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Filename thread?

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Filename thread

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need a name for this one

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>Paradox too strong

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>Sky-God nutted, but Gaia still suckin.jpg

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i never really got this image until i turned it sideways just now

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>Time Wizards

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I've seen this image. I've seen it posted dozens of times, in several different contexts. yet i still can't help but chuckle every time i see it

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>Revolution X

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Sweet Christmas

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holy fuck

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I'm not sure that Pandorum (there, that's the source) was a great film, but I really enjoyed it.

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I appreciate that joke.

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At the time I was seriously starved for sci-fi horror (still am, underused genre) so I thought it was great.

Upon revisiting it was pretty weak

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Only two so far! I think they're getting the message!

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>something something lizardman ranger choosing companion

I'm too drunk for this shit

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The best part? That's not an edit. That is literally what was printed in the newspapers.

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I don't get that joke ;___;

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It's a two-parter.
First, PCs and any unique villians/monsters in the game are called Wild cards. So, literally, Savage World players are Wild Cards.
Beyond that, Savage World uses dealt cards as its initiative mechanic, and the wild card (the Joker) is allowed to take their action whenever they want during the round, interrupting other's actions if they so choose, and receiving a bonus to all their actions that turn, hence it's not unlikely for a player to yell "Wild Card, Bitches!" in the middle of some action, and then interrupt it with an insane stunt.

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Search for the strip and check it yourself.

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You are a scholar, thank you.
It is sad that I have GMd Savage Worlds and wasn't even bad at it. I guess I'm just tired.

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It doesn't work without context.

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>Only usefulness for Goliaths in 5e.jpg

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She ded?

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He ded, but not from that

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Come on, it's 2015

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yeah, I get the need to chuckle also when I see that map

especial HERE BE ELFS
that one cracks my ribs

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Well, he's a he by all accounts
That she is a he posing as a she so he is not a she, but a he

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>bottom right not green.

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I knew I saved this for a reason!

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How.. I failed my SAN check clicking this gif

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Because you're a faggot?

I've yet to see someone use that style of image in any way that wasn't a pathetic attempt at damage control.

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This is disgusting! Give me the source so i can complain about it!

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Oh wow, that's actually a pretty clever filename.

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That character is in fact male. That female look is just a trick creates by his stand.

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Which character is that again?

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anon, please, go and stay go.

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When I watched that scene I immediately wondered if we would see the lead-up to it in Luke Cage's series.

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Maria the Virgin Witch

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I think this might be the first time I've seen that image with a filename other than "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MONTRESOR.jpg"

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Those damn wizards

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Someone a couple of threads ago said the boy lacked the hard and soft palate. Apparently he lives not far away from the person who said it, which is somewhere in… Brazil iirc? Somewhere South America.

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Cry harder, anon.

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To warghh or not to warghhh?

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Oy vey

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Last time it was called "PC plans" I considered it significantly better
But then again I've never played M&M and don't particularly like the superhero genre

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>Shadowrun Wiz gangers have a turf war

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I'm not the guy you were responding too, but I made the "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD MONTRESOR.jpg" when I did acid and was watching kids shows online.

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>Terry Pratchett

Good night sweet prince

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How the hell does this work?

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What is this wizardry? The small image is different from the large one, and without all the lines or jankiness that this usually entails.
How can this be?

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I remember this thread. Good times.

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You know that's the glorious Brian Blessed, right?

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Pretty please?

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>ironice shitposting

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Well spank my ass and call me a bitch... Well done anon. Well fucking done.

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Some of these don't even make sense.
>women trouble
Well that means every married man may be insane by this chart.

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I agree.

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and then the GM announces that the BBEG has decided to make his Evil World Destroyer in the Astral Plane, where his fortress was built many years ago. Guess all those "foiled" encounters don't have to go into the trash huh?

Even better if some of the things that got vanished were intelligent, and made plans together.

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I guessed something like this. Either missing skin or a rotten hole in his upper jar. Probably a muty kid from india

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People saved it! Now that makes me feel warm and fuzzy.

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I'd have gone with "Pelt_of_the_Balewolf.gif"

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I found this funnier than I should have

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>Natural 1 Investigate.png

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>street sign captchas.gif

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There are too many good ones in here.

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Well to be fair it's from dawn of war 2 vidya, so probably the most normie exposure to 40k one can get.

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Until we get an illustration of his 100+ girl harem, this is the best we've got.

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It had a lot of potential and a few really cool moments. It definitely had some beautiful design. Unfortunetly it came together in a really plain way. If they had more time to plot it out and tighten up the scope, I feel they could have made and epic trilogy or something.

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Law & Order: Special Victims Unit

And yes, that's Ice-T.

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Those are edits of SVU made by LiarTownUSA, not actual dialogue from the show though.

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What is this from?

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He's a funny guy.

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Sweet, thanks

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Basically the face of modern dada.

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>this is how robots see the world

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That's the good guy though.

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He is implying that the BBEG is so bad that the heroes want to resurrect him just to torture him.

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It's not a list of diagnoses as we would think of them, it's a list of what caused the insanity for which people were committed.

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Honestly the worst case scenario is that this kind of magitechnology proliferates. What do you do when every goblin, bandit and giant rat is equipped with these things?

Starting a cold war always seems like a good idea but it never is.

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>The Japanese want to use robots to prevent the need for immigrants
>so they design a robot that can run from the cops
I feel like they're missing the primarily economic point of immigration.

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>Aftermath of Quidditch world cup
Look at happens after a soccer match, now imagine every person there could shoot fire on command. Setting HP in Europe was a mistake.

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>I pray to Tyr for a miracle!
>Tyr abandoned your society long ago for you have forsaken to heed his morals. Tyr is dead, and you killed him.

Nietzsche is my third favorite philosopher.

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>Who designed this, an alien?

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Sweet fuck, he's right.

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I hope recent events and him getting much more money from selling cool cat will make him make more.

I want more.

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>You continue toward an idyllic country house beside the water
>Waves peacefully ripple onto the rocky shore
>You can see mountains in the distance, over the water
>The house's windows glow softly, and smoke is rising from the chimney
>Flowers and trees of every color surround the cozy building
>The sun is shining brilliant through the clouds
>...Roll perception

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The place looks fucking eerie even without the arm.

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Thomas Kinkade paintings tend to do that to certain people.

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Every story I have ever read has told me that the only safe option is to nuke it from orbit until the continent it is on sinks in to the sea while simultaneously making sure the stars are right so whatever is in the house has to deal with Cthulhu waking up too.

Then drop the planet into the sun, drop the sun into a bigger star, and drop the bigger star into a black hole. It's the only way to be sure.

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absolutely fantastic.

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I only get that feeling because I've been conditioned to never expect nice things to happen in the countryside.

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>mfw it references my terrible, terrible shitposting and implies it's the same guy

>> No.43757482

The atmosphere just tells me that nothing human or nice lives here, it feels like a fey home.

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google says that its totsugeki tonari no onii chan

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Why is Hiroshimoot so adorable.

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moe through helplessness

>> No.43757672

Japanese people are genetically adorable.

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>dude... heheh... that demon like... totally looks like a nad heheh

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He's like moot before 4chan ruined his reputation as a businessman.

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>Imaginary Female Trouble
>Marriage of Son
>Masturbation for 30 Years
>Medicine to Prevent Conception
>Menstrual Deranged
>Novel Reading
>Over Study of Religion
>Over Taxing Mental Powers
>Parents Were Cousins
>Tobacco and Masturbation
>Fever and Loss of Law Suit
>Bad Company
>Excessive Sexual Abuse
>Fighting Fire
>Suppression of Menses
>The War
>Time of Life
>Uterine Derangement
>Hard Study
>Rumor of Husband Murder
>Salvation Army

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>Excessive Sexual Abuse
As opposed to reasonable amounts of sexual abuse?

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Is that arm shopped in, or was it actually there? Should I go through other Kinkade's idyllic scenes looking for details like this?

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>> No.43758314

Not shopped.

the painter started putting remainder of our own mortality after his wife's death.

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How do you mean?

>> No.43758542

turn it sideways; it's a map of europe

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The aluminum on the disk conducts electricity better than the surrounding air, but it vaporizes wherever the arc hits it.

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...Fucking radical

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>Picture taken from reddit


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Is it? I wondered what circumstance could have spawned it.

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I'm a redditor that knows to keep reddit shit back there at reddit. You know very well that picture was taken from r/bertstrips, stop the damage control.

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Dude it's months that that pics is being reposted into filename threads. Give it a rest.

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>> No.43759196 [SPOILER] 


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Maybe someone is sleeping in the bushes?

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It took me way to long to get that.
Well done.

>> No.43759813

I always laugh at the people who don't get it

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>Official Uplifting Primer Depiction of Lasgun

>> No.43759875

Shaun of the dead

>> No.43759930

Have a fresh one, picked it up a minute ago.

>> No.43759964

>inb4 /pol/
its just a joke mate, can't you take the banter?

>> No.43759969

>yer a nigger Harry

>> No.43759977

Some jokes are too real, anon.

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>> No.43760031

>ignore trog posters
>shadowrun general

>> No.43760042

>> No.43760044

>> No.43760090

>black magic

>> No.43760097

>I'm a redditor

>> No.43760110

>/d/ arrives

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>> No.43760371

dont get it

>> No.43760440

>The quick brown fox jumps over the lazy dog
It's a sentence that contains every letter of the alphabet

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>> No.43760776

hey whats the source on the image?

>> No.43760842

pangram actually,

>> No.43760872

The filename and sentence are anagrams of each other. They're also both a pangram.

>> No.43760929

>The filename and sentence are anagrams of each other.

They are not. Just by a first look the sentence has 3 e while the filename has only 1.

>> No.43760931

How can you say no one is posting nat 20 filenames when there are three and counting in this very thread?

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>> No.43761966

>Run Rigger Run

>> No.43762120

From what I know about Lee's career, I can imagine that's not 'shopped.

>> No.43762491

Is this real?

>> No.43762541

This guy is a comedian.

>> No.43762600

Sure you're clever but you're still driving a Renault.

>> No.43762631

I don't understand.

>> No.43762701

The speed camera has a text recognition thing that automatically stores the plate number in a database somewhere. This guy has added sql commands to his numberplate to trick the system into deleting the database.

>> No.43762824

But what makes them so good is that the edits are done in the same style of the characters speech, to the point where they're almost completely believable if you know the character.

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>> No.43765247

>This guy has added sql commands to his numberplate to trick the system into deleting the database.

Remember kids: Validate your inputs. SQL injections can happen to you!

>> No.43765525


Actually, it's a developmental phase you dumbfuck. But, you know, whatever.

Also you can't crit-fail an attribute check.

>> No.43767013

It's been like a goddamn week. You've made your point. Please leave and never return.

>> No.43767911

Got a link, anon?

>> No.43768435

True, but the guys who write Family Circus have got to be pretty old by now.

>> No.43769947

>The War

>> No.43770473

Afraid not

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