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>After traveling with your party for a while, the mysterious swordswoman has decided that you will make a good husband
>She expects you to stay home and provide for the children while she keeps the land safe
>She refuses to leave until you accept her proposal

What does your character do?

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Had a character "death" more or less go the same way. At the time it made sense but I wouldn't ever do it again.

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Slay the wench for the gall to make demands of a knight of noble blood.

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Ok let's see the responses of my past characters:

Enoch Gallus, cleric of the EMPRAH:
>Sorry, I made a vow of celibacy.
(Not actually true, but she probably wouldn't find out.)

Hans, hunter, targeteer, mercenary from the Old World

Ironfist, warforged warlord/fighter

Grash half-orc fighter
>Only if you can beat me first!

Corran Finn, failed jedi apprentice, smuggler, entrepreneur, on the run from the Galactic Empire since 14
>If you can find me again, I might even think about it!

Father Alejandro of the Castillian nobility (thean priests can actually marry)
>So, not much change from what I do already? See my father abut it, he might have some qualms about it, since you don't seem to have noble birth.

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>Staying at home in a medieval setting
>Less risk of disease
>Less risk of dying in battle
>No risk of dying of childbirth because man
>I can do whatever the fuck I want while the stupid bitch risks her life on the battlefield

Hell yes I accept the proposal.

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Crash this thread with no survivors

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Well fuck that stupid bitch and fuck the GM for trying to take away my character and possibly inserting his femdom fetish into the game.

My character goes to the guards and sues the shit out of that can't.

And just how did I manage to be a player for once?

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>sues the shit out of that can't
that cunt

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My current character would try to escape in the middle of the night. Likely screaming and flailing his arms around ineffectually.

While this is obviously some kind of magical realm thread, I do think this topic has some room to be interesting given the wording though. Presumably, a character would just have free reign to drag the swordswoman around through the entire campaign before making a decision, then retire to raise children afterwards. There might be some neat scenarios to draw out of this.

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I appreciate the attempt at evening out gender roles, but sending the pregnant one out to battle while the perfectly healthy and able one stays home and does jack shite doesn't seem like a terribly good idea at all.

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She can just stay in the party for as long as she wants then. Maybe one day he'll challenge her to a dual to determine who will become the housewife.

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Imagine that in the particular setting in question men don't have the right to refuse proposals from womem. How does it affect thongs?

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The winner becomes the housewife, right?

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So wait, instead of absolutely anything sexual, now even female NPCs are Magical Realm?
Damn, I feel so dirty for including them in my games!

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>shocking grasps to armour

Alright, where were we?

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Stall for time.
Research her background.
If she's a good and viable choice as a consort for my soon to be imperial founding, "accept" by dictating that she is my inferior.
If she's not, either have my current girlfriend run her off, use my superior social skills to convince her otherwise or just spread the vilest lies about her so that someone else runs her off.

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Take a page out of the typical harem manga and have the PC avoid a proper answer for as long as possible.
You know, forget PCs entirely. Go for a double subversion of the typical set up. The breadwinner of the family is a martial woman, her husband stays at home to raise children but he's secretly more dangerous than her on the battlefield when applied.

Female NPCs are not inherently magical realm but the OP image is from a pornographic game and the scenario he's giving us is skirting somewhere between amazoness and femdom fantasies.

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>implying that a Kai Lord has time for this shit
I have a fucking army to beat first and I also have to restore my order to its former glory

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>OP image is from a pornographic game
>he's giving us is skirting somewhere between amazoness and femdom fantasies
It's super easy to cockblock tho so don't get your panties in a twist. I'd only call somebody out on this if they were a repeated offender in Magical Realming.

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Forcing(woman refusing no for an answer or to change the terms of the relationship) a character into a situation that takes away their agency and resembles a somwhat popular fetish has good chances to be.
Then you have OP's anime pic and there being nothing more to the situation.

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Flattering, but I have a duty to the land and its people. How can I spread the light if I'm kept at home?

Look, I have no objection to being a house-husband; it'd be nice to take a break from risking my life fighting dragons, demons, cults, orcs, bandits, barbarians, necromancers and every other sundry whatever that decides it wants to ruin an otherwise lovely day... But I'm sorry - other come first. As long as there's darkness that threatens the lives and happiness of innocents that cannot defend themselves, I have to fight it. I couldn't live with myself otherwise.

And honestly, if I was any other kind of man, would you still feel the same way for me? I'm glad you won't leave until I accept however, I... Well, I've come to really cherish your company.

Yes, that is a confession. ...Heh, you know, you're a lot cuter when you blush and smile like that.

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Would this Lord of Kai be a Takeda?

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I'm firing blanks. We can't have kids.

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I think it's less katana, more sommerswerd...

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But I am a grill

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Man, I don't know why, but I've always loathed the femdom fetish. I mean, it's not as weird as some of the stuff I've seen, but it feels very queasy, very emasculating. Like men who prefer to be treated like women instead.

I'm not sure how I'm supposed to describe it. My character would probably insist on dueling her to see who gets to be on top.

Seriously, the word 'house-husband' makes me cringe.

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Say no you autists

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That's not even femdom in my opinion

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It sounds pretty close, though. And there's overtones of it. It's like how the anime 'K' smoldered with homosexual tension in every scene, despite having a busty swordswoman and a catgirl who hated wearing clothes.

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My drow sorcerer would accept in a heartbeat. He would then proceed to acquire the whole town they live in trough money and politics.

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We had a Rance thread yesterday, now we're having a Kenshin thread?

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Saving princesses from dragons resembles an even more popular fetish (namely cute girls in pretty dresses) but nobody is crying about that.

>nothing more to the situation
I see the opportunity to introduce an NPC. This is good and interesting unless you play with a shit GM which you shouldn't be doing in the first place.

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I go for the better Sengoku girl

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Saving damsels in distress is as old as myth itself. It's way worse when people try to 'subvert' things or play with because 'LOL look how intelligen we r.'

The fact you're trying to justify it is all the more reason to tell you to fuck off.

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>It sounds pretty close, though
Not really? She's not even actually forcing your character, just stating her conditions and refusing to take no for an answer. That's pretty far from femdom.

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I'm not sure if you're deliberately being obtuse, or if you're just dense. At any rate, to spoil your fantasies, the swordswoman in the OP picture is very much on the bottom when it comes to sex.

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Make nice comfy home in pocket dimension with additional enchantments for warping time so I can comfortably attend both inside and outside of it. The part with children will be a little tricky considering they're both girls, but I'm sure we can make it work somehow.

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She's the leader of one of the most powerful clans in her home country.

And the second best swordsman (well she's a woman but you know what I mean) on her home continent.

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Funnily enough >>43997591
is even more of a bottom in the bedroom.

But far more equal outside of it.

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If you really only want to hear/play the same stories over and over again I'm not stopping you. I'm just saying you have a shit taste and not every change is bad.

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Sure, and I'm saying that you're a perverted semi-man. An eunuch has more balls than you.

>> No.43997661

And you are an angry virgin who desperately wants to seem masculine.

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I'd much rather discuss Helman armour

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Honestly, I'm just tired of people who think that swapping gender roles is the most progressive or original thing ever. Shit's been done and overdone, to the point it isn't even novel.

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Senhime's not really a bottom to my knowledge, she just doesn't give a shit. She'll stand still and deadpan while Rance does weird shit to her.

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I'd rather not. People might get mad.

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Can we keep retarded animu waifu scenarios unrelated to traditional gaming in /a/, please? There isn't a fucking person in the world whose character would agree to such a demand, or make such a demand, because the shit's retarded.

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She does anal and bondage.

Yeah it's in part because she doesn't really give a shit but that's the definition of being a bottom.

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>At any rate, to spoil your fantasies, the swordswoman in the OP picture is very much on the bottom when it comes to sex.
I'm already aware. I'm just saying that something that the stuff is too minor to be actually femdom.

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I'm pretty tired of it too. I don't mind women in power really, but a straight reversal of gender roles is the most boring thing. I couldn't list them, but I do believe there're inherent differences in men and women that need to be taken into account for making compelling characters, and a woman can be a strong character and dominant in her relationship without just flipping the standard role of husband and wife.

At best when you just flip it, it's a small novelty. At worst, it's an ignorant appeal at political correctness.

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>She expects you to stay home and provide for the children while she keeps the land safe

Now, the single most important question - who owns the land in question?
If it's her lands and I can inherit them by marrying her then fine, I'll make sure she doesn't return from one of the patrols.
If it's her lands and without her other heirs would get them - maybe, but mostly depends on how much can I negotiate out of it and what are other potential spouses.

But if I even hear a word about someone who isn't my sovereign proclaiming about how I'm gonna get married whether I like it or not and that I'll be forbidden from travelling in my own land... pic related.

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The classic princess saving story has been done and overdone as well, it doesn't make it bad. Just don't pretend you are the first one to use it, but I don't think anybody in this thread does.

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Sepia presumably doesn't have the cloak because she's taking part in an invasion of Leazas/Free Cities which are much warmer than Helman

>> No.43997730

Cripple her sword hand.
"Wives stay at home no exceptions."
-Crawg The Not so Nice Barbarian
It won't even be a serious problem cause the other wives will pick up her slack.

>> No.43997733

Saving someone is a different situation because "saving" requires there to be danger to that person. There is purpose in protecting another human being. Here we don't have any context so all we know about that woman is that she's a stubborn misandrist who will severly limit my character's range of action.

What we are talking about is at best an NPC that's really annoying to one player. Maybe you can get some character development from her to be less of a bigot, but frankly I deal with that bullshit in real life often enough.

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Scrolling past I thought the thumbnail was a picture of rance same hair color and similar attire

>> No.43997769

I go find my waifu, of course.

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If you refuse her like 90% of adventurers do you get a hireling. I don't see how that limits your character in any way. Also annoying characters can be fun.

>I deal with that bullshit in real life often enough.
I have never understood people who willingly associate with associate with idiots of either gender.

>> No.43997791

>fuck that stupid bitch
Sounds like that's what she wants you to do.

>> No.43997797

Maybe, but there's a difference between submissive and indifferent.
You were comparing her to Kenshin, but Senhime is not more submissive than Kenshin. Kenshin is ultra submissive. Senhime is ultra indifferent.

And Ranmaru is best girl.

>> No.43997822

What if i just keep her around forever and go and marry another prettier better wife that cooks and cleans? Could i just have the easy life at home while one wife cooks and the pseudo wife fights to earn us money?

>> No.43997825

What children?
Besides I'm not a lesbian.
GTFO, crazy bitch.

>> No.43997829

>She'll stand still and deadpan while Rance does weird shit to her.
>that's the definition of being a bottom.
Nah, that's the definition of Reiclone.

>> No.43997847

>If you refuse her like 90% of adventurers do you get a hireling
Yeah, and depending on how annyoing she that's just not worth it. Doesn't help that she's solely focused on one character, giving him more power over the group.

>I have never understood people who willingly associate with associate with idiots of either gender
You don't, you just happen to come across them and sometimes they're to damn annoying for you to eat everything up. On the severe end of things I've met was a hair stylist that just cut off most of my hair because "that's how a real man looks". Bad example, I know, but that's all that I have.

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He'd politely decline, mentioning the fact he has a wife and child waiting for him in his hometown. If she won't accept the rejection he'd talk to the other members of the party about her and try to make resolving this a group effort.

>> No.43997860

Compromise. Betroth your character's child.

>> No.43997867

Given that my current character is a Reploid, my last one was a Golem, and the one before that was a Bangaa who already had a crush on someone else, I'm afraid poor Kenshin's gonna have to look elsewhere

>> No.43997868

Accept, wait for her to leave then go back to what I was doing, demand the xp for beating the encounter from my dm

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She's only a reiclone in the bedroom.

She's actually quite socially capable when she's not lusting for blood and getting involved in fights.

When JAPAN finally gets unified most people there decide to either train or enjoy the peace. Sen goes off to to become a mercenary in Helman (Rance world Imperial Russia) because she wants to fight shit.

But when she needs to be she's actually quite good socially and able to manage and organise and host things quite well.

When she found out she was pregnant she wanted to go to the demon realm and kill some monsters because for some reason she believed it would make sure her child would grown up to be strong and capable of fighting and grow up to be proud of it's mother.

Kenshin on the other hand is an idiot savant who needs someone to look after her.

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Whilst she is quite taken that someone loves her, she none the less calmly explains to her that children are quite out of the question as both of them are female.

She also explains that the reason every little town we've come across treats us like celebrities is specifically because she's a local hero to all of them. Her life before the party was spent literally travelling from town to town and helping them in all manner of things.
And once the adventure comes to an end and they all part ways, she intends to go right back to her life as the hero of the people.

She's essentially a Princess Sapphire, Robin Hood hybrid following a lot of the hero of the people tropes

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The best Rance waifus for /tg/ would be Arms Arc or Miracle.

>> No.43997888

Holy shit, this chick is a fucking genius. The child would come out of the womb battle hardened!

>> No.43997891

The xp of letting the kids die from not having anyone care for them?

>> No.43997904

To be fair, the literary trick of flipping genders is meant to test how good a character is. It's not really meant to be used in place of actually writing.

>> No.43997919

That's the plan

>> No.43997920

Real question. How does this work?

>> No.43997939

In response to Op: depends. My end game entails stable relations between nations. If she's clever, I'm game. I like Zhuge Liang for a reason, after all.

You realise you'd have servants, right?

>> No.43997944

And the child name? Guts

>> No.43997956

Well Senhime has lvl2 in housewife or something while her combat skills are only lvl1.

>> No.43997977

down the list...

twig, the lost wizard; probably actually accepts, was trying to just get home anyway.

garu'uk barbarian psion; mind seed her.

surus the layabout; never left home anyway. also undead and incapable of reproducing?

frityof; refuses outright. he is already married and is part of the primary source of both meat and income for his tribe.

>> No.43997983

I have not played this game but this girl sounds like best girl.

>> No.43997994

In the Rance world characters have skill levels.

Someone who is level one is sword combat is someone who excels at sword fighting.

Someone who is level two is brilliant and the kind of person who can basically turn the tides of battles on their own. Kenshin and Rance are level 2 swordsmen. Now Kenshin spends far more time training than Rance and is more talented so gets more out of her sword skill than Rance does.

And someone who is level 3 is pretty much a once in a generation legend who will be remembered forever. Like Annis the Allykiller.

Sen has a level one in motherhood.

>> No.43998006

Unlike Kenshin she's perfectly capable of handling herself in social situations

>> No.43998016

No the xp from beating the bitch that tried to make me take care of her kids, beat the encounter deserve xp for it.
Also if the kids die they are not mine. >>43997891

>> No.43998022

Her level two is in household management.

Which means she's not only incredibly gifted in making sure the house is kept well but also managing household finances/servants etc.

>> No.43998036

Real short answer: Take character you're writing. Flip sex/gender. Does the character still work? Then it's fine.

Mostly you want to avoid characters who're a collection of stereotypes. This helps with the sex-related ones, which will help with more realistic portrayals.

This doesn't mean you can't have physical traits play in, but depth is the thing.

My shorthand is, if the character can be summarized "lol x amirite?" then it's pretty bad. I try to work in a basic motivation in semi-important characters.

Often female characters are shittily written, but it's been known to happen to others. Off-hand, most romcoms have terrible female characters (since they're ripping off Jane Ëyre) - see Twilight. Then there's stuff like Eyecandy McBoobs in Transformers.

Sorry about the short answer. On my phone.

>> No.43998045

Which is sort of to be expected since she's the last remaining original Tokugawa.

>> No.43998060

>if the character can be summarized "lol x amirite?"
If you try hard enough you can basically boil down every fictional character to that level

>> No.43998061

Yeah but i wouldn't have a fuckable wife 24/7.

>> No.43998073 [SPOILER] 

"I challenge you to a duel: you win i accept your terms; you lose you accept mine. I'll tell you mi terms if you accept the challenge."
"So you're in? Fine, listen: if i win you'll be my loving wife, we'll travel around solving problems and having adventures and fall asleep each night in one another's arms, C U D D L I N G and making sweet love and H O L D I N G E A C H O T H E R ' S H A N D S.
Ah! Your face! Perhaps you should have tought about it before accepting my challenge!

>> No.43998081

>What does your character do?
I'm an Unchained Saboteur. I like humans, but not that much.

>> No.43998084

I suppose it would depending on how much boiling. Can it be done easily or do you gotta handwave shit away and seriously look for the single defining trope.

>> No.43998090

>> No.43998123

My current character is a male Sith. They ain't gonna listen and may kill her if she gets in the way.

My previous character was female so they get confused as to where these kids even came from. She doesn't remember adopting any kids...

>> No.43998131

>Character #1 becomes Nightwing from DC
>Character #2 becomes Griffith from Berserk
I'm okay with this.

>> No.43998150

>"Let's just drop the kids at some priest's doorstep and call it a day, yeah? Speaking of which, wanna make a few more?"

>> No.43998167

Refuse. She's a good Fighter and one more sword is always welcome. Eventually she will either die in combat or give up, or find someone else to marry. In the meantime, find a woman i actually like and marry her

>> No.43998181

>> No.43998183

>She has a 2 in housework
>Her housework can turn the tide of battles

>> No.43998193

>Get her pregnant again, so she is no longer fit for battle and has to go look after the other kids herself

>> No.43998204

>pshh nothing personnel

>> No.43998211

Well that's for combat related skills.

It's just that she's as good as household management as someone like Kenshin as at sword combat.

Rance never knocked up Kenshin
He did knock up Isoroku, Sen and Teru though

>> No.43998220

holy shit that ninja 3, best catgirl is best.

>> No.43998230

>wanting me to stay at home
>not wanting to become a Battle Couple and conduct JOLLY MATRIMONIAL COOPERATION
I reject her offer, as she knows nothing of honor, adventure, or true romance.

If I wanted to marry some emotionally stunted autist who just bashes things with a blade, I'd marry the paladin.

>> No.43998235

I mean kunoichi 3, but still.

>> No.43998245

Not really, more ''I aint got time for kids, get the fuck out my way''. So less ''nothing personal'' more Deadbeat Dad

>> No.43998246

She's also dead

Annis the Allykiller is a level 3 though. She basically singlehandily recharged all the damaged mana batteries that powered a magical equivalent of the maginot line.

She gets her nickname from the unintended collateral damages she often inflicts.

Miracle is another level 3 mage

>> No.43998262

So you want >>43997877?

>> No.43998276

I guess? Rance was always too retarded for me to care

>> No.43998346

Well shit, when did that happened,unless I'm forgetting what happened to her during Sengoku Rance.

>> No.43998365

Rance Quest

You know how she told Rance that her taking poison all the time to build immunities was killing her? And then after seeing him get angry and say he'll get every doctor in the world to come and save her, told him that she was joking?

Well she wasn't joking

>> No.43998374


>> No.43998402


>> No.43998403

Yeah. I did say it was a shorthand. You want to avoid a Lair of the White Worm kind of thing, where you have the evil black guy fuck up because "lol dark continent dumbass, amirite" and the main villain wavering between calculating primordial monster and "lol women amirite", but then again this was an episodical story and Bram Stoker seems mostly to have lucked out with a great villain in Dracula (also van Helsing) and The Mummy.

I use the motivation check in RPGs, mostly it helps with sandbox games but it's good in general.

Of course my laziest is just throwing in needed characters and then doing a 50/50 division of sex straight down the line unless there's a reason not to (e g nunnery or monastery)

>> No.43998407

Dammit, does she at least become something like youngest Mouri after?

>> No.43998410

Nice grammar.

>> No.43998421

Probably never?

For a bit but then she moves on.

>> No.43998438

Awesome, we could use another kill stick in the party.
Also, retirement secured, she has a home she expects me to stay in. That means she HAS a home.
All in all, no worries on my end.

>> No.43998443

This. Crawg ain't got time for that shit. He'll settle down when he's got 20+ wives waiting at home and he won't be returning a failure.

>> No.43998491

Snort at the thought of making half-dwarves
Go to tavern
Drink entirely too much
Nobody likes Urist McScarface after he's had a few drinks
Nobody ;_;

>> No.43998507

>he doesn't get the reference

>> No.43998516

Well, my character is a thirteen year old girl with at least the power of a god, probably more (since she can punch them out), she looks at this woman in confusion and asks her if she really thinks that will work.

>> No.43998519

Maybe because even if you are a fucking dwarf you can't hold your alcohol. Be like me and stop drinking.

>> No.43998525


>> No.43998531

>being this new

>> No.43998547

Considering my last character was more or less an expy of Lighting Warrior Raidy for a short lived online ero-rpg I was in, the two of them will sleep together. Likely from the sword-woman romancing her, but Shoumei isn't going to just settle down.
Not until she's tracked down her mothers killer at least.
Then sure, why not settle down and look after their future lesbian babies.

Along with the three exvillain ladies she redeemed that then ended up becoming her harem.
They can become maids.

>> No.43998557

Wait, what happens if she just sticks around? She just keeps nagging me to do it?

>> No.43998558

HERO. An 80 strength is enough to punch out most gods, a 20 dex is still slower than a lot of them, but if you have combat skill levels, you can still tag the bastards, and most of them aren't tough enough to survive the application of 6,400 tons of force to the dome more than a few times.

>> No.43998564

Well, stay conscious after repeated application of that much force.

>> No.43998589

>After traveling with your party for a while, the mysterious mage has decided that you will make a good general
>She expects you to be one of her general in her dream team she will use to unify humanity and fight off demons and invaders for other dimensions. You will be well rewarded in status and financially for your service.
>she refuses to leave until you accept her proposal

What does your character do?

>> No.43998622

"What does your character do" threads are painful to a forever DM.

>> No.43998656

>this many bites

>> No.43998659


>young and naive noble elf wizard

We'll have to talk to my parents....and they'll probably veto it if she's not also nobility.

On the other hand, he'd probably be relieved to get to stay at home and keep away from all the blood and stuff that he' otherwise got to look at.


Nope. I'm already married, technically, and while it's important to run the house right, I'm not going to just sit at home and do that.
Even if I was going to go for it, then we'd have to agree on sharing the work, or find decent fantasy childcare and go campaigning together.

>> No.43998674

Painful to me as a player as well, because I have to see all these idiots discussing idiotic subjects like OPs, because I have to think to myself, "how the hell am I going to find an enjoyable online group if this is what the players have become"?

>> No.43998680


Accepts, though I might want to see about bringing some of my buddies as advisors.

>> No.43998739

Just use your last DMNPC instead.
I know you have at least one.

>> No.43998812

He asks her. "Do you even have a permanent base of operations."

>> No.43998867

My character would accept, as long she helps him with his research

>> No.43998914

>>43998558 here
She would be respond: "I'm less a general and more of a massive hammer. I'd make an excellent figurehead, but surely you have better tacticians than me? Certainly ones who also won't be in the thick of it most of the time. If you insist, I'll figure out who a decent actual leader will be, and play figurehead."

In truth, she's been taught tactics by her crazy uncles and aunts.

>> No.43998921

I have no idea why this character is the OP picture because she was such an understanding person she was willing to just enter a monastery and remain pure for the rest of her life if Rance didn't accept her love.

>> No.43998930

>bumbling Rogue who's really, REALLY good at cooking
>so good at cooking, that it's the only reason that the players asked to have him join
>he agreed to go because he always dreamed of being a big time adventurer
>wound up in a romantic relationship with the party ranger already

The party ranger's very headstrong. Catfight over the rogue, I guess.

>> No.43998936

Cry, when a level 6 warlock who is nerly 13 is the best you can find to run an army it's time to give up on keeping the world safe and find a way to let the Great Old Ones that give me my power in. being the only one able to plan things out ooc has not helped my ic hopes of finding a responsible adult to take care of me so the only family I have think gravity is something I can out grow.

>> No.43998996

Wife. I always play female characters, so I assume she's some turbo swordslesbian, in my case. I have something I definitely have to do, so I won't be staying home until then. But afterwards, sure!

>> No.43998998

Depends on the character.
>My half elf sorcerer just left a marriage to pursue an adventures life so he would turn her down
>My goliath fighter would need her to beat him in combat. If she wins then he would return to a gladiator`s lifestyle to raise money for the home life
>My warlock would not agree on grounds that he can't become more powerful if he is just sitting at home and working a commoner`s job. Plus Idk if he would be the best caretaker in general.

>> No.43999025

>triggering intensifies

>> No.43999064

All of my current characters would agree to this for varying reasons. Sorcerer wants to end tyranny and create world peace, goliath wants to fight the strongest enemies he can find throughout all of the planes to prove his might to his ancestors, and the warlock would usurper the mage who leads this army after using it to defeat all threats to his patron, Baphomet. Then with his lord and himself in command of the army they would usher in an age or darkness and brimstone.

>> No.43999074


Ain't nothing wrong with that, friend.

When you find a guy or girl that's reasonably easy on the eyes and can whip up some masterful cuisine, you better put a ring on that.

Bonus if they're great with kids. Actually no scratch that, *especially* if they're great with kids, people go crazy for that.

>> No.43999084

>What does your character do?
Becomes a masterful accountant, obviously.

"Estate profits are up 298%!"

>> No.43999114

Hutts aren't even biologically compatible with humans, you moron, were you too busy fantasising about having a house-husband slug to pay attention while travelling with us?

Either she gets escorted off the ship by our crazy Nikto death-cult security force, or gets used as a shield so I can soak up even more damage while waiting my turn to obliterate whoever's stupid enough to fight us.

>> No.43999123


What does a Hutt even *do* besides eat frogs and go HOO HOO HOO?

>> No.43999139

Make money illegaly

>> No.43999143

Turns out if they put their mind to it instead of politicking and crimelording they can make incredible combatants, it takes a lot of strength and toughness to haul that heavy ass around. At least in FFG Star Wars they can.
Made mine as a heavy weapons guy, motherfucker was using a vibro-chainsaw as an emergency melee sidearm from the start of the campaign because he was just that strong. Now he wields the equivalent of a Browning M2 as a man... uh, slug-portable weapon.

>> No.43999162

Are those from a game? I could use more pictures like that for my game.

>> No.43999169

>it takes a lot of strength and toughness to haul that heavy ass around
Yeah, and when you're busy using that strength to haul your fat maggot ass around it can't be utilized for combat purposes. Have a guy who can carry 300 kilos carry 290 kilos around and all he's got left in him is 10 kilos.

>> No.43999170

They're like the Glukkons in Oddworld. Completely inept in a physical manner but are total whizzes when it comes to making money.

>> No.43999188

That's what the power-assisted body armour with repulsors in the bottom's for.

>> No.43999203

They're from Rance IX: The Helman Revolution.

>> No.43999207

Hutts aren't strong when wearing strength-enhancing power armour. Anyone is strong when wearing strength-enhancing power amour.

>> No.43999208


Power armor and repulsors pretty much negate the "I'm strong because I'm a huge slug" bit though.

You might as well give a Human some power-assisted body armor and repulsors.

>> No.43999225


More like a guy who can carry 800 kilos using 400 of it to carry his ass around. He's using a lot on himself but he's still horrifically strong without it.

>> No.43999234

Thanks mate.

>> No.43999258

This. The Heavy spec actually grants you increased equipment carrying capacity, because picking that means you're gonna get fucking swole. Even if you're using most of that to carry weapons instead of punching heads off.
Hutts get a starting Brawn (a mix of both strength and toughness) stat on par with a Wookiee and better Willpower, at the cost of shit agility and being seriously bad at combat mobility without the repulsor suits. Having to fight a duel without one was a painful experience.

>> No.43999274

>parlaying with swordfags
>not getting knuckle-deep in their eye sockets the moment they drift off to sleep to dream of tea parties and whatever shit sword users dream of
It's like you don't even know what a barbarian is

>> No.43999292

>barbarian good at cqc

>> No.43999295

>It's like you don't even know what a barbarian is

A barbarian is an "uncivilized" individual from what is often a tribal background. They're absolutely willing to listen to reason and in fact the whole "savage violent asshole" thing is largely a myth.

A barbarian who is given the offer to marry a healthy, nubile woman would probably take it, or at the very least not go apeshit and try to kill the lady.

>> No.43999303

Challenge her to a duel for modified terms.
If I win, I get to be her bodyguard as well as her husband.
Then I go to town on her with my bigass zweihander.

>> No.43999337

Well the whole "Stay at home while I fight" Thing would lose a few points. Barbarians seem fairly egalitarian in some settings so not having that but also forcing the established champion to sit at home while his possibly preggers wife runs off probably aint gonna happen because it makes zero sense.

>> No.43999356

I have a Not!Angry Marine Paladin who uses the party Bard in specially designed padded on the inside spikes on the outside armour as his main weapon so... I'd probably grab my Bard

>> No.43999380

But what goddamn standards does she think he's good husband materiel.

He has
>Doomed an entire nation to extinction because of pure stupidity by killing the heroes trying to save it by accident.
>Robbed the dying land blind of it's valueables
>Used the almost total genocide as an opportunity to live out his childish fantasies of breaking shit like walls.

He also may have or may have not locked a bunch of small children in a room with giant spiders. The DM was kind of vague about it but that might have or might have not happened.

>> No.43999395

Laugh, agree to the marriage if that's what she wants, but staying home is off the menu. I got shit to do and she's welcome to join, though.

>> No.43999420

>How does it affect thongs?
Probably a lot more ball support.

>> No.43999440

Uhh, my Slaaneshi champion was sort of in the middle of something that I think no self respecting person would look at and say "Yep that good husband material there" but hey if shes really that kinky sure, why not. It'll be cute when she tries to stop him from leaving.

>> No.43999447


Man thongs already exist, in fact they're called "speedos" and worn as swimwear.

>> No.43999453

>Fuck that bitch stupid

Fixed that for you

>> No.43999478

Joke's on her, I cast Plane Shift.

>> No.43999496

>Implying my character has the parts needed for making babies
>Implying "he" has any interest in romance or marriage
Sorry, lady, you can want me to be a stay-at-home husband all you want, but it ain't happening as long as there are slaves to liberate and injustice to fight.

>> No.43999526

There was a campaign where this happened.

It had a really shitty ending too because of that.

>> No.43999531

Fight and win, proving that I should be the one keeping the land safe.

Then leave her and never come back.

>> No.43999609

I'm playing a low-life contract killer from the docks turned alcoholic, vagabond mercenary with a tendency towards dark humor, thievery, and disrespect of legitimate authority in both reasonable and unreasonable situations.

The only two points in my favor are being relatively bright and not patronizing whorehouses. That isn't much to base a relationship on.

I am clearly not a good candidate for a husband. I am an even worse candidate for taking care of children. This woman clearly has little to no concept of how to raise a child. Morally I cannot be a party to any scheme of hers that involves her being the legal guardian of a child to any degree.

Refuse and run off in the middle of the night to start a new life. Again.

>> No.43999615

>Male Human Fighter
"No. I'm married."
Leaves anyways. What is she going to do, attack him?

>Male Half-Orc Barbarian
Actually kind of impressed and, if he's known her long enough, challenges her to a two-out-of-three duel with that deal on the line to see if she could actually do it.

>Female Half-Elf Bard
Makes her excuses and bails, feeling offended that she was taken as a feminine man.

>Male Human Cleric of Erastil
"You seem nice enough, but you should know by now that proposal doesn't sit right with me, and you know damn well why."

>> No.43999623

Oh come on now, don't be a wimp. It's alright if you don't enjoy femdom, but don't try to hide behind your masculinity to defend your preferences. It just makes you sound insecure.

>> No.43999669

Bitch, I am a fucking kobold and a fucking wizard. I'm a third of the reason the land ISN'T safe. Now put me down before I start casting.

>> No.43999690

"No thanks, lady. And before you ask, no it's not because you're ugly, or not good enough for me. It's because I met you five minutes ago. You're a complete stranger, and given that you're the type to ask for marriage and a domestic arrangement to a random stranger tells me all I need to know. Next time, start out simpler, like with a simple date."

He's a nice guy with good intentions, but he doesn't let anyone tell him what to do.

>> No.43999701

He declines.
Not out of spite, but because of his condition of being a spooky skeleton.
Perhaps if she were to help on his quest it could be different, after all, House Dunwich is a wealthy and powerful family.

>> No.43999727

>House Dunwich
Talk about red flags.

>> No.43999858

My players aren't exactly well-read.
It's funny either way.

They are very suspicious about me, but I claim to be a leper, and have supported that a few times.
Our paladin knows, but is keeping a close eye on me, he wants to see what I do, as he is not quite sure where my motives lie.

>> No.43999882

She's evidently a horrible judge of character because my current one is a neutral evil witch who took over someone else's body after getting killed and then trapped the poor guy inside a wolf.

>> No.44000037

Keep 'sexy' harems of biologically incompatible species that they can feed to their giant pets on a whim?

That's sexy to creatures like us. Honestly I think Hutts would have seen Jabba and his harem akin to someone that screws animals.

>> No.44000085

OP said she'd been travelling with you for awhile.She obviously has gotten to know you well enough to decide on marriage.
If she's still a stranger to you after all that time then that is actually your own fault for not getting to know your team mates.

>> No.44000125

Not entirely. He is an oddity among the hutt but its not an aspect solely to him. Most hutt have slave species due to their immobility. a small percentage of hutt come to find them attractive for different reasons. The vast majority of hutt find the very idea disgusting but there are fence sitters. Its not viewed like fucking a dog but it is a very odd thing. Think how an athiest might view an extremely christian person and you'll be pretty close to it.

>> No.44000166

Such a shamefur creature cannot be called a human.

You're a monster!

>> No.44000191

Stay home, become wizard

Find out she's sempai in the streets kohai in the sheets

>> No.44000198

How did they get by before space travel gave them slaves?

>> No.44000241

They were fit if i recall and the planet was forgiving. It was a status symbol or something to be a fat slug but thats just how they are now.

>> No.44000250

>/fit/ hutts
Well I know what my next Starwars RPG character will be.

>> No.44000257

>"I got a career to keep to, ma'am. Honestly I thought you'd be more into the Wizard or the Ranger."

>> No.44000263

Heres an example though it is a force sensitive.
dem abs tho

>> No.44000264

Since I was already on the page:

>> No.44000321

>I can't be your husband, I'm a woman! And straight, anyway. It doesn't work.

>> No.44000338

>You are now imagining a Hutt using the force to hop around like Yoda did in the prequels.

>> No.44000362

>''I'm sorry but i already married a female blue dragon and our kids have just been born.''

>> No.44000365

>Drink with the lads every night
>wink a busty redheaded tavern wench
>Bang busty redheads while shes away adventuring
>wink at doe-eyed bakery girl
>bang the flour off her buns while wife is away adventuring


>> No.44000374

Jedi:"wait! Waitwaitwait."
Jedi:"i'm gonna have to take a raincheck on this duel to the death. Your landing is shaking the entire space station apart. I'l fight you when you're on solid ground and away from population centers. Don't even worry about calling me the seismic detection agencies will have my number."

>> No.44000376

>She's asking a bard to be her husband...
It's like she wants to get keked with half the women from their hometown.

>> No.44000380

>He actually doesn't use the lightsaber anything but blocking, he mostly just body slams his opponents.

>> No.44000389

>wink at buxom washer woman one fine morning by the river
>bang the stains our her clothes by the river while the wife adventures
>Introduce myself to the naive, fair novice at the temple
>giverthe script while wife is away adventuring

>> No.44000449

>wink at doe-eyed bakery girl
>bang the flour off her buns while wife is away adventuring

>> No.44000750

Thats the one! All floured up and jiggling.

>> No.44000966

Looks familiar. Sauce?

>> No.44001134

>My androgynous bard would turn her down and leave her. He doesn't like stubborn people who can't take no for an answer.
>My rugged rogue turns her down aswell and travels to another world if she won't stop bugging him. World travel for the win!
>My powerhouse superhero will laugh in her face then turn her down. Like in the pic.

>> No.44001174

Tell her that I'm gay.

>> No.44001186

She's probably a follower of Chaos, then, they have a broader spectrum of "acceptable" things.

>> No.44001472

A mostly CP VN that was made by Krautchan. Funny though.

>> No.44001533

>I'm the co-founder of a successful drug empire, I've made breakthroughs in hardlight and artifical intelligence, and you want WOT from me?
>Also I'm not male. Get your eyes checked. Fuckwit.

>> No.44001537

>"If you want my hand in marriage, you must duel me for it. I cannot love somebody who is weaker than I am."

Gender, age, status, all irrelevant. She's going to fall in love with the first person she meets who can defeat her in a fair duel.

>> No.44001614

>Female Zenith Caste Solar from Coral
"Tell you what. When I have united the West under Coral's rule, I will be your husband, and we can have somebody else take care of the kids. There is bound to be a Stone of Gender Transformation around here somewhere... However, there is no way I am being a stay at home Dad, I will have an empire to rule!'

>> No.44001731

Use my hyper Weapon

>> No.44001808

no Moe 3
am disappoint

>> No.44001833


Tell her to fuck off and go kill some dragons. There are epic deeds to be done and glorious death to be had!

>> No.44001926

Knockout potion in her drink, gag and rope, nearest empty crate, nearest merchant vessel going somewhere far, far away. Bon voyage, Blood Carpet

>> No.44002158

> fur clad barbarian girl with a big axe and no experienceor desire in leading people
> " Why the fuck do you think this would be a good idea?"

>> No.44002203

>shes asking a fantasy CIA agent from a shadowy puppeteer organization to settle down
Good luck trying to find him again.

>> No.44002292

I think she can manage, she´s a big girl 4u__

>> No.44002355

Most of those aren't even that edgy desu, just pre modern values about insults and honor.

>> No.44002414

>She refuses to leave until you accept her proposal

>Keep her around as a bodyguard, deliberately waffling with her proposal
>Don't pay her because she'll never leave anyway
>Give her just enough attention to keep her around
>When she becomes too old/injured to effectively guard me, leave her, hopefully by publicly kissing another woman in front of her

Girls can be keks too.

>> No.44003308

Point out I'm already married to the barbarian and she'll probably implement a similar arrangement once we settle down

Also point out the barbarian has no issues with polygamy given she's already sharing me with the elf
The swordswoman will probably have to prove herself to both of them if she wants to join in

OOC: really guys? This is like a bad harem anime

>> No.44003458

>OOC: really guys? This is like a bad harem anime
I don't get it, if you are already in something like that in your campaign with the barbarian, doesn't that mean that your campaign is already sorta like your spoiler?

>> No.44003729

Not a big fan of this method. Part of my current character's background is heavily related to being a mother and it wouldn't quite work the same if she were a guy.

Maybe that works but with the exception to the rule being rather important sex specific stuff like child birth.

>> No.44003742

Haazel return my armor this instant!

>> No.44003780

The elf thing kinda happened cause she was openly viewing both of us as eye candy, would often join the barbarian in healerbully involving my PC, and helped set things up between them just so she could watch, I'm actually not quite sure if she's in for my PC or the barbarian

>> No.44004260

Well my current character is a Nomadic horse riding barbarian, he would accept on the grounds that she return with some spoils of war periodically. He then says that he hopes she likes eating Bison for dinner.

>> No.44004303

I ignore her and focus on the dungeon instead. I'm in this for the gold and glory.

>> No.44004418

What if it goes like that movie where Arnold Shwarzenegger gets pregnant?

>> No.44004498


Pop my Anima and caste mark, draw my daiklave, and unleash my 40 or so summoned demons on her. If that doesn't scare her off, let the party Eclipse/ my characters love interest loose on her.

>> No.44004527

My character's already married

>> No.44005469

Junior? I will never understand how you can make such a crazy premise into such a boring movie.

>> No.44005601

Unless Arnold wants to get pregnant like 20 times then no.

>> No.44005786

>no small talk
>no courting
>no poetry
>no gifts
>no meeting parents
>no dowry
>no commitment
>no viable future plans
>no incentives whatsoever
No deal. She should marry "the land" if that's all she cares about. I'm an independent adventurer who don't need no deadbeat spouse.

>> No.44005825

My character is quietly depressed to hear that she's been mistaken for a man again.

>> No.44005874

Rance can't into romance. The hyper weapon is useless here.

>> No.44006063

You fail to remember that his total inability to romance is exactly what makes her fall for him.

>> No.44006271

It's generally less a sex thing and more a money and power thing. Like, "I'm so fucking rich, I've got this pile of bitches that'd make a little shit like you cream his pants from a mile away, and I don't even fuck them. I just keep them around to remind you how fucking rich I am."
It's like owning a dozen Lamborghinis that you don't even drive, or brushing 24k gold leaf on your icecream before eating it, or dissolving pearls worth a small country in your drink (Cleopatra actually did this). Disposable wealth.

That said, Jaba was actually just a freak. EU had other Hutts comment on how distasteful his appreciation of them was.

>> No.44006453

The only real waifus in sengoku were Suzume and Senhime.

Kenshin is just a gluttonous dork.

>> No.44006612

>Shinobu only has Kunoichi 1
>It was enough to change Katsuie's entire preference for women

God damn, Suzume's technique could probably have turned Gigai straight.

>> No.44006706

Honestly, no. And my character could probably get away with telling her so.

>> No.44007357

He did a decent enough job with Kanami and Shizuka

>> No.44008046


>> No.44008235

Let her tag along for however long she wants - better to milk this situation like a string of free dinner dates and expensive gifts. Keep telling her that accepting any benefits she brings to me or the group are not a sign of validation for her feelings, and that I only love her as a good friend. Tell her that her refusal to leave is tantamount to agreeing that she will NEVER recant this proposal for as long as she lives and is bound to chastity by it.

Meanwhile, have a family life with someone else between adventures. Tell her that I continue to love her as a dear friend and I'm still considering her proposal because men are allowed to have multiple wives in my culture.

Every so often acquiesce to her voyeuristic requests when she's feeling particularly horny. She can go as far as drink my semen out of wifey's ass if she wants; it may swing my decision in her favor, I tell her.

Frequently let her babysit the kids while I'm out adventuring with the missus - you know, so she gets an idea of the kind of family life she can expect to possibly come home to in our future. Tell her she should never feel bad if I never have kids with her though - my kids may as well be hers now because of the amount of child rearing she has helped with over the years. She should dote on them as her own. The kids already love her as a second mother anyway.

Once she is too old to bear children and I'm too old to adventure, accept her proposal and live a great life with the first wife. Travel the land and live it up while this one is out keeping it safe. Everyone lives happily, prosperously and fulfilled.

>> No.44008358

That sounds horrible but
>Implying this won't strengthen her resolve even further
>Implying she won't charm your pants off
>Implying she won't vow to do anything to make you happy, as long as it means drawing you in closer

You now realize this girl is the female equivalent of a "nice guy"
You now realize that the majority of criticism on "nice guys" is just a convenient excuse to keep them on a leash without feeling guilty about it
You now realize I applies this guy's >>43998036 logic and applied it to the "nice guy" archetype

>> No.44008370

>was to marry my character.
>a good natured Earthquake wannabe who can't hold down a decent job, so he just does odd jobs and fight.
I don't know what she sees in a 350lbs, 6' 8" balding mother fucker. I'm hoping she is blind.

>> No.44008528 [DELETED] 

That was the point. I mean, I can literally have her eating my cum out of my wife's ass. I can have her work her ass off in our group while I spend all the gold coins with my 'other family'.

I call it reversekeking.

>> No.44008589

>That sounds horrible
pffft. That was the point. I mean, I can literally have her eating my cum out of my wife's ass. I can have her work her ass off in our group while I spend all the gold coins with my 'other family'.

I call it reverseϲuϲking.

>> No.44008616

>Home is my fucking cruiser
>We'll get an extra couple of servitors to 'provide for the children'

This would all be fine and good but... what land is she even talking about?

>> No.44009366

Tell her that while she is a lesbian, she's already in a stable relationship, and mention OOC that this probably wouldn't be very entertaining for everyone else at the table.

>> No.44010029

I really liked Ryouma
and yes I totally am a faggot, I know

>> No.44010555

You're a faggot, but not for why you think.

By the time Ryouoma can be captured, her statbar is utter shit compared to the other ninjas you'd have. Especially if you start out capturing Eastern territiories to get Kenshin for her brokenly powerful passive and Souun to stomp Gigai the second he shows his face, which also ends up with you getting Yoshikage since Takeda almost always declares war the turn after you beat either Hojo or Uesugi.

Suzume should be rocking ChunChun Shuriken with all 6s or better by the time you can get futabitch.

It also doesn't help that all of her talk events are bitching that you didn't recruit her even more subpar comrades

>> No.44010610

Absolutely refuses to leave?

I inject her with a sedative, and then forcibly remove the idea from her mind, possibly leaving the attraction to me if I like the idea, using advanced psychosurgery.

When she awakens I inform her she suffered something of a fall and was hurt, but no worries!

Also I start changing sexes more often to see how she reacts.

>Exhumans yaaaaay

>> No.44010676

Or, you know, you could just marry her as your second wife and not be an asshole for no reason.

Although given that it's Kenshin, I wouldn't be letting her babysit the children. She still needs her military adviser to get her snacks and make her go to bed.

>> No.44010780

I think it's safe to assume that the GM just wanted a female warrior that he thought was pretty. Not a lot of people here--myself included--don't know who this semen demon is.

>> No.44010913

The last fantasy character I played would probably end up killing the kid and smashing the house to matchsticks/gravel in a fit of uncontrollable frenzy ( https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=3ZH6aKq9w9o ) within a week if he had to care for a baby. He might make an ok husband if she's fine with being really, really careful with his temper and can outrun him when it boils over (she better be damn quick), but he would make an absolutely atrocious father, and should never be left alone with children.

>> No.44011139

>tfw Rance quest is only halfway done.

Are there any Rance games other than Sengoku that I should be playing for the story to make sense in 2017 when the English patch finally comes out?

>> No.44011311 [SPOILER] 

"Hate to tell you this lady,but Im already in love with someone else... someone who's not you... someone with a penis. so yeah, go away."

>> No.44013933

If I take care of the kids who will take care of you?

>> No.44014451

Implying she wouldn't cut you and the other woman into two.

>> No.44014486

Rance VI is absolutely pivotal to the plot of the other Rance games.

03 and IV to a lesser extent

>> No.44014534

Just get Sen to baby sit the children

>> No.44015135

Demand that marriage is a very important and not to be taken. That its VERY important that both parties ensure they are one hundred percent compatible in every way. Try and convince her to bang so i can be absolutely sure she's wife material. If successful say i haven't entirely made up my mind and must get more test samples. Go on to lead a happy life of "testing" random bar wenches and that one tubby bakers daughter to then go back to base camp and "compare" her to the previous "test". If she's smart she'll ramp it up to stay relevant and i got a sex doll when i retire.

>> No.44015227


Teleport away.

The DM tried to force a woman on my character last game, and he forgot I still had that ability.

>> No.44015291

ask her nicely to get out my way. Demonstrate that primitive armour loss half it effectiveness against hot shot lasguns

>> No.44015317

also pen 7 she will eat las

>> No.44015324


How does she deal with it when she's preggers and I'm stuck adventuring on the other side of the world anyway?

>> No.44015368

>She refuses to leave until you accept her proposal
drag it out.
If she's gonna stay with me forever as a companion, then all I have to do is blow it off until I get tired and decide to settle down

>> No.44015690

You'd think a unit that's so annoying to permanently recruit wouldn't be as mediocre.

>> No.44015692

>completely ignore her asshole demands against my freedom of movement
>completely ignore her asshole stubbornness
no fuck you, this way I get to do adventuring shit to my heart's content, get free babysitting and get to fuck a reasonable wife who will assist me on my quest for glory as I sire numerous children with her.

Reverse ϲuϲking is the perfect response to a smartass GM trying to pull a clichéd 'muh stronk wymyn' role reversal. It's just so deliciously justified to take advantage of privileges people simply accept when the roles aren't reversed. If you're gonna act like a man, better be ready to ditch the pussy card and take on the harsh consequences.

>> No.44015827

Accept offer but renig on the stay at home, no damn way she's going out there to die for home and country without me being there.

>> No.44015891

Kill her and Raise her lands

>> No.44015981


"Lucas, have you decided?"

The raven-haired lady stood in front of him and waited intently for an answer, though Lucas knew she would only accept one sole reply. The lanky, red-headed young man was seated on a stump cushioned with over growth, with a long ash staff laid across his lap.

"Milady," the robed man responded as he shifted on the stump, "You've heard my answer time and time again."

The tall metal-clad woman stood solid just like her will. It was clear that she would not budge on her demands or from where she stood.

"Sarana, you can't just give out ultimatums when it comes to these kind of things." sighed Lucas.

The gangly man rose up from his seat and brought his staff to his side. He turned to walk away, but Sarana stepped in his path, causing him to bump into her. He heard her silently gasp as his chest met hers. He opened his mouth to berate her, but she interrupted.

"I'm sorry," she uttered, "I just.."

Her voice trailed off. Her face was abashed, with her eyes unfocused and aimed at the ground. She looked smaller now. The slim redhead pushed past her and begun to walk away.

"You'll never want for anything!" Sarana blurted out. Her voice was never so untempered, and it shocked Lucas.

He spun around and looked at her puzzlingly. This woman who he had seen remain stone-faced in front of carnage and spoke with measured words now stood like a man desperately craving attention.

"We'll have a beautiful property and lovely acres of woods." she stated.

The steel statue of a woman stepped closer to him. He say how her eyes were wild.

"Please, I could treat you so good," She grabbed his hands gently. "Just give me a chance."

Lucas was disoriented at the raw emotion that bled from Sarana. The lady-warrior had told him of all the luxuries her noble birth would afford, and how all she wanted in return was him. It seemed too good to be true, and for all he knew it could be. He stared at her blue eyes set in her milky white face.


>> No.44015994


Couldn't she just stab him in the extremely exposed tail area?

>> No.44015995

>That's sexy to creatures like us. Honestly I think Hutts would have seen Jabba and his harem akin to someone that screws animals.
I assumed Jabba did it as a show of power and prestige for when he's dealing with the more humanoid races. A "I can have all the Twi'lek bitches I want, and I don't even like them" kind of thing.

>> No.44016173

>looks at her exposed chest

gtfo wheres ur ac fagit

>closes eyes and throws knives in the air and every single one hits her

my character has like 20 cha so i can do better.he also breaks the 4th wall alot which works surprisingly well

>> No.44016219

That's why you play Rance IX

>> No.44016253

"Sarana," whispered Lucas, "I am honored you'd even consider me."

Bowing his head, he drew a deep breath, and exhaled as he brought his gaze back to hers.

"But I'm not ready for something like this," Her face wrung with sorrow as the words left his mouth.

"And I ain't worth your affections." the red-headed man added.

"B-But..." stuttered the warrior woman, "But I'm ready!"

"No. You're not ready either." he replied.

The grief on her face morphed into anger and she tore her hands away from him.

"You think I'd ask you to marry me if I weren't ready? I am!" she snapped.

"But you didn't ask. You demanded." He spoke.

Her anger subsided partially and she asked; confused:

"What do you mean...?"

"You always are after me, never taking no for an answer. Love is a two-way thing."

Sarana stood away from him, her hunched shoulders betraying her shame. A moment of silence hung about them. Then, Sarana passed by him, with her gaze avoiding his.

"I'm sorry."

He turned around and watched her leave, sliding pass trees as she went. After a moment, she was gone.

"So am I."

>> No.44016359

"Part of me, wants to accept. You are everything I've ever wanted. But I'm not the settling down kind. I love the road too much, if I try to stay in one place I'll go crazy. And we both know that. I'm not the man you need me to be. Right now, I wish I was. But if I try to be that man, a part of me would die. And I think it'd be the part of me you love. I'd be no good for you, so just forget all this nonsense. Forget me. Find someone who can be who you need, and be happy."

>> No.44016436

>kunoichi and ninja listed separately
>different skill levels

>> No.44016510

Because Kunoichis have additional things to just being ninjas.

Including their sex and seduction skills and poisoning

>> No.44016568

oh, this is a fictional Rance-world thing. gotcha.

>> No.44016574

You probably should have realized right away due to the use of westernized 'ninja' instead of 'shinobi'.

>> No.44016753

>"nice guy"

>> No.44016787

Probably ignore her for now because last session ended with him utterly failing as both a leader and warrior.

>> No.44017017

Is she wearing a shirt or is that just an odd looking metal?

>> No.44017085


>> No.44017575

That's just one anons personal choice

Arms Arc is the best girl for /tg/
She's a semi-childish trophy hunter who goes around collecting achievements.
Rance first meets her when she's hunting dragons with her lance.

>> No.44017769

This guy knows what's up!

>> No.44017946

I'm surprised that with all the girls Rance found, none of them have sexual technique 2 or higher, and very few of them even had Sex 1.

>> No.44017957

He just used it to trip her before striking if you notice. Its a secondary weapon of its own. Insanely quick and precise he uses it like a massive whip.

>> No.44017983

>knock her up
>leave her
>never take responsibility
it's all she really wanted

>> No.44017984

I'm an adventurer, I will not be some shade of a human being locked up in my own house. Stay by our side if you must, but I am not accepting.

>> No.44017991

He actually finds then attractive is the canon deal though. Most huts have slaves and then they have eye candy slaves to show off wealth. Some hutts have entire manses full of sex slaves of all kinds for "friends" to visit as a sort of bribe. Jaba actually had an attraction to beautiful members of various species which is so abnormal other hutts open disdain him for it which is a political faux pas something they'd almost never do as its almost akin to minor suicide.

>> No.44019745

>never take responsibility
Y-you monster! That sounds like the kind of thing a handholding degenerate would do.

>> No.44019834

>stupid bitch
You don't deserve her.

I basically feel the same way, but with friendlier words. This is what I want in real life, basically.

>> No.44019869


I aint nobodys bitchboy.

>> No.44019898

It sounds lovely. I'm afraid I have to return to Blight Town, however, to care for my sickly charges. If you're willing to let your children live with me among the sick and dying, I'd be happy to have a family. And if we're talking babies, young Whiskey will make a lovely nanny, though he'll be upset to learn he's no longer my sole heir.

>> No.44019912

>You don't deserve her.
This is why you'll end up her waifu and not the other way around. Bitches gotta be kept in place. They enjoy it. But they're sneaky about it. At first they act hurt but 5 years later you're married and she loves you more than ever.

>> No.44019950

>This is why you'll end up her waifu
Works for me.

>> No.44019982

>Not wanting to be the waifu
>Not being kouhai on the streets and kawaii in the sheets

>> No.44020030

I have higher aspirations the. Being some buttslave to someone. Why not just marry an actually decent wife and let wonder woman's bitchy cousin go war in some country and send you back money and those exotic aphrodisiacs you asked for?

>> No.44020073

Literally all she asks for is that you stay home and provide for the children. You don't even need to be a submissive fuccboi, you can easily be the manly man when she gets back home.

How is that bitchy? Giving up adventuring sucks but once children get involved that was a given for at least one of you anyway.

>> No.44020134

A. Children - natures leash and your wifes whip
B. She immediately assumes she can change a major aspect of your life on the spot because she says so and gives you 0 choice in the matter - shes a bitch who feels she owns you, you're her fix-it up project that she can enjoy during hometime
C. Relating to B she feels she owns you - thats gonna go over into sexy time as well

>> No.44020249

It's an offer, not a directive. She feels she can't stop adventuring right now, but wants your babies and doesn't want to leave them with someone else. Seems to me she just thinks you'd make a great father.

>> No.44020260

Why not Sheev Spinning? Imagine a giant /fit/ Hutt spinning right at you like am angry drill?

>> No.44020345

Her entire interaction is her assumption you'll roll over eventually to her demands. She starts off assuming shes top dog. She expects you to give up what you love to please her. She wants an ornament that she can play around with not a husband and expecting any other relationship dynamic to form is folly.

>> No.44020366

Well he already uses his abbed up tail as an insanely powerful insanely fast whip. I assume a bit of a what pass for hips swing should keep all the momentum going followed by some forcd usage.

>> No.44020390

So is this what the "female knight what do" guy has moved on to?

>> No.44020506

I think only your first and third sentences are likely true. Her refusal to leave without your acceptance could mean she's madly in love with you. It's possible you could get her to accept a different deal. I mean, she's willing to follow you around, demanding your seed indefinitely.

>> No.44020947

Since this is both my fetish and my life goal I would say fuck yes.

>> No.44021098

Your life goal is to stay at home while your wife gets captured and turned into the BBEG's cocksleeve?

>> No.44021138

My life goal is to preform all of the traditional female rolls.

The cocksleve thing is her choice I wont stop her.

>> No.44021231

>Not mustering all the men and funds of your wife's estates to organize a rescue expedition
What kind of househusband are you?

>> No.44021682

>wanting to be keked
Anthony Burch pls go

>> No.44022175

>Rule 63 girl power episode time

>> No.44022405

Shit man. That's my next character.

>I must save my wife!
>so she can continue adventuring and I can return to the comfort of my home!

>> No.44023640

"Negative, cannot comply. That is outside of effective artillery support range. Now put the sword away and I will get out of the tank, and we can talk this over in more detail."

"Acceptable. Expected enemy numbers and force composition? Terrain details? Allied capabilities?"

I have no idea why the party decided to make my quite possibly autistic tanker the party leader but he is not the type to instantly refuse either offer.

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