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You can see Ayuz’s face looming over you. You move to strike it but there are hands on your thighs and your arms and your feet pinning you to the ground, their skin rough, the ground rougher. This is not the first time it happens. You know what follows, and you cry out for Srahen, but your head can’t move either, and your mouth sprouts fingers from within, locking with fingers without.

“Lady Heldeqi?”

He planned this, he planned it all, you can see his wicked grin as he strokes Srahen’s wings, his officer’s sword glistening inside its scabbard. But you have other concerns, and your nightmare begins anew, your stomach bloating with corruption, eating your future as something invades you from the inside.

“Lady Larre?!”

You wake up shivering madly in the crepuscular dawn of the forest, a foul taste in your mouth and a blanket on your shoulders.

“Let me not have to correct you again, Squire-Sergent,” you snap, your tongue doughy from sleep.
“My L—Knight-Lieutenant, please accept my apologies. It won’t happen again.”

He does look contrite, even if his accent is too thick for you to read his tone. A good soldier, from his reaction to your unfair rebuke, and from his grade. Very good even. Odd for a commoner to become a Squire, but you guess hard assignments require hard men.

“No worries, then. Your apologies are duly accepted.”
“My thanks, Knight-Lieutenant. We let you sleep, since you’ve been obviously in some deep sh—Ah, trouble. Would it be too much to ask about them?”

>”Yes, it would.”
>Tell him an embellished version of the events.
>Change the subject, ask about his own mission’s outlines.
>Tell him the whole truth, and bind his tongue with a promise.
>Other (?)

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[Obligatory quoteblock:

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>”Yes, it would.”

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>It's back
>>Other (?)
"Treachery and ill fate. I believe the barbarous treatment of my dragon speaks more on the cruelty of our adversaries than my words ever could".

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This >>43589366

Also, you forgot "Quest" in the subject field OP

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[Damnit. Sorry for that.]

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“Yes, it would.”
“Again, Knight-Lieutenant, my apologies.”

The knuckles of your hands have gone white. You sigh and relax your grip on the blanket.

“I think the treatment of my dragon speaks more on the cruelty of the Firmen than my words ever could, Squire-Sergent.”

He follows your gaze and looks at Srahen, basking in a lone sunray, eyes closed, and purring like a giant scaly cat.

“But you’ve given me a path to revenge and honor, rather than the retreat I was planning. So, tell me of your plan?”
“Well, we’re already behind schedule—”
“Oh, no, don’t be, don’t be, a Dragon Knight will always be more than welcome! Ahem, well... The tactic was a fairly straightforward extraction with diverting operations. A dozen men equipped with scatter bombs for the diversion, and three of my best to hunt for Ayuz and any document we might find.”

You think, watching Srahen enjoy what little warmth he finds here.

[Choose one:]
>Tell him about the outpost layout.
>You don’t want to give him any hint of what happened, it might end up in the ear of your father.

[Choose one:]
>“I think me and my dragon would best be suited for the diversion team.”
>“My training included shadow missions. I’d like to be part of the extraction team.”

>Other (?)

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>Tell him about the outpost layout.
>“My training included shadow missions. I’d like to be part of the extraction team.”
Hi QM, how's it going?

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[Holiday means "yay".


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>Tell him about the outpost layout.
>“My training included shadow missions. I’d like to be part of the extraction team.”

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>You don’t want to give him any hint of what happened, it might end up in the ear of your father.

At what point exactly does she hit disgrace? The mere fact she was captured? The "mistreatment"? Or is it not until a baby enters the picture? I mean to us, there's usually no shame in a soldier being captured and a woman being raped is generally a victim rather than a disgrace, but how would this society judge her?

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Gonna guess the mistreatment

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[She's a noble woman (of fairly high rank, simply from her family's ability to produce a baby capable of linking to a dragon). Being captured is not really worthy of notice for a noble officer (though as far as she knows, she's the first Dragon Knight to find herself in these straits), but the "maidenhood" is quite highly valued in the aristocratic spheres, especially in the case of a high profile wedding.]

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[Uoah, sorry, long update, I'm not dead.]

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Thanks for the heads up

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“I’m not unfamiliar with the necessities of extraction missions, if you will have me,” you say. Best be close to Ayuz so he doesn’t spill anything unnecessary.
“That would be very useful, but... What about your dragon?”
“Srahen is as much a soldier as you and I. I don’t think you could ask better as a diversion.”
“True, but what of your magic?”

You peer your eyes at him. He knows a lot about the workings of Dragon Knights, for a commoner. Some of the closely guarded secrets of the nobles houses don’t even seem worthy of a hushed comment for Squire-Sergent Denar. Interesting.

“If I’m part of the extraction team, I won’t need the raw firepower Srahen gives me. And he feels the flow of magic as much as I do, and will not let me be cut off completely from him. We’re a unit first and foremost.”
“Consider me convinced,” he says with a wry smile. “Honestly, finding you was a boon, I can tell you that.”
“And, I know most of the layout of the outpost Ayuz commands. I suppose a kite-rider surveyed the area beforehand?”
“Ha, yes,” he says before sending one of his boys fetch his map. “Truly, a boon. How did you manage to gather this kind of intelligence?”
“Later,” you reply.

The fresh-faced soldier comes back and after the map is laid out, you start studying it closely. “This here is the infirmary, we should avoid striking it, and that building over there...”


You’re whispering in Srahen’s ear and stroke his neck before you leave his side and delve back into your jail, this time free and a rifle in your hands. You let go of him when the Squire-Sergent starts his silent count, and concentrate instead on saturating your weapon with magic until it’s almost too hot to hold. At zero, the scatter bombs open a hole in the wooden wall delineating the Firmen outpost, and without even blinking at the detonation, you blast the watchtower.


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You break for a run, and Srahen bounds away from you, the scent of killing already filling his nose, his predator nature unschackled. As you cross the opening, already the chants of war thunder all around and lift your heart. You weren’t even aware you were missing this so much.


Your little squad heads over the command building, a flimsy thing of wood and plaster hastily thrown together, but still quite large to search for a single man.

“Damn, I didn’t expect so many soldiers in this outpost with these kinds of frontline movements,” says the Sergent-Squire, adding a few muttered curses, and not telling what the five of you already know: the diversion won’t last for ever. And Srahen is there.

>“We should split up. We’ll be faster that way.”
>“Keep it together, Sergent-Squire. Let’s move on inside.”
>Other (?)

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>>“We should split up. We’ll be faster that way.”

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>“We should split up. We’ll be faster that way.”

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>“We should split up. We’ll be faster that way.”

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So we going to kill Ayuz before he can spill our shameful secrets?

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Didn't mean to link any posts there

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orturing himself about an error of judgement won’t do him any good. You have to step up, then.

“We’ll have to split up. We’ll cover more ground that way.”

He thinks about it for a moment, then a scream pierces the air, shaking him out of his reverie.

“Yes, fine, take Suhra with you. We three will search this building, you take the accomodations’,” he says harshly.

You nod, forgiving him his lack of manners towards a noble and superior officer. In the field, only the mission commander’s grade really counts.

“Corporal,” you say to Suhra, “cover me until I cross over to the accomodations building.”
“Knight-Lieutenant,” he responds.

You take off in a sprint, your finger flat against your rifle’s trigger. You can feel a bullet whizzing past you, quickly followed by a shot from behind from your life’s keeper. You have half a mind to admonish him after he makes it past, but hah, you’re too exhilarated to care about that. The corporal quickly crosses over after you make it, and starts struggling with the service entrance of the building before you tell him to switch places with you and work your magic.

“Accomodations”, that’s what you told the Squire-Sergent. You have been held here for two months, and didn’t lie, but didn’t quite tell all the truth.

“Corporal, sweep the first floor, and I’ll go upstairs.”
“Yes, Knight-Lieutenant.”
“Nevermind. It won’t be necessary. Meet Lt. Ayuz.”

The Lt. Ayuz is staring at you, freshly out of the first door to your left, holding a stack of binders in one hand, and his gun in the other.

“Put your weapon d—”

Something just broke up inside you, and you don’t know what it is, but everything feels flat and muted. As if a sumptuous river had dried up, and all that is left is mud.

>Stick to the mission. Stick to the mission. Stick to the mission. Stick to the mission. Stick to the mission. Stick to the mission.
>Kill Ayuz. Everything is his fault. Everything.
>Run outside, run to your dragon, it can’t be happening.
>Other (?)

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>>Kill Ayuz. Everything is his fault. Everything.

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>Kill Ayuz. Everything is his fault. Everything.

That's War, Baby!

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>Kill Ayuz. Everything is his fault. Everything.

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Fuck it. Even if he treated us well while we were captive, he was probably still behind clipping our dragon's wings. This fucker dies.

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Nigas our dragon just fucking died and you're worried about this?

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That's War, Baby!

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Hey bud mind putting "quest" in the subject next time so I can autofilter these? Thanks, have a good one.

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[Sorry, I completely forgot to add it this time. Again, apologies.]

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'Sides, there's not much we can do about that now.

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It’s so simple now.

“Ah, Knight-Lieutenant,” says Ayuz, his mouth flapping disgustingly. You see a sore just above his lip, looking festered. And he just keeps on uttering words with this vile voice of his. “So happy to see you coming b—”

His forehead splinters with the bullet’s entry. It doesn’t come out, which is good, much less blood and brains sprayed that way. You wouldn’t want to step in it after all.

“Knight-Lieutenant? Wasn’t that our target?” says the Corporal Suhra.
You look up at him. He has some nasty nosehair, and his ears could have been the target of some terrible surgeon.
“Just Lieutenant. And yes, it was.”

You cross over to the corpse cooling down and kneel down to recover the binders it was clutching. It already smells of rot.

“Let’s go home.”

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[This kinda sprang up on me, but this is the end of the thread, and of the first arc. It might also be the end of the quest, unless you guys are interested by being embroiled in politics while being all shellshocked.

Though I have a short detective-ish noir-ish quest I want to run first.

Anyways, uh, hope you enjoyed this.]

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>unless you guys are interested by being embroiled in politics while being all shellshocked.
Sounds perfect

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Clean kill, had a gun, good job dame knight.

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Had to go halfway through, thanks for running

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Eh. Could work out. Sounds like there's a War going on and we're grounded, so we could be a good ground commander/shock-trooper.

Could make for a good quest depending on what's going on politically and how we get involved in the War.

That Spirit(?) that showed up also implies mystical things in the background, or fore-ground, that could make this get crazy. I keep thinking Final Fantasy Tactics for some reason.

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I think this quest is cool. Continuing sounds cool too.

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I'd be OK with a new quest, personally. This was fun, but kinda loses the spark without having a dragon

>> No.43596832

detective-ish noir-ish quest works for me.

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I'd be down for that, boss. Also was pretty good.

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politics is fun, as long as there are a few cute moments with Srahen

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