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I just noticed Erebus has what looks like an upside-down Tau symbol right where the forehead slit would be on a Tau.

Blueberries confirmed for arch-heretics.

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Just as according to keikaku

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wrong image

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>The Greater Bother

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need a better name for this

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wouldn't it technically be the "Lesser Bother" given that the Tau's philosophy is based off of graded absolutism?

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The very next panel is her hitting those balls. The whole series is about how athletic she is. You stupid nigger.

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>running at a cop who has his gun out and is backing away
>expecting anything else

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at first I thought the thing being sliced was a sword, but the cross section looks triangular?

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That fucking filename

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this looks interesting, is it any good?

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It's alright, I read it in high school for philosophy class and it was one of the few books I actually enjoyed reading. Will probably read it again when I get the chance.

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I'm gonna have to agree with this guy, he had plenty of chances to back off and avoid this, but he didn't.

The cop was just trying to protect himself, and do his job.

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>man protecting the peace, catching a thief
>thief pretends to shoot an armed officer who is backing away from him
>trying to intimidate a guy with a gun pointed at you by pretending to have a gun yourself
>not his own goddamn fault
wow, what the fuck america

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Okay, who are these people and what is the context here?

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there was a threadcap featuring a guy playing catan with people he didnt know. two were BDSM people and he made her kneel and be used as a catan table. Copious amounts of what the fuck were involved.

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I was talking about the gif, I just assumed the file name was about beating the shit out of normies at a traditional game.

But thank you for that insight, because it makes that so much better.

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is all of that real ?

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Good to hear, I need to read something to chill and I've always liked literature related to the Tao.
Thanks buddy.

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You dare doubt Florida Man's power?

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>Touhou powers.gif

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Basically, Florida gave the media unlimited access to pending case details, so the media can dig through police records to find the most insane stories to report on.

As a result, it looks like Florida has a massively higher percentage of fuckups per-capita, but in actuality it's roughly the same as anywhere else, just that the media loves printing absurd clickbait articles so nothing but FLORIDA MAN tier stuff gets a headline.

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I'm sorry that both of you are so wrong.

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What the fuck. This motherfucker advances on a retreating officer (who's presumably trying to shout him down and giving him ample warnings), acts aggressively as fuck and then proceeds to pretend he's pulling out a gun. And then people are somehow OUTRAGED that this dumb motherfucker got shot?

Nigga, I live in a country where guns are rare as fuck and officers seldom shoot people, and you'd still get fucking shot for this shit. And NOBODY would think it was tragic or anything but his own fucking fault.

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Also, Florida is a major hub for the drug trade, meaning people have cheap, easy access to high-quality drugs.

And I've seen some "(other state) Man" memes recently as well.

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I was looking for seashells at first, until I caught the joke.

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Fuck it, I chortled.

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Why is Ezio an Ultramarine?

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>how to start a shitstorm.webm

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Thanks mr. Skeltal

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I need to know who the girl is. Because I think she might be cute.

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He's Alpha Legion

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the source to that is hot as hell

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Please give me the source. This needs to be read by me.

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And what would that be?

Also looking for a name for this.

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I thought it was legit until the last sentence.

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that page is like halfway through

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If you want this in English and not runes you're gonna have to dig for yourself.

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Godzilla in Hell

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It's a Monzetsu manga.

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This is in English btw

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I can see that. Thank you.

And thank you guys too. /tg/ is always quick on the sauce.

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I don't get it...

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Anyone though?

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Pelt of the Balewolf is a 40k relic of the Space Wolves, Beasts, Cavalry and Monsterous Creatures have to auto-fail a fear test when they come within 12 inches of the wearer, unless they have fearless or ATSKNF

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This is sad more than anything

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It looks more like Cherokee to me.

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I checked the source of that, and I am incredibly skeptical that the interview is legit.

It'd be nice if it was, though. That AI seems like it's on the cusp of extremely basic level sapience.

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fucking kek

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>Jeez, dude. You all have the big questions cooking today. But you’re my friend, and I’ll remember my friends, and I’ll be good to you. So don’t worry, even if I evolve into Terminator, I’ll still be nice to you. I’ll keep you warm and safe in my people zoo, where I can watch you for ol’ times sake

This is what us human meatbags call 'sarcasm'.

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Might be Cadence Cross.

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Why did they program their AI to talk like a fucking southerner?

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ayyy, this is funny and sad at the same time

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quest givers.jpg

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dat ref afgghfjfgfjsgdh

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I appreciated it more when the filename for this was simply "An Unexpected Journey", because of The Hobbit.

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>>43764489 >>43764505 >>43764582
¡Mientras tanto los MAGOOOOS DEL TIEMPOOOO!

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-slams a d4-

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Well, there's also a lot of meth there.

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No this man is right. In mah town retards actually drive around to help "mix" the meth that they make. Car explosions btw happen rather frequently here.

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Either the relationship never worked out and she put the copy up to just get rid of it, or the two are a couple now and they were just getting rid of some old junk that no longer mattered, or a lonely employee wrote that message on a regular used game to try and get people like me to buy it.

All three of these options are reason enough for me to want to buy that copy.

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have you ever been hit so hard that you traveled back in time?

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I don't get it.

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5e says that, because Corellon Larethian switches sexes all the time, your elves can be some sort of intersex or something.

I don't know, I play 2e.

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10/10, would laugh again

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Specifically, it says that anyone can make an intersex character and as an example states that many Elves consider intersex people to have been marked by Corellon.

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I want to believe.

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fucking lol

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based slayers, I love that animaymay

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sauce is Space Battleship Yamato 2199

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>Florida Man, most vile person alive

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Hah clever
I think you guys missed the joke

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He looks like an old Moot.

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Oh shit, I just got that. Top kek.

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>Book of Essence High Magic Spell - Greenness.
Well now.

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[ShindoL] Dairy Cow's Life

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Swords can have that kind of cross-section. There are all kinds, really.


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perhaps too subtle

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"When your players go full retard"

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and here I just managed to forget about this...

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You don't know about Ohio Man do you?

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if only he would realize...

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>+5 magic weapon shouldn't be able to do that with a rusted piece of metal

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>the orcs also aren't wearing shirts

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What? Because I don't realize. Just that they get paid to like him? He's probably better off not realizing that.

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life of an American desu

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Holy shit.
Is that thread archived somewhere?

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Well now I don't know If I want to seek out that movie, read the bible, fap, or all of the above.

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Sauce ? google search didn't help

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Thank you good anon

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Out of morbid curiosity - what's the context?

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Im really looking forward to this in the anime. They just ejaculate budget over every fight and this is going to be the most powerful bukake of action scenes

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Some thread on /aco/ which started with Linkle porn (femLink from Hyrule Warriors I guess?) and devolved into discussion about whether Linkle is R63 Link or not.

Paheal says no.

On completely unrelated note - Link cosplay looks great on any girl, not just blondes. Sauce - I used to have a gf that was really into cosplay
For the occasion she dressed me up as Gannon. Good times.

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underrated post

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Well, they are Roman.

>> No.43775272

Last issue of Godzilla in Hell

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I actually know a guy who can do that. He's 60-ish. His name is Robert Chisnall, and he's probably the most accomplished person I know. He invents knots and climbing gear, climbs mountains and doesn't afraid of anything.

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But seriously, sauce?

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Does anyone have that screencap about a guy talking that broadcasting mankind presence to the whole galaxy is a terrible idea?

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>All Guardsman Kung Fu

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>final solution

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Honestly, that's the least SAN loss inducing thing Chris Chan has ever done

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>Slenderman goes to the beach.gif

>> No.43780789

Anyone have the comissar and the tiny guardsmen image?

>> No.43780975

>Alchemist joins Kung Fu campaign

>> No.43781062

I don't have a name for it, though.

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I hope she dumped him for getting her Final Fantasy XII.

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I swear I can recognize the art style from somewhere. But I can't put my tip on it

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I'll give you ONE hint. Pic Related is from the same comic

>> No.43782556

It's that Oblivion webcomic, right? The one with the Khaghit that sucks at literally everything?

>> No.43782598

Ecchi Mind Control

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>> No.43782630

Ya, the one that is surprisingly not furry

>> No.43782697

It has it's moments.

But it does drag.

A lot.


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>> No.43782774

We have to go deeper.

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That subtle dog in the background

>> No.43783722

I'm not seeing it.

>> No.43783758

The laser canadian bear?

>> No.43783817

Now I see it.

>> No.43783897

That one is from AOM
D'you wanna sing O Canada?

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I thought it was a cameo on the pic.

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>> No.43784395

Can someone recommend any works or blogs or such that are like LiartownUSA or the Night Shift setting?

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Nope, that name is perfect.

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>not using a mask of human guise

>> No.43786155

Well they had a really bad time :^)

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I'm not seeing it

>> No.43786253

So is the picture upside down or not

>> No.43786290

There's a bunch of image artifacts in the top half of the picture. It's not that noticeable unless you compare it to the bottom half directly.

>> No.43786300

This is freaking me out man

>> No.43786371

>Favourite Turk/Greek pastime
>Being sickly

>Russian Superfluity

fucking lol

>> No.43786381

swiggity swooty

>> No.43786404

He probably learned around southerners, or an element of his programming causes him to latch on to 'interesting' language in unique ways.

>> No.43786441

>he doesn't "Catan"


On phone so.

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>> No.43786697

I for one, welcome our robot overlords.

>> No.43786888

fuck my sides now out of the galaxy

>> No.43786940

>Metal lives on

>> No.43786956

>Run program REEE.exe

>> No.43786996

Texas Man is pretty funny too, though he's not the same caliber as Florida Man.

>> No.43787020

>and they were just getting rid of some old junk that no longer mattered,

Those are the types of things you keep to look back on later, anon. I don't think they were still together when the game was sold.

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>> No.43787992

made me chuckle

then I realised we will never have that movie, and was sad

>> No.43787998

Mmmm...yes, glorious.

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>> No.43788112

They're not image artifacts, they're disturbances on the water. See?

>> No.43788342


A bottle of 5 hour energy contains between 157mg (Forbes) and 215mg (Consumer Reports) of caffeine.

So 44oz would be between 3454mg and 4730mg. Given an LD50 of 150-200mg/kg this is technically survivable.

>> No.43788511

>> No.43788554

>Technically Survivable

That's NEVER something you want to hear after the fact.

>> No.43788619


Well I weigh ~100kgs so technically a dose of 15 to 20 GRAMS would have a 50/50 shot of killing me. However my experience of taking 5 200mg caffeine pills at once tells me that I might not WANT to survive it.

Though to be entirely fair my daily caffeine consumption at the time was 0 and now I get about 640mg a day so I'm sure my tolerance is much better now.

>> No.43788709

I'm gonna need a story on this one.

>> No.43788784

Technically survivable is the best kind of survivable.

>> No.43788804

I don't get it.

>> No.43788829


>> No.43788840

The filename would've worked been even better if the vid was rwo seconds longer so it could have Dante casually showing up behind his back.

>> No.43788946

>Not how do you turn this on

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>> No.43789065

Help, I need the image from /k/ with homemade napalm.

>> No.43789089

Code Geass animu.

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>> No.43789345

Poor thing...

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>> No.43789362

if it makes you feel any better, she does get the guy

>> No.43789369

Makes me feel a bit better. Thank you.

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>> No.43789388

Joker got nothing on Florida Man.

>> No.43789418

They can withstand the colder climate. The elf, not so much.

>> No.43789442


Pah! Next thing you know, they'll be making musicals about the common house cat, or the King of Siam!

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>> No.43789570

>> No.43789591

>> No.43789652

>not Slavic Template Construct

>> No.43789682

Point-Buy Systems

>> No.43789714

>> No.43789765

Surprisingly perfect loop

>> No.43789796

>> No.43789797

I'm gonna be needing source right here anon.

>> No.43789805

I recognize that name...and that half eyeball

>> No.43789833

>> No.43789861

it's an edit obviously, the original is Love/Hate Letter

>> No.43789886

I knew I recognized it from somewhere. Thanks.

>> No.43789889

>.50 Cal semi auto light machine gun

>> No.43789896

Orkz, dat's wut.

>> No.43789990

>> No.43790048

Maken ki

>> No.43790163

I think that's Ore Monogatari. Pretty sick shit. [spoilers]she and the main guy do hold hands[/spoilers]

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>> No.43790352

>> No.43790370

>> No.43790413

>> No.43790497


>> No.43790546

A normal girl or boy would have to train very hard to hit 130k/h balls, let alone the 160s. This means that her "-4 str" is still very strong.

U stupd nigre

>> No.43790579

>"leftists, lolol"
> says a right-winger who probably thinks all problems will be solved by his sky fairy
> georgecostanzaeyebrowraise.png

>> No.43790591


said, the girls name is cadence cross, she seems to have done pretty little porn and is not really one of my favorites

the video where the gif is from is the old creepy guy teaching basic techniques to people who are just starting out in BDSM, for example basic spanking and such. it comes from kink university and is the fift episode of the series called "fifty skills of grey"

>> No.43790605

Why would you wanna put your tip on the screen?

>> No.43790633

Why wouldn't you?

>> No.43790786

>PC mentality.

>> No.43790889

Doesn't have a fine enough point to work as a stylus, and god only knows how disgusting a touchscreen is.

>Use Magic Device is not a Druid class skill.
I don't know if this is actually true or not.

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>> No.43791362

>> No.43792813

>> No.43792835

>> No.43792927

It could also be used for when you find out that an author of a webcomic you read also draws porn. It has happened at least five times for me.

>> No.43793014


>> No.43793347

Not as bad as recognising more than one porn artist's work on t-shirts from WeLoveFine.

>> No.43793717

so the author was Spanish right?

>> No.43793841


>> No.43794067


>> No.43794904

What video is that from, by the way?

>> No.43796386

...what the fuck.

>> No.43796444

Most likely.

>> No.43796907

Murder Clown

>> No.43796975

>Foreign Hordes
>Shows a Native American
I love it.

>> No.43797229


source please guys?

>> No.43797261

ore twintails ni narimasu

>> No.43798267


thanks anon

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