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A more colourful version of the latest rules, the CRP (aka LRB6):

/tg/ FUMBBL group, currently in Round 3:
Announcement and RULES:

Cknoor's tutorials:

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I will start with a question, out of all the skills dedicated to making dodges away difficult (Diving Tackle, Tentacles, Shadowing, Prehensile Tail etc.), which do you find the most effective?

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Tail is always great, but combine it with tentacles and nothing is getting away from your guy.

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On dorfs, deathroller, yea or nay?

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Never, it's a trap

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as bad as that?

>> No.43954078

What do you think of Kerrunch?

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Who makes good dark elf teams?
Am I stuck kitbashing?
I have a set of dark elf spearmen I could use for linemen, I could used helmed kabalites for blitzers, fantasy witches for witches. and something slim for a runner?

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you give your opponent a free wizard and the main play style of the dwarves is to create a hard cage which is best beaten by a free wizard.

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>which do you find the most effective?
Side step usually the guys you mark don't want to dodge so they will try to blitz your marking play Sidestep can do a lot of thing to prevent the blitzer from getting away even if the player is knocked down.

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Most effective would be the mutation skills followed by diving tackle with tackle for my own experience.

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Not to mention, Dorfs thrives on being more skilled up then their opponents at similar TVs. So, at least in a match making mode (as opposed to league where you would be fucking yourself over with rerolls and troll slayers) your opponent gets 160K TV for the death roller which is 8 skills. 8 Skills for a dude who can play one drive.

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Bumping with some boner-doners

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I wish there was a slaanesh team.
I feel like there should be tzeench and khorne teams as well, given that there's a nurgle team.
non-specific "chaos" just doesn't do it for me.

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There is a Khorne team, and the Stunty leagues have some Tzeentech and Slaanesh themed teams, though they're mostly daemons rather than human and beast players.

There could be some interesting things done with a Slaanesh themed team, maybe having Daemonettes as a positional that starts with Hypnotic gaze or something.

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>that feel when we post this since ND has fucked off to /aco/ (with the same name)
Based Hiro

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Plain old Tackle is first - it's useful on both offense and defence.
After that, depends on a number of factors. Tentacles is probably one of the best all round but only if it's on someone with ST5+; otherwise it's kind of meh.

Also like >>43954394 there's a lot more generally useful skills to take that make getting away more difficult - Side Step, Block, etc.

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I've heard Dark Eldar models make a decent base, but there's a number of 3rd party Blood Bowl miniatures that probably capture the "evil elf" aesthetic.

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There's Chaos god-specific rosters in FUMBBL's Secret League (still under development), with god specific CWs with their own special starting statline and mutations as per the Nurgle roster. Tzeentch Warriors go down to AV8 but get Hypno (only at AG3, though) and Extra Arms, while Slaanesh CWs go down to S3 but start with Claw.

There's also Daemon rosters (that follow the Daemons of Khorne roster model with a Big Guy Greater Daemon, lesser demon postionals (ex. Daemonettes: MA7/S3/AG4/AV7/Hypno, Regen, Claw) and cultist linemen.

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Check out these guys made using new DE parts.


>> No.43962775



Holy shit, the quality of this guy's commissions is obscene.

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Grey Fox!?

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I dunno, the hobgoblins need more boots for helmets for my taste.

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Is the xbox game fun? Are the beastmen good in it?

>> No.43965608


Thinking about it they're not very practical though. Take these to a tournament and you'd end up with a box of metal limbs needing reattachment.

Do you move your models, or allow your opponent to, if he Pushes you?

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Where do you people come from

>> No.43965918

WMH and WHFB general. It doesnt look like people talk about it on the video game boards, wich is why I asked here

If thats a faux pas, I'm sorry, I just wanted a lil info

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Don't get the xbox game. Beastmen are part of the Chaos team and are fairly solid, but you want the Warriors on the team also.

>> No.43965972

Unless they are shittily put together, there should be no problem with the metal. I've been playing with pure metal and metal-plastic conversions for ages and never really had any problems.

>Do you move your models, or allow your opponent to, if he Pushes you?
No preference, since the people I usually play with treat other coaches teams with the proper respect.

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It's not a terrible introduction to the game, but if you are already used to reading through tabletop rulebooks, just paw through the one linked in the OP.

It can be played for free via the Fumbbl client, too.

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Contrary to what most people say, BB2 is actually pretty fun. I'd buy it if it was on sale, it ain't worth the full price.

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Cool ty

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Any games coming up tonight, today?

>> No.43968471

My hand versus my crotch tonight

>> No.43968638

So a no scoring game huh?

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>tfw I gfi my delf blitzer who has guard and he dies

>> No.43969477

>tfw enemy gfi's his level 3 thrower for a pass
>tfw he dies and even gifts the ball to me
>tfw he wasted the apo for a badly hurt
>tfw he tries to "avenge"and gang fouls into a stun and sent off

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revenge fouls make me pee my pants in laughter

>> No.43969531

For me it is the Turn 16 foul in an open league that result in just a stun. Some people are just sore losers.

>> No.43969560

Bless open league, they give us so many smiles

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I turn 16 foul even if I am going to win

>> No.43969655

Do you also play chaos

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In a closed league that is fine. If you do it in an open league that just makes you a petty person.

>> No.43969738

That's even worse

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Edgelord detected

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Found a picture of >>43969647

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I don't know about you but the bottom four have yet to play and I want to see the carnage that is gobo v helf and necro v skaven.

>> No.43972758


I'm sure there will be plenty of blood, but I can't help but root for Skaven and Goblins to have good recovery in these games.

>> No.43973099

it doesn't. There are enough reasons to foul turn 16

>> No.43973126

In an open league there is literally no reason to turn 16 foul

>> No.43973336

there are several reasons to foul.

>> No.43973395

>In an open league there is literally no reason to turn 16 foul
It's turn 16 the only way to get your ball into the opponent end zone is by getting past a prone player.

Your opponent has a clear shot at getting your ball carrier. But he will not do it since only his best player can get there and he knows you will foul on turn 16.

>> No.43973453


Or because his + strength war dancer is on the turf

>> No.43973507

That's not a "turn 16 foul"

That's "scoring a td"

>> No.43973764

Any of you folks play Blood Bowl on the PC? Anyone want to start a league?

>> No.43973808

That guy just looks like a fabulous KKK member.

>> No.43974100

Depends on your way of play. But there is a /tg/ BB league going on right now.
If you have the final turn of a game and you can't score, why foul? Give me a reason besides being petty. Open league.

>> No.43974207

>If you have the final turn of a game and you can't score, why foul? Give me a reason besides being petty. Open league.

For keks

>> No.43974315

see >>43969713

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>> No.43978791


Why would you foul on turn 16 for the off chance of killing a Wardancer when you have a TD to score?

If you're already up, then they wouldn't even bother trying to stop you in that situation, Wardancer or no. More likely they'd instead go for solid blocks to try and gain injuries before the game ends.

>> No.43979220

>Why would you foul on turn 16 for the off chance of killing a Wardancer when you have a TD to score?
because I cannot score anymore?
>Give me a reason besides being petty.
I gave several reasons
>Your opponent has a clear shot at getting your ball carrier and prevent a td if he knocks you down. But he will not do it since only his best player can get there and he knows you will foul on turn 16.

>> No.43979288


That's not several reasons.
That's one insanely niche reason.
>Can score next turn
>ONLY the opponent's best player can stop you, not a lair of linemen or anything
>You have enough players to guarantee a knockdown and a foul that is likely to break armour
>They care enough to have investigated all your games beforehand and discover a pattern of T16 fouling
>They're playing a team with expensive or irreplaceable players as opposed to Skaven, Gobbos etc
>You've had to T16 foul every game before this to set up this pattern

>> No.43979378

>You've had to T16 foul every game before this to set up this pattern

Is an opponent in an open league going to bother looking up your complete match history before playing?

>> No.43979608


Sounds about right for a Dark Elf.

>> No.43979719

>is OK if your opponent blocks you on turn 16 in the hope of an injury
>its edgy to stomp on his players to cause injury in turn 16

>> No.43979757

Yep, since fouling doesn't give SPP.

>> No.43979891

>bought Chaos Edition on Steam
>trying a bit of singleplayer before getting destroyed in MP
>restarted my campaign 3 times already and have yet to roll a single roll higher than 3
Am I just exceptionally unlucky or is the AI cheating in this? Seems kinda weird when half a chaos team gets killed and injured by elves in the first game.

>> No.43979902


>> No.43980339

Any idea when the remaining 3 games are?

>> No.43980911

My oppponent decided to not play and just wait out all his turns since like turn 4 because he went all bashy as wood elves vs orcs and got a few injuries. I started fouling his players since if he has none I won't have to wait for his turn anymore. I don't know what he's thinking but I feel pretty satisfied. Don't queue if you don't want to play the game dude.

>> No.43980984

Yeah, nevermind. Turn 14 the pitch is clear of elves and he still gets to delay me by 2 minutes.

>> No.43981273

>hey I'm a pretty good tactical thinker, I might get somewhere in this game even with my bad luck of almost mythical quality
>mfw >>43980911 is pretty much my team after every game, except I'm actually trying

>> No.43981562

Daily reminder not to imply your opponent is ragequitting and there is an infinity of reasons he could have been forced to afk

>> No.43981703

Just been checking out Plasmoids CRP+

Looks pretty interesting for balance really, it's a shame whatever GW's attempts are going to be at a new edition will likely be dogshit in comparison.


>> No.43982369

A bunch of these rules are rules in BB2 that people bitch about

>> No.43982466


I think the one people were bothered by the most was the free upgrade to the Catchers in light of the random nerf to Orcs.

The others (cash concessions, bank rules, spiralling expenses) are in place because of the differences in environment. But I do think they should have given the option to revert these in a private League.

>> No.43982699

Now let's get real here, I'm told the Dark Elves are the closest thing to a bashy elf team but how bashy is that? I mean, how confident can I feel at blitzing away? How much different is it from playing wood elves, high elves or boring elves?

>> No.43982735

If you mean bashy as in pile on everyone in the middle of the pitch and punch eachother until there's no one to carry the ball then no. Dark Elves do the elfy things but with less passing and more hitting, in a way that they're spread out and picking single targets and not clumped up in a scrum.

>> No.43982755

You bash weaker teams and play elf against bashier teams. You get ag4 and more av so use that to your advantage. You're still playing elves, but have a better running cage game and can still pass.

>> No.43982786

So in other terms, I get my blitzer and linemen to blitz their wide zones to ensure a safe passage to my ball carriers.

> You get ag4 and more av so use that to your advantage
Means I can actually try to dodge out of things without risking a concussion, right?

>> No.43982798

This, your team is very versatile but can get its teeth kicked in if you don't know what you are doing. They live and die by good ball hawk'n and knowing when to pick a fight.

They can be described as Amazons, but stay good at higher TV and not for scrub. This is because Dykes have good skills that make them "psydo elves" and are a pain to deal with, but once a team has tackle their lack luster stats (notably speed and armor) become useless

>> No.43982832

On the offense you want your ball carrier (ideally the runner) in a loose cage, so that your opponent can't get to him and if he blitzes a side he's not right next to him. If he does get blitzed he has target to dump off to. You can kind of use your linemen to mark enemy important pieces because they're AV8 or dodge them away to make a screen between them and where the action's happening.

>> No.43982833

So, Dwarves are my kryptonite I suppose

>> No.43982858

Not do Dark elves
They have the speed and agi to just avoid you and play a throwing game.
But Amazons without stat increses can't and thus get their uteruses smashed

>> No.43982870

As amazons yes, but dark elves are actually pretty good at stopping the dwarf cage advance and/or running away from the with the ball as long as you don't get in a prolonged all out bash game.

>> No.43983011

Tackle doesn't do shit if you don't have dodge, and only the witch elf starts with dodge

>> No.43983031

Its worth noting too that losing dodge from tackle isn't the end of the world for Dark Elves (or any elves) because they still have Agi4. But for Zon's who are ALL 6337 it can be painfull

>> No.43983088

You have nothing to gain for it (unlike blocking where you can get SSP), and it just risks ruining a character they might have worked hard on they you will never fight ever again

I could see it in a tourney but open leaguing makes you a cunt

>> No.43983288

guy if you don't want to get fouled on turn 16 then run away on your turn. He cannot foul if you can't reach him.
Fouling on turn 16 is not petty and not an insult it just one thing you can do. Or would you say that the opponent is petty when he does a block with a starplayer on turn 16? Or does a surf?

>> No.43983339

>Fouling on turn 16 is not petty and not an insult it just one thing you can do. Or would you say that the opponent is petty when he does a block with a starplayer on turn 16? Or does a surf?
Please see what we have been saying everytime to that poor agruement

>> No.43983358

>Or would you say that the opponent is petty when he does a block with a starplayer on turn 16? Or does a surf?
Yes? That's exactly the same thing.

>> No.43983395

if you block with a starplayer then you don't gain anything out of it either. Or if you surf a player. Also if you do a block with a chainsaw. So according to you I am not allowed to use my skills (dirty player chainsaw bomber throw team mate) but you are allowed to use your skills dodge block.
Also if you have already won the game and the score is 3-0 you are not allowed to stop the opposing td because you don't get anything out of it either and you only do it for petty reasons.

And all actions that don't result in an spp gain are also petty or what?

>> No.43983406

>my precious player
then don't play blood bowl.

>> No.43983436

Yes but it the case of chainsaws surfling and star players its not just going out of the way to have someone hurt.The player can still defend himself and their is even a chance the other guy can get fucked. Kicking someone when their down is simply to fuck them up with no reward

>> No.43983452

Who are you quoting?
Do you even play the game? You also seem to have no reading comprehension.

>> No.43983454

Just face it, nobody will want to play you if you t16 foul in an open league and they have the choice.

>> No.43983480

>The player can still defend himself and their is even a chance the other guy can get fucked. Kicking someone when their down is simply to fuck them up with no reward
Also all the other things don't get you a reward either and in case of the chainsaw you actually cannot defend against that.
You do know that you can defend against a foul too?

>> No.43983510

>all the other things don't get you a reward either
How does removing a player for the rest of the game give you no reward? Please think a bit about what you post.

>> No.43983523

You have to have 3 players on the LoS bud.

>> No.43983539

meant for >>43983480
In other topics, it looks like round 3 will be going down to the final day.

>> No.43983540 [DELETED] 

What does that have to do with anything discussed earlier?

>> No.43983554

>Who are you quoting?
the person I am quoting are you retarded?
>Just face it, nobody will want to play you if you t16 foul in an open league and they have the choice.
Except of course for all those people who take that as a recommendation like you should. Which are usually veterans


>> No.43983574

But nobody ever said "my precious player". Are you retarded or just seeing things?

>> No.43983579

if you do it on turn 16? Ae you dumb?

>> No.43983593

that's his reasoning why he posts that nonsense about turn 16 fouls being petty. Do you have a problem with reading comprehension?

>> No.43983616

>for the rest of the game
Holy shit are people really that bad at reading? The person I was replying to was talking about using chainsaws and star players at all since they "don't give you anything.
But "he" never said that anywhere and you're just pulling that out of your ass.

>> No.43983637

>You have to have 3 players on the LoS bud
Yes and? You do know that any opposing player that is in the tackle zone of the player that fouls gives a -1 to fouling? No one is stopping you to use your players to protect that player.

>> No.43983693

I honestly don't give a shit because my good pieces are gonna be back field. But t16 fouling just makes you look like a petty person, even more so if you lose.

>> No.43983711

>Holy shit are people really that bad at reading?
idk but this whole arguement is based on turn 16 fouling, not fouling
Go back to school retard

>> No.43983735

Read this post >>43983395. He obviously doesn't mean turn 16 only and if he does, >>43983358.

>> No.43983806

>He obviously doesn't mean turn 16 only and if he does
Of course he means turn 16 only or else the comparison wouldn't make any sense.

So one coach is allowed to murder his opponents 16 turns long and the other is only allowed to do it for 15 turns and that is somehow fair and nice and not being a dick.

>> No.43983822

>one coach is allowed to murder his opponents 16 turns long
Where did you get that from?

>> No.43983857

>Where did you get that from?
from the whole turn 16 fouling is petty nonsense?

>> No.43983872

Yes it is. For both players since it doesn't give you anything and just wastes both people's time. And?

>> No.43983909

what? so the player that has his turn 16 first isn't allowed to foul either? Even though his opponent can still do things on his turn?
What a load of bullshit is spewing from your mouth.
Also blood bowl is a game it's goal is to waste time. If you don't want to waste your time don't play a game.

>> No.43983949

Of course he's allowed to, that's in the rules of the game. But that still makes him a petty asshole if there's no gain in it. And I think you live a pretty sad life if you think the point of games is to waste time.

>> No.43984010

Either player fouling on their 16th turn is a dick move. It is reasonable if you are stopping a touch down though.

>> No.43984272

what if you want to stop him murdering your players on the last turn? fouling that mb claw piling on guy?

>> No.43984345

Hi Ayylmao here, Coach of the wildly unsuccessful
I thought I was the worst coach ever but today I learned that being bad at the game is one thing, but being a salty faggot is far worse. Though it is kinda lulzy

Who wants to hear dialoge from the biggest faggot to play Bloodbowl?
heres the game for refferance

https://fumbbl.com/FUMBBL.php?page=match&id=3751324 match for reference

Part 1
<Ayylmao> Hi there
<Ayylmao> GL and HF
<animal17> hello...have fun
<Ayylmao> WOW
<Ayylmao> wew lad
<Ayylmao> wew
<animal17> you spend your rr
<Ayylmao> yeah
<Ayylmao> but wew lad
<animal17> never spend rr when you can do different
<Ayylmao> wew
<animal17> see my team...i start whit 0 rr
<Ayylmao> wew
<Ayylmao> lad
<animal17> you have much lucky in the blocks
<Ayylmao> It makes up for the unlucky handoff
<animal17> are you funny
<Ayylmao> it was a +1, this game like to fuck with the odds
<animal17> you can-t used word like this or you can to be blocked profile
<Ayylmao> oh my appologies
<animal17> all lucky time
<animal17> come on
<animal17> incredible
<Ayylmao> not true, those were 2 dice blocks on a bashy elf team agiasnts the most fragile elf team
<animal17> you only whit pow can to bit my players...
<animal17> is like to do always 6
<animal17> understand this_
<animal17> you put out 4 players in 5 round...like orcs team

>> No.43984358

<animal17> see pow
<Ayylmao> yes, but thats because of the versitility of muh team, and luck
<Ayylmao> see
<Ayylmao> it runs out
<animal17> ah ok...you continued to do 6 because is normal_
<animal17> never take a skull?
<animal17> come on....you are not seiours
<Ayylmao> I had one in the begining
<animal17> what i see?
<animal17> you have the ball?
<animal17> see........my unlucky friend
<animal17> pow
<animal17> you take 18\20 pow
<animal17> double skull and failed 2+
<animal17> i hope you received my lucky in this second half...so you can understand
<Ayylmao> dude stop complaining about luck. Yes this game can be unfair sometimes but it makes sense my dark elves are doing well in the bash game agaisnt you
<animal17> when you roll a dice...and take 6 for 18 times...is not good game
<Ayylmao> what makes a bad game is when someone complains the whole time, I've had my teams desimated but I could sit back and chuckle
<Ayylmao> learning to roll with the blows is lesson 1 of BB
<animal17> yes...where is your dice? ahahah
<Ayylmao> well at least it wasn't serious
<animal17> ahahahah
<animal17> pow
<animal17> 129
<animal17> 19
<animal17> great player
<animal17> ahahah
<Ayylmao> Ya know dude, normally I'd say "hey man sorry about the bad luck, it happens" but you come off as so unsympathetic
<animal17> when is your turn you can't write
<Ayylmao> be happy no one is permanatly injuried
<animal17> read the rules
<Ayylmao> what?
<animal17> or i report your comportament
<animal17> because you lost time
<animal17> and you can't do it
<Ayylmao> if you report me the mods are going to see that you are being a pillar of salt

>> No.43984368

<animal17> ahahahah
<animal17> you are very unlucky
<animal17> your lucky have not an end
<Ayylmao> nor has your poor sportsmanship. I've been in your postion, hell I'm an awful coatch and been there a lot
<Ayylmao> but you cant laugh at it
<animal17> but...never you win
<animal17> sorry
<Ayylmao> Yes, but I can take ties and even losses gracefully
<Ayylmao> and that is far more important
<animal17> in a normal match you losed 3-0\3-1
<Ayylmao> yes
<animal17> you have much lucky...6 rr and you take 1-1
<Ayylmao> but I don't whine, bb is brutal
<animal17> bye
<Ayylmao> bye
<animal17> and don't use rr for nothing
<animal17> rr is important for important action

It took all my will power not to turn 16 foul him

>> No.43984383

*Coach of the Wildly Unsuccessful "Caledor Leatherheads"

>> No.43984384

30/29/144 is that player's record.

>> No.43984399

The Saltine Cracker? You'd think he'd learn how to roll with the blows

>> No.43984423

Second saltiest player I have seen. It's not worth engaging with them, anon.

>> No.43984465

Whos the first?
I am very interested to hear this one

>> No.43984517


Did this guy complain because you were chatting when you were taking your turn?

>> No.43984552

He did, but I'm pretty dam sure he was talking out of his ass there.
I was dying when his catcher died, because that was just after I said he should be happy no one got hurt.

Seriously its scary to play elves with out appoths. I almost always lose a dude first game with HE.

>> No.43984579

About a week ago, I played a guy who literally took time in between every move to whine, despite the fact that he was ahead in both goals and caused injuries throughout the game.

>> No.43984608

why was he bitching?
If he was a head goals and ahead caused injuries he wasn't failing many rolls and the ssp was rolling in

>> No.43984647


Holy shit. I thought his name rang a bell. I made an image called SaltedFrog.jpg or something a couple of threads back, just dug it up on the archive.

I was playing Orcs vs Orcs with him, I received first and had take Guard where he had taken Mighty Blow, and used it to my advantage, putting his guys down, rolling 2 dice every block, he never really got a foothold. He had about 5 out by half time, 8 within 2 turns of the resart, and the bitching began. Christ, typical French arsehole. He must spend half of his evenings mad as fuck.

I didn't hold back, I fouled him to fuck and back. Wanker.

>> No.43984659

He was bitching about how lucky I was getting and how everything was going to shit for him. I was kind of wondering if he were watching the same game as I was, but on principle I don't engage with people like that.

>> No.43984719


The old FUMBBL client had a "Luck-o-meter" that measured your successes against the average expected. It was the source of so many tears, I'm glad they got rid of it.

>> No.43984724


Hah, I remembered this when I was reading the other story and was thinking "Man there are a lot of salty second language English players on fumbbl".

Guess it's just the same guy every time.

>> No.43984781

I'd be actually interested in seeing that.

>> No.43984802

>salty frog gloats about zero rerolls for a team that has 4 catchers, and no throwers
>didn't even bother to buy an apoth with the saved cash
Mind you he didn't make any real passes, but that might be due to the DE player making an effort to keep them pinned

>> No.43984918

What was the IRC channel?

>> No.43984972

Me too.

>> No.43985008

#tg on Mibbit.

>> No.43985197

><Ayylmao> Ya know dude, normally I'd say "hey man sorry about the bad luck, it happens" but you come off as so unsympathetic
><animal17> when is your turn you can't write
><Ayylmao> be happy no one is permanatly injuried
><animal17> read the rules
><Ayylmao> what?
><animal17> or i report your comportament
><animal17> because you lost time
><animal17> and you can't do it
><Ayylmao> if you report me the mods are going to see that you are being a pillar of salt

<animal17> but...never you win
<animal17> sorry
<Ayylmao> Yes, but I can take ties and even losses gracefully
<Ayylmao> and that is far more important
<animal17> in a normal match you losed 3-0\3-1
<Ayylmao> yes
<animal17> you have much lucky...6 rr and you take 1-1

Are you sure he's french? This like a League of legends gook playing bloodbowl for the first time

>> No.43985326

I mean, he has almost 5 times as many losses as wins. Some people might just not learn to deal with salt.

>> No.43985404

Someone needs to make a slann team just filled with this guys quotes.

>> No.43986479


>do you like play in this mode?

>> No.43987230

Why does Nuffle hate me? I swear to god, 4/6 of my opponent's blocks have been POWs.

>> No.43987302

Personally I like the Pile-On rule changes and changes to fouling; it makes more teams capable of pitch clears and is a definite boost to teams that feature low value linemen.

Some of the NTBB houserules are actually implementable in FUMBBL private leagues; the Pile-On nerf and the Fouling buff are used in a number of them (yet another reason to play FUMBBL over the Cyanide games)

>> No.43987359

Think of Dark Elves as a surgical scalpel - their "bash game" is about bringing very focused strength to bear in precise spots, not flailing around wildly.

The main reasons they can't afford to get tied in a scrum is DE have expensive players, and thus at equivalent TV another team will always have a deeper bench. You still want to play like an elf team at the end of the day - just remember that knocking a guy down is an equally valid way of preventing him from bashing you back.

Other teams can take casualties and still have replacements, DE generally do not have the bench depth to outlast an opponent despite AV8.

>> No.43987385

You need to connect to irc.fumbbl.com and join the #tg channel. If you're logged into FUMBBL, going to the Chat page and clicking on the Mibbit link will launch the Mibbit client configured appropirately (the IRC is not "on Mibbit", like >>43985008 implies; Mibbit is just an in-browser IRC client that can connect to any IRC server).

>> No.43987439

Basically it was sort of a slider that slid between you and your opponent, based on how your rolls performed against the expected "average" outcome. It was removed as it was mostly meaningless - you roll a lot of dice in Blood Bowl but what counts as a "success" depends on the situation (sometimes you want a push for a surf or a 1 turner, not a pow, for example) and it's hardly a meaningful sample size.

>> No.43987871

>restarted my campaign 3 times already
Stop restarting. Learn to roll with the punches.

>> No.43988258

>mfw someone tells me fouling doesn't grant SPP as I use half my team to surround his downed war dancer before executing the 9 man turn 16 foul

>> No.43988309

Well the guy's whole team must have been dead anyways if his Wardancer was able to get surrounded.

>> No.43988315


>> No.43988366

gave him -strength
Actually went out of my way and used a reroll so that I could foul the war dancer instead of a journeyman

>> No.43988994

>nerf claw and piling on
>buff a piece almost no chaos coaches actually uses
>doesn't buff nurgle to compensate for the nerf to claw and piling on

>nerf orcs and amazons
>doesn't nerf chaos dorfs or lizardmen

I also go out of my way to turn 16 foul any player with claw

>> No.43989145

>>doesn't buff nurgle to compensate for the nerf to claw and piling on
I don't see how those two go together.
Nurgle is chaos with a focus on stopping elfball and quick offence

>> No.43989209

Nurgle players usually put Claw as the 4th or 5th skill on a nurgle warrior and they usually have 1-2 clawpomb killers

>> No.43989247


But Nurgle already gets a buff with cheap replaceable linemen on top of the versatile Beastmen, and Warriors with Regen and Foul Appearance/Disturbing Presence. Even the Big Guy, sure he loses Horns compared to a Mino but he's a lot more obedient.

>> No.43989296

Nurgle warriors are harder to score with and it is hard to build a team with all the pieces for nurgle and be able to score. Chaos is much more agile, better on offense, and can make do with a cheaper TV.

>> No.43989324

Nurgle has rotters so they are a bit more TV efficient than chaos. Also they have regen so they are a bit better at the bash game.

>> No.43989572

The Red Fang Rockets got a logo upgrade.

>> No.43989616

Also, when are you last 6 coaches playing your games?

Not a nag, just curious. I can see you've all been online frequently over the last week.

>> No.43990601

>doesn't nerf chaos dorfs
Are Chaos Dorfs OP?

I have only played agaisnt them twice (though I got my ass handed to me by them). Like they are VERY bashy, but seem too slow to be OP

>> No.43990625


>> No.43990671


I'm with you, they're a good team but not nerfworthy.

The only time they get remotely scary is early to mid-level TV rating, when they all have Block, Tackle and then Guard, and you can't block or dodge away without a lot of Team Re-rolls. Otherwise at lower and upper TV levels, their low speed linemen, one-dimensional Centaurs, and Wrestle-Fend Hobgoblins don't really look all that great.

>> No.43990848

If I'm up late enough and Suzuka is up early enough, 16 Shades and salary simians should play tonight.

>> No.43990883

Rolling The Rat Risks is hoping to have the match tomorrow, time permitting. It is mostly timezones, yes.

>> No.43990914

right now

>> No.43990942

Caledor Leatherheads and Rerolls play sunday at noon PST

>> No.43991040

Pretty much every team other than dorfs, chaos, and maybe elves have wrestle-fend linemen

>> No.43991140

I'm strongly against changing the CRP because everyone and their dog have differing opinions about what needs to be changed.

>> No.43991260

I fucking love the postionals for this team, especially the blitzers. The blockers are ok but I would replace them for the standard males

The idea of a HE catcher getting knocked out by a rolling pin makes me laugh my ass off

>> No.43992446

>unironically liking these slayers

you wot m8

>> No.43993071

Not him,but i really like the slayers,they are actually the only model i like here

>> No.43993194

>Likes the Troll Slayers
>and only the troll slayers
I'd like them if they didn't have those raised tattoos. Whats not to like about the blitzers?
still the whole team reaches out to the horny teenage boy in me.

>> No.43993554

This. Best thing IMHO that could happen is just implementing more races.

>> No.43993928

So how does the /tg/ league work? Are you looking for any more teams?

>> No.43993982

Its a 6 round tournament.
One round every week.
round 3 games should be all done by this sunday.

>> No.43994936


Plan seems to be to have a top 8 elimination bracket once that's done, so that's another 3 rounds on top of that.

After that, we're most likely going to create a split for a Veterans league (existing teams can participate), and the Rookies league (newly joining teams) running at the same time. Coaches who are playing this season can have a team in both.

Though that makes me wonder - after that point, how will we handle a third season? I mean I may be getting ahead of myself here, but some of the 2 season veteran teams might find themselves being less valuable than the 1 season rookie team a coach had started.

Maybe let people opt to retire their old veteran team in favor of moving the formerly rookie team into the veteran league (and opening up a spot for the new rookie league)?

Or are we going to have a TV range split after that?

>> No.43995099

How often are games played? Basically how long does a round last?

>> No.43995749


We've been averaging just under a week for each round. Those last three rounds I mentioned will likely go through a lot faster since it will be waiting on 8 people, then 4, then 2, instead of 26 people every round like it is right now.

>> No.43996588

I will say that you are definetely getting a bit ahead of yourself right now. I would not worry about 3rd season AT LEAST until we know how many new players we get during season2. And how many will want to continue playing.

>> No.43996661

>No beards

>> No.43996680

somebody better play soon or else I'm going to be very very upset

>> No.43996739

Should i get a khemri team, or some other team with less shite AGI?

>> No.43996850

Are you a beginner? If so, I'd honestly refrain, because they are very specific as in your greatest opposition is yourself. If no, go ahead, but if you want to play in /tg/ be advised that we already have 3.

>> No.43996980


To be expected. Skeletons are a /tg/ staple after all

>> No.43997007

So if we went over popular boards, which teams would they get?
/r9k/ as either Nurgle or Slaan is a no brainer.

>> No.43997105

The next beginners league may have a different distribution of teams of course, so if you feel you need to play them, play them, if you're a novice you'll lose more often than not.

>> No.43997116

i have a little experience with the game, i've played about 7 games last year as a lizardmen team, i didnt like them very much though

>> No.43997297

What did you not like in lizards? Khemri are EXTREMELY bashy and not very mobile. What some people do not realize at the start that their agility not only forbids them from dodging and playing pass, but also picking up ball. That will be one of your biggest hurdles to overcome.

>> No.43997882

I would add that khemris have a bonus problem with injuries,which is why many people advice you to start on defence,if you lose even only a couple players you will struggle hard ,especially in defence.this is even worse for decaying TGs.(yes you have regeneration,but it doesn't save everything)

>> No.43999041

Any games coming up today?

>> No.43999109

Some people are trying to match up time zones today. Cross your fingers.

>> No.43999215

>Feeling bad for myself. Joined another Tourney not realizing that I was joining a veteran team league.
>Fresh Lizards versus DE team is multiple guard and Blodge pieces.
>Oh Fuck, Whatthefuckamigoingtodo?
>Decide to plot out inducements. I've got 370k coming to me.....

He has 2 rerolls
Is Master Chef the best way, the only way?

>> No.43999235


What does decaying do?

>> No.43999241

You roll twice for injuries and both apply.

>> No.43999246



Never played them before so I didn't know. That hurts.

>> No.43999257

If you get an injury you roll the infortune twice,might not seem like a big deal,but combined with no apo it gets dangerous,i have never had a badly hurt tg in our league(the "skill"is decay,i used decaying to simplify sintax)

>> No.43999273


You roll casualties twice, not injuries.

>> No.43999289

Same difference, I call them injuries and overall armor breaks.

>> No.43999340

Wizard, anon.
Wizard and pray.

>> No.43999500


O? Wizard would leave me with 220k left over. I need to figure out all of FUMBBL inducements.

>> No.43999543

If you want a Star Player, go for Slibli. He's really good at stopping enemies in their tracks, and he's one less skink you need to field.

>> No.43999592


He looks pretty good, can't afford him at 250k and a Wizard sadly.

>> No.43999620

Yeah, that's unfortunate. I think I'd prefer him over a wizard though, he helps a lot with reliability, something a fresh lizard team really lacks. What team setup did you start with?

>> No.43999642

Yeah,i don't know why i used the italian word,but you roll casualty twice is what i meant.

>> No.43999692

>unfortunate. I think I'd prefer him over a wizard though, he helps a lot with reliability, something a fresh lizard team really lacks. What team setup did you start with?

Everything + 2 rerolls

>> No.43999724


Maybe Slibli and a reroll then? Even with Guard Delves will have trouble getting through 8 4+ STR players, and you'll have enough rerolls so that you won't be crippled by a couple of early bad rolls. Not sure if this is the best option, but it seems better for covering your weaknesses than a wizard is.

>> No.43999763


I like this idea, thanks.

I was just lured by the possibility of me getting 4 or 5 rerolls and him getting 0. Just sucks when your chef burns the chili and does nothing for you. Consistency is better.

>> No.43999824


Alright, good luck then. And if you lose, well, at least you had a good reason.

>> No.44001036

mild BB2 QQ post

So, playing Delves and i understand that all dodges are risky but constantly, (i'm talking like 4 in a row) the first dodge of the turn was a one die.

needless to say, i burned through my RRs quick and had to leave some dodges to my opponent to take, as for me the 2+ was too risky.

how do you feel playing in these situation, where you are getting effortlessly "worked" hard? i tend to just give up.

>other feels
> the 7av team is injuring your guys
>push/ attacker down
>no pows

>> No.44002241

Sounds like you were just unlucky. 2+ is the same roll for gfi and the best chance for getting a successful action. I've seen welfs succeed on all dodge rolls even at 4+ and then fail every other roll the next few turns. Nuffle is a very generous god, when he chooses.

>> No.44002444

You are triggering my PTSD. Skulls and ones, man. Skulls and ones.

>> No.44002510

Go watch the newest cknoor chaos game and watch that first play.

>> No.44004406

That's what inducements are for - BB is much better than say, Mordheim in this regard. A lower TV team isn't automatically beaten by a higher TV one - smart use of inducements goes a long way.
I think giving coaches the option to swap their current veteran team for another team out of the rookie league is a fine option though.

>> No.44004417


>> No.44004501

I would recommend Helmut Wulf and some bribes - chainsaws are very good at countering Blodge players because they ignore rolling Block dice completely (especially if they're only AV7 or AV8). The DE player may decide to score fast if he's on the pitch to get him off fast, but then you can spend a bribe to keep him around for your possession and then kill elves.

Wulf's also only 110k; which means you can get 1 bribe and a wizard, or 2 bribes and something small.

>> No.44004643

Another option is to take Helmut Wulf and Hemlock. This gives you a chainsaw and a stabber - both of which ignore block dice; and Hemlock has the very nice Jump Up and Side Step skills which means you'll be stabbing very frequently so long as he doesn't get injured. This leaves Helmut without any bribes so you'd better be sure you get a lot of mileage out of him on the one drive.

A chainsaw breaks AV8 72% of the time (thanks to the chainsaw +3) - Wulf will be your go-to for the blitz when you need a Blodge elf down. Stab will only work 28% of the time on AV8, but 41% on AV7, but Hemlock is much better at staying up and being annoying.

If you're playing BB2 or Chaos Edition, where they don't implement any of the chainsaw star players, you should feel bad and play something else. Access to chainsaw star players is an important component of overall balance - it gives novice teams a chance to compete against Blodge.

>> No.44004666

Hemlock is bad.

>> No.44004747

I won't make a proper announcement until the time comes, but here's a rough outline:

From next season there will be a main "veteran" league for those coaches who wish to enter with their team from the season previous.

New coaches, and coaches wanting to start a new team, will enter a fresh team into the "rookie" league.

At the end of the season, you can either carry on with your team in the veteran league or start a new team in the rookies.

Formats will depend on numbers but will be 6 rounds and the veterans will have playoff finals.

Note you will only be allowed to compete in one League per season, and have one team in the /tg/ group at a time.

>> No.44004806

While i understand some people may feel bummed about 1-team-across-leagues rule (not me, i will be starting in babbies) - i think it is reasonable. Allowing that would only encourage people to try an juggle 2 teams on a schedule, and it usually stops working out somewhere down the line.

>> No.44004881

I guess I'm playing my team until it reaches a ridiculous tv or is all crippled and killed then.

>> No.44005166

My current plan is to change teams, but only because I've played my current race long term before, and would line to try something different at the end of the league

>> No.44005321

>son, and have one team in the /tg/ group at a time.

That's a tough one. I'll probably drop my team and join babbies with something I've never played before, if only because I didn't put much effort into making the team unique and fun.

>> No.44005326

about that irc bot I mentioned some threads ago, managed today to get info on games being played so that's the hardest parts done, im real lazy so progress is slow sadly :(

learning a lot doing this

>> No.44005964

Helmut and Slibli might be good though. Just make sure to protect Helmut so they don't knock him out first turn.

>> No.44007216


Yea that's a bummer about the 1 team thing. I suppose it all depends on where my current team stands at the end of the season, and what the incoming mix of teams looks like.

>> No.44009457


>> No.44009863

Round 3 started last Sunday right? Deadline is tomorrow night? Or Monday?

>> No.44009889

Salary Simians vs. Sixteen Shades of Shit starting now.

>> No.44009909

Salary Simians vs .16 Shades of Green - Right now!

>> No.44011708


Looks like these cash monkeys got more green than they could handle.

>> No.44011899

Ok, I am drunk as fuck. Time to play dorfs

>> No.44013093

Anyone know where to get some actually decent looking Skaven Models for Blood Bowl? My friend wants to start a league and I love me some Skaven in the video game version.

>> No.44013580

First I rolled a 2200 chaos and conceded before the match because fuck that as a fresh 1000tv dorf team. Then I rolled a 1060 wood elf team who only had 1 reroll and I dorf'd them 2-0

>> No.44014002

In my defense I was playing Burgandy in a 10 person EU4 game at the same time.

Dealing with Austria getting pissed I had taken 10 Imperial territories

>> No.44016098


>> No.44017187


BB2 sounds so shit for actually getting to play games.

>> No.44017756

Yeah, unless you are on at a peak hour you are probably gonna have at minimum a 200TV gap.

>> No.44018305


Buy a bunch of Skaven, look at Sir Skofis' blog, use the advice therein to sculpt on some helmets and shoulder pads.

Just be sure not to work with fresh Green Stuff, let it set for about 45mins before sculpting and always keep your tools wet.

>> No.44018337

Pro elves have the best catchers, High elves have the best thrower, Wood elves have the best Blitzer. What do dark elves have the best?

I can also

Get a legit wood elf team with 3 rerolls, a legit high elf team with 3 rerolls, and a legit pro elf team with 3 rerolls. But dark elves you would have to seriously fuck yourself out of blitzers for that third reroll.

>> No.44018479

How do you beat the elf screen? Do you just have to hope he fucks up or gets injuries or something?

>> No.44018543

Make him roll the dodges every turn, blitz with your kill piece until there's a hole. Moving slowly is okay because you don't usually need to score before turn 8.

>> No.44018580


Pick a direction and try to smack your way through it. You want him rolling as many dice as possible to maintain the screen.

Unless he's got some AG5, Leap, Strip Ball and Wrestle mutant, you can almost offer up your ball carrier as bait behind a few 4+ dodges for a 1 dice or worse Blitz

>> No.44019761

Where should you place characters with guard on the line to maximize effectiveness?

>> No.44021132

Depends a lot on the enemy setup, but you generally want them to be able to move once they've enabled your 2-die blocks turn one.

>> No.44021222

Best amount of blitzers and best surfer,which opens up to best fouls in some cases.you could make only two blitzers if you really nees that third reroll,which doesn't seem much worse than losing a wardancer

>> No.44021409

Yeah but I'm by no means a sculptor, I'm new to the hobby overall and don't think I'd be able to use green stuff to the lengths as shown in those tuts.

>> No.44022270

Have the coaches involved in the last two league games been instructed to organise their lives and play to finish the round yet?

>> No.44022324

Um, one is being played right now, it was scheduled a while ago.

>> No.44022388


I'm a shite sculptor and I came out with these; before trying I had failed in even filling small gaps or sculpting on bigger trousers to a model (the magic trick was just letting it set awhile).

Round knee pads can be as simple as a blob of green stuff pushed onto the model. The shoulder pads you see were the same as the knee pads, but once they were dry I put on some green stuff sausages on the edge and eased them into an oval shape. The helmets were initially just a blob, then a couple of overhanging bits for the forehead and cheek guards, then thin sausages for the bars, then a blob where the guards begin to show a hinge.

Seriously, if you're just getting started Blood Bowl's a great place to try conversions; you can get models cheaply off ebay and all you need to do is add a couple of shoulder pad blobs to show that they're Blood Bowl players. Chuck away a tenner on some ratmen and see what you can do.

>> No.44022468


I hasten to add that I obviously didn't sculpt the entire models; the skeletons are my conversions from a bunch of ancient miniatures a friend had hanging around. Mummies were from ebay. The whole setup cost me a tenner and two cans of Monster.

>> No.44022895

What the fuck is the point of Re-Rolls, jesus fucking christ, is my luck this god damn bad?

>> No.44022914

It's to give you the illusion of choice.

>> No.44022989

is it me or does multiple block and dauntless not work right in BB2?i used the trollslayer starplayer and he wouldn't roll dauntless on a double block.am i mistaken? i think the rulebook says that dauntless happens after other strength modifiers, so it should let you roll to even it up right?

>> No.44023141

Hey /doubleskulls/ Why am a fucking trash at bloodbowl?

I fucking can't into tactics

>> No.44023157

Try gitting gudder

>> No.44023172

>Blood Bowl


>> No.44023187

BB is more like 20% tactics, 50% luck of rolls, and 30% salty tears.

We live, we play, we suffer.

>> No.44023206

>Create brand new team
>Join open league
>Get matched up against 2,5 Million TV opponent
>2,5Mil Chaos
I don't fucking think so.

>> No.44023239

>2,5 Million

>> No.44023270

>don't forget goyums, we had to have our 1000tv halflings killed by hitlers 2.5 million tv chaos team

>> No.44023292

I had 1.5 Million Gold as "balancing" petty cash is what I'm saying.

>> No.44023488


Halfing Chef, 5 Bribes and all the Chainsaws and other Secret Weapons you can afford.

Don't think of it as losing a game, think of it as a community service in removing as many ClawPOMBers as you can.

>> No.44024828

So how is Dungeonbowl?

>> No.44024861

My pro elf team is cursed I know it. 2 dead, a thrower and a blitzer, and now 2 mng linemen that are probably going to be retired because of their injuries. 4 loners and only 20k after 2 games. The 2s are everywhere man.

>> No.44024869

So, how is FUMMBL in regards to sportsmanship? The Cyanide Games have always been full with horrible players and whiny little fucks.

>> No.44024896

>pro elves die
WOW more news at 11

>> No.44025266

Hey Weil_Undi if you're around I'm on fumbbl. Will be on for the rest of the night message me on fumbbl whenever.

>> No.44025705

What determines your gold payout?
I tied with a team valued at 1500, while my team was 1000 value, I lost 2 guys but got a lot of good plays but only 20,000 gold while he got 40,000.

>> No.44025736

A roll of a d6 + your fame

>> No.44025935

When will Rolling the Rat Risks play vs Vintage Veterans?

>> No.44025984

As a rule if they don't say gl hf at the start its the mark of a cunt.
They aren't too common but there is this guy >>43984345

>> No.44026682

Somewhere within the hour, sorry our schedules haven't lined up.

>> No.44026985

you don't need to be sorry I just wanted to watch it. So good luck.

>> No.44027379

Rolling the Rat Risks vs Vintage Veterans, on your cabalvision, on now!

>> No.44027660

Are there any risks that GW will be cracking down on places like FUMBBL now that they are re-releasing something? I'd be right up their alley of retarded corporate decisions.

>> No.44027753

is GW re-releasing BB and making new models?

>> No.44027833


They are doing some kind of rerelease of specialist games yeah


>> No.44028615

Is the pope catholic?

>> No.44028734

I thought he was christian

>> No.44028956

We might not have enough people for only 1 league per person. Also if someone is in both and they can't make time that would be their own fault.

>> No.44029132

Round 4 is up for those who haven't been paying attention.

>> No.44029138

Blood Bowl is a game that needs a solid assessment of multiple probability. Usually, most games don't penalize you for failure, so you just need to keep in mind the odds of a single roll.

But because failure is such a big deal in BB, you need to assess the probability of actions over the course of an entire turn. 1 GFI only fails 16.67% of the time, but 6 GFIs in one turn raise the chance of a turnover to a much higher degree.

>> No.44029252

Desert Wraiths vs. Naggarond Knife-Ears, starting now. First game of Round 4!

>> No.44029433


Manage your risks. Do the least risky things first, never take more risks than necessary to score or prevent a score.

Don't make one-dice blocks just because a player can't do anything else.

Think about tackle zones.

Plan one or two turns ahead (more than this is generally futile because of BB's mechanics). Also, THINK ABOUT WHAT YOUR OPPONENT'S STRATEGY IS AND WHAT THEY ARE TRYING TO ACCOMPLISH. All these things make a difference, and are much better than just optimistically rolling some dice and reacting to the outcomes.

>> No.44029503


It wouldn't surprise me. Then again they have to know that there a) there are potential customers at FUMBBL who'd play both and b) those people determined to play FUMBBL exclusively aren't going to buy TT anyway. The bad PR would outweigh any benefits.

>> No.44030915


Never underestimate corporate retards. It reminds me of Nintendo cracking down on the Mario custom hacks and level scene just as they release the Mario Maker game.


>> No.44031114

As much as I love seeing that Bronzeback, that thing is going to be a fucking pain moving it on the board.

>> No.44032133

but mario maker made them gorillions of dollars. IIRC GW went after fumbbl years ago, which is half the reason the block dice are now different.

>> No.44032257

>mario maker made them money

Anon you're out of the console game, wiiu is a hole that money goes to die. Nothing on that console sells, it's literally worse than the vita.

>> No.44032333

Nintendo makes money on every wiiu sold. Sony and microsoft don't

>> No.44032414

Nintendo does NOT make money on wiiu's sold, they sell it at cost, and then the software sales are abysmal, it's a money-hole

>> No.44032466

not him but the ps4 parts are actually worth less than the msrp so you are very wrong and im inclined to agree that you are out of the console game friendo

>> No.44032543

ok, it seemed well received though

>> No.44032666

Every game is "well recieved" these days, all reviews are paid for either directly or with advertising money, if someone gets handed a big game they get a little note attached saying "it has to have at least XX score"

Microsoft paid youtube personalities to say "The Xbox One" instead of xbone.

With the pricing payout policy shifts on youtube the small-to-mid-weight personalities have to shill or else they cannot profit, it's been absolutely gutted.

The only reviews which are trust worthy are the steam user reviews, however between the meme reviews, moderation and mass appeal popularity reviews those too are untrustworthy.

Even battlefront reviewed well, and if you honestly think that battlefront is a good game, well, maybe ign is the right place for you.

TL;DR play games or watch someone else play the game, don't listen to what they say, just look at the gameplay mechanics and decide if you enjoy that.

>> No.44032710

>Posting about the shitty vidja world
Satan, Bloodbowl is a safe spot in a sea of SJWs, and waifuism. I make jack off to replays of my witch elf killing a wardancer but I don't post it.
Go take your shit back to /v/

>> No.44032765

>Bloodbowl is a safe spot in a sea of SJWs, and waifuism
Jesus isn't that the truth. I fucking hate these SJW fags, and I'm gay. Why is it so horrible to them that games aren't catered to them and rather a specific audience? Fuck.

>> No.44032838


It's just a fad of neo-puritanism under another guise. It'll die off in a while when the next big thing to complain about comes around.

But lets get this thread back to BB.

>> No.44032840

>I'll talk like I agree while trying to derail into SJW complaints
Nice try Beliezabub
Get out

>> No.44032865

So the Dark Elf v Khemri game is going again.

>> No.44033008

Khemri? I thought they weren't in BB2 yet.
Is there a stream I assume of the game?

>> No.44033053

It's FUMBBL mate

>> No.44033059

odds are good the mean on FUMBBL
Its free and has everybody plus few unofficial teams

>> No.44033068

This is Fumbbl.
Game link: https://fumbbl.com/ffblive.jnlp?spectate=795799

>> No.44033867

fumbbl literally never works for me, fuck java what a shitty language

>> No.44034067

2/1 grind was a 2/1 grind, didn't see that coming

>> No.44034332

And the Desert Wraiths take it 2-1 in a stunning game - Rura the Otaku scores a touchdown, and perhaps may finally earn his father's respect despite his NEET lifestyle!

Gasp in horror as brand-new skeleton lineman Neyark the Shuddering tears out star elf Sabatier's throat in an involuntary seizure! (the Knife-Ears apothecary reassures us Sabatier is alright, and that any frog-noises are a completely normal side effect of treatment)

Wonder in amazement as Vrek Hardhammer the Blitz-Ra makes a clutch pickup in the 11th hour to clinch the game for the Desert Wraiths!

Replays available - contact your local Cabalvision dealer today!

>> No.44035279

>tfw you just want to take tackle and guard on your blitzers but nuffle keeps giving you stat ups and doubles

God fucking damn it I just took jump up on my MB PO guy. Now I am still stuck with just 1 tackle piece and 4 guard pieces

>> No.44035362

Ahh the age old dilemma, follow your team skill up plan and displease Nuffle, or take what he gifts you with.

>> No.44035417

Every fucking rank up.
>I really need more guard
>I really need to get a tackle piece


>> No.44035454

Oh and even better
>just ranked up killer piece
>he also gets MVP even though he is still 12 spp away from getting tackle now

Oh and played against that same wood elf team that got pissed at me for turn 16 fouling their dude last time

this turn 16 everyone I blocked got injured and I wasn't able to foul him. After nuffle gave me a bribe

>> No.44035641

It's such a shame big guys only get general access on doubles and have loner. My ogre is like the mvp of tripping guys who try to dodge away, but I can't give him tackle because I have to give him guard and pro

>> No.44035850

jump up is really good with MB PO, four guard pieces doesn't sound so bad either

nuffle gives and he taketh away

Pretty sure he thinks that giving out bribes that can/will never be used is funny, hence why they show up all the time.

>> No.44035865

>it's a shame big guys aren't just normal roster choices

Maybe you should play lizardmen, they're pretty "balanced"

>> No.44035956

I rolled double 6s on one of my monkeys, should I go +ST or Block or what? I feel like having a Block piece on the board would be a good idea.

>> No.44036022

>the based human lineman who is the only dude in the team with tackle single handedly takes out 2 war dancers in one game.

OK to be fair, I had a second piece foul them both out, but for the whole first half he pretty much kept both war dancers at bay by rolling a defender stumble every time

>> No.44036061

I hate lizards too much no matter how based the Krox is. But I use my ogre to mark the other team''s safety all the time and the other team always rolls one or more 1 trying to dodge out. Like I can count on him to cause at least 1 turn over per game just because someone failed a Dodge roll

>> No.44036114

Never refuse +ST. Nuffle has given you a gift, and you would spurn it for a normal skill? It is a surefire way to incite his curses.

In all seriousness though take +ST; an extra ST4 is amazing. Rolling 2 dice is generally better than 1d with Block, and 4ST gives you options in a lot of situations that you otherwise wouldn't have.

>> No.44036159

>>44036154 fresh bread

>> No.44037206

i am fucking fed up with BB2,i have now won two games with my new dwarf team and in neither game i scored a touchdown, i keep finding noobs who make random things and then quit when they realize they are going to lose.i played with a human team with no rerolls, a chaos team with 4 rerolls and no warriors,in the past i even found some welf teams with no rerolls..everytime these noobs fuck the game up( i remember the welf would try to pick up the ball and pass it to someone,every turn,no matter how hard the pass and the pick up.this community is absolute shit and i am fucking mad at the game right now

>> No.44037880

I would say apo's too to keep the chainsaw in,and maybe rerolls instead of chef since these teams are often overloaded in rerolls and won't care about the three rerolls you might steal

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