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I wanted to make a custom Skaven codex for my GF to use to play 40k with me. We both currently play Warhammer fantasy, and I play 40k which I would like to get her into but she really lacks the funds to properly collect a second army so I was wondering if anyone on here has any experiences with making custom rules could give me any pointers.

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The safest and easiest bet is to just use a pre-existing codex and add 'flavour text'.

For Skaven, I'd recommend using IG. Shitload of conscripts. Tanks can be the stats you use for Screaming Bell/Doom Wheel.

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Ratlings or if you want to get interesting use the 30k Cults and Militia army list.

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not sure if ruse... anyway, count as Tau

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That or Tau. Call them a client race.

But really, this Anon probably the best answer.

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This. Fan dex are always shit

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I had someone reccomend to just run them as Orks at one point as well, IG isn't a very bad idea though..

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Actually, I would use CSM or renegates and heretics. Cultists/zombies as clanrats/slaves could be cool. Big gribbly abominations as daemon princes, big storm vermin as hellbrutes, doom wheels as maulerfiends, etc. The problem is that all rats are pretty much the same and not really well translatable to 40k.

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You're a free man, but I beg you to consider making it a Hrud codex instead.

They do the whole 'lurking in the dark' thing, even to the point of boarding spaceships and lurking in the shadowy gaps of the ship's interior. They do the 'warp-touched' thing, worshipping a dead Old God, as well as muskets(!) that fire warp-touched plasma. And the 3rd edition book had a tell-tale rat tail poking out of one of their shawls.

Add a horizontal hovering grav-Doomwheel and you're good to go.

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>30k Cults and Militia army list
This'd probably be best, IMO

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And here we have their Rogue Trader version.

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This. so much this.

Imperial armor 13 is what you want. Run a whole mutant horde for them and kid in some of the Heretek stuff because Skaven.

I'm actually doing something similar with Beastmen.

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Actually if you skip the guns and use straight up skaven, hrud work pretty well as plague bearers.

Both shrouded and touch of rust fit their fluff well. Use Warp fire throwers to represent heralds with the template weapons. Use rat swarms for nurgling if you want them.

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