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"Masami! Masami, wait!"

Too late, she's already ran up to the streets, leaving Mir and I alone together.

"Phooey." I cross my arms. That Masami, she always wants to take everything on herself and then expects other people to bail her out if it gets to be too much.

I am Kaori Itsukuma.
I wish I stayed home instead of chasing Masami

Unlike my reckless little sister; I'm not quite a walking whirlwind of destruction and selfishness. She's akin to a pint-sized tank.
So if that's the case, why am I worrying about her?

Oh, I know the reason why. She's still somewhere out there with Asai. The man who is building a giant death-machine to hammer our city into pebbles.
Unless Asai goes to sleep where I can manipulate his dreams, there isn't anything I can do to help.

I was captured recently for trying to track him down. If it weren't for Masami, I don't know where I would be right now.

"(Yes?)" She replies. I can see her form flicker in the light.

I'm not sure whether Masami's cards which have turned human count as my 'sisters', my 'cousins', or if they're even family at all. I'm just extremely thankful for their help right now.
Mir especially, she can turn invisible at will. I've tried it a time or two and it's never worked out for me.

"What's the plan to get out of here without Asai noticing us?"
"(Oh, I have that covered.)" Her barely-audible whispery voice responds. A warm, gentle touch grasps my hand.

Slowly, starting from my elbow, my entire body flickers into invisibility!
"(Neat, huh?)" I can only imagine that she's smiling. "(Now, just don't make any noise, and we can walk back home unnoticed.)"

>Hold on, I'm not going back home. I'm going to go find my sister.
>Let's just explore a bit before we go home, I want to know what the situation is about.
>Wait! I can find the real Asai! I just need to sleep on it!
>Let's go back, Quietly.
>First thing's first: text Mom and tell her that I'm safe.

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>Wait! I can find the real Asai! I just need to sleep on it!
hi hearts

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>>Hold on, I'm not going back home. I'm going to go find my sister.
>>First thing's first: text Mom and tell her that I'm safe.

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>Wait! I can find the real Asai! I just need to sleep on it!
>First thing's first: text Mom and tell her that I'm safe.

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I'll leave it open for a couple more minutes before closing. I want to leave myself plenty of time to write.

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>Wait! I can find the real Asai! I just need to sleep on it!
>First thing's first: text Mom and tell her that I'm safe.


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Rolled 1 (1d2)

Whoops, that made it a tie


1) Hold on! I'm not going back home. I'm going to to find my sister.
2) I can find Asai! I just need to sleep on it!

Rolling and writing!

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Hold on, I CAN help.
There is definitely a way I can help.

"I'm not going back just yet."

I can't see it, but I know she just gasped in shock.

"Well, FIRST off, I want you to help me text Mom and tell her that I'm safe."

"Then." I continue, still not letting go of her hand. "We're going to go find my sister, because something tells me that she's already in trouble."
"(Hold on, stop, no)" Mir pulls her hand away, I flip back into visibility. "(This is what got you captured last time! I'm not getting captured just because you can't keep yourself safe!)"

"I don't HAVE to get captured, you see." I pull her formless body into a hug, immediately I flicker back out of existence. "Because I have my loving little sister here to keep me invisible and safe!"

"(Kaori.)" I can almost feel her pouting. "(You are SO MUCH LIKE MASAMI that it's frightening.)"
"No I'm not! I'm the dependable big sister!" I smile at her. "That's why I have to keep an eye on her."

Mir grumbles as I feel a gentle tug toward the stairwell.

When we reach the top; I take out my phone and-
I can't see my phone, because I'm invisible and so is it. Great plan, Kaori.

"Hold on." I grumble. "I need to send a text, can we duck into that alleyway?"
She says nothing, and leads me into the quiet sanctuary. I quickly fade back, and rapidly type to Mom telling her that I'm safe, then stuff it back in my pocket.

"Okay, let's go."
"(Where are we even looking for Masami?)"
"Back where I was, in the park. That's where I had that concrete dumped on me."
"(I don't want it dumped on me. Should we really go straight there?)"

>"Let me take a moment and meditate, maybe I can discern where some people are nearby."
>"I'll just text Mom and tell her I'm coming to find her."
>"I have an idea. I'll use my speed card and give you a piggyback ride there."
>"I'll text my friends! I'm sure they're caught up in this already."

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>>"Let me take a moment and meditate, maybe I can discern where some people are nearby."

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>"Let me take a moment and meditate, maybe I can discern where some people are nearby."

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>"I have an idea. I'll use my speed card and give you a piggyback ride there."
Woooo piggyback ride!

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>"Let me take a moment and meditate, maybe I can discern where some people are nearby."

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>"Let me take a moment and meditate, maybe I can discern where some people are nearby."

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"Let me take a moment and meditate."

I feel Mir stomp the ground
"(What does that do!?)"
"I can find out where people are nearby. Maybe we should try going toward them, safety in numbers, after all."

"(What if they're captured, too!?)"
"Then we'll just have to wish them the best and go find help! We're invisible after all."

I hear a light grumble, but I try to put it out of my mind.

Gently, we sit on a nearby bench, and I stop to listen to the sound of my mind.

I hear the sirens in the distance.
Stripping that away, I hear the leaves chattering in the breeze.
Next, is Mir's breathing. She breathes quickly, and has very little patience in her waiting. She clicks her tongue absentmindedly.

Going even further, the cracking and popping of concrete in the distance becomes known. The behemoth must still be putting itself together. The sound of stone-scraping-stone and the screech of wrought-iron must be almost deafening from where the giant is standing. From here, it's barely noticable over the sound of nature.

Then, I find it. That gentle ringing in my ears. The sound of my heartbeat slowly starting to reach its relaxed state. I can feel the gentle rhythm of my pulse as it starts to syncronize with my ears.
I can feel it, the feeling of others.


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Like one very bored girl sitting on the bench next to me. Phooey.
Maybe the bird in the tree above me, it lets out a gentle chirp before flying North. Most of the birds seem to be flying away from the stone goliath in town.

Or, how about that worried girl not more than a few blocks away? She scrambles in the direction of the park, frantically checking her phone every few paces.

Huh, there's something interesting. There's a boy, just a little older than I am, fighting off what seem to be soul-less beings of stone. He slices straight through them with ease, and even laughs about it!

A girl, very similar to that boy, seems more interested in her phone. Her fingers fly across its glass face as she occasionally lifts her arm to stop the occasional marble soldier.

An older woman, in what seems to be some kind of holy attire? A dress? A priest's garb? She's busy setting up tiny sheets of paper in a circle. A concrete warrior watches her intently.

There's another older woman in the direction of the park. She carries a small, crying girl in her arms. She also has another one tugging on her dress.

There's A couple of other interesting sights: A woman and a man, both of which are at least as old as Mom, searching around town. Occasionally, they stop and destroy a statue.

One last thing I can feel in the peripheral of my mind. At the center of what seems to be a massive network of stone and concrete: a single humanoid shape with his arms crossed. He glows warmly compared to his brethren and has a spiteful smile on his face.

"(Well?)" My meditation is interrupted.

>We'll go after the girl who is frantically checking her phone. It's probably just Masami.
>There's a boy and a girl almost my age nearby, I think they're my friends. Let's go see them.
>There's some adults nearby. I think one of them is Mom.
>Another is wearing some kind of priestess outfit. Maybe.. Marie?
>The other two are a mystery, probably the Principal or something. Let's go find out.

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>There's some adults nearby. I think one of them is Mom.

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4chan are you still there? I was getting some errors telling me that you weren't.

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>>There's some adults nearby. I think one of them is Mom.
Still here.

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everything is working on my end... i think?

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>There's some adults nearby. I think one of them is Mom.
Yeah, alrighty.

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>There's some adults nearby. I think one of them is Mom.

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>There's some adults nearby. I think one of them is Mom.

Go toward Mommy, of course!


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"There are some adults nearby." My eyes pop open. "I think one of them is Mom."

"(Great!)" Mir seems to stand up, excitedly. "(Let's go get everyone and just go home!)"

"I don't think that's going to happen." I rub my head. "I think it's more likely that I'll get there and we'll get dragged into it at this rate."
"(No! that's the opposite of what I want!)"
"I don't want it either, but I want to be sure Mom is safe! Besides, I'm not sure Masami is getting anywhere fast wtih her searching."

Mir grumbles as she stands up. Quietly we start walking in the direction of the woman and her two kids.

On the way, I slowly start to notice something disturbing.

"That stone giant, I'm starting to hear less and less noise coming from it."

"(That's a good thing, right?)"
"No! That's a bad thing! That means it's almost done and Asai is almost ready to start wrecking the town with it!"

"(All the more reason we should be leaving!)"
"Not without getting Mom."
"(What about Masami!?)"
"I'm pretty sure Masami is still the scariest thing in this town."

She better be, at least.

We're in the park where I was doused with concrete, but I don't feel or sense any more of the presence here that coated me.
If I was paying attention last time, this wouldn't have happened. Pout.
I'm better than that.

Across the park, I can see Mom walk across the field with her head swiveling all about. In one hand, she carries a card which is glowing an amber color. Her hair glows with a brilliance that almost appears like a halo to the untrained eye.

At least she's prepared. I knew Mom would be ready for anything.


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Rolled 13, 14, 11, 1 = 39 (4d20)

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Rolled 11 (1d20)

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uh uh...

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Rolled 20, 5 = 25 (2d20)

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(The first one was Mom, go Mom!)

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Best mom.
I'm off to sleep, good luck with the rest.

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Suddenly, I feel a sharp pain, in my head.
"YEOW!" My hands grab onto my ears. Briefly, I stumble.
"(Kaori!?)" Mir kneels down to my position.

It's unmistakable, something big just happened.

I try to pinpoint where, but the pins and needles covering my body only result in static.
Followed by a moment of perfect clarity.

"(Kaori! Say something! Anything!)"
"Oh no." A small rush of adrenaline enters my body. Almost as if I just witnessed something very terrifying.

"(What!? What!)"

There's no mistaking it. That feeling came from the priestess woman placing paper strips in a circle. I've always been skeptical of that kind of thing.
Now, it seems I was right to be skeptical. Her circle plan didn't work, and her magic has been drained. What's worse: her heartbeat has shot through the roof.

I think Asai may have her.

"Mir, I need to sit, I need to concentrate. Right. now."

My mind steps through the motions once more.
The breeze in the trees, the heartbeat of Mir, and then myself. Then-

Then the increased panting of two kids can be heard in the distance. They hold their ground against a horde of stone monsters. Slowly, they start to retreat to safety.

They're doing better than two adults who are much older and more experienced than them. The sneak-attacks start to surprise them, and further and further are they taken aback by surprise attacks erupting from every stone and concrete surface. The asphalt itself rises to meet them.

A girl, phone in hand, has stopped walking through the streets and is now running. Her powerful armor is like an unstoppable ram, plowing straight through concrete demons that emerge from the masonry.

Asai has started his attack.
Which only leaves-



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Without missing a single beat, Mom twirls around behind her and snatches Haruko from the sidewalk slabs.

She leaps backwards at speeds at which I was unaware she could even move. Her form starts to blur, and her feet appear to skate along the shadow she casts on the Earth.

Is that Mom's power? I had no idea.

A gust seems to catch the back of her heel, and she slides without friction along the dirt and the grass. An unseen force seems to push her along the harsh ground at speeds faster than I can even run.
She stops her magically-altered slide just inside the protection of a metallic jungle gym. It surrounds her at every angle.

Just in time, too.
The concrete slabs she was once standing on; they're starting to move. Each one in the park slowly starts to buckle, and slide against each other. Slowly, they gravitate into the air.

In total, this park must have a hundred slabs of concrete. Each one weighing no less than twenty kilograms.

I'm scared, within an instant Mir tackles me to the ground. We both fade into invisibility.

Each one starts to slowly move toward Mom. Several at speeds which would easily destroy a person. The concrete shurikens slam against the metallic cage, and explode into dust.

Inside, there's an almost blinding glow emanating from the sanctuary. The glow protects two young children who fiercely hug one another.
The stone tiles slowly start to build a box around the jungle gym. Slowly, and surely, a massive wall of concrete and asphalt is constructed around Mom's personal safe haven.


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At least, for a little while.

With a sound that threatens to destroy my ears, hundreds of multicolored iron bars burst through the concrete slabs with laser-like precision. Each tile shatters and falls into rubble.
Soon, all that remains of the concrete slabs are hills of dust surrounding three figures. The larger one cradles the two smaller ones in her arms.

"MOM!" I leap up and rush over to where she is standing.
Her clothes are dirtied with dust and debris. She tries to say something, but elicits a cough instead. The dust from the fallen tiles still thick in the air.

>Mom! We need to go! Now!
>Mir! Come hug everyone! We need to hide!
>Mom! Something terrible has happened! Everyone is in trouble!

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>Mom! Something terrible has happened! Everyone is in trouble!

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>>Mom! We need to go! Now!
>>Mom! Something terrible has happened! Everyone is in trouble!

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>Mom! Something terrible has happened! Everyone is in trouble!

>> No.44050253

>Mom! Something terrible has happened! Everyone is in trouble!

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>Mom! We need to go! Now!

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>Mom! Something terrible has happened! Everyone is in trouble!

Writing last post of the night!

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"MOM!" I scream, fearing for even the slightest scratch on her. "MOM MOM MOM MOM MOM"

Her hand comes up and grips my own. My knees find their moment of weakness as I collapse into her arms.
"Mom Mom Mom Mom Mom Mooom."


"It's fine, everything is fine."
"I-It's fine. F-fine."

Oh god, my eyes are burning again.
I am NOT as big of a crybaby as Masami.

I am NOT.

I will NOT CRY.


The quiet, the peace.
This peace that Mom has fought for. I can hear the relief in their hearts.
It's like a mighty weight of sorrow has been lifted.

Maybe that's just a weight being lifted from my own.

In the distance, I can hear a girl slightly younger than I am take that weight for herself.
Definitely not Masami, she's almost here. Someone a little further off, black hair, stands about at Masami's height, she wears a similar miko garb as Marie, has a paper charm in her hand.

Her heartrate bolts upward. She starts to run, toward the subways.

She screams, and hides in a bathroom.

Oh no, I just remembered something.
Something much more important than crying!

"Mom! Wait! Something bad is happening! I think Asai is attacking everyone at once and a bunch of them are losing!"

She perks up, her eyes firmly meet mine.
"Are you sure!?"
"Yes! I could.. hear them! I think Asai has Marie, and maybe even Aiko, too!"


She stands up, that feeling of anger overtakes her heart.
"I'm going, don't try to stop me."
"No, wait! Mom! Wait for Masami!"



She's something, but I can't think of what right now.

>Thread End.

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Strangely enough, that thread was longer than I expected it to be!

It's good to get a perspective from a side character, especially one that isn't armed like a battleship. I think this is the first time we had a Kaori thread since the Fortune incident.

It's good to get back in her shoes! Would you like to get in some other characters shoes, or back to Masami? Let me know.

Thanks to everyone for the thread, let me know what you thought.

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Thanks for running. Might as well have some time in other people's shoes before the end.

>> No.44050643

thanks for running
changing characters once in a while is always fun

>> No.44050653

I would like to note: Due to popular demand we ARE going to have an SoL epilogue after it's over. Just Masami, friends, and family in an ordinary day.

>> No.44050837

I suppose some other character might be nice, Masami is good too though.

Thanks for running.

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