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What are your thoughts and convictions on inter-species romance in Fantasy and scifi?

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I think a good number of people are far too concerned with the concept and spend way too much time dwelling on it, especially since "romance" is largely pushed aside to make way for "inter-species sex."

It's not something that comes up very often in actual games unless it's actively forced into it, so I only give the matter sparse attention.

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Cute as fuck.
Hot as balls.

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Doesn't make much sense in scifi settings. But then again, aliens are usually of the forehead camp. And even when they aren't, they show clear human mindset. Usually the only justification is that the setting is not pretending to represent real alines, but humans/attitudes/cultures/mindsets.
It makes more sense in fantasy, where there is no evolutions and the races were created by spirits or gods. Although I wonder if the gods might take offence in certain pairings.

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Obligatory barbed penis in catboys.

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I thought one of the points in pulp sci fi was getting the green/blue princess?

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Sure, sounds accurate

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Is that a koala boy?

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If it passes Harkness go for it.

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Doomed to sorrow, because different species can't interbreed.*

TO be fair there's also the disgusting black** humor form, such as men getting their guts punctured, infected, and dying after being fucked by a horse.

*mostly, sometimes there are sterile offspring, which carries its own grief.
**not meant to be raciss, lol

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Nice, cute, sometimes hot, always unlikely.

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It's a Tarutaru from FF XI

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I like it. In a story you generally need a obstacle for the relationship to overcome to make it interesting, a difference in race is one of my favorites in fantasy. But as it is the case with everything, it's use depends on the group.

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>Doomed to sorrow, because different species can't interbreed.
Well, some people don't really want kids, right? They'd be fine.

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It's okay but I want grandkids.

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I read that. It was adorable as fuck. I heard he was making a part two, but I never saw it, sadly.

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You should want lots of kids in a society without things like pensions, social security, and with hereditary laws. Someday you will grow old and nobody will take care of you.

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Well, that's hardly a guaranteed situation in science-fiction settings. And magic may or may not present a solution in a fantasy setting.

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Adventurers at the end of their career are mostly ether rich, dead or going for a sad end deliberately, so it's fine.

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In fantasy maybe. In science fiction, being sterile is being an evolutionary dead end.

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Is it really lesbianism if she's a different species?

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I like pairings with the more unusual races. Elves almost don't count.

It technically is, but at that point it shouldn't matter.

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You also have an higher likehood of being assassinated due the whole inheritance thing. This is especially true if you end up becoming king.

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If it's biologically viable and both parties are sapient then I don't see what the problem is.

I mean, even if they can't have kids they're still people.

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What story is this?

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where do you think you are?

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Interspecies romance is the best romance.

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I dislike them all

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So you're an expansion kind of guy? Dragon 2? 3?

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It's definitely an interesting setting component and can be handled well, and obviously creates a more complicated narrative and story potential.

Though I personally refrain from it in games, after having only been burned by it.

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That doesn't look like romance.

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You know nothing of romance then

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Romance is sadly often hard to do well in tabletop gaming because of social awkwardness. A character of mine recently shared a kiss with another PC without it getting weird, and I feel like I've unlocked some sort of gamer achievement.

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If you are a nobleman/aristocrat, remember that your first duty is to produce heirs and make alliances with other houses.You can have your toys and entertainments, but only when it is convenient for your house/bloodline. Else you get disinherited, imprisoned or killed.

If you are a filthy peasant, you can do whatever you want.

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Can I get a sauce, boss?

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>evolutionary dead end.
In science fiction? Nah, brake out the genetic engineering. If you want a kid, make one, to spec.

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No, I dislike those too

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You realise some people are gay, or infertile? They'd work something out. Sci-fi has the tech' to make it all irrelevant anyway and fantasy settings never lack for orphans.

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Romance is generally most achievable in 1 on 1 rp with the girlfriend.

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A necessary reminder from your grouchy neighborhood old Grognard.

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The noble thing is only if you're the heir or high up on the backup list. A parent may be inclined to allow one of their kids way down the line to marry in a manner that is less productive to producing more usable heirs to gain some other advantage.

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Yeah. Play by post or IRC also makes it a lot awkward. Face to face, you want to be doing it with your RL romantic partner.

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So like humans and apes? Fucking nasty, and not in the good way.

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Apes fail the Harkness Test, unless they're Grodd.

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What if it is sapiens but thinks in completely alien ways?

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Then you can't really establish consent and should instead agree to stay friends.

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Most of the time it's just like regular romance unless there's rampant racism, they're really different species, or they can't breed.
You reminded me that I really want to run a Star Wars game. Dammit.

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What if the species has no concept of consent?

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Coco the Gorilla.

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My advice is that you don't stick your dick into any plants.

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...I can guess what this means, even if I don't play Dwarf Fortress.

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Think for yourself you lazy shit troll.

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The mind is underdeveloped comparatively. Coco is basically a loli, so no go.

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It means the goblin and the dwarf are sharing a tile.

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I understand sex but not romance.

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That's most anons, really.

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No, that's more like "I don't understand either sex or romance".

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You realize that these days there's a button that searches for you right?

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Sex is when two or more things put their penises into each other's nipples and penetrate the cervix for the purpose of giving the female pleasure, iirc.

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>wolf and humanoid
I'm afraid I don't compute, sir.
Damn it do none of you know what taxonomy is?

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What is it, inter-kingdom?

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>do none of you know what taxonomy is?
Well, I know what taxidermy is and that girl is getting both mounted and stuffed alright.

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It's still interspecies. It's just also inter-other things. I don't know how to classify dragons.

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If you make your own setting, make it so that interspecies sex is impossible.

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Inter-class with wolf, maybe inter-phylum for dragon?

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Can you tell me if Lizardfolk actually qualify as reptiles? Dragons, same question.

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Damn that's actually pretty good.

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Wolf and humanoid are likely inter-order? Dragon, don't know of course because dragons, but inter-kingdom could work, or maybe inter-phylum.
Hell if I know. Fantasy creatures and all that.

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As long as they don't go full furry, interspecies relationships can be fucking great. They're a welcome change from human women who are universally shit-tier, IRL at least

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I don't get it

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It's when you're in the locker room with your bros and they talk about some guy they know is gay, calling him a fag and shit, and you join in on the jeering because you want to feel included, then feel bad about it later.

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Tried, nothing came up.

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Isn't it among the natural consequeces of playing in a setting with more of a sentient race?
Humans usually end up having romance with other humans irl. Would you expect them to do the same while playing pretend?

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It's my magical realm.

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"The first is the otherlander, or utlanning, the stranger that we recognize as being a human of our world, but of another city or country.
"The second is the framling... This is the stranger that we recognize as human, but of another world.
"The third is the raman, the stranger that we recognize as human, but of another species.
"The fourth is the true alien, the varelse, which includes all the animals, for with them no conversation is possible. They live, but we cannot guess what purposes or causes make them act. They might be intelligent, they might be self-aware, but we cannot know it."

Utlannig and framling are human, however alien they may look by evolution upon their native planet. Treating them as such should solve any issues of consent and concerns over whether a relationship is well or good or proper - they are human, even if their planet's atmosphere makes them green and luminescent, or the gravity makes them twelve feet tall. If you can achieve the consensus necessary to form an attraction capable of desiring romance - not mere sex, but actual romance - then you have enough to determine consent and propriety.

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The varelse is alien, and remains so no matter how it looks - whether a dog or a cow or a dragon or a flying crystalline angelic plant-creature, if it is unknowable, it is unable to give (or receive) consent.

Which leaves the raman - the tricky ones. But, much like the framling, ultimately it comes down to whether they can be comprehended, and whether mutual communication and understanding can be achieved. After that, again, if you can reach a state of mutual respect, attraction and desire for a relationship, and there aren't any extenuating circumstances involved (like your species being at war, or one of your kind treating the other as a staple food source), romance isn't a non-option, really. Although it is practically a guarantee that, simply for the species-instinct to propagate and protect the species, you are going to catch some major flak. But hey, that's life.

Now go find your krogan waifu.

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Tis not part of the series, but IQPD will lead you to the author's danburo

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As long as it's not the "all elves are unfaithful, race traitor sluts" trope it is fine.

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It's best when it's awkward and difficult for physical, psychological, and biological reasons

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>Doomed to sorrow, because different species can't interbreed.
Adoption, nigga.

But yeah, that should be one of the strains of interspecies romance. Especially if one of the members comes from a lineage/breeding-centric culture

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That's funny because I did it and it turned up two results on Danbooru and Sankaku.

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What is this? I tried a reverse image search but it didn't help.

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Tarutaru, from FFXI.

Basically, gnome analogs who use their cute and child like appearance to hide the fact that they're a bunch of extremist religious and isolationist nutjobs

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I've yet to have the opportunity to try seducing a green hag in DnD. This makes me sad.

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What if you're not given an option? Rules of conquest and all that.
That feeling of ownership might blossom into something more, eventually.

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Personally I find monster rape a turn-off so I avoid including it, but I can accept it as plausible.

>> No.43778211

But would you a dragon?

>> No.43778261

I'm the same, personally. I find rape in general to be repugnant, but denying its existence is kinda dumb.
It's more of a case of "would a dragon you?" And in my case, not a snowball's chance in hell.

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Dragons can take humanoid form, so it's a very real possibility

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This fucking guy.

>> No.43778737

Dragons are sentient and have personalities. If we got along, I could imagine a relationship, enough to get past the fact that it's a giant fire-breathing flying reptile monster.

>> No.43779010


Would kill and loot his hoard? Yes

>> No.43779136

It depends on how big dragons are since spelunking doesn't really appeal

>> No.43779460

Her arms are different lengths. And no, before someone suggests it, it's not foreshortening. My best guess is the artist doesn't understand proportion.

>> No.43779487

As long as I get Grand kids I don't give a fuck

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Mom, please, what are you even doing here?

>> No.43779540

Where's my grand kids?

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Always a treat, especially if it's big girl on smaller guy

>> No.43780362

>Cute, cheerful alien gf that's 3 times taller.
My realm.

>> No.43780372

Its bad enough with another race, but fuck me a monster from outer space?!

>> No.43780608

if it's a human-like alien thats fine

>> No.43780747

Only time it happened in a game I was in, it was done really creepily/disturbingly and I'd rather it didn't happen. But it theory I don't have a problem with it.

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what if she's cute?

>> No.43781953

What problem do you see with romancing non-humanoids?

>> No.43782086


I've gotta agree with >>43778377 here, dragons are honestly at their best when you're fucking their attractive demi-human bodies and then working with them to bring fire and death to your mutual enemies.

As I like to say, one's for business and the other's for pleasure, and it's generally poor form to mix the two.

>> No.43782548


Implying a copper dragon isn't the superior choice

>> No.43782617


>Copper Dragon would have the form of a cunning browngirl trickster with shimmering hair

>> No.43782666

I can appreciate this sort of thing, but I feel like it's important that even in demi-human form some glimpse of the dragon's true inhuman, powerful nature is perceptible in some way. Just to make it clear you're not romancing a humanoid that can transform into a dragon, but a dragon that chooses to wear a veneer of humanoid-ity for mutual convenience.

>> No.43782692

I would imagine it's usually eye color or how they carry themselves.

>> No.43782728

Satan, stop trying to convince people to roleplay dating the dragon equivalent of a furry getting some from a dog. Relatively the relationship would never last anyway

>> No.43782772

I imagine they still retain the voice of a three story tall fire breathing titan.

>> No.43782778

Hell yes

>Dragons taking humanoid form
Worst tastes

>> No.43782788

>but I feel like it's important that even in demi-human form some glimpse of the dragon's true inhuman, powerful nature is perceptible in some way

As the guy you're responding to, I completely agree. I prefer it when the humanoid form of a dragon has telltale signs of their draconic nature, often as something like eye color (liquid gold perhaps,) unusual hair color (platinum blonde vs. silver hair,) unnatural beauty/presence or various other things.

And yeah, it's best when the dragon's humanoid form is inhumanly powerful, in fact I'd be surprised if it wasn't.

>> No.43782791

Yeah, sounds about right. Maybe some sort of small, anomalous environmental effect, like an aura of warmth or increased static electricity, if dragons are particularly magical or elemental.

>> No.43782803

Sure, it's a small portion of the dragon's life, but why should that matter to you?

>> No.43782832

I mean, that's already canon

>> No.43782845

>this nigga doesn't want to think that, even centuries down the line, a dragon won't fondly remember them and keep their picture with the other "really good ones."

>> No.43782870


Don't Silver and Steel dragons *prefer* to be in Humanoid form, and Steels in fact build their "lairs" in mansions and acquire their hoard through economics?

>> No.43782909

Humanoid form is the only acceptable answer.

Stop being a degenerate.

Giant lizards are not attractive. Nothing about giant scaly haunches and scales for skin is "supple and alluring."

The idea of romancing a super powerful super hot humanoid with great intelligence and the ability to change into a giant flying lizard is quite appealing.

I always liked the idea of running into a polymorphed dragon running around in darkskin efl-form and fucking it before finding out you just made an intimate connection with a potentially world conquering force.

>> No.43782940


Played in a game where a character was in a relationship with a dragon. The logistics were mind-boggling so I never asked.

>> No.43782970

>The idea of romancing a super powerful super hot humanoid with great intelligence and the ability to change into a giant flying lizard is quite appealing.

It's not appealing, it's pathetic.

>> No.43783098

If I was roleplaying a dragon. I don't like size differences. But two giant creatures doing it is a turn on

>> No.43783151 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

>Giant lizards are not attractive.
Not true

>The idea of romancing a super powerful super hot humanoid with great intelligence and the ability to change into a giant flying lizard is quite appealing.
That's just a sorcerer with a fursona

Size difference makes it great, but two giants is good too
Even better if it's two giants with a smaller person caught in the middle

>> No.43783162


>you will never have a browngirl copper waifu who sends you on a variety of arduous but ultimately trivial pursuits to acquire a variety of mundane, seemingly random items that lead to a riddle, the answer to which is plain on the browngirl's body when you return.
>Surprise! She's pregnant.

>> No.43783209

You don't have sex with the "fursona" in this version.

Also the only things that are attractive about that "giant lizard" are those things that resemble female humanoid anatomy. You just need to push the slider all the way over to having just a full humanoid to get the most attractive result.

>> No.43783224

>was pregnant
>you've got six eggs waiting for you at home now
>hope you can deal with them all.

>> No.43783294

>You don't have sex with the "fursona" in this version.
Still just pretty much a furry who knows polymorph

>> No.43783317

>You just need to push the slider all the way over to having just a full humanoid to get the most attractive result.

>> No.43783334

So... you're gay?

>> No.43783354


>Implying that image isn't yet another example of what he's talking about


About as furry as a guy who bangs a Kitsune? They're literally foxes, you know.

>> No.43783372

Maybe that's what the hoard really is. A hoard of keepsakes to remember old loves, allies, conquests, etc. Maybe that's why even the good ones get pissy when you want to take something.

Dragon:"No! You' can't have that +1 Sword!"
Bard:"Come on, you won't miss it. You've got three +5 Holy Avengers in the corner there. What's one little sword?"
Dragon:"That one's special! It means a lot to me! You wouldn't understand!"
Bard:"You say that about everything in here."
Dragon:"Because it's true!"
*Blasts bard to ash*
Dragon:"Now look what you made me do! I..oh. Ohhh no oh no I lost control why do they have to be so squishy where's that Rod of Resurrection oh god I hope it still has charges."

>> No.43783384

I am okay with this.

>> No.43783397

Humans can be attracted to pretty much anything.

>> No.43783420

I mean, animals, plants, pieces of steel... humans have some fucked up fetishes.

>> No.43783429


>Implying there's literally anything wrong with that

If the almighty dragon lord assumes an overpowering human form to romance and bed my Paladin, I'm not going to care he's doing the same thing any sweaty man-child would do if he got hold of those spells.

>> No.43783444

Honestly, if they couldn't understand why she didn't let them take anything, they probably weren't really a good one.
It's like how people who don't do their own dishes are probably not good partners.

>> No.43783484

We're hardly alone in the quest to get our rocks off to anything and everything. Rodents and primates are fairly notorious for either fucking anything or masturbating any way they can. And don't get me started on dolphins.

>> No.43783683

There was a time, long ago, when that picture wouldn't have aroused me.

That was before I started going on /tg/

>> No.43783727

>that one fucking owl that's winking
Cheeky fucker.

>> No.43783753

I know, right?

>> No.43783831

Of course 4chan ate my pic

>> No.43783842


I dislike the tower guys too

>> No.43783950

Arcee got some real booty iirc.

>> No.43784012


>Played in a game alongside a dragon monk
>Had a few romantic advances on him
>Always performed a test on the pursuer
>If they could take a solid punch, right to the groinal area and still be willing and ready to go, they were considered "capable"

Inter-species romance is hilarious.

>> No.43784090

It is a logical thing. Since time immemorial man has sought to use their genitals in unorthodox ways and in the event of meeting another sentient species genitals would eventually be used provided the new sentients had something to use human genitals on.

>> No.43784424

Thri'Kreen story by fourteen/matisfag. He wrote a part one, two, and seven, but has yet to write more.

>> No.43784473

>> No.43784574

>implying that overcoming xeno genetics with superior human seed isn't the truest form of human conquest

>> No.43784618

Google "thri-kreen romance". He's written 3 parts so far. First time I ever fapped to an insect and I'd do it again.

>> No.43785098

It's funny you say that, because in my current college flat, I have been religiously doing all my own dishes since september, and my flatmates hardly do any of theirs, leaving the sink full for months, however, many of them are in healthy relationships, whereas I know from experience that I make a terrible partner, providing an example opposing your claim.

>> No.43785118

Just wait until they get married. Their inability to do dishes will be their downfall.

>> No.43785312


I am incredibly pro-interspecies romance.

Heartwarming mixed family endgame is my fucking jam.

>> No.43785459

I need more forbiddenness to get off than mere interspecies. I need the couple to be not only of different species, but of different factions that have been at war for a great deal time of time, be of social classes with enough distance that even if they were on the same side it would be improper for the two to interact. The only things they would share would be their love for one another and the sex.

>> No.43785521

This is not what a fucking orc is, god damnit

>> No.43785732

Nice try, Schlomo, but your shit isn't rubbing off on us honest white folk.

>> No.43785743

It's actually closer to a tolkein orc than other depictions, kinda

>> No.43785950

Does /tg/ like the idea of dominating dragon princesses and timid male, beefy guards?
I'm a drawfag and I wanna make a comic

>> No.43786071


>> No.43786186

Romances are not interesting unless one of the pair gets impaled on a pike, set on fire, or betrays the other and then impales them on a pike or sets them on fire.

>> No.43786284

Interesting for who?

>> No.43786457


>> No.43786480

That seems pretty subjective.

>> No.43786481

why would anyone give a shit if a certain percentage of certain species were getting into non-reproductive pairings???? What does evolution have to do with it?

>> No.43787871

>monstrous hybrid children
>vaguely northern atlantic coast
>vaugely nordic human

This is a bit to close to the "outcast woman prostitutes herself to nordic sailors and gives birth to horrible monsters" native american legends for comfort.

>> No.43787889

Assuming it passes the Harkness muster, I've no problems with it.
Although I have no problems with it being considered impure or undesirable for whatever reason by authorities, civil, religious or otherwise. Whatever makes sense in context of the setting.

>> No.43788226

>Romances are not interesting unless one of the pair gets impaled
Oh I'll impale her alright.

>> No.43788259

>Guy looking sad that his kids are fucking with the seagulls

Fuck that, I'd be helping them. Seagulls are cunts.

>> No.43788872


>> No.43788874

Where the hell do you think you are?

>> No.43788885

How did I miss this when I was reading the thread last night?
I'd read it even though beefy guys aren't my thing, everything else about that is though

>> No.43789088

I don't like it because it nearly always turns into something incredibly mundane for what it is. Friends helping their companions of another species find true love among their own kind is much better because it allows really fantastical stuff to be a dating norm.

>> No.43789257

Giant lizards are never attractive.

Monster girl racewar tonight!

>> No.43789291

>my feet hurt
>it's cold out
>wind-chill's a bitch right now
>my tabard's going to get muddy
>bitch-ass friend fell over already
>probably cracked his head
>was carrying the shield too
>lizardwoman's attacking me
>wanted to roll to seduce but nooooo
>the DM probably knows my fetish
>all I got is a fucking javelin to work with
>wish I was back home meditating on scripture

If that's a shortspear or whatever instead of a javelin I don't really give any fucks

>> No.43789382

It's probably a shortspear.

>> No.43789407

>femdom shit
It's gay
>shy beefy dude
You'll never surpass Ore Monogatari.

>> No.43790153

There's a fanfic of this
It's 350K+ words
Goodbye /tg/

>> No.43790256


That looks like CIA...
>That's a big lizard.

>> No.43790348

I'll give it a shot. Reading fanfiction is my dirty secret, and one paragraph in this seems to be written well enough

>> No.43790534

>all dating norms disappear when you are dating outside of your culture

>> No.43790678

L-link please?

>> No.43790825

I'm about 9 chapters in, it's pretty good so far.

>> No.43790880

let's get this out of the way, when they fuck is it written out or does it fade to black?

>> No.43792492


Briefly described. Its more of a romance story than erotica.

>> No.43792552

Hmm... Well, that's alright, I guess. I like romance and my imagination is more than enough.

>> No.43792691 [SPOILER] 

Behold as I dump my fetishes on this thread!
(excuse the bad formatting and writing, I had my other hand on my dick)

>young couple
>one is a big strong, tall (almost 7ft), yet shy and submissive half-orc orphan who works as a waiter at a tavern
>the other is a short (like barely taller than 4ft), petite, slim, athletic, long legs in comparison to the rest of her body, noticeable thigh-gap and wide hips, small chest, small but firm butt, short messy hair, doesn't know one of her parents was a succubus/incubus, thus the reason for her incredible libido and sexual aggressiveness, she aspires to be some kind of fighter or ranger, maybe a cleric
>she frequently stays up all night fingering herself to erotic stories and illustrations, a collection in a (well used) tome she has (and since she noticed him, she fantasizes endlessly about him), because she doesn't always get much sleep, giving her noticeable bags/dark rings under her eyes, she's a HUGE slut, but for him and him alone
>she thinks he's really cute with how he's so big and strong, yet so shy, despite how she's taller, has more muscles, and way more weight than her

I wish I could draw, but I'm settling for pitiful Heromachine creations for now.

>> No.43792752

>she knows for a fact that he has a penis the size of cucumber when erect, hard as a rock, this suits her absolutely fine, as she's a major size-queen, and due to her heritage, she's very limber, flexible, stretchy and has great control of her gag reflex
>she'd always shoot seductive looks at him from across the tavern, looking him in the eyes as he was serving and waiting, whereupon he'd quickly turn away and blush, which she thinks is just so adorable
>the first move she made on him was to corner him after closing, gradually moving closer to him as he's gradually backing up into a corner, with him stuttering and stammering, and a full blushed face, stumbling and landing on his ass
>tells him how she has noticed him, how cute he is, what an amazing body he has, before, wrapping her arms around his neck, slipping her tongue into his mouth, kissing him deep and whispering into his ear "I want your 'cucumber' in me", grinding herself up against his chest, undoing her shirt and pressing her small yet shapely chest in his face

She's amazed that he's actually as huge as she's been told, him being too afraid to do -anything- at all, making it difficult for him to cum, with her slowly licking and stroking his dick and balls for 20 minutes, getting her impatient and finally just sucking on the tip as hard as she can while working the shaft rapidly, filling her mouth with cum, ejaculating straight into the back of her throat , actually getting her to gag and cough, something she isn't at all used to in any context.

After this she drags him to one of the guest rooms, he's still terrified, but he's also a man, he likes where this is heading and is going along with it, after all, she's very pretty and this feels very good. She straddles and rides him for about 10 minutes until he finally works up the courage to start thrusting up into her, whereupon they both begin climaxing in a hurry, then drifting off into sleep in each others arms, after quite some pillow talk

>> No.43792794


>> No.43792897

>Reading fanfiction is my dirty secret
Mine too anon.Here are some of my favorites


>> No.43793205

>Species share similar physical traits and psychologies
>Species share similar physical traits but their psychologies are radically different
This can only end poorly
>Species share different physical traits but a similar psychology
Well I suppose it is okay to fuck a sentient Horseshoe Crab, pretty weird though.
>Species have radically different physical traits and psychologies
Oh shit nigga, what are you doing?

>> No.43793560

It's actually possible to block that shit so that you get a genericized version of the search algorithm, instead of a tailored one. But it's a pain in the ass and blocks some of its other functions.

>> No.43794343

You got any good ones with lizardfolk in them?

>> No.43794366


>> No.43794402

>no catgirl
Shit poll

>> No.43794422


>> No.43794445

May as well include elves at that point

>> No.43794463

>Hunt for fun
>Mutilate their still-living prey for amusement
>Eat more species than any other animal
>Bring trophy corpses home to display them

>> No.43794503

What legend is this?
Sounds interesting.

>> No.43794524

>not invented for the literal purpose of being monsters

>> No.43794666

>no catgirl
>no kobold

>> No.43794771

>no futa
It's shit

>> No.43794799

Are catgirls monsters? Do they do that?

>> No.43794830

>Do they do that?
I'd hope so.

>> No.43794852

I absolutely despise anything furry or feathery, but anything else is fine.

>> No.43794976

So how do you explain the corpses of several dead animals your catgirl gf has brought home to your parents and friends?

>> No.43795003

>My face when half-breeds

>> No.43795117


>It's not appealing, it's pathetic.

Isn't it the opposite? It's a fantasy that bespeaks serious confidence. "Gorgeous genius with super powers? I'd be a good match for someone like that!"

>> No.43795248


I think he's of the opinion that "forcing" the dragon to assume a humanoid form is pathetic, and that fucking the dragon in her dragon form is appealing.

>> No.43795265

Would you go vegetarian for your dryad gf, /tg/?
What if, in compensation, she was bi and into 3-ways with you and her hot friends?
This is based on a real-life conundrum I am in.

>> No.43795273

>dat pic
Last time I saw that, it triggered a few people writing anal vore greentext due to her sitting on her trainer to stop them from taking any of her cookies. Or if they weren't her cookies before, there's nobody to stop her from taking them now...

>> No.43795275


Murder presents!

>> No.43795309


>Doing anything for a woman

You've already lost.

>> No.43795332

>This is based on a real-life conundrum I am in.

Real-life as in "in a campaign?"

You might have to give us more information, since dryads come in a variety of power levels.

>> No.43795334

>Would you go vegetarian?
If you want to be discouraged from meat consumption, just say so.

Personally, yeah, no biggie, I can do without meat.

>> No.43795429

See my family as staunchly pro-human would have to question this, they don't understand catgirl culture and behavior.

>> No.43795441

>Get dryad gf
>Assume she'll want you to go full vegetarian
>No, she want you to go full carnivore the only fruits you're allowed to eat are the ones that come from her body
What do?

>> No.43795471

That was a fun thread

>> No.43795625

thanks anon it's appreciated

>> No.43795652

Spoiler for "4chan is not your blog"
Real girl, vegan, not pushy about it at all. She's like "You're totally free to do what you want, but I have to admit it matters to me." So I asked her to explain why she was vegan, and she made some good points about how animals are treated in factory farms. I decided that, while I'm not against eating meat on principle, it's not ok to treat animals like total shit, so I went vegetarian.
She plays a rogue in the game I GM. She paints and modifies minis for all the PCs and major NPCs. We use index cards to keep track of spells and loot, and she paints beautiful illustrations on them. In-game, they took a twisted crown from some sahuagin, and she fucking made it in real life, wears it during sessions. Bitch is amazingly artistic.

>> No.43795701

Ah, I remember writing a couple of those chunks! Didn't put them in my pastebin because of how short they are. I'm thinking of making a short bit in actual prose once I finish my hammerspace dragon thing.

>> No.43795711

She sounds pretty cool, I guess.

Kind of reminds me of how a lot of people don't want diamond jewelry because that industry is fucked.

>> No.43795740

.. For you

>> No.43795986

I'd be interested in reading it.

Also hope you don't mind, but I noticed that you had written an ending for the raptor thing but didn't get a chance to post it before the mods deleted the thread and I ended up posting a link over on the sci-fi and fantasy smut thread on /d/. Think that thread is dead now though

>> No.43796048

More views is never a bad thing. Don't suppose they had any criticism on the style (as opposed to the content) that you can recall?

>> No.43796157

I think only one or two people actually reviewed it even though a couple more replied to it, don't really remember what they said though, I think it was generally positive. You could probably check for yourself if you look at the thread on the love is over archive for /d/

>> No.43796182

Probably should mention it should be a simple matter of searching for your pastebin link on the archive

>> No.43796215


Wow, people do like my writing.

Thinking about writing a fourth story, if I do I'll probably post it in the usual spot. Did the weekend smut thread move to /d/ or /aco/?

>> No.43796242


>> No.43796261


Holy shit that's a blast from the fucking past

>> No.43796272

I see no inherent problems with interspecies romance, as long as both parties are fine with being incapable of breeding offspring.

>> No.43796400

The number of half templates tell me that won't be an issue

>> No.43796529


>The only fruit I want you to eat is mine~

>> No.43796598


You should convince her to draw pictures of thte party and post them online.

>> No.43796622

Nope. I like steak.

Why the fuck would a Dryad care if you ate meat? It seems more reasonable that they'd want you to stop eating plans all together.

Scyilla and Drider best choices.

>> No.43796647

Wouldn't dryads be more uncomfortable around diehard vegetarians than normal people?

>> No.43796663

You sound pretty pussywhipped, fuccboi

>> No.43796703


>There is no Huldra option
>There is no Selkie option

Confirmed for shit taste.

>> No.43797043

You should pick up hunting.

>> No.43797082

Depends om the setting.

>> No.43797171

>liking selkies
No anon, the shit taste is you

>> No.43797184

Namor might be a ass, but he has the right idea.

>> No.43797201

A wedding.

>> No.43798318

Does it count when one's a machine?

>> No.43798379

Does it have a soul?

>> No.43798396

the White Plume Mountain novelization and it's sequels gave me a fetish for nonstandard species mixin'.

Little squire kid and his sphinx GF where best pairing.

>> No.43798623

That depends, anon. Does it have the proper parts?

>> No.43798796 [SPOILER] 

>Does it have the proper parts?

But probably not how you're expecting

>> No.43798886

Nigga that's lewd.
But whatever floats your goat, I guess.

>> No.43798932

I don't understand why it's necessary to place arbitrary restrictions on what you can or can't fantasise about. If you only want to fuck characters with human-level or above intelligence then that's cool, but if you're even more of a degenerate and want to fuck non-sentient characters then you shouldn't refrain from fantasising about it because of some bullshit test, just do whatever comes naturally.

>> No.43799048


>> No.43799093

I can safely say none of us want to get brought in by Space Police to get buttfucked in Space Jail by Space Bubba who is a 1 ton Glip~GLORP from a solar system just beyond the Eagle Nebula. His penis is a spiked corkscrew that doubles as an ovipositor.

>On second thought I know that this is a lot of peoples fetish.
Don't over analyze, Anon. Thinking for yourself is heresy and you don't want to risk an interplanetary incident.

>> No.43799161


>> No.43799299


> stop liking what I don't like

>> No.43799414

Agreed with this

>> No.43799796

Why would a dryad even care? Wouldn't they actually prefer the opposite?

After all if you eat meat at the very least you could eat the bastards responsible for eating her friends.

Kinda makes more sense like that actually.

>> No.43799886

> Huldra
Mah nigga

>> No.43799927

Giving up meat for pussy isn't conducive to long term happiness. Now, if you're just eating vegan in her presence and lying about it, that might work...

>> No.43799999 [SPOILER] 

>I went Vegan because my girlfriend is.
I agree with>>43796663, you do sound pretty pussywhipped.

You should teach her the RULES OF NATURE!!

>> No.43800040

If you aren't happy with factory farmed animals (and no one who can afford alternatives should be) buy your meat from a CSA or small farm, and take up hunting.
Lab grown have hit the market, they are indistinguishable barring gas chromograph spectrography, half the price, and don't support shitty dictators or the debeers cartel.

>> No.43800075

>Kind of reminds me of how a lot of people don't want diamond jewelry because that industry is fucked.
i mean thats just a lot more reasonable in general desu since you never actually need a diamond for anything except like the ugly ones for drill bits or whatever

>> No.43800169

Just eat free-range stuff or whatever it is.

There, I have solved your ethical issue, and you may proceed to have your threesomes.

>> No.43800307

Thanks /tg/ I feel a lot better now.

I don't

>> No.43800389

It's okay, man. Since most people have dishwashers, it's become an irrelevant skill in most cases.But there is hope yet, so long as you keep it alive and make an effort to make it happen.

>> No.43800626


Only one marriage away from being a real girl!

Remember not to mistreat your Huldra, they tend to kill those who do.

>> No.43800750

I choose that kunoichi demon.

>> No.43801415

You know you could take up hunting and fishing. Right? Cheaper in the long run, fufills her idealogical niches she passive-agressively shoved on you, and you get to be a mans man rather than a pussy. Its the perfect plan and makes you a better human as well.

>> No.43802028


is pretty good

>> No.43802033

And get dick splinters? No thanks.

>> No.43802056

Just buy Canadian or artificial diamonds

>> No.43802956

where's the rest of that pic?

>> No.43803043


Yeah, I'm gonna have a meaty thanksgiving because my old man knows some farmers who don't treat their animals like shit. And I get good cheese from a dairy I checked up on. It's really more about my personal honor (weird, yeah, but that's how I think about it) than about what she wants; she's basically just the one who brought it up and gave good reasons.

She's fucking great to game with. She plays a noble rogue. You know the difference, right? A gutter-born rogue steals the crown jewels; a noble rogue steals the kingdom. There's a tropical city of raptor people who think she's a dragon; that was NOT in my DM notes ahead of time.

>> No.43803108


What? His virtue?

>> No.43803171




What if the individual in question has multiple heads? Does it require a vote? Unanimous or majority rule? If only one of the heads loves me then don't we have a right to elope? I MUST KNOW /TG/ !!!

>> No.43803185

A good harem is a diverse harem

>> No.43803188

I'd think that since they share ownership of their body they'd all need to agree to let you have sex with them, since the others can't just opt out of experiencing it.
...I'm pretty sure eloping would require some pretty advanced surgery, here.

>> No.43803241

>Nightmare mode
>Romancing her when half her heads love you, half want to hatefuck and or eat you

>> No.43803266

well its not quite the same thing, but I am playing a monstrously huge knight in a game of thrones rpg set in warhammer fantasy.

As in, 8 foot tall, people think he is ogre born bastard son of a lord sort of thing.

He's pledged to marry the daughter of a wealthy baron, despite his disowning of her. For calling rape on my character after a night of passion following his first successful tourney win.

The way people go on they may as well not be the same species.

>> No.43803451


Since the Twili are decended from Gerudo, who are Human, and Hylians are referred to as Human despite their ears, isn't that merely interracial as opposed to interspecies?

>> No.43803475

Basically? "Unf."

>> No.43803541

A life without bacon is too horrible to comprehend. If I had to choose between gf and meat, I will find a new gf that allows me to eat meat.

>> No.43803542

Damn, that's really nice armor.

>> No.43803610

>It's gay

>> No.43803694

I will refer to this as cyber-vore.

>> No.43803701

I don't know, Bad Machinery made a pretty good case for them. Though the girls were much more traditional selkies.

>> No.43803739

Gotta post the next page while I clarify the long-haired girl is the selkie. I love this guy's work - he started out like QC but then went better.

>> No.43803753

Keep the human race pure, no interspecies breeding. Interspecies breeding is heresy, and heresy is punishable by death.

If the demi-humans wish to copulate amongst eachother, let them. Beasts will be beasts.

>> No.43803767

Most inhabitants of the world would consider it at best degenerate. A human fucking an elf is literally no different than fucking a dolphin.

>inb4 not having a dolfu
haha but seriously

>> No.43803863

Nah, meat is too tasty and efficent to trade off for poon that will give you splinters.

>> No.43803878

Yeah, I'm not too happy with the meat factories treating the animals the way they do. When I have a non shitty income I will be more selective with where my meat comes from.

>> No.43803882

>A human fucking an elf is literally no different than fucking a dolphin.
This is true, I have a half-dolphin son and let me tell you, it's not fun. Heres a pic for refrence

>> No.43803888

Uh, no. I am pretty sure an elf has the same number of limbs and facial features as a human, usually, and tend to have the same level of intelligence, and overall the same shape.
A dolphin has a tail, fins, whistles instead of talking and has no higher goal in life than a vague interest toward the next fish.
I get you don't like completely fictional interracial romance, but try at least to make consistent arguments.

>> No.43803905

Hilarious thing is, Macha is implied to have fucked Gabriel Angelos.

>> No.43803927

Your heresy deserves no triples, you should feel ashamed at stealing some poor non-heretic's chance at GETting.

>> No.43803937

He was probably just eating her out, then got a mouthful of crystals and was turned off.

>> No.43803948


>> No.43803958


>> No.43804006

Read the novel bro

>> No.43804041

Not even something as amazing/dumb as that is worth the price of actually having to read a C.S. Goto book.

Nothing is.

>> No.43804043

Naw man. The Twili are descended from the tribe that created Majora's mask. They were lunatic sorcerers, not desert thieves.

>> No.43804064

>yfw "You wouldn't have to own me to have me"

Between this and the recent page's development between Mildew and Jack, this comic can sneak those boner-inducing lines of dialogue in really well.

>> No.43804181

That is very much my fetish

>> No.43804731

It really isn't very good.
It's a crude HM3 mashup.

>> No.43805143

tumblr plz go home

>> No.43805384

>Harkness Test

>> No.43805488

Lurk moar newfaget.

>> No.43805687

>And get dick splinters? No thanks.

Anon... Dryads don't got wood down there, it's a nectar-drenched flower.

>> No.43805710

>Dr. Who shit
Definitely tumblr

>> No.43805736

>this comic can sneak those boner-inducing lines of dialogue in really well.

Anon, that's how Selkies work, the man either takes or is given the Selkie's coat, thus "owning" her.

Song of the Sea is an animated movie that does a really good job of showing how cute Selkie can be.

>> No.43805851

That was a really sweet bit. The whole arc ended really well. And then cute French girl two: the electric boogaloo.

>> No.43805871

>Song of the Sea is an animated movie that does a really good job of showing how cute Selkie can be.

Song of the Sea is adorable and I highly recommend anyone who enjoys hand-drawn Celtic mythology to give it a go.


>> No.43805912

I read a manga like that long ago.

Only the dryad wasn't a girl.

>> No.43805983

Do you remember the Chromatic Space Babes threads?

Good times.

>> No.43806069

My niggas. Watched that shit with my kid the other day, had me bawling by the end. It's just so perfectly understated, and painfully relatable.

>> No.43806187


I wouldn't quite call their works understated, Secret of Kells and Song of the Sea are always brought up by critics when discussing children's movies, and I've yet to see anyone actually say something substantially bad about them.

If the people making these had any more exposure they'd run the risks of what mainstream exposure does to your products.

They really are beautiful movies.

>> No.43806295

Understated as in the themes of the movie itself - and I should have added "for a children's movie" as well. A vast majority of kid's movies that I've watched generally just spoonfeed the viewer the morals and intended emotions of the film, because kids are dumb and can't grasp the subtleties as easily as an adult would.
SotS still had that to some level, but they didn't just have Conor yell "I AM SAD BECAUSE MY SELKIE WIFE IS GONE AND SHE'S ALSO A SELKIE AND ALSO GONE", everyone acted rationally given the circumstances and showed actual subtlety of emotion in posture, facial expressions and the pretty damn good voice acting. They didn't force the obvious parallels upon the viewer in a way that would've ruined the story; it was fairly subtle "for a children's movie" most of the way through.

>> No.43806301

I haven't seen it yet, but I enjoyed Secret of Kells. Even if the beginning creeped me out a little with the whispering girl, the rest of it was very well done and amazingly well animated.

>> No.43806386

> dryads
> vegetarians

Top kek.

All things die, and all things return to the soil.

I wonder why there aren't more dryad necromancers. I guess all that necromantic energy tainting the land wouldn't help their health too much.

>> No.43806421


>> No.43806435


The lack of spoon feeding is something I really enjoyed as well, and it's probably what makes the movies enjoyable for adults as well as children.

Not a lot of children are going to pick up or truly appreciate Brandon's uncle in SoK, or Conor's interactions with his Selkie wife, but for us it's obvious and concludes in a really powerful (and as you said, relatable) way that an adult would appreciate far more than the average child.

I don't know what they're doing for their next movie, but I hope they continue the focus on European mythology. I'd say something about Huldra would be cute, but those are Scandinavian which doesn't fit the Gaelic themes they do.

>> No.43806454

>wawwww some farms treat animals bad so be vegan!
as someone that grew up in the country, this notion is ridiculous. Many small farms (not corp farmers) have excellent care for their animals. I would say that most of the animals lived better than the folks in the trailer park.

>> No.43806468

>I wonder why there aren't more dryad necromancers. I guess all that necromantic energy tainting the land wouldn't help their health too much.

For the exact reason you said earlier.

When things die they should stay dead, because that's just how nature is. If anything a dryad would become a Paladin or Cleric before becoming a necromancer, seeking to restore the natural order one dead zombie at a time.

>> No.43806739

The Harkness test predates tumblr.

>> No.43806965


>> No.43807033


>> No.43807089


>> No.43807193 [SPOILER]  [DELETED] 

Weeell, we're autosaging and about to fall off the board, but

The proportions are completely off on the girl, because HeroMachine is a very limited utility, there's only big tits, and the nipples and pubic hair is improvised from other parts, as is the orc's penis which you can glimpse. I just wanted to make a rough depiction because size-difference gets me so hot and bothered.

Also, why can't I find this thread on DesuStorage?

>> No.43807558

What happens if a succubus falls in love with a human?

>> No.43807588

Don't be too angry with him, anon. Most people don't even know when tumblr was created, and only associate it's last few years of activity with anything tumblr-related.

It doesn't help that now everything must be rigidly defined as from 4chan or something invasive and foreign.

>> No.43807847

Depends on several factors such as who'll have an easier time corrupting who, if it's love love or yandere love, ect

>> No.43807882


>> No.43807943

I don't think they can in a real way.

>> No.43807951


>> No.43808154


>> No.43808376

Is there actually supernatural stuff in that comic? The about section says that it's about grade-school detectives.

>> No.43808429



>> No.43808754

Yes, there's plenty of it. Mostly old European myths, and at one point I think there was a wendigo. It's a little more fun to view the supernatural stuff through a grade-school kid lens.

>> No.43809027

I actually attempted to make mechanics in that while everyone else did fluff bloat.

>> No.43809514

A family of tieflings and/or Abyssal-bloodline sorcerers.

Also, lots and lots of sex.

>> No.43809712

Assuming the human is male. Or at the very least magic of some sort is willing to help out.

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