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Assuming they had Hyperdrives, would the Reapers be a threat to the Star Wars universe?

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That depends on the era you're speaking of, where they land, and many more variables.

Say, if they portaled out only to hit a black hole, they wouldn't really be a threat to anyone.

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No, next question.

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No, because their fancy mass effect shields don't stop energy weapons - just kinetic attacks.

The Imperial navy could turbo-laser them all day and there would be nothing they could do to stop it.

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Well Im not sure what shit the new canon has or will has but in the old EU they'd be dead before lunch

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Kei Lang vs Dude with a lightsaber.

Dies like even more of a little bitch. That's a real achievement considering we all thought he was previously at maximum little bitch mortality saturation.

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Downstreamers vs. Time Lords

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Plot armour or no plot armour?

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A versus implied no plot armor I believe.

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The Time Lords die in their millions as their shitty plans fail one after another.

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If they play it smart, yes.
If they just bull-rush everything, no.

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i love "turbo-laser"

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I don't know. It's a universe pretty crouaded with old evils waiting to ruin shit.

Reapers's ability to take over minds is their most interesting ability here, working behind the scenes. When they show up for open confrontation they'd just be more space dreadnoughts with freaky ground troops.

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No because I'm pretty sure the biggest ship in the star wars universe completely dwarfs any reaper

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If they play their card right with the mind control they have won.

Easiest way to win would be to offer out their services as cheap, reliable passenger ferries for a few hundred years.

By that time they would have many billions of indoctrinated followers. Many in the militaries of empires.

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They also shoot lasers that move at 50 to 280 miles an hour and have maximum engagement ranges of less then 100 kilometers.

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... How do you fight that?

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Droid saboteurs.

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>Dude with a lightsaber

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>mind control
Don't indoctrinated people only last like two years before turning into idiots or something?

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Only with prolonged exposure I think.

Taking boat trips is repeated short exposure. Hopefully It won't burn them out.

If people start to burn out then manipulate the media to make it look like the long term effects of Jedi mind tricks.

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The Reaper weapon nicknamed "Blackstar" is so advanced that Alliance scientists can only offer speculation about how it works. The gun appears to exploit an element zero core and mass effect fields to fire gravitational singularities - micro black holes - that revert to their natural lethality when they impact a solid object. Researchers theorize that the blast tears apart the strong nuclear forces that hold the target's atoms together, resulting in a localized fusion reaction in light atoms and a fission reaction in heavy atoms. If that hypothesis is correct, the weapon alters nuclei, thus changing the chemical composition of the target. It destroys organic tissue, corrodes surviving armor, and leaves a visible trail of light-emitting particles.

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It's how much they cook the brain. Maximum mind control reduces a person to a mindless shell in weeks. Low intensity indoctrination gives a person that can last indeinfatly, but can also defy or subvert the will of the reaper.

Sarin was an example of a Reaper limiting the intensity to keep a tool useful. The problem is that no matter how much he hearts Reapers, he can still be talked into fighting it. (By shooting himself in the brain).

Indoctrination is creepy, partly because it even works if the Reaper is dead. It's very much a 'cursed artifact' trope, but one that, for a while, sells them as a sort of lovecraftian horror.

Then you just think that Cerberus is HARD RETARDED, because they ALWAYS fall for it.

"Let me guess, everyone is husk now?" should be the conversation option every time you get a call about a Cerberus operation.

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Wrex vs. Chewbacca vs. Tielk vs. Worf vs. Drex the Destroyer.


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Honestly, clone wars era would definitely be good against the reapers, as you've got the CIS which have semi-autonomous droids which would be difficult to subvert and would be capable of matching the endless reaper unit tide, as well as being able to swarm the reapers in a similar manner to what they normally do. In addition the GAR, which, although easy to subvert would have tech capable of at least putting a hurting on the reapers.

In the Galactic Civil War the empire had several weaker ion beams on there super star destroyers which would definitely be capable of killing reapers and the empire has no qualms with burning soldiers to win. The rebels have ion torpedo bombers which could definitely do damage but would be a bit questionable as to whether or not they'd be able to kill a reaper, so it'd be a bit of a struggle there.

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Were the writers actively trying to fuck up the "science" as much as possible with that one?

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In theory yes. The Reapers were set up to be impossibly advanced and numerous.

Bioware couldn't follow through to make that consistent though. Any society with literally millions of years of technological edge should be able to devastate its opponents effortlessly, yet they were still dragged down to conventional fleet combat. They were hyped up to be impossible opponents then had to be toned waaaaaaay down for sake of dramatic tension.

Their actual impact in ME3 wouldn't be much of a threat in a Star Wars universe, aside from maybe clever use of indoctrination.

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Not exactly a fair match-up. Wrex has biotics and personal shielding, for one, while Chewie and Worf usually don't.

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Wrex has health regen as well

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the Galactic Empire and the Old Republic would crush the Reapers like a boot crushes an ant. It wouldn't even be a proper war, more of a street sweeping operation. Next question

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they had to write in some optional dialog about "hurr durr they are so set in their ways that we can work around their patterns" or something right?
but yeah apart from the characters repeatedly telling you as much it never felt "hopeless" the entire game

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>Shepard, while you partied in Anderson's old apartment, 100,000,000 civilians died on various worlds across Council space. Had you been fighting, you could have saved them

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for shits sake let the nigga get 48 hours shore leave
its never even directly said how long the actual travelling between planets takes is it? i always had this feeling it was meant to be longer than the 3 mouse clicks and a load screen it took you the player

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the relays make you go so fast that even galaxy-spanning jumps take at most seconds, however, shipboard FTL is relatively slow

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It's long enough for a Late 80s B-Grade Scifi Movie Sex Scene and the conversations either side of it with several minutes to spare to travel between systems, at least.

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>Assuming they had Hyperdrives, would the Reapers be a threat to the Star Wars universe?
They have FTL, it just takes them 3 months to fly the distance a SW ship could in a day.

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ME1's Sovereign soloing a fleet or two levels of power? Yeah, they'd do a lot of damage.

ME3's level where many fleets are able to engage in protracted conflicts with multiple ostensibly Sovreign equivalents? No, pound for pound the ISD and her compliment pulls out a win.

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>Indoctrinated Crew

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How bout those weaklings stop being such pushovers and shepard-up.

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Indoctrination is a slow process in all media I've seen it depicted in.

Sovereign didn't mass-indoctrinate the Citadel fleet during its initial flyby.

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In no way.

The terrifying main gun of a reaper? low to mid megaton in yield. The weapons, shields and armor of Star Wars, even the fighters, dish out and take GT yields. The reapers would be an annoying mosquito swarm.

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I never quite got this. The Time Lords are supposed to be nearly all powerful, at their height they eradicated magic from their universe because they thought it was too irrational, but everytime we see a Time Lord or TL technology, it's really unimpressive and underwhelming. Doctor Who has generally never been good or even average SciFi, the only good stories are the ones that focus on the characters first and foremost.

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They have shields that can effortlessly absorb most weapons from ME and SW weaponry is usually weaker than that.
Their infantry is also much more dangerous than teddy bears.

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>weaker than ME

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SW weaponry uses directed energy and plasma-Kinetic shields do fuck all against those.

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Every time I see questions like these I think about the scene where the Death Star destroys Alderaan. According to this guy:
Assuming Alderaan is about the same size as the earth it would take about 2.24 × 10^32 Joules of energy, which is about 'a full week’s worth of the Sun’s total energy output—delivered to an entire planet in the span of a few seconds'.

I know the Death Star is supposed to be a super weapon, but any civilization that is able to to that kind of stuff ranks fairly high on the bullshit-power-scale. A lot higher than the ME-verse at least.

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Indoctrination works against synthetic lifeforms too.

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Wait - aren't Star Wars lasers really gas? That would make kinetic barriers stop them, no?

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>mfw you think mass and energy are two separate things

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how exactly does the Death Star gun work, again?

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Step 1. Have a powerful reactor core
Step 2. Charge up lasers throughout the vessel
Step 3. Fire lasers at lasers
Step 4. ???????
Step 5. Profit

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don't forget the step in which you choke a bitch

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The initial laser array is actually an antimatter production device.
It spins together a shell of antimatter that is then fired through a hyper-FTL braid into the core of a planet before being released and allowed to annihilate. If they want to be fancy, they can supercharge it to "dust" the planet with antimatter, resulting in total destruction at massively increased cost.
utterly made up, but it sounds like it could be doesn't it?

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Probably a better explanation than the canon one

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Like >>43672789 said, but they also "supercharge" it with the process they use to go into hyperspace. Supposedly, the ring that comes from Alderaan is the "trail" of the hyperspace energy used to destroy it

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>would be difficult to subvert
It's actually the direct opposite. Reapers subvert drones very, very, VERY easily, to the point that entire armies of mechs were scrapped rather than sending them against the Reapers because the Alliance would basically be sending them free reinforcements. Organics just take them longer since they must be indoctrinated rather than simply hacked.

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>ME3's level where many fleets are able to engage in protracted conflicts with multiple ostensibly Sovreign equivalents?
A big part of that is that weapons tech progressed a lot between ME1 and ME3. That's why it went to thermal clips--shield power ramped up like crazy, so the built-in heat management in weapons from the first game got replaced with hot-swapped heatsink/coolant packages which allowed them to push the weapons farther and not have to wait for emergency heat dumping every two or three shots.

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I do remember reading that hyperspace energies are some component of the death star laser effect, not just the emperor saying "you see those turbo lasers... Can you make them more turbo? Nahh, more turbo than that. Like, really turbo. 'Fuck you alderan.' Turbo. So turbo I need a frikken moon to keep the ammo pack in."

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I was so mad when they introduced thermal clips in ME2. The infinite ammo in ME1 was fun and original, and ditching it for generic ammo packs was dumb

>> No.43673845

The Timelord's biggest problem was that despite all their scientific achievements they failed to really invest in military tech. Once the Daleks emerged they found themselves against a wall

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Me too, but I found the lore explanation interesting and reasonable enough that it got a partial pass from me and then I just got used to it.

I recall there being a way to get one of the old Avenger models in game and it actually had the ME1 heat mechanic.

>> No.43676285

but the lore explanation is contrived -- as weapon technology increases, it would be better to improve the cooling systems so you can keep your infinite ammo while also shooting for longer and hitting harder with each bullet. Returning to ammo magazines is backwards.

The thermal clips should have been optional, and should have been extremely rare -- use them only as a panic button for when you're being overwhelmed and the weapon's cooldown can't perform to satisfaction

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Indeed. They can just hack the machines the good old fashioned way. If someone with an omnitool can turn their killbot against the owner what chances it have against a superior ai?

>> No.43676313


Cant you stick a bunch of heat reducing upgrades and have a gun that basically never overheats?

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Well, Drax killed a god-alien who could level mountains and take plasma to the face while only scowling slightly harder. I'd probably say Drax.

>> No.43677017

Drax was also engineered specifically to kill Thanos. But yeah, he seems like he's in a higher weight class.

>> No.43677280

In ME1, yes. On your second play through typically, you could get to god-tier upgrades like Frictionless Materials doubled along with a badass ammo upgrade, allowing infinite dakka

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Drax > Tielk > Wrex > Chewbacca > Worf

>> No.43678920

Drax could go toe to toe with Thor and the Hulk at his height. He could fly, shoot energy from his hands with enough power to shatter meteors, shatter planets with a punch, and had telepathic abilities.

He's so far beyond the others that it's ridiculous.

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Plasma. Different form of matter.

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So, wait. Are Star Wars lasers not actually lasers? They're plasma guns? Source?

>> No.43679155

...Pretty much everything? Blasters use tibanna gas for ammo.

There's a reason that they use blaster-fire instead of laser-fire. Almost all Star Wars weaponry involves plasma. Lightsabers were originally built off of 'frozen blaster' technology.

There are some legit lasers, like the Death Star, and some laser turrets here and there, and by and large the lasers used by starfighters were the real deal. But blasters? Lightsabers? Plasma weapons.

...Then again, all the plasma stuff was old EU. They might be legit lasers now.

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nah, they made tibanna gas canisters for the clone to shoot at an ammo supply for the CIS in the clone wars

>> No.43679198

Ah, there we go.

>> No.43679263

Does this even hold true for the mega-turbo-lasers that are mounted on star destroyers and shit? Those don't look like lasers either (they arc and have colors and shit)

>> No.43679292

According to Wookieepedia, those are actual lasers.

>> No.43679416

turbolasers are just scaled up versions of the laser canon, which is just a scaled up version of a blaster.

they all function on the same principle. create a particle beam held by by a magnetic field, inject tibana gas, then leave the barrel to kill something. the only diffrience is the amount of gas and power of the beam.

there are laser weapons, but not really used that much compared to blaster tech, though they are often interchanged between the two in terminology

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Actually, the Death Star is only a laser in Legends.

In canon, it works on the same principle that lightsabers do - just... scaled way, way, way up. It even uses the same type of crystals that lightsabers use.

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An important factor is that the races in Mass effect use weaponry and technology they learned from the reapers, and the Reapers have defenses based on that knowledge. Star Wars would have access to simply different weapons that the Reapers would have to adapt to, which if they cant quick enough they just get annihilated, especially as their main tactic of "zerg rush but with star ships" probably would lead to the Star Wars Universe having a shooting gallery.

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Wookiepedia says that "Laser Cannons" and Turbolaser are plasma weapons like blasters, but scaled up. It gives good possible reason they have laser in the name:
They explode on contact with most surfaces and sometimes on contact with a deflector shields as well, and technically real lasers do not cause explosions unless they heat a flammable substance to a high temperature. As it is doubtful if "lasers" in Star Wars share the same principles of generation or fundamental nature as true lasers, it is possibly short for "Laser induced plasma weapon" or something similar but never properly retconned.

It has been suggested that laser gun/rifle/cannon, etc. is simply a slang term and so-called lasers operate like other blasters, but use an actual laser to superheat the blaster gas into plasma or energise it into charged particles, rather than a superconductor or other medium.

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This. The entire reason the ME universe races were getting fucked sideways by the Reapers was because all their technology and progression was based on what the Reapers had left behind for them, like the Mass Relays. Introduce a universe that's developed outside the Reaper's cultivation of civilizations, and the space roaches lose that edge.

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I think part of the issue was that while the Reapers were advanced, they were at a distinct disadvantage because of the Protheans in the previous cycle.

Sovereign was supposed to activate the Citadel and let the Reapers through, but the Protheans fucked up his plan, so when the races of the galaxy reached the point where the Reapers would normally begin harvesting, he sent his message only to have it ignored. So Sovereign had to come in and open the gate himself, which took many more years and let the races continue building towards where they could start putting up a fight when the Reapers finally arrived.

On top of that, Sovereign was subsequently foiled, and his wreckage was used to create several more advancements in technology. The Asari even admit in 3, I think, that they have the technology to build new Mass Relays, it's just prohibitively expensive for them. AND things like Dreadnoughts and multiple ships were proving capable of taking out Reapers, so the galaxy was winning battles.

The problem was that they weren't winning enough of them, but the Reapers did take not-insignificant losses during 3 (and if you don't pick a colour at the end, you still get Stargazer, so presumably they were too weakened to be a serious threat any more).

And on top of all that, they were opposed by Shepard wielding the Upper Left Blue.

>> No.43684909

>The superlaser was composed of several exotic matter beams accelerated and amplified by gigantic focusing magnetic lenses and coils, producing a single powerful beam. Unlike turbolasers, it pulled energy from a massive hypermatter core, converting the energy present in hyperspace into highly unstable particles that were tremendously destructive in normal space. The energy delivered into a target was so great that it could cause the target's atoms to split into matter/antimatter pairs and annihilate themselves, creating hundreds of miniature singularities while generating a powerful surge capable of rupturing the barrier between normal space and hyperspace.

Basically, it's punching a hole in the fabric of the universe with every shot.

>> No.43684916

>so presumably they were too weakened to be a serious threat any more).

It's implied to be more because of Liara's data caches that she leaves everywhere that clearly spell out in easy to understand terms:this is the crucible, you'll need it to kill the space cuttlefish robots I mentioned earlier.

>> No.43684927

Her data caches explicitly say the crucible failed, don't they? If the next cycle is finding them and they say "HEY GUYS THIS DIDN'T WORK" then presumably they tried a different tactic. Or just rolled the Reapers the old fashioned way.

>> No.43684937

If nothing else they'd have given the next "Cycle" far better forewarning than a barely-working brain-raper that only actually worked for the race that created it.
And Shepard taking out that other "back door" Relay would've helped too. The amount of "shortcuts" the Reapers had to insta-win that 'war' were getting dangerously low.

>> No.43684956

>Her data caches explicitly say the crucible failed, don't they?

Seeing as she made them before the crucible was used I'm not sure how that information would get in there. And it only fails in that scenario either because Shield fleet failed to adequately protect it, or because Shepard refuses to activate it.

>> No.43684963

They did try to beta-test something basically like that for ME2, but couldn't get the balancing right or something. I've heard there's a config file you can edit to re-enable it but I've never actually gone looking.

>> No.43684978

>Seeing as she made them before the crucible was used I'm not sure how that information would get in there.
They were a failsafe in case the plan to use the crucible didn't work, so a basic thing to include would be to say that the crucible didn't work, and to find another way. Whether she could provide the reason for why it didn't work is entirely different.

>> No.43684988

I forget at which point in the game those were made, but hopefully Liara had the sense to include, like, weak point data and strategic information in there, so the next cycle would've had it easier. Not just her schlick-fic about how awesome Shepard was.

>> No.43684993

Masseffectsaves has several versions of it. One of the reasons Bioware axed it was because it makes it so the newly introduced SMG class weapons could fire infinitely without having to reload or cooldown.

>> No.43684994

It makes sense. She made them before the final battle, before it was used. They all expected it to be used, so if they all died it was because the crucible failed to stop the reapers. She can't put in every what-if scenario that they fail in, and the o e she went with made sense.

Doesn't excuse that the ending was handled atrociously.

>> No.43685008

That's a problem? They weren't that strong, and bullet hoses are fun.

>> No.43685033

>so a basic thing to include would be to say that the crucible didn't work

Also, info that said it didn't work because we fucked it up. Like it or not, the games flat out tell you several times that there is no way to beat the reapers conventionally. They have more forces, they have superior tech, and they somehow don't have to worry about logistics. There was no other way, this is shoved in your face repeatedly.

>> No.43685037


"If you are hearing this, then there is still hope. Hope that you can avoid the same mistakes we made. We fought the Reapers, but we failed to stop them. We did everything we could. We built the Crucible, but it didn't work. We fought as a united galaxy, but it wasn't enough. I only hope the information in this capsule is enough to help you, before it's too late. My name is Doctor Liara T'soni. Here lies the recounting of our war with the Reapers."

She explicitly says that the Crucible didn't work, and to avoid the mistakes they made (i.e. "don't use it"). Then it cuts to the stargazer ending, where the dialogue is "they fought a terrible war so we wouldn't have to" and "without the information they passed down we would have been threatened".

Everything in it basically sounds like the next cycle murderstomped the Reapers into the dirt without it even being a real fight.

>> No.43685039

It wasn't the only reason, just one of them.

>> No.43685076

Well that doesn't fit with the whole rest of the game telling you that conventional war against the reapers does not and has never worked. The crucible comment could be construed as we couldn't make it work, which gels with what you are told about it throughout the game, that it's design has existed for a long time, with each cycle refining it, adding to it, and improving it.

>> No.43685079

The problems I'm seeing are the ones making those fucking decisions. As much as I like mass effect, it could have been so much better.

>> No.43685091

>Well that doesn't fit with the whole rest of the game
Probably because the ending was stupid no matter which colour explosion you picked.

>> No.43685105


Not really impressive compared to the Centerpoint station...

>> No.43685110

That and the refusal ending was tacked on in the extended cut dlc. It wasn't in the original version of the game. Explains why it could contradict the whole rest of the game on the whole crucible is the only way to stop the reapers matter. Because it was literally an afterthought thrown in to appease the Shepard wouldn't let no AI tell him what choices he can make crowd.

>> No.43685112

It's possible to get around that, just hard code them to attack reapers and use organics to deploy/service them.

Also the reapers had a lot of difficulty subverting the Geth.

>> No.43685124

Shields in mass effect are only effective against matter.

>> No.43685127

Only because the geth are intelligent, they have no drones, everything in their military is being piloted by a few hundred geth.

>> No.43685149

No they aren't. The EU is retconned, Star Wars no longer has any gigatons. We know from the Clone Wars TV show that their weapons have yields in the megatons or are even lower. Plus they can only exchange fire at point blank distance.

>> No.43685156

This is a severely under rated past

>> No.43686069

Constantly changing lead writers to people who ignore each other's IMPLIED UPCOMING PLOT HOOKS was a pretty big issue.

all that stuff about Dark Energy in 2

>> No.43686363


The Reaper's boss being some retarded AI that wants you kill it flies in the face of everything we learned about the Reapers in the rest of the series, and yet here we are.

>> No.43686862

I just assumed it was a badly made AI and all the reapers were slaved to it.

It was an Ancient Aliens Terminator Uprising running on Windows 95 administrated by that fucking Paperclip.

>> No.43686914

And programmed by people who hadn't even been told there'd BE end users.

>> No.43687026

Now imagine that shitty, lazily written, Starchild scene. Replace the Starchild with the Paperclip.

It actually improves the game slightly.

Its obviously still shit but now it's shit that isn't taking itself seriously.

>> No.43687046

The only, ONLY cool thing about it was the multiple audio track voice. Which were MShep, Femshep, and some random kid.

>> No.43687076

>Starchild scene

I was seriously half expecting to suddenly appear in a grassy field surrounded by the entire cast, who were clapping and saying CONGRATULATIONS after that shit.

>> No.43687368

>mfw people don't know the difference between energy conveyance types and assume they're utterly insignificant

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