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>Ferocious, otherworldly monster that drains human souls
>Try to waifu it becauce it looks somewhat like a human female

Why do people keep doing this?

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Because they're horny.

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Because sometimes, just sometimes, even SJW can be redeemed. And some men are crazy or brave enough to try.

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To boldly go where no man has gone before.

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Because in many contexts the "ferocious, otherworldly and inhuman" part is missing and are just seamen daemons

Introduce a context where they are truly monsters and people will stop treating them as waifus, at least in said context

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Because they read too much Chinese porn comics and think it works that way in games. Weeaboos gonna weeaboo.

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The monster's innate charm magic, obviously.

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Because the same shit happened in some of the same mythological basis as the seminal sentinels.

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>>Ferocious, otherworldly monster that drains human souls

Remove "otherwordly" and this describes women in general. And people waifu them.

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Because most people don't register sex as an act of violence, so think that it's not a comparable threat.

People will answer violence with violence, and want to answer sex with, well, safe sex. The last part is where the redeeming comes in.

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>The last part is where the redeeming comes in.
There comes the phalladin.

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>not trying to redeem fiends, demons or devils with your charms, wits or sheer dedication.

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>"...and furthermore, in the pursuit of giving the dick, no cost can be considered too great."

-Descartes, Discourses on The Dick

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So you're saying you want more of Poison from DmC?

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because their permavirgin degenerates who don't get that women are physically capable of being evil.

seriously if people tried to do this in my game, the monster would just lead them off somewhere out of sight and kill them

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Through dick, unity.

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Basically this, only substitute women with "cute/sexy girl-like things". Actual women don't elicit the same response out of these kinds of dumbasses.

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Problem is that the semen demon trope is waaaay too prevalent, to the point people assume this by default.

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really? Because I only ever see it in animu and here.

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>becauce it looks somewhat like a human female
That's why.

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It might not be actually that prevalent, just more paid attention to. It's less the fault of creators, more the fault of sperglords obsessing over waifus and generally being idiots.

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The devil is easy.

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Because every problem can be solved with love and penis.

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so the problem is weeaboos?

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10/10 writing

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>Actual women don't elicit the same response out of these kinds of dumbasses.
If this were true, divorce courts would be defunct.

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>Why do people keep doing this?

Because it looks like a human(oid) female.

Also your souls isn't stagnant: it's constantly changing and growing, so as long as you don't mindlessly pound away at them on a marathon and get plenty of carbs and you should be fine.
If anything you'll eventually reach a point where the amount of soul they drain will be insignificant.

Gotta get your carbs if you want your soul to replenish.

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You know, there's one moment in that fight where OldDante shines through the grimgritfuckyou mess, when he sidesteps a thrown rock with no apparent effort or malice. That's what OldDante is about, having fun with the lie that a fictional monster in a game you are playing to have fun should be threatening or hated.

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Because Kirk and Riker would want me to

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Many of the problem people aren't even weaboos, just people that want to push dumb, verisimilitude breaking tropes, because "lol not-ERP" and "lol it's cute/sexy/I like it, so it must be included in my campaign/setting".

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This, and they lack imagination.

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James Tiberius Kirk and William Riker.

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Star Trek.

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were doing this meme again are we?

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So what tropes are left?

Seaman Damon is pretty much beaten to death, Weaboo Tsundere/Mean Girl trope is pretty much dead too, And I guess shy Girls tropes are too innocent.

So where do we go now?

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You cease making characters that are physical embodiments of tropes, and make actual, interesting characters. If you can't make interesting ones, just make peculiar ones.

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I'm partial to stoic beauties

>If you can't make interesting ones, just make peculiar ones.
Please don't. I hate this shit with the fury of a thousand suns. Why do talentless writers think making a female character "quirky" will make her likeable? If anything, "quirky" without any personality to back it up is downright annoying. It's the female equivalent of a manchild. I know women in general are more childish due to being neotenous, but there's such a thing as taking it too far.

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With all the jokes about soul-sucking women, I'd guess that lots and lost of people can't tell the difference between "actually" and "literally".

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Look up the dictionary definition of "literally". According to the most common dictionaries, "literally" and "figuratively" literally mean the same thing. I am literally fuming with rage.

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I don't mean quirky. I mean peculiar. Being "likeable" is not a required characteristic of any character, in fact, I'd prefer much less likeable characters in general.
It's perfectly acceptable to have friends or allies that are unlikeable or assholes, but you are friends anyway. Same with enemies.
>I am literally fuming with rage.
Liar, or superpowered.

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>Being "likeable" is not a required characteristic of any characte
I know. The problem is that a lot of characters create quirky characters with the intention of making them likeable while horribly failing at it.

Of course you shouldn't have to like all characters, and you can perfectly create a solid piece of media in which the protagonist is a horrible human being.

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Really, I think the important part is memorability.
Don't make memorable characters, describe them in a memorable way instead and have them take memorable actions.
Not interesting, not unusual, just memorable and important.

Your BBEG could just be a completely regular power hungry noble, but it's what he does and what context your party has with him that's important. Some scheming noble on the other side of the kingdom is unimportant, but one whose plans have been witnessed by your party, or which have impacted them in some way, say, by having a friend or relative be a bystander casualty, that's what makes a good character.

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The micropenis.

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>protag is a horrible human being
My favorite kind of media

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They've been at this for a very long time.

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it's boring edgebait media desu senpai

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Not always. Not even most of the time.

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Always. Every time.

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There are men, who can change a woman's heart into a human one.
What I want to say is, they know when a woman is really worth the effort, doesn't matter what or where it comes from.
And it works everytime.
I admire such men, I wanna be these guys someday.

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Let's be real here,
We'd all like to have a little fuckle with some creature from another world.
It's in our nature.

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because they want to be waifued

that's the whole point there wrong but you still want to fuck them.

unless we aren't talking about sucubi in which case disregard my fagotry

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I giggled

took me a moment but I giggled when I got it.

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Why not aspire to do so with an otherworldly entity that's not so malicious and cruel?

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I'd prefer that any day.
But if all I see is one that wants to drain my soul and nothing else than I'm going in.

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Literally now has a colloquial meaning. So what he said was in fact proper English.

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10/10, would fight for the Terran Empire and bring down the hammer of Justice upon the succubi.

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That's a cute boy.

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>Why do people keep doing this?

Where are these people?

I've seen people talk about doing it on this board, but people talk about a lot of things they never actually do, and I've never encountered a player who actually tried to do it.

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Holy shit I just reverse image searched this.

Thank you for the fap.

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Nigga it's a fucking Capcom game. They get good writing once per generation and they spent 7th gen on Dragon's Dogma.

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I'd actually go for it if my party members weren't old friends from high school.
I don't want them knowing i'm some demon fucker.

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FYI I mean the original DMC games, the writing in them is always terrible

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4 me?

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It actually sounds like there's no echo and the VA is just repeating the word "LIIIIIGHT"

>> No.43753178

it looks interesting.

>> No.43753262

Wait a minute, I recognize that face!

the part where he's fucking all the high school guys and realizes they aren't good enough to satisfy him is oddly adorable tee bee h

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Shows how weak your friendship is.

In my group of bros from high school, we all know some deep, dark shit about each other. Information that became known often accidentally. It's all a matter of trust.
Because we're adults, we understand how to keep our fetishes at home and out of our ttrpgs.

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>Literally now has a colloquial meaning.

>in effect; in substance; very nearly; virtually:
I literally died when she walked out on stage in that costume.

>the English language evolves because of over-dramatic teenage girls
Jesus Christ

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>the culinary name for meat from the domestic pig
It no longer refers to the species, just the meat.

>The French language evolves because of over-dramatic teenage Saxons
Dieu en ciel

>> No.43753594

"Porc" still means pig in French M80
The English just took over some words from their masters

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Because it's basically the ultimate show of sexual awesomeness to make a creature of pure evil turn against its very nature for you. Having a Cock of Opposite Alignment is the ultimate aspiration for a man.

>> No.43753856

Wouldn't it be better and safer to seduce an angel instead of risking having your soul sucked out through your cock and/or being eaten alive?

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>golf clap

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But being 'safe' isn't the point. It's about the fantasy of being so desirable that you turn a being against its innate nature. It's like how a lot of men fantasize about turning a lesbian straight, or getting one to make an exception for them.

An angel is already inclined to be nice and to like nice people, if you're going by the modern view of them. A demon is not.

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jesus Christ how horrifying

I mean language change is natural but holy shit that's not something I would have expected.

>> No.43754088

>It's about the fantasy of being so desirable that you turn a being against its innate nature
>It's like how a lot of men fantasize about turning a lesbian straight
That and dicking a demon are actually about redeeming the irredeemable into good with your dick.

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I love this place

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Ironic, isnt it?

>> No.43754302


Because in a world where there's a 100% chance shit is going to fight you, having a powerful murderbattlewaifu at your side is a distinct advantage. It's worth the risk sometimes.

As to how often it actually happens, probably not TOO frequently. First, you're not always going to run into murderbattlewaifu material in every campaign. Even why you do, you might be playing a character that you know can't possibly pull it off. Also, I think most decent GMs will probably take the possibility into account when creating the encounter if seduction is a thing, and they have a character/player they think might make the attempt.

>> No.43754309

The series about slutty prostitute Elf boys is better IMO.

>> No.43754318

Lulu is the best elf.

>> No.43754340

>even in the succubi space future, women can't drive

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That incubus.

>> No.43754390

Ah the return of the why boner. With a Vengeance.

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that's what you get for not having an academy for your language

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>> No.43754466

I think you mean Lala

fite me fagit

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Alanis Morissette pls go

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>Ferocious, otherwordly monster that drains human resources
>Try to marry it because it looks somewhat like a chinese cartoon drawing

Why do people keep doing this ?

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Humans tend to be pretty common IRL and are a major source of breeding partners for other humans.
Non-humans tend to be not so common irl and fucking one is not an easy task, incredibly.
So I guess the reason is:when you are able to get something different from the base model, give it a try. Even more so when it is just a game with no irl consequences.

>> No.43754536

Just how many mustaches does this man have.

>> No.43754559

>Non-humans tend to be not so common irl and fucking one is not an easy task, incredibly.
Why make the jump to succubi? Why not go to the intermediary step of "women who aren't exploitative whores that hate men"? That's a marginally less unrealistic option.

>> No.43754581


Long days and pleasant nights to you.

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I guess because I was just being you know, humorous. Not very serious. Just like OP's question is absolutely not serious as well.
We are talking about playing pretend, why does everyone have to assume his way to do it is the only right one?
Anyway, succubi are hotness personified I guess, and the idea of managing the almost impossible task of seducing and redeeming/taking advantage of one must seems interesting and exciting to a lot of people.

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Dick unity

>> No.43754628

Non-evil succubus is kinda overdone, especially around here, but like most cliches in fantasy, it can be made into something interesting.

>> No.43754708

The male empire is called Tarak.

Terra wants to their genitals

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I hate when DMs do this shit. So annoying.

>> No.43754815

Because fuck the rules nigger

>> No.43754820

I don't get it

>> No.43754830

Why should they stop?

And I read that one it was more of a case of him biting off more than he can swallow


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Because you do not punish them for their stupidity by making the monster drain their soul the first chance it gets.

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Read up some mythology, dude. Humans have been possessed by the desire to fuck sexy monsters since time immemorial.

>> No.43755273

>ywn be a prisoner/sexslave on an all female starship
life is suffering

>> No.43755541

Considering they were all lesbians who saw the men as less then human for a good long while and find the idea of hetrosexual sex to be disgusting, coupled with the men having little sex drive themselves, that's seems like a blessing.

>> No.43755573

Well done.

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>Ferocious, otherworldly monster that drains human souls
>make it look somewhat like a human female
Why do people keep doing this?

>> No.43755970

It's a lure. The good looks of the succubus are a lure.

>> No.43755979

Because those weak to carnal keep trying to waifu it, that's why. It happens a lot more than if the otherworlder looks like an illithid I can tell you

>> No.43756086

>Benevolent, well-natured soul that protects humans from otherworldly threats
>make it look like an eldritch monstrosity

Why do people keep doing this?

>> No.43756808

In my defense, Gozer was fucking hot.

>> No.43756877

Some people just like the biblical interpretation of angels that much, anon.

>> No.43756886

>who saw the men as less then human
Nothing has changed then.

Because one should never judge a book by its cover. I actually prefer my bros to be horrific monsters that can level cities by belching too hard.

>> No.43756901

>biblical interpretation of angels

>> No.43756924

Biblical angels don't protect humanity from otherworldly threats. The absolute closest you can get to that in the Bible is when they divert an otherworldly threat (Satan & friends) TO Earth.

>> No.43756966

>Not enjoying being in the tiny "not kill" zone of a creature that could eviscerate you no matter how bad ass you are
>Romancing said creature

Truly OP, you're not living

>> No.43756977

They are messangers and servants of Yahweh.
If He wants humanity to prosper then you bet His servants will too, whether they like it or not.

>> No.43757033

Because it's there.

>> No.43757056

Every female human is a soul drinking monster. Succubii just have horns.

>> No.43757079


Which seems more exciting. Just killing a dragon or making it your bitch?

>> No.43757088

Well, yeah, if Yahweh wanted humanity to prosper, things would be so much better.

>> No.43757130

Because, like any other father in existence, He wants us to to do it for ourselves.
But He is always there, watching you, caring for you. Even when you can't see Him. Expecially when you can't see Him.

>> No.43757149


Fuckin' savage.

>> No.43757165

I am no expert but from what I've read of the scripture, He really comes out as despotic parent rather than benevolent one.

>> No.43757185

I think the main time he really checks in is when you die, he checks in his browser whether you've liked his best selling book. If not, he drags you into his "eternal torture" bin.

>> No.43757281

Actually a good father doesn't kick his son out on to the streets for one mistake (Adam and the Apple) and force him and all his descendants to live in basically a ghetto (The Earth as it is now) where people are dying, getting murdered, suffering diseases, etc

>> No.43757297

If you dont want me to want to fuck something, Do not give it a human face or shapely hips or smooth glossy skin or bedroom eyes or dick sucking lips or dainty feet or provocative armpits.

>> No.43757320


There is no eternal torture, you are only left in a place far away from His grace, just like you wanted. You are free to choose, but, is it in you t make something out of your own afterlife that even can hold a candle to His creation

And, AAAWw sheet, guys. I was just fucking with ya'. I am just a filthy atheist just regurgitating all of the "I can prove it like you want me to but i believe it in my heart" crap they throw at me and hope to make a change in my views.
Before i get fedora'd to infinity i don't think religion is (necesarily, look at ISIS interpretation) this evil thing that must be purged from Earth, i am okay with it existing.
If only they removed some core tenents that exist because of outdated customs, tho'.
Also, any religion is a goldmine of inspiration for storytellers, i just hope people would stray from abrahamanic ones far more often.

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>> No.43757355

Why did i pause at "dainty feet"?

>> No.43757452

>upper-class brits who spoke french only ever saw farm animals on the table, so pork and beef came to refer to the meats
>lower-class brits who did all the farming used anglo-saxon words for the animals, but their words for the meats are depreciated

Language is interesting.

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