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Alright guys, let me know when you get here!

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here but woke up late

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hey how are you doing? guess we'll wait for a bit to see if anyone else shows up.

What are you reading now that Overlord is up to date and no more volumes are out yet?

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>What are you reading now that Overlord is up to date and no more volumes are out yet?
nothing really just watching old movies

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Hello hello

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is there an archive for this? I was without internet for a while and last i remember, there was a missing elf child, an animals rights issue, a trip to the mouantains, and then something about kids.....

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Yes, you can find it on suptg BUT there is no thread #1 because a mod decided it was porn to show pointy ears with a swimsuit so thread #1 was deleted before it could be saved. Go figure

Let me see... they used tracking spells to find the kid had feel into a storm drainage and was about to drown, but was successfully rescued.

The PETA people was caught stealing some of the animals and given over to the FBI

I honestly dont remember a mountain trip... maybe the short visit to a national park?

And we decided to go with kids for the end of this season.

Recently, we took the elders of the elven community on a hunting trip and found out that some goblins followed the elves through the gate and had been hiding this whole time.

And that leads us to today, I believe

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Oh btw on friday i suffered a power blackout and it didnt came back till 3-5am so it was a clusterfuck

Oh and I spent yesterday trying to get my stream of League of Legends to work, but it slowed my game from 135fps to... 44... and that's just unplayable. Fuck

Alright lets see, we had come back from the hunting trip and had some nice love time in the kitchen, we are ready for a brand new day


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Hello you gentleman you!

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Ellie stands on the balls of her feet to reach for her coffee cup as Cedric holds it playfully high while handing it to her.

He quickly moves it to the side, then places it back on the same spot to tease her a little bit.

She puffs her cheeks a little, then leans in to kiss him and grabs the coffee cup while he's distracted.

The morning in the park is cold, but she is still wearing just her running pants and a shirt, while he is wearing a thermal suit.

Stella is playing at the edge of the road, jumping into the snow then running back out and then back in again while marking at it and wagging her tail.

"Ah, coffee it's so nice...!" -Ellie says happily after a sip
"If you prefer the cold, why do you like hot drinks?"
"I just do"

They sit on a polished stone (its concrete, really) table in front of the park kiosk, and enjoy their coffee and cake.

It's still quite early, and with fresh snow in the park, it is also quite cold. There's almost noone else on the park right now, so it feels as if they had the place to themselves.

"Ah, is it not about time we go back?" -she asks
"Right, let's get going. Stella, come here"

Cedric attaches the leash to Stella's harness, and they go back to the pickup and then home.

Well, normally they would have jogged back, but with the ice and the snow, it is quite a different experience than during the summer.


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"You know, Stella's getting a bit big for you to carry on your lap anymore"
"Aww, but she's still a baby"
"I think at this point she's more of a child than a baby."
"That's alright, children can go sit on mommy's lap, too!"

After coming back they take the harness off the puppy and have a shower before breakfast, go to work, and greet the sergeant as usual.

"Hey kids. Morning." -he greets us as we go into the station
"Good morning sir." -answers Ellie
"That reporter guy gave you trouble the other day?"
"No, it wasn't too bad."

Coming out of the locker rooms, we run into another two officers who just ended their shift. A couple of guys, they greet us and wish us good luck out there.


Ellie smiles at them and waits a bit, then asks us "why did you wait to say thanks?"
"Those guys are the shift right before us"
"They use the car before we do, and ... you know how we clean the car at the end of the day?"
"They're meant to hand us over a clean car, so... it makes me nervous when they say stuff like that."

Well, the car looks fine. It has that freshly cleaned look about it, the seats look shiny... yeah, it looks like they did a fine job.

But when we open the door, a rancid bitter sweet smell comes out...

"Oh cĀ“mon! someone puked on the backseat!"
"A-ohhh... my eyes... my nose!" -Ellie steps back a bit

We open all the doors... it LOOKS clean. I guess they tried to get rid of the scent but saw little success.

"Did it get under the seat or something?" -Cedric tries to see if he can get under it to clean...

Well, of course its bolted in place. Its a police car, the backseat isnt meant to be easy to mess with.

"We're going to need some tools to get the seat out of the way. Let's take the car to the garage"
"Aren't we in the parking lot?"
"Yeah, but garage in this case means the mechanic."


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"We'll need to talk to the sergeant... I hope its not a busy day, or we'll have to go out in the car anyway."

A few minutes later, they are in the garage.

Well, it's not as if they need an actual mechanic to fix the car, they just need some tools to remove the seat and clean beneath it.

"At least it seems to have frozen so the smell isn't as bad any more"
"It's still quite bad" -says Ellie as she steps away from the car

Ah, the elves were really weak against pepper spray, right?

"Go grab something to scratch with while I get the seat out, alright?"

With the seat removed, they scratch out the frozen goo from under the seat, clean up, and prepare to put the seat back into place.

"Actually, that looked pretty fun, can I do it?" -she asks when she sees us reach for the electronic screwdriver

>Sure, here you go
>It's heavier than it looks. These bolts aren't the same you'd use with furniture. They're meant to stay in place

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>>Sure, here you go

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"Alright..." -vrrrr!- "...ah this is pretty fun"
"Well, it's the easy part. But if you're interested I can teach you how to do upkeep on the pickup truck"
"Sure, what's mine is yours, and all that?"
"What's that?"
"Ah, its an old saying. Since we're married, we share everything now."
"Oh! then do you want to learn how to use my bow? I also have a shorts word!"
"I think the bow may be fun, but I'll pass on the sword. I wonder if it counts as martial arts?"
"Like in the movies?"
"Right. Oh, we should watch the Princess Bride tonight."

Once the car is properly clean, they return the tools and wash their hands before going out on patrol. They pull their sleeves down and button them again, then get into the car.

"So, off to work now?"
"We're already on the job."

The car drives off the garage and Ellie calls the sergeant on the radio to let him know.

"Alright, then head over to the clinic in the elven town."
"Another break in? what did they took this time? more blood?"
"No, someone tried to break into a house and one of those huge bear things tore his arm off."
"It's called a roller, sergeant"
"Well, it tore someone's arm off. This is going to be a huge problem."


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"Isn't it the thief's fault?" -asks Ellie as they go to the clinic
"Trust me, this can end up as a huge problem. There was once a guy who sued the old lady who's house he was mugging because the roof was too dangerous and he got hurt falling through it."
"I'm not sure sure... but it's kind of a legend now."
"Well, what does the law say about pets defending their owners."
"I would have to check, but I think it's alright as long as there was deathly danger to the owner. Kind of like self defense."
"I thought it was alright to blow someone's head off inside your own house"
"Maybe in texas"

They arrive at the clinic, and meet with the doctors and staff. The victim/culprit is sefated and unconscious. The ambulance to transfer him to the hospital hasn't arrived yet.



Actually guys, anyone knows what the law would say in such a case?

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hard to say at most the courts would say that the man is at fualt and any possible lawsuit would fail but the roller it self poses a danger and would imposes restrictions to them like must be chained and muzzled when outside something like that

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Maybe here in Europe it would be an issue but I doubt American courts would help a thief that's been mutilated by a guard animal. Not a lawfag, or american for that matter, but I hear they take "My house is my castle" very seriously.

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thanks, we'll go with that.

"Dont you have healing magic or something?"
"Sure, not me, but there is such a thing"
"Fix his arm?"
"The arm is gone, love. It's not there to be fixed. It if was hanging to the shoulder or just broken it would be different. But when its removed, it's not part of the body anymore"
"Is that how it works?"
"It is."

Well, the guy seems in his twenties. No ID on him, and since he's unconscious there's no way to tell who he is right now. Cedric and Ellie wait for the ambulance and escort them to the hospital.

"What about the owner of the roller?" -she asks
"Someone else took his declaration already."

Over the next few days, the would be thief is identified, and voice of the events make it to the press. Of course a huge ruckus is made about it all, and television talk shows have all sorts of opinions on the matter.

Most people seem to think that it is no different from a thief going to mug the house of someone who has a exotic pet and getting gored by a large cat, thus it should be treated in the same way.

In the end, it looks like the general public is asking for the rollers to be kept muzzled and chained when out on the streets, and the specific roller that tore the guy's arm off, neutered.

"What does that mean?" -asks Ellie after dinner as they watch tv on the couch
"Made so it can't breed."
"Well, that doesn't sounds too bad."

She's probably thinking it just won't be mated with other animals.

>Let's explain
>Let's not

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>>Let's explain
some things you cant ignore

she might suggest it for some thing unrelated and offend someone

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State statues (iirc this is set in MN) rules no obligation to retreat, so in the case of burglar getting injured while robbing house, there will likely be no criminal prosecution.

That being said, civil court is still a thing. It's very possible that the owners could face a civil suit, as pets are usually regarded as property, and this would be a case of property causing someone damage, which would hold the homeowner liable. There could be a need to have the pet put down, as well. The exotic nature of the pet could be a complication, too.

Congratulations! This would be a prime example of a precedent setting case in your setting.

(I'm not actually a lawfag, having said all that, just have a very minor understanding of law. I defer to any more studied lawfags if my google-fu was weak)

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>Let's explain

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>>>Let's explain

"Ah, that probably means they want to remove its testes"
"Its balls"
"That's horrible!"
"Well, you know how there are all sort of dogs? they were originally wolves that were breed to become as they are. Animals that are too agressive are not allowed to breed."
"That's still not fair! it was just defending its owner!"
"Oh, that's right. We don't know if the guy was armed, that may help. Do you have the phone number of the roller's owner?"
"Yes, I have everyoe's phone"

Well, they were pretty much a huge family, I guess.

(guys im sorry but my eyes are burning atm. Im going to stop here for this week. Will come back in a bit to respond to comments and suggestions)

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Thanks for the thread OP!

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Alrighty im feeling better so i came to check if you guys wanted to make any questions or suggestions

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