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>Street musician for a few years
>Praised on charisma often and ability to talk myself out of situations
>Fit and healthy but not big
>Short beard
>mfw I'm turning into a bard

Anyone else notice themselves slowly turning into characters?

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Plenty of people here are probably well on their way to becoming wizards.

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I'm turning into a character that tells you that I sincerely just hope you have autism or something and are not actually a huge enough idiot that you seriously think you're turning into one of your RPG characters, or god forbid, *an* RPG character, a three word concept so nebulous it encompasses everyone who is currently living, has ever lived at any point, or will live.

I am swiftly turning out of that character to tell you, as a real life person, that you are an enormous faggot. Congratulations, you've hit minimum social competency, are not tall, have played music for a few years, and have facial hair. You are not a dwarf, you are not a bard, you are a person.

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Woa there friend you might need to calm down.

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I'm 100% calm and currently have a cat draped over my lap.

He is an orange tabby named Steve and he has three legs.

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Well maybe you shouldn't eat anymore of its legs tubby.

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Sounds like you're a druid

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I highly doubt OP was as serious about his statement as you are.
Do you want to talk about what bothers you so much about the situation, pal?

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jesus christ

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I didn't eat the leg, the car that hit him did.
I used to own a snake as a pet.

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>Have a thick long beard
>Been hitting the gym recently
>Studying blacksmithing
>Becoming a dwarf

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>Medium height
>Thin, but athletic
>Usually wear a hood
>Sarcastic asshole
>Used to shoplift alot as a teenager
>Work as a chef, so high dexterity and skill with knives

I think I might actually be a rogue.

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>sarcastic asshole
>skill with knives

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>Sarcastic asshole

Would you say that's your wicked sense of humor?

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I work as a bouncer. Clearly I need to start playing monks. Or at least anything other than samurai and truenamers and warlocks.

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>tfw half my shadowrun chars have "why you run" backstories literally cribbed from events in my adult life

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I'm turning into a NPC class.

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holy shit you guys

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Yes, but I multiclassed myself in to uselessness.

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>Thin, but athletic
>Usually wear a hood
>Sarcastic asshole
>Used to shoplift alot as a teenager

Not edgy? Stop it with the damage control, anon.

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>Degree in Music Tech and Sound Engineering
>Occasional performer, occasional electrician, building instruments and gear
I'm an artificer bard!

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>Built like Kingpin
>Despite never working out, am able to pick up and slam average manlets into the ground
> People say I look angry all the time
> Shit luck in all aspects of life

I'm not a PC, I'm a goon. I'm just waiting for the day the evil overlord comes to recruit me, and then it's just a matter of time before I'm casually murdered by a passing hero.

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Hello fellow henchperson.

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Jesus, are you home alone for thanksgiving or something? That's the only thing which could explain how mad you are right now.

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>long curly hair
>broad, flab over muscle

Im a goddamn viking and am in the process of cutting fat, soon will be working hard at getting jacked. Life could be worse.

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I'm a goblin.

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The money you spent fucking up your face could have gone to charity. You could have bought like 20 elderly people a christmas dinner with that money. Jesus christ.

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Viking bro!
>Come from Northern Europe
>Go to 'Murica
>carry a gun


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And the same doesn't apply to your own hobbies?

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Steve the familiar?

Also I guess I'm becoming a Commoner. Oh wait.

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At least my dice collection doesn't fuck with my employability.

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Talk about moving the goalpost. How do you know he doesn't have a job? Like, say, let's pick something realistic here... tattoo artist?

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So what exactly is your point?

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My point is that getting tattoos you can't hide with a suit massively inhibits your ability to get a job.

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The original point was that the goblin-anon was wasting money on his hobbits. I pointed out that you're wasting money regardless of money.

Someone, perhaps you, claimed that he couldn't hold down a job. I offered up the counter argument that he could very well be a tattoo artist, who tend to look freakish.

And so, we are here, with you floundering around without a semblance of an argument.

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>wasting money on his hobbits

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Pardon? Also, *Wasting money regardless of hobby. Cause I can't into grammar.

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underrated post

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>wasting money on his hobbits

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Tattoo artists are artists, yes.

Skin is a very difficult medium, and you only get one shot to get it right. Not to mention your 'canvas' is constantly subtly moving, expanding and contracting.
Tattoo artists are genuine goddamn artists who make artwork on living skin.


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I have no idea what you're talking about. My entire point was that it doesn't matter what you spend your money on, any luxury or superflous spending is technically a waste of money.

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getting tattooed isn't a hobby. It's not something you spend time doing. You sit in a chair for like 4 hours while someone draws on you with needles. You don't get a tattoo to pass the time, you get them to alter the way you look and say something about yourself.

In >>43838940 case, he's saying "I don't ever want people to take me seriously, and I want to make it really hard for myself if I ever need to get an MRI scan."

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Poor tattooed baby.

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Re-read your post you autist.

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Or... even more realistic... car theif, mugger? Soon to be sharing a prison with Big Barry and being his prison wife?

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>dat scratch work

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I'm 1.73 mt
Short brown hair
No beard
No talent whatsoever aside from procrastinating
Stat me tg

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it's an art form, look how unique I am

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Never had one in my life. I can still see that it's a tough job by expanding my magnificent single brain cell.

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Ah, I see it now. Yeah, I can't spell for shit today. I meant hobbies, but obviously I fucked up. Point taken.

Point being, it doesn't matter what you spend your money on. Whatever luxury spending you're doing is money that could have been used to fed the poor. So being an elitist prick about it is really, really goofy.

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He's clearly not a tattoo artist because most tattoo artists wouldn't get shit tattoos like that senpai

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>tattoo fag is also autistic

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>it's a tough job
You ever tried drawing on your arm with a felt-tip marker? It's not exactly hard.

Extrapolate that to drawing with a vibrating needle.

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Holy shit all these frail christian americans are hilarious

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...yeah, that seems like it would be hard.

You need to be good artistic skills, have good people skills and be able to work on skin that's twitching in response to being repeatedly stabbed.

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Well, it's clear that the autist brigade has arrived, as evidence by these posts down below. So you know, no need to discuss it further.


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All these asswrangled hipster contrarians are even more hilarious

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It's all fucking hilarious to me from both sides. England's the most tattoo'd country in the world so nobody gives a shit about them. I've got a little one on my arm.

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NPC town militiaman that is caught sleeping on the job and accidentally lets the BBEG into city

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Ah, I see you only have 1 or 2 tattoos? Because I have definitely gotten tattooed just to pass the time.

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This is because you are stupid.

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