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Crappy generals edition


>Official Site: Contains deck building rules and the current ban list.

>Deck List Site: You can search for decks that other people have made. Authors often have comments that explain their deck’s strategy and card choices.

>Another resource for commander discussion; they have an entire forum dedicated to discussing decks. People often make primers, which go into detail about how they built and play their deck.

>Statistically see what everyone else puts in their commander decks based on what is posted to the internet.


>Find out what lands you can add to your deck, sorted by category, based on a chosen Commander’s color identity.


>Official search site. Current for all sets but has a terrible UI.

>Unofficial, but has GOAT search interface

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How was this card even made nevermind legendary. I get that there was a lot of shitty cards being printed at that time but this is obviously not even close to worth the mana cost. If you're paying 7 to stop swampwalk you've already lost, miserably, even if it was sideboarded in to deal with just that.

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Legends had some really terrible cards and R&D was still figuring shit out, I guess

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For all the badness, Legends had some neat stuff

I run this to create mass hysteria towards the end of the game

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Cards for this waifu?

Picked up Sword of the Paruns, Seeker of Skybreak and Armageddon.

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Annoy your judge friends with Panglacial Wurm. Draw cards while searching your library! Can you rig the draw? Everyone knows you shouldn't be able to, but nobody can point to a rule that stops you!

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>Gatherer doesn't let you search for 1-drop Legendaries
Garbage. I know of 3: Zurgo, Isamaru and Feldon, but I want to find more

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Kytheon is another, arguably better than Isamaru because of the indestructible upside.

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Meant Norin, shit. I have red on the brain, been building with Feldon

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Here you are, faggot.

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Feldon is a three-drop.

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Do the primordial dragons count as crappy because better commanders exist in their colors?

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Depending on your group you could use Bushi Tenderfoot/Kenzo. I've messed with him in Voltron and it can be fun.

Also Rhys

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They're alright. Unlike the top commanders in their colors nobody is going to waste removal on one of them until long after you've gotten a bunch of value from their ability.

Also you should run old Nicol for flavor.

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Yeah wrong red legend, mixed him up with Norin

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I thought about old Nicol as one of the 99 but I wanted to keep my curve low and thrax has impact as soon as he hits the board without an upkeep tax.

That said, I might buy one and just slide it in and play with 101 instead of 100

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>kiki/twin and exarch/conscripts
>half a dozen tutors
"Oh boy now I get to play modern at the edh table too"

What does your group think about this?

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They don't care. Animar is too busy digging for ancestral statue, rubinia is digging for rings/monolith to cheese a win off of helix pinnacle or BSZ + lab maniac, and mimeoplasm is busy ramping to T&N for DEN + palinchron or milling them out of his deck so he can reanimate them

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>One drop commanders are in high demand for the latest hot new format - Tiniest leaders.

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I blow up Kiki. I blow up animar. I blow up everything, then pay 39 life and cast repay in kind.

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Nah I just want to fuck around with some 1-drop legends and see what I can make

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Bullshit elves, bad voltron, weak aggro, a horrible planeswalker, or ETB triggers.

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All sounds wonderful for my low powerlevel group

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I just updated http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/hanna-ships-combo-and-control/ last night to see how it has progressed.

Average CMC of 3.23 feels good, man.

It's also secured as my most expensive deck at about $650, which will only go higher as I finish getting fetches. One day I'll get a Tundra for it. I also want to get unglued basics be abuse they have an artifact look to them, which fits Hanna well.

How does it look to you guys?

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What are you obese? trim the fat until you're under three point oh.

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I need the image comparing mtg formats where standard is kids on a playground, EDH is WWE, etc

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Who is the best artifact-centric commander? I've heard both Daretti and Mishra tossed around, but it sounds like Mishra really needs Possibility Storm before he can really start coming online

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>this is on the reserve list


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Arcum Dogson

>> No.43688260

>Daretti best
He has some nice tech but requires some decent draws before he can really do anything. You're as likely to be able to do fucking nothing as you are drop a Spine every turn.

Hanna and Sharuum perform much better while being in the proper colors for actually doing artifact things.

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Get it in Italian one.

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They look interesting. Don't much care for UW though

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I'm sorry. Decree of Silence is skewing my average, but it is a strong force with Hanna, especially with Eidolon of Rhetoric.

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Karn, Silver Golem

I've been playing the deck for a while and it's very competitive. Yes, you lack the utility of any color, but you don't have to waste slots on low-power mana rocks and just ramp HARD. Not to mention All is Dust and Ugin are essentially a win if they resolve. Plus the deck runs so many cool synergies that it's fun and potent.

It's kinda gotten a reputation around my playgroup as my most "competitive" deck outside of Melek.

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Then Sharuum it up baby.

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Shu Yun.

>yfw it dawns on you that cheap or free spells that cantrip are optimal for use with prowess.
>yfw eggs in EDH.

>> No.43688621

>eggstorm EDH
>kung fu master throwing jeweled baubles at people
Rock on

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Known that for a while, I have a spellslinger deck with him

>somehow not UW

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Wow that card is horrendously bad

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I feel you

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As is Scion of the Ur-Dragon but you don't have to play him as UW. You also asked what the best was, not what the best in your favorite colors is.

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god, I love seeing old card I had no idea about.

What an expensive fatty dork

>> No.43688901

Point taken. Maybe I'll mess around in some builds with her

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What a fucking baller.

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>there's an amazingly flavorful deck list on mtgsalvation featuring Riven
>not a single goddamn reply

I hate this earth

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What a weird set that was. You have garbage like that and then ridiculously good cards like Mana Drain. And then just outright weird shit like Avoid Fate -- a GREEN COUNTERSPELL. It's conditional, but still, what the fuck

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Post it

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any one here have a kaalia list?

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Now I'm looking through Legends and holy shit I want to build with this guy with a bunch of Anthem effects

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Swords of dick and cunt
You're welcome

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You forgot sol ring m8

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>no demon wizard legend
>no demon wizards at all
Are you even trying wizards?

>> No.43689521

It's in every EDH so it doesn't matter

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So I plan on gutting the Land Matters theme from my Ghave deck to build a new Omnath deck with. However, I run MLD in Ghave to support its stax theme. How much of my Land Matters should I keep in to support the stax/MLD? Or should I cut it entirely?

Recommendations for replacement cards are also welcome.


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Demon is in the realm of Dragons and Angels where that one subtype can essentially over rule all other subtypes. Like how many of the Boros Angels could easily be Soldier Angels. Barring a few exceptions like Dragon Mage.

>> No.43689809

Run almost entirely basic lands except for fetches and panoramas. You are in two colors and green so manafixing through land ramp shouldn't be a problem. Then run non-basic MLD/artifact destruction.

>> No.43689868

Ah, you're misunderstanding me a bit. I'm asking what Land Matters/Destruction cards I should keep in Ghave. I've got a pretty good idea of my Omnath build at this point.

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Whats stopping me from playing inexorable tide against this card and filling you with counters? vampire hexmage??
Why does this card need to not be reprinted who is it going to hurt?

>> No.43690312

>Whats stopping me from playing inexorable tide against this card and filling you with counters? vampire hexmage??
it's spooky suspended, so it's not a permanent or player to proliferate and it's not a permanent to hexmage, look up the oracle text
>Why does this card need to not be reprinted who is it going to hurt?
reserve list is a strange creature

>> No.43690337

Easy big fella, it's just a goofy fun card

>Why does this card need to not be reprinted

To me, the Reserved List feels like it was an impulsive decision made at the time to appease the then-small playerbase. It's becoming tougher to justify it when people are getting booted from tourneys for proxies and the price of entry for eternal formats is stupid high.

>> No.43690387

mana drain was supposed to be a worse counterspell thanks to mana burn they were wrong

>> No.43690395

Interesting. Does Clockspinning have any interaction with it? Or no, because it's not actually suspended?

>> No.43690413

Oh i didnt see it was a sorcery i thought it was an enchantment so it just kinda hangs out on a non game state while it drops counters or something?
But why cant it be in a from the vault reprint or a masters edition.

>> No.43690435

They were retarded, is what they were. I just love early days wizards was terrible at this whole balance thing. They're still terrible.

>> No.43690492

no because it's not actually suspended
it gets exiled i believe

>> No.43690504

They can never do a paper reprint, ever. There used to be a loophole where they could reprint them in supplemental stuff like Duel Decks or FTV (Phyrexian Negator is one example), but sperglord investors/collectors got pissed at them so no more of that.

>> No.43690518

It would have made sense if mana burn didnt have the mana fizzle away from you and instead just kept shocking the shit out of you.

>> No.43690538

>the Reserved List feels like it was an impulsive decision made at the time to appease the then-small playerbase
Exactly this oh my God

Also investors fucking suck. If you think cardboard with pretty pictures on it is a good investment you're an idiot

>> No.43690570

Surprisingly, I just saw this fucker on tapped out. Hope it gives you inspiration.

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Should I go Voltron or Snek Tribal with this?

Both options sound reasonable.

>> No.43690726

Shields of Velis Vel

>> No.43690735

i'd do a combo of like utility swords and ramp into a massive orochi hatchery

>> No.43690821

Hive mind endless swam. LET THERE BE SNEK

>> No.43690844

its never to late to debate the great snake mistake

>> No.43690990

>Crappy generals edition
Is Norin the Wary as bad as he looks, or is there some secret tech combo that makes him amazing?

>> No.43691003

Voltron looks like the most fun. There's plenty of good effects for it in those colors. Snake tribal looks fun until you realize most snake are crap. Being UG helps though

>> No.43691034

let's see

* every other creature etb effect in the game

i think that's a good starter list

>> No.43691084

If you're doing a deck based on other creature ETB effects, wouldn't subbing purph in for the commander spot and putting Norin in the 99 be the better move?

>> No.43691104

He means effects based on when other creatures ETB, like warstorm surge or confusion in the ranks.

>> No.43691109

Snek Tribal all the way, voltron is BORING

>> No.43691136


Also Norin is hilarious

>> No.43691139

Shitloads of ETB effects.

>> No.43691432

So many nonbos in Red. Eletropotence, Pandemonium, Papa Purph, and Hamletback Goliath are nice though.

>> No.43691835

Sharuum can get shpet competitive,can be built combo or engine based, and is quite fun and expensive to optimize.

>> No.43691861

Hive mind endless swarm with a birthing pod out so you have something you can do afterwards

>> No.43691938

I am trapped in a hell of my own creation, I'm trying to make a Meren list and I need to cut like twenty cards, I think my problem is that I dont know what would provide enough value for the grindy games she seems to push herself towards.

Here's the list

>> No.43691980

Who are the best commander for monowhite? Preferably not a voltron fag

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Crappy generals you say?

He's a shit and you know it

>> No.43692014

anon why

I love the art and flavor of it, but I cant help and feel im hindering myself by playing it.

>> No.43692033

>no Diamond Valley
pleb please

>> No.43692042

That's because you are.

>> No.43692045

My gut wants to say nahiri.

>> No.43692063

How would you fix him /tg/?

>> No.43692067

Norn Best

Eight-and-a-Half Tails for fun

>> No.43692072

that, uh, that sounds like hell, anon. you've made me appreciate my play group a little more. they still like winning through regular old slug fest combat damage

>> No.43692092

he's bad but I like him

>> No.43692104

Because he demands that you CAST enchantments and use his expensive activated ability. That's just spreading you resources way too thin. Like Triad of Fates, he can get shit done late game, but he takes too long to get started.

>> No.43692106

>buy UR precon for play this past weekend
>decide to play it out of the box, no changes
>get hated off the table by everyone
>"Commander stuff is overpowered"

I wanted to slap all of them in the mouth

>> No.43692132

I've been playing since '04 ish so a lot of that comes from playing off and on for a long ass time and multiple years of disposible income covering the rest.

>> No.43692184

I think the simplest thing would be to remove the colorless mana cost from him, and or his ability.

Barring Kalmne, every other commander gets counters faster, and every other commander gets an immediate usage from said counters.

>> No.43692197

Are there many cheap W or B enchantments that are either recastable or cantrip? Seems like you could just have a lot of cheap spells, spend a few turns building exp then start pooping out enchantments. Maybe drop a few things to protect Daxos. I can tell its slow, but surely it can't be that bad?

>> No.43692207

it was a joke but ok

>> No.43692221

make him a 1/1 for {w/b}
tokens cost {w/b}{w/b}

now he can actually try to do something impressive before like, turn 10.

>> No.43692230

He needs to be on board when you cast these enchantments, he needs 3+ counters for his ability to become relevant. He's just way too slow.

>> No.43692271

Whenever an enchantment ETBs undr your control, get experience. Make him a 2/4 or something.

>> No.43692294

then you would need to remove the enchantment type from his spirits, otherwise you would just spawn spirits and gain counters

>> No.43692348

Yes I just realized that. The point was to let him synergize with shit like Academy Rector, aura tutors, reanimation, etc.

>> No.43692390

>Kalemne's experience ability

Seriously, what the fuck where they even thinking? If it at least was enter the battlefield, but cast? Come on.

>> No.43692392

with the brutal enchantments you can surround yourself with, he's the inevitable wincon

>> No.43692429

What if he let you not have to pay life for your own spells?
Black tutors, demons, and draw spells just became that much better without completely breaking the game. Wait, this might be too good. Maybe the damage goes to him instead?
Wait no, what if he made it so that auras didn't go to graveyard but back into your hand?

>> No.43692432

>every other commander gets an immediate usage from said counters

Nigger WHAT? Daxos and Mizzex sure, but Ezuri and Meren don't.

>> No.43692455

meren pulls creatures from grave to hand every turn with no experience
getting experience with Meren just lets you put things onto the battlefield

>> No.43692461

Honestly that is how he should have been, just let him get counters from enchantments entering the field, and spawn non-enchantment tokens.

That way he isnt left in the dust compared to Azuri/Mizzix/Meren

somone in wotc got 1-shot by kalmne and made sure it would never happen again

>> No.43692475

You clearly have a different definition of "immediate" to me.

>> No.43692502

It's alright, I've gotten some shit before by people who question why i would whip a deck together and it breaks 500$ without much effort. The reserve list is a hell of a thing when you look at how much a collection appraises for.

>> No.43692504

I should have been more clear, no one else has to spend mana to use their counters.

As long as you already have a creature on the field Ezuri will buff them

Meren will just grab stuff from your graveyard

>> No.43692549

yes, requiring meren to survive to your own end step is slightly less than immediate
my most expensive edh deck is like, not quite $200

>> No.43692571

I replaced Daretti with Pia and Kiran Nalaar. Maybe I'll be less of a target?

>> No.43692639

now you'll just lose though. You'd be better playing bosh as your commander.

>> No.43692642

How do you make that work? The etb thing is meh, and 3 mana to sac an artifact just for two damage is underwhelming. I must be missing something.

>> No.43692691

The most expensive part of a deck is and always will be the land base. That's why I'm in favor of Wizards abolishing the list and just reprint en masse fetches, ABUR duals, shocks, buddies, the works.

>> No.43692709

What if he got exp counters even from command zone?
Having him out and just sitting there sweating while you're praying you can draw something to protect him with seems really lame.

>> No.43692731

Are they any other cards like smokestack? I really like the pressure it puts on greedy players, especially the people who just drop lands and play everything instant speed

>> No.43692737
File: 141 KB, 223x311, bosh.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

No they suck

Join the Rock Chucker club

>> No.43692739


He's a returned, he's a zombie, he's a soldier, he's looking for Elspeth. Not sure what the fuck that has to do with enchantments besides HEY GUYS REMEMBER THEROS?! The only thing I can see is if the enchantment spirits are eidolon troops following a returned soldier. That's a better route to follow if you ask me.

1WB Daxos the Returned

Zombie Soldier

Whenever you cast Daxos or an enchantment, gain an experience counter.

When Daxos attacks put a 1/1 Enchantment Spirit Soldier token onto the battlefield (tapped and attacking?) for each experience counter you have.

Daxos gets +1/+1 for each enchantment you control.



inb4 haste isn't BW. Black has been getting haste recently far more than anything but red

>> No.43692758

There's effects like GAAIV and Lodestone Golem, not sure if that's what you're looking for but they slow everything way down

>> No.43692774

but you guys now I'm denying people the opportunity to kill chaundra's parents!

>> No.43692791

that's true, the closest thing i have to a utility land is Nykthos for all them delicious black dots

>> No.43692861

So make Bosh, throw Mycosynth Lattice in there to turn everything into artifacts, then use Bosh's ability to throw her parents at someone for 4 damage

Maybe with a Gratuitous Violence in there for 8

>> No.43692867

That seems very BR. There's literally nothing white about that.

What if he had deathtouch and anything he kills you gain control of?
Combine it with W/B: Regenerate. Bam, you've got a army of zombies.

I do like Daxos. Poor bastard had a hard life/unlife.

>> No.43692895

Why not play her parents, throw mycosynth lattice in there, and then use her parents to throw her parents at people? That seems much more thematic.

>> No.43692905

If you're going full on Guy Fieri for flavortown, there's more interesting things you could be doing.
Like stuffing a Feldon deck full of Waifus for him to make sexdolls out of.

>> No.43692915

Holy shit that actually works


>> No.43692922
File: 42 KB, 223x310, Ulasht, the Grate Seed.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Looking to build a deck around pick related. Any good cards that help me with the Overrun-Style effects? Or cards that ping upon other creatures attacking? And does anyone have a list of good token-poopers in RG?

>> No.43692941

>Like stuffing a Feldon deck full of Waifus for him to make sexdolls out of.
i can't tell if i'm excited or repulsed by this idea
i want this though
doubling season and thallids go

>> No.43692946


>> No.43692975

I can never build green because my first instinct whenever I see counters or tokens is to autoinclude doubling season.
I have to suppress my inner Timmy.

>> No.43692998

For me it's always realizing I need it, refusing to spend $30 on a garbage casual only card, then looking for a different deck

>> No.43693006

China might help you with that

>> No.43693033

doubling season, parallel lives if you dont have money, krenko, warstorm surge, hellrider, zendikars roil, wolfbriar elemental, most elves and goblins.

>> No.43693065

Add pathbreaker ibex and craterhoof behemoth.

>> No.43693119

Don't know if I like thallids, makes me feel like I'm running Ghave-Lite for some reason.

Of course. Gobbos are essential.

I have all but zendikar's roil - good pick. I like how it looks.

Craterhoof is so fuckin expensive, though I will be getting the Ibex.

I'll throw up a decklist in a few. Need some criticism.

>> No.43693126

I've only ever seen one ulasht deck in person, but he has plenty of ways to make him silly. ivy lane denizen + mana echoes is the one that killed me.

>> No.43693146

Should I build Iona or Elesh Norn for maximum salt?

>> No.43693186

by the time you cast either you'll be too far behind for either of them to matter #monowhiteproblems

>> No.43693201

Iona please. Then go to Sheldon's college in florida, and play him.

>> No.43693228

There's a guy at my shop with 4 different mono blue decks. It would definitely make him salty

>> No.43693230

>Craterhoof's 16 dollars
Wat da fug

>> No.43693296

>Or cards that ping upon other creatures attacking?


>> No.43693325

I have bosh lying around I should keep him in the deck

>> No.43693350


Legacy elite

also decent in modern and of course, EDH

>> No.43693360

He's the finisher in modern and legacy elves, along with him being great in mono green EDH

>> No.43693361

Ulasht guy here. I've got a decklist:

Anything I should just shoot out of the deck immediately?

>> No.43693372
File: 33 KB, 363x320, beavisDEALWITHIT.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>tfw I cast pyroblast

>> No.43693430

just my quick suggestions are cut hornet's nest for ivy lane denizen, cut gruul keystone for ashnod's altar, cut any instant or sorcery for comet storm.

>> No.43693500

It's like you've never seen Brimaz (white and on Theros) or literally anything white that makes soldier tokens (Like Elspeth, who's white and also on Theros).

What you've suggested is far more BR than BW and has nothing to do with experience counters.

What I've suggested is a mockery of Elspeth that Daxos "remembers" while also combining his old abilities. Allow me to try again and mirror UW Dax better, while staying in line with the other experience mechanics. That means only 2 abilities.

1WB Daxos the Returned
Zombie Soldier
Whenever a spell or ability you control exiles one or more cards, gain an experience counter.
When ~ deals combat damage to an opponent, exile that many cards from that player's library. Put a white enchantment spirit creature token with "This creature's power and toughness are equal to the number of experience counters you have." into play for each card exiled this way.

>> No.43693514

Ashnod's is an excellent swap-in.
Is comet storm being suggested as more of a catch-all spell here? Just for goodstuff purposes?

And I don't know about the hornet's nest - I have several ways to ping it for 1 every turn, and it also serves as a deterrent if someone tries to wrath my tokens with damage or attack me. Making flying deathtouch tokens for free every turn and keeping a solid line of extra defense is good (although I can see how the fact that it is 3 mana that still needs to be attacked to do anything is a bit of a drag. I'll look into replacements).

>> No.43693542

comet storm is a good catch all, and it's also a "kill the whole table now" spell when you have ~40+ mana which should be more than doable if you vomit an ass load of tokens out and feed them to ashnods. even more easily accomplished when you have a token doubler in play.

>> No.43693555

Oh shit, I didn't even think about my mana making. Shit, Mana Echoes, Krenko, and Comet Storm can close games easily. Thanks!

>> No.43693574

get that new commander land, deathrender and a stoneforge mystic. You'll be dropping that iona blue on turn 4 or pooping out a 10/10 avecyn.

>> No.43693950

Okay how about some suggestions:


>> No.43694105

Why do you have feed the pack? It's non-token and I cant imagine saccing any of your token makers

>> No.43694119

It feeds itself every turn, and if I get an ulasht off of any size I can immediately sac it for a buttload of wolves.

>> No.43694143

>feeds itself

Stay good at magic, /tg/.

>> No.43694144

>Beginning of your end step
>Nontoken creature

>> No.43694189

I used to run Pyroblast and Red Elemental Blast for the sole reason of fucking with the Mono-U Teferi player. He was an obnoxious tool and pretty much did nothing except counter one guys stuff if he decided to not like them that day, and draw cards without ever advancing his board state. He was one of those guys who really bought into the "blue holier than thou" flavour and let you know how outplayed you were just because he had cards with "answer target threat" printed on it.
Imagine my satisfaction of being the only player with mana open, and he taps out for Cyclonic Rift or Stasis. Whenever I played it, it was usually following by him immediately conceding.

>> No.43694224

Oh shit, I never realized this. I'm retarded. Sorry, /tg/.

>> No.43694289

It's okay. Id replace it with decimate maybe, or sprout swarm

>> No.43694308

Nah you're not the first and won't be the last with that card.

>> No.43694484

Well if you're looking for a replacement, death's presence is cool stuff and it goes infinite with ashnod's altar

>> No.43694775
File: 65 KB, 480x680, i hate that praetor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I wouldn't say he's the best, not by a long shot, but I have lots of fun with jor kadeen.

>> No.43695070

I want to build manadork.dec, and I'm not sure how I should do it. There are, however, 3 commanders I had in mind. Meren, Ulasht, and Newzuri.

Meren had the advantage of black, so I can bring them back easily when I inevitably over extend. The problem is that I have 3 other black decks and my only remaining tutors are Diabolic, Increasing Ambition, and Beseech. That's probably fine, tough. I can run a bunch of mana dorks, let them die with Meren out, then start reanimating other shit later that I either ramped out, or discarded. Gravepact and friends are excellent.

Ulasht likes creatures. Mana dorks are creatures. Red has a ton of advantages in a deck like this because of haste and Battledriver effects. Red can also go infinite with Aggravated Assault and has access to Mana Echoes, another friend of Ulasht. Xenewalker, Flameshadow Conjugation, Vicious Shadows, and similar things make for a strong game. There is a lot of strong synergy here.

Ezuri turns mana dorks into murder dorks. UG is in no shortage of card draw, and once the bodies start touching the table, they will be swinging for the fences. All those dorks work wonders with everyone's favorite Prophet/Muse and lead to big blue spells that can simply end the game. It does have the downside of being UG faggotry

I will give special mention to the Sevela, the GW mana dork legend. I didn't bring her up because I'm planning on turning Rubina into Saffi, though Saffi could very well be a man's dork deck. W has much to offer dorks, as it is widely considered to be the dorkiest color. GW has such wonders as Revielark, Mirror Entity, and plenty of Vigilance to make my dorks massive. And who doesn't love a good Cathars Crusade?

>> No.43695117
File: 237 KB, 1100x1380, checked.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Satanic Quads

>> No.43695525

use magiccards.info
unlike gatherer it actually works

>> No.43695526


You can't spell ugh, without UG. SWING FOR THE FENCE FAGGOT

>> No.43695778
File: 13 KB, 223x310, tmp_2652-Image.ashx1893300649.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Where's your triumph of the hordes, faget?

>> No.43695815

Unless you can instantly kill someone this is crap

>> No.43695892

Considering his amount of tokens, it probably will instantly kill someone

>> No.43695969

If you cant do the math to make sure you have enough bodies to give them 10 infect then yes this is a very shit card.

>> No.43696042

Who said anything about math being difficult?

>> No.43696386

i'd put skybind in my deck for a start.

>> No.43696720

Now that is nasty.
Imagine that with Beastmaster on the board...

>> No.43696818

Just finished my Ezuri list, what do you guys think?


Might drop Mass Polymorph, since I generally wouldn't want to get rid of my "small stuff" when it already is in the 7/7 range, unless it'd die to a wipe, which Synthetic Destiny is for.

Might put in Desert Cyclone or some other kind of removal for it, just don't know what would be a good addition.
Or is there some other "creature protection" at instant speed that causes my board to blink out and back in that I don't know of?

>> No.43696848

Any cards like gravecrawler and reassembling skeleton that just won't stay dead? Also generic Thraximundar advice would be appreciated.

>> No.43696900

nether traitor
bloodsoaked champion
gravecrawler + phyrexian altar generally means infinite etb/sac triggers.

>> No.43697066

I am always amazed when people have no idea what Triumph is.

>> No.43697177

Needs conjurer's closet to abuse ETB

>> No.43697205


Endless Cockroaches is all I can think about that hasn't been listed. Mikaeus is an obvious choice for anything wanted to be sacced.

>> No.43697227
File: 234 KB, 358x302, 1414453533125.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Not to whine, but anyone, please?

>> No.43697331

none that I can think of, but a quick magiccards.info search wouldn't hurt you.

Why bother with blink out/blink in at EoT (a primarily white effect), when you could just spend half the mana casting counterspell on the offending wrath?

>> No.43697369
File: 83 KB, 446x412, 1328552362676.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>bunch of shit finally comes in for new deck
>realize I forgot to order 2 or 3 important cards

>> No.43697373
File: 114 KB, 720x565, muh leaks.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.43697396
File: 78 KB, 720x1280, muh leaks again.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>> No.43697401

This is some CCG tier bullshit.

So probably real.

>> No.43697446

I've been looking around through different stuff already, I'm just not sure what exactly to go for.

And a blink effect would be useful as I have a good number of ETB effects available that could go off again.

I like this.
>no trample on Kozilek

>> No.43697456

current theory is the "waste" symbol means you can only spend colorless mana to pay for it

>> No.43697468

Nobody follows the spirit of EDH but me

>> No.43697514

That's the only explanation that'd make sense, really.

Kind of a bummer that it'll be bothersome to run the Gatewatch Eldrazi with the BfZ ones, since you'll effectively have to splash another extra color in.

>> No.43697525

That's the spirit!

I see you like ETB effects! I'm a pretty big fan myself. Have you considered Deadeye Navigator?

>> No.43697535

Or that you can use it as any color to cast colorless spells

Which would make a lot of sense, considering Devoid

>> No.43697546

they REALLY should have done this from the start of BFZ, not try to cornhole it in in the last set. chucklefucks.

>> No.43697565

>Deadeye Navigator
Oh wow, how did I overlook this? That thing can easily net me several extra XP counters per turn. Will definitely try it out.

>> No.43697607

Well, at least that confirms more Eldrazi in the future, right?
Surely, they won't just use an entirely new mana symbol for a single expansion and never use it again, right?
And they absolutely won't just use it to print some broken artifact in the future that has "only colorless" as a restriction and use Wastes for only Artifacts in the future, right?

>> No.43697613

nigga is you telling me we have a new basic land that can go in colorless EDH decks? fuck yeah nigga

>> No.43697633

They're fake lad
>new mana symbol won't be thrown away
phyrexian mana lad.

>> No.43697666

they're a little too convincing for me to jump on the EVERYTHING IS FAKE train.

>> No.43697685
File: 23 KB, 500x500, 1320883261559.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>OGW isn't underground adventures

>> No.43697728

Wastes art looks a lot like giant bismuth towers

>> No.43697739
File: 2.00 MB, 500x375, 1446393630170.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43697835

>Basic Land

So it doesn't count toward Domain right? Regarding the rulings on Matca Rioters:
>To determine the number of basic land types among lands you control, look at the lands you have on the battlefield and ask yourself whether the subtypes Plains, Island, Swamp, Mountain, and Forest appear within that group. The number of times you say yes (topping out at five) tells you how powerful your domain abilities will be.

>> No.43697856

If I'm playing Bosh, and use Twin to copy him, would I be able to use his ability to sac the copy for 8 damage before the state-based sacrifice occurs? Assume I don't have a Mirror Gallery out

>> No.43697867

That wouldn't fit with Mirrorpool's first activated ability. It specifically adds one "Waste" mana and not a colorless.

>> No.43697903

Could mean that colorless mana MUST be spent on it

>> No.43697905

No you don't. Eldrazi Scions (and many many other things) produce colorless mana and you can use that to pay for <> (if the theory is correct). You just can't use colored mana, which you could with the {number} Symbol.

>> No.43697954

You can't do anything before state based effects occur. Before any player gets priority, state based effects happen and resolve. Then you get priority.

>> No.43697956

Or it's the new "add one colorless mana to your mana pool".

>> No.43697984

Got it, thanks. Wasn't sure if there was a window

>> No.43698030

Probably gave it a symbol so they can make lands and give them their own symbol instead of just (1) and that things that reduce casting costs like that fucker animar wont get it for free

>> No.43698037

I know that feel. Shit sucks, can't assemble your deck until everything gets in

>> No.43698098

Could also be something dumb like instead of paying square mana you may sacrifice 2 lands

>> No.43698211
File: 241 KB, 474x399, 1419092585194.gif [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I like the new Kozilek!
I think its cool how theyre making the eldrazi titans much more different from one another

>> No.43698394

Correct, it doesn't count towards Domain, wouldn't count toward Converge either.

>> No.43699170

And Aura of Silence only targets one player.

>> No.43699382
File: 48 KB, 265x370, mountain3.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Question for the more competitive players here: Do you ever not include a single basic land for each of your general's colors? I'm watching a Narset player on Youtube right now and he says he doesn't even have a basic Mountain.

If you do this, do you consider it a risky move that's worth the payoff? Or is it more like a really basic, easy decision? Me, I can't imagine not having the option to play around Blood Moon with fetchlands, denying myself one or more choices if someone uses Path to Exile on me, etc.

>how many tutor effects is too many?

>> No.43699451

I've seen an Oloro player not run a single plains and just play what is effectively a UB singleton vintage deck. The only card he had to generate white mana was a Tundra

>> No.43699503
File: 23 KB, 200x285, 104390.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Then there's this asshole.

Let me ask you a question:
A Forest has the subtype Forest
An Island has the subtype Island
A Plans has the subtype Plains
A Swamp has the subtype Swamp
A Mountain has the subtype Mountain

What is the subtype on Waste?

Go on. I'll wait.

>> No.43699535

Thraximundar is like this for me, except obviously I want to actually cast him.
Fucking red. Outside of mono-red, Boros, and Jund there's no point to it.
>only useful thing to do with red is blow up non basics
>non basics I need to support red in the first place

>> No.43699545

"Printing Waste at common was a mistake since it confused newer players too much." - Maro, October 2016

>> No.43699601
File: 289 KB, 1094x800, victor.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Red has one of the best boardwipes in EDH, as well as being generally a fun color to play.

This meme that Red is bad in EDH needs to die. It's only bad if you lack creativity. Most of its staples aren't well-suited to EDH, but commanders like Zirilan and Ashling are actually very solid build-around commanders.

I can see how a retard who lacks any imagination and would rather run Oloro because he doesn't have the creativity to design a deck around a build-around commander and would rather use the commander just for the color identity for a goodstuff list would find Red to be bad, though.

Pic not related.

>> No.43699614

>Do you ever not include a single basic land for each of your general's colors? I'm
I'm not competitive but I've been playing Commander for a couple years now, got a couple $400-500 decks, and FUCK NO I would never not play basics. Even my 5-color deck runs 10 basics and about 20 different ways to tutor them up from fetchlands to ramp spells.

>how many tutor effects is too many?
Condition-less tutors like Demonic you should run as many as your mana curve will handle. Obviously, tutors aren't so great when they hit 4 or more mana. Combining your condition-less tutors and conditional tutors (for spells, not ramp), I'd say 10-12 is the max. Having the right answers for the right times is important, but card advantage is too. It's like the difference between Ruse Cruise and Dig Through Time.

With that in mind, I'd say 10-12 tutors tops and another 5-8 which give you raw card advantage. One or two of those need to provide tons of CA, and you'll know them when you tutor for them every single game.

>> No.43699667

The fuck are you talking about? When did I ever say anything about Oloro?
Fuck off man, I've got a great deck built around Thrax, not my fault that literally not a single red card fits into it.
Red is one of my favorite EDH colors, but to act like it fits into every color combination is foolish.

>> No.43699668

(1) means one generic mana, i.e. of any color or colorless
<> means one colorless mana

That's about as difficult as
[tree] means one green mana
newer players have to learn a dozen things (turn phases, sorcery vs intant), learning 6(7) instead of 5(6) symbols for mana is nothing

>> No.43699699

See >>43699635

>> No.43699773

trying to build a deck with the new ezuri as the commander. going to focus on token mayhem, low costing creatures and morph creatures. what i need to know is if anyone has a rule list for the morphs

>new to mtg
>>need to know if morph flipping would add a second experience counter depending on the power

>> No.43699826

I believe that poster is wrong and that "T: add one colorless mana to your mana pool" will be replaced by "T: add <> to your mana pool", at least if <> is not just a short occurrence like snow lands.

No, it is already on the battlefield when you flip it, it doesn't "enter the battlefield"

>> No.43699839


Is that goblin having homo feelings?

>> No.43699840
File: 31 KB, 223x310, Image[2].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>red can only blow up non basics

Man, someone needs to get reducated.

>> No.43699841

I wasn't talking about you specifically; I just don't like that people shit on Red in EDH.

Anyway, Red has (including multicolored cards):
Olivia Voldaren
Urabrask the Hidden
Blasphemous Act (in the highest tier of boardwipes in EDH)
Goblin Bombardment (for anything that wants a sac outlet)
Chaos Warp
Dack's Duplicate
Hellkite Tyrant
Sneak Attack
Price of Glory
Wheel of Fortune

And I'll stop there.

You're telling me none of those cards are useful to you? You're using Thrax yet you don't see a use for Terminate or Dreadbore? No one runs artifacts for you to Vandalblast? Are you going to claim that Sneak Attack would do nothing? If you're not playing a control deck, would Price of Glory not be useful?

If nothing else, you should at least be using Blasphemous Act. There aren't too many boardwipes that match that - only things like All is Dust and Cyclonic Rift beat it.

>> No.43699851

No, it wouldn't. A morph creature enters the battlefield once. Turning it face-up is basically just changing its attributes.

My recommendation for new players is to check out the Gatherer. It knows all.

>Check the bottom of the page for rulings

>> No.43699864

>destroying artifacts is useless
>fucking HASTE is useless
I think you are seriously underestimating Red here, man. Especially haste, which is incredibly useful when 2-3 people will have a turn before you get to actually use your creatures otherwise.

>> No.43699871
File: 30 KB, 223x310, WakeOfDestruction[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Red is amazing. It has some of the most card advantageous spells in the set, like wheel of fortune, while also being extremely good at resource denial and hate strategies.

Oh, and tokens. Lots of fun tokens.

The only problem red has is that its card advantage, while disgustingly good, is not on enough cards.

>> No.43699882

thanks. also if something is face down but then is flashed (exiled then back but cant remember if thats the proper name) will it come back as a face down or no? probably will but just want to make sure

>> No.43699898

Calm down, man. If he doesn't want to sacrifice his mana consistency for a huge array of awesome cards, that's his choice.

Blasphemous Act is so fucking good though.
>tfw paying R for it, then slamming a hasty monster onto an open field
>tfw you attack into Arachnogenesis and then Blaspheme second main phase
>tfw somebody's got a Stuffy Doll

>> No.43699908

I'm considering wheel, vandalblast and disintegrate. But black already has such good kill spells, and since it's easier to run a mostly black/blue mana base I feel I'd miss it too often in the early game.
I've never liked wheel. With Blue, I've already got decent card draw and I'm not helping my opponents. Artifact removal is a good point. You might have me there.

>> No.43699934

would you be able to put wastes in a colorless edh deck or just a Kozilek, the great distortion deck?

>> No.43699963

Do +/- counters always remain on the creature, or do they remove each other? For example if a plain 1/1 receives a +1/+1 counter it becomes 2/2. It then receives a -1/-1 counter and returns to 1/1. Are both of those counters still on the creature and just cancelling each other, or are they both removed?

>> No.43699964


I hope it's not real.

This would be like them naming a land I

To much mix up potential.

also it's really stupid to make a new symbol for colorless mana.

>> No.43699978


>> No.43699986

they remove each other

>> No.43700004

Its got Magus of the wheel now.
Wheel of fortune, Magus, and reforge the soul. Plus you can skullclamp those tokens that you make assloads of. Its pretty decent card draw.

>> No.43700011
File: 36 KB, 222x152, double_k2.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

>expensive activated ability

>> No.43700013
File: 46 KB, 265x370, everflameeidolon.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

It would enter face-up, because face-up is the standard for any card. It also won't have any of the qualities it had before it left, so no +1/+1 counters, no protection from a color if you had used Gods Willing on it, no damage marked on it, nothing.

Also, check the individual temporary-exile card, but I think they usually specify that the creature returns under its owner's control, not under yours. (So if you stole their creature, they would get it back.)

Is this thread a Pet Red Cards thread?
>oops my flier gets +5 attack this turn
>oops I still have a meat shield after a board wipe
>oops I can pay way too much mana into it and trade with almost anything
I love this little dude.

>> No.43700038

Presumably any deck. Period. However, they don't really add anything to colored decks. The diamonds presumably mean that it has to be paid with colorless mana, not necessarily from Waste.

But we have no idea.

>> No.43700053

What's something original I can do?

Besides the fact that someone out there has legitimately measured what each card does with each other card.

It needs to be able to interact with any EDH deck, including Scion Hermit Druid.

It needs to let everyone have a Good Time (tm)

>> No.43700057

Unless you're absolutely dirt poor in terms of money to buy cards, adding in Red duals won't hurt your mana consistency. Honestly in EDH getting the third color is basically free once you add in fetches. I've never had mana issues with my Marchesa deck from not being able to produce all three colors - the difficult part is actually the cards which have a heavy color weight to a single color, not the ones that are multicolored.

Black's kill spells all become better when you add red. Terminate is far better than any 2-mana monoblack kill spell, and Dreadbore is the only 2-mana planeswalker kill (and in Thrax zombies honestly you're making all your plays on your own turn - if you were doing Thrax control using your commander as a finisher I would say differently).

If you think Wheel of Fortune helps your opponents, you've never played against it. Try it out sometime, and see how your opponents feel about all of a sudden having to lose their hand and draw an entirely new set of cards. It completely ruins all their plans.

And as I've said, Blasphemous act is in the absolute top tier of boardwipes in EDH. It's basically a Day of Judgment for {R}. Unless your opponent is running Phyrexian Obliterator, Spitemare, or Boros Reckoner, but you shouldn't see those that often.

>> No.43700062

>Pet Red Cards
Evidently. Next time I need deck advice I'll just insult the Commander or his colors, this got amazing results. I got btfo but I'm seriously rethinking Thrax now.

>> No.43700067

They cancel each other out as a state-based action (NOT a replacement effect).

>> No.43700107

is there a widely accepted banlist for edh?

>> No.43700110

>Blasphemous act
I've got to be wrong about this thing if the hype here is anything to go by.
I always drew it when I was doing good on the board, so effectively a dead draw. I can see now that from an underdog perspective it gets better.

>> No.43700113

So lore wise, what do alternate colors of mana mean? Has kozilek been hiding away all this time secretly trying to join the color pie club? What's he gonna do when he encounters blue AKA the That Guy whose character one ups everyone else?

>> No.43700122


>> No.43700139

>mind control
Kekked again

>> No.43700162

Sort of. The game checks if a creature has 0 toughness before cancelling out counters, so if you have a Young Wolf that has a +1/+1 counter on it, and a spell puts 3 -1/-1 counters on it, the Young Wolf will die, and undying won't trigger.

>> No.43700172

No you're not, Blasphemous Act is situational, but when its good its very good.

>> No.43700175

Think about it as a board wipe. Every time you would want a board wipe, think about what Blasphemous Act would do as opposed to other board wipes. Every time you play a board wipe, think about whether Blasphemous Act would have any downside over others.

It's basically a Day of Judgment for {R}. There aren't that many regenerators that you'll see a lot and if someone has a creature's toughness over 13 then you probably would have lost anyway.

>> No.43700218

Every boardwipe is situational. Among boardwipes, though, most of the time I would want Blasphemous Act over anything else. Also consider that it costs one red mana and you will be able to easily follow it up with your own creatures after getting rid of anything else your opponents have.

>> No.43700246
File: 35 KB, 223x310, Image[1].jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

One more question. I'm trying to learn how to use Blowfly Infestation without fucking up my own creatures too badly.

Let's say the opponent has a whole lot of 1/1s, and I have two 3/3s. If I use a spell that puts a -1/-1 counter on every creature while I have blowfly up, every one of his creatures will die and mine are both 2/2. But now I need to place a whole lot of minus counters, so can I place all of them onto one of my 2/2s at the same time, so only he dies, then put his counter on my remaining 2/2?

>> No.43700317

>Wanting blasphemous act over Austere Command, Damnation or Wrath of God

>> No.43700329

Yes. Triggered abilities go on the stack like any other, and when they do, you choose targets for them (if any). Since this is a targeted ability, you choose the same target for each: your first 3/3.

After 3 resolutions of the ability, your 3/3 dies due to SBAs. A new ability goes on the stack, you choose a target for it. Your second 3/3.

It resolves.

Now you continue resolving all the other abilities. Since their targets are now gone, they fizzle.

>> No.43700354

>not being able to identify a female goblin
Hint: it's the ears

With red, you need to put in more work for your card advantage. The way I tend to grind out card advantage with red is to attack players who have dangerous creatures. You have to put the hurt on them so they're tempted to block with their important guys. If a creature kills two or three smaller creatures before it bites the dust, it basically has drawn you two or three cards.

I started really getting into the game in Theros block, so I've really gotten used to playing with combat tricks. Nobody sees those coming in Commander. A well-placed combat trick can net you an easy 2-for-1, or better. Some of them can outright kill your opponent on the spot. Red gets the best ones, with first strike and trample showing up on the regular. You want to pick ones that can save your creature in a pinch, though, so look for a +1/+1 over a +2/+0 (although obviously don't play either of those, they're too minimal).

This is also why I don't feel too bad about running Master of Cruelties in my Alesha deck. Sure, I can Buried Alive -> attack -> Master of Cruelties someone to death if they leave me an opening, but I don't do that. I aim the Master at the player with the scariest creatures.

I did put him in the deck to out-of-nowhere wreck players who run excruciating draw-my-whole-deck-and-see-if-I-can-win junk, but mostly I don't play against those people. He's still in the deck though because he's basically Jace's Ingenuity in RB, which is worth it considering the opportunities for reanimating him.

>> No.43700368

When the creatures die, Blowfly Infestation triggers for each creature that died. You select the targets for each trigger as you put it on the stack. You can select the same creature as targets for each trigger.

When they start resolving, -1/-1 counters will be put on the creature in turn until its power and toughness are 0/0, at which point it is put into its owner's graveyard as a state-based action. The rest of the triggers no longer have a legal target, and the ability is countered.

tl;dr: Yes.

>> No.43700380


Going on the offensive is a sure-fire way of losing the game against any decent opponents.

>> No.43700401

Actually, scratch that.

>but mostly I don't play against those people

Yeah you're a scrub anyway so logic doesn't matter.

>> No.43700457

WUT? if you're killing smaller creatures you're killing tokens or etb creatures or unimportant shit. Unless they're loosing the game, people wont block with their good shit. 98% of combat tricks suck dick in commander because they're one use, you MIGHT kill something, but what you're attacking with has to be so dangerous or have good enough evasion to force your opponent to block with the creature you want him too, and not just get fed a spirit or elf/goblin token, or alternatively, get blown the fuck out when they removal spell it.

>> No.43700469
File: 363 KB, 1440x1920, 1420892435.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Do you only run one boardwipe in your deck? Why not run all of those in-color?

Actually, I have to wonder if you're being serious. Do people in your meta play regenerating creatures so frequently that Wrath of God/Damnation are actually better for you? Are you that frequently running into creatures that have toughness greater than 13?

Blasphemous Act, in terms of effect, is a bit weaker than Wrath of God/Damnation, yes. In turn, however, it costs ONE RED MANA in the situations in which you would want to cast it. You might as well just ask why one would ever want to run Wrath of God/Damnation when All is Dust exists.

In terms of mana efficiency, Blasphemous Act is incredibly good. For a quarter of the cost you're usually doing the same thing as Wrath of God/Damnation. People run Wrath of God/Damnation when All is Dust and Austere Command exist because 4 mana is less than 7/6 mana, and people run Blasphemous Act because for 1 mana you are usually going to do the same thing that the 4 mana spell would do.

Next time you cast your Wrath effect, think about whether you're actually doing anything Blasphemous Act wouldn't be able to do.

>> No.43700526
File: 53 KB, 500x515, 1430703040799.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

I learned something today.

>> No.43700531
File: 36 KB, 223x310, Trollhide.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Oh, the other thing about combat tricks is you don't have to play them on your own creatures. So as long as your playgroup isn't allergic to combat, you can occasionally sneak in some lethal damage or get political.
>player A attacks player B with a 5/5
>player B only has a 1/1
>give it +5/+5 until end of turn
>he blocks
>kill a 5/5, make an ally with player B
>player A doesn't like you, but player A's turn is almost over :^)

>you're a scrub
Well, I'll give you that. But isn't there a place for scrubs in Casual: The Format?

>> No.43700544

>using combat tricks in EDH
You must be playing in what is most likely the most non-competitive meta in existence. Red does work in EDH, but not in the ways that you are suggesting.

Also, all of you Red haters need to take a look at Krenko, Ashling, Purphoros, Hidetsugu, Zirilan, etc. Mono-red EDH is terrible if you want to just do goodstuff, but it has some great build-around commanders as well as a ton of bullshit to add to multicolor decks such as Wheel of Fortune and Sneak Attack.

>> No.43700553

>hate/help needed
>post you decks and commanders

>> No.43700559

>Destroying all artifacts and enchantments or all tokens/all-nontokens or massive card advantage.
Yeah, its doing something blasphemous act wouldn't do and in better colors.

>> No.43700567

Well you want to one shot people with Master of Cruelties, but you don't like it when other people draw their libraries and win off that. That's beyond being a scrub, that's just faggotry.

>> No.43700580
File: 50 KB, 265x370, risetothechallenge.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

You're correct on all points! Nobody said it was going to be easy.

>> No.43700586
File: 233 KB, 541x458, url.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

And this, friends, is why Hill Giant is better than Goblin Guide.

>> No.43700596

>All is Dust
Is there a way to protect a colored creature from this? Popping that and somehow having Thrax live would be unreal.

>> No.43700600
File: 27 KB, 527x409, steamworkshop_webupload_previewfile_340955673_preview.png [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]


>> No.43700698

Assault Suit

>> No.43700707
File: 151 KB, 427x427, 1447043177146.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Yes, but it's not worth it to add those sorts of cards just for that one interaction. It's a cute interaction to be sure, but you shouldn't play cards that do nothing outside of a specific combo.

If you want to make everyone sac things to make Thrax huge, just run Fleshbag Marauder, Merciless Executioner, Liliana of the Veil, etc (and don't forget, Thrax only cares about creatures, so All is Dust's permanent-saccing won't be relevant just for that). Those are actually good cards on their own and actually do something aside from functioning in a janky-ass combo that will ultimately do nothing once someone just Terminates or Downfalls your Thraximundar.

Run All is Dust because it's good, not for some janky combo. Thrax is powerful enough on his own that he doesn't really need support; if your opponent doesn't have an answer he loses. Don't run bad cards to make good cards stay good.

>> No.43700711

Aside from Sac-proof like Sigarda or >>43700698 , you can also make a permanent colorless with Ersatz Gnomes and Moonlace.

>> No.43700722

Not sure how that's relevant. Surely though you see why it's retarded to compare a boardwipe that costs 1 mana to ones that cost 6 and 7.

>> No.43700736

Linked to wrong post, oops

>> No.43700807

Asture Command is modular giving me more flexibility. Rout can be cast as an instant. Decree of Pain can be cycled to wipe out small creatures or when hard cast can draw most of a deck. I'd rather pay more to be able to do more with it.

>> No.43700830
File: 1013 KB, 1200x1200, return_to_ravnica_by_bambam3k2-d5hesea.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Hey /edh/ I recently made some romance of th 3 kingdoms decks, one for each main color. Now I think I want to focus on building one deck for each two color combination and give each deck a different gimmick.
Right now I have:
>Kolaghan- R/B dragons
>Teysa- B/W tokens stax
> Ezuri CoP - G/U Pump
& > Varolz- G/B Infect
I want to avoid taxes as a theme, but that's pretty much my only rule, what are some kind of different commanders for the remaining colors? Ones you don't see that often but might be some fun with a little work?

>> No.43700832


>> No.43700848

The one-shot MoC was just thrown in there because I was salty about losing to really time-consuming, extra-turn-after-extra-turn wombo combos that nobody can interact with and don't even necessarily win the game. I stopped going to that LGS, and the next time I played with my friends, I found a new use for him so I left him in. After that, I have only used him to one-shot someone one time, in a 1v1 match, when I could see he was going to go infinite next turn and there was no other way I was going to win. The guy wasn't even mad because he knew his shit was just as degenerate.

>Boros Charm
>Temur Battle Rage
>Rouse the Mob
I mean, don't go crazy with it, but there's room for some good ones. I will admit I'm pretty casual though. You know better than I do whether it's viable in your meta.

Look at it this way: In Standard casual, I like cards like Searing Blood that can kill something and deal a bit of damage to the player. In Commander, that's not really big enough. But with the right combat trick, you can get a scaled-up version of that effect! I'm not going to sell you on this if you don't already kind of like it. But I'd be happy to beat you using it, one time out of ten.

>> No.43700925

R/G Borborygmos Enraged
Pick up your deck and throw it

>> No.43700964
File: 49 KB, 586x661, 1442799242548.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

hmmm alright I'll put that one down as a suggestion. I'm tempted to go with Thromok, But something like that does strike me as fun.

>> No.43701026
File: 43 KB, 265x370, arbiteroftheideal.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Around here, people seem to use the term EDH for competitive, no-holds-barred play, while Commander is for laid-back, silly play. The EDH guys are the ones who buy the crazy-expensive format staples so their decks can be consistent and efficient, and the Commander guys tend to focus more on just having a good time with whatever jank they have.

Needless to say, the two groups don't play too well together. Anyway, is this a common nomenclature? Because in these threads it always seems like everybody uses EDH and Commander interchangeably, and then can't agree on how casual it's supposed to be.

>pic related; he knows how casual it should be but he's not telling

>> No.43701052

>implying my Ashling isn't goodstuff control

>> No.43701134

UB-Circu Mill
UR-Literally any commander and a ton of spells.
GR-Ulashat/thromok saprolings
RW-Aurelia multi combo steps or Jor Kadeen artifacts
GW-Chorus of the conclave low cmc swarm
WU-Bruna voltron

>> No.43701352

>UB-Circu Mill
Might do this, and add in some shit like crainial extraction and sadistic sacrament for anything that can stop the mill.

>UR-Literally any commander and a ton of spells.
Fair, like...I really dislike how little variation Izzet actually has Might go Tibor and Lumia just for out there fun.

>GR-Ulashat/thromok saprolings
Also good choices for Gruul...

>RW-Aurelia multi combo steps
Aurelia sounds good, I also wanted an excuse to make an angel deck .

>GW-Chorus of the conclave low cmc swarm
Not super sold on this as it seems very similar to how I am running Ezuri right now

>WU-Bruna voltron
Another dude in the playgroup already has one of these, and even though I think I could build it better I don't feel like stepping on toes.

>> No.43701433

Trostoni populate or tosmir anthem effects might be goood, GW also tends to just do tokens, although you could run teeg or sigarda. For WU you could do Kangee birds or the new isperia with a bunch of walls and effects like ghostly prison.

>> No.43701495
File: 72 KB, 620x458, ftl74_patronSplash.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

What generals would each planeswalker use? ex. Tamiyo would use Patron of the Moon.

>> No.43701553

jesus I have never noticed how absolutely fucked up that thing looks

Ajani uses Jazal and cries a little bit each time it eats a kill spell.

>> No.43701583

Sorin probably uses Drana when hes just B or Atheros/Vish Kal when hes BW.

>> No.43701590

And Bolas probably uses himself because he's a stuck up bastard

>> No.43701619
File: 26 KB, 480x360, hqdefault.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

my playgroup said she is shit but i decided to make a deck around ashling the pilgrim anyway. i liked how it turned out, any suggestions? http://tappedout.net/mtg-decks/ashling-the-straight-up-bomb/

>> No.43701625

Jace uses Arcanis, Tezzeret uses Memnarch.

>> No.43701640

>jesus I have never noticed how absolutely fucked up that thing looks
I just now realized it's a rabbit, which makes sense, because moon rabbits and all that Japanese shit.

>> No.43701643

give me one good reason why I should put basic anus mana lands into my colorless EDH deck over the other (nonbasic) lands most colorless EDH decks already use.

>> No.43701661

You don't fold to Wave of Vitriol.

>> No.43701663

For the new kozilek and all the new eldrazi obviously :^)

>> No.43701666

first thing, no blasphemous act.

second thing, your creatures have almost no compatibility from what I see, so I'm guessing you're making this Ashling deck a midrange burn deck? Not really the route you should go, imo, but... I mean if it works?

>> No.43701672

You need it to cast your new general
and Ugin's[/spolier]

>> No.43701676

I have never seen this card played ever...

I'm putting it into my new Omnath deck.

>> No.43701685

I don't think I'd ever use new Kozilek as a commander. Old Kozilek just seems inherently better, with annihilator AND reliable card draw.

>> No.43701697

Needs wheels bro.
Magus, fortune and reforg the soul.

>> No.43701755
File: 66 KB, 312x445, 51.jpg [View same] [iqdb] [saucenao] [google] [report]

Baka desu senpai

>> No.43701794

Tibalt would use Rakdos, I don't give a fuck about color identity.

>> No.43701798

>things that cost more do more
Congratulations, genius. You're missing the point entirely.

>> No.43701803

i see what your saying, i played tested it once in a 4 player game and inferno titan with blade of selves was absolutely brutal. i got aggressive mining out and after i had enough cards i ate it with mag maw. i didn't win but i blew up ashing for twenty with dictate of the twin gods.
the only wheel i got is the magus. who should i take out for it?

>> No.43701826

Wouldn't Sorin use Avacyn, considering that he created her from Nahiri?

>> No.43701844

>That spoiler text
Got a link?
Also yeah when he's BW i could see it.

>> No.43701866

>who should i take out for it?
A basic mountain.

>> No.43701881

holy fuckerino I just noticed the basic mountain count. why in the fuck would someone needs 53 lands in any deck that didn't include molten vortex???

>> No.43701899

>molten vortex
seismic assault is a lot better in this kinda deck honestly.

>> No.43701911

You clearly have never played Ashling.

>> No.43701957

because ashling needs it. and also i need muh land drops
this guy gets it

>> No.43702913

I don't run a single mountain in Mogis since he's pretty much mono-black removal/discard plus Mogis, Sulfuric Vortex, Terminate, Dreadbore, Chaos Warp and Aether Flash.
Last time I got Blood Mooned it actually helped me win.

>> No.43702923

It's none, because they were afraid of Sunburst/Converge becoming op, Coalition Victory becoming unplayable and other esoteric bullshit.
They'll justify it with Kozilek being soo deep alien and hard to understand!

>> No.43702959

>Not running boardwipe.dck
Look at these faggot who can't into Mardu/Grixis.

>> No.43703025

Not caring about identity so long as their commander can cast all their planeswalker cards.
>Ajani - Mayael
>Jace - Jace, Vryns' Prodigy like an egomaniac faggot.
>Liliana - Kothophed
>Chandra - Mom & Daddy
>Garruk - Skullbriar
>Elspeth - Rafiq
>Tezzeret - Sharuum
>Bolas - Bolas
>Sarkhan - Yasova
>Sorin - Vish Kal
>Nissa - Titania
>Gideon - Heliod
>Venser - He's ded
>Koth - Urabrask
>Karn - Karn
>Tamiyo - Patron of the Moon
>Tibalt - Ashling
>Ral - Niv
>Domri - Borborygmos
>Vraska - Sisters of the Stone Death
>Kiora - Animar
>Ashiok - Phenax
>Xenagos - Xenagod
>Ugin - Ulamog
>Narset - Narset, like an autist
>Nahiri - Kemba
>Teferi - Teferi
>Ob - Ob Nixilis Unshackled
>Daretti - Feldon
>Freyalise - Ezuri
>Dack - Arjun

>> No.43703146

Does anyone else see those teeth as incredibly politically incorrect?

>> No.43703224

Tumblr pls go.

>> No.43703891

>tfw all the legendaries in Legends were the names of D&D characters in Richard Garfield's playgroup

Really early Magic is fucking hilarious

>> No.43703926

Yeah it is.
>Arabian Nights was spurred on because Aladdin was hugely popular at that point
>Absolutely no playtesting for the set whatsoever
>Garfield just threw that shit together and shipped it

>> No.43704000


Are multiple instances of myriad redundant?

>> No.43704009

Nevermind didn't realize it was in the rulings text already.

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