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Hey /tg/, I'm here for some help writing a quest. The basic idea that the Plot Device will literally fall out of the sky, and it will be super easy for the PC's to acquire it. Soon, every entity with political or economic power in the world is going to want it. I'm trying to find a way to keep the PC's from just selling it to the highest bidder and wandering off to go murder hobo their way across my setting. I'm not a fan of railroads, so I'm looking for incentives (both carrot and stick) to keep the PC's in possession of the Thingie for long enough for some intrigue, excitement, and danger to happen. Any ideas?

Note: I'm being deliberately vague because my players will probably read this.

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Plot device sticks to them. Bonds with bone or something.
Factions want it, and don't mind killing the current owner. Some factions do mind, and court the owner to support them with the thingy.

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Time to poke their backstories.
Make the plot device useful for the PCs only as a goal (it will heal their loved ones' curse or something gay like that), but that's not directly useful for them. Relate it to the original reason of why they started adventuring.

You could do it as [>>43950920] suggests: Force the plot device into the characters, maybe the element is bonded with the character and he gives his part of the plot device, he dies or something.

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We haven't made characters yet, but I can almost guarantee that the PC's will be in it for the money. That's just the type of players I have. They are exceptionally efficient murder hobos.

Hell, the only reason I'm not running a murder hobo sandbox is because my players specifically asked me to "have an actual plot" in the next campaign.

The "stick to the PC" thing >>43950920 mentioned may actually work, though it's dangerously close to railroading.

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>it's dangerously close to railroading

No, you're only giving them a reason for the plot device to stay with them but you're not guiding their actual course of action. It's up to them to see what to do with the plot device, they may keep it, try to understand how to use it or try to find a way to get rid of it.
Otherwise, work with your players and decide a plot together. Pro tip: It works rather nicely when all the parties have agreed what the campaign will be about.

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Railroading is unavoidable. It's exactly what you're trying to do, not what you're trying to avoid. You just want to keep up the illusion of total freedom while still moving forward with your story, which reduces freedom, however slightly.

As a player I wouldn't mind this so much if you still allowed a fair degree of choice in how to proceed once the macguffin has been stickied. I like the audacity of your plan of just throwing a macguffin down from the heavens and I personally support the plan to permanently attach it to a party member.

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>We haven't made characters yet
Honestly I prefer know who what and where my PC are making at least a day before the first session. Not like full 2 page essay backgrounds, just know what they're making, and what's important to them (Which you get from talking to the person themselves). That way you would know how to incorporate it ahead of time.

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I agree, and I've been poking my players into hurrying up and making characters. We're not going to start until January, so we all have time to figure shit out.

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