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He's comin' back,
Back from the past,
Samurai Jack.
Watch out!
He's comin' back,
Back from the past,
Samurai Jack!

Gendy's back with a new season. TIME TO FINISH THAT STORY, BITCHES.

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im so ready

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Well he save Dexter's Lab from the pile of shit that it became, too?

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Who the fuck is going to voice AKU?

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Well, I've heard Samurai Jack is awesome,but I haven't watched it since I've also heard it was canceled and eternally unfinished. Time to revisit that decision maybe?

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Greg Baldwin, most likely. He's a soundalike who took over for Iroh on Avatar and didn't do too badly.

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Yes, by God yes!!

/tg/ in celebration tell everyone, if you were running a campaign about fighting evil LONG AGO IN A DISTANT LAND and not wearing much armour, what system would you use and who would your BBEG be?

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Easy peasy, 4E. Jack is a perfect Avenger, make Aku some sort of horrifying Primordial that has broken free.

That, or Exalted. Jack's also a perfect Dawn caste, and Aku is a perfect Raksha.

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hopefully its in the same art style and same slow-paced stories.
if they try to modernize it, it will probably look like shit.

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inb4 it's a reboot

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Gendy's at the helm, and since the entire reason this is coming back is nostalgia, I can't imagine them not letting him do what he does as he does it.

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>based Tartakovsky

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And? I think you missed >>/co/

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Yeah, that didn't go so well for that robot thing he was behind right?

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Go fuck yourself, 40kfag.

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An elderly man goes into a confessional booth.

"Forgive me father, for I have sinned, it's been 8 months since my last confession. Father! I slept with a gorgeous 19 year old girl last night!"

"So, you've cheated on your wife?"

"Nah, I'm not married. Neither is she."

"So then why are you telling me?

"Are you kidding? I'm telling everyone!"

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FATE Accelerated.

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Nope, confirmed to be a continuation

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>Jack is back
My body is ready.

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>Maya will never tell the stories of the new jack

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think of it this way. the world is apologizing for the things it did to us this year.
Terry Pratchett, Leonard Nimoy, etc...

I'd certainly suggest it...

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Simon Templeman

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may he rest in peace

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>KND tried to reignite
>Samurai Jack suceeded

I'm satisfied, good end to the year

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Fuck yes, how many years has it been?

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As of right now? 11. It'll be 12 once the new season airs.

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About... Eleven.

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God damn I was eleven when it finished.

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>I want to discuss a cartoon
>there is a board explicitly dedicated to western comics and cartoons
>I'll start a thread on a completely different board

I've been here since 2009. By the rules as written, this is not the "everything" board, and never has been.

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You should've an hero at 2008

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I take it you missed the "HOLY SHIT TOONAMI'S BACK!" threads back in 2012?
Literally every board had one.
It's technically a rule violation, yes. But it's a relatively harmless one that saves us from having to go to /co/, because /co/ is terrible.
I'll admit, /tg/ has a disproportionate amount of "I don't want to go to the board for [thing] because they hate [thing]!" threads, but that's probably because a lot of /tg/ users are PURELY /tg/ users, and not more general 4chan users.

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>I'm a whiny faggot but it's okay because I'm also totally and oldfag u guise.
It's really telling you have that picture saved just for situations like this. How often do you yell at nerds having fun?

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I almost cant believe someone was so butthurt over startrek of all things that they made this image.

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I've been here since 2007.

If you don't think a thread belongs on a board, you should quietly report it and go on with your day.

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You could just hide and report it. You know, like people who don't have a meter-long pole up their ass.

Also, there's plenty of other off-topic threads you could yell at. Why only this one?

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Why do we need /co/ at all if cartoons go here?
Why do we need /tv/ at all if live action media go here?
Why do we need /lit/ at all if novels go here?

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What would be a good system to emulate Samurai Jack?


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Legends of the Wulin. It comes assuming a pseudo-Chinese setting, but it can be easily adapted to other times and places. I know at least one anon is making a Star Wars adaptation for it.

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>Why only this one?
Because I'm not always on /tg/ and I happened to see this thread first.
I also don't feel like changing one pixel of my image so I can post it multiple times.
Are you saying I should complain more?

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Because there are some of those things that no one will talk about there.

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Good fucking question.

Honestly, it's for subjects of interest within the medium. Tg will not care about johnny test, spongebob kind of things. For those people they can go to co.

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I've seen it used to run DtD and Magical Girls.

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>/co/ never wants to talk about Samurai Jack

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Funny thing, Samurai is an utterly fantastic theme for avenger.

Crit on 18-20 on the first turn? With the Avenger rerolls to hit? Yes please.

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But spongebob is awesome.
And probably written while on LSD.
I doubt there would even be a game system for such a setting.

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Everyone likes to talk about samurai jack so they are. You think /lit/ wants to talk about the fucking silmarillion?

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>Outsider updates
>Guts gets off the boat
>Samurai Jack is coming back

What the fucking fuck is going on

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board police are fucking annoying

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Why do we need /lgbt/ if your faggotry is allowed to persist here?

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The thing is that you absolutely can't harshly enforce a narrow definition of the rules on an actually creative board like /tg/, because doing so smothers the creative process, as it stops people from being able to relax and be open to making and taking suggestions. It also stops lateral thinking, which is a very important thing to nurture here, because it's impossible to predict what will spawn new ideas. It's also a matter of inspiration: Samurai Jack has inspired tons of roleplayers, and will continue to do so, so not only does the shared love for it create an environment where people can be on good and open terms with one another, and therefore be creative, but the direct aesthetic, thematic, etc. elements are borrowed from. Boards like /co/, /a/, /tv/ etc. are not creative boards. They discuss a final product, so they don't need that same openness or loose moderation. /tg/ on the other hand is sitting with a half-finished product, where the other half is created by the GM and the players. What /tg/ is, is a place for finding out what you want to fill that other half with.

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Oh and also a place for finding out which half-finished product, aka system, you should use, possibly to compliment an already pre-determined second half, or to ask questions about the mechanical rules of the system you've chosen.

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They would if people who want to talk about fantasy novels went there.
A board has no hard-coded preferences. It is the sum of its anons.
Every thread on the wrong board makes two boards worse.

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>in before is ends after 12 episodes on a bullshit cliffhanger

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A counter point, People who want to talk about fantasy novels left /lit/ because the occasionally wanted a discussion of something other than how shit their taste is.

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You know what's funny about that pic? There are literally (And I mean this literally, not metaphorically) two official Star Trek RPGs.

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>"Nah, I'm not married. Neither is she."
>"So then why are you telling me?
Technically that's still a sin, as it's sex outside of marriage.

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Stop shitting the board with off-topic content.

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Hey /tg/, name me 10 successful reboots. You can't?

I'll wait. If you can name 10, then mako will come back from the dead and we won't have to deal with a horrible impersonation just so we can finish a story that is not meant to be finished.

All this proves is that Genndy has been reduced to imitating himself.

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Yes, and there's an official World of Warcraft tabletop game.
But if there's a thread on /tg/ about World of Warcraft the MMORPG that doesn't mention the tabletop game at all, it's off topic.
I already explained that in the picture.

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Legitimate suggestion; depending on what you want to focus on, a suitably high-point cinematic campaign would work. You'd need all three of the -Tech books because of time-warp shenanigans (but they're all just equipment, so no complexity there) and the most cinematic bits of Martial Arts to let Jack survive shit like that; probably Action too because that's a huge source of good simplified cinematic rules.

At the end of the day it would be a very detailed game that focuses on the minutiae of combat; I love that shit, makes me feel like I'm really there a lot more than more generic attacks. It's not for everyone though, and if detailed (but not necessarily unfun realistic) combat doesn't sound fun to you, I wouldn't recommend GURPS.

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Whose involvement has been confirmed, save Gendy's?
An explanation of how creativity works, by John Cleese. I recommend it not just to you, but also to those who want to improve their creative process.

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This. It's going to be over the top, the aku actor is going to be bad, i bet phil lamarr can't do the voice properly anymore, jack is going to say shit because he can, etc etc.

It's going to be a trainwreck. Remember the last good idea Genndy had? Remember how long the execs let it stay on the air? This is going to be terrible, and aimed right at the kids who weren't even alive when the show first aired.

>> No.43952395

It's a continuation.
They're getting the same guy that finished up Uncle Iroh in A:TLA. He did a decent enough job there.

2/10 got a response

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>Whose involvement has been confirmed, save Gendy's?

Mako is dead. What does it matter? It will be banal shit that will be as bad if not worse than comedy central's run of futurama.

That had top talent too, and it still failed hideously.

>> No.43952439

>"So what is it, mods? Is the rule just a suggestion, or is it zero tolerance?"
You are aware that there's an entire spectrum of options between "just a suggestion" and "zero tolerance"?

>> No.43952444

>It's a continuation.

Not technically. Again, remember how we got Zombie Futurama? Because people wouldn't let it end.

>They're getting the same guy that finished up Uncle Iroh in A:TLA. He did a decent enough job there.

You have got to be fucking kidding me. He barely spoke at all after mako died, just a few quiet words and grunts. There's no way he also has the vocal range to do Aku's voice, which is far more bombastic than iroh's.

>> No.43952446

Whats it like to live a life without joy or hope?

>> No.43952450

Mako alone didn't make Samurai Jack good.

>> No.43952464


>and aimed right at the kids who weren't even alive when the show first aired.

Then why is it airing on Adult Swim?

>> No.43952469


It's not a suggestion, it's a rule. Just like not posting ponies. We don't hold them to high enough standards for doing their jobs.

>> No.43952481

there's plenty of comments here talking about adapting Samurai Jack's setting with an appropriate system. Fuck off with your 'off-topic' bs

>> No.43952484

>Not technically
Technically, it is a continuation, as it's neither a spin-off, remake, nor reboot.

>> No.43952499


>Not technically.

Samurai Jack never had an actual conclusion. How is this not "technically" a continuation when that is exactly what they are doing: continuing the plot that was never actually resolved?


>Remember the last good idea Genndy had?

If you mean Sym-Bionic Titan, yes. It was fucking fantastic. If that's the kind of quality we get to look forward to, then I'm even more excited than before.

>> No.43952500

Go fuck off and tell them then. You certainly wont stop anyone. If anything all you are doing is keeping the thread on the board longer.

>> No.43952520

You need every story to be finished? That's pretty childish. Learn to let go.

>Aku didn't make samurai jack good
Oh, it was just the constant mowing down of robots and monosyllabic dialogue from jack? Really?

Because kids love hyper-violent shit. You think kids don't watch rick and morty? That's what samurai jack will be like, just another "lol violence" adult swim show for morons.

We need more samurai jack less than we need new star wars or star trek. Let shit die and come up with new ideas. Genndy is only proving that he's been reduced to imitating himself, because the suits won't greenlight anything new.

>> No.43952544

Contrary to popular belief, the moderation team is actually pretty laid back about a lot of rules. If a thread isn't full of stupid meta shitposting and there's actual discussion going on and it's not one of several similar threads, the chances of it being deleted for "off-topic" is slim. Especially if it actually changes to related stuff, such as the people talking about how to run a game in that setting.

>> No.43952552


>That's pretty childish.

You are acting every bit as childish as the people thinking this is the next coming of Christ and that Genndy can do no wrong. All you are is the inverse of Hypefags: someone who cannot possibly see how something could go right with a project we know literally nothing about other than "it's happening in 2016".

>> No.43952554

It's not a reboot, it's a continuation of the series. It's got the original creator at the helm of the project. Yes, Mako won't be there and they'll have to replace them but that's life. Should Avatar the Last AIrbender stopped production because Mako died? Should they stop making TNMT with Splinter with Mako dead?

>> No.43952558

>Oh, it was just the constant mowing down of robots and monosyllabic dialogue from jack? Really?
You really can't expect us to take you seriously if you say stupid shit like how Mako's voice and Jack dicing robots was all that happened in Samurai Jack, right?

>> No.43952565

Whatever man. Its not like the guy has been trying to finish the series for the last eleven years or anything. I'm sure some random soulless dude on the internet knows more about making good cartoons than him.

>> No.43952567


>Oh, it was just the constant mowing down of robots and monosyllabic dialogue from jack? Really?

I don't think you really understood what made Samurai Jack a good series if your sole reason for watching it was Aku hamming it up.

>> No.43952570

I would love to see you identify the line to be drawn on what is and is not /tg/-related without obliterating the creativity of the board as a whole. We've seen the results of that exact thing occurring once already, back when all the drawfags left.

Anything that inspires people to think about storytelling and narrative belongs here.

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It's airing on Adult Swim, so no it's not aimed specifically at children. Misinformation all up in this bitch

>> No.43952600


>Samurai Jack never had an actual conclusion. How is this not "technically" a continuation when that is exactly what they are doing: continuing the plot that was never actually resolved?

Because it was never meant to end. I accepted that because i know that these things cannot continue forever, and that whatever they do to resolve the conflict won't be interesting. Resolving the conflict isn't the point of the show.

>If you mean Sym-Bionic Titan, yes. It was fucking fantastic. If that's the kind of quality we get to look forward to, then I'm even more excited than before.

The execs cancelled it because it wasn't Toyetic enough. You cannot be stupid enough to think that they want to bring this show out to please the nostalgia of maybe a 1/5th of their audience. It's not going to be for us, it's going to be for people born after the show was already cancelled.

It's just pointless, and it cannot be anything other than disappointing. They should have let it rest with Mako.

>> No.43952623

There are actually Warcraft lore threads from time to time because it helps playing the tabletop.

>> No.43952627

The same people air the black dynamite cartoon. Do you think that is aimed at kids?

>> No.43952633


You're not just a glass is half empty kind of person. You're the kind of person that takes the glass, smashes it against the wall, then tells everyone within earshot they have shit taste in drinks.

>> No.43952639

In the interest of keeping this thread alive and not letting the depressed, testy No Fun Allowed guy killing it, I would like to point everyone to the link posted in >>43952381
as it may very well help you gain some insight into how Negative Nancy's can kill your fun by putting you on your guard, and thus unable to play. It's really quite a brilliant speech by Cleese, filled with information and comedy. Because not only is it important to know how to be creative so that you can be more creative, it's also important so that you can protect your creative process, because it's a process which is very vulnerable to disruptions of this sort.

>> No.43952668

>he thinks children can't stay up until 1 am
>he thinks parents monitor what kids watch on tv

Are you for fucking real? What kind of helicopter parents do you have?

I think that if it was entirely up to him, that he wouldn't have finished it at all. I think he's just being pressured by the suits to make something that will gain ratings, and that's certain to happen given the reaction to this publicity stunt.

So you would watch the show if there was no fighting and no aku? Just phil lamarr saying one word every once in awhile while walking through snow?

>> No.43952682

>Because it was never meant to end
It actually was meant to end, it just didn't get to. Nobody thinks it will continue forever either. It's not The Simpsons. Resolving the conflict is obviously not the point of the show, as you say, but it is obviously the conclusion to the show, and was always meant to be.

>> No.43952685

Can I post a thread about a piece of dog shit stuck under my shoe, and say IT'S IMPLIED TO BE WORLDBUILDING INSPIRATION FOR PIECE OF DOG SHIT RPG SETTING when called out for literal shit posting?
Either literally every topic imaginable is traditional games, or only traditional games are traditional games. Black and white. Consistency. Justice.

>> No.43952694

Yes it is. I don't think you realize how bad the marketing of violence towards children is in the united states.

It's probably why you have a mass shooting every week.

You should post for reddit with that quick wit of yours.

>> No.43952704

>Because it was never meant to end
I'm sorry, can you point out where it was said that the show was never supposed to have a conclusion? Do you have any links to some news article or interviews as evidence to back that up?

>> No.43952707

Black and white is not representative of the real world or most /tg/ settings.

>> No.43952729

Its obviously not aimed at children it has mister Robinson in it. eleven year olds dont know who mister Robinson is supposed to be.

>> No.43952735


The show was never meant to be concluded. It's the journey, not the destination that matters.

But not in the west. We gotta have three han solo movie prequels and a reboot of samurai jack and probably a pirates of dark water movie before the decade is out.

Why create new things when you can just be derivative and be praised for it?

>> No.43952750


I enjoyed the show because, despite being a cartoon, it did not always feel the need to fill the episode with pointless exposition. I enjoyed the fighting, yes, but I also enjoyed the episodes that put more focus on the environment and the journey, even if there wasn't much, if any actual dialogue. I liked how the show treated me as if I had an attention span longer than that of a goldfish and didn't need constant action or talking to keep me invested in watching it.

And of course, I liked the variety, because for every episode that was quite and more contemplative there would be another that was more about comedy or the action. Samurai Jack had a little bit of something for a very wide range of viewers.

>> No.43952759

You know what eleven year olds today will watch? The same sort of stuff they watched eleven years ago.

>> No.43952777


>The show was never meant to be concluded.

Can you cite a source for this claim? Or the claim that Genndy was pressured into coming back for this?

>> No.43952802

If anything Genndy has probably been exerting whatever pressure he could to get this back for years.

>> No.43952824

I didn't say kids didn't watch it, I said it wasn't specifically aimed at children. Just like My Little Pony: Friendship Is Magic wasn't aimed at people in their late teens/early twenties, yet hey look bronies. Just because a show has a peripheral audience doesn't mean it's suddenly going to inflate certain aspects to cater to that audience

>> No.43952835

Ah, and here we see the wild faggot.
Desperate to fit in with the cool kids on 4chan, he has decided that everything forever is bad sight unseen, because he has the magical powers of cynicism.
>making a South Park reference
>the show that had an episode where Stan starts acting EXACTLY like you are, and everybody stopped hanging out with him because he was a bitter, unfun asshat

>> No.43952850

No, we'll report it and it'll be deleted, most likely. Your "consistency" is autistic and unintelligent: the consistency of rule enforcement which /tg/ needs is that things which inspire people, and it's very hard to say ahead of time what inspires people, must not be killed. Because that kills inspiration, creativity, and playfulness. Now aggressive shitposting on the other hand, does not provide much inspiration, or help creativity or playfulness. There is no clearly defined line for determining the difference between these. There does not need to be one, either. Once, they tried to draw one, and it killed the board until they erased it. Now you want it back. That wrong, and you're wrong. I urge you to watch the video: it might change your mind, by helping you understand what creativity is and how it works. If you don't care about creativity, then you don't belong on /tg/ and you absolutely don't need to be on /tg/, because any rule you wish to discuss can be found via google.
Your argument continues to be unintelligent. There is really no actual argument against anything John Cleese says in that video, or anything I've said: all research into creativity says the same thing. Spouting tired buzzwords does not invalidate that, but it does invalidate any point you're trying to make.

>> No.43952886

First I was ecstatic, then I remembered Mako has left us.

Leaves from the Vine started playing in my head manually and it started raining in my house.

>> No.43952905

Good jobe bumping this thread you hate anon. Really making people change their ways. At this rate no one will ever post anything off topic ever again.

>> No.43952922

GTFO Newfag

>> No.43952923

I'm going to miss him too anon, I'm going to miss him too.


>> No.43952931

God dame it.

>> No.43952968

>a bitter, unfun asshat
Hey, that was a legitimate medical condition. It's called "Being a Cynical Asshole", and it'll be okay now, he's properly medicating it with a Jameson regimen.

>> No.43952988

I haven't seen that episode, what's it titled?

>> No.43953001

Are you sure you replied to the right post?

>> No.43953006

"You're Getting Old".
It was after City Sushi and before Ass Burgers.

>> No.43953013

No its late here.

>> No.43953015

>been here since 2009
>never has been

Do you want to know how I know you're lying?

>> No.43953050

Wasn't it a two parter with Ass Burgers being the conclusion?

>> No.43953097

Has the rules page ever stated "/tg/ is for literally every topic imaginable", in actual text for all to see?

>> No.43953161


>> No.43953165

I just hope the Scotsman gets an episode. He is my favorite side character.


>> No.43953199

No true Scotsman wears underwear under his kilt.

>> No.43953217


>> No.43953260


>Just phil lamarr saying one word every once in awhile while walking through snow?

Yes bitch, 4 seasons and blind archers episode were the tits.

>> No.43953395

Pics or it didn't happen.
Regardless, it doesn't say that now.

>> No.43953437

Why would I have pics of the rules? And it says it right there. They removed it for awhile in, what, '10-'11/'12, but other than that it's always been there. Just read them yourself and see for yourself.

>> No.43953592


>> No.43953655

>the one mad faggot who keeps bumping the thread he wants deleted

For a GURPS novice, would you be willing to stat out Jack and a few others? I'm currently learning the system, and I like having examples of what a character will look like when you're done with them.

>> No.43953662


>> No.43953760

See what? It says "1. Board games, paper games, war games, card games, etc. go here!"
If you're claiming the "etc." means "literally every topic imaginable", then it should be impossible to be banned for posting off topic, which I know is not true.
A cartoon does not fit into the category of traditional games by any stretch of imagination. It is a thing that could theoretically, in the infinite realm of possibility, SERVE AS INSPIRATION FOR a traditional game, but it is not a traditional game in itself, any more than a piece of dog shit stuck under my shoe is.
You can make a traditional game based on anything if you try. But if you're not going to frame the discussion in the context of a game, it doesn't belong here.

>> No.43953774

Pretty bad episode, I have to say.

>> No.43953791

Well, no, because that doesn't have anything to do with storytelling or narrative. It's literally shit.

>> No.43953820

The rules disagree with you, though. It says right there: "Board games, paper games, war games, card games, etc. go here!", so I really don't see what you're complaining about.

>> No.43953829

What was that one Star Trek RPG with fucking ingenious storytelling advice?

>> No.43953855

But it can theoretically serve as ~worldbuilding inspiration~ for a game!
If the topic of the board is "everything", then nothing is off topic, and no one is banned for posting off topic. This is demonstrably false, which means a limit exists.

>> No.43953888

Is Samurai Jack the western animation series a board game? No.
Is Samurai Jack the western animation series a paper game? No.
Is Samurai Jack the western animation series a war game? No.
Is Samurai Jack the western animation series a card game? No.
Is Samurai Jack the western animation series a non-video game of any kind? No.
What's so hard to understand?

>> No.43953894


He's right though, this is the wrong board for such content you whiny faggots.

>> No.43953911

This thread is now about your favorite Simpsons gag.

>Homer: Well what do YOU call it?
>Moe: A car home!

>> No.43953997


>> No.43953999

Nothing's hard to understand about it. It says right there, in the rules, that board games and such go on this board. That means the news about a Samurai Jack continuation is relevant to this board. I mean, what do you think games are? The details of settings and systems?

>> No.43954019

Or we could be reasonable about this whole shabang and take things in moderation. You know, strike a balance between inspiration threads, card games, wargames, etc.

But that involves not being an alarmist asshole, so I guess that's not happening?

Frankly I'm past caring, the board isn't going to change no matter how much of a shitstorm you kick up. Actually, you're probably hurting your own platform by galvanising the opposition more than anything else. The smart man would just report and move on if he believed something threatened the integrity of his precious board.

>> No.43954027

Not him, but he'll yes I would watch it if it was Phil Lamar saying one word and walking through snow. IIRC there were multiple episodes with no Aku and less than 5 lines of dialogue, most of them not from Jack. The fact that these episodes were still awesome was testament to how great Samurai Jack was.

>> No.43954046

>Can't have /co/ related things on this board
So I guess we should have tossed out that Bionicle thread and went to /toy/ instead right. It's not like just having nostalgic conversations on the lore of stuff we liked as kids leads to /tg/ making whole game systems or any of that shit right?

Oh wait.

>> No.43954061

>board police

>> No.43954077

We meet again, oh Two-headed Judge of /tg/-relatedness.

>> No.43954086

At work, so I can't write up a full character sheet, but I can point out key bits of Jack.

Attributes: High stats all around (being a singular protagonist, Jack can't really afford to have major deficiencies). Very roughly, maybe ST 12, DX 16+, IQ 12, HT 14+. Jack's strong but that's not his forte and he's clever but not a super-genius, so I think 12s are appropriate. Jack is very very speedy and precise, though, so I think DX reaching to superhuman levels would work. Similarly, Jack's tough as shit, so super high HT also works. Assuming DX 16/HT 14, Jack would have a Basic Speed 7.5 and Move of 7; I would round BS up to 8 and maybe add a few more levels to speed so Jack can get that sweet, sweet 2-yard Step.

Skills: You could either list out the ton of skills Jack has (dude's nearly omniproficient in anything not technological), or you can save time and sanity and just pick up decent level of a handful of Wildcard Skills. Bow!, Explorer!, Fist!, Horseman!, Katana!, Move!, and a handful of normal skills to handle miscellaneous things Jack can do like being a sailor.

Advantages: Either Signature Gear or a gadget'd advantage to represent his magical sword, depending on if you want to build it as a sword with enchantment spells or a unique advantage. A couple levels of Super Jump. A few levels of Striking ST too. With the Weapon Master advantage, you can use Katana for cinematic skills like Power Blow (double or triple strength for one attack), Breaking Blow (#shrek any inanimate object), etc.

Disadvantages: Hoo boy. Enemy (Constant, Very Powerful) is a must. Bunch of levels of Low TL, low Wealth, Social Stigma (Ignorant), and similar traits to represent a man out of his own time. Not disadvantages per se, but Jack would suffer for not having Cultural Familiarity and would have the language at Accented. Jack's also a Hero, though, so Pacifism (No Innocents AND possibly Reluctant Killer), Selfless, Honesty, Sense of Duty, Code of Honor, etc.

>> No.43954104

I'll not take the apology until CN gives us a Season 3 of The Big O.

>> No.43954148

Terry Pratchett, okay, but let's not pretend Leonard Nimoy's been relevant since TOS, outside of a few cameos.

>> No.43954155

How you can be this buttdestroyed over people being happy and having fun.

>> No.43954185

I don't follow.
Samurai Jack (at least the form of it being discussed here) is a western animation series.
It is definitely not a board game or similar to a board game in format.
If you wish to discuss the possibility of a board game based on Samurai Jack the western animation series, you can start doing that any time.

>> No.43954198

Outsider updates TWICE

>> No.43954213

>fun equals breaking rules
>I can't have fun discussing traditional games on a traditional games board
Then you have no reason to be here.

>> No.43954221

>series was originally supposed to get 26 in 1st season
>only 13 were made because of low viewership in Japan
>became really popular in the west so a second season was funded
>creator was told a 3rd season was extremely likely
>ambiguous ending made in preparation for that
>screwed over since Adult Swim decided to focus solely on comedies, thus no 3rd season was funded despite the 2nd making a shitload of money.

God I hate Cartoon Network, if it wasn't for the fact that they made some really good shit in my childhood I would have just tossed them into the trash bin.

Though I love it when their terrible decisions blow up in their face. Like what happened when they tried to pull that CN Real shit.

>> No.43954226

It's fine where it ended. Ending was clear and wrapped up the story nice and tight.

>> No.43954244

You dont have to read this thread. Its existence in no way impedes the many other /tg threads. Go read those and stop shitting up this one, we are talking about Jack.

>> No.43954252

Leonard Nimoy had been doing quite a bit of voice acting work. Even though he said he was going to retire multiple times, he never stopped working on shit till he actually died.

>> No.43954300

>Nothing's hard to understand about it. It says right there, in the rules, that board games and such go on this board. That means a piece of dog shit stuck under my shoe is relevant to this board. I mean, what do you think games are? The details of settings and systems?

>> No.43954318

Let's hope this does well enough for Genndy to give us a Synbionic Titan ending too. That show was sooo good.


>> No.43954322

Samurai Jack has always been a really cool setting. One of my favorite episodes was when that scientist created those assassin ninja robots to kill Jack for Aku; and he had to use a mechanical arm to properly fight them.

Would be interesting to see how a campaign would function in that setting. Shit like trying to get by without coming under the attention of Aku, or actively trying to mount a resistance which is ultimately pointless since Jack is the only one really capable of taking him down.

>> No.43954382

What if Teen Titans is continued

>> No.43954408

It was. We dont speak of it.

>> No.43954409

I rewatched it recently.

It's not as good as you remember it being.

>> No.43954442

Anon stop thinking about things that cannot exist.
The show (WHICH DOESNT EXIST) isn't worth existing (SO IT DOESNT)
It may not be, but I loved the fuck out of it as kid. I need closure goddamit.

>> No.43954467

It was okay for what it was, I enjoyed it. But I feel like it ended as it should have. The best arc was over anyways.

That Teen Titans Go thing is an abomination though. Probably has something to do with the writers they hired knowing nothing of the previous series.

>> No.43954469


>I acknowledge that I'm breaking the rules
>just look away anon
>If you don't look, nothing bad is happening

>> No.43954491

You're seriously becoming "that guy" anon, as if rule lawyers aren't bad enough. Board policing is seriously a shitty attitude to take here.

>> No.43954511

How could I do that if you shut down the creative process with your board policing? Watch the video I linked, it explains how creativity works. It does not work the way you think it works. A topic which inspires and makes people ready to play will inevitably lead to creativity, unless disrupted. What you're doing is disrupting. You're making people defensive, putting them on guard. Creativity is impossible under such conditions. Samurai Jack has inspired many of us in our traditional gaming, and continues to do so, and the news of a continuation makes us excited and inspired, and helps us get into a playful mood, where we can be creative in a way which pertains to the board's topics. A lot of people who haven't read anything about creativity, and thus have a harder time putting it into words than me, still instinctively know what threatens their creative process. Right now, that's you. So they insult you when you do, because they want you to go away so that they can play again. It's vital for this board that this process is allowed to exist. Traditional games can only exist in a playful environment, it's a prerequisite for their existence. That's why you can't draw a line in the sand like that and enforce such strict rules by the letter, because the letter of the rules is anathema to the very hobbies the board's for.
Really, watch the video. It's very informative and inspiring. It's John fucking Cleese explaining the creative process according to the best studies ever done on the subject. I mean, I get where you're coming from. You don't understand creativity, you've engaged in it but haven't read or thought much about it. I've been there, done that, been at the other place and done that too. I've also seen what happened last time a janitor enforced the rules per the letter. It fucked the board up, and years later it still hasn't recovered, because so many good posters and drawfags got fed up or banned and never returned.

>> No.43954512

You are the only one who cares. Everyone else thinks something awesome is happening, and is talking about it, making it /tg related by mapping it to /tg topics. Even I am only posting here to distract you so we can get on with the business of discussing jack and jack-related things.

Join us brother. Joiiinnn ussss..

>> No.43954513

>Extra note... it was Tim and Eric's contracts that killed Season 3.

>> No.43954524

Would Wild Talents work for a Samurai Jack based game?

kitchen sink approach to setting and fast combat? ORE is good for that right?

>> No.43954529


>> No.43954533



>> No.43954566

Since when has that stopped /tg/ from not doing /tg/ stuff?

>> No.43954612

One day, anon, one day.

>> No.43954624


>> No.43954712

Fucking seriously? That waste of film that not even the most wasted pothead I knew enjoyed?

>> No.43954730

>Like what happened when they tried to pull that CN Real shit.

I'm still utterly baffled how the fuck they thought that would be a hit.

>> No.43954735

I must say sir, that you appear to be a little cross.

>> No.43954744

Wow. Someone else understands.
Hold me fellow Anon.

>> No.43954755

Another dude, and I care.

However, not in this particular regard.

This thread?
Why not?
A single thread to celebrate something that isn't traditional games isn't beyond /tg/'s degree of flexibility. Especially when it's something that's not only pretty good, but is easily made /tg/-related.

But, let's not go crazy and start making hundreds of SJ Generals to discuss the show here. There's /co/ for that.

>> No.43954787


The sad thing is I imagine you think I dont like and wont watch the show because I don't want non /tg/ things in /tg/

>> No.43954862

It only pulled ratings BECAUSE of stoners being out on their cough, giving background noise.

>> No.43954864

None of my posts are preventing you from discussing the nuts and bolts of a system of game mechanics designed to fit a certain setting, and how one would go about actually running/playing it.
You wouldn't have done that if I hadn't said anything. You aren't going to frame the discussion in the context of a game. You don't want to discuss a traditional game even tangentially.
The name of the board is "traditional games", not "things that make you feel good".

>> No.43954885

>thread has been up for almost 7 hours

>a.)Nobody has reported the thread and those two complaining guys are just shitposting

>b.) they actually did report the thread and the mods/janitors disagree/don't care

>> No.43954911

And shitposts are taking up all the posts we could be using talking about which damn system we could use to play us some Samurai Jack.

>> No.43954942

You've had almost 7 hours to do that. You can start any time, there's no limit on posts per hour.

>> No.43954994

Funny you didn't notice people have? Yet it's been drowned out by the bitching about wither this thread should be on /tg/ or not...

Won't even spoon feed ya boss. Scroll.

>> No.43955002

And you could of just pressed the hide and report button and ignored this thread. And considering that this thread has been around for 7 hours it is clear nobody cares about your shitty opinion on what deserves to be on this board.

>> No.43955117

Evidently /tg/ is /co/, so there should be no problem at all with me posting /co/ related threads here and not even trying to relate the topic to traditional games!

>> No.43955120

The purpose of "traditional games" is "to make you feel good". The method of making traditional games, aka the creative process, involves "feeling good", according to every reputable study done on the subject. Watch the goddamn video: John Cleese knows what he's talking about, and I know what I'm talking about, and you don't have a goddamn clue about what you're talking about, because you have not studied what you're talking about. You're talking out of your ass and are, demonstrably, disrupting people, interfering with their fun, with their open-mindedness, with their play, and therefore with their creativity, and therefore with the hobbies this board was made for. How do I, and you, know this? Because they are telling you so. They are not lying to you. Do you think they are lying to you? Do you think every study on the subject of creativity is incorrect? Do you think you know better than everyone else?

>> No.43955193

Aku is difficult, but it would probably be difficult in any point buy system. He's damn near all powerful, can do all sorts of crazy shapeshifting bullshit, commands the entire globe, and is a powerful sorcerer on top of all that.

Actually, wait, it might actually be super easy. Shapeshift (Cosmic, can add most any trait, +50%; Flawed, -10%; Improvised Form, +100%; Reduced Time 5, Instantaneous Change, +100%) with all the motherfucking points so Aku can "shapeshift" to add whatever he wants, be it an innate attack, strikers, breath attack, etc. or an actual shapeshift into, say, and octopus form or humanoid woman. For his general sorcery, I'd also use the Sorcery system.

Also all the fucking Status, Wealth, Rank, Charisma, and Reputation. Maybe high TL (isn't Aku an alien or something? I remember a weird introduction for him; if that's the case, he would have knowledge of superior tech, hence the tech boom). Does Aku himself ever show propensity with machines, or is the designing and inventing relegated to intelligent minions? If he does (or did, or can) do it personally, add Gadgeteer as well.

>> No.43955248

And reported, I suggest everyone else to do the same. Legit the cancer in /tg/.

>> No.43955252

But I did watch the goddamn video, years ago.
That doesn't mean an apple is literally an orange. I don't have a problem with you liking apples, but don't lie about what they are or treat them as interchangeable.

>> No.43955291

He is the last remains of an ancient evil the Gods fought

>> No.43955327

I've no idea about what you're trying to say with that.
>last remnant
Or is he?

>> No.43955336

Oh, I forgot to add. How do we want to handle Aku's immunity?

GURPS doesn't really like doing True Invulnerability. No matter how expensive they price it, it would always be an objectively superior choice by far to the equivalent levels of DR. Instead, they recommend doing Effective Invulnerability, where you buy enough DR to make yourself immune to any threat. Get DR 30 in a fantasy game and you're effectively invulnerable. For a modern day game you need much more (plus some levels of hardened) to withstand bullets and missiles, and a bunch of radiation resistance (dem nukes). I honestly like that a lot (True Invulnerability is boring, Effective Invulnerability makes the players get creative and hunt down attacks I didn't expect; that invulnerable dragon was easy after the player dropped a fortune on giving their ballistas steel heads and then enchanting them to make them armor piercers), but it does make situations like this difficult.

>> No.43955382

Would there be any way to have a character return from the dead so long as a condition is met? That seems like it would work for that particular case.

>> No.43955420

The thing with aku isn't that he is immune per se, but that he is composed of a smokey liquid shapeshifting thingy. The episode of the zombies (Which, I should add, has some of the best animation in the whole show) has him turn into a literal force of nature, a giant tide of goo that Jack was barely able to defend himself against without the blade.

>> No.43955472


/tg/, what brand of toilet paper is best? I feel more creative when my anus is dry but not scratched, therefore toilet paper is a traditional game!

>> No.43955534

Yep. Unkillable 2 makes your corpse indestructible and while you temporarily "die," your body heals at the normal natural rate, and you can start walking around when you get back to HP 0. You're vulnerable to continuous damage sources, though; if someone chucks your corpse in a volcano, the continual damage from the lava cancels out any natural healing.

Unkillable 3 makes you go *poof* when you die; you become a ghost of sorts until your body (again) heals up to 0, at which point it will reform somewhere (specific location is campaign dependent; might be where you choose, or current location, or one specific place). You don't have to worry about your body getting damaged before you're back in it.

There's also the Achille's Heel limitation, where there is one class of things that can stop you from coming back. The broader the class, the bigger the discount (e.g. a monster only killed with a stake of holly would have to pay more than a monster that can be permanently killed by any sort of wood, including a 2x4 from the local lumber yard). Since Jack's sword is the ONLY thing that can perminately kill Aku, there won't be any discount. At most, Aku will have a 1-point disadvantage (can be killed by Jack's sword).

Also, is Jack's sword the only thing that can KILL Aku or the only thing that can HARM him? I thought it was the only thing that can harm him and bullets and shit bounced off.

>> No.43955575

Seriously anon, you've gone from butthurt board police straight into shitposting. Honestly if you don't get a ban from this I'll honestly be surprised.

Has the fact that this thread still remaining up despite your bitching not sunken into your head yet?

Well there are the existence of the gods in the Samurai Jack universe. So maybe something like having their favor could work?

I don't recall anything explicitly bringing anyone back to life in the show though. However I haven't watched it in a long time so I don't remember in all honesty.

I think it is the only that that can kill him, Aku was harmed by a water goddess in one episode if I recall correctly.

>> No.43955586

I'm more interested making heads or tails of that kitchen sink setting

animal people

what would an atlas of that world look like?

>> No.43955634

Trying too hard m8

>> No.43955758

>Liquid smoke creature that KEEPS. COMING. BACK.

Diffuse, Unkillable 2, Regeneration (Fast), and lots of HP. Possibly DR (Not against magic attacks, -20%) as well.

Now that we know HOW Aku is invulnerable, we can go into detail into how Jack's Sword works. I would stat it up as an advantage and then slap some Gadget modifiers on it to make it a separate item.

Work's getting out, I'll post the stats for Jack's Sword when I get home.

>> No.43955845

A creative environment is not an abstract concept, any more than "my home" is an abstract concept. My home is where I live. A creative environment is a place where I can be creative. Playfulness, or the open mode, is not an abstract concept: it's a mindset, or a state of mind. The topic of toilet papers could very well lead to a creative process: the way you're approaching it makes it unlikely, because you're not inviting people to play. I'm not in the open mode right now either, and I can't approach the subject in a creative manner while I'm not in the open mode. I could switch to the open mode, but I don't see any point in doing so, because you don't want me to and don't want to do it yourself, so I have nobody to play with as of now and the topic doesn't incite me to play on my own. That's what /tg/ needs to be in order to function: a place which incites its users to play. Not just to play games, by discussing mechanics, but also to play so that they can be creative, which is a must if they are to play or make traditional games, which by necessity involves creativity, and not just the discussion of published rules and settings. The first step then is to create a creative environment for creative processes, through play. Through the open mode. The news of a Samurai Jack continuation is relevant because Samurai Jack inspires playfulness and creativity, and that means it helps the board. Board policing and strict adherence to the letter of the rules obstructs playfulness and creativity.

>> No.43955901

Pic related, Aku going full on natural force.
Just watch Jack and the Zombies from season 3, you won't regret it. The music of that whole scene really makes you tense even after watching the episode dozens of times.

>> No.43955925

>you appear to be a little cross
>a little cross
>a little

If you're >>43954226, then I just want you to know one thing: I will find you and have my way with you, you uncultured swine. You depraved, debased, slovenly wretch of a creature that would dare presume to call himself man. Big O is not finished. It was never finished, and it will never be finished. Big O will forever remain eternal in our hearts, and, Emperor willing, on television.

>> No.43956166

Such words cannot be tolerated by anyone worthy of being called a man. Decide upon either the place or the tool, and do it swiftly, so that I shall have to wait not a second longer than necessary to clear my name of slanderous epithets.

>> No.43956203

Your definition is too subjective.
The news of a Samurai Jack continuation certainly doesn't inspire MY playfulness and creativity, it just annoys me.
And if you say "so what, you're not alone here", then LITERALLY EVERYTHING has to be allowed because no one can predict what will inspire at least one person on a planet with seven billion and what won't. So I honestly don't see the difference in /tg/ relation between a thread about a cartoon and a thread about toilet paper.
This board doesn't exist to put you in the right mood to prepare you to discuss traditional games, it exists to discuss traditional games.
My definition is easy: is it a traditional game or explicitly framed in the context of one? If yes, it can stay. If no, there are other boards for that.

>> No.43956316

The tool shall be my hand. Prepare yourself you cowardly cur, my handholding skills are second to none!

>> No.43956326

And your definition is dogshit!

Glad we had this chat. Now get the fuck out.

>> No.43956546

Please draw a line. Please make a complete list of things that are not related to traditional games but still relevant to a dedicated traditional games board.
If you cannot do that, you are implying there is no such thing as off topic, which conflicts with my first-hand experience.

>> No.43956605

Of course it's subjective. We're not discussing the speed of light, we're discussing people's creative processes. Whether it inspires everyone is irrelevant: this board is filled with threads that don't inspire me. That doesn't mean they can't be here. I already addressed the toilet paper: you start a creative process about toilet paper, for real, and people catch on, then why not? This is something /tg/ has always done, derailing obvious trolls and shitposting threads into legit discussions about traditional games.
>This board doesn't exist to put you in the right mood to prepare you to discuss traditional games, it exists to discuss traditional games.
So you're saying that this board should not allow something which it needs in order to do what it's supposed to do?
>My definition is easy
It's irrelevant whether it's easy or not, what's relevant is whether it works or not. I've seen that definition in action, I've been here since probably '08, and the board turned to absolute shit when they started to enforce the letter of the rule in '10(?). When did it begin to recover? When they stopped enforcing the letter of the rules.

>> No.43956794

I want you to Google a game called engine heart. it was created by people on /tg/ because of a series of very interesting threads about the film the brave little toaster. the threads that led to the creation of the game were talking about the movie, which led to talking about the setting as a game world. which led to the creation of a new setting and mechanics to play a game in. The creation of a traditional game. By /tg/ For /tg/. If some giant faggot like you had come around and told everyone to fuck off back to /co/ to talk about brave little toaster then that tiny miracle never would have happened. Goodness in the world is snuffed out by people like you. I am not even the person you have been arguing with this whole time. Now please go murder yourself. If you look around this thread on your way out you will notice that it IS /tg/ related because people have started to talk about stating AKU in GURPS. This is the exact sort of natural progression into /tg/ relatedness everyone but you seems to understand. If you fucking let it happen it will become /tg/ related. Threads of all kinds do this everyday. All they need is to not be trampled on by faggots like you.

>> No.43956874

>you start a creative process about toilet paper
This thread's OP has not started a creative process about Samurai Jack, only conveyed an announcement. All the minuscule disconnected shreds of creativity I see were added by others, therefore it doesn't matter if the OP is creative or not.

>So you're saying that this board should not allow something which it needs in order to do what it's supposed to do?
No, I'm saying if you're not in the mood to mention traditional games at all, then you can go to some other board and come back when your mood has changed.
This thread is only a hostile environment because it doesn't belong here and multiple people are rightly annoyed by it.
All the OP had to do was explicitly invite discussion of a potential traditional game adaptation of Samurai Jack.

>the board turned to absolute shit when they started to enforce the letter of the rule
I liked it.

>> No.43956960

Then you are a fucking moron. Nazimod almost killed /tg/.

>> No.43957003

>No, I'm saying if you're not in the mood to mention traditional games at all, then you can go to some other board and come back when your mood has changed.
So I should go to a board which does not have a creative process as it is not dedicated to creative endeavors, and when that board has kick-started my open mode somehow I should come over here to the board where I need to be creative? That is not a very easy or efficient method.

>> No.43957051

You know, I'm starting to feel a bit unsure about this whole business. I feel like you're sending some rather mixed signals.

>> No.43957128

We are not a circle of friends you hang out with all day long waiting for your "open mode" to work.
How hard is it to write "this cartoon is cool, how do I make a traditional game out of it", and not just "this cartoon is cool"?
>how hard is it to report and hide
It's the principle of the thing.

>> No.43957194

>How hard is it to write "this cartoon is cool, how do I make a traditional game out of it", and not just "this cartoon is cool"?
Even the assburgers among us, among them myself, are generally able to feel confident about exploring the creative potential of a topic on /tg/ without someone explicitly telling us we're allowed to.

>> No.43957445

but thats just it, this guy is so autistic he can only do what he is explicitly told he is allowed to do. hence his insistence on all content fitting 100% into, no more no less a "traditional game". I assume he also is not ok with dwarf fort threads or threads talking about lord of the rings because they are not traditional games.

>> No.43957525

Look, the ending was that the entire show was the movie Stranger than Fiction. It's fine. The plot came to terms.

>> No.43957573


>post about ponies anywhere but the dedicated pony board
>immediate 3 day global ban, every time

>post about literature on the dedicated traditional games board, when a dedicated literature board exists, without even trying to frame the discussion in an appropriate context
>nothing bad happens

>> No.43957778

even though LotR informs huge amounts of traditional games information is derived from it? And the people on /lit/ couldn't give half a fuck about different kinds of elves and you KNOW /tg/ does? Why do you want everyone to have shitty boring threads when /tg/ has more people who care more about and have more to say about a topic even if it is not a traditional game? sounds to me like you should be on whatever reddits traditional game space is if you want such rigid structure.

and don't cry about you not being allowed to post ponies here after spending the better part of my entire night ruining a good thread about a good show.

>> No.43957866

>mods sage-locked the thread
Well damn.

>> No.43958287


But did the fans come to terms? It's one thing for a show to end because it's run it's course, but when a show fails to get a third season simply because the people who were going to air what was a clear winner chose instead to go for pure shit that they produced fast enough for people to not immediately realize it's shit. By the time people were actually able to go 'hey, this is shit', adult swim could play off what they produced as successful simply due to the fact that with so much garbage being put out at once some of it was bound to get sizable amounts of attention.

>> No.43958385

>A board has no hard-coded preferences. It is the sum of its anons.

In /lit/'s case, the sum of its anons pretty much hate everything fantasy with a passion. The sum of its anons creates these hard-coded preferences and lurkers either leave or adapt to that.

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