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Rance has just invaded the world of your female PC! He is hellbent on defeating her and adding her to his heroic harem.

Does he succeed?

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Joke's on you and him, I don't play female characters.

However my wizard wouldn't mind genderbending him. As I recall Rance makes a pretty cool girl.

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No because I sigh and tell the GM to gtfo with his magical realm.

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She would probably just fuck him without the whole epic battle thing. he seems like her kind of guy.

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don't you mean cute?

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Could Rance defeat Female Rance and make herself part of his harem?

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I play Exalted, so I'd say defeating her wouldn't really work out for him.

Maybe if he tried asking nicely.

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>Combat and Solar oriented Zenith caste Solar

Either she takes a shine to him and adds him to her harem, or she beats him down until he gives up. Which will probably be never, but still.

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>Combat and Social oriented*


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I don't play female characters.

But i have a Bard PC who'd probably become his rape accomplice or wingman.

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>Prudish space admiral
Would mobilize entire legions of infantry and ships against him, but would probably end up getting raped anyway because he's Rance.

>Broish street vigilante
Would laugh in his face and start beating the shit out of him with her bare fists, but would probably end up getting raped anyway because he's Rance.

>Nerdy psionic girl
Would have already played all the Rance games, immediately surrendering herself to him because he's Rance.

A very small part of me wishes a new player would join our group and actually do something like this.

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Rance would probably try and kill him if he was anything less than submissive.

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Rance is capable of broing out with other men, provided there's no risk of them stealing his women, and provided that they have some use.

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>playing female characters

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Rance, as the only man in the world without a level cap, just has to keep trying until he's stronger than a solar.

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Hmm. My half orc paladin is a more likely drinking buddy than harem addition.

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Here's your reply. Use it wisely.

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>tfw my GM is ass with an impregnation magical realm
>my character was cursed by the fertility goddess
It better be some kind of alimony quest, otherwise my paladin takes maternity leave and I'm going to roll new character.

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Rance doesn't fuck children.

>> No.43965096

rance quest would disagree

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Yep. My mistake.

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Which loli did he fuck in Rance Quest?

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I'm pretty sure getting turned into a girl gives Rance an automatic bad end, so the answer is almost definitely yes.

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Yes, if meets her while she is new to adventuring. She'd adjust, bide her time and develop until she can get what she wants. Or get what she wants regardless.

No, if he meets her when she has reached her full potential. Chronomancy is crazy. At best she'd have fun with him and be on her way.

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Rance is mai husbando, or at least Rance that falls in love with and only rapes me is.

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>thinking mere magic can defeat a hyper weapon

>> No.43966227

Time magic can. Send your dick back into infancy.

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>Raped by baby Rance

>> No.43966274

>A baby raping anything.

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If any baby could, it would be Rance.

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Rance is not an infalliable rape machine.

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True, but he does seem to be very good at finding ways of raping powerful, dangerous women who think they can get the best of him. Including numerous magic users.

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Considering her familiar can't do shit unless it's in weapon form, and Rance has probably dealt with French-style fencing on an uncountable number of occasions, infobitch will continue to get the entire party in horrible situations.

I made a character to be huge well of knowledge and help avoid danger, yet half the time they get into trouble it's her fault. Woops.

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Can someone please explain to me who the fuck Rance is and why everyone likes him so much? All I gather is that he rapes a lot of women and proclaims to be "good".

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Protagonist from an eroge game series, don't worry it's mostly lighthearted rape, nothing sadistic.

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I don't remember him fucking any children in RQ.

There was the one loli he was planning on raising until she was legal, then fucking her (because her race matures very quickly), but then he found out that they were related and decided make her his daughteru and never let anyone fuck her.

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I have no bloody idea.

What little I gather is that he is an unrepentant idiot with infinite brawn, that everyone misreads or glosses over his character failings and that he has enough kind moments to keep him from being straight up terrible.

Maybe I should try out this "Rance Quest" to see what the fuss is about.

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Maybe he means Satella? She looks a little loli-ish

She's at least 200 though, and is physically mature though.

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Sengoku Rance is infinitely better.

>> No.43966526

Rance has player character plot power bullshit. The PC wants to rape, so rape he does. Should he encounter other PCs, who knows what could happen.

>> No.43966530

Only reason he's the good guy for most of his games is cause he's constantly going up against shit that's legitimately evil instead of his goofy, never-give-a-fuck attitude and rape obsession.

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Well, in both Sengoku and Kikaicho, he met up with Kentarou, who is basically an Anime MC, complete with obliviousness and being from another world.

They got along pretty well.

Then again, he beat the fuck out of the Hero for no real reason.

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Sengoku Rance is the one you want to play.

Anyway, Rance isn't all bad, he loves his daughteru.

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>Touch of Death on his dick

>> No.43966648

My last female PC became so powerful that there were deities she was capable of bringing down. That, coupled with her no-nonsense attitude would likely turn Rance into a red, goopy smear.

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>Rance finds someone that he can't rape through his normal combination of charm and trickery
>Grudgingly powerlevels to a stupidly high level in order to beat her.
>Ends up the most powerful thing on the planet
>His Swordsmanship ticks over to 3 because he actually doesn't have skill caps either, he just didn't realize it.

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One is a Solar who can punch discrepancies out of people; she would probably happily be hanger-on for a bit and think of him fondly enough before wandering off. Probably not worth the type of level grinding it would take. And she can teach him to be nicer to women in ways he can't actually say no to, should it come to that.

Another is a mythic inquisitor in pathfinder who is going demi-god. ...there is a distinct chance she either claims him instead, or does the above bit of wandering off if he doesn't commit.

Another is PL 2 in M&M. ...she'll shortly be adding yakuza to his army list I suppose. And have lots of suggestions of other girls to add to the harem.

(We have a few games swapping weekends and the like)

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Rance is a good character because he's a essentially a villain. He's a villain with such outrageous good luck that he constantly stumbles upon worse villains, and looks like the hero by comparison.

But villains are almost invariably more fun than heroes, and so we get to have the personality and quirks of a villain while still technically being a good guy. That is the essence of his appeal.

Also he fucks everything.

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There's also the bit about the game itself being generally well like for the strategy elements and such. And good comedy.

>> No.43966745

Jesus. The vast majority of y'all niggas characters would apparently fuck this guy they just met, and who is trying to rape them, willingly.

Why are all of /tg/'s female PCs filthy, filthy whores?

>> No.43966764

As an example, in Sengoku Rance he invades and conquers a neutral land of slutty miko, killing thousands of people in the process, just because he wanted to fuck the head miko.

After he conquers it, he finds out that the Institute has to sacrifice miko to the Dark God Orochi regularly in order to prevent the country from being destroyed. Naturally, he goes down into the dungeon and murders the fuck out of it, freeing the trapped souls of dead miko and saving all future miko that would have been sacrificed.

This is roughly an average adventure for him.

>> No.43966767

Rance once fucked the Miko of Death, who was cursed to kill any man who slept with her.

He not only didn't die, he actually got stronger as a result.

>> No.43966784

You apparently didn't catch the connotations of him being hellbent. The guy defeats nations of armies to add to his harem. And see
for the type of person he is. It's not a "just met" kind of thing, it's more of someone who has both determination and no upper bounds to his strength as an actual game mechanic.

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The last female PC I remember playing was a dumpy German single mother vampire.

He just done fucked up, because WoD vamps find only one physical act really brings them pleasure anymore: feeding.
Victory is hollow when the cost is having about as much blood as a banana.

>> No.43966826

>You apparently didn't catch the connotations of him being hellbent. The guy defeats nations of armies to add to his harem.
Yeah, but you guys aren't admitting that he would be successful in raping your characters, you're saying your characters would eagerly jump on his dick. Where are all muh pure paladin types?

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My last female PC was an NPC/hopefully future QUest thread MC who also happens to be a catgirl hacker in a grim, Cyberpunk future.

She's a bit of a libertine, so she would probably indulge him in a night of clubbing, drinking and wild chemsex in both meat and cyber-space.

She would definitely say "no" to being a member of any harem.

>> No.43966962


He's hot. The whole concept of him is hot. I don't insult you guys over your hourly elf sex thread. Kindly let me have my magical realm.

>> No.43967018

>A very small part of me wishes a new player would join our group and actually do something like this.
You folks meatspace or Roll20?

I don't think i'd have a problem rolling a rapey human fighter.

>> No.43967021

>Reset comes home one day with a blue gem

How many people die before Rance calms down?

>> No.43967028

Probably pretty glad he didn't have time to go through with his original plan.

>> No.43967043

I concur on some aspects of his hotness.

>> No.43967059

Roll20, but I'm far too much of a prude to actually endorse such a thing. It will have to remain a figment of my depraved imagination.
Also, I'm the GM, so it would be my responsibility to eject you from the game.

>> No.43967061

Lia and Kenshin plz go.

>> No.43967117

In my defense, my character isn't a filthy whore.

She'd just be flattered he'd come all that way and beat him silly for thinking he could take it. Or just avoid him if he'd become a hellbent nuisance.

I still don't know much about Rance's redeeming character traits. At best he is alright enough for a tumble and at worst he deserves to suffer.

>> No.43967157

>it would be my responsibility to eject you from the game.

You can try! But we'll just end up having sex!

>> No.43967170

please don't i can't handle this

>> No.43967205

Don't you DARE break the fourth wall, RANCE!


But seriously, it is only your responsibility to eject the player if the rules of the group were against it.

If everyone got into it and were alright with stuff like that, then you COULD GM a group without ejecting rapey Rance-a-lot from the game.

Emphasis on "could"

>> No.43967224

Let's just say that Ludo Rathowm would be very entertained.

>> No.43967302

>4000 years old
>Red Gem

Hunty is the Macha of the Rance universe.

>> No.43967303

There's not that much strategy to Sengoku Rance, it's more the miles of content and a genuinely good cast.

A fucking eroge has better females than the women big-budget development companies shit out on a regular basis. Let that marinate for a moment.

>> No.43967307

Rape-- and sex in general, to varying degrees-- is far too heavy a subject matter to coexist with the more innocent, typical plot threads. If a GM permitted such a thing in a non-lewd game, it would immediately derail the campaign and take priority over the actual story because human sexuality is contained behind a floodgate of sorts. If that floodgate ever opens, it will consume the activity.

Lewd games would be an entirely different matter, of course, but I don't run those.

>> No.43967308

See? It's pointless to resist, so you might as well give in now!


Conquering one world is good for a start, but a true heroic harem spreads across all the worlds!

>> No.43967328

>A fucking eroge has better females than the women big-budget development companies shit out on a regular basis.

And most of them have more conservative and less revealing outfits.

>> No.43967336


I guess I could play in a Rance game

but only if I get to be Sill!

>> No.43967370

Rance gets de-leveled back down to weakling status every few months so it really depends on luck I guess.

>> No.43967376

>Rance has just invaded the world of your female PC!
What female PC?

>> No.43967432

>He actually intends to be a bullied healer for real.

>> No.43967446


fighting urge to play along on a blue board.

>> No.43967483

Probably best not.

Three posts is more than enough, probably even pushing it. But I knew the risks.

>> No.43967509

I won't be held back by worthless pride.
Rance! Post your Skype so we can fuck!

>> No.43967510

I'd say that varies with players and their maturity. I don't agree entirely with the floodgate analogy, but I understand the fact that people CAN be like that.

I'd personally be ok with a lewd game and I think that was what I propositioned.

>> No.43967537


Considering that her duty to her lord only ends in death, no. Unless necrophilia is brought on the table.

>> No.43967548

Hotness intensifies
That is hot

>> No.43967554

Alright, Inflict Major Wounds, then, which is also a touch effect.

>> No.43967574

Why is Rance so damn sexy?

>> No.43967576


You say this like Rance has never NTR'd anyone before.

>> No.43967587


I actually have a Sill cosplay that I keep on almost wearing to cons but I'm too scared to do it alone.

tfw no /tg/d/fit bf to cosplay as Rance and bully me.

>> No.43967592

Well, I mean, she could just turn into a bat
I mean
He wouldn't then, right? Right, guys?

>> No.43967613

"mai waifu > ur waifu" thread


>> No.43967618


I'd like to see him do that to someone who'd stab themselves in the heart without a second thought just because their lord commanded them to.

>> No.43967639

>"mai waifu > ur waifu"
said nobody in the thread

>> No.43967659

Alternatively, if you have another girl to cosplay Ruberan, you can do a Kichikuou duo cosplay.

>> No.43967661

That exact scenario happens in Sengoku Rance, actually. He grabs the sword at the last minute and then fucks her until she goes completely bonkers and can't even be a playable unit anymore.
Poor Agireda.

>> No.43967682

>Poor Agireda
She deserved everything that happened to her.

>> No.43967712

In fact, on second thought, what is your Roll20? I don't think you'll be rolling any rapey fighters with us anytime soon, but I have a friend who is an even bigger Rance fangirl than I. She'd be mad at me if I didn't introduce you to her.

>> No.43967713


He's that badboy that you want to believe has a heart of gold but probably is just manipulating you. and that just adds to the sexy.

>> No.43967743

>Manipulating anything
He has all the cunning of a fucking log.

>> No.43967744

Why would someone want to cosplay a dead woman walking?

Only cute girl Rance ever killed.

>> No.43967806

Fresh worlds to conquer! Hot girls in uniforms to fuck! Help me set up a "skype", Sill!

She says you should try hyperweapon69

>> No.43967838


I don't. None of my real world friends know that I like anime/games/crazy fetishes. The cons I go to aren't in my home region and I don't give out contact details to people I meet there.

It's a bit shit though, because I'd like to just be myself but am scared of being socially outcast.

>> No.43967923

He does actually have a heart of gold.

It's just he's too stupid to consider the possibility that not all women want his dick at all times.

Remember, he repeatedly failed the Miko drawings, because you can only win them if you have strong negative emotions or corruption that needs to be purified away.

>> No.43968015

>7th gen Gangrel diablerist with limited access to Fleshcraft
Eh, sure, might be fun, and if going Zulo mid-coitus doesn't discourage him, I guess she will even let him live afterwards.

But if he as much as looks dirty at the little sister, he's getting torn to ribbons, no questions asked.

>> No.43968077

If Tori and Urobuchi started dating, how horrifying would their work become?

Note that Tori was the female director responsible for Kou getting gangraped and Kurohime and Leila being raped and tortured by Xavier

>> No.43968199


Did he get a steel gauntlet to the teeth after grabbing the sword?

>> No.43968241

I follow Tori on twitter. She seems to have a thing for Sylvanian Families dolls.

>> No.43968459

I'm going to regret asking, but what was the plan?

>> No.43968486

Raise her until she's 20 years old then take her virginity and have her join the harem.

>> No.43968723

>never let anyone fuck her
I imagine that'd be hard, considering she's likely to be as much of a rape machine as him when she grows up.

>> No.43968734

Okay, that was still bad but it could have been worse.

>> No.43968773

Despite being a world-famous rapist, Rance is averse to straight-up pedophilia and incest.

>> No.43968776

That's downright respectable

>> No.43968829

Can Rance lift 200 tons of raging barbarian? Can he jump a whole mile? The whole distance taking only 12 seconds to travel? Can he pose with the best of them?

If he can't, he will be the next supervillain I will beat. And I shall flatten him with a road roller while yelling MUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDAMUDA

>> No.43968871

Am I the only one who wants to see Raidy make a cameo appearance in a Rance game as an optional boss/recruitable ally?

I think the two of them would get along really fucking well

>> No.43968878

Kalars have varying speeds of maturing.

They're not guaranteed to be fully mature adults until 20.

Rance probably would have fucked her earlier if she was an early bloomer, but, you know, he has that strict "no incest" policy.

>> No.43968879


>> No.43968890

There's also the fact that despite all of his sexual experience, he's kinda fucked when it comes to romance. Seeing him panic after finding out Kenshin actually fell in love with him at first sight was great.

>> No.43968902

Raidy's a lesbian though, and Rance doesn't much like sharing his women with other women who aren't his.

>> No.43968930

Or when he vacated Leazus and Zeth the moment the girls there expressed serious feelings towards him.

>> No.43969374

>Does he succeed?

It depends on how much he has to abide by the rules of the world he's invading.

If he has to completely abide by the rules of the world he's invading? He probably succeeds to begin with, with a good chance of some broken bones on his part from her cybernetic-enhanced legs. She got a mean kick but ain't that good with landing them. After she's defeated she'll bide her time until she can set off a trap to kill him or escape or something.

>> No.43969476

Does anyone else kind of get off to the thought of this?

>> No.43969572


Being Sill (Rance's sexpet/healslut) is like one of my biggest fantasies.

>> No.43969622

Rance has some legitly evil villains. Xavier for one was a more brutal rapist than he, and his underlings were complete bastards in their own right.

Gele is probably the worst of the lot though. Not only did she keep humanity as slaves and sex toys after annihilating civilization, she also exploited her knowledge of the Hero System to make sure that the conditions for a Hero's full strength would never be met, and forced pregnancy on women to stop the population getting low enough to allow a Hero to kill her.

And she doesn't wear clothes.

>> No.43969677

Yeah he probably manages just fine. Of course, being in glorantha now means he's probably got lots of other things to worry about... especially if he turns his sights to the other important ladies.

>> No.43969813

>SLA Industries...

No. He is the one who is getting raped tonight.

>> No.43970001

Oh, shit, did Rance Quest finally get translated?

>> No.43970041

He has a certain low cunning that skyrockets for purpose of Hyper Weapon tactics

>> No.43970771

> I wonder who that semen demon is
> Valkira chronicles
> Voiced by tara strong
> Damn she voices a fuck ton of characters

>> No.43970848

You mean Reset? The one semilegitimate child he has had on his rape sprees.

>> No.43970949

> Barbarian girl who follows a strict " only wear clothes of a worthy beast you killed yourself " code
> loves dominating evil sorcereses and other evil people, and keeps evil women naked and in chains
> Wants a husband with a heart of gold, but still strong enough to have a fist fight with and not be a little bitch.
Rance has a new wife

>> No.43971081

>implying my GM knows about Rance
>implying I'll ever tell my group about it
>implying he'd want to spend even a day on Golarion

>> No.43971086

There's also that evil rance jr.

>> No.43971310

Probably. I'm a low level Sorcerous in DnD 5e
Though I'm not sure he would want the goth 15 year old be necromancer girl with PTSD in his heroic harem.

>> No.43971354

Rance has a harem. Not a particularly heroic one.

You'd fit in just fine.

>> No.43971715

He's not really evil
He just wants to help his demon mom and has some understandable daddy issues

>> No.43971782

Good luck dealing with the Deep Ones mate.

The only female character I ever actually got to play was in Call of Cthulhu and was captured by Deep Ones.

>> No.43971830

So Rance would have to kill a bunch of freakish monsters in order to rescue a woman he wants to bone.

That's pretty much a standard day for him.

>> No.43972324

>That's pretty much a standard hour for him.

>> No.43972370

Now I want a drawfriend to make a picture of them comfortingeach other.

>> No.43972425

Except Hunty got a husbando in the end.

>> No.43972578

You mean the Husbando who has yet to fuck her once?

>> No.43972586


And in Rance 01 he fucks a 13 year old.

And in Rance 03 Gele is a loli

>> No.43972637

Be Kanami or Sheila instead

>> No.43972801

Also Rance flipped his shit in 02 after he fucked Mill, then found out she was 9 years old after the transformation ended.

>> No.43972831

and then fucked her again when she was 14

He also fucked Topaz and Gele in 03. And Gele was right away a must fuck

>> No.43972918

She just runs away, possibly forever, at worst hides.

>> No.43972963

>Gele was right away a must fuck
Of course.

If you were told that a former demon king whose reign was so terrifying that even immortals are still traumatized from how brutal she was had been revived but was weakened to 5% of her normal power, why wouldn't you want to beat her to a pulp and rape her? It's the moral thing to do in the given situation.

>> No.43972992


>> No.43972996

Nobody told Rance that at all. He saw hot girl and his dick reacted

It was a great scene.

>> No.43973001

Oh my character is heroic. She was forced into necromancy by a lich and is trying to show it isn't inherently evil.
I'm just not sure a 15 year old shy depressed girl fits in to a harem

>> No.43973018


>> No.43973035

Rance has no problem fucking 15 year olds.

And he has no problem helping shy and depressed girls.

>> No.43973075

Any woman could fit into Rance's harem, as long as they're cute.

>> No.43973146

Except Hornet

Because incest is bad

>> No.43973149

I will never understand why the fuck she thought a shoulder sheath would be a good idea

>> No.43973263

Considering her taste in men, I think we can conclude that Ranmaru does not make good decisions.

>> No.43973278

Helman manages to have decent armour for some reason.

>> No.43973306

Wait, Rance is descended from demons? I thought he was just some random dude who had infinite levels because Ludo likes fucking shit up.

>> No.43973323

Was that revealed in XI?

The wiki doesn't list Gi as doing anything notable during the time when Rance would have been conceived

>> No.43973355

>incest is bad

>> No.43973415

Went from goddess among men in Kichikuou to stupid-looking pigtails and a pixelated outfit in 05.

Why did the character design for her become so shit?

>> No.43973471

It's a nearly twenty year old theory in Japan that was disproven by the Miracle end in Rance IX

That said Gele does say that he reminds her of Gi. But that doesn't get expanded on because Rance doesn't want hot girls talking about other guys when he has his dick in them.

Rance has nothing to do with Ludo. He's a bug in the system that was never eliminated.

The English wiki is pretty shit

This is the actual non-joke family tree

>> No.43973522

Pretty sure she was sacrificed to Dagon.

So, if Rance wants to bone her he'll have to go kill an Old One.

>> No.43973524

It is. Just look at how it went for Avel.

Kidnapping your mother to make her your sex slave does not end well for anyone

>> No.43973538

Fairly sure he does something to that effect in nearly every game.

>> No.43973542

>He's a bug in the system that was never eliminated.
And he has a bunch of kids now, which is going to be even more fun since they all inherit his lack of a level cap.

If he didn't use contraceptives, then the entire world would go off of the whaleroad so fast that Ludo Rathowm would die from laughing so much.

>> No.43973567

I have no idea how strong Rance is, so maybe.

>> No.43973591

He's killed Orochi which is one of the great spirit beasts that holds up the continent.
And that wasn't even to add anyone to his harem but because he was pissed off that hot girls needed to be sacrificed it every year.

He's also defeated and fucked the Eternal Demon Lord Gele. Which was really hot. He told her before the right that he was going to rape her and after the fights she's lying naked on the ground and is like "so... what did you say you were going to do to me?" and they have delicious rough, sex where she keeps on mocking him to making him go harder.

He's also going to fight the Gods in Rance X.

And of course this

>> No.43973623


Does he have his level boosting abilities? Since then she just acts like she's defeated and then tricks him back to the Underdark with promises of her sexy sisters.

Not like any tiny human dick is going to do anything to her.

>> No.43973635

Let's put it this way.

He's the first person to figure out that the invincibility field that protects Demon Lords and Demon Kings from all harm doesn't actually count rape as "harm"

>> No.43973672

They could just get killed off.

It's not confirmed that all his kids will inherit the lack of a level cap.

Reset did and Feb wouldn't have had a level cap anyway because devils don't have level caps.

The other restriction of course is that it's hard to level up to that extent.
Rance did get up to level 600+ in the fight against Gele but Gele's max at the point isn't even equal to when she was the proper demon lord, let alone against a top tier god

>> No.43973694

>tiny human dick
It ain't call the Hyperweapon for nothing.

>> No.43973699

No. Because he has chaos with him during those times.

And demons can turn off their if

>> No.43973724

>human sexuality is contained behind a floodgate of sorts. If that floodgate ever opens, it will consume the activity.
What the fuck is wrong with you?

>> No.43973725


To a SURFACER, sure...

>> No.43973748

his dick is as big as Kanami's forearm

>> No.43973778

>Realized that Katsui wasn't interested in fucking her.
>Tells him that if he knocks her up and she bears a daughter, the daughter will be a loli
>Mfw Ranmaru set herself up to get keked by her daughter.

"Does not make good decisions" isn't even close to covering it.

>> No.43973812

There are worse decision makers.

>> No.43973892

Still going with maybe.

She would also maybe fuck him, depending on things.

>> No.43973915


When Miki fully awakens, he begs for mercy and runs away like a coward

>> No.43973949

did you miss Miki in that image?

>> No.43973991

he invades a world that does not exist, he dies from lack of heat and air.

>> No.43973998

Yes, when she has no powers, the only time that he had the courage to try anything against her.

>> No.43974014

He can already survive in the void between dimensions.

>> No.43974046

He gets turned into a girl and whored out.

>> No.43974072

Chaos only breaks the field when it scores a successful hit on the Demon.

Rance raped Satella without fighting her because he drugged her instead.

>> No.43974095

I believe that canonically, Rance commits suicide immediately if he's ever turned into a girl, because he can't understand the concept of living without his Hyper Weapon.

>> No.43974116

Well, he got turned into a girl in a bad end in Sengoku Rance, and apparently his main problem is that he's so cute that every man immediately tries to rape him.

>> No.43974126

Given what I've read off the thread, I'd say he'd succeed after blasting through every PC and every force my character would manipulate between him and her. She could teleport away all the time until he started getting a magician to follow her magic or scry her location. She could walk into the realms of the Gods for some peace and quiet, but he'd be right behind. She could go to the inhabited moons and he'd still come. Every step of the way she'll try to convince him not to. She'd get creative and he'd just... keep on coming. She'd make deals with fell Gods and manipulate the stuff of the world unconciously, while he still came for her. She'd create spells for hiding the soul and worse, but that asshole would just persist and make deals with demons/gods.

When everything has failed she'll finally try to murder his shit from afar, to be sure it'll happen, enchanted arrows covered in magic poison from a range he couldn't possibly see, but he does. Or he gets hit, but it doesn't wound him as it would wound a dragon. The hell? She'd fly above him, but he'd get artefacts granting him flight as well. She'd breathe underwater and he'd follow.

She'd fight him every step of the way. She has fought dragons, shadows, bandits, medusae, mages, soldiers, undead and worse. She has talked with many important figures and caught the attention of several godlike beings. She'd fight him and she wouldn't be able to win.

All she can do is stave off the inevitable, while the world burns around her.

>> No.43974148

>living without his Hyper Weapon.
He can have it back for one hour for every thousand dicks he sucks.

Couldn't he be stopped from killing herself?

>> No.43974175

>All she can do is stave off the inevitable, while the world burns
Or just turn him into a girl, apparently.

>> No.43974176

This basically sounds like the plot of a Rance game, yeah.

>> No.43974227

With Satella it's 'rape'

>> No.43974383

What do you do if you are Patton?

Consider that Rance is already generous enough to not make a serious effort at your mother figure/love interest (same person)

>> No.43974433

In what scenario? Despite some complaining, overall Patton seems okay with the stuff Rance does. Hell he views him as a friend.

>> No.43974483

Rance gets his plot power from being the PC. Once he's no longer the PC, he's just a horny dude with a sub-average IQ and oddly sharp teeth.

>> No.43974545

He's not stupid. In fact the games show that he's quite clever just prone to getting into bad situations due to thinking with his dick and being arrogant.

>> No.43974568

His are, Sengoku Rance has some less than gentle stuff by Xavier, especially if he kidnaps Leila.

>> No.43974586

Xavier is weak tier.

>> No.43974644

>your female PC
404: Character Not Found

>> No.43974707

>> No.43974752

When her and his half-demon sister are the only women he can fuck without fucking them to death, he's a bit on the violent side.

>> No.43974776

And even 3000 years ago he was still scared shitless and unnerved by Kay-chan's hobbies

>> No.43975152

fuck thats hilarious I never thought of it like that
In an Alt end he takes on Ludo who is the GOD

>> No.43975203

except he's always a "PC" in a way
Though I think a Hero averages out better Rance has no limit and isn't shackled with an age or virginity limit

>> No.43975227

Range is more of a PC than any of your shitty characters.

>> No.43975239

And doesn't even scratch him

>> No.43975284

Yeah I omitted that bit
Sounds better the way I said it
I now remember Ludo made the Hero sword able to strike him down if the Hero is the only human left alive

>> No.43975312

Nah. That's not true.

Ludo made it so it hero can kill the supreme gods.
Because he finds that idea hilarious.

It still can't damage him

>> No.43975403

She would probably kill him. She's not interested in that sort of thing.

She also had her vagina sewn shut to preserve her chastity for her God-Husband, so you know.

>> No.43975899

Could your male PC defeat Rance in a fair and square fight?

>> No.43976243


So both the shogun and the emperor in edo period Japan are descended from Rance?

>> No.43976368

Possibly. Kou canonically takes on the Emperor's seat after Rance leaves, and a bunch of the houses are missing their heads, so who's in line for what is a bit in the air.

>> No.43976415

Well no. At some point Kou will become Emperor. She isn't Emperor yer.

Sen doesn't even live in JAPAN anymore.

>> No.43976443

He's a human with a talking sword and a hyper weapon, my guy is a mere with a laser version of an M2 .50 cal...It'd be kinda close.

>> No.43976492

Rance's idea of fair and square fights are shown in that image

the Demon Ithere is in love with Shizuka who is one of Rance's party members.
He has already previously asked Shizuka to become his.

Rance has no confidence in defeating Ithere.
So he gets Shizuka to strip naked and approach Ithere saying that she wants to become his. Rance's logic is that no man can concentrate while the woman he loves approaches him in the nude while confessing love.

Rance then stabs Ithere in the back.

Later in Rance IX when Rance is talking to Miracle. Miracle brings up her dream team of servant knights for when she conquers the world. She mentions Ithere and Rance boasts that he magnificently killed him in a fair and square, one on one fight.

>> No.43976543

what's the order for the Rance games anyway? Which ones come after sengoku Rance?

>> No.43976589

I don't recommend playing any post Sengoku game without having played VI.

03 also has major implications for Rance X

>> No.43976602

Rance quest then Rance IX

>> No.43976659

>Later in Rance IX when Rance is talking to Miracle. Miracle brings up her dream team of servant knights for when she conquers the world. She mentions Ithere and Rance boasts that he magnificently killed him in a fair and square, one on one fight.

>> No.43976676

That plan is so stupid it swerved back into genius territory.

>> No.43976814

Other Rance genius plans in the same game involve "The Golden Hanny" (basically the trojan horse), getting into enemy headquarters by capturing one of his party members and pretending she's a prisoner he has to bring to the commander, getting Sill to seduce enemy soldiers into a room and then capturing them to find out the password, abusing enemies for not fighting him one on one so that they send out one person and than attacking that one person with his entire party and when he needs to find a girls monster boyfriend to get the items to continue his quest, finding a complete random and bringing him to her, saying that he loved her so much that he turned into a human for her

And the whole bringing tanks to a battle between two medieval fantasy armies and then using his victory to claim that he's an incredible tactical genius

>> No.43976944

This is why the "favorite H Game character" list had to be changed to "favorite H Game heroine" to prevent Rance from topping every vote.

>> No.43977062

He, uh, he's being riddled with horrible heat damage from a laser pistol. This assumes she wasn't in the middle of a mission. If she is, he's going to be eating rounds from a Gauss rifle.

>> No.43977204

>Where are all muh pure paladin types?
Not playing a game they can't win.
The only female character I've ever played was intangible and she's still lose because this is that kind of thread.

>> No.43977266

Literally stabs him in the back

>> No.43977311

So he's basically an average PC?

I can just imagine a GM groaning as the player explains his "ingenious plan" to the rest of the party.

>> No.43977393

Character is a mouse... Not an anthro mouse or even a bipedal mouse guard mouse. Straight up awakened mouse. I mean. He COULD. It'd be a very uncomfortable for all parties involved but he could.

>> No.43977423


>> No.43977629

what if i have played rather ugly girl characters before?

>Nomad type with manly body and jaw, bad hygene, cellulite, didn't shave
>chubby girl with birthmarked cheeks, bad hair, and haruko voice, cellulite
> flat chests and annoying voices x2

i've played rapable females in the distant past, but i'm a fan of playing a female character as a charcater, and not as a fantasy

hell, i can go count...

>> No.43977753


>> No.43977766

The manly bodied one might get away, but this is hentai, where chubby ends up meaning "big-tittied".

And Rance has, in the past, duct taped the mouthes of girls with annoying voices so he could fuck them in peace.

>> No.43977792

>> flat chests and annoying voices
>not rapeable

>> No.43977895

>i aim for the crotch , using a volcano bullet

no loli ass for , rance

>> No.43977906

Well Sill's voice is as annoying as fuck so

>> No.43977920

>does he succeed
He seems like the kind of guy who would be stopped cold by monstergirls who don't have the hole where he expects it to be.

>> No.43977954

You sure?

>> No.43977962

As sure as I can be without playing the game, yes.

>> No.43977985


Rance fucks a LOT of monstergirls, including one with a mouth in the back of the head that tries to eat him during sex. I'm sure he'll do just fine.

>> No.43978004

well, as long as he is OK with armored spider bits.

>> No.43978106

hes already done a spider girl.

Pity Hatsune doesn't appear in the Rance games though.

>> No.43978152

so if I were to start playing some of these games, where would be a good place to start?

>> No.43978211

That seems probable. The notion seems to be almost Victorian in manner and the people of that age were the biggest prudes.

>> No.43978236


It's pretty standalone plot wise because it's Rance going on a hotsprings adventure in a country that isn't on the main continent.

It has plenty of references to previous games which are nice to pick up (like the fact that the red haired foreigner who picked up a sword from a dungeon decades before hand is Thoma Lipton, the worlds strongest man and one of the few people who Rance actually admits to struggling against and that the sword is the sword Hubert Lipton uses in Rance IX)

>> No.43978463

Man thoma was fucking imposing as hell in 03.

At that stage you've fought three of commanders in the Helman 3rd Army.

Henderson was openly gay and a bit of joke. Pretty lazy at his job. But has a super strong transformation. Except he gets killed during his transformation so you don't get to see how strong he is.

Fletcher was once basically the strongest man in history. Like he fought a demon bare handed and was winning. And demons have an invincibility field that prevents them from getting damage unless attacked by certain swords. And he didn't have that and still almost won. Except because Helman is a corrupt shithole he's spent the last 30 years sitting on his arse getting fat and gets killed very easily by Rance.

And the third commander Rovert actually comes across as quite clever with his use of improvised plans. And he almost manages to pull off a surefire suicide move where he'll kill his enemies strongest forces but die himself as a result but then his younger sister stumbles in searching for him and he has to choose between dying to kill his enemies or dying to save his sisters life and choose to save his sister.

But in any case even if they were strong they got played for laughs and get beaten easily.

And then come Thoma he's stuck with about 70 starving knights in a small town up against Rance, a tank and 1000 soldiers.

And he starts up with an awesome speech

This music starts playing

He charges out with his knights and almost pulls the fight off

>> No.43978543

Oh god. Now I have an idea of an elite squad of Demon rapists specifically trained to be as strong and disgusting as possible. Their sole purpose is to rape demons into giving up on harming mankind. Every time they try something, they get horribly raped.

>> No.43978573

Except in the remake it's more delicious, rough hate sex after a fight and isn't rape.

>> No.43978740

>Autistic Time Oracle
>Time hop away and activate "Good Vibrations" mode to become difficult to physically interact with
>All else fails use Threefold Aspect to turn into a an old crone
>If that fails then I am fucked
The thought gets me going though

>> No.43978765

Rance has already followed Shizuka back in time and fucked her.

>> No.43979344

I love how every single time someone comes up with a plan of defense, another guy comes in like 'nope he already got past that in rance 5'
It really is hopeless.

>> No.43979387

LOL, those Stormers are going to partiiiiiiieeee tonight!

>> No.43979391

This is irritating because my character is a CLASSIC Rance victim. Woman in a position of authority, stuck-up, man-hating, large breasts, pretty colorful hair, anti-sex.

She's probably the most doomed character in this entire thread.

>> No.43979472

Except for the ones hosting secret orgies and bdsm parties behind closed doors. Victorians got up to some kinky shit to unwind.

>> No.43979543

The most sexually repressed people are often also the most sexually depraved.
As the one they were comparing to a Victorian virgin, I can attest to this myself.

>> No.43979627

>Rance has just invaded the world of your female PC! He is hellbent on defeating her and adding her to his heroic harem.
>Does he succeed?

...Considering my female PC is basically Female Rance? Fuck yeah.

They probably spend a day or so raping each other and then become best buddies and go on ADVENTURE! together.

>> No.43979648


>> No.43979657

So Lia?

>> No.43979670

Not far off.
Although I believe Kamilla is more woman-hating than man-hating.

>> No.43979752

Just make it thinks humans are an inferior slave species or something

>> No.43979792

Is there somewhere with a compilation of Rance character images?

Not the sex scenes with them, more the ones from cinematics.

I might be getting involved in an ERP campaign

>> No.43979837

>Not the sex scenes with them, more the ones from cinematics.
I don't think you fully understand what Rance is, friend.

>> No.43979856


I've played the Rance games. I mean the cut ins over a map or such.

I am clearly not good at words at this hour.

>> No.43979910

What images do you want?
And from what game?

>> No.43979922


I'm thinking stuff like:


Whatever game is fine. I just rather like the art style.

>> No.43979923

Cut ins over a map? What?

Do you mean character portraits?

>> No.43979925

Or the character images?

>> No.43979934

Give me some time (30-45 minutes) and I'll upload them to mega.

>> No.43979950

the word is renders

>> No.43979962


Thank you.

I am clearly not a smart person.

>> No.43979969

I'll render you

>> No.43980147

Considering I'm playing an ancient Lunar Exalted based on Sun Wukong, who accordingly knows some Sidereal martial arts for maximum hijinks, things could get weird.

Rance may not end up dead, but he'll at least be quite confused when she literally punches the libido out of him, scrawls the name 齊天大聖 (Great Sage Equal to Heaven) across his face in red ochre, slaps him on the ass, and jumps halfway across the continent.

>> No.43980205

How would you kill Rance in as painful and deliciously ironic a way as possible?

So far, gender changing seems to be a necessity so I think a Belt of Gender Change that becomes permanently logarithmically more difficult to remove the more effort is put in would be the best.

>> No.43980220

Killing the hero of justice

>> No.43980257

Currently uploading to Mega

Only included the renders and not sprites and not the faces.

>> No.43980403



>> No.43980708

Judging by the thread it would seem there is no real alternatives to being raped.

Thought I wonder how he's going to deal with all her space fleet.
Or the 9000 skeletons the other is behind.

>> No.43980750


>> No.43980835

My character has command of a space fleet as well, but I've played the Rance games and yeah, I'm 99% certain he'd decimate them.

He actually had a cameo in an alternate universe sci-fi game where that was pretty much exactly what happened. Sill was a cow or something.

>> No.43980997

>of your female PC!


But I guess we'll just genderswap the last one. Which will get you something like this, if with a full set of teeth and no krokodil necrosis. Somehow I don't think the vampirism will end up being very relevant. But if he still wants some and his genitalia won't just invert at the mere thought of her undressing, yeah, she could do with an altar toyboy.

>> No.43980998

Yeah, he was pretty irritating to deal with, goddamn space mongolians.

>> No.43981058

Rance wouldn't last long against an elder fire aspect Dragonblooded.

>> No.43981235


>> No.43981271

To all those people playing Exalted, best make sure you kill him straight away, or it's going to go like this:

>Rance attempts to rape exalt
>Gets the shit kicked out of him
>Rance's determination to chase down the superpowerful woman and rape her causes an immediate exaltation
>Rance is an exalt
>Creation is fucked

>> No.43981330

Hey, don't let that stop you, just make sure it's a con you can get away with cosplay at. I once got bet I wouldn't go to a con in Sailor Moon cosplay, and made damned sure I won the bet. I am, for reference, a slightly overweight 5'10'' man with one hell of a beard.

I went as a TF2 spy with a Sailor Moon mask. I still won the bet by virtue of the other guy wearing red at the time of collection

>> No.43981559

I've actually cosplayed as Rance a couple of times before. Which version of Sill is the outfit tailored for? Giant pink afro Sill?

>> No.43981749

I don't know if you are laughing because he's got poor stamina or laughing at the thought of him being immolated from trying to rape a fire aspect. Also there is the fact my girl is strength 7 and could probably break his dick with vagina muscles

>> No.43981794

03 disagrees

>> No.43981819

Until he meets another Exalt, that is. Besides, it's Exalted: creation is already pretty fucked.

>> No.43981839

Rance'll probably just have his way with you while you're busy counting out the fifty-million dice of your attacks.

>> No.43981901

>not having all your potential dice pools calculated

What are you, bad at this?

>> No.43981906

>I can just imagine a GM groaning as the player explains his "ingenious plan" to the rest of the party.
To be fair that's the reaction of most of the other characters in the game.

>> No.43981939


>> No.43981984

>Rance rapes Lunar waifu
>she turns psycho-yandere for him and starts eating and replacing all other women he meets

>> No.43981997

>female PC

>> No.43982020

Good question:

would he rape a woman who was raped in back story and now had SERIOUS issues ever being intimate again. even if he came off as That Guy and she stayed the fuck away, she's good looking....Would Rance still go for it if it was not the coy 'no' but the screaming "OMG NO!!! NO!!!!!" psycho defense type?
if he did, i call bullshit on heart of gold, because she'd be a deeply sobbing cringe-drama broken wreck afterward....nothing lighthearted about that...

if yes, Rance is a nigger

Also, do female characters who died very early inthe story count? one of mine (very average girl) was gear of death'ed in 2nd session WoD,
...another was a really bro guy who got genderbent into ( i shit you not) a female winged squirrel. immediately afterward, he turned to his very badass combat girlfriend, and they shared a moment of horror at what the amazing man had become.
she then challenged him to a duel, which he accepted. was beheaded in combat literally 2 minutes after the bend (because FUCK gm magical realm bullshit, death is acceptable)

If yes, i think Rance is bullshit, because those deaths were final.

>> No.43982029

More like
>Rance tries to rape Lunar waifu
>Suddenly, the Lunar is a honey badger
>A *male* honey badger

>> No.43982056

Best pauldrons ever.

>> No.43982074

Righteous Devil Dawn with dodge supernal. Either he repents and gives up on rape forever, or he burns to a fiery, agonizing death, and his ash blows away in the wind.

>> No.43982089

>Eclipse Phase
>PC's current body is a genderless warbot
>only holes are firing ports

I don't think it's gonna work.

>> No.43982335

On one hand, she's genetically engineered to be Captain America-tier, or even a step beyond that, and has combat training. On the other, she's still 14.
Dunno. Wonder what he'll do about the Angels, though.

>> No.43982830

im remember when those first came out they spent a lot of focus insisting they werent toys

they gave that up after a while but it was funny to watch them try and claim it

>> No.43983038

And the whole bringing tanks to a battle between two medieval fantasy armies and then using his victory to claim that he's an incredible tactical genius
>tactical genius
what did he hide the tanks behind

>> No.43983115

indeed i could tell from your prior posts

hell look at japan easily the most sexualy confused country on the planet.

although they cant really seem to decide what they want there attitude to sex to be

>> No.43983167

I don't think Rance is into anthro

Even if he is, all she has to do is kite him around with magic missles while her girlfriend crushes Rance with a gravity wave

>> No.43983267

No, they know EXACTLY what they want it to be.

Girls have to be as prudish and uninterested as possible while fucking your brains out like a demon. The less she looks like she wants it in between moans and orgasms, the better. Bonus points if she cries.

>> No.43983340

Sounds like the majority of people in this thread would fit right in in Japan.

>> No.43983423


>> No.43983840

Dunno, Teaching Feeling was super popular, and Sylvie is a sexual demon who will fuck you until one of you passes out from exhaustion.

Especially fun with Energy drink, where 20 orgasms in a row is nothing.

>> No.43983995

Well, I'm playing Scion at the moment, and my character is not female, so there will probably not be any rape. There are two wimmins in our band, but they're pretty high Legend demigods and one of them can lift+throw an eighteen-wheeler over her head.

Our Scion of Morrigan is pretty much Rance anyway, except with no need for rape, as his ridiculous levels of Epic Appearance make him basically impossible for mortals to resist. They'd probably get along pretty well, trekking the Overworld for fine supernatural ladies to impress and stuff. So Rance will probably get to bone a giant or something.

>> No.43984017


>> No.43985383

No. He'd fix her mental issues first

Unless she was an enemy in which case fair game

>> No.43985426

There is no source for this in Japanese.

So it's pretty much fanfiction

>> No.43985476

Rolled 9 + 11 (1d20 + 11)

Rolling for rape

>> No.43985885

Not the point. The point is that rape not counting as harm makes for a hilarious method of defense against demons.

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