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>Walking by the aqueducts
>Notice their undefended state
>Someone could easily infiltrate the city through them
>Someone could even pour poison into them
>Bring this information to the mayor
>Expect a big reward
>The mayor is very angry
>He threatens to have you executed
>He accuses you of trying to undermine city defenses

wat do

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Poison the capital, march your armies in and declare yourself the new emperor, you Carthaginian catamite!

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Actually, water ran through pipes within the stonework itself so unless you brought a bunch of guys with pickaxes and had all day to kill then you're a bit out of luck. And even if you did the longer you're up there the more likely it is someone will see you.

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Build a desalination plant using
Boiler rooms inside the city walls, drawing water from collapsed subterranean salt mines filled with sea water years ago. Water is distributed through aquaduct channels high over the streets and along treacherously slick city borders and see regular maintanence. Poison can be a problem, but due to the large amount of water moved every day directly from the processing plant equally impressive quantities of toxins are needed to affect the population at large due to diffusion. I've just realized that one of my players having a background in aquaduct maintenance may be of great import in some of my cities. Neat.

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>Notice their undefended state

But in your case, just head to another city?

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