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Which system do you think is the better one to play on the setting of Samurai Jack?

Which kind of campaign would you like to play?

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It's a good show but I don't think it'd make a good game

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Toon, any superhero game, Legend of the Five Rings, Shadowrun, or even Rifts could work depends on what direction you wanted to go with it.

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Whats a system where magic weapons and items are the fucking bomb but a warrior and still step to a wizard and ruin his day?

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Dungeon World

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To be quite honest, the power levels on Samurai Jack are insane.

Even the regular guys that he defeats on a daily basis are implied to be great warriors.

Each 3 episodes he basically fights an epic level character.

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Never heard about it, but seems interesting. How is it? Does it try to emulate cartoon physics?

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Still though a lot of the things he actually has trouble with fight him hand to hand rather than use magic.

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True, I remember that there was someone on /co/ making a chart with the power level of the guys that Jack fought, I will try to find it.

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Here it is.

Invincible Tier

>Scotman's wife

Elder Gods Tier:

>The Ancient Gods
> The Primordial Darkness, where Aku came from.

God Tier:

>Four Elemental Spirits of Earth - Above Aku
>Portal Guardian
>Jack with his sword
>Hunter Pack of Imakandi
>Eldest Master Monk
>Minions of Set - that can only be killed by elder gods.

Heroes of Legends Tier:

>Jack without Magic sword
>The Spartan King
>Lava Monster
>Ultrabots - They were wrecking the shit out of Jack, but mostly because he wasnt physiccally able to cut trouth them - I dont see them as stronger than the Spartan King for example.
>Three Blind Archers
>Solitary Imakandi, probably at the bottom of the list

Elite Warrior Tier:

>The 5 Bounty Hunters
>Dome of Doom gladiators
>The Ninja
>Shaolin Monks

Above Avarage Warrior Tier:

>Da Samurai
>Most bounty hunters and battle robots.

Ordinary Tier:

>Talking dogs
>Avarage citizen

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>gangsters not present
Well that list is just not proper.

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Ordinary tier?

Man, how I love this show, and the variety of styles and characters that he could fight.

The setting can provide basically any kind of story or villain.

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You guys know that Adult Swim is making another season, right?

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Exalted. Jack is probably the best example of a Dawn caste you'll ever come across, and Aku makes a great Raksha.

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Wild Talents

I feel ORE would keep up with the fast combat from the series

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Like, I'm a GURPSfag so that's my first reaction. /meme

But in all seriousness I think something like FATE would be better. Lo5R could be good, but I don't have much experience with it.

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>knocked jack out in a single blow
They're obviously power players of some kind.

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Feng Shui 2.
Seriously, that's what you want.

Feng Shui 2 is perfect due to it's highly descriptive combat nature and "Kill a thousand mooks, fight ten great enemies and go toe to toe with your arch rival" nature.

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Feng Shui 1, Feng Shui 2, Wushu, or Legends of Wulin?

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Lucky move.

They are freaking manlets.

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Mix high technology with magic, and with Jack being a physical adept.

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It's been a while but as I recall high rolls let you shape reality with bonus points for making the group laugh

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Takes more than luck to get jack by surprise. To even strike him. And they took him out in one hit. Pocketed the ancient, one-of-a-kind artifact right from under Aku's nose, too.

Can't be a fluke, the whole meeting was deliberate. Take jack to make a distraction for the pickpocket, knock jack out before things get hairy so you get a favor from an ancient evil, and come out of it with 100% profits and the power to control every ocean on earth.

They're probably the most powerful and dangerous humans in the setting, hidden under the thin veneer of a slapstick mobster parody.
deepest lore

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Well, the chart is about physical habillity. But where would you place them?

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>Scotsman's wife is invincible tier.
Can somebody explain this to me?

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Have you seen her fight?

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Sadly no.
I was around when Jack premiered and I remember a lot of episodes, but the one with the Scotsman's wife evaded me.

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She can defeat jack and the scotsman together with no weapons.

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She is also the hottest girl of the show.

Yes, hottest than trap Aku.

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Where the portal guardian is, obviously. We haven't seen the true limits of their awesome powers, but mobsters > jack with sword and that's WITHOUT using lethal weaponry.

I shudder to imagine the carnage on the day where they decide to turn the safeties off.

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>I shudder to imagine the carnage on the day where they decide to turn the safeties off.
I bet you actually get off on it Satan

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Legends of Wulin is a system where there really aren't weak opponents.

That sounds perfect for Jack.

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What about the thief (aka the Jigen clone/expy/recolor)?

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She wrecks a bunch of demon robots who managed to give jack and the scotsman a difficult time.

When she is angry, she is above both jack and the scot in therms of power.

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that's ultra satan

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>hotter than trap Aku
Now I know you're pulling my leg.

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Before Disney Villains Victorious collapsed upon itself, there was a lot of discussion about doing a similar styled crossover game for Cartoon Network. I talked about it with my players (we were watching Samurai Jack at the time), and they sounded interested in giving it a go next year.

In other words, you might want to try out the DVV system.

Pic related is one of the pictures we got out of the discussion. I have a few more somewhere on my computer.

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Who is this Samurai Jack I've heard people talking about?
Some kind of new robot? What do they have to offer dirt-peasants like you and me?

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Here, pull mine instead

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Honestly I just did it in 3.5.

The important thing for me was the nice mix of humor and seriousness, and for the players to be on a quest that is constantly being foiled in a world where anything can happen.

Instead of robots I threw random mobs at them, but most of the time I was going for feel over an exact replay of SJ. So there were a lot of ancient temples and the like, but there were also quite a few more creative encounters and side plots that didn't involve combat at all most ripped straight from SJ episodes, but my players are dimwits so they didn't catch on. I think the key to it was not being afraid to run encounters that forced creative solutions instead of straight combat. I had numerous "your sword bounces harmlessly off the creature's hide" or "He deftly evades every arrow" moments, but was always sure to leave them an out. I also made almost every one of those monsters by scratch so no metagaming.

Also the your NOT-Aku needs to be ever present, a total dick, just enough of a buffoon and likeable that no one really hates him, and always have the most ridiculous plans

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Exalted desu.

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Which kind of characters yoir players used?

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Why there isn't a *stat me" with him?

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