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Previously on song of Swords:
Jimmy advocates Chinese mysticism
Unkindlies pls no bully
Fantasy Linguistics
CotV begins to gain some attention

Previous Thread: >>44013453

Song of Swords is a realistic fantasy tabletop RPG that draws inspiration from historical fechtbuchs, weapons and armor. Its combat system is fast and it can be used for both fantasy and historical/mundane settings.

Call of the Void is a pulpy sci-fi tabletop RPG about fighting space-nazis and hunting giant whales with harpoons made out of the moon. Its combat system is more modern, based in the early 20th century, but can probably handle combat up to the present day.

Here's a .rar archive with the newest version of the rules as well as all related current working documents. At this time the latest version is v1.9.9:

Here's Ballad of the Laser Whales' latest version: https://www.mediafire.com/?rtbjk51jnm2wv8a

Here's a wiki detailing SoS's fantasy setting, getting filled up bit by bit as Jimmy reveals more details:

There's also a roll20 room where new players are encouraged to try the rules, test new rules, and find game breaking issues: https://app.roll20.net/join/346755/hRKd4w
The room might be empty, but the people who teach the game still browse the thread frequently. If you're looking to learn, post here in the thread. We also play Guy Windsor's card game Audatia in the room.

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I continue to be amused that the Basque Elves kidnap and eat children.

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Wait, what?

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Ohaenadin can only meat that can speak, as per the strictures of their empowering spirit entities. They also cannot touch refined metal.

Jimmy has dropped lore before that the peasants in the Spain and/or France equivalents give their children bags full of iron shavings to act as wards against the elves, because disappearances and abductions are not uncommon. The kids get ate.

>> No.44138971

The Ohanedin have a ceremony where their young folk go out and kidnap humans, and then ceremonially kill and eat them to officially become adults. The humans in the area have their kids wear little bags of iron filings around their necks to throw in case an Ohanedin comes for them.

>> No.44139762

>Literally eating children
I thought Jimmy didn't like having races that were super-obviously evil.

>> No.44139830

Nah, see, they're honorable child eaters. A wood elf always keeps its word except for when it doesn't.
And they can't eat *babies* because the little shits aren't capable of speech yet, so it works out.

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>> No.44143121

>> No.44143197

New Laser Whales. Added some Hive weapons, in the form of the Type 70, Type 71, and Type 702.

>> No.44143383

Can you expand a bit on the Technocracy? I don't think we've heard anything about them yet.

>> No.44144240

Question, Jiminy Cricket: what is the "edge" of the Laser Whales universe? How far does the known world extend, and why that far?

Also, where do their concepts of shit like cardinal directions come from? (It's not clear to me if their world is supposed to be a seemingly-infinite expanse like space, or a discernible, bounded shape like the earth.)

>> No.44144491

Hey Jimmy, have you got any new art you can dump?

>> No.44146538

In addition to this, when will the damn website be finished?

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>> No.44148640

This is how you survive in SoS.

>> No.44149513

Very true.

>> No.44150672

I think it's probably more like an infinite expanse, based on the void name.

>> No.44151097

I figured as much, but that begs the question of why they have the same Voscan concepts of north-south / east-west. What's the objective basis for these directions?

>> No.44151703

I thought it was literally just the inside of the globe.

>> No.44152333

We don't even know if vosca resides on a globe.

>> No.44153090

Eating children isn't evil. We eat eggs without a second thought; chicken are inferior to humans. They eat kids; humans are inferior to ohanedin.

>> No.44153095

I thought ages ago Jimbo said it was a ringworld.

>> No.44153192

No, he said it was a hollow cylinder, with the land of Vosca occupying the exterior. Not quite the same thing as a ringworld.
I'm pretty sure he was joking, though.

>> No.44153966

Perhaps they have the equivalent of a north star to go off of? Or maybe there still is a magnetic pole somewhere thanks to weird magic shenanigans.

>> No.44154277

Hey Jimmi will we ever get mass combat rules?

>> No.44154435

It's on the same level as validity as the setting being Jimmy's dick and Dace being the urethra, as has been frequently suggested.

The mechanics of a sun orbiting the planet and everyone getting sun suggest a globe or some kind of crystal sphere bullshit, but since no spheres have ever been mentioned and Genosus is explicitly a giant ball of gas "tearing ass through space", I think it's just a geocentric globe.

>> No.44155276


Why would you need them anyway?

>> No.44155475

>Type 42x3 “Bundle” Stielhandgranate
>Damage 60/4
>Blast Radius 5m
>Throwing Range 10m
If you actually throw this thing at someone 10m away, when it explodes, you'll take 15/2 Damage. That basically means you blow yourself up even when you hurl that bundle as far away from you as possible. You HAVE to use these things in close quarters where you can have some cover between you and the explosion or you'll kill youself.

>> No.44155532

It looks like an improvised antitank grenade, probably made of a few grenades "bundled" together. You're probably supposed to set it and then run the fuck away, or throw it from a foxhole.

>> No.44155552

That's basically the concept of a defensive grenade, yeah. A number of actual fragmentation grenades in WWII also had fragmentation radii quite a bit larger than the distance you could actually throw them. Though this bundled grenade in particular seems more like it'll be used for demolition and anti-tank use rather than anti-personnel use.

>> No.44155930

You hit earth with your dick after you throw it.

Or use cover.

>> No.44158561

Daisy chaining grenades is an awful idea.

>> No.44159178

No shut up it's great.

>> No.44160116

Great for suicide.

>> No.44161207

Stat Musashi Miyamoto
How much CP would he have?

>> No.44161367


>> No.44161468

Probably higher than that. His school is going to be at least fifteen, and I doubt his ADR is just 5. He'd probably be around 25 at maximum, though.

The legendary version of him would be in the high 20's, Possibly 30's, in Gizka territory.

>> No.44161503

>His school is going to be at least fifteen

>> No.44161537

He's generally considered to have been a pretty good swordsman when he wasn't hiding in the bushes with a club, Rhade. .

>> No.44164067

I think the British grenade was one of these.

>> No.44165207

Thusfar, nobody has found a limit to the Void, but the "center" of the Void, at least locally, is the axis around which the islands rotate. They call it the Vortex, it's a big sort of black hole in the Underspace where the Dust breaks, and the full horror of the beneath is exposed. It spins counter-clockwise, and all of the islands move around it in a steady orbit.

Most of the islands have circular orbits, and so remain more or less stationary relative to each other, but a few have very eccentric patterns, and so radically change location relative to the other islands--though generally these changes are still predictable.

In the heart of the Vortex, just barely hovering over Underspace itself, is the Black Isle, which has never been explored due to the dangers posed by the vortex, and also the gasses that rise from its exposed maelstrom, which suffocate human beings, and cause engines to malfunction. Zells can venture there, and are said to even have a settlement on the bottom half of the island, though they don't talk about the top half much.

>> No.44165326

>and the full horror of the beneath is exposed.
Jimmy. Expound. Now.

>> No.44166447

It's a gigantic vortex full of red light, lightning storms, and hideous leviathans barely visible through the dust and the fire.

There are other things as well, but you'll have to wait and see.

>> No.44166592

I'm about to update the mediafire link. Is there any new art that's missing? Anything else that's missing other than game mechanics?

>> No.44166625

No new art that I'm aware of.
Perhaps at some point in the future we'll get Laser Whales art.

>> No.44166773

Have you got a thing for leviathans lurking deep beneath everything?

>> No.44167018

Link is updated. Grappling & Laser Whales has been added.

>> No.44167035

Keep up the good work reddit shill guy

>> No.44167052

Do you have a thing for the sky being blue?

We have a reddit shill!?

>> No.44167054

Probably me.

Which one you referring to this time? The worldbuilding thread? I'm genuinely not genuinely shilling -- I just think the game and the setting are great. So I'm more of a baying fanboy.

>> No.44167071

Has anyone done a Souls conversion yet?

>> No.44167081


>> No.44167748

Jimmy, what are the strange little customs and ceremonies of Vosca and Void?

We know that Boccy throws a rave every month when Genosus goes to sleep, but what are the more mundane things?

Do Kaselreichers get something when they become adults?

Is there interesting wedding ceremonies?

What about when a new freeman ship is build in the Void?

>> No.44167773

There was a thread about that yesterday.

>> No.44167982

>Implying Genosus goes to sleep during the eclipse
>Implying He does not come to Earth for the sole purpose of pounding GILF pussy

>> No.44168616

More like cry himself to sleep while stroking his dick to the thought of getting sodomized by spears.

>> No.44168662

Finland, what the hell is wrong with you?

The country needs a hug, but I feel like I'd get stabbed if I tried it...

>> No.44169352

Finland just places a very strong importance on the inviolability of personal space.*

*Finnish personal space is defined to have a radius of no less than 500 meters at all times.

>> No.44169482

reddit shill guy?

>> No.44169745

He was minmaxer with Tall boon who went all-in.

>> No.44170452

Come on, anon. Share your shilling with the rest of the class. Where's the thread?

>> No.44172336

>ehh heh heh, hey goyim, wanna buy some wheels?

>> No.44173595

Sark was obviously supposed to be a Nazi, so why isn't he blonde?

>> No.44173697

Real answer: Because he's a Zell supremacist, not an Aryan supremacist.

Also, because racial supremacists rarely look like the ideal they're advocating.

>> No.44173700

Zells are basically the Din-wing of the Slavic races in Tattered Realms. The Nazis really hated Slavs. Sark represents fascism in general, not Nazism.

>> No.44173828

Name me one member of German high command who was actually blond. Goebbels, Hitler, Rohm, Hess, hell, even Rommel. Almost every major Nazi had dark hair. These guys weren't Swedes, they were Germans.

>> No.44173855

Rich Evans, known associate of Mike "The Third Reich" Stoklasa.

>> No.44176082

Sark is like five adolescent female romance fantasies layered into one character, because Jimmy is actually a 16 year old girl.

He's a rough handsome warlord prince with a tortured past and fucking phenomenal fashion sense who is filled with ambition and hatred, but has a weakness for women with (insert your qualities here) and falls in love so hard that it actually cripples his military organization. For some reason he's also got a high and tight (grown out a bit) in the 15th century.

Also even the guys want him, and his fag second in command hates you because you're getting that BZC instead of him. Also he gave you a leopard seal and a bunch of lemons.

>> No.44176186

The confirmation for this would be if Ranveig is super generic and doesn't have any clear attributes so that the reader can just sort of insert themselves into her place.

>> No.44176377

She has black hair and blue eyes, and is some sort of Scandinavian. That's actually pretty unusual up there, black hair?

>> No.44177924

He's got such a sour expression tho.

>> No.44178378

If a man cannot express disgust, he is not fit to rule.

>> No.44180882

Real men don't smile.

>> No.44183038

Have you never heard of the tall dark and handsome stranger? trashy romance is codified almost as much as our favourite Taiwanese moving scrolls. Dark hair and tall means broody, curt but gentle and sweet. Our kuudere. Prefers solitude and books but secretly wants to be energetic (but only for you). Brighter hairs(blond, red sometimes but rarely) means happy, outgoing and adventurous. Usually very physical and typically plays sports while still being your genteel man. Will usually have a dark secret to contrast his bright nature.

Dammit, now I want to read some trashy romance fantasy books, and I don't own my favourite one. Fuck you.

>> No.44183541

What does it mean if you're a short. brown-haired, timid man? Are you just for comedic effect?

>> No.44183601

It depends if you're cute. Actually, I'm not 100% on how tall any of these characters besides Gizka is. For all we know, Sark's 5'4.

>> No.44183746

Typically yes, unless you're getting a lot of screentime without the person you play foil to. If so, you're the 'cute and boyish' type like samwise. Usually you'll end up in a similar vein to the average heighted blonde man but with a couple of charm points swapped around. You probably won't have a perfect figure like the other two and the heroine will typically be slightly taller to significantly taller for maximum cute factor. Expect to enjoy sweets and enjoy some 'un-manly' things for those bullyable charm points.

>> No.44183871

Sark is 6'1, and weighs 180 lbs.
Eskarne is 5'10, and weighs 160 lbs.
Kal'Ceska is 6'4 and weighs 220 lbs.
Gizka is 5'5, and weighs 130 lbs.

Eskarne is a bit surprising, but I guess freakish baboon muscle weighs a lot.

>> No.44184429

Figured Gizka would be a bit more mannish, but she probably makes do by wearing armor.

>> No.44184847

>Take a nap in the middle of the day
>Dream about being the son of a lord, tasked with cooking steak cutlets for the nobility
>Two fucking hour dream about preparing steaks
>Lord Father corrects my technique, explains the importance of raising the core temperature without cooking the steak because rare is the only Christian way to eat meat, but nobody likes eating something below body temp
>Two fucking hours of this
>Wake up
>All there is to eat in the house is corned beef hash

Life is suffering.

>> No.44185211

my coned beef went bad just s I was going to make a few ruebens last weekend. Can I have yours?

>> No.44185503

Corned beef's pretty okay.

I've just got Szechuan hot and sour cup-a-soup.

>> No.44185785

Kal'Ceska is skinnier than I would've thought.

>> No.44186012

>because rare is the only Christian way to eat meat
Sasuga Christians, such shit taste. Well done is the only true way to enjoy a good steak outside of a stew or similar kind of meal.

>> No.44186024

Go the fuck to bed, son.

>> No.44186031

Has anyone here tried running a game in SoS where you try to bring about 21st century values into Vosca?

>> No.44186051

I brought anarchism to the Slivers.

>> No.44186164

You're not my real dad, you can't tell me what to do. I wish mom never decided to sleep with men with such shit taste.

>> No.44186179

I was using son in the metaphorical sense. I would never admit to being your father.

>> No.44186199

>Well done is the only true way to enjoy a good steak

I'm curious, when Gizka is fucking your wife right next to you, do you distract yourself by thinking about flavorless meat, or do you think about all the benefits the government provides you with?

>> No.44186205

what are you, a fucking child?

this must be bait

>> No.44186239

And I was using it in a literal sense to make a bad crack. I would pray you'd never legitimize me if I was a bastard.
But enough talk, let's post about nonsense that's related to CotV/SoS by a string thinner than the one offered to Kandata

>> No.44186254

I have literally no clue what the bottom part of your post means, weeb.

>> No.44186329

>he doesn't know 蜘蛛の糸
I don't know what I expected. But enough of that,Jimmy mentioned that the Dust in CotV is hideously lethal to humans but it seems that Zells are unaffected by it in any meaningful way given their supposedly said to have colonized the bottom of the the Black Isle, what other lifeforms beyond Laser Whales can survive dust exposure? How many are likely to be edible and what do you think they'd taste like?

>> No.44186437


Listen you gang of Serbian volunteers and Chetniiks!

Our hand will reach you even in Serbia!

>> No.44186518

This is called a Model 24 Geballte Ladung, but the concept exists all over the place. That is generally how this type of weapon was used. Improvised anti tank weapons for when more conventional options were either not feasible (as in very close quarters) or unavailable. Cover is a good idea when using them, both because of the weapon itself and because approaching a tank out of cover is borderline suicidal.

>> No.44186684

So, I was thinking. Anyone want to make a bet when the editor finishes with the book?

I'll put 5 towards January.

>> No.44186720

I'd but a fiver on February. JAN isn't a great time for working down here, much too fucking hot.

>> No.44187116

I'll put ten on Wednesday.

>> No.44187235

>eskarne is high test


>> No.44187262

Please leave your /fit/s of heterocentric communication in its containment board.

>> No.44187270


yes but that's basically standard for ALL hand grenades. Didn't you guys do any trench assaults when in infantry school?

these bundles are for breaching or clearing out buildings of course. or for use against soviet tanks as they were overrunning german positions

>> No.44188142

>well done steak

just eat chicken then and stop ruining steaks

>> No.44189689

stop this meme

>> No.44190252

And what would this mean once translated in an actual measure sistem?

>> No.44190328

How has there not been a war of annihilation against them yet?

>> No.44190370

Sark is 1 sark tall and weighs 1 sark.
Eskarne is 0.96 sarks tall and weighs 0.89 sarks.
Kal'Ceska is 1.04 sarks tall and weighs 1.22 sarks.
Gizka is 0.89 sarks tall and weighs 0.72 sarks.

>> No.44190374

They live in Basque country

>> No.44191440

Because who wants to go fuck around with Fantasy Vietnam?

>> No.44192751

Would people be interested in a fecht starring a Lagorian noble and his border reavers facing off against some Nisperadan Kals and their Shulka, at around midday GMT tomorrow?

>> No.44192769

Because then how would Jimmy get his muscled waifus?

>> No.44192947

Well, you're literally going up against a race of super soldiers in the Platonic idea of guerilla country.

>> No.44193525

There have been. They failed.
More oranges? I'm ok with this.

>> No.44193670

Worth it.

Dump iron dust in their water supplies or something.

>> No.44193790

>Dump iron dust in their water supplies
Oh, you mean those small hidden springs scattered around their forests and hills? Oh yeah, that must be fun, imagine being part of the squad assigned to do that, creeping all alone through the deep dark forest. You know, the one filled with murder elves who can literally tear your head off. Best hope that doesn't scare you, because if even one of the squad is afraid they'll know exactly where you are.

>> No.44194057

And they smell your blood. Or was it fear/hearing your heart beat? Something like that.

>> No.44194188

It was literally sensing the fear in people through what's basically an additional sense. If there's somebody scared within a hundred yards an Ohanedin will have a pretty good idea where they are. Even better, the more scared they are, the more clearly the Odin can "see" them, to the point of being able to discern certain things about their appearance and suchlike.

>> No.44194307

"Okay guys, if you had to pick an environment you would LEAST like to fight a war in, what would it be?"

Caesar: "Northern Spain."

Alexander the Great: "Mountainous forests with few cities and a well-entrenched pastoral warlike people."

Sun Tzu: "What he said."

Ghengis Khan: "Sounds like Vietnam, but with mountains. Fuck that. Is that what Spain is like? Thank Tengri we never got that far."

Charlamagne: "You have no fucking idea."

>> No.44194417

You lack scale.

Imagine. You are a farmer's son. The farmer's seventh son, to be exact. No, you do not have anything to inherit. No, you cannot join the military; you aren't yet rich enough for that. You can't even find a bog-standard job in the nearest town. So you go off with a bunch of other terminally younger sons and daughters to make your own farms, with dice games and whor- and wholesome barnyard dancing. And you make it in that huge undeveloped forest. You chop down the trees, at the edge of the forest, see? You put iron in the ground and in the water that's relatively okay agriculturally, right?. You arm yourselves like any conscientious peasant would, with flail-beaters and spears and crossbows and wagenburgs. And you farm. And you have children. Lots and lots of children.


>> No.44194537

Lots and LOTS of children. Fatten them up, too. Milk and barley. Oh yeah, that's the stuff.

>> No.44194580

>You chop down the trees, at the edge of the forest, see?
This is the point at which you're dead and getting eaten. It's not like the Odin don't have patrols along the edge of their territory, and their weird pseudo-magical spirit dealie probably gives them extra warning once trees are getting chopped en masse.

>> No.44194599

>Imma incentivise you to have more and more kids
Every bite brings you closer to your death, mud-elf.

>> No.44194717

How many antelope to kill a lion?

>> No.44194765

You ever wonder why lions only go for the young and sick?

>> No.44194788

Ebin maymay, friend ;) so many beatings are averted by well timed gunshots, after all.
The only good use of guns is to fuel the revolution.

>> No.44194837

>an unfertilised egg is a child
I bet you're against abortions too

>> No.44194843

Because they haven't invented spears yet.

>> No.44194905

They have teeth and claws. Antelope don't.

>> No.44194921

If only there were comparable differences between Ohanedin and humans, like the ability to dodge bullets and smell fear.

>> No.44194973

That was what I was getting at.

>> No.44195038

That'd be more like being opposed to fertilized eggs. Which some people are, I hear.

Abortions past the third trimester are also pretty gross, so in general I do oppose those. At that point you're basically pulling apart a fully developed infant with pliers because its mother is an irresponsible whore. While I'm perfectly happy with that precedent, I doubt any legislator would approve of its post-natal application, so in the interests of fairness I think it should simply not be allowed. I think that's how it is now.

>> No.44195140

>tfw the ohanedin actually need to make an argument for their superiority over the degenerate failed elves

>> No.44195184

Don't you start talking, fucktards. You're so fucking fragile you literally rely on humanity so you don't die out from advanced wincest.

>> No.44195230

>"We're stronger, faster, and can smell fear."
"Suck my dick."
"Yes massa."

>> No.44195252

>Abortions past the third trimester are also pretty gross, so in general I do oppose those

Literally >98% of abortions are performed before that point anyways, and the majority of those that happen afterwards seems to be due to fetal inviability that wasn't or couldn't be diagnosed earlier. So it doesn't seem to be a case of women just waiting until the last minute for shits and giggles.

>> No.44195277

It seems this one turned senile a little sooner than expected. Oh well, always more where that came from.

>> No.44195312

>Sucks a nice dick for 10 seconds
>Has delicious snack immediately afterwards

I don't see the problem.

>> No.44195329

Look at the Europoor
Look at him and laugh
>inb4 he tries to divorce himself from Europe by claiming to be Australian
That's even worse, even moot recognized you all as shitposters

>> No.44195371

It's gonna take longer than 10 seconds for your snack my friend

>> No.44195390

There are more countries in the world than those that reside in Europe or are Australia, anon.

>> No.44195410

Ladies, ladies.

You're *both* doomed.

If only you had recognised your mortal betters, things might have been different...

>> No.44195424

None that matter.

>> No.44195481

Aw, look at it, it learned how to write in the language of its superiors! If only they didn't die so fast, so we wouldn't have to waste so much time training the next genertation.

>> No.44195483

Technically, the elves are getting the better deal in that scenario.

>> No.44195522

Not countries who've done anything of note in the last 200 years.

>> No.44195555

You failed geography as a kid, huh?

No wait, you're American. I bet you passed.
Unless I am mistaken, we are speaking English. I don't think you meant to imply that the English are the world's master race; only a true idiot like Hitler could think so stupid a thought.
I'd rather digital singularity than eternal genocide, myself.
Another top-of-the-class student, I see.

>> No.44195566

5 Rounds is about 10 seconds?
So each Round is about 2 seconds? Each Action is about 1 second?

>> No.44195580

That's literally what the rules say.

>> No.44195587

This isn't your land, infidel.

>> No.44195601

All land is my land. And so are you.

>> No.44195614

Even Americans know that Russia isn't in Europe. It's green on the Risk map.

>> No.44195616

Look mate if you can't handle the bants it's okay to take a break from the computer, wouldn't want your blood pressure to get too high

>> No.44195629

>China posting on /tg/
Oh please, they'd be arrested by the secret police within an hour.
They're alright.
Huemen gonna hue, contribute nothing but hue
The only internet that doesn't get used for call centers has wires running through their designated shitting streets. Nobody from India goes on /tg/ unless they literally delve through shit - and if they're wiling to do that they should have no problem with feet and inches.

>> No.44195655

Yeah, you're right.
>Say something
>A character can speak at no cost as a General Action, but remember that each Action is about 1 second long on average. This is generally enough for two or three syllables.

>> No.44195693

Is this new art?
One of the elves is using a bow, I thought they didn't like bows.

>> No.44195729

Eh, they're not perfectly homogenuous monocultures. So while bows might be by and large out of favour with Odin, that doesn't mean there aren't individuals who end up taking a liking to the.

>> No.44195761

They don't use bows because being far away from the enemy is no fun. Jimmy once mentioned that the ones who do use bows tend to play games with them, like waiting until it's dark and then shouting creepy stuff at the enemy camp until one of them gets scared, and then shooting that one.

>> No.44195772

>gains a bonus of +3 to its Willpower test
+3 dice or +3 automatic successes?

>> No.44195801

Any + bonus to a test is usually meant to be +dice unless otherwise specified.

>> No.44195816

>Run Away!
>1 gnosis
>need to pass 2 + (1/2) = 2 RS Willpower test to resist
>average human with 4 WIP fails this test ~47.52% of the time
Roughly 50% chance of success with the weakest expenditure against the average human.

>> No.44195833

I'm not so sure. Brace used to give a +2 bonus to Red/Red, but that was a mistake, and it was clarified to mean +2 automatic successes. Opaque may have meant successes, and just failed to write that in.

>> No.44195847

Literally the master race.

>> No.44195875

shut up rade

>> No.44196032

If it is +3 successes, an expenditure of 1 to 3 gnosis is not enough to convince anyone to kill themselves.
>2 + (3/2) = 3 RS
>1 WIP + 3 successes = always passes

If it is +3 dice:
>2 + (1/2) = 2 RS
>4 WIP + 3 dice = 84.14% of passing
Roughly 15.86% chance of success with the weakest expenditure against the average human.

Orr-din regain one Gnosis every 30-WIP minutes. The minimum WIP for them is 3.
So every 27 minutes an Orr-din has a 15.86% chance to make the average human die.

>> No.44196268

lol, what the fuck is that?

>> No.44196570

Tattered Realms is a setting where the Elves are genuinely superior to humans, and there is no attempt to mute that superiority at all.

>> No.44196655

And really, trying to beltsand all that cool lore into everyone being equally powerful on an individual level would make it all a lot less interesting.

>> No.44196700

No, anon, I thought we'd been over this. Humans are better in every way.

>> No.44196832

In a 24 hour day there are 1,440 minutes
Taking away 8 hours of downtime, that leaves 960 minutes.
960 / 27 = 35.555...
The weakest Orr-din, equivalent to his race as a a 1 WIP human is to his own, with 8 hours of downtime for sleeping etc., who attempts a Kneel! every 27 minutes on the minute, can attempt to Kneel! 35 times in a day.

This gives an expected success of 5.551 humans killed per day.
>15.678% of 4 dead
>18.3224% of 5 dead
>17.2684% of 6 dead

That's about 11 humans killed every 2 days.
That's about 2,027.5 humans killed per year.

So one Orredin who adheres to this schedule can expect to genocide a population of about 2,000 humans in a year by making their hearts stop like Light.

>> No.44197163

A bit more powerful o-din could could kill 40 humans a day just with a word.

>> No.44197217

>confusing o-din and orr-din
I seriously hope you don't do this desu senpai

>> No.44198058

Ohadin are different. Or did you really think the most powerful elves should be the second fiddle? >>44197217

>> No.44199312

That's a lot of trouble let and expended magic, though. Commit ethnic cleaning the Burd way: hwatcha firing ranges. Not only is it cheap, but you can test out all sorts of different payloads! Plus you can take the survivors and breed them to create sturdier subjects, allowing you to test ever greater payloads!

>> No.44199590

>Also even the guys want him, and his fag second in command hates you because you're getting that BZC instead of him. Also he gave you a leopard seal and a bunch of lemons.


>> No.44200907

Blue/Blue just keeps getting better.

>> No.44203297

Elves are excellent people.

>> No.44204815

Searing Enigma Tuesday!

Today, you get a pre-release of an SoS monster, the Dobarcuu.

A hideous, furless creature with a slimy, bony body and pale flesh, the Dobarcuu vaguely resembles a dog the size of an elephant, but with fins and gills, and a humanoid head with thick, matted hair. It does not have eyes, but black pits that writhe with small tendrils, and its mouth has a huge, slathering mess of sharklike fangs instead of regular teeth. The creature’s jaws are capable of opening to a distressing degree, and can easily swallow a man whole. The eye sockets also lead to its throat--it can consume its prey through those as well. Its tail is a great fin capable of projecting it through the water. Its four legs end in prehensile hands, eerily similar to those of a human, but with two thumbs each.

The Dobarcuu is a hateful creature with almost-human intelligence, and a capacity for cruelty to match. The creature hides in water, salt or fresh, and waits for travelers to pass by. If the travelers camp by the water, the Dobarcuu will try to pick them off one at a time, luring them away with vague human-sounding whispers, and then attacking and messily devouring them. The survivors will be left fearful for the night, but will not be attacked. If they sleep near the water again, the Dobarcuu will repeat the process. If they move inland, sometimes it will follow them, if they are close enough. The creature’s sense of smell is acute, but it fears moving inland because of its slow speed outside of the water.

The Dobarcuu is a patient, cunning predator, and it will not fall into simple traps, but one temptation it cannot resist is pregnant women. The Dobarcuu hungers for unborn children above all other delicacies, and will even risk attacking in broad daylight if the chance to consume one arises.

Dobarcuu are mostly found in the Slivers, and are increasingly rare, as the Unkindlies have grown very proficient at hunting them.

>> No.44204966

How common is knowledge of all these various monsters? Like, if your average adventurer came across a Dobarcuu or an Aufhocker or a Grue or whatever at random, how likely would he be to recognize it and know its weaknesses?

>> No.44205110

Hi jimmy!!, mind answering more of my pointless language questions?

The name of that monster of yours got me thinking, is the Osterbijan language mostly confined to the nobility of Krajina? Would you say that it has been more or less successful in propagating to the lower classes as Norman French after the conquest? Is Albish in the present day littered with badly mispronounced Osterbijan loan-words?

Rule 63 Tito for your trouble.

>> No.44205422

Most people have at least heard of such monsters, but obviously hearsay and folklore often contain half-truths, exaggerations and inconsistencies. Only particularly learned folk, or professionals like the Unkindlies, have concrete knowledge of the beasts' capabilities, weaknesses and behaviors.

Grues tend to be more mysterious than other creatures because so few people survive encounters with them.

I would say yes. One example I believe we made canonical is that expensive foods generally have Osterbijan (Serbian) names, much like how in our own world, meats tend to have French names because only the wealthy Normans could shop for them. Cow meat is beef, chicken is poultry, etc. In Krajina, beef is govedina, pork is svinjetina, etc.

Little stuff like this. Generally though, the Osterbs haven't really done as good of a job blending in as the Normans did, there's a lot of racial tension between the two groups, and nobody is really comfortable with the arrangement.

>> No.44205610

but how do it see

>> No.44205612

Rules for fighting monsters when?

>> No.44206534

It does not, as far as anyone knows. The creature seems to hunt by smell, and perhaps through sound.

Fairly soon I think.

>> No.44206810

Oh fuck.

We're never getting rules for monster hunting.

>> No.44206973

Let's design them ourselves then.

>> No.44207024

Oh ye of little faith. For those in Opaque all time is relative to the Big Crunch, so cut them a little slack. It'll happen relatively soon.

>> No.44207070

>Name: Sahaquiel
>Stats: eats 1d10 characters per round.

Here's a start. Do you think it's balanced?

>> No.44207096

Perhaps it is just karma. I did just accidentally call a devout Catholic "extremely Protestant".

>> No.44207130

Do Star Krakens possess any intrinsic meats/gubbinz that could be used for powering a ship? Or only precious laser whales?

>> No.44207222

You know, it's usually just the faggots and emotionally broken whores that ENJOY sucking dick.

>> No.44207237

Hmmm. Is "Suck my dick and enjoy it" too long of a command for Kneel?

>> No.44207241

All of your ideas are literally flinging 'freakonomics' shit around. When it comes to you're literally asking regular farmers to go up against super-powered boogeymen who happen to be the ultimate woodsmen/scouts who will know you are coming and kill you before you're even close enough to fuck with them.

Besides, how are you going to poison a mountain stream with iron shavings unless you're at it's origin? This isn't a town well we're talking about.

>> No.44207260

What the shit is freakonomics.

Actually, what I was doing is going off of some anon's (who might have been referencing Opaque, I can't remember) point that humanity were supposedly going to end up on top because they keep progressing and developing in economy, technology and organisation while the Din stay stuck in the mud.

>> No.44207305

Are you forgetting about Burdinadin?

>> No.44207326

I can't fathom where that idea would come from.

The most advanced civilizations are din, who constantly expand their technology and influence.

Burds via technological advancement, odins via being God like with infinite economical grip over all of Vosca.

Humans and their nations are nothing compared to these.

>> No.44207333

Orredin are the latter. O-Din are the wood elves who eat babies.

>> No.44207373

>confined to a few very small enclaves.
The entire world is basically anathema to them, how the hell are they going to end up on top?
>few thousand individuals, tops, have to have controlled breeding schemes to ensure the survival of their species because they are on the verge of going extinct
One on one, yeah, they'll beat the shit out of a human, but they only have so much Gnosis, and eventually the political power they have will be eclipsed by more rapidly progressing states.
>cannot use metal
Welp, that's them out of the running

>> No.44207385

But humans have canonically been degenerating since the time of the three cities. Everyone who was worth a damn left the planet several cycles of civilization ago, leaving the dregs for the basic bitch angels to play with.

>> No.44207481

What do we know of paleolithic elves?

>> No.44207490

>everyday item entry for courser: 60 SP
>courser in dedicated horse rules: 300 SP

>> No.44207511

The 60sp Courser does not include insurance, deluxe leather saddle upholstery and cupholders.

>> No.44207522

There's a pretty comprehensive article on them on the wiki

>> No.44207535

We'll see if my turtle speed internet can load it.

>> No.44207616

You call this comprehensive? It's one of the most nebulous things I've ever read.

>> No.44207789

It's pretty comprehensive for a race whose shtick is being enigmatic. One thing it doesn't mention is that a truly dead paleolithic elf will spawn a new race of din similar to their progenitor.

>> No.44207825

That's the thing I was trying to discern, whether or not people knew that fact and if it was okay to mention it. Now then;

JIMMY can we please have information one any singular paleolithic elf, as well as the particular propagation method for the nascent species that arise from the true death of a paleolithic elf? Also, is it 'death' that spawns a new race or true death?

>> No.44208009

Just eating them seems boring and inappropriate for a weird eye-god thing like Sahaquiel.

>> No.44208643

orredins literally own the world.

Something really fucking big needs to happen for them to lose the top spot.

Also, you forgot zell, who trump human genes in all areas, including in their children.

Humans are little over goblins when it comes to the hierarchy of the world.

>> No.44208662

Jimmy, does Sahaquiel look like pic related?

>> No.44208668

>Something really fucking big needs to happen for them to lose the top spot.

Literally just introduce another contagious disease, ideally with a long incubation period, and watch them drop like flies.

>> No.44208736

Ah yes, humans are known to have such knowledge of bacteria and viruses during the times when washing your fucking hands is a completely novel idea.

By the time this knowledge is dripped down to humans from burdinadins, orredins have bought or gained the knowledge centuries before.

>> No.44208998

Nah I think he's more pic related

Also, if the actual angel Sahaquiel is named after is an archangel, does that mean he outranks the lowly Throne Genosus?

>> No.44209213

So, I'm considering getting this game for my group. I've got a pretty important question first.
How many animes can this game run?

>> No.44209364

Lad you have no idea

>> No.44209368

7.93 animes exactly on the Urobutchi-Miyazaki scale.

>> No.44209386

Anime? Probably only the least over-the-top ones. Not that there aren't plenty of good options: Sword of the Stranger, Rurouni Kenshi, Samurai Champloo, Afro Samurai...

But you could capture the feel of any of these more easily in a system like FATE if you really wanted to. SoS isn't about cinematic combat, it's about realistic combat. If you want to throw the trappings of an anime over that, that's totally fine—a little narrative flair can blur the line between the two anyway—but expect your game to focus more on the nitty-gritty details of fighting rather than the choreographed back-and-forth you might usually associate with anime.

>> No.44209410

Thanks anonymouse, I'll be checking it up.

>> No.44209492

If by anime you mean generic weaboo shit, then stuff like Kingdom, Vagabond, Lone wolf and a Cub, Seirei no Moribito (Which must be one of the inspirations for Eskarne) and so on, then yes.

>> No.44209521

>generic weaboo shit

>> No.44209760

And Lone Wolf and Cub, for that matter.

>> No.44210534

They own the medditeranean, not the world.

>> No.44210590

Jimmy has said that whenever there's a war anywhere between nations, you can be sure that the reasons of it can be traced back to one orredin having a beef with another orredin. They have sway over everything in Vosca.

>> No.44210812

Stat an animes

>> No.44211296


>> No.44212059

>Literally creates the universe just by walking through it on his way to the Void
>Casually Genocides the race of the 7
>Doesn't hang around to deal with any of his own shit
>Leaves behind two thugs to keep the place tidy
>People actually worship this guy

He sounds like a colossal asshole.

>> No.44212215

Technically speaking He Who Came First is distinct from Sahaquiel, and HWCF couldn't have genocided the Seven because the Seven didn't exist until they were defined by His light

>> No.44212294

That isn't necessarily true. A lot of the wars in western Vosca stem from the Galli/Kaselreich split, and the Dacians aren't getting any of their strings pulled by any Helians when they decide to say fuck it and invade the Steppes. That's directly against the interests of Helion. Maybe in the case of the West you can trace things back to the Ruvian/Helian Empire, but that's like blaming the 30 Years War on Romans.

They probably have a lot of stakes in each conflict, and likely help grease the wheels for wars, but they aren't the cause of all of them.

>> No.44212340

Archangels are way lower than Thrones. Archangels aren't even at the top of their sphere, and Thrones are two spheres above them.

>> No.44212589

No one worships him. They worship said thugs.

>> No.44212591

Is there some kind of encompassing term for this kind of biblical Expanded Universe stuff?

>> No.44212620


>> No.44212693

How would you stat this bad bitch?

>> No.44212715

That's pretty silly. Michael is the leader of God's armies and he's an archangel. Where's Jimmy when you need him to weigh in on his Christian fanfiction?

>> No.44212718

Just use a normal knife/10.

>> No.44212722

Abrahamic Mythology, I guess.

>> No.44212758

Breaks if used.

>> No.44212761

I'd stat it as a modifier to Punch that makes it inflict +0 piercing damage instead of unarmed.

>> No.44212846

Is it rape if it's an Ohanedin? It's not like they're human

>> No.44212887

Rape is a purely legal term, like murder.

>> No.44212912

Good luck, their chimp-tier pelvic muscles will rip your dick off

>> No.44212952

He's low precisely because he's the leader of God's armies. He's a low level ground pounder who has to deal with things, including pig disgusting physical things. He's like a cosmic exterminato. The higher you are the more you transcend dealing with stuff and become closer to God. God doesn't deal with things, because it's all below him.

>> No.44212976

If you raped it, it wasn't an Ohanedin.

If it's a Zell, it wasn't rape.

If it's an Orredin, you didn't do the raping.

If it's a Burdinadin, you may have raped it.

>> No.44214618

>you will never fight an ohanedin musclegirl in the nude to assert sexual dominance
>you will never have the fight turn into rough sex slowly
>you will never end up earning her love after defeating with your manhood

why live

>> No.44215699

If you ever hit armor with the thing, expect to fracture your forearm.

>> No.44216844

>implying humans can beat ohanedin in single combat

>> No.44217328

>implying they can't
One bad Rules of Nature roll is suicide.

>> No.44219672

They don't need that roll to kick your ass, generally.

>> No.44219741

Like hell they don't, they've just got a bit more strength and agility and slightly better DTNs. They can only kill humans if they actually try. And they better hope to never touch the human's metal or they'll fall to the ground and cry like the little bitches they are.

>> No.44220237

You guys should get a 1d4chan page.

>> No.44220344

I don't even know what that is.

>> No.44220757

How are humans still alive in this setting? How haven't they been hunted to extinction long ago?

>> No.44220952

According to which theory of angelic hierarchy? The archangel Gabriel is God's herald and the archangel Michael personally casts Satan and his army out of Heaven.

>> No.44221029

What possible motivation would anyone have for hunting humans to extinction? Just because the elves are stronger does not mean they are obligated to exterminate a race that is often beneficial to have around.

>> No.44221847

Pseudo-Dionysius the Areopagite is the originator, but it carried into most medieval hierarchies with some modification. See Aquinas


>> No.44221892

Quantity is a quality all its own. Also, they don/t have any weird weaknesses that force them to have a specific kind of fucked up society like the other Din do, so humans can just go wherever and build civilizations all over the place.

>> No.44221908

Quantity of humans is what killed the Helians. Too many slaves bred plague and caused their empire to fall into the fucking sea.

>> No.44221987

Seems like a good argument against slavery.

>> No.44222284

>Letting inferior races live near you

(crowd of Orredin cheer)
(furious cheering)
(audience literally bursts into flames)





>> No.44222769

That was the Dragon that he cast out, not Satan.

>> No.44223768

Lads. Anything to ask?

>> No.44223810

What fetishes apply to each human kingdom & din race?

Do any Din fetishize the fact human women are weaker? Do any Orredin women take human serfs from more patriarchal societies to dominate them?

>> No.44223814

Ruvia lore!

>> No.44223821

>I don't even know what 1d4chan is.
Holy shit. Just leave. You aren't allowed to be this new.

>> No.44223829

Fuck off back to reddit.

>> No.44223830

Just because you can doesn't mean you want to or will.

>> No.44223839

>DT is Sartur
I thought he promoted deportation of ilegal immigrants not agriculture and farming

>> No.44223849

Yes actually. Two days ago I bought something called "Fosters Lager". I forgot to put it in the fridge yesterday so the carbonation wasn't as strong, but I think it would've tasted like crap anyway.

Is there such thing as a reasonably priced beer that doesn't taste like piss? What alcohol alternatives are there for those who don't want to drink something that tastes like piss?

>> No.44223859

Trump is a blood hoarding fuck and a disgrace to the glorious name of Sartur. He'll get what's coming to him.

>> No.44223869

>implying you don't want honest Helians working Helian farms
>implying you want to trust dirty illegals to grow your food

>> No.44223873

You have to go back Zizzock.

>> No.44223891

This >>44207825

>> No.44223900

Buy a bottle of Dimple blended scotch whisky.

>> No.44223910

When are we going to get monster rules? Monster rules and magic are all we need to run fantasy games.

>> No.44223929

Why would you ask me this, when you know I drink 40 oz of malt liquor regularly? I don't have taste in alcohol m8, I'm just an alcoholic.

>> No.44223976

Do you like this Pope? Did you prefer the last Pope?

>> No.44223986

Could you weigh in on
This and

>> No.44224057

>jimmy asks if we got any questions
>he answers the ONE post that has to do with alochol, not even alcohol in Vosca

God dammit Jimmy

>> No.44224084

brb watching ender's game

>> No.44224091

>brb watching little white kids fail at romance
Really faggot? Work on your fucking game for once.

>> No.44224108

That movie is shit and you're wasting your time.

Have you sued your Australian yet?

>> No.44224142

Shaddup faggits I have the hots for Ben Kingsley now go back to yer Harvest Moon.

Karen/Nami hypest.

Boss only girl MGS.


Monster rules soon.

>> No.44224153

Looks like he's drunk again.

>> No.44224163

The Boss is a fucking shit character and I'll tell you why. She needed stitches to cover her body up after giving birth on the battlefield. So why do the stitches go way past her uterus and all the way up past her heart? It's because she's a fraud and nobody understands her vision because she couldn't communicate it.

>> No.44224179

Humans invented the Half-Pike and its numbers of the Beast.

>> No.44224184

Don't you talk shit about my waifu you faggit, at least mine is pure and only fucked a German ghost that one time.

>> No.44224208

And a Beta who was too Beta to be himself so he stitched his face onto some other guy who became Alpha as a result.

>> No.44224216

The Sorrow's russian afaik

>> No.44224223

I haven't even played these games but the way you capitalized Alpha and Beta somehow seems very "MGS" to me.

>> No.44224229

>1. And lo, in the distance past, this weapon was called the spontoon, and yea, it was shit
>2. But then came the humans, who looked upon the spontoon, and saw that it was shit
>3. And Man said, I name thee half-pike
>4. And the spontoon became the half-pike
>5. And it was not shit
>6. And Man saw the half-pike, and it was good
>7. And Man took up the half-pike and slew the Din

>> No.44224233

You're totally right. Well. What can you do?

>> No.44224247

But Ohanedin with a half pike and Unarmored Noble School is the most hideously broken thing known to man or beast. How can humanity resist such a thing>

>> No.44224268

Not accept them into Noble schools, obviously.
What business has a forest subhuman in a gentlemen's school?

>> No.44224296

reject the Boss' will because she's a vodkaburner obv

>> No.44224303

>tfw you will never make Revolver Ocelot purr

>> No.44224310

At least you have good taste in the Harvest Moon grills. And now I want to play AWL and I can't, fuck you Jimmy.

>> No.44224361

>Good taste
ok bub

>> No.44224416

>liking the literal worst girl in the game
Still annoying I couldn't romance the lady at the dig site.

>> No.44224437

I bet you've used the phrase "cute girls doing cute things" unironically

>> No.44224478

I don't think I have actually. SoL is more apt.

>> No.44224520

Well in the UK I see and enjoy Moretti quite a lot, I don't know if they export to the US.

>> No.44224597

Touching the humans metal is fine, it's wearing it that's forbidden.

>> No.44224632

Your HFY subhuman thing doesn't really work when Din are explicitly superhuman.

>> No.44224688

As if it does ever stop anyone from calling them subhuman. If anything, it only encourages this.
Racism is inherently irrational.

>> No.44224733

Yeah but at least racists are prejudiced against a real thing

>> No.44224741

That makes it a great deal worse, no?

>> No.44224744

That's wrong though. Skin contact with metal is what's bad. That's why they can use hafted weapons and the like.

>> No.44224771

Say what you will about the national socialists but at least they have an ethos!

>> No.44224779

Ethos is precisely why they are bad.

>> No.44224838

If you will it, it is no dream.

>> No.44224868

I think we had this discussion before (is it a 'blanket ban' geas or do the spirits judge intent? I posited that it's the latter since O-Dins don't take extra damage/pain from being struck with enemy weapons/grappling with armored foes). If what you say is indeed the case, and Jimmy will have to clear that up, it would mean that o-dins are roughly on par with goblins or in fact even weaker, because of the omnipresence of metal arms and armor.

>> No.44224911

I think Jimmy's rationale for weapons not causing extra pain is that the contact is so brief and that the pain is more than drowned out by the pain of being cut with a goddamn sword. You should note that stuck arrowheads do in fact cause extra pain, and the Ohanedin certainly don't intend to be wearing those.

>> No.44225077

I think >>44224911 has the thrust of it. Besides, if you touch a metal pot that's been on the stove for half an hour your hand recoils and you get a short momentary pain. Same with being cut for Odin. Maybe getting run through and having the sword left in them does the extra pain like arrows do, but at that point they have more pressing problems. I specifically remember it being contact as there was a discussion about insulating Odin from metal with wood.

>> No.44225092

That can't be it, because then you could just wear clothing underneath metal armour like any normal person and have done with it.

>> No.44225355

It's times like this we need Jimmy, but he's asleep I think.

>> No.44225376

Wut? Those two things don't have anything to do with each other. A very short and temporary contact with something painful usually also only causes a short and often mild amount of pain. A hit by a melee weapon will often only have the blade in contact with your body for the faction of a second, not enough to cause significant pain from the contact alone even if it was glowing red-hot.

>> No.44225399

I was talking about the insulation thing.

>> No.44225430

That's probably a matter of degrees, and cloth under metal isn't enough.

>> No.44225437

Ah right, missed that last sentence. I think it was stated that wood, and only wood, can serve as insulation against metal. Some particularly wealthy Odins apparently even have armour with inside wood paneling that they can wear with no ill effects.

The particular mechanics of that haven't been detailed yet, but my personal pet theory is that wood is the opposite to metal in that it's a conduit for spirit rather than a blocker, so by using it the Odin's connection with the spirits is not interrupted, hence there's no pain. I suspect if you took a Burdinadin and stuffed him in a wood-insulated environment suit, he might end up suffering full (or even increased) spirit contamination as if he was wearing nothing at all.

>> No.44225489

I wonder if you could make a kind of woven cloth out of wood. Would paper do the trick?

>> No.44225553

It's not all wood, but a particular sort of petrified wood that allows Ohanedin to wear metal armour without pain.

>> No.44225769

Someone should begin to prepare a new bread and stockpile the unanswered questions from this one for Jimmy.

>> No.44226446

We need paper armor stats.

>> No.44227148

[Useless] against everything

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