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Haruko and I strain to try lifting Julie off the ground with our flight-powers.
"HRRG- Okay! Stop!"

We both land, then we stare at one another.

"Julie! You're heavy!"
"I'm not heavy! You're weak!"

"Enough!" I slap my hands onto my knees. "This isn't getting us anywhere! We need to think of something different!"
"Maybe Julie should eat a salad..." Haruko pouts.

I am Itsukuma Masami. Today's the day. The day that I finally face my father and restore peace to my life.
So far, it hasn't been dangerous, just.. really annoying. It's hard to explain.
The dangerous part seems to be the next challenge I'll have to face. On the horizon, a stone giant is being magically assembled from concrete and rebar. I'm not an expert on weapons or fighting, but I think Asai is going to bring that thing to life and use it to terrorize the town.

Knowing him, he'll probably get inside of it and pretend to be piloting it like a big hero. What a jerk.

First problem is finding him. We checked his company, Fortune HQ. Nothing here except a clown that wanted to kill me. She's in a kind of time-out right now, where I'll probably leave her for a while until she stops being evil.
Still no sign of HIM, though. He's the most important thing in this whole plan. If I can find him, maybe I can convert him into a human and stop this rampage once and for all.

I hope.

Right now, we're trying to see if Asai is anywhere near the parameter, but it's held up by one problem.
"Julie, why didn't you tell us you couldn't fly?"
"I thought you knew!"

I interrupt Haruko's giggling with some scolding of her own.
"And Haruko! Don't make fun of your sister like that! If she can't fly, that's not her fault!"
"So now what?" Julie says, rather dejected.

>We wait for Kaori, she's on her way.
>You wait for Kaori, we'll try scouting from the skies
>I'll go scout, you two wait.
>Julie, hide. We'll be right back

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Archive: http://suptg.thisisnotatrueending.com
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>You wait for Kaori, we'll try scouting from the skies

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>We wait for Kaori, she's on her way.

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>You wait for Kaori, we'll try scouting from the skies

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>I'll go scout, you two wait.

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>>You wait for Kaori, we'll try scouting from the skies

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>I'll go scout, you two wait.

>She's in a kind of time-out right now, where I'll probably leave her for a while until she stops being evil.
I love Masami-logic.

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>>You wait for Kaori, we'll try scouting from the skies


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"Julie, can you stay here and keep calm?"
"I could try."

"Good! Kaori is on her way, and I don't want her to come to an empty parking lot and reach weird conclusions."
"It sounds more like you're just leaving me behind because I can't do anything to help right now."

"No no! That's not really it!"

She's giving me that look.

"I'm serious!"
"It's fine, Masami. Just don't forget about me."

"You think we're going to forget about you!?"
"No matter how hard we try."

I nudge Haruko, now isn't the time.
"Listen! Listen. You're really important, and we need you! It's just now, we need to find Mom before things get any worse!"

"I said it's fine, just go right on ahead."

Something tells me that it isn't actually fine.

We take off and leave Julie standing in the parking lot. I look back just in time to catch a slight pout on her face.
Now I'm going to feel guilty.


Finding Asai isn't as hard as I once thought.
Really the answer is simple: He's at the big thing forming in the middle of town.

Except, for one problem.
He's not actually there.

"What are those lights?" Haruko nudges me.
"Those are police cars, they're going toward-"

They're not going toward the stone giant in town.
They're going toward a park, placed roughly a few blocks away from Fortune.

I catch sight of something inside of that park, a bunch of people in extravagant clothes.
One of them is Asai.

Standing across from them, are the adults.

>Swoop in and save the day!
>Wait! Maybe the adults have a plan here! Wait and see what happens!
>This is suspicious, another trap?
>Haruko, help me out!
>Let's go get Kaori, we'll be better off in numbers.

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>Wait! Maybe the adults have a plan here! Wait and see what happens!
Be ready to swoop in though.

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>>Wait! Maybe the adults have a plan here! Wait and see what happens!

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>Wait! Maybe the adults have a plan here! Wait and see what happens!

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>Wait! Maybe the adults have a plan here! Wait and see what happens!

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>Wait! Maybe the adults have a plan here! Wait and see what happens!

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>Wait! Maybe the adults have a plan here! Wait and see what happens!


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Oh boy, oh boy, I caught the thread live! Yayifications!

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As live as I can make it, I apologize for the delays.

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"No wait, stop."

I hold onto Haruko, she looks at me with worry.
"We need to see if the adults have any kind of plan. No swooping in and playing hero when they might have a plan of their own. Let's just watch and see how this goes."

"But- but." Haruko studders, "BUT MOM!"

"Stop, you're beginning to sound like me."

The worry goes away, and instead she looks insulted. Rude.

"Let's just stay up here, get to an overlook, and watch. I'm sure Mom has this."
Slowly, as to not attract much attention, we float in the direction of the small clock tower in the center of the park. It's not very wide, but we should be able to wait here with no worries.

We both land at the extremely narrow top, and then listen.


"Pleeeeeeeeease! I'm begging you!" Mom seems to stomp her foot in frustration. "This isn't funny anymore! Stop! If you wanted to make a point, you've made it!"

"Seriously, what do you want? Money? Gold?" Daichi, who is Ryouta and Maeda's dad, seems more annoyed than worried.

Mom suddenly seems even more upset.

"You don't even know what you want." Principal Kurota seems to have taken a different approach. "You're just doing this because you want to prove to yourself that you can. You have no goal here. You're only mission now is to preserve what little ego you have after a kid nearly kicked your ass."

Are these really the adults? I don't like these approaches, either!
Asai just smiles.

"Pleeeaase! Anything! Just.. Just put everything back the way it was, and we'll say it was a science experiment, but please put it back!"
"Izumi, you want to know what I want? Step forward."

Meekly, Mom cautiously takes a few steps toward him.

Suddenly, he disappears and reappears right next to her!
He grabs her hand, and raises it to his mouth, gross!

"I want you, Izumi."

I'm going to kill him.

>No! Restraint!
>Mom has a plan! Let her do it! Calm!
>Grab Haruko and shake her

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>Mom has a plan! Let her do it! Calm!
>Grab Haruko and shake her

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>No! Restraint!
>Grab Haruko and shake her

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>No! Restraint!
>Mom has a plan! Let her do it! Calm!

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>>No! Restraint!
>>Mom has a plan! Let her do it! Calm!

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>No! Restraint!
>Mom has a plan! Let her do it! Calm!
>Grab Haruko and shake her!


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This better be a good plan!

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Does anyone here ever have good plans (except Asai)?

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Masami has lots of good plans! Not her fault people keep sabotaging them.

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I'm two steps off the clocktower until a better part of me reminds myself.
Mom has a plan.
She wouldn't be here if she didn't.

If I go down there now, I'll just interrupt it.

No, this isn't a time for being mad. This is a time to be calm.

I shake Haruko back and forth, barely screaming 'calm' over and over again under a whisper.

"(Masami! Stop stop stop stop!)"

"(We're both calm!)"
"(No you're not! Chill out!)"

KISSED her hand.


"Oh, you want ME, huh." Mom pulls her hand away, and then glares at Asai.
"Nothing less." Asai puts his hand on her shoulder, she visibly shutters.

I'm starting to wonder if restraining is a good idea.
"You don't know how girls work at all, do you Asai?"
"I know how monsters work, Izumi." He gets uncomfortably close to her face. "And I know that you deserve nothing less than the world."

"Hmm." Mom slowly backs several steps away. "Awful rude to ask a girl to commit before you give her anything, but no need to worry." Mom flashes him a snide smile. "I've already given you your jewlery."

Asai looks toward his hand. When he was distracted; Mom slipped the control bracelet onto his arm.

Way to go, Mom!
"Now, stop. Put the building back." Mom says, stern tone on her voice.

So, um.
"(Masami? Why isn't anything happening?)"

Asai is still staring as his wrist. Mom's arms are still crossed.

>Wait! Hold it! This might be.. something.
>Maybe one of the other adults have a plan? I should wait a moment.
>Let's try a little something of our own (what?)
>Get Asai's attention!

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>Get Asai's attention!

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>>Wait! Hold it! This might be.. something.

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>Wait! Hold it! This might be.. something.

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>Wait! Hold it! This might be.. something.
Who has the control gem again?

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>Wait! Hold it! This might be.. something.
Eh, we can still interrupt fine AFTER he shrug it off right?

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>Wait! Hold it! This might be.. something.

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>Maybe one of the other adults have a plan? I should wait a moment.

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>Wait! Hold it! This might be.. something.


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"OH NO!" Haruko starts to leave the top of the clocktower.
Quickly, I put out my arm and hold her still.

"(No! Not now! This is Mom's plan. She doesn't look worried yet, does she?)"

She opts to calm down, instead slowly creeping toward me and wrapping her arms around me.
"(..you better not be wrong.)"
"(It's fine, it's fine.)"

It's Mom after all, besides those times she was wrong, when has she ever been wrong before?

"I said, put the building back." Mom gives the order one more time.
"Mmm." Asai seems disappointed. "So, that's the end of that, right?"


You know, for someone who has things under control; she isn't acting very calm.

"I appreciate the gift, but-"
Asai, without even stopping to think about what he's about to do, takes his entire forearm off and plops the bracelet into his own severed hand.

Then he puts it back on his arm like nothing ever happened.

I think I'm going to be sick, even though I've seen Julie do something like this several times.

He spins the 'control bracelet' on his finger.
"You can have this back." He tosses it back to Izumi.

She doesn't catch it, it clatters on the ground. Her eyes are wide.

"Forget it!" The principal drops his facade and instantly appears next to Asai.
His fist goes straight through Asai!

"Yeah! That-"
Haruko cuts herself off.

Asai melts into dust, and nearby another seems to emerge straight from the ground!
The principal is glowing, within an instant he spins around and vaporizes Asai.

What is that sound?

Behind us, something just stood up.
"Good view, huh?" Asai says, from right behind us. "It's nice to sit back and enjoy."

In the park, from the dust on the sidewalk, three more Asais pop straight from the Earth!

Three more!

"Mm, I wonder what they'll do, wonder what they'll do." Asai sits right next to both of us.

>Try using the card on him!
>Drop down and help fight!

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>Try using the card on him!

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>>Try using the card on him!

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>Try using the card on him!

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>Try using the card on him!


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Oh that's embarassing. I just noticed.

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"Hu-" I say, unsure of what exactly I was trying to form with that sentence.

Asai props his legs up on the ledge Haruko and I are on. He has this huge, dumb smile on his face.
"Hey, pay attention, this is a good learning experience!"

We look back toward the multiple Asais running around the park. Each one seems to be doing something different.
Two of them fight Daichi, one fights the principal, and the other is still talking with Mom.

Her face, oh I hoped to never see her make that face again.

"So, what are you two here for?"

"H-HOW!?" Haruko springs to her feet and points at Asai.
"W-w-w-w-" I seem to be stuttering.

He chuckles.
"Oh come on, Masami. Why are you surprised? You have a card that does almost the same thing, only it can only make one extra copy of you."

"ENOUGH! Stop this! Stop it right now!"
"Is that why you're here? To tell me to stop!"

"No!" I stand up, lunging over toward him. "I'M HERE FOR THIS!"

I take the card out and slam it against his forehead. He seems confused at first, even a little worried. Good, he has reason to be.


We fall into the 'other' world, not quite inside the house. Which is when I realize something.

That thing, that I was just putting the card against? It's a statue now. A statue of Asai in the other world.
It crumbles away, into nothing.

Darn it!

I look over to my right, nearby the gigantic mansion looms as the only object on this otherworldly landscape.
I'm disappointed that didn't work.

>Go inside the mansion and see how 'time-out' is going.
>No! Back out! I need to try again! Mom is in trouble!
>Something didn't feel right, let me go back out and ask Haruko.
>Feel confused, and cry.

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>No! Back out! I need to try again! Mom is in trouble!

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>>No! Back out! I need to try again! Mom is in trouble!

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>Something didn't feel right, let me go back out and ask Haruko.

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>Something didn't feel right, let me go back out and ask Haruko.

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>Something didn't feel right, let me go back out and ask Haruko.

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>Go inside the mansion and see how 'time-out' is going.
This is not the time for crying!

>> No.43647369

>Something didn't feel right, let me go back out and ask Haruko.

Writing! Faster this time!

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She nearly jumps right off the clocktower as I appear back in the real world. She tries to calm herself down when she realizes it was just me.
"How did it go!? Did you get Asai!?"
"Well, no."

The copies are almost completely dealt with in the park. I wonder what happens when they defeat them all?

"He turned into a statue when I took him over there. Then he crumbled away."

"Well, what do you think happened?"

She looks at me with a blank stare.
"I don't know, why are you asking me?"

I guess I should have known.

"A-anyway! What do I do now that Asai is back out there? Should I go help fight him?"
"No, something isn't right." Haruko stops me.

The multiple Asai's are not really attacking the adults. They're falling away when hit, and reforming shortly after.

Except the one that's talking to Mom, it's just monologuing to itself.

"They're not fighting back, they're trying to distract them."

"Then, if they're distracted; Asai can go do whatever he wants elsewhere."
"But he can already do that now, I mean. There's lots of him!"

I wish I never had to say that there were more than one Asai anywhere.
"Well. Then. I don't get it."


>Let's go down and try to help!
>Stay here, try to figure out what the point of doing this might be.
>If Asai is here, then there probably isn't one of them over at the giant. Let's go investigate!
>"I might know someone who does, though. Inside of a mansion."

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>"I might know someone who does, though. Inside of a mansion."

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>"I might know someone who does, though. Inside of a mansion."

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>>"I might know someone who does, though. Inside of a mansion."

>> No.43648447

>"I might know someone who does, though. Inside of a mansion."

>> No.43648729

>"I might know someone who does, though. Inside of a mansion."

Writing last post of the night.

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"I don't know what Asai's plan is." I cross my arms. "But I might know someone who does."

"The clown I have in time-out."

"Hold on, Masami. Do we have time to waste with that clown?"
"I don't know, but I don't think fighting Asai now is going to solve anything. Look, the adults have already cut down a legion of them, and they keep standing back up."

"We need to do it quick. I'm not sure how longer Mom can hold out."

That part is true. If we don't squeeze out some answers, Mom might break down into a fit. She's already looking disturbed right now.
A part of me wants to grab her and go hide in the other world, and-

"Masami." Haruko nudges me. "Mom isn't a part of this fight, let's grab her if we go to the other world."
"Huh? I was just thinking the same thing."
"So it's a good idea! Let's do it!"

Before I can even say anything, she's jumped off the clocktower and made a beeline for Mom. I'm right behind her.

I want to listen what Asai is saying to her, but Haruko immediately evaporates him with her red mist. She must be angry.
"Uhh!? What? Haruko!?"

I grab Mom's hand and take out the house card. Mom is still extremely confused at my sudden appearance, but we can worry about that later!


"W- I don't understand, what are we doing!?"
"We're gonna hide here from Asai, then we're gonna find out how-"

We appear in the mansion with a jolt.

On the couch, there seems to be a pile of issues as high as I am. Next to it is a familiar girl with a silly hat and over-sized shorts. She sniffles as she rubs another tissue against her nose. Slowly, she looks in my direction.

"P-please let me go. I'm sorry. I don't want to be alone anymore. I just wanna go home. I didn't mean to cause you trouble. I want to go home."
She sniffles. "P-please, I'm sorry. I'll go away and never bother you again. Let me go home."

Uh oh.

Mom turns to me, puts her hands on her hips.
"What is this about?"

I may have done a very cruel thing.

>Thread End

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well, we can always say it was for the best
and if mom uses her hugging magic now she'll probably see what's best for her

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Thanks to everyone who participated today. I appreciate it.

Sorry it went kind of slow. I had other things happening IRL. I don't get many peaceful days for threads.

I'm slowly getting over my cold, so maybe next week will go back to normal. Let's hope!

Thanks for the thread, everyone.

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Thanks for running.

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Thanks for running.

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Rolled 16, 10 + 1 = 27 (2d20 + 1)

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So, did we just inflict cruel and unusual psychological torture on the clown?

Good. She deserves it.

Her tears may be a ruse, otoh.

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