.

>Fight! You're stronger, don't back down!
>Hold back, don't give them an inch to damage you
>Energy attacks
>Write in

>> No.44205188

>Fight! You're stronger, don't back down!

>> No.44205207

>Fight! You're stronger, don't back down!

It won't do them any good if we just keep weaving in and out. We gotta pressure them so they can get better and learn how to think on their feet when fighting a more powerful foe.

>> No.44205211

>Fight! You're stronger, don't back down!

>> No.44205214

>Fight! You're stronger, don't back down!

>> No.44205215

>>Fight! You're stronger, don't back down!

>> No.44205249

>Fight! You're stronger, don't back down!

Don't hurt them, but make them fight hard for a victory.

>> No.44205306

Calling and writing

Boy I wish I didn't have to go to work tomorrow.

Think I can get the day off, citing that I'm traumatized after nearly having my car stolen?

Because that guy stole a car today, and broke into a house

>> No.44205369

I can't believe Dark Side guy killed the Star Wars man in that new movie

>> No.44205381


Depends on how cool your boss is.

Did they catch the guy yet, Eail?

>> No.44205389

He's a dick

And no

>> No.44205510

>He's a dick
Then probably no.

>> No.44205517

Impressive the combined might of the saiyans might be, but they're still not going to be able to stand up to you with their current power levels. Rushing forward, you meet Goku head on, the two of you locking fists and exerting against each other, gritting your teeth as Gohan and Vegeta move in as well... you can't afford to give them an opening! Thus, in a surprise move, you crash your skull against Goku's, drawing blood from the Saiyan as he recoils in pain, only to be smashed away from you with a spinning attack and the crash of your tail against him. Sending him flying past the other two as they come to approach you.

In a surprising movement of team work, Gohan comes in from above while Vegeta attempts to attack your legs. Bracing your leg, you manage to block Vegeta's kick as your forearm does the same to Gohan's attack, but that hardly deters the saiyans as they begin a terrible assault upon you, working incredibly well in tandem with each other, something that only gets more impressive when Goku returns into the fray with his Kaioken once more shining brightly, he's certainly improved on his stamina if he's managing to hold it for this long...

But enough defense, you're the strongest one here, and you have to set the pace for the rest of the fighters. Still keeping Vegeta and Goku away with your tail and an arm respectively, you focus your remaining arm and legs on attacking Gohan, intent on drawing out the boy's power, since it seems to be so incredible.

He's stronger than his father in his base form.

You want more out of him.

"Come on Gohan, don't let me dominate the fight like this, take control back!" You tell the boy, intent on making him fight you at his full strength

Growling, Gohan leaps back "Masenko-HA!" He shouts, bringing his arms down, palms exposed, and shooting a golden beam of energy at you. Goku and Vegeta getting out of the way just in time.

>Respond with your own blast.
>Let it hit you
>Write in

>> No.44205533

>Respond with your own blast.

Meet it, match its power and see how long Gohan can keep going. Or if he can push even further beyond.

>> No.44205547

>Respond with your own blast.

>> No.44205593

>>Respond with your own blast.

>> No.44205621

Righto, calling and writing, short thread but we're gonna call it with this next one lads.

Had a late start, forgot title, people didn't know about the thread.

We'll get 'em next time

>> No.44205725 [SPOILER] 

Extending your palm, you narrow your eyes as you shoot out a purple energy beam, the two attacks clashing in the middle as you and Gohan press against each other. You're intent is to make it so the boy is forced to continue fighting against you for as long as he can, not giving up in the slightest as you merely keep your own energy flowing into the attack. You can keep this up as long as you have to... it's all about making Gohan stronger after all.

"Come on Gohan, put your all into it, don't let up for a second! Keep your power flowing into the attack, reach in and grasp hold of everything you've got!" You command him as you feel the boy's power is starting to wane, yet your encouragement is keeping him going, not letting him fall behind.

Vegeta and Goku aren't getting involved either, watching from the side as you press the young half-breed to go further and further, until finally, the boy simply can't anymore.

Dropping your attack, rather than letting it actually hurt him.

As he starts to fall down to the Earth, you swoop in and grab him by his collar, putting the boy down onto the ground and checking him over for any injury. Aside from his exhaustion, he's fine.

"You did good Gohan, keep it up. Proud of ya." You tell him with a grin, messing up the boy's hair a bit as his father and Vegeta come down as well. Both looking rather pleased with his show.

The cheerful mood is slightly put off as your scouter pings, though. Reaching up to answer the communication line, your body freezes at the voice on the other end.

"You played your hand too soon, revealing yourself like that... Dear Cousin."



If anyone is still around, I'll chat for a bit

>> No.44205777

Are you going to be primarily running this for a little while or is most of your attention still with your Jedi quest?

>> No.44205792


Thanks for running, Eail! See you next time.

Ah geez, knew we should've seen if there was a place we could have the match where it couldn't be detected. At least Frieza's probably overconfident enough to not really care about such a thing. Though now we may have to act quickly now, and think of a way to diminish Frieza's standing in Cold's eyes. Because if Frieza decides to try and go over to Earth to wipe out the remaining Saiyans, it could be tricky to actually kill Frieza without attracting Cold's ire.

>> No.44205802

Nice trips, but I'm unsure honestly, that, combined with the holidays coming up means I'm not entirely positive what I'll be running next.

Hopefully I can start earlier and have full thread next time. Compared to how popular/active JAQ is, stopping something at only 150 posts seems... dirty.

I honestly debated long and hard about doing that final call at the end, but I think it was the right choice.

>> No.44205821


Thanks for running!

>> No.44205834

On an related note, regarding the Kid. I should go ahead and ask this now.

If any of you have some art talent, would you like to take a stab at drawing

THIS >>44200458
As a teenager/Young Adult? Feel free to mess with the design a bit, or as much as you like honestly.

I'd super appreciate it

Maybe even do some stuff

>> No.44205851

"Stuff" huh?

>> No.44205858

You can be my girlfriend tonight if you want anon-kun~

>> No.44205859

Frieza seems pretty confident in that last line. Like we're not really a threat presently but acknowledging that we may become one. Here's my guess as to why.

>PTO space about 5 minutes ago
>"lord Frieza our long range scanners are going haywire! There's some incredible powerlevel in the distance. We cant get a read on it"
>arctus power downs to 1/4 of strength
>"My lord! the machines are beginning to calm down. Getting a reading now. It's about 35 million sir"
>"sir according to our trackers Lord Arctus's ship is there"
>"You played your hand too soon, revealing yourself like that... Dear Cousin."

>> No.44205874

you slut

>> No.44205890

You'll have to find out won't you?

Get back under the desk fuccboi.

Can I live in your basement yet.

>> No.44205950

So I also need help with something aside from art.

I'm trying to find this one really good piece of DBZ fanfiction where Frieza won on Namek
then trained, killed everyone on Earth, killed, Cold, Cooler, and became space Emperor
but I can't remember the name.

It's like... Frieza is telling the story to a reporter as his memoirs or something like that.

>> No.44206056

Hey Eail, you should check out the latest thread of Saiyan Quest while listening to this: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ApWAqhsu5EY

>> No.44206119

Holy shit that was some Bruce tier stuff

Did SOM ever reference Bruce by the way, or anything like that?

That'd be fun

>> No.44206288

So what, do we now challenge him to a duel?

>> No.44206293

Pray, get swole, get Vegeta and Gohan swole. Hope Cold and Cooler don't show up. All viable options I'd say

>> No.44207721

Enjoy your liver damage


>> No.44209085


Fuck, I missed this when it was active. But goddamn was it a good thread.

>> No.44209135


Depends if Frieza takes the initiative or not, and if he travels to Earth to take care of the remaining Saiyans. But seeing as how he left Vegeta and Nappa running around the galaxy in canon and in this universe, he might not particularly care.

As it stands, we think that killing him right now would probably not go well with the other Cold family members. However, given the limits of the scouters that the PTO has, it's likely that they only know that Arctus' PL is over a million, or possibly over 10 million. However, unless they had a spy actively following him, none of them know for a fact that he can transform,

Thus, with a portion of Arctus' strength being outed, the other Cold family members may aggressively try to recruit him for their own purposes. We might even see Cold trying to arrange a meeting with Arctus since he's now a potential successor to the PTO name. I have a feeling that Frieza may be the first to try and get a powerful ally by his side, and that might give Arctus some opportunities to undermine his favor with Cold he plays his cards right.

>> No.44209770


I am expecting that our first move next thread is to be like: "Well folks, I hate to break up the fun, but play-time is officially over, it is space-tyrant-murdering-time."

>> No.44209806 [DELETED] 

Quest goes in the title field, mongoloid.

>> No.44209898


That, or Arctus gets a crash-course in intergalactic politicking.

>> No.44209943

Maybe we should take initiative with Cold? We are an interesting development, one he might see potential with if we play down the "murder you all for what you have done" aspect of things and join the empire proper as a potential heir to it before we move to murder Frieza and start our coup. Admittedly, our allies are unprepared for such a step, but at this point we are lacking alternatives if Frieza takes the initiative.
Also, maybe since we are on Earth and they have it, some work at 300x gravity could help, as well as explaining what we know about super saiyan transformation.

>> No.44209960

Everyone makes mistakes now and then, and Eail realized he made a mistake but didn't wish to make a second thread.

>> No.44209973


Depends largely upon what Frieza says/does in our call. We're going to murder the fuck out of him regardless of what he says, but weather or not we play politicking games with Cold and Cooler are going to depend on what he tries to pull on us methinks. If he comes to Earth to kill us, "Oh, I'm sorry dear uncle King, but Frieza tried to murder me and bit off more than he could chew." If on the other hand, Frieza is trying to recruit us as his new right hand or something, we can shiv him when he doesn't expect it after laying the groundwork to murder everyone in the Cold family and training up to be strong enough to gank all of them.

>> No.44210053

Maybe putting up a satellite of some sort that blocks scanners would've been a good idea...

>> No.44210075


Too late now.

>> No.44210107

I know.

Still might be useful in the future.

Maybe Frieza will agree to neutral territory to meet and fight? Some uninhabited world where we can go all out.

>> No.44210150


I dunno. The first thing that Frieza did when he found out Goku was pretty strong was to offer him the opportunity to work for him. I get the feeling that Frieza will do the same, here.

>> No.44210235


This. I am really expecting an offer of employment or he comes to try and kill us. If there is an offer of employement on the field, we work our way into Frieza's organization and fucking murder his face off once we are set up to take over.

>> No.44210258

So should we warn Goku and gang of Raichi and Hatchiyak? We saw Kabs fighting them and while we don't know much about them, we do know it'll take several SSJ's to fight him.

We don't even have one.

>> No.44210495

I dunno, since from Arctus's point of view, it could have been a thing that was only in that reality, but at the same time, if it was in this one as well it would be quite the threat.

Anyone have any moves they think we should learn while we're on Earth? Regardless of if Frieza seeks us dead or if he offers us a job or deal, it would take him time to get to us, so it would be worth getting in any last minute things while on the planet.

>> No.44210663


>Visit Mt. Boom
>Put on crown

>> No.44211021


Wait, what happens with mt boom? Is that where she got the Raioken?

>> No.44211105

Yep! My name even got voted for the technique. I was so happy...

>> No.44211189


How does the Raioken even work anyway, I missed the original tuffle quest, and don't feel like archive binging just to find out, all I know is that it is somehow different to the Kaioken, but that they can be combined for awesome/hax results.

>> No.44211247

It's a speed multiplier initially, that could be developed further into a way to tap into reserves you didn't know you had (x10 mod), which can then ALSO be used with Kaio Ken. So at full power, if we had it, Arctus could push the billion marker.

>> No.44211336

The Raio-Ten (which means HEAVEN'S THUNDER!) is basically what happens when another race observes and emulates the SSJ by using the Raioken and can even add Kaioken to the Raioten.

Basically allows non-Saiyans to stay relevant. Which is what I'm all for.

>> No.44211374


I don't think it's going to be that simple for Arctus.

Maple has a really good grasp of formulating techniques that's leagues above what Arctus can do right now.

Besides, I don't think it'd be good for DBZSAQ to keep aping stuff from other DBZ quests. It's good for Arctus to receive advice from other heroes, but it's best if he has his own schtick, you know? Instead of copying stuff from other quests, maybe we could how Eail develops Arcosian lore instead and see what can develop from there.

>> No.44211396


That means more laser swords then.

>> No.44211587

And power armour.

>> No.44211685

Just was giving a run down on the Raio Ken, personally. That said, when on a planet that seems to specialize in hitting above normal weight category, you may as well be sure you take a few of their methods with you in case you need them. We did last time, and trying more can't hurt.

>> No.44212057



>> No.44212374

Needs more swords. Or actual laser swords, since that fucker just looks like he's covered in laser knives.

>> No.44212535

1 billion would put you in the range of like... Canon super perfect Cell or something crazy like that

>> No.44212702

Wait shit right we have tree of might fruit! We need to eat one now. The other will either be to assist Geets or help a crew member ascend a bit higher.

>> No.44212830

What if we take the tree of might fruit and take it's extract and combine it with the SPLOOGE?

The stuff canonically revived fossils. Imagine the zenkai boost Goku and 'Geta would get if we revived them from death!

>> No.44213023

Considering the times they died, it doesn't seem like death is actually considered any different than getting your shit kicked in for a zenkai. Also you'd kill our kid. Although could said kid also benefit from a fruit while in the womb?

>> No.44213084


>> No.44213094


I'm more wondering what will happen to the kid if Vegeta goes SSJ while pregnant.

Our baby will either be the strongest living being ever, or come out completely crippled due to the SSJ strain it puts on a body.

>> No.44213186

Eh. The kid is half Arcosian. Strain isn't shit to him! He'll be durable as fuck.

Wonder if he'll inherit the ability to not need to breathe in space?

>> No.44213577


>> No.44214018


Now you're just taunting us. Also, since I didn't get to post in the thread while it was still in quest mode, thanks for running.

>> No.44214204

Put a fucking "quest" in your thread title. Your presence on this board is a disgrace and I don't want to see it shitting up my front page.

>> No.44214353


>> No.44214414



>> No.44214432

Take a shot!

>> No.44214509


So I'm just kinda sitting around at work with nothing to do. Anyone wanna ask something or talk?

>> No.44214691


If Frieza has discovered that Arctus has been hiding his power level, what're the odds that Cooler knows too?

What are the odds that Cold knows?

>> No.44214734

How's Gero coming along with his androids and Cell?

The arrival of Arctus and his power level probably shocked him.

Also how hard would it be to make a jammer for all the spying and scanner devices so shit like this doesn't happen again?

>> No.44214747


Considering that cooler is the competent one, he probably has known since we first transformed at Arcosia.

>> No.44214810

Pretty good, Cold is fairly competent like his son after all

Oh Gero is having QUITE the interesting time right now.

Beware Cell

>> No.44214859

>Beware Cell
We need to make sure Guldo never comes here and NO ONE learns shapeshifting.

>> No.44214921


At least Eail doesn't masterbate to Cell as Som is wont to.

>> No.44214961

At least this one will have a reason for it's drinking problem.

How are you holding up, by the way? Know you hit some shitty times not too long ago.

>> No.44214964

Any possible way we can upgrade X with all the interesting mechanical stuff we find and make him an Anti-Cell?

We do know about him. Hell we could make him an Anti-Hatchiyak and other machines that attack.

Go Triple X!

>> No.44214985


>>You are now imagining upgrading X with the big spagetti star.

>> No.44215035

I don't need it...

I don't need it...

I don't need it...



>> No.44215098

Cell games is actually gonna be a drinking tournament

Doing sorta ok


Super X, an army of Steve Blum

>> No.44215261

Since Frieza has the Ginyu's and Cooler has the Armored Squadron, has Arctus entertained the idea of forming his own elite group that have fancy dance moves and coordinated outfits?

>> No.44215315


>> No.44215331

We're kind of doing that with having Nappa form us an elite fighting force.

>> No.44215340

Oh? We got a snazzy name yet?

>> No.44215476

Oooh! got one.

Arctus' BAMFS!

>> No.44215585

Once we find some recruits there will be. Think we put Nappa on seeking out promising sorts.

>> No.44215784

Is he scouting different worlds?

Totally should check out Metamor, Yardrat, Tech-Tech...

Y'know civilizations with techniques that are not just 'power, power, power'

We got that part covered.

>> No.44215899

Think he was still just looking through reports at this point, it is a big universe after all. Good ideas, though.

>> No.44215967

Add Melchior 7 to the list.

Whoever lives there must be crazy powerful if the goddamn trees are just an example of whats it like.

>> No.44217983

Does anyone else get the feeling that recruiting anyone from Melchior 7 would end with Groot joining the crew?

>> No.44218113

A Groot who can BREATHE FIRE!

>> No.44218317

>all these incredible fighters from across the universe
>"What's the lame tree do?"

And that's how the planet burned.

>> No.44218420



>> No.44218633


Wait, what's Melchior 7 from?

>> No.44218847


Not just any mahogany, either. This mahogany is from the planet of Malchior 7, where the trees are three hundred feet tall and breath fire! It is from these trees that his desk was forged two thousand years ago, using ancient blood rituals of the Malchior people. Not only does it make his desk NIGH INDESTRUCTIBLE, but it can bend the fabric of the universe itself!

Also, it's a very fine material. Very expensive.


>> No.44219350


Fuck. I can't believe that I forgot that.

>> No.44219536

Now that's an idea

>Trying to milk more art from drawfriends of The Kid

I'm a greedy jew

>> No.44220109

Your jewish? L'chaim.

>> No.44221286

How does it feel knowing Arctus is now canon, Eail?

>> No.44221343

wait what?

is that time patrol or something?

>> No.44221398

Dragon Ball Super, those are Champa's team of fighters. Swole Gato, midget Saiyan, Longcoat MacSerious, Majin Pooh, and Arctus.

Goku's team gets Red Guy. Whose nipples give him super strength. And also makes everyone he fights very uncomfortable.

>> No.44221489

Neat. I was wondering who Champa's team would consist of.

>> No.44221540

>Swole Gato
Wait, Kato was on the mark too? What next, group of Saiyan women showing up? A narcoleptic kid with bullshit strength? Girl Broly?

>> No.44221607


>A tuffle girl who looks like Alena from Dragon Quest appears

Toriyama is stealing from us! We should sue!


>> No.44221674

Tuffles and Alena technically aren't either of his creations from a certain point of view

>> No.44222131


Imma have to call MUH lawyer

>> No.44222181

Eail, you can't afford a lawyer.
And no.
Public defenders are not lawyers for suing!

>> No.44222200

...patreon fund?

>> No.44222216

If you got a patreon fund, then we'd have to give Chris-chan one too for his OC, and we can't have that.

>> No.44222260

Yeah but my autism isn't that bad!

>> No.44222328

If we funded it, it would be.

As much as I want to throw money at you Eail, I know you'll just use it for hookers and blow.

I know you too well. Because you and I are cut from the same, hooker banging, coke snorting cloth.

>> No.44222483

...depends, can they be big titty Asian hookers?

>> No.44222542


What other kind is there? Ammirite?


>> No.44222905

Reminder to put "Quest" in the subject field so that your thread can be filtered. Thanks.

>> No.44223019


>> No.44226221

less liver damage than expected, all said and done.

>> No.44226292

reminder to take your dose of 9mm excedrin

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